Odds n Ends About Fenn’s Treasure Hunt…Part Twenty Four


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584 thoughts on “Odds n Ends About Fenn’s Treasure Hunt…Part Twenty Four

  1. oh boy am i tempted to write ‘FIRST’ but am not gunna …nope, not today

    (anyhoos, i’m far too busy going fishing …for fish)

  2. I purchased three tickets. My numbers are 9286, 9287 and 9288, which means 9289 will be the winning number. I wrote Dal and indicated if I did happen to win I would donate the prize the the museum as well. I will add a caveat to that. I will assemble them first on a display of some type then donate them. I remember there was a time when you didn’t even have to assemble the money back in place before sending them in. The treasury department would do it for you. Don’t know if it is still true. I thoroughly enjoy picture puzzles. This one would be a real pleasure to complete.
    That bag of money looks like there might be more than 14 individual bills as well.

    • Timw… if you win… give a thought to flattening out the money (iron the pieces) onto white paper, photograph the pages, & put the photo collection HoDal, Hunt Fennadidicts & picture puzzle addicts could print them out, then cut and assemble them for fun. (A new contest?) Maybe charge a buck or two to recover your investment or for your charity. Just a thought.

      • Good idea.
        A dollar would be fair to cover postage.
        To all: if you win and would like someone to reassemble the money, I volunteer my services. I would mail them back to you assembled with all the pieces present. I understand you may be concerned about me returning the finished puzzle. We can figure something out to put those fears to rest.
        Maybe my website forrestfenntreasurehunt.com
        Can act as a character reference.

        • I don’t believe there are any hints at all in the pile of cash. I hope people aren’t thinking I think that is the case and was trying to hone in.

  3. Wouldn’t be surprised when pieced just right… that some of the pieces of those bills actually gives the location of the treasure.


        • I don’t like to throw doubt into the pot, but I can’t see any holes in any of the pictures of the money. I think that if a dog had chewed them up there would be a few holes as well as the tears. Could it be that one of his grand kids had bee asking him for money and he wanted them to have to work for it.

  4. The story contest is almost over. If you intend to submit a review of your fav story in TFTW…now is the time to do it..
    Contest closes at 11pm on Sunday…

  5. Hi Everybody!
    I hope that this is the most appropriate place to post this. This is my first post on this site, and I mainly wanted to just say hello and alleviate some guilt of being a “lurker” for the past month or so. I think that this whole chase that Forrest created is a grand and unique event and am intrigued by all of the theories and discussions and sidetrips written about on Dal’s site here. I first heard about the chase early last year, but did not really start looking into it in any detail until about a month ago. I think I’ve caught up on at least a good portion of the material on this site and hope to contribute at least a bit to some of the discussions in the future. I also wanted to let Dal know that I appreciate all of the compiling of data that he has done on this site. I hope that whoever ends up finding the treasure does something to continue this great adventure for everyone to enjoy somehow (not necessarily reburying Fenn’s chest, but perhaps hiding a new, if lesser, treasure?). I have a “solve” based on the poem itself, and while I believe to have found a few elements of confirmation from Forrest’s interviews and his first book, I am not entirely without doubt. I just hope that I can get a chance to at least take one trip out into the Rockies this year before the chest is found so that I can cross “went on a treasure hunt” off of my lifetime bucket list. I am also intrigued by the area of my solve and have a very nice backup hike to make the trip worthwhile in case I come up empty on treasure; I hope most people plan their trips similarly so that they can keep in the spirit of enjoying the mountains and come home from a “win-win” situation!

    I also wanted to share an inspirational link from my memories of 1980’s Saturday morning cartoons. This theme song has been floating through my head lately as I think about the chase: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tY_cdMPcCv4

    Thanks for reading, good luck to everyone, and I hope to pass more time on this site as we wait for the snows to melt!

    • Blex: “I have a โ€œsolveโ€ based on the poem itself, and while I believe to have found a few elements of confirmation from Forrestโ€™s interviews and his first book,”

      You, Zap & Hma should get together & discuss the “confirmations” you have found.

      I would love to see the random results.

      • I’m definitely not trying to say that I know where the treasure is, just that I have a solve that I feel excited about. Once I get up to my area for a lookaround, I’m entirely prepared to be completely wrong and have fun trying again. I’m just excited to have a guess that I feel good enough to actually go head into the mountains after.

        You’re totally right though; “confirmation” wasn’t probably the best word to use. Let’s call it “tenuous connections” instead that admittedly could very well just be inventions in my head. Still exciting to me though! If my first solve does blow up in my face, I’ll definitely share the whole thing on this site so that everyone can laugh at me.

        • You did use the word believe.
          I just thought it would be nice to see the differences in the confirmation, cause I know they would be different just like most of the ops here.

          There is only one way to confirm anything & you know that, I wish others would.

          • Absolutely. Dal’s rules of order posted off the homepage are a very good guide for conduct. Winter has me starving for some true confirmation, but on the positive side I’m at least learning patience the hard way!

      • welcome to the chase Blex

        I enjoyed ready your intro and thought you placed your words eloquently and humbly ..so don’t worry about tip-toeing around the insecurities of others here, as we are all interested to see Jakes ‘random results’ too.

        I plan to make popcorn just for that special occasion ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Thanks, CH! We’ll all throw our best efforts against the wall and see what sticks. I just wish I didn’t decide to start delving into the Chase in the middle of Winter! ๐Ÿ™‚

        • no worries Blex, from what little info i’ve garnered, i suspect ya not too far behind the eight ball, mate – so best o’ luck

          personally my money’s on Zapster – but i also have a quiet bet on the side that Goofy may just jump up and steal the show at the eleventh hour
          ( ..assuming that his faithful ol’ truck will actually fire into life after a long rusty winter)

          Jake. watch out fur them thar flash-floods, nikan
          – could get a bit tricky ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. “I give you title to the gold”

    Forrest mixes up the names of 2 Ernest Hemingway novels. Also, FF mentions “The Catcher in the Rye”. The name of that book comes up about because the main character in the book mistakes a name of a song and think it says “Catcher in the Rye”. So maybe the last line in the poem is a major hint. He gives you a/the title to the gold. Maybe the title of TTOTC/TFTW or another book is the key you need to unlock the poem.

    • Thanks, Sparrow! As well to you!
      *starstruck after meeting several blog regulars after lurking for a month!*

        • It was a XX! The Weiss was all too apparent – like you see on E-wing.

          But the norden volk who moved further north still do the heavy lifting.

        • hey, stop using those XX (Welsh?) expletives voxpops, and get back to work finding that chest!

          after all, you have a cock-tail bar in Caribbean to finance (for Sparrow, Dal and me) in the near future ..incase you ‘conveniently’ forgot

          and tell Farange that i def don’t wanna hafta invade Earls Court again – with my mate Bob.
          ( ..he’s slightly tall & mildly menacing too ..fyi)

          ..could get messy ๐Ÿ™

          • Fel ci a dau goc! Like I said, I’m finding the winter far toooooo long…

            (BTW, I didn’t take Welsh Cussing 101 – Google is your ffrind. ๐Ÿ™‚ )

            Hey, I’ll set up that bar in Cuba Street, if you like – best of both worlds!

            Bring it on, Bob!

          • jeez, now ya just showing-off voxpops ..can’t even remember what to do with ‘one’ anymore ..let alone ‘two’.. ๐Ÿ™‚

            and (luckily for you Brexits) Bob’s ‘lucky AB invasion singlet’ is at the dry-cleaners just at the mo ..so you can breathe easy for the next 24 hours, at least

            oh, & WellyWood is just too windy to maintain a healthy froth on that Cappu-Mocha-CuppaTea-chino, vox – and it wouldn’t be civilised at all, to stain that Cliff Richards style tuxedo, i fear..

            ..so, Bahamas here we come then! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Just making use of what the Good Lord gave me. Mr. Merrick had to make a living, too!

            Alright then, make it the Bahamas, but when my lily-white flesh starts to look (and smell) like well-done bacon, I get (even) fat(ter) from lying around on beaches, and those dark-eyed beauties turn my wife into a handbag-wielding demoness, it’s ALL YOUR FAULT!

          • jeez, poor Joseph should be so lucky (ya big whinger!)

            and don’t fear a bad sun-burn vox, as you’ll be hefting endless crates of Dals’ special ‘secret’ vintage moonshine, down in the dark damp cellar 24/7 – be just like London weather in-fact

            but don’t worry, we might find the time to feed ya once a day …maybe ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Ooooh, you big meanie! Never mind, if Dalsโ€™ special โ€˜secretโ€™ vintage moonshine is as good as I’ve heard, I won’t even notice my cell isn’t padded.

            Samplers, Dal???


  7. Just a note about the raffle..only two days left to purchase raffle tickets…The drawing will be held at the Santa Fe Children’s Museum. A child will draw a single ticket out of Forrest’s disadvantaged hat…on Monday the 27th at Noon.

    LMN is saying that he will offer the winner $1,600 for the bag-o-money…
    and Curious has offered to wax his legs if he is the winner…(is that true Curious)
    This thing just keeps getting better and better…
    Don’t miss out get in on the fun…buy a raffle ticket…

    • and best o’ luck to everyone involved, esp for building a future better, funner Children’s Museum – ( ..i LOVE museums!)

      although, i do feel a bit sorry for that poor hobbit fellow..
      ..wait a minute, WHAT?!
      (do i somehow strike you as being the typical “man-kini type” Dal?? – i sincerely hope not!)

      well.. ok then – given that it’s for charity ..i s’pose

      (darn those pesky kids and their annoying sense of curiosity!!)

  8. Did anyone else notice that as of today the Moby Dickens and the interview with FF, Doug Preston and his other friend are gone from youtube?

    I think these were both Toby Younis videos, I wonder why they are gone as of today.

    • That’s a bummer WyMustIGo,
      I think that video had some hints to hints.
      I have noticed some other videos have disappeared as well.
      What’s funny is, I had copied some of them with free software & now they are gone from my archive as well.

      I just love Microscoff.

      Glad I transcribed some of them anyway.

  9. I’ve been promoting,the thrill of the chase,a little bit the last couple weeks on one of my oak island fb groups.At first I think they were a lil irritated, but now I’m seeing more and more posts in the group about this chase daily ๐Ÿ™‚ They couldn’t resist! I’ve directed them to come here for good info.I love this chase! Thanks for a great blog Dal.

    • Hi Fins up

      I’m a massive fan of Rick, Marty and the rest of the Oak Island team, for braving the odds, enduring the financial burdens and getting stuck into the task of (hopefully) solving this centuries old mystery.

      I absolutely believe they are onto a profound discovery somewhere below, and have a great respect for their endurance and determination.

      I wish them all the best of luck

      • Curious Hobbit, I couldn’t have said it better! I wish you the best of luck on all your searches.

  10. Good follow up video of Toby Younis’ recent visit with Forrest over @ AGypsy’sKiss….then I noticed his link is now missing here?

    • his video at moby dickens book store and the one with forrest at a book signing has been removed from everywhere too.

      • What do you suppose FF would do when he was offered proof that the chest had been found?

        Perhaps he (and his lawyers) would start quietly taking down all references to the treasure as to diminish the chase and let it fizzle out with time.

        The end is ever drawing nigh… ๐Ÿ™

        • I found out from Toby what happened, it was nothing like that and no, the chest has not been found.

      • Jenny-
        Toby removed his videos from YouTube. He is moving them to another platform where he will monetize them..ie we will all have to pay something to watch them from now on. He told me he is hoping to finance his treasure hunting with the money.

        How do you like them apples?

        • Unfortunately for him , he doesn’t realize it at this moment, that this will backfire on him in unexpected ways.

          Our inner world is always reflected back to us in our outer world. Some people think a boomerang is a just a stick.

          • Thanks dal,
            This is unfortunate & would think that F has as much if not more ownership of the videos considering he is the content. I agree Alsetenash & will backfire.

            I wonder what the legalities are in this situation?

            Some of the videos I have at Youtube have adds only for the music that I use. I don’t make anything from any of them but probably would if I could by the click through’s only & not have the viewers pay to see what the man has to say.

            C’mon Toby!
            Do what you know is right & don’t be so tight.

        • Toby has a vlog out this week explaining that he will have subscribers and those subscribers will be able to have access to the videos that were pulled from Youtube. IMO, I don’t think many will pay to watch those videos, but to each their own. Too many other sites such as this one that are willing to freely share information without charging a fee.

          Dal, I’ve said it before and will say it again. Thank you for all that you do. You and Jenny run very clean and informative sites. Some of the others are not even worth mentioning if you know what I mean.

  11. The other night while watching, Smarter everyday videos I stumbled across another cool utube channel;Survival Lilly.She teaches various bushcraft skills in short, high quality videos.So if you’re going to be poking around in the wilds this summer you may want to check a few of her videos out.

  12. I can’t remember the title…..
    Where can I find the post about Forrest helping the tearful women with the idea of forming her thoughts into pottery. I think she yelled out “Fred!”
    Thanks for your guidance.

  13. God will forgive me. Its what he does.
    -forrest fenn

    God will pardon me. It is His trade.
    -last words of Heinrich Heine

    • Thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you for posting the link. Gosh, I want to go back to Yellowstone, but may need to wait until next year.

    • wow, not only a good read but a GREAT presentation – now THERE”S two future digital media stars in the making, i’m betting

      cheers for the link ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. anybody know if something is wrong with mysterious writings blog? i visit there too and there appears to be no link to the blogs.

  15. Maybe this is where to begin… WWH .
    Go to Google Earth, Santa Fe, intersection of Paseo De Peralta & Old Santa Fe Trail. In the center of the intersection is a Panaramio icon (click in the Layers index, Primary Database, photos) โ€ฆ. then click on the icon in the intersection. The icon is misplaced, but the โ€˜Lady in the Bubble Bathโ€™ street art is somewhere in Santa Fe โ€ฆ Does anyone know where? Reminds me of Olgaโ€™s 36โ€ bathtub, bubble gum gifts, & warm friends in cold places.

    just for fun on a slow day.

  16. hey dal, with you being a treasure hunter i’ll ask you. if the chest is found on federal land are we going to be able to keep it?

    • Jenny-
      The simple answer to that question is: “it depends…”

      Federal laws pertaining to items found on federal property are not “one size fits all”. To begin with there are many different types of “federal lands” and there are also many classifications of “found items”. It is a very complex question and could be a very complex answer requiring years to unwind. On the other hand it could also be a simple answer that takes little time to deliver…it all depends…
      There is a discussion page dedicated to this question…you might want to see what others have come up with…some of them are even attorneys…I am not:

      At any rate I would certainly not tarry very long. I would avoid gazing at the marvelous chest in front of me for very long. I would simply pick up the chest and get out of Dodge as quickly as possible.

      My personal solution would be to quickly take the chest to Esmerelda. Toss a blanket over it and drive to Forrest’s house so he could tell me all about each item in the chest and announce to the universe…and even New Zealand…that the chest has been found…
      I would certainly be excited and I might even forget to tell rangers or federal authorities that I found the chest on their property…

    • Jenny, where do you think would be the best place for the chest to be found to avoid legal complications?
      Whatever your answer, that’s what you tell any inquiring authorities.
      Mine would be: I found it in my Grandmother’s back yard! ๐Ÿ˜€

      • I think Forrest agrees with me. In that video he says: “If you find the treasure chest you can have it” and “the person that finds it is going to own it”.
        Did you read something else into it that I did not?
        If the finder takes the chest to a “park superintendent” or anyone else then they are a giant sap in my opinion, and nobody can produce an argument that could ever change my view on that.

        • randwg, sorry mate, but my comment was directed at Jenny and Dal as i generally don’t read yours

          ..and yes i may be a ‘big sap’ but i believe Forrest has organised much more for the finder than having to hide in a small cave in Siberia in order to enjoy the treasure. HIs comments on MW about ’30 days in a vault’ and ‘me (him) wearing the bracelet etc’ tend to suggest such imho, and i also interpret parts of stanza 5 & 6 as a legal affirmation to this effect – besides, ya don’t spend ‘a bunch’ of money on a lawyer for little reason, and ‘that special something for the finder only’ might just be a loop-hole of some type. wouldn’t that be delightful?

          although i’m certainly not brave enough to assume that Forrest agrees with my thoughts, i WILL assume however, that no-one wishes to see Dal hunched over in an ice-cave in Siberia, chanting ‘my precious my precious’ to himself while chewing on a raw fish

          – that’s just sad

          • That is hilarious! “My precious!” It’s even funnier because it came from a curious “hobbit!”

          • thanks Heidini, but to be quite honest i’m actually a hybrid between a muppet and a hobbit – called a ‘mup-bit-hoid’.

            ..we have been rapidly breeding on a small island in the southern hemisphere, and although we’re not renown for making lots of friends, our evil design for the future is to (one-day) out-breed all you pesky humans, and to also re-vive (through genetic engineering) our long-lost idols, Master Henson and King Tolkien.

