Scrapbook One Hundred Sixty Nine…


MARCH 2017


One late Friday afternoon in 1951, I found myself in Eunice, LA., visiting Peggy Proctor and her family for the weekend. It was raining when a buddy dropped me off on his way to somewhere else. Peggy and I had been dating since our early grades in high school and everyone considered me part of her clan.

At the time, I was a PFC in the Air Force making $95 a month, and attending Radar Mechanics School in Biloxi, MS. I was on the red-eye shift, 1800 to midnight.

Sunday evening came too early and I had to be in school the next afternoon or really bad things would happen to me. The Korean War was new and the military was unreasonable about discipline. PFCs were easy targets.

I told Peggy to not worry about me and when I heard her front door reluctantly close behind me, it was dark and Biloxi was more than 200 miles away.

After walking a couple of blocks while holding my little suitcase over my head against the irrational moisture, I heard voices coming from a little church just ahead. The front doors were open and the warm incandescent lights were compelling. When two ladies saw me dripping in the vestibule they rushed over, and with typical Cajun hospitality, pulled me inside for coffee.

The congregation was playing Bingo. All of a sudden I was in a completely different world.

I didn’t have enough coins to jingle, but I did have a quarter, just one quarter, and the sign on the wall said “Cards – 25 Cents.” What the heck, I thought, and I invested all of my cash. There were three winners in the first game and I was one of them. Now I had $3.75, and hope was flickering.

The bus station was three blocks away and I started running. The drizzle stopped bothering me. When the ticket man told me the fare to Biloxi was $3.95, I felt numb. I spread all of my money on the counter and asked if I could please buy a ticket with that amount?

His finger started counting and with each word he spoke my pulse rate increased. Our eyes locked for an eternity and then he said, “No you can’t buy a ticket with that amount,” still looking at me hard, “but I’ll give you 20 cents.”

I waved to my friend behind the counter as I climbed into the bus. He was smiling, and I knew everything would be alright.

I came away from that experience with some thoughts to live by.

  1. There is no such thing as a self-made man.
  2. Give it your best shot and see what happens.
  3. Never underestimate the power of a quarter.
  4. Give some of it back when it is needed.



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  1. I like this story. Glad someone was kind enough to give you the amount you needed. I love the photo of you and Mrs. Fenn. Adorable. Thank you for sharing.

    • I like this story. I’m trying to be more positive. I have ups and downs. This is a good reminder to stay happy.

  2. Great story Forrest. I always enjoy the ones about your early days with Peggy the best for some reason. The photo looks to be taken in front of your parents house in Temple, was it from before you left for the service or another time you and Peggy managed to see each other?

      • SL,

        Take a look at the picture on page 3 of TFTW. Outside light, mailbox on column, and window style all look the same to me.

        • The sidewalk is not the same. Also there are only 3 steps as opposed to 4 on page 3, IMO of course.

          • Eaglesabound,
            You are correct about the number of stairs. The picture on page 3 would have been older when the front porch was made of wooden stairs. You can clearly see the 3 steps made of concrete on page 4 of TFTW, and on page 118 of TTOTC after the addition was added to the back of the house. I am still baffled as I was back on scrapbook 125 as to how the house was burnt down when forrest was 2, and all that seemed to change was the front porch. Also IMO of course.

      • E U N I C E

        EU= gold; on ice/eyes/00
        Gold at OO
        OR on ice

        LA-Louisiana is “the boot”
        Star in heel of boot
        Between L—-A: “ouisiana” oiu/yes si/yes; ana

    • when i was younger pdenver, there was a common colonial expression for ‘being in lots of trouble’..

      it was “i’ll have ya guts for garters” ..which meant it was never a good outcome for those on the receiving end of the stick

      ..but please don’t ask me how i know that 🙂

      • Thank you, curious hobbit. I would believe just the thought of something bad would happen should deter the bravest of souls. Then again, there have been some who have gone beyond their bravery.

  3. Great story Forrest – I too have a couple of fond memories relating to the generosity offered to a Serviceman. Thanks for sharing. Good lessons learned. JDA

  4. OK, I’ll ask first… who supplied the Bingo card and which numbers are the lat/longs? 🙂

    • I wondered how long it would take for someone to breach that subject…

      Too funny! 🙂

      • *broach that subject…

        I sometimes wish that my personal spellcheck was instantaneous. 😀

    • Haha. Its a standard clip art bingo card. I have the same one with same numbers on my computer. The bus is the 1947 Half Moon Bay rt. out of CA. Also a standard public domain pic. Just this one is a BW version without the photographers name on the bottom.

    • The first thing that popped into my head when I saw the Bingo card was “four cards and a joker”.

      When Forrest said “ketchup in your brain” (not a real quote) he wasn’t kidding, that’s what it feels like sometimes.

