Lost in Translation…

January 2017
by JasonD


I have been playing with google translate and with various words used by Forrest in the poem and elsewhere and have found some entertaining fun related to the chase.

If you translate the poem in the entirety, from english to spanish then from spanish to french then back to english again, the poem has some interesting changes. I’m not saying that it would help people in their solves, but it could give them some new perspectives on interpretation if they are stuck.

starting here,

As I have gone alone in there
And with my treasures bold,
I can keep my secret where,
And hint of riches new and old.

Begin it where warm waters halt
And take it in the canyon down,
Not far, but too far to walk.
Put in below the home of Brown.

From there it’s no place for the meek,
The end is ever drawing nigh;
There’ll be no paddle up your creek,
Just heavy loads and water high.

If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,
Look quickly down, your quest to cease,
But tarry scant with marvel gaze,
Just take the chest and go in peace.

So why is it that I must go
And leave my trove for all to seek?
The answers I already know,
I’ve done it tired, and now I’m weak.

So hear me all and listen good,
Your effort will be worth the cold.
If you are brave and in the wood
I give you title to the gold.
translates to spanish:
Como he ido solo en allí
Y con mis tesoros atrevidos,
Puedo guardar mi secreto donde,
Y un toque de riquezas nuevas y viejas.

Comienza donde las aguas cálidas paran
Y tómalo en el cañón,
No muy lejos, pero demasiado lejos para caminar.
Ponga debajo de la casa de Brown.

Desde allí no hay lugar para los mansos,
El fin se acerca siempre;
No habrá paleta en tu riachuelo,
Sólo cargas pesadas y agua alta.

Si has sido sabio y encontraste el resplandor,
Mire rápidamente hacia abajo, su búsqueda de cesar,
Pero quedarse escaso con mirada de maravilla,
Sólo toma el cofre y vete en paz.

Entonces, ¿por qué tengo que ir?
¿Y dejar mi tesoro para que todos lo busquen?
Las respuestas que ya conozco,
Lo he hecho cansado, y ahora estoy débil.

Así que escúchame bien y escucha bien,
Tu esfuerzo valdrá la pena el frío.
Si eres valiente y en la madera
Te doy el título del oro.
translates to french:

Comme je l’ai laissé seul là-bas
Et avec mes trésors audacieux,
Je peux garder mon secret où,
Et une touche de nouvelles richesses et vieux.

Elle commence là où arrêter les eaux chaudes
Et le prendre sur le canon,
Non loin, mais trop loin pour marcher.
Mettre en résidence Brown.

Comme il n’y a pas de place pour les humbles,
La fin est toujours près;
Il n’y aura aucune palette dans votre flux,
Seules les charges lourdes et hautes eaux.

Si vous avez été sage et trouver la lueur,
Recherchez rapidement votre recherche de cesser,
Mais rester bas avec le regard d’émerveillement,
Il suffit de prendre la poitrine et allez en paix.

Alors, pourquoi dois-je aller?
Et laisser mon trésor pour tous à regarder?
Les réponses que je connais déjà,
Je l’ai fait fatigué, et maintenant je suis faible.

Alors écoutez-moi et écoutez bien,
Votre effort en vaut le froid.
Si vous êtes courageux et bois
Je vous donne le titre de l’or.
then translates back to english:

As I left alone there
And with my audacious treasures,
I can keep my secret where,
And a touch of new wealth and old.

It starts where to stop the warm waters
And take it on the cannon,
Not far, but too far to walk.
Residence Brown.

As there is no room for the humble,
The end is always near;
There will be no palette in your feed,
Only heavy and high water loads.

If you have been wise and find the glow,
Quickly find your search to stop,
But stay low with the look of wonder,
Just take the chest and go in peace.

So why do I have to go?
And leave my treasure for all to watch?
The answers I already know,
I made him tired, and now I’m weak.

So listen up and listen good,
Your effort is worth the cold.
If you are brave and woody
I give you the title of gold.


46 thoughts on “Lost in Translation…

  1. Thanks. But I have enough trouble with English. Besides.. Forrest said not to mess with the poem.

    • true, but he sure did bring up Spanish and French a lot in TToTC. And mostly doing translations it to get a new perspective not interpretation. Like a thesaurus o’fun.

  2. I tried English, Hebrew, Klingon, and back to English:

    My defeats.
    He is one of my.
    the secret, he cannot
    and the hint and old man.

    Stops music hot water start.
    and taking action.
    but three Remote, and walked;
    pistol for a testimony to them Brown Red House.

    Undo there is from the meek.
    Is always the last, beware;
    When there is no whip stream garment
    heavy loads and high water.

    His shrewd and find the top
    a large scope of Duty saw.
    . but the cover shocked perspective
    chest enter peace.

    why I must go
    and prevent exit?
    answered be married.
    What I am not tired, and weak.

    Do You Hear Me.
    He is worth effort.
    I am title gold medal.

    I’m thinking of changing my user name to “brave and woody”. 😉

  3. I thought it was great. IMO, It shows you used imagination which is needed to solve the poem.

        • There is a Brown Cabin about 3 mi N of Ouray on the Uncompahgre. Also, just below Ouray there is a branch called canyon creek with an ice cave. Offshoot of canyon creek called angel creek which starts up in the mountains around the 10,200 ft mark.

    • Yes, uncompahgre means warm waters in the Ute language. They were also involved in the Meeker Massacre where their rebellion was halted by the military. This was Chief Ouray of the Uncompahgre Utes. This was from Colorado to Utah! Interesting huh?

  4. I think that wwwh is Cochiti lake then you up the rio grande to rio chama (canyon down or lower caynon ) where you take it in to home of brown imo

  5. If I ever get stuck, the last thing I would do is this.
    I would rather give up the chase all together than translate to other foreign languages & back to English.

    I don’t think he had this in mind for the solve or 9 clues.

    Have fun wasting your time.

  6. For some more fun, record yourself saying the poem and then play it in reverse. Sounds like alien speak to me! I think I caught a slight audio sound of the words Forrest Gump. LOL

  7. Didn’t get notification of new post???

    Thanks for sharing, JasonD! 🙂
    I think there is a lesson to learn here. Translations are open to questions.

    • I thought it was interesting to say the least.

      I question the way the poem would read if FF spoke Basque or Icelandic instead of Fennlish. 🙂

  8. If you convert it to Jive, then Italian and back to English, it provides the exact location of the Titanic.

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