Forrest Gets Mail – 15

Forrest sent me this without a comment.

What do you think??

imageemail 1








293 thoughts on “Forrest Gets Mail – 15

  1. Forrest, Why the hurry??? It will be found this year and your family can find some peace of mind. I am -really- ready to go trout fishing! No kidding…

  2. Q1: Why is he going “down” the creek?

    Q2: Seems to be heading “down” in a northerly direction [Yellowstone River?].

    Q3: Is the X for New MeXico? [yes… wishful thinking on my part].


    • Why do you assume he is going North? There is no indicator of direction on the map, other than downstream but no correlation to N, E, S, or W.

      • Norm;
        If this were a map, and not a drawing, wouldn’t North be at the top? Some would call this a map – so top = N JDA

  3. According to the person that drew the map they were on a creek that apparently flows north and according to Forrest the treasure is located on an island or rock in this creek about halfway between a paddle on the east side of the creek and a guy in a boat floundering around without his paddle.

    How hard can this be to figure out?

    • Dal,

      This hard.

      You’re conclusion that the river flows north (up) is supported by the location of the paddle and the distressed look of unwilling separation on “Me”. (Very expressive for a stick person!)

      However, note that the river is CLEARLY running south at the location Forrest has marked with an “X”. Look at the lines indicating downstream turbulence generated by an obstacle.

      It seems an unavoidable conclusion that Forrest has indicated the hiding place is within some crazy space-time inversion, where downstream is upstream and upstream is downstream. Quite the slip-up there, Forrest.

      This really does explain a few things…..

      and this!
      I googled “omega space time” and got this from the Journal of Physics.
      “The new form of entanglement is the omega effect. Gravitational decoherence, due to space-time foam, may be one route for deviations from CPT invariance. ”

      So I gotcha Forrest. The blaze is space-time foam. Who’d a thunk.

  4. I get the “Going up the creek without a paddle” My question is, “Why does the creek get wider the farther up he goes?” Doesn’t a creek usually get narrower the farther up one goes? Where is the “X” you guys are talking about. The only “X” I see is by DISCARD Upper portion of of right side – outside of picture.

    Am I blind? JDA

    • JDA, truly you don’t want someone to answer your question. πŸ™‚

      Look at the drawing once more. I believe you’ll see it.

      • OOPS – I honestly didn’t see it on the rock in the middle of the stream – WHERE ARE MY GLASSES????

        Blush – Blush!! JDA

        • No wonder I can not find the treasure – I can’t even find it when given a map, with an “X” marking the spot. HELP!!! JDA

          • I’d let you borrow mine, but then I couldn’t see the map. πŸ™‚ Heck, I’ll let you borrow mine just the same.

          • That OK JDA I didn’t see the bit about the Children’s museum when I bought my ticket. I know the feeling all too well πŸ™‚

    • apparently you are JDA..
      There is an “x” on the rock in the water..

      The creek flows to the up…or north on this geographically correct map…

      The paddle was lost further south so the boat must have been carried by current “up”.

      Most all creeks and rivers get wider as they progress and accumulate more the Mississippi starts as a little trickle you can step across in northern Minnesota but by the time it gets to St. Paul you’d have a very difficult time jumping across it πŸ™‚

      • Logical Dal, but look at the markings on the creek. The lines on the side of the rock, and the markings on the south side of the boat indicate that water is flowing SOUTH – not North.

        If water was flowing north, the lines by the rock would start in the center, and go around the rock wouldn’t they? Same with the boat…so water is flowing North to South…So, the Paddler lost his paddle UPSTREAM, the paddle floated DOWNSTREAM and ended up on shore. The boat must be on a sand bar.

        HAHA JDA

        • JDA-
          The current marks are correct for the boat…just incorrect for the rock…
          I consider that artistic freedom of speech…
          I always go with the odds..even if there aren’t any…

          • The current marks are correct for the boat & the rock flowing down towards your typing pad.

            The rock with the X is not moving & the boat is moving slower than the creek.

            The paddle is where you want to go.

            I can’t believe I’m thinking about this.

          • The eddy’s are below the boat & rock.
            Flow is heading south.

            I bet there is a big rainbow on the south side of the rock.

          • LOL, while ya’ll are struggling to know which way the current is flowing… don’t ya see all the clues???

            Santa Fe WX
            Santa Fe web cam
            GE… a good map?
            Listing for all the stations, because someone must be close [ how many do we have so far? 7 -10? that know for sure].
            Lets not forget the secret message in the upper right corner.
            I mean, all that is missing is a pic of brad Pitt, a five doller bill, and a tree… where’s the wood???

          • It seems to me that one of the primary assumptions being made by everyone to determine which way the creek is flowing is that the boat is moving down stream.

          • @ Seeker –
            “Lets not forget the secret message in the upper right corner.”

            BOT . . .

        • JDA – Looking at this drawing, it does appear to me that the creek flows north. I also think if it doesn’t fit your solution, you still have to time to make adjustments if you want. This drawing is priceless like so many other things that have been shared over the years.

          • Will you never give up on trying to convince me I am wrong? Put your money where your mouth is. JDA

          • HMA;

            You are like a pesky little gnat. Always buzzin’ around tormenting people with your buzzing noises. Well, I tell you what, I have decided that since I can not swat you and get you out of my hair, I will just ignore you and content myself with the knowledge that you have no more intelligence that that gnat – and that at some point you will either just fly away or get swatted by a big fly swatter from out of nowhere.

            Have a GREAT life pestering someone else, for I will no longer pay you the slightest bit of attention. JDA

          • JDA,
            It doesn’t make any sense to bet anymore than you really need unless it’s a want.

            If you find the treasure, why would you want or need someones money?

        • everyone is saying water is flowing south by the lines. what if the lines are pushing the boat upstream?

          • This appears to be down a creek without a paddle. The water is flowing North IMO. Start on the East side of the river and be ready NOT to paddle meekly. All the poem boating and fishing terms now seem most apropos. Do you agree?

  5. This nails my spot down without a doubt, just wish I could get there this summer. I never consider the SB’s and mail as hints but this one screams at me “GO GET IT” LOL Anybody want to finance my trip for a 25% cut??
    Good luck to all, my the best person find it!

    • ^NOT implying it was f. Merely a direct (somewhat) slightly loaded question with a wink to some old dude.

    • Jonsey, I assume you are talking about the Evetts Haley shortcut on Fenn’s computer. To answer your question many scholars believe Lyndon Johnson had Kennedy killed. Lyndon Johnson, king of the progressives and father of The Great Society, drastically ramped up (started for all practical purposes) the Vietnam War on a bogus Gulf of Tonkln incident. Then he forced me, Fenn, and a couple million others to go kill communists to hide his Marxists agenda.

      I had given up on that area years ago but perhaps the chest is near the Vietnam Memorial in Angel Fire after all.