    • In the 50s many afoot people were hitching rides. It was especially easy for us young guys in uniform.
      Controlling the weather was more difficult. f

      • I bet u was as slick and crisp as a two dollar bill in that uniform ole coot lol

      • I think that 90% of us still have a heavy heart and are very willing to help those who so serve so unselfishly. Thank you for helping to keep us Free.

        Speaking of “help” I typically come from the group that says, “Let Forrest speak without thinking that everything is a hint or affirming a clue.”

        However, this time I see a hint. I am so ready to go fishing!

          • I’m with you Iron Will!
            If Forrest is one of them, that leaves two….
            One dead, one with correct solve.
            Weather still harsh in the mountains, stay safe.

          • I’m guessing the money translates into around 9:55-9:57 PM, So be there at 9:45 till that time. But that’s just speculation on my part. I’m probably wrong. The brain really gets overworking when you get paranoid lol

  5. Lord have mercy y’all he is saying someone has won BINGO !!!!!! Throwing my cards down on the table Luck be a lady this spring hahahah Maybe hopeing wishing on every star

    • DG – When you and your tribe hit the road again, will you be picking up other searchers along the way? This this could be the year. If searchers think that f has been sharing things over the years just for fun, they might want to reconsider.

      • Me and my sisters are a pack like a team of Mules No other searches go with us And yep the ole coot is on a role Hints galore

  6. That was a very enjoyable story Forrest! I have always liked to think the best of people and your life’s stories almost always confirm my thoughts!
    Thank for sharing.

  7. Spent eleven years and four months in the Air Force and can remember the pay when I started put me in the government cheese to survive. I didn’t like it but I dealt with it. If I had stayed in for 20 and retired like Mister Fenn I would be sitting pretty with a monthly check but then I would have missed out on Liberty. Being free to do what you want is priceless. I would not likely have ended up a West Yellowstone resident if I had chosen differently. I picked up a lost quarter today. Good luck to all in The Chase! Plan accordingly and be safe!

  8. He is saying it’s bingo time we in a greyhound race to the finish line They just ain’t gettin it ole coot Throw them another scrapbook your on a role

    • I read your Redemption. Good times! I went down to Ghost Village several times last year and crossed the Madison. Fly Fishers in the way a few times and I chose to respect their experience and went home. Such a serene, beautiful, and Epic place even though that earthquake in 59 took away those people I think it is a fitting place for one to rest their bones. I will go back this year and fish those waters while keeping an eye out for fellow searchers and the blaze. It’s not what he says it’s what he whispers. Good Luck to you!

      • love that place ESP on the mnt looking down over everything at the corner of beaver creek and the Madison I could of set there for hours

      • Hi Road Hawk this is Clint from Michigan. Don’t you live in west Yellowstone and if you do how much snow do you have at this time?

        • West Yellowstone has a live webcam u can check it out West Yellowstone live webcam They have a bunch

        • Dumped on by the white stuff this season. We are snowmobiling fools right now! It can snow in July here.

    • Haha your a nut, can’t he just be saying something sweet ? Something a lil encouraging?
      If we in a greyhound race then we chasing a fake rabbit..
      dang it all man… what the heck!
      also i think you gots to go to church to play bingo, aint that gamblin?

    • LOL, I have to agree with Sweettea on this one. Can’t it just be a sweet story? Sure, there’s the word “Bingo” and “Eunice” in this story, but I don’t think he would announce that someone has the correct solve in this way. I don’t think if anyone emailed Forrest the correct solve, he would respond by confirming or denying; he would simply respond with his standard “Good luck on the Chase”, and keep his cards close to his vest until the chest is actually found.

      Now that said, is the argument that someone knows the correct solve, just the fact that the word “Bingo” appears in the story? And can someone clarify why people think 3 different people have the correct solve? Is it because there were at least 3 people playing Bingo in the story (Forrest and the 2 hospitable Cajun women in the Church)? I’m a little foggy on the logic, but the argument for this seems a bit shaky and seems to require something of making a mental leap.

      • Blex;

        People say that there are three WINNERS, because that is what Forrest says: “There were three winners in the first game and I was one of them. Now I had $3.75, and hope was flickering.” Make sense? JDA

          • Blex;

            You are welcome Blex; It’s easy to skip over important facts some times. Good to have someone point them out – to offer a helping hand – like the Greyhound cashier. JDA

      • Sweat tea need s a margarita why would the ole coot wanna tell us this story It’s a treasure hunt not a walk down memory lane Forrest is sly ole badger he wasn’t born yesterday or the day before yesterday or a lot of yesterday’s he dangling the rabbit Ya just gotta know the ole fart

        • I can see that line of thinking, DG, but IMHO I think Forrest was sharing an intimate memory with us and giving some important life lessons that he picked up and will hopefully be heeded by the finder of the chest. He’s no spring chicken, and has stated that he does not care if the chest is found today or 100 years from now. I think he likes having the limelight right now to be able to pass along some good life lessons while people are listening. Only one person (or possibly 3?) is going to find the chest, but the life lesson advice is something that everyone gets to benefit from.

