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The chase certainly has inspired some great poetry…

Here is page ix for poetry about the chase, Forrest or any other Thrill of the Chase related topic. I am hoping poets will create new poetry and place it on this page.

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627 thoughts on “Poetry Page IX…

  1. A continuance to pdenver poem from poetry page 8

    Staring across a dim lit room, thinking I’m alone,

    A witch soars past upon her broom, there and then shes gone.

    This castle high upon the hill, an erie feeling rest’s,

    Slowly I continue on, my fears put to the test.

    Before me a grand staircase, its rails in cob webs stand.

    Atop I see a shadow, a very well dressed man.

    And with a blink he’s gone, I just gotta see,

    Slowly up the staircase, thats creaking back at me.

    Atop of that grand staircase, a hall thats long and dark,

    Rooms on either side, a ghost begins to hark.

    A breeze begins to blow, cold within my face,

    The smell of must around me, this is an erie place.

    ” ok pdenver theres my addition to your poem…your turn….lol see ya my friend”

    • pdenver and Focused,,,Here’s my addition, You guys are great!!! πŸ™‚

      The first room on the left, gives me an awful fright.

      An oblong box wide open, no body is in sight.

      The lining softly cushioned, just like a comfy bed.

      Indentations mark the spot where someone laid his head.

      The window is wide open, revealing a full moon.

      With great haste I hurry past this truly scary room.

      Organ music fills he air, from further down the hall.

      Shadowy figures dance and sway, the length of both the walls.

      A secret entrance is revealed in the room off to my right.

      In the center of a wall of books, beneath dim candlelight.

      Some unseen force, it draws me toward it’s darkened depths.

      Above the haunting music, I hear the echo of my steps.

      I enter into the abyss and much to my surprise,,,

      My bleary gaze is met with a pair of yellow eyes.

      The deep, low growl I hear next sends shivers up my spine.

      Now I’m not sure whether to run or scream or whine,,,

  2. Oh, what a day. What a curious sight. A mother with a bundle brought home on hallows nite.

    My mom brought me home from hospital 50 years ago today. My 4 older siblings dressed me as a pumpin!

    What was your first Halloween costume?

    • Happy birthday, Twingem! Gosh, good question. I don’t really recall what it was. I’m trying to remember a photo I have somewhere with my two younger sisters and me and I “think” I may have been a clown. Remember the plastic masks with the elastic band? I know I’ve had my share of being a witch. Now, I just go as I am and scare the devil out of everyone. πŸ™‚

      • Thinking more about the costumes, my youngest sister was the clown, my younger sister was the witch, and I was Cinderella. Already had my first Trick-or-Treater. A beautiful young lady in a wheelchair dressed as a cat.

    • Happy Birthday and a day, Twingem! I was a vampire girl much like Elvira. I hated the plastic mask though.

  3. Wish to thank everyone who participated in adding on to my poem, which became “our” poem. It truly meant a lot to me that you took the time to do so. It was a lot of fun reading your great penning.

  4. I read about the forestry men of the mid 20th century, that worked hard to eradicate the blights which threatened much global forestry at that time.
    I wrote this mostly for the men of Carnelian Creek, and my appreciation for what I found there.

    with heart in mouth and pride in hand
    I venture into wild land
    and cross the path of early man
    who cured wood of deathly bland

    those hardy few with heavy task
    did seed Her land for all to bask
    in nature, in our human mask.
    so much we know, yet none do ask

    who were those men, devoid of fear
    who healed skin of dead veneer?
    the answer is already clear,
    they were the best of yester-year

    that strived to make a better place
    for us to frolic in our haste.
    I often over-look their grace,
    those forest men of humble chaste.

    descending steeps with steady foot
    imagined feats, inspired thought,
    I search the deep for dreams afoot
    existing in the joy they wrought

    through matted pine and quiet sound
    and living nature all around
    a solace, less than often found
    I fall upon their hallowed ground

  5. ” The Rio Grande ”

    In the spring of 1540, along the Rio Grande,

    The Navajo lived in peace, and harmony with the land.

    The reason that I know this, a spirit told me so,

    While sitting near the water edge , many years ago.

    The spirits name was ” Running Bird “, he lived there long ago,

    He began his planting, just after the melting snows.

    One day while he was planting , the sun was very high,

    Then high upon a Mesa top , something caught his eye.

    He stopped what he was doing, and stared up at the top,

    The men were all on horseback, it looked as if they stopped.

    He just stood there looking, and totally amazed,

    The flicker from their silver, dancing in the Rays.

    He ran back to the pueblo, while warning every man,

    “Strangers are among us”, “strangers in our lands”.

    It was some Spanish riders, with silver on their Spurs,

    The Navajo braced themselves, for whatever did occur.

    They rode down from the Mesa top, picking up their pace,

    The Navajo grabbed their spears, ready to defend their place.

    The spaniards rode into the village , Running Bird called his home,

    Then some shots were fired, and then a spear was thrown.

    It didn’t take them very long , the Navajo they gave in,

    They knew they couldn’t match, the arms of Spanish men,

    For years the Spanish lived there, controlling how they’d live,

    Running Bird couldn’t stand it, all he did was give.

    One night while Spanish slept, some elders gathered round,

    And talked about how they could, regain their sacred ground.

    Running Bird he was chosen, to do a mighty task,

    Very proud and honored, he done just what they ask.

    He took some tiny ropes, with knots tied in a line,

    He’d run them to all pueblos , to tell them when was time.

    Each day a knot removed, until the final knot,

    Then they would rise up, and give the Spanish all they got.

    When that day arrived, every Navajo man,

    Fought and ran the spaniards, completely from their lands.

    Again they lived in harmony, for many years to come,

    But watched upon the Mesa tops, for spaniards with their guns.

    Some times you gotta stand up, for things you know are right,

    Fill your rope with knots, get ready for your fight.

    Running bird he’s a hero, for uniting every man,

    I was honored to hear his spirit , sitting by the Rio Grande…..

    By: Focused

  6. Hi Focused. Brilliant as always !
    Black Elk taught me and Sittingbull brought me. Thank you – (Jeneny)…..

    • Thank you DU…im glad you liked it… hey, that means you were taught by the best with pride above the rest…. see ya my friend

  7. ” I Am ”

    I am Navajo,

    I am the leaves upon the trees,

    I am the soft and gentle breeze.

    I am the earth beneath your feet,

    I am the sky in which you see.

    I am the sun with warming rays,

    I am the clouds that drift away.

    I am the water within the creeks,

    I am the snow on mountain peaks.

    I am the eagle in the sky,

    I am the sound within his cry.

    I am the animals wild and free,

    I am the plains without a tree.

    I am the mountains rising high,

    I am the valleys low and wide.

    I am the rainbow with colors bright,

    I am the stars within the night.

    I am Navajo…………

    By: Focused

      • Thank you my friend….im glad you like my words…. I dont know about masterpiece.. lol but thank you for your kind words…see ya my friend

    • Focused

      I can hardly be accused of being guilty of being cultured enough to be qualified to any degree (way, shape or form) as far as poetry is concerned ..trust me on that fact.

      but your (above) poem really knocks it outa the park, mate
      (& yes, I have extensive knowledge of baseball, try not to faint
      – ‘Go the Celtics!’)

      ..more poems like this one, please Focused
      (or should I say, the ‘new’ Jim Morrison)

    • Thank you for those kind words SL……and your welcome my friend….have a good evening…see ya

    • Your comments are always so kind… thank you JDA..

      May your journeys take you to
      Places you have only dreamt of…

      Until our trails cross again…..see ya my friend πŸ™‚

  8. ” The Mix ”

    Juice drops from a twisted root, into a bowl of clay,

    Lands upon a cactus bloom, and leaves of desert sage.

    Then its gently ground up, with bone from a grizzly bear,

    Made into a paste, for someone in dispair .

    Then it’s smudged in smoke, to remove the evil spirits,

    Medicine man he listens, and only he can hear it.

    With the evil spirits gone, his paste is pure again,

    It’s ready for some healing spirits, he gently stirs them in.

    Now his paste is ready, to put it to the test,

    He walks into a teepee, where a young girl rests.

    She’s wrapped up in a buffalo hide, cold as she could be,

    But her hair is wet , just sweating from her disease.

    The medicine man he kneels, beside the sickened girl,

    The smoke he smudges on her, slowly makes some swirls.

    Then he takes the bowl, which has the healing mix,

    And gently scoops some out, with his holy sticks.

    He places it on her forehead, and also on her chest,

    While others watched upon, just hoping for the best.

    The medicine man he mumbles , words not known to them,

    While reaching for the heavens, calling out the sin.

    Then rising to his feet, he backs on out the door,

    Now Its up to her, because he could do no more.

    The sun was quickly setting, the girl she quietly rest,

    And everyone in the tribe, was hoping for the best.

    Then as the sun was rising, the girl came walking out,

    Her fever it had broken, everyone began to shout.

    The medicine man had healed her, she wore a happy grin,

    On blended knee she thanked him, and hugged her medicine friend……

    By: Focused

    • Beautiful Words, Focused.

      Thank You for sharing Them.

      What Inspiring Lessons we can learn from this poem…Gratitude…and the Powers of Heaven.

      I am sure the Medicine Man was equally touched and grateful that the girl…who was healed by Him…was caring enough to look for Him and to thank Him.


      I am sure He made a note of it.

      Our hearts are never so full that there isn’t room for more Love…or Gratitude.

      Thank You, ALL.

      • Your very welcome jc1117…and thank you for the link… your right, one good act of kindness from each and every one would change the world… open a door for someone today and cherish the smile in return….. have a great day..see ya my friend πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • It’s wonderful waking up to a soothing poem by you Focused. Love your storytelling talent.

      • Well you can go back to sleep cindym….no telling what you’ll wake up to next… πŸ™‚ thank you for your kind words my friend…until next time…see ya

    • Focused:

      Great Poetry,
      and I agree with pdenver, yes you did it again,
      and again and again.
      your poetry is worthy of the Pulitzer Prize.
      I am sure you would not mind sharing it with,

      Curious Hobbit

      if for some reason my memory is failing on
      some names of the great poets on this page
      I am truly sorry.
      you can E-Mail me and remind me.
      and I will try and make sure
      you are on stage with the group also.
      if my Uncle was still alive, he would be proud
      to be part of this group
      he won the prize in 1957

      I have a overwhelming feeling of reverence,
      and admiration, of everyone here.


      • Wow zenden… what a kind comment. As far as a prize, you bet I’d share it with the group…I have read some great words from alot of whom you’ve mentioned. Without Forrest and everyone here on the poetry ( including you zenden) I would not be writing anything. I do it for you guys…. I have never written a poem in my life before the chase. As of now I have written over 200. Thanks to you guys…THANK YOU ALL !
        I would not even compare myself with those like your uncle, but thanks for the compliment… zenden you have a great evening my friend…. until next time… see ya πŸ™‚

        • focused:
          and Wow back at ya focused, thanks
          his name is wallace turner
          you can look him up on wikipedia.
          I don’t brag about people at all.
          but he is worth it.

      • Thank you Zenden,,,

        Focused and his friends
        Write poems with ease.
        I’d consider it an honor
        To own a Pulitzer Piece.

      • WOW,
        I am honored to be mentioned in this group!
        Thanks zenden

        This has always been my favorite place to spend time, I am never disappointed. Time for me to gather up a few clumsy thoughts and contribute. All who contribute here have deeply touched me in many ways, thank you.

  9. Tomorrow

    The day after today.
    Exciting is it not?
    Don’t worry.
    Sleeping Eagle Feather stays awake.

    Rest your mind,
    Cool your jets.
    Stoke your home fires,
    Place your bets.


    • 23Kachinas

      nice poem 23Kachinas
      tomorrow is always exciting.

      my comment to focused on his poetry,
      I thought to write you on the list ,
      Jdiggins,, mensan_fennsan, and ellen
      then my thoughts went into
      saying sorry for who I forgot
      before I forgot.
      but I did not forget you
      forgive me.
      I will make sure you guys
      are in the front row
      on stage when the pulitzer prizes are handed out.

      maybe I will write a poem about
      friends should know there never forgotten.


