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The chase certainly has inspired some great poetry…

Here is page ix for poetry about the chase, Forrest or any other Thrill of the Chase related topic. I am hoping poets will create new poetry and place it on this page.

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252 thoughts on “Poetry Page XI…

  1. The thrill of the chase,
    leaves me with a bad taste.

    The nine clues ,I don’t know,
    So I’m about to blow.

    Forrest has done it good,
    cause I can’t find the wood.

    I’m left out in the cold,
    without any gold.

    • Oh Virginia Diane,

      You are not alone… Walk away for a couple days, think about YOUR life and those who matter, then come back with a bit more clarity.

      Stay strong!

    • Good job Virginia Diane… sounds like your in the same boat as 100,000 other searchers…. good luck to you my friend…..have a great night…. see ya

    • Thanks for the smile spallies…. hey, I’ll go back and take a quick look..k I’ll catch back up to ya later…. see ya my friend πŸ™‚

  2. I’ve written one poem in my life that made sense, to me. It makes me Boohoo.still. I’ve only just discovered poetry X. Seriously made me boohoo, again… Now onto Xl. This chase made me want to attempt what every woman in my family has attempted. Except ‘She’. Please forgive my below, I’m almost new to this…!

    Come closer honey, says He.
    Is onto He.
    No, says She.
    I will show She the road, and Two can see.
    Says He.
    Will you give me your knee, She?
    She knee’d He.

    • Ouch! I think you’ll have all the fellas wincing after reading this. (giggle). Looking forward to reading more of your poems.

    • Great job TammyO…… keep up your penning…keep have a great night… until next time… see ya

  3. Here’s a Haiku for you pdenver…..

    The Thrill Of The Chase

    Creates memories that last

    Chase your dreams pdenver

    By: Focused

    See ya my friend….

      • I love my haiku, my friend. Thank you so much for penning one for me. πŸ™‚

        P.S. My haiku didn’t come easy. I had to keep going back. Here was my original words, until I realized my count was off:

        Newborn baby peeps.
        In cradling arms so sweet.
        Rocking, gently, shhh, asleep.

        My last line should have been five, not seven. πŸ™‚

  4. There once was a man named Fenn,
    Who hid a great treasure and then,

    He put some clues in a book,
    And dared the world to go look,

    Now he chuckles to himself all day in his den!

    • Well done, Randawg.

      I think you’ve started something Great! πŸ™‚

      I can hear Forrest now…saying…”Oh, great.”

      There still IS a Man…Forrest Fenn!,
      Who hid a trove…no one knows when.
      “To be Indy Jones…
      You must first find my bones,
      And it helps not to be a chick-en.”

      Btw, I’m very happy that Forrest won his battle with cancer and that we’re not looking for his bones. That wouldn’t be very much fun.

      Now…I’m off for a relaxing stroll. I’m going to wear a smile…and walk in the sun.


      Thanks, Dal for the great site…and thanks to all the Great Poets who share here.

      • Your welcome JC1117…. thank you for the smile…. sometimes I feel like that rooster after a long poem binge….lol
        Have a great night my friend…. until next time… see ya

  5. Oh my! To heck with that Chase! !!
    I just discovered poetry …XL…
    So delightful, sorrowful, wonderful. I’m Gonna write another poem, eventuallly.

    But it’s heartfelt poetry, right?

    • Use your creative mind, TammyO. It’s within you. You’ve already showed us that you can do it. Heart and mind seems to work together. What will your poem say next? Looking forward to it.

  6. There once was a fellow named Forrest;
    In the Rockies a perpetual tourist;
    Until one day he placed,
    The goal of a chase,
    And now constantly is harried by the poorest!

  7. View.

    Looking back
    I can draw a line,
    A picture in the rearview.
    Forward is a torment to a few.
    My few is Two.
    Back was a joy,
    But there’s that line,
    From the rearview.
    I’ll throw my past in Two
    A circle,
    Along with you.
    When I walk away
    I will be grateful,
    To walk away with just my few.

    • What a haiku “tease”….. come on spring !

      Good job pdenver ….. I feel warmer weather awaits us…. have a great day… see ya my friend πŸ™‚

      • Thank you, my friend. Spring is just around the corner. Tulip bulbs have sprung, as well as, my Lilac tree, ahead of schedule. Looking forward to my Spring Snow ornamentals to petal, but hope they wait for the rest of the snowy season to pass. March and April are considered Colorado’s snowiest months. I’ve missed many beautiful blooms pass because of it.

