What Happened to that Bag of Money?

Raffle ticket sales are completed. Our total raised is $7,673.30. A pretty distinguished sum that should put a smile on some kid’s faces. Thank you everyone..I know the museum will be very, very pleased. This is terrific!!!

The drawingΒ took place Monday, February 27th at Noon at the Children’s Museum. Forrest brought his old brown hat and all 366 tickets were poured in and stirred up. The winning ticket was drawn by a child at the museum. The winning ticket number is #9173 sold to Jackson H.

Congratulations Jackson…


169 thoughts on “What Happened to that Bag of Money?

  1. I like that idea. Everyone has a chance at it, and support a charity at the same time. I will get some tonight, need to get my paypal acct back from a long lost relative in Nigeria.

    • That is too funny, I just sent the FBI a case today. They fell for my internet tactics and my intrusion skills. Glad I am retired from that.

  2. Is there something wrong with the math between 10 tickets and 15 tickets? At that point 12 ticks should be $240 ….I think…or are those just the rules for this. Not complaining really.

  3. We live in Santa Fe and the Children’s Museum was a part of our life for 16 years! We started going there on the first day we moved here with our then one year old. Now Matt is 17, Josh is 14 and Alejandra is 12. Our youngest recently has outgrown it. But, we have so many, beautiful memories of playing with our children there. We continue to support it and this raffle is an amazing way to keep it open for the next generation! Thanks everyone!

  4. Since it’s for a good cause it’s worth breaking into my pay pal. Now if I could only get them to stop spinning they’re wheels.

  5. Who bought the most tickets so far? If i buy #100….do you guarantee a win?
    How about another “medicine bundle” for runner up?
    Β₯Peace Β₯

  6. Yippee !! I get an opportunity to win and if I don’t that’s fine with me too. Anything for the children.
    I like jigsaw puzzles. I’m in. Good luck,everyone.

  7. Just wondering, if these bills are 10 yrs old, did the “security feature” make it through the cleaning process?
    Oh well, it’s worth it ! πŸ™‚

  8. I am posting the running total that we are accumulating from the sale of raffle tickets on the very top of this page. I will update it a few times a day..

    • Cool beans! Just something this poor Aggie was wondering!
      Now, I’ve got to water my Iris and Juniper or they’ll turn to Beowulf skin!

    • Dal the Children’s Museum was mentioned above, but I haven’t seen where it was posted that it is the charity that Fenn is supporting. Is this the official charity, not that it matters, just curious.

      • Not-
        I don’t know that there is an “official” charity. Forrest’s book sales go toward his cancer fund. I have heard that he has given out more than $30K from that fund to individuals who needed help with cancer treatments since the Chase began.

        Forrest likes kids and he likes places that let kids play with things and don’t put up “NO TOUCHING” signs…so the Children’s Museum was a good choice…plus…they nearly had to close their doors for lack of funding. So this will help…

  9. I tried to donate and either my bank or the website wouldn’t let me! I will go by my bank and make sure everything’s ok.
    I can’t wait until I see all of y’all again at the Fennboree!

    • Nothing I do is automated πŸ™‚
      I couldn’t get at the tickets until late this evening sorry…
      You should have your ticket numbers now..

      Thanks much for your donation…

  10. Ticket sales are not exactly booming…we have only sold about 75 tickets…pretty good odds for those who decided to take a chance…not so good for the Children’s Museum…

    • Dal and Everyone, I will still offer $1600 to the winner of the raffle and the bag of bitten bill bits. The “seller” can decide if they want it in the form of cash/profit or a second gift to charity (in effect doubling/multiplying) the amount to charity.

    • good morning searchers!!!! This is a rally cry to every adventurous soul. Even if you buy just one ticket, you will be changing the lives of countless kids! This museum inspires all of the things you, as searchers, crave. Imagination, adventure, exploration, hands on vs just reading, researching and learning about new and exciting things, etc. For many kids and families, it is their outlet and therapy – the museum draws a large population of kids with exceptional gifts and special abilities. Both my kids have special abilities and the Children’s Museum here in Colorado was so important to their development – it makes a difference. Please dig deep and buy tickets for our future generations minds, spirits, and sense of adventure. Invest our future generation and buy tickets! Let’s get to at least $5k. We can do it!!!!!!!

      Peace out.

  11. Ok, got #5! Now, gotta do my heebee geebee Missouri two step good luck dance!
    β‚¬β˜†β™‘Β€Β£Β₯β‚©β˜†β™‘Β€β‚©Β₯β‚¬Β£ΒΏΒ‘β˜†Β€β™‘ πŸ™‚
    There, that ought to do it!
    That’s a 5/82 chance…hum…think I’ll do my running man dance too, no rain here for 23 days. Back yard looks cracked up like alligator skin.
    Good luck, all!
    Β₯Peace Β₯
    P.S. Dal, my email is messed up, sometimes I don’t get them. If I win, just call me, please! πŸ™‚

    • Yay!!

