Digging Gypsy’s Overcooked Imagination…

by Diggin Gypsy



Many times I have thrown on my old worn boots and trudged across the states from Georgia to Montana. Unfortunately scenery was getting a little worn as well. This particular trip I started with a spring in my step.  It began when I left the wildfires of California heading off to face the familiar muddy prints the Grizz left for me in Montana.  Just so you know, I have stared at that muted tan book for 4 years studying all the hidden hints tucked away like the toy in the cracker jacks box.

WE HAVE A GOOD MAP! Remember, hidden treasures have treasure maps and that ole coot (ff) made sure his treasure does too! All the remaining Goonies out there picked up on this real quick as well.

Up in the Appalachians all we had was our imagination and if you didn’t have that and your car broke down, well you walked out of those woods. Being one of eight kids and knowing how to use our IMAGiNATION, it was better than having any toy from the Sears Catalog.


This trip  was with my sister Melani, she is number 7 in the line up at home and I am number 6. I bring her because she is lucky 7, she finds everything out there BUT the treasure. She says she brings me to pick up sticks ( i still don’t understand what she means by that).

On the Flight into Bozeman,  A nun had sat down next to Melani on the plane, I bet she felt lucky but she claims I jinxed her because I was always talking about Virgin Mary in my solve.


Flying in on another plane I was graced by a group of Asians wearing surgical mask, kinda stirred my nerves a bit and all the sudden I  wasn’t  feeling so lucky myself.


Our first few nights we stayed at the 320 Ranch then moved on to the Rainbow Lodge. We really liked  the 320 Ranch due to its history and also playing a part in a solve.
The Wilson’s sold it to Luke Brown., he had three other partners for the purchase. They named the ranch “320 Ranch” for the amount of acres it encompassed. His partners could not come up with there part of the money. So Luke Brown sold his portion to Dr. Mcgill. Meanwhile Mrs. Wilson worked at the Post Office in the little community of Eldridge while there was logging going on at Taylor Fork. When Dr. Caroline Mcgill bought the 320 Ranch, that little community of Eldridge started dying out due to the decline in logging. Dr. Mcgill felt sorry for Mrs.Wilson for not having her Post Office open anymore so she moved the post office from that dying community of Eldridge to the 320 Ranch where Mrs Wilson continued to run it until she died.


Rainbow Ranch on the Gallatin River

Rainbow Ranch on the Gallatin River

After settling in we began going over our ideas and how they match the rest of the clues,  we again find ourselves at pulpit rock. It went with everything (in our minds). Thinking that ole coot (ff) referring to his hat as a crown, Peggy being compared to a saint, he once referred to himself as a king, then him standing  on a stool in his kitchen singing out loud as if he were on a stage. The picture were Peggy was standing in front of a pillar candle stick , this made me feel she was his pillar, his strength through all the bad times. This was a great solve we thought too because he said his church was in the mountains. I could go on and on but no need, everything fit.

Pulpit Rock

Pulpit Rock

She searched high and i searched low...It was a perfect spot!

She searched high and i searched low…It was a perfect spot!

Needless to say it wasn't there . For the record, on our way out there we did see the most amazing BLAZE.

Needless to say it wasn’t there . For the record, on our way out there we did see the most amazing BLAZE.

A remarkable woman simply keeping watch over the Gallatin River. All i could think of is how many rock formations were awarded names and wondered why she was forgotten?  She was beautiful! Wearing a rather large hat and keeping her nose poised just right. She requests your respect, please keep your distance, while she keeps in tight focus on what lays across the way. I would imagine all the things she came to see down through the many years perched there elegantly, owning that little mountain.

I named her Diggin Gypsy. She certainly was a treasure.


The blazes we found in our searches became  quite comical at times. See this dinosaur egg ? That was truly something to gawk at, looked like it tried to hatch.


We moseyed on over to cabin creek although we had looked there before.
Boldly walking back in there, this time not knowing that just the day before a man got attacked by a grizzly up in those woods. Melani said that there was bear scat around and I tried to make her think it was horses , although she knew better because there were no horse trailers or people around.

