Odds n Ends About Fenn’s Treasure Hunt…Part Twenty Two


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540 thoughts on “Odds n Ends About Fenn’s Treasure Hunt…Part Twenty Two

  1. There are a lot of oddities about this chase.
    Why would it take 15 years to finalize the poem?
    What was he waiting for?
    I know someone has the answer to this, I couldn’t find it.

    • He was a little younger then, and still had his business to attend to, he had just gotten over cancer and probably was still concerned about it coming back with a vengeance. Who really knows why? And, he had to figure out which best ingredients to use to spice up his poem. To take something so easy, and make it seem hard, or visa versa….. 🙂 Only he knows that answer.

    • Whatever he was waiting for, it seems to have worked.

      Who knows – – – 15 years to write it, 15 years for us to find it. Only time will tell.

      Who knows though, today may be the day that some one figures it all out. JDA

  2. The treasure hunt is good
    The treasure hunt is fun
    The treasure hunt is one misunderstood
    The words are to lead
    The words that concede
    The words are of a unique seed
    It stretches out to capture waters
    It grows and increases it’s size to make it’s daughters
    When the perfect size it dips and dives
    Only to come back and once again enter our lives

  3. Just a few things –

    I don’t discount the idea of the clues leading you to an actual map. I’ve seen FF quoted as saying all you need is the poem and a good map, and also all you need is the poem. Both statements would be true if the poem led you to the good map.

    The plural treasures and the title to the gold. Perhaps he took the treasure chest in his classic car (a treasure in its own right) drove to the spot and left it (maybe he owns property elsewhere). The poem leads to an area where you find the title to an old car. You are puzzled but soon you realize the car is a hundred yards away. You walk confidently to it and retrieve the gold. I am not saying this is even remotely likely, but could be possible.

    Perhaps the references in the poem aren’t to actual warm waters or canyons, but roads. Ex. wwh could be where Aguas Calientes st ends or perhaps at Aguas Frias begins. I don’t have the book but I do recall the story of the Firehole river he bathed in. I believe he said he would head down stream until the warm water turned cold to force himself out. So possibly he is speaking figuratively, which would take imagination.

    Too far to walk. Asked my son what that meant. He said if it was too far he would ride his bike. Perhaps the IT you are beginning and the IT you are taking is a road, path or trail. Maybe you are taking a ski lift?

    • Sparrow,

      I remember seeing some of Escher’s work in the early 70’s and found his drawings very interesting. Guess you noticed his book in the back ground of one of Forrest book singing. I had always thought that it seemed kind of weird and started researching Escher’s drawings again looking for some hints maybe that pertained to the chase. There are a few which I liked but then a ah-ha moment happen. I can’t reveal what that was but I believe Forrest was introduced to Escher’s work back in the time he had hid gallery.

      Thanks for posting that reminder for me. Bur

      • Bur—

        Yes– I did notice the M. C. Escher book in the bookstore video and do believe it may be a hint.

        His artwork is fantastic, and the thinking behind it even more so. The drawing of the hands drawing one another smacks of eternity, and one thinking of eternity or timelessness. I think the poem may have a theme like that running through it.

  4. I started a list…

    Taoism: Contentment is the treasure.
    Catholicism: If I don’t find it, it’s because I don’t deserve it.
    Protestantism: I’ll find it if I work harder.
    Judaism: This isn’t the real treasure. I’ll wait for the next one.
    Islamism: I was on clue four before Trump had me deported.
    Buddhism: The treasure is an illusion.
    Hinduism: I’ll find the treasure in my next life.
    Atheism: There is no treasure.
    Jehova’s Witness: I’ll knock on every log and rock.
    Amish: My horse and buggy won’t go that far.
    Mormonism: I still think it’s in Utah.
    Scientologist: Tom knows where the treasure is.
    New Ageism: Fenn is from Arcturus, and crashed at Roswell, NM, in 1947.
    Zen: What is the sound of treasure?
    Agnosticism: I’m not sure what the treasure is.
    Gnosticism: I know where it is!
    Pantheism: The treasure is everywhere!
    Nihilism: The poem is meaningless.
    Idealism: It was the perfect spot for him to hide it.
    Postmodernism: Everyone’s right until someone finds it.
    Realism: That’s a big mountain.
    Optimism: It’s probably near a road.
    Defeatism: Someone done found it already.
    Dualism: There’s the chest, and then there’s the treasure.
    Monism: It’s a treasure chest.
    Empiricism: You know nothing until you actually find it.
    Hedonism: I don’t care if I find it, I already bought the beer.
    Mysticism: The treaure is hidden on another plane of existence.
    Cartesianism: I think, there for I am the treasure.
    Socialism: It’s everyone’s treasure.
    Capitalism: I can sell tickets to find the treasure.
    Vandalism: I destroyed the blaze so that others can’t find it.
    Narcissism: I can make a better list than this.

    • Dang you Jeremy!
      You left my belief out.

      BTW, where’s that link to your G docs, you know the Excel word doc compiling all the words in the poem?

      How about Faulkerism where you don’t give a …….

      I wished I had saved that doc. Doc.

      • Here’s the poem parts spreadsheet: https://goo.gl/UsRcgp

        DGA****-ism: I don’t care about the treasure, or the chase, but I’m going to spend a great deal of time showing everyone how aloof I am.

        ( This isn’t necessarily Faulkerism, but it’s definitely an -ism that comes up in the Chase. 🙂 )

        • Thanks Jeremy P.!
          I was just in the middle of eating dinner but this is a good reason to put it down for a bit.
          I know it’s not an easy task in compiling a database, especially when you’re not getting paid for it & I appreciate you sharing for nothing more than a smile 🙂
          The work you have done can give a searcher a different perspective & actual facts of the poem in a more analytical way.

          It is our way to choose what is relevant or not & may be creating more rabbit holes but in my perspective the knowledge gathered from your work can lead to a more precise solve.

          Thank you.

        • you could have taken that spreadsheet a little farther you know… never stop with options

    • Jetemy—-

      That is hilarious—- but also very well thought out. I burst out laughing on Islamism. That is a great list.

    • Your list is great!
      I have one for Freudianism
      (It’s longer due to it being a free association session)

      So why is it that I must go
      And climb atop mountains so steep?
      To find the Fenn treasure trove,
      I will get off the couch and seek.

    • Because it’s a perennial statement, I’m going with…

      Pessimism: What’s the point? The guv’ment’s gonna take most of it in taxes anyway.

  5. Jeremy – thank you for sharing so much fun with us tonight. Hope you had a fantastic day. Congratulations on another trip around the sun!

    • I didn’t find the treasure but I found two Chevy’s when I mowed my lawn. Could the blaze be a weed burner? Sub

      • Poor Chevy’s……
        Weed burner?, I believe Sitting Bull had one and now Forrest owns it. : )

    • I was going to come up with something for rednecks, but then I got to thinking… rednecks get a bad rap. All the stereotypes portray them as simple, or stupid. I honestly think it’s going to be someone with a few redneck qualities who finds the treasure chest. People come on here and try to sound so smart, and try to out-clever everyone else. They’re forgetting one thing: You’re not the fox in this thing. You’re the hound. It doesn’t take super-intelligence to pick up the scent.

        • If you were a Redneck – You would have said, “I ARE a Redneck”, not “I’m a Redneck” Just kidding you – JDA

          • LOL. Okay, I was joking about being directly a Redneck. I’m more like a second-generation, educated one. Sorry!

          • A redneck decides to go hunting and grabs his gun and says, “Come on Jack, let’s go find some gold in them thar hills in Southern Montana.” He grabs the bottle of Jack Daniels on his way out and then tells his dog, “Okay, you can come too. Maybe I can get me an elk for supper and you can find the treasure for us to pawn to get back home.”

            I hope you don’t think I’m terrible. I couldn’t find the treasure and now I’m bored and enjoying Dal’s blog.

          • Ya’ll are all goofy 🙂 !!

            Texanism: I kin pile it deeper and higher then any a ya’ll cuz I’m the best seeker 🙂 there ever wuz. An I gots the biggest “hat”!!!

      • Redneckism: I’ll git it when I’m good and ready, right now I have everything I need and the Nascar race is on. lol….

    • I went to Provincetown Ma. to see the display of finds when they first went public with them…a treasure hunters dream ! I first read the backstory in Readers Digest about Clifford and his early quest to find the “Whydah”. The display is no longer there as the finds have outgrown the wharf space they used back then…Great story!

    • Row, row, row your boat
      Oh, sorry dal, that’s your song not mine!
      My bad.
      Just feeling silly this morning!

  6. All “warm waters” halt at death. Pretty simple… The poem is about people, not places. There is no imagination places….

    That’s just my two cents, no less, no more… 🙂

    • ♦ Q: Did the same 9 clues exist when you were a kid and to your estimation will they still exist in 100 years and 1000 years? “The clues did not exist when I was a kid but most of the “places” the clues refer to did.

      • Great Catch! I agree the end result is a “place” but there is a step in between. Remember you have a “hint” of riches new and old in the poem…

        Is that the first clue that Forrest says we need to dwell on? Do you have that one nailed down?

        • That’s a hint (re: hint of riches new and old)pretty obvious to me now, but had me perplexed for a while. : )

      • KD , Mike…
        Take a second, and combine your thoughts.
        If we want to be technical, warm is of a touch. The body is 98 degrees… it really the only temperature that would be considered warm to the human touch… with no real guessing of water[s].
        I don’t agree with Mike that the clues are all “people not places” but the dead do have places.

        • Seeker, I gave up on wwwh and skipped ahead to where the clues were supposed to get easier and ; ).

        • Seeker,

          Eric Sloane is mentioned several times in TTOTC and was Forrest’s best friend… His real name is Everard Jean Hinrichs.

          Richard Wetherill was also mentioned in the TTOTC too. In fact, Forrest spelled his name wrong. Is that a hint? No its a slap in the face. Wetherill was a maverick just like Fenn and has ties to Mesa Verde. He was also responsible for finding and putting together the bracelet, which is the only thing Forrest wants back….

          So I submit to you…

          A hint of Riches new (Hinrich) and old (Richard W.) is the Answer to the first clue.

          The poem is about people…..

          No need to look up crazy definitions in a dictionary… Forrest never said go buy yourself a great dictionary…

          All you need is TTOTC, the poem and a good map…

          Give me a better answer to the First Clue and our discussions might have some value…

          • Mike—That’s really good.

            Hint of riches— Heinrich’s.

            And “ever drawing”– Everard.

            Interesting indeed.

          • HINtRICHeS, I got it MiKe ~ and maybe 1000 others over the years.

            You said; “The poem is about people…..
            No need to look up crazy definitions in a dictionary… Forrest never said go buy yourself a great dictionary…”

            Nope, Your 100% correct…fenn never said go buy a great dictionary.

            What he did say is;
            “I worked on it on and off for 15 years, Richard…I looked up words and definition of words and change them, went back and rebooted… it turned out exactly like I wanted.”
            “Dear Mr. Fenn,
            The definitions of words seem to interest you. What dictionary, and year of dictionary, do you use for looking up words? ~ wordsmith

            Interesting that you would ask that Mr./Mz Wordsmith.
            I don’t use dictionaries anymore. I just type the word in Google for a faster response. It’s fun to make up words and play with different spellings. When someone calls me out after noticing the corruption of a word I use, I just smile, especially when I say something that in my mind is correct but in an academic sense it’s a horrible malfunction.”
            Q ~ Does somebody nee to read your book to find the treasure or all the clues exist within the poem?
            A ~ They don’t need to read my book, the need to read the poem. The book will help, but the can find the treasure if they can decipher the clues that are in the poem.
            “The poem in my book is something that I changed over and over again. When you read the poem it looks like just simple words there. But I guarantee you that I worked on that. I felt like an architect drawing that poem.”

            Yeah, your right Mike, don’t worry about looking up crazy definitions… nothing there will help. We might as well not listen to anything fenn says.

          • Seeker- great job on defending your position! I like your analysis and comprehensive knowledge of the Chase.

            I didn’t catch your answer to the first clue, which you may not be willing to share.

          • Mike,
            First, let me repeat something I have said in the past. I read the poem in several ways. So why I have a discussion about any part or whole of the poem… please keep in mind it could relate to anyone of those readings. Your post gave me thought on one of those readings.
            OK. in one reading I can see people as clue[s]. I’m not sure if Sloane is involved, but it could make sense.
            I can read the poem as burial ceremony of sorts. A description if you will. The body tempt. halts a 98 upon death, canyon down is the hole, NFBTFTW one foot in the grave, hoB below the surface. etc. etc. If you’re interested in the rest i’ll explain, but to save time… the clues brings you to some kind of marker in the above ‘description’, and the remaining clue are use on site the tell exactly where the chest ‘lays in wait’.
            Examples of meaning and usages of words.
            Canyon- shear sides lower level
            Creek-narrow passage
            HLAWH- ton of dirt and tears of sorrow above.
            If you’ve been wise and found the blaze/marker the solution is found…In this theory, Botg is required to find the information, but not stomping a point to point trail…
            Have you noticed that many word usages in the poem relate to death?
            halt – as in warm waters, body.
            canyon down
            no place for the meek
            end is nigh
            go in peace
            must go
            tired and weak
            cold- dead cold
            in the wood- coffin

            In conclusion, I don’t have any answers to the clue, however, I have a few possibilities in different readings of the poem… this is, in-part, one of those.

          • Thanks Seeker! I like the burial theme. I agree that Forrest’s final resting place is along that context.

          • Mike don’t get me wrong… I don’t think the chest is at the blaze nor fenn’s final resting place… the information for finalizing everything might be… the chest may be hundreds of feet away.
            The poem hold the information that will lead you to the chest, in this theory some of that information might be on site, but useless without the poem. So the poem is true to having all the information. it’s how we use that information is important to know beforehand.

            Again, just a theory… just like everyone else has theirs… I’m not in the two hundred foot club or the first two clues groupies. I’m simply thinking.

          • Hooray Mike…..

            Finally, someone agrees that this is all about people. How do you find the people? Well, that is where you start. Sloane and Weatherill are not part of it IMO. They are close but do not fit the criteria outlined by FF.

          • Inthechase,
            Yep, this chase is about people and they are not alive except for Forrest IMO. I’m not sure your people are my people so can you get your people to get with my people so we can figure this thing out. Bur

            By the way Inthechase welcome back.

    • Thanks Sparrow! Remember you need to “nail” down that first clue. Sloane would make the frames to his pictures with actual wood, thus nailing them down.

      People aren’t “dwelling” long enough on the first clue… Sloane and Richard both have ties to cliff dwellers…

      I know people have come within 200 feet of that treasure but have walked on (past that cliff dwelling)….

  7. The mesa verde “Grand palace” (poss. folly clue) was spoken of as the Brown Palace early on . As well as too far to walk. Water high and fire was there as well. imo

  8. I’ve been thinking about f’s stories about his father as a fisherman. How he would single out a specific fish to catch and how it was a joke that the fish would just give up and jump right in the boat. And how they don’t make fisherman like that anymore. Well I’m not so sure that that statement is correct!
    I was also thinking about catching fish and thinking of all the ways to do so. Did you know it’s possible to catch a fish by “tickling” it? It’s an art form and most people can’t do it!

  9. Maybe there’s an old savings bond book in the BB, and that’s how F would know if someone found it when they checked it. Anyone think so? Would you be able to resist checking?

  10. Here’s how Forrest knows if someone is getting close or not.

    Old woman in Wyoming on phone: “He—llo Forr—-est! It’s Mabel here. I’m callin’ you ’cause one ‘a them dang searchers is gettin’ awful close to that “area” you told me to keep my eye on fer ya. One of ’em got prolly close to 200 feet from the dang place. I’ll call ya back if they gets any closer”.

  11. When do we truley know how to walk/proceed with confidence?…..9 clues? 10, 11, 12 does it really matter? or is it more important in the end, per T.S. Elliot: (1st Stanza may be more relevant than, I thought)

    We shall not cease from our exploration
    And at the end of all our exploring
    Will be to arrive where we started
    And know the place for the first time


    Maybe…just maybe.. we should all consider kneeling before starey sky’s..


    • Thanks for share that Joad,
      That’s one of my favorite movies i have watched it more times then a could count, I also like his other movie National treasure.

      I will Kneeling before a starey sky

  12. I have been contemplating the idea that some searcher,or searchers have been to the right spot with her, his,or their hunches,and since they did not know what they were looking for they did not find the chest.A hunch,I believe, will take you to the right place but will not let you retrieve the chest because there is not some kind of certainty beforehand. And just because the searcher has a hunch it does not mean they are wrong either. A person with the right hunch will take her, or him to the second clue but with uncertainty,and that’s why they cannot decipher the third clue.This is my opinion.RC.

    • RC;

      SPECIFICS!! What is the 1st, 2nd and 3rd clue. Anyone can talk about something as nebulous as the 1st clue, the 2nd clue or the 3rd clue. Why not be specific? It is easy to say, In my opinion, the first clue is all of stanza #1, and Clue #2 is the first three lines of stanza #2, and, “Put in below the hoB” is the third clue.

      You say, “A person with the right hunch will take her, or him to the second clue but with uncertainty,and that’s why they cannot decipher the third clue.”

      To many, this sentence could mean, “…her, or him to the Canyon Down but with uncertainty, and that’s why they can not decipher “Not far, but too far to walk”….
      Assuming that they think that “Begin it wwwh” = Clue #1

      When MAYBE you mean that they can not decipher “Put in below the home of Brown” as clue #3. It is VERY unclear what you are saying. You MAY have a great point, but because you are unclear in your presentation, it leads to LOTS of ambiguity.

      What EXACTLY are you trying to say. Once I know this, I may, or I may not agree with you – As is, how can anyone have a conversation about such a nebulous statement on your part? Just ankin’ JDA

      • JD- The reason no specifics are given is that if somebody told you the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd clue you’d be able to go to the chest. RC is a liitle off in thinking only 1 clue at a time needs to be solved by botg, and by being at clue #1 do you discover clue #2, and so on. At what point in the poem does a hunch become certainty? The poem is very clear on what you need to do to solve it. Found the blaze to me means that you will already know what it is and its meaning. You are very correct that there is much more to solve after that, and i thought you were a little crazy roping off in one of your searches, until i found that you were justified by the poem. I think i know where the string may have went. I’ve tossed out my old solve as this new one will make you say why didn’t i think of that!! This is IMO of course.

        • My point to RC was Just saying get clue #1 correct says NOTHING unless you say what clue #1 is – otherwise you are just blowing smoke up someones butt. JDA

          • I agree that 1st clue correct is nothing and you may easily go astray. I believe clues start at begin and the 1st stanza isnt a clue but rather a preface to the poem, just like ttotc. Where forest cautions to not read any farther; just like the poem if you dont understand the preface, you will go right past the other clues. One important rant is that the treasures bold isnt the contents of the chest, but rather the memories of life. One reason forrest thanked decall on his solve: the memories!

        • John edo ~ ” The poem is very clear on what you need to do to solve it.” [LOL, no offense, but it kills me when a searcher states something like that.]

          ~”…1st clue correct is nothing and you may easily go astray.”
          I’m a little confused on how you can come to this conclusion, John?
          Fenn has repeated the first clue as, the one to be nailed down, don’t leave home without it… for everything else, there’s MasterCard. [ you’re wasting your money ].

          You also stated; ~ “1st stanza isnt a clue but rather a preface to the poem, just like ttotc. Where forest cautions to not read any farther; just like the poem if you dont understand the preface, you will go right past the other clues.”