      I’ve already bought 5 tickets, and here is my pledge. If we get the total to $4700, I’ll put in $300 to get us to $5k. Now, I’m unemployed and haven’t had a pay check since October. But things have a way of always working out! So I’m in for $300 more if folks can rally to $4700!!!!!! We can do it!

      Clearly, I’ve lost my mind. But honestly, I don’t really miss it πŸ˜‰ join me!

  12. Dal,

    First off, I want to support this great cause f has created for us, but I have a concern.

    I do not have a Paypal account and have no intention of creating one. So that leaves me with the credit card option which requires I divulge to you all of my personal contact information, including mailing address, phone number, and my real name.

    Please do not take this question the wrong way, but with all due respect, what will happen to that sensitive personal info after the contest is over?

    Thank you……pinatubocharlie

    • Pina-
      You don’t need an account at paypal to use your credit card with them You don’t give me your credit card number you give it to Paypal..
      I never see it. I don’t collect any information other than your email address…which I already have access to from the blog…

      • That works for me Dal. I got confused becuse after clicking on “donate” the next page says “Donate to Lummifilm”, so I thought you were handling it in some way. My error and I apologize. I’ve just never done this before……but if was an Amazon account, things would for sure be different.

        Gosh, the wife just made the dinner time call, so I’ll buy my tickets in a little while.

        And for the record, we have had 15″ of rain here at my place just this month, and that’s not counting the pitiful .17″ we got today. But it’s by far better than the white stuff some folks love.


    • Let’s keep it going folks! Great rally today.

      Even if you don’t typically comment on blogs, you can still donate to this worthy cause that invests in our future. If you play on multple blogs, please spread the word.

      Look foward to hearing an update on donation so far Dal!

  13. Seriously, with so few tickets sold anyone could be the winner of this raffle. Then, you can win again because I will gladly pay you $1300 for the bill bits and $300 for that neat plastic bag. That is a total of $1600 and you have the ability to decide if you keep it to fund your next search, etc. Or if you choose to (nearly) double the gift to charity. Let’s get this raffle for charity moving before the approaching deadline!

    • Still time left folks. Look into what the Children’s Museum does by visiting their website. You’ll be inspired to donate at lease $25, perhaps more. And, as a bonus, you could win a bag of ripped up money pieces, about to of which made it through a digestive system!!! How cool is that? That would be a pretty unique conversation item. Just saying, hard to top that at school show and tell.

      Find the kid in you. Buy a ticket or 10.

      • It is a serious offer! $1600 in exchange for the bag and the bill bits and I hope that it does get a few more good folks off the couch to go get their credit cards. IF – it all went to charity we will soon exceed the original $5,000 fund raising goal. We will need your assistance (Dal) to facilitate the exchanges. You are the only one know knows how to connect everyone.

    • Twin-
      Sorry for the delay…I was preping for a presentation the last couple days…Gave it last night. I am still alive πŸ™‚
      The total at 11am today is $2,825. There are about 180 tickets sold. Only one person bought tickets on Saturday.
      Thanks for asking…and thanks for encouraging folks to help out in this good cause…

  14. Hey! Eveyone! Look here! $25 for an incredible “show and tell” baggie, or a cocktail party game.

    Sooooooooooo close. Remember, get total to 4700 and I’ll kick in 300 more to get this to 5K.

    Do it for the kids. Do it will or the parents of the kids! Do it today!!!!! Find the inner kid and set her or him free.

  15. Hey! Eveyone! Look here! $25 for an incredible “show and tell” baggie, or a cocktail party game.

    Sooooooooooo close. Remember, get total to 4700 and I’ll kick in 300 more to get this to 5K.

    Do it for the kids. Do it for the parents of the kids! Do it today!!!!! Find the inner kid and set her or him free.

  16. Hey folks, IF the $1600 that I have offered to buy the bag of bill bits ($1300 for the torn currency and $300 for the plastic bag) is in fact contributed by the raffle winner, we may have now surpassed the $5,000.00 fundraising goal (considering the Twingem pledge). If not, then the winner is richer with the trade/sale and there is still plenty of opportunity for the philanthropic minded among us to get there! Just get your ticket(s) today and regardless of what happens, you are a winner!

  17. Very good odds for those still interested in participating in the raffle, for fun, philanthropy and even profit. Anyone know the official drawing date, time or deadline to purchase tickets?

