Scrapbook One Hundred Sixty Four…



When Forrest sent me this poem I was put a little aback, Here is what I sent him:

“I don’t know how long you worked on that poem but it is pretty delicious, gut-wrenching and personal…
It’s very cool Forrest…
I think it reveals a lot about your feelings about war…
and loss…
But it conceals a great deal as well and that will be what folks will discuss…

I noted a couple of typos…or maybe they are intentionals…

Imagination is more fun than knowledge 
Did you mean to spell knowledge correctly…?
You have a reputation for your unique spelling of knowlege..

where on some Flanders Field my favoured companions fought.
Did you intend to use the Brit spelling of favored?…probably so…it works very well…

This mysterious vestige of a sailing past, shappend by myriad winds and waves, 
Did you mean shappend or shaped?

And here is what Forrest replied:
“Leave everything alone.”

Below is Forrest’s poem and original note:

Imagination is more fun than knowledge

A wanderer chanced upon this driftwood art, shipwrecked and lonely on a sandy shore. At least to me it plays that part; an olden sailing ship,
and nothing more.
Or maybe it’s a desperate soul, a sentimental sort, standing on a sodden knoll, searching for his Candy Ann, who, absent from her role, lately departed from a distant port.
And no one was there to pay her toll.
Or is it not his throbbing Ann, wrapped in shroud against the breezing cold, yelling with all she can, a screaming voice so loud, and nothing there is told.
Is she below the saline door forever reaching back no more?

But is it all for naught, wild upon my imaginations fraught; dreaming of wild journeys too late sought, or of cold battles where on some Flanders Field my favoured companions fought.
Let it stop now, and be no more.

This mysterious vestige of a sailing past, shappend by myriad winds and waves, occupies my hand at last, subject to whatever whim my mind, in its wanderings, craves.
And that will henceforth, forever be her lore.

A treasure searcher, a pleasant stranger, posted me this wonderful wooden hand-size object along with words that bare, wonderful enough to covet, yet too personal to share.

This paragon of expression stands straight and bold. Its blackened keel, harden by fire, hints of battles fought and won. A single jib yet unfurled, still serves testament to this vessels willingness to bare its gun.

Surprisingly the forces of oceanic turbulence combined to pare this ready boat. I’ve told you what I think, but what else does it know?

Thank you for the favor, Mister Poe. f



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  1. Enticing…something else to ponder,,,as if I needed that…yet, grateful for the wistful diversion. Thank You.

  2. .
    Haven’t read through this scrapbook yet, thought I was seeing things. What happened to the previous Scrapbook 164 (anniversary of being shot down)?

    • astree-
      My error with the old 164. I renamed it 163.5. If you look in the Scrapbook Index you will see it there.
      Not a science…and even if it was I would still screw it up sometimes. Just be thankful I am not the Secretary of Defense…

  3. .
    Very mysterious … and imaginative. Not familiar with the phrase (name), but see that Candy Ann is followed by and Ann ….. with all she can. Lots of mysteries in these words; Dal spotted the “shappend” … got to think through that one.

    • “flavoured” spelling seems to associate the imaginative poet with English name of Flanders Field.

          • Not sure where you got that meaning from . But your division of name is quite good . I will go with the architect fenn has given us a hint into his architecture . I will call fenn’s -doorway . Shap-Pend . Isolated land mass-Scottish Doorway

          • Hey Ken,
            I’m not to sure where you recaived the idea that pend is a heap of stones. As a builder & architect that pend described a large arched drive through opening such like a old fashion horse and buggy would have used in the grand buildings of Old England. The use of that type is now used when discussing any arched opening used to drive or walk through.
            But you can build one with a heap of stones and a Key stone to lock it in.
            Good Luck with your search,

  4. SB 164 vanishes and reappears… reincarnated into a poem and highlighted by a nice piece of driftwood. Another poem…Thanks Dal.

  5. Simplicity in its most beautiful form! I see Sacagawea standing tall and proud…..leading the way.

  6. To, me this is a moving and melancholic work. Whether or not there are submerged meanings, it stands alone as a beautiful offering. Thanks, Forrest.

    • I couldn’t agree more. Yes, Forrest, it is beautiful. You truly have the gift of art in words. Thank you.

  7. What an interesting poem. What hidden messages, if any, are hidden within each line? Hummmm JDA

  8. Gosh, what a beautiful poem and piece of artwork. Thank you for sharing this with us, Mr. Fenn.

  9. Imagination is so much more fun than knowledge! How amazing one piece of driftwood, with imagination, can be so many things; and yet if we only used knowledge, it would be just a mere piece of boring driftwood. But it’s NOT!

    I wonder what you all see….. With each twist something new appears!

    In the first photo I catch a glimpse of this ‘Wood’ with ‘Hands on hips, puffed up with victory, one leg up on higher land, and whispering to himself inside, but heard so loudly…..

    “A difficult journey took its toll, but it couldn’t take this piece of wood’s soul.”

    Thanks Forrest for sharing your thoughts and your beautiful words on this wood.

    I want to frame the first image, and have it now stand forever in mind – Victory is there (in some way to acknowledge) for all who keep on! No matter the course!

  10. I am reminded of a poem written by Richard Wilbur, titled: “Year’s End”.

    Excerpt: “A gathered light, a shapen atmosphere, like frozen over lakes whose ice is thin and still allows some stirring down within”.


  11. This driftwood statue reminds me of this William Stafford poem and how much I miss my hometown this time of year.

    ASK ME

    Some time when the river is ice ask me
    mistakes I have made. Ask me whether
    what I have done is my life. Others
    have come in their slow way into
    my thought, and some have tried to help
    or to hurt: ask me what difference
    their strongest love or hate has made.

    I will listen to what you say.
    You and I can turn and look
    at the silent river and wait. We know
    the treasure is there, hidden; and there
    are comings and goings from miles away
    that hold the stillness exactly before us.
    What the river says, that is what I say.

    – William Stafford

  12. Forrest,
    What an exquisite piece of work, both what nature wrought in the piece of wood and what you have wrought with your words. I see something different with each angle, depending on how it is looked at.
    I brought tears to my eyes and many emotions to my heart.
    Thank you for sharing these beautiful words!
    And thank you for the fun of reminding us to be like children again and to use our imaginations!

  13. So we are back to another hint of The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe . Just a hint of it but enough to identify it just like the driftwood ship .
    The Raven = El-Bert or dare I say Mount Elbert the clue on forrest’s map that he did not notice . It wasn’t that Canada was missing as that was the cover up for the slip up . I see even you are getting anxious to have this over .Or maybe just having fun as you think you have us figured out as we think we have you figured out . Only this and nothing more .

  14. I know it’s pretty obvious—but I immediately thought of the shadow on the cover of “Too Far To Walk”.

    Thanks Forrest—we truly do appreciate it when you share with us. Hope you are feeling and doing well!

  15. Searchers, I find Sodden knoll very interesting.

    I often thought he was referring to whom the bell tolls as a knoll. And if you look of definition of knoll it means to toll a bell.
    Now Forrest connected the two for us today. The knoll, just like his favorite thing to do, go to the top of a small hill and look back down. A knoll is a small hill.

    Ok, what about Sodden? It means wet, soaked , saturated. A sodden knoll. Forrest says he knows the chest is wet. Ok, where is the Sodden knoll??????

    Ya-aha-wa, help me with the connection of Poe and the Raven and the Chase please??

    • This poem has a thank you to a Mr. Poe and within the poem within the wording and it’s flow reminds me of “The Raven”. Forrest had another scrapbook where he had a poem that was much more pronounced as being like The Raven . I believe it to be a hint towards Mount Elbert as El in spanish can mean “The” and “Bert” can mean “Raven” .
      “In French the meaning of the name Bert is: Intelligent; Glorious raven.”
      I’m sticking with it is a hint for the WWWH as being Mount Elbert the highest mountain and located in the “Banana Belt”. I have a solve I call the 9 Word Solve where it is a word key to treasure location that is in tight focus with the poem .

      First mountain being Mount Elbert which is on forrest’s map where he said was an unintended hint he later covered up by saying that hint was Canada missing on the map . No Way Jose !

      • Thank you ya-sha-wa, much appreciated. I find the ravens and crows in ttotc to be very interesting as well. They are always squeaking or becoming noticed. The Raven is the relative to the crow and a very intelligent bird. Also the magpie which is one of the only birds to recognize itself in the mirror image test.

        Thanks Ya -sha-wa, good luck in the chase. You seem like you are well informed.

      • Ya-Sha-Wa,

        So you’re saying that fenn “covered up” the real hint ~mount Elbert~ by telling all, the unintentional hint was Canada not show on the map, was not the real hint?

        Why believe anything he says then?
        Well that’s great to know… Yep, thanks for straightening that out…
        JCM, you may need to change a few things in your book… we got it all wrong. lol

        • You are correct on all points . It’s not believing what forrest says is at question . It is understanding what and why he says things . I am trying to help you so you don’t have to think you have everything wrong. Begin it in the sky over Mount Elbert .

        • BTW Seeker , So you’re saying you believe forrest did not notice that a country was missing from the map . ROTFLMAO ! He chose the map . It is much more believable one name on the map slipped passed him instead of him not noticing it was only half a map. Or did he notice and just wanted to play the hint his way ? Either way you a funny as can be Seeker . Didn’t notice a country missing . ROFLMAOA

          • So what’s the “slip up”? He didn’t mean for the map to show Mt Elbert hut NOW he means to tell us?

          • The slip up was telling the very first person there was an unintentional clue . Once one person was told then it has to be made public . Don’t worry Lugs it was real good you thought of Brown mountain . Forrest has now let out hint of Florence Colorado . So all you gotta do now is find “fenn’s doorway”.

      • Ya,
        I could be wrong here but I don’t recall that f actually said the unintended clue/hint was on the map. I think that the unintended clue was in TFTW in general. I too feel that he used the Canada being missing from the map as a cover-up/diversion away from the real clue but don’t necessarily think the clue is on the map. That being said I’m open to thoughts on this and/or quotes that could shine light on the issue.

        • I don’t disagree there could be more clues meaning hints in the book . I personally don’t need any more hints . They are just fun to find and chat about . I wish you luck I really do .