Cabin Creek

Cabin Creek

We don’t need no stinking guns! Or bear spray for that matter! We did have good music though, very important. Forrest wrote us an email a day late telling us to be safe there were reports of bears. Well glad I had lucky 7 with me because we never saw that grizz.

image6 Well its now time for me and my sisters to lay down our diggers for winter  and prepare for  the adventures that lay ahead of us .

image7-2 Until next year 🙂
Happy trails y’all !!


Digging Gypsy-

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  1. Keep Digging Gypsy. Good luck in your searching. Bring the bear spray next time, and a 10MM sidearm.

  2. First submission said connection error, guess it was ok. The pictures look promising to be someone’s special place. Always nice to share time with a family member. Better luck next time Digging Gypsy!
    I guess that you checked out that hole in a rock or log on the left side of the third picture from the bottom. Also are those rib cages or funny looking plants?

  3. Thank you for sharing your adventure. Great story and photos. The photo what appears to have two sets of rib cages is a bit eerie. Seems whatever creature brings them there, is one that returns. Glad it wasn’t there when the two of you were there. Best of luck next year.

      • HOB= Luke Brown owned it with 4 partners ..??

        Once again jamming a square peg through a …….


        • Excuse me, where does she actually say she used that as HOB?
          Something about 320 she used in a solve, however , you your led yourself to that conclusion.
          Looks as though you may have jammed your own square peg.

          • We really liked the 320 Ranch due to its history and also playing a part in a solve.
            The Wilson’s sold it to Luke Brown.


            Please continue your jamming 😉

          • Mike i didnt say what solve I was giving a low down on the histery of the ranch. People can make it there home
            Of Brown i didnt say it was mine But it was part of the solve the ranch Lets dont start stabbing each other with quills

        • She sits over to the right of pulpit rock over looking river she will be there waiting

          • Diggin’

            What I meant to say and what my mother taught me many ,many years ago was…… Thank you for sharing your great adventure, it must have been a wonderful memory with Lucky 7 by your side .

            Stay safe and be careful !!



        • Mike i said it was part of our solve number one number 2 the other three partners backed out I didnt say what part .

          • My point is clearly stating that your HOB has NO relevancy to the solve.

            Luke Brown……..C’mon..???

          • Mike – Saying that it has NO relevancy is YOUR opinion – NOT FACT! Please be more courteous in your posts – Just a suggestion from an OLD geezer – JDA

  4. 1, 2, buckle my shoe
    3, 4, shut the door
    5, 6, PICK UP STICKS

    Irrelevant to the hunt, but might answer why she says she brings you to pick up sticks. Lol

  5. Hey DG, I always enjoy your stories, and your, Get it done Attitude. I am the middle of 7, 4 brothers and we were raised in the foothills of NC. I am 65 and back in the good ole days. before cell phones, and big screen tvs,, we learned life while being outside ,
    Money was tight,Dad working at Kohler and Campbell factory tuning pianos.
    mom washing diapers in a ringer wash in machine, we had a well with a buck that was lowered for water, and cranked back up, mom heated water on a wood stove and we kids were given a bath in a big round galvenized tub.
    We had an out house, no electric, and dad took peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches to work. We only had meat on Sunday and we walked to church. We learned to fish, and ride a horse, dad taught each of us how to shoot a 22 rifle. We had a garden and picked blackberries, buy the gallon,, we could sell them in town. I once got stung buy wasps will picking blackberries with dad at a womans farm, I was about 6 and to get me to quit crying,dad boughyt a baby goat from the woman. I remember the trip home, sitting in the back seat of that old car, holding that white soft fluffy
    lamb, no more tears and happy as a lark.
    Enjoy your winter and I wish you would start searching in New Mexico. I believe you have the get up and go to find it, I drove out, from Arkansas and searched about 2 years ago, I was out there a total of 7 days,, I have changed my research to closer to santa fa now,, just cant figure out the clues.
    I hope some one finds it soon as i have to slow down on the time i spend on research, as alot of old timers seem to have slowed down posting.
    Thanks again for sharing your latest search and i enjoy and appreciate your photos, nice job with the light on the wood cutting stump. May your light shine and keep you warm this winter.
    Good luck and warmth for all the searchers..

    Those are good memories that i cherish.and i know you have those same

    • I’m a California forest native, and we had a ringer washer, clothes line, galvanized wash tub, heated water for baths on a wood stove.We all ride and shoot. I guess country is in us regardless of which mtns we were born in.