          ‘You’ll go right past the other clues if you don’t understand the first Stanza’
          Isn’t that a clue in itself? Another words, if the poem was only stanzas 2, 3 and 4… would, in your mind, the poem still be solvable without stanza 1?

          I think what readers of the poem attempt to do is… see what they want as 9 specific clues and call most of the poem as fillers and preface etc. But as you said, without the first stanza [ poem’s preface ] you’ll go right past other clues… How do you break down vital information to an actual clues?

          It seems to me if stanza 1 is so vital, we need it to solve the poem /other clues… it is a clue itself, yes?

          We talk about clues, are told there’s 9 in the poem from fenn’s perspective, but dismiss what seems to be ‘vital to the solve,’ as a none clue… doesn’t that force us to look for 9 clues, when 8 might be the remaining amount of clues?

          Just trying to understand your thought process.

          • Seeker- thoughts go like this. Piem is blueprint fenn is architect. To understand the plan there’s always a scale, legend, and viewpoint. All those are in the first stanza. I dont look at them as a clue, but lines of poem work through them for solve. Therefore unsolvable without this info. Hence forest saying go back to start and nail down 1st clue. How else did searchers solve 1st 2 clues and go by the other 7? They were there by abberation, or by another route then what was specified in poem. I only referenced them as easy to solve above as the next set of clues fit for the canyon down, too far to walk, no place for meek. The end drawing; (nigh); confirms location and blaze from 1st stanza. The chest location from there is the biggest to overcome, and when there you will have to rethink everything and won’t be prepared for the next act of being brave. This view really makes sense of forrests comment there’s no subterfuge in sight. Had also seen another searcher with same ideas and sent him some of the info, and he was amazed. Hope this helps seeker. Just opinions of course!

          • Hey John,
            Let me start backwards here; the “Subterfuge” comment was involving the question of alternative / subtle message being relayed in the poem, other than taking one to the chest, getting folks out etc.. So, I’m not sure how you see the use of that comment/word related to your thoughts.

            As to the first stanza… what I’m getting from you is, it’s vital information but only used to help with solving the clues and not ‘one’ of the clues. [ if I read this correctly ]

            I can see that… but like I said / asked before… if it is vital / critical for solving the poem, how do we understand that from fenns point of view, its not really a clue? There should be something that gave you this thought as to no clue… other wise, like i said prior, would that force fit you to look for 9 clues instead of possibly eight.
            Just curious to what tweak the information as not being a clue.

            Piem, A mnemonic to aid in memorizing the digits of pi. { “special knowledge” ~ maybe,maybe.. not I sure, I don’t know, The only pi I know of is chocolate cream }.

            Don’t get me wrong, I have no clue what fenn calls a clue, because fenn calls everything a clue. [ my thoughts to why he does is simply, not to tell us how to distinguish between the two ~ in the poem~ that would be too much of an aid. Too helpful in solving the poem, and that, after-all, is our job…]

            I’m not digging for answers, just a better understanding, because the thought is plausible… but I would need a real good reason / clarification ‘not’ to consider stanza 1 as a clue, if it hold any information to solving the poem. Simply because, without it you can’t get closer… the whole point to a clue.

          • *poem is blue print.sorry for typo. The subterfuge comment is a dual purpose hint. Im only speculating the first stanza isn’t a clue. As i think searchers have gone from wwwh and in canyon down, not far but too far to walk, as the 2 clues. Forrest, i believe wants you to see it fom his point of view…

          • Seeker & All,

            The one thing we must consider is; if in fact Forrest considers each sentence a clue (9 clues/sentences) which obviously the makes his consecutive and contiguous remarks make more sense, then one possibility we all must consider is that the “answers” to the 9 clues may not fall in the same consecutive and or contiguous manner that the 9 sentences do. So when Forrest says two, three and or four clues possibly “solved” he may not be referring to the actual sentence order in the poem, but instead the answers order.


        • I really have to disagree that stanza 1 is just a preface. Stanza 1 is packed with information in my opinion. There may be more than a clue there, there may actually be “clues” there. IMO of course.

  13. There was talk about mirrors somewhere recently…photography, mirrors etc. and Fenn seems to refer to that line of thinking every so often. One of his earlier references for those that are interested; September 2012 on Forrest’s site was his Bryan Joyce entry….Harvey Goodwin.

  14. First paragraph is the vicinity of the location.
    The last paragraph is the true location within the first paragraph..
    The nine clues get you there to the first paragraph.
    But one must find the blaze within the first paragraph s location


      • Jake
        First paragraph is the room.
        Last paragraph is approx location in the room.
        When one has found the blaze you have the chest.
        When FF hid the chest, he went directly to his spot and bypassed the nine clues.

        • MM: “When FF hid the chest, he went directly to his spot and bypassed the nine clues.”

          I agree with you on this 88.9% MM.
          I also think when he went to hide the chest he did not have to go to each clue because he knew where to hide the chest below the blaze.

          • JF, MM,

            Ya both sound very convinced on how the poem is laid out. I’m wondering, after reading the book / poem for the first or first few time… what did you do? [ in-regards to attempting to solve the poem ].

          • Seeker,
            You know my thoughts on how I think the poem is laid out & there is only one person who can change my mind.

            I know I have said this before & will repeat it again to give you an idea of my perspective.

            When I first heard/saw the chase, seeing F on the Today show, I Googled it & found the poem. So I had no books just the poem & internet which I was more focused on the poem.

            When I read the poem & studied it, my first thought of BIWWWH was YNP & now about a year & a half later I see there are also many others that have/had thought this.

            I know you have been asking the Q about how the poem must contain the information to get us into the right area, physical or not. Information.

            Now, when I read more of the poem, I though “the canyon down” was The Grand Canyon but what I learned later snuffed this out.

            You can call it a hunch but I prefer to call it an educated guess & if we took a poll of all the people who read the poem first & nothing else I would suspect that YNP would be on the top.

          • That’s funny Jake, Yellowstone never crossed my mind. After I read the book I couldn’t imagine Yellowstone to be WWWH, where’s the imagination in that. IMO of course.

          • Did you read the poem or book 1st?
            I’m assuming most have read the poem 1st without knowing he loved Yellowstone.

            When you read the poem, what area did you think was WWWH?

          • Jake,
            I read the poem first, like most.
            When I read BWWWH, I thought, oh crap, that could be a hundred different places, I better get the book.

          • Hi Jake ,

            I read the poem first for months. IMO
            I have always believed the information is in the poem – if you recognize it.My wwh is not the same as most – because I feel the first clue is in the first stanza. I like to think I have figured out how to see them in the poem . But to translate them are a bit harder in my opinion .
            There are 9 sentences. Seems pretty straight forward to me there.
            Do I believe the book TTOTC ? No only 15% maybe . I know what a memoir is so I can limit some of the noise of thought I call it.
            There is one other thing also –
            Google was not invented until what like 1996? So internet was extremely limited in those days.
            Lots of questions need to be answered in a sense I think while you figure the poem out. Just my op though .

          • Mr.D,
            It sounds as though you worked on the structure of the poem 1st to notice the 9 sentences. You & JDA will get along fine.

            I was just wondering if you had an area in mind for WWWH when you 1st read the poem?

            I’m sure some wanted to do some research before coming to a conclusion but I would think most would visualize a place that resembles WWWH in there mind when they 1st read it.

            Why would you believe only 15% of his book?

          • Ok, Jake,
            I did basically the same… heard of the chase, found the poem on line, read it over thinking, and lets face it during this beginning stage many different scenarios pop into are heads.
            Although you didn’t mention when you picked up a map [ doesn’t matter what kind ] I’m sure at one point you did. Or where and what you researched. you had to do something after reading/and laid out the poem.

            It has been fun for me to watch the transitions of posters as fenn makes comment… prior to GE and/or a good map… not much was talked about maps. I think it would have been common sense to do so. Now, since the comment many think a map, a certain map, the right map has/holds the answers to what we need.

            I can say the same for book ~ while helpful and common sense dictates it’s a piece of informative information simply because the author and the poem within was provided us with them… we tend to thing it’s vital… just like a map. Then of course we have the SB’s and Minerva has to be a major clue or fenn mentions trees in the area and that then we have a 42lb chest hanging from a tree. etc.

            You said; “Now, when I read more of the poem, I though “the canyon down” was The Grand Canyon but what I learned later snuffed this out.”
            { ps. your poll idea has already been done… most ~ at the time of the survey, early 2013 ~ were in NM. Who’d of thunkit }

            But back to the canyon down. Do you read the way you do only because you read canyon to be an actual canyon and then down must be below or lower for traveling?

            You said you won’t change your mind on how you read he poem unless somehow fenn does that… but have you even consider it? Fenn’s not going to magically pop and say… folks you’re doing it wrong.
            { although, he did say, many don’t see it the way he does }

            Example of a slighly different reading; WWWH being naturally permanent [ as close to permanent as anything can be ], a glacier for one. Does that not fundamental agree with the poem ~ wwh, and after the fact comment… there are many wwwh? IF SO, is canyon down an actual place we must travel, Or can it be what the action of what the glacier is doing… And “take” it in “the canyon down”… creating the canyon. [ even if the lower level is in a northern direction.] We both know the story of fenn waking ‘down’ to the cemetery that was north of his house. { this story, imo, is a could be what a “subtle hint” refers to }
            Which brings me back to, how we read the poem, what kinds’ of maps we look at, how we sniff out hints in the book…
            But if all we see abd do is one reading possibility, get stuck looking at maps for answers, reread the book with one mind set look for that type of hint or even forcing the thought. IMO, that is in no way use of imagination nor brings out the thought of, “what took me so long”

            So this is a call out… who looks at the “poem” differently? Alien Egg theorist need not apply.

          • Seeker,
            I was looking through the hundred+ bookmarks I have saved since the beginning & the 1st one was F’s website & the 2nd was this:
            Yes, a map that is not too accurate but I felt as though WWWH was the hot springs in YNP which at the time I thought was in California.

            I had no idea of F living in NM at the time, so I didn’t have that info or any other info to lead me there like others.

            Did not have any info about needing a map just going by seeing a partial interview & then finding the poem & reading it several times & thinking about what warm waters are.

            I eventually pulled up Google Maps To look along side the Hot Springs map.

            I remember learning about the 4 states & trusted this info & began searching for hot/warm springs from the north in Montana moving my way south through all the states to see the clustering of hot springs & to see if they would show on GM’s & came to a conclusion YNP is where warm waters halt. This process took a few weeks until TFTW showed up in my mail.

            Yes, I think the canyon down is just a canyon going down in elevation.

            When I read TFTW, I was happy to see West Yellowstone mentioned & gave me hope I was on the right path.

            Yes, I ignored the rest of your comment, I have a short attention span & glaciers do move & melt.

          • Seeker;

            You ask, “Who looks at the poem differently”? The answer is that we all, each and every one of us , looks at the poem differently. No two of us look at the poem in exactly the same way, since each and every one of us has had a life separate and different than the person standing next to us. We each bring our own prejudices and biases to the table. Thank gosh, I do not look at the poem the same way that you do, and you will say the same…Thank gosh I don’t look at the poem the same way that JDA or Jake looks at the poem.


          • Q. Seeker,
            Out of curiosity how long ago was it you heard of the chase, if you don’t mind me asking?
            Your reply to Jake, “I did basically the same… heard of the chase, found the poem on line”
            Very early in my chase, even before the book arrived (backordered) I was pouring over GE, hashing through fenn’s website.
            At one point I believed there were clues hiding in the Panoramio photos in the YNP vicinity…I think it’s tragic that Panoramio is closing down

          • JDA,
            Not true… your names and places may change, but your methods are almost exact. I don’t care if you’re looking in MT and John Doe is looking in NM… the method of execution and similar reading are the same. Basically you have to stomp out clues only, to retrieve the chest.

            I will give this as an example; “If you’ve been wise and found the blaze, look quickly down, your quest to cease, but tarry scant with marvel gaze, just take the chest and go in peace”
            Where a different reading / perspective / understanding / analogy… might see the stanza as;
            Look quickly down, but tarry scant wit marvel gaze; to mean, linger a short amount time to look, to see what there is needing to be seen, for your quest to be finalized/cease.

            Some will say this is “messing with the poem” I say it’s understanding what is being read. Some would say this is the end of our stomping out the clues, where I might see it as “where we actually begin”

            Some may say [ actually many ] that we need to travel from wwwh, into, through, around a canyon and unknown distance, travel to a place not for the meek, look for heavy loads and water high.
            I could say, sure WWWH might be the beginning, but all the other clue reference don’t need traveling to… ruling out stomping out clue after clue. It might be all the remaining clues are wwwh.

            So here’s my point; The poem may seem to be saying, go here then go there, keep going until you get to here etc. but that leave so many points on any map that needs looking into… heck even thousand of possibilities just to get started nevertheless dozens of possibilities at each and every location.

            I, on the other hand have about 5 or 6 different readings / interpretations with no need for many searches in the same location hoping to find a clue, no need for stomping out or forcing a place to work, just because I think I have to be at a location to find a clue.

            So, I’m looking for conversations that have a different line of thinking other than the poem being only done by a stomping method.

            You said ~ “We each bring our own prejudices and biases to the table.”

            I say, exactly my point. We read the poem has what we hope it to be, because it simply seems to be that. That is not analyzing, thinking of those WhatIFs fenn pointed out as a suggestion.
            Reading the clues to be simply a sight seeing tour. Many dismiss the possibility that WWWH could relate to all liquid waters[s] because they can find a starting point for wwh in that theory… because they force the poem to have clues matching point that must be stomped out.

            Why can’t the poem explain what is needed to be known and just go to where the chest is?
            Yet that is exactly what is being done… folks all over every state, at lakes rivers, canyons walking the mountains, out in nature… seems to be the poem did exactly what fenn was hoping it would do. but is that the only way to solve the challenge presented?

          • Hey all,
            I put my rose colored glasses on this morning and the Poem has a different look to it. I can see that I have not been seeing it(the poem) in the right light….I’ll let y’all know what I find…

          • Seeker;

            You ramble on and on, and to me, say little, but let me start with your first paragraph. You say, “JDA,
            Not true… your names and places may change, but your methods are almost exact. I don’t care if you’re looking in MT and John Doe is looking in NM… the method of execution and similar reading are the same. Basically you have to stomp out clues only, to retrieve the chest.

            “The method of execution and similar reading are the same.”

            Says who? Can you see inside of my mind and inside of John Doe’s mind? I think not. I will see the poem one way, and John will see it differently. You then say, ” Basically you have to stomp out clues only, to retrieve the chest.” Again who says that I have to stomp out clues ONLY, to retrieve the chest. I had almost the entire poem figured out before I put down my first step in Wyoming. You make it sound like I (or John Doe or anybody) have had to STOMP my(our) way across Wyoming, stopping at every line, looking for the next clue.. B.S. Why do you try so hard to say that my, and other searchers, way of looking at the poem is so wrong, when you NEVER offer up a way that is better. All you ever say is that we have to look at it differently.

            What EXACTLY is that DIFFERENT way Seeker? I have been listening for months, and I have yet to hear from you EXACTLY what that different way is.

            Nine Sentences = nine clues. This MAY be wrong, or it MAY be right. Nine lines = nine clues, this MAY be right, or it MAY be wrong.

            NO ONE KNOWS except Forrest, and he is not telling.

            You LOVE to quote Forrest. All well and good, but how about an original thought from you that we can quote for a change. That would be different.

            Many here respect you, and that is good. I respect the fact that you have accumulated a vast store of quotations from Forrest, and that you can access them very quickly. My hat is off to you for that.

            I HONOR abstract thinking. I think that the puzzle WILL be solved by someone that can think a bit differently than the masses, Call it abstract if that makes you happy. MANY on this blog believe in straight-forwards – logical, step-by-step thinking that places dots on a map, that they hope leads them to the chest. I am one of those.

            It certainly is not “Different”, but it is MY way of thinking, and that, in my humble opinion is not bad. I do NOT have to think in terms of an Ice Free Zone in order to be “Different” just for differences sake. I would rather be known as the guy who logically thought his way through the puzzle, and solved it, than the guy that felt that he had to “Think Differently” and will forever sit in his armchair saying, “Now why didn’t I think of that”. Just the opinion of an Old Geezer – JDA

          • JDA,
            I do know why you asked me a question to start with, and now I’m regretting I even tried to answer. If you can’t tell the difference between methods of reading the poem, anything I say will just fly over your head.

            JDA~”Can you see inside of my mind and inside of John Doe’s mind? I think not.”

            I don’t need to get inside your head… you have posted your thoughts and process of how you do your searching. And like many others… your system of stomping clues is only slightly different by; places your clues refer or why or how you get to each clue… apparently you can not understand how the poem could possibly place a searcher at one and only one spot, with all the clues referring to either that spot [ less then 500′ ] or all clues referring to why that one and only spot. Or any other method of reading the poem without have clues a searcher must travel between.

          • Seeker;

            Saying that all of the nine clues can be held within a 500′ area – Diameter, radius, whichever, is certainly plausible, and is a unique way of looking at the poem. Even if I accept the fact that you feel that all 9 clues are within this 500′ square, circle, rectangle or what-ever shaped area that you define, don’t you still have to move between these various points – even if you only move your eyes from spot to spot. Aren’t you still SLOGGING from one clue to the next?

            Let’s not argue whether stanza #1 is or is not a clue. Let’s just agree to skip it for the moment.

            So we, “Begin it where warm waters halt…” A definable point of some kind – agreed? – “And take it in the canyon down…” Even if it is only 10′ (rather small for a canyon, but OK – we (with our eyes) slog from wwwh to Canyon Down…”Not far, but too far to walk”
            OOps, how is 10′, 100′ or your max 500′ too far to walk? Sorry, I just can not see your logic. You will have to explain this one to me.

            Moving on, Put in below the hoB.

            Even if we travel your maximum distance of 500′, how can a wwwh spot, a (very small) canyon and a hoB all fit into your 500′ area? Not logical to me. Again, you will have to explain this one to me.

            “From there (Our very small hoB, on the edge of a VERY small Canyon, a very short distance from a wwwh) it’s no place for the meek…” From there” – implies moving some distance from hoB to this unknown place that is “no place for the meek.” We are running out of Real Estate fast aren’t we Seeker? And yet we have to GO (again an indication of having to travel) to the END – to a place where a paddle is not needed up a creek…wwwh, short canyon down, put in below hoB to “meek” place, to END, up another creek where a paddle is not needed – encounter heavy loads and water high (a waterfall, resavoir, lake, etc) to a blaze, to a tarry scant, to the chest – all within 500′ – WOW
            not sure that even Mighty Mouse,
            or even Mighty Gnat could fit all of that stuff in so small a space.

            I think that I have made my point, unless you can explain all of these apparent conflicts away, I am sorry, I just do not get it.

            It IS DIFFERENT I have to admit.

            Good luck to you Seeker. Hope that Santa sends you a microscope, or at least a pair of binoculars, so that you will be able to see all of these tiny “things” in such a small space.


          • Seeker;

            You just took the words out of my mouth. In a post to Jake, you said the following, “The one thing I do agree with you on and I have asked in the past is, just don’t “say” it… “explain” what you are saying.”

            I could not have said it better.
            just don’t “say” it… “explain” what you are saying.” JDA

          • JDA ~” Even if I accept the fact that you feel that all 9 clues are within this 500′ square, circle, rectangle or what-ever shaped area that you define, don’t you still have to move between these various points – even if you only move your eyes from spot to spot. Aren’t you still SLOGGING from one clue to the next?”