          • Ya-Sha
            Are you saying that you have enough hints…and that you need more clues?
            Or…are you trying to say that you have it all figured out and you are just goofing around here biding your time until spring?

          • I did imply “figured out “. Didn’t mention anything about spring though . Nor am I trying to get anyone to rush out this winter . This is fun though .

          • Ya,

            Why would someone rush out this winter, or any other time for that matter, just because yet another genius ineptly hints that they may have a solution?

          • Loco,

            Ya takin all the fun out of it… I hear those rescue guys are itching to try out thier new sleds.

          • You to funny locobuba ! I have seen many posters in the past try and get the less than geniuses to do really dangerous things . I just wanted to make it clear I wasn’t doing that . I have a solution known as the
            9 WORD SOLVE
            It’s actually a key that is in tight focus with the poem .
            Get it know loco ?
            “Tight focus”
            Clues are multiple words that can be narrowed down to a single word that is key .
            The word “word” can also mean multiple words . Am I loosing you’re attention Loco. Are you a bit lost again ? Yes double omega at the end is important .

          • it’s weird, i found 2 mountains this afternoon… they are almost identical. i’m almost ready to look at your 9 word theory… but i have a hundred other things that are working congruently. if any are right, who knows. All of my ideas are happening.

          • Hi Cramer , Wish you the best of luck and glad to hear your ideas are shappend .
            Shap is British
            Pend is Scottish architectural “legend “word
            How come I feel like ask and you shall receive ?

            Ya-Sha-Wa on January 6, 2017 at 4:10 am said:

            So many symbols in architecture .
            If we only had the legend.
            I mean key.
            I mean if forrest created the legend.
            I mean if forrest created the key.
            I mean if forrest identified the symbols in descriptive terms.

      • Unintended clue not missing hint. Depending on the definition you’re using with each word, that simple change could have a profound difference.

        This is clearly the lesson from Forrest, when he talks about there being a difference between clues in the poem and hints in the book or being able to distinguish between the two in general.

        When these quotes from him about hints and clues arise, as a group we only hear what we want. And that generally is that he gives us hints to a solution as well as clues to the solution and that the two aren’t the same.

        If we are to use both hint and clue as they’re definitions pertain to solving a mystery, their meanings are virtually the same and the two words can be interchanged at will.

        And that’s the irony of the entire thing, we argue as a group about meanings to two different words that are literally the same.

        But those who don’t get caught up in the semantics of the irony have an opportunity to step back and see the truth of not only this instance; but
        how forrest uses the English language throughout the entire poem in a way that allows him to lock up millions under everyone’s noses.

        It’s really quite simple, Forrest is clearly stating there’s a difference and I don’t believe him to lie. We as a group hear this statement in his words and as a result try to conclude that there is such a difference in the meanings we assume to hear him using. I’m my opinion, this is simply not the case. Look at the definition of hint that Forrest’s stated source (google) provides.

        an indirect, covert, or helpful suggestion; clue

        The word clue is used to affirm the meaning of hint. In the most commonly used definitions of both words, their meanings are identical.

        So how does this jargon simplify or reduce anything you ask? He must be referring to a meaning of one of those words that the other word doesn’t share as well. For me it’s not hard to envision a wily old man using some in your face English to pull the wool over our eyes.

        To me, Forrest obviously wants us to realize that every word has multiple profoundly different definitions and is suggesting that we apply this logic to our solves.

        But because he’s a riddler, joker, prankster and maybe just a bit twisted, he presents the advice in such a way that he can sit back and be amused while the vast majority of us banter back and forth as we slip further down the rabbit hole, rather than logically alter our views.

  16. I just wanted to add one thought that came to mind when reading the poem and looking at the photos:

    “With all she can, a screaming voice so loud, and nothing there is told.
    Is she below the saline door forever reaching back no more”

    Lot’s wife (who was turned into a pillar of salt) came to mind when I read this.

  17. I’m confused, who wrote the first section?

    “When Forrest sent me this poem I was put a little aback, Here is what I sent him:”

    Who is I?

    • I’m confused two blazed….

      Who wrote the poem and sent Forrest the picture of the driftWOOD???

      “A treasure searcher, a pleasant stranger, posted me this wonderful wooden hand-size object along with words that bare, wonderful enough to covet, yet too personal to share.”

      • And who took the pictures? They are very beautiful and well done… Taken from all angels front and back…

        • Spallies-
          Forrest took the photos. He sent them with the poem and marked the places in the poem where he wanted each photo to be placed. They are photos of the driftwood which, as he notes, a searcher sent to him in the mail.

          • FF said: “a pleasant stranger, posted me this wonderful wooden hand-size object along with words that bare” ?
            Forrest did not write the poem. That also explains the unusual spelling and grammar,

          • radwig-
            Forrest did write that poem. A searcher/stranger sent Forrest the wooden object…the driftwood. But Forrest wrote the poem.

          • Spallies & Randawg, I get the confusion. Forrest does say that a searcher sent the driftwood with words too personal to share. Forrest shares the pictures but not the searcher’s words. He(Forrest) writes a beautiful poem to go with the photos. I think

          • You guys really should be trying to understand why he used the word paragon as that may help you understand what forrest actually meant in his post when he used the word posted . Does paragon reflect what and why his posting about the stranger is not clear .


            “Paragon derives from the Old Italian word paragone, which literally means “touchstone.” A touchstone is a black stone that was formerly used to judge the purity of gold or silver. The metal was rubbed on the stone and the color of the streak it left indicated its quality. In modern English, both touchstone and paragon have come to signify a standard against which something should be judged. Ultimately, paragon comes from the Greek parakonan, meaning “to sharpen,” from the prefix para- (“alongside of”) and akonē, meaning “whetstone.”

            A standard to judge something and alongside a whetstone or is the wet-stone . As I know the treasure is wet .

  18. In my simple mind’s interpretation this is a poem about memories triggered by the various likenesses Forrest’s mind conjures while holding that wooden form.

    As he turns it in his hands he sees himself standing on the jungle smothered knoll reaching for the Candy Ann…the ship that snatched him from the jungle after his crash in Laos.

    In another turn it is the Ann herself whose screaming turbine engines are no longer heard. Whose reach is now smothered by the sea.

    Forrest considers his war and those who died in unfamiliar jungles…their personal Flander’s Fields…implying that war is ageless.

    Allow war to stop, he pleads in the poem.

    He considers the unknowable voyage this driftwood has taken to serve it’s final purpose.

    There are many other ideas implied by his words but I think the overall story that I hear is Forrest’s consideration of how such an inanimate object with no intent or knowledge could become something so personally meaningful.

    • Dal, I really enjoyed your summation. You are a man of many eloquent words, of which I’m not.

    • And the final irony and injustice… inanimate wooden story holders outlive the casts of characters in their stories.

      I’m currently reading SAPIENS by Harari ,…about the survival of our specie over other human species …. due to a brain evolution that allowed for imagination… the vehicle that binds us together through shared stories (myths, religion, culture.) A binding which then allowed small hunter-gatherer troops to form large societies. As the driftwood knows, nothing is simple.

    • Well said Dal.
      I think he is saying that where the chest is hidden you have to use your imagination. You have to imagine it is a cemetery, a fort and other things.
      Fits my location well.
      Good luck all.

    • Great interpretation. Thanks. I’m not a poet, so sorting out what they represent is a challenge.

    • Dal,
      A good write-up, IMO, and I agree with much of your synopsis, but I believe the poem also says much about the profound impact that event (being shot down and rescued) had on Forrest.

      I may be way off here, but TTOTC (My War for Me) tells the story of Forrest being rescued by the crew of the Candy Ann that day. This poem is about a part of Forrest that was left behind; a part of him died in the jungle that day. That piece of driftwood is a headstone.

      That’s what this poem says to me. Just my opinion.

  19. I don’t get much from the poem. But I think the driftwood piece may be a homage to FF’s ‘free materials’ art in scrapbook 105.

  20. ” I’ve told you what I think, but what else does it know?” …..”Imagination can be a treasure also.”

    “Did you mean shappend or shaped?” ……or perhaps ‘sharpened’ (pare)?

    “This paragon of expression stands straight and bold.” …..”brave and in the wood”.

    Well done, old son. Unique expressions for a unique object! Thanks for sharing.

    • Perhaps f is telling us that imagination is needed to figure out “in the wood”.
      Just an opinion

      • You could be right eaglesabound,
        I’ve already decided that “in the wood” means in the woods.

        I was thinking more about how mother nature can create such beauty.

        The blaze could be created in the same way.

  21. Agreed. It appears that The Flyer has also put a lot of effort into most, if not all of what he has aspired to accomplish during the course of his lifetime.

    When all is said and done; a devoted and loving family just about says it all.


  22. Who thinks this piece of twisted driftwood looks wise. Kind of like the tree that died last year named Yoda.

  23. This is the think I thought…

    It lies asleep in it’s sailing past, dreaming silver-edged dreams of salt and spray
    I can’t help but ever wonder, and hope to soon discover,
    the tales of danger, of one lost not forgotten stranger, that haunted many a bygone day.
    As I waited, and anxiously debated, the prudence of such long lost lore,
    I chanced to ponder what was lost before…
    My Candy Ann, who driftwood sought,as she strolled upon the sun-gilt shore.

    Oh, how this forlorn wood with burnished gold, boasting treasures untold,
    wrecked havoc on my reminiscing, where a meadow in which we lay quietly kissing,
    burst through my mind’s unbarred door.
    The ocean rush, sought only to crush, my faintly beating heart upon the floor.
    Candy Ann, Candy Ann, where has she gone? To a place no one ventured before?

    Or is she really here in driftwood form, breaking through the maddening norm,
    with curves so sleek, soft as a baby’s cheek, but weathered from violent storm?
    How shall she know in her deep sleep, I patiently keep, my secrets to confide in her once more?
    Wake up, my Candy Ann, and cast your wakening gaze on me…
    and I will be here, ready to share, the love we shared in mysterious days of yore.

      • Also F end this with a question, ad when he does that, it’s his cue for you to think.

        He asked what the piece of driftwood knows.

        A piece of driftwood at one time was part of a tree, and according to TTotC, the trees KNOW. 🙂

        • Precisely… “It know” … therefore the poem’s “I must” questioner could be an “it” too.

