Save the Date – Fennboree 2017…

Save The Date

June 9th thru 11th are the dates for the 2017 Fennboree.Β  Cynthia and Desertphile are cohosts this year and they tell me that the location in 2017 will be at Hyde State Park again. I think all who attended in 2016 will agree that the location was great and the park staff were very welcoming and accomodating.

The 2016 Fennboree team worked very hard to create a family friendly event that felt a lot like a picnic. It was a lot of fun getting to put faces with blog and forum names…

For the latest information about Fennboree 2017 go here:

There is a short highlight video from the 2016 Fennboree here:

Matt Misano’s film, Fenn’s Searchers, will premiere in Albuquerque the day before Fennboree. You can find out more, including how to get tickets for this event…Have you ever been to a film premiere???…by following this link:



Thursday/Friday From Cynthia

Friday from Old Drum

Friday from Tom

Saturday from Old Drum

Saturday from Tom

Saturday from Cynthia

Sunday from Cynthia

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  1. Thank you for the information. Have to see if my husband can use his vacation time during that month and is willing to go. It gives me a heads up not to plan a camping trip elsewhere for that weekend, just in case.

    • What a great video you put together, Dal. Certainly makes the invitation to Hyde’s Memorial State Park more tempting. Everyone looked great. Maybe if you offer up some of our licorice, the searchers may tell you where the treasure is at. πŸ™‚

  2. Excellent job with the video Dal! The 2016 Fennboree was a great time! Coreda, Ming and I are already working on plans for attending the 2017 event.

    • Spallies , do you want me to swing by Portland and pick you up ? Looking forward to our pow wows again. Last year was a blast ! Hope you can make it !

  3. Looks like fun. Hopefully it will fit into my plans for 2017. I’ve never been to NM other than at 4 Corners, so I would enjoy getting to see more of this state and meeting other treasure hunters. I sure hope that F can attend like he did this year.

  4. Hoping to attend in 2017 .
    It would be great of someone (me) found the treasure and could bring it to the party!
    Be safe
    Β₯Peace Β₯

  5. Hi Dal,

    Great news about Fennboree 2017! I hope my daughter (in green in the foreground over your photo) and I can attend once again. She’s not stopped talking (about meeting Forrest) since the Fennboree 2016!

    ~ Wishing all Fenn-Atics a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year!

    ~ Wisconsin Mike

    • Bring your delicious Hickory Syrup with you Mike. That stuff is amazingly delicious. I can’t wait to see both of you this summer.

  6. Never knew there was a Fennboree until this year and happened upon some pictures online. It sounds like a big family picnic where you get to
    meet a bunch of cousins you never knew you had. I hope I can talk my sister into going down that way…I’d really like to experience it. Thanks, Dal, for the 2017 dates and the chats online.

  7. Fennboree : Merriam Webster, 2016, noun.

    “Someone who is owed a boring statement from Forrest Fenn.”

    I seriously did not know that was in the dictionary either. πŸ™‚

  8. Well, 5 months and 9 days till fennboree…..

    But who’s counting ? Happy New Year everyone……

    See ya πŸ™‚

  9. Count me in. I hope that I will have been able to get out and search by then and maybe have tasted revenge for that Kismet requirement thing. Those of us informed searchers will understand that comment. Spallies, you gotta make the 2017 Fennboree! How else am I going to finally taste your pineapple pie? I missed out last year πŸ™ Like I said, I will be there.

  10. All the campsites with electricity And water are taken at Hyde Park. Are there any other campgrounds close to Hyde Park that nay be available? As it is 1240 miles for me one way I will have to make sure I havev a place for the rv. Thanks…

    • longstep-
      Black Canyon Campground is right next to Hyde Park. I stayed there last year. I just made reservations for that campground again this year during Fennboree.

      You can normally make reservations through the website…except they don’t seem to be taking reservations via the website yet. I had to phone them to make a reservation. Their toll free phone is 877-444-6777.

      • Thank you Dal for the info. Will check it out. Trying to work it all out and get to Fennboree this year.

  11. Group Shelter #2 has been reserved. The web site has links for reserving a camp site at Black Canyon Camp Ground, and people who wish to camp during Fennboree will probably want to make reservations as soon as possible.

    I will haul in firewood, enough I hope for three nights in case some people wish to hang around an extra night.

    News media have been informed, and I will follow up on them as the date approaches.

    Also, the mayor of Santa Fe has been invited.

  12. I’m going to make an effort to be there this year. I hope FF can attend again and I’d like to meet Dal and the searchers (what a great name for a band!). Plus I want to ask Desertphile how many calories are really in a kangaroo rat? (lol) πŸ˜‰

    • “Plus I want to ask Desertphile how many calories are really in a kangaroo rat?”

      About 120 if you eat everything including the eyebrows.

  13. Great time last year even though we left early. To remedy that fiasco, we’re hitting Fennboree first!

  14. Heidini, You asked if there are certain things planned for certain times this year. The only schedule so far is the Friday late afternoon / evening event that will be the group campfire at the pavilion / group shelter. People are encouraged to bring the ingredients for smores (the kids loved making these last year) or your own snacks, drinks (alcoholic beverages are permitted but NO GLASS containers), etc. There’s a gigantic grill at the pavilion for folks to grill hotdogs, or the whole pig if you bring your own charcoal and food.

    Saturday at noonish will begin the pot-luck which lasted all afternoon last year into the evening. At some time during Saturday afternoon, I’d like to have the event which I will coin “Witching for Fenn’s treasure chest”. The picnic tables will be moved to the sides of the shelter and someone will draw a map using chalk of the 4 Rocky Mountain states the length of the pavilion cement floor. I have dowsing rods/ water witching sticks which a known “expert” will use to walk the map of the 4 states and “witch” for the treasure chest. It would be neat if we could do this when Forrest is present. Maybe Dal could make a video of ff watching this procedure take place live, and then an expert shrink can analyze ff’s body language to verify the location of the treasure chest.

    Assuming no one dies of a heart attack when the witching sticks identify their exact spot, there will be another group campfire at the shelter until midnight. Quiet hour starts at 10 pm, though, so unless the Fennboree folks secure all the campsites within very close proximaty (misspelled for ff) to the pavilion, it will be necessary to try to remain quiet after 10 pm.

    We do not have the pavilion reserved for Sunday so all the stragglers are going to Dal’s site that morning…where he will serve coffee and donuts. Ha Ha. Dal, are you paying attention?

    We are still waiting to see if the movie The Lure can be screened at a theater in Santa Fe over the weekend. It’s not looking good since the distribution is slower than a slow boat to China, but we are still waiting for a definitive answer.

    If there are any more questions regarding anything about Fennboree 2017, please post them here and I will try to pay attention and answer you. I will try to find out by the end of April which events Forrest plans to attend. cynthia

    • Cynthia, I’ll check with my “artistic” daughter to see if she is still able to come & draw the map of the 4 states on the floor. She has a new job doing metal-smithing and jewerly-making. (I don’t want her to jeopardize her job: it’s great to have a daughter in the jewerly-business! The gifts I receive from her are better than ever! hee hee).

      I’ll bring a library again. I’ve found some good books at thrift stores! I love books!

        • My daughter is asking for these days off from work. I’ll keep you posted.

        • Hi Cynthia, My daughter did get the time off of her job; & will draw the states. Should we bring the chalk? How long (how many minutes or hours) will she have to draw? This will be so fun!

          • You should bring the chalk…tell her to be creative…you know maybe different colors for the 4 different states. I think she should add some major cities as well. Like Santa Fe in NM, YNP, Denver, maybe a few of the major ones from his map. I say we give her at least an hour. Does she need more than that?

            She could have all of Saturday morning if she wanted. We could move the picnic tables to the side, let her draw her map, and then put the tables back in time for the pot-luck. Some of the chalk would get disturbed but some of it would remain. Then she could just revisit the areas that need to be fixed. What do you think? I’m so looking forward to having the treasure location be identified!! I will be so bummed out if it’s in Glacier National Park…too far for me to make day trips. Ha ha.

          • Ok, we will bring the chalk. Ok, she will make it colorful. And she will add major cities; and major landmarks, according to major ones identified on his map.

            We’ll think about your options regarding the best time to draw the map – and I’ll tell you what we decide.

            Do I need to be prepared to wash the map off the floor? (If necessary: I can bring some scrub brushes and buckets).

            Yes, I’m also looking forward to having the location of the Treasure identified. After all these years – soon we will know! (smiley face)

          • GoldRet, Only 18 days till Fennboree…I can’t wait. Good thinking about scrubbing the map off the pavilion floor. I hadn’t thought about it. Since i’m local, I will bring scrub brushes and a bucket or two. I already planned to bring a large broom so we can leave it as clean as when we arrive.

            You can let me know Friday or Saturday when she wants to draw it. This should be fun!

    • Longstep, most of the tent/ small camper campsites at Hyde Park are first come, first served so those are not reservable. There are a few large RV sites that are reservable but I imagine they are reserved by now (not by Fennboreers, though, just happy campers.) Go to their website (Hyde Memorial State Park) to check for the RV sites. Black Canyon Campground is close, just down the canyon, not far, but too far to walk. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I believe all the sites there are reservable…it is run by the National Forest, I believe. Google Black Canyon Campground for reservations, or go to the link for that is posted in the text above. I believe Desertphile has the link for reservations on his website.

      • Hey Cynthia, I’ll be there Thursday afternoon about maybe 5 or 6 pm. You gonna be at that spot near the shelter again?

        • IW, I plan to have one of the sites located near the group shelter…I won’t know which one until I get up there earlier in the week. I plan to attend Matt’s movie in Albuquerque Thursday afternoon/evening. I will put your coolers and pots and pans on my picnic table or inside my “storage tent” so you can get them when you arrive. Please email me cmeachum at msn dot com so we can discuss logistics.

    • I just checked the Hyde park site and it looks like all of them are reserved (the ones that require reservations).

      I have one of the RV sites with electricity reserved for the 9th and 10th, and had planned on letting others stay there. However, looking at the pictures for the RV sites, there doesn’t appear to much room. In addition, all RV sites are about 50 feet from Hyde Park Road.

      We hope to get there early enough on the 9th to get one of the “first-come” sites since the RV sites are so small and close to the road. If we get a tent site, we will release our RV site.

      Scott W.

      • Thanks for your information. I think it would be a good idea if we have an “information board” at the pavilion starting Friday morning to share details about camp sites, which sites specific people are at if they want to share that info, or anything else that would be helpful. I will bring a big flip-chart of paper, and a magic marker.

        • Thank you Cynthia for all you do for the fennboree….. I know everyone will have a blast this June… see ya my friend

      • I wonder how early one would have to arrive to get one of the unreservable sites? Being retired, I could get there a few days early. Just asking for some thoughts. Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

        • Last year I stayed next door to Hyde Park at the Black Canyon Camp Ground. They also have sites that cannot be reserved. There were still unreserved sites available at 3pm on each day. No guarantee, of course, that it will be the same this year.

          • Black Canyon used to be in an early solve I developed.

            Of course it’s not 66,000 links north of Sante Fe.