          Just my perspective though, and I will admit that I could be wrong; the hidden message about someone having the correct solve could well be the case. I guess we’ll know better if someone finds the chest this season!

        • DG, you need your own Blog, you make me laugh, your way with words and thought process. You should start a advice blog or an IMMHO
          “Redneck Abby”
          Someone could ask…
          Dear Redneck Abby…
          Why dont you love me like you did once before do you?

          • I’ve never sweated tea, or wanted to be called an old fart.

            Oh! I should say something about the chase! It’ll have its vitality longer than any of us.

            I intend to find the TC in the summer of 2020.

            If I’ve confused anyone with this message, please do
            some more analysis; It may help develop your ability.

            As always, this entire message is part of my opinion

  9. Thank you Forrest. I had to read that three times. It was very comforting. People really are good at heart— it’s good to remember that.

  10. DG is starting to scare me with all the prognostications about Bingo and Chase. 🙁

    • Don’t be scared get ready to race Get your winning solve up R.E.M. It’s the thrill of the chase

  11. So long ago, but it has gone by fast. I was born in 1952.

    The value of your quarter in 1951 was $2.41 in today’s prices. Your
    $3.95 bus ticket in 1951 had the same buying power as $38.15 in 2017.

    In 1951:
    Average wages per year – $3,510.00

    Cost of a gallon of Gas – 19 cents

    Average Cost of a new car – $1,500.00

    Loaf of Bread – 16 cents

    Movie -53 cents

    The first direct-dial coast to coast telephone call was made during November of 1951.

    “I Love Lucy” debuted on the CBS network on October 15th of 1951.

    The first commercial computer to be created in the U.S., the UNIVAC (Universal Automatic Computer), was dedicated for use at the U.S. Census Bureau during June of 1951.

    22nd Amendment is ratified which limits US presidential term of office to 8 yrs

    The Great Flood of 1951 in Midwest United States

    First Color Television Pictures broadcast from Empire State Building

    “Lubbock Lights” Sightings First Publicized

    • 19 cents for gas you are a ole codger no wonder u was tough on your kiddos your a old school dad haha

      • That’s true Diggin…….I’m old school. One of my wife’s acquaintances was chastising me one day because of the way I treated my dogs. I’ll admit my pups are pretty spoiled. She said, “You treat those dogs like they’re your kids.” My wife started laughing and I said, “No ma’am I do not treat my dogs like children. But I understand your confusion because people like you treat your children like pets.”

        Now that I think about it, I haven’t seen her in awhile. 🙂

      • Digs, my folks ran a gas station around 1970. That was my job during the summer. A customer would come in and while they were filling up, I would run around and check the oil and wash the windows. Now that was the right thing to do in a small town. Being that young, many times I had to use a bucket to stand on. Anyway where was I ? I remember the price of leaded gas was 28 per 9/10 gallon. In 20 years I suppose it only fluctuated 10 cents. Now a days, it can change 20 cents with in a week.

        • I didn’t realize how many ole timers we had on here I gonna have to come up with nick names for all y’all And I remember when people would put the gas in our old station wagon with all 8 of us kids hangin out the windows wanting free bubble gum the good ole days

          • DG,
            You don’t look old enough to remember full service stations… Tires, Oil, rad levels checked. Windshield cleaned and clean bathrooms for customers… and pay the man at the pumps.

            Now I pump my own gas, pay a buck to get air for my tires, go inside pay some kid who complains 10 bucks an hour is not enough pay to sit at a counter playing on their idiot phones… while he charges me 12 $ for a quart of oil and 2.50 for a 12oz bottle of water, and 2 $ for a small coffee… lol… but a liter beer is on sale for 99c. Hmm!
            $75 gas
            2 coffee
            2.50 water
            1.00 air
            12 oil
            Total 92.50 for the next 450 miles. Only 1750 more miles to my search location…lol

          • I was born in 1969 and from a super small town our gas station name was Old Reds it was across from the Tennessee copper company in copper hill Tennessee they had a free car wash which was nothing more than a rusted pipe with red water coming out to wash all the acid off everyone’s cars after we got gas hahah. How could a kid forget such fun It was called Reds because copper hill tenn was nothing but red clay hills the copper mines killed all the trees.

          • DG: ’69??! How in the world are you a grandma at your tender years!? Or did I read an earlier story about you wrong?

          • Hahaha u forget I’m from the woods we start young I have two six year old grandsons and three daughters 29 27 20

          • Ah, Diggin’, so you’re 43 based on kid ages. 😉 1969 not withstanding, you don’t look a day over 38. Chasing Fenn’s treasure has kept you young!

          • Well, now I know where Copperhill TN is. Pop. about 360 folks in 2013. DG, what was the head count when you was knee high to a grasshopper?

            Reminds me of my one horse town Kinderhook NY. Pop. approx. 1000 when I lived there in the 90’s. One red light, and the “square” was actually a triangle intersection, which confused the heck out of the horse.