      • Yes, F asked what else the poem said, and that was what came to mind. I recognized a few different Poe styles in F’s poem, but since I’d written a poem in a style similar to “The Raven” before, it was easier to do it again…

      • This, however, is from a poem written by Poe:

        There the traveller meets aghast
        Sheeted Memories of the Past-
        Shrouded forms that start and sigh
        As they pass the wanderer by-
        White-robed forms of friends long given,
        In agony, to the Earth- and Heaven.

        • Wow Mindy, I wish I could write poetry like that!

          Here’s another Poe snippet:

          But my heart, it is brighter
          Than all of the many
          Stars of the heaven,
          For it sparkles with Annie —
          It glows with the fire
          Of the love of my Annie —
          With the thought of the light
          Of the eyes of my Annie.

        • Wow Mindy! I wish I could write poetry like that!!!

          Here is another Poe snippet:
          But my heart, it is brighter
          Than all of the many
          Stars of the heaven,
          For it sparkles with Annie —
          It glows with the fire
          Of the love of my Annie —
          With the thought of the light
          Of the eyes of my Annie.

        • Mindy I am so jealous of all you searchers who can write such beautiful poetry so effortlessly!!!

          Here is another snippet from Poe:

          But my heart it is brighter
          Than all of the many
          Stars in the sky,
          For it sparkles with Annie—
          It glows with the light
          Of the love of my Annie—
          With the thought of the light
          Of the eyes of my Annie.

          • Yes, Spallies, that’s a good one, too! And how about this one, which contains the riddle of who his Valentine is?
            A VALENTINE

            Edgar Allen Poe

            For her this rhyme is penned, whose luminous eyes,
            Brightly expressive as the twins of Leda,
            Shall find her own sweet name, that nestling lies
            Upon the page, enwrapped from every reader.
            Search narrowly the lines!- they hold a treasure
            Divine- a talisman- an amulet
            That must be worn at heart. Search well the measure-
            The words- the syllables! Do not forget
            The trivialest point, or you may lose your labor
            And yet there is in this no Gordian knot Which one might not undo without a sabre,
            If one could merely comprehend the plot.
            Enwritten upon the leaf where now are peering
            Eyes scintillating soul, there lie perdus
            Three eloquent words oft uttered in the hearing
            Of poets, by poets- as the name is a poet’s, too,
            Its letters, although naturally lying
            Like the knight Pinto- Mendez Ferdinando-
            Still form a synonym for Truth- Cease trying!
            You will not read the riddle, though you do the best you can do.

        • I had not known of this poem by Poe. I just read it in its entirety and it’s a beautiful poem.

          • Poe had a lot of imagination and although much of his work can be described as “dark,” some of his poems are lighter and Greek mythology permeates almost all of them…pretty cool, I think. 🙂

          • I haven’t read all of his works, but do concur his “darkness” in the poems always leaves me thinking, “wow”. Poe’s “Gold Bug” was his very first poem introduced to me in school.

    • bare truth

      Where warm waters halt was where she began,
      Perfected with harmony by spanning this land.

      ”Twas no place for the meek, this free form from nature,
      Bottled by time, creation an exquisite creature.

      Was it all by chance, this maiden, her voyage?
      Or the master of fate, his measure her courage.

      Dark shadows she drifted, till she landed this place,
      Gifted by a stranger, with a smile on his face.

      ”Twas the thrill of the chase, that blessed her with Grace,
      Brave and in the wood, now rest in peaceful space.

      • Strawshadow, that was beautiful.
        A brave one to post poetry on this page where such high standards of excellence have been put forth by Forrest’s elegant penning above. But you did well, fine sir. Bravo. 🙂

      • Marketing Slogan. Fentest Inc. Bet it’d hold its own in a fortune cookie, or two, though…Something like that at least. Maybe I’ll throw it out there to the boss man. Good thinking 😉

        • The permanent slogan is “Exposing Your Vulnerabilities”…Just drew a parallel when I saw this scrapbook because that’s kinda what the wind and sea did to the driftwood. Only it did the exact opposite, wearing away all the vulnerable parts leaving this beautiful testament of time and strength behind. Like the ribcage timbers of a sunken ship buried under its blanket of the sea….Until someone like dal comes by and awakens it to tell stories otherwise only dreamt or worse left untold. Surely one day the chest may be beckoned by warm hands to tell her stories as well. Depending on how tightly F sealed her lips when he shook her hand goodbye….Who knows, maybe it’ll really be eons…

        • Jonsey, I thought you would have taken the bait… the shivver me timbres / ‘stab my voice’ as an Oncorhynchus clarkii.

  24. My interpretation
    Fenn just wrote another poem. I believe it is very significant. People keep asking for more… more how, more why, more what.
    Dude, its in this new poem!

    “This paragon of expression stands straight and bold.”

    This means that this wood perfectly describes something…. Fenn standing proud of his legacy


    He found once the special spot, shipwrecked means island, alone, near water. The sailing ship his journey, perhaps the new journey in death.


    Or the other view, (also true) fenn desperate to make his mark, standing on a soggy mound, waiting (in vain?) for rescue from death, is there a redeemer?


    This is the best part. His heart sworn to secrecy of the tc. His heart, and the treasure, screaming to be heard and understood. Will it be lost forever? Will it be found. Will he live again? (TC under water)


    Did this all work? Will I be immortal or am I like the fallen forgotten soldiers, or like WM Fenn or Skippy?


    Let me die now, let the chase end. After all of lifes experiences, weathered, tired and weak. Just as he imagined, he has victory in his hand, his desires assured. He will die in that secret place. It is finished. He will be the stuff of lore.

    Fenn, in the wood, shape of the shadow on tftw, like I said before, the cover is BOTH beginning and end. He’s standing up, (like Skippy with weights on?)
    Fenn’s theme has been much about death. (Forgive me Fenn if this is not correct. Fun to imagine)

  25. Very nice, DeCall … But the dilemma — finding the TC ends the lore.
    Long live the unfound, Long be the lore.

  26. Fenn’s “Candy Ann” has been there throughout his life, both figuratively and metaphorically. As he now stands at that same place… he wonders if she will come no more….and is at peace.

  27. What a beautiful poem, does justice to a wonderful piece of wood.
    Now I have an awful case of treasure fever. Sadly I can’t go again until after summer. I hope it isn’t another of my wild journeys too late sought.

  28. For the life of me all I can see is Mickey Rooney standing on Pinnochio’s head (broken off nose, so no lies)–this would be the third photo. But my wife thinks it looks like Judy Garland.

    My Italian neighbor said “pasta” and went home. So I am perplexed to be very honest with you.

  29. I do see Santa walking away. On top of Pinnochio’s head. Good find Jeannie– no lie– really a good find. I’m not sure about pasta either, but I wish I had some lasagna right now.

    • @sparrow and others, I see the bear from the CA state flag on the very bottom picture near the lower half! I’ve noticed natural art similar to this hiking around in the woods where I live, it’s mostly the larger side limbs of fir trees that have fallen over and are slowly decaying, my two cents. Beautiful photos.

    • Mother Nature chipped away everything that didn’t look like a buffalo and left us Santa and Pinnochio, but I guess she knows what she’s doing. 🙂

  30. Sparrow, I was thinking along those same lines.

    Waves and wind and time have removed what wasn’t meant to remain. What is left, though it appears fragile, is strong and beautiful, a treasure waiting to be found.

    The words in Forrest’s poem are thought provoking & encourage our imaginations to take flight.

  31. I was swaying to and fro,being raised higher and higher ,If it were not for candy ann,where might i be now.are you lost in time ,candy ann.I shall never forget you ,as I sat safe within your bowels.

  32. The power of water and time, has eroded away the skin of the tree, exposing it’s inner soul while creating cavities that hide it’s inner secrets.
    A bared soul, standing proudly erect, new and fresh, ready to explore.
    A battle was fought, the ravaged soul
    Still stands at attention, daring time to erase it’s memory.

  33. For me this is simply a very personal and straight forward poem not intending to give clues but there is some interesting information in there.

    He received this wood art. It spurs his imagination to think back on his memories based on the angle. At first he imagines it as just driftwood are likened and looking like a ship…first picture. Second seems like a clear reference to it looking like himself (the desperate soul) in Vietnam looking for rescue…second picture.

    The third picture is very interesting. IF the desperate soul is Fenn and its “his throbbing Ann. If you interpret his throbbing Ann as being his chest, which I do…describing the chase, alone, shrouded…it begs the question of why this third picture/angle reminds him of the chase/chest/secret location. It makes the third picture of importance. What does your imagination show you? What could be the significance if anything to the saline door? These two items are most relevant items for me.

    And of course the rest of the poem is very personal and beautiful. It feels sad and a little invidious. I hope Mr. Fenn is ok.

    • Very astute observations….I might add that IMO “driftwood” is possibly a clever literary device for a nautical figurehead. Personally I think much of the poem may be speculation of her views out, especially her last ones, before sinking below the saline blanket and his speculation on his own ‘final voyages. I don’t want to go into endless debate of the ship I believe she came from, but I do think that maybe F hopes upon his own final voyage someone will again unearth his chest just as this stranger searcher placed her in warm hands again as well. Just a random guess.

    • Now we’re getting somewhere. The saline door… water with salt content… like tears of joy sadness or pain. Like a watery grave at sea. Like the birth of a child… “Reaching back no more”
      It seems obvious to me this is all about Fenn, each pose, each part some different emotions, what heis feeling and what he is trying to express. I am certain ghere are clues here. Is there any doubt the treasure is under water… sodden knoll, there’s more.
      Im curious, has Fenn ever written other poems? This seems rare and important.

      • I agree. DeCall, that saline door is important. Saline is usually Salty water, but could it be “salty” something else? Door = portal – Portal to what? Could “Salty something” be a door to something, or salty something be a hidey place, with an entry? Lots to ponder. JDA

        • That’s very interesting. Saline is water and salt. DeCall said “water with salt content”…but what about salt with water content. Could salt be involved for some use and the salt is wet (as the treasure is wet)? Is there a high salt based type of rock (or anything else for that mater) that is wet? The poem does say “she” is below the saline door. One step further to the obscure. Does it have to be salt or can it be figurative for some type of preservation method employed by Fenn and be completely figurative. Like how the Bible uses the word salt figuratively.

