On one of last year’s searches I brought along a small tribe of my family to help search.

My right hand little man was my grandson Dylan.

I thought I had found the “blaze of all blazes” on a previous trip which cast a great shadow over the Madison River and we all came to the blaze to check it out.

This was my “blaze” and this is it’s story.

On an earlier winter trip near here I was walking and fell on a 3 foot snow drift. As I lay there struggling to get out I looked over and I was like “Dang that rock has a face and looks  to be wearing a long smock.”    The Virgin Mary?

Later on, after I was home I kept thinking of that lady rock and it reminded me of something I saw in the book on page 99, the walking man carrying what looks like the Virgin Mary. If you flip the picture on it’s side, the man is an eagle.

So you have a man/eagle and Virgin Mary.  That mountain rock I saw looked exactly like that. Many items in the book started clicking for me with lady or Virgin Mary. The ole coot drew the L on all the little ladies shirts.  Miss Ford is a virgin who he talks about way too much 😜.

Skippy in the graduation smock. Peggy in her wedding gown.  The picture of the girl with a vail.  The crescent moon and dove, both symbols of the Virgin Mary. Forrest holding an ax (Jesus was a carpenter).

I know what some of you will say: “The ole coot ain’t religious.” Awww, but he is spiritual. I took these pictures in his garage and there it was Our Lady of Guadalupe hanging with all his favorite things.

He has several old religious relics. Some of them are on his scrapbooks. Some have to do with the Virgin Mary.  Indulgence, hmmmm something he is offering as a redemption for all his sins so he can sit at the great banquet table with all his friends.

So where better to put that sacrifice than at the feet of the “Virgin Mary Rock”? 💰
if you zoom in on the rock you will see Mary gazing down… “gaze and marvel”, two words that are used a lot referring to Our Lady of Guadalupe or the Virgin Mary, ohhh or Miss Ford.

In the map with the frog there is a ghost woman in the middle of it.  I figure that it has to mean Ghost Village on the Madison, which is right where the “Virgin Mary Rock” hovers with an eagle at her side. Which is right next to the high mountain that reminds me of church steeples.

Also on the gold coin in that photo is Jesus. He has a thorn crown on his head.

and there is a ghost woman with big eyes and her mouth open.

He seems to write often about women who know how to stand on their own two feet and who are inventive.  Heck, he just loves women.

Mary was the ultimate woman.   A lot of his scrapbooks are about women.

He mentions Sacajawea. She was referred to by others as Mary. Queen Elizabeth I of England was known as the Virgin Queen.

A lot of clasping of the hands in the book too.  His little sister and him a few times. He who teaches a child labors in Gods workshop. Joseph taught jesus to be a carpenter and there is a picture of a carpenter at Peggy’s feet. Beavers are carpenters. So he must have been alluding to Beaver Creek hahahe.

He likes to sit in a graveyard ghost village.

Forrest says there are three dimensional figures on the chest. I believe they could represent his three favorite women. He wrote “no saint could match her faith”, but actually the Virgin Mary did match her faith 😜. The Candy Ann team saved his life same as Mary did for mankind by obeying God and doing just.

So there is my solve. There are many more references to ladies and the Virgin Mary, I could go on and on.

As my family explored the area we crossed the river and left no stone or log unturned. Following the Madison we soon realized the water is so swift in there that we didn’t think he could possibly carry forty pounds across. It’s just to dangerous…not just for Forrest but also for anyone trying to follow in his footsteps. Clearly, my solve was a bust.

Before we left the Madison, Alvin came to tell us bye. He thought we were all quite the show.

Just as we are leaving the dam area we see a moose being born…what are the odds on that?

That was an incredibly memorable moment for Dylan. We’ve made many trips to this area and have always come back home without the cheat, but we never leave Montana depressed.  Every moment being in the mountains is better than any amount of money.

Now back with my nose to the grinding stone.

Diggin Gypsy-


98 thoughts on “Redemption….

  1. DG-
    Not only your blaze, but also the moosette birth sighting..
    You are making me reconsider my position that moose do not actually exist and stories of their presence along the Madison are simply a marketing ploy from the Yellowstone Tourism folks..