            (but sshhh, don’t tell anyone – it’s supposed to be a surprise) ๐Ÿ™‚

      • In my opinion, I think that the worst possible thing that could happen is that whoever finds the chest quietly leaves the site with it and remains silent forever, quietly selling the treasure off in bits and pieces. The narrative of the Chase should not fade away into an obscure nothing, and the solution should not remain a mystery to all the other chasers forever. If I end up being lucky enough to be the finder, I will share the solution with the public and let the dice fall how they may; I hope that whoever finds it does the same. I do not think that the story of the Chase will end upon discovery of the chest… at least I hope not!

        • Blex, I agree in hoping the finder does not stay silent. On the other hand if the the finder does make it public, what are the chances that some one that has posted here or elsewhere tries to file a civil suit because they posted something about the site and deserve parts of the treasure, sad but it seems that it is not far fetched concern. IMO send ff the bracelet anonymously. ff can post that it has been found and the finder can stay peacefully happy.

          • Yeah, that’s a good point, N.O. Modern society never ceases to amaze me as it ever reaches new heights of ridiculous litigiousness. I’m no lawyer, but I think if any chasers do try something like that they would not have much ground to stand on. After all, all information shared on this site is voluntarily posted. If people are mad about others using their posts to find the chest, then it’s pretty much their own fault.

            No matter where the chest ends up being found, If I find it I plan to at least take it home with me and Forrest will be the first other person I contact, since he has apparently already done the legwork on determining legal issues with his consultants. I will also thoroughly document all of the contents of the chest right away, so that if I do end up being required to turn over part (hopefully not all!) of the treasure to an agency or individual, there will be no opportunities for anyone else to pocket a gem here and a coin there. Honesty is the best policy, and a few extra measures against potential corruption won’t hurt!

        • I would notify Fenn of course. I meant that I would not surrender or report it to any authority that might try to lay claim of ownership based on where it was found.

          • Yeah, if I do need to turn it over to someone else, I’ll at least make them come to me to pick it up. Why should I spend my own gas money? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. “Today you are you. That is truer than true.
    There is no one alive
    who is youre than you.”
    Dr. Seuss

  18. Toby has posted his monetized Moby Dickens video. You can find it here:

    There are also bonus materials you get to peruse when you pay to see the video..

    No reason to say bad things about monetizing here…If you don’t like the idea just stay away from the video. Please don’t post negative things here…It just takes up space and bandwidth…

    If you have not seen this interview I certainly think it’s worth the two bucks…
    Forrest at his best…good technical audio and video by Toby

    • What do you think about the infographic by the VOX authors sussing out the 9 clues as highlighted in the poem? Honestly, I am kind of in line with what they highlighted. I’ve always thought that there were more than 9 clues and would highlight a couple of additional lines, but the ones that are highlighted seem like the “core” ones to me.

      • If I may chime in, their analysis of the poem looks like a typical first-time attempt of trying to solve the clues.
        Most of us have moved on to a more ‘evolved’ and deeper study of the poem. With time, you will find that Fenn’s choice of words and phrasing will reveal multiple meanings.


        • That may very well be the case, Randawg. I’m still a relative noob at this whole Chase and I am planning on doing only my first treasure-hunting excursion this year (melt, snow, melt!). My current solve is an attempt to take an Occam’s Razor approach as much as I can (easier said than done) and interpret the clues in the poem similarly to how the VOX people outlined. But if I come back empty-handed from my first search, I’ll definitely try to figure out if there are some more layers to the onion that can be peeled back.

          • You are about to embark on a great quest. Get a new memory card for your camera and enjoy the Rockies. Good luck to you and do Mr Ockham proud! ๐Ÿ™‚


          • before someone corrects me Occam’s Razor is attributed to a friar named William of Ockham, not William Ockham. (I checked Wiki).

          • Blex, just googled ‘Occam’s Razor theory’ and agree that Forrests puzzle may just be simpler than we all imagine.

            although i firmly believe the VOX duo were wrong to exclude ‘no place for the meek’ as a relevant clue

            (and sorry randawg – i do actually enjoy reading all your posts ..esp the funny ones) ๐Ÿ™‚

          • I agree with you, Curious Hobbit, that “NPFTM” should have also been flagged as a clue. I’m in the camp of those people who think there are more the 9 clues in the poem, but if I had to pick what I think were the 9 most important clues, my list would match the VOX duo.

            I also agree with your comment that you made on the Odds n’ Ends thread that it is difficult to determine where one clue ends and another begins. For example, is “heavy loads and waters high” one clue or two? I could see it be argued either way (although I consider that just one personally).

        • Thanks, randawg! I looked up Ockham on wiki too when I wrote my earlier post and can vouch for your correctness. It’s fun how the Chase inspires everyone to look up interesting little facts along the way! ๐Ÿ™‚

        • randawg: “Fennโ€™s choice of words and phrasing will reveal multiple meanings.”

          That’s one of the biggest fears I have with the books, interviews & poem.
          All words have multiple meanings.
          We just got to know his.

  19. @curious hobbit
    I found this piece of online good news for you:

    “At his annual address, a thoughtful & well-spoken Gollum announced he actually loved Hobbitses & had no interest whatsoever in his Precious.”

    I hope you feel as relieved as I do! Just one question: is a bracelet the same as a ring?

    • thanks @voxpops

      tbh mate, i always had a sneaking suspicion that my wee Gollumses had a secret crush on me, ever since i received an anonymous half-eaten dead fish on Valentines Day
      (’twas sooo romantic – esp with some good soy-sauce)

      in answer to your latter question – depends how big ya finger is
      ..or how small ya wrist

      btw, i went swimming in the Pacific Ocean today with my cute g/f ( ..was sooo unbelievably warm and refreshing)

      so, how’s winter treat in ya vox? – not too freezing i hope ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Watch out for that puffer fish sandwich, ch!

        The Pacific is a great place to swim with a cute girlfriend (those were the days!) – but keep an eye on the sharks. If they start circling, it’s hobbit hash they’re craving. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        It’s been a wet windy Welsh winter walking in wellies. I’m ready for some of that dry Rocky Mountain air!

        Enjoy your “swim” !

      • no worries musical-pops – i eat puffer-fish and sharks for breakfast doncha know?
        ( ..well ok, maybe not puffer-fish, admittedly)

        but you’re always welcome to come swim in my wee southern hemisphere ocean anytime – as ‘these are STILL the days’ mate

        ..and besides, swimming would be good exercise for that Caribbean retirement plan, i reckon – given your future work-load ๐Ÿ™‚

        • CH, do as dolphins do. Play water polo with the puffer fish…….play gently enough that the fish excretes only small amounts allowing the dolphins,………..to be chilin!
          Just call me winky yink!

        • thanks winky yink

          when i (hopefully) evolve enough to reincarnate as a cheeky fun-loving polo-playing dolphin,
          i shall keep your good advice in mind

          signed – Flipper Jnr ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Above or below? Take this example, Ennis Montana is on a river that runs south to north through the town. If you and I were going to meet near there, and we are looking at a map and I said , Lets meet 1 mile below Ennis.

    Would we be meeting north or south of Ennis.

    • Your guess is as good as mine…

      P41 TTOTC – “Sometimes, when it wasn’t too cold, I’d get even with my father for switching me by jumping out of the window by my bed and walking DOWN to the cemetery, which was just a block NORTH of our house.”

      The town of Temple, TX is very flat, so there is no reference to elevation… just a colloquialism to use DOWN as any general direction from where you are currently.

      Just my 2 cents!

    • Musstag,
      It depends what “below” means to the man.
      His trends toward word meanings are always changing.
      Except for a few.
      I wonder what he thinks “few” means to him?
      Could be 2 or more depending on the situation.

  21. Downtown is defined as the “main or central part of a town or city” and that would be regardless of the direction or elevations involved. So you might have to say “down” could also apply to a main or central part of an area – in general or in elevation, or in direction (South).

  22. Yep, I think if you say below somewhere and your choices are north or south, I would take below as south, specially in reference to a map.

  23. Except if you are traveling a river side, it would mean downstream, lower elevation… right?

    • I believe it’s possible if one said “down,” from the flow of a river, it could be north, or “down/following” the flow. Yet, if someone said “south,” I would go by compass points, or there about.

      • With elevation in mind, I think I would ask the person where they wanted to meet, and have them clarify so I know I’d be there. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • And take it in the canyon down,
        “down” It must be straight forward cause I twisted it into my solve.
        I think if you had the 1st clue WWWH, it’s a no brainer heading down the Firehole Canyon.

        Maybe that’s why so many have got the 1st 2 clues, but most have moved on in life since then.
        “down” is elevation in his mind & reminds me of the only way a river flows.

        • I live on a river that flows…north.

          I have always thought of it being lower in elevation.

          • I was asking, just to keep from trespassing thru the Brown house…lol ..if it was possible to avoid.

      • Why can’t simply use azimuth, or bearings, vertical angles, and distance? Then, there would be no confusion!

        Forrest, please re-write the poem using coordinates for the starting point, followed by bearings and distance…

        Oh wait; that would eliminate all of the fun!


          • pdenver,

            I must sadly admit … I think you’re right.

            This motley crew (myself included), could be confused by coordinate geometry.


          • Maybe the confusion is how it’s read?
            Down; preposition, throughout (a period of time).

            If stanza one is of the past or has been done, in there in the past… keep my secret where in the past… begin it where could be of the past as well. So what would take it in the canyon “down” in the past?
            Maybe not far, but to far to walk indicates time, or throughout time as well…
            So, is there really a direction that needs following or understanding the usages of the words? ~ a passage of time ~

  24. seems to me, if you were standing next to a river and someone told told you to go down, it wouldn’t matter which way was S,E, W, or N, but the answer would be downstream.

  25. to me there is an upper canyon and a lower canyon- take it in too me is left or right – lets just say that you went to far up the upper canyon – then you have to turn around and go to the canyon down which to me is the lower canyon where you (take it in ) turn left or right I think of it as a Y imo

    • To, Too, or Two?
      To is a preposition which begins a prepositional phrase or an infinitive.
      Too is an adverb meaning “excessively” or “also.”
      Two is a number. Many other words in English which reflect the number two are spelled with tw: twin, twice, between, tweezers, etc.
      Examples: We went to a baseball game. (preposition)
      We like to watch a good ball game. (infinitive)
      We ate too much. (meaning “excessively”)
      I like baseball, too. (meaning “also”)
      Six divided by three is two. (number)
      They own two Brittany spaniels. (number)

      • My apologies… I was elected in the class of 1971 to be “most likely to become a grammar Nazi”.

        Effective communication is grammatical!

        Just saying!

  26. I am a first time commenter. I have only studied the poem for about 5 months and have made no field trips because of the winter weather. I mostly follow the poem purist theory with only a bit of extra research on blogs and with moderate map research.

    In many of the blog entries on this site, and others, most people look for hidden meanings, double meanings, imaginative meanings, etc. when interpreting the poem and the books. It has also been stated that FF said there are 9 clues in the poem that lead to the treasure. I am curious if others have questioned whether there are ONLY 9 clues in the poem. Could it be that FF’s statement about 9 clues could also have mystery to its fulfillment? If there are 11 or 12 clues in the poem, the statement about there being 9 clues is still true. I apologize if this has been discussed here in the past. I did not read every single blog entry but I have spent about 10 hours searching this blog, and others, for information regarding this question and have found no references to it having been brought up.

    As I use my imagination, maps, and blog reports I actually come up with significantly more than 9 clues in the poem. My count includes 14 substantive clues with the slim possibility of a couple more if I really let my imagination go.

      • Thanks for the link. In my searches I was avoiding the key word “nine” as it defined a number which I wasn’t interested in. I guess maybe I should have started at nine and worked up from there.

        • kikks, the quantity of clues is not important.
          FF has indicated this. But it is risky not to consider every word in the poem.

    • klkks,
      Yep, the thought of more than 9 clues has been talked about, and as Goofy stated… Research is your friend.

      Some tend to look at clues as individual references. Example; Begin it where warm waters halt, as a single clue. I’d like to agree, but I’m not sure it’s that easy.

      Others look at nine sentences of the poem as nine clues. But I’m not sure if that is completely accurate either… yet, I tend to lean that way. I think a lot of the problem with reading the poem is, forcing ourselves to look for clues… instead of letting the poem run its full course.

      So, I look at stanza’s 2 first three lines as a single piece of information, and not worry about how many clues I personally think it may hold. I hope, by reading the poem in this manner, it will eliminate guessing and forcing a clue [a single line in the poem] that might be only part of a full clue.

      Then again, I maybe the only one who will say/admit this… I’m still trying to understand what is and is not a clue or a hint.
      But fenn said there are 9… I guess once a solve comes to life, that will answer itself.

      I know that probably didn’t help much… but that’s my line of thinking… for now anyways.

      • Seek,
        okay so we know you like Ac/Dc, Skynyrd, and George Jones if you have any brains but….

        Is it because of that security clearance or something? That has to be the answer, you’re on dbl secret probation…pull out a map, stop being all rational, and let some geography in.

        Here’s my point, you’ve obviously been refereeing on here for some time, but you don’t throw out any places/ likes or dislikes/ so either you’re scurred, can’t leave your comfort zone, or your phone lines are bugged.

        You have to fail, to succeed. IMO [so this gets posted] you need to associate some, or all the clues to a place on the ground, duh.
        Isn’t that the lesson here? Discover places we’ve never been.

        Sermon’s just about over, I think you’re missing out on a great experience if you don’t strike out on a whim. Better hurry, chances are Iron Will is already loading up his gear.

        • Excellent 9clues.
          “you have to failed, to exceed” OK, how many failed searches does it take to succeed?

          “Isnโ€™t that the lesson here? Discover places weโ€™ve never been.” Well, just look how well the poem has done it job… we can’t even come up with an agreeable state nevertheless an area.

          ” you donโ€™t throw out any places/ likes or dislikes/…”
          I have. apparently you didn’t read them Goofy placed them in the armchair searches topic… if ya like to read them.
          But if you’re looking for me to name place clues? that may never happen. I don’t see how names of places will exist over the time span fenn has given us that he was thinking about when he wrote the poem.

          Do I use maps…Umm I like GE better, less clutter and more effective to change types of mappings. and if I recall correctly we had a choice; GE “and/or” a good map… even the “right map”

          Last but not least… George Jones?? How Old do I look?
          Fun fact ~ I never bought a 45, LP, 8-track, cassette, CD, MP3 or whatever new tech they have on the market… I listen to the radio, and enjoy the different music offered. But if ya like to get nostalgic… I enjoy a range of music, some of which are the Mood Blues, the Cowsill, The beetles, right through the ages to Poison, Guns and Roses, Alabama, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, and back in time, to singers like Nat king Cole. i have even been known to hum a few bars in an elevator… who doesn’t like Kenny G or Barry Manolo?

          But that’s just me ~ I’m running with the devil on the highway to hell.

          • I don’t want this to get weird, and yeah I agree, why BUY any music while you can still stream great music via youtube & WiFi

            I’m just trying to get a sense of how good or determined a searcher you are, whether you’re chomping to go out in the field…it’s none of my business really.

            Obviously you’re up to speed with all the TToTC material, you have all of the fenn quotes on tap, stands to reason you have 1 or 2 of fenns books, but are you ‘foaming at the mouth’ like several other folks on here?

            You’ll have to pardon my badgering. I respect the armchair crowd, honest. But at the same time I’d like pull you all into a Woodstock bus & discuss the game plan while en-route to the BoTG destination…Bus-Fennboree ’17

          • Why would you concern yourself with my actions, callme9clues, or lack of..either way?

            You said; “but are you โ€˜foaming at the mouthโ€™ like several other folks on here?”
            I’m gonna need some clarification on what your implying.

            The searchers I see ‘foaming at the mouth are the braggers who claim they know… Know the solve, know where the chest lays in wait, know within 12’, Know they will be the one to get it “this” year. So. what is it do you mean by your comment?

            Oh, Nope, I don’t have either book. I have read the ToTC but not the tftw. To be honest…[ I’ll use the stomping mode theory as an example ]… When I look at a location I can find anything and everything from the book to fit that location [ like most are doing, and in all four states, and hundreds of different location in each state]… I think 95% of the time these hints folks see are forced, each and every time, they go to the location or a new location…
            That’s to me is a dart throwing contest. I think the book confuses many more than help, because many are stuck on reading the poem the way they desire it to be read.

            Hence my reasons for my posting… hoping to get a different dialog on different readings of the poem and not the same old same old with names of places changed.