    • Great words 23Kachinas.. thank you i enjoyed that. Im placing my bets on you…. good luck to ya…. see ya

  10. Friends

    True friends are like diamonds
    precious and rare,
    false friends are like pebbles
    laying everywhere.

    friends can be abusive
    use you till the end
    I just smile and let it go
    a message I try to send.

    friends are not forgotten
    no matter who they be.
    false friends fell.
    and became true
    when they saw inside of me.

    so remember, all your friends
    no matter what they do.
    and all the good you give them
    they will remember you.


  11. focused:
    you said,,
    I could try some song lyrics if someone could put music to it.
    I say,
    try some song lyrics,
    someone might agree with you and help you out.

  12. ” The Duck Blind ”


    This country life I’m living,

    I wouldn’t change a thing,

    Tucked inside my waders,

    Your gold and diamond ring.

    (Stanza 1)

    We’re sitting in a duck blind,

    The sun begins to rise,

    I notice while your sitting there,

    Your sparkle in your eyes.

    (Stanza 2)

    My life I wanna give to you,

    Your more than just a friend.

    Until the final breath I take,

    I’ll love you till the end.

    (Stanza 3)

    It’s time to pop the question,

    I think I have the nerve.

    I really wanna give you,

    The life that you deserve.


    This country life I’m living,

    I wouldn’t change a thing.

    Tucked inside my waders,

    Your gold and diamond ring.

    (Stanza 4)

    Slowly as I stand up,

    I drop down on one knee.

    And ask you if you’ll marry,

    And spend your life with me.

    (Stanza 5)

    With Both hands on your face,

    You gladly say “I do”,

    So right there in the duck blind,

    Your ring I give to you.

    (Stanza 6)

    Our country life is perfect,

    Your face oh how it shines.

    Our days we’ll spend together,

    Until the end of time.

    (Chorus fix)

    This country life we’re living,

    I wouldn’t change a thing.

    Beside me in your waders,

    Wearing your diamond ring.

    (Chorus fix)

    This country life were living,

    I wouldn’t change a thing.

    Beside me in your wa—–ders,

    Wearing yo—ur dia—mond ri—–ng ……..

    By: Focused

    P.s.- I think I’ll call this little song… ” The Duck Blind ”

    It goes with the same tune as “meet in the middle” by Diamond Rio.

    Well there ya go Zenden… I told you I would try a song lyric, well here it is.
    I hope you like it.. Have a great day my friend…until next time, see ya….

    • Oh my gosh, Focused, I love it! I knew you could do it! My foot was tapping and I was singing along! Now, we just need a video of you singing it. PLLLEEEAAASSSE!!! πŸ™‚

      • Not gonna happen pdenver..lol I cant carry a tune in a bucket… πŸ™‚
        Sorry pdenver…

        It was still fun messing around with you and zenden…and im glad you liked it…have a great day my friend… see ya

    • focused:
      loved your song.
      may I have your permission to copy it for the grammys?

    • Focused, you are a first rate poet!

      However….these song lyrics are over the top!!!
      I was not familiar with Diamond Rio’s “Meet in the middle”.
      Found it on the internet, it is perfect!

      I hope the right persons “discover” you!!!
      You are a blessing to the human race, thanks! πŸ™‚

      • Wow… what a compliment specialklr….thank you for your very kind words…. as far as “discovering” me… hey theres bigger fish to catch than me…. but i am appreciative that you feel that way…thanks so much… have a great evening my friend…see ya πŸ™‚

  13. Arrowhead Hunter

    Many many years ago when I was in my prime,
    in the desert I walked alone
    with peaceful state of mind.

    I found a arrowhead just laying there,
    picked it up and then saw,
    a ranger that came driving by
    said that’s against the law.

    I let him think I will behave
    and never will again,
    soon as he left
    in pocket it went
    waved goodbye
    and grinned.

    that ranger was my uncle
    he knew me very well,
    not one word did he speak
    I knew he wouldn’t tell.

    when he retired, he said to me
    peaceful times out there?
    walking all alone,
    would you like to share?

    oh yes I said with smiley face,
    look at what I found
    the desert floor just tugged at me
    treasures all around.

    he smiled,, walked out
    came back,, sat down
    said this is just for you,
    all the times you walked alone
    I was out there too.

    it was a box he carved from wood
    so simple, and so refined
    and inside lay the arrowheads
    he collected over time.

    my uncle was a rebel
    sort of like myself
    I learned a lesson on that day
    as I put them on my shelf.

    a secret is a secret
    a few can only hold,
    so can you keep a secret too,
    about my treasures bold.


    This is a true story
    I still have the arrowheads .

        • pdenver
          thank you ,
          my uncle told alot of people already
          so it is not really a secret any longer
          ok I won’t tell curious hobbit


        • pdenver

          ..I’m almost sincerely shocked, that you would even entertain the (false) idea that I could ever knowingly divulge a delicate secret, no matter what circumstances were involved, at all, ever.

          (don’t worry zenden, your many secret ((massively illegal) archeological misdemeanours are safe with me, that’s for certain.. ) oh wait?!

          ..I have a sneaking feeling that I possibly wasn’t meant to mention that bit – sorry bout that zenden

          ( ..pdenver, which bits are the secret bits that I’m not allowed to ever mention, again, not matter what? – I’m confused)

          • curious hobbit
            I felt guilty when I took them ,
            and somewhat still do.
            maybe I will put them back.
            if forrest puts his arrowhead back where he found his ,
            I will also.
            thanks for keeping my secret.

          • I’m just teasing zenden, it’s ‘finders keepers’ I reckon – and beats having these artefacts locked up in some museum basement forever (by a gaggle of self-proclaimed experts who’ve convinced themselves that they know better than every other human on this planet) that’s for certain.

            pdenver – I honestly don’t know what you mean, to be honest.

            ..no, honestly!

          • no midnight surprises this far north pdenver, but it would take a lot more than the planet, merely rattling itself apart, to wake me from my well-deserved slumber.

            (I have a very clean moral conscience)

          • I’m glad it didn’t, curious hobbit. I’m glad your conscience doesn’t keep you up at night. πŸ™‚

          • Hi John

            thanks for the offer, although I don’t live close to AK anymore, I’ll keep your email just in case.
            I’m not actually working on a solve, or any specific clues at the mo, but rather, back to the drawing board completely to study the structure of the poem/puzzle to try to unravel and explore the un-obvious bits, which is proving differcult, given my extremely low IQ.

            I highly recommend trawling through all the older material on this great site though, as there are plenty of gems to be found and you may also find some people here that are actually quite sane
            – if you look really really hard.

    • Wow…. I loved it zenden… I believe your uncle that some secrets are better kept…. thank you for your words…. have a great evening my friend… see ya

      • thank you focused
        he is a good uncle
        I try to see him when we go to the desert
        he is all over Oregon exploring all the time.

    • Wonderful poem zenden,,,and great story. And what a thoughtful uncle to keep those precoil secrets for you all those years. πŸ™‚

  14. “A few days ago I walked along the edge of the lake and was treated to the crunch and rustle of leaves with each step I made. The acoustics of this season are different and all sounds, no matter how hushed, are as crisp as autumn air.” — Eric Sloane

  15. “She’s ok”

    The two most beautiful words ever spoken.
    A close family member of mine was cushioned by 7 air bag Angels while tumbling 80 ft down a scree last night under the Super Moon.
    She walked away unharmed.
    Bystanders stopped to help her track down her dogs in the snow.
    State patrol remarked 4 have died there.
    Talk about beating the odds.

    “She’s ok!”

  16. Poem in both ‘Legacy’ and ‘A Reverence For Wood’ (by Eric Sloane)

    The heft and feel of a well worn handle,
    The sight of shavings that curl from a blade;
    The logs in the woodpile, the sentiment of huge beams in an old fashioned house;
    The smell of fresh-cut timber and the pungent fragrance of burning leaves;
    The crackle of kindling and the hiss of burning logs.
    Abundant to all the needs of man, how poor the world would be
    Without wood.

    • Thanks Jonsey! I think I will go plant a tree… If I can get away from my warm fire…:) The “Joy” of Wood… Thanks again for sharing…

      • Anytime Spallies, why should it be secluded in old books anyhow? Seemed about time for it to breathe πŸ˜‰

  17. given my highly successful career failure at anything Sudoku related, I can only hope that my irrational urge for not wishing to not wanting to not write bad poetry, again, isn’t too evident too much to anyone.

    I’m naming this poem ‘Seclusion’
    (copyright pending – (pdenver!)) πŸ™‚

    in quiet mind, in distant scape
    through silent glass, a distant shape
    emerges from a distant lake
    to dance upon my distant mind,
    in gentle sway of distant wake
    awakened by its gentle tide

    enlightened in its lucid grace
    that gentle song, in far-off place
    I watch it in my usual way
    I see it in Her gentle tide
    my lucid mind of tepid pace.
    Her quiet roar in silent wake.

    with subtle sigh in heavy soul
    I yearn to see that subtle sound
    in far-off place, in never-found
    of distant gaze of ever-scape
    I wish I was upon that place
    that place that’s far from ever found.

    ( ..sorry ’bout the lack o’ commas ‘Zap’ – or should I say ‘big-grammar-snob’)

    [ – user curious hobbit banned.stop – effective immediately soon.stop – ]

    [ – end of transmission.stop – ]

    • Beautiful poem, curious hobbit. I love it! πŸ™‚

      Didn’t you mean “copying correctly” rather than ‘copyright’? πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

      • pdenver, you’re absolutely wright ’bout that.

        but please don’t ever (accidentally) tell Zap, that I made such a mildly horrific grammatical blunder.. (sorry about that)
        ..as I strongly suspect he might immediately faint, or cry, or sigh heavily (or both ( ..probably both), probably.))

        ..and I will also solemnly promise not to spill (any more of) Sparrows mexican beans, under any circumstances!

        ( ..no, seriously (this time) pdenver ( ..honestly!))

        • I think so pdenver, but I can’t quite see behind my back, enough, to know for sure.

          I’ve already tried looking in the mirror (backwards) for some sorta confirmation of my crossed fingers, but it just keeps cracking (re: the mirror) ..which is highly confusing, actually.

          ..oh well, I s’pose some things will always remain a mystery to me..

    • I’m pretty sure that you’re absolutely right about that ‘correctness’ jargon, pdenver – as I def doubt my capacity for actually knowing that sorta ‘social’ shenanigans, and all that ‘some such’ stuff – that’s for certain.

      ..and please don’t tell everyone (at once) that I have a mild Jonsey-crush, and I def won’t ever say anything either …I promise.
      (you probably will though – knowing you)

      you’re truly shocking pdenver – tsk tsk!!

      (btw, make sure ‘not’ to tell her that I’m def not married recently, probably)

      ..uh-oh! ..I’m in trouble again, aren’t I Dal ..(?)
      (just say ‘no’ Dal – it’s only one syllable away)

      • I won’t tell, but you may need to hurry because others have found the same gleam in their eyes.

        • Hahaha, hurry hobbit, you can do it:) the “Chase” is on and the pack is closing in. Curiously my bet is on you, you would make a fine pair indeed.
          Woo her with your best poetic thoughts while she dances upon your distant mind.

          • @curioushobbit….no need to worry about copying…not with this sort of Spud at least…;)


            A church and a wedding
            May be good,
            But first there was incense
            Of cedar wood.

            Instead of candles,
            Remember the fire
            In the hills, with the wind
            As your choir.

            You may answer the question
            β€œDo you take…?”
            But the holiest font
            Is a mountain lake.

            The sacred hills
            Are higher than churches,
            And they have steeples
            Of silver birches.

          • you’re pomme de terre is safe with me @Jonsey ..although I couldn’t honestly say the same for ‘you-know-who’ (cryptic clue: dpenvre) ..that’s for certain.

            (btw, ya haven’t noticed any ‘gleaming eyes’ from other searchers lately, perchance? …don’t worry ’bout them @Jonsey, they’re not about to be imminently uber rich (in gold) like I am.)

            (more than Scrooge McDuck even! – ikr!)

