Scrapbook One Hundred Fifty Eight…





Here’s a long forgotten photo that I discovered in an old laptop. It shows the treasure chest at a time when I was still deciding what it should contain.

The two round objects in the center are 300 year-old gold and silver hunting case minute repeater watches. They came out, as did the large gems. The gold coins and nuggets were removed from their plastic containers and are now residing in the chest beside the little jar that contains my autobiography.

Months later, when the chest was almost full, I added two 5” round Pre-Columbian gold “mirrors,” the Tairona fetish necklace, and my revered turquoise row bracelet. Then I closed the lid, and that was that. Now the treasure is hidden in the mountains, patiently  waiting…f


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    • Dang he took the large gems out……..I was going to hang them from my mirror in the truck, next to the dice.

      • I have my regualation pair of fuzzy dice hanging from the rearview mirror of the 01 Tacoma treasure truck. I’ve had them forever but I don’t know even WHY–do you know where that whole fuzzy dice craze came from? I’d love to know that story! Will “google it, dude” but maybe the smart searchers here know that story..I’m listening good.

      • i love the look but i think i will like the touch feel better ill dream on it tonight. ty for sharing

    • Am I the only one that noticed he said “Now the treasure is hidden in THE MOUNTAINS waiting patiently….” !!!!!! Clue maybe???? Just saying…..

      • @William Gorman – I believe these are the eyes as part of the Dragon Coat Bracelet. Maybe I misunderstood the description in the book.

    • Beats me………It does seem that everything in rich people’s houses is made of wood, rock or tile. You would think they could afford formica. 🙂

    • I believe that photo was taken with the chest setting on Forrest’s kitchen table. If you look at the video we shot of Forrest talking about his “unique books” you will see that same table top…also in the video where he demonstrates how to tie a Woolly Worm.

  1. “If you are brave and in the wood,”
    You can see the wood lining of the chest.

    Such a beautiful collection of personal, hand-picked treasures.

    Guess I DO need a sandwich and flashlight, since I’ll be there late enough for my worries to doze into the sunset!

    ¥Peace ¥

    • Just a thought…F said ” a redneck…”.
      The original meaning was a person who worked in agriculture and had a sunburned neck, one of high morals and fortitude, salt of the earth. The coal miners of the 1920’s wore red bandanas to show solidarity.
      The chest definitely holds treasures of the earth, or, the salt of the earth. That term was coined when salt was considered valuable.
      I have been definately thinking too much! Like the thinker, sitting on his plinth, F sat on his stone of words as he thought.
      Lord, I need sleep!

      Dal, maybe we need another chapter…”What does F Mean by “a redneck”?” Or, “Why would a redneck be able to find the treasure?!”

      Thank you, for the beautiful pic of the chest, F. It’s better than a cattle prod to get us all motivated!
      Donna (IMO)

  2. Thanks for sharing Forrest! That bronze chest and the goodies inside is gonna put someone into shock when they find it.

    • I once said , maybe heavy loads means….cows!
      So that image doesn’t surprise me.
      Don’t laugh, it’s too early.

      • No eagle lol it was the comment that it couldn’t be found, and that maybe searching could help. 🙂

        • Wow, that’s really funny. When I clicked on your link I got a picture of grazing cows!! Now that’s weird! !

          • yeah grazing cows with text below saying its embarassing, that we can’t find what you’re looking for ….I think maybe I should’ve highlighted the text so’s not to cause confusion.

  3. Mr Fenn,
    I hereby request written permission to use the chest and it’s contents.

    As a minor issue, please send a map with directions to the chest and contents.

  4. Dang it. Still can’t see the emerald ring ! I wanna see the emerald ring.
    Does anyone know anything at all about it ?

    • Wait a minute . . . it could be a red emerald.

      If that’s it in there, that’s one nice stone. red emeralds are considered to be the rarest of all gems.
      The only place in the world that they have been found is in Utah.

      Would that still fit with it being 17th-century Spanish or whatever it was described as ?

      • Red emeralds, known as the “Holy Grail” to rockhounds and mineral collectors, were formed by a geological process that took place 24-MILLION years ago.

        Wouldn’t that be a fantastic explanation for “riches new and OLD” !

  5. Certain a sight for sore eyes early in the morning. Something to dream about. Thanks for the Scrapbook Post Forrest.

    Now I know what I am looking for – ha ha JDA

  6. Wow. I don’t even know if words can describe what’s in that box. That’s simply bountiful, beautiful. I’ve been sitting here for the last hour marveling at how artfully everything is placed to fill every inch.

    And it’s “patiently waiting…f[or you!]”

    • Curious about what looks like a slim CD/DVD case in the back 🙂 10″ across for the box, minus 2″ on either side for bronze/wood, leaving 8″ for interior, minus about 3″ void on the right… yep, that’s about the right size.

  7. It looks like a zip Lock bag to me. You can almost see the tab upper right. Using your logic – Chest = 5″ tall – 2″ top and bottom for bronze/wood plus 1-2″ for top does not leave room for a CD/DVD since what we see appears to be perpendicular to the bottom/top – not on a slant.

    I could be wrong though – JDA

    • Sorry, I meant an inch on either side, for a total of 2″. Probably a little less than an inch, though. I’m just eyeballing it.

      It’s definitely a case of some sort. It has hard edges.

    • The “tab” is an artifact of image compression… when you blow it up big, that line extends down through the image, through the clear case with the nuggets inside, etc.

    • See now, this is why I never get my chores accomplished on the weekends…

      Just now, I opened it up in Photoshop, adjusted the perspective, resized it to 10″. Now I have an approximate to-scale image of the top-down view of the chest.

      If the chest is exactly 10″ (dubious, probably rounded off), the outer walls are then approximately a half-inch in thickness all the way around. Slightly larger than a quarter-inch each for bronze and wood. No eyeballing, that’s the measurement.

      The case in question is a little over six-inches wide. A little over a quarter of an inch in thickness.

      Maybe a non-standard CD/DVD case, maybe something else, I dunno know.

      The precise measurement of the largest gold nugget in the case is: “FRIGGIN’ HUGE!”

  8. Mirror. Again with the mirror. A definition of mirror is the reflection in calm waters. WWH?

    Mirror root word is to look at, wonderful at. Looking glass. Mirage is another meaning of the word.

    So to match the poem and the map on page 99. WWH is a mirror like calm waters, like what you see on cover of TFTW. In map it looks like you start on the left where looks like an oasis( mirage).

    Map then goes to the two looking glasses, which are the guns flipped upside down. This would be the blaze. ” if you’ve been wise and found the blaze Look quickly down your quest to cease. But tarry scant with Marvel gaze”

    Marvel gaze is to wonder at. And look quickly down is to look at.

    Mirror is Very interesting. Did you know that magpies are one of the smartest birds in the world because they can see their own image in a mirror? Almost like scrapbook 99.5 with the mirrors. 99 again too.

    Any help from searchers? Are you Seeing this too?

    • DPT,

      I can’t shake the thought of mirror as exact opposite.

      But another possibility is time. Time meaning reflecting / reflection, either in memory or distance in time itself. To see your 13 year old self in the mirror, line of thinking.
      Or the image on the cover tftw… a reflection in the water of the ‘shadow’ representing present and past. ‘River bottoms where dreams and fantasies ‘alike’ go to play.” Is fenn’s special place a reflection of just that… time ~ past and present? One meaning / usage of Shadow is to follow… for example… follow in ones foot steps.

      • Seeker, yes. That maybe why Forrest had two timepieces in the chest to begin with but took them out. Was it too big of a hint?

        I really like what your saying seeker!!

        Time passages and time pieces. It is his memoir TTOTC.

  9. Lol! Now that is fantastic! Thank you Mr. Fenn for an additional raw picture of the tc. You have the patience of a saint.

  10. Mr. Fenn, this “real” picture of the chest is the best birthday present ever! Thanks ! Coincidence? Yes. But who cares?

  11. I’ll have to Zoom in to get a better look at this before picture. In a world that’s always in a rush…it’s nice to know Indulgence is patiently waiting in the mountains somewhere north of Santa Fe.

  12. “I think that person will be pleased when she sees it. f” MW 10/6/14

    Do you see it? Under the word “without”… might be what he was talking about. If any of the fellas out there are looking to get engaged, this’ll save you some trips to the jewelry store 🙂

  13. Omgosh, beautiful. After 1500 hours of thought since my botg I finally think I know how you’re hidden. See ya very soon.

  14. Can any one tell me what the item is just above “fenn”? It appears to be a coin, but it seems to be the only one not in a case. Also along the right side of the chest in between the plastic looking coin jars, is that the frog?

    When seeing this so neatly placed and having a better look at some of the items… I would really enjoy hearing the stories of each and every one of them.

      • I’m seeing a large coin on the left, a slightly smaller coin in the center, and enough space left for a third coin on the right, that can’t be seen.

        Maybe a Proof set ?

        • RT,
          I see the piece in the center, I thought it a coin as well, but I think it looks more like a ring… maybe a very old man’s ring. I was just curious about the eagle coin to not be in a case… but studying it more… it could be in a single case not unlike the other coin holder. Either that, or like Goofy stated it might be a Olympics Ten Dollar Gold Eagle, and possibly with silver edging. Which will make looking it up a bit easier if true.