            However, in reality, not many really wants to chat about different approaches of interpreting the poem. So I’ll leave all the foaming at the mouth, bragging who knows all, consistently tell all, fenn is only telling 85% of the truth so the feel better about their multiple failed solves
            [ which also implies fenn is lying, in part, about almost everything else [ or at least with the quotes I have posted about ]. they let everyone know the chest is as good as gottin but to paranoid to talked about it in a real discussion, and always will to tell everyone how not to read the poem… oh right, and write a book how it was done… [more than one searcher has done this] lol…even before the chest is actual retrieved… and never with any proof. Geeezus that cracks me up!

            So Badger all ya like… join into the conversation I attempt to create… All I ask, and have ever asked is come back with an argument for or against the ideas… and not foam at the mouth.

          • Seeker- “Why would you concern yourself with my actions”

            short answer: (2 words) Possible collaboration?

            I should have simply asked for your TToTC report card/ transcript.

            Back in Mar ’13 I desperately wanted to get my older brother onboard w/ the hunt, he has plenty of free time, eh, he’s curious at best.

            I’ve read the 1st book thru many times, loaned it to my buddy over a year ago, (for the life of me I can’t understand why he hasn’t read thru it once). that’ s why it would be nice to bounce things off a caught-up person.

            Does that mean I am ‘foaming at the mouth”…unless someone finds it soon, or i become incapacitated, I am going to keep at it.

            No harm, no foul what my buddy lacks in ideas- he more than makes up for in enthusiasm. We had a blast last summer in and around Durango, not the kinda trip (4k mi) my old lady would go on.

            Q. what if fenn would had hid a TC worth 100th of this one/ ‘cept just as difficult, do you think folks would be more willing together/ share, just for an Honorable Mention?

    • good question klkks – and welcome to Home of Dal (& yes, Goofy too)

      i once asked that very question here awhile back, as a ‘bakers dozen’ literally contains 12 eggs, but actually totals 13

      luckily for me, i happened to have my trusty ol’ flaming-pitchfork-repellant-kevlar-vest handy at the time

      ..don’t leave home without one ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Here’s an interesting (at least to me) tidbit.

    1413 N. Main St. in Temple TX was FF’s childhood home. (1 block south of Hillcrest Cemetery).

    The house is gone? There is nothing left but the concrete sidewalk extending from the street, and the concrete stairs / front porch.


    • Fennat-
      Forrest has written and spoken about that. He wrote a wonderful story about finding his long lost toys in front of the porch after the house burned down…one of those toys was a metal airplane…

  28. Put in below the home of Brown.
    That’s for F to know only.
    I’m color blind.
    Yea, I know, color is not supposed to be capped.
    I’m not walking to the next clue.

      • Kinda the same thing Jim.
        We need to know what hue’s he used for each of the 9.
        I would suspect it starts out hot & ends very cold.
        I like the red 67 Ford & the blue in the back.
        The Doppler affect?

  29. This question is to ALL on HOD. If someone finds the treasure chest and retrieves only the treasure, but leaves the chest where it is, would you still continue looking for it ? or would it not be worth the effort ?

    • Although I believe chest and treasure will be taken by the finder(s), should the chest be left behind, I would continue the Chase to look for it. It would be a beautiful piece to look for.

    • I would still be happy looking for the empty chest as a consolation prize too, though if I find the spot first, I’ll be taking the whole kit n’ kaboodle with me… unless I throw my back out!

  30. OK this is WIERD.
    I’m sitting here calculating nitrogen loading to farms and I come across this equation with a unit conversion with no units specified. That is annoying. It turns out the conversion is:
    2.719 (pounds per acre) per [ (cubic foot per square foot) times (milligrams per liter) ]

    This did little to assuage my annoyance. But to arrive at this, I had to go check (again) how many square feet per acre. 43,560. The reference also noted: “An acre is 66 by 660 chains.”

    Being annoyed and A.D.D., I think chains, Forrest, 8.25 miles., 66,000 links. I wonder what 8.25 miles is in feet: 43,560. WHAT ?!?
    Now what are the chances that Forrest came up with the exact same number of feet north of SF as there are square feet in an acre. If you take an acre that is one foot wide, it is 8.25 miles long. Hmmmm.

    ……could there be some…nevermind……

    The Rabbit Hole Cafรฉ is open for business.

    • I knew I would screw that up. The reference said “one chain by one furlong (66 x 660 feet)”

      • C’mon Joseph,

        Everyone knows that 1 furlong is 10 chains…

        Geeesh! ๐Ÿ™‚

        PS – Enjoyed your post!

    • As long as the Rabbit Hole Cafรฉ is open for business, I’d like 1 order of Hasenpfeffer – to go, please!

    • I am a transportation engineer (civil) and the number 43,560 was etched in my brain 18 years ago when I started. I use it all the time! Cheers!

    • Your calculations made me think you are probably an engineer. That made me wonder if anyone has studied the demographic of who the Chase searchers are, i.e., what percentage are engineers, artists, accountants, skilled craftsmen, retired/not retired, male/female, etc. Then, of that demographic breakdown, which ones are poem purists, which are doing the most field searches, library searches, arm chair searches, etc. I just think it would be interesting to mull around.

      I’ll start: I’m a poem purist with only a couple months of research, so far arm chair searcher to date, retired mechanical engineer, male, life long outdoorsman and waiting for the snow to melt.

      Maybe this has already been discussed – I didn’t even attempt a search for it on the blog.

  31. In the ‘middle’ of 1 acre, which could be the start of something….grand.

    What if ?

    • Do you think I could touch the treasure today? I’m ready! My quest to sees!
      I can feel the fire and I gotta go. My paddle is cookin with f! I won’t miss my chance lOl

  32. This is definitely a goofy bunch although by reading what has been written I’m probably including myself. A question I don’t seem to ever see in the communications : Why did FF have True North declinations added to his map? And why does he mention having a radio and GPS with you during the hunt? Is this because he knows there is no cell reception where the treasure is located? Maybe he just wants us to be able to find our way back if we get lost. Any thoughts?

    • Michael – i found this comment on a much earlier thread.
      – maybe Dal can further verify this comment

      “I use to think there was a clue in the lines of variation but now I believe the entire purpose was to highlight a the potential search area. They would almost be a red herring if ff had not stated โ€˜magnetic linesโ€™ donโ€™t help in the solve.” – Navyigator

      although these MD lines can be highly relevant when conducive to specific navigational needs, magnetic declination shifts slowly over the years depending on ones geographical position (in NZ this equates to half a degree every 12 years, if memory serves correctly) therefore must become irrelevant to an accurate solve in a 100/1000 year time span

      hope this helps ๐Ÿ™‚

    • โ€œSome searchers overrate the complexity of the search. Knowing about head pressures, foot pounds, acre feet, bible verses, Latin, cubic inches, icons, fonts, charts, graphs, formulas, curved lines, ***magnetic variation***, codes, depth meters, riddles, drones or ciphers, will not assist anyone to the treasure location, although those things have been offered as positive solutions. Excellent research materials are TTOTC, Google Earth, and/or a good map.fโ€

  33. I must say that FF is a genius. As in his art business that he entered as a novice, he taught himself to be the go to guy in western art. Now he has done what Bill Gates did to the software industry but in the tourist industry. He is personally responsible for selling more maps, more gas, more hotel rooms not to mention camping gear than any State promotions ever have. (my guess). Mr. Trump should give him a medal for his business savvy. If he received only a small percentage of these sales he could afford to bury a couple more chests and still come out smelling like roses. Kudos Mr. Fenn

  34. It’s kind of weird when people say I had a dream and then tell you something that has nothing to do with reality because it was just a dream. So based on that I had the weirdest dream last night and I will tell you about it lol. I have had many dreams about Chasing the Dream because I am obsessed with it but this one last night was not based on anything I had thought of before and after I woke up I couldn’t stop thinking about it, it was interesting.

    I was talking with Forrest about the treasure and he said the six stanzas represent six questions that have to be answered, who, what, why, where, when, and how, “that is why the WWWH thing is such a huge clue that needs to be figured out he said, don’t you get it, WWWH?”

    Then he said I will give you some big hints. Stanza 1 is Where? Stanza 2 is How? Stanza 3 is What? Stanza 4 is When? Stanza 5 is Why? Stanza 6 is Who? He wouldn’t tell me the answers to these questions but he said Stanza 1 is Where the treasure is. Stanza 2 is How to figure it out which is why Halt is an H and not a W but stands out like the missing D in knowlege. Stanza 3 is What you are looking for to get to the end. Stanza 4 is When, which is why the past tense, and the quickly, and quest to cease, and tarry scant, all time related. Stanza 5 is Why he did this whole crazy thing. Stanza 6 is Who, which is why it says me, your, you, I, you.

    Unfortunately that is all I got and it doesn’t help me at all now that I am back in reality but I still thought I would post it on the blogs for entertainment. It seemed to make so much sense in my dream and I was sure I had it all figured out but then when I woke up all the answers to these questions that were right there just slipped away.

    OK that is all, I am going to add some extra padding to the walls of my studio now and maybe hire Kendra to try and help me figure out the answers to these pressing questions…

      • I had a nightmare last night! I dreamed I was a dwarf from middle earth with big hairy feet! Very frightening! ๐Ÿ˜€

      • haha, i like that cheeky little squirrel, just chillin with the humans, munching on free nuts and shooting the breeze

        oh wait! ..groundhog day??

    • Whether it is a well studied semi-conscious discourse or a prophetic state of REM, I can’t argue with your summation. Have a little trouble with “What?” but it does set up the whole state-of-being wise enough to find the blaze. Thanks for sharing.

          • Oz,


            When you ask such an obvious question, I have to wonder if I am missing something or perhaps misunderstanding the question.

            “I” in the poem is ff…top-to-bottom (IMHO) of the poem. Unless, you subscribe to the possibility that “I” in paragraph #1 is a double entendre and we will never really know for sure unless the Chasesmith tell us, will we?

          • Yes, I subscribe. That is what I want to know, the double -entendre- as you put it, on the 1st stanza. Who else holds the -secret- to the blaze?

            I think is important to understand that piece of information.

          • I think that is safe to say “who” will not be telling us. Only the Chasesmith can write the final chapter of his autobiography. So, will it be someday soon, never, or upon opening the sealed jar? What do you think?

          • Oz10,
            It does seem that ” I ” in the first stanza might have a duel purpose… it may also be why there is a question later in the poem as to why fenn must go.

            Some may say… fenn is going to his final resting place. Sure, I see that. But why tell us earlier in the poem he already when there?

            It raise a few questions, doesn’t it.
            Two trips?
            Following in an other’s foot steps?
            Simply asking us why tired and weak has meaning?
            Could it be something else we have not thought of… or even all of the about?

            We’re missing something… that important possibility… not asking ourselves the right WhatIF so we might understand why, some have been on location, decipher the first two clues, walked by the remaining clues… and did not know.
            Double meaning, duel meaning, multiple meanings… something is missing.

          • Seeker,

            Could that be another reason why it must read ‘As I have gone…’ instead of As I’ve gone…, so it can be used interchangeably?

            That way we can (plug in) anything else there that could make sense with the rest of the stanza.

          • Seeker or Another FennExpert,
            Can you confirm that the commonly quoted, “..some have been on location, …decipher the first two clues, …walked by the remaining cluesโ€ฆ” is one of the most dated quotes around here (3-years mol). It seems like ff has been asked to – update – this claim several times and has declined.

            So IMHO, that confirms that a person or more has been within touching distance -since- those quotes were made and ff has no fair method to admit it and more likely no proof beyond a reasonable doubt motivating him to do so.

          • LMN,
            I can’t recall: “some have been on location” quote.
            No doubt some of the quotes are old.
            Figured, solved, deciphered, told.

    • Hi Mark, that was one vivid dream and thanks for sharing. I say some of those questions definitely need to be answered.

    • I wish I could have dreams about the Chase, but nothing yet for me so far; just a lot of waking up at 3:00 am and reluctantly getting out of bed because I can’t stop thinking about the Chase once I’m awake! ๐Ÿ™

      Anyways, here’s my take on how the stanzas break out in the manner you described, Mark:

      1. What
      2. Where
      3. Where
      4. How
      5. Who/Why
      6. What

      It’s somewhat of an oversimplified way of breaking down the poem into generalized chunks, but interesting to think about in that way.

      • I believe in each stanza and the book too there are hints (confirmations) of the nine clues. While the clues are found for me in the reading and understanding the poem in it’s entirety. Each clue is possibly understanding the whole poem in all its different colors and learning to focus on a single color at a time.


  35. Funny you brought this up…I mentioned this same thing a while back. Seemed to make sense then…but not so much now. Who what when where why….

  36. I was just thinking about the James Webb space telescope. Its this giant telescope they launched into space that they think will be able to see other universes. The reason being that its mirrors are coated in gold so it can better reflect infrared waves (warmth). To put in simple terms if one were to look through an infrared camera at their hand its reflection in a gold mirror would appear to be around 98 degrees whereas in an average silver mirror it appear to lose about 12 or so degrees. Therefore the gold mirror provides us to see things that ordinary mirrors do not. In this instance…..warmth.
    With that in mind I reread F’s poem on the cold reflection his bathroom mirror offers. Somehow I think he secretly knew that much of the problem was, physically and literally, the mirrors fault. Certainly this property would be quite distinct to a foundry guy. Made me reglance at the teachers with ropes chapter too.
    I don’t really know all of what I think about all that, but im confident in the mirror in the chest being way nicer to its finder than the one in F’s bathroom is to him. I hope he is too.

    • Jonsey,
      The one thing a mirror does is show the image as in the past.
      Not unlike the light/wave/image that the telescope captures is million of years in the past… in present day, those images are no longer the same.
      So I have wondered… are the mirrors talked about, reflecting the same thing in two different periods in time?
      “We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” – T. S. Eliot quotes …

        • LOL trick question huh?
          You standing in front of a mirror is present time, your reflection is your exact opposite in the past… even though, in this case, the past is only a minute amount of time.
          But think of this… IF you could be that reflection, are you looking into the future?

          • Didn’t mean to stump you. To measure the past can be tricky. Try putting it in decimal point. Where does it begin and where does it end? Where should the number one be placed after all the zeros? Once you try to place it, the time doesn’t exist. If I am the reflection, I am just an image of the real thing.

            Gosh Seeker, pass the Ibruprofenn. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • ‘Gosh Seeker, pass the Ibruprofenn.’

            Well played pdenver … you fulfilled my humor quota for the day! ๐Ÿ™‚

          • You would actually be looking into the past.
            All things that see are seeing waves from the past as a matter of fact.

          • Exactly Jake… not unlike another place in the in the universe looking at us in a telescope… they might see Dinos roaming.

            Is the main portion of the poem about a distant past ? bring us on a journey to the present [ at least to the day of the hiding ]. And why fenn was thinking down the road?

          • I’m not sure what you mean by “main portion” Seeker.
            As far as down the road goes, there is no turning back.
            We all are heading in the same direction.
            The future.
            But we really are stuck in the past when you think about it.

          • It doesn’t matter if you close your eyelids.
            I am looking at the inside of my eyelids & they are about an inch from where the waves are received.

            The time is immeasurable for us but logic dictates it’s the past.
            As long as there is space/distance there is a time pass & they are interwoven.

            We cannot have one without the other.
            That’s pure logic in our world.

          • “Current” time really doesn’t exist so the question is not valid.
            Time & space has intervened as usual.

          • I did not click on your link pdenver but thanks anyway.
            There are things you were taught, told or learned from others.
            There are things you learned yourself & there are things that you already knew for some reason. Maybe they are instincts.
            We are still animals.

          • yesterday is history
            tomorrow is a mystery
            but “now” is a gift

            ..that’s why it’s called “the present”

          • but isn’t ‘time’ simply an invented unit of measurement, like distance or weight?

            as opposed to having existed for millions of years and suddenly we became clever enough to realise it ..like air?

            i’m confused – oh well, time for a coffee
            (whoops ..was that a pun?)

          • Whatever time is….I find it interesting that its a warmer story when viewed in a gold mirror vs. the cold reflection his silver one offered him. I wonder why he doesn’t just buy a gold mirror to improve his bathing time.

          • I have always viewed the mirror as direction. If a person is facing north looking into a mirror…the mirror is looking south.

      • what!? ..no takers on the Trappist-1 discussion?

        ( ..where are ya when i need ya Zap – tsk tsk ๐Ÿ™ )

        • Thank you for the great link, curious hobbit. There is so much in space yet to be known. Exciting discoveries to be made.

  37. I think this vivd dream stuff is popular with the chase ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve had them myself, VERY detailed, it was as if someone was waking me up and getting me past hurdles in my solve.

    I started the chase in 2014 and took almost a year off after having the usual “newbie” solves that failed, and I decided to come back last summer and this time only use the poem! No more scrapbooks, weekly words, blogs, nothing but TTOTC, Poem, and maps.

    The following is an interesting chain of events that began in August.

