Annual Report 2016…

As of January 3rd we had 10,895,386 total views on the blog. We have 185,652 total comments.

In 2016 we had 3,795,869 views…another land speed record!!!

So far, just on one day this year, January 3rd we had 7,257 views. For reference, our best day ever registered 63,932 views. That was Wednesday February 27, 2013. Goofy had the helm and alarms were screaming all around us on the bridge. I was certain we were headed into a black hole as vast as the Klingon Empire. I had seen Star Trek and I knew that you could not mix matter and antimatter and things looked grim. Somehow, Goofy got us through that nightmare.

Our largest number of views for a single month in 2016 was January last year…January and February are typically not high viewership months for the blog…most searcher interest is hibernating during the winter. It stubbornly awakens in March and generally peaks in July and August…as you might expect. So having 451,835 views in January of 2016 was quite the anomaly.

February, March and April of 2016 all saw a significantly higher number of views than those months in the preceding year. In May and June of 2016 our viewership went below those months in 2015. July, August and September were all higher than 2015. October, November and December were all lower again. At the end of 2016 we had about a quarter of a million more views in 2016 than we had in 2015. So, we grew again..YIPPEE!!!

Where do these people viewing the blog come from, you ask…
Today, 1500 came from search engines. sent over 54. Another 54 came from an Android app. Twenty-one came from Forrest’s website. Others came from Jenny’s site and from Facebook.
The rest of you must have bookmarks in your browser or good old Aunt Mildred texted you a link.

The most popular day on the blog is Wednesday. The most popular hour is 7pm.

On January 2nd it had been 2 days since Chasing Words was posted and there were over a thousand views on it.

The most popular posts, other than the home page are about what you would expect…
The Cheat Sheet, Nine Clues, Tips From Forrest and the Poetry Page…

The videos on the blog are quite popular attractions. The Too Far To Walk video is the most popular with over 17,600 plays. The new videos from 2016 are doing well too. Forrest’s summer of logging video already has nearly 2,500 plays and his yellowstone video has been watched more than 2,200 times.

Who yapped the most in 2016?
Jake comes in number one and Zap is second.

What country do most of the viewers live in?
USA is number one, Canada is two, England is three and Germany is four…
Oh…and one character on the blog comes from New Zealand and apparently lives in a shire in some kind of small domicile with a thatched roof…seems curious…

Does the blog have future plans?
Someone once said something to the effect that planning is the antithesis of adventure…or something like that…JCM will find the right quote…
So…no plans…it’s all fun and that’s all that counts…

Thanks to all of you from the hundreds of minions who are gainfully employed with minion living wages keeping this blog well oiled and greased…and of course from Goofy and dal-


86 thoughts on “Annual Report 2016…

  1. Thanks Goofy and Dal.
    Curious is not the only Kiwi on this site.
    May 2017 be rewarding for everyone here.

    • John R-
      I didn’t know that..wait…breaking out Goofys mouse pad Weegee board…well I’ll be darned….
      Over there near Auburn and Boston…are those palm trees I see???
      It’s about -10C here right now…
      Looks a bit warmer there..

      • Thanks Dal for everything you do with the blog….. Its good to hear that the poetry page is popular.. have a great day my friend… until next time…. see ya 🙂

      • It’s all fun Dal,,,,my thanks as well. Love, love , love this blog.

        To the poets,,,,love you guys, Keep up the good work. If this posts, I’ll try a poem soon.

        Hi Forrest 🙂

  2. Thanks Dal and Goofy for this blog and all the work that it entails! I learned of the chase in June while watching Expedition Unknown. I found your site and have enjoyed it immensely ever since. So, again, a huge thanks!

  3. that’s truly an amazing accomplishment Dal …that you managed to steer the ship away from a black hole ‘as vast as the Klingon Empire’ itself, while Goofy frantically bashed on the warp-drive, down in the bowels of the engine room, like a quasi-mad scientist.

    jeez, and I thought Forrest led an exciting life…

    (seriously though – well done guys)

  4. I was one of the January 2016 people, I will never forget that day. ; ) Thanks for your site Dal.

  5. Hi Dal,
    Have you ever had trouble with tribbles?
    Sorry, I couldn’t resist ;).
    It’s fun to see your report, thank you.