        • pdenver, I hear you.
          Our garden has been annually barraged by seemingly random hailstorms, and can’t seem to get a good harvest in. Should probably try out hail-netting this year. Are you actually based in Denver? I’m just to the south of you in Colorado Springs. Pikes Peak is quite snow-covered still today and I was thinking of taking a foray up its slopes halfway this weekend to see what the snow levels are like. I’m guessing still quite deep!

          • Hello Blex. I’m just north of Denver. Going to be a beautiful weekend, and I believe you’ll find a lot of snow. It’s good to see the snow amounts for the season are above 100%.

          • (Second try.) I’m north of Denver. Going to be a beautiful weekend, and I believe you’ll find a lot of snow. Glad to see snow totals for the season are above 100%.

          • Yeah, in spite of getting caught on the road in a couple of whiteouts, this winter seems to have been especially mild this year. Glad to hear that we’re good on water levels for this year. I’m braced for one more big Colorado blizzard that seems to always hit the Front Range in March, but we’ll see.

            I ended up skipping out on going for a hike in the snow this weekend in favor of my warm house! However I did just notice that Barr Camp on the east face of Pikes Peak is located exactly at 10,200 feet above sea level. I personally don’t think that the Barr Camp area is related at all to the treasure location, however they do have a good facebook page where visitors post updated condition pictures, and I think it may be a good resource for checking conditions and keeping tabs on when the snows melt out at the upper end of the possible elevation ranges.

          • Headed to Rocky Mountain National Park yesterday, and there’s still plenty of snow on the ground. Didn’t go to the higher peaks.

          • Have you hiked a lot of peaks in RMNP, pdenver? Long’s Peak along the standard Keyhole route is probably the most arduous peak I have ever gone up, and is also probably the one that I am most proud of having done! I was also able to hike up Glacier Gorge to Black Lake late last fall when the snow was just starting to fly, and that was a beautiful hike too. Definitely no shortage of neat locations in RMNP. Are you a snowshoer? Any good recommendations for snowshoe trails in RMNP? Most of the good snowshoe trails I’ve heard about all seem to be clustered in the Indian Peaks Wilderness, which seems to get crowded. A friend and I snowshoed up to the top of Goliath Peak from Echo Lake last year, and that was a fun one!

          • Just starting out taking trails, and enjoying it. Last year, my husband and I hiked to Dream Lake, but couldn’t reach Emerald Lake, because of the deep snow. Usually don’t hike in the snow, but I had a crazy urge to hike, and wore sneakers that day. I saw some people snowshoe just below Moraine Park campground yesterday. I believe there’s plenty more areas that you would enjoy. I didn’t think it was too busy, but then again, I’m use to the Summer crowds.

          • May I also say, congratulations on your hike. I hear it’s a great climb, although a bit difficult.

          • Thanks, pdenver! I’ll have to try out the hike to Dream and Emerald Lakes sometime! The main reason I love living here is that there is a lifetime of neat new hikes to do! πŸ™‚

    • pdenver

      perfect haiku poem
      I came out from hibernation
      to be warmed by your beautiful poem.
      it is time for me to get caught up on my reading


  8. Great haiku, pdenver. Tease in deed. In Utah, it’s much the same. Seems almost every year I plant my tomatoes, too early. Dad always knew it was too early for them, but still I planted. I’ll be darned if he isn’t always right. Have a great day y’all.

    • Thank you, TammyO. Perhaps you might want to put your tomato plants in a pot and transfer them outdoors when the weather in appropriate. Maybe around Mother’s Day might prove beneficial to do so.

  9. April was her name.
    Searching was her game.

    She Marched to and fro;
    Now knowing where to go.

    Withing nothing much to say,
    She thought… “Come what May.”

  10. Unconditional confidence
    a journey guided with intuition
    flow’s within this poetry page
    wish I could meet you all
    your worth more than gold
    and I thank you


      • pdenver
        maybe someday
        going to Wyoming this summer
        my husband is chopping at the bit to go
        find the gold
        got to hold back the reins

        my family is from westcliff colorado


  11. Thought that I would have some fun πŸ™‚

    As I have gone alone in where?
    And with my treasures old,
    I can keep my secret there.
    And hint of riches new and bold.

    Begin it where warm waters walk
    and take it in the canyon Down,
    Not far, but too short to halt.
    Put in below the home of Down.

    From there it’s no place for a creek,
    The end is ever drawing high;
    There’ll be no paddle for the meek,
    Just heavy loads and water nigh.

    If you’ve been wise and found her gaze,
    Look quickly down, and go in peace.,
    But tarry scant with marveled blaze,
    Just take the chest, your quest to cease.

    So what is it that I must know?
    Can I leave my trove, now I’m weak.
    The answer is, I will always go!
    I’ve done it tired, and yet I seek.