    Back in July of last year I got back into the chase. In August I won a contest that Jenny had on her FB page. There was no prize for the contest, but she had just posted it and within seconds I had the answer. As a prize, she sent me an object that Forrest himself dug up in San Lazaro along with a piece of paper so I can prove it belonged to Forrest. She sent it to me via mail and it came a few weeks later, it sits next to me by my computer.

    For the first few weeks in September I was having VERY vivid dreams of the chase, including talking with Forrest and even some people who have passed away that knew Forrest. It was very strange, it never happened before. Almost every night I would go to sleep with a hurdle in my solve, within an hour or two I would wake up in cold sweats with a rock solid solution to my hurdle! These were not clue answers, just hurdles I had while working on the clues and the poem. I would find an answer, but the answer was never close to 99% and seemed like a stretch, so I would sleep on it. Bam, 2 hours later I had a real solution that after I turned on my computer, I was able to easily verify.

    Now I never experienced stuff like this, so I started emailing Forrest almost every night telling him what happened. He never replied to the emails that were chase related, but he did reply to something not chase related and told me to be careful not sleeping (so I knew he must have seen the previous emails). Eventually I had a complete solve right down to a small area (50 square feet), I booked a plane and went the beginning of October. This was around the same time he posted the new chest picture (the open chest) and talked about the mirrors and 300 year old repeater watches. I was 99.99% sure.

    Of course I went there, everything verified except I did not see what I expected at the final spot (and no chest, but something else was wrong too). I came home, told FF I failed, LOL. Anyway, I discovered that I had made a huge error and not accouted for magnetic deviation. I could not go back last year, it will have to wait until next year.

    This solve is near the Wind River Reservation and begins in Lander. I will be back there, will also be meeting a few people who live and work there.

    Will I find the chest? Who knows… The dreams have stopped, but I never had something like that happen. The item Forrest dug up was moved into my office by my wife. LOL

    • Wy—-

      That is really strange. I started the chase end of last July and have had a “solve” that starts and ends near the very same places. I have never left Wyoming— I do believe the chest is there. Good luck in your search!

    • Thanks for sharing, Wy!

      I’m intrigued by how the dreams suddenly came to you all at once, after you had already been involved with the Chase for a couple of years. Perhaps Forrest concealed a tiny speaker in the prize that Jenny sent you that emits suggestions too quiet to be detected by the conscious human ear! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      I checked out your search area location on GoogleEarth just now and it looks like an interesting area with some good hiking opportunities, and I wish you good luck when you head back out there.

      I also noticed something odd that I have not noticed on GE before: In satellite view, some of the mountains west of Lander appear to have certain portions shaded with a blue or yellow coloring. Is this a graphic overlay that GE uses to represent something? Or is this some sort of graphic flaw in the satellite imaging?

  38. and three of the seven earth-size planets are in the ‘Goldilocks’ zone – that’s a lot

    ..jus saying

    • wow! coincidentally, yes they are Jonesy!

      one king is called Pappa bear, and on the second planet Mama Bear rules and then ..oh wait, you were just teasing weren’t you.. (?)

      – oh, never mind!

  39. I’ve been searching for arrowheads. Since FF said that his interest in collecting and archaeology began when he was out with his father, and he found an arrowhead. I thought that maybe our search could involve finding an arrowhead somewhere too. A couple of days ago I found a natural arch on the Cumbres & Toltec Railroad that was shaped like an arrowhead. Today I found one that is near a place called Temple, and another place called Brown.

    Arrowhead Lake, Wyoming
    41.390058, -106.278076


    Arrowhead Lake is a Lake in Sublette County, Wyoming.
    It has an elevation of 3,178 meters, or 10,427 feet.
    23.6 miles from Fort Washakie, in Sublette County, near
    Temple Creek Summer Home Area, WY.
    Also nearby is East Temple Peak 42.70970ยฐN / 109.157ยฐW
    DO NOT CLIMB, Elevation: 12620 ft

    It is North of Browns Peak 41.3737ยฐN, 106.2837ยฐW

    The general area is north of the Colorado/Wyoming border
    North of Fort Collins.

    • ..as i was searching Wyoming, around the area of Browns Mountain and Wood River, i happened upon a ranch called Double Dee

      ummm… ‘no place for the meek’?

      (uh-oh ๐Ÿ™‚ )

      • Best be careful CH,

        That may be JDA’s territory. ๐Ÿ™‚

        Are you possibly referring to an American comedian using the term “Dee Dee Dee” to refer to a “not so smart person”?

        Oh, never mind … that was a Triple D… Carlos Mencia, American comedian…

      • well Fennatical, i can’t honestly vouch for what bra-size JDA wears.. ๐Ÿ™‚

        ..but in my country, a ‘double D’ means[BANNED!]

      • thanks for the link locolobo – an interesting read

        you’re sorta like the Encyclopedia of HOD, imho
        …more-so than Seeker even ๐Ÿ™‚


        • what?! ..there are ‘adults’ lurking? ..where??

          [note to self: quickly hide from those darn pesky ‘know-it-all’ adults]

      • whoops, sorry Michael – i had originally posted in the ‘main lobby’ but it was posted under you comment for some reason(?) I had read your post and found it very interesting – great pics too ..esp Arrowhead lake

        ..and yes, where-ever i go, there always seems to be a fire not far behind – it’s a mystery ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. Just curious to know if anyone else in Fenn land is looking in Glacier National Park, Montana like I am?
    I believe the chest is there and that is a reason it has not yet been located as it does not get a mention in the books.
    There are plenty of big pointers towards GNP, mainly the blaze.

    • John R,

      I looked at Glacier National Park briefly… It looked interesting at first. A gorgeous place, but unfortunately, it was 95% below 5000 ft in elevation.

      The few few spots that I found above 5000 ft., weren’t readily accessible by an 80 year old carrying a heavy load.

      Just a thought offered as potential help.

    • John R, You are one of the few searching there.

      Your comment: “I believe the chest is there and that is a reason it has not yet been located as it does not get a mention in the books.”

      Possible, but there are subtle hints in the book(s) to help the 9 clues in the poem.

      How subtle is subtle & how sidetracked do we get to know we are out of the subtle field?

      Did like some areas there but the roads & trails seem to be far & few between when it comes to what I was looking for.

      Something closer to home or better.

    • John R, here’s a few [GNP vs. ff stories] coinkydinks

      .U shaped valleys/ gorges carved by glaciers
      .The ‘going to the sun road’
      .the weeping wall, which came about as a result of building the highway
      .the fire lookout “Brown”

      .the ‘bootshaped’ isthmus (think Monopoly piece} sitting between lake Josephine and Swiftcurrent lake, is interesting because of the trail which connects the 2 boat docks, and a fair portion of that isle lies above 5,000 ft

      .The Waterton Peace park

      You could say that elevation alone in GNP is immensely helpful in narrowing down where Fenn could have left the TC.

      …There’s an interesting ‘counter story’ in Fenn’ s
      orig website, where someone writes about ‘being-on-the-bubble’ flying a T-33….it’s the last article on the page – called “High Flight by Roger Pile”


      IMO, reading is your friend, read thru all of his website http://www.oldsantafetradingco.com/resources/

      • Thanks Nine Clues.
        My area in GNP is interesting. The blaze is carved into the side of a mountain. Looking on Google maps it is about 500 feet high, hard to miss, but only if you know the shape to look for.
        Which state are you searching, if you want to tell me.

      • Thanks nine clues , I liked the boot at Josephine and Swift current lakes. Friends always wondered why I got the most deer and caught the most fish . They hunted and fished where the most sign was, I just went to where they were its much easier that way. Being hungry helped to it improves success. Sometimes you still go hungry. Speaking of boots check out the one near where I live, state line border.

  41. I think this is the most appropriate page for this general question.
    So…..we or someone else finds what they consider a ‘perfect’ WWWH. It is so ‘perfect’ that it HAS to be the WWWH that Forrest is referring to.
    But….if that WWWH is given to 10 different people, how can we then have 10 different ‘perfect’ solves? Because that is what will happen. Each of those people will go upstream far enough or follow that trail or road far enough until they come across something that matches up perfectly to what they think the next clue is. Then they will go due south or follow that next trail or whatever until they come across something else that matches up perfectly to what they think the next clue is. And on and on until they have the ‘perfect’ solve. And with that ‘perfect’ solve, how can they or anyone go to that area or spot on the map to where they now ‘know’ the TC is located and do it with all confidence (as Forrest has stated) ? Remember, there are others who started at the same spot and logically ended at other locations.
    What is wrong with the way we are approaching the correct way to perfectly solve this poem the correct way as Forrest intended?
    I would venture to say that anyone here could post their ‘perfect’ WWWH (that they found on any map) on the blog and within a week, there would be at least 10 ‘perfect’ solutions. And I’m not saying we don’t need a good map to correctly solve this. Mine? I’ve already posted it. In fact, I had Dal post my entire solve last year. I had him post it by Anonymous. Obviously, my ‘perfect’ WWWH was completely wrong.
    My question is: How can we possibly look at this from a different angle or perspective in order to start us off differently? Just food for thought….

    • KevinP,
      Your question can be answered by Seeker.
      He has offered many different perspectives in the not so hunt for the treasure but more theory.
      It’s not a treasure hunt.

    • If I had the answer[s], I wouldn’t be yappin about it. All we have are theories… Jake just likes the one and only, I hope its the right theory.

      KevinP. Forget theories. What are we really doing? One of the original thoughts was to get out and explore…
      I don’t think this as a treasure hunt, as much as, being taken on a journey.

      Many have taken trips by looking for the treasure… I suggested that we might be looking at something altogether different [ a journey ]. Don’t expect many to jump into this conversation… the linear and literal have made up their minds to make this “chase” a cache hunt

      • Seeker, so that’s one of the original thoughts…what’s some more of the original thoughts?

        • fundamentaldesign,
          It’s about how the poem is read to produce different theories.
          The directional point to point [ or stomping out clues ].
          Another reading or theory is that all the clues are within a small area [ lets say 500′ ]
          Another thought is, that the first couple clues are at one location and they “tell” where the chest lays in wait… in another location [ this theory is a bit tricky – as to the remaining clues are answered on location to line up with the poem ].
          One theory is about a journey of another and fenn is basically repeating that journey to his spot.
          Yet another is, a journey through time… a description of geography over time.
          Yet another is, that all the information is in the poem, however, If read as a glossary [ for lack of a better term ] the answers will be in the manual [ book ]… this theory would need more explanation. But to quickly elaborate, The poem tells what is needed to be know, the book gives us the information on how to find the answers… the problem with this theory is, it can lead to the kitchen sink solve.

          Why do I think it’s important to look at different interpretations of reading the poem?
          If a reader picks just one way of deciphering and it happens to not be the intended way of the author… they simply repeat the same mistakes over and over again.
          There are 6 or 7 different ways I can read the poem… some of which have slightly different variations.
          The stomping method simply changes places by hoping the reader has the correct location… but the method of reading the poem never changes… all it is, is rinse and repeat. That to me is a dart throwing contest.

        • Oh! those theories line up with the other original thoughts.
          To be the final resting place. {reading the poem as death}
          To take the journey of the poem. {“follow” or follow the instructions}
          To challenge ones mind while discovering new things, other than, sitting in front of the boob tube. { Using logic, imagination, observation and thinking }

      • Seeker: “Jake just likes the one and only, I hope its the right theory.”

        Why would you hope it’s the right theory?
        Because it’s simple & straightforward?
        I have looked at some of the other theories & contemplated them.
        Some I can’t grasp for F to have done.
        I’ll stick with the stomping from point to point on a map & on the ground any day over thinking. If F was into quantum physics or a mathematician then I would blend with those. But as I see him as a complicated man I also see he likes simplicity & nature.

        • Jake ~ “Iโ€™ll stick with the stomping from point to point on a map & on the ground any day over thinking.” LOL a couple years after hiding the chest and fenn says use maps and now ya’ll think this was the magical answer/comment you were waiting for.

          Fenn ~”It’s not a matter of trying, it’s a matter of ***thinking. Sure I mean, people have figured the first couple of clues and unfortunately walked pass the treasure…”
          Fenn ~โ€œThe person that finds it, is going to be a person who ***thinks and ***plans and has an ***analytical mind and uses logic, not someone who has a hunch.โ€
          Fenn ~”…Whoever finds the treasure will mostly earn it with
          ***their imagination. I have done only a few things in my life that were ***truly planned. Hiding the treasure chest is one of them.”
          Fenn ~ “Craig, there is no substitute for ***thinking and ***planning and ***observing and looking at maps, unless itโ€™s the desire to keep it simple.f ”

          Don’t listen to me, I have no clue. But why don’t you listen to the guy who started it all?

          What are we to think about? I mean, folks have been at and figured out the first two clues and walked away like zombies.

          What is it we are to plan for?
          tupperware our sandwich?

          What are we to observe?
          Fenn already mentioned looking at maps… is he being redundant?

          Where does imagination help if we should be certain beforehand?

          Why do we need to be analytical/methodical in mind, if all we have to do is, simply follow the yellow brick road?

          LOL, sure Jake, do what ya doing… I’m sure you’ll stumble across the chest some day.

          • OK, Let me think about what you said & I will get back to you, someday.
            I would like others to comment at this time.

          • I hope other jump in… however, I’m not saying anything other than repeating what fenn tells us.

          • Seeker: “LOL, sure Jake, do what ya doingโ€ฆ”

            I’m glad I made you laugh even though it was at me & not with me.
            It’s a very healthy ingredient no matter how it happens & I’m fine with that.

            My suggestion is to answer ones question posed which you avoid most of the time & you pose many questions in your reply which just gets confusing.
            I think you may want to post your individual theories, one at a time here & let folks pick them apart one at a time instead of cramming & jamming.

          • Been there done that Jake.
            Over a few years I’ve posted topics and theories some of which are; Multiple Meanings, 10,000 years down the road, From the mind of an abstract thinker, Unpopular Solve etc. Some have had 100’s pages of discussions, others having close to 800 comments in responses…

            Where’s yours? You said, if I recall correctly you been on the chase as long as myself… how about writing up a commentary so I can have some fun with it… I mean, so all of us can chat and have discussions about it?

          • Seeker: “You said, if I recall correctly you been on the chase as long as myself”

            Never said anything close to that.
            You got the wrong person.

            Doesn’t matter anyway. You just keep doing what you’re doing & you will be fine.

          • Seeker,
            I know you have done that & been there a few times.
            Was thinking about the 7 or so theories you have & you don’t have that many posts, maybe because you don’t have confidence in the ones you didn’t post.

            As far as me sending a post to Dal, I have already spilled my guts here & most that have been around here for a year or 2 know that my theory is simple but yet complicated.

            You know, WWWH is where a very hot spring pours into a cold river & creates a warm bathing area. A canyon is a canyon. Creek is a creek. Water is H2O, etc….

            Heck, I even commented where I think the clues are on a map.

            Many multiple theories may be good for beginners but it just seems like over thinking & making things more complicated than they really are.
            Straightforward, no subterfuge again. No trick.

          • Nice end run to my comment Jake… You said;
            “I think you may want to post your individual theories, one at a time here & let folks pick them apart one at a time instead of cramming & jamming.”

            I have… where’s yours?
            And which “question” are you referring to? Ask away, but make sure you can handle the answer…

          • Seeker: “And which โ€œquestionโ€ are you referring to? Ask away, but make sure you can handle the answerโ€ฆ”

            I can always handle the answer, that’s not a problem. It’s whether or not the answer is even valid or called for, or can even understand it.

            I was just pecking at you when I asked you one question & you did not answer & came back with a half dozen questions for me that didn’t have anything to do with the Q I had asked you, which was a simple Q.

            I’m not going to ask you again seeing you just didn’t get it.
            Time to learn & move on.
            I forgot what the Q was anyway.

          • Jake,
            4 paragraphs to say you won’t ask the question again…? wouldn’t it been easier just to ask. No problems… probably not important anyways.

            Now you want me to unload all my readings in full but you don’t want to bother lining up yours for execution… Hypocritical, but I understand. No one wants a few hundred people dissecting their one and only correct, in their minds, solve with logical replies to the opposite.

            You still diving for the chest?

            Oh and as far as Straightforward, no subterfuge again. No trick… All I see in what you have offered in your theory is guess work… even if wwwh is a hot spring, it’s still a dart throw to which one. So why don’t you tell us all how you got the one and only correct one? I mean, at this point what does it matter… folks have been there, right? explain this brilliant deduction…in full.

            PS. It’s up to Dal, but I did ask for a thread on a theory of reading the poem… I’ll leave it up to him if it’s worthy of the space. I’m sure he has many others he would like to post long before mine.

          • 4 paragraphs to illustrate how you answer a Q at times.
            If you don’t have an answer to the Q posed, then don’t answer as most do.

            I have been on both sides of the execution many times.
            It doesn’t have to be a post for it to be scrutinized by hundreds when it is typed here. Comments have the same effect.