  6. Thanks for the update Dal, and thanks for an amazing site. Lots of credit goes out to you and Goofy – THANKS AGAIN – JDA

  7. Good job to all who built and play a hand at steering this cyber-scriber-ship. All writer-rider mates on deck be sure to brace yourselves when the mountainous seas get rough. Take a rest when told and trudge until your skin runs dry. Stay calm and be brave. Go prepared and stay safe. The treasure is in no hurry, Indulgence patiently waits. Forward the thrusters and let’s see if this baby can hit warp drive again. Let’s give her all she’s got captain. Congratulations!

  8. Thank you for the Annual Report. Impressive all around. Congratulations to the both of you for having a wonderful blog.

  9. Who yapped the most in 2016?
    Jake comes in number one and Zap is second.

    Who the heck are Jake and Zap?
    Amy Sweitzer, JDiggins, Spallies… Have ya”ll ever heard of these guy before? I want my Goofy’s weemeemageebee mouse pad, dang it!

    • We’re last years’ news, seeker! Y’know Jake, he’s the one who spars with JDA, who I am surprised was beat out by zap…
      Thanks Dal for foregoing the zillions in ad money just to please us. You rock! 🙂

      • Thanks for the report Dal and all the work you do… and Goofy too 🙂 So how does this work? Do I need to send back in my WeeGee mousepad and hand it over to Jake or Zap???

        • Dude, I ain’t giving up my Hoody! Seeker, don’t do it! Once you send it you never get it back!
          I did that with a pen once…

      • Meant to say “A” chatterbox. Sorry Jake and Zap, no offense intended 😉

        Sheesh, if I keep this up, I’ll be 2017 top yapper.

    • Wow, Dal — I had no idea I would be in the top 5, let alone second? Seeker and JDA have to be very close. In any case, a somewhat dubious distinction; I need to listen more and blab less in 2017 — give someone else a chance to share their ideas.

      Kudos to you and Goofy for keeping this behemoth barreling through the cosmos. Some very impressive hit statistics!

  10. Thanks Dal and Goofy…Seems a bit eerie that so much time has passed since this Chase first began. The Cyber-World trudges forth into the unknown… trailing out bits of forgotten and misunderstood ideas. And then…the year 2017 appears…will it be THE YEAR? The year when the Quest for Fenn’s Treasure abruptly comes to a halt…and thousands of searchers smack themselves in the head…and say…jeez I wasn’t even close…Ha !

  11. To Dal and Goofy, who boldly go where no one has gone before, a highly deserved THANK YOU!!! 🙂

  12. Thanks Dal and Goofy for all the work you do for all of us out here. This site is a life line for lots of hunters trying to keep up with the chase.

    Sadly, I think Randy was way there were so many hits in January. My thoughts and prayers to his family and friends. Thanks to all who searched and put their hearts out looking for him.

    • Hi Margie Goldsmith…
      As one of the earlier journalists to cover the story of Fenn’s Treasure…Do you have an opinion as to how this Quest will be remembered in the future…and…Do you/ or have you been on an actual BOTG search for Fenn’s Treasure? Just wondering if you would care to comment for the entertainment of it.

  13. Even though Indulgence is in a Galaxy, Far, Far away… (Note: Far, a word that is Key.) You Guy’s make the journey much more enjoyable. Thanks for all you Do… or even, Don’t do.

  14. Hey Dal & Goofy
    Great news AGAIN. I personally love this blog. You and Goofy do a Great job of keeping this blog going. CONGRATS TO YOU BOTH!!!!!!!!
    On another note do either of you think that this TC will just be stting there waiting to be found?
    I believe Forrest said that.
    I think just because we find the right spot doesn’t mean it’ll be setting in the open for us. My feeling is, even if we find the right spot we will still have to put time in finding it… What do you guys think???
    Timothy… IMHO

  15. Hey Dal & Goofy
    Great news AGAIN. I personally love this blog. You and Goofy do a Great job of keeping this blog going. CONGRATS TO YOU BOTH!!!!!!!!
    On another note do either of you think that this TC will just be stting there waiting to be found?
    I believe Forrest said that.
    I think just because we find the right spot doesn’t mean it’ll be setting in the open for us. My feeling is, even if we find the right spot we will still have to put time in finding it… What do you guys think???
    Timothy… IMHO

  16. Dal & Goofy,
    Thank you for doing all that you do! This blog is AMAZING!! It’s an indispensable tool for searchers! Thank you for the time, effort, money, sweat, blood, tears (ok maybe that’s going too far 🙂 ) , but seriously it’s appreciated!
    Keep up the great work!

