Scrapbook One Hundred Sixty Three Point Five…


DECEMBER 20, 2016

Crew of the Candy Ann and Forrest after snatching him from the jungle in Laos. This photo was taken on December 21st after Forrest spent the night in the jungle and was rescued by these guys on the 21st.

I am toasting myself with hot chocolate because 48 years ago today I was shot down in Laos and enjoyed all of the fruits such a jungle paradise could provide. It would be my hopeful lot to retrace my steps and retrieve my pistol and Minox camera, both of which were unceremonially extracted from my person as I egressed that location, up through breaking limbs and leafs galore, via a life-saving hoist. But alas, perhaps I shall fail that rendezvous in lieu of, and deference to, demands made by my 86 year-old carcass. I guess my parachute is still hanging in that tree where I left it. I will wish it a Merry Christmas and thank it for doing a great job. Ain’t life grand? f

F-100F  Super Sabre cockpit at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force. (U.S. Air Force photo)

Forrest flying an F-100 Super Sabre.

If you’d like to hear Forrest tell the story of being shot down and then rescued the next day follow the link below to go to a video interview of Forrest filmed by the Air Force Association a couple years ago.

The interview is in two parts. The link to the second part is on the bottom of the video page.


100 thoughts on “Scrapbook One Hundred Sixty Three Point Five…

  1. I am going to make a cup of hot chocolate and toast you as well, Forrest. Happy 48th Anniversary of the day you were safely lifted from the jungle in Laos. I’m certain your family will never forget how thankful they were to see you come home on Christmas Eve that year. Merry Christmas!

  2. No, you shouldn’t be alone to toast yourself. With raised glass in hand, here’s to your successful rescue. Extremely happy you made it out alive.

    • I’m with pd Forrest, you shouldn’t have to toast yourself alone on this anniversary. Here’s to you, the Puzzle Master!
      It doesn’t matter if the carcass is aging, the mind seems as sharp as ever. It would be quite an adventure to go look for that Minox and pistol!
      Hope one of these days soon one of us will figure you out enough to crack this thing!

  3. Forrest, Thank goodness for these men! Thank goodness for you! Raising my hand with you, cheers, merry Christmas and Happy new year!
    But, I think I need to read the book again…some things ain’t jivin…;-)

  4. Hey Forrest,
    Congrats on your 48th anniversary. Enjoy your hot chocolate my friend. Would you like for me to go look for your pistol and camera ? I love adventure . Yes you are right…. ” life is grand”…
    Warm wishes to you and your family during the Christmas holidays.

    Until next time…. see ya

  5. Forrest I know that you have heard this many times but it certainly bares repeating, Thank you for your service!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    Tom and Coreda

  6. I added a link to a video interview with Forrest where he tells the story of being shot down and rescued.

    See the bottom of the story, just before comments begin.

  7. Forrest, thank you for just being you!
    It’s a blessing to say that I’ve known such a remarkable person.
    Merry Christmas and hope your New Year is filled with love around your family!
    With my Sincerest Respect,

  8. Forrest—-

    Congratulations on 48 years. I am sure glad they rescued you.

    That pebble you kept from the falling debris must be one of your personal treasures. What an ordeal. Thanks so much for your service to the country.

    My Uncle Steve was stationed over there at the same time you were.. Unfortunately he didn’t make it home. He passed away suddenly when a frozen chicken fell from the sky one night killing him instantly.

    Thanks so much for the new scrapbook. 🙂

    • Lol, I hope this made you laugh Forrest!!! Good one Sparrow 🙂 Merry Christmas Forrest Finn… Typo but it stays…:)

    • Sparrow
      so sorry to hear about the untimely demise of your Uncle Steve

      ..which certainly highlights the danger of under-cooked chicken

  9. Forrest, thanks for the post. Merry Christmas to you and your family. May God bless you, as he has for this many years. If you had not made it, look how time would have changed for not only your family, but for each of us on this Treasure Hunt. Time will be changing Tomorrow. It did for those in the past, as it did for us in the present.

  10. Merry Christmas and best wishes to you Mr. Fenn…Tis a grand thing you are still celebrating them, Sir…

    Thanks for your service and sacrifice too…We vets understand…

  11. Forrest, cheers to you on your anniversary rescue and much appreciation for your service to our country.
    Merry Christmas and to a blessed New Year!

  12. Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas to you and your family Forrest from my daughter Christine and myself. With The Chase, you’ve given us a present which lasts throughout the year.

    ~ Wisconsin Mike

  13. I respect all who fight and who have fought for freedom. Yours was not a popular war but you and your comrades did not suffer in vain. The sacrifices you made are deeply appreciated by those who know and understand.
    Have a Merry Christmas Major Fenn!