    So hear me all, listen to the wood.
    Your effort will be worth the gold
    If you are brave and awfully good
    I give you title to a cold.

    Please Forrest, don’t shoot me – Just having fun. JDA

  12. Wow…. blink and look at everyone here on the poetry page….. martinS good job I liked that, and you JDA, great job yourself , I really liked your change up… reading it makes a person think in different ways…….again my friend, thank you for your poem…
    Zenden, it would be nice to meet friends here on the poetry page, some of us have been here since poetry page one.. and new people are joining all the time… I think we need to have a big poetry page bonfire …. πŸ™‚

    Have a great night my friends…….. until next time… see ya

    • Focused

      Yes ,that would be cool to have a poetry page bonfire.
      readings by fire light. ( really )
      you can bring your first editions of your book of poems and sign them for us all.
      and I read your poems ,plus others
      great minds at work


      • Sounds like a plan zenden.. πŸ™‚ it would be nice to meet everyone…. have a good night… see ya my friend

  13. I will go alone in there,to get his treasures bold,to find his secret where,Fenn left his new and old.Start where warm waters halt and go in the canyon down.It to far to walk,watch out for mr. Brown he will deal with meek and then your end will be nigh.So i will walk down your creek to get heavy loads and to see waters high.I found the blaze my quest to cease,i will marvel gaze and go in peace.So why is it that I must go and get Fenns gold and end all this seek ?The answers i do know,now I am tired and my Brain is week. So I did listen good,and it will be worth the cold, to go in the wood,to get Fenns gold.

  14. The Ode.
    Yesterday was a good day. Filled with knowing of what I know best. Lingering still and always wondering. What is it that I do not see. Do my eyes deceive me for I do not wish to follow. It is not so. It is not so. A heart finds its riches in a chord and reaches for the good. It was a good day. I have kissed my last pretty. Tomorrow will be a good day as before. If all will follow and see that your day of good. I know what I see and it is so.

    An Indian Scout and A Saint

  15. “My Masterpiece”

    Standing in the wilderness, my easel in front of me,

    Looking at a waterfall, flowing majestically.

    With oils upon my palette, my brush within my hand,

    I’ll try to paint the moment, of this solitude so grand.

    My canvas white at blank, I dip my favorite brush,

    With gentle strokes I paint, the waters as they rush.

    I paint upon my canvas, the rocks so mighty high,

    Water falling down, beneath a pale blue sky.

    I carefully continue, to paint this solemn place,

    Me I continue painting, with a smile upon my face.

    I hear the rushing water, of this mighty waterfall,

    I see my finished painting, I’ve painted here for all.

    I gather up my oils, and clean my brushes good,

    Pack up my trusty easel, out here in the woods.

    I look up to the waterfall, one last and final time,

    I turn and walk away, beneath the warm sunshine.

    To me this place is magic, I feel it deep within,

    Captured on my canvas, like an writer with his pen.

    The breeze is warm and gentle, blowing through the trees,

    And me I hope the world, enjoys my masterpiece…..

    By : Focused

    • I love your poem, Focused! Gosh, it really is amazing, and I could visualize and feel everything. Well done, my friend.

      • Thank you pdenver for your kind words …… I’m glad you could see and feel my words, that means I’m doing something right… πŸ™‚
        Have a blessed day my friend….

        Until next time… see ya pdenver

    • I shall never tire of hearing your words…such beautiful paintings they produce.

      I did not know that you painted with a brush, as well as with words.

      Thanks again my friend. JDA

    • Focused:
      Mother Nature and Mother Earth
      applauded upon your birth.
      They’ve given you a canvas to match your talent (s). Beautiful vision in your words my dear friend. πŸ™‚

      • Why thank you jdiggins…I’m glad you liked it and could see my words…… have a great night my friend….. :-). Until next time… see ya

      • Thank you 23kachinas.. I’m glad you liked it…have a great night my friend…..see ya

  16. Thank you Again…. I don’t paint JDA… I only use my words to possibly paint a pictures that others can see …. I’m just trying to keep warm thoughts flowing for everyone till searching resumes in spring….
    If I had to use a brush I would be in trouble lol…. I have went to a local art museum and was amazed how painters like Georgia O’ Keife, Thomas Duran, George Inness and many others could paint such work……
    Thanks again JDA thanks for your kind words…. to me my words are just words, but to know you and others enjoy them make it worthwhile to me….
    Have a blessed day my friend….. until next time… see ya

    • You do not need a pallet, easel, and brushes. Your “Paintings” are vivid and true. Thanks again for sharing your talents with us. JDA

  17. What lovely words, from y’all!!!
    I found (accidentally), an inspiring poem…..

    at the tip of the tongue
    As if sucked on
    A word pops up

    Back story on the poet. Pontero was afflicted with leprosy. He was blind and had lost both arms. Pontero read Braille with his tongue. Amazing!