          Just in awe of the collection of items n this recently discovered pic fenn is sharing. I would love to hear the stories related to the all… I hope that fenn may have given that information in his Bio for when it is found. Whenever it is found.

          • Seeker ,

            Are we talking about the same thing ? I was talking about the case along the back wall of the chest, looks like it might contain three coins.

            And, I think you’re right about the other coin, looks to be in a protective coin-holder.

            What do you think about the silver-looking coin(?) directly below the big red stone? Kinda looks like a pieces-of-eight to me.

          • Another piece that caught my eye looks like a amethyst locket… just above center. “she” might be please?
            …”It is something saved especially for the person who solves the clues. I think that person will be pleased when she sees it. f ”

            lol. I feel like a kid at Christmas trying to guess the presents.

          • RT,
            I’m not sure if that’s a coin or an old woman’s snuff box. Some women had smaller version of a man’s box. Your guess is as good as mine. Maybe it’s my imagination and it is a coin… I was just look around the box for that possible “she” item. Jeremy might be right about the diamond ring… or what appears to be a large diamond below the Eagle coin… could be crystal as well.

    • Interesting thing about that coin Seeker: I’m in no way a coin expert but that one looks to be an Olympics Ten Dollar Gold Eagle. It’s the only one I can find with “dollars” spelled out. All the others have Ten D. on them.

      Maybe one of the coin experts here will chime in.

      • That coin interested me too. At first I thought it looked like a gold Kennedy half dollar. but it is definitely a 1984 Los Angeles Olympic ten dollar gold commemorative. I wonder if Mr Fenn pulled that out or left it in to symbolize “riches new and old” ?

      • After further review, the ruling on the field has been overturned. The frog is actually in the top left corner at about 11 o’clockish, setting on top of that stack of cases, facing northwest. the ring touches his back left foot.

        So, is that other one a frog too?

        • OK that is the frog under ‘copyright’ but the other gold piece as the same shape looking feet… I wish I wasn’t so computer illiterate and knew how to enlarge that pic… I know some here have.
          Dal or Goofy, would it be possible for an enlarge pic to be add? I’m just truly enjoying this photo.
          It’s like play where’s waldo.

          • Seeker,

            I agree, the one you are seeing is the same one I saw when I asked had anyone else spotted the frog.

            It looks like a frog to me too. Maybe a smaller version. It does have the same feet.

          • Seeker,

            I blowed it up to 400% and it still looks like a frog, laying belly-up.

            (top right corner of your toolbar, click on “page”, tab will open , hover your mouse over “zoom” , another tab will open with options to enlarge).

          • Try holding down the control (ctrl) key and tapping the plus (+) sign until the image is the size you want. Ctrl and – sign to reduce it.

          • Thanks Folks, will try all the little toys out.
            Unfortunately, the wife added new things to my Honeydew list… So, I can’t play right now.
            Talking about feeling like my 13 year old self again…chores first before I can play. Can wait till I turn 18… again.

          • Seeker-
            Unfortunately, that’s the actual size of that photo. You can make it larger but it’s not high resolution so it just falls apart very quickly.

          • Both frogs in the chest can be seen in the “treasures gold tab” under the heading golden frogs. The little one to the right has a necklace attached and it can be seen in the chest as well. The small green areas above the red stone are part of the necklace.

            Fred Y.

        • HA! Seeker, it is fun to look at. Just that coin we were talking about should get me a new supercharger for the truck. 🙂

          I use photoshop. But here’s a great little image editor that works well, is free, and doesn’t install any malware. (I’m not kin with or even know the guy that created the program, it just works well).

        • The frog in upper left corner and the surrounding gold nuggets look exactly like the composition of nuggets and frog that are pictured in TTOTC book on the page with the poem–at least to my eye.

          • OMG! I bow down to you… that is insane how you made that connection. Apparently there is some photo shopping going on here, because as Raven said …that is EXACTLY the same configuration/position/picture as pointed out.

            Well done!

          • Raven-
            True…and that is how composites are made. The map was a digital image and this interior of the chest was a digital image. Pieces of each were selected and combined to create an image that never existed in our real world. This was done by Forrest’s graphic designer. It is no different than the cover of TFTW. The river picture and Forrest’s shadow never existed together in our real world but in the mind of the graphic artist elements are combined and aligned to form a pleasing image that tells a story…

          • What’s interesting about that is that the image in the book (p. 133) could have the caption “Actual Size”. When the image of the chest here is enlarged to be 10″, the frog, coin, and nuggets are all the same size as in the book.

            The book’s frog is really that size.

  15. I’m thinking that sleeve on the right inner wall on the chest is housing the 1,000 dollar federal reserve from Scrapbook 129. My best guess.

    • Oh wait…I’ll bet he actually got an interest bearing note on that 1,000 dollar bill… and that’s what is in the sleeve. Be worth about 7,500 bucks right about now.

      Anyone know the dimensions of an interest bearing note? I can’t find any info.

      • Large size notes represent the earlier types or series of U.S. banknotes. Their “average” dimension is 7 3⁄8 × 3 1⁄8 inches (187 × 79 mm). Small size notes (described as such due to their size relative to the earlier large size notes) are an “average” 6 1⁄8 × 2 5⁄8 inches (156 × 67 mm), the size of modern U.S. currency. “Each measurement is ± 0.08 inches (2 mm) to account for margins and cutting”
        Series 1914[edit]

    • Doubting Thomas,

      I’m not so sure about that.

      According to TTOTC, the bracelet contains 254 rubies, 6 emeralds, 2 Ceylon sapphires, and numerous small diamonds.

      Surely we would be able to see at least some of those gems if this one was the bracelet described in the book.

  16. Wow Forrest! What a way to rekindle my interest in the treasure! Did you really take out what looks to be a large ruby (?) pendant located on the left side of the chest? Now a “she” would really like that. 😀

  17. Eye-popping treasure, Forrest. Thanks for putting this precious treasure out there in the mountains for all to seek. It’s truly amazing.

    Dal, when I click on the other items that are in the chest it takes you to another page with the caption TREASURES BOLD……Did Forrest tell you to title it that way or did you title it?

    • Ritt-
      You sound like you’ve never seen those pages or that index before. If that’s the case you really need to explore the blog better. “Treasures Bold” has been around for a couple years and I chose the name.

      • Thanks Dal, Yes, I’ve seen those pages before but never knew if it were you or Forrest that chose the caption of Treasures Bold. Now I know, thanks.

  18. Where is the Columbian emerald ring he said was in the chest? I see what looks like a solitaire diamond ring in there.

    • ValSmith,

      Same question I had earlier. Maybe it’s the big red one to the right. That looks like a ring to me.

      • Roll –

        Red Emeralds are only found in Utah.

        Red emeralds carry a price tag similar to diamonds, with a top-quality one-carat stone wholesaling for approximately $8,000. Yet there are few red emeralds larger than one carat. The largest red emerald ever cut weighed slightly more than 4 carats.

        • into ,

          I’m thinking you might have visited the same page I did when I posted above. That’s fine, it’s the thought that counts so, thanks.

          The only problem here, is that they were only discovered about fifty years ago. So, if that is indeed a red emerald, then whoever made that ring was in what is now known as Utah long before the “modern” discovery.

          Do you recall how it was that f described the emerald ring ? Was it 17th century Spanish, Colombian, or what?

          I’ve always held an attraction for emerald and I’ve thought about that ring more than anything else in the chest.

          If it turns out to be that the emerald is indeed red, then that would be the ultimate thrill for me.

          • Roll –

            I agree that this particular item needs more research………

            Just looking at it in the photo – it does not seem to be faceted like an emerald ring would be.

            As for me, I like the diamond ring in the photo – diamonds are a girls best friend ya know…………….

  19. I get two distinct messages. The chest is shaped like Wyoming, and the state is full of “two-timers” who need to be removed for their own good.

    Just kidding. What an amazing chest! So wonderful and numbing to the senses—just waiting for someone to find. I’m hyperventilating right now.

  20. Oh my Forrest, ya big tease!!!!
    Patience is a virtue I must hold for the moment; not to mention getting my body in better shape for the trip with every where I want to go.
    Mirrors again?

  21. What a fun enterprise – hope Forrest had a good laugh – Way to go Forrest.

    It just goes to show us that much of what we see, may be in fact a creation of our own making. Smile all, we have been had. JDA

    • @JDA – I haven’t been keeping up. Am I interpreting that you have moved to the Farce Side?

      • NOT AT ALL – I was responding to a post that Dal made that reads as follows:

        dal on September 24, 2016 at 3:40 pm said:

        True…and that is how composites are made. The map was a digital image and this interior of the chest was a digital image. Pieces of each were selected and combined to create an image that never existed in our real world. This was done by Forrest’s graphic designer. It is no different than the cover of TFTW. The river picture and Forrest’s shadow never existed together in our real world but in the mind of the graphic artist elements are combined and aligned to form a pleasing image that tells a story…

        In looking back, I see that Dal’s comment may not have been made regarding today’s post, but another picture – sorry – looks like I blew it. JDA

  22. Wow. I just arrived in the mountains and am patiently waiting to search in the morning. Just seeing the photo almost stopped my heart.. Good to be prepared for that..