      • Yes, Goofy, I was most certainly talking about that. Evetts wrote some real good books on that. Heck…maybe after the Vietnam Memorial you can check out Estes park. Never did like history class….but I really do now. so lucky dudes like Forrest nudge us to see cool stuff.

      • Hey Dal- I read Evetts Haley books. (It comes with being mildly obsessed)

        Could you please maybe consider asking f if he thinks that looks a little like Barry Goldwater in the boat? It may help explain the deceptive water lines and why its nice hes on a boat heading north.

        If you would be so kind as to ask him id gladly write up a post with some really cool stuff and ephemera of F and Evetts I acquired over the years.

    • A big old “Griz” saw it floating Downstream – wanted to play with it, so tossed it up on the bank. How else? JDA

      • JD –

        Your comment reminds me of the announcement when there is a break down on the Disney World Splash Mountain

        Looks like brer bear and brer fox are starting some kind of commotion down the stream


  6. The poor guy in the boat will never be able to find the treasure – even if he does float downstream, the “X” is on the back side of the rock – he will never see it. HAHA JDA

  7. I’ll definitely fish a whole week! Imaginations is where it is at! Camp fires and fishing and not a care in the world…That’s where I’ll be.


    • I think the searcher in the boat ate some cookies then he put the boat in the “Creek” while the paddle still sat on the shore… Then his hat fell in the water and he went after it and forgot the paddle in his haste to get his special hat… He obviously was not able to grab the hat as he floated by it.. Gonna get a sunburn probably πŸ™‚

      • I like your imagination Spallies. Some say when the mind is quiet, imagination comes out to play. I like that thought.

    • I sent him an email Sunday morning that suggested eating Underwood Deviled Ham with Pimento Cheese, perhaps it was not as good as I imagined?

      I think the email is poking fun at someone who sent a solve he he is telling them they will be up the creek without a paddle with their solve.

    • FF’s reference to cookies is another nod to Colorado…IMO. Perhaps the boat is stranded on a rock and the boater could really use a paddle (which looks to be downstream, oddly). Instead, all he has is fake news.

      • I’ll second the “fake news” theory. Note the “ABC News” and “CBS News” shortcuts on the desktop – obvious hints! πŸ™‚

        • That’s a really astute observation, IMO. But given the controversy over who currently tells the truth, how do you interpret whether this message is fake or real?

          • Vox, a very valid question. A belief in someone’s message, like trust and respect, is something that is to be earned and never given carelessly. That takes time and research using different sources, but I’m sure you know this πŸ™‚ .

            In the case of The Chase, we’re all just SOL and have to rely on intuition, imagination, and educated guesses.

          • Let me elaborate a little further. Supposing it’s “fake news,” what’s fake? No one’s up the creek without a paddle? Forrest is not up the creek? Someone else is not up the creek? It’s not really a creek? North is south? There’s no creek? There’s no paddle? The person in the boat is happy? There’s no boat? The boat has capsized? Etc., etc.

            There may be a simple explanation for the multiple news channel shortcuts – Forrest is sensible and rational enough not to rely on one, potentially biased, source of news, and looks for a balance.

          • This is likely such a simple thought that it is impossible for it to be correct. What direction would the creek flow if the picture was rotated on turn to the right?

          • Elevation… The Rockies are the highest point so this creek is flowing on both sides away from the center.

          • Nicely done oz! I owe you a prize or something shouldn’t we ever met!

            That idea to turn picture to right had nothing to with anything really other than looking at things differently. Opens a whole new world. I like your eye sight πŸ˜‰

          • Vox,
            I was trying to be witty with my “fake news” comment – my feeble attempt at humor :). I think that term brings about negative connotations, and I wouldn’t use it in seriousness relative to The Chase.

            I made a comment below about SB166, and that’s what I lean toward with the photo.

            Sorry I didn’t express myself clearly.

          • Duh! Sorry, Joe I can be really dense at times! I thought I’d seen someone else mention fake news – perhaps on Jenny’s site, so I was kind of primed to respond in serious mode.

  8. I doubt this was intended, but the picture reminded me that maybe rather than being directed up the creek, where therell be no paddle, hes actually giving us a clue to go down the creek TO the proverbial paddle. (Whatever that may be)

  9. That is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while.
    I can’t stop laughing.
    Forrest, why can’t you make all of your post that easy to understand.
    I think you new I needed a good laugh.

  10. I don’t think this picture is of Forrest’s desktop. The drawing seems to be a physical drawing resting against the monitor. The e-mail is to “” and has not yet been sent.

      • I agree. Someone loaded up their desktop to try and make it look like the links are hints, then took a screenshot of the card and their email before they sent it to Forrest. Forrest simply forwarded it to Dal most likely.

        It is funny watching everyone scramble thinking it was a hint that they personally are onto something πŸ˜€

      • Guys, this cartoon is almost definitely by Forrest’s own hand. Compare the way the letters are formed (particularly the R and O) with the “my book” picture in Scrapbook 104.

        The email is just a mock-up, IMO.

        • I agree with you completely. I’ve seen lesser minds chalk it up to the sender, but that’s because they don’t know Forrest’s mind. Haley an author born in Belton, Texas … just HAPPENS to be on this “stranger’s” computer just days after Forrest mentions Belton? Come on people… wake up πŸ˜‰

        • A most impressive observation… It certainly appears to be a match in handwriting.

          But I see he [ff] never or seldom writes (or prints) in lower case letters… “Me” “Creek” and “Paddle” don’t seem to match.


          • Fennatical, I’m wondering about two (possibly remote) possibilities.

            First, that this is something he sent to someone (or was going to send) a while ago, and it came back to him for whatever reason; and that the “Me” label covers a “You.”

            Second, that you could use the term “cut and paste” regarding the labels, meaning insert your own interpretation for what they refer to.

            Just some wild guesses.

        • vox-
          I agree that the writing looks much like F’s and the drawing also resembles his style. The yellow stickies are also confusing. Why are they on the art board? Are they covering something up? Did the artist change their mind about labels? Maybe Forrest put the stickies there to cover up what the artist actually wrote.

          Forrest may very well have created the map but if he did why would he want to create the allusion that it came from a searcher?

          If it came from Forrest it would likely be hinting…If it came from a searcher it would be somewhat less meaningful as a hint, in my estimation. By the way…isn’t that pretty much the predicament that Darrell Seyler was in a few years ago when he was arrested in Yellowstone…just thinking out loud…

        • The labels are written by the artist who drew the card and (presumably) asked him to put an X on the map where the treasure is hidden. So he (Forrest) writes “SOMEWHERE NORTH OF SANTA FE” and “IN THE ROCKIES”, with his own arrow on the latter, mimicking the artist’s arrows, and puts an X on the “rock”. It’s not really that hard to figure out.

          But don’t believe everything you read. That’s no rock. That’s a three-legged octopus!

          • Oh, never mind. FF wrote below that all he added was the X. Pretty sure the person who wrote the bold text was someone other than the labeler though.

          • “My only addition was to put the x in the Rockies to show where the treasure is hidden.”