    • Thank you for sharing TammyO…. we learn something new everyday…. have a good night…. see ya

  18. “Forever”

    In the year of 1877, in the midst of winter snow,

    The Nez Perce fought their battle, in the land of Idaho.

    They settled in the foothills, the army came with stride,

    Some fled into the mountains, a wooded place to hide.

    Others stayed below, to fight for sacred ground,

    Through the snow they heard, shots from all around.

    For many days and nights, the Nez Perce fought with pride,

    Nez Perce blood was spilled, many Nez Perce died.

    Soon they were surrounded, by armies of white men,

    Within the bitter cold, their winter wait began.

    Blankets they were few, children died from cold,

    Chief Joseph knew his lands, they’d no longer hold.

    Surrender was before him, he speaks within his clan,

    He Tells them they will live, safe on distant lands.

    He says to them while walking, along a frozen river,

    “From where the sun now stands, I will fight no more forever”……….


    P.s.- history is not always nice, but it is history none the less…
    If we’d live by the words of Chief Joseph, the world would
    Be a much better place…… until next time….. see ya my friends

      • Your welcome JC1117….. thank you for the link. That picture is what I envisioned when I wrote “My Masterpiece” above…beautiful !
        Have a blessed day my friend….and may you smell the sunshine all day long…

        Until next time…. see ya πŸ™‚

      • I’m glad You like the link. There’s a legend behind that waterfall. I’ll copy and paste the info from the picture.

        “SkΓ³gafoss is a waterfall situated on the SkΓ³gΓ‘ River in the south of Iceland at the cliffs of the former coastline and is one of the biggest waterfalls in the country with a width of 25 m (82 feet) and a drop of 60 m (200 ft).

        According to legend, the first Viking settler in the area buried a treasure in a cave behind the waterfall.”

        Perhaps a visit is in order. Did Forrest ever officially rule out Iceland? LOL!

    • Focused
      awesome poetry
      chief joseph was born in oregon
      and the little town of joseph was named after him.


      • Thank you Zenden , I’m glad you liked my words….

        There is so much guidance in Chief Joseph’s words, if the world would take time to listen…

        Maybe someday I’ll visit the town of Joseph.

        Have a good day Zenden….. see ya my friend

    • Your welcome, your welcome, and your welcome…. πŸ™‚ TammyO…. have a great night… see ya my friend…

  19. Bookdockers

    When I grow up,
    I want want to be outdoors.
    To make life long friends,
    Ones that care.

    I want to bring my ears to the lively fireside chats,
    To hear what others say.
    I want to relax a little,
    And not worry about paydays.

    It’s a big wish which just might come true.
    So off I go to join my crew.
    Long live the Boondockers.
    And all those people like you and me.


  20. “Spring Bouquet ”

    Snow rests on a daffodil, its yellow bright and bold,

    Fighting for the season, in midst of springtime cold.

    Waiting for that moment, to let its colors shine,

    Soon it will become, a daffodil of mine.

    I walk into a meadow, with yellow all around,

    One by one I pick them, from snow upon the ground.

    Then I see a daffodil, just standing all alone,

    This one I must have, to take back to my home.

    The daffodils I gather, I clamp them in my hand,

    Bright and bold they shimmer, springtime is so grand.

    I head back to my cabin, to a vase I’ve chose for them,

    When They’re placed inside, I’ll step back with a grin.

    In the center of my table, for everyone to see,

    My spring bouquet of daffodils, shining majestically.

    Every time I pass them, all throughout the day,

    I’ll smile upon the daffodils, my new found spring bouquet……

    By: Focused

    P.s.- Happy Spring my friends…….. until next time… see ya

  21. Pretty, pretty poem Focused…but I wish that you had left them in the meadow, where they would have lasted so much longer, and nourished the bees. JDA

    • Thanks JDA…. I wrote my poem from imagination , I did not actually pick them JDA so the bees will be happy ….. πŸ™‚ have a great day my friend…. see ya

  22. Focused,

    A daffodil in its silent glory is the very essence of Spring. – Thank you, our friend, for giving it a voice.

