Scrapbook One Hundred Seventy…


MARCH 2017


Once in a while I do something right.

Wilson Hurley was an artist, and a good one. The price of his paintings frequently ran up to around $100,000 for the larger ones. He was entertaining in a conversation. His father was Patrick Hurley, who, during WW2 was Ambassador to China. As a kid Wilson travelled widely with his father and he had personal letters from Generals MacArthur and Eisenhower. In 1945, Wilson graduated from West Point and became a pilot in the Air Force, serving as a forward air controller in Vietnam. We always had plenty to talk about.

Well, sometime in the 1980s probably, some guy ran a red light and hit Wilson’s car. The jolt pinched a nerve in his neck. He was incapacitated, unable to paint for a year maybe. He couldn’t make a living so he sued, and it went to court in Albuquerque.

Since I had a gallery in Santa Fe and sold Wilson’s paintings, I was called to testify as an expert witness about the value of his work, and how much money he lost by not being able to paint. I was duly sworn to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Problem was I didn’t like the defense attorney at first sight, and every sight after that. I didn’t know the jerk, but he was someone I very much enjoyed not caring for. His villainous face and bulging eyes made him look like Peter Lorre. The judge broke with tradition and wore a blue robe, my favorite color. The scene was set with only a few spectators.

Well, most of the questions from the jerk’s mouth came out reeking with sarcastic idioms that were aimed at discrediting me. He covertly insinuated that I was a derelict witness, not qualified to be on the stand. I was happily getting fed up with this guy. When one of my answers turned into a short dissertation, the defense jerk interrupted me. “Yes or no, Mister Fenn, yes or no,” he yelled in a croaky belligerent voice. All of a sudden the court room was a very hostile environment. I just sat there as the lawyer’s eyes captured me. It was like a 40 pound turkey staring at a June bug.

I turned to the bench and said, very apologetically, “Judge, I swore to tell the truth and the whole truth. If the defense attorney won’t allow me to do that I must respectfully withdraw my oath.” There was silence in the court as everyone sat stunned. The defense attorney looked like he’d just crawled out from under a garbage truck. I posed straight ahead and tried to stay collected, hoping the judge wouldn’t cite me for contempt.

Finally he called the lawyers into chambers and as they disappeared, and the door slammed, I relaxed. It could go either way, I thought. When Wilson, who was also a lawyer, saw the jury feigning snickers his frown turned to a smile. When the legal force returned, the judge said I could answer the questions as I pleased, and I was re-sworn. I ducked that bullet with impressive form. Wilson agreed.

Surely what I did was not only legal, but necessary, although no one had ever heard of a witness being unsworn before. At lunch Wilson paid. I ordered chicken fried steak with the gravy on the side, and no veggies. It had been a good day. f

Wilson Hurley


205 thoughts on “Scrapbook One Hundred Seventy…

    I picked out the photos. Forrest did not have a hand in selecting any of them. So there are NO HINTS OR CLUES FROM FORREST in any of those photos.

    • No hints in the pics…?
      Mr. Dal, are you telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth… or did you have your fingers crossed?

      • That’s the truth Seeker. Forrest wrote that there were many photos on the web and I should just choose. IMHO he understood that if he selected the paintings folks would interpret whatever they were as clues…
        I mean Hurley paints magnificent landscapes and many are of places that we are searching in New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana.

        I picked paintings of The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone..and another that looks to me like the area north of Abiquiu, near Ghost Ranch.

        I can’t guess what exact places the top two landscapes depict but they are in the mountains and look spectacular…

        • Honestly, l never knew of the man or is work.

          Looking at these pics of his panting urges me to find a gallery nearby that might display some of his work… I feel like I’m staring at nature through a window.
          The second frame, the clouds just draw me in… as if I was standing where the artist is… only viewing it all from another mountain top.

          • It’s not even an eight foot painting…the original is 50″x76″. Does it matter? Is it an embellishment? Is/was it a test of sorts? Is Fenn clearing up some errors that have come to light? Was this a message aimed at Whut?? The theorists can have a freakin’ field day with this one ! Dal’s entry that he chose the pics at Fenn’s request should tell the story…but does it? Heck…Hurley has a bunch of works done right in MY back yard…2500 miles from the search zone… maybe that’s a hint too. Night folks….It’s a small small world when it comes right downtuit.

          • ken,
            Tuck yourself in with this.
            Whut? called him a liar & then SB 107 came out.
            About the truth.

            Nighty night.

          • Ken,
            It’s not even an eight foot painting…the original is 50″x76″.

            Measured diagonally, it’s 7.6′ (add a bit for the frame, and you get an 8′ painting.

            Simple math… (always deceiving) just like TV sets…

          • Amazing Fennatical…you are the only one that saw that math test…
            Here’s another doozy…does anyone know how Wilson’s father made his money after government service? And where he lived?
            And…I’ll say it again…more “big pictures” and…”It could go either way” in italics. More food for the kitty.

          • So…I’m going to head on into another rabbit hole…Peter Lorre. Wanna’ come along ?

        • Seeker — you must not have read Scrapbook 7. (wink) Forrest is throwin’ down the hints, but they’re just flying over everyone’s heads.