            Don’t see what you see JP.

          • You don’t see the three-legged octopus? Clearly it’s a three-legged octopus and the guy in the boat knows it’s coming for him.

          • You are right about one thing Jeremy… it’s not a rock. It’s a trompo. I used to work in a factory that made them.

            I think Forrest knows what I mean πŸ˜‰

    • I don’t think it’s Forrests computer. If you look at the laptop in the pictures of his desk recently posted by Toby it appears to be a silver HP type not a black Dell… Fyi Forrest, your desk could use a bit of dusting – might want to add that to your list of domestic chores… πŸ™‚

  11. Dal,

    Forrest uses a Mac, why is the screenshot taken on a Windows box? I don’t think Forrest would need to run a Windows emulator.

    Did you simply take a screenshot of what FF sent you?


    • Forrest does not use a Mac computer. He uses a Dell laptop running Windows. That is his computer in the background of the photo. He took the photo by leaning the map, which was sent via conventional mail, against his laptop screen which is displaying his open email program.

        • We’ve been over that territory before WyMust…The metadata shows my resizing of original images so they do not take up more space than necessary on the blog. That is my Mac that saves the images, not Forrest’s. You never see Forrest’s or anyone else’s original images on this blog. Original images are to large.

  12. so THAT’S where my lost paddle is located – been looking for that darn thing in the Rockies for months now, and only ever found some crusty old chest with some boring old designs on it..

    me ol’ Pappy used to say “ya just can’t paddle a good canoe with a crusty old chest, son – ya just can’t..”

    (so i chucked it down some ravine somewhere – it musta had some old rocks inside it or something, it was surprising heavy for it’s size)

    oh well, back to searching for that paddle i s’pose

    soooo.. it’s next to a creek which contains a sad hungry person floating upstream in a small card-board box, and a rare Orange Roughy fish poking its bum outa the water..

    darn it – that could be anywhere!

  13. Nice to see that I am not so ‘odd’ in noticing that ff posts things here as a ‘wink’ in subtleties of hints. I truly believe he reads here and give winks.

    This drawing kind of looks like perhaps it is hinting at a bigger accent of water flow then what is shown; depicted by the paddle and angst the character is in.Could be indicative of rapids and rocks in the water. Meaning: the character was paddling in a rough part of the creek ( rapids) and lost his paddle from being bashed about in the water . The water flowing north carried him and boat up (North)stream. This would be during heavy snow melt season. The rock with the appearance of opposite wake of water flowing south could be the water in collision with a large rock island reversing water flow just at collision point with rock. So, not an error in drawing effect of water flow, just depicting a temporary water reversal flow by collision. So to me this could mean that the chest is in the middle of a creak on a rock island. Depending on the seasons water lever flow and potential of rapids depicts the depth, low or high of the water. This drawing depicts heavy water flow . You will most likely get wet to get to the rock island during heavy water flowing creek- water rapids effect.

    Call me crazy, it doesn’t bother me.

    • I don’t think we’re talking about subtleties of flow or whether you’re going to get wet searching. For once, I think this means exactly what it appears to mean – somebody is up the creek without a paddle, and that somebody is…

      • You or the we is not me. Intelligence has allot of telling in the genes. Shakespeare knew what was in a name and a word. I see what I see, you see what you see. It’s all good in the hood vox but in the wood you may just find out…ed.

        • You’re right, Alsetenash. It is how we interpret it. I’ve quoted you in my related post below.

  14. So…gotta argue with the river flowing north supposition! Look at the current lines behind the rock. Any person who spends time on the river can easily see there’s a lovely little brook trout hiding in the eddy below the rock, downstream. So the boat has yet to reach the paddle.

    • Timw,
      I have had the same thought many moons ago.
      For this to occur naturally it would take some digging to find the information. But, we have been told a comprehensive knowledge of geography might help.
      There is one place I know of where this has happened by the action of man. A place that has changed the flow of the water with significant result that affected the natural amount of water flow greatly.
      The problem or I should say, my problem is… while the location works nicely in theory with the poem, it is not in the poem or the book as hinting to it that I can tell. So, its more of a hunch than anything else.

    • TimW-
      It is a shortcut on his desktop to go to Santa Fe Weather..
      In the military and also in aviation…
      WX is a commonly used abbreviation for weather..
      TX is a commonly used abbreviation for transmitter
      RX is a commonly used abbreviation for receiver

  15. If FF did in fact make this drawing (perhaps having someone else write the labels), it could be talking to many us with the simple message that either we’re wrong, or we have no control – or even that Forrest himself is “cornered.”

    The beauty of it lies in its simplicity. We can probably all interpret it in our own way, and all be at least partially correct!

    If I were to interpret it personally, I would start with what Alsetenash said:
    “This drawing kind of looks like perhaps it is hinting at a bigger accent of water flow then what is shown; depicted by the paddle and angst the character is in.”
    For me, the water represents the distance I am over the ocean and to the NW of the Rockies, and the paddle represents FF in Santa Fe, SSE of the Rockies, who is forever in control of his Chase. The words in the email represent an admonition – but I won’t go into that here.

    I have been panicking recently, like the guy in the boat. This winter, the Chase has been getting to me rather badly, and I’ve been way too vocal, letting my insecurities show, and dumping them on FF – who doesn’t deserve it, of course.

    That is what this represents to me, and me alone. You may well have a different interpretation, equally valid, that fits where you are in the Chase.

    So whether Forrest sent this to himself, or re-purposed an existing item, it is a small slice of genius in that it could have meaning to many.

  16. I’m gonna have some fun with this email if ya don’t mind…
    The drawing is interesting for a few reasons.
    1. The drawing seems to have be done on something other than conventional paper… maybe cardboard or a similar product.
    2. The top of the drawing [ if it is a drawing ] appears to have smudges while the rest seems is very clear and even.
    3. It seems three different pens, flares? both… were used. note; the blocked ‘me, creek, paddle’ differ in color from the other writing. And differ in thickness in print.
    4. To me, there are two different hand style writers.
    5. It’s interesting that a computer screen back-ground is used.
    6. the lines for the outer edging of the water doesn’t finish at the edge of the drawing at the top… but does at the bottom. This seems odd as the lines seem very smooth and without hesitation [ maybe Jeremy could chime in with his opinion ]. Because, in my thought, an adult may have drawn the lines vs. a child.
    7. The blocking or balloons for the words me, creek and paddle have be a bit confused… I almost want to say that this is a pre-fabbed picture designed for someone to add what they want.

    • I agree with a lot of what you say, Seeker.

      1. Given the lack of wrinkling from ink absorption, it may be that foam-core drawing board – or it could have been glued and ironed onto board.

      2. Although it doesn’t look smudged to me, it does look dog-eared at the top.

      3. Yes, I think the three labels are differentiated – probably deliberately for some unknown reason.

      4. Agreed – although that can be done by the same person – maybe even using the other hand.

      5. I think that’s to show the email (no subject…?)

      6. I noticed the incomplete lines, although didn’t think it had meaning. I don’t know if FF is right-handed, but, assuming he is, it can be difficult to control a pen at the far right edge of a drawing.