            Now that is a bit semantic in thought… I would have to “move my eye” LOL that’s not Stomping… that’s observation.

            How about; tarry scant with marvel gaze, which might imply to do just that, “Slogging” you mentioned.
            Might it be possible for a searcher to be at that spot with all the reference of the other clues working back to that spot from that vantage point? The spot being whatever the first clue or even the first two clues refers to. And again, no stomping out between clues ~ only from that specific spot, all the clues can be seen. But, the clues approaching that spot, rather than a searcher leaving that spot.

            In my last couple comment here… I have given small portions of possible different readings / interpretations. One being all the clues refer to one thing or very small spot. Another the clues are strictly seen from the correct, one and only vantage point and work backwards to that vantage point and where the chest might lay in wait, with no stomping between the clues.

            Everything fenn mentions about the first clues is of it’s importance, without that just say home and don’t waste your money…
            But when the first two clues comments came out, we seem to skip over all those “ignore the first clue” “don’t dwell enough on the first clue” “need to nail down the first clue” etc.
            Now many talk about the 3rd clue being the game changer. Maybe the reason is… the method of reading the poem.

            Seriously, have you ever taken the time to look at the poem to be anything else but stomping out 9 places on a map? If not, I don’t think this conversation will be constructive to you.

          • Seeker;

            You pose an interesting question. If I understand you correctly, you are saying that somehow, you arrive at “A” particular spot that we can call the “Tarry Scant” spot – probably somewhere near the Blaze. (Within 500′) From this “Tarry Scant” spot, we can look down valley, and see all of the other “spots” mentioned in the poem. Is that correct? How
            did you find all of these other spots? Did you find them on a map, although you have stated that no names or markings are needed on a map. Did you have to travel (somehow) from one point to another, or just identify them on your map with no names or titles on it? How did you arrive at the “Tarry Scant” spot – Helicopter?

            You must be very close to the top of a 10,200′ mountain to be able to see all of the defined locations on the map.

            If I may ask a personal question…If what you say is true, you must have stood on that high mountain top (Even though Forrest has said it is NOT on a mountain top) and looked down on all of the “spots” below you, and been able to identify them, or you can not say with certainty that they ALL can be seen. If you have stood there, where is the treasure? If you can not produce it, how can you say that you, and only you have found the only true way to read the poem? Can you please explain that to me.

            I am pretty dumb and stupid, so you will have to explain it to me in simple words.

            Thanks – JDA

          • theycallme9clues,
            Heard about the book from another, a short time prior to the airing on the Today Show. I found the poem on line, not sure where that was, but the first poem I worked with had mistakes in it. I got into another forum for a while, but it went to…. Anyways, It was to be a father son activity to start with… unfortunately we live a 1000 miles apart. He lost interest, he and his wife had just baby [ she did most of the work ], military, a jobs etc. So, all ya have left is me… arn’t ya lucky?
            To be honest I haven’t used GE for sometime now… I didn’t know about the closing on google. Maybe one day I’ll fill the truck and head to YS to see it in person. I never been there and still asking myself, why not?
            I’m not even talking about searching for the chest… just would like to go… I think the chest lays in wait somewhere else.

        • Montana—

          Do you literally mean a room? Or are you referring to an area? Just curious about your wording.

          • Sparrow
            No, it was an example. FF went into an area of some sort. Within that area is where the chest was hid.

  15. Jake
    Once one is at the correct location, He must find the blaze. It may not be in plain sight. Turn a log over, remove debris which is covering it. Etc. Etc.. one must be wise to find it.

    • MT. Marv,
      “Wise” is to mean, move things around because nature may have covered the ‘blaze’ with leaves, branches, debris etc etc.?
      So if a good wind comes up it might uncover the chest?

      I mean, I have had logs on my property for only a couple – three years and some virtually disappear from insects and/or round overnight burning logs 10″ across, turn to saw dust in the same time period…

      Personally I think wise has more to contribute to the solve than kicking a log.

      • “Personally I think wise has more to contribute to the solve than kicking a log.”

        LOL!! Seeker, you do have a way!!!! 🙂

  16. Seeker
    A lot of trial and error. I have been to the same site two times. First to get a lay of the land. Not knowing what I was looking for.The second to work and rework the poem. Ran out of time, but each time reworking the poem.
    One let’s their imagination run wild. Will try one more time. This time with a metal detector. Won’t have to dig as hard.
    I believe the poem is simple and direct.

  17. You know, I would like a better ‘thrill of the chase’ interface. I want a jazzed up, revamped HoD. Is it only Liberals who put forward unfunded mandates?
    I’m not a gamer, but who’s to say something like a TOTC video game wouldn’t take off? Not so much game- like fantasy, but something 3 dimensional, something intuitive like Google Earth, with a heck of a lot more buttons.

    There are several organized folks on here that have tallied, sorted, prioritized, spreadsheeted all of the important comments from Fenn. Gripes, you guys are like magicians always pulling rabbits out of hats. I spent so much time plotting pushpins on GE, that it sorta fouled up the .kml file.

    At the same time I know there’s at least 1 geeky programmer out there who could pull off something with more bells and whistles. I do appreciate all of the work Dal and Jenny put into their respective blogs, but Google and Apple have spoiled me (and others I suspect) with their glitz and animation. So how about a collaboration of sorts?

    Kind of like the way a google search returns pages from a book, with the phase itself highlighted in amongst the text. The idea is, it could be a stand-alone feature, an improved search engine, outside of the user comments, if that makes any sense. I know what Goofy might do with this suggestion, simply add a new header photo of a pony w/ the caption, ‘don’t look a gift horse in the mouth’

    Or someone could simply go the Amazon book route, throw something together and hock “Fenn’s 101 most important quotes”
    What did pT Barnum say? I mean folks will happily spend money to get a leg up.

    • Rats, now Zuckerberg’s people are going jump in and try to secure licensing rights from ff for a TOTC video game to prop up FB stock.

    • Let’s look at this from a programmer’s perspective. In programming, we have what we call a “minimal viable product” (MVP). There’s a road map of where we want to get to, of course, but we go through many iterations in the process. The further we get along the road map itself changes, and a few years into it the product may look nothing like what we originally envisioned. But we always start with the MVP. We ask ourselves, what is the least amount of features we can put into this thing to make it work, and what are the fewest things needed to sufficiently satisfy early users. Then we build from there. The rest of the road map is the result of user feedback.

      Imagine the Chase being that way. Forrest wrote a book, included a poem that is supposed to take you to the treasure, then he dropped a limited number of copies off at a local bookstore, and things took off from there. Over the years, blogs and forums grew, people asked a lot of questions, Forrest gave some cryptic answers, and there’s a ton of material out there, and here we are today.

      But the minimal viable product was, and always will be, the book and the poem. According to Forrest himself, this is sufficient for finding the treasure chest. It’s all you need. You can build more features on top of it. You can go through hundreds of iterations and revisions. But all you need is supposed to be right there, in version 1.0.

      So, let’s pretend that we’re rebuilding all of the web sites devoted to the Chase into a new product that will be everything users will need to solve the poem and find the treasure chest. As the developer, I’m agreeing to supplying the MVP. As the client, you agree to pay me $1,000. Thanks! Of course, all I’m going to outsource the development to Collective Works Bookstore and return to you a shiny shrinked-wrapped copy of The Thrill of the Chase.

      Enjoy! 🙂

      • JP, sorry I can’t seem to hold a thought long enough to fully explain it.
        Forget what I said about developing a gift for us pent-up searchers craving something new and improved, lets talk about Forrest & how he’s going to leverage a million dollar licensing deal so he can give all to charity.

        What do you think?
        Okay, Fenn may not like video games or virtual reality, so what’s wrong with an old fashioned Fenn-Inspired board game?
        It would be a fun way to teach folks the history of the West.
        Trivial Pursuit Fenn edition? It could be educational,
        ie, how do you spell Canasta?
        I bet you anything merchandisers are beating down Fenn’s door.
        If somebody came up with a very simple $9 ‘Thrill of the chase’ game (think Candy Crush) don’t you think everyone on here would rather spend time playing a child friendly game or sit around and trash JDA, Jake, ANoN, me etc ???

  18. Dal
    I am just referring to FF first two lines.
    As I have gone alone in there, and with my treasure bold.
    FF went into some sort of area with his treasure. The blaze is within that area, as is to brave the cold, and being in the wood of the last paragraph.
    The nine clues bring someone to his location.

    • Marv,

      You may be quite correct in that assumption.

      But, as Dal pointed out, that is still just “your” opinion! IMO

      (best to use IMO when you use words in that manner 🙂 )

      • Manners? I have manners, there low, but I have them.
        Oh, and again thanks for taking the time to look for that video… I should keep better records, but I don’t. I just simply rely on my brain for information… so thanks again, Larry.

    • “As I have gone alone in there”

      “If you are brave and in the wood”

      It does seem logical that “in there” = “the wood” and the best definition for “in the wood” is probably IMO a stand of trees.

      SB 61:

      “It seems logical to me that a deep thinking treasure searcher could use logic to determine an important clue to the location of the treasure. Is someone doing that now and I don’t know it? It’s not what they say on the blogs that may be significant, it’s what they whisper. f

    • Read the blogs for entertainment, and the poem like you were going to put an X on a map.
      Beyond that I am not compelled to replicate.

        • Why did he say an X? That is singular, just one.

          Should not the X be replicated several times, perhaps up to 9 times, if one is marking where the answers to the clues are??

          Why does he think one X is all that is required? Do all the clues identify “1” place? 🙂

          • C’mon Loco… 1 place? don’t you know we have to hop skip and jump, travel by tour bus, rent a car, paddle up stream, mount a mule and hang glide into a canyon. lol. It’s a joke!!!… mostly.

            Here’s a thought about 1 place. WhatIF, the remaining clues are used to decipher what is at that location [ spot ] Information there, is used to understand the clues in the poem. or visa versa. clues in the poem explain the information there… I lean toward the latter

            It might answer all the thoughts of; ‘the poem has all the information’ [ without the poem the place means nothing, line of thinking ]. Why folks walked/went pass the other clues and the chest. ‘You won’t know for sure you have the first clue until the chest is retrieved.’ ‘Why it seem we can’t get ‘closer’ then first two clues’ with the poem and the other things mentioned.

            I have another thought, but I keeping that one for myself.

          • If the first two clues are all that can, as some think, be solved with the good map, and the other seven clues must be solved in the field; then what is the X on the map for??

            According to some, none of the remaining seven clues can be found on a map and/or GE!!!

            Is he implying that you read the Poem and put an X where the first two clues are?

            Or, is he saying that one should read the Poem, decipher it and place an X on the map where the treasure is, before going to the field? That seems only logical to me.

            Again, if none of the final 7 clues can be found on a map, what the heck good is it, you couldn’t put an X on it for any of those 7 clues> 🙂

          • Loco,
            I’m still going with ‘certainty beforehand’
            Yet even with that thought in mind there seems to be something overlooked. Put an X on a map idea for me is the treasure… how else can searchers be on location, at all the clues, and can not get ‘closer’ than the first two clues w/ the poem.

            imo it almost rules out the stomping method.
            The only other options I can think of is; ‘information’ needed in the field [ not so much for directional purpose, more as, it is critical to know in combination with the poem Or there is vital information in the book. But that kinda throws off the “all the information you need to find the chest is in the poem” comment.

            lol, back to, what the heck is that “important possibility” and /or nailing down the first clue has more involved the just deciphering.

          • Nov. 2, 2015 – “Some may have solved the first four clues, but I am not certain.”

            Aug. 2, 2016 – Q: If in 500 years all a person has is the poem, and no back story: they don’t know “in the rocky mountains north of santa fe” or that there are 9 clues etc. Could a person reasonably just use the words in the poem and find your treasure chest? – Thank you ~Nope

            A: “Thank you Nope. Nope. f”


            Forgetting about those who have solved the first two clues and went past the other 7 clues and/or the treasure……forgetting about those possibly within 200’ foot or 500’ foot…..I have a question?

            If someone possibly broke the barrier between the first two clues and the remaining seven, as evidenced by the 2015 comment, how did they accomplish this feat?

            They apparently have the poem, backstory and access to all research media that Fenn has said is good.

            They have all the information , otherwise they could not have advanced to where they are possibly at.


            If, as some state, clues 3 thru 9 can only be solved in the field with information gleaned from the poem, the book or any other source……EXCEPT A MAP(remember, as some state, clues 3 thru 9 are not found on any map and must be solved in the field), then what is that searchers problem??

            What is keeping that searcher from solving clues five through seven?…….if they are onsite and have info required to solve the first four clues????

            Why, with being “on-site” and possibly having solved four clues, can they not “see” the remaining five???

            Is it possible they are not “in-the-field” at all and are using the other good resource that Fenn recommended…….A GOOD MAP???

            Yeah, I know…….loco 🙂

          • Loco, f being uncertain if they solved 4 clues is the problem. The only thing I can think of is that someone was in the area, snapped a picture of something, and sent it to f.
            That person may have had a different search area all together. But that picture, without knowing truly what it was, may have been the 4th clue. And, f seeing that pic knowing it’s the 4th clue, may be uncertain if the searcher really knew what they had. Especially if they didn’t mention the first 3 clues and how they arrived at them. That searcher may have no idea, or, have worked it out and knows they have at least 4 clues. That comment would sure make it easier on them.
            I think the walked/went by the other 7 comment was more geared for anyone thinking the sun was a clue. As the blaze or whatever. Sense you couldn’t walk or go past that. I just remember around that time some were commenting on the sun as the blaze, but may be nothing.

          • Now we’re talking Loco.
            What is it that the question didn’t have? Call it what you will, I call the intro to the poem ~ ” So I wrote a poem [ all have that ] containing 9 clues [ removed ] that if followed precisely [ Question, not told of ] will lead to my rainbow [ never mentioned in any question I can recall ] and the treasure.”

            The most logical explanation is, we need this information to know what the poem is about. Oh sure, WE know what it is about, but would Little Indy with only the poem and a map? or her distant relative with just the poem, nothing else?

            As to the 4 possible first clues… fenn mentioned this for a reason, what that reason is I don’t know… but he seems clear the one[s] who spoke of them ‘might not know’ for a fact that they got them correct… maybe just idol chatter on a blog or and e-mail that wasn’t clear enough. Still we [ the searchers ] don’t know either way if it was from interpretation only, of actual BOTG.

            Heck, it’s the same with the first two clues, and they didn’t know either.

            Which brings us back to why they don’t know… welcome to my world, this one has be befungled. If I had to guess with nothing really to back it up… Why is rainbow to be found before the treasure???
            and IF that was a major player, something fenn deliberately put there for us to read… is it the word that is key? So no matter how many clues can be deciphered 2 or 4 or maybe even 8, is not know about rainbow the Achilles Heel?

            Ok have another thought [ big surprise there, huh! ] Just being on site and even deciphering 4 clues may not be enough, because we need to “plan”… I’ll stop there.

          • Going to add this;
            “I’m not flippant about this. It’s not something somebody is going to be able to do on spring break or a Sunday afternoon picnic. I’m looking a hundred years down the road, maybe a thousand years down the road. People don’t understand that.”

            Why not? over a spring break period or a single day… or is it we need to know when the clues will only work by following them.

            IF repeat IF you ‘know’ where the chest is you can probably retrieve it in any weather… IF you KNOW… how do we know if not having the poem understood “beforehand” ?!?

          • Seeker / Loco – I am not going to try wading too deeply into what this conversation has covered. I will throw in f’s statement from Jenny’s website last Friday though.

            Hopefully, finding the treasure will offset many days of disappointment.

            Yeah, finding it would erase the disappointment alright, but what about the many days part?

            What constitutes a day of disappointment? I can’t convince myself that a day of disappointment is one spent thinking and trying to figure out the solution while sitting at home. As of now, I lean towards a day of dissapointment largely as a day spent with botg and coming up empty.

            Just another thing I am thinking about and the implications it adds to your discussion today.

          • That’s great JCM, only this isn’t about disappointment as much as analyzing information and attempting to fill in the missing pieces.
            Personally I can’t be disappointment about anything I never had in the first place. Disappointment for me it’s the lack of effort for reasonable outcome.

      • Loco, you got me thinking… that comment about the X on the map does not seem so straightforward to me now, even though I spent a couple of months working on that ‘X’ a while back. I had some mad scribbles…:-)

        • OZ,
          In my solve the x was fairly straightforward. But I had to think like a child and use imagination at that particulat juncture AND it only worked once I had solved the poem before that point. It would be nearly impossible to figure it out if you hadn’t figured out what the poem was saying before that point.

          • WYgirl, I would imagine that if you have solved the poem then all you need is one X in the map and you will go there and get it, sure. I’m working on it. 🙂

            But, are you saying that you only needed one X (one mark) and all the clues took you there from the first clue to the last? ff said ‘the clues didn’t exist but most of the places (plural) the clues refer to did’. Now to me that sounds more than 2 places you could identify on a map at least. In other words, more than one x mark to start.

      • After further review, I would have to think the X on a map (poem), would have to relate to the starting point considering if we do not have that, we have nothing.

        I don’t think it’s where the treasure is because I don’t think you can solve all the clues in the poem unless you have BOTG at some point.

        One thing I can get out of this statement is that the poem is a map.

        • I have to disagree with you again Jake.
          I think BOTG is very helpful to a searcher because you can get a feel for the area that you can’t get from GE and maps but I think the whole puzzle CAN be solved without BOTG until of course you go to retrieve the chest. This method is difficult but doable.
          That being said I believe that if the puzzle is solved the way f intended that a BOTG IS needed at one point.
          I believe the poem is a puzzle and a much BIGGER puzzle than we all thought at the beginning. IMO once you solve the whole thing you have a set of instructions that if followed precisely will ” Give you title to the gold”.

          • WY Girl,
            I am glad you don’t want to slap me across the face when we disagree. 😉

            I think the creek you should go up is findable on GE but “heavy loads” & “water high” may need to be seen in person & the blaze may be in the poem as a word but again, you need to be there to be sure IMO.

    • MM,

      It might not be FF, it might be the treasure chest speaking in Stanza 1. It is still gone, alone, in there, has its treasures bold, can keep its secret where, and the phrase treasure chest hints at riches new and old.

      The treasure chest is also cold, wet, might be in the wood, and can give you title to the gold.

  19. JDA on December 12, 2016 at 1:39 pm said:

    You just took the words out of my mouth. In a post to Jake, you said the following, “The one thing I do agree with you on and I have asked in the past is, just don’t “say” it… “explain” what you are saying.”

    I could not have said it better.
    just don’t “say” it… “explain” what you are saying.” JDA

    It seem JDA, unless I drawing you a pretty picture with my crayons and add dotted lines to follow, you won’t get it. There has been explanation of thoughts in my comments, many others understand them, even if they don’t agree.

    • Some day you just might learn something from this little child who you have to draw pictures for. Only time will tell Seeker.

      Some day you may have to face the reality that you are not the brightest star in the heavens. Just a thought. JDA

  20. All,
    Recent comments seem to be related to what I would refer to as a “meta-search”, a discussion about the framework within which to view the poem and the search for the 9 clues.
    For example, does the search involve an area as small as a warm spring (or a small glacier) and a few hundred feet of terrain, or might it involve an area as large as the entire continental divide?
    IMO, this is where the hints in the book (and perhaps other hints as well) are useful; IMO hints can help a lot in the recursive process of considering various possible solutions and rejecting those that are not the best fit for the clues.
    “Have flashlight, will travel”

    • Geoff,
      per your example question, and as you said ( and perhaps other hints as well )…*Your destination is small, but its location is huge… comment was relatively resent.

