The Three Bear’s Adventure…



It all started for me last winter, sitting at home with an air boot on. The Today show featured Mr. Fenn giving clues to his poem.  I had to find out more.  Researching more about the poem on the computer, I discovered a searcher was missing.   Our condolences to Randy’s family and friends.
Begin it where?  O’boy, dad and I learned this fishing the boundary waters. New and old meanings of words.  Warm = Friendly  waters = come together or meet. Halt at state line.

Weeks later, the air boot came off.  I was off and limping. Having found three warm waters in NM,  only one was on public land.  Like a drone bee I headed to the hive. Wow my first day, there were 2 spots that fit the poem but no chest.  I reached out to Mr. Fenn.  After that phone call, I felt discouraged.   But after a night’s sleep, I was ready to start again.  Learning more definitions of ‘tarry scant’ lead me back to the park.  I thought I saw what looked like a teepee shaped boulder in the woods on the north side of a fence.


Glowing rock

 Behind the fence but no snow

Behind the fence but no snow


Standing there in marvel gaze, I wondered how to go behind the fence.  I went  down the canyon to a home of Brown,  the visitor’s center was open early for the season.    I went inside to ask some questions and maybe found a picture that implies a hint.



There was so much to see and explore in the park that I called it my fun parks.  Behind the teepee boulder, I found a pool of cold water with big rocks.  Some of the rocks were pointing to the center of the pool.  I definitely had to check that out. After a poke with my stick and a beep beep from my metal detector, I knew I had to wade in.   Nothing but rocks with metal in them.   I spent one week looking at blazes & pools in an area of about .9 tens of a mile.  When nothing was found there, I explored the entire park. The weather was a little cold but it was still fun exploring.

Nails in the tree at the state line.

Nails in the tree at the state line. What I thought I knew that just wasn’t so.


I spent months and numerous trips looking for places where the clues would work. On one of my early trips, some friends mentioned this web site and then Jenny’s. Thank you  and congratulations Jenny.  I felt Weekly Words and the comments hinted to areas where I was looking.  At times, I felt someone was messing with me. Hope you had a laugh or two.   Then I started reading more and more.  First all the past WWs and then   more pages at Dal’s site. The ‘what ifs’ and ‘what if’s’ in red really caught my attention.

I saw a comment from Jeremy P. quoting Mr. Fenn –   ‘What if no one ever discovers my art?’   That kicked me into gear.  To me that meant something.   Thank You for that comment.

One time a couple walked by me with a very professional looking camera.  I had that surprised look on my face. lol   Just when you think no one is watching , there is.  Hope they didn’t take a picture of that.


image7New and old tree blazes.   The older tree gave a shadow to a rock in the morning sun. hmmm image8


Still no chest. Earlier this year, my sister joined in the adventure.   One weekend, my Brother and Sister joined me with BOTG to watch my back. My Sister had decided to get the book TTOTC to see if there were any hints in the book.   I thought there sure were plenty.  Thanks for the book Sis.  She found things on the web that I didn’t find or think of.  image10


Thanks for the bear spay and camera Sis. I saw two bears one morning.


Mother bear is on the trail just inside the shade by the tree.  The cub is going up to the left above the dark green.   Glad I heard them down in the water and got out of there.  It wasn’t the four legged animals in the park that worried me the most but the two legged ones that I felt were watching me.  I believe ‘Do your own work or you might not know what it means’.

Next trip out, Sis and I hit the trails including the James M John trail.  In the satellite view on Google Earth,  we saw trails that looked like shapes of things hinted to in the book.   When Sis read the ‘Ode to Peggy’ poem from the book, it hit me. Ahh a light bulb moment.   One image looked like a pregnant women.  The pregnant women in the trail looked quickly down upon two ponds.   One looked like an arrowhead with an X in the trail. The other pond looked like a tea cup or pot and had a Y shape in the trail. That’s it, we had found  the X spot.  Up to the X to check it out.  We found foot prints in the pond so we knew someone had already been there.  We looked around the trails surrounding the pond.  I  found a soup can bottom or metal rusty round thing – trash. Then the CE5 was hinted.  Sitting in the motel, Sis and I talked about it.   We looked there and found rocks but didn’t look under the rocks.  My metal detector had been acting up.  Sis got online to find a new detector. When you need one, you can never find one close by.  We ended driving an hour away to get one.

The next time up the trails, Sis was a little sick so she sat in the car. When I checked out the rocks again with the new metal detector, I got the beep beep and I’m thinking, it’s here. The big rock was cracked so I could move it in pieces. I found MRE’s. More Trash




On the pregnant woman image trail, I found these rocks on top of the hill. Cool huh? Just think of the Indian history there!

Sis only had a week off, but we went home with some cool trash.  What it meant we didn’t know.   I went back and  lived out there most of the summer.

Back to Google Earth.  Along the top of lake Maloya, there looks to be the image of  a lazy Z in the shore line.   The top of the lake looks like horns.  Look closer at the horns of  the lake.  It appears like to be an arm going across to a circle, 36.995331-104.367324.   At CE5 , we found more trash.  Another rusty tin to add to our treasure. As I was walking back to the car, I’m thinking –  ‘All I’m doing is picking up clues’.   After the fact clues, my head hurt even more at this point.  GPS had shown me a different state line than the one marked with a sign. Computer research on the state line showed the actual state line may be different.