  23. Dal— so I understand correctly –like is not an actual photo, but a combination of two photos? Was the graphic designer “directed” how to Photoshop, or was it their idea. Just curious.

    • Joe-
      I can’t answer your questions. I don’t know how things unfolded when Forrest and his designer created the photo of the map with the gold nuggets and frog that is in the TTOTC Book…but I can tell you this:
      Practically every illustrative photo these days is manipulated by technicians, artists and/or photographers to create a stronger image than a “real” photo possibly can on its own.

      Today it is simple to “create” images. Digital imagery manipulation is commonplace and easy…so easy that news photographers are fired if it turns out that they did much more to their photographs than crop and adjust the brightness. Newspapers and newsmagazines who’s photos must be “real” enforce rules of conduct and photo editors scrutinize submitted images for any signs of compositing or erasing in news images.

      If the title of my book is “Petroglyphs Across the Prairie” and I have a photo of a petroglyph and I have another photo of a great gray boulder in a grassy field taken under beautiful light it is a simple task to combine the two so that now my beautiful boulder in a grassy prairie has a petroglyph on it’s face.

      Think about it..
      Forrest is looking for a treasure map illustration for that TTOTC page. They find an old map of New Mexico that suits the “treasure map” idiom. Then his designer decides to toss a few nuggets on top of the map to bring home the idea of a treasure map…
      But alas she doesn’t have any gold nuggets laying around…but Forrest has a photo of nuggets and she starts digitally cutting out the nuggets and…heck, why not that cool frog too…and add them to the old New Mexico map…now it looks like a treasure map…and it’s original…and it was faster than finding a paper map and real nuggets and laying them out and photographing them…

      I work in video for a living…I do this kind of post processing manipulation constantly. It saves time and resources…

      I’ll give you a very simple example..from here on this blog…
      I shot the last round of videos with Forrest in his office last May or June…I don’t remember exactly.
      You will notice as you watch one of those videos…say this one…
      That from about :32secs in to about 1min in there is an interview with Forrest where he is on camera. Notice that in that 28 or so seconds of video there appears to be 4 different shots of Forrest edited together as he tells that story…The shots are all of Forrest but there are medium shots and tighter shots as he tells the story. But in fact there is only one shot there. It is a boring medium shot. I am sitting next to the camera and asking Forrest questions. I don’t have time to reach over and adjust the zoom on the lens to change shots as he’s talking. I shot the whole thing as a medium shot…BUT…I shot it in 4K video. That means that the original digital image is much larger than standard high definition footage…so when I was editing the interview I simply crop the image tighter and looser at key points to break-up the monotony of that single medium shot…but in reality…that was done during editing…in post…not during the interview.

      This is just one small example of how even a simple interview can be manipulated without even changing anything except the framing…

      Past that point, at about 5:55in, there is a shot of an old coffee pot as Forrest tells the part of his story about how they made coffee out of pine needles. Forrest talks about finding an old pot but it had a bullet hole in it…
      Forrest doesn’t own that coffee pot anymore but I wanted to illustrate what he was talking about..
      I was to lazy to go out and buy an old enameled coffee pot and shoot a hole in it…so I found a photo of an old coffee pot, found a photo of a bullet hole in a metal sign, combined the two with a photo of a picnic table in my backyard, then animated it so it was a tilt down on the coffee pot to reveal the bullet hole…added some grain, some film scratches and took away most of the color and I had a nice little piece that I could insert into the interview to illustrate a key part of his story…and I didn’t have to spend a cent to do it…

      My point is that this is standard practice. No one is trying to “fool” anybody. It’s not about cheating or lying or slight of hand…it’s about “illustration”. Storytelling today, whether in video or in books, whether an advertisement or a simple interview, whether a major motion picture or a comic book, uses illustration to keep the viewers attention and to illuminate the message.

      Even audio is enhanced these days to help tell the story..
      Listen to the beginning of the interview above and when Forrest talks about two guys driving up we hear the sound of an old truck pulling up on gravel and two doors slamming shut…that’s aural illustration…helping our mind follow the story…

      Illustration is an important part of storytelling no matter the medium…dance, theatre, news, movies, radio, campfire storytelling…illustration can add to the audience experience..

      Just to be clear…I do NOT believe the photo at the top of this page has been manipulated in any significant way. Other than it’s size and resolution and the copyright info that was added, this photo is just as Forrest’s camera saw it on his kitchen table in his home…no digital manipulation…

      • Dal— thanks for the explanation. Just to be clear, I don’t believe anything is done to “fool” anyone.

        The reason I asked if the picture of the treasure above was a combination of pictures, and if it had been “directed” or if it was just the graphic designer’s idea, is for a simple reason.

        If Forrest “asked” that the shot be composed as it is he may be giving a “hint” regarding the location of the treasure.

        I said jokingly that the chest was in the shape of Wyoming. Now, what if it really were and things were arranged in the chest in such a way as to point to an area of a particular state?

        Now, if the photo was not”directed” there may be no clues at all. It could all be coincidence, and due to choices a graphic art designer made, and not Forrest.

        Am I making sense? I am just curious if the photo is to be looked at as a hint, or just need a random photo put together by a set designer?

        I have full confidence in the integrity of Forrest Fenn, but was just curious about the photo, since it appears (from what you had said) that it is not one photo of the treasure, but a combination of photos.

        If I am incorrect forgive me. Just trying to understand—- thanks for taking the time to explain as you did. Appreciated!

      • Good grief dal, that makes me feel almost as smart as a box of wet rocks.

        I’m calling you if I ever figure out the easy stuff, like ohhh, finding the chest.

        But ,ya gotta use all that to put a little hair on my head before ya release the video. Well, actually, a lot of hair . . .

  24. Forrest you made me very happy sharing this photo. Now I know what a dragons coat bracelet looks like. So many beautiful things all in one spot. This will make many sit up and pay attention.

    Thank you Forrest and Dal. 🙂

  25. Ding! … Ding! Harvard Set Theory 101 now enrolling fall session. Identify true find with row bracelet only. (Currently MIA/AWOL from pictured arrangement) Do not pass go, do not collect large button gems. Go directly to chest. On your mark…get set….GO!

    • @jonsey1 – he mentioned sparrow and raven, but no large cardinals. Perhaps Whitey Ford has thrown us yet another curve?

      Speaking of set theory, I previously predicted based on analysis that Scrapbook 157 would be the next most significant post, but for his reasons, he decided 158 to be it. It’s good to see him back inside the box on Dal’s site again. I was wondering what moved him away to MW. Now I wonder what moved him back.

      • Too funny. It’s nice to see there are a couple of people here with “special insight” leaving us little birdies in the dust. O predict #159 will be the next most significant post.

        • I apologize for the comment concerning “special insight”. Everyone on this blog thinks they have “special insight” including me.

          The only problem is that this “special insight” has yet to out above pictured treasure anon my hands.

          • Special insight? No SOS here. Hunting watches chime so you can hear the time. Kinda like the clock in Germany that displays blocks of color. It’s just based on set theory. The ones with 3 have a ding for each hour, then dong for 15 mins or whatever then another ding for each minute. So Ding … Ding would be 101. I was just making an assumption on what F was “giving away” based on what he’d “taken back”. Just having fun with the post, and a bit of a math nerd. No “special insight” here, just enjoying the bits he gives us and having fun with the Cardinals learning what I can at whatever opportunity presents itself.

          • It is a hunting case minute repeating watch. The hunting case is the type of case, which features a spring loaded cover to protect the thin glass over the dial. It is a repeating movement which means it chimes. A minute repeater means it chimes on the hour, quarter hour or ten minute interval, and minute.

          • They were also originally promoted to that even blind Ppl could tell the time. When opened, on the back, some of the older ones had a little gold mirror plate. Slightly ironic if the user was blind, but good for signaling or starting fires…which I promise was not my intention. Lol

        • As far a “pre-Columbian mirrors” I’m guessing F is referring to bowl shaped. These were filled with water and used as “mirrors” or portals to the other realm. I learned that because I just looked it up. I looked it up because I think F teaches in a way that he wants to inspire people to want to learn. Not bragging I know special stuff, as I’m just learning myself and sharing what I find when I look where he seems to point. Sorry if it came off like I thought I was special Joe. Lol.

          • You are special— just ignore me— like I said in another post, I’m just jealous I’m not ad smart as you. ☺

        • @Joe Sparrow – I have no special insight nor delusions of such. Like everyone else here, I can only draw upon what I believe to be creativity to try to make any sense out of any of this. My background happens to be in math, and @jonesy1 made me smile with her math references. I returned it in kind.

          As for my attempt at predictive analytics with Scrapbook patterns, in June I posted this:

          Perhaps I ruined it by calling it out. Perhaps there was nothing there to ruin. Various (maybe coincidental) patterns can be seen nonetheless.

          • EC your observations are valid. You pointed out July 2015 is time everything changed. Do you know what Chase related book was published in July 2015? Coincidence?

          • E.C. those are very cool statistics–you did predict 157 back in June-as I mentioned to Jonesy1, just ignore me, I’m just jealous because I am bad at math. lol. All the best in your search!

          • E.C……for someone who claims not to be in the special people’s club- you certainly seem to identify with the roots of em.