            We are all hypocrites whether we like it or not.

            Guess work?
            I am just following what F said many times over. No dart throwing here.
            You just seem to be grabbing a handful of darts (theories) and throwing them at the wall without picking any specific dart or place to fling them.

            Maybe WWWH is here:
            โ€œSometimes I stayed in that place for two hours or more and when I decided it was time to leave Iโ€™d back a couple of feet downstream where the water was cold. That gave me instant incentive to climb out and sun dry in the tall grass that populated the river bank.โ€

            “where the water was cold.”


          • Here’s another tidbit from his book that relates to “far”.
            When I say his book, I mean his books of life.

            “I made that bike ride more than a few times, even though it was somewhat arduous to pedal that far at only one manpower. But it was always worth the effort.”

            I guess it was too far to walk….

            Funny though, in the poem you’re heading the other way.

            I know you don’t have the books anymore as I don’t but you can still get some hints here:

            Have fun taking a bath.

          • Jake,
            I had to double check with others… but the story of river bathing apparently is not in the first book. To rely on a story told after the fact is a bit of a guess… don’t ya think??
            Why in the world would fenn take 20 plus years to finalize this challenge, only to add a critical ‘hint’ on a web page [ after the fact ] and years later place it in another book. How would we even know about it at the start…
            In the book,TTOTC, fenn stated โ€œ and like Eric Sloane at almost eighty, I figured it was time to act. So I wrote a poem… This seems’ to imply fenn knew he was up there in years and wanted to get the challenge rolling. Another words fenn, could be standing on that proverbial street corner… and we would know nothing, other than what was in the TOTC.
            Just like all the first readers/searcher from the beginning.

          • I am not sure why – River Bathing is Best – did not make the cut for TTOTC.
            I would be willing to bet this story existed well before TTOTC.
            He has stated there are hints in the books & I believe all the stories on his website are in the books so they are one in the same.

            If you look at the earliest comment on that page – RBiB – you will see Aug 2nd 2011.
            tftw was published a couple years later.

            I am not sure when this was published:

            “This seemsโ€™ to imply fenn knew he was up there in years and wanted to get the challenge rolling.”

            And has been giving hints out since the beginning to shrink the area.

        • Jake;
          I am sure that that sentence did not come out the way that you meant it:” Iโ€™ll stick with the stomping from point to point on a map & on the ground any day over thinking”

          I am very sure that you do not just go stomping over maps or in the woods without thinking. You have read the poem, and what you read points you in a particular direction. You then put one foot in front of the other (either on the map on on Mother Earth) and this takes you from point “A” to point “B”…and then you think about the next clue…whatever you perceive the next clue to be.

          You do as Seeker says, you think and analyze etc.

          I am not trying to put words in your mouth, I just know that you are a logical thinking and analytical person.

          TRUE, you are guided by simplicity and straight-forwardness, and you veer away from over-complicating the poem, but you are also rational and analytical.

          Just my humble opinion. JDA

          • Thanks for the kind words JDA,
            The 2 main words in my comment were “over thinking”.
            That’s what Seeker & many do IMO>

            BTW, Your chance to find it is just as slim as everyone else & your odds are not good, but bad.

          • Jake ~ “The 2 main words in my comment were โ€œover thinkingโ€.
            Thatโ€™s what Seeker & many do IMO>”

            I like to call it “checks and balances” not unlike my post to you [above] about the river bathing story…

            Your simple thought process doesn’t appear to think about what information is ‘actually usable’ vs. ‘helpful to make one think’

          • Seeker: “I like to call it โ€œchecks and balancesโ€ not unlike my post to you [above] about the river bathing story”

            You are writing a lot of checks (theories) but you are not taking them to the bank.

            JDA, Hma, IW, Zap & others are all writing checks as well & at least they will take them to the bank to see them bounce.

            I will take those who venture to the bank before those that just think about it.

            I don’t think at all…

          • Jake –

            “JDA, Hma, IW, Zap & others are all writing checks as well & at least they will take them to the bank to see them bounce.”

            Is it too far out there to consider that one of the searchers on your list might actually make a deposit this year? I think it’s possible and probable. Of course that prediction is made every year so maybe the chase will continue. Thoughts?

          • I think all you guys are writing checks you can’t cash.
            You guys have a lot of ink in the pen & lots of paper but no bronze.

            I give you & Zap credit though.
            I think your in the right state but maybe not the right location.

            You guys are very secretive of your location unlike me.
            I have laid it all out here a few times right down to the pit.

            It’s tough to know whether your location is within the specs when you just boast about what you think you know without giving any info about the geo.

          • Jake,

            Forgive me for asking. Sometimes it’s hard for me to remember who said what, so please correct me if I am wrong. But was it you who made the remark about how ready you were to go trout fishing not to long ago?


          • Wasn’t me mthead.
            I just suggested one to go fishing.

            There is someone here that keeps saying he is going trout fishing.
            I just ignore it.

            I do think fishing has something to do with the chase though.
            How could you not?

          • Thanks. Sorry to bother again. You said you have told everyone what state your looking in and even right down to the pit. I missed that. Would you mind reiterating a bit. Not entirely of course, but I think I may see as you see.


          • No Bother,
            I will save you some time to dig but eventually you will have to search in the past here to see what dumb & smart things we have done.

            The Treasure State.

            I see faces in the gorge.

          • Thanks mthead, That place really freaked me out.
            There were faces in the rocks all over the place in Taylor Canyon.
            Many caves, crevices, pools & the falls were more like cascades & I searched there in June & Sept.

            Took 1 hr to hike 2 miles then 2hrs to hike a half mile up the creek.
            Way too time consuming & treacherous. Would have taken F a whole day for 2 trips. Taylor Falls is off my list & looking into Tepee Creek, Sage Creek & a creek above Big Sky Montana.

          • Jake – 2017 may prove to be the year of many things. Time will tell. I hear that IW will be searching in 14-15 day from now. Maybe he will end it all with his search. If he doesn’t then the TTOTC continues.

          • Jake –

            “I got the notice from IW.
            He is a feisty fellow.
            If he finds it within a month, I will eat my hat.
            What will you eat?”

            I like KC strip medium with a baked potato on the side. A twice baked potato might be nice as well. Possibly another side dish along with a good drink. Maybe a Bourbon Sidecar.

            I’ll have to think about dessert. Are you buying this meal? If you are I will be ready to place the order. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • See Hma, that’s part of the problem.
            You are too finicky when it comes to eating & set in your own ways.

            You want what you want & that is not gonna happen because of such thinking.

            I consider you a dead duck ready for the pluck.

          • Jake – I could have requested that you fly my to New York and ordered a meal that cost you several hundred $$$’s. I’m not the uppity type.

            If the treasure chest is found this year, you owe me one hard biscuit and a case of Graph Hehi soda. If you find the treasure chest this year I will reciprocate. That means the same.

          • Lets make a bet where the winner pays.
            If you find the chest you have to give me a gold nugget seeing there are hundreds in there & I will do the same if I find it.
            The loser(s) will have to create a short video of defeat & acknowledge the winner & publish it online.

          • Jake –

            “Lets make a bet where the winner pays.
            If you find the chest you have to give me a gold nugget seeing there are hundreds in there & I will do the same if I find it.
            The loser(s) will have to create a short video of defeat & acknowledge the winner & publish it online.”

            That deal would work with someone show doesn’t mind the world knowing they found the chest. I would rather choose to be anon if I found the chest. Other than Forrest and Uncle Sam that is.

    • KevinP, I think what most get confused about is that they are looking for clues instead of solving the poem. A lot do what you are saying, finding a supposed WWWH as they see it. It fits so it must be. They should be putting the energy into finding a way to “solve the poem”. Nobody can define what f sees as a hint or clue, but they keep trying to “guess” at what he may think one is.

      The only positive way to know what a clue is is when you are holding the chest. You may be able to solve the clues, but until you’ve actually gone out and found the chest, you cannot know for sure. So, it’s not the clues that will give you the confidence, it’s solving the poem in such a confident way that you go out and find the chest. Then, you can look back and see what f considered a clue. He hints at that by saying (paraphrasing) the only important clue is the last, or, when done (with poem) he looked back and noticed 9 clues, or, why would I care WWWH is if I knew where the home of Brown was.

      The only thing everyone should be doing is finding a way to solve the poem in a way so as to tell themselves, “I’m confident I can find the chest”. There will be no looking around the area, or turning over all the rocks they find, it will be in a small, 1′ square area, or as small as the chest is. Like him, you could WALK right up to it.

      I have a great solve, I know WWWH, the canyon, the blaze, shadows, everything you need to know, and totally confident, everything really fits. But I cannot say 100% what f means as a clue. Even with alllll the info pointing to one spot, I cannot say I know what a clue is until I find the chest. And neither can anyone else. We know WWWH is a clue, but why, or what it is, we just don’t know. And will never know until someone has solved the poem and has the chest. Point being, for now put the maps down, keep going over the poem and find a way to solve it. When done, then look at maps and such. The next posted solve should start, this is how I see the poem and solved it, not, I started at this certain spot because I researched it and found WWWH and there is a canyon near by.

      • Charlie;
        If you do not know what a clue is – “You haven’t a clue” about how to solve the 9 clues that are in the poem. Just my humble opinion.

        Time is getting short, but I am confident that I will NOT be shipping you a case of beer….or the money for a case of beer. I will let you know by the 5th of April, and NO, it will not be an “April Fools Joke”. JDA

        • Speaking of fools, just kidding. Now JDA, how can you tell anybody what a clue is when you don’t even know if you have the right one? How can you know what the blaze is ? Has f written to you saying, JDA, this is what I perceive as being a clue and this would be a hint?

          There is this thing called reading peoples minds that people cannot do. Even you. It’s kind of a bummer thinking your solve centers around what you THINK is a clue. I expected more competition for the grape soda.

          The poem reveals a spot, I see 9 clues while I follow that path to that spot. The thing is, I feel I have a good solve as far as solving the poem goes. I really don’t care about clues 1-8, so I guess I really don’t care about the clues, except for the last one. And, I don’t really care about that one, the poem has given me the spot. Could I find the treasure if I did not know the first say 7 clues? Yes…
          Could I find the treasure without the 9th clue? No…

          I hope you have a clue where to buy NeHi grape soda. I would hate to have to find that for you too.

          • That’s right, our bet was for a case of grape Nehi. I have another bet for beer/booze – sorry. For me, without knowing what the clues are, I could have no confidence in going to the EXACT spot I KNOW the Treasure is. Soon, I will KNOW!!! JDA

          • JDA – Have fun on your next search trip. Please report back and let us know how it pans out. Looks like winter will be late in leaving the Rockies so play it safe.

      • Charlie, I generally agree with you. But my solve
        method (which apparently worked for me) involved
        alternating between the poem and a “tentative”
        solution for each clue, in turn. The entire poem, IMO, doesn’t point a perfect solver to a small area (approx. the size of the chest). The final detailed search area is only defined down to an area that is about 50 or 60 feet wide and perhaps 100 ft. “tall”. But even this area should be able to be searched
        in excruciating detail in a couple of hours. I suggest that a searcher with a PERFECT solve start hiking early in the day. P.S. Forrest has NO IDEA who
        he’s dealing with! (he underestimated at least one

        • I recommend for any searcher starting early in the day (especially if it is in grizzly country) to be well aware of your surroundings and be alert for bears. Bears are most active in the early morning and early evening…

          • Thanks, Jim! That’s important info!

            I’ll add some more: Don’t hike alone
            in bear country!

          • Sam;
            Google is a wonderful tool. Here is what I found in two seconds:
            Depending on snowfall, temperature, and food supply, bears get ready for winter hibernation in late November. The denning period in Yellowstone National Park is approximately 5 months. Grizzly bears and black bears generally do not eat, drink, defecate, or urinate during hibernation.

            November + 5 months = April/May JDA

          • They sleep til noon but before it’s dark they literally have every pic-a-nic basket in Yellowstone park.

          • We had our first black bear sighting in Durango yesterday. They’re awake with nothing much to eat yet. Too warm, too soon.

    • KevinP,

      Forrest has left little doubt that nailing down the first clue is “critical.” Since there is an indeterminate number (certainly a large number) of places in the Rocky Mountains that can reasonably be interpreted by searchers to be WWWH, it seems logical that Forrest would have designed into his blueprint one or more solid hints to help solve the critical first clue. I believe that he did just that. I believe those hints are found in TTOTC and, further, that the poem helps a searcher to find them within TTOTC.

      I don’t know any details of the solve you posted anonymously, but can you be certain your WWWH was completely wrong? Is it possible your WWWH was correct, but then you missed on one of the subsequent clues? Forrest has said that “…certainly more than several” people have “…identified the first clue correctly and we know that at least some have “…correctly mentioned the first two clues to me in an email and then they went right past the other seven, not knowing that they had been so close.”

      Forrest also has said the clues get progressively easier after the first clue but, in my opinion, they still require a lot of thought and observation. Not sure if you’ve run across this with any of your solutions to any of the clues but, in my opinion, a good solution to each of the clues will ring true on multiple levels or in multiple ways (at least two, but sometimes more). In other words, Forrest put a lot of thought into designing the wording of each clue and so I think they have “depth.”

      Don’t know if that’s helpful, but food for thought…

      (At the Top)

  42. I was reading old posts on Jenny’s site. Fenn said: “You will like the top two treasures in the chest.f” and “…there is one thing in the chest that I have not talked about except to say I donโ€™t want to talk about it. It is something saved especially for the person who solves the clues. I think that person will be pleased when she sees it.f” (she?)
    I can’t help but wonder what these treasures could be and if the two posts are referring to the same item(s). Any ideas?

    • That has always been my question to that comment. How does he know that a “she” will find it?

          • Some suggested that he said ‘she’ because it’s something that a lady would like. As in diamond (earrings) or a necklace??

          • I think she is someone close to the finder. I would hope we all have a close female companion one way or another.
            For me, it’s my mom.

          • Windy City, I believe the sentence, ‘I think that person will be pleased when she sees it. f,’ could be read in different ways. Whom is “that person”? Does he speak of one or two people? Could it have been during a time by saying it, that all the women during the search may have thought it was them that was close? It truly is a fun statement he made.

      • Windy – If you solve the poem the answer to your question will become apparent. You will also be able to make sense of many of the other odd replies and answers f has given over the years. I used to have the same thoughts as many of you do regarding the statement above and about many other things but I no longer have to worry. The answers I already know.

    • randawg,

      I always liked that quote and I believe, as with many things Forrest says, he is actually telling us what to look for. Let me bend it a bit first. You and Will. (like) The top two treasures in the chest. I’ll explain my thinking and why.

      We all know what a will is. That part explains itself really. There is another quote by Forrest in an interview that he says ” If a person will think…” Will think, think will. That interests me.

      But I’ll get to the you. One of my favorite discoveries was when, instead of looking up definitions, I looked up pronunciations. Check this out. It’s the pronunciation of the word wood.


      If you look at this part here from the page listed above /wสŠd/ and you literally flip the word over so the d becomes a p. Tell me how you would say that word. ” If you are brave and in the _____ ” Huh. There’s the you. At least one of the ones I’ve used during my search.

      Anyways, just a thought.

  43. From SB31: “I put the [Genna] $1,000 bill and two $500 bills in the treasure chest originally but after thinking about it I took them out because I didnโ€™t know how moisture would effect them over a long period of time. I wish now I had left them in the chest. You can file this information under Misc in your trash can. f”
    I’m not greedy, but maybe there’s a nice laminated cashier’s check? ๐Ÿ˜€

  44. Kevin,

    Here a piece of the pie maybe?
    Imagine there is no location listed in the poem. Now imagine the poem is constucted with only little words and larger words made also with little words like Below=be low. Now imagine the point of the poem is to identify specific other little words not found in the poem when viewed normally. With only little words and idioms to go on a personal story can take shape in a readers minds eye and seem to confirm to any solve. You mentioned logic as you may know with congruent and incongruent conflations of little words and idioms people will convince themeselves two separate ideas are one. This can be dangerous and deadly as people can convince themselves to abandon common sense taking unnessary risks while risking life and limb for the treasure. I think I will write dal about this as I think this Idea deserves a larger discussion. There also seems to be artifice present leading many to think they have a real solution when they seem to be overreaching. With only little words and idioms there does not appear to me to be any actual confirmation. This is beautiful and smart since every location will seem to fit right? But now maybe we only got the keys or hints to authenticate the true location if we find WWWH. Now imagine this is the first clue.


  45. Randawg

    I thought on this:

    First clue: maybe bring an ID to sign Lease? Then ownership is not an issue since it’s on your leased land?

    Second clue: Sat phone? Call him up and say thanks and arrange bracelet transfer if your into giving back?
    Second clue: bottle of rye or gin? Treasure is wet right?
    Second clue:non disclosure agreement? To keep chase going?