      • How ironic… some of the world calls it “Denver Time” (Mac Users), and some call it “Mountain Standard Time” (PC Users).

        I personally prefer “Santa Fe time” … πŸ™‚

        • (Second try.) It would be considered, “Mountain Standard Time,” but since we’re talking about the Chase, “Santa Fe” Time seems more appropriate. πŸ™‚

          P.S. Didn’t realize computers list the time zones differently. Doesn’t make sense. Oh well, pointing this out made me giggle. πŸ™‚

  18. $25 will get you the best chance ever to own some scraps of money that you can trade for a quick $1600. Less than 200 people (so far) will have that opportunity to win and in less than 80 hours we will know the results.

    You snooze and you really do lose…

  19. Hi Dal!

    Could you update raffle total for us please? I’m hoping we’ve hit $4700 so I can spend some more money as pledged.

    Folks, please help me get my shopping fix! Get a bunch of raffle tix!!!!

    • Twingem…not there yet..just crossed $4,000…
      I am keeping my finger’s crossed…
      The museum agreed to allow one of their kids to pull the winning raffle ticket out of Forrest’s despicable hat…
      I hope the poor kid doesn’t catch anything from that hat. πŸ™‚

      • Thanks as always Dal! And awesome news a kid from museum will get to pick the winning ticket too. Very cool.

        My heart is full and grateful that so many are digging deep for this worthy cause. I know we can get to 4700 and I’ll get to spend that 300 burning a hole in my bank.

        Have a great day all!

  20. Twingem nothing personal , but I would say that Dal is probably like a lot of us that actually has to work for a living. Can’t spend ALL his time managing the blog and raffle and research for HIS solve, etc. It’s ok Dal, we understand that work happens!! πŸ˜‰ Looking forward to the new total, I just bought another ticket this afternoon, (eternal optimist)! Thanks Dal for all of your’s and Goofy’s hard work on the blog.

  21. It sure would be neat if some news station could broadcast the ticket being drawn live from that old brown hat at the Children’s Museum, complete with ff and his bag of money. Then start a new fundraiser to raffle off that old brown hat, if ff would part with it. I bet we could raise another $5K in a couple of weeks. How about it Forrest?

  22. Less than 64-hours till the raffle for the bag of bills. Odds are extremely good for a ticket holder to win. Then, if you win you can trade/sell it to me for $1600 and decide if the profits will go to charity or fund your next adventure!

    • LMN, the marketable value of this little bag of money keeps growing each day, your offer remains the same. I think you should increase your offer accordingly!. :). ……working for the kids, working for the kids!

      • Nice try.

        The “market value” is somewhere between the cost of a $25 raffle ticket and $1300 of shredded currency. I am kicking in an extra $300 for the plastic bag. I am by no means rich, but I make this $1600 total offer with the integrity to follow through. Hopefully, it will challenge more folks to step up and donate.

        • LMN , please know that I am just trying to have a little fun goading you. Whether you are rich or poor, $1600.00 is a great deal of money and you obviously are a kind and generous person. I went into that statement with a big assumption, that whomever wins will contribute to the cause. If I offended you , I apologize.

  23. No offense taken – no apology necessary. I just hope that my $1600 offer to the winner boosts the participation of the raffle and ultimately benefits the charity overall.

  24. Thanks for the update Dal!

    Search community: all you need to do is buy $375 of raffle tickets amonst the hundreds of you out there. Just 15 tickets needed from this search community. That’s it. Once the hundreds of you buy $375 of tickets (15 tickets), I’ll buy $300 of raffle tickets (12 tickets) myself so we hit the $5K goal.

    Come out and play! Be a kid. Celebrate kids and push us just $375 more. Partner up if you can’t afford $25. Open your hearts and change the lives of the kids who get to experience this wonderful museum.

    Let’s do this!!!! Please?

  25. Each $25 ticket holder stands an equal chance to win and my commitment to the winner is to offer $1300 + $300 = $1600 total for the bill bits and the bag! Winner decides how they use their prize…fun…profit or charity. Just over 24-hours left to make your commitment to a great cause. See the great video posted by pdenver (above) and feel good about your participation regardless of if you WIN you win!

  26. This makes me so happy for all the kids and families!!!! Like Pharrell William song, Happy!!!!!!!

    I just honored my pledge that if we made it to $4700, I’d buy $300 more tickets. So with the ones already purchased before, I dedicate 1 ticket for every year of my kids lives thus far to the future kids of our world – 17 tickets!!!! Come on lucky 17!!!

    So cool. So very cool. Makes my heart sing.