      7. I agree that it’s almost like a multipurpose Chase tool!!!

      • Seeker, just realized that your point number 6 could have much more significance than I had thought initially!

    • Seeker, on your point #7, that is what I see. The 3 tabs were made separately. It is like those ‘match the words to the pictures’ that preschoolers get to learn and practice.

    • Seeker, I gonna have some fun too. I do believe that before this treasure is found, the topics of discussion will have been everything imaginable, including the color of Mr. Fenn’s underwear!

      Sorry Mr. Fenn.

      • If you’ll go back a while, you’ll see the gentleman’s underclothes has already been discussed by searchers. They’ve had their fun.

      • I have had so much fun during the past few days observing everyone (myself included) trying to make something of nothing. Sometimes “funny” is just funny.

        As a proud member of this “minion horde of searchers”, I sometimes feel like the object of a Foghorn Leghorn comment such as “I say, boy, pay attention when I’m talkin’ to ya, boy”

        At other times, I think we should change TTOTC to mean “The Thrill of Tangent Chasing”!

      • BW,
        Ha. Thanks for that image… It’s bad enough I have to see myself in my boxers. I wish Jessica Biel hid the treasure…

    • @Seeker, since you mentioned me I’d feel remiss to not chime in. The lines are mostly smooth, a tracing of the colored areas that were there before the lines were made, and the stick figure man was drawn first before the river lines. I agree that it’s probably an adult who drew this, but it’s more about psychology than artistic skill. An adult is more likely to draw a humorous expression of frustration than a child. In my speculative opinion.

  17. Forgot to say that it could even be interpreted as “without WWWH nailed down, you’re up a creek without a paddle – go back to the start!”

  18. Someone mailed that to Forest. Forest thought it was cute and emailed the sender and asked if he could email it to Dal to post online. The sender responded with the message you see on the screen. Forest hit reply, removed the senders email address and subject and replaced the email address with his own. Forest added the posted notes.

  19. Throttle back folks and throw out the anchor. That comical drawing came to me in a card by snail mail from a searcher in Texas who is a good artist. She agreed to let dal post it. My only addition was to put the x in the Rockies to show where the treasure is hidden. Why the Rocky Mountains are in the middle of the creek is a mystery to me, and I learned many years ago to not question what an artist does. I placed the cartoon on my computer to take the photo, thinking dal could photo shop everything away but the drawing. We discussed it and decided to let everything stay. I thought the email was a nice change from the norm. Okay, up anchor and back to work everybody. f

    • Forrest, You should know better than to breathe without expecting a thorough examination of each exhale!

      Thank you for the “X.” I really am excited to experience trout fishing outside of the Smokies…

    • That thunderous roar you hear is the sound of a million over emotional bubbles popping. πŸ™‚

      WAIT!…….You sly dog you. I just anagrammed your comment, flipped the matrix of those letters, and applied the secret sauce algorithm to reveal the coordinates of the chest.

      I knew you had to be talking to me………..Fire up the truck, me and Lucy are on our way to get the chest.

      • Pop pop pop… Wait till April when all the hot air hisses into the atmosphere… talk about global warming!

        • And then May…pop hiss…and then June…psss POP….and then when the creeks subside and thaw…pop pop pop.

      • Goofy – Wouldn’t that be a hoot if this photo actually did contain hints?

        So…, how soon are heading out? LOL!

          • HMA;

            You may be able to see my hand, but do not forget the Joker. I will goad you no more.
            You offered to bet, but then chose not to. Your choice – Smart move on your part. JDA

          • Way too many jokers in this deck even though the dealer tries to re-deal.

            Some need to be spanked with the paddle.

          • Ok…just thought I would ask…seeing there was so much talking about it.
            I think there was a memo some time back about jokers not being wild in this game…only cold hard clues. HAHA just funnin’…

        • JDA @ 11:34 I wouldn’t brag about that. I was already laughing, but that cracked me up. lol read before posting.

          • Like the poem, it all depends on how you interpret the words. Pretty cute, maybe I should have chosen my words better – but at least we can laugh at it – YEA for you. JDA

      • Goofy!!

        Thank you ever so much for announcing that. I always knew it would be you who cracked this nut. What a relief!! Now I can clear my database and get a much needed night’s sleep.

        Do be a good sport and post pictures of you with Fenn and the chest.

        Congratulations Goofy!!! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Forrest:

      One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane.

      Thanks for the clarification , I needed it I think.

    • For some reason, this reminds me of The Farmer In The Dell. What is the farmer doing in a boat anyway?

      Searching for a treasure chest, of course! Very cute Forrest πŸ™‚

    • To all – IMO f is working OT to try and get us to think but very few will put forth the effort needed to match his wits. He is a man of many talents and one of those talents is to help those figure out what he created. It’s not often that you find a teacher that will actually do what he has done. I’m not saying that everything he has shared since the chase began is a hint but a large portion of what he shared is valuable if you have done your homework.

      Again, IMO, most searchers jump the fence to chase the rabbit and miss the hints. Too much imagination can lead to too many places where the treasure chest is not.

      • I agree HMA… Hence my comment from yesterday…

        “FF has resorted to teaching a class in β€œSpoon Feeding 101”. You go professor! “

      • Hma, come on that is getting old. Instead of keep repeating what we already know “go back to the poem…” and that no one is getting the hints why then not just share something, an insight or whatever, even lie if you need to, at least for fun.
        It seems that you are just going from post to post with the same bull.
        Here, try with this one picture posted today. What is your hint to Forrest hint?

        • Oz10 –

          “Here, try with this one picture posted today. What is your hint to Forrest hint?”

          The picture that f shared was from yesterday. Are you talking about a different picture that I’m not aware of? If you are talking about the picture that f shared with Dal for this post, it is very useful but won’t mean anything unless you have solved a clue or more.

          If you are serious about finding the treasure, go back to the poem. I know it’s not what you wanted to hear but you can’t take shortcuts and if someone told you what the clues were you wouldn’t like it. You need to do your homework. Here are some suggestions that might help. JDA thinks that a dictionary is a necessary tool for solving the poem. I say wrong. If you need a dictionary you aren’t even close and will chase forever without finding a chest. Seeker has said we need to consider the meanings of words in the poem because of a statement that f made. Seeker tends to be all over the map with ideas and that can be impossible when trying to solve the poem. IMO, no special meanings of words. F has told us all what kind of tools we need to solve his poem. Most don’t listen or get sidetracked. Speaking from experience, it’s very easy to get sidetracked. If you really want to put forth the effort in figuring out the poem, get off the blogs and spend time with the poem. One last suggestion. Go back to the video on Smarter Every Day about the backwards bike. It takes a radically different use of the brain in order to solve the poem.

          Use logic coupled with imagination in the right amounts and the results can be very interesting.