        • As you know, Fenn played in the graveyard as a kid… multiple images and conversations about death, like WM Fenn stumps pic symbolic of his dad’s burial. “Door” gives us the meaning, like metamorphosis, like rescue, like salvation from cancer… the doors on the stage of life. Compare the picture of the Indian woman, lifting the lid in the floor, the square box is under… the pot forms a perfect Omega. People may not likd my ideas, but I’m simply reflecting back Fenn stuff.

      • DeCall –

        I would not say that the poem is obviously about Fenn. Fenn is after all still alive. I would say Forrest may be sharing grief with Dal over the death of Hector which makes him think of his brother’s death and his own experiences with death and near death. Ships and planes – water and wind – wood and treasure.


      • Maybe they pushed the Candy Ann overboard into the sea at the end of the war & gave her a burial at sea. That’s what I see in the poem.
        She saved a lot of people & should have been memorialized.

        • Jake – Maybe you don’t see what f has done. IMO, it is much deeper than most think and not what most think either.

          • Yes I too would like to hear what you think is being said at the deeper level. Maybe I’m too dim when it comes to the hidden meanings.

          • Jake – Maybe you need to look at the pictures that f has provided. Maybe, he sees things that we should see.

          • Who’s we Hma?
            Are you speaking for many here that “we” all see something that Jake doesn’t?

            If you don’t want to share what you see then don’t make such stupid comments about others.

          • HMA –

            If you don’t want to tell us what you see I will ask something else.

            Are you saying that this poem and these images solved the Fenn treasure poem and now you know where it is?

            Are you saying you already knew where the treasure is and this poem and these images confirmed it?

            Are you saying you don’t know where the treasure is but you are seeing something new here? Seeing a hintvor clue?


          • Jake & Lug –
            To me this post is yet another nudge from f that things aren’t always what we first see. It takes some imagination to see all those different things in that same piece of wood. Of course we can all see the wood as just a piece of wood. F is trying to get people to dig deeper by showing how he can see many different things in one piece of wood.

            If you rewind to the MW weekly words from this last summer about the backwards bike, that video explains things very well. Each and every searcher is too rigid with their thought process. Some are able to change and some are not. You have to be willing to make MAJOR adjustments in order to see what f sees. Go back and watch the video again.

            It took me many months of trying but I was finally able to unlock some pathways in my brain that allowed me to see things as f sees them.

          • Well Hma,
            You’re still not helping much as usual.
            You must have been good at doge ball when you were a kid.

            All you’re doing here is telling us what we should do & how we should think without giving a bit of backing.

            Hey searchers, here is another nudge by F, all you have to do is watch a video from a past post & see what he has done here.
            You will be amazed when you see what I see what he has done & will really open up your perspective in how I know he thinks.

            “my brain that allowed me to see things as f sees them”

            Your brain is going down the drain.

          • Jake –

            It is of course possible that Ya-Sha-Wa has figured something out and is really on to something. It’s really odd that he just never says anything.

            I mean we’re not asking the guy where the treasure is. We are just asking to show us anything that substantiates his claims about either poem.

            I have to assume he has nothing and is taking our chains somewhere in the rocky mountains north if Santa Fe.


          • Lugnutz , If you have a question for me you should ask me instead of pretending I haven’t answered something you asked . That is not very fair and is quite deceptive to do that to me . Go ahead and ask what is on your mind .

          • Sorry Ya-Sha-Wa as someone already pointed out that comment should have referenced HMA and not yourself.

            I read your idea that involves El Bert and that you will publish so we can enjoy and review.

            Sounds good.


          • Lnutz

            Ya-Sha-Wa? you mean HearMeAll?

            maybe you should seriously consider ‘asking where the treasure is’ directly
   may just be your best chance, from what I’ve read. 🙂

          • I think Lug sidetracked to the one like Hma.
            At least YSW gives words for his solve although nothing more that makes sense to me.

          • thanks Jake, for being clear

            although, I sorta doubt that anyone could resemble either of those two (above-mentioned) characters..

            ..well, none that currently reside on this planet, at least 🙂

        • Jake

          yep, I see that too, with some vague connection to Edgar Poes poem ‘Annie’ also.

          what I don’t see though, is a direct connection to TTOTC ..but am probably missing something vital – no surprises there, then.

          I find FGM11 far more enigmatic and (assuming it’s a fictional email) feel there’s some vital hints suggested within it, more-so than his above poem.

          • I don’t think it’s a fictional email hob.
            I would have to say this post is very genuine & brought out some deep feelings that he expressed with us.

          • If I read this and said it sounds like From Annie that would be vague. Fenn wrote something like thank you Mr Poe at the end didn’t he?

            That’s not vague that’s clear.


          • I don’t always assume that anyone called Mr Poe automatically refers to E.A. Poe.
            I was merely referring to the “throbbing” connection in both poems as being vague.

            ..but I’m sure that you already have a firm handle on that situation, L.Nutz 🙂

          • Hey Seeker , Take “it” in the canyon down . Does that refer to the chest ?
            Does not appear to . “It” refers to the quest as there is and ending of the “quest” identified in “Look quickly down your quest to cease. Where “it” should be apparent if there is a wise understanding based on imagination and knowledge .

        • @Jake check out Operation Frequent Wind to view the classic overboard picture of a chopper and the reason why, interesting story but no mention of Candy Ann, good thinking though IMO….

        • Jake , I could give you so many words , understandings and answers that if not just you that there would be a rush of many to the location that could be identified . I consider no location unless I can answer right down to the question as to why forrest’s place is special to him and why he wanted his life to end there . Not whimsical reasons but solid reasons that you would understand . I promise if this comment gets thru moderation I will post the full solve here this year and you will see why anyone would have a good reason to be full of confidence before even leaving the computer . Little India girl could not do it as there is something’s a person needs to have discovered to make it all work .

          • *If you know precisely where it is you can probably retrieve it in any weather (Posted Dec. 11th, 2015)

            So what the hold up?

          • Right on the nose Seeker. If either Ya-Sha-Wa HMA or Zap KNOWS where the treasure is they should be there now.

            There is nothing that would keep me from it. Not cold or snow or water.

            You have pointed out what we KNOW.


          • Ya-Sha-Wa

            I’m rapidly warming to the “cut o’ yar jib”. my friend 🙂

            ( ..but sshhh, don’t tell anyone, as I try not to play favourites – but your comment was honestly hilarious, imho)

            (thankfully I wasn’t drinking coffee at that particular mo – coulda been messy)

          • I can think of many things that would hold me back from retrieving the chest in winter. Mother nature is not very kind to folks who take chances. Precise is not something easily obtained in any time of year when out in nature. Let us not have more tragedy. And Ya-Sha…good luck to you and stay safe.

          • Well then Ken you would not be Knowing where the solve is. Fenn said it can be retrieved any time of year and the quote is above.

            He tells people that don’t know where it is to not search in winter because weather might hold you back when you are wrong.

            So if one actually knows where the treasure is there is no reason according to Fenn to not go out and get it.

            Furthermore if weather is a factor in your search your probably looking in the wrong placr


          • Lugnutz, you posted:
            “*If you know precisely where it is you can probably retrieve it in any weather”

            I’d just like to point out that nowhere in that sentence does it mention “treasure,” “chest,” or “gold.”

          • lug…I am well aware of what Fenn has said. My comment was not to infer I know anything about the treasure’s location…it was about me knowing my limitations and merely passing along that others should be honest about theirs. One slip…one fall could mean life or death out there.
            For you to comment so strongly about what I know and don’t know speaks volumes… and we need not go further. My intentions are not antagonistic…so…be safe and good luck.
            Hobbit…to be a pear amongst your peers is a noble enterprise…I have been known to pick a Bosc or two in my time….and I do hold my tongue when speaking of …apples.

          • Ken

            you have just (deservedly) further enhanced my (already genuine) respect for the nutritional value of (wise) apples.

            signed: Curious (proudly Bosc) Pear

          • Ernie: Bert! Hey Bert! Speaking of fruit… your head looks like a banana! kehehehehehe!

          • welcome back voxpops, I’ve missed your Brit-humour, mate.

            maybe you could lend Iron Will your inflatable dive-suit, when next he ventures into a (very) deep lake?

            ( ..minus the ‘inflatable’ aspect – now that would def be a funny spectacle to behold, via GoPro HD, on YoTube, ya reckon?)

            kehehe 🙂

          • Sorry, my hobbity friend, JDA has first dibs. He promised it to Jake for his next waterfall adventure – just needed to make a few adjustments first, to help it “breathe” better. 🙂

          • well… ok then voxpops, I’ll forgive ya this one time, given that it’s specifically for Jake.

            (just don’t forget to ‘breathe’ it effectively, with the additional buoyancy of 40lbs of lead weight – safety first after all, right?)

            ( but sshhh ..I won’t tell if you don’t 🙂 )

          • curious hobbit,
            It’s gonna take more than 40 pounds of lead to keep me down unless it’s shot from a gun.

            If we add another 42 pounds then maybe I might not be able to crawl out from the bottom of the falls, but I doubt it.

          • Ken and Curious Hobbit , you two are following the rule of being understanding and supportive . Lugs on the other hand is not . Randy seemed to think he know where the chest was and his trip ended in tragedy. Forrest has since found it wise to advise people to not go out searching in wintertime . Lugs and Seeker really should not antagonize anyone to go out in wintertime or anytime to search any location to verify to them where the treasure may or not be as that is what this amounts to . They want verification of other peoples solves . Not cool .
            “Imagination Is Better Than Knowledge”
            Thou knowledge can be gained by imagination
            And understanding is a meeting of the 2
            For with understanding we have garnered the powers of imagination and knowledge so we can put both of them to work for our benefit .

            I contend that imagination is a requirement to understand and henceforth gain the knowledge of why forrest chose his special place .
            This in fact is a requirement to be confident in any solve and there is no urgency to go and retrieve the chest as it awaits the proper party this was all intended for . Not a known searcher but a soul that thru imagination understand the spiritual journey forrest is engaged in . I never would have thought what I understand today to be forrest’s choosing of his special place .
            But will be :
            ” And that will henceforth, forever be her lore.”
            Lore = Knowledge
            Which is gained thru Imagination to gain understanding .