          • thanks Strawshadow, but I reckon it’s a sure bet that jonsey (and I) will soon be bequeathed beneath some random silver trees thingies (in the middle of absolutely no-where) (amongst all that pesky ‘nature’ stuff, with all its annoying ‘aliveness’ and horrid insects, and all that malarkey)
            ..given that she’s so obviously weird (in too many ways to ever count – possibly more than several, even.. )

            .oh wait!? ..is this ..is this a ‘public’ forum Strawshadow, by chance? …oh golly gee and darn.. ..ummmm….

            [he frantically searches for someone else to blame – but can’t [immediately] remember anyones name, unfortunately, again]

            ( uh-oh… )

      • thanks CindyM πŸ™‚

        please feel free to donate $90squillion-thousand, into a ‘strictly anonymous’ highly-secret swiss bank account, so pdenver can finance my next searching adventure with Focused, into the wilds of everywhere, at your earliest possible convenience.

        (we’ll just coordinate our search from the Trump Towers penthouse suite btw – we deserve it, I reckon)

        ..again, thank you soooo soooo much for your generosity CindyM – we’ll never ever forget your kind gesture

        will that be ‘all cash’? ..(as I accidentally threw the swiss account# into the garbage, along with the plane tickets and passports, again – darn it all!.. )

        • I can give you the lint from my pockets if that will help finance Focused’s and your next searching adventure. πŸ™‚

        • pdenver

          thanks for the generous offer, but I hardly think that your ‘pocket full of lint’ is enough to sate our excessive Las Vegas gambling ‘tendencies’ (esp. Focuseds’) to any degree, whatsoever.

          can you please (immediately) check your other pocket?
          ( ..you know, the ‘secret’ one (with $squillions in it) ..that I promised to never mention publicly.. )

          • There’s enough lint in my pockets that I can crochet you a sweater to keep you warm in case you go broke in Las Vegas. πŸ™‚

  18. “Goodbye, Sarah”

    The time has come to say goodbye.

    My dear Sarah and new son.

    Off to Iowa you’ll head.

    Your time as husband and wife.

    In my mind I say, “Don’t go.”

    My apron strings aren’t ready.

    But I know it’s meant to be.

    As I wipe my tears and smile.

    • Hang in there pdenver.. look at it this way… Sarah is in the “heartland” ….. in more ways than one…. she’ll be ok…. see ya my friend πŸ™‚

      • Thank you for lifting me up, my friend. Tomorrow, we’ll help them load up their belongings and say our goodbyes. I’m sure she’ll be okay and I’ll hold her in my heart to the next time I get to see her.

  19. Beautiful pd ! I haven’t been able to be by the computer or home most of the afternoon. I was supposed to have somebody come by but couldn’t meet them and don’t know if they showed up or not.
    I’m gonna take a break until tomorrow and see where that leads me. I feel like I might be getting sick and I need to rest for awhile. Can’t be sick with the holiday coming up.
    Loved your poem. Hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving if I don’t come back on for a while, my friend!

    • Thank you for the compliment. I’m glad you liked the poem. I hope you’ll get to feeling better soon. Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving, my friend.

      • Hey PD you on the blog today? I feel a lot better today and don’t think I’m gonna sick. It’s amazing what a good night of sleep with do for you! I have to stick around the house this afternoon until it’s time to get my daughter from school. The guy that I thought was gonna show up yesterday to take care of something for me did not show and hasn’t contacted me and I have no idea what’s up with him so I gotta hang around this afternoon and see if maybe he was supposed to come today. My hubby left for an out of town business trip early this morning. I hope he’s ok , we are having a cold front. I don’t think it will get cold enough for ice but you never know. People drive crazy here in TX!
        So anyway back to the chase (please don’t nuke me dal and goofy for being off topic ;-0) I thought I would see if anyone’s around this afternoon on the blog cause I gotta kill time waiting for this guy to show up.

        • Just got in. Snow is definitely falling. Colorado Springs has at least a couple inches of snow so far. North of Denver has an inch or so. The mountains have several inches. May not be too much longer before searchers’ boots and poles are put away until next year.

  20. Good job everyone… sorry Ive been absent from the poetry page. Just catching up now. Im on top of a mountain surrounded by woods, for the past week a tent has been my home. πŸ™‚ just so happen I found cell service on the backside of a fallen tree… lol I should be home by sunday then I will rejoin all my friends with pen in hand…..until then I just gotta see whats around the next tree…… see ya my friends πŸ™‚

    • I was wondering where you were hiding. To camp in the middle of November is amazing. Enjoy your quiet time, my friend.

      • Beneath the autumn leaves I’ve slept,

        Upon a bed of gold,

        Thinking of my secret kept,

        That natures gladly told.

        Autumn air it has a chill,

        While passing , leaves do fall,

        Alone upon a wooded hill,

        I listen to natures call….

        P.s. there ya go pdenver, maybe those thoughts will tide ya over for now… see ya me friend

  21. …………..That Which I Regret…………..

    As I have gone alone through my half-life,
    Having observed and seen what many have not.
    The wisdom gleaned from no children or wife,
    Yet there are moments when I regret it a lot.

    To possess the desires of trying my best,
    It cuts me deeply when I am mistaken.
    Gritting my teeth during some nights at rest,
    Regretting the paths I have not yet taken.

    Once upon a time, I had high hopes for all,
    On the verge of being that which I desire.
    But my naive choices caused me to then fall,
    Into this presently regrettable quagmire.

    Yet Hope has appeared in the name of Fenn,
    A scavenger hunt to get life back on track.
    Summoning that youthful brilliance once again,
    Mother’s many riddles have given me the knack.

    To succeed means that so many others must fail,
    For the man named Forrest gave us all this quest.
    If only there were a hundred treasure hunts to tell,
    But presented with one, I must still give it my best.

    Everyone handed this chance of hope or fate,
    Has shown me an ending that I always knew.
    For every searcher within the Chase of late,
    I will regret taking that chance from each of you.

    • I am glad that the chase has given you hope IronWill.

      We all need hope of one kind or another.

      I wish you luck, but at the same moment, hope that it
      is I who finds the prize. Some one eventually will, and
      as you say, many will then be mournful at the loss of a dream…But the best yo you IW. JDA

    • Iron Will,
      I enjoyed reading your poem, and though I’m not so bold as to predict an outcome, I see some similarities in thought in our quests for Forrest’s trove so I’m adding something below. You wouldn’t know it, but I’ve actually worked on my little poem for several years, and it represents a perspective that has evolved (or perhaps devolved) over time. It began as a parody of ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner,’ but it quickly became more serious and philosophical (in my dumbed-down definition, anyway). These are relevant excerpts, so I apologize if it’s lame, fragmented, or lacking in continuity.

      There was an Ancient Searcher there,
      Returneth home one eve;
      And came upon his spouse so fair,
      “Not found, but do not grieve.”

      “I have a tale for you t to hear,
      Please sit, relax, listen.”
      Her gaze is sharp, voice like a spear,
      The cutting edge aglisten:
      “Have you gone mad , can you not see
      You’ve lost touch with reality?”

      My pride thus skewered, mind aflutter;
      When did sane thought depart?
      I slink away, my voice amutter,
      Pull splinters from my heart.

      Treasure, treasure, hidden there?
      Nay, none has seen a glitter.
      Treasure, treasure, hidden where?
      I strive to shun thoughts bitter.

      This Forrest Fenn, a gen’rous man,
      Hid gold for one to claim.
      And thousands armed with poem and plan
      Have scattered forth in vain.

      Yet still not found, for none can See
      Through cluttered mind’s debris.
      I purge my mind to shed the weight
      And start with a clean slate.
      I must not think as I’ve been shaped,
      Nor look as I’ve been taught.
      For Forrest’s mind, long since escaped,
      Roams free in unbound thought.

      I seek, I strive to See anew,
      To See as Forrest Sees.
      How does the blind girl See the forest
      Not having viewed the trees?

      Mountains, mountains, where I did look,
      No flake of gold was found.
      Mountains, mountains, always forsook,
      Is treasure all around?
      I’ve hurried here, I’ve scampered there
      In search of treasures bold;
      And though I looked, I did not See
      Those riches not of gold.

      My life, too full of sights with sound
      To interpret with what’s taught.
      My mind unique, can be unbound
      From the firm grasp it’s caught;
      But small, weak pleas won’t favor me,
      This grasp, it must be fought.
      The same for all humanity:
      None can be taught to See.

      For Sight demands more than the eyes
      To find the oft’ times hidden prize;
      It may be wrapped by greed and lies,
      A truth’s clever disguise.

      Am I, who lacks, caught up in snare?
      Blind life with suff’ring fraught?
      Nay, all are equal, all who dare,
      For Sight cannot be bought.
      Each one must strive to bare the seed,
      Must Look to truly See,
      Peel back what’s there that truth be freed;
      Beware! Know whom to heed.

      My true life-path, defined by choice;
      Each choice becomes my voice.
      A tale begins and time will tell;
      Like water in my well.
      For what I take from episodes:
      Each life event, Forebodes
      My true life-path, where my stream flows;
      I reap what each choice sows.

      I am an Ancient Searcher, worn,
      Now safe and snug in bed;
      Reflect upon my travels, torn
      Thoughts stuck inside my head.

      Soon it shall end, this quest of mine,
      Shall end for all of time;
      And should the trove escape my eyes,
      I can enrich, may be more wise.
      For Forrest offered all a key;
      To those The Chase they took:
      The truth unlocked for all to See
      ‘Waits those who learn to Look.

      Be safe.

      • In the ‘poem’ above, I mention “greed and lies,” and I wish to explicitly state that I am not inferring that Forrest’s motivation for implementing The Chase was driven by a need for self-enrichment. He has stated on numerous occasions his reason(s) for hiding the treasure chest, and I believe he’s been truthful and his motives pure. Just an FYI.

        Be informed, be prepared, and stay safe.

      • Mountains, mountains, where I did look,
        No flake of gold was found.

        Like the Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner,
        I find your poem profound.

        Outstanding Joe!

        • CindyM,
          I apologize for my latent reply to your very kind words, and I love the manner and style of your creative response. You’ve made my day!
          Thanks so much.

  22. wow!
    I just read that film review thingy, by that wee Frank fellow (Schinks? Schumtz? ..something like that – never heard of her before today)

    ..and felt truly inspired (by his holy-of-holinesses’ (the Smiltz guy) to write (yet) another amazing pulitzer prize poem, in appreciation of our honour in recognising his hugely talented ‘looking thru the square window – its Play-Skool’ style of writing – and to all his profoundly small (and undeservedly sparse) fan base.

    I name this poem ‘submerged’.

    from Brooklyn bridge,
    with heart in hand,
    in concrete boots,
    and sad lament,

    I hope he doesn’t accidentally fall.
    (3 parts sand,
    3 parts aggregate,
    1 part cement)

    now, I’m not meaning to suggest anythi,, [user banned!.stop]

    [signed – ‘not’ Goofy.stop]

    [who isn’t ever grumpy, either, fyi.stop]

    πŸ™‚ ..uh-oh, tho

    • Funny poem, curious hobbit. I wasn’t particularly fond of the critic’s comment either. Perhaps they haven’t been out in the woods to know the experience of being in it. Too much texting machines. πŸ™

    • ..what ‘funny poem’ pdenver?

      ..and how is it that you mysteriously ominously ‘know’ about concrete boots? ( ..are you Sicilian too?)

      (but don’t worry, I haven’t not helped anyone (in his accidental falling, off of a bridge – by me not pushing him) so far, yet.

      ..but I do have him dangling from his fancy over-priced walmart tie, as we speak, pdenver

      ..just say the word.

      • French, Indian, Dutch, German and English…no Sicilian that I know of. I think my Mom would have thought my sisters and I wore concrete boots the way we went down a set of stairs when we were younger. She also said I walked like a football player. πŸ™‚

        (Please don’t let there be a breeze!) lol πŸ™‚

      • you are truly the devils first assistant, pdenver
        (..I like you!)

        but wait!? ..is that a brisk breeze ablowing on yonder horizon? – by golly, yes it is!

        oh joy..! (hehe)

        • Me, the devil’s first assistant??? Oh, no! I believe you’re the one holding on to the tie and rejoicing for the brisk breeze on yonder horizon! πŸ™‚

          • ..well, ok dpenvre.. my ‘insinuations’ may have been mildly hyperbolic (re: the baddie, (re:the tail and horns fellow) being related to you, in some (obviously) direct way) ..sorry ’bout that.