    Maybe he meant for things not 2 things?

    • I had never thought of that Lofty. He did say: “if there’s a legal question yeah, …what if there’s not a legal question?”f.

      What if Mr Fenn secretly owns the land where the treasure rests? He seems unconcerned when asked about legalities and he certainly has the means to buy property. Fenn is meticulous in his planning. Can you think of a better way to assure that the finder wouldn’t have any legal headaches about ownership?

      (Wow, what if the secret bonus in the chest isn’t just title to the gold, but ‘title’ to the land!!)

      • @randawg: sounds good, who will be paying the property taxes after the fact? Okay, unrecorded trust deeds etc. but still….a loose end and remember, “….thought of everything” stick with B.L.M. land locked private property that appears to have no easements except for a short hike up a creek….IMO! I’m wondering who made the coon skin cap?

        • Whoever I sell the land to of course. ๐Ÿ˜€
          Interesting take. Please be careful on your hike.

  46. Can anyone tell me what year and maybe month the poem was first published, either in the book or online? I cant find the answer. It is important to my solve of WWWH.
    Thanks in advance.

  47. Riddle me this….
    F said something to the effect of he designed the poem not to be solved for hundreds or thousands of years.

    He also said the clues in the poem could lead the average person to the treasure (paraphrasing again)

    Now what I can’t wrap my mind around is why someone so far in the future would. Be more likely to solve it than someone now. Like how would one go about designing something to set to unfold farther ahead in time?

    One guess of mine would be that as an archaeologist he knows things that are predicted to occur and maybe based some clues on that/those events?

    Or as language changes/adapts it becomes easier to solve for those that DON’T understand the word meanings?

    I don’t know….those are bad examples but I swear Im trying to find an answer. Like what sort of changes MIGHT the passage of time cause to the alter the way people in 10,000 years will view the poems context vs. how we see it now, without changing the poem itself? Maybe there’s something there….even though that last sentence made me brain hurt to even write. Ouch.

    • Jonsey1;

      I too have contemplated this.

      I am going to take a real stab in the dark. I have stayed away from the argument that the treasure is buried, but, just for the sake of argument, let’s say that it IS buried.

      Over time, erosion will occur. Over time, what was buried will become exposed. Where-as a searcher today, following the clues, might come to the EXACT location, and not find it because they were not aware that it was buried…someone 1,000 or 10,000 years from now will come to the same EXACT location, and voila, there it will be!

      I know that this is “Way out there”, but it makes sense to me, even IF, I am not sure that it is buried. JDA

      • JDA
        I’VE LISTENED TO ENOUGH ABOUT THE TC BEING BURIED. IF EVERYONE WOULD JUST HEAR FORREST WHEN HE SPEAKS. FORREST has said that he could see anyone getting in with 12 feet of the TC and not find it.
        Stop guessing and pay attention to ” everything” that Forrest says. He has told everyone just what they need. Yes time will tell, but never mind, I will keep this under my hat but if I can’t go searching I will release my solve to the searchers. Believe me, I want to go but my wife has pneumonia and it is not getting better. I believe she’ll end up in the hospital for some time. I have missed being on the blog so much but family before all else….
        Best of luck to all fenners, be safe

        • Timothy;

          Why not read before you start shouting! I said I do NOT think it is buried, but just for argument sake, consider the possibility. JDA

          • JDA
            I’m not shouting SIR. just a lot of don’t these people keep track on what Forrest is saying. I mean I have read on some occasions that there are people (no names) who actually think that Forrest post stuff that has no hints in them. REALLY!!!! Forrest has always posted hints in everything he puts out there. If the people have the correct solve then they would understand because, ALL of F hints will hit on the TC…
            I’ll go one better, if I can NOT go searching this year then I will be done and I will give you the winning solve from me to you in a g-mail account. I am so positive that I have the wining solve that I check everything that F puts out there to my solve and with in minutes I have confirmation. I can not only say that with confidence but I can also tell you which way F drove to the place and where he put his vehicle and which way he walked to the location. I know it sounds like bragging but it’s not. It has taken me 3+ years to complete this. I guess I’m not as good as the new bee’s that can solve the poem in 10 days or less.. I’ve been talking to you back and forth for a while now and you have been one of the most honest people that I have followed here.
            After all of the crow pie, my wife in the hospital out there and then me getting sick on the way there I’m just tired now.
            Best of luck JDA and everyone else and be safe, wait for the snow to melt before adventuring out into the Rockies…

          • Tomothy;
            I appreciate your very generous offer, but feel very confident that I WILL find it in the not too distant future. On the small chance that I do not find it – depending on WHY I do not find it, I will have to re-evaluate. I MAY give up on my area, but if I can find out WHY I messed up, and learn something I may still give my “spot” a try or two – Stay tuned.

            Thanks for the confidence that you place in me, but let’s not move too quickly. Let’s see what this search season has to offer. JDA

          • JDA – There is a difference between thinking you learned something and knowing enough to throw in the towel for an area.

          • HMA;

            You are entitled to your opinion. I saw where you said that if you do not find it this next trip you would throw in the towel, after only three searches. Soon we will see whose strategy is correct. You know nothing about my searches, so you are speaking from ignorance, but that is OK…If it makes you happy.

            I am sure that you will not be crowing so loudly when I find the TC. JDA

          • JDA – Think of it like this if you will. Forrest has given us all a test. Not just a test but he has also given us the answers and an extreme number of hints that can be used to check the answers. If this is the case, which it very well is, wink, wink, then if a searcher has paid attention and found the answers and hints why would it take more than one search trip to find the chest? If you haven’t watched Dal’s video about f talking about tests, you might like it and learn something.

            I know you are super excited about finding the chest but it can’t happen unless you have arranged for Forrest to go retrieve the chest, then meet you at the place you are searching and hand it to you. That’s just a reality in my book and IMO.

            I’ve never tried prevent you from finding the chest. I’ve only wanted to see you choose logic and reality.

          • so I’m looking TFTW map and I see what might be a hint to a “good map”. The border lines around each state are not ” state border lines”, they are lines that designate the borders of National Forest, National Monument, National Wildlife Refuge etc , in other words Public lands. Since the entire search area has these lines, my opinion would be that the treasure lies in one of the public lands listed to the right. A “good map” will have these lines in the map legend.

          • HMA ~”…but it canโ€™t happen unless you have arranged for Forrest to go retrieve the chest, then meet you at the place you are searching and hand it to you. Thatโ€™s just a reality in my book and IMO”

            Are you being serious? AAugh! Charlie Brown… Shirley, ya can’t be serious…
            I keep hearing Harry Potter yelling Stupefy for some reason.

      • Yeah. That makes sense to me. Or even in a thousand years we learn a meteorite is aimed right at us then examine the destination and there’s the chest right there and f knew of it from old hieroglyphs or whatever.

        NO. I don’t think this is about meteorites or other such extreme instances….just that maybe there’s more to know that would make the clues come to light in hindsight. Like a looking ahead in order to look back point of view or something. Hindsight is 20/20 right?

        • Jonsey, I have thought about the same question and believe the winning solve will be tied with the stars and/or placement of the suns rays. Think sun dagger, kivas, solstices and Chaco canyon. These things will remain unchanged for a thousand years.

      • interesting question Jonsey1

        my first thought would be ‘tourism’, as this is an industry that has constantly increased the most globally, and a thing which may not currently be very close to a human trail, may be a lot closer in 100 years time, as tourism demands more accessibility to wilderness areas, to more people.

        or ‘geography’ maybe? – if some of the clues refer to geographical anomalies, then natural erosion may further expose these anomalies in future.

    • Jonsey,
      I’m gonna be real picky here, but there is a reason.
      You said in paraphrase ~F said something to the effect of he designed the poem not to be solved for hundreds or thousands of years.

      Never has fenn stated the poem “designed the poem ‘not to be solved’ for hundreds or thousands of years.” That is a bit over dramatized in my book. And I think it’s very important to what was actually stated…

      One comment:
      Fenn~ “I’m not flippant about this. It’s not something somebody is going to be able to do on spring break or a Sunday afternoon picnic. I’m looking a hundred years down the road, maybe a thousand years down the road. People don’t understand that.”

      This IMO implies thought of how the poem is workable through the ages… It seems to imply ‘the big picture’ fenn talks about… It appears that his thought process gives future generation the same opportunity today, and one reason I like to ask; could Osbourne, Meek, L&C have the same opportunity as we do and those future generations?

      Fenn stated; he could have wrote the poem before he hid the chest, but he didn’t. Some like to believe that he is saying he did hide the chest [ earlier than what he says ]. I don’t think this is what he means..IMO.. he saying he could have wrote the poem anytime during his life. Maybe, just maybe, his thoughts of the poem and how the clues work are usable over any time period [with reason… lets say, 5000 years before or after the fact.

      The question now is [ if any of my thoughts are accurate ]… does that change the way you attempt to read and solve the poem?

      “…A comprehensive knowledge of geography might help.”

      I have always thought that to solve this challenge ~ Time ~ is needed to be understood.
      With that said, I also think the chest is protected… not in water, not intentionally buried in dirt… not in a place where nature can easily disturb it, uncover it, move it… the only think that is actually moving is the surface of the earth… hence maybe the reason in 3009 it will be more difficult to find it.

      Ok, disclaimer; the above is all my opinion.

      • Okay. Fenn said his looking a hundred years down the road maybe a thousand.

        My question remains the same- what might he have seen there?

        Just an angle Im exploring and looking for help with the hypothetical possibility because I enjoy trying to look at things new ways.

        • Hi Jonsey1,

          I believe the chest was put in an area that not many people go to. Mr f said something like… there is not a human trail close by. If this is the case…then this tells me no one goes to this area. Mr f likes to walk where others do not.
          Soโ€ฆwhere would I hide a treasure if I had a treasure that wanted to be hidden?
          I would hide it where the ancients and mountain men could appreciate and understand.
          I would hide it in place that is magical in its simplicity.
          I would hide it near my home, if my home were the mountains and along the river bottoms where dreams and fantasies alike go to play.

        • Interesting thoughts about “down the road” Not sure which way the road goes…

          Is it 10,000 years in the future? Or 10,000 years in the past?

      • When you say Time, what do you mean? A certain place, on a certain date, at a certain Time?

        • Randy,
          All of the above.
          I think ~ in one theory~ “Begin it where… warm waters halt” means past tense or in time. Which has a different way of reading the line as ” begin it…where warm waters halt.”

          The simplest way to put it… Once upon a time warm waters halt…” Yet, still is in affect today, and should be in the far future as well. This thought changes the poem to be in past tense for stanzas 1 2 and 3. Stanza 4 brings it to present and future time.

          I also think Time as a date or event is involved which makes the poem even more difficult because we may need to see what happens during this time.

          My question would be, IF the blaze is a marker / pointer… can it be used any day of the year?
          “The clues did not exist when I was a kid but most of the places the clues refer to did. I think they might still exist in 100 years but the geography probably will change before we reach the next millennia. The Rocky mountains are still moving and ***associated physical changes will surely have an impact***. If you are in the year 3,009 it will be more difficult for you to find the treasure.f

          IF and this is a WhatIF… in 3009 the change moves the marker / pointer?
          Think about it… IF the blaze is a spot marker and the chest is right there… why would any long term movement of that land interfere with finding the chest, if it’s under a rock, or behind a tree, or at Molly Brown’s house… BUT… if it’s a pointer and movement now is involved… an alignment, a shadow, sunlight, etc.

          I can see time effect the entire poem and in different ways through the poem.

          But that’s just me.

          • Seeker, If the blaze is a marker/pointer… can it be used any day of the year? That is the million dollar question. Read my book, read the poem, read my book. Maybe he has told us all what the blaze is. Meaning he wrote about it in the book. But it will only stand out to the one who figures out the poem.

          • Randy,
            It’s not so much about whether the blaze is in the book, poem and/or field… it’s more about the thought is it usable, needed to be use, or just a lump that sits where the chest is?

            For tens of thousands of years travel was navigated by aliening objects on the ground and in the sky. Even today we can use Polaris as a stationary point of a direction. Over the years other alignments were used not just for navigation but time of years… equinox, solstice etc.

            Be a hoot if you could only ‘use’ a clue or clues once or twice a year for a scant amount of time… But I guess if you’re wise enough to calculate positioning [ doing the math ] *If you know precisely where it is you can probably retrieve it in any weather.

      • Seeker, Forrest did not say: wrote the poem,
        he said: written the poem. Big difference

    • Jonsey–

      That is really good reasoning. It reminded me of George Lucas, and how he waited for technology to “catch up” ( or could that be catsup? lol) to his imagination so that he could put on film what he had in mind.

      Perhaps Forrest sees or envisions something he knows will one day exist, though it isn’t here right now. He is actually writing a poem he believes “they”(the future finders of the chest) will understand when science eventually catches up with his ideas. His putting his own hair in the chest may confirm that idea.

      It does open up an intriguing Vista of thought though. Thanks for your post. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Sparrow,
        That’s a hard pill to swallow… ‘He is actually writing a poem he believes โ€œtheyโ€(the future finders of the chest) will understand when science eventually catches up with his ideas.’

        Where does that leave us or our opportunity? The thought is more SiFi than possible. Seriously, does fenn seem interested in science eventually catching up with him… maybe he’s hoping for a car to drive itself to his fishing spot and a pole that can cast itself and bring home dinner.

        I like different perspectives has much as the next guy… but just sending out a new piece of tech to locate the chest while we sit eating are calorie intake pills, watching our augmented search live and in 3D, seems a bit boring.

        • “where does that leave us or our opportunity”? Well, that is where imagination comes into play I think seeker. In 1960 the book “1984”(George Orwell) was considered sci-fi— now it’s just a curiosity.

          By the way, I didn’t say I thought it being written for “future finders” was what I truly believe. It’s just another stream of thought.

          Whenever I think of Forrest putting his hair in the chest I remember that movie “Artificial Intelligence” and how the robots in the far future actually construct a woman using a few strands of hair a robot teddy bear has held onto for 2000 years.

          Maybe one day that will actually be possible. And Forrest Fenn will appear once again for a day, or maybe more. Wouldn’t that be amazing? There is a gold frog in the chest also.

          • I don’t think there would necessarily need to be sci-fi…someone with F’s capacity could know a volcano expected to blow in a few hundred/thousand year time frame, or plate expected to shift, river to dry up etc. One doesn’t need to know the exact days. A few hundred/thousand years leaves a pretty big window.

          • Sparrow

            I agree entirely with your Orwell (1984) analogy – much akin to Lucas’s THX 1138 movie (a society dumbed-down by pharma-drugs) and am even bold enough to give Isaac Asimov a well deserved mention too.

            As to Forrest being geologically prophetical enough to predict volcano activity and future continental plate shifts (if that’s what you’re suggesting Jonsey?)
            ..then sorry Forrest, but i certainly ain’t running to the nearest bookie (with my life savings) anytime soon

            no-one can accurately predict those anomalies
            – not even Dr Suess …surprisingly ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Jonsey,
            It’s a big reach for me to think the poem is speculation of future natural events or even man made interference… example… the lack of water flow in the Colorado river.

            My thoughts of down the road thinking brings in question names of places as clues and lines up more with description of places that can last.
            Q&A [ answer ]
            “No, fresh eyes and new thinking might provoke a winning idea. I would advise new searchers to look for the clues in my poem and try to marry them to a place on a map. It seems like the longer one thinks about the search the more they complicate the problem.”

            The interesting part about this answer, other than don’t over complicate your thinking…is… “look for the clues in my poem and try to marry them to a place on a map.”

            I noticed ‘place’ as singular to clue[s]… is it possible that all the clues are in one small location and this would help with the thought of down the road?
            Only long term changes might effect the final stage of the search or final clue and not so much worrying about long larger movements that could disrupt all the clues ‘places’ over a larger area?

            We are told the poem should lead precisely; exact… to the 10″sq hidden chest. A smaller spot or location involving all the clues might help to keep the poem reliable for thousands of years.

          • Seeker, with your last sentence, can you compare this to Mr. Fenn’s partial statement, ‘If you are in the year 3,009 it will be more difficult for you to find the treasure. f’ with the word “reliable” which was stated, please? I hope what I’m trying to ask is understood.

          • thanks pdenver, but i’m merely (stupidly) brave.

            the definition of (intelligently) smart, is the very example of the (clever) question that you recently asked Seeker, imho ๐Ÿ™‚

          • PD,
            I chose the word reliable [ and not in quotes ] as to how the poem can get one to as specific spot over a long period of time.

            I had asked the question over the years… do searcher use/consider the “down the road” comment or think about 10,000 years down the road when attempting to solve the poem… many, almost all, responded in the negative… I always found that a bit surprising.
            Reliable was my wording not fenn’s, but it fit for my explanation.

