A New Contest…

Winter is still upon us…

Here is a contest to help us imagine greener pastures and softer breezes…


Pick out your favorite story, of the 49 stories (48 plus the preface) in “too far to walk” and then tell us, in 200 words or less why it is your favorite.

Winner gets a lovely, limited edition, 24×30, beautifully printed map of the treasure area. This is a large version of the map in the back of TFTW. It is suitable for framing, numbered (6 of 250), comes with a certificate and a story about Forrest’s compass and is signed by Forrest. These maps sold for $100 when first produced a couple of years ago.They are no longer for sale.

There are very few of these maps to give out. I only have three left and I plan to keep one for myself.

One entry per person
Must be 200 words or less
Must be on the topic of “My Favorite Story From TFTW”
Must be emailed to:
With the subject line “My favorite story”
Include your blog name (not counted as one of the 200 allowed words)
Entries must be received by dal before the contest closes
Contest closes 11pm (Santa Fe time), February 19th, 2017

Entries will be posted on a page linked at the bottom of this page.
Entries will be judged based on originality, imagination and story-telling
Judging will occur as soon as practical after the contest ends.

Below is an example of an entry in less than 200 words.


Nowhere, in my mind, does Forrest appear more gracious, more memorable, than in his mindful preface.

He starts this book not by trumpeting the 48 great stories we are about to snuggle up with, but rather, by touting the book’s short-comings.

In the preface he hints of what’s sadly missing from his list of stories….what he wishes he could have told us, but had to leave out.

Forrest confesses that he has not included a story about his dear mother who shared food with the homeless, nor another about meeting the wife of a brilliant and stouthearted German officer who tried to stop Hitler, and finally, he hints of an exciting chase while searching for gangsters in Naples. But, Forrest admits, none of those stories are in the book.

Forrest clearly has more stories to share. Stories no one else but Forrest can ever tell because no one else alive was there.

They say that we do not die at death, instead we live as long as the last person to have known us is still alive to tell stories about us.

I hope that stories about the chase for Forrest’s gold can continue forever.

by dal



Now it’s your turn…


71 thoughts on “A New Contest…

  1. Great creativity, Dal. It puts some of us not so lucky as to have been able to own the book out of the running.

    Perhaps, that is an appropriate scolding for not getting the book. I will stick with my strategy of reading the Fenn books after exclusively using the poem and LW finding the chest.

    PS. Honored to go trout fishing…real soon!

    • LMN,
      I just wanted to let you know that a lot of the stories in TFTW are also on Forrest’s website, “Old Santa Fe Trading Co” .The link is at the bottom of this page. So I guess your back in the running. 🙂 have a great day my friend….. Until next time…. See ya

      • Focused, Thank you for that info! I have enjoyed much of that infromation on the site and did not even realize that I was reading chapters of a book.

        I look forward to reading the hardbacks. Until then. hope to line up a highly experienced trout fishing guide…

  2. Dal;

    Sounds like a fun contest. It will take some thought. “My War for Me” immediately comes to mind, but we shall see. JDA

    • This is the one that comes to my mind, too. Yet, there are so many wonder stories in the book. Looking forward to reading your choice, JDA.

    • I think he said the story has to be from Too Far To Walk for this contest, which I unfortunately do not have. Wonder if I should buy the book, read it, write the 200 word review, all within 19 days, or should I claim the “Mexico Beach House” story as my favorite since it’s only one page and is available on the Old Santa Fe Trading Co site… 🙂

      • OOPS – you are right. Should have read more slowly – at the speed my mind works, not the speed I wished it works. Back to the drawing board – again = JDA

      • I was thinking of, “this is going to get me in trouble” chapter, page 122, in “Too Far To Walk.”

  3. Ha! If Dal’s starts the competition, I may as well stay on the sidelines and watch. Some of us are not writers or poets. Its fun to read what others write. Besides a person may garner new clues , just by accident.

  4. Time to dust off the cobwebs in my mind and decide which is best. May be a tough decision because they’re all so interesting in their own way. Thank you for the contest, Dal. This should be a lot of fun to read.

    • I feel the same way Virginia, I’m terrible with words. Dal set the bar pretty high with the words he wrote up above but I guess if you write something from the heart people will know it and I think that matters, so go for it! Have fun! You might win that map!

  5. Hey Dal,

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I think there are 49 chapters plus preface = 50 stories. This also leaves out one of my favorites, the mysterious “bullseye” between chapters 18 and 19.

    Fred Y.

    • I’ll see your 49 chapters, with a preface and bullseye, and raise you a foreword, table of contents, photo page, and a poem page.

      There is so my in TFTW. It’s a “must buy” you will cherish.

  6. A very thoughtful contest. I have one of the maps already, but I believe I might just write one, to be a part of this special story.

  7. Ken submitted the first entry in the new contest. I added a link to the entry page up above …just before the comments begin.