            ..but it wasn’t my fault that you suggested that ‘breeze’ was the ‘trigger word’ for ‘relinquishing my grasp from around his (pencil-necked) tie, accidentally (on purpose) from a bridge, with water beneath it, that’s really very deep’ after all.. pdenver!
            (a “failure to communicate” – ‘cool hand luke’, sorta moment, maybe?)

            ..but I totally blame Jake, personally (just quietly)
            – it’s just that he’s such a bad influence on us all, I reckon..
            – (he may even be slightly crazy (just between you & me, pdenver) – but sshhh)

  23. Joe,

    Some thoughts to share after reading your poem:

    “How does the blind girl See the forest not having viewed the trees”

    Imagination can be such a wondrous thing! A Flyer; Forrest Fenn, has been gifted with a rare and unique quality that enables him to feel, sense and understand just what it takes to’ ‘make’ that….happen.


    • SL,
      Thanks for taking the time to labor through a reading of my (attempt at a) poem. I agree wholeheartedly.

      It’s difficult enough for me to imagine things with the benefit of vision to inspire imagination, and I am truly awed by the power of the mind in those never having been endowed with sight. Those people, and people like Forrest with incredible sight-aided imagination, are amazing! Perhaps that’s my problem: presuming sight is a prerequisite of imagination.

  24. Well everyone im home now and would like to say to Joe, Iron will, I enjoyed your words..great job… hey curious hobbit, have you checked out pdenvers swiss bank account ? I think she may have our next advenure covered by now.. πŸ™‚
    Good luck to everyone while you chase your dreams…. until next time… see ya my friends.. πŸ™‚

    • Still have lint in my pockets, Focused. I do have a National Park’s Pass. Seeing I have a large family, maybe you and curious hobbit can hide in the luggage compartment on top. πŸ™‚

  25. The New-England Boy’s Song

    Over the river, and through the wood,
    To grandfather’s house we go;
    The horse knows the way,
    To carry the sleigh,
    Through the white and drifted snow.

    Over the river, and through the wood,
    To grandfather’s house away!
    We would not stop
    For doll or top,
    For ‘t is Thanksgiving day.

    Over the river, and through the wood,
    Oh, how the wind does blow!
    It stings the toes,
    And bites the nose,
    As over the ground we go.

    Over the river, and through the wood,
    With a clear blue winter sky,
    The dogs do bark,
    And children hark,
    As we go jingling by.

    Over the river, and through the wood,
    To have a first-rate play—
    hear the bells ring
    Ting a ling ding,
    Hurra for Thanksgiving day!

    Over the river, and through the wood,
    No matter for winds that blow;
    Or if we get
    The sleigh upset,
    Into a bank of snow.

    Over the river, and through the wood,
    To see little John and Ann;
    We will kiss them all,
    And play snow-ball,
    And stay as long as we can.

    Over the river, and through the wood,
    Trot fast, my dapple grey!
    Spring over the ground,
    Like a hunting hound,
    For ‘t is Thanksgiving day!

    Over the river, and through the wood,
    And straight through the barn-yard gate;
    We seem to go
    Extremely slow,
    It is so hard to wait.

    Over the river, and through the wood—
    Old Jowler hears our bells;
    He shakes his pow,
    With a loud bow wow,
    And thus the news he tells.

    Over the river, and through the wood—
    When grandmother sees us come,
    She will say, Oh dear,
    The children are here,
    Bring a pie for every one.

    Over the river, and through the wood—
    Now grandmother’s cap I spy!
    Hurra for the fun!
    Is the pudding done?
    Hurra for the pumpkin pie!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  26. pdenver…thanks for the thoughts of Happy Thanksgiving and all it’s “trimmings”…but, for me…today, I also had thoughts of another November day from when I was in School

    On that “Table” of History…
    Sits a puzzle…still incomplete
    Pieces missing…dropped…or hiding
    His story to finish…on that Dallas Street

    *Safe travels to anyone going “Over the River” or to Grandma’s house!

    • I concur. I was reminded of it this morning while reading different articles. It made me pause to remember the time I was 14 months old, standing in the playpen, and I saw my Mom ironing, while watching the little black and white T.V. we had. Then I saw her stop and she started to cry. Many years later, I had described the scene that I had remembered and she told me it was of that day.

  27. Happy Thanks-forgiving

    Let me share a word of advice,
    When you sit at the table for the big meal don’t do all of the talking.
    Listening is golden and you learn so much more.

    This year listen to the sounds of the kitchen instead of the TV screen.
    Maybe even lend a hand preparing the meal?
    How lucky we all are but lets not forget our friends protecting their sacred waters.
    Without them we would not have much to celebrate.

    Keep Dreaming,

    • T’was the night before Thanksgiving
      Almost ten years ago
      While I was sitting at a stop sign
      It wasn’t clear to go.

      The headlights came toward me.
      The crash just feet away
      A truck had struck that oncoming car
      To my horror and dismay

      A frantic call to 911
      Then I hiked the median down
      Where the old man was unconscious
      And his family gathered round

      In an instant Life Flight landed
      Paramedics standing by
      Then he took his final breath
      As his loved ones said goodbye

      Each year I think about him
      On Thanksgiving eve
      And for all gone in an instant
      While others are left to grieve

      For those of you who travel
      This holiday, near and far
      Be watchful, careful, and aware
      When you are driving in your car

      Have a wonderful Thanksgiving you all. Be safe!

      • I wish there was a way to turn back time to ten years and a day and erase what would happen, to it didn’t happen that way.

        You did a great job on your poem, and to the memory of this man and his family, CindyM.

        Hope you’ll have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

      • Such sad memories of Thanksgiving Eve you carry with you.

        If your poem helps to keep one person alive because of the heightened awareness you spoke of, you have helped create a miracle.

        Thanks for your words, and out thoughts and prayers go out to you and to the man’s family.

        Beautifully penned. TRY to STAY SAFE ALL

  28. Morning’s rays of the new day’s sun
    Caress my cheek.
    A tear slides down and drips
    Off my chin.
    I breathe the sunshine deep
    inside my chest.
    Nature’s beauty stuns my brain
    As i try to grasp it’s beauty.
    It’s just me all alone out here,
    Measuring it’s perfumed nobility.
    Realizing I am witnessing
    Perfection at its grandest.
    I thank a great man for the purpose,
    That opened my blind eyes.
    For the ability to be apart of
    A world that is greater than I.
    The key was handed to me
    And I turned the lock.
    Then I embrace the knowledge
    Of loving my world.
    The Spirit showed me a savior
    That made me one with all.
    The Hero, the Milagro, the Man.
    Forrest Fenn

    Nope, not supposed to rhyme, just feelings.
    Have a safe, memorable Thanksgiving.
    Β₯Peace Β₯

  29. In falling on this ever-world,
    entangled in Her ever-round,
    he senses in his early way,
    a song within Her gentle sound.

    Seduced within Her gentle sway,
    bewildered by Her wild fold,
    beguiled by Her worldly ways,
    enchanted in Her never-found.

    With subtle song, sung ever-proud,
    in search of what has never gone,
    he swims the deep of ever-long,
    through tides of ever-gentle gaze.

    In silent ways of ever-sound,
    he slumbers within gentle arms,
    forever in Her quiet song,
    contented by Her subtle grace.

    • Great job curious hobbit πŸ™‚ Happy Thanksgiving to everyone… have a great day with family….. until next time … see ya my friends…..

    • curious hobbit…for me, every once in awhile a poem comes “around” that connects with something unspoken…I enjoyed it. Thank you.

    • I forgot to mention that I wrote the poem (above) for Frank Abel

      I think I would’ve enjoyed a rare moment in every minute of meeting him

  30. ” Desert Moon ”

    The sun sets on the desert, darkens as it falls,

    Coyotes in the distant, barking evening calls.

    A Rattlesnake in hiding, it slithers from a crack,

    Beneath a desert moon, with diamonds on its back.

    Me I sit alone, upon a mesa’s edge,

    Staring at a full moon, to it I give my pledge.

    I was born a Navajo, with pride deep in my veins,

    And to this mighty moon, my pride is just the same.

    I pledge to make a difference, each and every day,

    In everything I do, and everything I say.

    Looking at the desert moon, huge within the sky,

    My eyes begin to water, tears they fill my eyes.

    I also made this pledge, to someone long ago,

    This pledge I still will honor, just as I told her so.

    Within my arms she left me , my wife of 15 years,

    While giving me a son, she died with happy tears.

    Until I take my final breath, I’ll remember all the times,

    We sat beneath this desert moon, and heard coyotes whine.

    This moon to me is special, a doorway bright and vast,

    When I stare into it, I see her in my past.

    Tomorrow is never promised, tonight may be your end,

    Go and make a difference, I know you can my friend.

    Look into your desert moon, and make your pledge tonight,

    Always do whats good, and always do what’s right.

    Rising to my feet, my time has come to go,

    Beneath a desert moon, this desert has a glow.

    A rattlesnake just slithers off, a slow and steady crawl,

    As I turn to leave, I hear, a hoot owls lonely call………

    By: Focused

        • As well as you, my friend. My eyes are already drooping and I think I’m going to call it a day. Goodnight.

    • Focused, et al,
      I’ve been trying to say some words to you
      but for some reason everytime I hit send they’re off into space
      never to return again!
      I just wanted to say I’ve been watching all of you…
      focused, penver, zenden. Hobbit, 23 kachinas, cindym, spallies, ellen, jonesy, michaeld, straw, jda, and Omg I better not miss someone, but I have been watching the treasure amongst these pages increase in value with every word that each of you place.
      Thank you all!
      Okay, fingers crossed, pressing the button…

      • Jdiig,
        Just wanted to let you know it posted this time and I agree with you 100%! So many treasures on this site, so many wonderful personalities . Love all you guys!

        Ok, that was too mushy, even for me, but seriously I love this blog and this opportunity that f has given us!

      • Thank you jdiggins… how ya been my friend ? You have many treasures penned here to jdiggins… good to hear from you… have a great night… until next time.. see ya my friend πŸ™‚

    • How did I miss your beautiful penning Focused? Glad I found it. As usual, it is beautiful. JDA

  31. ” Crimson Shower ”

    Just sitting in the woodlands, no one for miles around,

    Autumn leaves are falling, and floating to the ground.

    Crimson leaves are hanging there, one tree just holding on,

    Saving all its beauty, though many leaves are gone.

    This tree looks like a monument, it’s Crimson leaves are bright,

    Boldly shining for me, just knowing I’m in sight.

    These woodlands have a special sound, I listen close to them,

    I hear the singing sound, of natures lovely hymn.

    Just sitting in the solitude, of this amazing place,

    I gently crack a softened smile, across my pleasured face.

    A single doe just passed me, not knowing I was there,

    Focused she continued on, as if to get somewhere.

    As I leave the woodlands, at the Crimson tree I stopped,

    I was Standing at its trunk, just looking at its top.

    Then all at once it happened, there came a gust of wind,

    Crimson leaves start falling, from each and every limb.

    It seems as though it waited, for me to come along,

    Showered by its leaves, till most of them were gone.

    While crunching through the leaves, across the woodland sod,

    It was then I realized, I was strolling with my God……..

    By: Focused

    P.s.- I just wanted to remind everyone to enjoy the little things in
    Life. To many people take them for granted.

    P.s.s.- This ones for you jdiggins…. Until next time… See ya my friends

    • That was so beautiful. I never cared that much for poetry before I joined the Chase, but I’ve stopped to take a breath and read the poetry written here on the poetry pages as it pops up and there is some amazing stuff being created. There are some very special gifts here!

      Your poem brought me home and evoked feelings and emotions with its words. I felt like I was back to my late teens and early 20s before life caught me up and swept me away to distant places. There are so many things I wish I would have done more of or appreciated more. But then ideas and dreams were in their infancy and hindsight is always 20/20. πŸ™‚
      Thank you for the beautiful words! You have an amazing gift with words.