          • Hear me all, I used a dictionary and it

            Some folks will benefit from use of a
            dictionary more than other folks will.

            Some folks don’t know the meaning
            of “halt”.

        • HMA, seeing you mentioned me, allow me to respond. You stated: “Seeker has said we need to consider the meanings of words in the poem because of a statement that f made. Seeker tends to be all over the map with ideas and that can be impossible when trying to solve the poem.”
          1st sentence… Umm well, Yeah! because fenn made the statement. But, you’re slightly off kilter. You can find posting of mine talking about Multiple meanings and usages as far back as 2012, Why? well it’s a poem and poems need to be interpret by their words used.
          2nd sentence… yep, i’m all over the map simply because I can chit chat about the poem in many different method of readings… All while you and some others seem to demand it read the way you hope it might be… hence that rabbit hole… and ignore fenn’s comments on what he said he did. “I looked up words and definition of words and changed them, went back and rebooted” [ for just one example ]. oh right. he added…” the results are what I wanted…”
          So by all means… do it as ya like, and we’ll see what happens in a couple months… I’ll be waiting to here about your wonderful vacation.

          • Seeker –

            β€œI looked up words and definition of words and changed them, went back and rebooted” [ for just one example ]. oh right. he added…” the results are what I wanted…” by f

            There is a reason that f worked on the poem for so long. Yes, he needed it to say exactly what it did but not for the purpose that most think. There are many ways to interpret the poem. We’ve seen the many ways in stories and posts that people have been sharing since the chase began. IMO there is only one correct way to interpret the poem and it doesn’t have anything to do with the meanings of words and a dictionary won’t assist you.

            I made the statements about you being all over the map because you are so open to considering any possible way to start finding clues. Stars, Canada, all of the US, Continental Divide, etc.. Instead of wondering where to start, you can know where to start. Why do searchers get distracted and avoid the poem? Because we are human and it’s tough to change the way we look at something after we’ve become rigid in our thinking. Figuring out the clues in the poem is the only way one will find the clues, answers to all those questions, and the treasure chest.

            I do hope that this year proves to be golden but for now the weather in the search zone is still not favorable for a rescue operation.

      • HMA,

        One question… not a big surprise, right?

        The man survived cancer, Heck, the man survived 20 years of active military duty. Takes 15 years to write a poem that, as he stated, has all the information to find the chest. Takes time to buy and collect items to hide in a 25,000 $ chest with a total est of over a Million. Plans it all over a 20plus years period… Tells no one, not friends or even family [some who are active in the search] Just to come on blogs post over a hundred SB’s, Q&A, e-mails, etc. etc. for ??? what reason?

        I’ll be the first to agree fenn wants us to think… he told us that from the start… But do you really think he is giving anything critical away? 20 years of his life planning it all, just to hint the crap out of it? What would be the reason be in your opinion?

        Serious inquiry…

        In part; “Occasionally I forward parts of emails to Dal for use in his blog to
        add human interest for others who are in the search, but I never would if
        it made a difference or in any way might point someone toward or away from
        the treasure. …I am determined to stay aloof of providing any additional clues that are useful. Everyone has the same
        information to work with…”

        • Seeker –

          “I am determined to stay aloof of providing any additional clues that are useful. Everyone has the same
          information to work with…” by f

          F has not been providing additional clues over the years, just hints. You have to figure out the clues in the poem before the hints will make any sense.

          Maybe this will make sense. Forrest created a poem that is difficult, very difficult, and many would say impossible. It’s impossible but is very challenging. Even if you think you’ve found a clue, how would you even know? You could spend years working on the poem never knowing whether you were on the right track unless you could find multiple hints that would shore up your findings in the poem. Do you think f has been sharing all of his stories just to entertain us? That is a part of it but there is another reason. It’s a way for those that work on the poem to know if they are chasing rabbits or moving forward with confidence.

          My personal opinion is that f is not helping any specific person but all of us when he shares his things on blogs like this. Just like we all have had the opportunity to read the poem and the book. He has also made other suggestions but some choose to discount them or stretch them.

          • Forrest does not want it to be discovered and did not add a way to confirm any solution. As a matter of fact, he said the opposite, the only way to know you have any clues right is to get the treasure.

            By the big picture, to me this means people are thinking this is easy, the big picture is millions of acres and 100 years. But people are free to think that he is throwing hints to them, or that they are the _one_ who has it all figured out and his hints prove it.

            Of course we all know that you can twist his so called hints around to fit just about any solve.

            Stay safe.

          • HMA ~ “F has not been providing additional clues over the years, just hints.”

            Well H, you might be one up on me cuz fenn calls everything a clue. But just for fun… was it not fenn who suggested to read the book and look for hints to help with the clues?
            What I find truly interesting is, when a quote of fenn is posted, your opinion state the opposite.
            Correct me if I’m wrong but, you have implied the clues are not in consecutive order… fenn’s comment; “if you can follow the clues one right after the other they will take you to the treasure chest…”
            You have said, no need to look up meanings of words. fenn stated; “I looked up words and definition of words…”
            So, if we’re told to read the poem then the book and look for hints that will help with the clues… you’re implying the opposite.

            fenn “β€œThere are hints in my book that will help you with the clues, but a clue will point you toward the treasure chest and a hint will just help you with the clues, if you can understand that.”

            I could go on but there seems to be no point.

          • Seeker – You can debate f’s quotes forever OR you can work on the poem. My choice was the poem.

          • HMA,
            Ah! I see the problem. You think I’m debating fenn’s quotes… How in the world can we debate the guy who knows all the answers?

            I posted them for you to explain how you’re saying the opposite to them. I mean, why ask for more bones if ya don’t like what ya get. Yet, you claim there are hints in almost all of fenn’s comments and all I see is you contradicting each one.

            Ok I’m bored now… I’ll get back to the poem.

    • Oh My Gosh…Talk about getting my knickers in a Knot!

      Thanks for clarifying Fenn. I was about to throw away 2 years of research just by looking at this pic…

      : /

  20. All the elaborating reminded me of this article I read. At an “open house” at an elementary school, one of the parents, a psychologist, noticed artwork on the wall of a classroom. There were several pictures, and they were all drawn with black crayon. The psychologist immediately spoke to the teacher and the child’s parents about the artwork.

    The psychologist informed them there was something wrong with their child. The fact that he chose black all the time showed he was a completely depressed child, with “dark” imaginations and thoughts. Another parent, also a psychologist agreed and said that the child should immediately begin therapy.

    Later that evening when the parents got home they spoke with their child. “Danny, we are really worried about you honey. Why do you always draw all of your pictures in black crayon?”

    Danny: “It’s because I’m little. All the other kids get the colors first because they push me out of the way. All that’s ever left is the black, so I draw with that”.

    • lol, liked! – reminds me of a story i read in London once:

      a mother is standing in a queue with her young son. the man in front of them scratches his ear.
      the Mother asks her son “why did that man scratch his ear?”

      son replies “I dunno”

      mother clips him over the head and answers “because it’s itchy!”