          • Oh my gosh, Seeker! I grew up near there years ago! Valatie sound familiar? Attended Martin Van Buren when I was in 3rd grade.

          • Test PD,
            Where could you get the best pizza in town and weds. night, all ya could eat Sghetti?

          • We couldn’t afford to eat out. When we did, it was grabbing a burger at a place called Carol’s/Carrol’s or something like that. I may be wrong about that, too. It’s been many years ago. I lived between Knickerbocker and Kinderhook Lake. There was a camp in the distance, behind our house. I tried looking at Google Earth, and it seems things have changed, and not sure if I can find exactly where we lived. I remember there were apple orchards nearby.

          • LOL…good answer. I was looking for Four Brothers… but home-made is also acceptable. I don’t like to brag but, I dare say I make a good pie myself.
            Thick crust… not that cracking and crumpling cardboard thin stuff.

            Anyways… Hey neighbor!

          • I might add, my parents moved several times. The last time I lived in New York, I lived in a beautiful countryside of Riders Mills/Brainard.

          • Since you mentioned moving a lot, it reminded me of my childhood. My parents, too, moved a lot. Somehow I always found them…..
            I hope someday, when the treasure is found, we can have a sort of class reunion. Many of us search from a laptop. But Mr. Fenn (if you are reading this), we all got some sort of a treasure learning about you life, your family, your adventures and Grapette. Good luck PD, if could be you!

          • PD,
            Saturday nights must had been a rumble for you, that close to the Valley.
            EGB, Nassua, NGB, Rensselaer, etc. were my old stomping grounds.
            May I ask your age…just wondering if we ever crossed paths and never knew.

          • Can I change that to 30 with 25 years experience? I like how Mr. Fenn says it. 🙂

          • Hmmm… maybe we did meet in our younger years. If so, I apologize now for my actions then… Did you go to Columbia?

          • No. Martin Van Buren, Strawberry Hills, Lebanon grade school & Jr./Sr. High School were the schools I attended.

          • Ok, Still a pleasure to meet up with someone from the old country… But I’d bet we cross paths somewhere down that road…

    • Thanks for sharing all these facts, Goofy. They really do help flesh out the setting of the story. And I had never heard about the Great Flood of 1951 before, so just read about it in more detail on wikipedia and learned something new this evening!

    • I was thinking the same thing Goof. 20¢ is nothing today, but in the early 50’s a hamburger cost 25¢ and a coke was a dime. Nice story Mr Fenn.

      • Two bags of Fritos, a Coke, and an ice cream, leaving a nickel as a head start for the next day. 😉

      • I recall the days when penny candy was actually a penny, 20c got ya a paper sack belly ache.

        • and 25c = a loaf of bread, or a gallon of milk, and a McDonalds hamburger was also 25c – wow
          I am old – JDA

          • Man I miss when times were simpler – I am only 28, but even in my primary school days gas was 99c and a combo meal at Carls (or Hardees for you all in other states) was only a couple bucks. No cell phones everywhere, you actually went outside and had adventures. This chase got me to rediscover my love of the outdoors, so finding the chest or not I still feel like a winner.

  12. I too like this story alot . Particularly when he said
    “What the heck” , I can’t hear Forrest using those words, like ever. My dad was born in 1932 and I was born 50 years later, I used that term ONCE in his precense and he spanked me good. That just wasnt a phrase/question that generation generally used.
    Regardless I like the story and the summary of it the best.

    • Maybe he wanted to say what the h$!! And couldn’t use that word on here it got edited by the editing department lol

          • Now you got me thinking, wonder what they did say back then?
            Ever now and then if daddy hit his toe with sledge he would say
            “Ohhhh dam” .. haha gees we’d go and hide behind the barn when he say that.

          • Hi DG: ah, how language evolves. “You’re pulling my leg” has become “shut the front door!”

            Lace up those sneakers, Diggin’ — you’ve got company!

          • If language in school was all about the funny words we use and say I may have past that’ class hahah

  13. I have to thank a gentleman in Kansas somewhere for driving into town, buying a battery and installing it in my car when mine exploded under the hood. I had a toddler, an infant, and not enough cash (long before cell phones and I don’t think I even had a credit card then, just an out of state checkbook.)

    Angel? His name was Gabriel, I think. Yep. Try to pass it on.

    Thanks for another beautiful share, Forrest (and Dal and Goofy.)

    • Waterhiinds, reminds me in 1997 when I enjoyed rebuilding engines in dads tin roofed garage. I always carried a load of tools in my car. In the evenings I would travel north 12 miles to visit friends. When I would see a vehicle pulled over having trouble. I would stop and help. This one time I was coming back home and I seen this pickup in front of me with sparks flying out from underneath his engine. It was like dancing with the stars. I pulled up next to him and flagged him over. We popped his hood up and the alternator was glowing red. He said his warning lights had just come on. So I grabbed my tools and removed his alternator and I took him into town and got another. We got there in the nick of time because we had 10 minutes before the auto parts store closed. So here I am in the dark installing a new alternator. He was happy because he was on his way to Texas with a truck load of kids. I didn’t accept any money, the reward was to do what I needed to do.