      • Your welcome WY Girl….and thank you for your very kind words. Im glad my words could bring back an amazing memory in time for you… WY Girl, dont look back at the things you could have done, look forward at the things you can do…. enjoy the little things my friend…. thanks again…. until next time..see ya

    • Such beauty – suck power in your words – a true artist.
      Thanks SOOO much for sharing with us – JDA

  32. I had a dream last night
    It’s been with me all day
    One of those dreams
    You hope won’t go away.

    I felt the warm hug
    Of a far away friend
    It was so real, so snug
    I didn’t want it to end.

    I felt safe and protected
    From all that’s around
    I want to go back
    To this place I have found.

    As I think of the face
    Smiling at me
    This dream is the place
    That I want to be.

    But back here “on earth”
    I fully understand
    Only so many dreams
    Can you hold in your hand.


    • Great poem, jjdiggin. Remember, if the one hand is full, there’s always the other. If that one is full, you can always do what I do and carry the dreams in your heart.

    • Great job jdiggins… keep on dreaming my friend….thank you for your words I enjoyed them. πŸ™‚ have a great day… see ya

    • JD,
      Thanks so much for sharing. I loved your poem so much I was inspired to write something. I’ve often felt the dream world can tell us so much about ourselves. Here are a few jumbled thoughts.

      There is a place I love to be,
      A world that’s shaped by only me.
      And in this world without constraints,
      What is it l might see?

      For here my mind is not controlled
      By what I seek to be.
      No pretenders in this world:
      What I wish all people see.
      There is no ego present here,
      All thoughts are pressure-free.
      My mind stripped bare, there is but one,
      Just me, the naked me.

      This world, a place by magic kissed,
      Spontaneous, no scripts.
      This world, where death does not exist,
      Voices from long-silent lips.

      Long-forgotten memories,
      Yes, some are miseries;
      They may pass slowly, or with speed,
      They all are dear, take heed.

      And to the message I am drawn,
      Quickly, before it’s gone.
      This place unstable, with the dawn
      This world moves swiftly on.

      What value is this world to me,
      So full of fleeting thought?
      Does it tell me what I should be?
      In life, improve my lot?
      Nay, it’s a portal to the soul,
      A pers’nal mirror of truth.
      It will reflect you as a whole,
      And there you’ll find the one true you.

      Thanks again for sharing.

      • Wow Joe!
        I ignored the poetry page for so long and now I have no idea why. There is so much beauty here!
        Thank you for sharing that!

      • Wow! Joe, I am extremely honored Tha I inspired such a genuine work of art. Great poem, joe. Really great poem. Thank YOU for sharing. πŸ™‚

        • You have inspired many jdiggins, including myself..
          Before I got involved in the chase I never had written any poetry before…. as of now I have written over 200 for my friends here on the poetry page….. thanks jdiggins and everyone else for the inspirations that drive my words… have a great night my friends… until next time… see ya πŸ™‚

          • Wow, focused, I think I’m speechless… πŸ™‚ !
            Such a compliment to a poet, when another poet is inspired by their work. I am honored, grateful and proud. Thank you, focused, my friend!

            Until next time….:-)

            Ps: having A LOT of trouble posting here. This may not even fly….

      • Standing and clapping for you Joe…… great penning my friend.. have a great night… see ya πŸ™‚

      • Very beautifully penned Joe. Thanks for sharing.
        The “true you” burst out from the page to roam freely and devoid of all restraints. Thanks – JDA

  33. “STILL round the corner there may wait, a new road or a secret gate” (J.R.R. Tolkien)


    Questions, they are STILL…unanswered
    In the dark and STILL…of the night
    As “Sugarplums”, they keep on…A-dancing
    And, I search for the path…that’s right

    I walk alone, not too far in…the wood
    The air, it’s so crisp, but now…STILL
    Not even, a “creature” is…A-stirring
    But, I do make my way…up that hill

    My heart, so loud…is it beating?
    STILL, I struggle “up”…it’s so steep
    In “time”, the *crossover’s…behind me
    STILL Waters, they do run…so deep

    Is my “Carousel” STILL running…in circles
    Or transfixed, as if…turning to stone
    What was, perhaps, STILL is…but knowing
    In STILLness and peace…I’m not alone

    *A nod to JDA (smile)

    • Wow… great penning Ellen.. I loved it…. I am STILL in awe..have a great day… until next time….see ya πŸ™‚

    • Ellen,
      Your thoughts are profound and serve as a prelude to deep reflection by the reader. I believe that’s what poetry is all about. Kudos! Please ma’am, more? (Dickens πŸ™‚ )

      • Joe, thank you for your kind words and “seeing” beneath the surface.

        STILLwaters do run deep…so, I never know when the words will “erupt”…but, the frequency seems to be increasing!

  34. Rise

    in rising up from well below
    I rise above my shallow mould
    to cast upon this anvil cold
    a molten heart of bravest bold
    amongst this ever-endless now

    I see above that rising swell
    a shining sea too long to hold
    I strain a wealth from deepest well
    and yearn to hear Her whispered soul
    awash beneath my fallowed brow

    in standing on uneven ground
    I spy that place above this now
    enchanted by what’s never found
    and wishing it was early known
    beneath a gaze from well below

    • Great job curious hobbit… i always enjoy reading your words… keep them coming my friend…..until next time.. see ya

    • curious hobbit…with all your posts and with your penning here on the Poetry Page…

      I never know what I’m going to get…(now putting my hand both in the Cracker Jacks box and that “box of chocolates”)…smiling. I enjoyed it. Thank you.

    • thanks guys

      as promised, I will immediately credit the standard $3.50 bribery monies, into each anonymous swiss bank account, directly from Dals humble retirement fund, as soon as he generously supplies me with his p.i.n number – which he hasn’t yet, surprisingly.

      (Dal, I think you accidentally forgot to give me your p.i.n number, again …Dal?)


  35. ” Moonlit Answers ”

    Through chill of a moonlit winter night,

    I traipse these lonely woods.

    While snow does softly end its flight,

    Upon my winter hood.

    Not knowing what I search for,

    I feel it deep within.

    The questions in my soul,

    Are somewhere deep within.

    I stop and gaze behind me,

    My tracks are in the snow.

    White rests on the naked trees,

    Now onward I must go.

    Before me snow just glistens,

    Moonlight shines the way.

    Deep in my soul I listen,

    And continued on my way.

    I see a bluff before me,

    Just feeling I was right.

    Climbed up to look and see,

    What’s calling me tonight.

    A cavern was before me,

    The moon shines slightly in.

    An ancient home of Cherokee,

    They used it way back when.

    A fire ring was before me,

    With drawings on the walls,

    I feel as if they’re with me,

    I hear their native calls.

    Then to my knees I fell,

    Alone but with my friends,

    The Cherokee they would tell,

    How life it was back then.

    When they finished talking,

    It was time for me to go,

    So onward I start walking,

    Back in the mountain snow.

    I feel I found the answers,

    From My friends of long ago,

    Answers I was needing,

    To the questions in my soul………

    By: Focused

    P.s.- if you have questions my friends….. Go find your answers….
    Until next time… See ya

      • Your welcome specialklr. I promise you , if I publish a book this one will be in there..k see ya my friend.

      • Thank you too curious hobbit…have a great night…until next time…. see ya my friend πŸ™‚

    • Focused,
      That poem evoked all my senses, I even smelled the cold winter night air and heard the squeaky crunch of cold fresh snow underfoot.
      Strangely it brought to mind a story I read once about an old Indian chief, a physic from I think New York, and possibly an old friend of f’s was also involved. It happened near my home. If your interested I can see if I can find it again.
      Good night my friend

      • Thanks WY Girl, im glad you could see the picture i was trying to paint in words….that would be nice to read… have a great day….. until next time… see ya

      • WY Girl…don’t know “Y” it came to me (it was sitting somewhere in my head) but, are you perhaps thinking of the Shinnecock* (L.I.) Indian Chief and the rumored Amityville House (site of the 6 murders in 1974) having been built on what once was an Indian burial ground??

        In 1977…Hans Holzer (“the other side”) and N.Y. “medium” Ethel Meyers (also an artist and sculptor) investigated the “house”.

        However, I would have no idea if there is any connection with an old friend of Forrest’s…

        *By the year 1643…there were 13 different Indian Tribes living on Long Island…As a young girl, I roamed free on the Island and felt some amazing history…

        • No Ellen,
          I had not heard of that incident. I’ll see if I can find the story again. I found it when I went down a “rabbit hole” so deep that it wasn’t even about the chase anymore. My research was so engrossing that I spent a week or more following strings that actually in the end led back to the chase through a museum near my home.

        • Ellen and Focused,
          I found where I read the story of which I spoke earlier. I got the state that the psychic was from wrong, she was from Virginia not NY.
          Ellen, I checked out Hans Holzer and the Amityville House. Interesting story.
          The link below is a bit long, but it tells the story of an amazing man and is well worth the read.

          • WY Girl…thank you so much for finding that story for us.

            It was quite a “smorgasbord” of information. It was almost too much to “digest” on first read.

            I hope to visit Cody again some day and will be sure to visit “Old Trail Town” when I do.

          • I knew Bob, not well, just in passing here and there.
            I got married at Old Trail Town the first time. That was a mistake. Oh, not the Trail Town part, the married part. I got married in Las Vegas the second time and ironically that was not a mistake

          • Bob seemed to have been an interesting fellow. Glad the second time around is better for you.

          • Wy Girl,
            That was a very nice tribute to Bob.. some day I plan to visit that place…. thank you for looking it up for me…have a great evening my friend…

    • My heart is heavy for tonight my baby sister passed away. I love your poetry Focused, and enjoy reading all the poems on this page by all of you other poets.

      It’s great to see you post again jdiggins πŸ™‚

      • CindyM, I’m so sorry to hear your news. Please know we’re here for you. Sending you a warm hug.

        • Words can’t express the sorrow I feel for your loss. More warm hugs. Here if you need anything.

        • Sorry for your loss Cindy…
          Focused you just get better and better… I’m happy you found what you were looking for…

      • CindyM, my prayers are with you and your family during this time… I know she’s looking down on you from heaven, very proud of her sister…. stay strong my friend…im here if you need me….. see ya

      • Cindy M,
        My heart is heavy for you this morning. I’m so sorry for your loss.
        A big hug from me to you.
        You will be in my thoughts and prayers today.

      • Cindym, it’s just like you to turn from your sorrow and give blessings to snother. You are so sweet. I’m so sorry for your loss, I pray for strength for you. Big hugs!

      • Cindy;

        I too am saddened at the loss of your baby sister. I hope that her “Crossing Over” was peaceful and easy for her. I hope that what she finds “On the other side” is filled with joy.

        Thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family at this time of loss. JDA

      • Thank you all for your kind expressions of sympathy. They mean more to me than you can know. You guys are great!

      • CindyM…

        So very sorry to hear about the passing of your sister. My wish is for your heart to fill with feelings/memories of special moments together…

      • several hugs from me too CindyM
        (to a mximum of 12squillion – if required)

    • focused
      I have been away for a while,
      and to come back to all these poems,
      is needed energy for me.
      I enjoy your poetry very much ,
      plus all the others on here .
      not able to respond to all, on here much
      any more.
      and as long as the chest is not found
      I can read the beauty of all thoughts running though this poetry page.


      • Im glad that you enjoy reading my words zenden.. it makes it worthwhile to me knowing that… i write for you guys, if it makes you feel better zenden… im here for the long haul… until the chest is found I will write on the poetry page for ya….have a great day… see ya my friend

    • Focused,
      To me, your poem is a microcosm of a human life: the challenges, choices, decisions, the perceived gain or loss from each decision, and ultimately, the life-path that results. I’ve come to believe that each of us is constantly searching, whether we realize it or not, for an answer to one seemingly simple question: Who am I?

      I read your poem a number of times, each time pausing, reflecting at different points. After a lot of thought (for me, anyway) and perspective changes, I eventually arrived at this scenario with two questions:

      If my life, as of today, is represented by a stone lying on the windless shore of a lake, and I, as a child, toss that stone into the lake. What do I see?

      Now, fast-forward several decades in my life, and I toss that stone into the lake. What might I See?

