Forrest Gets Mail – 12

Hello Mr. Fenn!

My name’s Kenda.  Had a strange thing happen the other day –involves you oddly enough

I watched Destination Unknown “Finding Fenn’s Treasure” on 1/13, Friday evening

I’m a paranormal researcher, I record ghost voices…  been doing it on a regular basis for 10 years now.

Saturday morning -5 am EST, (3 am your time)  I did a recording session.   A voice that sounds an awful lot like you is speaking on it.   It’s not unusual for sleeping people to show up on recording, happens pretty regularly…no rhyme or reason to it actually.



Now, I don’t speak at all during the “answer” parts of the recording, only when asking questions.

Vocally, I’m 99.999% sure it’s you; got the accent, cadence, everything!

Just thought you might find it interesting  –I definitely do

I did a video of it if you’d like to hear it —  (incidentally, I was asking about the existence of Bigfoot at the time –“You” suggested I STOP asking about it considering  “THEY COULD BE FROM THE PRIMATE FAMILY” )


Here’s the link to the video…
FORREST FENN (Pure EVP) Sleeping Forrest Messages

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  1. Prior to this note J, Z. Knight was on the top of my “Wacky But Harmless People I’d Like To Interview” list. I wonder what Kendra thinks of Goofy’s Wee Gee Board Mouse Pad?

    • You know, dal…JZ IS from Roswell….Are you saying F put that clue in the colophon as the “printer”!???!!!? I zoomed in on the pic of F in the video and then changed 86 colors and added showdowing at my discretion and I think I see “Ramtha” in Fs right eyeball…underneath his gray hair….The chest may be found sooner than you think.

  2. “I’m a paranormal researcher, I record ghost voices… been doing it on a regular basis for 10 years now.”

    Thorazine was created to help this medical condition.

    • Desert, remember the woman at Collected Works in December that shared her story with us about her alien abduction? Maybe she could hook up with Kendra and get things sorted out.

      • “…. that shared her story with us about her alien abduction?”

        Indeed, I wondered if they were the same person when I saw this blog entry. What the woman in the book store described was Hypnagogia coupled with “Night Hag” sleep paralysis. She was not crazy, since this is a common phenomena, but she was ignorant about the causes. Darn shame, too, since it can be treated.

  3. I’ve known Forrest since the 1970s. And have recorded him many times for my radio show. I know his voice well. How this can be identified as Forrest’s voice is beyond me but, then, recording ghost voices is also beyond my comprehension.

    • I wish Irene would write a story about knowing Forrest in the 70’s and what he was like as a gallery owner and collector…

      • Hi Dal ,
        He ate Hush Puppies and wore blue jeans .

        But page 109 and 73 TTOTC I think has some data into that

    • Well, gosh; I felt compelled by The Power Of Luke Skywalker to listen to the video. It actually *IS* Forrest Fenn (no, really), but passed through Audacity’s Bode Frequency shifter and a high-end bypass filter or two. One a scale of from 0 to 1,000 I give this prank a score of 12.

      • I think one anagram for “Audacity’s Bode” is “bodacious”. As in, that is one bodacious translation.

        • Bodacious:) now that rings the memory bell. Her name was Bodie for short, blonde hair with green eyes. That girl never knew there wasn’t a paddle up her creek. That’s the beauty about about a Lab.

  4. I find it interesting that Kenda spelled her name wrong, as “Kendra” at the end of her letter. Why does “she” have trouble spelling her own name? Is it Kenda or Kendra?

  5. Good for you, Kendra, for having the courage to send this to Forrest, and that Dal had the intestinal fortitude (gonads, if it doesn’t get deleted) to post it. It is refreshing to me to read ANY NEW ideas, whether they be right or wrong. Plus anytime any one (psychic, crazy, a prisoner serving a life sentence, or otherwise) mentions Taos, I smile. Whatever method gets a searcher to Fenn’s special place and treasure chest is a good one. You should go to Tombstone, AZ, or St James Hotel in Cimarron to take some readings. Both places are famous for spirits. Unfortunately, I don’t have the gift to hear or see them, but I’ve tried both places. Maybe more tequila is needed! Thanks for your interesting post. I listened to the audio link…It sounds garbled to me but you are the expert. cynthia

    • hmm….Out of Body???