      (often the simplest of lessons can be the hardest to learn πŸ™‚ )

  21. Forrest, Thanks for clearing that up for us and our over active minds.. I believe we are all ready for spring and some really good hints, pretty please.

  22. Clever.. looks like his grandkid drew it. Now if the grandkid wants to draw the rest of the stanzas, I’ll be on the bus to look.

  23. Searchers, Forrest asked us an important question to help us understand what ” there’ll be no paddle up your creek” means.

    Forrest said ” Why the Rocky Mountains are in the middle of the creek is a mystery to me,”

    Ok, so if there is a vast amount of land in the middle of the creek, it is not a creek that we usually define a creek as. We must adjust our thinking.

    So what is a creek? A creek is a small STREAM or brook.

    Ok, so what is a stream? It is a flow of water OR things. Such as a stream of people, vehichles. A line of things such as a train. A continuous flow such as a stream of tears down the face. A stream or trail of light. It is also a stream of fire.

    So now think of that line again, There’ll be no paddle up your creek. He is telling us that the creek he is talking about needs no paddle. Its not a river or brook. Could be a line of railcars? Like a train. Or a stream of wagons heading west?

    For those searchers who understand the lines like teachers with ropes and the edges, limits and boundaries this will help knowing what he is Really talking about.

    • DPT;

      To me, all Forrest was saying is that it is a mystery to him how something as large as the Rocky Mountains could fit into a small stream. It is not logical, and makes no sense. He was asking a rhetorical question. To me the question was asked in jest – as a joke, not one to be taken seriously.

      Must everything uttered from Forrest’s mouth be taken with the gravity of a State of the Union Address?

      Just my opinion – I LAUGHED at the question by Forrest, because it was funny. I laugh at your question for its absurdity – Sorry – that is just how I read it. JDA

      • None taken JDA. But as Forrest asked the question he then presented to us to lift the anchors and carry on with our work. As a director letting us know how to proceed.

        It is clearly logical to me to use the creek as a stream of tears for example. Because a stream that needs no paddle is not a traditional creek as we all know it.

        Now tie in the example I used above with tears and look at the story that Forrest used on Jennys site about Delores. Delores means sorrow. She had old clothes, tears in her clothes. And two eyes like Texas road maps in the rainy season. That all screams tears to me, but if you want to take it as just a good story so be it.

        Just trying to help those that don’t think like you JD, sorry.

  24. I know I’m always too little, too late. But maybe we’re meant to discard the
    ” X “…. (It looks like an arrow to me, pointing to the “r”, course I have tunnel vision). May be the solve doesn’t involve an islet or a raging river. Maybe that’s why that little feller in the boat is blowing his top?
    Just an alternate universe I’m living in.

  25. “I find this piece, ‘Me, Creek and Paddle’ to be spellbinding. It has a flowing line, a contrasting tone, a texture as smooth as a newborn baby’s behind. It’s curvaceous–a dramatic miniature–yet it is subtle. It is vibrantly colored and the depth is astounding. It moves me to tears such as I haven’t had since my early childhood. It is truly astonishing. A veritable masterpiece”

    —Sir Walter Fleming III

    • I believe it’s still at least 8.25 miles north of Santa Fe, NM and below the Canadian border, in the Rocky Mountains…Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico.

  26. Forrest is s…t up creek without his paddle, because he lost the way to the treasure,he can see it in his mind where he hid it,but forgot how to find it.state unknown
    Treasure unknown.

    • (Second try.) Ambidextrous is the ability to write, using either/both hand(s). Perhaps you meant he’s ambidextrous, but his right hand is more dominant?

      • Wait, you didn’t write that right. The Wright brothers had every right to perform the rite of flying though neither of them was ambidextrous– at least I think that’s right. If not what’s left?

      • Yes, I was just playing with the word write as in he likes to write with his right hand. Sorry, didn’t mean to sound confusing. Maybe I should have said he THINKS with both sides of his brain equally which would make him whole brained not harebrained. Oh, nevermind.

  27. There is an excellent book entitled “The Shy Stegosaurus of Cricket Creek”. I was reminded of it after reading several posts here. There are many life lessons contained in that little novel.

  28. 1.)No paddle up your Creek= so appears water is flowing south.
    3.) Function of (x)=an obstacle

    The person in the boat is distressed because he is going to hit the object (x) in middle of river. He doesn’t have a paddle or way to control his direction because the paddle appears to be downstream.

    Note sixes=
    -There are 4 sixes:more than a few, but perhaps several.
    1. (XI),
    2. (zoom 126%),
    3. 6 notes on picture: 3 posty’s on map two on computer, one note the email.
    4.) Six icons are real time information sources on the web(weather, S. Fe web cam, Fox news, USA today, abc, CBS)
    5.)12 (1,2) icons visible,=two 6’s=12+two 6’s=126%
    -There are 7 X’s in photo total, so one (x) is probably important.

    -The phrase fox newz is misspelled drawing our attention to an important (x).
    Fox=f o x =(f) of x=f(x) a function of x, taken from math/calculus.

    The function of an x is can therefore be considered an obstacle to me.
    So then let’s begin Where Warm Waters halt.

    The x as an obstacle, is this obstacle the key? We probably need a key to unlock the message as Forrest has said. Maybe now we already had it.

    The Lofty Caribou

      • Voxpops

        With age my sight is diminished, with age I think I can see more, within age I only really see myself better.

        I wish I had 20-20 vision too, but instead I need 2 pairs of glasses to improve my sight.

        • I’ve been seeing double a long time, TLC, but I’ve not seen a single Lofty Caribou before. Keeping those mighty antlers hidden all this time was quite a feat!

          But 7 x X = a shapely figure in my estimation. But am I all at sixes and sevens? IDK.

    • I’m curious. With these thoughts, I’d like to ask what your thoughts are to Mr. Fenn’s comment he made yesterday in comparison to what is being stated now?

  29. Symbol of Hazard. I believe this is just Forrest saying “nope,it’s not in a flowing creek”. πŸ™‚

  30. Inasmuch as I’ve found myself gliding down many ‘a rabbit hole; (lol)), it all comes back to ‘seeing’ the light. In what dimension it’s found will be another story.

    The past is still lies ahead.


    • SL, a guiding light is a guru. Someone to look up to.

      interesting also that Forrest was a guide for fly fishing.

  31. IMO,
    NPUYC refers to an evergreen tree that is growing within the flood plane of a creek. If you have ever spent time in the forest ( as ff has ) you would know that when the wind blows , you can hear the trees creak. there would certainly be no paddle up that creak. It’s an evergreen because in winter the limbs would be holding heavy loads of snow( up your creak), and water high tells you it is within the flood plane so during high water times it would also be up your creak. I believe the artist would probably have a better chance of finding the TC in Texas than one of the 4 states.IMO

  32. To Pops:
    You can stand in trees at least, but no the antlers aren’tt really hidden. Not much of a feat if you saw me fall over my feets with every ft. I traveled.