            Question is ,who can pick out the lore of this poem or forrest poem “Where The Treasure Lies”

            No question mark needed as there was already the answer provided .
            Rhetorical but not Rhetoric .
            Peace and Blessings Ken and Curious Hobbit . Lead no one into possible danger , even me .

          • Aw Ya-Sha-Wa that’s cute the way you out words in my mouth.

            No one is more supportive than me.

            I am not suggesting anyone ever GO OUT SEARCHING in the winter.

            What I pointed out was that since Fenn says you can retrieve it in any whether if your location is in anyway dangerous or hidden by snow or water you are looking in the wrong place.

            You have said you will publish your full solve this year and I have said I will look forward to it.


          • Furthermore invoking Randy’s death to make you point is vile.

            Bait me all you will Ya-Sha-Wa I will not respond to you again.

          • Voxpop ~”I’d just like to point out that nowhere in that sentence does it mention “treasure,” “chest,” or “gold.”

            *Sage says don’t try and carry it home in one trip (Posted Feb. 26th, 2016)
            *If you think I could not have put it there, you are probably right. f (Posted September, 9th, 2016)
            *If you don’t find it, then who? f
            *If you find the treasure please keep it in a vault for thirty days while you think. f (Posted December 16th, 2016)

            I know this is not really the thread for this chat… but what is fenn referring to as “it” if not the chest… I mean in the last comment fenn uses treasure as it. How do you rationalize “it” as anything else?

          • Posted this in the wrong section:

            Seeker, it may not be a good idea to conflate Fenn quotes from different posts. I’m not saying “it” does not equate to “treasure,” just that assumptions are probably not a good idea when it comes to working out what FF means. Does the “it” in the poem mean “treasure?” Possibly, but I wouldn’t bank on it…

          • Yashu ~”So what you guys are saying is neither of you have a solve you are confident of ?”

            I won’t speak for Lugnutz, But I don’t have a solve.
            So I answered your question… My question was simple, but instead you did an end run out of bounds.

            You stated; ” you will see why anyone would have a good reason to be full of confidence before even leaving the computer .”

            Fenn stated you could probably retrieve it in any weather. Why are you procrastinating when you have all the answers? Is it just for rubbing your brilliance in other faces…

          • Seeker , No procrastination here ! I have my reasons for giving you the limited information . Sure you recognize my brilliance. But that is no reason for your personal attacks . Or maybe that is the reason for your personal attacks .
            I was making a clear observation that armed with what I have discovered it is possible as forrest had mentioned to go straight to the treasure with confidence . Why don’t you believe him ? I could post my full solve complete with the reasoning and you would still balk at it even if you wanted to go there and look for yourself . As that is what you have shown you prefer to do .

          • Could I ask ,am i looking . for a white blaze and thhen look down and see the chest.did mr. FOrrest say white blaze and did he say where ww. Halt was the first clue.i thought he said if they know where to begin.thanks.

          • Seeker , Lugs has bowed out or should I say ran away for answering for himself. The readers here can read what Lugs has said and come to their own conclusions . Double speak is easily identified here .
            “I am not suggesting anyone ever GO OUT SEARCHING in the winter. ”
            Seeker :
            “*If you know precisely where it is you can probably retrieve it in any weather (Posted Dec. 11th, 2015)”

            “So what the hold up?”

            on January 15, 2017 at 10:13 pm said:

            “Right on the nose Seeker. If either Ya-Sha-Wa HMA or Zap KNOWS where the treasure is they should be there now. ”
            Now everyone knows why you don’t like posters quoting you !
            BUSTED !

          • Searching is different from finding. I am not busted. Two different things that you conflate because of where your incorrect solve leads you.

            Two things.

            1. No one should search in the winter.
            2. If you KNOW where the treasure is you can go get it as Fenn has said it could be retrieved in any weather.

            Knowing is not searching.

            I will go ahead and agree with Seeker. Your comments are not helpful and IMO not needed.

            Finally in my opinion you are a vile reprehensible person of low moral character to have used Randy’s death to make any kind of point.

            Whatever you want to say beyond this is on you. I will not comment further. You have literally made me sick to my stomach.

          • Yashawa ~” Sure you recognize my brilliance. But that is no reason for your personal attacks . Or maybe that is the reason for your personal attacks .”

            Geezus another whiner…

            Where are these personal “attacks” you claim?
            I mention fenn’s quote and added a question, which doesn’t ask about your solve but wonders why you haven’t gone to get the chest… you didn’t want to answer, but you end run the question, by asking why I haven’t solve it.

            You claim you have the solve and add;
            9 times, plaster them all over the threads with no attempt explain and claim it’s how to solve the poem.

            So what “attacks” are you implying? I’m sure Goofy’s finger is itching right about now…

          • Seeker –

            I don’t think that Goofy will want to nuke someone who has been around for so long but I think many would agree that the comments about Randy can be stricken. You-Know-Who addressed both of us in that horrible comment if you haven’t read it.

            Sad and sickened –

          • Ya-Sha-Wa

            I think I get what you mean

            If Randys tragedy can help other searchers to exercise more caution in future, then it can certainly lend to a positive outcome for all involved, including our families.

          • Lugnutz,
            Thanks for pointing [ yashawa comment, about Randy ] out to me… I had missed it prior.

            Yashawa ~ ” Lugs and Seeker really should not antagonize anyone to go out in wintertime or anytime to search any location to verify to them where the treasure may or not be as that is what this amounts to .”

            This is how the braggers, the know it alls, the I knows, defend themselves by using the bleeding heart crap, to justify some warp thinking, another is attempting to do wrong.
            I’m calling Coward to his unfounded reply and lets the nukes fall where they may….

          • Yup,
            Let’s plaster the same words over & over again through the week & not even explain or elaborate a twitch. I call that spam.

            Ya-Sha-Wa seems to have it all figured out. Then again JDA does as well & we should all listen yo Hma’s advice because he figured it out as well.

            There’s also been many more here with that same arrogance & sailed away.

          • jeez Jake, you certainly are one very determined treasure-hunter.

            btw, I recently heard that there’s a major piranha epidemic up in Montana, from an uber reliable source (FoxNews) ..umm ..they’ll be closing Montana to all visitors (from FL) indefinitely, apparently

            oh well ..maybe you could take up ‘knitting’ as a new hobby – I hear it’s a blast

          • Lugs you have been found to be a liar . And as far as moral character you obviously have none . It is fair to speak of someone that died and very well may have been goated into going out on the trip one would assume he felt he could handle . Avatars like you and Seeker teaming up on people i gives me the impression you are a single person as you finish each others agenda with your comments . Either way it has been shown you are a manipulative liar and now are trying to manipulate away from the fact you are a manipulative liar .
            So what manipulated Randy into taking such a risk ?
            Ego ?
            Or someone trying to manipulate his ego ?
            It has been shown you try and manipulate me.
            Oh yes ,then the threat of someone defending themselves being banned comes up .
            “I am not suggesting anyone ever GO OUT SEARCHING in the winter. ”
            Seeker :
            “*If you know precisely where it is you can probably retrieve it in any weather (Posted Dec. 11th, 2015)”

            “So what the hold up?”

            on January 15, 2017 at 10:13 pm said:

            “Right on the nose Seeker. If either Ya-Sha-Wa HMA or Zap KNOWS where the treasure is they should be there now. ”

          • A scenario that has played out many times on the message boards . People without a solve , badger , attack and seek to get a person banned that has a confident solve . Always after they are failures at getting the one with confident solve to confirm the solve for them . I explained Seeker the 9 Word Solve is a “KEY” . It would be impossible to show you exactly what each word represents without giving you the solve . I will give you the first answer which is Mount Elbert which I have explained before Forrest mentioned there was an unintentional clue in the map . Furthermore Forrest had posted a scrapbook that had a poem that people thought the cadance was like Poes The Raven . I explained “The Raven” can translate as “ELBERT” because EL in Spanish can mean THE and the name BERT has a name meaning of Raven which makes for EL-BERT . This is pretty solid ! And during all this recent hubababaloo Forrest posts this new poem that also has a partial; cadence of Poes poem THE RAVEN and he thanks at the end Mr. Poe . And yes it takes imagination to get a cadence from written words as Imagination Is Better Than Knowledge . You guys probably didn’t get it . I substantiated solid reason for my “9 Word Solve ” (KEY).
            So what value do you and your alter ego designed to compliment one another provide ? Well , answer that Micky !

          • YSW: “Forrest mentioned there was an unintentional clue in the map”

            I don’t believe F mentioned there was an unintentional clue in the MAP???
            Go back & understand what he says in the video seeing you know all about understanding.
            How about too far to walk.

          • Jake , You are also lying like the others .

            “Jake Faulker
            on January 16, 2017 at 3:24 pm said:

            Let’s plaster the same words over & over again through the week & not even explain or elaborate a twitch. I call that spam.”

            Do you know what “slander” is ?
            It is not when someone states something someone else does not like .
            Slander is a reckless disregard for the truth designed to cause the second party harm .
            That is what you guys are involved in doing and Goofy should be able to recognize that as he is not as goofy as his name implies .
            All 3 of you guys should be eliminated as you are not only slanderous you are dangerous to people like Randy .As his exwife described him as being gullible . Not her word as her description I found offensive . Nevertheless you 3 should be stifled before you get another person in harms way with your evil , vile mind games that prey on a person’s ego with slander and lies .

          • I am glad you elaborated on a tid bit of your solve YSW.
            I haven’t seen any lies here by you or anyone else.

            You can sue me for slander & defamation of character if you like but your time would be better spent on the chase.

            You have made statements quoting F that are false & that is slander.
            You have dodged & not supplied the quotes from F because what you said was not true. So who is lying here?

            Pants on fire.

  34. *that being said, I would assume the words she bore were her name asross her stern….though one may have learned more of her character by the cut of her jib, and her saffron hued sailors, horizontal and yellow…

    At least that’s what I read in some guys diary once.

  35. JD –

    I am not responding to something you said but I am addressing you because what I am about to say jives with your technique I believe.

    The For Annie poem by EA Poe is a set of clues to a puzzle and Poe does not tell the reader how to solve them. Of course we have had 170 years to do so and people agree that the way you begin to understand the solve is by moving the 6th stanza back to the beginning.