      • I agree 21 ponies im
        In california now and i see how it would of been here in the early days im just below the sequias right now alot of farms around these mnts

      • Amen to that, 21 ponies
        You can take the girls out of the country, but you cant take country out of the girls. I had rather work in the yard than clean house any day. I have done a little fishing in tournaments, surf fishing when i lived on the coast in NC, also won 1st place on a bluefish.it paid 1600 dollars. I had it mounted because it only weighed 3.16 pounds and still was first place, My dad and i use to fish together at a small pound close to my house every Saturday..The last Birthday present i bought him before his death at age 57, was a new zebco rod and reel, cant remember the model # maybe a 202.

    • You have a great story to tell yea we have alot in common the good ole
      Days Ill
      Never search new mexico 🙂 Montana is the TREASURE State sally 🙂

      • I know you search Montana, but i think it is New Mexico,
        I would love to talk to you and try to convince you why i think so. If you want to talk i can explain,, it is to much of a solve to try to email you all the details and i am very busy for the next 2 or 3 weeks.

        • Nawwwww u keep your solve sally this girl is a mnt girl. I gotta search in the higher elavation ill never search anywhere but here This is where the REAL trees i been around the world and back and Montana i LOVE and i know the ole
          Coot did as well . But u can email me anytime

          • it is high elevation where i am searching in NM. I havent been around the world but i have driven to all 4 corners of the USA, 10 thousand feet is the Top of the search area, you can find that in NM.
            But i do understand why you wont change states in mid stream,, I am sticking with NM.
            Its fun no matter who searches where
            Your ole coot, is inspiring alot of people and families, he truly gave us a wonderful gift with the thrill of the chase.

          • Yes he did sally even if we never find it we as in my family has had a great ride for the last 4 years Wonderful family time exploreing

          • Diggin, you are blessed your family coud go, Mine are all busy still working. I am retired and have always been the one to do adventurious things.My brother and sister , and a nephew,cheer me on and have always enjoyed my traveling and stories and i would let them know where i was going to be, if they got worried, i did see fresh bear scat and got a little spooked but that is part of the thrill.

      • Hi Sally — Diggin’s right. It’s in Montana, and I’m betting she’s one of the ones that’s been within 500′ during one or more of her many trips. Indulgence ~was~ in New Mexico, oh, say 7 years ago. If you want to find the chest in NM, you’ll need a time machine. 😉

          • That is not fair, you 2 are ganging up on me,, Hey Dg,, if you drive thru Arkansas, i am close to Little Rock, you are welcome to stop here for a break, and i will take you crystal digging and also to the crater of Diamonds state park.
            You can find real diamonds and keep them , only 7 dollars to get in and a nice camp ground close by. Arkansas is famous for its Quartz crystals, I have been digging them for 15 years and have quite a collection.
            Just me and my 3 dogs, we have a quiet place , kind of in the country,, plenty of trees. You are more than welcome even if you never look for the treasure in NM. The invitation still stands.

          • Ohhhhhh me and my sisters always talk about going to that state park the diamond one You are so sweet if you have facebook add me sally

          • Diggin, look up Crater of diamonds state park, they have a nice web page and you can also see some of the diamonds that have been found. I think it is about 7 acres that you can search, it looks like a farmers dirt field before planting anything,They plow up the area about once a month to keep fresh dirt, after a big rain is the best time to search, Diamonds are heavy and the rain washes the dirt away,exposeing the diamond, There are no trees in the search area, check out their web page.

          • ok Zap, i will take my NM comfort, I take comfort in knowing i can drive to nm a lot faster than Montana. Besides i know more people that live in NM and 0 people in Montana.

        • Hi Zap,, Nah it is still in NM,, My next trip out there will be the one.. gotta figure some more things out , i am not driving all that way again and be on a wild goose chase,, I was fairly new to the chase when i made the trip 2 years or so ago,, my next trip will be more than a guess .

          • Hi Sally — well, you can take comfort in knowing that a large number of people still share your enthusiasm for NM (though with such a small area to search you’d think that state would have been fully canvassed after 6 years [grin]). At least the search season is a little bit longer at that latitude, and no grizz.

        • If it was in Montana, I would be betting on DG also,, she has the moxie, just useing it in the wrong state. But one thing for sure, we southern girls dont give up on something once we are commited to it, It is like trying to get a bone away from a dog, It aint going to happen.