          • Seeker, how I the word “reliable” was not meant to suggest it was Mr. Fenn’s word, nor to suggest that is how you had posted it, but to draw attention to the word in your statement, so that I may ask the question that I did.

          • Forgot to proofread. ‘…how I posted the word “reliable” was not meant…’

          • ok Jonsey, i’m the first to admit that i’m often guilty of being an out-spoken knob, occasionally (sorry ’bout that)

            ..so am hoping this link may lend weight to my discussion (re: geo-predictions) and allay my strength of opinion somewhat

            ..enough at least, that (one day) you’ll talk to me again ๐Ÿ™


    • Jonsey1, one curious thing about this statement is not what will they know in the future that we don’t, it is why ff is so sure that whatever these clues refer to will not change in the future. It is difficult to envision what would be 500 years from now, especially because 500 ago this was not even a country.

      ‘…Not all clues existed when I was a kid, but MOST of the PLACES the clues refer to did’. I wonder, did some of those places also existed back in 1776 when the country was founded? How about back in 1492? He thought about everything as far as we know, but how will you go about using clues to pinpoint to places (or geographical features) and be sure those places,names or labels will not change in the next 100 years?


    • Jonsey,
      I will answer this very simple question as I think f would…

      10,100, 1000,10,000 ect… The number of years are there just to give you something to think about. WHY oh WHY can those people in the future be able to figure the poem out and we can not do now??? The answer is simple: All they have is the POEM! No other info to fill their heads with,well, everything. Put your paperwork away. Now, read the poem as if that is the only paper that you will have to solve this riddle. Then, set down with a map of the 4 states and the poem and start working on what is setting there looking at you, only you. This is what I have done and it was amazing, the trip that you get to take in your mind. Write it all down and then later you can start putting the solve together…
      Best of Luck, Be safe out there,

      • Jonsey,

        1) “The answer may not be as complicated as you are making out to be”…

        2) “It is the mark of a educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it”…

        3) “what if I was looking so far ahead that I neglected to notice what was beside me”…

        4) “It’s not a matter of trying; it’s a matter of thinking”…

        Best of Luck Jonsey,

  48. I don’t think Forrest would want any body to say what or how the poem is started or ends. That is why he wrote it. ( for others to work on it )Not for someone else to give out clues.(if you know your right) because you will know it if you got the first clue (fact)that’s just me.

  49. Did Forrest mean he could have made the poem public before he hid the chest, but he didn’t, not wrote it before he hid the chest?

    • Hi Mustang ,

      I really like your comment .
      And please allow my inability to see between lines.
      Nor understand the logic of time. I would agree with f and Eric Sloane , maybe not dating paintings was a secret way to defeat time its self.:
      Some folks think in one way and others another.
      But why and pardon the remarks; why would you carry the chest to its location in 1988 when you were going to your final destination would you first place the chest , and then go and leave the map. What I am saying is why wouldn’t you first leave it , then go to your location .: Didn’t f answer that already kind of? f would not have taken any chances . Look how he sealed the jar in the chest . Carefully and he tried to think of everything. Planning all those years, Logic would dictate first leave Poem then hid the chest. Why , cause what if something happened before he hid it, well then no one would know where it even was.

      • OkAy, my comments confuses me as well. The poem was written, but not released before he hid the chest.

  50. The Gov uses heat discrimination to identify pot that is planted in small plots in our national forests. It will discriminate between different plants.
    Who’s to say that a drone equipped with a similar or different device couldn’t identify a 10 x10 piece of bronze.
    Driverless cars, self parking cars, automatic braking is available now.
    The development of new technology is breathtaking.

  51. I have been thinking about what is said above, year 3,000 years +,
    erosion to uncover the chest. What if, long before then, the hot spot at
    Yellow Stone Park blew up making this area a super volcano. There may be, two to five foot of ash on all the ground, and on all our houses that we live in today. For myself it is a waste of time thinking about the future, we should get ready for the spring solve. People seem to think we will be knowing in future times. Our God does think so ! Are we going to cross over into a future life? Eccl.9:5, For the living know that they shall die: but
    the dead know not anything, nieither have they any more a reward: for the memory of them is forgotten.
    In the future there may not be a blaze, nor wwwh, nor even hob. So hec
    with the future, we have to find it now, if it is buried or not.

    • Sam ~ ” For myself it is a waste of time thinking about the future,…”
      But fenn was thinking down the road… why wouldn’t you?
      I guess if ya pray hard enough, God will bring ya to the chest… it seems to work for the Super Bowl, Oscars, Emmys, World series, Soccer or Football world cup winners all the time.

      • Seeker, I do not think it is important to think of the future concerning the chest, because I am 78, and I very much doubt that I will be here then
        to search for, or even think about the chest. While I am here, I will have
        all of my mind, and thoughts on the poem. For myself, I think all of the imagination is fruitless. I need a good solve, and boots on the ground.

      • Seeker, I believe f, was thinking
        down the road for the people alive then, not for us. Yes,this is only my
        opinion. Why worry about the future, when someone may find it this spring?

        • Sam,
          You can take down the road as literally meaning folks in the future. I take the quote to relate with the intent of how he might have written the poem. Longevity of the poem and it’s clues.. not the searchers.

          • Seeker, you may be right, but I think literally. If the chest is found soon we will know who was right.

  52. In 10,000 years…What if one dimension of the puzzle is how we must critically think about the clues and find confirmation to verify facts. So one dimension the poem as training platform to make better thinkers. Or maybe a recruitment tool for writers and bloggers. The future searchers and us will have a positive effect by creading critical thinkers throughout the world with the poems effects being carried 500-1,000-10,000 years into the future.

    And for sci-fi peeps in the year 10,001 we can use the story as it will only be in print and not in digital form to identify Artficial Intelligence as in the movie blade runner. lol!

  53. What if he is merely taking into account sediment accumulating on the forest floor? It would answer why he doesn’t say it’s buried or not. It may be hidden now, but in year 3009, it may be buried under a couple feet of dead vegetation/foliage.

    The only real thing that can last the test of time would be coordinates. And, with his statement, “If you had it’s coordinates, you would be able to find the treasure”, possible in the future the chest may be buried. For now, we could walk right to it.

    • I agree. Since the poem says precisely, coordinates might be a big possibility.

      There was a quote from FF saying “in the future it would be harder to find the treasure” or something like that. This maybe because you may need to dig in the future.

      Whether the coordinates are part of the puzzle or not was discussed in the past and I think some people believe they are involved.

  54. Fenn said: “Why canโ€™t I influence somebody a thousand years from now, a hundred years from now? Okay, next weekend.” f.
    Mr Fenn says that he does not care when the chest is discovered but I believe that deep down he would prefer it to be found during his lifetime. The Chase has already far exceeded his aspirations for immortality and his place in history is already assured. I think he enjoys basking in the spotlight and would love another surge of notoriety. I’m sure Fenn’s story and books will be influencing adventurers and dreamers in the centuries to come whether the chest it’s found in a thousand years, ,,,or next weekend. IMHO.


    • I think I agree with you, Randawg. Forrest’s hidden bells are the artifacts that I think are meant for being discovered in the distant future.

      • I wonder if he has placed anything in the bells that would represent the time we live in now, which would influence the distant future.

        • The images that I have seen of the bells so far look beautiful enough in themselves to be a treasure for the future-folks from the times of the long-long-ago. Perhaps Forrest will reincarnate as a futuristic art dealer and sell his own unearthed works in his futuristic gallery with gyro-crackers and space-jam! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Randawg-
      Yep, f has devised a suitable means to influence the future Chase in spirit.

  55. 29, 310 A.D.—-

    “A bronze chest recently found on earth was opened yesterday. It had been been encased in tree sap for thousands of years, almost like an ancient insect encased in amber. Amazed scientists revealed that it appeared to be a type of treasure chest, filled with jewels and nuggets, and valuable things from a time long ago. There is a gold frog in the chest also. Fortunately, the person who hid this chest so long ago also left strands of his own hair inside also.

    This person will reformulated so they can explain more about the chest, and the time period they are originally from. Scientists also expect to transport the person back in time so they can meet themselves during their primary existence. “This is always good for a laugh” said Broxley Davenport, Time Specialist at Jet Propulsion Laboratories in Seventh Section, North. “Shaking hands with oneself is common nowadays, but not for a reformulated person. It can be quite a shock for one of them” he added with a grin. More news will follow in the coming days, and a transcript of the autobiography also found inside will be made available for mind weld at that time”

  56. By the way Jeremy, that article has always intrigued me. Thanks for sharing it again. Is it possibly a hint that the “melding” of words might be involved in one of the clues, or in identifying one? It’s interesting that Emmett Kelly’s head was melded to a poker. Interesting stuff. ๐Ÿ™‚

  57. A good map to me is entirely different that seems to be a subterfuge only in my mind. As I plan out my day, it is the only way to get from point A to point B. Its everything in the middle that reminds me of a redneck with 12 children. Now I need to add a few more things to what I have already been doing.

    An Indian Scout and A Saint

    • Remember what Forrest used his good map for… to start his fire when he and Donnie Joe were running out of options…

  58. Hello fellow searchers. I am inviting you all to join me in my hunt for Forrest Fennโ€™s treasure. You may have watched my video about the map in โ€œTo Far To Walkโ€ and my theory of the one important possibility Forrest has mentioned in the past.


    I have decided to start doing a weekly vlog on YouTube on the Forrest Fenn treasure and I just put up what I see as some of the hints in The Thrill of the Chase book.


    I have worked on this hunt off and on for 4 years now and have decided to get serious about it. While I have not made a trip to search yet I believe this Summer it may be the time to go. I welcome all the searchers feedback and questions. What do you think of the HINT in The Thrill of the Chase?

    ps โ€“ I like coffee!

    • Hey Cow,

      I came across your Vlog #1 and Vlog #2 on YouTube weeks ago and I really like your approach to the poem. Similar to your exercise in Vlog #4 with the words “rain” and “raining”, even though it appears over 30 times in the book, I am of the opinion that the context in which the word “water” is used in the TTOTC book does provide at least one hint to Where Warm Waters Halt.

      Thanks for sharing!

      • Cows – do me a favor and put a magnifying glass on the map instead of blowing it up. You are going in the wrong direction my friend. No need to report your findings but you may want to amend your video. That’s all I am giving for now.

          • And don’t worry about getting your numbers up, that VOX video has several thousand views. Yours is better. Stay focused and the Flyer has a soft heart for small towns.

    • Cowlazars–

      Really enjoyed the videos. You share some very interesting thoughts. Thanks!

  59. The Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper reported earlier this week that their number one most widely read story in 2016 was about Forrest and the Chase. Their fifth most widely read story was a different article about Forrest and the Chase.

    First and fifth…

    That means Forrest beat out stories about Trump and local politics…

    BTW: Here is a link to a story the paper published about Fennboree 2016

      • …”millions more people at Fennboree this year”???
        Why would they do that, when we’ve been told by Iron W. & J D sculptor, they’ll have it long before then.
        Seeker, thanks for posting that quote from Fenn, don’t believe I ever read that one before.
        That’ll be my new nickname for you ‘marriage-shy’ Seeker.

    • cheers for the link Dal, but best not to mention ‘popularity’ stakes concerning ‘you-know-who’..i mean..

      oh wait! – is that a sniper silhouette on my neighbours roof-top?

      ..nah, surely i’m just imagin[ – abrupt end of transmission – ]

    • Dal, I see that story #5 is about a woman jumping off the Gorge bridge not about the Chase. What am I missing?

  60. Off the current subject, but I would like to ask a question to all the searchers in general…. to refresh this old man’s grey matter,….It is my recollection that ff released TTOTC and announced the existence of the “hidden” bronze box years before he published “Too Far to Walk” officially limiting the search to four states. Is that correct?
    Thanks to everyone.

    • Big Skip;

      TTOTC was first published January 1, 2010 and
      TFTW was first published September 1, 2013

      Hope this helps. JDA

      • JDA, can you explain how the book was published on January 1, 2010 but J.D. Salinger did not die until January 27, 2010?

        • Randy,
          What does J.D. Salinger death have to do with it?

          Maybe Eric Sloane?

          Both men past away in Manhattan… Never did like the City much, myself.

          • Seeker, correct me if I’m wrong. Forrest went to Borders the day after Salinger’s death to buy and read Cather in the rye. This was the inspiration to write TTOTC. How was the book published on January 1, 2010? Salinger’s death was January 27. 2010.

          • Randy,
            I can’t… I don’t recall that section of the book as well as others sections of the book [or notes I took from it].
            Does seem a bit strange if true…

            However, Fenn’s thoughts during the late 80’s and early 90’s had to have some mechanize to deliver the poem to the public’s eye, to present the challenge etc. Right?

            I mean, after surviving cancer, how would he have done all this with out the avenue of a book?

        • Randy;
          Google it yourself. Type in “When was TTOTC (spell it out) first published?” Don’t shoot the messenger, and try doing the research yourself!

          Just my opinion…and I am grouchy this AM – JDA

          • JDA~ Don’t believe everything you read! How could Forrest have known that J D Salinger was going to die, and write about his death in his book. If I’m not mistaken TTOTC was released sometime in October or November of 2010 which gave F plenty of time to finish his book and reference J.D.S’s death. Yes, do a little research. JMO.

        • Per JDAs suggestion I just Googled it. TTOTC was originally published January 1 2010. Ery curious. Wonder if anyone out there has an original copy for comparison or perhaps FF himself has the answer to our question.

    • BigSkip,
      JCM put a document out on many if not all fenn’s quotes, interviews, Q&A etc. it’s worth the read… and found here under ‘books by searcher’ for more info.
      I thin you’re asking if fenn eliminated all the other states prior to tftw. If so, there were a couple of Q&A’s that stated in the RM’s for ‘mountains N of SF.’ And fenn eliminated Idaho and Utah in his after the fact clues. AZ and NV where kicked out as well… leaving four states within the RM’s range. If you’re looking for dates on these comments… again, check out JCM’s doc.

  61. As I have gone alone in the far famed Rocky Mountains
    I met with Major Fenn and his money he was counting
    I first produced the poem and then produced the solution
    Saying stand and deliver for you treasure I’ll be takin’

    Musha ring dumma do dumma da
    Whack fol de daddy-o
    Whack fol de daddy-o
    There’s whiskey in the jar

    I counted out his money and it made a pretty penny
    I put it in me backpack and I took it home to Jenny
    She swore that she loved me no never would she leave me
    But the devil take that woman for you know she tricked me easy

    Musha ring dumma do dumma da
    Whack fol de daddy-o
    Whack fol de daddy-o
    There’s whiskey in the jar

    I went up to the bedroom all for to take a slumber
    And dreamt of gold and jewels and for sure it was no wonder
    But Jenny didn’t tarry and she made off with the chest
    She even took the dog whom I had named Forrest

    Musha ring dumma do dumma da
    Whack fol de daddy-o
    Whack fol de daddy-o
    There’s whiskey in the jar

    • Very nice, Jeremy! I happen to be sipping on some green-dyed whiskey myself this evening. Cheers! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • This one too…

      I’ve been a wild rover for many’s the year
      And I spend all my money on whiskey and beer
      And now I’m returning with gold in great store
      And I never will play the wild rover no more

      And it’s no, nay, never
      No, nay, never no more
      Will I play the wild rover
      No, never no more

      (The best St. Patrick’s days are weekends)

  62. If you don’t have the 1st clue, you got nothing.
    Begin it WWWH is the 1st clue as the poem goes.

    If you’re still messing with theories you have nothing.
    I’ve got a theory for all your theories.

    When you put too much on the table, there is not enough room to sit down & eat.

  63. JDA and Seeker:

    Thank you for the replies. Can I summarize the answers this way: ff publishes TTOTC in 2010 announcing to the world he had “hidden” a treasure box. The world launches searches throughout the Western United States. FF, by interviews, hints and comments, begins to eliminate certain states to reduce damage, trespassing, etc. by aggressive searchers. In 2013, ff publishes TFTW officially limiting the search area to four Rocky Mountain states. Am I close here?
    Thanks again

    • BigSkip ~” ….begins to eliminate certain states to reduce damage, trespassing, etc. by aggressive searchers.”

      I don’t know why you would think that…
      Sure, he said no need to dig up an outhouse or grave… common sense really, that would get ya into a big pile of___ either way. But to reduce damages as a reason is a stretch for me. I think most of the “clues/hints” after the fact was to keep the interest [so many were begging for more info], and maybe safe searchers a couple dollers.

      Think of it this way, Yosemite with the golden falls would have been a great place… but why bring it down to the “RM’s” Fenn even stated more than 300 miles west of Toledo, which eliminated the Appalachians. The the book TFTW kicked Canada out of the running…
      IMO… there’s a reason he stated in the mountains N.of SF in the book TTOTC… and chose the other comment to narrow down to the RM’s before actually stating it.