      • I’m sure he’ll never forget you. You sound like a Boy Scout–always prepared!
        So thankful for the kindness of strangers.

        • Waterhigh

          I have been in so many situations in my life. My thinking was to think and analyze every situation. Seldom, Failure came to see me. I was taught by my dad at a very young age with just a hammer and nail to build things. When the nail would suffer a terrible looking end then I new I had to start all over. You just have to hit the nail on the head every once in a while to get a better understanding. Now there is something you will never forget.

  14. Thats a weekend full of chances, Mr Fenn. Couldn’t get any better than that if you had planned it. Well maybe you would have brought an umbrella lol. Thanks for sharing and Great story.

  15. I’ve played Bingo a few times and always seemed like lady luck was on my side! I almost always did good! I also had a dog that was named bingo, The dog always let me know when someone was around close so I could stay out of sight! Interesting SB Forrest ! Always good to read one of your stories of past memories.!

  16. Forrest would’ve gone to the moon for Peggy. It reminds me of the song, ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’.

  17. I liked this story too! Four very good morals to the story at the end also; a nice lesson to wrap up the weekend!

  18. From Eunice to Biloxi is 225 miles, 3 and 1/2 hour trip . If your bus ride cost $3.95 and you only made $95.00 a month , what the heck.. thats an entire days wages!
    Now adays u can take a Greyhound from Tallahassee Florida to Panama City Beach Florida for $10.00 if you figure thats a days wage these days you would be ony making $300.00 a month.
    So either the bus was a luxury line, or the man behind the counter was smiling for a different reason than u thought, or there was something terribly wrong with the prices back then .

    • Thats a real humdinger right there He got ripped off should of hitch hiked since he was in uniform
      I bet one of them church lady’s would of gave him a ride lol

  19. Vestibule is an interesting word. A cavity or chamber leading to another chamber, and an enclosed space at the end of a passenger car on a train.
    Need to have a train as part of your solve, in the general area of where the chest is hidden me thinks.

  20. Oh my heck! That’s Utah cussin’…

    There are a lot of good people here I’ve noticed.

    I could learn a lesson from y’all…I reckon. My dream is to be financially stable one day…so I can look for treasures from that point on and give 100% of the proceeds to charity. That’s my dream.

    Does anyone have a quarter I can borrow? 🙂

    Thanks for another interesting story, Forrest…and Dal.

  21. Thanks Mr Fenn for sharing this little clip of your life.Oh and thanks for the Bingo .Come on snow melt melt MILT!!!

  22. Nice story Forrest thanks,

    It sure is nice when things work out.

    I’ll add those rules to my list and I’ll add a couple more onto my list:
    *It never hurts to ask.
    *winning feels better than losing, but you gotta take the chance “No gamble no future”.
    *Some people give back others don’t, so don’t judge.
    *Be faithful to your rules.

    When I read this it made me think of Led Zeppelin song “no quarter”, my memory just flickered also as I listened to it and traveled back to innocent times.

    No quarter 3:18 min.

  23. I wonder who made the best investment that night? Forrest with his 25c or the ticket man with his 20c?

      • Hey Diggin,

        Might be just two are winning because Forrest is one of them that already knows. Funny, just when you think your solve is safe Forrest throws a zinger at us. So if this is what he is saying then I hope that the second one doesn’t read this blog or at least doesn’t understand it could be them. LOL. Good luck to all and to you Diggin gypsy. Bur

        • Could be Hopefully will know soon as good weather rolls around I know I got ants in my pants

        • Also thinking might not be two separate searchers, it could be a team of two or a couple searching. Ok just more food for thought. But there is a big hint in this story no matter how many are close. Has to do with Forrest blog IMO. Bur

          • Perhaps your right Bur, maybe a team. Well I need to get back to some yard work, the spinach and pea’s in the garden look like they could use some watering.

    • FWIW, my 102 yr old grandmother tells me they had multiple winners in a single Bingo game quite often. Her church fund-raising games were designed that way back-in-the-day ✌️

    • Not true. Three people can yell bingo at the same time and split $10. It happened to me the first and only time I won a game. I hope I have a lot more to do when/if I grow old. I found it too boring.

  24. I was mulling over this story a little more last night and a couple of new thoughts struck me (not necessarily about the Chase):

    1.) The big gamble of Forrest’s last quarter in the bingo game, reminded me of his earlier story about getting his gallery in Santa Fe first up and running. It sounded like business was not going well at first, but when finances were in the red, Forrest took one last shot and bought one more painting, which he successfully sold, used the money to buy two more paintings, and built up a successful art business from there on. Just a reinforcement of lesson #2 in the story above. Forrest could have easily called it quits before taking his one last shot, but didn’t, probably because of the lesson he learned on bingo night.