            I suppose as long as we’re there it couldn’t hurt to check it out.

            Thanks for the update.


        • I’m not certain…but I believe that if you get an unreserved site you can only stay the one night…then you have to find another site..which shouldn’t be hard since you are already there…

          • Thanks Dal, I’ll give the park a call to determine the rules on the unreservable sites.

        • Longstep, A bunch of us are retired and arrive Thursday. Everyone is invited to hang out at my campsite later that evening, but I won’t know which site until I get up there. Also, Matt’s movie is showing in Albuquerque Thursday evening so some people may be attending it and getting back to camp later. I will be camping in Hyde Park as close to the pavilion as possible.

  15. According to, all of the 36 sites at Black Canyon are reserved for Friday and Saturday nights. I don’t know if they have any first-come, first serve sites. I have my reservation and look forward to seeing you there. I also got my tickets to the film, “Fenn’s Searchers”, on Thursday evening. It will be interesting setting up camp outside Santa Fe that afternoon and making it to the movie in Albuquerque by 5:00 pm (doors open at 4:30).

      • Hey Cynthia,
        Just wanted to say what a nice job that you, Sacha, and the other workers did last year. We really enjoyed it. Sadly, it looks like medical issues will most likely prevent our participation this year. Thanks again for last year, have a great time this year, and hope to see you next year.


        Windy City

        • Windy, That’s too bad you won’t be able to attend this year. Thanks for the kind words. Last year’s event exceeded my expectations as far as the number of attendees. I hope this year’s is just as successful. I’m sure there will be pictures posted and videos made for folks to see afterwards. Best wishes for your recovery.

  16. I’ll see what I can do about coming. Work scheduling may conflict… not sure yet.

  17. Just a side note about Josh Gates Expedition Unknown Tonight:

    Extra Finds: Finding Fenn’s Fortune Series/Special. Josh Gates. (2017)

    In an enhanced episode, Josh hunts for a $2 million treasure, hidden deep in the Rocky Mountains. New. (CC)

    • Gee golly ! If it was half the joke the original was, maybe this would complete the joke. Sorry I missed it . knot.

  18. To Dal or anyone else attending: When I camp I camp with friends that have RV’s, but this trip is solo for me (no camping gear of my own). I am planning on coming up to search and attend the Fennboree this year, my first fennboree. If I stay at a local hotel is it possible to just come in for the day on Saturday and Sunday to hang out with the others? Would love to just relax, meet other searchers, and have a good time. If just coming in for the day is possible, then what is the agenda? Can I bring food to cook, a cooler, and sides to share with others?

    Fred Y.

    • Fred-
      There is no fee to attend Fennboree. There are no gates to let people in..
      Okay…you will need a Day Use permit from the State Park to park your car and be in the park…but Fennboree can be attended by anyone for it’s duration or just a couple minutes…

      You can also go here: can bring food to share…that would be great…

    • Fred, Regarding the agenda, please scroll up in the comments to my comment April 12th at 9:53 am.

      Most attendees stay in a hotel nearby…some of us camp. Anyone may attend for the day…you needn’t be camping at Hyde or Black Canyon to join in the festivities. Regarding food, yes, definitely, by all means, bring FOOD to cook, and FOOD to share, especially with me. I eat just about anything, except wild game. Looking forward to meeting you.

      The pot-luck lunch on Saturday, starting at noonish, or before, or after, will run into the evening. I think it would be great if anyone with a cooler with extra space could please bring ice. Also, the idea for the pot-luck is everyone brings something to share with others.

      Once again, alcoholic beverages are permitted. Once again, NO GLASS CONTAINERS, which means not allowed as a vessel from which to drink your alcoholic beverage and not allowed for anything else either.

      Fred, there is a gigantic grill at the group shelter that folks may use for themselves, family, your new best friends, or the co-hosts. (That would be me.) Please bring your own charcoal. (Unless you plan to grill me a filet mignon in which case I will provide the charcoal. But I will only need one or two briquets because I prefer my steak mooing.)

      Folks, there are just 40 days until Fennboree.

  19. Hello Cynthia. How many people are you currently expecting to attend Fennboree? Also, where are people parking if they are not camping?

    • Hi, P,
      Folks can park at the pavilion…there’s a good bit of room there for many cars. There is a daily use fee per car for Hyde State Park. Last year it was $5 but I don’t know if it’s more this year or not. Last year the ranger came by the pavilion each afternoon to collect one lump sum from the cohost (either Desertphile or myself) for each car. So I asked people just to give me their money (once again, it’s per CAR, not per person) and then I handed the ranger the pile of cash.

      I actually have no idea how many people will attend…I know of about 2 dozen who at this time plan to attend. So I guess between 24 and ? Last year was attended very well over the three days…probably about 75 people attended the Friday night campfire, and over 100 attended the Saturday pot-luck. Then there were a couple dozen stragglers throughout most of Sunday, with a final 6 or 8 of us hanging out in front of the fireplace in the pavilion until midnight.

      Sorry I can’t give you a better estimate of attendees this year. I just don’t know…

        • pdenver, Are you coming to Fennboree? Last year at Fennboree, several times I thought, “This is the best weekend, except . . . I miss pdenver . . . “

          • Thank you for your kind words, Golden Retrievers. As of this evening, it still doesn’t look like I’ll be able to make it.

          • Aww Pdenver you will be missed πŸ™ I would have bet on you to win JDiggins hat πŸ™‚

          • Thank you for your vote of confidence in me, Spallies. I greatly appreciate it.

      • A campfire, how wonderful, πŸ™‚ I wish that I could attend this year, but I live far away and I am saving up for my upcoming trip.

  20. Have a nice time this year. Once again, time and location do not favor me. I hope the mountains shed their white blanket to expose their purple and yellow floral nighties. It’s almost time for nature and wildlife to spring into action to refresh and prepare for another summer of delight. I just wish insects were not a part of it πŸ™‚ I’m finally enjoying some snappy air while resting with a long-year’s wait for real perked coffee and eggs that are not oil-cooked beyond recognition. I’m sure your food venues will only be tastes of my dreams. Weather be with you, all. Hope to see pictures of the ‘witching’ thing whatever that is–pics, maybe by mid-June? Again, have fun.

  21. Very excited. I”ve been able to get time away and will be attending Fennboree (only Saturday- 12-3? or so) this year. Looking forward to meeting many of you ‘for real’! πŸ™‚

  22. Question –

    I am still on track to attend, and I plan to bring my 8 year old son with me.

    I’m guessing there will be other children there this year since school is out for almost everyone. In previous years Fenboree was scheduled either the week-end before school let out for summer, or the day after school let out.

    Anyone else bringing kids with them?

    Scott W

    • Scott-
      Last year there were several kids in attendance…school or not… πŸ™‚
      Forrest likes to see kids out there…

      • Dal,
        My daughter and I will attend again this year. She’s graduating elementary school tomorrow and is talking up a storm about Fennboree πŸ˜‰

        ~ Wisconsin Mike

  23. Forrest,
    I am requesting a formal invitation to this years’ event. Bill is ready to pack me to the funny farm and I’d rather go to Fennboree on my birthday! Thanks in advance,

    • we’re all a little crazy in today’s world. I’ll just celebrate mine (13th) a little earlier at Hyde Park πŸ˜›

      • So, IW, does this mean you will attend? Do you want your camping supplies which I have in my attic? In other words, will you be camping?

        I think I should bring a giant birthday cake for you and JDigs and all the birthday people who attend. Which is everyone because sooner or later, everyone is celebrating a birthday!

        Also, I would like to continue to honor Randy Bilyeu at Fennboree and set his picture beside the centerpiece on the table that hosts the Fenn Shrine. I am asking any attendees to please comment if you think this is a good or bad idea. And I would like to bring my former search buddy Frank, who passed away unexpectedly from pancreatic cancer last November. I will place his picture there as well, unless others object. I actually think anyone who lost a Fenner in the last year or 7 should honor that person at a “memorial”.


        • Yeah I will attend, if you could it would be appreciated. I think it’s a nice idea to honor Randy. He was one of us, as well as Frank.

  24. Cynthia, you spent a lot of time and effort searching for Randy, like you said when I searched with you “He is (was) one of us”. Although we did not find him (he was found later), and his spirit lives on in us. I have no problem myself a memorial and bring Pic of Frank too.

    “Spirits of the Western Sky” and “Winds of Heaven”, Justin Hayward, Moody Blues.

  25. Roast a marshmallow for me – we’re still homeless. We sold our house at the end of February and haven’t found a replacement yet. In this market it takes 45 to 60 days to close on a house, so there is no way for us to be there.

    You all have fun!

  26. Cynthia, you are brilliant and have a heart as big as your beautiful smile! Great idea!

    PS: I like strawberry shortcake…lol…:-)

    • I can make that work…the strawberry shortcake, or maybe strawberry cake, not short. IW, do you have a request? I will bring them to the pot-luck.

      • Yeah, I request that someone else cook my 80 apple butter pies this year πŸ˜› (not sure that one is going to happen 😯 )

        • Sorry, I will not make any apple butter pies…that is your specialty. Hey, i still have your apple butter from last year…do you want it?

          • Yeah, I’m thinking of making the pies before I come.. just have em in my suitcase on the flight. Bring the jar and I can make about 15 more while I’m there. I’ll grill those πŸ˜›

          • My skill is in the eating of said pies. Those things are delish!..

            I am surprised they are not illegal. πŸ™‚

    • J Smith, That’s funny. And people who think the chest is under water should wear a mask, snorkel & fins to the Fennboree.

  27. Fennboree is just 20 days away…here’s an update with the latest tentative schedule of events:

    Thursday June 8th — Matt Maisano’s documentary Fenn’s Searchers shows at the Albuquerque Film Festival at 5 pm. I plan to attend as do some others. I will return to Hyde Park that evening, and any Fenners who would like to join me for an evening campfire at my site are welcome. I will post a large sign at my site indicating it is where I am camping. I hope it will be one of the sites near the group pavilion (Shelter #2).

    Friday June 9th — We have the group shelter reserved for the full day. There is plenty of parking there but all vehicles need to pay the $5 fee. If you pay as you enter, please put the paid thing on your window so we know you have already paid. Otherwise, if you arrive late afternoon / evening for the group event, a person from each vehicle can just pay me and I will give the chunk of cash to the ranger. Please try to have exact change — $5. (The daily fee is per VEHICLE, not per person.)

    The Friday late afternoon / evening campfire will now include a hot dog roast. I will provide the hotdogs, buns, condiments, and paper plates. If you plan to have smores or other food like potato chips, please bring your own and maybe some extra for your friends. (This is not the same as the potluck dinner Saturday…unless there’s so much food, that it is.) Let’s start gathering no later than 5 pm and plan to start grilling hotdogs by 6, or before if there are enough folks. We can play this by ear. Forrest plans to attend.