One weekend, my Brother happened to be back in the area for a wedding.   This gave us one more chance to go take a look at the state line in dispute.   Hunting season was upon us.   I needed to take one more peek.  Yes is was marked and I cleaned it up, more trash. There was no way to go look at the other spot safely or alone.

So thare she blows, Ask a kid.

This sure got harder as we went on.   Now to find the words,  places,  and right definitions.   In our tool box which contained the Poem  and the Book TTOTC.    Word=definition=place   park=to park=place  I thought two parks and his rainbow.  I saw a lot of rainbows on the trails.  One looked like a double arc together to make an x but the picture did not catch it.  Besides it was in the wrong state.  The full rainbows we saw had a start and an end.  2, 3,  6 and songs, rhymes, and kids stories refer to hints.  The double omega = mirrors.   Speed bump called rabbit hole. Thinking this has been a long time for me to be here.  There are a lot of smart people out there searching too but I feel there is a part of the game that is missing. luck=nudged   Which felt like running in front of a stampede in a horse park. Feelings, maybe computers are getting close. The Web, All you.     The six w’s –  who, what, when, where, why, & how.


Go west young man and grow with the country.

I got the chance to learn more of the history of the area.  A two trail thought.   A Trail that has a mirrored trail.  The Oregon Trail goes the same way west as the Lewis and Clark trail.  The Santa Fe Trail has the mountain route and the Cimarron “plains” route.  Both start 300 miles west of Toledo OH.   Mirrored trails from a Midwest point of view. The book mentions his routes:  a mountain route  and a plains route to Yellowstone .   6 points of crossing.  Number 6 is a number we see used frequently. Funny how those historic markers or rest stops we stopped at are about 40 mile apart. When to mirror, what?  I hope you understand what I’m trying to explain.

Possible Blazes:

# 1 – A rock with an edge that glowed in the morning sun.

# 2 – Trails that looked like hints from the book.

# 3 – Two state lines on GPS and  a monument place

# 4 –  Highway and trail, new and old .  Two Historic sites and a trip to where “see


# 5 – Two historic monuments and readings of the poem we would like to see and hear.

As seen on TVs.
My favorite thought is for a chance for all to go see the chest whenever they want to.   A chance to get my family’s name there and help them, and hide in a group of names.   Honor to the Armchair Searchers because you gave freely.   Where did Mr. Fenn hide it?  Did he really hide it there?   lol

Two mirrors on top in the chest,  to be in two places at one time.   Both ends of his rainbow.  To honor two families’ that were Brave in his times of need.   Mirror the end? or double endings?    There are hints of  two songs that  are in line  together   Give me a home in the land of the free and the home of the brave.   And in the end cremated to be in two places at once.

Now for a little fun.

Mr. Fenn is this how you see your rainbow?

To Wonder Land.
Mr. Ed. I’ll show you a new trick for an apple.
W. Sure
E. Grab my hat for me, put it on but hold onto it and don’t more your arm.
W. Ok
E. A nod and smile to ya.
W  Wait… a minute you did that last week.
E. Yes,,,, and you gave me a carrot, Thanks for the apple. chump Happy Hollow Ween, Trick or Treat.

Edna mode says,
What did you expect for  Free ? All the answers. Silly rabbit ask a kid.

I am just somebody that wanted to get into a good book and an honored place. As they drive into the morning sun, looking to see treasure’s of new and old.  They are heard singing carpool karaoke.   I’m proud to an American and God bless the U.S.A.

First Bear-


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  1. a great adventure and very interesting read, First Bear

    and a warm welcome too, from everyone here at Dal’s Sanatorium for the Sanely-Challenged.

    • curious hobbit,

      Thanks for the welcome.

      As in every adventure, there was so much more. I tried condensing to keep it short. But it was an adventure I’ll never forget.

    • you’re welcome First Bear

      I was inspired by your statement “I went back and lived out there most of the summer.” as it reminded me of how much fun I had when I was younger, full of adventure and free from the rusty cage of modern rules and restrictions.

      and yes, I totally get that ‘there is so much more in every adventure’ – more than words can speak, and the best memories by far.

      Best of luck in your search mate – I hope you find the treasure (before Jake does)

      • You got that right you fury headed alien.
        Curiosity killed the hobbit.

        I got my eyes on the poem & my hands on the treasure.
        My brain is somewhere in between.

      • Jake, tell me all about your life. in great detail – no hurry mate ..keep on talking ..just keep on talking..

        (our cunning distraction plan has worked zap! – quick, go get that treasure, while he’s not looking!)

        hobbits don’t actually ‘die’ btw, we just get recycled into pet-food – it’s sorta like re-incarnation, but in a bad way

        • Hi Hobbit, I don’t want you to turn into dog food! May you always have warm ears and lots of bread pudding.

        • Don’t worry Jeannie, I recently purchased several thousand pairs of underwear, on the off-chance that my ears should get cold in the near future – ya just never know right?