            Thx for the 🙂

  26. Ha! ” Redneck can find it”…. maybe I have a chance yet… neck turns red everytime I feed my herd of horses in 108 deg sun. Beautiful gift!!!! I’d just like to see it in person, can’t even imagine what it would be like to actually find and hold it! Such generosity!

  27. Oh yeah, side note, but the frog on right burying his nose is pretty cool too. Maybe its shy? Or maybe just a last minute adoption keep the big one company for 100’s of years? Most of the frogs I’ve seen from that era have this decorative curly wired breath stuff coming from their mouths… peculiar that neither of these does. Have to chuckle and wonder whether their secrets are..

      • I was just going by the description and photographs in the Arrowsmiths catalog they sold a few of them in back in the 70’s. Labeled as precolumbian frogs with decorative gold wires representing the exhale. They are listed the same in the ones now placed in the Smithsonian as well. Where are you seeing they are Axolotls?!? I’m beyond intrigued!! Thx!

  28. Dal-thank you for your thorough explanation of composite imaging. It seems to me that the written and image focal points of this scrapbook are the “300 year-old gold and silver hunting case minute repeater watches.” The scrapbook is showing us two time pieces, two times, two trips to hide the treasure, two hiding spots. Wouldn’t it be interesting if one treasure was gold, and the other was silver? IMO yes these items are very deliberately digitally placed and digitally arranged in this image. This is a treasure hunt, not an art exhibit.

    • Homebrew-
      I’m sorry I led you to the conclusion that the photo of the chest in manipulated in some way. I don’t think it is at all digitally manipulated. I believe that is a photo directly from Forrest’s camera. Exactly as the camera saw the scene.

      The manipulation is in the digitally created “map with gold nuggets and frog” illustration in TTOTC book. In that image Forrest’s graphic designer combined elements from this image of the chest with an old map to create a “treasure map” illustration.

      • Dal;

        Homebrew was not the only one confused – see my post above at:JDA on September 24, 2016 at 5:52 pm said: I sure was confused. JDA

        • JDA— me too. It had sounded as though the the photo of the treasure had been photo-shopped. I think I finally understand now.

      • Dal—- thanks for explaining that. That was actually what my post yesterday was about— the picture of the treasure ABOVE not the photo from the book. Go back and read raven’s post and roll tide’s reply and you might see what led to that line of thinking.
        Thanks again for clearing that up.

  29. homebrew ,

    Everything about the Chase has screamed two’s and doubles, from the very beginning. But this discussion would probably be served better on another thread, so I won’t go into all of it here.

  30. My gosh, that is quite an impressive collection, Mr. Fenn. My eyes bugged out like a frog and jaw dropped to the floor. I’ve never seen anything like that in my life, besides what is shown in your memoir. I would love to know if your autobiography has more information in it than what we know about you. Thank you so much for sharing.

  31. Jonsey1— thanks for explaining the hunting watches. That is interesting— hadn’t made that connection. You actually do have quite a bit of insight– appreciate what you share. You know quite a bit about math and the English language. I’m not too bright so I’m just jealous. ☺

  32. I’m just putting this out there since pre-columbian “Mirror” is in quotes

    Mirrors in Mesoamerican culture
    Mirrors were also associated with water; an Early Classic mirror in the style of Teotihuacan was excavated at distant Guácimo in Costa Rica. It included Teotihuacan imagery that was a stylised convention for representing bodies of water. Water imagery continued to be associated with mirrors in central Mexico right up to Aztec times.These representations of water-associated mirrors in Mesoamerican art apparently use the mirror to symbolise the surface of a pool of water. During the Classic Period mirrors were placed in bowls to symbolically represent bowls of water; examples are known from Teotihuacan and throughout the Maya area. Water-filled bowls have been used as mirrors for divinatory purposes right up to modern times in Mesoamerica and the American southwest. An incense burner from Early Classic Escuintla on the Guatemalan Pacific slope combines butterfly and water imagery. The mirror has flanking ears representing the wings of the butterfly that is rising from a water-filled bowl.

    • I like that lots of the 5-6 “bowl” style are found with 2 holes in them and were worn on ropes like necklaces. I secretly wonder if they were convenient/survival tools to boil/heat safe drinking water and the “bubbles” were somehow associated in lore with the gods purifying it or something. Just my own current conspiracy theory as Ijust looked up “mirrors” today so not sure if this has already been a theory. Then again I thought pottery sherds were signs of frustrated women wanting out of the kitchen long before learning they, and their birds, often mark graves and burials so take my words with a grain of salt. Does make one curious though. Thanks for the info seeker! Awesome stuff. I swear this place makes my brain hurt good.

      • And a side note…but did you ever see those “floating nickle” products at Sharper Image? They’re like two mirror bowls placed face to face with a hole in the middle of the inverted one at the top. When yoa small object inside (it’s a nickle in the old advertisement) it appears to be “floating” on top. When I was little it was one of my wishes that Santa made true. It really works!! But back in those times if you could do that maybe people would think you were a god or shaman or whatever? Maybe like the hole under medicine rock vs. nowadays David Copperfield stuff? I mean…I don’t even know what I mean. Lol. Just seems like then if you understood some things about science you had a big paycheck and tons of power. Maybe the pre-colombians and native Americans were just helping us write Harvard’s Buss School syllabus’s before we had toat… and at a way cheaper price? F seems to be a graduate of the clinical trial of that learning method, and I agree. Enticement and intrigue seem way better tools than desipline. Seriously. Treasure chest vs. Paddle. Chest wins every time. I think they built “Let’s make a deal” on that entire concept. House wins. Why? Mystery Box. Got me at least. Lol

        • Never heard of the game, so thank for the direction. My only problem if at all related to the chase… no jokers that I can tell are involved. Interesting enough [ because I just looked up some info on it. ] The Imperial Bower card was the first type of joker add to the deck in 1860’s

          Then this little tidpit ~ The next game to use a joker was poker around 1875 where it functioned as a wild card. Packs with two jokers started to become the norm during the late 1940s for the game of Canasta.

          Just fun facts…
          but it does make you think two packs of cards with two jokers to get a total of four joker in Canasta.

          • So four jokers and a joker in ones sleeve might give one a slight of hand advantage? Unless of course….the fickle hand of fate dealt them natural four out of five of a kind wild. Not sure how one would explain that one.

          • I only say that because F read the four cards and a joker as part of his buddies Eulogy way before TTOTC….and he seems like the type to play the odds, and know them. So maybe he was also the type to already have four jokers and slip in a joker just cause. And it would be just his luck. Maybe not, but if you immortalize someone in a Eulogy like that…seems like maybe it was be a nod to the fickle finger of fate and a wink to ones friend proper.

          • If you want to read the eulogy before it was a scrapbook or the lines were in TTOTC you can use the way back machine on old Santa Fe. It’s the story about Kammerer. Personally, I think he wants us to find the origins of things…and seeing scrapbook was was at least the third (ordinal) time he wrote about it I figured maybe it was worth knowing.

          • I think I’m a little lost here Jamie, are you talking about ” I wish I could have lived to do, the things I was attribute to”

            Sorry for being a bit slow… I’m looking for a quote at the moment.

    • Which one contains the abyss and which the petrified wood??? Theres gotta be at least one timeless spot in the shade. Somewhere. No beginning, no end, no college degrees required. just a secret with a shadow to cast and a bell to ring in one of those giant bus mirrors as it moves onward.

      • You think it’s possible someone could discover it and just drop their own hat on top and let it be? Or you think human nature would refuse the option sooner or later?

  33. I don’t mean for that to sound cryptic. Just seems like F enjoys other secrets and his discoveries of them more than his own at times. And that whole chest is like a tobacco barn full of other stories wanting to be told. I don’t know if it’s that far fetched to think of the poem as a story of secret he chose to keep, or save for someone else.

    • miafarmerfriend ,

      Nope. No time left in the box.

      ” If I had a box just for wishes
      And dreams that had never come true
      The box would be empty, except for the memory of how
      They were answered by you . . .”

      Time in a Bottle ~ Jim Croce

    • Mia—-Just curious why you ask that? I had this premonition about something happening in October. It’s hard to explain—but does curious why you asked. Thanks,

  34. Thinking about the treasure chest and the wonderful stories each piece holds. I wonder what became of the treasures that were removed. Each piece is unique and gave a bit of the “thrill of the chase” for Mr. Fenn.

  35. HUGE favor, but could anyone that talks to F ask him “if and who else had had a hand in the chests arrangement?” It’s driving me bonkers. Not solve related just really interested .

      • I think he easily could have done it himself. I also think if I knew someone hiding a treasure I’d want to sneak a piece of myself in there as well so I too could smile down and wave even if it was thousands of years from now. You’d think with F having earlier arrangements human nature would have afforded someone the opportunity to see if they could put something of theirs in there too. Not to influence the Chase itself….just to have a piece of themselves included or to feel like they lent a hand. I know it won’t help solve the poem, I just get curious about those kinds of stories because I enjoy when he shares them and it seems like common human nature to have possibly occurred. I’d love to hear about it.

        (Sorry if repeat first didn’t post)

        • Should someone do that, if the dream belongs to someone else? It is his wish to do all that he has done. Who created the chase? The creator himself. The items for which we seek are things that is/was important enough to him to bring with him to his last breath on Earth. No, I do not believe anyone else should have placed something else inside the chest. Of course, this is an opinion, offered as a thought.