      Just curious, were your prior thoughts on hints in the book changed or influence by the above comment when it did come out?
      Lets face it… what is huge to me may not be what fenn meant by huge. With that said… as of recent I’m not thrilled with the term ‘search area’ This suggest that all the clues are within the area of the chest.. I’m not sure if we can narrow that down to such a small area yet.

      I say this n the attempt to discuss the point of your comment… “IMO hints can help a lot in the recursive process of considering various possible solutions and rejecting those that are not the best fit for the clues.”

      Can you explain how those hint lead you to either of your examples of small or large?
      I can see both, in all honestly [in the poem]… and I have seen indications in the book for both thoughts that work very well… I guess what I don’t see is, that overwhelming support for either.
      I mean, there should be something that kicks one out of the running, if the hints work as you suggested.

      • Seeker,
        An excellent question! As I review my list of hints, I also don’t see significant support for either a “small” search area, or a “huge” one. (And, of course, huge and small might mean different things to a bison, a human, or an ant.)
        The best suggestion I can make is to use hemibel estimates (which can be useful in a situation where knowledge of an environment is limited). For example, I might estimate values as follows:
        Far…100 miles.
        Not far, but too far to walk…30 miles.
        Not too far to walk…10 miles.
        (Other searchers might choose different values.)
        This doesn’t really answer the question, but at least provides a framework for hypotheses that can then be either supported or rejected.
        “Have flashlight, will travel”

        • I don’t think much of anything looks huge to a Bison… a two and 1/2 vehicle didn’t seem too intimating to it. Then again, an inch projectile might have felt like a mountain hit it.
          All about perspective.
          In this case though, I leaning to a huge area being the search area… search area meaning where the chest only, is known to be at this point in time to be waiting in wait. But that begs the question, is that area important to the clues in the poem. Basically it’s the RM’s and Canada Kaputski was an unintentional clue supposedly.

  21. I would like to whisper that i think most of the clues in the poem could refer to places on a map that are “too far to walk.” The use of “quickly down” could refer to when it’s not too far to walk.

    • KimC,

      You said it right “most places”. I will list ones that I believe you are able to see from a close view satillite image of the search area.

      WWWH- this is tricky because a lot people believe this is a hot spring, but I don’t, understand the meaning and yes the place can be seen on this image.
      Canyon down- yes, zoom in and you can see this trail.
      Nfbtftw- yes, you can see this distance from beginning to end.
      bthoB- another tricky one, if you understand Brown and do the research on how you can “put in” “below” then yes this too can be seen on this image.
      no place for the meek – to me this refers to the areas you’ll be traveling, areas not the average person would travel.
      end ever drawing nigh- yes, this follows in the distance part and the left “tangent” trail that is most definitely is- not for the meek.
      no paddle up you creek- nope, can’t see it in this image (very small), but it has a name.
      heavy loads- nope, blocked by tree canopy, need botg to identify.
      water high- yes, if you understand what water high is.
      blaze- nope, this takes a BOTG search in the TC resting area to identify it’s meaning.

      Well just some food for thought as far as info I have found for my search area. Am I right? Guess only Forrest will know. There is so much more that also points to this area and I have share some here and there, that’s why I keep whispering too KimC. Good luck, Bur

      • Bur ~”heavy loads- nope, blocked by tree canopy, need botg to identify.”
        GE is satellite pictures, and yes, has obstacles that block viewing… mainly trees. But wouldn’t a map of the location show what is needed? IF the only thing blocking the view is trees. Topo map, road map, waterway mapping, trail map, historical sight map, ghost town mapping, or whatever. I mean, if your certain about the area, certain about the clues you can see, wouldn’t you take the extra step to look at a map of that location/spot, before botg, just for added certainty.
        Then again, I’m not sure what it is your looking for in regards to that clue.

        • Seeker,
          Yes your right there are other maps and believe me I have investigated them too. But what I was talking about was just what can be seen in my search area with just a satillite view. By zooming in they can be very detailed with names of places, roads, buildings, rivers, creeks. trails ect… And yes one of those maps you suggested will help to possible figure out the “heavy loads” but that is not how I came across it. It was actually by accident that I did, I was in process of looking for something else as my heavy loads. My solve took me in a different direction in the same area but realized that maybe Forrest would have had a hard time getting to my final area so on my way back is when I came across a “tangent trail” off the beaten track and low and behold there was three solves- the creek, heavy loads, and water high all within 200′ of each other.

          Okay don’t ask why I don’t have the chest, but short answer was lack of time, had a 1 day window and anyone who has come from Florida to the mountains knows your body does not truly adjus in that time period so a full fledge search could not happen turned into just a recon mission and quite frankly I’m glad I had that time. So will I make it back out there, yes maybe in time but in no hurry, I don’t believe anyone will understand this area.

          So Seeker thanks for asking about all those maps, they have been studied on my part and yes found to be helpful. Bur

          • Bur,
            Fl. is a haul for searching. Next time you head out, I assume you travel TN.I-40, give a shout-out… the coffee coffee’s on me.

          • I live in FL now, lived in NJ and also MN. Always near sea level except when I was a scout in the Apalacians (sp?) as a kid.

            Been on four short trips in the Rockies, did not have any problems.

            I hope it can be solved from home, but I am on my 3rd attempt in three years, and at this time I highly doubt it can be. Can’t really say why though without giving too much away, then again it is just an opinion and everyone has one 😀

          • Seeker,
            I appreciate your offer but on all my searches I have flown out to mountains and rented a vehicle to travel to my destination. I have family out in my search state now and this is also why my time is limited, and also the better half is not into this chase like me so funds tend to go for other causes but I still manage to talk her into me solo traveling. One thing about me is I can sleep anywhere and don’t need four course meals. I’m a old backpacker and this started in my teens, so I’m comfortable in the wilderness.
            Seeker if your ever in Tampa the same goes for you, we can have coffee somewhere. Good luck getting your solve going in the right direction. Bur

  22. Does anyone remember if forrest said to take a flashlight or did he say don’t forget a flashlight

  23. IMO: If the poem takes us to a specific point where the treasure is located, we at least need a walkable line on the ground. Let’s say we identify a 1,000-ft-nearly-precise line to walk–even if it were a few miles long–we could search every possible hiding spot along that line (or use a metal detector if it’s buried) and very likely find it within a few hours if not minutes. There are geological features that form lines on the ground. So, as long as the poem takes us to a walkable line, it’s as good as X marks the spot. A searcher is the other mark to form an X on Fenn’s chosen line. Even in the end, it is still a hunt.

    One other thought: I think the poem is indeed very vague. However, if we identify the correct WWWH; the poem is overflowing with word clues that, through double entrendre, are directions on a map that lead to a specific line to walk. In this case, I certainly think a flashlight would help.

    • KimC,
      I agree with you and I think the concept of a travelable line also supports the architecture of the poem.
      At least that’s what I found in my solve.

    • KimC,
      Interesting post, and I hope you don’t mind if I twist some of your thoughts with rhetorical questions. You wrote:

      “IMO: If the poem takes us to a specific point where the treasure is located, we at least need a walkable line on the ground. ”

      What if the poem results in a “walkable line on the ground” instead of a “specific point”? Another way to look at it: Can we infer from the poem that a “walkable line” is required?

      You also wrote:
      “…we could search every possible hiding spot along that line…”

      What if we need to search ‘points of interest’ within 500′ (from Forrest’s 200’/500′ comments) of a walkable line?

      Just thinkin’ out loud. Food for thought, perhaps, but don’t forget the salt 🙂 .

      • Joe, good food for thought and no salt was needed! I think a walkable line is required to go straight to the treasure. If you have a small (like the 200-500 ft.) search area narrowed down, that too would make it very possible to find. A needle in The Rocky Mountain range of haystacks becomes a sword in one small pile of hay in someone’s backyard.

        If we know a line to walk, it would be as successful as X marks the spot. It seems to me that Mr. Fenn makes it sound like the poem takes you right to the treasure–as in precisely. A line with two endpoints would be required to lead one to the treasure with mathematical precision. If people have been within 200-500 feet of it, I’m thinking they were unaware of the precise treasure trail, or they would’ve walked the line.

        Could the poem communicate a line to be taken precisely there? Yes. It could also communicate a number of feet to walk into that line from a direction relative to another geological feature. Then, X would mark the spot. I think a poem of words, through a play on words, could take one to a designated line. For example; the implied line of a stream, valley, or shadow.

      • Joe;

        I take a slightly different view of your line, (Pun intended) “What if we need to search ‘points of interest’ within 500′ (from Forrest’s 200’/500′ comments) of a walkable line?”

        Since Forrest has said that people have been within 500′, and that people have been within 200′ of the treasure. How is this possible? It is possible if searchers have clearly communicated to Forrest where they were at various points in time. This spot, where they stood, has to be describable…A “Look-out” point, a “Trail Marker”, a bridge, a natural landmark etc.

        So, I tell Forrest that I was standing at the Trail Marker on trail #12345. Forrest knows where the treasure is hidden. He can not tell the world that “Someone” was within 500′ of the treasure.

        Someone (let’s say the same “someone”) tells Forrest that they also stood on a bridge at a particular location. Forrest can now say, “Someone” was within 200′ of the treasure.

        On a map, draw two circles with a radius’ of 500′ and 200′, and the Trail Marker sign on Trail #12345 as its center. Draw two more circles with the bridge as its center, with a radius’ of 200′. and 500′

        If you are in the correct location, two of these four circles will overlap. If they do, the treasure HAS to be within that overlap area.

        You have used lines – The four radius’, but you did not have to search every inch of these four lines, just the overlapped circles. THIS is where the treasure is – not along the “Lines”

        Just my perspective on a complex problem.


        • One typo – He can not tell the world that “Someone” was within 500′ of the treasure.

          Should have been NOW instead of noT.

          In looking for the “Overlapped circles, one MUST be a 500′ radius, and the other a 200′
          radius. Overlapping two 500′ circles does NOT count.

          Our searcher can not know for sure that Forrest was talking about him/her. Our searcher only knows that he/she has told Forrest that s/he has stood at these two spots. Our searcher can only HOPE that Forrest was talking about him/her…and draw the circles.

          Why four circles. Our searcher, when standing on the bridge, does not know if s/he was within the 200′ or the 500′ circle, and the same for the trail marker spot, thus the four circles.

          I hope that that is as clear as mud – JDA

        • JDA— I’ve always been curious if someone was actually within 200 feet BOTG. Forrest has stated that someone “told him where they were”–is it possible the person was sharing coordinates with Forrest? I’m just curious if Forrest said the people or person was BOTG or simply “told him” via e-mail where they intended to search?

          • I guess only Forrest knows. My reading is that someone – or multiple someones have been able to describe, to Forrest, actual places that they have stood – – –
            “Forrest, I was standing on the bridge that crosses over the “Big Fat” stream near “Verdant Meadows” – WOW what a sight.”

            That is how I interpret it. JDA

          • Why would someone have to be standing still within 200′?
            I would think someone may have emailed him or he probably just saw on the internet that someone or several searchers may have been hiking on a trail, which most are numbered & they were within 200′ without stopping.

            Possibly they were driving on a forest service rd & came within 200′ & kept going.

            The 500′ remark becomes irrelevant considering the 200′ statement.

            As some have mentioned before, you may have been driving on a paved road & came within 200′ while driving by it.

            Someone may have told him about a creek they were forging up as well.

    • Kimc,
      I’m using your reply balloon because it was top on the list of comments/postings. While I get this is all food for thought on the discussion of a specific point… I find it funny that all this really about, how to not understand / to work around, to second guess ‘ precisely ‘…
      That is an exact word, that means; exactly.

      The information for what we are searching for has been given… with pics, a 10″X10″X5″ bronze chest. Seems to me if the author stated we should be lead to chest “precisely,” that is to mean the clues bring you to a 10″ sq inch spot. Someone stated…
      “It seems to me that Mr. Fenn makes it sound like the poem takes you right to the treasure–as in “precisely.”
      “I think the poem is indeed very vague.”

      Or could it be as simple as, we only think the poem is “vague” because we don’t see the poem the way fenn sees it or intended? and this might be why some may feel “precisely” might not be exact? A 10″x10″ sq spot. Especially if it is hidden so well, no one will stumble upon it.
      LOL …and IF it should be buried [ in ground ] All these “lines” and “circles” are gonna leave a lot of holes over a big area. 500×500 is 250000 sq feet ~ holes…That’s a lot of shoveling…I hope the poem tells us how deep that hole is…

      • If you read my description correctly, your 250,000 statement is WAY off. Maximum would be 200 X 500 = 100,000, but since I am only talking about where they overlap that size is reduces to probably no bigger than 20′ X 10′ in an ovoid shape so probably 100 square feet – not 10″ X 10″, but a pretty small area I would say. Do the math – JDA

        • If you read my comment correctly, you would have known “precisely” what I was talking about… 2 holes, 100 holes 1000 holes, a quadrillion holes, doesn’t matter.

      • I would like to think that the poem leads to a specific spot on a line. No need to excavate the whole area, lol. I’ve also been wondering how far “quickly” down could mean.

          • Thanks. It has not led to a treasure though. I am better at telling redneck jokes.

            One thing I’m curious about is to what “quickly” could mean. Soon? Immediately? Precisely? Does anyone know if there is any aviator jargon that relates to this word?

          • KimC,
            Ask yourself the question why it has to been done quickly & if looking slowly may not work?

          • Kin C;

            There is an archaic definition of Quickly that I found very helpful.
            Took me almost two months to find it, but to me it was vital. It tells you where to look, not how to look.

            Good luck at finding it. JDA

          • Jake,

            Excellent point. The why to do it may hold a significant clue. I had once thought about that and considered what others have already discussed from time to time. If a shadow cast by the sun at a specific time of year is used in the solve, you might have to look quickly down at the shadow because the sun angle changes every single moment (however, Suncalc.net solves the problem). Fenn’s TFTW book has his/a (I have not had the chance to read his books. I am trusting this poem) shadow on the cover and the figure is turned possibly, and ironically, ready to walk. Or it could have something to do with fingernails. 🙂

          • KimC,
            If the sun has anything to do with locating it, then all those cloudy days would surely cut down on the searches.

            Many months ago I thought the sun had something to do with look “quickly” down & had a couple solves using this method.

            I eventually abounded this after considering F’s answer about the blaze being a single object.
            I know an object can cause a shadow but don’t think a shadow is an object & I don’t consider the rays of light from the sun as an object, so I had to move on.

            This is just speculating that “quickly” is associated with time & not being worn down to the quick (as I once thought as well) or having an archaic meaning (which I abandoned this approach as well).

          • Jake/Kim C.–

            I had thought of the sun possibly being the Blaze for two reasons. Look quickly down made me think of a shadow also. The blaze (the sun) would cause a shadow to be cast–maybe your own.

            Secondly, “But tarry scant with marvel gaze” could mean don’t look at the blaze for too long. This would make sense if the blaze were the sun.

          • Jake,

            Look quickly down at your feet and then walk.

            Two questions:

            1) Would the source of the light be considered an object?
            2) Can sun angle, at any given time, be calculated with some math?

            I like math.

          • Yes, the sun is an object of course but the light from it, sheds light on objects. I don’t think the light that comes from the sun is/are object(s).

            Of course, angles & math go hand in hand.

          • Sparrow,
            I had never realized the “tarry scant with gaze” part fits with using the sun. I always think, “tarry scant with marvel gaze,” to mean don’t stay too long marveling at the view. Just take the million-dollar chest and go. You don’t want to get mugged … in the wilderness … by a bear.

          • Jake ~”If the sun has anything to do with locating it, then all those cloudy days would surely cut down on the searches.”

            Maybe this is what fenn meant when he was thinking about “down the road”
            I don’t pass off the idea that the chest could only be located once or twice a year [if we consider a light source as the sun being involved] Many structures on almost ever continent has this type of alignment as well as many natural places have the the same effect… grant you, it may not line up with a solstice or such, but may only happen at certain time[s] of a year.
            Is this what we need to “plan” for? How a vague poem, that many like to call it, can be precisely leading to to a 10″ sq spot.

            Yep, Fenn said we could ‘retrieve’ the chest in probably any weather if we “know” where it is. I’m sure you see the key factor involve is “know where” it is. But we still have to find it first, to “know” for sure where it is… so the comment is true and yet doesn’t help.

            So why can’t we be able to do it on spring break or a Sunday picnic if we have the clues solved? which is the point, right? to be able to find the chest with the clue if we follow, precisely.

            “I’m not flippant about this. It’s not something somebody is going to be able to do on spring break or a Sunday afternoon picnic. I’m looking a hundred years down the road, maybe a thousand years down the road. People don’t understand that.”

            Is a blaze and object… in a word, yes.
            Is fire an object?

          • I think fire would be many objects & not one but the light waves it gives off are not objects as we know them.

            I had those thoughts & statements you mentioned in my mind before you mentioned them LOL.

            I have considered all these things for months & it just doesn’t add up to sunlight illuminating an object that is the blaze or where the chest is.

            Feel free to take that route if anyone thinks so, but just realize there will only be a couple/few days out of the year & you better hope the sun is shining.

          • Jake,
            Yep, better hope it’s shining. That was the point of looking down the road… is this poem “completely solvable” any day of any year?
            Some say we can solve it at home and walk right to the chest… ok, sure
            Some say it’s only solved by botg stomping between points… ok sure
            Some say both are reasonable to solve the poem at home but still must follow the exact path to get to the chest… Great no problems.
            No one has ever asked it the poem can be completely solved on every or any day of the year following the clues. We simply assume it can be. However is something line a sun alignment is needed… it may only be solvable by following the clue one or a few days a year.
            As far as the blaze being an object… blaze means fire and that is exactly what the sun it… burning gases and liquid iron core. Technically, if you had a space craft that could withstand the pressure and heat and gravity pull you could fly right through it.

            So ask yourself, why did fenn say “in a word” and not simply “yes” to an object?

            So the poem goes heavy loads and water high… if you’ve been wise… and … found he blaze, look quickly down…

            I can see this saying if you “been” wise to HLAWH and found the blaze [ as to mean that light coming from it’s source ] maybe water “High” is that vantage point we look “down” from, and “linger a short time” ~ for our quest to cease…

            quickly to mean an action done fast and scant as a short time to do it in. Wise to understand what is needed to be done from water ‘high’

            That to me is pretty straight forward is read in this manner with precisely / precision n mind.

            Ok Seeker, what time of day do we know when this might happen? Glad ya asked.

            your effort will be worth the cold [ lack of sunlight and warmth ] … could it be we are “planning” to wait for a sunrise?
            Brave and in the wood might be the location we see it all from.
            Just need a little imagination… a place one can think when alone.

          • If you have to be there when the sun is shining to see the blaze on only one or a few days, then I think we are looking at a million years down the road & this was one of the few reasons I dropped this theory.

            Not only do you have to have the correct solve & the correct time & day, but now your relying on luck or a hunch. Just check out your local weather forecast & weather person to know this.

            I can’t tell you how many times 0% chance of rain was forecast here when it rained almost all day.

            “No one has ever asked it the poem can be completely solved on every or any day of the year following the clues.”
            Yes, I have asked this question & answered it myself.

            I have studied this statement “In a word” & the other 2 questions where F did not want to answer.