    Saturday is the potluck lunch / dinner. Once again, we have the pavilion for the full day. I think the official start time for the potluck is noon but last year folks started arriving by 11 am. This is the event where everyone pitches in with a bit of food to share with others. We (Sacha and I) are not providing hamburgers and hotdogs this year for the entire group, so if you have to have a burger, bring your own hamburger ingredients. There is a large charcoal grill at the pavilion which anyone may use. IF there are hotdogs not used at the Friday night event, we will grill them all to get rid of them. (I am not taking them home.) Please bring beverages (NO GLASS CONTAINERS) as well as food to share.

    Forrest plans to attend. Different media people representing different media projects are likely going to be there. Santa Fe Mayor Gonzales and the Governor of NM Susana Martinez have been invited…

    Desertphile is busy planning some games…
    I still plan to use Golden Retriever’s artistic daughter to draw a map of the Rocky Mts on the floor of the pavilion so my friend Coreda the psychic dowser can use the dowsing rods to find Fenn’s treasure on the map.
    I believe Eugene is bringing a friend who plays guitar who will perform that evening.
    We will hold another campfire in the pavilion in the evening.
    Any other ideas for group activities are appreciated.

    Sunday morning June 10th — I will host a morning gathering at my camp site for anyone still there who wants to enjoy Cowboy Coffee made by Tom Walker and pastries made by Albertson’s. Plus, we can continue to consume all the goodies left over from the Potluck… Come on by starting at 8 am.

    Any questions????

      • Hi Cynthia! Less than a week, woohoo! I’ll be coming in on Friday, site 48. I think it’s close to where you were last year? Anyway, if I can be of any help, please let me know! Looking forward to seeing you and the gang! πŸ™‚

        • Yes you can… Please make me 64 Apple Butter fried pies for Saturday

          • Isn’t that cool. Just try to remember… his name is Bill. I kept butchering his name for almost a year πŸ˜›

          • Neighbors with the desertphile…Haha!!! This should be interesting…lol
            Ironwill, can you BBQ those pies? πŸ˜‰

        • I know…can you believe another year went by and I didn’t find the treasure chest…I mean no one found the treasure chest!

          I am going up to Hyde tomorrow to see if I can get the site near the pavilion…the big one. I will post a comment on here what site I end up with. Plus, I’ll put a sign up at my site.

          I can’t wait to see everyone. Looks like the SF La Fonda bar group of ladies will all be in attendance. It should be a fun couple of days.

    • Cool. I will be there Thursday night as well. Maybe Friday night, I’ll use that jar of Apple Butter to fry up about 12-15 pies. πŸ˜›

    • Thank you for all of the planning & organization work that you have been doing for this, Cynthia. I will not be able to attend this year, but wanted to suggest another possible fun activity for a large group of people sitting around the campfire: “Mafia”. It’s a great social game for large groups and only requires a regular deck of playing cards (though it’s not a card game; the extent of using the cards is that each person is dealt a card at the beginning and keeps it secret). It requires someone to serve as a moderator who acts as kind of a gameshow host. Just one person who is willing to play the role of moderator needs to learn the easy rules and bring a deck of cards to get a game going.

      Anyone who is interested in this can read the brief rules here:

      I’ve always had a great time playing this game with large numbers of people. Were I able to attend this year, I would surely be trying to wrangle some folks together for this! πŸ™‚

      • Footnote: I have not ever played the game with the “doctor” role as described in the rules that I linked above. The game works fine with just the detective, mafia members, and townspeople if you want to keep it simple.

  28. Cynthia….in response to “stragglers”. Now I’m thinking that’s a good thing , as I can straggle no problem. It’s the stagger that sways my swagger. And as far as you not taking home left overs……I’ll make it back just fine , thank you. Food for thought , I still have left overs in my car from last years Fennboree. Don’t be fooled , she loaded my little red Beemer up with so much food, my co pilot had to stick his feet out the sunroof all the way to Durango .Good times! Counting the days !

  29. I’ll bring words to a song we can sing around the campfire. Do you remember Badfinger, a rock band from the 1970’s? Using words and phrases from Mr. Fenn’s poem, I changed the words in one of Badfinger’s songs. So we can have a treasure-chest-campfire-sing-along-with-Badfinger.

  30. Wish I could make it to this. My son is a quarterback of his high school football team and he has a passing tournament that weekend that we will be attending however.

    You guys should hide a prize and write a poem to find it. Or better yet ask FF if he would like to write it.

    • Funny you should mention that Aaron. That’s exactly what I am doing. It will be at Saturday’s pot luck. A scavenger hunt for a pirate chest containing secreted treasure that any adult or child would try to find.

      • Is the chest going to be filled with your apple butter pies? Yum! That’s as good as gold!

        • Oooh… I might try to fit one in that little chest with the treasure. But if not, I think I’ll have about 60 made for Saturday.

  31. Just thought I’d say…yay!
    I’ll be arriving June 8th early and camping.
    Hope I get a closer site!

    • YAY! I’ll be there in Alb. for that searchers doc. then at the campsites hopefully before dark Jamie. First night I’m hanging with you and Richar…err BILL! πŸ˜›

      • Oh, I don’t know what time I am coming in yet but I should be in sometime on Thursday can I join you?

        • Hell Ya Spallies, even though we will feel upstaged by a TWO TIME MW PUZZLE WINNER!!! πŸ˜›

        • Heck Ya! Even though we will fell upstaged by a Two Time MW Puzzle Winner! πŸ˜›

        • Can’t wait to c u guys! And Cynthia, Sacha, Amy, dal, wise one, Tom, coreda…..:-)

      • Absolutely!!! You’re not gonna make it? πŸ™
        That’s very kind…
        What do I need to do?

        • Are you on MW or Facbook? Just PM me there and I can get that one switched over. Or if you’re comfortable posting your email I can just email ya.

          • I’m on MW.
            What’s your moniker/name there? I’ll PM you, or u can pm me…I’m the same most places
            Let me know what I owe you!
            Thanks so much. πŸ™‚

  32. HASH TAG: Treasure Hunt

    Saturday after the pot luck luncheon I will introduce the HYDE AND SEEK HINTS Treasure Hunt. It will consist of five poetic stanzas of four lines each. Each four line riddle shall be laminated to 3 x 5ish card tags and affixed to locations within about a 200 ft. radius of the group shelter. I did it so there’s no arguing who has membership to this 200 ft. club πŸ˜›

    When it begins, I will start it off under the shelter with an OVERSIZED (8 1/2 x 11) starting stanza, so everyone can read it from a short distance away. The person that is successful will find a pirate’s chest containing treasure that any child, teen, or adult would desire to have.

    Can’t wait to see you all there.

    • IW – sounds like a lot of fun! Wish I could make it.

      (still part of the 17 ft. club – in my opinion)

  33. I will show up with enough cocaine for everyone, including every police officer that might show up. I hope this is okay with the mayor.

    • Dessert,
      you couldn’t pay me enough to try anything that comes from south of the border. I saw a documentary filmed in central america, showing the work involved, where it’s grown, how it’s harvested, then processed

      From the minute the leaves are picked…suffice to say it stops being “organic” after that. This pile of leaves get chopped up with a weed eater, next someone soaks that heap in the most readily- available rendering solution— GASOLINE—-
      buenos dias amigo

    • OK,
      You’re crazier than I thought.
      Seems like I always underestimate someone.

      I will make sure the paramedics will be standing by.
      Funny though.

    • It’s clear you meant fire wood – it’s easy to make a typo like that!

      It is a family friendly event…

  34. If anyone goes to The Pantry for breakfast, ask them to make your potatoes crispy. I’m sure they have to be bad for you, but they’re so good. We’ve been ordering them crispy for years now, every time we visit Santa Fe.

  35. My gears are turning, so I will see you all there. Looking forward to the witching, or is that whiching? …..I never know which which is which . Any way, I’ll be the one with the Tanqueray gin and Ytonyx . Figure this is my 9th Seattle …..”Cattle” drive. Cynthia knows what I’m talking about. Dal, your driven too.
    Please drive safe everyone . Know your limits. Save the drinking for the gathering….and remember….no glass. I’m leaving this Friday. No roadwork on weekends means no overheating stuck in traffic. Remember H2O and use your ashtray . Dal , I think you mentioned never seeing Mesa Verde. Anyone going that way should check it out . I might stop there myself again.Its quite the hill climb. And I believe it was found by Richard Wetherall, the bead guy. Correct me Dal if I am wrong . See yall in about 9 days !

  36. One week to go and I still haven’t decided if I’m going to make it. It’s a 12 hour drive for me. It is tempting though.

  37. Will make it to Fennboree this year. Already reserved Fri & Sat night at Fort Marcy Suites. The whitching may just work to find the state.. I know it works at close range for pipes, cables, and such. I have something I’d like to contribute to the Treasure Chest (If there is still room in it). See y”all there. Ken in Georgia aka Inner Chipmunk

  38. Regarding my proposal that we play a Fenn-specific “Cards Against Humanity,” it has been pointed out to me that the game is not appropriate due to the “adult content.” I will bring the card game anyhow, but the players will have to understand the game is crammed full of content some people will object to.

    • can’t believe fennborree is really taking place! we wait for it all year long! just cant get it in my head that it’s really happening! I’m so excited to see my friends! goin to bed now

  39. Wish I could be there this year with y’all.

    We got final approval from the bank this past Friday, so we sign for our new home on Monday the 12th.

    Maybe next year…

    • Congrats swwot. You’ll be missed…
      Wait a minute..
      The 12th is two days after Fennboree…
      Are you trying to get out of washing dishes and cleaning up?

    • Hi blue-eyed. Hope to meet you. πŸ™‚ we come from cali and I bring as little as necessary. Water/other drinks, firewood, snacks, utensils, coffee, tent, bags, chairs, first aid kit, extra clothes, shoes and jacket just in case…the dog.. camera…

      As for the potluck, depends how far your traveling and what you would like to bring. Last year there was a ton of leftover food… πŸ™‚
      Hope this helps…

    • “As a first timer that is traveling, what is generally needed?”

      Please bring to camp site #49 Shania Twain. Never mind what for. Thank you in advance.

  40. ATTENTION all folks attending Fennboree!!! PLEASE READ THIS UPDATE: Shelter #2 is closed until the end of June due to a tree falling almost on the roof…if you are brave in the wood….NOT here. We have been reassigned to SHELTER #3. It is along the Hyde Park Rd right across from where the group campfire was held last year on Friday night. (That site #47 is reserved by Eugene (Geydelkon.) so he will be really close to the official events… Shelter #3 is very nice but has less parking area. The ranger told me we Fenners may park at the cut-out to site #47 and along the road like we did last year for the group campfire. Just try to get your vehicle off the asphalt. I will save a place at the pavilion for Forrest to park using red cones. Otherwise we can park there until it is full…please car-pool with other attendees if possible, or walk your little butts to the shelter from your campsite. Remember, you all are treasure hunters so walking a mile should be doable! Or not. We also can transport attendees back and forth in the back of my pickup truck, until the ranger sees us and yells at us! I started camping last night. I’m in site 22. Tom and Coreda will be in site 23, IW will be in site 21.

    Starting tonight, I will have a white board available on my picnic table at my site for anyone who wishes to write a message for any of us. Your campsite number and name if you’d like. Or anything. Since there’s no cell phone service at Hyde, it’s tough communicating. You may use it whether I’m there or not…please don’t steal the marker.