  14. I must be having a psychic moment. i not 30 minutes ago sent F an email because I was thinking about his flying and Thailand. WOW weird. Now if I could only get a message telling me where the treasure is LOL.

  15. hey,mr. forrest.God brought you back for a reason,he wasn’t finished with you yet.I thank God for you,your one of the ones that make life grand..Jesus is the reason for the season.Much love to you and your Family.

  16. Happy Holidays to Fenn and family…Thanks for popping in and sharing something special with us here at Dal’s. That would be an adventure to actually find that pistol and camera….and bring it home.

  17. Forrest, because of warriors like you, I am able to enjoy what I do and appreciate what I have. I am a proud to be able to call this place home. My gratitude goes out to all who have made this possible. My wish for you is that the prevailing winds are warm and the sun shines down upon you. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

    • I’ll raise a glass to that Belle! I salute all the Warriors that have made the life we enjoy possible. I’m proud to be the daughter of one of those warriors and proud to be a part of this chase created by another of those warriors.
      Thanks to all the men and women who serve our country!

  18. Off topic and curious,
    The pic of the interior of the aircraft with all its knobs, switches, pull cords, levers, pedals, gauges, lights, buttons… one of the main component of control, is a pistol-grip style oversized joystick. By it’s design, it seems to be a right-hand grip. Were all these aircraft the same or did some have a left-hand grip? I did a quick photo search and all those have the same grip. I was hoping a pilot might shed some light on this. Yep folks, this is the type of questions ya’ll can expect with only one coffee in

    • In all of the fighter aircraft I have ever been in(many) they seem to have been standard RH equipped. My memory may be incorrect…but…is this significant to you for a particular reason Seeker?

      • Ken, Just something that caught my eye. I have never been in a cockpit of any aircraft, especially one of this time period. I remember stories told to me about some left handed people were taught or re-trained to write right handed and such [for whatever weird reason]… I was wondering if pilots of the era had to do the same.
        But no real significance other than curiosity.

          • Each hand is used equally all the time in dynamic flight, at altitude the autopilot can be turned on so really the idea of right or left hand is moot. Some jets now have side stick controllers with all buttons on each control, both hands are being utilized equally.

  19. Congratulations Forrest on a safe rescue through all of the trees and leaves – Quite the experience I am sure. I salute you my friend. JDA

  20. There were things left for The Flyer to accomplish.
    A bright, warm and memorable Christmas to you and yours, sir – A Nation is thankful.

    Have a good one,


  21. Forrest, it is good to hear from you. Like others it’s truly not the time toast alone, but when memories come alive every now and then you have to dig deep and salute them whether it’s a happy or even a sad event. In this case I’ll raise my glass with you and say “Merry Christmas” thanks for all you have done, and also to all who has participated in all your great adventures in life. To all of Fenn’s chasers, new and old, the wife and I would like to wish you a “Merry Christmas” too. Be safe and enjoy the holidays. Bur

  22. Here Here Fenn!

    No one could have expected the mythical life your waterfall promised and ultimately delivered after the crash. A Brilliant Life. In contrast to a recent solve, we kept you from the other side. Be Good, Stay Good.

    Thank you for your service. And Happy Holidays to All!

    Your Friend,

  23. Yes, life is grand! I tip my cup to you, Forrest! Cheer’s to you! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  24. Merry Christmas Forrest!

    I always dreamed of being a fighter pilot as a kid but I never woke up so had to get a boring job. I can’t imagine being shot down behind enemy lines in a jungle… And you recall your adventure like it was yesterday, I can’t imagine the stress, adrenaline and just raw faith all combined you must have had….

    I salute you and the Jolly Green rescue team… All of you guys are TRUE AMERICAN HEROES!

  25. Canopy, got it. Thank you Forrest and Dal.

    Things appear more clearly now.

    Oh , and I like the usage of deference.

  26. Mr. Fenn,
    Thank you, 48 years ago today we can all thank the men from the Candy Ann for snatching your carcass from a life changing precarious situation. Without those guys we would never have had your influential words to dwell upon. With Christmas just a few days away one of my favorite movies “It’s a Wonderful Life” is once again making its presence. Which makes me think about how many lives you have changed in much the same way. Yes life is grand and here’s a toast to you and the men from the Candy Ann, cheers.
    As far as your Minox and pistol, write a poem and we will search.
    Merry Christmas to all.

  27. Anyone that’s met For for coco at collected works happen to note if he takes it covered in whipped cream and/or topped in marshmallow or if he just takes it straight Brown?

    Either way, I’m sure Swiss Miss herself is tipping him high and to the sky right back to this occasion.

    Thanks for sharing!

  28. Thank you for your service, Forrest, and have a Merry Christmas! Glad you stuck around for the past 48. I don’t think I could ever figure out what all those controls on the dashboard are used for, but they look important. Which one’s the eject button?