    Sound familiar?


    • Sounds good to me, I am not familiar with this Poe puzzle, but “Sounds good to me” – JDA

    • Just wondering…who said he does want it to be over ? After these many unsuccessful years of searching…it could be that it will go on forever.

        • That is what I thought you meant…searchers have been speculating on that angle since I began this Chase…I believe that is all just wishful thinking and/or just nothing better to say. Forrest definitely writes fine poetry…as indicated by his latest. Sure seems much more eloquent than the now infamous TTOTC poem. I personally like Dal’s interp. the most thus far. Logical and very nicely worded…Thanks Dal.

    • “Let it stop now, and be no more”
      I’m sure Fenn = Treasure
      The subject appears to be death or escaping death.
      The tc is already below the saline door. Fenn is wondering how he will be rescued from death again… Candy Ann, the toll not paid.
      Death is in his hand at last, he has control, he has attained his purpose. The poem is fulfilled and solved. Perhaps he has his death planned?

      • That’s some imagination at work DeCall.
        I hope & think you’re wrong about the second planning.

  36. Whatever it knows, it’s above my head. Although there’s a seafarer’s theme to this poem, I was baited by the word “wanderer” to recall a favorite painting of mine by the 19th-century German painter Caspar David Friedrich called “Wanderer above the Sea of Fog”. I think it fits in both theme and form:

    I’ll have to give the poem itself some thought. I’m still working on the other one! 🙂

    • I’m surprised more people aren’t giving this other poem more thought. Poems don’t just show up with random words, these are deep emotions most certainly tied to the chase.

      • (Second try.) I believe there may be more than you might think, but choose not to speak.

        This is an opinion, offered as a thought.

      • The depth of emotion may well be tied to the writer, and can not help but awaken slumbering heart(s).


      • I think pdenver get is right. I know I have and add this… Mr. Fenn said “bare its gun” instead of “bear its gun”. To me, he’s stressing a sense of uncovering or explaining.

  37. Once again Mr. Fenn has stirred the emotional spirit with his tell tale style. Visually appetizing, complimented with deep highlights and undertones leaves much to the imagination. The intricate shape and natural beauty of this masterpiece coupled with the fluidity of his wording, although at times acute, blends together to form a most harmonious curiosity. Three distinct angles makes one stop and wonder just how important framing must be. Not one to be scurried through, this one takes tact. As I tacked through the meanings of his shappend wordings, the names Twain, Poe and Longfellow kept me amused with a quizzically Gucci grin plastered right where it should be. There comes a time to take pause… and reflect on what once was and why what’s next.
    Thank you Dal and Mr. Fenn for the pondering.

  38. I don’t know if any of you have read Poe’s essay “The Philosophy of Composition” , but it seems to shed light on all the Poe poems mentioned here. I’m not sure if I think F intended there be a connection, but IF he did, the strongest connection I can find between the treasure poem, this poem, and Poe would be in that essay. Here’s a brief excerpt/summary from wiki on where he is talking about how the “Philosophy” relates to the Raven. Even if it’s not at all relevant to the chase, the essay is a fascinating short read and worth the effort, IMHO…It screams fenniness to me.

    “In the essay, Poe traces the logical progression of his creation of “The Raven” as an attempt to compose “a poem that should suit at once the popular and the critical taste.” He claims that he considered every aspect of the poem. For example, he purposely set the poem on a tempestuous evening, causing the raven to seek shelter. He purposefully chose a pallid bust to contrast with the dark plume of the bird. The bust was of Pallas in order to evoke the notion of scholar, to match with the presumed student narrator poring over his “volume[s] of forgotten lore.” No aspect of the poem was an accident, he claims, but is based on total control by the author.”

    • *the general ‘gist’ of the philosophy as a whole is that there’s a mathematical almost ‘structure/formula’ to be followed. Basically a poet just needs to decide on a beautiful place to end and then builds a poem backwards to get there. Hence why so many notice so many of his poems are written last stanza first. I dunno. The essay explains it way better than me, but seems would lend itself to a treasure poem all the same. Hope some enjoy a quick think on it. Fun stuff.

      • Jonsey1, that’s what I was talking about , the “Angles of a poem”, which, of course, we’re ignored by all. By dissecting the angles, focusing on the meaning of the words, a very revealing place takes shape! And no, don’t “mess” with the poem by moving anything! (Not you).
        I may be a quiet one, but I’m doing my homework!
        ¥Peace ¥

    • thanks for the reference Jonsey1 – read it, liked it, and see the analogy re: working backwards from the end point.

      what are your thoughts on the ‘backwards brain bicycle’?

  39. No big deal, but shouldn’t the sentence starting “Is it all for naught..” have a question mark at the end? If you start “it is all for naught..” then you can end with a period. Maybe someone already mentioned this. I just realized this while re-reading the poem a moment ago.

    • “Is it all for naught” = “Your effort will be worth the cold”
      “I give you title to the gold” = AU = Awe , which is what person will think when they see what they have to do next.

      Of course this is IMO !

    • Spar “eagle eyes” row

      I noticed that also, the ‘throbbing Ann’ sentence had a question mark, but not the ‘all for naught’ bit.

      although I enjoyed the poem for its depth and rhyme, I have to ask: does the lack of a QM literally mean ‘all for naught’ in relation to any hints toward Indulgence?

      ..and, is Brett also a figment of someones vivid imagination?
      (yes I’m still curious, Dal) 🙂

    • @Sparrow, re: should there be a question mark, thanks for asking so I could continue my education by helping answer your question. A quick search of the internet using key word searching comes back with: “It’s called a rhetorical question, and it can end in either a question mark or an exclamation point, and in dialogue you can sometimes even have a speaker’s rhetorical question end in a period” – from Grammar Girl web site. ‘if’ this is a Rhetorical line then apparently there is some rule bending aloud…..IMO. Prob. other instances as well….not sure….Probably to late to be replying that’s for
      sure! lol!

  40. Hmmm?! Not sure what to think of this Scrapbook. Beautiful poem and piece of driftwood! Will have to ponder to decide if there is anything more to it than that.

    • In your life, who helped shape your life.with was his family. Then war . changed him.opened his eyes and said. IS this whats life is all about. Birth.growing up a kid.teenager. in general stinks.then when you look around at the world, nature. You know there has to be big bang theory. In the beginning was god,and god was the word.and the word was god.the creator of all the universe, includes us.when you find have found the treasure of life.

  41. Where have they gone,those of a time lost for evermore.will i be forgotten, just like those before.of course i will ,until there is nomore. .

    Life for alot of us is empty. my life was shaped by drunks.self esteem, none.don’t feel of value in this world. Forrest esteem was value in this world. BUt he over came by learning things himself,mistakes and school taught him.maybe a little. i think he was like me.i hated school.quit when i was sixteen.but i took it upon my self at 19 ,to go get my one told me,i just did married at 17 to get away from i didn’t have to get married. I needed to get out of what i was what have i learned,life is stinks,ev we rything i love dies,but this is work to have a roof over your head. And you can’t go anywhere. IN this world you need money to go see brothers.or have fun going somewhere. But if i didn’t have god.i would have nothing. He will never leave me.

    • Virginia Diane, you are a beautiful person. You have made many positive decisions and that strength will carry you forward. Our past does not define our future. In the background of your picture I see beautiful hill country that some city folks would die to live where you live. Girl stay strong, keep digging and pushing forward. We are all so much more than we sometimes believe.

      • thanks BW,I was born in northwest florida,between pensacola and panama city ,a small town called fort walton beach,with a large air force base there,Eglin air force base.i now live in Arvada,colorado.

  42. Google searched ‘THROBBING ANN’. Not a good idea, and it messed up the meaning of the next few sentences too.

  43. I looked again and I still see Santa walking away—but he has a big plate of Pasta is his left hand. I’ll check it out again tonight though–maybe I’ll see something new when I’m not so hungry.

    • are you sure your neighbour didn’t originally say “basta”? [“enough”]

      coz when an Italian says ‘enough’ and then walks out, it usually means that he thinks you’re crazy, so…

      jus saying

      • He might have said “Basta”. He flipped his hand under his nose, made a circular motion with his index finger around his ear while pointing at me and then said either “pasta” or “Basta”.

        Then he said “you have-ah fun-ah a-lookin’ for the gold-ah. You is-ah nutty as a fruit-a-cake”.

        He’s a pretty nice guy. I hope he invited me over for Lasagna soon.

  44. Please get back on topic or we will have to send folks away to some deserted South Pacific island…like New Zealand where they will be forced to watch scantily clad women in videos all day.

    • 10-4 Dal – I’m sure that no-one here deserves such a harsh punishment as that, given that it’s also peaking summer here too, to add to the overall misery 🙁

    • WAIT!!!! You’re going send me to a South Pacific island and force me to watch scantly clad women for being off topic. SIGN ME UP!

      Just dreaming of wild journeys too late sought

    • Oh my gosh, you, Goofy and Lugnutz have me rolling. Trying not to laugh out loud so my husband doesn’t give me “the look”. 🙂

  45. “A treasure searcher, a pleasant stranger, posted me this wonderful wooden hand-size object along with words that bare, wonderful enough to covet, yet too personal to share.”

    So let’s take a look here.
    “posted” = announce or publish = someone sent forrest an email.
    “wooden ” = characteristic of wood = “The signification of wood, is the good of merit”
    Spiritual Meaning Of Wood

    “The signification of wood, is the good of merit”
    “along with words that bare, wonderful enough to covet, yet too personal to share.”

    The email was cryptic

    I wonder who did that ?

    That’s some nice driftwood art carving Forrest !

  46. Thank you for sharing this poem and your new treasure, Forrest.

    Oh, and thanks again also for the sage advice:

    *Don’t be influenced by those who say they know, but don’t.f


  47. One example is above the ‘hole’ and to the left in what appears to be ‘letters’ printed in white. (Third photo). A super imposed enlargement might help.

    Have no clue about it being printed by the ‘author’.


    • To me, it’s sorta obvious F “pared” the image. He even uses the word “pared” in the poem…

      Pared means “trim the outer edges.”

      Look close and you will see where F missed a few spots.

    • I can see FF at the top of the ledge just below and in between the legs, Pic 3.
      I can see what looks like white letters but I can’t make out what they are.