          • Well….F does have a finger necklace. Who’s to say an old mummy didn’t want their hand in there as well? Maybe it only belonged to F in the second hand sense when he said he wanted his bones to rest there. But how can they rest if nobody even knows their name. I mean….they obviously had a hand in the arrangement…if that happens to be the case I the no I’d be fun to hear their story. Lol

          • Yes, he owns that, among other items. I agree it would be nice to know the history of the “items” in the chest. I’ve stated this in other posts. He also put a couple of his hairs in a sealed jar so others may know who “he” is/was. If a treasure hunter found another cache (excluding this), I believe our curiosity would be to ask, “Who would do this?”

          • Depending on how farin the future the TC is found, how would the hair help to ID him? How would they know whose DNA to match the hair with?

        • @jonsey1 – I tend to agree with the contents being significant, including the contents themselves having the possibility of hints on how to find it. I am of the opinion that this is why Fenn used the words at MW “get back in the box” …

          His weekly words at MW for 9/30/16 …

          “*You will like the top two treasures in the chest.f”

          … and this scrapbook post also suggest to me a pattern.

          • Me too!! 🙂 I like that the top two ordinal are defined by themselves. Irrational? Yes. but it’s hard, if not impossible, NOT to like ones top two….imaginary or not isn’t it? Who needs a Cardinal to whisper that? Im guessing not Micky Mantle and certainly not U ! Haha. Game….set….match? You got a strik-a-lit those waters E.C.?

          • I am guessing that one of the top two pieces is this one:

            In a question and answer interview, this exchange occurred:
            ”Are there any objects placed in the Bronze Chest that are connected, or have meaning to the place the chest is hidden? ~ Mike
            No Mike, everything in the chest is straight forward and visual, except my autobiography, which some might find dull. Oops, I forgot, there is one thing in the chest that I have not talked about except to say I don’t want to talk about it. It is something saved especially for the person who solves the clues. I think that person will be pleased when she sees it.” F

            For other reasons, I would guess that the second piece is the first “Arrowpoint” that Forrest found when he was nine years old…It seems to mean a lot to him, per this quote:

            “When I was a kid, more than seventy-five years ago, my father and I often walked the wooded hills and among the creek bottoms in Texas, searching for signs of ancient man. We loved doing that together. The thrill of finding my first arrowhead ranks among my fondest memories. It was not the arrowhead alone that marked the event; it was that my father was there to share it with me. I have long remembered the expression on his face as he watched mine…”f

            Hope I find out on Sunday if I am correct. JDA

          • An interesting thought: “*You will like the top two treasures in the chest.f” Looking at the picture at the top of this thread, what would be the top two items? For me that would be hard to figure out.

            Could Forrest have packed all of the items in individual Zip Lock bags? If so, you could easily figure out the “Top Two”.

            My search area is “in water” – Zip Lock bags would help to keep things dry.

            Just a thought.


          • I certainly understand PD. IF I were to find the treasure, and the Arrowpoint were in there, I certainly would offer it back to Forrest for his grand kids. JDA

          • @JDA – uh oh. I must have missed this detail.

            “I think that person will be pleased when she sees it.”

            Who would “she” be in this sentence? I guess I have the wrong anatomy to be pleased.

  36. Has Forrest ever said anything about a few of the pictures in ttotc being copies of Norman Rockwell’s?
    Also has he said what the stamps were all about i.e symbols and or dates on them?

    • @Jw – I recall a conversation that the stamps and dates were added by the book’s graphic designer. Fenn approved the concept.

      As for copies of Norman Rockwells, I’d be curious about your thoughts here. Fenn has openly said he knowingly and transparently sold copies of paintings by other artists (an older form of bootlegging, like pirating music).

  37. * sorry if that was vague, I just can’t help but chuckle at the “top two” comment right after EC mentioned F leaving out the Cardinals– notice he didn’t say you will like the 16 treasure? Just the top 2. Not even in the same set to be remembered. 🙁 Poor Whitey.

  38. jonsey1,

    I’m thinking that the value of the chest just increased tremendously. Gonna take more than a rookie to make this trade worth the sale though.

  39. ISO opinions, answers, speculation, ponderings, etc. Why is this picture of the chest the only one copyrighted across the face?

    • my opinion… so no one would use this new photo to claim that they’d found the treasure and break everyone’s spirits.

    • BW ,

      A copyright shows ownership. It shows exclusive rights. It is a safeguard. It is an official document that guarantees your protection and gives you the legal right to something.

      f says he will give you “title” to the gold, upon your finding of the chest. He also said he tried to think of everything.

      The $64 question here is, why is he showing us the title at this time ?

      And . . . copyright is synonymous with “indulgence”.

      Chew on that . . .

  40. Yeah it seems to be the only one copyrighted on the picture itself. What I’m most disappointed at is that the picture doesn’t show the lid with the locking mechanism in view, which to me is an interesting part of the chest. If it was metadata in the photo, I would have made sure to take the picture with the lid included.

    • @joeman – not much to see. Someone uses Adobe Photoshop CS5 on a Mac to overlay a copyright text and did this on 9/21 or 9/22.

      ImageWidth 1000
      ImageHeight 985
      BitsPerSample 8 8 8
      PhotometricInterpretation RGB
      Orientation Horizontal (normal)
      SamplesPerPixel 3
      XResolution 72
      YResolution 72
      ResolutionUnit inches
      Software Adobe Photoshop CS5 Macintosh
      ModifyDate 2016:09:22 22:06:36
      ExifVersion 0221
      ColorSpace sRGB
      ExifImageWidth 400
      ExifImageHeight 394
      Compression JPEG (old-style)
      ThumbnailOffset 394
      ThumbnailLength 13274

      XMPToolkit Adobe XMP Core 5.0-c060 61.134777, 2010/02/12-17:32:00
      DocumentID A21AD93B0E17DA9F1838663CFC1AD4C2
      InstanceID xmp.iid:048011740720681197A584BE802A7AF1
      OriginalDocumentID A21AD93B0E17DA9F1838663CFC1AD4C2
      Format image/jpeg
      ColorMode RGB
      ICCProfileName sRGB IEC61966-2.1
      CreateDate 2016:09:21 20:11:12-07:00
      ModifyDate 2016:09:22 22:06:36-07:00
      MetadataDate 2016:09:22 22:06:36-07:00
      CreatorTool Adobe Photoshop CS5 Macintosh
      HistoryAction Array
      HistoryInstanceID Array
      HistoryWhen Array
      HistorySoftwareAgent Array
      HistoryChanged Array
      HistoryParameters Array
      DerivedFromInstanceID xmp.iid:038011740720681197A584BE802A7AF1
      DerivedFromDocumentID A21AD93B0E17DA9F1838663CFC1AD4C2
      DerivedFromOriginalDocumentID A21AD93B0E17DA9F1838663CFC1AD4C2
      TextLayerName copyright 2016 Forrest Fenn Do not use without written permissi
      TextLayerText copyright 2016 Forrest Fenn Do not use without written permission

      ICC Profile
      ProfileCMMType Lino
      ProfileVersion 2.1.0
      ProfileClass Display Device Profile
      ColorSpaceData RGB
      ProfileConnectionSpace XYZ
      ProfileDateTime 1998:02:09 06:49:00
      ProfileFileSignature acsp
      PrimaryPlatform Microsoft Corporation
      CMMFlags Not Embedded, Independent
      DeviceManufacturer IEC
      DeviceModel sRGB
      DeviceAttributes Reflective, Glossy, Positive, Color
      RenderingIntent Perceptual
      ConnectionSpaceIlluminant 0.9642 1 0.82491
      ProfileCreator HP
      ProfileID 0
      ProfileCopyright Copyright (c) 1998 Hewlett-Packard Company
      ProfileDescription sRGB IEC61966-2.1
      MediaWhitePoint 0.95045 1 1.08905
      MediaBlackPoint 0 0 0
      RedMatrixColumn 0.43607 0.22249 0.01392
      GreenMatrixColumn 0.38515 0.71687 0.09708
      BlueMatrixColumn 0.14307 0.06061 0.7141
      DeviceMfgDesc IEC
      DeviceModelDesc IEC 61966-2.1 Default RGB colour space – sRGB
      ViewingCondDesc Reference Viewing Condition in IEC61966-2.1
      ViewingCondIlluminant 19.6445 20.3718 16.8089
      ViewingCondSurround 3.92889 4.07439 3.36179
      ViewingCondIlluminantType D50
      Luminance 76.03647 80 87.12462
      MeasurementObserver CIE 1931
      MeasurementBacking 0 0 0
      MeasurementGeometry Unknown (0)
      MeasurementFlare 0.999%
      MeasurementIlluminant D65
      Technology Cathode Ray Tube Display
      RedTRC (Binary data 2060 bytes)
      GreenTRC (Binary data 2060 bytes)
      BlueTRC (Binary data 2060 bytes)


  41. A photo expert/photographer friend with 20+years experience analyzed the photo and metadata. He stated that the photo was taken 9/21/2016, then processed in Photoshop 09/22/2016, then uploaded to the blog on 9/23/2016. He stated that the process of Photoshop or uploading did not alter or modify the date taken. The original “date taken” of 9/21/2016, from the camera, stayed intact.