    • Yep mark it off and cabin creek and i could list more places to
      Mark off but why not let everyone else have the joy that i had going places where it wasnt to be found hahah

  6. Great story, great pictures. Excellent connection between Pulpit Rock and Crown…could also perhaps be the Thumb that covered Philadelphia. FF does talk about Coronas, coronations, and crowns, doesn’t he? Wonder what that is all about. Sounds like you are very close to knowing.

  7. Only you can call Forrest an Ole Coot 😉
    Glad u had a nice adventure, see u next year.

    • Your welcome i have so many pics and stories and solves i could tell about maybe ill start a blog of how many spots ive searched Around west yellowstone

      • You should, your a personality to be reckoned with. So funny, when I first read your HOB I read it like my mine. Like a photo, so many ways to analyze a perspective. I can’t wait to cast a line in the Gallatin again. The last time was so cold my eyelets were freezing faster than my guides.

  8. Took me a moment to see it, but that is totally a woman’s face in the rock formation. Good catch!

      • dj,that’s funny you saw that feather(tree).that’s what I thought when I saw your beautiful pictures.you girls got some guts going out there alone.them bones were scary,think I would of ran back to the car as fast as I could.thanks to all of you on this blog,I have seen some beautiful country.my Colorado is beautiful too.glad your having such wonderful adventures.you’ll have some good memories to look back on when you get to be a old cootie,you call mr. forrest a old coot,so does that make a female an old cootie.haha,just kiddin ya,I just don’t like the word old coot.like they say only you can get away with that one.take care.

        • Ole cootie hahah sure i ll be that haha And i love colorado too my dad was from there

  9. Funny, I was looking at some video yesterday & saw that rock feature, didn’t know she has a name.
    Love that area & yes I think the treasure is somewhere around there.
    I would love to know more info about the Eldridge logging area if you have any docs you can give me, I can’t find many on the web.
    Taylor Fork rd, up past 9 QCR where it forks left to go to Koch is where I found the Geo marker 1948 embedded in Elevation Rock.
    45.074639, -111.340068
    Seems to me that Forrest & Donnie may have been by this area 2 years before but not sure only because it may have been well populated then?

    Thanks for sharing, good story, would have been great if you found it.

    • Its a cool
      Yea jake it fits with the whole spice drawer scrapbook 🙂 taylor fork rd had some cool history on it for sure We drove up that rd along ways but was getting dark so we never made it to where eldridge was Alot of indian artifacts over on that side To i havent found hardly any near the madison

      • Yup,
        It fits with the spice drawer SB, A river runs through it (my family), Robert Redford, Brad Pitt (Jeremy’s drawing of F), blue ribbon trout, the picture of Joe, Peggy & Forrest which was taken right down the road from 320, Looking for Lewis & Clark & a few more coincidences or not……

  10. You picked a great a place to search, but you should have bear spray as the area around Pulpit Rock is loaded with bears and there is a large cave nearby that has a pile of animal bones right outside the cave (I didn’t go inside the cave to see what was eating all those animals). I was searching there and decided to climb to the top of the rock, but the numerous bones scared me enough to make sure my bear spray was handy and ready to use. Unfortunately, as I climbed up the rock I spray myself in the face with the bear spray and almost fell off a ledge to my death. Lesson learned – bear spray works very well on both bears and humans, but don’t hold it in your hand as you climb.

    • Your right the bones were everywhere in that area We climbed up high to pass the mossy rocks but more just for curiosity i knew the ole
      Coot didnt climb up there would of been to hard for him if it was there would of been at the base of the pulpit And dang sprayed your own self with bear spray Ouch and inwould of bought more bear spray but i get so mad the airport always takes it from
      Me I think ill start stashing mine in the woods for when i come back

  11. Really admire you being able to search with your siblings. Must be fun to be kids again with them every trip.

    • It is 23 kachinas we always have a great time together Even if we fight when were out searching trying to out whit one another we soon make up and have it it again hahah forrest just dont know how mant fights he has cause or does he and thats why he says leave your searvh partner in the car hahah tired of hearing us fight 🙂

  12. I think I would be very lucky to find Diggin Gypsy Rock someday, what a great spot! Wish I was there right now. Marti, I always like your stories, they’re always fun!