    If you are camping at Hyde, please take note: The water pumps are locked. You need to bring water if possible for your own use. I will fill large water cans at the ranger station for use at the Fennboree events for washing dishes, putting out the fire, or throwing water on anyone who becomes belligerent.

    I suggest all campers bring toilet paper unless you want to wipe with leaves. Some of the outhouses have no paper as of yesterday. i will ask the ranger to put paper in the toilet at the group shelter. Campers might also want to remember insect repellent. Lots of snow and rain means a few mosquitos.

    The temps yesterday were fabulous. In the 70s maybe during the day and 50ΒΊ this morning. Of course that could change. Prepare for rain as it often rains in the Pecos. That’s why Fenn’s treasure chest is wet. Ooops…just told you where the chest might be hidden! NOT, IMO.

    The shelter is perfect for drawing a map of the Rocky Mountains on the floor and having Coreda “witch” for the chest. There are about 10 picnic tables beneath the roof, the most gigantic grill I’ve ever seen, and a couple nice benches at the end for viewing the witching and activities that will unfold.

    Looking forward to seeing more of you. Last night I chatted briefly with Slurbs and MikeD. I was told Keith is already camping there as well and more will start to trickle in tomorrow and Wednesday.

    This should be a wonderful event!

    See you all soon!

  41. Thanks for the update Cynthia, I am getting in late Thursday. I will head up Friday to check in and see if I can help out with anything!

  42. I’m going sold enough junk to make it this year yipppppppeeeeee ki yea

    • This is a treat! The OG Diggin! Looking forward to meeting you!
      Dunno about open sites, last year there were open ones on Thursday, slowly filling friday…Cynthia would know best… if she’s able to report back.
      Safe trip DG!

      • Yep so excited to meet everyone I’m leaving weds from Georgia should take two full days can’t wait

    • Diggin Gypsy, Jerry and I both will be coming this year also. So excited to finally meet you and give you an overdue hug.

      • Wow this is gonna be so fun can’t wait to meet y’all I’m on the road

    • You’re almost here, you’re almost here! Sorry I wasn’t able to call back right away, but we still have room tomorrow night if ya want!

      • Headed to the camp ground this morning I will see how that goes I heard there no signal up there so see y’all up there I’m site 21 or 20 forgot what she said im one of those tho

  43. If there is no tent sites left there is there any other camp places close

    • DG – Will you sign my copy of TOTTC on your way through to Fennboree?

      • To funny hear me all what for I ain’t found it yet until after fennboree. Hehe

    • There’s two camping areas… the main one and one about 1/10 mile down the road called black rock campground or something. both belong to the park. Cynthia probably won’t be able to answer any of this until tomorrow. Park has dead cell service so she goes down out of the park once a day to catch up on emails and such.

  44. Just got my reservations in last night! Can’t wait to see everyone again. I will be coming in probably late Wed night. If there is anything I can do or bring – please let me know!

  45. Brock (my son) and I should arrive at Hyde Park late Friday afternoon or early evening.

    Regarding the temperature that was reported above – I have been in the area in mid-June and froze my butt off at night. Make sure you take layers with you that you can doff and don.

    Also, 8000 feet is where altitude sickness starts for some flat-landers (I’m a flat-lander). I recall being tired in the mornings of the first two days. Drink lots of water if you live below 1000 feet. Hydration is your friend.

    Scott W.

    • Qwerty is right by Sunday last year I was feeling the altitude up at Hyde Park. Fine once I went down the hill… I live at about 200 feet so I guess it’s to be expected..
      I am in Phoenix all this week at 1000 feet ! Maybe I will be a little more acclimated this year???

      Can’t wait to see everyone! And WOW TWO Diggins… Forrest doesn’t even need to show up I think we have enough fun πŸ™‚

      Hope you are well Qwerty! Looking forward to meeting you and your son…

    • My first time to the Rockies I experienced it around 6000 feet. Although it was mild. I didn’t want to drink I didn’t want to eat and I didn’t want to sleep. And when I blew my nose I had a little bit of pink. It faded away after a couple days.

  46. I have something I have to do on Friday but will drive down for the Saturday potluck. I don’t really know anyone because I’m usually pretty quiet on this blog (and in person) but you all seem like a friendly bunch so I think this is going to be fun.

    • Clee, It will be a pleasure to meet another Fenn Searcher. I have name tags for 200 people. Last year it worked out really well to meet people. Some used their blog name and some used their real name. Please find me and say hello…I will be the one who you hear a mile away barking orders at Desertphile!

    • Clee, I posted a reply but it disappeared. So here it is again. I have name tags for 200 people. last year some folks used their blog names and some used their real names. It made it easier to identify folks we “talk” to on the blogs but never met. Please find me and introduce yourself…I’m the one you will likely hear from a mile away barking orders at Desertphile!

  47. Good Morning All;

    Well, the “crud” is still with me (Flu).

    I do not feel that it is wise for me to travel from Pocatello all the way to NM,
    so regretfully. I will again have to delay meeting all of you wonderful people
    that I have grown to love here on the blog.

    I wish each and every one of you a wonderful get-together. Have fun, and a wonderful search season and TRY to STAY SAFE at all costs.

    Well, Maybe next year. A Friend and FENN-atic JDA

    • JDA, I hope you get feeling better soon… you have been a good friend here on the blog. Your comments are always appreciated…

      Take care of yourself JDA and kick that flu so you can get back into it at full swing…

      Have a great day my friend… until next time… see ya

    • A wise decision. Take care of yourself. Hope to see you there next year.


      Windy City

  48. Hope you all have great fun this weekend! I am sorry once again I will not be able to make the trip. I so need to retire!

  49. Wish I could make it, but something came up. I hope everyone enjoys it and has a great time.

    Do me just one favor, since Forrest will be 87 this year, he needs to give a speech and begin it with “Four Score Seven Years Ago”.

    For those who don’t know, a “score” is 20 years. 4 x 20 + 7 is 87.

    Have Fun!

  50. Tuesday soon-to-be-Fennboree update: Tent loop at Hyde Park has 50 sites, supposedly. All will accept tents, only half a dozen or so are large enough for campers. As of this morning, there are less than a dozen sites occupied, and 3 of those are mine. If you are bringing a tent, we will find you a place to pitch it. Black Canyon Campground is a half mile down the road (closer to SF…it’s where Dal will be hiding out.) It is run by the National Forest Service…maybe they have water and toilet paper. (Hyde is a STATE PARK….apparently there is no money in the budget for toilet paper…BRING YOUR OWN!) Reservations are accepted at Black Canyon but I don’t know if there is availability at this late date.

    Weather is still beautiful at Hyde…low of 50ΒΊ…high in upper 70s to low 80s…in the shade it was perfect! A few raindrops fell overnight but not enough to make the ground wet.

    See some of you soon! To reiterate: My campsite is #22. I will have a white board at my picnic table with specific campsites designated for C-attle (Seattle) if he reads this….and one or two others. If I have arranged to help you, I will also put your name on the post by your campsite with your registration/permit on the post.

    • When I was a small child my parents took me to Seattle. When we got there I wanted to know where Attle was.

  51. I land in Albuquerque on Thursday night. What time would you suggest coming to Hyde Park on Friday? I plan on doing a little bit of sightseeing Friday morning in Santa Fe. I don’t mind picking up some supplies and helping with the event if needed. Just let me know! πŸ™‚ heidi/heidini

  52. Thanks, Heidini, I think the gate to shelter #3 will be open by 9 am or so because we have it for the full day. However, I think most folks will wait until 3 or 4 to start showing up for the campfire / hot dog roast which officially starts at 5 o’clock pm but it is open for any of you to use during the day as well. All I ask is that everyone please clean up any trash and put it in the dumpster there. There’s also a HUGE sand volleyball court beside it for our use. I think you can get the net and ball from the Ranger Station. Or build a sand castle. Maybe we should have a contest for that…

    • Hide something small in the sand and make everyone dig lol may the best treasure hunter win lol

  53. I am healing up from a few fractures yet so count me out on the volleyball, lol…

    I can try to get the volleyball net from the ranger.

    I can do something about the sand castles though!

    Also, remember to bring treasure doodles for Dal’s contest!

  54. Cynthia and Desertphile,

    Packed and ready to shove off 4 am tomorrow morning (Wednesday). Coming from Houston TX area, should get in mid evening. Fourth trip to New Mexico, but first Fennboree, and first chance to meet everyone. Plan to search Thursday and Friday, but I will swing by in the later parts of the day Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and most of the day on Saturday. I have a room up at Pojoaque. I refurbished an old set of washers I had, they are all Fenned up and ready for play. Looking forward to meeting everyone and hopefully getting the chance to meet Forrest.

    Thanks for getting everything set up, and let me know if I can get anything on the way in.

    Fred Y.

  55. Looking forward to meeting everyone. Especially any 7 percenters; certifiables flock together like..

    If things start looking full Thursday morning can someone save me a spot at Black Canyon Campground? I can pay you back in marshmallows.

    • Feathers, What day will you get to the area? If you can’t find a place, please try to find me at my site #22 in Hyde. Worse case scenario is maybe we can put two tents on one site. the problem is parking vehicles. Only two vehicles allowed per site.

      • Thanks Cynthia! I’ll probably be at camp Thursday evening/night. Drop a line if you need anything from the grocery.

  56. Really wish I could attend.Sounds like you guys are gonna have lots of fun.If anyone attending could get an extra copy of, TTOTC autographed by Forrest, I’d be willing to trade for it, or buy it.Thanks πŸ™‚

  57. Those who attended last year’s Fennboree, how long would you guess Mr. Fenn stayed to visit at Saturday’s picnic?

    • He was at the Friday Meet and Greet for about 2+ hours, and at the Saturday potluck lunch probably the same amount.

  58. I’m in Tres Piedras, NM tonight. Another 1,800 miles on Ezmerelda. So far her wheels have stayed on. Headed to Hyde Park tomorrow.

    Smores and hot dogs and apple butter pie…oh my!!
    Someone pass the metformin…

    I have 4 doodles that folks sent me to bring to Fennboree for the Doodlemania contest. I hope everyone brings a doodle…

    • Wow I wish I knew you were gonna be so close, I would have invited you over for a beer and some great potato salad my wife just made, I have 7 beautiful acres and just watched an amazing sunset, you could’ve camped in my yard and used my bathroom lol. I am 20 miles south of you 5 miles east off Highway 285, when you head south to Santa Fe tomorrow on 285 you will see the signs for 567 to Carson and Taos, I am down that road, honk when you drive by…

    • “I’m in Tres Piedras, NM tonight.”

      You are about 48 miles from the treasure chest. I would invite you to stay here at the ranch tonight but they road was washed away by Rio Chama and cannot safely be navigated in the dark.

      • Hey neighbor from another sabre…
        U in the wood yet?
        Nevermind, dont answer that. πŸ˜‰
        C u tomorrow!!!