    • SL & Mindy
      In the 3rd pic below the right leg appears to be the numbers 2209 if that means anything or helps out. Bur

      • Funny when I enlarge those numbers on my iPad I see 86.389 but on my phone I see 2209. Mindy maybe your image might make it out better. Bur

        • Bur,
          Third picture, white lettering near mid- left:
          RA V E N (?)
          Use of advanced imaging tools will be better able to reveal other interesting bits and pieces.


          • Yesterday on CC Razorback mentioned all this. There are many faces in the wood. In the first pic down the left leg at where the piece of wood has a shelf to the left you will see the eyes and nose. Directly below that you will see another set of eyes and nose and one directly beside that. They are all over the photos. There is a naked women on the third one. I like that one best.

          • Which program do you use, SL? I only have my computer (not laptop), to enlarge at 400%. When it comes to computers and other technology, I seem to live in the days of pen and paper.

          • pdenver,
            Looks as if we both use the same programs my friend. I’m waay behind in matters of computer technology. (Fine with me!)

            Intuition has always played an active role. Sometimes it helps a great deal. ♥


  48. As the first line of the poem says, “Imagination is more fun than knowledge.”

    One can imagine all kinds of things in the driftwood piece – – – letters, numbers, even words. Lots can be imagined in the driftwood’s shapes –
    sailing ship, crying woman, ships captain.

    To me though, one must use his/her imagination when reading the poem itself. For me, there is much hidden in these words….Look, read, and let your imagination kick into full gear, you might be surprised at what is hidden in plain sight. Just my opinion – JDA

      • 98 = Universal law of Karma
        538 = Intelligence manifests as confidence
        8-86 = Karma without Guardian angel assistance
        ¶ = new paragraph
        8 = Karma
        † = Has been corrupted

      • It looks like he was typing in a telephone number right when an earthquake hit. That happened to me once. It’s how I met my wife. I am happy to do this day I dialed the wrong number.

  49. Just curious if the wood has been treated with a finish of some kind…looks oiled. The lighting in the photos gives the wood a nice sheen.
    Okay…back to the nine clues for me…gonna check out what’s going on “…in the wood”.

        • I spend 33 years on an island and every single piece of driftwood was bleached by the sun to a white-ish colored hue. Not sure if lake wood exhibits the same way.

    • maybe varnish, ken? It def looks treated, if only for it’s shine factor.

      I first assumed the piece was naturally created re: ‘Surprisingly the forces of oceanic turbulence combined to pare this ready boat’.
      but others comments tend to suggest it’s man-made

      i’m confused, again

      • Don’t be confused Curious Hobbit .
        The piece probably started out as driftwood “pared” by nature and was then “pared” by Forrest for his own purpose . A carving to memorialize his poem “Where The Treasure Lies”

        As “Lore” has a meaning of knowledge .
        So together with Imagination and Knowledge the meaning is seem at least by him.
        Same way a painter or poet designs their artwork .

        • Ken,

          I’m not sure if this helps, but “pared” in the sense I see it, is the driftwood was “pared” by the ocean, first, then “pared” again by F, using photoshop.

          If you look around the edges under some magnification, you will see he used some kind of black photoshop “toolbrush” to go around the edges. And in the middle… 🙂

          • It looks like the original background was eliminated & replaced with black but there seems to be remnants of the old background still there.

            I don’t think the object was tampered with to give any hints & the magic wand tool is not perfect & you would have to erase what was left from the original.

            Makes sense to me to get rid of the original background & make the piece stand out alone. Whether F did it or not is for us to imagine.
            “Leave everything alone.”

          • Jake,

            It’s really hard to tell with these latest SB’s between F just playing around and what’s really useful. I tend to think that most SB’s are not very useful before you have a correct solve, but after you have a correct solve, they all sorta mesh.

            I haven’t looked terribly close at this one yet, but to me it looks manipulated, although I can see how it’s possible that F simply replaced the background to make the piece stand out.

            But at the same time, I see some parts that really stand out and just don’t fit, as well as his use of the specific word “pare.” One part that stands out is the hole in pic 3. To me, it doesn’t seem to fit. There are also some edges that seem really off to the point of being purposeful.

            But who knows? Either it’s manipulated or it’s not…all we can do is speculate… 🙂

          • There is no doubt in my mind the pics were manipulated.
            But, as far as manipulating the actual piece seems to be natural to me except where the edges meet the black & unfortunately that’s Photoshop magic & will cut off some details here & there but is fairly accurate.

            The hole looks legit & you can see from the 1st image, the piece was rotated apx. 80 – 90 degrees CCW on the Z axis to the 2nd image.

            Th 3rd image is rotated again on the Z axis about 150 deg CCW from #2 image, showing the back if you will.

            I don’t see any funny business going on here & maybe Jeremy P. can take a closer look as I have learned some things when we thought we saw Randy’s backpack & he pointed out some details in the photo that made sense. I am no expert in Photoshop & am somewhat biased on F faking this type of beautifully crafted piece of nature.

            Was it Colokid that said – sometimes a cigar is just a cigar?

          • Mindy, I don’t find it unusual at all that the images have been Photoshopped. It could have been done by Mister Poe, for all we know, but I doubt it.
            IMO, Forrest likes a crisp black ground for his images/artifacts to set them off and show them at their best.
            Think about it… If the original images had a busy background, say for example a wooden bookcase of the same color wood or the many colors of different books on the shelf, that would detract from the actual shape of the image. That is most likely why the background was eliminated.
            This is not an uncommon practice in the graphics field. As a matter of fact, it’s the norm.

          • I just saw the other comments (Jake’s) and see that you all agree, I think. 🙂 That’s a good thing!
            But I will say that the use of the word “pared” in the poem is a hint. What I found curious was that I had used that very same word in an email to f just a day or two prior. Now that is curious, I’d say!

          • I’m not a gambling man, but I’d bet $1 that the hole (pic #3) was originally a nail-hole. there’s another similar mark on ‘throbbing Anns’ hip too

            a voice in my head told me
            (thanks Billy 🙂 )

          • Thanks mindy…I remained confused because I personally do not believe there is anything to the photos …other than Fenn sharing something with searchers to pass the winter away. The poem is beautiful…and echoes Fenn’s penchant for making us think….and that’s about it….for me. I do not think there is any AHA angle to it. I know enough about photoshop to be aware that there is not much there…It is all fun though.

          • Him Mindy,

            Ea;river you said “I tend to think that most SB’s are not very useful before you have a correct solve, but after you have a correct solve, they all sorta mesh.”

            That is almost exactly what I am finding. When I first began the Chase I was looking on the surface of the SBs. I found a few useful tidbits, but for the most part they were over my head.

            Then, I had my ah-ha moment, discovering the word that is key. Then, I found myself virtually globe-hopping, looking for anything in common with that word.

            Then, shortly after Thanksgiving the theme of the poem and general location of the TC hit me. That’s when the SBs really started making sense. I have gone over them again, remarkedly finding confirmation I’m on the right track.
            And it’s not just in the SBs.

            That being said, these photos have me more than a little stumped. But there are elements of the poem that fit my area to a tee. Nice job Forrest! Eloquent as usual but it “whispers” something discomforting to me.

      • hmmm ..still not entirely convinced though, as I’ve seen some pretty weird and wonderful designs made by wind and water on deserted stretches of NZ coastline, mostly western.

        so nah, i’m sticking with my first impression ..that it’s all Nature.
        (with a light sanding and a splash of varnish)

        • CH,
          It looks to me like there’s been some “modifications,” but some seem so obvious that it could be F just having a little fun… 🙂

        • thanks Mindy – you have great eyes.
          I s’pose Ya-Sha sounded so sure, he almost convinced me too.

          but i’m officially a Nature fan artist in the world beats Her for imaginative design, imho

          • CH,

            Yep, I really can’t telll til I’ve looked at it closer…but when I looked at it briefly this morning, a few things stood out to me…but then again, I looked at the pics at 4:30 am, and have been wrong more than a few times about photoshopped pics. 🙂

    • ..smaller than a medium-sized lasagne – at least, thatsa whata I’ma thinking, capiche?

    • Sparrow;

      Didn’t Forrest answer this question at the end of the poem? Here is what he said:”A treasure searcher, a pleasant stranger, posted me this wonderful wooden hand-size object along with words that bare, wonderful enough to covet, yet too personal to share.” “HAND SIZED” Guessing 5″ – 7″ JDA

    • Gosh, good question, Sparrow. If I had to make a guess, I would say the wood art piece is no taller than 10″, but I may be incorrect.

  50. Wise One,

    When ‘pared,’ one might think of ‘chisel.’ “Caelum” is the latin word for “the chisel.”

    I have found it interesting that there is a Constellation called “Caelum.”

    The Flyer knows his constellations.


    • Thanks SL
      I wasn’t aware of that word meaning/connection although I have been chiseling away at this thing for almost 6 years now… I’ll read up on Caelum and see where it takes me… *Two the Stars,* I imagine.

    • I actually pointed that out earlier, so thank you for also seeing it. At least I’m not crazy!

      • There is a possibility you both could be crazy.
        Just because 2 or more folks agree on something does not eliminate this.

        I think it’s actually a compliment in being told so.
        There it is pointing in opposite directions.

          • I see a lot of things going on in all 3 pictures & see things I cannot mention here but that doesn’t make the things I see as real.

            I see 2 F’s pointing in opposite directions but I also see this pattern in all the pics.
            I see a moose with her calf, a grizzly running, my mother, Joe’s face, an underwater being.

            It doesn’t matter what you see because it could be anything.

            It only matters what F sees so you can see inside of his mind & he has told us so in the post.

            Yes he wants to know what we see but there lies the turnaround.

  51. The reason I was asking how large the “driftwood” is, was due to an e-mail I received back from someone I had forwarded the photos to. I had sent them to Merrill Prettinger, PHD at U.C. Irvine here in California. I asked him if he could identify the object, and perhaps confirm it’s size. This was his reply:

    “The object appears to be 9″ to 10.5” long, and made of some type of treated wood. What is unusual is the degradation and shape of this object though, as it appears to have been whittled in some form or another. But not with human hands. It appears to my best estimation to have been “chewed” into it’s current form by a small breed of dog—quite possibly a Dachshund, I cannot be absolutely sure of this, but the object appears to be a “chew toy” owned by a small pet. Sorry, this is the best I can do with the short amount of time I had, and the equipment I had to use. Thank you, Dr. Merrill Prettinger.”