    • One can take a photo of a photo and then have it go through Photoshop, which I believe would prove the “photo” was taken on the day the “older photo” was taken. Date would prove photo taken of older photo as 9/21/2016 and then went through the process the following date, showing such date.

    • @joeman – nah man. There are no camera metadata saved with this photo. It was saved out on 9/21, likely from an original jpg or camera tiff. It was likely saved with Photoshop with the text layer either by Fenn himself or a Fenn helper. Dal says he didn’t modify it when he received and I believe him. He probably saved it to his drive on 9/22 so that he could upload it on 9/23.

      Nothing nefarious here, dude.

      • Old enough cameras only save the date, no other info. I’ll take the opinion of a photo expert, but thanks for your input.

          • I believe the treasure chest is real and hidden somewhere out there. All I’m asking is IF the photo was taken 9/21/2016 what does that mean?

          • Well Joe, if you could prove it was taken on that date it would mean that’s what the chest looked like on that date. It’s obvious someone modified the photo using Adobe Photoshop CS5 on a Macintosh on that date.

            The metadata can be made to look like anything you want. I mean someone has to enter the date and time in the camera to start with. There are some telltale signs if the photo is an original from a camera that experts can discern but even then it’s not definitive. If Dal wants I can modify the photo in a way that would blow your “experts” mind. But he would have to be a real expert to find it.

          • @Goofy – hmm new idea. Steganography, with whatever “word that is key”.

            I take back my Rabbithole crown. Off to waste a few months decrypting.

        • Joe-
          I can absolutely guarantee that the original photo has been around long before 9/22. As Goofy has pointed out. That was only the date it was modified and the copyright was added. Forrest is no fool. He scraped off any evidence of when that photo was originally taken before it was sent out…

          And think about it…what kind of digital camera takes a low resolution photo of that miniscule size? The original camera image would have been hires and better resolution and without any text on it. You don’t experience two crashes in an F100 in a war zone and live to tell about it unless you have some smarts.

          But don’t get upset about being wrong. It’s happened to all of us. I think it’s even happened to me once or twice…well once anyway…

          And as far as taking expert opinion as fact…well there is another place most of us have been. It’s good to be loyal to your friends and I’m sure you have a good heart and hide what you truly believe in your pocket. Sacrificing your self-esteem to make sure your photo-expert buddy’s feelings are not hurt is a worthwhile endeavor!

          • When did forrest forward the photo to you and did you add the copyright text on the photo Dal?

          • @joeman – really? This is on what you’re choosing to focus?

            Why not instead help find and decode Fenn’s Rosetta Stone arrangement and make your own Gardiner’s List? Seems a bit more productive and positive than trying to be right that he never hid it.

          • @ECWaters. It’s simple questions and it’s on topic here, is it not? I’m asking the questions so that there is no misunderstandings about the facts of the photo.

        • I don’t think that came out the way I wanted it to. The treasure is out there, joeman. It isn’t anywhere else but out there, somewhere.

          • Yer crackin me up pdenver, first you tell the man to have a coke and then ya tell him to contact Fox Mulder (who has a photographic memory).

            I’m just funnin’ with ya pd.

            ( I seriously did crack up on both of those ).

            My brain works in weird ways.

            I think I need a break. Thanks for making me laugh, even though it wasn’t intentional.

          • ROLL TIDE, it was one of those times I knew what I wanted to say, but had one heck of a time getting them from my brain to my fingers the way they were meant to be.

            P.S. You should have seen how flustered I was while typing. 🙂

          • pdenver,

            I wasn’t making fun of you, I was actually poking fun at myself by giving a little insight into one of the many twisted ways that my brain spins when it comes to interpreting things that I read or perceive.

            I sincerely apologize if you took it any other way.

            I too, knew what you were trying to say.

            Forgive me, if I offended you in the least bit. I assure you that was not my intention.

      • joeman ,

        I think I see where you are trying to go with this but, feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

        “If” the photo was taken on 9/21/2016, then that would tend to lead one to believe . . .

        Personally, I choose to believe that f is an honorable man and he would not do anything in an attempt to deceive any of those searching for his treasure.

        What could he possibly gain from such a nefarious deception?

        He stated above that this is a long-forgotten photo that he discovered in an old laptop.

        Believing that f is a man of his word, and a man of integrity, I must believe that it is indeed a photo that he retrieved from an old laptop.

        Don’t get me wrong, I am one who analyzes pretty much everything the man says but, I see no reason to question this point.

        My question to you is, why is it crucial to know when the photo was taken, and why is it crucial to know the date of when the copyright was attached to the photo ?

        In furtherance, I believe that Dal is also a man with integrity and if he had anything to do with affixing the copyright (which I don’t believe), then he would be up-front and honest about it.

        So, would you mind just straight-out explaining to me why your questions are critical and how the answers, as you may perceive them to be, might be related to the solution that we are all working towards ?

        It’s actually a bit difficult to see where you are going with this, without you being just a bit more straightforward.

        With all due respect, RT.

        • @RT I’m only asking two fair and reasonable questions of Dal: When was the photo forwarded to him, and could he clarify whether it was him that put the copyright on the photo for Mr.Fenn. Fair straightforward questions. No answers or clarification can lead to missunderstandings about the facts of the photo, like it is now.

          • joeman,
            You are asking the wrong questions.
            Unless you are conspiring to undermine the integrity of the chase?
            Keep it up & you will get your answer in the fashion of what you are looking for.

          • joe-
            I answered your first two questions above..the third one I can’t answer. How would I know?
            I’ve been watching your remarks today.
            I find your comments rude and impertinent.
            Apparently you have not read much of the blog.
            You prefer to burp out childish remarks rather than engage our community with ideas and thoughtful queries that could help lead to understanding Forrest’s poem and/or pursuing the chest.
            So…bye, bye joeman…

          • joeman,
            If you trust your “photo expert/photographer friend with 20+years experience” more than the actual facts, then you may want to consult him where the treasure is.
            I can see you are not long for this place.
            It’s good to question everything, but when you get a real straightforward answer & you still question that, then it’s time to move on…..

          • joeman – You should have stopped obsessing about the small things. If you are in this to win it, then you would focus on what the teacher has directed us to do.

        • @pdenver I would appreciate you not putting false words in my mouth pdenver. It’s a bit “punkish”.

          • I’m sorry you feel this way, joeman. By your questions, it makes me curious how you feel. It’s an honest question I asked.

    • Joe, you conspiracy theorists crack me up. If your buddy is such a photo expert he would have told you the picture was modified on that date. If you look at the line above the date in the EXIF it says: Software – Adobe Photoshop CS5 Macintosh

      This is the software used to modify the original. My guess is that’s when the copyright notification was added to the picture for posting.

      I honestly can’t believe a photography “expert” told you anything. Either he isn’t an expert or you know just enough to look at the EXIF info, seen the date, and flew off on your conspiracy theory without knowing anything about cameras or EXIF info.

      • Photoshop modified the photo 9/22/2016 not 9/21/2016. Photoshop kept the original date taken intact. I’m not a “conspirasist”, Im asking questions and consulting professionals about the photo evidence. It’s called objective investigating.

        • I didn’t expect an objective concensus here, but nonetheless, it is what it is. Thanks for opinion and input on the evidence. Good evening Goofy.

        • I don’t know what kind of lap tops or computers or idiot phones he may have or had… but fenn did mention [ if not mistaken ] external hard drives.

          I believe one of the SB’s were of pictures of some items retrieved from an external hard drive. Be a smart thing to do actually… throw out an old computer and not worry about prudent info stored on it. or take it in for repairs and worry about someone finding info that he doesn’t want found.

          lol, but by far, I am not a computer wiz. And just like this picture… if we don’t believe it was taken prior to the hiding of the chest, why bother being involved with the chase in the first place. I mean for someone to actually have this picture examined for fraud is beyond me.

          • Seeker, He mentions them under the Treasures Bold section…

            “I found some external hard drives that contain files and photos from old laptops that went in the trash years ago. They were from a time when I was acquiring exotics to be part of my treasure. The bronze chest had a name then. It was called Indulgence.

            I have other hard drives to search but would like to post some of the artifacts as they surface. All I post are in the chest. I could describe the cultures from which they came but bloggers would analyze my comments into perpetuity. Maybe giant-minded commenters will do those honors. ff”

          • Thanks Spallies, I knew I wasn’t going crazy… my mom had me tested. Also was nice that fenn mentioned my large brain as well.

  42. How could Forrest right a book with a poem that leads you to a treasure and not intentionally or subconsciously but in cluse in the book?
    You would have to be think about what to right and what not to right. Knowing your book was attached to this poem.

    • Not get me wrong I’m not saying that I not believe the chest is real.. there is just things that make you think.

        • I think he may have wrote the book first and attached the poem to it. But dose not want to say that. because it would make it look like he did that to draw more attention to the book.
          I read one email. Some one asked him.
          wich came first the poem or the book and FF answer was “what does it matter”

          My other thought is maybe there are some intentional cluse.

          • Jw, hope you’re able to read his book and find time to go through the different sections of this blog.

            TTOTC, page 133:

            ‘There are also other subtle clues sprinkled in the stories.’

          • I have the book and have read it a few times I get there is subtle cluse. I read that he stated that none of the cluse were intentionally but in the book.