    But it’s not over folks. Do I hear $10k? After all, we have 28 hours left…

    Life happens once. Use every minute wisely, or at a minimum have funny being silly πŸ˜‰

  27. Just a few hours left to turn your $25 of extra money into a potential $1600 winfall. Or an extra $1600 for charity. It’s your decision, but first you have to decide to part with the money for 9.4 Big Macs and spend it on the Childrens Museum, instead.

    • Yay, yay, yay!!!!!!! Way to rally!

      I’ve got two young men (get your minds out of the gutter) here tonight who both have special abilities. Both of these fine young men spent time at the Children’s Museum for years when younger. At dinner, one told me of his latest invention and it blew my mind…so creative and brilliant. The other routinely demonsrtates love and compassion beyond nearly all humans I know. This museum is so much to so many. In a world filled with struggle and strife, it is a safe place for kids to be kids and for adults that accompany the kids to be kids once again.

      Come on search community. Go big or go home…$10k is within our grasp for this amazing cause. Leave it all on the raffle floor. Let’s do a Mic drop on this thing. I’m $400 and wish I could do more. Can you do more? These kids are our future. Invest.


  28. Hi Dal!

    Two questions, one comment.

    Q1. How the heck did the raffle get the 7 cents? I am only familiar with the 6 sense.

    Q2. Will you update the final raffle total at 11 pm tonight? If yes, I’ll try to stay awake!

    C1. Dal, thank you for all you do, and Forrest, thank you for continuing to inspire us to see what really matters.

    • How did we get such an odd number?
      Did someone buy 1/2 a ticket? But wait, that wouldn’t give you 30 cents? I’m so confused.

      • Actually it was two “odd” donations…
        The first came from a group of kids who decided to go out with their metal detectors and donate everything they found that day to the raffle..
        They dug up $75.07. Pretty good detecting…

        Next a searcher tossed in some dollars and 23cents…
        I figure she broke into her piggy bank and threw the whole contents at the raffle…
        Anyway…that’s how we ended up at something and 30 cents…

        Searchers are cool!

  29. A raffle total of $7,673.30 and if the “winner” chooses to accept my trade/purchase offer of $1,600 AND contribute the proceeds to the Children’s Museum the total will be $9,273.30 for the kids. It is up to the “winner” to decide how to use the $1,600 offered and if they will make that decision public. Quiet philanthropy is often the goal of generous folks. In any event, all who participated and even those who earnestly wished they could have but were unable are indeed WINNERS.

  30. If I win, I think I’ll ask to have another raffle. We may not raise as much as this past time, but i would think it would be more than $1,600. Just trying to maximize donations.

    • Special mentions by Mr. Fenn to Twingem (not by name)and the person who bought $1000 for raffle tickets. Also, a special thanks to Dal, and all the searchers.

      I’d like to give special thanks to Mr. Fenn for giving his torn $1300 to be raffled for a worthy cause, and to Dal for holding it on his blog.

      My ticket was born 10 too late. (giggle)

  31. This raffle was an amazing event. Shiloh had a great idea. Such a simple idea with push by the right people ends up impacting so many deserving children. Dal you did a great job.

  32. Anybody know Jackson H.? I have a valid offer offer to trade/purchase for $1300 bill bits +$300 plastic bag = $1600 and I need to know if it is accepted or rejected ASAP. Thanks!

    • Well…had I won that bag of dog chewed upon and swallowed money I am pretty sure I would have taken you up on your offer LMN…
      But…I did not, and it appears that Jackson has some other intention for that bag of extraordinarily over-stressed bills. Maybe he’ll tell us or show us what his plans are once he gets the bag…

      Thanks for making the contest more interesting LMN..

  33. Congratulations Jackson H.! Great raffle Mr. F and Dal. What a worthy cause. Thank you very much.

    And to everyone anticipating BOTG this hunting season, please DO NOT think before taking silly risks out there. Especially if you have young ones with you. It’s just not worth it.

    • Assuming that this is actually the winner, thank you for releasing me from the pledge to trade/purchase. I hope (and believe) that it encouraged some of the raffle sales and proceeds to the cause.

  34. Wonderful to be part of this raffle raising money for the Children’s Museum birthday project. Those kids were adorable. Good work everyone and congratulations to the lucky ticket holder Jackson.

  35. Dal you were supposed to send me the winning numbers!!! oh well… Gosh that would have been fun to put those pieces together… Do you think Forrest kept one of the pieces πŸ™‚ Congrats Jackson!!!!

    • Spallies, I think you might like to see GEYDELKON’s link at 10:29 a.m.. There’s a video from today’s drawing, along with some photos.

    • Spallies-
      I did..everything was all set…but then Forrest decided to let a child pull out the winning ticket instead of me and our whole scam went down the drain..
      That Forrest is a pretty smart guy πŸ™‚

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