Two Boys Find Hidden Gold…

by dal-

I knew this would get your attention. It’s true…but it’s not Forrest’s treasure they found.

Two fatherless kids living on the edge of poverty with their mothers in Baltimore found a hidden pot full of gold coins quite by accident when they were digging a hole to hide some small items of their own back in 1934.

The face value of the gold is nearly $28K but all the gold coins are from the 19th century so the value as collectible gold is much, much higher. In 1934 a three bedroom, brand new home cost about $6K.

A decent wage is $20/week.  This is big money…In today’s money that collectible gold could be worth $10million.

The question of course is who gets to keep it. It was found by the boys but it’s in the basement of their tenement building…which they don’t own. They can’t take the coins to the bank and quietly exchange them for cash because in 1933 President Roosevelt’s Executive Order 6102 made it illegal for private citizens to own gold bullion or coin. The boys are told that If they take the coins to the bank they will be arrested. If they try to spend it they will be arrested and the gold will be confiscated by the government. What would you do?

I bumped into this fascinating book about this riveting event the other day. I finished reading it today. A real attention grabber. The book is titled Knight’s Gold and is written by Jack Myers. You can find it on Amazon as a paperback or as a Kindle read.

Jack does one heck of an investigator’s job in unraveling the mystery of who put the pot of gold in that basement and why. He is also a fine storyteller taking readers vividly through America’s relevant confederate history and the lives of a few ethically challenged dreamers.

It reads like a fine historical fiction novel…and that would be good enough…but it’s all true and that is stunning!!

Jack deftly draws us into the story with connections that go back to the assassination of Lincoln, the Alamo and even the slave trade. It’s one good bouncy ride through history and the human condition.

What’s caches of the same parentage are still presumably hidden today in places all over the country. No nine clues. Just a big fat pot full of collectible gold hidden for secret purposes that never saw the light of day.

I was captivated throughout the story not only by the thorough investigation and gripping historical tale but also by the nagging question…are the boys going to get to keep the money or will the government, lawyers or the bad guys get it instead…a question certainly relevant to our own search…

Looking for a good read til the snow melts? Try Knight’s Gold by Jack Myers. It’s available on Amazon.

BTW: Jack mentioned that searchers should be aware that some KGC treasure was reportedly moved to Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and perhaps Utah during the 1870s and 1880s.  Knights’ Gold will give some clues as to what to keep an eye out for when looking for these transplanted KGC treasures.

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  1. Thanks for sharing an interesting story for sure. My wife and I were talking the other day of all the stories of lost treasures all around the country. I found one site that list them by state, about fifty stories just here in Texas if I remember right. The main thing about Indulgence is that ff is still alive to talk about it.

    • Also a lot about Jonathan Winters. Forrest did you have any stories or good humor to tell about when he visited your gallery?

  2. Thank you for sharing. Certainly sounds they have quite the decisions to make. Turn it into the tenement? Can’t turn it in, or else be arrested. Keep it for the sake of history? Could they display it at a museum without getting in trouble?

  3. Interesting, I have some friends that travel around in their motor homes looking for the treasures of the KGC. I suppose they just enjoy it because they don’t need the money. One of the wives is a retired history professor so they have a leg up in that area. They spent a few months out here doing research; they think the Saddle Ridge Hoard is part of the KGC treasures.

    Oddly to me, they aren’t interested in Fenn’s treasure. I’ll ask them about the book next time I see them, sounds like an interesting read.

    • If they find all the stashes. How will the south rise again. Wonder why there not interested in fenn ?

  4. It is odd that though I am subscribed to receive new Post alerts, it doesn’t happen. Something is wrong with the SUBSCRIBE system. I just saw signs of a bad Oman. Has something to do do with these hidden gold coins. This story tells me that there are times when one should hold his tongue and watch what they say to who. The less people that know what you have means the less people there are to trip you up. That follows along what f recently said. It went something like, IF YOU TELL HER YOUR SOLVE THEN DON’T BE SURPRISED IF SHE GOES SHOPPING AT GUCCI WHILE YOU FILL YOUR CART AT WALMART. I hope the youths kept quiet until the timing was right. If they wouldn’t have found the cache, someone else would have without their help. Shhhhh!

  5. I am also having problems with the SUBSCRIBE system.

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    • Special, the notifications are handled through wordpress so we can’t control what is going on there. Most folks seem to be getting the notifications but some are having trouble. Check to make sure the notifications are not in your spam folder. Try to login into your wordpress account and see if you have any problems. You might try re-subscribing and see what happens. There have been times when some virus/spam programs have blocked wordpress.

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  6. It’s hard to believe that it was a criminal offense for citizens to own or trade gold in our country (until 1975!). Wiki says some jewelry and collector’s coins were OK. (I wonder about gold fillings?) 😀

  7. Can you imagine the look on those kids’ faces the moment they saw all those coins? You don’t get many “feel good” moments in this world, but I’m sure that was one of them 😛

  8. Add something else for me to ponder. 🙂

    Thanks for the post Forrest – Very interesting.