  64. Seeker:
    Thanks for the insight. As evidence of my grey matter failing, I don’t recall any comments by ff saying “N. of SF” in the book TTOTC. Reading the original book, I couldn’t find any direct instructions to the reader about where to go or to start other than the instructions in the poem. Did I miss something?
    Thanks again to all.

    • BigSkip – Take a look at the pdf preview file of TTOTC on f website:


      This pdf file was created in Aug 2010 and modified Oct 2010.

      The first page of the pdf states:

      Somewhere in the mountains north of Santa Fe, New Mexico, a treasure is hidden. In his new memoir, Forrest Fenn gives readers the clues needed to unlock the secret of the treasureโ€™s location.

      This is the earliest statement I have of this reference to North of SF… promo for the book when it was released.

    • BigSkip,
      My bad… you’re correct that it wasn’t stated in the book [N of SF]… I’ve been reading the blogs so long, I’m getting my wires crossed to what was said and when.

      Like JCM stated… the first I read about it was on fenn’s web page with those words used. The interesting part of the web page is… it seems to be written in the second person.

  65. Hi BigSkip … check the “Cheat Sheet” at top of dal’s forum, here; item #2. Chest is at least 8 miles north of city of Santa Fe. No, it’s not in TTOTC. FF made the comment either as part of some video or in an interview.

    Ken (in Texas)

    • Even more specifically, ff has stated – more than 8.25 miles North of the NORTHERN city limits of Santa Fe – but that has never been picked up by the various “Cheat Sheet(s).”

      I know that because my very first “solve” was based on the Southern city limits of Santa Fe and Forrest clarified things after his hometown was being dug-up.


  66. Ken:

    Thanks for your clarification. My intent was to recall that when ff published TTOTC, with the included poem, there were no limitations on where to search, no specific states, regions, private or public lands, etc., etc.
    The limitations came in time from comments from ff, finally resulting in the year when he published TFTW which officially named the four states to concentrate searches. In general, is that correct?

    • Hi, BigSkip!
      I believe everything you have written above is correct as I understand it. I remember reading a quote from ff somewhere where he basically said the reason that he eliminated Idaho and Utah from the Chase was just because they contained so little of the Rocky Mountains. I cannot remember where I read that, but maybe somewhere else can point to the specific spot.

  67. Funny…but the picture of the chest in TTOTC on page 126 has a couple of words on the page you guys may be interested in seeing.

    • for those who do not have access to TTOTC…the picture of the chest is on page 126 w/ a post mark and the words ” somewhere north of santa fe” top right side of page. These words are written vertically in relation to page….

        • pg. 131 second paragraph…” I knew exactly where to hide the chest so it would be difficult to find but not impossible. It’s in the mountains somewhere north of Santa Fe. Indecision…”

          • ken – for those of us who are hopelessly ‘indecisive’ ,.does that mean it could be anywhere ‘south’ of Santa Fe too?

            [note to self: immediately book a ticket to Antarctica – and buy some woolly gloves]

          • Depends how “flexible” you may be Hobbit. Your money might be spent more wisely on a ticket to ride…on the wild side.

          • – State-side ..done it
            – Wild side ..done too
            – Dark side …hmmm, i do like those storm-trooper uniforms (bucket-listed!)

          • well, it’s actually sunday afternoon over here at the mo Fennatical, as we’re 18 hours ahead of you

            …oh wait! – maybe i could send you todays winning Lotto numbers ๐Ÿ™‚

          • ch,

            Are you sure that you are 18 hours ahead? I think, perhaps, I’m 6 hours behind! … hhhmmmmm!

            OK … if you would, please send tomorrows lotto numbers! hehehe! ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • oops – meant 8 hours ahead (SPT)

            Lotto numbers are: 06 14 22 …ummm or was that 23? then it’s 30something.. 34?

            oh jeez, i forget the rest – darn it ๐Ÿ™

  68. Just a little something to keep in mind. This is something that I overlooked that hit me fairly hard while hiking in Montana last summer.
    I was hiking at about 6000′. I was getting very winded and having to stop often to catch my breath even though I’m above average ‘in shape.’ This didn’t come unexpected to me because my body is conditioned to living at near sea level. But I was thinking to myself: how could Forrest survive this type of a hike if it was this much of a strain on me and I’m not nearly his age? And wouldn’t it be even worse if he hid it at 7000′?
    Well, Forrest could actually do a hike at 7000′ easier than me doing that one at 6000′ or even 5000′. His body is already accustomed to an oxygen concentration that is much lower than what I’m conditioned to. Santa Fe’s elevation is nearly 7200′.
    So, just keep that in mind while you’re out there hiking if you don’t live at a higher elevation. Don’t question Forrest’s physical conditioning just because the environment is taking more out of you than you think someone of his age could handle.

      • Eh, that’s a marginal thing though. Most pilots of small, unpressurized planes don’t spend hours upon hours in that environment day after day. And while they are flying, they are not doing anything strenuous.

        Makes me want to hop in my plane and fly to WYS!!! Too bad for all the snow …

  69. Ken:

    Thanks for the insight. I was right! My grey matter IS failing. As you’ve pointed out, right before me on page 131 of TTOTC is MY underlined paragraph in which ff indicates, “It’s in the mountains somewhere north of Santa Fe”. Implication couldn’t be clearer in my estimation. Missed it completely when I suggested there was no state, region or lands to concentrate a search. As suggested by ff, I better read the book, over and over.
    Thank you

    • There are many things that have been glazed over by over zealous attempts to quickly solve this opportunity offered by Fenn. Every Fenncation I take I see or learn something new. Most times I go back over all pertinent Chase related info… I find something I missed along the way…or read wrong or listened incorrectly. None of this adventure is as clear cut and simple as some claim…
      Snake school is in session….

  70. Only 14 more days until the treasure is found… and then unfound, after a brief scare ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

  71. Technically, there have been searchers within a few feet of the TC. How many actually saw it in his vault before he hid it? Has Forrest ever clarified that searchers have been within 200′ and within 500′ since hiding it?

  72. And I know some will think that Forrest said that “…..because they have told me where they went.” Well, I’ve heard a few things on Youtube where some said that they saw it in his vault. They were telling the whole world what they saw and where they saw it. So, ‘technically,’ Forrest could say that searchers have been within 200 or 500 feet of it because they told me where they went.

  73. Kevin—

    Forrest just recently said on Jenny’s site not to look for any trick or subterfuge from him because there isn’t any. When he states someone has been 200 feet from the treasure he is referring to the hidden treasure, not the chest before he hid it.

    The poem may be difficult to solve but Forrest has assured us there is no trickery involved with it. Good luck in your search!

  74. Well, winter is starting to end. Many of us have used the winter months to put the final touches on our solve (s). All of us are “SURE” that, at last, we have figured it all out.

    My question is this – “What IF it is found”? What then does the finder do?

    Does the finder, after telling Forrest and delivering the bracelet to him, publish when, where, and how he/she found it? Or is keeping quiet the better avenue to go down?

    Let’s say that it is found on public lands. Will publishing exactly where it was found put the finder in jeopardy from the government?

    Forrest can say, “It has been found.” – the “world” will want to know by whom, when, where and how. Should the finder come forward with details, or “Just take the chest and go in peace”?

    Although I am hopeful, I fully recognize the odds against ME finding it – but then again, “Why not me”?

    I hope that several people chime in on these questions. Just askin’ JDA

    • It’s my speculated belief that all searchers will smile at “Just take the chest and go in peace” , once this is finished.

      I believe the finder will have no problems coming forward, that is unless he/she is an introvert and/or camera shy.

      • Let’s say that it is you that finds it IW. Let’s also say that you found it on public lands. Would you still come forward with details? JDA

        • Yep I sure would. You know why? Because Forrest spent a lot of money to ensure that the person who finds it, keeps it… and I trust his judgement concerning that.

          TBH, I don’t believe that scenario is going to happen.

        • I agree with IW – that Forrest has spent a bunch of money on lawyers, in order to quietly create a legal solution for the finder.

          it may be necessary to surrender the chest to authorities for due process in the short term (30 days in a vault?) but i suspect that ‘certain special something’ inside the chest (no, not a quote JDA ๐Ÿ˜› ) is perhaps a contact for the finder to begin that process, where the finder will eventually have a legal claim over the chest (and contents) without paying any horrid taxes (“me wearing the bracelet is your best revenge”?)

          i also believe that returning the bracelet is the key to this theoretical legal solution, and will instigate the chest being returned to it’s original owner, who then gifts it to the finder – as the poem clearly states “I give you title..” and not “the govt or local authorities etc”, but Forrest himself, or a named person of his choosing.

          as to the question of anonymity JDA, i suspect that’s a viable option also, albeit a differcult one given the popularity of the chase

          ..although, why you wouldn’t want your purdy mug-shot all over the news is beyond me ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Curious;
            I have no problem with my silly mug being in the news. My question related to would
            divulging where it was found, if on public lands, be a problem if that fact were made public. Uncle Sam has long arms.
            I am willing to pay my fair share of taxes, but I would not want Uncle Sam to get TOO much—like ALL of it. All
            is assuming that I am the lucky one who finds it – all hypothetical of course. JDA

          • JDA – speaking for myself only, i certainly wouldn’t wish to hide a treasure for a lucky finder, only to find that the ‘finding’ results in messy legal disputes for years on end, nor would i want the bulk of it to be surrendered to the taxman – but that’s just me.

            “..what if there’s not a legal question”

          • I wonder what the chances would be that if someone were to have a 100% completely right solve, might Forrest possibly consider sneaking to the hiding spot with that person so the bracelet could be exchanged. As well as having the whole ride and discovery personally filmed.

        • 18

          It anagrams perfectly to:

          “And take south jct. eighteen paces”

          but that’s enough from behind the curtain for now ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • Nice one Iron. My favourite one is in WWWH. Waters Halt anagrams to Start Whale. Funny how his book signing was in the MOBY DICKens book store But thats another story……

        • Do you mean “paces” or “space”? There are a few anagrams in every sentence.

    • I think Mr Fenn fully expects the finder to tell the world exactly where the chest was found. And he has alluded that that’s fine with him. Personally I would not reveal the hidey spot without asking for his permission first.


    • JDA – If the person who finds the chest went public, how many cousin Jakes do you think would show up at your front door? I’m guessing a lot. Some people might want the attention and others not so much. By the way, where do you live? ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Very funny Hma,
        You didn’t have to use my name as a cousin.
        If I find it I will let all know where, when & how.
        If someone else finds it, I will go on with life as usual & not suck up to the winner except the video.
        Let them have their glory & leave them alone.

        • Jake – I just used you as an example and did it in jest. I did think it was a little humorous. ๐Ÿ™‚ I think most will go on with life and spend time on other pursuits but there will be some that will not be able to let go so easily. I was trying to make a point with JDA that he might not want all the attention that would come with making things public. After reading his comments it sounds like he won’t mind if people track him down, follow him, camp out at his place, and all the other scenarios that could play out. To me it would be logical to remain quiet and go on with life without drawing any attention to yourself if you found the chest.

    • I think Mr. Fenn indicated he’d like the solution and location to be revealed. I can’t recall the exact quote, but didn’t he say folks would be surprised when they learned the location? I think he also mentioned something about folks would be asking themselves why they hadn’t thought of it.

      • I think he said, “, โ€˜My God! Why didnโ€™t I think of that?โ€ f
        Not sure he said, “folks would be surprised when they learned the location?” Can you come up with a source?

        Thanks for your input – JDA

        • I read it here on Dal’s site from a searcher, who said:
          Chris Yates on March 19, 2014 at 12:40 am said:

          i dont know of any video

          it is annotated as being a confirmed direct response from Forrest in an email on Shaun Whiteheads site

          Other searchers have cited it as well, and no one has ever questioned whether it came from Mr. Fenn or not. Maybe take that one with a grain of salt.

    • if I’m lucky enough to find it, I would definitely anonymous. And not reveal the location or solve.

      anonymous due to the fact that there are too many seemingly dangerous nutballs involved in this chase. I suspect that a few will go completely off the deep end when the chest is found.

      Also, I wont reveal the location/solve because I don’t want to risk having the chest seized by the govt

      • I would stay anonymous but I would tell the IRS and pay the taxes. Why? Because its only worth 800k or so without Fenns name, which raises the value probably closer to 3 mill at auction. On top of that, you have book and movie rights to sell!

        Why on Earth would someone take 800k instead of 3-5 million? In addition, once a family friend or relative rats you out, the Feds will be on you anyway.

        You can stay anon and still reap the rewards if you are smart about it.

    • I would upload proof of the find so other searchers would know that the chase is over with out any name attached to it and that’s all . I was wondering what will become of the board ? Maybe move on to a new chase?

      • Wig—

        Just curious where the name came from? I find it kind of interesting actually. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Really? That’s interesting. Not too many people are named by a sister. Thanks for sharing. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Sure they do, Sparrow. My sister (born the same day but 4 years earlier) got to pick my name. Lucky for me it wasn’t the dog’s name.

    • I’m going to give the bracelet back to Forrest and ask “what should I do now?” I think Forrest will give the best direction. Wasn’t there can old TV show called “Forrest Knows Best”? Something like be that. I just remember it was a good show. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • The odds are against us all JDA.
      If I found the chest, I would remove the bracelet & olive branch & hopefully a 100K check & leave the chest where I found it until I can buy the land it’s on.
      Assuming you can….
      If not, I’m taking it to a vault for 30 days for whatever reason I will know then.
      I would say public land.

  75. JDA,

    I firmly believe that when the treasure is found, and I think very soon it will be, that everyone will know. And I mean everyone. I think he designed it that way. I just can’t for the life of me see it in any other way. If you think about what Forrest has said about what his true treasures are( I don’t mean silver and gold) and ask yourself what you believe his real motivation are for such unwavering dedication to the Chase and to his family.

    I can come up with only one answer that makes sense to me. The one thing that stands above the rest. His wife. Peggy! The rest is superfluous.

    Just my opinion! Just a thought.


    • I agree, mthead – everyone WILL know. The question is WHAT will they know? They will know that it has been found, but will they know any more that that – if so, from whom? Forrest or the finder? JDA

    • why do you think it will be found soon?

      also, Forrest has said he’ll reveal that it is found when it is. not sure what you’re saying regarding his family.

  76. I believe all of it will be known. The spot, the story, the solve(s), the reasons, the dedication, all will come out. I say solves because with everything I have seen, I don’t believe there’s only a single way to find it. I have found too many things along the way that other people talk about that I wasn’t even looking for. I don’t even know the reasons people were looking for some of these things but I saw them anyway. Again, I believe it has been designed that way. I also think this is one of the main reasons so many disagree. We are all right to an extent. E pluribus unum.


  77. Rich,
    I say I believe it will be found soon because I know there are many people out there that are talking the same flanguage. I see common threads and terminology that is very distinctive and uncommon in any other context. The writing is on the wall my friend. I say what I say about his dedication to his family because I have seen it on the mountain. The story is written in geography. Or as I have come to understand it Geo=earth and graphy=art. Earth art. It’s there my friend.


  78. Rich,

    Sure. Give me a while please. I’m on my hands and knees right now doing some tile. If you give me your email I will elaborate with pictures later today!


  79. Hello Everyone,

    I wanted to make everyone aware that it appears the ticks are already out. My son came back from camping in Rocky Mountain National Park this weekend, and one was found crawling on my husband. I had wondered why he darted out of the house real quick, then he explained why he had done so.

  80. (Second try.) I wanted to warn everyone to be prepared while heading out into the woods. It appears the ticks are already out. My son came home from camping in RMNP, and one was found crawling on my husband. I had wondered why he ran out of the house real quick.

  81. Could someone that has the TFTW book tell me what the title of the drawing/painting on page 220 and 221 is? I believe Forrest donated it to the hospital in memory of his mother. Does he list the artist name? Thanks for any help.

        • fenngshui, you knew what pages to find the painting, but you couldn’t recall the name of the painting or the artist?

          • Yes, I was using a statement from another resource and they attributed the work to an artist other than George Bellows. I knew the title and artist but was curious to know if his book referenced the correct artist or the one listed by the reference. Just checking the error. Thanks for your help.

    • I think its “Hail to Peace”. I don’t have the book on me though. If not its something close. June looks great in that pic. Btw.

    • Here is what is printed: Peggy and I gave this large George Bellows painting to the Scott & White hospital in Temple, Texas, in memory of my mother. After WWI many artists painted what were called “Armistice Paintings” to celebrate the end of hostilities. It was common to see large canvasses in New York store windows. This one is named, “Hail to Peace,” and was special to me because it had a Duveen Brothers sticker on the back. My sister, wife and father stand with me for this dedication photograph. It was January 25, 1983.”

      Hope that this helps. JDA

      • Yes, thanks for your help and reply. I was wondering if he referenced the artist. Good luck in your search, JDA.:) and all!


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