    • I haven’t even started frying them yet! And I fly out in 11 hours. Looks like I’m not getting any sleep tonight. Procrastination has to be one of my worst habits 😯

      • Iron-
        Well I can’t give you any pointers about timeliness unless you thrive on irony. But I will say that if you don’t bring the pies there is a chance people will ignore you…lol…

        • 4 AM : 72 pies completed. I’ve got 1 hour and 15 min to get out the door and start driving to Charlotte Airport Whew!

          • Fly safe see ya there how we gonna know each other lol I gonna write my name on my shirt

    • Thanks Mark and Desert-
      I know that area Mark…
      Desert..don’t you get tired of building a bridge every two years so you can get out to civilization?
      That is the most remote ranch I’ve ever been to in the lower 48.

      • “Desert..don’t you get tired of building a bridge every two years so you can get out to civilization?”

        It does get a wee bit tedious now and then seeing the road, culverts, and fences get washed into Abiquiu Lake every few years.

  59. Cynthia,

    Is the water situation still the same? If so, is it also applicable for the RV sites? I have one of those reserved.

    Scott W

    • She can’t hear you. She comes out of the park once a day to check emails and reply. No cell phone coverage at the campground. She might reply for ya by tomorrow around lunch though.

      • Thanks – forgot about that.
        I’ll call the park directly and ask them in the morning.

        If all goes as planned we should be there by 4:00 PM on Friday. I’m a little bummed that I didn’t realize how many were arriving on Thursday. Had I known (back in December when I reserved the site) I would have planned to arrive on Thursday as well.

        Doesn’t matter though. Brock and I are going to have a blast.

        Scott W.

  60. Left NorCal this am. In Needles for the night. 104 out right now. Room with ac…ahhhh…
    Dal, I’m glad Ole Ez is taking good care of you. πŸ™‚
    Should roll in to Albuquerque or so for rest in one more bed tomorrow night before rolling in to Hyde Friday morning.
    Looking forward to seeing y’all! Be safe travellers!

    • Yikes… it’s110 here in Phoenix today! Hope it’s a bit cooler in Sante Fe…

      Safe travels everyone!

        • Fennboree Update for Thursday June 8th:

          SF Hyde Park campground temp last night around 51ΒΊ…awesome sleeping weather!

          I spoke to Hyde Park Ranger Officer Garcia this morning. He will be on duty both Friday evening and Saturday afternoon….he is actual law enforcement and has the authority to arrest…if you plan to partake of any activities that might be legal in your state but are still ILLEGAL IN NEW MECICO, please walk away from the shelter to partake in said activity.

          He also told me he will lock the gate into the tent loop at night at 10:00 just like the sign says. Last year, this gate was never locked. It is to keep the riffraff from SF from coming up to Hyde late at night and partying. So if you are camping in a site along the tent loop road, I suggest walking to the Shelter for the weinie roast, or be back to your site before 10:00 pm.

          He even told me they would have the outhouse cleaned and re-stocked with toilet paper by tomorrow afternoon. All the Hyde administrators and park rangers have been very nice and helpful.

          I’ve been told there is water at Black Canyon…if you fill your water jugs there, DO NOT tell them you came there from Hyde to do so.

          I’ve posted signs at shelter #2 with the change to shelter #3, as well as the list of campers and their campsite numbers. I also put signs on each campsite with your name…

          I am in Albuquerque tonight to attend Matt Maisano’s movie called Fenn’s Searchers. I will return to my campsite as soon as it ends and I return home to get more stuff! Holy hell, I will need a U-Haul to get everything home.

          I talked to Wisconsin Mike and his daughter this morning. They got to Hyde EARLY and setup their camp. he told me they are staying at Hyde several days after Fennboree ends. So I said in that case I’m staying Sunday night, too. He suggested a “group” discussion about Fenn’s poem, ideas, etc…Likely to take place at my campsite Sunday late morning after coffee/ pastries, or later in day. Just want everyone to know some of us are staying until Monday.

          See many of you soon. Oh, Fred from Houston came by as well and we “talked”…he told me where he was headed to look for Fenn’s chest the next morning. I wished him good luck…sort of since he was headed to MY SPOT!


          Maybe it doesn’t like me to copy and paste. Will try this again.

          • Sounds like all of you are going to have a blast….I wish that I could go… maybe next year…I would love to meet other searchers. You all take care…Gordon.

          • Cynthia,

            Thanks for all you do and have done. I will be at site 43 in the RV reservation area. If you are still putting up signs, please feel free to do so at site 43.

            Should be arriving late afternoon or early evening on Friday.

            Scott W.

        • Cynthia I don’t know why you’re post didn’t show, but I found it and put it up. Sorry for the delay, be sure to let me know if you are having a problem and I’ll get it posted immediately.

          Thanks for everything you do.

  61. This should go in a main thread. so I copied it and put it here. It’s Cynthia’s update: Thanks again Cynthia.

    Fennboree Update for Thursday June 8th:

    SF Hyde Park campground temp last night around 51º…awesome sleeping weather!

    I spoke to Hyde Park Ranger Officer Garcia this morning. He will be on duty both Friday evening and Saturday afternoon….he is actual law enforcement and has the authority to arrest…if you plan to partake of any activities that might be legal in your state but are still ILLEGAL IN NEW MECICO, please walk away from the shelter to partake in said activity.

    He also told me he will lock the gate into the tent loop at night at 10:00 just like the sign says. Last year, this gate was never locked. It is to keep the riffraff from SF from coming up to Hyde late at night and partying. So if you are camping in a site along the tent loop road, I suggest walking to the Shelter for the weinie roast, or be back to your site before 10:00 pm.

    He even told me they would have the outhouse cleaned and re-stocked with toilet paper by tomorrow afternoon. All the Hyde administrators and park rangers have been very nice and helpful.

    I’ve been told there is water at Black Canyon…if you fill your water jugs there, DO NOT tell them you came there from Hyde to do so.

    I’ve posted signs at shelter #2 with the change to shelter #3, as well as the list of campers and their campsite numbers. I also put signs on each campsite with your name…

    I am in Albuquerque tonight to attend Matt Maisano’s movie called Fenn’s Searchers. I will return to my campsite as soon as it ends and I return home to get more stuff! Holy hell, I will need a U-Haul to get everything home.

    I talked to Wisconsin Mike and his daughter this morning. They got to Hyde EARLY and setup their camp. he told me they are staying at Hyde several days after Fennboree ends. So I said in that case I’m staying Sunday night, too. He suggested a β€œgroup” discussion about Fenn’s poem, ideas, etc…Likely to take place at my campsite Sunday late morning after coffee/ pastries, or later in day. Just want everyone to know some of us are staying until Monday.

    See many of you soon. Oh, Fred from Houston came by as well and we β€œtalked”…he told me where he was headed to look for Fenn’s chest the next morning. I wished him good luck…sort of since he was headed to MY SPOT!


    • Well Cynthia you will be happy to know I did not remove anything from your… MY spot today. I’m waiting till tomorrow to bring it out. JK!!! I really only had one reason to go there, conformation of something and it is done now. After three hours of hiking in, exploring a little, and hiking back out my body is telling me never again. Hiking in was a killer, back out was a piece of cake. Guess that will be the case for most searches since it is hidden in the mountains. It was absolutely breath taking views. I took some pictures with my phone that I will try to pass along later. Searching closer to the park tomorrow. See everyone a the Friday Hotdog roast.

      Fred Y.

  62. I finally made it! See y’all tomorrow… Let me know if you need anything from town.

  63. My connection from Salt Lake City to Albuquerque was delayed until tomorrow. 15 hours! I should be at Hyde park around 5pm. This screwed up all of my plans. I am so upset. I have to stay overnight in Salt Lake City. This is crap. I really wanted to tour Santa Fe and help set up! Mechanical issues… I guess it is better than crashing…

  64. If anyone reads this: & then sees Cynthia or her communication board: please tell Cynthia (or write on her communication board: Golden Retrievers are here with chalk ,& everything we need; & I have Black Canyon campsite 13 and 14 reserved; and 14 right now is empty & available if anyone needs a campsite – just come on over & move in.

  65. And I’m not trying to be competitive: but Black Canyon campground is nicer than Hyde Park; and we have toilet paper and water; and the people are a little more high class. Hee hee

    • GR…we have toilet paper? We be living large, my friend. I’m bringing the ever classy box of wine and a watermelon. And coffee. That should do it unless you can think of anything else.

      • Have a slice of watermelon for me, Sandy!

        Can’t wait to see the photos of this year’s Fennboree!

  66. Does anyone have pictures to post yet for those of us unable to partake in the fun. All I can do is send some virtual beer and spirits, hope that is good enough!

  67. Happy Fennboree Weekend, everyone who is attending! Hope you’re all having fun! Consider me there in spirit, at least! πŸ™‚

  68. It was great seeing Forrest again last night. Watching him carry a 2-liter bottle of grape sode and a bag of Fritos while skillfullly navigating the crowd was classic. He spent several minutes “educating” Tom on how to properly grill a hot dog (black on all sides).

    The doodle contest was a great idea and I appreciated the one stating “after 5 years of studying the poem, the chest is here” and the doodle simply showed a road with an X nearby.

    • Oh my gosh, that’s great! Didn’t put the grape soda and Fritos on the table and then navigate the crowd? Enjoyed reading about Mr. Fenn’s grilling instructions to Tom. I agree.

      Thank you for the update, Sourdough. Sounds like everyone is having a great time.

  69. Just came down off the mountains north of Sante Fe… It was an absolute Blast to see all the searchers at Fennboree! I so enjoyed spending a few days with you all especially fun was getting to meet Focused and Jenny Kile! Oh and Mr. Forrest ofcourse!!! πŸ™‚

    • Wow, Spallies. I knew Jenny would be there, but had no idea our friend, Focused, would be there.

      • pdenver, some day you MUST meet Focused. He is a wonderful man! (and, after meeting him – now I have to read his poems with a southern accent. Hee hee ).

        • I hope to some day, Golden Retrievers. Focused always seemed to be a really nice person to me, too. I giggled after reading what you said about needing to read his poems with a southern accent. πŸ™‚

    • Spallies, it was just as great meeting you my friend…. yes it was a last minute decision to attend, but I’m glad I did… it was a blast meeting ya.. until next time…. see ya

    • I love them!!! Thank you for sharing, Michael. I can’t believe Mr. Fenn is wearing Mildew! πŸ™‚

      • Taser??? I would have thought a cell phone or glasses of some sort. If it’s a taser, maybe it’s to ward off anyone from taking Mildew. πŸ™‚

      • Hi Jake – It appears to be reading glasses in his shirt pocket. Breathe deep and slow shallow breaths.

    • I wish I could be there at Fennboree….but am there in spirit.

      Part of the 17 ft. club,
      Covert One

        • Within 17 ft. of the chest – I wouldn’t categorize it as deep as you mentioned but definitely within that distance from the chest. IMO

          If I can learn to repel a rock cliff – it might be even closer than 17 ft. IMO

          • I would consider having to repel a rock cliff a place that an 80 year old man might not be able to go – and a dangerous place – Just my opinion. JDA

          • JDA – I don’t think you understand why I would repel off a cliff to get a closer look. I certainly don’t think an 80 year old man would repel off a cliff (of course FF might!).