    • Your very welcome SL… enjoy your spring and all the blooms that come along with it…. see ya my friend

  23. I’m an old art man from the Rio Grande
    Been diggin arrowheads all around the land
    I’m not a cowboy but used to milk a cow
    I don’t text or tweet ’cause I don’t know how
    Sure ain’t a fixing to start in now
    Oh, yippie yi yo kayah, yippie yi yo kayah! πŸ˜€

    (my apologies to Bing)

  24. Consider the great magnolia tree
    Its beautiful fragrant blooms.
    A handsome pilot on bended knee
    Pauses neath a shaded canopy.
    Rehearsing his vows soon spoken
    For his beautiful bride to be
    And picks a heart seed token
    For his sweet Peggy Jean.

    Entrusted with magnolia seeds from Mr and Mrs Fenn’s wedding day, I’ve given the best start possible… planted in “Black Gold” seedling mix breathing in Texas spring sunshine. Wish me luck and pray they grow!!!

  25. “The window is open and a warm, delicious little breeze comes wandering in. It smells of magnolias and dogwood and it whispers in our ears enticing little stories of gurgling brooks and cool woods. Yes, we have got spring fever and we got it bad.”–“Country Life,” June 1922

  26. It’s so nice to read all this lovely poetry, I lurk here alot. Gives me the warm-fuzzies. Thanks Everyone!

  27. “Believe”

    Believe that you can do it, whatever it may be,

    in time you’ll meet your goals, trust me you will see.

    yourself and only you, walk on your trail of life,

    My friends you must believe, in each and every stride.

    Friends your trail is short, time will creep away,

    through life’s given path, you’ll proudly find your way.

    you will someday stop, reaching your trails end,

    all your trail behind you, believe in yourself my friend.

    things out there await you, on trails within your soul,

    are you a true believer, to find them as you go.

    possible things can happen, just believe and let it show,

    focused on your dreams, so hit your trail and go……..

    By: Focused

    P.s.- if you read down the first word of every sentence it says ….
    “Believe in yourself my friends, through you all things are possible. Focused”

    Have a great day everyone…. until next time… see ya

    • Thank you for sharing this focused! I needed to see this. Your words give me hope. I really love your poetry my friend πŸ™‚

      • Your welcome WY Girl… just “believe” in yourself and the sky’s the limit… thank you for your kind words and I’m glad you like my penning. Have a great day my friend… see ya

    • Focused,loved your read.but it seems like you got to have experience and money to make things happen .desires,wants wishes just don’t happen without these two things. I used to tell my mama.mama I’m hungry. She’d say.s–t in one hand and want in the other, and see which one fills up the fastest. There was nothing to eat in the house. So I’ve learned .no money no nothing. Wishes are just wishes,dreams are just dreams.yeah we have a house we. Are paying on and a truck we are paying on..but wishes and dreams are like puff the magic dragon.i cannot figure out this poem.just saying I’ve never seen dreams come true.not to sound pity for me.

      • Virginia Diane Arvada,
        The first thing a person needs to chase their dreams is not money or experience. They must have determination and believe in themselves. If money and experience is needed to fulfill a persons dreams then that person should find a way to achieve both. through their determination and hard work and believing that they can achieve it, therefore their dreams would someday become reality.
        If a person has no hopes or dreams , then they’re riding a slow wagon to nowhere…

        ” some of the richest people on earth are the poorest, wealth comes from within”

        Have a great day My friend…. until next time… see ya

        • Focused, I understand what you are saying to Virginia , but sometimes when your belly is growling because you are so hungry and the cupboard is bare it is hard to think of dreams. Time , circumstance and luck, in my opinion play a larger part in ones ability to climb regardless of how hard a person works. Some days we just keep paddling.

          • I understand what your saying BW…. my point is not about ones circumstance or background… my point is about having dreams and believing in yourself to chase them…

            I’m Sorry if you or Virginia Diane Arvada misunderstood my poem … it was written to tell everyone to “believe” in yourself…

            No pun intended… have a great day BW…. see ya

          • Exactly what I’m saying. When your living from paycheck to paycheck paying bills to put a roof and food over your head and pay bills,there are no dreams and wishes
            There are people all over America like this.not just only me.its the rich who get to go to another state to see their families or go somewhere. Without borrowing from peter to pay paul.you just don’t have the money left over to save.

        • Thanks,i work very hard at my job.I’m a school janitor. Its a hard job.at 64.but i do it and i do it proudly.my husband is retired and gets social security.his pension when he dies is gone.he set this up this way to bring more money into the house.that was before we found out he has carcinoid cancer in the liver.started in small intestine.he’s doing good.started him on a new cancer shot.so i live day by day.you cannot make dreams come true when there is no way.thats why I’m trying to find this chest.don’t know about anybody else.but I’m sure there are many out there in the same condition trying to find that chest to make their life a little better than worries all the time.