      So that is why ya answered the way you did:

      Q – – Forrest, You said you made two trips from your car to hide the treasure. Besides walking, did you use any other methods of transportation to get back and forth between the car and the hide? Thanks, Edgar

      A- – Edgar, your wording of the question prompts me to pause and wonder if I can answer it candidly, yet correctly. Were all the evidence truly known, and I answered in the positive, you might say I was prevaricating, by some definitions of the word. And if I answered in the negative, you may claim that I was quibbling. So I will stay quiet on that subject. Thanks for the question anyway. f


    • “I think that’s a conversation I was having with Desertphile and Bigfoot”

      Indeed, it does, and I recall the conversation well. It was in Bailey, Colorado, after a hard day of looking for the treasure chest followed by six hundred grams of cannabis. When Bigfoot walked through the police station’s front door I thought it was my friend Aron Ra, since they look almost identical, with the bail money. I had no idea the conversation was being recorded.

      • Here in Durango, CO it is accepted among many that Bigfoot is an interdimensional being, very prevalent especially in the San Juans. It is said that they live in family groups, and can appear/disappear at will. Lots of folks around here are true believers…they search for Bigfoot the way we search for Indulgence. Durango is a strange and wonderful place to live… a place where people were observed just today cross country skiing to the cannabis dispensary during our first big snowstorm of the season (gotta stock up on the essentials). Could the prevalence of dispensaries and Bigfoot sightings be a coincidence? Just another mystery to be solved.

    • I had an experience with a “ghost”. I developed a theory from it.

      I heard a man screaming and beating his daughter. I thought something horrible happened in my landlord’s apt and I was scared for his daughter.

      Of course nothing like that had actually happened that night. Everyone was fine.

      It was raining and the Chicago wind was howling like the Devil in holy water.

      I think that in the right conditions the the wind can scratch a recording on the wall of the building like a needle on a vinyl record. Then when conditions repeat exactly the sounds are replayed. I was hearing a replay from a decades earlier.

      Lugnutz over and out

      • If the same conditions that scratched the buildings of the past occur again, then the wind will be scratching again and not re-playing the last scratches!

        What you need is a non-scratching breeze to play your wind-scratched recordings.

    • Touché Forrest,
      I see you have came across that information about part of your special place, as if there was any question about that. Thanks for post. Bur

    • Forrest, If indeed you are talking in your sleep your wife has a distinct advantage in this contest. I find that extremely troubling….I QUIT

      Unless, you only talk in your sleep in that electronic gibberish…I’M BACK IN!

      PS. Just about ready to go fishing!

  6. Did anyone notice that at the beginning of the e-mail it says Kenda and then signed Kendra? I see some other interesting tidbits in this correspondence as well.

  7. This reminded me of a FF Quote on the Mysterious Writings blog of questions with FF I had read. I just found it and paste it below. Perhaps that voice used his hand too haha.

    Quote ” I see my memoir as being a story that was ordained by some unknown hand. It came to me at age eighty as though my entire life had been waiting for that moment. The bulk of the book was written in six weeks and phrases that I had never thought of before, suddenly appeared on my computer screen. I said in the forward that the book wrote itself. I had written seven books before this one, and it seemed that none of the lines crossed where they were supposed to, metaphorically speaking.”

  8. Billy Barty’s spirit told me to pay no heed to the recordings and Mark Twain confirmed it. The recording is from some crazy goofball.

    • Jake – The only thing that might be weirder is how many times you have made a bet to eat your hat since the treasure will be found this year. 🙂 Hopefully someone will grant you a pardon so you won’t have to follow through.