            The real intent here is to get a closer look to better plan the retrieval or determine an easier way to get the chest out. There must be some key to getting it out that I haven’t figured out yet…

            All hypothetical of course and IMO.

          • Covert One, if the area you’re curious to search is approximately 17 feet down, how far do you believe it is from that point to the ground? Also, would one be able to do so with 20-22 lbs. on their back, twice?

          • pdenver – I’m not able to share specifics about the location but, yes, one could carry the weight there and place the chest easily.

          • I would advise taking caution here, as JDA suggests. This is why people die in the mountains, on the chase or not.

            It is extremely unlikely IMO that Forrest would ever put someone in danger to retrieve the chest! There should be no more danger than you would face when camping in the mountains with children. He wants people out there to enjoy it, not to put themselves at risk. He warns everyone over and over, and yet people do not want to heed his advice.

            Use extreme caution! I slow moving stream can change into a very dangerous place during runoff of snow melt. Some creeks are deep, very deep. The rocks are extremely slippery, all it takes is one slip, down the mountain you go, hit your head and roll into water. Its over then.

            Forrest is a rough man, but he did not create this for an olympic athlete. He created it for the average person who is looking for FAMILY adventure.

            This is no joke, use extreme caution! I would hate to see someone get killed or badly injured when they should be out having fun. The chest is secondary to fun, enjoy the chase and maybe you will get the reward. Above all, the safety of you and your family should be paramount!

            Good luck in your adventure!

          • Climbers can safely repel off rock cliffs – they do that all of the time without injury (with the right skills, experience, and gear).

            Of course, I believe everyone in the chase should keep their safety (and their family’s safety) first! There are many hazards in the mountains and one should come prepared and stay within their own skills / experience.

          • Covert One, somewhere it is stated that special equipment isn’t needed. Perhaps someone can find it quicker than me. Would climbing equipment be considered as such?

          • pdenver – I don’t plan to use special climbing equipment to retrieve it. I just can’t figure out the key to retrieving it easily. It should be easy to retrieve without special equipment…..but I just can’t figure out how yet.

            It’s that I would like to look from a different perspective to see if that helps to understand “how” to ultimately retrieve it. Hypothetically and IMO.

          • How far is this “hiding spot” from the ground, without having to use climbing equipment from the top to get to it? Would you be able to see it from the ground and figure out a different way to retrieve it without putting yourself in danger?

        • Jokingly…I meant something else may be 17 ft. deep…but if you are seriously contemplating what you say you are…don’t become another statistic. Listen to the safety/limitation elf on your shoulders and be within the realm of safety.

          • Ken,

            I don’t believe in elves.

            I do believe in staying safe!

            Thanks for the good conversation.

            Closing in and nearly within 17 ft,

            Covert One

    • Now…having seen the pictures with Desertphile…’s clear the treasure chest must be hidden in his beard!

  70. Hum…a taser?!
    Maybe he thinks someone would want to force an answer out of him? Way to go, F…get ’em! LOL

  71. Thanks Desertphile & especially Cynthia for all the work that went into making this Fennboree such a great event. It’s no easy task!

  72. Sounds like folks had a real good time…can’t wait to hear the tales and see some pics of the wily fox himself mingling with everyone.

  73. Almost home from a SUPER AWESOME weekend! When im home, Ill share up til my departure at 3:30 pm yesterday.
    You already have heard, Forrest wore ‘mildew. πŸ™‚

  74. Fennboree was a blast…the vibe is like a big family reunion with a lot of fun, friendly, and crazy people in attendance. One of the best parts was putting screen names and personalities together with real life faces. Kind of like BOTG but with people. Those that I didn’t meet I hope to next year. It was a special treat to talk to many of the “old guard”…total respect for you folks and a special shout out to the young people there who either directly participated in our shenanigans (Laura!) and the filmmakers, authors, screen play writers, etc. A huge thank you to Cynthia, Desertphile, and Dal for all you do. By far the best party I’ve been to in years! Oh, and those of you who told me your solves…thanks and I’ll keep it under my hat.

    • BOG with people . . . Hee hee . . You’re right, Sandy, that’s a great comparison.

  75. I would like to thank everyone at Fennboree…. it was my first year to attend and you guys welcomed me with friendly hugs and handshakes. I felt right at home there… even though I thank everyone there are a few I would like to give a special thanks to…. jdiggins, spallies, mikeD, Dal , nearindianajones, Cynthia, ken ( from Georgia), mindy, Amy sweitzer , Anna, Fred y, jimbo , desertphile, terrific tom, Ramona, Iron Will, seattlesullivan, old drum, golden retrievers….hey I just realized, if I keep going it would be everyone…… so “Thanks Everyone” for making me feel so welcomed…

    A special thanks to Tom , Cynthia, desertphile for all the hard work you guys put in preparing for and during Fennboree …. thank you

    Take care everyone…. until next time… see ya

  76. Brooke (from Texas)…. I hope you have a safe drive back home… take care my friend….. see ya…..

    • I could not agree more with what Focused has shared above. Thank you to all that made me feel so welcome at my first Fennboree, and a special thanks to Cynthia, Desertphile, and anyone else who played a part in making it all happen. Thanks to Forrest for coming out and visiting with everyone both Friday and Saturday, and a big thanks to Shiloh for bringing him both days.
      Things I learned at the Fennboree:

      1. There are definitely many different types looking for Fenn’s Chest.
      2. People from different walks of life should gather together more often, it makes for a great time.
      3. Cooking hamburgers with no spatula is not easy.
      4. From Mindy I learned I need a bigger, more powerful magnifying glass. LOL
      5. Nearly everyone’s initial motivation in the Chase was the gold. Now however it is something else, and that something else is different for everyone.
      6. Some people are eager to start to let go of their once tightly held secrets….me included, and other’s are still very very tight lipped, especially some reading teachers. LOL
      7. Forrest is a very special man indeed.

      I am sure there are other things that will come to mind, but for now this will do.

      Fred Y.

      • Fred,

        It was great to meet you!
        But perhaps more important than a magnifying glass is a really big dictionary. πŸ™‚
        Finding out what the parts of speech in the poem really are is really important! The way the sentences are structured and where the words are placed in a sentence can change the meaning entirely!

        • It was a pleasure meeting you as well. If its about sentence structure then I will never find it, I teach math for a very good reason.

          • Well, I’m terrible with even elementary school math, and there’s math involved, so I may hit you up for some math expertise. πŸ™‚

        • You’re just too smart, Mindy. πŸ™‚
          Congrats to you and James, it was great to see you as well!
          ….and to meet the legendary diggin gypsy, who is everything Forrest chapter up to be and more!!! πŸ™‚

          • More weird than smart, but that’s okay. πŸ™‚
            JDiggins, you are a little firecracker with a giant heart, and I enjoyed all your enthusiasm for “shenanigans.”

            Thank you for the well wishes. I’ll post that very special video on my blog soon.
            I can’t get over at how awesome every single day of our trip from Utah to Wyoming and down to Santa Fe was!

            So many special moments and unexpected treats!

            I’m also glad DG joined the fun this year! It was great to finally meet her in person!

          • J diggins your so sweet you win the best personality award for sure was nice meeting u and your hubby

      • Fred,
        My mom and I both got such a kick out of making your acquaintance! Perhaps you could introduce me to this reading teacher. People do open up to me, and sometimes like books. As for me, there wasn’t a question I left unanswered. Anyway I was too busy laughing and having the most delightful weekend in recent memory to divulge anything. Until next time…

        • It was a pleasure meeting you and your mom as well. In Vignettes you will find Green Grass, I found some good reading here. You have to know what to look for though, they are put in rather low.

          Your mom had mentioned that she may have some old Games magazines still kicking around. If she does I would be interested in having you all give them a good look over. They may give me some insight to something I have missed along my path to the end.

  77. What a fantastic trip Fennboree was!!!
    Best Apple Butter Pies in the universe..Thanks Iron Will…what a guy!!!
    Cynthia was relentless at making certain everything was there for us. I have no idea where she gets her energy and love for searchers…but it’s a wonderful thing to watch.
    Tom and Coreda….and Ming are the greatest volunteers and supporters any group could possibly hope for…
    Desertphile’s tough beard and soft heart are a welcome remedy for weary travelers.

    It was simply wonderful seeing everyone and spending two peaceful days among kindred spirits and good people…

    So now I am back on the road…heading to you-know-where to search for you-know-what with a light heart and renewed spirit…

    Bless you all!!!!

    • I would have LOVED to have been there with all of you and can hardly wait to see pics. Thanks for all you do to keep us “no shows” informed. On a happier note, I have a brand new grandson πŸ™‚

      Hugs to all!

    • “Best Apple Butter Pies in the universe..”

      You do realize you just invited every alien in our universe to our/there planet to try them out.

      Watch out will. If I was you, I would set up an outpost on the moon.

      Didn’t know you went that far out Dal.

      Have a sweet search.

    • I don’t know about universe, but I will accept the galaxy at a bare minimum πŸ˜›

  78. Thanks to everyone who made Fennboree happen. The hubs and I had a great time. Cynthia, Desertphile, Dal, and all the other volunteers, you are awesome! And Qwerty’s pork loin and venison chili were off the charts! Thanks again, and looking forward to next year.

  79. Congrats, Cindym!!!
    I agree with Fred Y, great assessment!
    A sober fly-on-the-wall would have a great advantage!!!
    Focused, meeting you was in especially good treat because, well, you know…lol! And Bill was pleased to meet you as well!
    I can’t say enough for the people who put this together… Cynthia, you are amazing! desertphile, I don’t know what you do but you’re amazing too…lol!
    Happy Birthday wiseone, it was great to see you and the rest of the La Fonda gang…cynrhia, dal, Tom, coreda, Amy!!!
    And my pallies, spallies…got nothing but love for you and Amy!
    And the ever beautiful Brooke, I’m proud to call you a friend….and remember, don’t give your solve away!
    Iron Will, you’re breakfast and pies are a must for any fenner…
    Cynthia, and everyone else, you made my birthday the BEST!!!! Thanks so much. πŸ™‚
    If I didn’t make mention it’s only because there’s just not enough I could say. I enjoyed meeting everyone!
    Thank you Shiloh for being such a great bodyguard…lol…
    And thank YOU Forrest. πŸ™‚

    • It was great meeting you too jdiggins… have a great evening my friend… until next time… see ya

    • Glad you liked the food Jamie. Tell Bill I enjoyed hanging out with him. I ate 2 bologna sandwiches Monday around noon, that had been too warm in the cooler and got food poisoning. Last night around 11 pm, I had a 102 fever and almost decided to go to the hospital. I relied on my “iron will” and loaded up on tylenol and advil and the temps went down to an acceptable 99-100. All is good today, except the mileage my bathroom is seeing. 😯

      • Sorry your sick Will and u definitely the host with the most hahaha. Great cooking for sure thank you for breakfast you a good guy

      • Be sure to take in plenty of Electrolytes. Hope you feel better real soon, Iron Will.