          • You keep on keeping on. Things will work out. Maybe not the way you think they will. But something good will happen. Always .

      • Virginia Diane Arvada, you don’t know me, but I’m a fan of yours. Your posts are fantastic. You crack me up. You’re about the most honest being I’ve read. But your words sounds sad to me, this time. I grew up the same way as you. We lived small. My grandfather built our ‘house’ out of Latham plaster, and chicken wire. Last house in town, to have indoor plumbing. We were the have-nots. I’m not that old, though ! But, but…I think dreams and hopes weigh more than s–t.
        Embrace your past. Embrace your present. Tell yourself, “Something good is going to happen”. And feel it! Something good will happen to you.

        • Thanks, we do sound the same.i grew up in florida woods in a house,no electricity. The house was wrapped in black roofing paper with those silver rond rings with a nail in it to hold tar paper in place.could see all raffters and boards in place.wood burning stoves.kerosene lamps.and outhouse and a prim pump outside.no water in house.back in those days you could go to sleep with just a hook on the screen door.my parents were alcoholics.but as an adult.i can look back and miss that old house cause it was home.alls gone now but 1 aunt.sne just turned 89.now its my generation and some of them is already gone.boy life goes quick.know exactly what you mean by the have nots and being called white trash.those things do a number on kids.especially when you know you were a good kid.i was scared of my mom and dad.hated school like mr. Forrest. Just would not sink in.plus you got made fun of for eating a fried bolonga sandwich everyday.at that time .yeah it hurt.but I’m older now and don’t give a rats a_ _.anymore.except my feelings get hurt very easy.if anybody don’t like me,then don’t look at me.haha.love ya girl.i do my best to live a godly life.I’m not perfect, my mama used to say, s_ _ t fire and save the matches.don’t know if anybody ever heard of that one.sometimes me and my sister get to talking about that stuff and giggle.laughter is healthy. And mr. Forrest keeping a secret is not healthy. Haha.love all you guys.you keep me going like the bunny.

      • Thank you very much 23kachinas for your kind words…. have a great spring…. see ya my friend

    • very inspiring Focused, esp the secret ‘first word’ message

      my fav poem so far πŸ™‚

      • Thank you curious hobbit…. “believe” my friend…. have a great day…. gotta go…. see ya

  28. One has to believe in themselves, or all is lost.

    Beautifully written my friend.



    • Very true JDA…. thank you again my friend… may you have a great day too…..

      Until next time… see ya JDA

  29. I’ve always been a dreamer.
    Can’t say I’ve always believed.
    That’s why I took to pen,
    It was how I grieved.

    But those words I wrote then,
    Were no fun to read.
    I needed to heal myself,
    Not continue to bleed.

    So I made a pact that I try to keep,
    No more whining words I’ll write.
    I’ll keep my pen positive,
    And not allow it my weep.

    So your words, focused, my friend,
    Are a pleasure to ingest.
    You fill our hearts with vision,
    And with smiles, we invest.

    Thank you my friend for being you.

    And hobbit, you’re alright too… πŸ˜‰

    And of course all you poetry page junkies, love y’all! πŸ™‚

    • Jdiggins you have been a long time friend here on the poetry page and I also want to thank you for being you…
      You have inspired much of my writing …. thank you for your poem above , I’m honored that you enjoy my words…. I know I have enjoyed yours over the years… I’m glad I could put a few smiles on faces around here….

      Have a great, great day my friend….

      Until next time… see ya πŸ™‚

      • Focused, I stand by you and your words. Always, for they are from the heart. And in my heart, we will always be friends. πŸ™‚

        Virginia Diane,
        I’ve been there, believe me. Never slept on the street, but many years I just stayed here awhile, there awhile, had all my life’s possessions in storage, lost it all. Just had clothes and my “writings”. I wanted to give up so many times, even tried to, and it ain’t just poor people who feel that way sometimes either. I had a whole Lotta lumps thrown at me… a lot, and it came down to a noose on my neck to finally listen to myself. Don’t give up. You can’t. People and circumstance can change, you just have to have faith. You just gotta believe…

        • My husband has done a good job through the 46 years we been married. But i get tired just like everyone else who lives from paycheck to paycheck. I guess we all do that.its life.we all have dreams. But i need to figure out that chest .darn it all.you know i wonder how many people on the blog has figured its in so many places, because we all the time coming up with different places,as least i do.just when you think you got it figured out .you don’t. Gotta let some steam off somehow.sorry you guys were it.hope you forgive me.