      Beautifully done! Thank you for inspiring a deeper level of thought.

      • Your welcome Joe…im glad you liked my poem… and the deeper level of thinking…. i like you lake senerio too… have a great day Joe… until next time… see ya

    • Focused…another unique poem. Somehow I felt like I was following your “footprints/tracks” to that special place.

      Thank you,

      • Your very welcome Ellen… im glad you felt like you were there… nice place of solitude huh ? Have a good evening Ellen… until next time… see ya πŸ™‚

  36. The treasure hunt is good
    The treasure hunt is fun
    The treasure hunt is one misunderstood
    The words are to lead
    The words that concede
    The words are of a unique seed
    It stretches out to capture waters
    It grows and increases it’s size to make it’s daughters
    When the perfect size it dips and dives
    Only to come back and once again enter our lives

        • Ya-Sha-Wa ,
          You are welcome my friend…. as far as me being an “accomplished” poet….. well I’m not… I am just like you … my penning didnt start for me until I joined the “chase”…. I have no books etc. I have only accomplished what you guys have took the time to read… but thank you for your kind comment….. until next time… see ya πŸ™‚

          • Your accomplishments have been witnessed , seen and understood . And that is proof enough to us to show your talent is oh so good .

          • Thank you Ya-Sha-Wa for your comment. Knowing that others like my words drives me to write more. Ive kinda been thinking about a book. I have about 225 poetic stories and poems now… i guess i need to do something with them.. lol have a great evening my friend… warm wishes to you and your family during the holidays… until next time.. see ya my friend πŸ™‚

  37. It happened many a year ago my neighbor shared the Chase
    I went right home to solve it and put it in his face
    Not to cause any shame , just show it could be done
    I felt I could be the one
    I got my solve in minutes from go
    And have had such fun don’t you know
    Its been many a year since my first solve
    Doesn’t make me wrong or right , just that somethings will evolve

    • That sounds like my first solve too Ya-Sha-Wa….. didnt take me long to figure it out…. ” what was I thinking ?”…. little did I know…. πŸ™‚ thanks again for your words my friend….have a great night… see ya

      • El Raven is a Beast
        El Raven is the Best
        El Raven is the place to start if you want to find the Chest

          • This is for pdenver. Raven is the meaning of the name Bert .Now you know why Forrest had mentioned the poem the Raven.

          • Bert huh? ..hmmm
            ( ..that name sorta rings a bell..)

            ( ..oh well, I s’pose I’ll never know.. )

          • Your welcome pdenver . I have been known as a KnowItAll Ya-Sha-Wa so I can’t help but help .

        • I don’t recall the name Bert and how it may relate to Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” which is quite similar to Mr. Fenn’s scrapbook poem, Ya-sha-wa. Would you be so kind to explain, please?

          • Search meanings for the name Bert and you should find the meaning Raven . El can mean The . Now do you see it is reference to Mt Elbert ?

          • Thank you for your help, Ya-sha-wa. Tried searching the name, but haven’t found Raven yet. I did look into Mt. Elbert and find it interesting that you chose the highest summit in the Rocky Mountains of North America.

          • Your welcome pdenver . I have been known as a KnowItAll Ya-Sha-Wa amongst other things . So I can’t help but help .

          • I don’t believe the finder would leave the chest behind, but if they did, I would love to see the intricate work of such a beautiful piece.

          • So now I have identified Where Warm Waters Halt.
            If nobody listens it is not my fault.
            From on top of the Rockies every direction is down.
            Does not mean that one must frown.
            North South East or West.
            This is where we find out who is the best.
            We all want the end goal of Taking the Chest .
            Namaste is Thumbs Close To The Chest . ( Look it up)
            A Blessing to you and a Curse to the Rest.
            Fingers Pointing at the Clouds.
            Where the Waters are Well Endowed.
            But where do they go is the question that arises.
            Do they flow or do they subside.
            Let’s take a trip with imagination pure.
            And follow our hearts to the next Allure.
            A Canyon a Cross.
            Across not lost.
            But found.
            A mound a heap a bound .
            We all have to bear.
            The common challenges of the chase or the rare.
            I state this all sincere .
            Just because I truly Care.

          • Just trying to help .
            Not looking for any .
            So do you agree that The Raven is the WWWH from the poem ?

          • How is this for a clincher ?
            The Raven is in the Banana Belt .
            Grab every banana is what Forrest said his dad said . And a Banana Belt is a Microclimate that is a true place that warm water halts . Banana Belt is a term that you should look at .

  38. Sempiterno Via

    with two score eight beneath his belt
    in heritage of highland Celt
    he casts a blaze to long to count,
    to mould a foot-print, never-been
    across the vast of wild serene,
    in iron boots of Scottish felt

    with solid soul cast ever-clear
    and set in stone from life of tough,
    he strides a land of distant rough
    to grasp the heart of never-fear
    and feel a home that’s ever-there,
    far beyond Her distant bluff

    in fleeting glance, through withered sight
    he hesitates his weathered plight
    to see beyond Her mirrored height
    a silent spell on staggered ground
    through distant eyes on fading light,
    he seeks to see his distant route.

    thriving in Her harsh surround,
    wading through Her glassy lake
    through many days of weary mile
    he strives to see a world profound
    echoed by Her gentle wake
    reflected in his easy smile.

    • Curious Hobbit,
      That was great my friend ! I always enjoy reading your words. I wish you and your family best wishes for the holiday season.
      Have a great afternoon…. until next time…. see ya my friend πŸ™‚

  39. ” Desert Christmas Day ”

    In the year of 1560, in a desert of the west,

    There stood a lone Apache, with beads upon his chest.

    A blanket on his shoulders, a feather in his hair,

    He gazed across the desert, staring to nowhere.

    Winter was upon him, and Christmas Day was near,

    The smell of smoke surrounds him, burning fires were near.

    Deep in thought he stood there, his mind it was adrift,

    He pondered on a perfect thing, to call a Christmas gift.

    With his mind made up, he walks back to the tribe,

    Looking for a special place, to where his gift should hide.

    Each day as they were passing, he’d walk off all alone,

    And gently carve away, on a hardened weathered bone.

    Then he took some shiny stones, and shaped them into beads,

    His hair would blow while working, from the chilly desert breeze.

    Then he took a rabbit hide, and cut from it a strip,

    Upon it one by one, his beads he proudly slipped.

    His necklace he had made, he wrapped up with the hide,

    And took it to his special place, and placed it safe inside.

    Christmas Day grew closer, he was patient as can be,

    But ready to give his gift, to his wife of twenty three.

    Christmas in the desert, the day had finally came,

    He Awoke her from her sleep, and softly called her name.

    Kneeling on his knees, and with his gift in hand,

    Awaken and surprised, she proudly took his hand.

    She took his Christmas gift, with excitement in her eyes,

    Carefully she rolled back, the wrap of rabbit hide.

    Before her was a necklace, handmade by her man,

    Around her neck she placed it, helped by his own hands.

    This Christmas Day was special, out in the desert west,

    He proudly gave her something, because she deserved the best.

    The snow began just falling, the children run and play,

    To her a perfect start, to a desert Christmas Day………

    By: Focused

    • You truly are a gifted story teller my friend.

      May your days be long and beautiful, and filled with the love and gifts you present us.

      Peace my friend – JDA

      • Thank you JDA for your very kind comment. Warm wishes to you and your family during the holidays… peace to you too…. see ya my friend

      • Thank you pdenver….enjoy the holidays and gift giving with your family…. see ya my friend

        • You’re welcome, Focused. Still trying to recover from an illness, but between resting, I’ve found myself wrapping gifts and taking a little peek on the Poetry Page. The baking will begin in a few days or so. Hope I can manage to have leftovers before the family takes the goodies off the cooling racks. πŸ™‚

          I hope you’re enjoying the holidays, too.

          • I hope you get feeling better pdenver…. and as you know all good bakers sample their work…. ” just saying”.. πŸ™‚ enjoy your time with family… until next time… see ya

          • Thank you, Focused. I’m trying my best. Better than I was, but still not up to snuff. Still another day in my slippers and bathrobe. πŸ™

            As far as good bakers, well, thank you. Sampling would get me in a lot of trouble, especially when I bake different kinds of breads. Yum! πŸ™‚ Bake dozens upon dozens of cookies and make homemade candies and other (hopefully edible) treats. πŸ™‚

          • Hope you feel better soon PD! It really hard being sick this time of year… I bet everything you make is delicious!

          • Thank you so much, Spallies. As for everything I make being delicious, that is so kind of you. I honestly have an apron that reads, “Eat At Your Own Risk.” πŸ™‚

          • pdenver

            just heard you have had a minor malfunction lately – are you ok?

            is it from too many cookies, or too much teasing? ( ..am hoping it’s the former)

            hurry up and get well soon!

  40. Blog moderators everywhere stand on a very slippery slope when doing their job, and this site is not excepted. I had a thought recently, yes finally(!), regarding Chase solutions that prompted me to write.

    Rhetorical example: If my Chase solution was based on, say, some obtuse personal religious belief that directly conflicted with an edict of another formal religion, and, in posting my solution, I explained in detail how my belief factored into my solution, should my post be censored? This example is strictly hypothetical. Anyway, I wrote this poem after contemplating this scenario because the lines are so fuzzy, but not warm and fuzzy πŸ™‚ .

    Beware the hand that stills the pen:
    A veil of greater good for men.

    Beware the shroud cast over head
    To quell the noise, unfit thought shed.

    Beware the silence of raised voice;
    Diversity? Only with choice.

    Beware sameness: alike in thought,
    Each mind unique, creative not.

    Beware the mind now bound by men,
    Forged by the hand that stills the pen.

    BTW, sorry for the lack of gender neutrality – just a rhyme thing.

    • Joe,
      This is my opinion on whether a post should be censored because of religous conflicts.

      This great country we live in is based on ” the freedom of speech and religion”…. therefore
      I feel like “anyone” who chooses to do so should be able to speak.
      Then on the otherhand, the person speaking should also have respect for others and their religious beliefs, and should not attack them or their religion with words.
      We “ALL” have that freedom. And many lives have been lost fighting for those words in distant wars. I will salute every fallen soldier, because “we” stull have both freedoms of speech and religion.

      So Joe, to answer your question…. as long as the solve was not attacking or disrespectful towards other religious beliefs, then it should not be censored. Its all in how you word it….
      This is just my opinion, others may differ from mine, but thats ok …..they have that right πŸ™‚

      Have a great day Joe, see ya my friend

      • Hey Focused,
        Thanks for the response. I am in total agreement with what you’ve said. The issue in the private domain is no one need honor the big ‘C’, and this brings up a whole other set of problems. Think in terms of conditioning and indoctrination.

        Yes, I agree r-e-s-p-e-c-t is a required ingredient for a constructive blog.


      • Thanks, PD. I enjoy studying yours, as well. Hope you’re feeling more like the contagiously-positive πŸ™‚ you we’re used to seeing.

  41. Your beautiful & kind soul always generates a positive flow of good will, my dear friend and kindred spirit, pdenver.

    Be well ~


    • Your most kind words has brought tears to my eyes, my friend. Thank you for your well wishes.

  42. The Writers

    Running and running
    No end in sight
    Nothing left
    But stand and fight

    The numbers they stagger
    Since it began
    Why do so many
    Seek to destroy the clan?

    For some reason
    Yet to unfold
    The soldiers came
    And the sun went cold

    They said to leave
    Our sacred land
    It was all we could do
    To save our band

    We traveled many moons
    Our moccasins did shred
    Why do they hate us
    Was it something we said?

    Still we follow the sun
    Till its warms no more
    Then we must stand
    An unfair score

    We will leave a token
    A hint or two
    To tell our children
    What we had to do

    Our story yet untold
    Is one of the best
    Our legend will go on
    It will pass the test

    We may not win this fight
    And soon all perish
    But our legacy will live
    And our memory will cherish

    Our tears we carve
    Into the stones
    One last whisper
    Left with our bones.