          • Jw, I’m glad you have. I believe once the clues in the poem have been correctly identified, it will be then that the clues in the book will present themselves. This is an opinion, offered as a thought.

    • SL, oh so true.

      In the book Time helps you understand what came first. He definitely wrote parts of the book last. He was still writing parts of the book in 2010 and I have proof. It’s in the book TTOTC!

      • The whole book was written in 2010.
        J.D Salinger died January 27th 2010. FF said that he was one of the reasons for writing his memoir.

          • He said it took him 15 years to hide the chest and wright the poem. But what gets me is that he said he was 58 when he got cancer and it was 1988 if you add 15 years to either the date or his age it doesn’t add up to him being 79 or 80 at the time he said he hide the chest.

          • Jw-
            Folks have pondered the “15 years statement” since Forrest first uttered it. I personally never gave it much thought. I have a house I bought 25 years ago. I could say I spent 10 years working on it. That doesn’t mean the first 10 that I owned it. Nor does it have to mean the last ten years. It could mean that over the 25 years I’ve owned it I spent 10 years working on it. Those years may not have been consecutive. Maybe I worked on it for two years than took a break for three years, then picked up working on it again for a couple years, then stopped again for a few years…etc…
            In the end, ten years went into working on the house but those ten years were stretched over a 25 year period.

          • pdenver, you just answered Jw question for him. It took Forrest 15 years to complete the poem. That’s why I treat every word in that poem as very important. I look up every word and understand it’s true meaning just like Forrest has.

          • Pdenver, he said he struggled writing books, but TTOTC nearly wrote itself and he did it in a short period of time. He worked on the poem for years.

          • Jw, it has been debated why the math doesn’t add up. Some feel it may be so searchers don’t look into travel records, etc. to find out where he went, should this have been the mode he went to hide the treasure.

        • Good job Jw. Yes, you are correct.
          Now do some more investigation. What was the published date? How about copyright? And artist prints?

          These will answer some of your questions.

          • My apologies Jw, you already know all this information.

            Ok, yes you are correct that the dates are off and that always confused me also. It also confuses me about his comment on Jenny’s site that he coasted at his work/ gallery the last 15 years. But he only owned the business about 16 years? I own businesses and no way he was able to coast after the first year?

            Some of his dates are confusing, I agree. That’s why I try to look them up to find most accurate I can.

          • Accurate seems to be a tough word to use when talking about FF. But I guess if you burn the candle long enough on both ends you’ll reach the center.
            I seem to find a little more truth not in what people are willing to tell you. But in what there not willing to tell you.
            When FF was asked the question at the Molby Dicks books shop interview. if he had rented a car he pretty much said yes before saying he didn’t want to answer the question.
            I don’t think that it means it’s not in NM. Maybe he rented a car so no one would recognize him.

        • At least several chapters of the book were written as drafts years before 2010. With some research you can find those earlier drafts on the internet.

        • I did spend some time pondering the statement that he made in the Moby Dickens video about the time involved from when he got cancer and hid the chest. It didn’t add up, but something tells me we need to cut f some slack because it’s not easy being f in the spotlight all the time . It could have been a simple mistake. Even if it wasn’t I don’t see how it could lead anyone to find the chest. I love this blog but at the same time most of the posts don’t align with the homework that f has given to us. The poem, TTOTC, GE, and a good map are all that is needed he said. It seems easy to get distracted with other thoughts that will only burn time and not lead us any closer to the chest. I’m sure f knew that we would get sidetracked along the journey and I imagine he has enjoyed seeing just how many directions our imagination can take us.

          • @Hear me all…

            I try to see 15 as a hint because of how much he emphasizes it, and how much it doesn’t add up. I haven’t connected it to any of my other themes yet. He says he does things in fifteens. I’m keeping my eyes open. But yeah, I’m also filled with unsolicited opinions spilling out all over the place.

          • E.C. Waters, You are a KS searcher so please don’t look at everything f says as a clue. Go back to the poem. I used to think that the correct solve would require us to catch clues from f when he posts but as I spend more time on the chase, I’m convinced that the most important component is the poem. Imagination is important with the correct amount.

          • @Hear me all – yes, your point is reasonable. I’ve been looking at all kinds of possibilities (most are far fetched) rather than try to brute force (physically walk all 10″x10″ points) my way through it. In a sense, perhaps my approach of being open to what he says as hints has been somewhat brute force in itself.

            I’ve been studying Rosetta Stone and hieroglyphics lately, hoping to find hints in his book that live out on the edges. I’ve been needing a Fenn Rosetta Stone.

            Oya, the Kemet (a word that kinda seems like Kismet) goddess, turned up because of her mermaid symbolism. Frogs and a mermaid seem to live on the edges of his bronze jars. Oya’s a curious persona, Queen of the Nine Rivers, or original Niger River tributaries and such. I like the ideas of Gardiner’s List, cows, ropes, and frogs turning up also. I’ve seen a few people here chasing hieroglyphics. Maybe not enough yet.

            Anyway, there is value in some of the things he’s said. Trying to filter through what things those are is also a puzzle to me.

          • @Hear me all – ok wait. I missed a logic connection there. Yes, I’m a Kansas searcher. But how does being a Kansas searcher relate to not applying a hint to everything he says?

        • Hi Dal,
          Thanks for your analogy it make since. But what FF said it was 15 years from the time he got cancer to the time he hid the chest, not wrote the poem. To me it seems like he wrote the poem well he was still sick. That’s way he changed the part from ” take my chest put leave my bones” he toke that part out because he got better.
          I’m don’t say I think it’s any type of clue just something i seen that didn’t add up. It that interview he seems to have a tough time with his words and stumbles on what to say at points. Because he also said that one of the searchers was a woman but he didn’t want to say because he knew she would go back and tear the whole country side up trying to figure out were she had been. But in a later email his answer to a question if it was a man or a woman searcher that had been within 200′ of the chest. He said it was a man put a woman may have been with him. Seem like he was trying to leave it open ended. Not know he already stated it was a woman.

  43. Can everyone imagine the fun that Forrest had in arranging all the treasures he included in the chest? Trying to determine what it should contain to make it visual and valuable. Trying to pack in as much as he could without leaving any wasted space. I imagine him packing the chest many different times to get just the right amount of wow factor! Whomever finds the chest is going to be a little sore from carrying that load and might need to spend a few days soaking in a warm spring enjoying the sunrises and sunsets. I still pinch myself sometimes when I think about this very real and rare opportunity that f has given to us that want the challenge.

  44. I remember reading a question Forrest answered and he said ” I would like to have been Hitler on September 1, 1939 so that I could drink the poison 11 years before he did”. 1939 + 11 is 1950. Hitler died in 1944 or 45 of a gunshot wound to the head.

    That statement of his has always intrigued me, unless FF believes Hitler committed suicide in Argentina or something.

    • Joe…
      I thought by that statement Forrest was saying he would have liked to have taken the poison 11 years before Hitler killed himself…Hitler died in ’45. Eleven years before ’45 would have been ’34. That was the year Hitler became Fuhrer. If Hitler had killed himself in ’34 before he became Fuhrer he would have saved europe, and the world a great deal of sorrow.

      • I doubt that. The banks, arms merchants, and eugenicists would have installed Goering or Himmler. Or else let Stalin run wild.The long term plan to collapse world powers and consolidate the New World Order would be, and still is in motion, with or without Hitler.
        Not that it has anything to do with the chase.

      • Dal— you have to read the quote. He specifically says he wishes he could be Hitler on September 1, 1939 (when Hitler invaded Poland) so that he could take the poison 11 years earlier than Hitler did. I’ll try to find it—it’s on Jenny’s site.

  45. Dal— found it. “I wish I could have” July 24, 2014. He specifically gives the 9-1-1939 date. Check it out when you get a chance.

  46. Dal—I think I understand now. I was reading the quote wrong. I think ur right–he means 1934. Doh! Pretty stupid part.

  47. Dal, there are two things I wanted to know if you would clarify about the treasure photo, when did Forrest forward you the photo, and did you use Photoshop to put the copyright text on the photo?

  48. If you were going to do what Forrest did & hide a chest full of valuables, I think you may want to change the contents here & there knowing you have plenty of time to collect & change the contents until you were ready.

    This picture doesn’t hold any clues for me, but it tells me he was in indecision mode & also knew he was going to do it no matter what. Just didn’t know what the final contents would be.

    Someday, maybe we can view the actual contents at Smithsonian if we are still alive if it’s donated….

      • I’m not sure about that jonsey,
        I would like to think everything placed in the chest was collected by him & put in there by him.
        I’m wondering if he removed some of the items knowing moisture or water would damage them.

  49. Extending down from the bracelet along the left side of the giant gold nug in the center…..any ideas on what that is? I got nothing. Was going to guess money clip but that was just grasping at straws. Oh and below the little frog on the right….is that a poker chip I spy?

    • @jonesy1 – you have a great eye for making sense of things. To the left of the large nugget looks to me like a key, maybe to the chest. Only speculating. Under the frog looks a bit like a poker chip but also to me like a roll of wrapped coins. I think Fenn mentioned there were other coins included besides Eagles and Double Eagles.

    • Not sure. The first item looks like a gold plate of some sort. The other looks like it might be a lid to a plastic container. These are just guesses on my part. I can’t get a good view zooming in.