  2. Wow, DG!
    Happening upon the newborn moose was amazingly good timing for your crew! Looks like it was a fun outing! Are you planning to check out this area more this year, or do you feel like it’s a dead end now? I’m not as good as picking out the same images that you are noticing in the illustrations and rock formations, but if things are clicking together well in your mind, go for it! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great story digging gypsy….. I especially like the horses.. I will take horses on my next trip.. I can’t wait…. looks like everyone had fun 🙂
    Good luck to ya…..until next time.. see ya my friend

    • Hahaha I know that little critter prob was trying to tell us he was sitting on it

  4. Great story – GREAT photo’s – especially of the new little moose – adorable!

    Thanks for sharing. JDA

    • Yea was so cool it was born right there in front of us We watched it stand for the first time. Was really cool The kids were super excited That moose is always around below hebgan dam hope to see her and baby when I go back

  5. Wow…really great story. You are so lucky to have seen the baby moose being born. You are one of many fellow Fenn treasure hunters who understand the thrill of the chase. Someday, after the chest is found (in NM..ha ha) I will go spend a summer in Montana and YNP and West Yellowstone to witness in person all the wonderful spots you and others have shared with us. Great read…loved your pictures. I hope you can attend Fennboree! Bring the family.

    • Now now Cynthia that treasure is in the treasure state hahahah I feel like your the main woman searcher for New Mexico and I am for Montana may the best man win I mean woman haha and yea I wanna go to fennborree and meet everyone this year

      • Kia Ora DG. Nice post. I think you are right about Montana being the right place to look.
        Second line of the poem, Treasures Bold. You get Treasure S. Tate is missing. Google tate bold and you will see it is a type of font. My 5 cents worth.

    • I’m in NM too. I am going on a search next weekend with my brother. I have an FJ too lol. They are the best right? I have a few solves all here in NM. If you ever want to do some expeditions let me know.

    • Yea he makes his own rules could give penance to god and god alone But was a old solve im past this New year new solve

      • He does make his own rules & would have to think the blaze has something to do with a rock face feature.
        I’m not sure what else would stand the test of time.

  6. Dg,

    I can only imagine the emotion and feelings that must have enhanced this wonderful experience! A joy shared with family!

    Located in Butte, Montana 90 feet above the Continental Divide at 90 feet, stands ‘Our Lady of the Rockies.’ Although, I can not ascertain if it meets the requirements as to the ‘TC’ location/solve, it, IMO,,,, certainly presents a most thrilling and spiritual experience to behold.

    Her story speaks of what a dedicated people can accomplish through faith and hard work. ( Her Son likely ever present while giving his blessed approval!)

    I hope others will read her story; if not already having done so:

    Again; thank you for sharing an inspiration.


    • If u zoom in on the rock u can see her face and she is looking down. Was a site to see for sure.

  7. DG – So now you are loading the whole family up on a Greyhound bus for trips to MT? 🙂 Sound like a fun trip with a lot of wonderful experiences!

    When do you plan on returning? Also, if I play my cards right, I plan on having you and your sisters autograph my book. 🙂

    • Soon as the snow melts I’ll head out and get your pen ready im feeling prettty lucky for 2017

  8. Great job Diggin. Loved the story. Well writin and intriguing. This is the kind of imagination needed to find the chest. Well done!

    • I dam sure hope so cause I’m all about imagination Knowledge not so much I’m like that kid in that movie I see things except he saw dead people hahah

  9. I always enjoy your stories. You show great imagination.
    Here is another point of interest in Yellowstone. It is near the Norris Geyser Basin: ‘Fenners Drill Hole’
    Latitude. 44.7233°, Longitude. -110.7000°

    I just happened upon it while searching for lists of springs and geysers. I haven’t found any images or pages describing it. But with a name like that it caught my interest.

    • I won’t look in park no more the ole coot told me to obey the laws in there so I marked it off my search area

      • Nobody is suggesting that you rob a bank. Right now I am looking at clues within the park, and then following them out near Gardiner. Specifically in the area of Slide Lake and up to Rainbow Lake. On the border. IMO.

      • It is possible to be in viewing area of the Yellowstone cam without being in Yellowstone.

        In other words
        Fenn knows

  10. Holy Grail Diggin you’re almost ready for Hollywood with your imaginative solve. Make the most of retrograde, it only lasts 40 days and a few days are

    See you at Fennboree?!

    • Heck that ain’t nothing I couldn’t even type what all I had to say hahah. But 2017 imagination blows 2016 away

  11. Ok, fess up Diggin, you are really a family of super models posing as treasure searchers, right? What a beautiful family! It looks like the whole gang had fun, great photos! It sure looks nice there.