            I have to say that the blaze is a word in the poem & I think it is “found” as in “foundry”.

            “your effort will be worth the cold [ lack of sunlight and warmth ] … could it be we are “planning” to wait for a sunrise?”

            It can still be fairly warm in the Rocky’s at this time depending on the weather & where you are.
            I still think when you get wet from a creek in the Rocky’s, you will be cold.

        • KimC,
          Quickly or even quick, is a strange word to use here. One thought, among many of my thoughts, is quick as in an action. If we twist the word to make it work, quick can also means skin under fingernails. Go head, you can laugh.

          So lets walk through a poetic writing/deciphering… we found a blaze or marker and in this scenario it is the resting spot of the chest. We are told to look down… quick or quickly could mean the ‘action’ of a small job ahead of you to retrieve the chest [ other than carrying it away ] with the use of only ones fingers/hand, is all we might need for the retrieval job is out hands.
          Simply put we need to move something… an action with our own fingers and hands…

          Many like to quote fenn’s comment, “I thought of everything”… why not tell us, in poetic style in a poem… no tools needed.

          In my readings of the poem, multiple meanings of words and usages come into effect… and this is a poem… the avenue fenn chose to present the clues, and the challenge to decipher them. Straightforwards is not only to mean simple.
          fenn told us it would be difficult but not impossible… my thoughts to this is…how we read the poem.

          He looked up words changed them and rebooted.

          Translation for me is, he looked up words, changed the poem wordings to what he wanted, rebooted [ looking up words again ] and change and “bend” them some more, to make them work the way he wanted.

          Go ahead, you can laugh… I did when I thought of it. I wonder IF fenn thought of everything, no matter how simple the message is… no tools required…”it won’t be a big job for you to get it” ~ T&E 2:55

          • Although you may be right about the fingernails, I like my archaic definition much better, since it tells me where to look next – Quickly and down go hand in hand. Down is not exactly what you think either. Think back to “…canyon down” as a hint.


      • Seeker,
        I realize your comment is to KimC, but this comment caught my eye:
        “Seems to me if the author stated we should be lead to chest “precisely,” that is to mean the clues bring you to a 10″ sq inch spot.”

        I’m not the biggest-brained, so please allow a little slack. Are you basing this statement on a hypothetical (“if the author stated we should be lead”), or are you paraphrasing one of Forrest’s comments?

        To my knowledge, F has used ‘precise’ or ‘precisely’ three different times – at least that’s what I’ve annotated.
        1) TTOTC pg. 132: “So I wrote a poem containing nine clues that if followed precisely, will lead to the end of my rainbow and the treasure:” [poem follows]
        2) Moby Dickens 11/2/2013 video @ ~7:50. Forrest is asked: “If you follow the poem precisely, will you find yourself switching back?” (F’s response, and the way he responded, to this question is what I found interesting, so I annotated)
        3) Jenny’s Weekly Words 12/11/ 2015:
        “If you know precisely where it is you can probably retrieve it in any weather”

        Arguably, only #3 above seems to infer a precise location, but it doesn’t appear he’s implying the clues led there. I’m one who believes no searcher KNOWS anything about the poem or location until the chest is found. #2 above, IMO, is unambiguous.

        In #1 above, he states that, if following “the clues precisely”, the poem “will lead to the end of my rainbow…”, and we all know how elusive a rainbow can be. IMO, “my rainbow” is a key component of this statement, and there’s a probability that F’s definition varies widely from Nature’s. I realize his full statement can be viewed and interpreted differently. One way to interpret this is that the peom will lead to the end of his rainbow which, BTW, happens to contain a treasure chest. I’m sure there are other interpretations, but his use of “precisely” seems applicable only to ‘following’ the poem and not the chest’s location.

        Can you cite a source for a comment made by F that implies “the clues bring you to a 10″ sq spot.” This would be a game-changer for me and others whose perspective is, or closer to, area-centric versus spot-centric.

        KimC and Seeker, sorry for barging in.

        • test….test….test LOL!!

          Goofy, if this post goes through….HELP!!

          I have tried six times to post a reply, here, to Joe’s question to Seeker and provide one (1) link…..I have no idea where they went.

          I checked and double checked Name & Email, they are correct. The posts don’t seem to be in moderation….. I had the same prob trying to post on Odds & Ends yesterday?????????? 🙂

          • OK Goof, got any ideas??

            I tried Reply button below Joe’s post and reply button below my last post here to send my reply to Joe.

            It contains the link above and NO profanity or special characters???

            HEEELLLPPPP!? 🙂

          • Loco, I don’t see anything wrong that would prevent you from posting. I have had a few issues with folks copying and pasting their response from a word processor. Apparently wordpress doesn’t like the extra characters (invisible to users) a word processor puts in.

            If someone wants to use a word processor to write their response that’s fine, but copy it into a text only editor (notepad) first then copy that into the response box.

            If that isn’t the problem try cleaning out your temp files and warm booting your machine. I’ve had some issues with people being logged in to other sites at the same time and the scripts are bumping heads throwing your comment into oblivion.

            If there’s some black SUV’s parked in front of your house or silent black helicopters flying overhead maybe Fenn made a deal with the NSA to keep any good information from being posted. 🙂

          • LOL!! Thanks Goofy. Yeah I thought about during dinner and was wondering if the copy/paste from word doc was the culprit….betcher right. I’m going to try it now.

            (so that’s why all those choppers and Black suits showed up…..mebbe I oughta quit posting??? 🙂 )

            Nah……Thanks again G_O_G and Merry Christmas!!

        • Hey Joe,
          My comment refers to the book, or your number 1… The use of “and” in “my rainbow and the treasure” indicates, following the ‘clues’ will “lead” precisely to both. We have been told the chest was hidden and no one will stumble upon it. I like to play with fenn’s words, twisted them, bend them, see how they work… but if the clues don’t lead precisely to the 10” sq. spot he challenge us to find… what does this statement mean from the book?…
          If following the clues precisely will lead you in close proximity to a buried or covered or camouflage or in water or hanging in a tree etc. and that’s all we get… and not the ‘exact’ spot of the 10” sq. hidden box… I’ll throw in the towel.
          I see no other was to interpret the sentence preceding the poem as exact.

          • Spellcheck… “I see no other was to interpret the sentence preceding the poem as exact.”
            to be; I see no other ‘way’ to interpret… ‘than’ exact

          • LOL!! OK Joe, I’m gonna hijack Seeker and try to post this one more time:

            Fenn said: ….@36:00- “read the poem in my book and decipher what the clues mean, the clues can take you right straight to the treasure chest…..”

            here-> http://lummifilm.com/forrest/ffatcw20130926.mp3

            And like Seeker, if that doesn’t mean/say that “the clues bring you to a 10″ sq. spot” , then it’s time for me to bail out,

            Good Luck to ya, Joe

          • Loco,
            It posted!
            I noticed you trying to get it to post so I thought I’d let you know it showed up this time. I’m interested to hear it. Not sure I’ve seen this one before. Not sure I’ll get through it tonight, gotta get up at 3:00am to catch a flight. Might be good material to watch while I’m waiting to board

          • Seeker,
            Thanks for the reply. I was primarily concerned with the “if the author stated we should be lead to chest “precisely,”” statement, as I thought I had missed an important (IMO) comment from F. I respect your opinion on the spot/area issue and your interpretation of F’s “precisely” comment just before the poem in TTOTC. I believe it’s important for any searcher to keep all options open. Previously, I tended to believe in the “spot” theory but, even then, I ALWAYS had numerous spots and many of those with boundary lines to define an area.

            Anyway, I don’t think anyone will dispute that there’s an interpretive nightmare that faces every searcher who chooses to accept F’s challenge and venture forth. And, in theory anyway, each time I venture out and prove myself wrong yet again, I should become a wee bit wiser. At least, that’s what I keep telling myself – not sure if it’s working 🙂 .

            Good luck in your quest.

          • Loco,
            I’ve listened to this full interview a number of times, and I find a number of comments interesting, including this comment by Forrest:

            “read the poem in my book and decipher what the clues mean, the clues can take you right straight to the treasure chest…..” .

            I respect your interpretation of this comment, but I would like to point out F’s use of “right straight to” versus “precisely” or “directly”. Colloquially (probably most parts of US), “right straight to”, in this case, is probably considered synonomous with directly or precisely. However, F’s use of imprecise wording, IMO, leaves it open to interpretation. If you accept the possibility this comment can be taken literally, will you accept the possibility this comment can be taken, or interpreted, metaphorically?


          • Loco,
            I messed up the question at the end of my post above. I think the real question is this:
            If you accept the possibility this comment can be taken colloquially, will you accept the possibility this comment can be taken, or interpreted, literally?

            Could his statement be a set of final directions? Probably an outrageous thought, but we are talking about a comment from Forrest…

            Good luck to you.

          • Joe,
            As I said before I bend and twist fenns words into pretzels to look at the meanings from ever angle. But, set aside all the after the fact comments, and what do we have to go on and only to go on is… That sentence prior to the poem.

            The only piece of information on clues, rainbow, treasure to follow and lead, to mean anything other than leads to a 10″ spot… there is nothing precisely about anything.

            Then I would have two options… Not attempt the challenge, or load my 4×4 with my wet suit and snorkel, strap the canoe down to the roof, grab the pickaxe and shovel, load the metal detector, climbing and repelling equipment, see my psychic, consult Goofy’s weememagee board mouse pad, go to a temple, church, synagogue asking all the gods for their assistance, pack extra sock, winter jacket and suntan lotion, bring maps of all the states and explain to my wife I’ll be gone for one afternoon.

            That is all we had to go on that would tell us the poem should lead us ‘precisely’ to the chest. There is no other way for me to question it… and I’ve been known to ask a couple of questions now and then.

          • Joe, Seeker and Loco…Do not forget the sentence following the Poem in TTOTC…”There are also subtle clues sprinkled…” which (to me ) infers that there is some important info in the stories from TTOTC. I like the idea of excluding after the fact comments to keep things more pure and simple…this has helped me. Precisely is an important concept that weeds out a lot of the ambiguity…

          • Hey Ken,
            This is one of the reason why I personally don’t care for the use of ‘a vague poem’
            That immediately seems to sends us on those wild tangents, looking for those out of the box type thinking, and/or over simplifies Straightforwards.
            “The person that finds it, is going to be a person who thinks and plans and has an analytical mind and uses logic, not someone who has a hunch.”

            imo ~ vague and precisely are nothing more than
            antonyms… can’t. shouldn’t, wouldn’t be used together…That’s ambiguity 101.
            I think the use of vague and ambiguity is on a subconscious level… it helps us think/feel better, we have an excuse if we fail at the challenge.

          • Joe wrote: If you accept the possibility this comment can be taken literally, will you accept the possibility this comment can be taken, or interpreted, metaphorically?

            Yes Joe, that one comment, taken by itself, could possibly have a metaphorical interpretation…..But, when three different comments have been made, relating to the same subject, and in one he does expressly say “go directly to it”…..then I believe the literal interpretation should prevail!!

            03/06/2013 – http://lummifilm.com/blog/WGN2013.mp3
            @8:18-“Nobody’s gonna happen on that treasure chest. Their gonna have to figure out the clues and think and find…and go directly to it.”
            April 17, 2013 – http://www.lummifilm.com/cwb/cwb20130417.mp3
            @13:33-the person that finds that treasure chest is gonna have to figure out the clues and walk right straight to it, they’re not gonna happen on that treasure chest…..
            Sept. 25, 2013 – http://lummifilm.com/forrest/ffatcw20130926.mp3
            @36:00- “read the poem in my book and decipher what the clues mean, the clues can take you right straight to the treasure chest…..”

            Happy Hanukkah, Joe 🙂

          • Loco, I just notice on that audio that you posted where ff is with his grandson, he mentions that he hires an editor to correct his commas and the illustrator under his tight supervision. There was some talk about those things recently here in the blogs about that. I think that was for TFTW though.

          • Loco,
            I stand corrected. Thank you for posting those. I have not listened to the recording with the “directly” quote in it. Lummifilm seems to be down right now, but I’ll keep checking as I do like to get the full context.

            Thanks again.

  24. FF has made a couple references to Indiana Jones (ex: page 131 TTOTC).
    Did you know that Harrison Ford lives in the Rockies (Jackson, Wyoming) and that he and Calista Flockhart were married in Santa Fe by (then) New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson?
    The Last Crusade train scene (w/River Phoenix) was filmed in Chama NM and near Durango & Silverton Colorado. Harrison himself filmed other movie scenes in Abiquiu, and Las Cruces NM. (Cowboys & Aliens & Crystal Skull).
    Not sure if this will help any solves but I found it interesting.

    • Sally, are you sure you are mark-checking the ‘Notify me of follow-up comments by email’ before you hit post and then go to your email and ‘confirm’. Just in case…

      • Thanks Oz10,, i finally figured it out. Somehow in the comment section it was using a email address i no longer use,, I appreciate your help, this was driving me crazy and just got a new newbook pc which also complicated it more for me. but all is good now. All searchers and Forrest have a great day and stay warm for the winter months.

    • Oz, If that was how a person reads the poem, they would be “stretching a tangent.”

      If that -was- the poem, chest is unlikely to be found in it’s current resting place. Not impossible, but unlikely IMHO.

      On a side subject, do you know if the Fenn Cache can be viewed someplace? Is it on public display? I would really like to take my family to see the collection. Here is an interesting “find” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNtnpp6Hg0I

      • EDIT – More accurately than my “tangent” reply, if a person -read- it to say that, they would be “messing with the poem.” IMHO

      • LMN, exactly “don’t mess with the poem”. At first I thought ff said that to protect the poem structure and rhyme but now I think is more than that.
        I was just looking at how I should read the poem last night, and exploring ways on how not to read it and thinking, can I use the process of elimination and to what extent? Is there a way to eliminate wrong clues and solves? Maybe, if I mess with it a little at first.

        For example, if I thought that from line (5) I should begin my chase at a place or location where warm waters halt, like where the Firehole meets the Madison or Old Faithful or any place really where a body of warm waters halt anywhere in the 4 states. And if changing the line to ‘start it where warm waters halt’ or ‘begin it AT where warm waters halt’ or any combination without even changing the last word to keep the rhyme still will take me to that same place then I am doing something wrong because I messed with the poem and it took me to the same place, right? Even when the change seems insignificant to the meaning of the line it is a big no-no to mess with the poem.
        Disclosure: I know that this most probably is not the first clue and I don’t know if this is where the beginning point is but I am using this line because it seems to be the favorite point to start the journey for most searchers.

        It is the same for any line in the poem regardless of importance. Why not ‘As I went alone in there’ or ‘As I have gone by myself in there’, it is not changing the meaning of the lines, not changing the rhyme and not even the count of words that much but again we are told it is the wrong thing to do. I know it took him 15 years to work on this and he gets annoyed at people messing with it but he is also very clever.
        The multiple definitions of words in the poem are important but the ‘word arrangement’ is crucial to the understanding of those definitions and ultimately the clues. Does it make sense LMN?

        • IMO, if you start changing any word of the poem, you do so at your own peril. Not only because Mr. Fenn tells us not to “mess” with it but, by doing so, may very well start you down a dry (rabbit hole). Perhaps the letters of a word(or words) of the poem may direct you to an important clue.

        • Oz10,
          I’d like to add to your thoughts and examples;
          Some points of your ‘example’ explanation adds words, such as “at” So by doing so, doesn’t that change “where” to mean only a location? or forcing it to be?
          I also think, by the use of “myself” forces the I to be fenn.
          While at first glance / reading of the poem it seems reasonable. But, by doing this it changes what might be actual as intended by the author.

          Whether right or wrong, “where” can be ‘where in time’ and very plausible to how “where’s” definition can be used … you eliminated the that possibility by messing with the poem and adding “at”
          I can say the same for ” I ” as I can be used as in a narration of another. right or wrong… by changing ” I ” to “myself” as the only way ” I ” can be interpret, you messed with word usage again.

          Definitions of words, their usages, and meanings if move or remove changes what fenn may have trained that word, phrase, line or sentence to be.
          IMO fenn may have given examples of just that, in his own subtle way…
          “I caught a nice fish and with it he took my photo. I mean he took my photo with it.”
          And maybe…
          Admire, means respect, high regards, If we twist it a little we can make it work. That is how he felt about the hiding place.

          ~ those look like simply words, but I guarantee I worked on that poem ~

          You said “The multiple definitions of words in the poem are important but the ‘word arrangement’ is crucial to the understanding of those definitions and ultimately the clues.”

          I can’t agree with you more… change, remove or addition to, loses the crucial understandings.

          • Seeker,
            Let’s use this one: “It begins where warm waters halt”, this example does not alter the meanings of any of the 5 major words in that line, their order nor the rhyme. It even has a more ‘poetic’ sound to it (imo).

            I will be willing to bet that if we could ask ff if this little change could be made to have a better understanding of that line he will say, nope… quit messing with it. Literarily (it) since it seems to be important to the poem and his chosen place in the lines. Does it really change the meaning, in your understanding, begin it where vs. it begins where? Why does that -it- must follow -begin-?

      • LMN, I tried to post something regarding your question on the nine clues but that section just closed on me.

        As far as motives, are you thinking of something along the lines of Redemption? It is not clear to me and I could not draw it out.

        • How about the location of the Fenn Cache? Do you know if it is on display somewhere?

          See my reply to “Redemption,” below.

        • Thank you, SL.

          I enjoyed reading it, again. I ran across it at some point or you or someone else shared it before. I did appreciate the “Indiana Jones” comments. Saw that impressive zinger, “I pointed out that most Americans would probably agree that private property rights guaranteed under the Constitution related to illegal search and seizure are more important than archaeology and historic preservation combined.” (Those educational socialists had to despise that nugget of truth).

          Thanks for sharing again! You and Oz10 should have coffee sometime because you are both kind, helpful, intellectual patriots. Perhaps, no small coincidence that I was born and remained a Hoosier for the 1st 25-years of my life and have several generations of relatives who retired from good careers at Eli Lilly, Co. in Indianapolis. I was offered a job there at the age of 18, but chose a path few follow. Merry Christ-mas!

  25. Oz, On one hand that is none of -our- business but Redemption might be the best summation for a motive that I would see. Not that this would be necessary spiritually (IMO) but it may be a personal desire/commitment. The – place – I am guessing has significance and the exact details (for all of us Chasers) is of no importance. That is why I suggested searchers explore motive…but nobody has had much to offer confirming that special place. How about you? Know of any “secret” place that Forrest has never talked about? I believe that I do…believe it or not.

    • LMN;

      In “My War For Me”, I am sure that you are familiar with the story of the waterfall – Seeing it on the way to a mission – saying that if he came back alive, that he would go down to that waterfall and personally thank it – and he did….and it was their secret alone.

      Question? Was this waterfall in Viet Nam important because of the pact, and did Forrest then find a waterfall in the US that reminded him of that waterfall in Viet Nam, and thus the one in the US became important to him?

      OR: Did Forrest have a waterfall in the U.S. that he and his father once fished, that was important to Forrest, and then the one in Viet Nam reminded Forrest of the one in the U.S. – and he went down to it and made the pact?

      Either way, I think that the waterfall in the U.S. is Forrest’s “Special Place” – the place that he hid the Treasure Chest – the place that he chose as his final resting place.

      Just a thought. Maybe this is the motive you are searching for. JDA

      • JDA,

        You are the man! You mentioned this before, but without explanation. I am of the school of thought that reading TTOTC before solving the poem would confuse me too much. My goal is to read it afterwards and enjoy it so much more.