    • Sparrow,
      Your comments are not very helpful & the comical input here is not very helpful.

      “It appears to my best estimation to have been “chewed” into it’s current form by a small breed of dog—quite possibly a Dachshund,”

      I think you may want to rethink your comments whether they are from you or not.
      You are still commenting them here. Humor only goes so far & you can only go so far here when you keep posting comments that don’t contribute.

      Do you have anything useful to say here?

      • jeez, someones got inflamed haemorrhoids

        [signed: a totally humourless creature that will probably be banished to a pacific island shortly for not contributing to some unspoken satisfactory level
        ..who luckily enjoys the taste of coconut]

  52. Thanks Jake. The comments weren’t really made to be “helpful”–to that I will admit. Your comment:

    “Do you have anything useful to say here?” This might be something you may want to think about yourself Jake. The other day I came to this blog, and page after page after page was pure argument between you and a couple of other people. If that is what a blog is all about fine—-I will restrict my posts to solely serious points of conversation.

    You and North Korea have a lot in common. I’m not sure why neither of you has been nuked.

      • Jake– my apoligies for the “nuke” comment. I do intend to carry on. I can temper back on the humor. I am going to find the treasure, and that will be my Swan song. But until then I’m in the search. All the best in your search too Jake.

        • Sparrow!

          Don’t back down from Jake.

          The theory that the object was chewed on is as valid as 80% of what’s proposed on this blog. Goofy will back me up on that as will Jake! At least you didn’t inject coordinates numerology or a 5th grade poetry lesson.

          Heck I once proposed
          But tarry scant with marvel gaze
          Buttery scone with maple glaze

          Glug glug

        • I also enjoy your funny imagination Sparrow (and so does Billy, and Elvis too)
          and I totally agree with Lnutz in-so-much-as; what’s the point of a silly useless GPS coordinate when searching for an unknown location, when you’ve got a dog that chews wood? 🙂

          (although I didn’t agree that Forrests poem deserved a 5th grade ranking ..not that i’m thee expert on poetry stuff)

          • Curious Hobbit—

            You are very funny and I appreciate your posts. I did want to share the subconscious mind at work though. Remember I mentioned the Italian neighbor and “pasta”. The guy was on to something believe it or not.

            The second poem from above actually begins with:
            “A Treasure Seeker, A Pleasant fellow…”. Read the capital letters backwards and it might make you think of Lasagna. lol. 🙂

          • Whoa Curious –

            I am referring to the folks that remember a little poetry from school and apply theories to Fenn’s poems.

            I would say the same is true about foreign languages but I’m getting off track.

            Lugnutz out

          • jeez Sparrow, your cryptologicall decipheracation skills are ingenieously clevar

            but I STILL don’t get the connection between Pasta, Lasagna and Italians.

            hmmm ….nope, still got nuthin’!

          • To be honest with you CH, I don’t get the connection either. But maybe, if we’re supposed to learn to ride a bicycle backwards, we can also learn to eat atsap while doing so. 🙂

  53. Anybody notice the short prose he wrote after the poem is actually a poem as well. Only it isn’t a poem because he didn’t capatilize the first letter of each line and arrange them to appear as such?

    • yep, noticed that too. just figured it was an echo from his earlier creative tide-burst.

      “he does’t know it, but he’s a poet” 🙂

      • What I find most interesting is the striking similarity between the ‘scant’ion in those words, and a few juxtaposed stanzas of another poem we all know quite well….Maybe F has nailed down his own “Philosophy of Composition” ? Bet he learrned that from Eric

        “When in Rhyme, do as the rhyme ends”

        “When with shappsters, do as they shappen”

        Cut out the right stuff and you’re left with some lovely meanings. Driftwood, hats, painting, buffalo sculptures, dentistry, poetry, and books, it’s all the seam. I mean same.

        • “it’s all the seam. I mean same.”
          Maybe you mean it leaves the fringe ?
          Verses reduced to single words ?
          Tzitzit of the tallit gadol or tallit katan .

    • Good job, I was expecting some sort of analysis from you. I’m surprised you keep looking at squiggly stuff in photos. At Fenn’s last press conference, “yes the treasure was found today, see squiggles 1, 2, and 3 and now my legacy is complete.” Lol IMO this is simply about the words as spoken by Fenn… it even seems like he is describing the treasure spot and all his feelings about the chase. Maybe he is planning his exit. “Stop now, and be done” ?

      • DC, I am like so confused when you say/quote Forrest “At Fenn’s last press conference, “yes the treasure was found today, see squiggles 1, 2, and 3 and now my legacy is complete.””

        Has the TC really been found? What press conference are you referring to? Please clarify your post.

        Dal, can you confirm it has been found?

        • Decall was poking the hornets nest by intimating that would be Fenn’s remarks IF that was what was necessary to locate treasure…squiggles etc…

          • A VERY poor attempt at humor if that is the case. So how about an apology DC?

            Please folks, be careful what you say and how you say it. This got me all spun up this morning for no darn reason at all.

            Dal, it wouldn’t bother me at all if you put DC in the penalty box.

        • It’s true, I didn’t consider that people would twist the idea into a real press conference… certainly sorry for that. I often use that analogy to get people to think about these rabbit holes in more depth. Mindy also knows that I would never criticize her ideas from a mean point of view… we all have to decide where we put our energy in this chase, and IMO it should not be on the squiggles.. No question that Mindy’s ideas on the words are valid.
          Now, think about the final press conference IN THE FUTURE. Do your ideas hold up?

          • Decall,

            If I took the quote you wrote out of context, then I apologize, but you did say “…at Fenn’s last press conference”. I thought you meant he just had one announcing it had been found. Had you used hypothetically speaking, or something like that, then I would have not reacted like I did. In addition, I hope you are not inferring I was trying to twist your words or make something out of nothing. I absolutely was not.

            Will my ideas hold up at a future press conference? I guess that depends on where the TC was found. If it is in my search area, then I’d say probably. If I’m holding it, then I’d say sure. If not, then I’d be wrong and happy to admit it. There is no shame in that. I’m old school and that’s what my parents taught me and that honesty has served me well through the years.

          • DeCall,

            The infinite monkey theorem, comes to mind. Throw enough ideas against a wall one is bound to make sense, but maybe not.


  54. Everyone on this earth are just temporary drifters.we go through life.what ever we go through, we all go through good and bad. At the end .it doesn’t matter what we have.all these things can be taken away in a moment. WE are as the dust of the earth. And dust we will go back.we will be forgotten as our fore fathers before us.millions upon millions who have walked upon this earth since adam and eve.forgotten, unknown to what is life about.treat other people nice.say good morning. SMile.we did our job ,even if they say nothing heart did good.thats all that counts anyway.

  55. One more thought (not sure if anyone has brought this up yet):

    Another word referencing a shipwreck is “capsized.” And the first poem of this SB is all caps…

  56. Words to personal to bare? I’m shameless….

    I stand here on the summit arms. This, my body and spirit this is the end of the quest. I wished to know the meaning of things. I am the meaning. I wished to find a warrant for being need no warrant for being, and no word of sanction upon my being. I am the warrant and the sanction. Neither am I the means to any end others may wish to accomplish. I am not a tool for their use I am not a servant of their needs. I am not a sarcifice on their altar.


  57. Mr.forrest,i too am lost in this world, its a world changed for the worst and will only get worser.i am a pilgrim passing thru.this is not my home.i have a far greater home waiting for me someday.i have to occupy for a time.the only thing beautiful is what god made.remember you are never alone.feel him in your heart.

    • Virginia Diane,
      Sorry for your troubles but you do belong here and are a very intelligent woman. Read what you wrote, “the only thing beautiful is what God made”. He made everything, so it all must be beautiful. Maybe you and I don’t always understand some of the why’s but that’s why we put our faith in the forefront. Each and everyone of us are just a piece to the big picture, none more important that the other. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with such an open heart, people like you are rare indeed and much appreciated. Thank you.

    • always a pleasure reading your words virginia diane …. after reading your comments for quite some time now, I have learned that you have a big heart and a open mind…. this world could use some more ” Virginia Diane’s”….

      Take care my friend…… 🙂

      until next time… see ya

  58. mr. forrest was lost,as a child ,looked up to big brother skippy,father loved him,but didn’t think he’d amount to much,mother loved him and sister june.went to war,lost in a war ,no one understood.for the life of me,for someone who didn’t like school,and was a stinker,is one of the smartest people I know.a fighter pilot,not just anyone can do that.and then go and make a fantastic gallery work for him. thats smarts, become a writer of books.and still be the finest gentleman I’ve had the pleasure to meet.he does not think he is better than anyone else.he treats us all as equal.a memoir,The thrill of The Chase,memories,thats what the book is about,yet he puts a poem in there,as he wants someone to find a treasure and be able to enjoy some things in life he was entrusted to find.thats a kind soul.he got well from cancer,a miracle.he wants to give back to the people,get out side and enjoy your self and family ,while you have them in your is so short.he is tired,he did it all. my hat is off to you made acomplished things most of us found out we are here for each other.I think your treasure is near the tooth of time,I could be wrong,i’m usually always wrong,but i have enjoyed all,wind ,fire ,water,can’t live without it.

  59. that beautiful piece of wood,tells a tale of many lost tales,but yet it still has many tales to tell to each person.through our eyes we see what may be or not be.who knows,no one but the maker.all knowing, all understanding,all seeing,all knowledgeable God himself.all you beautiful people out there on this blog.i want you to know you have been the best.i don’t know how to put it in words,but your just the best bunch of people I’ve had the pleasure to write to and hear your stories of where you think the treasure chest is.looking at that beautiful piece of driftwood,imgination is fun.we have all had fun.God bless you all

  60. I hope that it’s always left alone like it is. It’s going to take a thousand years for me to research the dictionary and find out if thier typos, or intenational. Reading, and rereading I’m convinced that if I figure out how to use the words he wrote I might also be able to read the poem in a whole new way, thus unlocking it.
    Alas I must go read again, a word a day, a searching I say.

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