  29. Merry Christmas Forrest (Mr. Fenn) !

    I crave the indulgence of my senses but this is countered by an interior desire that is even keener than my senses to know the meaning of things. The Chase is a beautiful thing. For this I thank you. Enjoy the holiday season.

  30. Happy 48th Anniversary Forrest! We’re all awfully glad you made it out of that jungle all those years ago with the help of all those brave men. And we know your family was extremely happy too.

    Merry Christmas to you and Peggy and Best Wishes for a Healthy and Happy 2017!

  31. Sometimes its the memories of past holidays and anniversary’s that make the current and those to come all the more special. g

  32. thanks Forrest
    that was the most exciting adventure that I’ve heard in too long – lemme know if you ever decide to go searching for that Minox camera.

    ‘have eyes – will travel’

  33. Thank you for your help, Dal. A tip of the hat to all. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Best wishes and Happy New Year.

  34. Forrest, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, Peggy and all your family. My present for you will be about four months late this year, but I’m sure it will make up for the lost time 😉

  35. Cheers to you Forrest, Happy holidays to you and yours.
    There are many of us whose lives are more fun filled packed with adventure because of you. A big toast to you and all you do.!! Thank You for all you have given and are still giving.

  36. Sounds like you’re in a state of happiness Mr. Fenn. It’s all a matter of perspective, life’s “grandness”. And it does seem so. Hope all is well and Merry Christmas to you , yours and everyone.

  37. Merry Christmas Forrest and also your beautiful family. I hope the new year
    (2017) will be a blessing to all and a healthy one too.

    Merry Christmas to all of the committed searchers in the world. May this year bring the year when Christ puts his blessing on the lonely T.C. as it waits for the “chosen one”. Happy New Year to all. A toast to the searchers who won’t quit and believes in Forrest as he has told the truth to all.
    See you in the fields and valleys or on the ridges ridding high on the horse..

  38. Cheers! To parachutes when you need one, a life well lived, and mostly successful egresses. Happy holidays to all.

  39. Merry Christmas Forrest and family, hope you all have a fabulous Christmas, Cheers and Cheers to that tree that caught you.

    • MERRY CHRISTMAS to you too luckydog !!!!!

      Stay warm and eat lots of pie..

      Until next time… see ya

      • Got it covered.
        Still 2 pies left. It’s going to be 83 degrees here in Florida today, so I’ll actually have the air conditioning going to stay cool. lol

        • I’m goin in for one more piece of pie here pretty soon. I hope someone saved me a piece of pecan! I’m kinda getting sick of the other kind.
          Hope everyone is having a very Merry Christmas! I know I am even though it seems a bit surreal that I received the amazing gifts that I did.

  40. Amy,
    That is great!!! So many people now a days are forgetting the real reason for CHRISTmas. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and ask that while you are enjoying your holiday try in someway to remember the one’s who aren’t or can’t have the same blessings that we all are.
    God Bless,

  41. Timothy—

    Thanks. That is so very true. The greatest treasure of all came to find us, leaving his throne and being born in a manger.

    Merry Christmas to all the searchers out there! 🙂

  42. Timothy, Amy, and Sparrow,
    Thank you so much for the reminder of the REASON for the Season! it’s astounding to contemplate the treasure of HIM. I’m so grateful for that unfathomable GIFT! And I’m thankful for his hand that is so apparent in our affairs. I should only hope that in some small way I can give back.
    Happy Holidays to all!

  43. A Very Merry Christmas to all my Chase friends and to a dear soul, Forrest Fenn.

    I hope the New Year is richer for all of you, for it’s not the end we seek, but the beginning of another Chase! May you always find gold in each one!
    Love, Donna
    ¥Peace ¥

  44. happiest of holidays to all in and with the chase…

    f, still wish i could have given you the postcards i have for you, or at least post the pictures of them… nonetheless, all the best. and thank you, sincerely, for the imagination. Not many have stretched mine past what i already had… you are a rare one, mr. fenn… xo. h. milwaukee.

  45. On upside down-ness, back to front
    down under in my inside-out.
    I celebrate a day renowned
    and cast a joy without a doubt

    to all my fellow northern types
    on top around equator bound
    in hemispheric winter blight
    with down-side up-ness all around

    amidst the smells, on skies of grey,
    of apple pies and Xmas cake,
    I wish you all a merry day.
    Especially Dal ( ..and even Jake)

    happy holidays to all

  46. I’m not getting notified of new posts by email???

    Forrest, it is great to hear from you!

    At the time of such a monumental experience one is not thinking about what will this be like 48 years from now. 48 years later we look back and so many things seem like only last week. Every person is like a library, it’s hard to conceive.

    Blessings to you and yours! 🙂

  47. I am sure glad you survived that day in the jungle Forrest so that you would be around to instigate TTOTC! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year to you!

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