        That works for my solution and I do not know timelines like you do, but I think that you have it at least 75% accurate. With a few more hidden nuggets you will be at 100%…so I better get my plane tickets…just to stay ahead of you.

        Thanks my friend! You are kind, always willing to be helpful (and staying safe). Merry Christ-mas to you and yours!

        • You are welcome LMN – Always a pleasure to throw a seed out there, and find out that a plant can grow. JDA

    • LMN, I wish I had that knowledge of a secret place. How specific of a ‘place’ are your clues taking you? In my mind it has to be a walk-ready area. Not just a national forest, mountain range or river but like a hiking trail or campground.

      • Very specific. I’ve been there twice. In my opinion, part of the reason it took Forrest 15-years to write this is that within these words are endless layers of possibility and also include a couple layers of complexity.

        Not being meek and being brave have real meaning and actually add one of the layers of complexity. Unfortunately too many see that as having to take some form of personal risk. Not me.

        I try not to blog much because I like to share, but in this case -sharing is giving it away- and I intend to retrieve the chest so that I can do some specific charity funding.

        To answer you: Very easy to walk to and no where near a trail. (Somehow, I think that you already knew that)

        • LMN, you say that there are endless layers of possibilities and I see how that depends on the individual interpretation but there must be a ‘legend’ pointing at what we need to look for in the poem itself. There should be a ‘set’ number of layers needed to decipher it precisely, right? Well, at least I’m trying to convince myself that this is the case and not that each of the 9 clues have their own set of rules to decipher it. It is not all clear yet but I can see 3 to 4.

          • Just an FYI for everyone.
            Someone named William Lester Swonke, on face book’s (Forrest fenn fans), just posted a picture of a chest that looks like the TC and is looking for confirmation that it is the TC.
            I’m not on FB, so I don’t know how to talk to this guy.
            I wonder if it’s photo shopped?

          • Cannot find it,
            I’m sure it’s authentic in the eye of the beholder but buyer beware……

          • Oz, To clarify I am saying, written in generalized terms to allow for -endless- possibilities. I do not see why there has to be a map “legend” because it is a poem (yet, I can see where the map legend, on the original version, has a hint). I wrote about layers of “complexity” (IMHO) to say that I am not finding it -easy- to retrieve it with integrity. FOR EXAMPLE ONLY !!! : If Forrest gave his favorite park ranger a big heavy wooden chair with a big plush cushion on top for his/her office and it happened to have a chest built into the base holding the cushion -that would be a level of complexity- when attempting to recover it. FOR EXAMPLE ONLY!!! Finally, I would say that each (IMO) of the 9 clues may or may not have what you suggest, “their own set of rules to decipher.” However, remember I am a very confident person, yet do not have the chest in hand, so…

          • A park ranger siting on the chest? I see how difficult that would be to retrieve. 🙂 Let me ask you, in a couple of occasions Mr. Forrest has said that he knows the chest still out there but that he didn’t want to give out that hint on -how he knows-. What is your take on that?

          • eaglesaboud –
            Thinking logically, why would someone that claims to have found the chest need confirmation? F put his autobiography in the chest so that should be more than enough confirmation for the finder.

          • It appears to be an old scam that started on chase chat earlier this year. It appeared on my cousins FB so she sent it to me.
            Sorry for jumping the gun.

        • Oz, You asked, “Mr. Forrest has said that he knows the chest still out there but that he didn’t want to give out that hint on -how he knows-. What is your take on that?”

          In (MHO and best guess) Forrest will be notified by someone who will be notified by the person lucky enough to find it because it will be in the finders best interest. One of the -layers of complexity- that I believe that he built into the process, because he really wants to know if it is found and he had time to think of – everything,

          • LMN, I agree 100% with that. There must be some kind of incentive to make that call and I have a pretty good idea what that is. I mean is not that difficult to figure out and I’m sure you know as well.

            I just think it is very interesting the fact that he thought of -everything- like you said, even for the after-life.
            “The devil is in the details”.

  26. Was just scrolling around trying to find a post from yesterday so I could comment on it. But of course I couldn’t find it, must have been hitting the eggnog to hard today, hehe
    I think it was locolobo or spallies that posted it. Whoever it was , thank you! It was a link to a recording of Deborah Massey at Collected Works interviewing Forrest, Shiloh Old, and the artist that illustrated TFTW.
    What a great authentic peak at Forrest and his family! I’m probably getting this out of order and paraphrasing but at one point Shiloh says “The men in our family can be difficult.” And later Forrest says something to the effect that he likes hiding behind a tree and watching Shiloh make mistakes and snickering.
    This rings SO true to the chase! Forrest hiding behind a tree and snickering as we make mistakes. Yep, I can “see” it, lol.
    Here’s the link again if anyone else is interested.

  27. I find these two recent comments from Forrest interesting:

    Q) Is it dangerous for a hiker to set out looking for the treasure alone?
    A) “A hiker should never go into the mountains or the wilderness alone. It is not in a treacherous place.”

    Weekly words for October 7th, 2016 are as follows:
    “*If you have a searching partner, best to have them wait in the car. f”

    Contradictory, or implying a deeper, hidden message?

  28. Joe,

    IMHO the important point made by ff would be “,,,IT is not in a treacherous place.” That being the case, go hike and explore but “…never go into the mountains or wilderness alone.” Then, as you are actually recovering the chest from somewhere that is, “…not in a treacherous place,” WW recommends that IF you have a, “…searching partner, best to have them wait in the car.” If you think about that, a person waiting in a parked car could serve as a diversion or an early alert that you are -no longer alone- in your secreted location (another hiker, ranger, cougar) as you are trying to unveil or carry a heavy box. Mr. Fenn may be a rugged, mans-man but his compassionate spirit would never again wish to see someone hurt or missing or in trouble while simply having fun with The Chase. My 2-cents and MHO.

    • Joe,
      I don’t know for sure what fenn actually meant by…
      “…searching partner, best to have them wait in the car.”
      We all try and relate to, hints and clues and such, when fenn makes a comment.

      Personally, this one might be talking about pets and their safety in mind. Fenn also suggest to leave the pets at home… “And something I have not said before, if you are going into rough country it is probably best to leave your pets at home. f ”
      Just a thought… Overtime, we have heard about so many crazy stunt searchers have done or don’t think about. Trespassing, ignore laws, attempting to cross a river on a raft made of branches, using a backhoe to dig for the chest, and on and on…
      Just a thought.

      • Yeah, I agree. Forrest’s comments are rarely an easy read, and he may be highlighting common sense with these statements.

      • When I read the words about it’s best to leave your search partner in the car, I too wondered whether it was referring to another human or a pet perhaps. F wasn’t clear about “who” that search partner would be. I’ve drawn a logical conclusion that can apply to either case. That statement suggests that distance from where you exit your car to the chest is not at all that far. Most people know it’s not best to leave pets in a vehicle for a long period of time and likewise you wouldn’t expect your spouse or friend to wait for long before you return. To me it simply says that we are dealing with a short distance and nothing more. I will say that this is IMO because I know that many more conclusions have and can be drawn from f’s statement.

    • Joe,

      I think that seeker shares an excellent point. He (ff) could very well have had pets in mind, too. My target location would be complicated by having a pet tag along.

    • Good morning Jeremy, I loved that link. It looked pretty old but still good advice. I love old stuff like that.
      Just as another public service announcement, one of the best ways to bring up the body temp of someone with severe hypothermia is skin to skin contact with another warm body preferably in a space that will collect the body heat such as a sleeping bag.

      • Haha, I just noticed a detail….thought the strip in the above link looked old but just realized the man was using a cell phone to call 911. Oops!

        • And a digital thermometer 🙂 They just style these infographics to look old. They’re all up to date. The website is The Art of Manliness. It’s actually a really good resource and guide for modern men to live a life of style and substance. Everything from how to dress for success to how to live off the wild.


          • (Oh no! I gave away the link to the number one resource for being a proper treasure hunter!)

          • Haha! What about us girls? How do we learn how to be proper treasure hunters? I guess we’ll just have to do like the tough girls always have. Alter our dads breeches so we can ride astride, tuck our hair up under our hats and smear mud on our face so no one knows we are a girl, and be a better shot than our husbands.

          • WY Girl-
            It’s just a treasure hunt…not an escape from East Berlin in 1960
            I think your best bet is your brain and not your dad’s breeches… 🙂

          • WyGirl,
            LOL… Ooh how I agree…
            If a woman want to ride astride with a mini-skirt, who am I’m to say different. I mean, it’s 2016 not 1916, right? Heck, ride bareback if ya’ll like, or even, ride without a saddle… I’m with ya! lol.

          • Yep, had a feeling that comment was gonna get some feedback!
            Dal, you don’t know how it is around my house right now! I’m starting to think I’m gonna have to sneak outa there like its East Berlin to go BOTG again. My brain has taken me far in this chase but it may be time for drastic measures 🙂
            Nice Seeker! I didn’t know you had a side like that! Your always seem so analitacal.

          • @WY Girl – I firmly believe that women can do anything that men can do, including treasure hunting, and they’ll most likely do it much better. Women are smarter and more thorough than us men. Of that I’m certain. However, I’m also certain that if you ask a woman to be ready to go treasure hunting by a certain time, you should probably allow yourself an extra hour or two for them to get ready, and bathrooms suddenly become part of your search plans when they weren’t before. 🙂

          • Jeremy P., I believe you’ve been around a woman or two with your comment. Then again, we do know how to find the proper shrub or tree, too. 🙂

          • There’s only two roles /
            rules of woman and men…
            The men wear the pants…
            The woman tell us if we have the right pants on.
            And the reason man invented alcohol.

  29. So I got this gift in the mail today. A three tiered Treasure Chest Gift Candy Box. Authentic boxes. And here I am reading through all the posts and have some great ideas. Could this be an Omen of sorts? Called my partner in this chase, and ran over the details of our search – including all “what if’s.” I’m ready to go again to the 200 – 500 ft approx area. And I will not go up the creek with no paddle! IMHO

  30. 200 – 500 feet is the new clue to people walking past the X. Read FF post’s What if? what if you didn’t see what was beside you (sic) JMHO

  31. In trying to get away fro my YSNP solve, I still think water high is a waterfall. (special places, War for Me, and the fact that he had one built in his backyard). There is a very good website on Waterfalls Of New Mexico by Doug Scott, http://www.dougscottart.com/hobbies/waterfalls/aragon.htm He has some great pictures and write ups about a lot of water falls. There is one that sticks out as a possible spot, Aragon falls. Two ways to get there, raft (put in) and take it down (south) the Chama river 11 miles and hike up a Aragon canyon 1/2 mile (too far to walk?). The other is to park on forest road 505 and hike 1/4 mile(easy to make two tips in one afternoon). Its owned by Santa Fe National Forrest and doesn’t have a maintained “human trail”. Every body is welcomed to check out the website and go search the area, interesting note that the water from the falls soaks into the porous stream-bed, before it reaches the Chama river (waters halts? and no paddle up the creek?) It sounds like a special place even if FF didn’t hide his treasure here. 36°30.278’N 106°44.218’W

    • Somehow missed this story yesterday. Really enjoyed reading it!
      FIVE Purple Hearts!!!! 3 bronze stars, and 2 silver stars!! Wow!!

      How they described Mr. Brown makes me think of someone else…….

  32. Just stopped over @ Jenny’s new Forum….and kept on truckin’ right on outa’ there. Seem’s the Ricky show has taken over with the usual pollution. I had thought it would be a possible alternate…but…aw shucks…forget it. Dal… thanks for a good place and have a Great Holiday Season.

  33. Lots of references to Yellowstone and near-by areas. A clue, or a distraction? I guess only Forrest knows.

    Several short emails had words that caught his attention – VERY INTERESTING!

    Forrest hopes that his non-response to these short emails was not taken as a clue – again – very interesting.


  34. JDA,
    I don’t see the nearby areas mentioned unless that’s Missoula, NM, Colorado? They don’t seem to be nearby at all.
    Am I missing something?

    • Forrest mentioned the man that had been missing in Montana, I counted that as near-by to Yellowstone. JDA

      • Technically,
        Yellowstone National Park is located in Wyoming, Montana & Idaho.
        West Yellowstone is in Montana.
        The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem is also in those 3 states but as far as where the exact boundary is murky.

        • You should be happy Jake. He didn’t just mention Yellowstone, to me, he did mention “Near-by” areas – Montana, the area that you are searching. JDA

  35. I am happy that Fenn took some time and gave a very general recap of the search season. He was clever to include all the search states/plus. I think he is careful not to influence the Chase in any way…and anything he shares is open to interpretation. The dreamers will find anything to boost their confidence…but, cold hard answers to the clues is going to be the winner no matter how one slices it. I just like the fact that Forrest still finds the time to stir things up a bit and stays in the Chase….Good luck and best wishes to all.

    • Ken ~”The dreamers will find anything to boost their confidence…but, cold hard answers to the clues is going to be the winner no matter how one slices it.”
      Yep, That sums it up for me as well.

      “…All I know are the facts, if you want the truth go next door to the psychology department.f “

  36. What I wonder sometimes, was the cost of a shower really 50 cents way back when? Seems like a lot of money back in those days….I picture his favorite spot and rainbow being some location the family would stop and all take showers under a water fall before seeing the kin folks and after days of driving 35 mph! One other quick thought, this idea of NFBTFTW, regarding time and distance. There are several restaurants in walking distance of my office but my favorite is to far to walk if I only have one hour lunch break…..enjoyed all the discussions this year wishing good luck to all this coming year!

    • I agree, 50 cents seems pricey. I think it was 50 cent at the campground by the Rio Grande when I stayed there, but I don’t remember. It was warm enough out, so the workaround was to fill milk jugs with water from the faucet and use that in the shower stall for free! 🙂

  37. So what has Forrest done in the land of hintington ? He gave a ton of hints. Not just any hints. But hints that gave people confidence in their solves as they worked with theirs. Here is the double edged sword . The hints worked with others solves and the real solve . So if you somehow let Forrest know your solve and he gave out what you thought were hints that confirmed your solve . Then try again at another location using the hints you thought he gave . Merry Christmas to all and the best to the one that finds the chest .

    • Ya-Sha-Wa ~ “So if you somehow let Forrest know your solve and he gave out what you thought were hints that confirmed your solve . Then try again at another location using the hints you thought he gave.”

      I’m confused, but not to worry that is easily done.
      A searcher tells fenn a solve… fenn gives out a hint that.. LOL.. “confirms your solve”… So, now go to ‘another’ location?

      I need to look up confirmation again.

      • Fenn is not going to hint to anyone their solve is correct . But I would not put it past him to draw similarities with some searchers solves and the actual solve .
        Let’s say Forrest told someone was within 12′ of the chest . Would that be actual or symbolic ? I say symbolic .If I told you all I have learned then you would know more than me as you probably know things I don’t . Here is something else to chuckle about that you may not understand either . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Wqnqa8C-i8

  38. Does anyone know if it is possible to donate to Fenn’s cancer fund without purchasing a book? Maybe a website or address, I can’t find anything.
    I guess a possibility would be to ask Collected Works Bookstore.
    Any thoughts……

    • Fenngshui,
      I think if you talk to The Collected Book Store in Santa Fe they could hook you up as part of every book sold a portion goes to a cancer fund that I believe Forrest chose.
      Best of Luck

  39. When I read this:
    “it looks just like simple words there, but I guarantee you, I worked on that thing, I felt like an architect drawing that poem.”

    I think of this:
    (2:35) “But it boils down.. really, ah, to 1 rule, and I don’t care what you do, where you are, it boils down to this, it doesn’t matter who you are, it only matters who they think you are.”

    Rule #1 tells a heck of story.

          • Ignorance; is lack of knowledge or information. Stupidity; is lack of good judgement, common sense.

            You can learn / be more informed to be less ignorant…

          • He did not say the words were difficult or not simple, but some that read or hear what he said seems to think so.

            Like all good sales people do, they guarantee something but usually turns out to be nothing.

            I felt like a rocket scientist when I rote that.

            The art of suggestive thinking goes a long way with F.

  40. New ponderings of an old subject…
    FF used the ‘Double Omegas’ four times: In his books TTOTC, TFTW, Seventeen Dollars a Square Inch, And then in Scrapbook fifty.
    Dal (in 2013) thought it might be in reference to a pact made with Eric Sloane.
    When Dal asked FF about the ‘DO’s’ he replied:
    “the relevance of the double omegas will go to the grave with the man who wrote the poem”
    Anyone have any thoughts on this?


  41. To all…
    It is the last day of another year…To the pessimists…I hope you have a great 2017 and that somewhere along the way a new door opens to give you HOPE and PEACE…life is just too short to not have any.
    The optimists…well…you will have a world with no doors… and the FREEDOM to explore with NO REGERTS.

  42. Public Service Announcement:

    One year ago, today, Randy Bilyeu was still alive. On Jan. 2 of last year, he went to Santa Fe, NM, with the hope of finding treasure. He thought he knew exactly where it was, he was full of confidence, and most likely thought others were looking at the same spot and that he had to hurry to get to it first. It’s the only explanation for why he would have taken a raft down the Rio Grande in the middle of winter. He didn’t make it. He left behind a small dog that nearly starved to death, and a family back home that cared for him.

    Winter passed into spring and then summer and fall and now another winter, and the treasure remains hidden. No one knows exactly what would have happened if Randy had waited until the warmer months, but hopefully we all know this: It wasn’t worth it.

    If you’re out in the woods in winter, and you’re not in healthy shape, and you’re not within a mile or two of a winter-friendly road where you can flag someone down for help, if you don’t have cell phone coverage, and if you don’t have every single thing you need to spend a winter’s night outdoors if you have to, you’re an idiot. I say that with the utmost respect because I honestly feel, affectionately, that you’re all idiots and can’t help yourself some times. I say that because, I, too, am an idiot (occasionally). I get it. But you know that you’re an idiot, so that’s why you’re going to twice before you do that crazy thing you were thinking about doing. It’s not worth it.

    As searchers, you’ve been asked to “think”. You’re all very proud of your genius in “thinking”. That’s great. Keep doing that, but let’s add “safety first” to your thinking, especially in winter.

    When spring comes around, go nuts.

      • Jeremy—
        That brought back thoughts from my childhood. Kinda brought tears to my eyes. My Dad (God rest his soul) often called me an idiot.

        Just kidding— great words. Nothing is worth losing your life over. We all do need to think safety first. Thanks for sharing that.

        • By the way, I mean that in general terms. There are things worth dying for ( contrary to my sentence above)— those who have died for our country made by the ultimate sacrifice, for which I am extremely grateful.

      • I concur.
        Special thoughts going out to Leo, and am hoping that he has been able to adjust.


    • I think fenn is the #1 “confidence man”. Now before people get in an uproar let me explain. Forrest sold art for many years . In doing so he had to learn how to build confidence that the art he was selling was worth the price and for sure make people confident that the value would not go down but go up . Did he do that directly or indirectly ? I would say forrest developed an indirect approach known as hinting . Hinting is best done when others think it was their idea all along . I believe forrest has done so here in the chase by hinting at peoples solves that are incorrect but when the hints are applied to the correct solve they confirm and hence assist in confidence building . Plenty of confident people with incorrect solves out there and nothing wrong with that as they believe in themselves . Confident people have to learn to learn and reapply what they learned in order to be successful . Didn’t forrest teach us that with the story of him buying his first painting for resale ? He learned and moved on and applied what he learned . And as we know he was quite successful. And so will be the story of the person with the correct solve to the chest . “Tarry Scant”

  43. Revisiting old notes and tangents, I often wonder and read more about this….I’d be very interested in Fs take on it. Particularly interesting to me in the past have been the “Breakfast” (see fish hook) and “System” sections. Here’s a brief overview on Wikipedia.