  17. Very impressive stats & must take a lot of work besides your regular work to keep it going clean.
    A lot of webmasters would kill for this type of traffic considering the click throughs it would generate.

    As far as the blabbers here, I think you should take the top 10 & have a playoff to win a visit/interview with Forrest.

    Thanks Dal, Goofy & Forrest.
    I will be throttling back this year, one way or the other considering I see a lot of hands up waving #1 but many are not the index finger.

    • I have not always agreed with you Jake, but I will defend, until the end, your right to be wrong (haha) JDA

    • well, at least when your writing a million words a second, we all know that you’re NOT out there BOTG …so please just keep on talking Jake

      …or should I say Oscar

      …or should I say ‘Mr Chatty 2016’

    • Jake –

      Just find the treasure b4 Zap does.

      One of the highlights of the year was your brilliant assertion that NIGH is North Interstate Gallatin Hwy.

      I don’t think your looking in the correct state, but it’s still genius.

      I don’t believe Zap gave us his debrief after his last search and I don’t think he will do so after his next. I know you will.

      Don’t let the shoes keep you down.


      • Lugnutz: if I told you exactly where I went, you’d go straight to the chest! (Hah! — where have I heard that before? Hmm…) I search in Montana, which you’ve admitted you don’t think is the correct state. So I don’t see why you would care about the specifics of my solution.

        I posted about my failed early-October trip months ago. I didn’t reveal specifics about where I went or why because I’ll be returning to basically the same spot later this year. You don’t see JDA spilling the beans about the Wyoming spot he’s gone 7 or 8 (or is it 9?) times, and yet I don’t see you pestering him for holding his cards close to the vest.

        • Darn, it’s up to 10 now. Here’s hoping that it will be “Lucky Eleven” (seven come eleven) in the spring. JDA

          • JDA: I definitely admire your confidence and persistence. Both are required elements for success! Good luck on #11!

        • Oh I do have an interest in Montana. The usual stuff. Nye Wise River Anaconda and Blaze Mountain. I also have an interest way north Baldy Mountain.

        • In fact I will be flying into Bozeman to begin my quest. My adventure partner Wingnutz won’t let me search MT. He wants to start heading South. But if he would do it I would shoot over to Anaconda.

      • Thanks Lug,
        You’re the only one that has acknowledged that & shows that your 360 deg view of the landscape is in focus.

      • Jake: I, too, have very much enjoyed and appreciated your videos. It’s how I knew you were at the Cinnamon Lodge (the humorous, if too obvious, “Home of Brown”). Diggin Gypsy might feel differently about that possible connection: it’s right in her wheelhouse!

  18. Man, with those numbers no wonder “I’ve done it tired, and now I’m weak.”

    Just kidding, I’m fired up and ready to go. Thank all of you for the accolades and well wishes as our dysfunctional little family here embarks on yet another year of the chase boldly going where no one has gone before.

    • “She cannae take anymore, Captain – she’s gonna blow!”

      – Buzz Lightyear

  19. Dal and Goofy,
    Thanks, guys, for maintaining such a topnotch website/blog. You guys show real class even at times when I’m sure it’s difficult… and you make us follow your standards. Keep up the good work.

    Best wishes to all the 2017 searchers, even if you are searching in New Mexico. Ya better get out there ( in NM) soon, though…I saw 2 separate groups of people this afternoon walking past my owl blaze! Trail was snowy, icy, muddy…should have remembered my trekking poles and ice cleats. Next time.

    • That must have got your blood pumping. Snowing here with 5-10″ due by tomorrow morning; currently 10 degrees. It’s heading your way.

      • Thanks…yeah, our weather is to take a drastic turn again soon. Wish you’d keep that snow up your way, or at least north of the 37th parallel. I can’t wait for dry roads, dry trails, etc, and not have to worry about the surface conditions. Can’t wait for summer!

        • Mother Nature and I are good friends. I’ll see what I can do. 🙂 I agree. I’m looking forward to much kinder weather and conditions. One good thing is that the days are getting longer. Hooray!

  20. Dal and Goofy—-

    Thanks so much for this blog! Thank you for all the hard work you put into it. It really is a great place to come and ask questions, and to share, and to have fun. I’m glad there is so much traffic here. It really is an excellent blog.

  21. From one lurker, one of many I am sure, Thanks so much to Dal and friends who support this Blog. I find myself here all the time.
    I get to search once a year, and the conversations here along with the links to any of Mr. Fenn’s communications helps to wind me up all year for the road trip that waits.
    As a kid I loved reading old Treasure magazines in the back bedroom of my Grandfather’s home, and now I get to search for one that is out there for the finding. Adventure doesn’t get any better!