    2.) A lot of people have asked before how Forrest and Peggy met, and this story gives a lot of new insight on that, and I think it’s a sweet story. So Forrest and Peggy grew up together and started dating in high school, and apparently at some point Peggy’s family moved away from Temple, TX to Eunice, LA. I wonder how much difficulty that added to Forrest’s life. According to GoogleMaps, the 2 towns are separated by today’s standards by a 6-hour drive, but who knows what travel time would have been like with the infrastructure back then? Forrest loved Peggy enough that he fought through the added difficulty of travel distance, which I think is admirable and also goes along with his life lessons.

    • Scrapbook 125 tells the story of how they first met. In TTOTC page 73 it would appear that Peggy was going to College in Houston while Forrest was in Biloxi, but maybe her family did live in Eunice. Would explain why he did not know her before the Skippy explosion.

      • Thanks, Fred! That was a scrapbook entry I hadn’t read yet and was a fun read! That Skippy got into some crazy scenarios. I need to go back and read through all of these from entry 1 while I’m waiting for the snows to melt. 🙂

  25. In a recent post Forrest mentioned re-planting a Magnolia tree. It’s interesting that the state flower of Louisiana is the Magnolia.

  26. What if the ‘counter’ is a seperate person?
    The three winners would be FF, the ,”counter” and his friend, behind the ‘counter’….

    …”I spread all of my money on the counter”…

    “I waved to my friend behind the counter as I climbed into the bus. He was smiling, and I knew everything would be alright”.

    • Tammy;

      We have seven “players” in Forrest’s Little Tale.

      There is Peggy
      There is Forrest
      There are the two women who pull Forrest into the church
      There are the Two Winners at BINGO plus Forrest = #3
      There is the cashier at the bus station that gave Forrest 20 cents.

      Either, or both of the two ladies COULD be one or both of the winners – not enough known to be sure.

      “IF” Forrest is saying that there will soon be a WINNER to the chase, who will it be???? Forrest, the cashier, or one of the BINGO winners? LOTS of possibilities. JDA

  27. Red-eye hours in aviation terminology is flying during late hours into the early AM

    (‘Zero-dark hours.’)

    1800 hours is 6 PM. Wasn’t aware it’s also been considered in the range as a…. ‘red-eye.’

  28. Funny,
    I found a quarter today & tried to pick it up it rolled away. I picked it up again & put it in my pocket with the lint balls.

  29. I remember missing my port call to Germany in late 2003 after my first your in Iraq. I was home on leave in Oregon, my grandmother was saddened at all the weight I had lost, and I had to get to Atlanta, GA to catch a flight to Germany. I showed up really real late to the airport in Portland, OR and missed my contracted flight to GA. Obviously I couldn’t miss my port call to Germany so I begged and pleaded to get to GA asap. The ticket was supposed to cost $1500!!!! Luckily the understood the ticket to Germany was military contracted and they decided all I had to do was pay $150 to “change” my flight. Saving $1350 was an amazing concept to me. Whether it be 20 cents or hundreds of dollars, it feels great to be helped out and since then I have never shied away from providing assistance when I could. Only 4 more years until retirement. Hopefully when that happens Forrest and I can enjoy a nice cold one at the local VFW.


  30. Maybe Peggy was at a family reunion in Eunice La
    Proctor klan = family, proctor family
    quarter bingo = gamble
    2 men who married sisters, proctor made candlesticks,gamble made soap.They went in business together and formed
    just a thought….or maybe another rabbit hole….plus another La

    • Very well done, Sally2! You’ve found Forrest’s hint! Now all you have to figure out is what it refers to. :-). (And no, I’m not being sarcastic.)

      • Hey Zap,,every now and then i think i have a clue figured out and then he comes up with a scrap book like this one, and i get even more confused.
        It could be just Forrest sharing a fun experience and a chance to show how dashing he was as a pfc and his beautiful girl by his side.

  31. There were 50 Bingo cards on the table at that game. Not necessarily 50 different players since in most cases they are allowed to purchase multiple cards.

    50 times 25 cents equals $12.50, minus 10% (tithe) equals $11.25. Divided between 3 winners is $3.75 each. Just for the heck of it…

  32. Hold those horses and pull back on those reins! Is it my understanding that f used a suitcase instead of a hat to repell a shower? I don’t know if that is genious or laffable… I’m glad f got schooled in fashion. I’d hate to see him at Fennboree hiding under a suitcase when he could use his hat to avoid a rainfall. 🙂

    • Slurbs – Did you find it odd that the front doors of the church were open when it was raining?

      • Seems to me like rain has been a common theme. Cant recall all of the instances but Border and Border’s and it was still raining, remember?