      What if when the treasure is found, you realize that you haven’t solved any of the clues? Care to make a wager? You already offered up that poor hat multiple times. Maybe something else?

      • So you’re joining the “Treasure will be found this year” club Hma.
        Your crystal ball is a mirror I would imagine you’re the one that will find it.

        I only wagered with JDA because he shared some of his solve & knew some things didn’t jive.

        You got my email, show me some & will be happy to throw something down if it doesn’t jive.

        • Jake –

          “So you’re joining the “Treasure will be found this year” club Hma.
          Your crystal ball is a mirror I would imagine you’re the one that will find it.”

          I would like to be a finder or one of the finders of the chest this year. Of course we still have to wait the winter weather out before searching begins. F is the one who talked about mirrors more than once so don’t try to pin that on me. 🙂

          I don’t make bold predictions that often but I will go out on a limb now and say that yes the chest will be found this year by someone without any doubt.

          I was reading some old posts and noticed you had made several bets concerning your hat. I think the last one was related to the distance of the chest from a paved roadway. If I remember correctly I had said I think the chest will be found less than 2 miles from a paved road. Zap then said less than 1 mile from a paved road. I must say that I agree with Zap entirely.

          If I was creating a treasure hunt, I might go deep into the wilderness to hide it but you have to remember that f said the spot he picked was already chosen and he was going to make it work no matter what. I chose to follow the poem even though it was easy to become distracted with other thoughts.

  9. Haha! That recording is hysterically priceless!!!! It’s a good day when your face cheeks hurt from smiling. Nice.

  10. I doubt that coast to coast am would play the recording. And they will play anything.
    As for me, I had a good lucid dream about finding the treasure. But I can’t identify the place. If I could just get the shamans necklace I’d see it all.

  11. I’m not so sure why everybody is dinging this person. Were all following some guys musings about treasure. nobody else is come up with anything better. So psychics paranormal people, whatever!

    • Helene, Good point, I didn’t see how any body could get anything out of the recording! More power to them, it’s out there for EVERYBODY to hunt.
      I went as far as to challenge a several of the physics from the crime show that features crimes solved by their help, but not one of them would touch the offer to find indulgence, even after I offered to send them the book that ff had signed!
      Any way, I just wish someone would find it this year so we can all get on with our lives, LOL

      Also when my father was in the U of W trama center for over 2 months a friend of his sisters preformed remote healing on him. When we mentioned this to the head psychologist he was extremely intriged… Both my sister and I were shocked at how curious he was about it… Who knows maybe theres a door out there somewhere to get to the treasure… And Bigfoot is guarding it 🙂

      • I think I’m gonna go do a remote workout at the gym, cause it sure isn’t happening in this computer chair 😛

      • I think this video might be a sign that Bigfoot has or will find the treasure soon (haha). Bigfoot sightings are frequent in the Pacific Northwest, so I would think it’s more likely in Montana–but maybe there’s a portal in Taos.

        • There’s a portal to the underworld up on Urraca Mesa on the Philmont Scout property but I don’t think it’s used by Bigfoot. Dal might know…I think he’s been there. Dal, have you ever noticed a blue mist following you and your flashlight stopped working?

          • Cynthia, Forrest has told us that he too has a portal….I think it takes him back and forth between his treasures!

          • Locolobo,
            Might be why the voice recording in the video says, “you should stop” because the poem alone will take one there. 🙂

  12. Paranormal, to pick up the spirit of the deceased. Not sure how Kenda could claim it’s Mr. Fenn’s voice since his spirit lives within him. The computerized transmission isn’t clear enough to determine clarity unless it’s run through a special program where background sounds are taken away and perhaps to slow down the speed. This is an opinion, offered as a thought.