  30. Not vortex, I think that snuck in, sorry. *for

    That’s what friends are for! πŸ™‚

  31. Wow after reading all of the above posts
    It is hard sometimes.I know.
    alot of strong people with strong will
    to move forward with there lives.
    I feel lucky to have friends like you all.
    we are heading out for northern Idaho soon
    for a trip (not for the treasure)
    see you later.

    • Have fun on your trip Zenden ! πŸ™‚ and also have a good day…. see ya my friend…. πŸ™‚

  32. ” My Doli Pot ”

    I’m walking through the desert, of north New Mexico,

    Looking for some signs, of life so long ago.

    The sky above is blue, I’m in a dried up creek,

    That is when I seen it, just resting at my feet.

    It looks to be a pot, half submerged in sand,

    With figures bold and black, drawn by ancient hands.

    Excited I kneel down, and with my tiny brush,

    The soil around the pot, I remove not in a rush.

    The midday sun is warm, with sweat upon my brow,

    I wondered how it got here, I can’t imagine how.

    That is when it happened, a spirit spoke to me,

    She told me of her life, and how it use to be.

    She says her name was Doli, she owned the lovely pot,

    And many many years ago, the day was very hot.

    She came down to the creek, for water they could drink,

    Then danger came upon her, in fleeing let it sink.

    Then her spirit left me, as quickly as it came,

    Standing up I thanked her, and called her native name.

    Then with a gentle hand, I lift the fragile pot,

    Amazed in disbelief, at the treasure that I’ve got.

    As I leave the creek, and head back to my home,

    My mind it drifts away, what a perfect day to roam.

    And With my pot in hand, that Doli made herself,

    To honor her I’ll place it, upon my favorite shelf…….

    By: Focused

    • As usual your words come to life in my mind. Thank you for sharing your amazing poetry. I always look forward to your poems my friend πŸ™‚

      • I’m glad you could see the picture WY Girl and you are welcome…. I’m glad you look forward to my penning too… FYI don’t look forward to much from me next week, I’ll be running all over Texas …. unless I get an inspiration for words along the way…… have a great night my friend…. until next time… see ya πŸ™‚

          • Enjoy it focused! Springtime is fabulous in Texas! Hope you have a great day my friend !

        • I am WY Girl….headed now to Bastrop TX then San Antonio and then on to big bend national park … then back through ft worth….spring in Texas is great… blue bonnets everywhere…:-)
          Gotta go… see ya….

          • Focused, you lucky dog.i lived in san antonio for for 6 years before moving to Colorado. Thanks to lady byrd jhonson for all those beautiful mixed flowers along the highways. I’d love to just run and have fun in a field of blue bonnets but those dang rattlesnakes like them too.good luck to ya .

  33. Focused;

    You paint such lovely pictures. Again, I thank you SOOOO much for sharing your talents with us. YEA for you and your brilliant mind. JDA

    • Thank you JDA for your kind words….. I’m glad you could visualize the picture in my words….. have a good one ….. see ya my friend….

  34. “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling” song

    When Irish Eyes Are Smiling, sure ’tis like a morn in spring.
    In the lilt of Irish laughter, you can hear the angels sing.
    When Irish hearts are happy, all the world seems bright and gay.
    And When Irish Eyes Are Smiling, sure, they steal your heart away.

    Verse 1:
    There’s a tear in your eye and I’m wondering why,
    For it never should be there at all.
    With such power in your smile, sure a stone you’d beguile,
    So there’s never a teardrop should fall,
    When your sweet lilting laughter’s like some fairy song
    And your eyes twinkle bright as can be.
    You should laugh all the while and all other times smile,
    And now smile a smile for me.


    Verse 2:
    For your smile is a part of the love in your heart,
    And it makes even sunshine more bright.
    Like the linnet’s sweet song, crooning all the day long.
    Comes your laughter so tender and bright.
    For the springtime of youth is the sweetest of all,
    There is ne’er a real care or regret.
    And while springtime is ours, throughout all of youth’s hours,
    Let us smile each chance we get.


    May each of your days be like finding a four-leaf clover. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone.

  35. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! A good excuse to break Lent with a Guinness if you must πŸ˜‰

    • Cute. If not, perhaps one could find a non-alcoholic beer and add green food coloring to it. I don’t drink, so my apologies to those who enjoy the “leaded” kind. πŸ™‚

  36. Took his hand in mine
    Didn’t know better
    I KNEW after the hand.

    Carvival sltes to see.
    He with me.
    With She watching He,
    And Me, of course.

    She would do nothing less.
    Scary House? Yes.
    Mirrors warped and odd?

    Do I remember all of me in that place?
    Do I remember all of She?
    And He? Yes and Yes.