    • Ohhhhh myyyyyy far from that we all true blue country girls. Dirty boots and big trucks and calluses on hands and feet lol thank you tho Girl

      • Haha, love it! That’s the best kind of girls, right? I can imagine a road trip with you guys! I would ask you to blast that wandering star song 50 times till you yelled at me to stop asking! Ha!

      • Ain’t nuttin wrong wit a T-shirt n blue jeans type of gal[s]. They be the real valley girls…

  12. Looks like a fun-filled family search. I’m envious of the horseback riding. Nothing better than the unconditional love for a grandchild.

  13. Great venture there Digs. It is nice to see someone that has there heart set by the way they tell there stories. Yet, you wonder about my scrapbook fifty posting. “That truck is a f100 and he flew a f 100 that’s all I get out of that story”. I feel we are on the same track and at the end of the day our trials we meet and great stories will be told.
    I really have to hand it to you. ΩΩ

    An Indian Scout and A Saint

    • Hahah and the one who’s story holds the what the hell are them two horse shoe double omegas double the luck symbols on her story for Maybe he felt like I needed all the luck I could get driving that truck hahaha

      • Digs, I really wish I could comment further to help you see my point. Maybe later.
        Anyway, tonight I decided to do a little research on the Rosetta Stone discovery for the very first time. I didn’t want to know anything about it and I wanted to just stay away. Many will wonder why to took me so long to know anything about. Well, I promised myself to leave a few things alone until it was time. I really had to laugh at the guys who figured it out. Ok, let me see what is next .

  14. Impressive and very vibrant story DG. As you would say, it probably put a smile on the ole coot’s face 😉

    • Naw I know what he is saying That cooooooky country girl has one over cooked imagination

  15. wow, looks like a great fun adventure, esp on horse-back – and what is it about snow, that makes a landscape look so darn majestic? ..more-so than normal, i mean

    (haha, i like that cheeky little squirrel, just chillin with the humans, munching on free nuts and shooting the breeze 🙂 )

  16. Very nice pics DG it looks like you and your family have lots of fun. You have interesting insight about the clues, and I also enjoy watching your search videos. I’ve been to the Rockies many times and have never seen moose, let alone one calving. That must have been very exciting! One thing I was wondering is how you happened on the pet name you have for Mr Fenn? Just curious.


    • People where I come from just call old men names and when I met him I thought he is a ole coot Just stuck haha

  17. Great Story and pictures Dg. Thanks for sharing your fantastic memories you are making with your Wonderful Family. I bet like most of us country girls you have your own tool box hammer and saw. Ya just gotta love GRITS, girls raised in the south. Good luck in 2017, you sure know how to get er done.
    Im 66 and still getting callouses on my hands.

    • Ohhhh yea we taught from a early age how to use a chainsaw and how to change a tire we never leave home without our toolbox knives and survival kits

      • HA! My kind of woman Diggin…….It wasn’t out of necessity, but both my daughters could change a flat (and the oil), use a chainsaw (after they learned how to use an axe), fix horse shoes, do great bodily harm to someone, pour concrete, shingle a roof, weld, repel down a cliff face, combat pistol champs, survive in the wilderness, and fix a fine meal. And like you, they are card carrying, heart melting beauty queens.

        I almost forgot, loved your story and pictures. Looks like you have a wonderful family.

        • I came from a family of 8 kids 6 of us were girls daddy and mama made sure we could be survivors and could be self sufficient no slackers or pansys or complainers allowed eat what’s on your plate or starve help cut and stack wood or freeze awwww the good ole days You sound like my kinda people goofy

          • HA!…JUST EAT IT!………My kids still rib me about that. I wasn’t the most popular person at the supper table. 🙂 It was a real battle at times but everything has worked out well.

  18. Thanks for sharing your story and pics of the great outdoors. Alvin looks like part of the family.

  19. What a great way to create memories with your family! Thank you for sharing your adventure!

  20. Thanks for sharing your story. I love seeing how you “sew” it all together with imagination and bring the family together for an unforgettable adventure. Your grandson may be the one to find the treasure someday…

  21. Awesome story, Diggin! It’s no wonder F said he would bet on you! You are my sister, through and through! Blue jeans and climbing rocks and fording rivers, rattlesnakes and horse hair, we do it all and always ready for the next adventure!

    I’m so glad you got to bring Dylan and that he has seen two more moose than Dal has! Ha ha! What an amazing sight that must have been!!