    • Wow ! Standing and clapping for you my friend…. i loved it πŸ™‚ i always enjoy reading your words.. this was a great way to start my day… thank you jdiggins …. have a great day yourself…. until next time….see ya πŸ™‚

      • Focused and pdenver, my fine feathered friends, I thank you! You inspire my words, yknow…
        Surprised it went through, I’ve lost so much in space lstely!
        Have a great day my friends! πŸ™‚

      • a very good evening, jjdiggin

        yes, I remember playing Astroids on ‘ye ol’ Commodore 64’s’ of yesteryear ..like it was yesterday

        ..but sshhh, I won’t tell if you don’t πŸ™‚

        • Hey hobbit,
          You remember that question you asked me the first time we “met”. Well the answer to that question is a resounding YES!
          Neither of us live in Utah though so we’ll have to keep it quite, so shhhhhh!!!! (Oh wait I feel like I’m getting something mixed up here……..)
          I could say something about Audrey here too but it would make your ears burn so I’ll refrain.

  43. Great job Ya-Sha-Wa…. I enjoy reading your words…. have a great day today… see ya my friend πŸ™‚

  44. I have a new (used) computer,
    so now I can pen some more poems
    I write,then post and one or two words comes out
    on my old one .(or maybe it’s just me)
    love all of the poems that are being penned on here.
    I have been scrolling back to read many poems
    wow so much talent
    If I find the chest of gold I will share it with you all.
    late Christmas present ,,,

  45. for me to walk
    and never look back
    I have no past.
    and if I run ahead
    I have a future
    living in the moment
    for me
    is on here with all of you


  46. Wy girl, I’m learning from focused. πŸ™‚
    Ya Sha wa…wow! πŸ™‚ Great job!

    23kachinas, I am always intrigued by your posts, as well. The sun thing, that’s so cool…er…hot! πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks for the Wow .
      El Raven is a Beast
      El Raven is the Best
      Do you know where the Forest Home Office has it’s address ?
      2840 Kachina at the Home Of Brown
      Now does anyone doubt I am just being a clown ?
      Mark my words and take these steps
      And see if you can compete with the Best .
      Sincerely done like all the rest .

      • Now those who listened have been brought up to speed.
        They are now in the same league.
        As the ones that solved the beginning clues.
        And walked past the Chest much to our amuse.
        It’s in your own hands now with much to a surprise.
        Which way to go ,up,down or one of the sides.
        Out of the Rockies and then back in could be a choice that could win.
        Maybe or maybe not it is still your choice how to find Camelot

  47. Zen Garden

    garden gate slighty open
    I peek inside to see
    the most wonderful sights of nature
    I found in front of me.

    zen rock garden, so perfect and so clean
    the beauty of ripple granite maze
    with tall rocks standing
    upon the water waves.

    tonka truck tracks I followed
    around the rocks so still
    this perfect garden was shared
    by a child and there own will.

    harmomizing with the sounds of spring
    a wounderful sound of happyness
    from a child who found it too,
    the best sand box in the world
    as he takes off his sand filled shoes.


        • Aw, zenden…shucks…;-)

          You kno who else I think is great with words
          is curious hobbit.
          Just wanted to say while I can! πŸ™‚

        • thanks jjdiggin

          I’m new to all this poetry stuff. Just read Edgar Poe for the first time ever (the Raven) and really enjoyed his obvious lack of rules
          ..but no surprises there though.

          happy holidays mate

          • Quoth Fenn “He said, son, the train doesn’t go by that banana tree but one time, so you reach as far out as you can, because every banana you don’t grab is a banana you’ll never have..”
            Quoth the Raven β€œNevermore.”

            “When air rises over the top of a mountain range, it cools and releases moisture on the windward slope”
            “and it warms and dries territory in the mountain’s rain shadow”
            Quoth Fenn “the phantom knows”
            Wiki “banana belt north american location”
            “The Arkansas River Valley in Colorado, located in the Rocky Mountains, east of the Continental Divide and below the Sawatch Range of 14,000 foot peaks, is often referred to as a “banana belt”. It includes the towns of Buena Vista, Salida, Parkdale, CaΓ±on City to Pueblo, Colorado.[2]”

    • Clapping for ya zenden…. i like that.. keep up your penning my friend… see ya πŸ™‚

      • focused
        thank you,
        I did mis-spell a word or two.
        also looking forward to your book of poems.
        I am copying a lot of poetry on here
        for my own enjoyment in later life
        to remember everyone,
        when the chase is over.,the thrill will stay.
        this page of poets will bring back many great memorys.


        • I need to go back and read all the poetry pages. That was something I didn’t get to do yet.
          I want the book of focuseds’s poetry! There better be a book focused!

          • Man , you guys are sure putting the pressure on me WY Girl… πŸ™‚ i will let ya know when a book from me is ready k..see ya my friend πŸ™‚

          • It’s OK focused, no pressure! Whenever it’s good for you.
            Have a beautiful day, my friend!

        • Your welcome zenden…as far as a book…. there may be one in the future…. i also have several poetic stories and poems that i never put here on the poetry page…. im kinda saving those for my book if that day comes… kiind of a surprise …. until next time…see ya my friend

  48. Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me!

    Yeah I know, I got skills πŸ˜‰

    • Keep honing your skills william…thank you for posting …. remember… practice makes perfect… until next time..see ya

  49. I’m no poet but I think this is a good place to post this for posterity.
    When the chase is over these are the pages that will be read by those that what to remember.
    Someone said something profound the other day-
    “YOU are the treasure! All of you!”
    This quest is not about a box of gold, it’s about the people involved!

    • Here’s another one that should go here-
      Trust is built upon evidence
      But hope springs eternal in the face of no evidence
      And the evidence will be there some day πŸ™‚

      • No “hopefully” about it. The evidence WILL be there someday.
        And I’ve followed the path this far with blind faith, I ain’t turnin back now!
        ( I know, I know terrible grammar! But that’s just who I am sometimes)

  50. Good sayings WY Girl.. πŸ™‚ heres another on for ya

    ” Let’s not live for the riches in life,
    Let’s live for life’s riches.”

    By: Focused

    Have a great day my friend….. see ya

  51. Or this one WY Girl…..

    ” When at the end of life’s short rope,
    There is a knot, a glimmer of hope.”

    By: Focused

    P.s.- I couldnt resist… πŸ™‚ I could come up with sayings all day…lol short and sweet… πŸ™‚ see ya my friend

  52. Focused, this is my fav – hope you enjoy it too. πŸ™‚

    “We turn clay to make a vessel; but it is on the space where there is nothing that the usefulness of the vessel depends.

    We pierce doors and windows to make a house; and it is on these spaces where there is nothing that the usefulness of the house depends.

    Therefore, just as we take advantage of what is, we should also recognise the usefulness of what is not.”

    – Lao Tzu

  53. Thank you Curious Hobbit.. I did enjoy that.. have a great evening my friend.. gotta go .see ya……

  54. My Life Since August
    (for Dal)

    In flash of pan, in life sedate
    in seeking new in news of late,
    I read anew, a puzzle bound
    and chance upon a tempting fate,
    a treasure, so far never found,
    encircled by a green surround.

    Encouraged by his poem proud,
    a secret hid for all to seek,
    amused in musings ever-late
    I seek akin, a muse profound
    in pasture fair, adventure free
    too far to hear, too close to see
    entwined within such reverie,
    I stumble onto foreign ground.

    In mind devoid of tepid thought
    I seek to find a treasure sought
    amongst a chorus seldom heard
    from people never often bought.
    Indulgence, in her silent lake,
    a mystery too stout to fake
    I search along my lonely fate
    entangled in her magic sound.

    I find within my youthful flight
    community too deep to fade,
    and cast within my brash facade,
    redundant noise in drunken throes,
    mistaken trance, imagined foes,
    unmeaning in my bold brocade,
    engrained in southern years of weight,
    embedded in this autumn snow,
    a family I yearn to know.

    so all in here, all often read,
    apologies for early said,
    for all I say from empty head,
    rhetoric tort, too short of dice,
    I venture forth on thinnest ice
    in cultured lack so evident
    to challenge, in my shallow vice
    a cheeky sense of never-meant.

    if any doubt my humble vow,
    on pixel paper, ever-bound
    of looking down, in lowest bow,
    on blaze of Nordic myth abound
    engraved within it’s stoic bind
    I cast a coin within her well
    enchanted in her mystic spell
    of wealth within this Home Of Dal.

    (happy holidays to all ..including Jake)

    • Again, well penned my friend. You ARE a part of a bigger family than you might have ever imagined.


    • You’re really good penning, my friend. I’ve enjoyed reading your poem. Happy Holidays to you, curious hobbit.

    • Ah, Hobbit,
      Out of everyone on HoD I think I love your poems best. (Shhhhhhh… Don’t tell Focused! I’m trying to convince him to give me an advance copy of the book of poetry he’s workin on!)

    • curious hobbit…I enjoyed your poem.

      May you someday find…that which you seek…the muse profound and that tempting fate!

    • Thanks Curious Hobbit for your words… i really enjoyed reading them… keep up the great penning….see ya my friend

    • thanks guys

      I was inspired to write it by my new fiance, whom I met recently in New Mexico at a friendly correctional facility ( – will try to post her photo)


      happy holidays

  55. ” My Shining Rose ”

    The morning sun is rising, I’m finally here at last,

    Standing at the gateway, to the garden of my past.

    A rod iron gate before me, it’s rusted now from time,

    The rod iron fence that joins it, overtaken by the vines.

    With a little effort, the gate I pushed aside,

    And enter in the garden, but much to my surprise.

    This garden of my past, once didn’t have a weed,

    Now they’ve taken over, it’s very much in need.

    A pathway is before me, created by some stones,

    While walking I sure noticed, my gardens almost gone.

    The roses that once flourished, with pink, yellow and red,

    Now their thorny branches, are overgrown and dead.

    I walk up to a tiny pond, I built it in my past,

    In it dirty water, is still and looks like glass.

    I kneel down by the tiny pond, and lean to look within,

    But in my sharp reflection, I see, my face without a grin.

    The years have caught up to me, with wrinkles on my face,

    Soon just like the roses, I’ll leave my garden space.

    That is when I seen it, midst everything that’s dead,

    One tiny little rose, just glowing pinkish red.

    I clean out all around it, and till the softened ground,

    I could see within its color, it’s proud that it was found.

    As I leave my garden, one thought has come to mind,

    I know my garden lives, even after all this time.

    So if you have a garden, a garden of your past,

    Go and check it out, because time moves very fast.

    The sun has finally risen, it warms me as I go,

    While taking one last final look, I see my shining rose……..

    By : Focused

  56. Focused,

    Thank you for always being there to provide such a glowing warmth to our gardens.


    • Your very welcome SL…thank you for your kind comment…. warm wishes for you and your family for the holidays…. until next time…. see ya my friend

  57. ” Parting Ways ”

    In the year of 1862, on a partly cloudy day,

    Elders smoke their pipe, while children swim and play.

    The winter it was long, now Summer’s at our door,

    Everyone is happy, upon our creek side shore.

    Our hunters they’re out hunting, for our daily meal,

    Soon they will return , with them their daily kill.

    Me I sit alone, across our little creek,

    Just listening to the spirits, as they softly speak.

    I notice as the years passed, with each new winter wind,

    The boys of our camp, have slowly turn to men.

    Me I am an elder, like those upon the bank,

    And To the mighty spirit, I give him all my thanks.

    For many moons I’ve walked, upon this precious ground,

    And now my legs are weak, my voice a softened sound.

    My winters are now over, my time is very near,

    The mighty heavens spirit, it whispers in my ear.

    As I gaze across the creek, my heart is full of pride,

    I’d live right here forever, beside this ole creek side.

    I know it’s time for me to do, what I was taught I should,

    A tear rolls down my wrinkled face, as I walk into the woods……..

    By: Focused

    P.s.- the inspiration for this poem came from a painting by Albert Bierstadt
    (1830-1902) Titled ” Indian Encampment” Date- 1862.