    He is a step, but real.
    A step.
    A Father that took my hand at Five.
    And never let go.
    At a carnival fun house.
    With She watching.

    This is for my Step-Father. Well.. Really it’s just for My Dad.!!!!! MY DAD!

    O and Mom looking out for me, Wherever you are. ….Smooch

  37. Ah… pdenver, you are lovely. I can’t express all of what I mean , but thank you.

    • Thank you for your kind words, TammyO. Sometimes words are hidden inside, but they’re felt.

  38. Words are felt, pdenver. You’re a master. I swear.
    You make everyone feel softer and better.

  39. Marathons and Sprints

    Is it the last quarter mile that matters most when running a race?
    Or is it a race at all?
    Are we marathoners or sprinters?
    You make the call.

    There are many things I want to do,
    And many things I want to see.
    Feels like life has just begun.
    Do you follow me?

    “Peace in every step” my teacher said.
    “The shining red sun is my heart.”
    “Each flower smiles with me.”
    “How green, how fresh all that grows.”
    “How cool the wind blows.”
    “Peace is every step.” my teacher said again.
    “It turns the endless path to joy.”

  40. “Awaken”

    Awaken sleepy buds.
    Open your winter coats.
    Unfurl the spring green,
    you’ve kept tightly within.

    Awaken sleepy robins.
    Fluff your downy wings,
    around your turquoise eggs,
    while you merrily sing.

    Awaken delicate petals.
    Sweet and lovely scent.
    Honey bees are buzzing,
    and butterflies flutter.

    Awaken critters, great and small,
    from your cozy beds.
    Peek out and you will see,
    Spring has finally come.

    • Wow… great job pdenver! I’m on a road trip right now running around texas… let me tell ya, down here the blue bonets are definitely “awake”… have a great day my friend….. see ya

      • Thank you, Focused. Have a wonderful time in your travels, and enjoy the beauty, my friend.

      • Thank you, Blex. The weekend would have been a great time to snowshoe. Enjoy the moment for it won’t be long before you switch to hiking boots.

    • I love it pd! Thanks for sharing!
      Luckily I’m in Texas where it’s been spring for awhile now but I remember springs in Denver and your poem brings those images to mind.

      • What part of Texas WY Girl ? Yes spring is here… I’m going to San Antonio today, then off to big bend national park πŸ™‚ ….. no spring grass growing under my feet..lol Have a great day…. gotta go.. see ya

        • A little south of Ft Worth focused.
          Spring is my favorite time of year here. Hope you are enjoying your trip, the weather has been beautiful here the last few days.

          • Yes WY Girl the weather is great….
            I will be coming through your neck of the woods on Friday after big bend national park… look for the sun with cameras hanging out the window..k stopping in ft worth for the night ….. have a great day my friend…. see ya

  41. enticed by haunted steps of men of journeyed boots beyond my birth,
    i seek to cast a humble quest on trodden paths of early peers
    asunder under giant beasts of quarried war through narrow firth,
    and bold encounters stored in wells of quiet hurt and silent fears

    i walk beneath the moons of time, bourne late in tides of valiant sons.

    in words too distant now to know too well to ever hold to task,
    too short their silent tales aghast, laid bare on cuffs of leaders mirth,
    i yearn to touch upon a blaze of long forgotten ashes past,
    too bred in shades of human tears and flames of hell on mothers earth.

    beneath this caste of jaded sky, too shy of seas so often high,
    too rife of men too easy bought for silent ears, and drunk on casks of spoiled wine,
    and paid a blinding sum to strike in strife too many men of early years,
    i brave to hike to dizzy heights, away from worlds of twisted tongues and sweetened brine

    and bourne mistakes of leaders past, made famous by the fates of ever-loving sons.

    in whispered rhyme, through plastic sheets of promised shine,
    entrenched in sounds veneered in farce, entranced by words too simply said.
    i wish to dive to depths too far beyond my simple shrine,
    to know those souls so early birthed in times of trusting men too early bred.

    with deepest breath on deepest shore, i yearn to venture deeper more,
    and strive to know a verse too seldom said to ever simply speak,
    yet wallow in my safe surround, anchored in a murky grave of shallow moor
    and flounder in this swampy sound of foreign words and promised speech.

    i seek to search such honest lands, of words too seldom spoke by humble hands,
    to hear a solid truth aside my mellow life, intrepid in my tepid fear of hollow death.
    and fall upon this fallowed earth, in gentle pace with fellow man,
    astride my pride of honest steed, on moons of time and quiet breath

    and bourne too late by gentle lakes and warm beneath Her tides of ever-setting suns.

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