      • Hearmeall, what’s odd is that ff was in a hurry to return to base and stopped for a church bingo game. I’m guessing it’s a “15 percent” portion of story to bury hints for those Kenreed fans mind and understand his level of thinking. Certainly not me! LOL

  33. I worked with the numbers in the story. Got nothing. But IMO, the thoughts to live by are solid. g

  34. Just a comment about the notion of “gambling.” Although it’s clear from the flurry of FF’s recent posts that the end may be nigh, gambling with the weather is not a great idea. The snow is currently pretty deep in parts of the Rockies, and I’ve underestimated the difficulty on a couple of occasions previously – I won’t do it a third time. Apart from just the difficulty of walking to and from a location, you leave a very obvious trail; that may be a good thing – or, potentially, very bad!

    So, although Forrest may be prodding and poking the few in the know by releasing ever more hints to encourage “ketchup,” a little bit of caution and self-restraint may not be a bad idea.

    Other than that, the four rules to live by are admirable!

    • good advice on lending caution and restraint to current (Earth) weather conditions, voxpops – although, try convincing Neil Armstrong of that wisdom, at that time.. 🙂

      btw, someone strictly anonymous (me) has created a fantastic discussion on the ‘Odds and Ends’ thread, concerning the potentialities of the recently discovered, and possibly habitable, planets (three of seven) within the Trappist-1 planetary system
      – any thoughts on this subject?

      ..jus curious (GO the N.A.S.A!) 🙂

      • What was that? Three hobbitable planets, but residents have to take a vow of silence? It’l! never work!

        Actually, I’ve always been fascinated by the prospect of what might be “out there.” I remember staying up most of the night to watch the first moon landing – such a shame that space exploration is so limited these days. And years ago I started writing a story about some kids who had to leave a dying planet orbiting a twin star (never finished it – maybe one day).

        So I missed how this tied in with the Chase. Is it to do with the stars and crescent moon in the picture of the guy with the axe? Or something related to the mirror in the Hubble telescope.

        Or are you saying that finding alien life is as likely as Wales beating the All Blacks in 2017? 😉

      • well voxpops, if ya REALLY lucky, us hobbits may invite you to our home planet someday ..once that Branson fellow finally gets his A into G 🙂 to Wales ever betting the AB’s? ( ..quietly laughing so hard that i’ve wee’ed myself everywhere) ..but i’d happily eat all 12 of Jakes crusty hats – no honestly! 🙂

        • LOL, Jake’s crusty hat… Not even with the five second rule, a can of disinfectant, and a poop sniffin wema dog would I touch that salmonella infested thing. That’s what fast food restaurants are for.
          lol. Is Vox’s tire on the menu for dessert?

          I’ll stick with chocolate covered ants and fried scorpions and maybe a nicely bake rattle snake.

          • Just eat it Seeker & CH.
            It will help build immunity & what doesn’t kill you will eventually happen anyway.

          • well Oscar, maybe i’d consider eating your crusty hat with generous lashings of tomato ketchup

            ..four gallons should suffice 🙂

        • lol ..i couldn’t of put that any more eloquently if i tried Seeker 🙂

          so (just to sum up) ..were Wales to ever beat the NZ All Black rugby team, you’ll be eating fryed scorpions served on an old rubber tyre

          ..and i’ll have to (frantically) find a new home-planet – devoid of anything resembling Jakes 12 crusty old hats …hmmm

          (Goofy! – have you fixed those interstellar hyper-drives yet?’s a serious matter of national importancy!)

      • CH—-

        Interesting subject. I do think there is life on other planets. This Trappist System may be one of them!

        • Sparrow – agree, and am looking forward to results of chemical signatures of all three of those ‘goldilocks’ planets sometime in late 2018, hopefully

          NASA is one of our greatest achievements as a modern civilisation, imho – and i have all faith that the James Webb telescope may answer a few curious questions that could shed some (over-due) light on the mysteries to some of our closest planets – fingers crossed 🙂

          • I propose there will come a day when they find life on our very own moon.
            Deep down inside a cave.

          • well, if you’re planning to live on the moon in a deep cave in the near future Timw – then please don’t forget to send me some Helium-3

            ..four tonnes should be enough to adequately sponsor my local history museum, i reckon 🙂

    • I agree gambling is good when you can lose and hitchhike home a known outcome. Gambling on nature – the cold, rain, weather, mud, snow, and high Rivers is simply dangerous. The treasure has been there for seven years. Yeah I hear hype it may found this year, but when I listen good; looking back it was the same tune and same poem. B-i-n-g-o was his name oh but it could be have been bee careful.

      I’ll try ketchup but I others may prefer something else, when planning safety or a meal we could also try it on tacticals oops, I mean to use on tentacles like calimari.

      Be careful and take your time and don’t gamble your life not even twice.

  35. I think a not-unrealistic take-away is that 3 people (not 2, Forrest wouldn’t count himself) may me close to having solved it, and the overall SB theme is a suggestion for others to “ketchup” (grin)

    • This was exactly the idea I got when I first read this SB – the rate these things have been coming out was my first indication that someone might be close – now this? yep, id say so. Zap, did you catch my message via WWWH page? Not sure if you are subbed there but figured i’d ask!