  13. Kenda or Kendra knows nothing about spirits, IMHO. I went to the web site (I’m sorry I did). There were a whole 170 views and I just added one more. Wish I could erase this foolishness.

  14. I was skeptical until I heard it! That for sure is 99.999% a match!

    My solve is also based on voices in my head that I’m sure originated from Forrest Fenn. Thanks for recording and sharing yours..

  15. Dal,

    I am not getting any notifications for new posts. Can you please ask Mr. Goofy to try and fix it?


  16. Kend(r)a,
    Love your reality, I feel as we have communicated before and beyond this timely awen. I believe you have captured the squelchy note of a sleeping Fenn. Any girl that’s brave enough to share this spin, has me hoping and dreaming again. Tell me your tolerable while I’m sporting my Bose, cause your starry disposition has me road trippin with prose.

    • Hey Shadowcharmer…I think this Kend(r)a gyrl might live in Durango. Shall I arrange a meeting? Happy hour at the Strater perhaps…their tapas are awesome and a well documented ghost haunts room #103. Cheers!

      • Saundra,
        As much as I love the girls from out west, this shadowy creature is olden at best. Weathered, worn and write off the cuff, bare to the bone I call your bluff.

        • Mr. SShadow, it’s a tangled web we weave now isn’t it? I call YOUR bluff and raise you a slope and a hidey space. Is that a broken tail light beaconing? Gosh, the cars are just whizzing past. *Truth*

          • Sanda,
            You must have gone coastal girl, how did you ever get truth from trust*? No bluff!

          • SSSShadow…dude, that white stuff ain’t mud! You know what they say, “no friends on a powder day”. Gotta strap on the boards, but on my way over I might check out the Henry Brown avalanche CHUTE over on Molas Pass…it’s been sliding pretty regularly for weeks. Will update you on conditions upon my return. Should be epic.

  17. I always thought of talking to F, but if that’s the way he talks, I just changed my mind.

  18. Silly girl……..that wasn’t Fenn speaking to you, it was Robin Olds. Fighter pilots have a mischievous sense of humor like that. And you misinterpreted what he said, I can’t post what he really said because I would have to nuke myself, but it was funny.

    You don’t get anything from people sleeping; it’s the ghosts playing a joke on you. Sorry to pop your bubble but the Dee Lux Wee Gee Board Mouse Pad has spoken.

    Fighter Pilot: The Memoirs of Legendary Ace Robin Olds

  19. We all see, here and understand things the way we want to. This group should understand that more than most. My daughter and I like watching ancient aliens. Its 3/4 fascinating obscure history, artifacts and lore finished off by a handful of people with tons of imagination who tie everything to aliens. Its fascinating on many levels. Perhaps that’s why I frequent this blog so much now?

  20. I think Forrest posted this one to see what crazy things people made of it. I would never say “It can’t be.” But the psychic, Astral Plane stuff is unreliable. Add to it the interpretation process is a weak link in the chain like play in the steering of a car.

  21. Ghost voices and bigfoot? You don’t have to be crazy to search for the chest but apparently it helps! 🙂

  22. Alice in wonderland is a great mythical story but the images came from somewhere. I think I like doth the crocodile and its shiny scales better!!

  23. Ah shucks just when I thought my telepathic six sense was doing so well. Bigfoot showed up and those ghosts keep interrupting my thought process.

  24. Bigfoot is moving the treasure for Forrest…when a searcher gets close…Forrest has a dream and Bigfoot responds. Anyone ever notice how Josh Gates never finds anything of real importance? He has very cool adventures to interesting places but….that’s about it. A good story from Irene about her early encounters with Forrest would be swell.
    I need a MAP fix now…

    • Josh Gates is a great promoter of himself, and I enjoy his fiiming of places I never will go.
      I should say the camera man who works for him.
      I don’t know where he was on a recent show, somewhere in the east, but this place had so many Bell’s, and some one stole this HUGE bell but it weigh so much it was sunk in the water, it was made out of gold and other metals.
      Josh Gates has got a great gig going on, a very entertaining show. His interview with Mr. Fenn was entertaining. People love to be entertained!