      • Jeeze louise, Will, sorry to hear that. Are they the same sandwiches you offered me just before I left Hyde Monday at noon? Hmmm…

        • lol yep. I’m glad you guys turned them down. They tasted fine. But I should’ve known better. What a way to spend my birthday …shivering in bed lol Fine now though. I recover quickly πŸ˜›

      • Sounds a little like my last few days. I guess my not feeling well on Saturday was the beginning of a small pulmonary embolism. Finally went to the hospital yesterday after starting to feel my chest squeezing and nauseous.

        The CT scan saw a “tiny” PE, so I had an infusion of IV Heparin and have to take it very easy the next few days…I got home late this morning.

        Getting old stinks!

        • Mindy, it was great to meet you at Fennboree… to hear this news saddens me to know you have not been feeling well since. take care of yourself Mindy, my prayers are with you…. get some rest my friend….. until next time… see ya

        • I agree Mindy, getting old stinks…….But it beats the alternative. πŸ™‚

          Wishing you a speedy recovery.

        • Glad to hear that you are feeling better. You are not old. I am old.


          Windy City

          • Thanks, iron will, focused, goofy and Windy City.
            I feel better today and am only getting up for short bursts of packing for my move. πŸ™‚

            Focused, I’ll check out the poem…thanks!

  80. What a wonderful time Keri and I had at Fennboree! Coreda and Tom it was a pleasure to meet you, thank you for your hard work it did not go unnoticed, and I think Keri has adopted you as her Fenner parents πŸ™‚
    Cynthia you are a fireball, I enjoyed talking with you very much and hope we can stay in touch!
    Focused, wow, I am so impressed with you, what you have done and most importantly the things you will accomplish. Shoot for the stars brother, untill next time….
    Jimbo and Alex, good talking to you and should you want some good bar-b-que drop me a line. Alex thanks for advice on lawn mower engines πŸ˜‰
    DigginGypsie, you finally found me, wish we could have talked more, God speed to you.
    Dal, good talking to you and good luck
    in your searches.
    Robert, good luck to you too.
    Enjoyed meeting everyone, planes taking off….

    • Whoa! I did not forget you Will, it was great meeting Ironwill, supper great guy and awesome cook!

    • Nearindianajones… it was great meeting you.. I’ll never forget the handshake in the dark the first time I met you and Keri.. you guys are great.. I’m very proud to call both of you my friends…. take care buddy, until we meet again….. see ya

  81. It’s great reading the comments from those who attended this year’s Fennboree. Thank you for sharing them. It sounded like it was a fantastic time for everyone.

  82. Oh gosh, in addition to those I listed on my blog, I also wanted to say Jimbo and his son, Alex, were awesome.

    And Ramona made an appearance! I was so happy to finally meet her in person. Forrest told her how happy he was that she made the journey to NM, too!

    I met Sandy in the last hour of the last day, so although we only talked briefly, I got great vibes from her. Her eyes are beautiful, and if they’re the windows to the soul, her soul is just as beautiful.

    Wisconsin Christine, aka 14 year old genius psychotherapist, was a joy to talk to. She was like 14 year old girl and 50 year old neurosurgeon/psychiatrist all rolled into one. She told me about her friend with what I suspect to be Asperger’s, and it sounds like Christine is doing a great job in encouraging her friend. I don’t know, but I really enjoy talking to kids–they get me more than most adults. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad, but at least it’s honest. πŸ™‚

    There were a couple people I met that I don’t remember their names. I’m terrible at remembering names, and there were SO many people…everyone I met I enjoyed talking to.

    It was great to see Dal and Stephanie hug. It proves time heals wounds and that our searcher community, no matter what blogs you post on, can be tight.

    There were a few people without nametags that I wanted to introduce myself to, but I was too shy.

    It was really nice to have a one on one conversation with Shiloh. I was impressed with his work ethic and maturity, and even his youthful humor. He told me he attractive blonde women scared him, and that Forrest wore purple sweaters because purple is for royalty. Lol. πŸ™‚

    It was a great time, and was much less stressful than last year for me!

  83. Yes what a hoot,
    It was like a really good happy hour at a sweet bar. Everyone I met and re-met seemed like a star. Myself being the Scrooge that I am held my coal tight and focused my presence out on the edge of the first galactic quadrant. Besides thats the room where the most beautiful girl was batting her beautiful blues eyes, which just got brighter as the afternoon turned to eve. Twice that day I looked up and thanked God for the event. The Highlight had to be watching Mr. Fenn, the natural story teller, and the kids. It reminded me of a porcelain figurine from a Pueblo of an elder teaching the children. The joy in they’re eyes as he entertained them was priceless. One couldn’t miss Shiloh, like a shadow, always by his side, two stout men each protecting the other each in they’re own way. I closed my eyes and listened close imagining the heartbeats of many voices, like drums, bellowing across the rockies in unison. I learned that some people don’t always tell the truth. It was quite obvious when a single candle appeared on square baked birthday cake for a foxy 29 year old.
    There was a definite “zone of avoidance” established and all roped off as I remember, it had a “Do not Touch” appearance. I gladly followed those rules. As planned, someone grabbed a gamma rod and proceeded to place a spirited “X” in the brightly lit third quadrant of the Rockies. I know everyone walked away with a treasure as the cadence peacefully drifted off into silence and the only voice left was that of a frog ready to spring.

  84. Fennboree 2017 was awesome, a big thanks to Cynthia, David, and all the people that put a lot of work into making it a great event that brings together this diverse community.

    I had a lot of fun at my third Fennboree, and the first one I didn’t have to spend filming.

    Great to catch up with Sacha, James, Cynthia, Tom, David, Dal, and those I already knew. I enjoyed hanging out with Slurbs and his family, and meeting new folks like Christi and Rita from Colorado. Inside joke if they’re reading (email me to learn about Blackbeard and Elon Musk, it may relate to the treasure, who knows.)

    Looking forward to going back next year.

    • I had planned on staying until dark Saturday but I got text messages from work “reminding” me of all the tasks that needed worked on. Stupid of me to go shower down the hill and check for messages…..

    • Thank you for creating and sharing your film- and what a joy to experience it with other searchers. I truly enjoyed meeting you as well! Who knew a rainbow could start such a thread of thought or discussion. I’m going to begin that important research today you mentioned as I embark on my ever-thrilling quest for knowlege. Welcome to the Chase!

      • Christy, it was great meeting you and your mom. It was a lot of fun hanging out/poking holes in your theories at Fennboree :). I still think you made up the half rainbow thing, but that’s ok.

        Seriously, I’d like to follow up about what I mentioned at Fennboree, I want to get an outdoors charity connected with the chase. It’d be awesome if you’d be willing to have a chat about being both a teacher and a young mom in the chase. If so, you can email me at

        Have a good weekend!

  85. I noticed that there was a flyer under the doodles. It was for a book that collected FF’s scrapbook stories to date. It is title something like:
    “Sometimes I Do Things Right”….or something…
    I must of missed where it was posted earlier. If you could be so kind as to repost and redirect me to where I may purchase a copy, I’d appreciate it.

  86. Cynthia, Tom and Desertphile ya’ll throw a Terrific Party!

    Nice to attach a face and personality to everyone at 17 Feenboree, in a way I hope to see all you great people next year, even if Indulgence is found, nice that so many great folks are here to SAVE THE ROCKIES.

    Kudos to Forrest for sacrificing his beloved treasure it has blossomed into a movement that I feel proud of.

    Tom Terrific as ever, Enthusiastic to save our mountains!

      • Thx pdenver. Wish you coulda been there. Would have loved to meet you. πŸ™‚

          • Digging Gypsy, Thx! I think we’d make a great team! πŸ˜‰
            As for pix, do you have the Dropbox app on your phone or computer? That’s what I used, and I am severely technologically challenged! πŸ™‚

          • Yea I got that. I’ll try and yea your right we would make a good team we mnt girls like our boots dirty

  87. And how dare I fail to mention, the lovely Amy Sweitzer, and her beautiful smile! Amy, your emojis just don’t compare… πŸ™‚

  88. Fennboree was great and I’m so glad I was able to meet so many of you face to face finally. I know I missed some on you, because of my tight schedule, and to that I apologize….. but fun times ahead….. best to all!

    • It was great meeting you and your husband. I was pleasantly surprised you came to the event. It was really neat seeing Forrest, Dal and you all at the same time. It was like meeting the Chase’s Royal family!

  89. Had a great time at my first Fennboree and it was great meeting fellow searchers and supporters alike, especially the Great Heidini, Kevin, Parker, Will and Mr and Mrs NearIndianaJones. Thank you again to Cynthia, Desertphile and all of the artists for all your hard work. And lastly thank you to Dal for everything you do and for sharing your stories with my wife and I. Coming and meeting others has really helped validate and strengthen my determination/craziness. GLA

    • Fantastic photos, Cynthia! Thank you so much for posting them. It’s great to read many of the name tags and put the name to the person. There were a few that made me giggle…a couple that comes to mind is the close up of Dal eating the hotdog, and Amy with Desertphile. I thought the one with Quwerty2 (spelling?) and Mr. Fenn was adorable…I could see the wonder in the young man’s eyes while visiting Mr. Fenn. Enjoyed the young ladies’ smiles when they greeted him upon his arrival, too.

    • Cynthia, thank you and all who have posted the photos of Fennboree. I didn’t see me in any of them but, …oh, wait. I couldn’t make it this year. Anyway, I sure enjoyed all the photos. Looks like a great group. Anyone swapping ideas? Who is still looking in Colorado? I’ve found more Brown”s than I know what to do with. Seeing all that great food (and Grapette in the pix makes me hungry. It must be lunchtime.

    • Cynthia, thanks for the link to your pictures! Looks like everyone had a blast, another successful year!

  90. Cynthia, great pix! My two favs are the one of dal biting the hot dog, and the end with the gorgeous any with the bearded stranger…;-)!

    • Diggen Gypsy Well at least there broke in LOL Wish I could of made it this year but it seems I always have to many other things to do.

  91. Wow! After reading all the posts from the Fennboree and looking at the pictures already posted, it sure looks like I missed a great gathering. But, we are now homeowners once again, as our closing went without a hitch yesterday morning at 8:00 am.

    Hope to see you all next year!

    • Good to hear about becoming a home-owner. Desertphile and I are already planning Fennboree 2018 and how to make improvements.

      • “Desertphile and I are already planning Fennboree 2018 and how to make improvements.”

        Perhaps in the fall of this year (2017) when Forrest has his latest book released Fennatics in the Santa Fe area can attend the book signing and then meet for dinner afterwards and talk about Fennboree 2018.

        I was thinking that Fennboree 2018 should have a theme, and Dal’s drawing contest could reflect that theme. I love Dal’s Doodles contest— that was and is an awesome idea, and it shows Dal is almost twice as smart as he looks. Drawings would not have to match the theme, but it would be fun to have them reflect a theme. By “theme” I mean something like “The Day After I Find The Treasure,” and drawings would show what the drawer would do with the treasure chest.