    If anything, an interesting read for a cool Wednesday afternoon. Hope some of you grab a sandwich and enjoy it as well.

  44. While reading Chap. 17 of TFTW today I noticed that Forrest talks about sketching fighter AC pictures endlessly when he was in High School, (bottom of first page). I hadn’t picked up on this before and now I’m willing to stop wondering who JF is, (drawing page 99 TTOTC)! Also, additional outside source reading material and I learned how the good General pushed the hair/mustache regs with his handle bar mustache out of defiance to the war machine, what a legend and true hero for sure!

    • Interesting and you may be correct. When I read Chapter 17 and how he described what he drew, I didn’t pick up on anything. I remember being in school and seeing many boys drawing jets and dropping bombs. Had you ever done this as a boy? I wonder if anyone else did.

      • Hi PD, little late, couldn’t log in for some reason….paper airplanes was as close as I got and not that creative, mostly spit balls was my past time! Things are jumping out more and more in the stories now for some reason…..must be soaking in. Enjoyed reading up on the Brig Gen, how one of his wives was an actress but didn’t like the base housing.

        • Glitch in the system last night. Others have commented the same. With the snow outside, it’ll be a good day for reading.

  45. In the weekly words round up ff mentioned the “Yellowstone Griant Screen” webcam, and mentioned the rail-car next to where he could shower as a kid. Could this be a webcam that he uses to see if the chest is found???? He says he knows it still there- is it because the large BROWN bear in the middle of the road is still standing?? “below home of Brown”?? LOL PLEASE DON’T KNOCK THE BEAR OVER! Destruction of public property could land you in jail for a long time! Might be worth checking out other hiding spots in the picture. IMO not a likely spot but any thing is possible.

    • SL, just a little more proof that I’m a “crazy old man” and excuses me from rational thinking and actions, after all I believe the TC is real!
      On the other hand, I heard that there are more than 200 webcams in YSNP, you can only view a few online. FF could have access to more of them, a wild thought but possible with his money and connections. Imagine the “possibilities”:)

  46. Just a side note,
    There have been some here that have emailed me in the last couple months or so stating they know for sure where the treasure is.

    I know I put my email out here, but the reason I did it was in hopes to share info & not have a one way conversation on how positive you are & how you can’t be wrong & you have proof & confirmation of where the treasure is.

    I am amazed at all the searchers that think this & have emailed me & will not post or comment their true feelings here because of ridicule or maybe they will get banned.

    I am not too concerned considering my filters for the incoming emails & can control which emails make it to me.

    But, what I am concerned with is the great number of people that are absolutely sure they are right. My last count was 8 folks in 3 months.

    I don’t mind the emails folks, but please keep it to what we really know & that’s what it really is.

    Yes, this is odd & will end someday.
    Then again, I am not positive of that.

    • IMO Jake,
      You probably don’t have to worry about getting any further emails, since you just publicly admonished 8 people’s on this site.
      What I find odd is that other searchers confidence concern you so.
      Best of luck in your search.

      • I know this may sound strange eaglesabound,
        But I think you & the others should put your solve to the test here as I & others have.
        There are some things you may have missed & will help you better adjust.

        If all the searchers that are 100% sure did this, I would think many would walk away from their solve & rethink because of the many minds at work here & some will have info that will debunk your solve but I do know many of you are very stubborn & will never budge until you go there & not find the treasure.

        I know lots of you are paranoid because you think you have it all figured out. It just amazes me on how many & I would have to think that Forrest, Dal & Goofy have gotten thousands of emails by far with searchers knowing exactly where it is. I am just attempting to bring you & others back to reality.

        “Reality is where you are right now and not tomorrow.”

        • Again Jake, who are you to judge what is reality and what is not.

          Your plea for us to publish our solves is a very poor attempt on your part to seek information about a solve that you are not capable of figuring out yourself. I have shared with you MANY of my interpretations IN PRIVATE – which you have chosen to ignore, so get off of this BS that you are doing it for OUR benefit, so that we will “See the light” and give up on out solve. You are blowing SOOOO much smoke Jake, you look like an old steam engine. Why don’t YOU try a little honestly Jake? JDA

        • With all respect Jake, that’s not your decision to make. There are many searchers on this site that don’t put out their solves for all to see, some, because they aren’t done searching their spot. Or didn’t that ever occur to you.
          I’m sure there are many that haven’t emailed you that also feel that they have the correct solve.
          I have to side with JDA in that a private email is just that. You should be ashamed that you have betrayed the trust of those who emailed you.

          • I never mentioned those who emailed me & did not give any of there info away here or anywhere.

            There’s a difference in saying you feel you have the correct solve than saying you are sure you have the correct solve & have proof.

            You may not want to finish searching your spot or you may not have gone there in the 1st place if you received constructive, logical feedback & understood it which is the toughest thing to do.

            “You only believe what you perceive to be”
            Just another original Q from me.

          • I for one Jake, have Never said that I have proof. Don’t paint us all with the same paintbrush. If you think that I have EVER said that I have proof – publish it!

            You have no PROOF that I EVER said such a thing. Kindly quit your one man campaign to discredit a few of us who honestly feel that we have in fact, solved the riddle. You are NOT judge and jury! You are NOT god!. JDA

        • “If all the searchers that are 100% sure did this, I would think many would walk away from their solve & rethink because of the many minds at work here & some will have info that will debunk your solve but I do know many of you are very stubborn & will never budge until you go there & not find the treasure.”

          Hold on… where’s Jake and what did you do with him???

          Where’s the, pick a method and stay with it guy?
          Where’s the poem is straightforward and other whatIF can’t be?
          Where’s the, majority rules is the only way?
          Where the fellow who can’t stand having his, in the water solve, debunked?
          All you have is 8 e-mails in 3 months with, one of a kind solves, I know 100%, and I have pictures of the chest??
          LOL ~ That didn’t even break a week e-mails for me.
          Maybe instead of a Public Service Announcement, just block the idiots. Better yet, seeing your so opened minded about others “ideas”… write up a solve, ask to have it posted, for us to have at it…criticism, constructive or otherwise works both ways.

          • Controversy is king,
            “A mind is many thoughts where one can surface at any time”
            There’s another for you Seeker.

            The only thought I said I would stick with is searching Montana.
            Majority rules is only what you think is majority.
            I have stated it could be in water & buried by nature in the same.

            The blocking has been implemented & not a problem as I have said.

            I know you find it hilarious considering you have been here much longer than I that there have been many that are absolutely sure they know where the treasure is.

            BTW, you were one of those that emailed me & did not boast about being sure you knew where it was & I respect you for that.

          • How many searchers have publicly disclosed their private email address? I sure would like to hear all the solutions put forth so I can cross them off my list and save some $$. Is it possible the chest is located above ground level?

        • Go ahead and try to debunk my 9 Word Solve .
          THE 9 WORD SOLVE :
          Mountain Canyon
          Mountain Canyon
          Canyon Mountain
          Mountain Blaze

    • .Why are you concerned Jake? Are you afraid that one of these eight might actually have solved it, and that you have not, and can not?

      I am one of those eight. I have said openly that I have confidence in my solve. I MAY be wrong, but do not think so. I MAY have to eat a whole lot of humble pie, or YOU just might wind up with a whole lot of egg on your face Jake. Who are you to judge whether or not my solve or any one of the other seven’s solve is THE solve. You have no special knowledge that let’s you know who is right or wrong. If I were you I would knock off the Holier-than-thou attitude.

      I thought that what was shared in a PRIVATE email was just that – PRIVATE. You have again proven that you are not someone to be trusted Jake. Just like “JAKE” is a fake – so are you. JDA

      • I am concerned with the mental stability of some searchers including you JDA.
        Seeing you said you are one of the 8, I will comment here about this concerning statement.

        You told me you would find it in 2 months or so from now.

        I think you should wait until the conditions are right & don’t make a stupid decision based on your feelings where you put yourself & others in danger.

        If you think the treasure is where you think, why make a trip in March when we all know the weather is not going to let up in Wyoming until she is ready.

        Please don’t be another casualty because of your envisioned greed or fame.

        • I assure you Jake, my mental stability is fine.

          IF I decide to search my area in two months, rest assured that I will have checked the local weather forecasts, as well as having talked with people who live in the area. I made my first recon trip to my site in February of last year. NO snow on the ground. It did begin to snow a bit as we left. My first actual search was in early March – NO snow on the ground.

          As usual, you have not the slightest idea about what you are talking about.

          P.S. – Thanks for your care and concern.
          Next time worry about yourself and your mental stability before worrying about mine.

          You do not need any help from me though, you have already proven your mental stability to all. How sad. JDA

        • One more thought to think about for life.

          One person says something the other doesn’t like.

          The person that doesn’t like what was said escalates the situation into a physical means even though it was just words in the beginning & punches that person in the face.

          The person that said something & got walloped pulls out a knife.

          The other pulls out a gun.

          The walloped dude pulls his gun as well.

          They back away from each other pointing at each other ready to kill over words.

          A shot is fired & one of them is killed & family & friends vow revenge.

          It just keeps on going on until all are gone.
          Makes no sense.

          Did the problem start with freedom of speech & someones opinion or with the escalation from words to a physical reaction?

          The only thing in common with the chase & this is some of the words in the poem need to be figured as a physical location to find the chest.

          The other is just an example of todays world including governments.

          Don’t expect me to PC.

          • Well if the first guy said “hand over that treasure chest ” then guy #2 had good reason to wallop guy #1 .

          • Awful lot of testosterone here today, boys. But I guess boys will be boys. It’s gonna get rough sometimes. Yall are crazy.
            BTW I’m NOT drinking the kook-aid!

          • Jake;

            You are the one that started this battle. I am willing to drop it if you are, but kindly knock off the accusations. You can not make blanket statements that paint the eight of us as all having said we have proof. You have betrayed our trust…whatever your motive…THAT is a fact. Good Night.

            I am putting away my gun. JDA

          • Jake;

            If you never had a gun, who was using your screen name, and taking all of those pot-shots at me last night? Most were misses, but a couple scared the heck out of me. 🙂 JDA

  47. The FACT is: There is only one person that can properly critique anyone else’s solution and that is Forrest Fenn. And he’s not going to. Anything else is conjecture and merely the opinion of others. So why would I put my solution out there knowing that the only individual that can tell me anything with any certainty isn’t going too?
    Unless I’m so ignorant that I’m easily swayed by the opinion of others.

      • Thank you JDA! I hope you’re doing well my friend! I’m looking forward to finding out how your search goes. I know enough from your postings to know that you may well be on to something and I sincerely hope you are! Good hunting when you go and I well know that marine Corp grunts are tough enough and smart enough to stay safe.

  48. Here’s an odd or end: what happened to ROLL TIDE? I know what he’s doing this instant (National Championship, duh) but he seems to have dropped off the radar.

  49. Zap – pickle of a scant here between Jake and JD. I’m not a friend of Jake’s and I don’t exchange email with anyone on this blog accept Dal and Forrest and in those two cases they don’t know my user name.

    I don’t think it’s a good idea for people to email each other with one exception. That exception being for folks that want to team up. I have suggested in several occasions that a searcher check out my own spots. I fully support teaming.

    Jake and I do agree on this. We agree that sharing is the best way to move the Chase forward. To name one other Jeremy obviously agreed since he published his solve specifically to move the Chase forward.

    Jake doesn’t want people to publish so he can rip anybody off or show off. He wants to read solves and exchange ideas.

    And finally consider this. The Chase has been on for 6 years. F has said himself that someone has solved the first two clues and someone has been in close proximity to the treasure. So guess what. That means if you are looking in an area that no searcher has been to you are wrong. Also by extension if someone has been to the area you may be right but your technique is not new. If you published your solve we could possibly collaborate and find the treasure.


    • Lug;

      I have tried to share as much information about my solve as I am willing to share, without giving away WHERE EXACTLY I search. I never discuss the location of wwwh, what exactly hoB is and what the name of my blaze is. Yes, I am paranoid about these things. All other aspects of my solve, I have been open about. Why does Jake need to know these aspects? The answer is NOT so that I will see the errors of my thinking. There MAY be errors, but finding that out is MY responsibility not Jake’s.

      I do NOT see this as a community solve. No one has the responsibility of helping me work out the kinks, and I have no responsibility to solve your solve for you.

      I have told things to Jake in private that I have not published on the blog. Primarily regarding how I interpret portions of stanza’s #5 and 6. Jake has chosen to ignore these interpretations, and that is fine with me. All I am saying is that him wanting me to publish my whole solve is not done so that the public can help me see my errors, not when Jake already knows more than most of you on the blog about how I interpret various aspects of the poem, Jake’s motives are somewhat questionable in my mind.

      Jake MAY have my best interests at heart, but I doubt it.

      Just my opinion of what is going on. JDA

    • Lugnutz,

      “I don’t think it’s a good idea for people to email each other with one exception. That exception being for folks that want to team up. I have suggested in several occasions that a searcher check out my own spots. I fully support teaming.”

      If people want to team, I say full steam ahead. But they should be very clear well ahead of time about how they will proceed under various successful discovery scenarios.

      “Jake and I do agree on this. We agree that sharing is the best way to move the Chase forward. To name one other Jeremy obviously agreed since he published his solve specifically to move the Chase forward.”

      The cause and intent is noble, but I’m skeptical that this sort of daisy-chain approach will ultimately produce a winner. I’ve read many dozens of solutions here and on other blogs, and they all shared one thing in common: a rather arbitrary starting point that is unsatisfying to many if not most. (That said, the *correct* starting point would probably also be scoffed at by a lot of searchers.)

      “Jake doesn’t want people to publish so he can rip anybody off or show off. He wants to read solves and exchange ideas.”

      Quite understandable. But the very folks willing to do so are unlikely to be the ones with the correct starting point. If you strongly believe you have the right starting point, and nothing would ever sway you from it, it’s a pretty short list of scenarios under which it would be advantageous for you to share that information with anyone who hasn’t figured it out.

      Maybe what you are envisioning is a situation where a relatively small number of searchers have solved the first 2 clues (which is still pretty likely), but most if not all are stuck on the third clue. And thus if those folks would just share those first two clue solutions with everyone, the shear advantage of superior numbers would improve the odds that someone out there would figure out clue 3 and so forth. If this was a purely academic exercise, with no reward (monetary or otherwise) at stake, such collaboration might work. But that’s not what we have here. The reward is too substantial. And so small teams are probably the best you’re going to be able to do as far as group-think.

      “The Chase has been on for 6 years. F has said himself that someone has solved the first two clues and someone has been in close proximity to the treasure.”

      Yes … and quite some time ago at that.

      “That means if you are looking in an area that no searcher has been to you are wrong.”

      I would agree with that conclusion. And it doesn’t apply to my spot. I know for a fact that hundreds of people are near it almost every day. But this isn’t horseshoes.

      “Also by extension if someone has been to the area you may be right but your technique is not new.”

      Here, I disagree. Solving the first couple clues might unavoidably cause you to pass relatively close to the chest’s location, but be completely unaware of the fact. And if you haven’t solved the 3rd clue or beyond, you may not be all that confident with your first 2 clues.

      “If you published your solve we could possibly collaborate and find the treasure.”

      Collaboration involves a more equal sharing of information. Given the assumed status of current Chase progress, suppose you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that you had figured out what and where the blaze is. (Don’t read anything into that — just take it as a hypothetical situation; obviously no one but Forrest can know with certainty.) How would you proceed? By most accounts, you would be very near to solving it all, wouldn’t you agree? So would you tell anyone your near-complete solution? Forrest has claimed that the clues get easier as you go, so if you’ve gotten that far, all on your own, would you really want to collaborate with anyone?

      Supposing that you did, imagine someone who had never even solved the first clue reads your nearly-complete solution, fills in the missing piece or pieces, and successfully retrieves the chest. Worse, he or she lies and claims to have solved the whole thing on his or her own. How would you feel about your years of hard work? This is not a farfetched scenario; it has played out countless times in many fields of endeavor.

      • Zap –

        What I envision is someone says I went in the old gold mine outside of Brown Mt. Then the next person doesn’t go there. We build on what’s learned.That’s it.

        What we have right now is 100 people do the same solve go to the goldmine and never tell each other. You said recently there are 65000 locations that have been secured. Nope. There have been thousands of people going to a couple hundred spots. I’ll say this is IMO and let you think on it. Speaking of which, you really don’t get it. If you are going to the same place as someone else, you’re wrong. By all means continue to talk about how different your solve is and when you go out do tell us what you find.

        I will close by recalling for you a memory of 5 search parties arriving at the same waterfall canyon at the exact same time on the same day. That’s out of 1400+ days that had transpired at that time since the pistol went bang. I ask you how many searchers have been to that spot? You seem to be a numbers person. How many people h be been. Hoew many more would have gone and what a waste of time.

        Lugnutz out

        • Lug,
          Isn’t this supposed to be about TTOTC?
          Even if I go to where others have been maybe they missed a clue or something. Why deny them there own thrills or chase. I think others are to worried about the solution and want to see this solved instead of enjoying the ride. Enjoy the ride and let others do so as well is what I say. If an individual wants to share the ride that’s okay too. Personally I hope it goes a thousand years and it works out the way FF intends. He says he doesn’t care if it makes him a legend or not, but I say too late for that, it already has! Even if it’s found tomorrow somebody 500 years from now won’t believe it and will go out searching. Wishing all of you the best in 2017. Live life to the full and have fun, because life is tough and then we die!


        • I see you are using the “key” I named
          “9 Word Solve ”
          So where do you go from Brown Mountain ?

          • Lugnutz
            on January 10, 2017 at 10:11 am said:

            “Not me”
            I suppose you will claim coincidence ?

          • I don’t even know what your talking about. I have more than 20 solves and I don’t think even one of them includes 2 mountains or leaving a mountain and going back to it or whatever the heck Mountain Mountain means.

            My solves are more like airstrip cemetery hot springs canyon mountain forest river rock chest

            Also there are several Brown Mountains. I have solves on 2. I don’t have any idea which Brown Mt you speak of


        • Hi Lugnutz,

          “What I envision is someone says I went in the old gold mine outside of Brown Mt. Then the next person doesn’t go there. We build on what’s learned.That’s it.”

          I’m pretty sure Dal will back me up on this: you won’t learn anything by knowing where other people say they’ve searched. The target is too small, so process of elimination isn’t valid.

          “You said recently there are 65000 locations that have been secured.”

          I’ve never said that. Without checking, I probably said that there have been at least 65,000 ~searchers~ (and I bet it’s much higher than that). How many places has the average searcher investigated? 2? 3? Dal has been out, what, 70+ times? Sure, lots of places have been “hit” by dozens of different people. But so what?

          “There have been thousands of people going to a couple hundred spots. I’ll say this is IMO and let you think on it.”

          I don’t need to think on it. You’re dead wrong. You obviously never saw the scatter plot a year or so back of all the places that people voluntarily reported they had been to. There were thousands of dots on that map spanning all four states (and Idaho and Utah as well). It was a SEA of dots in New Mexico.

          “Speaking of which, you really don’t get it. If you are going to the same place as someone else, you’re wrong.”