  36. Imajin: Hear Me All informed me that you had tried to contact me, but I couldn’t find your post after checking the usual suspects (9 Clues, odds and ends). I’ll check WWWH…

    • I think morality isn’t an issue to worry.. when the lights are dimming and the telephone is spotty, you just gotta make a decision. Looking forward to anyone’s thoughts

    • agree FinegreatR44

      even through the haze of spotty telephony and unreliable electricity, the moral compass is always solidly set for those with honest eyes enough to know the treasure of ‘true north’..

      ( ..IMO Lugs)

    • Or in Vietnam Bingo might mean Ng Bio. You would just have to know which Ng was being referred to. Nguyen you figure that one out let me know.

  37. Thank you Dal and Mr. Fenn,
    Great memory, never underestimate the power of a quarter.

    • For what it’s worth, power may also equate to value and a tough lesson learned. Good day!

  38. I really dont know if there might be a religious connection in the Poem. But it does offer a few choice words. I got to thinking the name my parents gave me. My mom told me Eugene had a religious connection.

    English form of Eugenius, the Latin form of the Greek name Ευγενιος (Eugenios) which was derived from the Greek word ευγενης (eugenes) meaning “well born”. It is composed of the elements ευ (eu) “good” and γενης (genes) “born”. This was the name of several saints and four popes.

    Just something I need to think about. I am not from LA but I do like the way they play ball.

    An Indian Scout and A Saint.

  39. I am curious. Who in this card game thinks they are holding a Royal Flush? Anyone?

    • I’m satisfied with the cards I’ve dealt myself. The question is whether Forrest and I are playing the same card game.

    • Me the one the ole coot would bet on Bout to throw down her cards ♣️ my last solve and it’s a dooooooozy just waiting on a little more sunshine in Montana

    • Ditto on a royal flush for me! Might as well enjoy the confidence for all it’s worth while it lasts!

      • (At the Top),
        We will be searching in the Treasure state. There seems to be so much snow at the higher elevations in Montana and Wyoming, it could be late June before we have access to our area, how bout you?

        • Reklim,
          My location is easier to get to in late summer (i.e., late July or beyond), but it’s certainly not impossible to get to earlier than that. I’ve not yet decided when I will go.

          It’s funny, sometimes folks say (or whisper) things on this site and others that make me wonder if they’re hot on the same path as me 🙂

          BTW, I’m udderly curious of the origin of your moniker.

  40. (At the Top),

    It’s true, if you feel good about your solve it’s only natural to be a little paranoid. But, there’s a lot of acres in the Rockie mountains that can be described by this poem. We felt very confident in the summer of 2015 and made 3 trips to Wyoming, before coming to the conclusion we were just wrong. We had a great time though, and since then tried to look at the poem differently, which has lead us to Montana. We don’t feel like we have a royal flush ( maybe two pair) but I’m sure we’ll have a good time when we go, regardless.
    Your correct, my moniker is not the toughest puzzle to solve, it is my business.

  41. Reklim – You sound like good Salt of the Earth. None of us can go wrong in either state; plenty of treasures in both.

    I’m thinking of loading up the wife and kids for a summer vacation in a northwesterly trajectory this summer. If no one beats me to it, maybe we will pick up a bonus.

    You use the pronoun “we.” Is it a family hunt, or are you partnering with some other hunters?

    • (At the Top)

      Thanks for the compliment, I’m sure you and your family are wonderful people too. Last year we went to Glacier NP (just vacation not searching) and hiked the Highline trail , it was pretty amazing . I couldn’t agree more about those states , the poem gives us a good excuse to go out there. We live in Florida and are also heading NW.
      And yes it’s a family hunt ,me, my wife, and 2 boys

      • A couple of years ago, my research took me pretty deep into Glacier NP. It has a good home of Brown, and who can argue that glaciers are a good WWWH. Glacier is definitely on my bucket list of family trips, probably more than once, just for its beauty. It is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful of our National Parks, but I’m planning to make trips to most of our National Parks before my boys are grown.

        We’re in the Lone Star State. My boys are 4 & 6 years old, so we have lots of memory-making in our future.

        • Everyone should make it a point to see Going to the Sun road, it’s remarkable engineering and unbelievable view. My boys are older, 20 & 23. We traveled some when they were younger, and I believe travel can influence who they become as adults in a good way. Your boys are at a perfect age to make great lifetime memories.
          Best of luck to you and your family,

  42. I am having fun this winter, reading these older Scrapbooks.
    Strangely, once I got “my solve”, I see hints everywhere….
    And other things, seem to confirm my find.
    At least in my head…..
    Maybe, I am the only one.

    I am trying to be realistic with things I “see”.
    Something to ponder.
    Mr. Fenn, great story. Thank you for sharing!

  43. I really like this scrapbook… especially #4 from “thoughts to live by”
    The man behind the counter slept well that rainy night in 1951….
    See ya my friends…..

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