      • yes…entertaining…I just wish he would actually FIND something , other than the enchantment of the targeted area. I will continue to watch….

      • Hi Martha,

        My wife an I enjoy watching Expedition Unknown. Josh has a great sense of humor and his hunts are interesting and at times very educational. We really enjoyed Cambodia I believe. The country was so beautiful and the temples astonishing.

        The show you are describing was about the Great Bell of Dhammazedi, a monstrous 327.5 ton bronze bell, that also included gold and silver. It was believed to be the largest Bell ever cast and was in the process of being moved across the confluence of two powerful rivers when the barge it was on sunk. Here’s a link if you are interested.

        I dabbled in scuba diving mostly in the Philippines (BT – before Pinatubo) and would have never entered those 0-0 visibility waters flowing at several knots like Josh did.

        Imagine the size of that bell and what a find it would be. Not to mention the process of casting something that large.

        Forrest, I think your followers would love to hear your comments on casting something of that size in bronze………if you are tuning in occasionally.

  25. I’m disappointed by the folks who think everything posted is a clue. You all can work miracles with anagrams, and work Ted Kaczynski into a solve, but you can’t work Bigfoot in? I’m afraid you’re not seeing the big foto! 🙂

  26. An “Ice Cell” might be a better fit. (Best to clear it with Bigfoot first; that is if the resident ghost doesn’t mind.) Might find him somewhere out in the marsh.



  27. A leading (primate) family was probably just one big foot away from retrieving Indulgence. 🙂 bald without the pueblo. Read about it. 🙂
    Well, that’s my take on this SB. I believe Forrest is leading the way,it’s time to end it.
    As for ghost hunting,there is a reason why we say RIP and if we don’t keep our promise,bad karma comes to rip.

      • The question is..Why? If you are standing a foot away,why can’t you see the chest. I’m just assuming here about what I see in this SB.
        Only Forrest knows the truth. 🙂 Maybe Kenda/Kendra knows.

        • In my search, I have an idea why. As far as the woman who recorded the sounds, I would not know if she knows.

        • Bigfoot I think is guesstimated to be less than 12 ft tall. Could that mean someone has been within 12 ft? I remember Forrest saying it’s unlikely someone would get that close and not find it. If it’s true maybe they took a random photo and didn’t realize they were that close…

  28. Being thought of as crazy is actually an advantage in the chase because no one takes you seriously. I have thought from my first visit that there is a bigfoot in my area. I have spent time cultivating trust with him or her and leave an apple each time I go. In turn he leaves me things. The last time it was a heart rock left on a quartz boulder I always stop at. I talk to him and sing to him. He didn’t seem to like it when I brought my dog one time. Being sensitive to ALL flora and fauna is necessary. There is more to the world than meets the eye. So I actually cultivate the crazy persona. It’s a survival mechanism in a world where everyone has an ‘angle’ in order to get their own needs met. Ya’ll just keep on laughing. It’ll all come out in the wash. TeeHee!

  29. “In a cold like this, the stars snap like distant coyotes, beyond the moon and you’ll see the shadows of actual coyotes, going across the alfalfa field. And the pine-trees make little noises, sudden and stealthy, as if they were walking about. And the place heaves with ghosts. But when one has got used to one’s own home-ghosts, be they never so many, they are like one’s own family, but nearer than the blood. It is the ghosts one misses most, the ghosts there, of the Rocky Mountains.” – D. H. Lawrence

    Spend some time in Taos…you’ll either get it or you won’t.

  30. The intent of this my be humour or something else or nothing but a purpose to create discussion in the light of humour. I found this browsing today may be interesting.

    Perhaps Tao is of reference to Chinese:
    < Chinese (Wade-Giles) Tao 4, (pinyin) dào literally, way .