    Remember folks – stay Warm, and TRY to STAY SAFE


    • Who said Forrest was responsible for this post? If it were he, then why did he refer to himself in the third person in the second sentence?

      • You may be right. I just ASSUMED Forrest had posted it. Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t. Sorry for the assumption. Dal??? JDA

      • Read my post above – I do not know – I assumed. WRONG!!! My bad!!! Dal, can you help?? JDA

        • JDA-
          You can tell when Forrest posts a story on this blog because it will have an “f” at the end..his signature.

          You can also tell because of where it’s posted…Forrest’s stories are all posted under “Forrest Shares”. This one was posted under “More Info and Musings”.

          Additionally…if it has no signature or by-line…I posted it…
          I posted this story…not Forrest…

          Having said all this..there are some stories under Forrest Shares that I wrote…but it will say “by dal” or “dal” on it if that is true…for instance the “Don and Bubba” story under Forrest Shares is one I wrote. It’s posted under Forrest Shares because the photos came from Forrest…

          I’ll try to make sure it is clearer when I write something…

          • Dal,
            Not sure where this query should be posted……..but thought since the subject is similar I would ask now…….I’ve been out of the loop for a couple weeks but noticed that f posted something called Passages. I was able to access it while it still visible in the “new posts” area but now that it is under “Forrest Shares” when I open “Passages” Passage 1 is not a link? Is this problem just on my end?
            Any help would be appreciated!

    • Virginia, they would have done that if gold was legal at the time. However, the boys were afraid that they would get arrested if they started trying to sell the coins or turn them in for cash. If the boys had discovered the gold in 1932 we probably would have never known. The Gold Act was introduced in 1933.

  9. Never heard of that story. Another good read on finding treasure is called Ship of Gold about the sunken SS Central America and the dubious Tommy Thompson who bilked the investors out of the nearly 10 tons of booty. Short nutshell version is on Wikipedia.

    Still snowing here in West Yellowstone. Park closes March 15th opens back up April 21st.

  10. Dal, thanks a bunch for your nice write-up on my latest book, Knights’ Gold. This writing project came about by accident as I had originally intended to write a book about real kids finding real treasure. But I became so intrigued by the Baltimore gold story and solving the mystery of the 5,000 gold coins that I decided to take that route instead. As I researched the history of the treasure house and its 19th-century owners I began to find more and more connections to the politically powerful Baltimore secessionists and Confederate sympathizers. My research ultimately led me to the Knights of the Golden Circle, Albert Pike, the plots to kill Abraham Lincoln, and of course John Wilkes Booth, who lived just four blocks from the treasure site.

    You can be sure that if I lived out West instead of near Philadelphia that I would be in the thick of the hunt for Mr. Fenn’s now legendary treasure! BTW, the Fenn searchers should be aware that some KGC treasure was reportedly moved to Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and perhaps Utah during the 1870s and 1880s. Knights’ Gold will give some clues as to what to keep an eye out for when looking for these transplanted KGC treasures.

  11. I have researched the best I can about the laws regarding claim to the treasure. It saddens me to realize that in my search area, designated a National Monument and culturally significant, the laws do not allow anyone to disturb any part of the area, including moving rocks.

    Federal laws are very much a reason why the treasure has not been found, IMO.

    I imagine these two boys have experienced only a portion of what today’s laws would bring to the table.

    Good luck and be safe

  12. This from the author, Jack Myers-
    BTW, the Fenn searchers should be aware that some KGC treasure was reportedly moved to Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and perhaps Utah during the 1870s and 1880s. Knights’ Gold will give some clues as to what to keep an eye out for when looking for these transplanted KGC treasures.

  13. Great story Dal except the finders were Bing Crosby and James Cagney when they were young men. (Or maybe only through my eyes)

  14. Tonight, I read so many articles of boys finding gold. Heck there was even a hen that reveled it had found gold sitting on the dinner table. The hen put the whole house on edge, if you get my drift. Any, I posted many articles on my Facebook page. I hope you can read them for free.

  15. Dal …. I just got to ask. Did you or anyone else do a little graphics editing to the pictures?

  16. Dal, you get an A+ for generating interest in this book. Sounds like a great story. The “true” stories are always the best. Now I have to buy it just to get to the answer as to whether they get to keep the treasure! Thanks for sharing.

  17. I took my nephew to search for “Arkansas Diamonds” one summer. If you’ve ever been to their state park, you know the searching field is a wide open tractor plowed field. As we were unloading our tools, my nephew picked up a five gallon bucket and asked, “Is this what we are gonna put all the diamonds in?”. Gotta love the optimism. 🙂

        • I hope when your nephew sees the excitement in your face and voice, he’ll change his mind. He’ll be missing out on a great adventure with his Uncle Fenngshui.

  18. thanks Dal – a heart-warming story that couldn’t have happened to more deserving couple of fatherless boys, imho

    ..if only they’d thought to invest that gold in Bitcoins.. 🙂

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