Scrapbook One Hundred Sixty…




Hello Forrest,

I hope this email finds you well and ready for winter!

I’m delighted to say our film ‘The Lure’ about your magical hunt will have it’s world premiere in New York in November.

Here’s a link to the festival:

And to the film’s site, with a short teaser trailer:

The film couldn’t have been made without your support and contribution, so I’m thrilled to be able to share it with the world.

We’ll be doing a tour of the south west at some point, so I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, feel free to share.

Thanks once again,


46 thoughts on “Scrapbook One Hundred Sixty…

      • My apologies for missing your post, frank. I just went back to look, and, unfortunately, I don’t know if I see what you’re seeing. I see a Jenny’s beautiful coin and people making comments about it. Others were kind to help me with my steel pennies collection and my uncle’s collection. What is it that you see?

  1. great teaser Tomas

    – best o’ luck at the opener mate and definitely number 2 on my ‘to watch’ list (below Star Wars – sorry)

  2. If The Lure plays in Santa Fe, let me know I might plan a trip to see the show…but do consider West Coast locations too.

  3. If the movie shows in Santa Fe, I think we should have a Movie Fennboree with Forrest attending and as many searchers as possible. Forrest, will you please buy us popcorn?

  4. I asked Forrest if there are plans in the works to show it in Santa Fe. This was his reply: “Tomas is working on it but he doesn’t have the last word. I’ll let you know if I hear something. f

    • Cynthia tell Mr. Fenn and Peggy, the only to attend a red carpet premier would be a “Tux and a Tudor!” Together they would knock it out of the park!

      • If the only way to attend the red carpet premier is wearing a tux, then he won’t attend. I think one of his pressed jeans and his cowboy hat will do just fine. Maybe he could apply fresh manure to let others know he’s still from Texas. 🙂

        • pd I remember his wardrobe comment and what he would and wouldn’t wear. My comment was just my roundabout way of saying how stunning he and Peggy would look driving up to the premier in the Tudor.

          • My apologies. I must have got a little confused when I saw “Tux and a Tudor” in quotes.

            I concur. They would look stunning.

          • pd, no apology necessary. I’m not very knowledgeable about punctuation. I throw quotes, commas, etc., wherever, right or wrong!

  5. Forrest,
    It looks like a winner Forrest. We are looking forward to the film debut. If we can not find the chest then at least we can enjoy the “memories.”
    Thank you Forrest, and Thank you Peggy, my wife and I are sure this whole chase has had to be a strain on your day to day with Forrest…

  6. No one cares that he admits he is a charlatan? Snake oil salesman, fraud, etc… How should we take that statement?

  7. very intriguing trailer there. getting out in the wood and searching is some fun times. I wonder, though, why does that one due need a shot gun when searching for the treasure? totally unnecessary IMHO…

    • Perhaps if one gets lost in the woods, they have something to down an animal for food. Maybe for defense against an aggressive animal. Only the gentleman knows for sure.

  8. If your interested in where the chest is located, check out the area it is in from the poem. Scape book# 162, on Nov.15, 2016.

    • Well Sam, you have posted this same message on about five different threads now, and no one has responded. Think possibly that should be telling you something?

      Just an observation. JDA

      • What do you think that is supposed to be telling me? I just offered something, I can’t think of
        anything that they should be saying. Why should they not look in the right area? Can you say you have already looked there?

        • Right area? Right based on what, other than your opinion? You have to offer more than just saying look at a Scrap Book number. Anyone who has read the blog has already read the SB – all of it. What insight did you find that we have not found our selves? Whatever you found, as I said, is YOUR opinion – not a proven fact. Gotta put some meat on the bone if you expect anyone to dine. Just my opinion Sam. Have a great evening. JDA

    • You’re right JD, that’s enough Sam. I was going to say something the second time he posted it, but I’m trying to advance to a higher level of understanding and achieve inner peace with enough knowledge and understanding to keep oneself strong in the face of discord or stress. All I got for my effort was heartburn, so I went to the target range to shoot something, I feel much better now. 🙂

      Sam has found the magic anagram and knows where the chest is. In case there’s someone on the planet that hasn’t seen one of his comments here is what he is trying to get everyone to read.

      • @Goofy – I hope you reach your Bodhi sooner than later. Glock or Sig Sauer? I tried the new-ish P320 compact w 9mm last weekend. Weighted very nicely and it’s super accurate.

        • E.C. the Sig P320 is a nice pistol, not as widely know as some of the others. My son-in-law carries the compact and it has become one his favorites. He liked it so much he bought the subcompact for my daughter. I was shooting a RazorCat in 40 S&W.

          • one round …off hand… bullseye….25 yrds…breath….site picture…..trigger pull…. after about 50 rds… now thats zen…..IMO

          • Goofy,
            I owe you an apology, and I offer it withall sincerity here. I am truly sorry for making derogatory comments a while back regarding your use of the “nuke button.” It seemed a hot topic back then, and I’m not a fan of censorship. I had you pegged as one of those weepy-eyed, rose-colored-glasses liberals who’ve been slowly eviscerating this country, and I happily admit I was wrong. I’m also happy to see you are, at the least ( 🙂 my attempt at humor), pro-2nd. FWIW, I think you do a great job in the chaotic world of the blogosphere and, specifically, in keeping HoD running smoothly and mostly (there are always detractors) on a positive note.

            I’m one of those borish Glock guys, a recent convert from Walther. Reliability is nearly everything, IMO.

            Thank you for all you do at HoD.

      • If I knew where it is, why would I let you know where the location is.
        When I realized I can’t find it, I thought I would let others to try
        their luck. I was going to give a few
        more clues, but I can now see, my
        help is not apprarciated. My hip joints keeps me from going back,
        and after I get new joints I doubt
        I could take the trip. When you get
        to 78 you will understand. I had in mind to make a deal with Dal to
        find it with me giving the clues, but
        he didn’t want to hear about it, so
        I thought I would let others know about it because I can’t go. Don’t
        think the location gets you very far.
        The location is the easiest of the clues, it is in the poem. If my legs
        would have held up, I think I could have found it. It is big area. I may
        decide to give it all up some place
        else, so you don’t have to read it.
        You don’t seem to be very friendly.

      • May I ask why you two are agitated
        with me? Have either of you looked there, and wanted it secret ?
        What is the problem? I was so close, but you need to know that no one is going to find it by chance. It is the person that finds it in the poem that will find it. You learn more every trip that you fail.
        I have looked 16 times. That whole
        area is in the woods. I think with what I know now if I could go back
        I could find it, but that is not going to happen. So please tell me why
        your so agitated with me? I have already put all I had intended to on
        this site. If I have done such a bad thing, why have you done the same thing at the bottom of your

      • I tried this method…
        Using the WH in where, OL in old, Y in you’ve [ not the Y in your, consecutive order thing ] The C in quickly, first R in tarry [ very important not to use the second R ] A in marvel, and finally, the P in peace.

        My effort went cold after that. Maybe I should skip the W in where…

  9. So Hear meall and listen good
    yO ur effort will be worth the cold
    I FYO u are brave and in the wood
    I G ive you title to the gold.

    Check it out Goofy—-you’re in the poem!! Just look at the caps above!
    It’s amazing. I had never seen that before. This is almost as great a find as Sam’s anagram.

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