  8. My favorite TFTW chapter:
    Okay, it is definitely chapter five “river bathing is best”, page 21
    After that is chapter seven “concy and me”.
    The writing is so good that it is pointless for me to get creative with it.

  9. (Second try.) Are you able to resend your story to the instructions/email Dal provided above?

    • No,as i had a hard time trying to get it written the right way.as i didn’t know how to get the little line thing down.if anyone could help put it in the contest,i would appreciate it very much.

      • Virginia Diane, if Dal isn’t able to transfer your story, I will type it up for you just as exactly as you have it written/posted and I’ll send it to Dal, if Dal is able to accept it from me on your behalf.

      • Virginia Diane, I have just sent your entry to Dal, exactly as you have posted it. If Dal is able to accept it from me on your behalf, you will see it posted with the other entries.

  10. great submission ken, I love animals too, so r.e.s.p.e.c.t.!

    but I also love maps, so watch out for my (extremely bad – less than 200 word) submission, Mr Orange! 🙂

    Dal – is there a booby-prize? ..is it a cool map too?
    ( ..I hope so)

    • Curious-
      Yes a very difficult to find (in Middle Earth) combo chart and placemat of the San Juan Islands. You can drool on it without damaging it. It is a companion item to the Lummi Island refrigerator magnet that was in the hidden cache in West Yellowstone.

    • Dal-
      oh goodie – a dribble-proof placemat sounds ticket-boo

      ..but is it personally signed by that Juan guy?
      (i hope so)

  11. Dal says “I only have 3 left and I plan to keep one for myself.” In Fennspeak that means 4 maps? IMO, Dal has 4 left. X+1=4. Or, oar, ore, does he only have 3? I’m bad at math.

  12. Only 5 days left to enter your favorite story and win a signed, limited edition 24×30 map from Too Far To Walk…
    Imagine how much easier it will be to find the hidden “x” when you have a larger map to look at!!! 🙂

  13. Just a few hours left to submit “My Favorite Story” and a chance to win that 20×30 map of the search area signed by Forrest and maybe with an “x” on it somewhere… 🙂

  14. Enjoying all the entries. Good luck to everyone! I had several favorite stories from TFTW, but couldn’t land on just one. But everybody who entered did a great job explaining their choice. I’m sure it’s gonna be a tough decision.

    • Mr. Neitzel,
      I have read all the entries, and I have to say treasurestate of mind is my favorite. I have to tell you it touched my heart profoundly, like Mr. Fenn’s writings do. I do hope you pick that one. It is very heart warming.

  15. The judging began at 6pm today.

    35 entries were read by each judge.
    Their first step was to choose frontrunners.
    They quickly narrowed the field to 7 stories by 7pm.
    Each of the seven was reviewed to make certain they met the “rules” criteria as posted at the top of this page.

    The hard work began at 720 as the judges narrowed the field of 7 to a field of 3

    Then it became the job of each judge to try and persuade the other judges why one selection should win.

    Curiously all the judges were unanimous in their sense that there was one clear winner.

    Congratulations Cloudcover, winner of the “My Favorite Story” contest….
    Here is her story:


    In imagining a cold morning with the light new in the sky, walking along the bank of a river and suddenly, wonderfully surprised by the unexpected, I would have to make “Buffalo Smoke” my choice for favorite.
    Another vision of grasses evoked keeping something hidden from the casual observer. It seems they play a part in more than a few of Forrest’s stories. Like waters…he speaks of those often also. He knows things are concealed in the grasses. He invites us to look. But that day it was his sense of smell not vision that alerted him he was not alone. Twelve head of buffalo resting within the camouflage, mere feet from him. Steam rising from warm bodies, a cloud of mist forming and climbing upward. The whole encounter seems so mystical almost enchanting. But to know that they accepted him as belonging there so unperturbed by his presence, that would be the best part. How many memories does Forrest have that happened along the banks of waters? Surely many of his treasured moments occurred there. What is to be learned from that? I’m not sure but perhaps it is along banks that I will find the answer.

    by Cloudcover


  16. Beautiful story, Cloudcover…and Forrest. 🙂

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading both.

    A well-deserved win…and a beautiful description.

  17. Oh thank you so much! I didn’t even know the judging had started. After work today I came home and lay down, I didn’t feel well. Just woke up and decided to check out the blog and saw this. My turn to be unexpectedly surprised. And very pleasantly too! I look forward to seeing that beautiful map gracing one of my walls. Thank you!

  18. Congratulations, Cloudcover.
    (also appreciated Martin Katz’s story. I hope he continues to find his “middle”).

  19. Congratulations Cloudcover!

    Your story was well written. I too enjoyed the story of the sleeping or resting Buffalo – GOOD JOB! JDA

  20. Congrats cloudcover … well deserved and well written. Have a great day my friend…. until next time… see ya

  21. Thank you for all the nice comments everyone. I really appreciate that. I read all the entries and there were all very good. I feel very honored that mine was chosen from such competition.

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