    What a well thought out solve! I’m impressed!

    You better go to Fennboree this year!!

    • Dear sister Mindy I think the ole coot was smoking something in his peace pipe when he said that about me We all in the chase have worked endless hours racking our brains and burning up our computers and phones roads credit cards and also his book and friendships I hope someone finds it this year we all are well deserving And heck yea I’m going to fennbori I hope if I still have a quarter in my pocket and spam in a can Save me a spot at the camp fire

      • While you girls are at Fennboringee, I will be cashing in my quarter. Hehehe.

        • I beat ya Jake my quarter will be cashed way before fennbori and come on let’s all go this year

          • Looks like me & my bro James will have to bump the trip up to show y’all up.
            That would be a wise move. Wheres the J tonight?

        • If all goes well, I will try to attend this year. Staying above 8,000′ is a problem for me, but with an oxygen concentrator, I should be OK Can’t wait. JDA

        • Jake – Are you playing the quarter slots or have you done your fennwork? 2017 could stack up to be a big year for those that have done their fennwork.

          Sounds like a race is on come spring in the Rockies for quite a few searchers. I would venture to say that those who invested their quarter in the poem will have a better chance than those that spend that quarter elsewhere.

          • I must have said something that caught your attention Hma.
            You said: “Jake – Are you playing the quarter slots or have you done your fennwork?”

            This reminds me of the time I was playing the quarter slots at Cinnamon lodge last year & only threw in 20 bucks but wasn’t doing too well.
            There was a young lady there watching me & told her to take over & we will split what you win.

            I went to the bar to have a beer & 20 mins later she came up to me with 120 bucks.

            I did not know her & she didn’t know me.
            But, she followed through with smiles.

            What was your question? Oh, I don’t know what Fennwork is in your mind….
            The slots are 1:20 in –

      • Hey Diggin, I can pitch you a tent on my campsite. I will be in a pop-up camper cause I’m old and don’t want to sleep on the ground anymore. I will let you use all of IronWill’s camping supplies because I have them in my attic! Just kidding, IW, in case you read this. Mindy, I don’t know where you and James are staying but I can bring a generator to run my blender if you ladies want frozen margaritas at the pavilion/my site/ Dal’s site, Desertphile’s site/ ff’s backyard beside his pond, etc!

        • I ain’t no spring chicken Cynthia move over sister we cramming in your camper Mamaw needs a bed And Heck yea someone bring the blender When is fennbori anyhow gotta sell more junk and save up haha

  22. For every negative there is a positive.
    Maybe I’m a little jealous I cannot attend due to work.
    I am not sure I would get a warm welcome by most anyway.

    I would make it happen if F jumps out of a plane & parachutes down & quickly get out of town.

    • Jake we only live once well maybe twice Or whatever the point is There gonna have margaritas and steaks we need to go hahahah

      • James knows,
        I haven’t had a steak in over 5 years & have only eaten steak about 12 times in my 50 years.
        Never had a Margarita.
        Give me a beer & a burger.
        Still cow & alcohol no matter how it’s processed.

  23. Redemption…Isn’t that the 9th step or something? For some things you can never make amends….and tonight I did something unforgiveable. I was baking a 9″x9″ of Brownies. Someone came in the kitchen and mentioned they would like some when they were done. They were sooo good, crunchy sides an all, I ate 2 right away out the oven with a ginormouse glass of ice cold whole milk. Shortly there after the someone inquired about the Brownies. I said “They’re on the counter, but they didn’t come out that good.” purposely knowing they wouldn’t try any and I’d get to eat them all myself. How can I redeem myself without admitting that I ate a whole tray of Brownies? Do I need redemption, or is the growth of my bottom punishment enough? Would a priest give me 12 halfs of kale and 3 broccoli heads? Should I break down and tell the someone how I wronged them and them decide my fate? I’m a horrible person……

    • Big lie cow,
      Keep quiet, eat the rest of the brownies, then make another batch but this time you don’t eat any. Tell that someone you baked it just for them.. 🙂 see no problem….. all s good 🙂
      You better get another glass of milk, you have a lot more brownies to eat…. 🙂
      Have a great night….. see ya

  24. (Second try.) How often do your daughters and grandsons join you in your searchers, Diggin gypsy?

    • 2 of my daughters have went several times and my grandson Dylan once Dylan has a huge water jug he saves money in when it’s almost full he can go again haha

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