    Well you can see double; mmm…. that could be good as long as we know what’s real and confirmed to be reality.

    “Oxpops said: But 7 x X = Shapely figure in my estimation” Too pops: You’re thinking shapely: like a entity or a woman with a nice figure that has, is, was or, had (insert it (:t) here) like: tone, tall, terrific, the top beauty, to hot, . Or maybe you can just appreciate her for her some type of title.

    My dad would say; I’ll have more not all, like when going to a food court for a meal with ten counters to choose from. My question then is which order to choose dad? I think he said make it a simple order so it doesn’t get screwed up.

    “Oxpops asks: But am I all at 6 and 7’s?”
    Too Pops: Do we need to be all at 6 or 7’s maybe she’s a ten? Like the abbreviation (Ten For the Win). Maybe I am shooting to high with desiring a ten, and maybe we need to always smile and call on the fairer ones too.


    • Well, TLC, that was a fulsome reply. Much to chew on, which reminds me that it’s lunchtime, and I’m going to have my sandwich – just meat and cheese: keep it simple like your dad suggested. I’ll take it up the mountain so I can practice my semaphore.

      • Only ate half my sandwich, even though I like beef – decided I didn’t want any more. Made me think a food court with ten counters would be just too overfacing, IMO. But you can’t have it all – that’s a given.

        • Forgot to mention, your atticness, that I sometimes speak of my better half as a simple Nebraska girl, but never within earshot. πŸ˜‰ I give everything to her, but mainly my love.

  33. I seriously had my knickers in a bunch. I had to throw them away I was freaking out that 2 years of research and obsession were all for naught after looking at that picture.


  34. Pdenveron, Hi! In comparison to yesterday and what’s being said now: they are different times, and my timing is probably off.

    “Yesterday”, ff said slow down and put the anchor down. ff then stated it is a comical drawing from Texas and “Why the Rocky Mountains are in the middle of the creek is a mystery to me, and I learned many years ago to not question what an artist does”. Lastly he said now back to work pull up anchor. Clearly a contradiction by f.

    Why is it a mystery (Mountains in the middle of a creek): well i guess hangups and obstacles can arise from anywhere on a search or in a chase. Texas reference: might be important if you have the extra time for researching hob stuff relating to real places and estates..

    “Today being stated now?”. The function of the (x)the might be an obstacle, this obstacle could be a key if you are following the story, it’s just an idea though. Wish I could write more but battery’s done on my cmatebook should have checked in earlier .


    • The reference was to counting the “x’s” this morning per discussion between you and voxpops, in comparison to Mr. Fenn’s comment made yesterday about how he thought Dal would photo shop and just leave the card shown, but after further discussion, it was decided to let it be. As far as the same statement he has made, I do watch and listen.

    • I must add, I enjoyed reading the discussion between yourself and voxpops. It does give others things to consider.

  35. I have a question. Will Brook trout swim in a creek, or only in a brook? Or would they even realize they are in a creek, and not a brook? Maybe they would even swim in a stream. I’m so confused I’m wigging out about this. I mean, they are called Brook trout right?

    • Sparrow, A simple Google search reveals the following: “Habitat –
      The brook trout inhabits large and small lakes, rivers, streams, creeks, and spring ponds.

      Now you can relax. JDA

    • Sparrow – funny you should ask that question.

      scientifically speaking, “Brook trout” would only ever swim in brooks if they possessed the first name of Brook.

      unfortunately in the early 60’s, it was common practise to name a trout Audrey, so many fly-fisher-people were gravely disappointed when fishing for Brook trout in brooks for many years thereafter

      and as their were no streams called Audrey for them to swim in, a whole generation of Audrey trout became destitute and had to resort to petty crime in order to survive.

      that’s a true story ( ..honestly!)

    • “Stinking Creek”? Just flowing with your comment. Someone hot? That is an interesting thought, too.

    • DG – Thanks for the laugh. I hadn’t thought of it that way. I’ll be laughing and grinning all afternoon.

      • Yea i can see forrest looking at the pic from someone and thinking thats just how he is feeling Lol

      • Someone being ‘hot’ is I think he means the same as me thinking that ff is hinting someone here in their postings is closing in on the path of discovery of the chest. Like their area and poem solve is close. He and I have both eluded to such a possibility. It seems to be a bit of synchronicity in new topic threads from ff new posts”gets mail’. Maybe not true but fun to think so anyways. FF reads in this blog I think.

        I said it because I think it is me that is ‘Hot” on the trail lol-anyone could be!

  36. Sparrow,
    Swim in a creek or a brook? Fish swim if there is water in a creek or a brook if you look. And of course stating the brook trout are not being culled as they currently are in Yellowstone. Or they can’t swim very well if they’re being ignored as a way to put up with, as in unpleasant fishing or other fishermen.

    Brook trout a proper scientific name in any book are only found in the east. So brook trout can’t swim in the west if they don’t exist. Book and brook is probably not a proper answer. But story may be an answer like in oral traditions since then brook trout can then exist and swim in any waters.

    • Actually, I think they ARE in the west. On one trip to Yellowstone with my brother I caught Rainbow, Brown, Cutthroat and Brookies in the same trip. The Brookies were in higher elevation as I recall (at least when we caught them), and they were smaller fish. I think I caught the Brookies in the upper Gardiner, but can’t remember without the log we kept. πŸ™‚

    • WIKIPEDIA STATES, “The brook trout was eventually introduced into suitable habitats throughout the western U.S. during the late 19th and early 20th centuries at the behest of the American Acclimatization Society and by private, state, and federal fisheries authorities” JDA

  37. I once caught a 10 lb Brookie but no one was around to enjoy it but me. I mention it in my book “A Fibber runs through it” in case you’re interested.

    Sorry Dal–didn’t mean to get so far off subject—I was actually just curious what the difference bewteen a brook and a creek was—now I now—you can step over a brook, whereas one needs to jump over a creek. πŸ™‚

  38. Re: Wriglet…
    I’m surprised no one mentioned finding this definition:
    Wriglet (n.) 1. a rambling blog post that fails to have a clear narrative line or theme as a result of its author being a small anxious animal surrounded by metaphorical water…
    Found here:

    I don’t know what your research revealed, but I found this to be pretty entertaining/interesting.

    • 1. New Mexico
      2. Hill Valley/Dal
      3. Drawing Colors West πŸ˜‰
      4. Poles
      5. Lifts
      6. Fore Weiss men
      7. Kits/nigh;rider
      8. Olivier/Zel/kachina
      9. Go.. go go

      What side do you butter your bread Doc? Choose wisely

      • I’ve been up all night playing whack-a-mole, and now you pop up and ask this? I’ll get back to you, if I may.

        • OK, that’s Hobson’s choice, really, isn’t it? I can see that I seriously misjudged intentions, and failed to read the rules properly. So be it.