    Until next time… See ya

    • ” Indian encampment late afternoon” sorry, he has alot of Indian camp paintings… my bad… πŸ™‚

    • Focused, I feel your melancholy thoughts today. Remember you have friends by your side if you need them. Thank you for sharing ALL,your beautiful poetry!
      Until next time, peace my friend

      • My thoughts are fine today WY Girl… sure is nice to know I have friends out there in the cyber world….. Indians of that time lived a hard life and they also went out with pride and respect…. I just wanted to speak of that in my poem… and your welcome WY Girl….thank you for your kind comment. Wishing you and your family happy holidays…. until next time.. see ya my friend πŸ™‚

      • Thanks for the link pdenver… im glad you’ve got my back..lol πŸ™‚ … I know its kinda sad but that was reality back then… sorry to make ya pout my friend… my next one will be for you pdenver, and I promise a happy one k…. happy holidays to you and your family…. see ya my friend

  58. Keep your eyes wide open in the darkest of times. Only then you can rely on shooting stars.

    – Lincoln Hall

    • Wow 23k. Great words! Have been to Everest base camp and around the area. He was and is a great and lucky man. Mallory and the like truly inspiring!

  59. She sits there, up high
    On the edge of her seat
    Off the edge of cliff
    She dangles her feet.

    The upward winds
    Dance in her hair
    She loves the sunset
    Up in her chair.

    A raven swoops past
    In a swift of flight
    Dips and dives
    Then winks goodnight.

    The kittens below
    Begin their search
    They prey, they prowl
    Then patiently perch.

    A hint of an echo
    A whisper, a song
    The freshest of air
    A place to belong.

    She sees nothing but gold
    In the sunset each day
    Even long after the light
    Has long gone away.

    Focused, I’m watching you. πŸ˜‰

    • Enjoyed that, jdig!
      I need some practice with my poetry, I’m not very good yet.
      But as they say, practice makes perfect!

    • Great job jdiggins… i could picture it all…alway a pleasure reading your words my friend.. watching me ? Humm that means i better watch what i do…. πŸ™‚ warm wishes to you and your family for the holidays… until next time… see ya

        • Trying to get back to normal, whatever that is πŸ™‚ jdiggins. You are very kind for asking. Perhaps I’ll be able to pull my weight around here soon. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

          I enjoy reading all the wonderful poetry here. You guys and gals are the best poets anywhere. Keep up the great work..

          • Cindym, it’s good to see your name pop up. Your situation has been on my mind a lot. Even though we’ve never met in person I feel you are a part of my ” family”.
            It was nice to see your s. I hope your truly doing ok.
            “Hugs” and many more where those came from anytime you need them!

  60. Hi my pallies spallies! πŸ˜‰ I’m well, hope u r 2!
    Fennboree 2017? πŸ˜‰
    WY girl, poetry is an art from the heart, and u got that! πŸ™‚
    Always got my I on u! πŸ˜‰
    Happy holidays my friends…stay warm! πŸ™‚

  61. Walt Whitman’s Caution

    TO The States, or any one of them, or any city of The States, Resist much, obey little;
    Once unquestioning obedience, once fully enslaved;
    Once fully enslaved, no nation, state, city, of this earth, ever afterward resumes its liberty.

    – Walt Whitman
    Leaves of Grass, 1900

  62. CindyM

    I wrote this for you and Jonsey, a short while back, for your recent loses.

    By the deep sea.

    In sterile bounds of stainless steel,
    an image on a distant reel,
    five floors above, on cold display,
    I brave a face through cold dismay
    to strike a sight of burnished grey.

    Despairing in my hopeless fray
    I fell upon a real place,
    surreal in relentless pace,
    to see my sister fade away
    and slip beneath an early night,
    too early from Her earthly grace.

    I sought to save her treasured light
    to see her fall beyond my fate.

    In hottest flame of burning white
    I sought to hate this bitter life
    and wished it me upon that slate.

    In lucid face of helpless plight,
    I fought to fight another way,
    to fall away from early sight,
    to find a way to far escape
    her destiny of early fate.

    Of solace in a far off place,
    I sought to seek a foreign sound,
    to skip to moments far away,
    morose in mind of deep foray
    I found myself on thermal ground
    embraced within its cold surround.

    I navigated heavy heart,
    shattered wide, too bleak to breath,
    mirrored by her world apart,
    to gravitate to reverie
    of scattered shards of memory

    On whispered breeze of melody
    I often hear her gentle song
    enveloped in such harmony
    awash in waves of cold sublime.

    I swim afar of endless tide,
    to feel her smile within my soul,
    we wander shores of whispered rhyme
    on boundless coast of brilliant sand.

    I speak to her of endless time
    and hear her footsteps next to mine.


    • Thank you, THANK YOU curious hobbit. It brought me to tears and is very comforting at the same time. You are very kind and very talented.

    • Hobbit, that was soul wrenching….. I’ve gone back and read it several times and each time had to hold back the tears. Haunting but tender, lost but found again. You have such a way with words my friend.

    • Great penning curious hobbit…. i always look forward to your words… have a good evening my friend… see ya

    • Curious hobbit…I feel your poem quietly “shouting” from the depth of the soul…speaking of the emptiness, the loss…of one who was so amazingly close/connected. But now… as a shadow…forever continues on your journey at your side.

      Thank you. I also checked out your link…I enjoyed the visuals, filmed entirely in Iceland.

      Happy Holidays and wishing you beautiful and peaceful dreams.

  63. Ok guys, go easy on me! This is the first time I’ve written poetry since I was forced to in school. But Jdig told me it’s just art from the heart, so here goes:
    The Gift
    The now was then
    The then is now
    The now is a present
    The past a gift fondly remembered
    Time flows on, it seems so slow
    Then it takes a leap
    And we say where did it go?
    We then look back and gladly say
    Thank you time for taking me
    On this ride. The good, the bad
    All are gifts, enjoy them all
    And always remember
    The present will soon be gone
    Merry Christmas my friends
    Enjoy the now!

    • Im standing and clapping for you WY Girl …. πŸ™‚ you say ” enjoy the now”. Well i enjoyed your words… keep on with your art from your heart my friend…. Now that you’ve broke the ice keep penning WY Girl…. have a great day……. until next time, see ya

    • WY girl,
      I must say I’m jealous that your first piece is so yummy! Great job, WY girl! My hubby hates that I prefer to “live in the now”, for he who dies with more than fifty dollars is a failure! πŸ™‚
      Keep up the great work!

  64. ” The Reason ”

    Sitting by the fireplace, the snow outside it falls,

    Christmas is upon us, I’ve decked my cozy halls.

    Soft music in the air, the tune ” Oh Holy Night”,

    My Christmas tree is blinking, multi colors bright.

    While staring in the fireplace, with my glass of wine,

    My mind it drifts away, to another place and time.

    One cold and starry night, a precious child was born,

    They placed him in a manger, a stall out in the barn.

    Mary named him Jesus, but little did she know,

    How he would change the world, everywhere he’d go.

    From feeding a thousand men, on a single tiny fish,

    Brought the lame to walk, and given many’s wish.

    That Christmas day was special, Jesus wrapped in cloth,

    Later he would die for us, nailed upon a cross.

    To give an open doorway, to eternity in peace,

    Aloud I thank him for that, I know he hears me speak.

    My warming fire just flickers, my glass of wine is low,

    Have a Merry, Merry Christmas, I’ll say before I go.

    Enjoy your time with family, during your Christmas season,

    But don’t forget the baby, because Jesus he’s the reason.

    With my glass held high, a toast to all my friends,

    A warm felt Christmas card, to each of you I send.

    My fire is burning softly, outside a heavy snow,

    That’s it from me till next time, see ya I gotta go……

    By: Focused

    P.s.- this one is for you pdenver (and all my friends). I told you my
    Next one wouldn’t be sad… πŸ™‚ Merry Christmas everyone…
    Until next time…. See ya

    • My friend, I love the poem. It’s absolutely beautiful and a Christmas card I will treasure. I am truly honored. I raise my glass to you with wishes for a very Merry Christmas.

        • Thank you pdenver…. a raised glass back at ya πŸ™‚ . Have a wonderful Christmas with your family….. see ya my friend πŸ™‚

      • Focused, your poems always bring to me a happy smile… I hope you have a very Merry Christmas…:)

        • Im glad i can bring a smile to your face Spallies. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Thank you for your kind words….. until nex time… see ya my friend πŸ™‚

    • Focused, what a beautiful Christmas card! Thank you for the warm holiday wishes. I hope you have a warm, cozy wonderful holiday!
      Merry Christmas my friend!

      • Thank you for your kind words WY Girl, im glad you liked it.. merry christmas to you too… see ya my friend…. πŸ™‚

  65. Focused…the WARMTH of your Christmas poem/card traveled many miles to my home and my heart…thank you.

    Happy Holidays to all…

    • Your very welcome Ellen. Im glad my card made it to your heart… have a wonderful Christmas with your family Ellen…. until next time… see ya my friend….. πŸ™‚

  66. ——————-My Christmas Treasure———————

    As I have gamed alone in there,
    And with my aging P.C.
    I can hear those beeps from where,
    A blue screen of death is warning me.

    I begin it where it’s customized,
    And add L.E.D s to light the town.
    “We’ll ship with UPS”, they advised,
    And I laughed, “Ah! the home of Brown!”

    From there began my nervous wait,
    Could this computer hold on till then?
    Day by day bringing less to abate,
    Just a lighter wallet and pacing my den.

    Being wise, I tracked it’s path,
    Look quickly there, it’s in Roanoke!
    Working out to my focused math,
    It arrived Christmas Eve, as I awoke.

    So hear me all as I voice my joy,
    I type on tech, filled with golden light.
    I send my wishes to every girl and boy,
    Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

    • I like it, Iron Will! You gave me the giggles. Merry Christmas to you and your family. πŸ™‚

    • IW, I’m so happy for you! You deserve something nice after all the drama and trauma with your teeth. New tech must be so nice, it’s fast, no” bugs”, no little genies inside jerking your words around. Oh wait, I bet the little genie is still there and with an even bigger mind of its own, haha!
      Hope you are feeling better!
      Have a Merry Christmas!

  67. The Little Gift

    Underneath your Christmas tree,
    I left a little gift.
    Wrapped in green,
    and tied in red ribbon.
    The tag reads, “No peeking.”

    On Christmas morn,
    look inside,
    a message you will find.
    “Filled with love, peace and joy.”
    “A gift to pass along.”

    A very Merry Christmas to you!

    • PD, what a tantalizing little tidbit of a poem. It reminds me of Christmas as a child at my grandmothers house. The children were put to bed and there was “no peeking” into the living room until Christmas morning.
      I love my family’s holiday traditions that we’ve chosen as a blended family but every year I still miss so many of the Christmas traditions of my childhood.
      Thanks for sharing this and bringing back such fond memories!
      I hope you have a wonderful Christmas my friend!

  68. As Christmas day is growing near
    I ponder what from Forrest we did hear
    He hints along the line
    Of solves people were inclined
    To bring about confidence
    Of their solves he declined
    So what can be said
    Is often a dread
    If the hints matched your solve
    Then it is time to evolve

  69. ” Dreams ”

    Believe in which your soul does hark,

    in dreams your heart is light.

    yourself and only you can start,

    and spread your wings in flight.

    make your nights of slumber rest,

    your solemn thought today.

    dreams within your only best,

    become your lighted way.

    reality is sometimes cruel,

    Live in your dreams, that give.

    My wish for you, a life that’s full,

    Friends take your time and “Live”………….

    By: Focused

    P.s.- If you read down the first word of every sentence it say’s
    ” Believe in yourself and make your dreams become reality
    Live my friends”

    Just messing around….. Have a great day and dream………..

    Until next time…. See ya my friends

      • Thank you JDA for your kind comment.. I just wanted to remind everyone to chase their dreams and live a little…… im glad you liked my words.. and you are very welcome…

        Have a great evening JDA, until next time… see ya my friend πŸ™‚

    • Happy New Year to all my friends on the poetry page…
      Its been a while since poetry page 1, and I’ve enjoyed every page since. Be safe everyone and have a prosperous new year…

      Until next time… see ya πŸ™‚

  70. Relax into the New Year

    I finally reloxed into my vacation.
    It took five days to unwind.
    We work, we pay bills, we sleep, we eat.
    And once in a while the world lets you off to think for a while.
    Tomorrow is my favorite word these days.
    Soon it will be 2017!


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