      • Can the “chip” be used for roulette too?
        Check out page 133. Turn the book 90° to the right. On the line that goes thru the center of the map, it looks to me like he wrote the words ” I play roulette”. Does anyone else see that?

        • eagle –

          I see -“I play” – can’t see the roulette…….

          Nice work…..I like to play too…………..

          • Look a little harder. The “r” is under the “y” then follow to the right is the oulle. The “tt” are a bit harder to see.
            Could be my imagination, but I saw it years ago. It didn’t mean much until someone mentioned the poker chip.

          • That’s great!
            I’m not sure it means much though.
            How would this help us find the TC.

        • eaglesabound,

          I am having a hard time seeing that but my crazy mind has looked for anything that might mean anything over the years and one thing I noticed and wondered if it might mean something (I never did get anywhere with it) are in the 1st stanza and the 6th stanza. The last 2 letters in the 1st and 3rd lines are RE and the last letter in the 2nd and 4th lines is D. The last 2 letters in the 21st and 23rd lines are OD and the last letter in the 22nd and 24th lines is D. So I was seeing RED ODD, which in roulette are 1,3,5,7,9,19,21,23,25,27. The corresponding letters for those numbers are A,C,E,G,I,S,U,W,Y,?.



          Like I said I never got anywhere with it and even looking for and thinking of things like this make me start feeling a bit crazy…

          • Nice work eaglesbound and Mark, I had looked at the Roulette wheel as possible angle for the winning solve. Red, Black and Green (colors found on a Roulette) wheel also in Teas with Olga. And don’t rule out the Russian angle. Rousian roulette. Some of the words in the TTOTC might be better read as Russian or Greek letters.

          • Mike Forni,

            Nice to see you around these parts my friend!

            When I think of a “roulette wheel” I am reminded of a “spinning wheel.” (Quite similar).

            Have posted here a great deal in the past about the folks mentioned in the following article. (Rachel Brown, Malcolm Brown, Mable, Georgia, etc.)

            Take your TIME reading it, as it is a great read, and could reveal a few things Fenn related!



          • SL –

            You are too kind! I know you have a big heart; just like Fenn!

            I will definitely take my TIME reading the article. I will let my logic, imagination and analytical skills marinate in the words they speak.

            Master Fenn said a lot of people know a little about the winning, but no single person knows a lot. So, I just keep putting eggs in my basket…. 🙂

            Glad to reconnect!


          • SL,

            I was friends with Malcolm Brown. He was something else, a really smart and interesting character. His house here in Taos was amazing also, one of a kind. Thanks for posting that, it brought back some good memories…

        • Gosh, I wish I could see what you and into see. Even with my reading glasses on, it still appears as if I wasn’t wearing them. I tried a magnifying glass and still couldn’t see what you both are able to. I’ll keep trying.

          • Did you turn the book 90°?
            Look along the line that goes thru the middle of the map.
            Can you see the letters “I P”
            If you can see those, you’ll find the rest unless of course it’s just my imagination!

          • PD –

            If you turn the book – see the middle line going across – take a ruler straight up from the frogs nose and that is the – P
            What you are looking for is probably larger than what you think. Hope this helps.

          • Gosh into, I still don’t see it. I did as everyone has suggested. What I see on the map, along that middle line, are the letters VALE, then the highway, followed by the letter N. The gold nugget hides the letters CIA.

          • I like to fold back the frogs legs and turn it into a nose. I made a whole pair of those silly Groucho Marx nose glasses from a few of the items in the book. It didn’t find the chest but I still wear them once in awhileI’m reading in search mode. Naked, of course.

          • Mark in Taos,

            How unique that life experience had to be!! I think it’s wonderful, and continue to be fascinated.


          • I can see that too pd, but I’m not looking at the blurred letters which appear to be counties in NM.
            What I’m looking at is the vertical line that runs thru the middle of the map, that’s why I thought it would help to turn the book 90 °.

        • Okay, eaglesbound. My imagination just kicked in and I believe I see what you’re saying. I think what we need to do at this point is to compare it to an atlas or something, to see if what is being seen, is truly what it is. Has anyone done this?

          • Ok PD. now that your imagination is kicked in, do you see the face just to the right of the two peeks?

          • PD and Eagle –

            Here is what I think it means –

            The word Roulette………

            a small wheel, especially one with sharp teeth, mounted in a handle, for making lines of marks, dots, or perforations:
            engravers’ roulettes; a roulette for perforating sheets of postage stamps.
            Philately. a row of short cuts, in which no paper is removed, made between individual stamps to permit their ready separation.

            Now PD – I do see the face you are seeing 🙂 and below that I see dots…..lots of dots.

            There are also dots -nine of them on the cover of TFTW.

          • Sorry eagle –

            It was you who found the face – which to me is saying look…………..

            Just count the dots in the middle section.

          • The face appears to be in the atlas grid #18. Not sure if it means anything. Now I need to see if there are any faces in my shower. 🙂

          • pdenver,

            I hope that you’ll take a look into the above posting, (11:43 AM), I addressed to Mike.

            Could be brimful! More to come.


        • Please direct me where the peeks are, eaglesbound, so that I may try and find the face. There’s many lines to this map and my imagine could take me anywhere.

          • I wish I could post a picture but I’m technically challenged.
            Ok, the vertical line we have been speaking about, go to the end of it at the northern end. It forms a squared off peek. Look just to the right of that.

          • I thought perhaps that was the area you were thinking, but I haven’t seen the face yet. Is it a profile? If so, which way?

            P.S. I’m technically challenged, too. I’m lucky to know how to turn on the computer and type. 🙂

          • Your welcome pdenver, but don’t make yourself crazy. Like I said before, I’m not sure it means much.

          • pdenver –

            Your welcome..

            Too late for me too………..crazy is my new mo. 🙂

            Just one more thing on the roulette wheel – there are 36 spaces – 18 red and 18 black..

        • That is so funny. When I first started the search two months ago I found coordinates in the poem that led me to the “Billy the Kid Casino” in New Mexico, and a white Blazer. I laughed pretty hard about that one. It was too far south though–but when you mention you roulette that came back to memory. 🙂

    • Jonsey,

      Whatever is it, might be attach to the bracelet. If i was to guess… it could be a very thin brownish color stone, with a clasp fasten on top end.

  50. On 133 it looks like an Indian with a feather and a blanket when viewed from the normal book position. It might be a she holding a baby too. Turn it 90 and it looks like the owl in the side of the mountain on the Jemez Indian Grant.

  51. I’ve been going right too long. Still no chest though. I guess I’ll just go left like the Bugs! He knows…well, only after post-WWII. Have thou seen some of that era’s cartoons. Really racist.

  52. To the left of the big gold nug in the center. Duck call? Bird call? Something that sounds like a dying animal when blown in? Im no hunter, but any hunters know? I tried blowing into the screen but it just blew back…

  53. Mr. Fenn, what IS that item just to the left of the elongated gold nugget, as you’re facing the screen? The flat, gold piece.

    P.S. Have to be precise when asking a question. 🙂

  54. I realized tonight when reading scrapbook #145 that there is a $2.00 bill Forrest treasures in the chest. At least #145 strongly suggests there is. So when I find the chest I’m giving back the bracelet AND the two dollar bill to Forrest. 🙂

    • Do you see all the plastic cases that seem to be of the size to hold paper money ? There appears to be ten . Which could easily hold ten bills each .

      “The largest hoard of $10,000 was the Binion Hoard of 100 $10,000 that was on display at the Binion Horseshoe and Casino in Las Vegas from 1954 to 1999”

      “The Inverted Horseshoe was disassembled in 1999 and the 100 $10K NY notes were sold off in 2000.”

      It gets better !

      “There are 213 $5,000 and 215 $10,000 bills known in all series and districts as of Jan. 2015”

      How is this for a way for Forrest to find out if chest is found ?
      Very tight knit group of buyers of these notes that would know where they came from .

  55. Every time I see the pictures of the chest it raises the follicles on my neck and arms. 🙂

  56. Greetings,
    If your looking for this chest, check out scrap book 162 for Nov. 15, to see the area where to look according to the poem. There is a lot to learn before
    you can get close to the prize, or I would not have let it be known.

  57. WOW!!! I hadn’t looked at that photo for a while. I’m hyperventilating. I had to take some heart medicine and sit down for a while. I definitely do not want to croak before I find that darn chest. Note to self: “Avoid scrapbook 163”.

    • Take it easy Sparrow !
      I would say to take a drink but it may not be good with heart meds .
      Are you sure you want to find the chest ?
      The Shock and Awe may be too much .

      • Yes— I do want to find the chest. It is the first thing I put on my list to Santa this year. If he comes through I should be rollin’ in dough December 26th.

  58. An interesting bit about the collage on p. 133 of TTOTC is that the arrangement of the frog, nuggets, and coin matches this photo. The two photos must have been taken at the same time.

    Just something I noticed. Enjoy!

  59. Now you really can say “We’ve seen some of the things that are in there”. Huh, Dal?

  60. *sigh*
    I always thought my biggest Indulgence quest was eating a pint of Java chocolate chunk in one sitting…
    Until I laid eyes on this beauty.

  61. He didn’t show a picture of the chest on Scrapbook #158 by accident. I may have found something. We’ll see.

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