          • That sounds vaguely disturbing, Andy. Why don’t you explain yourself? I’m tiring of conundrums.

          • Oh, I’ve just seen the gofundme appeal. I assume that’s what you’re on about. Sorry, Curious Hobbit’s bar is going to take all available resources. The Bahamas ain’t for shallow pockets. πŸ™‚

          • yeah Andy!’s not an easy task drinking margaritas all day in the sunshine tbh
            – especially while having to watch voxpops slave away in the cellars all day

            ..jeez, i feel a bit tired just thinking about it

    • Contact guy for what. I do not understand your question. I have not found Indulgence so seems like an odd question. JDA

      • JD I thought MR FENN wanted his silver turquoise bracelet back when T.C. Is found . Who should be contacted you or M.R. FENN?I have not heard any talk about this part the chase.Thank you Clint.

        • Yes, Forrest has said that he wants the bracelet back. If you find the chest, I am sure that Forrest would be delighted to hear from you. I am just a searcher like yourself, and have limited contact with Forrest. HE is the man to contact.

          Good luck with your search. JDA

  39. In the 1800’s, “up” the creek, river, whatever, was actually going with the flow. It was what you hadn’t seen, yet. And “down” was what you already floated past.
    Today, we go on “floats” DOWN the river, meaning with the flow. So now…its…
    “Hey! I left my cooler up the river! I’ll meet you at the next put in down the river!”
    It’s unknown when the terminology was switched, but it has.
    Think about that as you look at the picture.
    The boater has no paddle as he goes up his creek. (1800’s term) The paddle is on shore down the creek.

    Are we to walk/paddle against the current in present day, or a paddle isn’t needed in the by gone era, because the current would propel you “up”.
    Is this the time we can’t be “meek”, and be held back by tourist barriers?
    Do we get off trail, listen for the creek and follow it to its end/beginning, a waterfall. Is the blaze highlighted by the rainbow? Is the chest wet from the mist? F just as much said the WWH wasn’t a waterfall in mail 14. But is HL/WH a fall? So many what if’s and possibilities.
    Can’t see kids wading thru fast running, deep water. It’s a safe place, as safe as nature can be.
    As far as exciting? Yes, being that close to a fall is exhilarating. It’s power deserves respect, and it’s age deserves reverence. Molding rocks over the ages isn’t as easy as it looks!

    Maybe THAT’S why some searchers were within 200’…they hiked to a look out, and kept on walking, not realizing that it’s their land too, and no stinking barrier would hold them back from following the other few clues, off trail, in the woods, where the treasure lies under F’s rainbow!
    Disclaimer: All my opinion
    Be safe! Wait for spring, when the water is the loudest!
    *** And, if you decide to roll around on the treasure after you find it, “warm it up first! ” Your efforts will be worth the cold!
    Β₯Peace Β₯

    • Donna, YOU ARE AMAZING! You’ve figured out a hint(s) which strengthens my idea of the location! Yes HL and WH refer to falls. You know how the clues direct you to the gold and the hints, although they do not specifically do what the clues do, they nevertheless provide the paths to the clues. And your post got a big one! I have since the first time I read the poem had the same thought as to where the clues point. I already had knowledge of things related to the location etc. and each hint has affirmed and strenthened my path. What you’ve so beautifully disected is the ‘no paddle up your creek’ part all those boys yapped about for so long that FF himself had to come in and ‘drop anchor’ hehe. There is no paddle because the creek is not a creek (exactly) but a trail for which no paddle is needed! It’s so clear now! I know more in detail, and figure you can think of it too but let’s share. The card is SO much more than the guys said. And the hints are justifying my original thinking I love it. πŸ™‚ go girls!
      ###-###-#### call me or text.
      *I live in the home of the Spurs* wink

      Edit: Czarina, I removed your phone number. It’s probably a bad idea to post your phone number on a blog. I’ll put it back if you really want to do that…..Goof

  40. The Rockies are in the middle of a creek because everyone should enter the stream.


  41. Interesting. I cannot wait to get into the gorgeous nature around here and pretend I know what to look for. I just got stationed here in NM and I never knew how gorgeous this state was until I started driving around and hiking. Spring is near. I’m ready to get after this. Thank you FF for giving me another reason to enjoy all the splendors around here. Also, if anyone wants to do some trekking with me north of Santa Fe let me know. 2 folks cover more ground than 1. Email is

  42. So did forrest put the x in the creek or did the people who drew thos picture do that anyone know ?

  43. To save you the trouble here is Forrests post from February 21, 2017 @ 844 AM:

    Forrest Fenn on February 21, 2017 at 8:44 am said:

    Throttle back folks and throw out the anchor. That comical drawing came to me in a card by snail mail from a searcher in Texas who is a good artist. She agreed to let dal post it. My only addition was to put the x in the Rockies to show where the treasure is hidden. Why the Rocky Mountains are in the middle of the creek is a mystery to me, and I learned many years ago to not question what an artist does. I placed the cartoon on my computer to take the photo, thinking dal could photo shop everything away but the drawing. We discussed it and decided to let everything stay. I thought the email was a nice change from the norm. Okay, up anchor and back to work everybody. f

    • Fenn never said it was below 10,500 feet —

      He said it was below Ten Thousand TWO Hundred Feet —

      There is a significant difference —

      B ..

        • The difference is 300 feet, which could be the difference between being within 500 feet and being within 200 feet ..

          If the number 10200 isn’t important why did F choose it? Why didn’t he just say 10,000 or 10,500? 10200 is a very specific number and could have significance to the solve ..

          Above 8,000 feet is considered High Altitude. Above 10,000 feet it generally becomes difficult for most healthy people to breathe, especially if they exert themselves – say hiking or digging — you get VERY tired VERY quickly and can very easily find yourself suddenly in trouble without enough oxygen or energy to get back to you car 200 feet away .. If you’ve never been above 10,000 feet it’s shocking how fast you completely run out of energy and can’t even walk two steps to sit down ..

          With damaged or weak lungs from Cancer or Emphysema, 10200 may be the upper pressure limit Bubba could travel without supplemental oxygen – or the absolute maximum he could reach with oxygen ..

          Survival above 10200 gets nasty very quickly ..

          10200 has to have a significant meaning in the solve or he would not have chosen it – either something to do with the altitude at which Bronze Beauty is hidden or possibly a horizontal distance ..

          10200 is 3.10 K-meters or 1.93 miles – I think most would agree “not that far to walk” .. 10200 – 5,000 = 5,200 – which could be the altitude at which Bronze Beauty is hidden (200 feet above the “in” line) or a horizontal distance from one of the markers — WWH, HOB, NO PLACE FOR MEEK, NO PADDLE, HEAVY LOADS, WATER HIGH, BLAZE — a specific distance that needs to be covered in order to get to the ‘X’ .. or it could be the horizontal distance between two of the clues .. 5,200 = 1.585 Km or .9848 miles .. less than 1 mile ..

          B ..

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