    • She sits over to the right of pulpit rock over looking river she will be there waiting

  13. Diggin, Your story was totally awesome…sorry you and your sister didn’t find Fenn’s chest but you both totally found treasures, some old , some new. I love that you named the rock. I wonder how many searchers do that. When Ken and I collaborated in the Abiquiu area last fall, he named formations so I could recognize them when I searched for him…tusks, elephant feet, and the pig’s ear. I will always know those features by the names he coined. Anyway, your pictures were fantastic…what a beautiful area! I hope to camp/vacation there next year after I find Fenn’s treasure chest in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of NEW MEXICO! Did you use ff’s treasure map on page 99 of TTOTC to help you with your solves this trip? Are we the Goonies? If you ever come through the Santa Fe area, please contact me so we can chat. I’d love to hear ALL your stories! Peace and stay safe. Can’t wait for you to search again and share with us, even if it means 2017. cynthia

    • Yes cynthia we are the goonies page 99 is our good map 🙂 and if i ever come thru new mexico ill
      Look you up I love all your stories as well

  14. I bet you’re fun to search with Diggin. Glad you have your sisters and you all are making memories. My imagination sees an alien in the rock formation just behind and to the right of your lady you named Diggin Gypsy. Love your pictures.

  15. Thanks for the great story, and great pictures. I don’t see any other people in your pictures. Don’t you love it: when you are alone with the mountains, and you feel like there’s noone else in the world, except you, your sister and the mountains? I love how you named those rock formations!

    • We dont go where the people are Where ever he put that darn chest im
      Sure its all by its lonesome out there in the woods

  16. We all can always count on an “overcooked” ,(well done), search story from the Gypsy girls…I like the stories and can always tell these girls mean business! Good luck in the future and hope you all have a great winter.

      • Hey Diggin,

        I am in Atlanta and would like to get together with you and your sisters next time I come up to Young Harris and discuss solves. Are you guys near Young Harris?

        • My sisters live in florida i live in Ga but am in california but email anytime ill be home one day to my BLue ridge mnt home

          • In Dawsonville and liked the solve as I have traversed the same path. Convinced that area is the location but did not find it over 3 days of intensive search.

          • Dawsonville i just over the mnt from you im in blue ridge wow im
            Suprised were getting more Ga people in the search 🙂

    • Was grizz poop we was on the hill Heard that grizz attacked a man the day before right where we was forrest warned us a day to late

    • Diggin gypsy,

      “I had no intentions of searching in taos either No trees there id wanna sit and die under Even tho i think taos is cool place its nothing compared to Montana”

      Right? Why would you want to DIE in the same place you decided to actually LIVE with your family and friends for 50 years, especially when there are no trees you’d want to sit under to enjoy that time spent?

      I am being sarcastic because I don’t get what you are saying, there are lots of beautiful trees in Northern New Mexico…

      • I didnt see no trees in taos when i went there And cause forrest describes where the treasure is saying it is surrounded by trees I was just saying i didnt see none in taos Sorry i text like a talk mark country

      • Now Mark, everyone knows Taos is the high desert and trees are far and few between. With the exception of some mighty fine tree skiing at TSV, and a few gigantic cottonwoods along the river bottoms (where a person might find something special) the place is practically barren. Nary an oasis to be found. I like your leisure link…here’s to the Pro Leisure Tour 2016-2017. When you can’t treasure hunt, at least you can ski. Sometimes both in the same day. Good thing I don’t golf. Cheers.

  17. I loved the Gallatin River Valley. So narrow and steep and, well, rocky. Glad you had a safe trip, face masks and all. Good luck on your next solve.

  18. Diggin, thanks for sharing your adventure with us! Glad you didn’t run into any bears… I have added the Rainbow Ranch to my list of places to stay because of your picture… I could sit there all day and watch the river flow by…

    • Yea its a great place to stay and they have quiche for breakfast which is really good very nice clean rooms.

  19. Diggin Gypsy, Thanks for sharing your latest venture. I know you are in the right state. I will say IMO just so it doesn’t ruffle the feathers of searchers wanting to chase in the other states though. However when you have the proof the other states become just a nice place to vacation! At one point, I asked if you and your sisters would sign my book if I find the chest before you. Does that offer still stand? 2017 will be a grand year for someone to rescue the chest from its slumber.

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