          I’m confident no one (other than perhaps Fenn!) has been to my spot. They would have no earthly reason to go there unless they had solved the poem precisely as I have. Plenty of people have been within 500′ of it, but they would have no way of knowing that.

          You seem preoccupied with the efficiency of the Chase rather than the thrill of it.

          • I asked you before not to quote me in you reply. It’s condescending. I know what I said and I can read it on the page.

          • Lugnutz,
            The quoting of ‘another post’ is only used for simplicity. Many do this, so we can answer/reply to a certain section of another post with little confusion to what was stated hours or even days prior. This is the first time to my knowledge anyone felt it was condescending or degrading of the person’s post.

            While this method makes for a longer post, many see it as helpful in following conversation when two or more posters are in the same conversation, and conversations some can last all day.
            Just sayin’

          • Seeker –

            I had asked him not to do so and I had previously stopped interacting with him. I don’t think the process of quoting the reply is condescending. I think he does so in a condescending way. I feel he is always trying to one up rather than add to a conversation.

            You may feel free to quote me and I am going back in the Zaphod bandwagon.

            I shall choose my words more carefully so as not offer offense to others that may be reading my directed response(s).


          • Seeker I guess you understand why Lugs doesn’t want posters quoting him . It makes for too much clarity of issues .

          • No offense was taken on my part. I find the method helpful, as many of us do it. If you take MW’s forum for example… the capability of moving a post to your own reply is done for the same reasoning.
            Again, it does tend to make a post longer, but overall is helpful for other readers to follow later on… sometimes months and years later.

            No hard feeling on my part, just a simple explanation.

          • Lug, quoting parts of posts is not condescending — it is a COURTESY for readers attempting to tell who is responding to whom, and to what particular post. It is good netiquette, and you’ll notice that nearly everyone does it here because it helps avoid confusion. Even when I correspond with friends by email, I will cut and paste relevant parts of their past message(s) to clarify what topics I’m replying to.

      • Zap,
        I agree! And will add one other possibility. What if others feel they helped you solve the poem and you owed them a share? And you ended up in court trying to prove different. Lawyers cost money! Why put yourself in that position. I’m not saying anyone on this blog would do that, but people are greedy and lawyers are sue crazy. I speak from experience. I operated a business, that I won’t name, in a major US city, that made more money every month than the TC contains and still is doing so. Like FF I live for TTOTC. And I’ll add that if I solve this thing it won’t be my first success.


        • Kanafire
          Last time I heard a business owner/worker/partner talk like that …He ended up losing his multi yearly million dollar business,lost his wife and told me “i would be nothing” while he was having his success! Be careful…..even Fenn said money never equivicated to intelligence. Remember what goes up,,comes down, I just think arrogance can hinder people into a false sense of affirmation in life.
          Plato said and i use this quote losely….”for he who thinks they are a wise …really are not wise…because they THINK they are wise.” but good luck!

          • Zap,
            I’ve since sold the business and can assure you that I’m in no danger of failing.
            But thank you for your advice and concern!


        • I would say that there would be a good claim of Plagiarism .
          “•to use (another’s production) without crediting the source”

          “But can words and ideas really be stolen?”

          “According to U.S. law, the answer is yes. The expression of original ideas is considered intellectual property and is protected by copyright laws, just like original inventions. Almost all forms of expression fall under copyright protection as long as they are recorded in some way (such as a book or a computer file).”

          I guess now people may understand why some people give out solves on blogs.
          So how much credit is fair for a winning solve of a million or more treasure ?
          That would be for the courts to decide .
          THE 9 WORD SOLVE

          • Ya-Sha-Wa: even if your 9-word-solve above was accurate (and it most definitely isn’t, in my opinion) no court in the land would award you royalties for such generalities. You might as well write “Rockies” 9 times. At least that would be accurate.

          • I must be bored today……….I know a copyright lawyer (through my photography), and he owes me, so I called him up and asked him. He said “No Way” and started laughing. He said ideas and facts cannot be copyrighted.

            He gave me several examples while quoting paragraph numbers in statues. So if you have a great idea like a super duper gizmo for photography and tell someone and he goes out and invents it and has it patented; he doesn’t owe you a dime.

            He said it doesn’t matter what we are talking about……..If I had a great idea for a song and posted it here; then one of you actually wrote the song and copyrighted it you wouldn’t owe me anything.

            I asked him specifically about a treasure. He had a good laugh; apparently I’m not someone he thinks would partake in such a fool hardy venture. Again he said it doesn’t matter; for example if I wrote a book about where I thought a lost Spanish galleon full of gold is located; the book can be copyrighted but the idea cannot. If someone actually went and found it they would not owe me anything.

            So there you go….this is just an opinion.

          • Thanks Goofy but to be honest I don’t think Ya-Sha-Wa was serious about it, just playing the bully because of something I said a couple of days ago..

            I am not going to take the bait any more and i shall endeavour to lessen the strife and conflict I have been partly responsible for.

            I think the treasure is in Wyoming or Colorado or New Mexico


        • Y’all can yap about privacy, who thought of what, the legality of it all and on and on.
          The one thing you are forgetting is… this is not a private setting. The posting are voluntary and literally open to all, not just chasers, treasure hunters, but the enter internet community… This is no different than overhearing a conversation at McDonald’s.

          Again, this is a voluntary discussion site, open to all.

          • Doesn’t matter !
            Do you know what “unjust enrichment” is ?
            It is directly associated with Plagiarism where a person is enriched by someone else’s work that they don’t pay for .
            So I see it as a valid point in the chase when someone takes some one else’s solve and makes it their own without just credit . Question is what is “just credit”. That would be based on value . In this case a million plus after expenses of course .
            Remember it was not me that brought up this issue .

          • I don’t even know what you are talking about. Perhaps you should direct these charges to Zap if hes the one that said something about whatecwr it is you are referencing.

          • Then why are you posting if you feel that it doesn’t matter where or how you state an idea.

            I won’t pretend to know the law… Each state has different law pretaining to these matters …
            But this is a volunteer posting with the knowledge billions could possibly read it. You gave up the right to be the exclusive owner of that thought when it is deliberately volunteered it.

          • I think that when someone figures it out it will be like “Railroadtime” and possible that two people could come up with the same solution independently of each other at the same time… imo

            “Railroad time”. I.e, when the economy has reached a certain state of infrastructure (coal, steel, and land available, plus steam engines and demand for transportation), it’s “Railroad time”, and the idea of building railroads occurs to many people naturally at the same time. As it in fact did. Much the same thing happened a century or so later with the automobile. –

            How’s that for a Defense 🙂

  50. Ya-sha-wa,
    You seem to be well informed on legal matters. If I solve this thing I may have to hire you to defend me!


    • Ya-sha-wa,

      If that is the case then the work belongs to Mr. Fenn and he would be the only one able to sue. That is assuming to find the chest you would need to figure out the solution he devised.

      • JoeBad , Forrest explicitly and expressly gave away that right . On the other hand if someone else’s solve such as my 9 WORD SOLVE is used I have not explicitly nor expressly given such right away . But does it really matter ? If you used my solve and found even an empty chest wouldn’t you feel some type of obligation ?

        • With that line of thinking, anyone who mentioned wwwh as a hot spring merging with a cool river is gonna want a piece to the pie. Or the chest is in NM or hoB if a fish hatchery.

          This, imo, is not contributing to a discussion, but setting in more paranoia to the already paranoid. But.. if you have case law to follow your comment Ya-Sha-Wa, put in the thread dedicated to this…legal ponderings.

        • Ya-Sha-Wa-

          “On the other hand if someone else’s solve such as my 9 WORD SOLVE is used I have not explicitly nor expressly given such right away . But does it really matter ? If you used my solve and found even an empty chest wouldn’t you feel some type of obligation ?”

          IMO, the 9 words that you came up with will not help solve the poem. IMO, it is much deeper than coming up with 9 words. Much deeper. Not impossible but a much different approach than the one you’ve latched onto.

      • ken,
        Defending me if another blogger thinks that I stole their idea to solve the poem


  51. So folks, Mr. Fenn said that the treasure should be put in a vaIult for 30 days. If I find it, you may never know it. I’m sure most on this post will give a lot of thought to how, or if, to divulge their solution in detail. To avoid all the possible litigious bloggers on this and other sites, it seems that the less the public knows about the successful solve, the better. Those 30 days will give the finder ample opportunity to consult an attorney as any lottery winner might do. I do have a vault waiting, though. IMO.

  52. Hey Zap,
    Sorry! I’m not sure how I managed that. I was agreeing with you above and not sure how I missed that it was another blogger.


  53. Kanafire

    i am no blogger….just dont care for arrogance. And i dont have a web site…but rose colored glasses must be nice!

    Examples Word Origin
    a website containing a writer’s or group of writers’ own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other websites.
    a single entry or post on such a website:
    She regularly contributes a blog to the magazine’s website.
    verb (used without object), blogged, blogging.
    to maintain or add new entries to a blog.
    verb (used with object), blogged, blogging.
    to express or write about on a blog:
    She’s been blogging her illness for almost a year.

  54. A fellow searcher needs our help. Chris Yates, a longtime searcher is being evicted from his home with his sister and two young nieces. Chris has been having some serious health problems with his back, and is desperate to get his family to a safe place.

    And like it or not, we, the chase community, is a family, who should help each other when one falls.

    I set up a go fund me campaign for Chris, and every little bit counts. Please, let’s show him that God can work miracles and that there’s still hope in humanity.

    The money will go toward a motel room, food, and getting a new place to live.

    You can donate here:


    Thanks to those who can help, and if you can’t help financially, prayers are appreciated. Those children should be in a safe place, and be comforted that they will have a roof over their head and food to eat. Please, let’s make this happen and show the world we’re not a bunch of psychotic nuts who have nothing better to do than drag others down.

    • Mindy,
      Please keep us informed as to what is going on with Chris. We do not want to see those children without a home. What part of AZ do they live in?

      • WY Girl,

        Chris has a recent back injury and both he and his sister lost their jobs. His sister has two children, and Chris has helped support them. They were recently served an eviction notice and he is asking for the chase community to help in any way they can–financially, prayers, manpower, groceries, whatever (he is struggling to pack everything up and move himself. Not easy with a bad back.

        He lives in Buckeye, AZ. It took a lot of guts for him to reach out for help. It shows that his family means more to him than his pride, and that honorable. I would like to raise enough money to get him into a new place with a month rent paid until he and his sister can get back on their feet.

        • Mindy,
          The reason I asked is that I have family that live in Scottsdale. One is in his 80s and has lived in the valley since he was a teen and has a lot of connections there. I haven’t spoken to him about the situation but I’m sure if the need arises that he may have some ideas or friends that could be of help.
          Just let me know………..
          Let Chris know that our thoughts and prayers are with him and to keep strong. To quote that Katy Perry song “After a hurricane there is always a rainbow,!”
          I think it’s amazing that he’s helping his sister and her children. I know first hand just how dehabilitating a back injury can be!
          Sending lots of *hugs* to them all!

        • Just replying here to get this on top of the other two post getting all the attention. Hopefully others will see it.

          I know first hand how life can deal you a joker. It can be financially hard for those not prepared to deal with the surprises they are dealt.

          I’ve read everyone of Chris’ posts here and on other blogs. The guy contributes to the Chase community. It’s time for all to give back.

          Per Dal’s web-site stats posted earlier this month, we just need a dollar per visit to put Chris and his family up for quite some time. We could probably even pay for his back surgery.

          Ask yourself – “Did I get a buck worth of information or entertainment from what Chris has posted?”

          Just sayin’,

          Scott W.

        • Hi Mindy
          I wonder if it’s possible to post the link where it’s easier to find.

        • Hi, Mindy. Did you post on Facebook? There are other Forrest pages on there, too. MW proboard is a good place, too. Thanks for the updates.

          • I posted on my FB page, on my blog, here, and CC. As of this morning, I think we are around $800 shy of the goal I set. But I also know some people have donated privately through PayPal and western union, so I think we all did a great job pulling together to help Chris out…thank you to everyone for your support and prayers for Chris and his family! 🙂

      • That certainly is an interesting post.
        Unfortunately incorrect that the blaze cannot be found on a map . Was that the first blaze or the second blaze ? As the poem describes there is 2 blazes . You see a blaze and look quickly down where there is a second blaze if you are wise and understand that upon looking down the quest for the blaze has ceased ,not when finding the first blaze as that was the beginning .

        • Ya-Sha-Wa;

          I am always amazed that you and others seem to state as fact, things that are your opinion. To me, the poem has only one blaze, and not two – but that is just MY opinion.

          You also state as fact, your opinion that the blaze can not be found on a map. This may, or not be true…it is just your opinion. JDA

          • Can someone re-direct me to the poem that everyone is so taken by? I probably missed the post.

          • Bob-
            I am going to take this opportunity to teach you to fish rather than hand you a trout.
            This is not directed purely at you…but others as well who may be confused by the layout of this blog.

            On the top, right hand side of every page on the blog, including this one, is a column that serves as an index for the blog.
            If you look carefully at that column you will see various categories that all the posts on the blog fit into. Additionally, under the photo at the very top of the page is a series of tabs for the more “popular” pages. Things like “Fundamental Guidelines”, “Rules” and the “Cheatsheet”.

            Turning our attention back to the right hand column, you will see categories like “Forrest Speaks”. All of the videos interviews that I shot with Forrest are found there. Further down is a category called “Most Important Information”. That contains posts that I believe have information that every searcher should be aware of. Another category is “Searcher Discussions” where all of the discussion pages such as The Nine Clues and Odds n Ends and all the archives of older pages that have been closed can be found. One of the last categories is for “Latest Posts”. There you will find the latest posts added to the blog. Usually what is trending in comments can either be found in that category OR you can look at “Most Recent Comments” and see the last few comments and clicking on one will take you directly to where that comment was made on the blog.

            I only point this out because many users on the blog have not figured out how to navigate around it or even understand that there are hundreds and hundreds of pages, videos, news stories and writings by Forrest that might not only help in their search but also provide valuable insight to Forrest and a look at some of the remarkable items inside the chest…They are ALL categorized and indexed.

            So if you had wanted to know where folks were making the comments about the poem..look under “Most Recent Comments” to see if there is a comment that is about the poem…if so, clicking on it will take you to the page where the comment was made. If you missed reading all the latest posts on the bog, look under “latest Posts” to see what has been posted recently that you have not read.

            Finally, if you subscribe using the subscription box near the bottom of that column you will get a copy of every new post that is published…right in your mail box…so you won’t miss anything…

          • Thanks, Dal. I see the error of my ways. My only concern is that I need to subscribe over and over again. It seems to happen on a regular basis and I start missing posts without even realizing it. Then after a couple of days of not receiving anything I go to the website and re-subscribe. Then everything works for another week, or so. This is why I “knee-jerked” the request for redirection for the poem. But, had I thought before posting I know I should have gone to the home page.
            Anyway your words are well-taken

          • I found both blazes on maps so I don’t know what you are talking about . To me the poem is addressing facts . Getting the understanding out of the poem is fact . Not getting the understanding is opinion . Don’t be so amazed that there is people that have such confidence in their solves as that is the type of person that can go straight to the chest . And there is deeper meaning to going straight to the chest . Do I need to reference forrest statement of “why didn’t I look there first ” ? How’s this for you ? I affy in my ability to read and understand poem and my solve and all it’s details some of which will remain private . Now the ball is in your court to prove me wrong or ask for reference .

          • Ya-Sha-Wa;

            You may have been at this longer than I have, so I am sure that you are aware of the “RULES” that are at the top of every thread. I am sure that you have found two Blazes on “A” map. Does the poem say that there are two blazes? THAT is a matter of opinion. I think not, you think yes. The point is, that there are a lot of “nubies” out there that may not know that the poem does (or does not) say that there are two blazes. Please review the rules. Just to save you time, here is the one I am talking about.

            Don’t confuse readers. There is a difference between fact and opinion. No one knows where the chest is located until they have it in their hands. So, until the chest is in your hands, you cannot say that you know where the chest is located or that you have solved the poem…Saying these things will lead casual readers to believe the hunt is over and someone has found the chest… which is not the case. You cannot claim you have found it or know where it is or have solved the poem unless the chest is in your possession…until then it’s only your opinion. Making unsubstantiated claims will result in banishment from our community.

            I am not trying to play traffic cop, I just do not want “nubies” mislead. Thanks.

            You have a lot of good “Opinions” – I like reading your posts. JDA

          • Dal should have used the word unsubstantiated in the beginning of the rule as people came offer “other evidence” to their claims of solving poem . Dal only mentions certain type evidence as being valid . Any how I am not really trying to confuse anyone with any claims of knowing solve . I am here to be helpful and supportive but it is kinda hard at times the way others try and suppress good information . So forrest poem still identifies 2 blazes as I pointed out . Other evidence is take any item you wish and call it a blaze. Take another object and call it a blaze and place it below the first and follow instructions in poem .
            Find the blaze and look quickly down your quest to cease . Does that work ? I did not say the wisdom of identifying the blaze which would be opinion . My 9 Word Solve is actually a key . I am not giving out my full solve . Anything I claim to be does have “other evidence” (beside showing the chest) which substantiates what I am stating . I have substantiated that forrest poem identifies 2 blazes . You may think the second blaze is the chest . But spotting the chest is also a blaze as it identifies a location . So on these facts there are 2 blazes at that point in the poem . The word blaze can be used in such a vague form to mean virtually anything that identifies a location . So in the future if you question what I am stating does not have “other evidence ” than (showing the chest) , please just ask the question and I will either substantiate or retract .

  55. Did my part. Now, Chris, find a place, (NOT A MOTEL) move in and let’s hear some more of those brilliant observations!
    Be safe, stay well, hug the kiddos for me and accept our prayers!
    P.S. road, rode, rowed…see! I’m still thinking!
    ¥Peace & Love ¥

  56. I always liked Chris’s comments and ideas…sad to hear of his situation. I will do what I can to help…

  57. No one knows what tomorrow might bring – Take nothing for granted.

    Be it a prayer, good thought and/or financial help; If able, please give what you can.

  58. Here is a good Odd and End . Zoom Earth uses Nasa’s new satellite for imagery and is far superior to Google Earth . No more distorted terrain issues where you trek 2000 miles only to find a cliff where you thought it was a flat surface . Check it out guys it is a valuable tool in The Thrill Of The Chase .

      • Root word name for the man renamed Jesus . It’s a breakdown to what was once pictographs . Each pictograph had what we call today a word meanings . In ancient times the socalled Hebrew words of today were phrases . Which began to change at the Tower of Babel . I have been studying this form of language for about 8 years now . One reason as to why I like The Thrill Of The Chase where forrest provides phrases and we have to figure out the underlying word meanings . Just like pictographs a phrase can have either a single or multiple word meaning . I reduced poem to 9 single word meanings as a key . Some people don’t believe it and some even mock me . So all I have to say about that is do they know what Abaracadabara really means ? Because I do . And the people during first Pentecoste would have .

        • Also Bob Miller the key can be stated in Modern Hebrew as :
          And understood using Ancient Symbolic Meanings.
          As forrest did state such things as glyphs have been used as positive solutions but no such understandings are required to solve the poem. He did not state my key was one of them as he is probably the fairest person we will ever encounter .

  59. This week at the National Western Stock Show in Denver we are paying tribute to Buffalo Bill, who died 100 years ago (Jan. 10th). Buffalo Bill was a great man, who shared his love of the West, and spread education of the Western way of life. This Chase, for the Treasure Chest, has lead many of us to learn tid-bits about Buffalo Bill and his colorful life.

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