Chasing Words…


SUBMITTED January, 2017
by dal


People think I am a genius!

Okay…maybe none of you think that…but my mom does.

Truth is…for the last couple of days I have been using a sophisticated, yet easy to use tool that gives me precise locations to hundreds of Forrest Fenn quotes. This TOOL was created by J. C. Merritt, AKA JCM and I find it indispensable. Not only is it a great tool…but I have fun playing with it too…

It’s a sophisticated research document tiled “Chasing Words of Forrest Fenn” This document is 82 digital pages with clickable links to quotes and topics by Forrest that appear digitally in TV and radio interviews, magazines, email, various blogs, websites and forums…This thing is absolutely WONDERFUL!

For instance…today I needed to figure out where Forrest talked about “where warm waters halt”, and what he said about it. So I opened up my electronic version of Mr. Merritt’s book and in the search mechanism I typed “warm waters”.

PRESTO…95 clickable links that will not only take me to where Forrest actually utters or pens the words “warm waters” but includes places where others have quoted Forrest talking about, “warm waters”.

Anyone who spends time trying to dig out the truth from the fiction about what Forrest has actually said is going to NEED this electronic book.

I cannot imagine the number of hours Mr. Merritt has tossed into this project…well…actually I can, which is why I never tried to put one together myself…

Most importantly…it’s easy to use on your own computer…no matter what kind you use…

But I think I’ve yapped on long enough…

Oh…one more thing…

Forrest has not stopped talking or writing yet…so there will be more quotes to add to this document…and if you buy one now…the updates are minimal for future editions…I think I heard $3…

This is great…valuable,,,important if you take the search seriously…

Did I mention that it’s an instant download?…buy it today and get it today..

PS-I am NOT getting money or favors from Mr Merritt for promoting his book. I bought the combined version and paid the full price for it and I love the darn thing. Finally…something useful and beneficial to the chase.

Click HERE to go to Mr. Merritt’s promotion for the book and buy one



28 thoughts on “Chasing Words…

  1. Bought it just to stimulate the economy. I already know it won’t get me any closer than the little girl in India 😉

  2. Wow Dal, that’s pretty cool, thank you. I believe I have the poem solved and I love how his quotes often are confirmatory. I’m going back looking again this summer…must wait for the thaw.

    • Waiting is a good idea, friends posted video yesterday, 4/28/17 of snow and hail just pummeling the windshield…in Santa Fe.

  3. Thanks, JCM, for putting this together, and thanks, Dal, for posting this. I was planning on using the winter months to make something similar, for myself…I never thought other searchers would actually buy it. But I’m going to buy JCM’s book of quotes because it’s way better than anything I could have created. Hopefully, it will kick start my 2017 search season, and I can bring ff’s treasure chest to Fennboree. LOL!

      • Debi, Thanks for asking. I have mostly retired from doing BOTG for other searchers. However, just when I think I’ll never search for someone else again, a special circumstance pops up, and I end up taking on a search for someone else. I just received an unexpected business envelope in the mail with a very nice letter from an older guy approaching 80 yrs old from Red Wood City, CA, with an explanation of his solves, and CASH for gas money. He’d hurriedly searched his area once, (which was a former area I’d searched 3 years ago), and he will never get back to look again due to age and his wife’s health. He put much effort into contacting me…I will go to his GPS co-ordinates and check his spot, once. (Sorry for the longer than necessary reply to you. I wanted to explain just in case he is right!) I try to encourage everyone to get out and smell the sunshine themselves since that was Forrest’s intent.

        • Cynthia…you are so kind to put yourself ‘out there’ for others. That would be so cool if you did find Fenn’s Treasure while on a BOTG for another….

        • semi-retired Cynthia,
          i think it’s one word Redwood city.
          You know if I don’t start getting some input from my old search partner[ he’s pushing 80], I may just have to drag you & Qwerty along on my next mission.

        • Best of luck on this search! May this be the year that the chest is discovered. Honestly it would be awesome if his solve is the right one! You have a kind heart and have given so much to those unable to search. Keeping my fingers crossed!

    • And Cynthia – if you had found that darn chest this last year, I can’t tell you how much time you would have saved me… 🙂

      Now go find that thing and put the rest of us out of our misery!
      But then what will we do in our free time. 🙁
      So don’t find it! 🙂

  4. Just bought both and am excited to start using it. Looks like a terrific tool for everyone from beginners to the “lifers”.
    Thanks for the heads-up!
    One question. Did I get a download, or should I expect a book in the mail?
    Thanks and Happy 2017

    • Duh…disregard question(s) above. I just checked my email and all the info is in it. So, I just downloaded everything. Let the fun begin.

  5. Dal,
    If you would organize the scrabooks by title, interviews by date and place , and then all that other stuff somehow.. heck i would just pay you a subscription fee. You have all the info we need here it just takes time trying to remember which SB was which when they’re only numbered.
    Id gladly give u 2.00 bucks a month for your hard work! 2.00 per person would add up and then maybe you’d be rich and no longer our competition, cause frankly you worry me.

    • Here is another idea in addition…compilation of all the times forrest has responded to a searcher in this blog. That stuff is very tedious to find. I know it’s not your style dal but you could make some searchers very happy and make a little extra cash for searching. I would hope most people see that as a win win? 🙂 you have provided a safe place for searchers to interact and it would be awesome if you could benefit just a little and make searching easier for people? Does anyone else have an opinion about it? Good idea/bad idea?

      • Julie,
        I think that’s a really great idea! Some of those are loaded in info-like the one where Forrest talks about it not being feasible to try to remove the blaze and he’s sure it’s still there (paraphrasing here and can’t remember where it is). See right there’s a perfect example of why you should do it Dal! (If you have the time and inclination) I would definitely buy something like that.
        I agree wholeheartedly that Dal should benefit for having this blog. It’s an invaluable tool for searchers and like Julie said, a safe place for us to interact.

        • Yea Dal, and while you’re there if you could strap a broom to your belt you could sweep up as you dash around too..
          … 🙂 sorry, couldn’t resist.

    • Thanks for the suggestion Sweetea..
      That suggestion will be headed straight to the “Do this next” division of the blog.
      If you gave me $2 for a subscription to the blog I’d have a dollar and Goofy would have a dollar and that would double our incomes and put us in a new tax bracket.

      • Dal,
        Well then you would be in a higher tax bracket than me cause now ya’ll’d have my two dollars.

  6. JCM – I will buy your combined version. Thanks! I asked for this on the blog a couple of months ago. Thanks for the timely response!!!! I hope you make a nice return on your investment! Happy New Year!

  7. I’m new here on this board and just wanted to post my thoughts somewhere. Take it for what it is, I’m not going 5o look for the treasure, I live to far and have little money or time so this advice to you is free. I believe the treasure lies beneath a waterfall, very close to where people may swim in a stream or falls most likely kids. Here is why not to far but 5o far to walk- because you must swim down to get it. Heavy water is the water coming down its cold. No paddle is needed because you can’t paddle up a fall anyways right. The blaze is when the sun hits the falls and lights up the water. I’m guessing its a beautiful spot where you might try to fish. I also think the treasure is very close a few hours from his home. A rope is tied to it just pull it up.

  8. Have not seen/heard from any buyers about what they thought of this compilation. Was it well done? Did it help? There was very little on the comments and no “reviews.” Thanks for the reply!

  9. I have had a copy of this since he first put it up for sale. You can get updates when he emails you.
    This book is incredible, if you are a hard core searcher then I suggest looking into one. The help is just endless, at least for me.
    Best of luck to all,

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