    • Welcome aboard. No need to lurk – Participate as you have done tonight. Most of us do not bite – much. JDA

      • Thanks JDA,

        I will also wish everyone SAFE hunting.
        My first trip was very close to Randy’s search area and somewhat of a similar solve. Once I was in White Rock Canyon I realized it was much too rugged and unforgiving of a place to be THE place.

        Please be safe everyone, and use good judgment.
        Gold fever can make you stupid before you know it.
        I have had close calls on outdoor quests, and been lucky. Please try not to depend on luck, for your sake and for Mr. Fenn’s sake too.

  22. Thanks Dal and Goofy- great job! This is the only blog about Forrest’s treasure that I’ve ever participated in and although I’m not seriously searching any more, I still like to check in to see how things are going and they see to be going VERY well!

  23. Thanks Dal and Goofy,It sure has been an interesting year on this blog,some people love to argue at each other,very amusing. we all know what you look like dal, I still wonder what goofy looks like.lots of thoughts and stuff to read,great job. it’s 7 % here in arvada,Denver metro area.That great artic air.good luck to all this spring.

  24. Thanks for releasing your report in the Captain’s Log, Captain Neitzel…and other Commanding Officers at the helm.

    I enjoy coming here now and then to see the latest.

    Thanks to Everyone here.

    I like to contribute…but I feel inadequate most of the time…

    Let me put it this way…

    “Darnit, Jim…I’m a construction worker…not a very good writer.” 🙂

    Good luck to All.

    Now…warp speed! …I mean…Light speed! …I mean…Godspeed!

  25. Would just like to add my Thanks to Dal and Goofy for setting up and maintaining this blog. I may not post very often due to not being able to get BOTG yet. Being so far from my search area makes it tough. I really do enjoy reading about searcher adventures. Please keep it up. Please be safe in your searches. I’ll post with pics when I begin my adventure.

  26. Thanks for the update and great job Dal & Goofy. Also thanks to all those who make these statistics possible. I have to say this blog has made me personally laugh, cry, and a whole lot of emotions inbetween. Great entertainment. Great people.

  27. That’s great! This is my first time posting here and have a question / statement. In FF’s poem, if you read the last line , it states about ” title” . He also stated in an interview about the treasure being put at the Smithsonian. This is kinda weird to me. He stated that he would know if someone found it. Does this mean that there may be a contact # in it or an email? Also, all of his treasures that he stated are in it, are they in it, or, that’s what he’ll put in it when you find it and contact him, with restrictions stated above? Just my thought.

    • Leeanne Baxter: “Does this mean that there may be a contact # in it or an email?”

      Why would there need to be this info in the chest when it’s readily available on his website & his books?

        • I was actually thinking when you open the lid to the chest, it triggers a canister of helium to fill a balloon that soars into the sky sending a message to F via satellite & that’s how he will know when it’s found.

      • That’s what I’m wondering. How will he know that someone found it if he doesn’t check to see if it’s there on a daily basis?

  28. Thanks for all you two do on the blog!
    Wow, so much time gawking and gabbing…
    Makes me feel that the treasure will be found by
    a searcher that uses their time to actually research, analyze and think, one that holds their cards and doesn’t blab out
    hints or claims they know where it is, a “whisperer”. I get a lot of laughs
    from “expert” searchers, THAT DON’T have the treasure!
    But what I get most out of this blog, is the kind hearts, sincere friendships, love and compassion, care and effort given to other searchers, ruffled feathers and forgiveness…everything that I wish our world was like!
    I’m grateful to be apart of The Chase, and a piece of history in the making. ♡
    Thank you, Dal, Goofy and Mr. Fenn.
    ¥Peace ¥

  29. Thanks for a great blog site. I reference it often and would probably be lost without it. Keep up the good work!


  30. Thanks for all your hard work Dal & Goofy! So grateful to get to enjoy the results of all you do here!

  31. Thanks to everyone who makes this site run, thank you to those that made and sold that awesome map #11, thank you to those who sold and distributed the memoirs, thank you to those that put together Fennboree, thank you JDA and Jake for your silly back and forth, and most of all thank you Forrest for making it all possible.
    You have all had a huge influence on the future.
    (Jan 2017 begins my 13th month in the chase, and I’m not one foot closer to the treasure)

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