    Oh nuts, there is pinyin …. kookooo!

  31. Hmmm, thought provoking.
    Bigfoot experts say they travel S.E. in the winter and back N.W. in the summer, but are found everywhere.
    B.F. lives in the woods, where Indulgence resides.
    I wonder if F ever saw or heard a BF?
    I do believe in ghosts. True EVP’S are from deceased persons, not live ones. Ive never heard this type of recording before. Why use this style and not a clear audio?
    Could Kendra have recorded Marvin Fenn?
    Or, is this Kendra’s way of showing us her solve.
    In the mountains North of Taos, on the reservation, is a “NO GO” area, believed to be a place filled with spirits. A beautiful waterfall is near a lake. Again, these areas are forbidden, but wouldn’t it be fun to search there, with Big Foot, ghosts and treasure? Maybe that forests is the “hair” of the pueblo? Who dares to be like Indiana Jones, and go where it is prohibited? I bet BF lives in those mts.
    Then again, this may just be mail that F wanted us to laugh at, lighten the mood. Or, maybe Kendra hit on something F wanted to share? Like, using more imagination? Or, some would probably have a better chance of finding BF than the treasure?
    Maybe I’ll get out my Ouiji board and see what Marin has to say!
    ¥Peace ¥

    • Donna M. – After reading your comment I had to take a moment to calm down before responding. To even IMPLY that people should search on sacred land in Taos is a DISGRACE! Sickening!!! The pueblo is alive and has been continuously occupied for over a 1000 years. You think you can just walk in there and look for gold? Pfft. The mountain knows everything. IF you made it out alive you would carry a curse. I can’t even BEGIN to describe the emotions you have evoked in me with your thoughtlessness! – Lifesablaze

      • IF a person senses or an ‘eye’ witness….tell the entity that it’s OK; they are no longer needed here, and to please feel free to go ahead …cross over.

        Ghosts may have experienced an unexpected, or unnatural death. They are….lost and confused.

        Help them to find their way. (Gosh; is it that “Twilight Zone” music I’m hearing??)



  32. I’ve seen bears with a humanoid look in their eyes. Saw one on it’s back legs hiding behind a tree. Then gone in an instant. Bears have human like footprints.

    • I once had a black bear walk by me on all fours. Ten yards behind came another walking on his hind legs and continued to do so for one hundred yards, balanced and with ease. g

      • This one I saw was eating on a dead cow. When He saw us, he ran and hid behind the tree, all the time watching us. Definitely looked very human like in his eyes. So I would never be convinced that Bigfoot is anything other than some bear.

        As for the sounds, there was an astronomer named Colin Keay who did some research on why people were hearing sounds like from meteors, auroras, earthquakes, etc. He came up with a theory called Geophysical Electrophonics. He said certain nearby objects can act as a transducer and allow these very low frequency electromagnetic waves to be audible–things like thin wires, eyeglasses, pine needles, even aluminum foil, someone even said human hair. Now if this EM wave acted as a carrier wave, it is possible there are other phenomena that might become manifest for the lack of a better word. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a believer, but I know many things are possible.

  33. Someone actually had the Loch Ness Monster on audio. It even had a Scottish accent. It was uncanny.

  34. I like these latest Forrest gets mail. Kendara. Bravo to you for thinking outside the box. I would not discount anything where the chase is concerned. There is magic. Especially hear. g

  35. This one has eluded me. Along with Bigfoot. Who are they? And why are they so hard to find.
    Maybe the same reason Kendra spells her name wrong? Maybe she along with they are trying to hide their identity?
    I watched “Finding Bigfoot” just last night. And I thought to myself , wow these people are nuts. Then while just dosing off I put myself in their shoes, and watched “Expidtion unknown “, finding Fenns treasure, and thought to my self. Wow these people are nuts?
    I won’t tell you about my dreams. Because I think I found Bigfoot.

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