          ..btw, are we officially married yet?
          (sorry, but I tend to forget those small formalities – was it a good wedding?)

          Panda JC1117

          I always thought that ‘chefs special soup o’ the day’ (aka: old food that is liquidised, then sold to unsuspecting customers) contained soylent green, not brown(?)
          ..but I never really liked that Heston fellow tbh, for his ruthless murder of all those innocent gun-toting primates..

          so, you just go ahead with the brown option anyhoo (and don’t forget to add plenty of pepper!)

  2. I enjoyed your story and pictures bear. I tried thank you for taking out what you didn’t bring in. I had a hard time following your story though, but I have a hard time following quite a few stories.

  3. Sounds like you had a lot of fun, and you were able to spend time with siblings – YEA for you. Good luck in your adventures. JDA

  4. Hey First Bear,
    I have to say that your story is not only interesting but also very very complex. I think that the only thing that I can even offer is to say, do your homework, make some type of effort to have a plan. Going into the mountains without any type of direction and going here and there is a very good and easy way to end up hurt or lost. Think about Randy, you mentioned him. He had been searching for 2 or 3 years and look at what to him. Use this winter to go thru all of the scrap books watch videos of Mr. Fenn getting interviewed read “BOTH” of the books, TTOTC and TFTW they both have plenty of hints and information in them. When I say to read I mean to really get into the books. Take notes as you read, It will help slow you down reading so that you can pick out some of the hints. DO NOT RELY ON ANY BLOG!!! These are fun to talk to people but things go kind of off a lot and there are people who would send you down the wrong path just for fun.
    Anyway, there you have it, my welcome matt to you.
    Be safe and trust only you,

  5. Thank you for sharing First Bear. Sounds like some amazing times you had and shared with your family. Quick question , “I went down the canyon to a home of Brown, the visitor’s center was open early for the season.”, are you suggesting the home of Brown is a visitor’s center? I’m glad you’re not searching my area with the time and energy you put into it, you surely would have beat me to any possible hidey spot. Thanks again.

  6. First Bear— That was very interesting. I want to encourage you to keep looking in New Mexico as long as possible. And I would encourage others to do the same. 🙂

  7. I enjoyed your search. I have wondered if anybody had gone out to search Sugarite Park near Raton. I have wanted to go there myself, but I haven’t been able to get out that far.
    Thank you for picking up some trash. You did good.

    • Isn’t Sugarite off the map in TFTW? It’s on the east side of I-25. I’m on the road so can’t look myself. I’ve been camping there….before the bad fires several years ago and before TTOTC. A bear cub scooted through the campsite the first night. My dogs were intrigued with this unknown “dog-like” creature. The next night, big mama bear waddled through the campsite like she owned the place and was very familiar with campers, tents, and people. She didn’t seem bothered while sniffing around. Both my dogs watched her intently from the window inside the camper, never making a sound but watching with wonder and amazement at this big beautiful creature. From then on that summer, both dogs knew instinctively to wake up at 2 am and watch out the window of the camper for the bear. We never saw another since.

      • Cynthia, yes it is east of-25, but there is faint drawing on the map where Sugarite Park is.
        I have often dreamed that the treasure was in ‘bear country’. I shouldn’t doubt that it is. Maybe that is one of the reasons that I was drawn to Bear Wallow creek and canyon.

      • Cynthia,

        Thank goodness the bears didn’t do any damage.

        The bear cubs are very curious. I have bear bells. Every time I shook them, the cub would try to find me to figure out what that sound was.

        • I agree with you about bear cubs being curious. Years ago, there were triplets in Hayden Valley in Yellowstone, amongst a bison herd. As the family was walking back up the hill, one of them stood up and looked at a nearby bison as if to say, “Want to play?” Or, “Wait until I get bigger dinner.”

  8. Enjoyed reading this, sounds like fun! It’s nice getting the whole family out there with you. All of you are great with the clues. This year so far winter hasn’t been so bad, maybe it’s waiting so you can find it. You may be closer then you think! Good luck, and good hunting Mel!

  9. First Bear, I really enjoyed your story. Nice adventures you and your family members enjoyed. Thanks for picking up people’s trash…I do the same thing. I hope you are able to continue searching next year after the snow melts, or again this year before it starts falling. Good luck.

  10. F’s art work…high paddle drawing.
    Got to begin at the beginning, then end up at the beginning.

  11. Is anyone else concerned that the longer we look, the more unintelligible we sound, and the crazier our interpretations of the clues gets? I love this story, especially the pictures. I really identified with scrounging around to find a blaze with such desperation that you searched a ball of roots under “Golden” flowers. This winter, have a cup of tea beside the fire, and let the peace of the natural sights and sounds of nature calm you. In clearing your mind of the obsession, you will understand the clues more clearly. Keep the trash to add to Fenn’s “road art” display, too.

    • Ya Connie,
      I have dug in the past here & a couple other sites & there is a pattern from some of the veteran searchers who are still searching where there thoughts have strayed away from the straightforward thinking theory.

      I think it’s human nature to over complicate things when you don’t know how close you were.

      I will try to leave this aspect of thinking out of my mind.

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