        Also, Friday evening dinner for Fennboree 2018 could be catered by someone I know: she makes awesome tamales (pork, chicken, vegetarian) with rice and an amazing tomatillo sauce. People who want to participate in the dinner could RSVP and pay a modest fee to cover the costs. She has catered some of Doug Preston’s dinners. Is this a good idea or a bad idea?

        • Desertphile, maybe my vote doesn’t count, since I’ve never been to Fennboree, but I think that sounds like a great idea! I can always hope for next year, right?

          • “Desertphile, maybe my vote doesn’t count, since I’ve never been to Fennboree, but I think that sounds like a great idea! I can always hope for next year, right?”

            Thank you. And gosh: everyone, I hope, will give their input on ideas / suggestions / etc. even if they cannot attend Fennboree 2018. I just hope no one asks me to sing. Everyone else also hopes no one asks me to sing.

          • I’ve heard you sing, Desertphile, and you can carry a tune. I don’t mean off-key either.

        • Sounds great to me. Let’s be optimistic and think about a theme – “This was the year – 2017/18” Everyone has to come up with a “Solve” that led them to the TC. It doesn’t have to be “Their” solve, but a made-up one that matches the poem, and award prizes to the most “Inventive” solves that COULD lead one to the treasure. Just a thought. JDA

          • How about each person find a spot in the Rockies that they like, whether they have been there or not, and write their own poem to get to their spot.

        • Those sounds like a good idea…themed doodles, and dinner.

          volleyball would be fun cause I’m actually good at that.

          If a few people can play guitar, we could have some campfire songs. πŸ™‚

          • After looking at all the photo albums posted, I would say, Bingo, Horse Shoes or Shuffle board would be better for all.

    • And now, after a very long weekend of moving, we are actually living in our new home. Goofy will notice I have a new IP address. πŸ™‚

      Looking forward to meeting you all at some future event.

      Until then, stay safe.

  92. We had a great time. It was a pleasure to talk to many of the searchers. I pretty much gave out most of the hints that I interperted in the poem to many of the searchers. I think I put a smile on. There were quit a few lurkers I also shared part of my solution. There were few though that were tight lipped with their solution. Perhaps, I didnt ask the right question.

    There was a young texan girl with her mom and dad that wanted to take my picture with. I woukd like to get that picture. You can reach me at eugene.telles at unitedrf dot com or give me a call.
    I was also surprised of the many Colorado searchers as well that attended.

    All were super nice people that I met. It would of been nice to see more people there. Sorry the live music didnt happen, but he has been dealing with chemo.

    All in all, it was a great couple of days. Thanks to all involved in setting this grand event up. They sure knew how to get things done.

    An Indian Scout and A Saint.

    • Thank you, Cynthia. Looks like everyone had a great time. Enjoyed seeing everyone’s smiles. πŸ™‚

      • Nice capture of the moment.
        Did anyone there ask F why he wore “the hat”?

  93. Could someone please send me a life size cardboard cutout of Forrest so I can take my picture with him. I’m jealous ! Also send a list of the women that attended so I can get to know them. LOL ( Just Kidding)

  94. We are adding links to the photo albums as they come in. You can find them in the post at the top of this page…just before the comments start…

      • Great photos, Cynthia. Always hard to end a wonderful weekend. Looks like someone in photo #40 could use a nice spa. πŸ™‚

      • Sorry Brock and I didn’t make Sunday breakfast. We did enjoy Saturday night roasting marshmallows, exchanging solves, and playing 20 questions with a fellow Fenner and his grand-daughter. It was a great night that I will never forget.

        We headed up to the Pecos River and Jack’s Creek Sunday morning. The fish where biting very well on a #14 Caddis. Brock hooked at least 30 fish. He landed 9 Rainbows and one Brown. He has a habit of lifting the fish out of the water by the line, but he sure enjoyed reeling them in even if they did fall off at the bank.

        I caught just two because I was too busy helping him. I just put my rod back in the case and became a “deck-hand” to Brock.

        We released most of them, but kept two each for dinner. We cooked them up Cajun style with cayenne, paprika, salt, pepper, onion powder, and garlic powder in a cast iron skillet. We wrapped diced potatoes, onion, bell pepper and butter in foil and threw that directly on the fire for our side dish (we call it “camp potatoes” ) .

        The time to leave came much too early.

        By the way – speeding tickets in NM are really cheap. I got pulled over doing 80 in a 65 and the ticket is just $87. The very polite trooper asked me why I was doing 80. I told him that I could see for 20 miles, it was a four lane divided highway with almost no traffic, and that 65 just didn’t make sense to me (we have 85 mph roads in rural Texas).

        He seemed to like the answer and gave me a warning instead. Kudos to the NM State Police!

        Scott W.

  95. Thanks for all the great pictures! My favorite picture is one with Mr. Fenn & Brock. Where Brock has a look on his face like: I have to ask my Dad, if what this man is saying, is true!

    • I think that photo was taken right after Forrest asked Brock to spell his name.

      Forrest asked Brock to spell his name. Brock said, “B,R,O,C,K”.

      Forrest replied, “That’s a girl’s name”.

      I quickly told Brock that Forrest was joking with him.


      it could be when Brock told Forrest that I knew where the treasure was and Forrest asked Brock where in Texas it was.

      Regardless, Brock is a true believer in the Chase and really enjoyed meeting Forrest. He even got his book signed.

      Scott W.

  96. I extend my deepest gratitude to those who worked to make this weekend happen and to those who took and shared photos as well. I met genuinely interesting, kind, and funny (maybe a couple of ornery) new friends. I also can’t express how much it meant to me to meet ff in person. He is so gracious and funny, as is Shiloh. If you were there and we didn’t get to know each other or meet this time, it is my sincere hope that we will next year. Speaking of which- how can I possibly wait so long until the next one!?! I suppose I will just have to continue to work on trying to find that bracelet (etc…). -Christy

  97. Greetiongs from Vancouver Island B.C. Just wanted to say thank you to all at the Fennboree, so nice to meet most everyone. Thank you to all who organized this affair, I am so glad to meet you comrades. I sure hope that I am able to make it next year. Thanks again. folks and ” Happy Trails” —– Monika.

    • Wow Thomas 5000 miles, now that’s a road trip. Really enjoyed looking at your great pictures. Thanks for posting them.

      • We try and tie in parts of the great American west with our trip to the Fennboree. This year we explored Moab, Dead Horse Point State Park in Utah along with Canyonland and Arches!
        It was a long but enjoyable trip!

        • Canyon Lands is one of the most spectacular places on the planet. I love going there; my wife and I will be going there the middle of July. Several of the header pictures are from that area. I really wanted the treasure to be in the La Sal Mountains.

          • Yes, Goofy, I agree. We have been there quite a few times, it’s great. I always thought if I was quiet enough I could hear the rocks whispering

          • The highlight of our trip to Canyonland was driving the Shafer Trail from the visitors center to Moab. If you are traveling in a high clearance 4 x 4 I would recommend this adventure.

          • Thomas, I second your recommendation of the Shafer Trail. I’ve been on just about every off road trail west of the Mississippi and most of them more than once. Shafer Trail is one of the best off road trails in the country. It’s a trail that doesn’t require a Long-travel lift kit and lockers front and back to traverse. Like you said, most stock off road vehicles won’t have a problem. Yet it has some of the most magnificent views in the world in my opinion.

            You treasure hunt like it should be done. Even if you don’t find any gold the treasures of being off road in the American West is priceless.


          • Goofy, thank you for posting the photos of Shafer Trail! We have been on Shafer so many times but never got good photos like yours.

            One of my favorite memories of that trail was the day we had to stop for a mountain goat. He had little horns and was a beautiful chocolate brown. It is such a great trail but it always scared me going up because our jeep would be on the outside of the trail and it was a long way down if you got too far over. It would never fail, another vehicle would be coming down, and there’s not much room for two to pass by each other in some spots.

            Again, great photos, thanks!

          • Thomas, thank you for posting your photos of Shafer Trail, fantastic! I was wondering if you saw the rock art. Up top, near Dead Horse Point is where Thelma & Louise flew off at the end of that movie. You got some nice photos of the trail!

          • Tom, thanks so much for sharing those with us. I really enjoyed looking at them, you take great pictures. It’s really hard to capture the immensity and grandeur of the landscape there. I’ve been trying for many years and still haven’t done it to my satisfaction. It’s one of those places you have to see to believe.

            I found myself wondering what Ming thought of the adventure, she seams like a great dog. Also, I like your truck.

          • Hi Spallies,
            I will know that you mean this if you show up with pineapple pies next year! LOL
            Just kidding. It was great seeing you again!

    • Tom,
      Great pics! Thank you for sharing and for all your hard work at Fenborree 2017!

      ~ Wisconsin Mike

      • Thanks Mike,

        Coreda, Ming and I really enjoyed hanging out with you and Christine!


  98. Fennboree 2017 photo albumns from Tom, Cynthia and Old Drum are all linked at the top of this page just before the comments begin.

  99. Hi Goofy, Ming is just happy to be with us. We take her just about everywhere with us.
    You are so correct about photos not doing the subject matter justice. You really do have to see it in person to fully appreciate it.
    Since retiring in 2008 I have become a professional motor sports photographer. Mostly dirt track. World of Outlaws Sprint Cars and local dirt track racing. I also shoot some drag racing. I also shoot our local high school sports when we are home.
    I just bought the truck before heading out on the trip to the Fennboree.
    I also have an FJ Cruiser and I would have loved to have had it for the trip on the Shafer Trail.
    Dal had told me that the header photos on this site are yours. I can tell you love the southwest. Dead Horse Point really blew me away when I first laid eyes on it!!!
    The best part of Forrest Fenn’s treasure search for me is meeting the people and the wonders of Mother Nature that we have discovered.
    God certainly did shed his grace on thee!


    • Wow that’s cool you’re a motor sports photographer. I’ll bet you get some great shots. I shoot a few off road races a year when I have time. But mostly I do landscapes.

      We may have run in to each other over the years, I was an alternate driver on a few teams for nostalgia funny cars. Nothing like the smell of burning rubber and nitro methane in the morning.

      I let my license expire last year; just getting too old for some of this stuff. But I got to go out on a winning streak. I was actually the alternate to the alternate driver, but low and behold both drivers couldn’t drive so I got the call. It was great fun. I was sore for a week, but I didn’t tell my wife, or at least I didn’t admit it to her.

      I thought Ming would be that way, she has such soulful eyes.

      Thanks again for sharing your pictures and helping with Fennboree.

  100. Made it back to C Attle safe and Puget sound . Thanks so much Cynthia , David, Tom , Dal and Forrest and others who helped put on such a fun gathering. I again went home with no treasure , although I am still eating the potato chips. And not much of anything else except one thing….Thank you J Diggins and Bill, I hope to see you in California maybe in a month or two. Spallies, it was great to see you. And my dream babe , Brooke… know what I’m talking about. Amy, Connie , Mindy , I look forward to next year….Connie, your e-mail address is blurry, e-mail my name at yahoo if you want more clues. Figured out today Tea with Olga dealt with the “Propper” Tea……along with anagram Olga Tea A ol’ gate.

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