          • Ok,
            SB 7 has fenn, Peggy, and Douglas in front of O’keefe’s painting… although it doesn’t seem to match the style of her paintings [ after looking at other works of her ]

            Am I on the wrong SB? or would you care to explain…

          • That’s not an O’Keefe painting, it’s a Hurley. That’s Forrest’s hint.

          • For grins, I browsed through images of his work… I can’t find a match [ in my relatively quick scanning] I assume you have it?
            Not the painting… a pic of it for reference?

            The man sure can capture clouds like no other…

          • Seeker: I didn’t find that particular Hurley work, but I knew for sure it wasn’t an O’Keefe, and it is certainly painted in Hurley’s style.

          • Zap,
            Style seems the same or similar… but I can’t jump the gun without a match and call it a hint or a clue.

            To be honest, the SB seeemss to be written by Dal. Maybe fenn mentioned the artist to him or Dal knew the painting… either way… If it was me, i’d want certainty for a million plus prize. The only part that is apparently from fenn is the painting and the suggestion the pic was taken ‘200’ years ago.

          • Zap the link does show similarities… I’m not into art or paintings so my judgement is not valid.
            Again, I’d need to be certain, and not guessing, just for that lack of expertise.

          • You got my attention Zap.
            The book just turned another page.
            SB 7 commentary was by Dal (below the painting by Hurley) & never corrected by F even with all the “f”s.

            Maybe f never saw this SB 007 LOL.

          • Ok guys,
            With keen eyes and coke bottle glasses… I see the same cloud formation, light and dark shade above fenn’s left shoulder.
            To Douglas right there are discrepancies. But this could be an illusion to the size of one “pic” to another.

            Question, does a painter only paint one original or has it been know for a painter to paint a few original of the same [location] and slightly different.

            The cloud section over fenn’s shoulder is very interesting… I just wish I could get Jake’s link to enlarge… it stay’s thumbnail size.

            The again, maybe the hint here [ if there is one ] is 200 years ago.

          • seeker…there is a Winston Hurley site that has a complete catalog of his works. That is where Jake got that from. The painting behind Fenn, Peggy and Douglas appears to be the one these guys are speaking of. I do not think it is of any importance…There are certainly many other discrepancies and inconsistencies with pictures, words etc. over the years. Doesn’t make any of them more or less a hint.
            Domingo Baca Canyon is miles south of Santa Fe….

          • Yes ken the same website you listed.
            I do not see a clue or hint here although it seems weird SB 7 & 107 have similarities & discrepancies.
            Kinda seems like F is correcting things in his own way.

            My hats off to you for finding the site.

          • Perhaps Dal will chime in as to the authorship of the text accompanying the picture. But I doubt Dal would have simply guessed as to the painter’s name — it seems much more likely that it was supplied by Forrest, and certainly Forrest would have known it was a Hurley and not an O’Keefe. So make of that what you will, but I find it puzzling that many searchers so readily dismiss these kinds of aberrations. Forrest must be thinking, “Geez, how obvious to I have to be before people will take a hint? They must think I’m senile.”

          • Perhaps Zap,
            I have gotten myself into hot water by doing so about a year ago & then the waters warmed.

            I put my neck out in my earlier comment about what I think about SB 007 & do think F may have provided some info or material for that SB.
            Just may be a misunderstanding.

            Probably doesn’t matter anyway when it comes to The Thrill of the Chase.

            Obviously O’Keefe work is a lot different from Hurley. I never did research on either until today when I got out of work & the difference is like night & day.

            O’Keefe can’t hold a candle to the lighting bolt of Hurley.

            Thanks for pointing out the obvious which is not to most including myself.
            BTW, that painting behind them on 007 is an original. I don’t think F was into prints. No money in that.

            Side note: I was thinking this post was intentionally placed here for Whut?

          • It doesn’t matter if it’s O’Keefe or Hurley. The hint is they are both names in Missoula County, MT near MT hey 200 but don’t tell anyone I said that because no one listens to me. And I have no clue under which comment this will post so I apologize if it posts in a random place.

          • I am all ears Ramona but sometimes some goes out the other side.
            MT is all I hear & listen good.

          • Here’s the problem … those hints as you call them aren’t anywhere in the poem. You are getting distracted. But then, it’s just my opinion. Best of luck going down that path. Montana huh. That’s a big place.

          • Jake, my advice to all searchers is to always pay attention to the anomalies, whether it’s misspellings, inconsistencies, swapped artists, mis-attributed quotes, or mixed up novels. It’s all by design IMO.

          • Not sure “It’s all by design” Zap.
            I do believe there are many posts by him that are helpful in TTOTC but some are just stories he would like to share with us about his experiences.

            We all make mistakes & he is one that has the opportunity to correct them on this platform no matter how much time has dwindled down.

            There’s a happy medium for everything, it’s what we pick & choose to relate what we see as real.

          • Jake: I think you will be astounded by how many of Forrest’s public communications were not just stories he wanted to share. Catsup, really? The last few months he’s been barraging MW and HoD with hints, but no one’s getting them. And few searchers show any critical thinking skills questioning why in the world he’s been posting some of his odd contributions.

          • Zap,
            I read what you said on Jenny’s site about that post but never got the catsup thing.
            Maybe someone is “at cusp”?
            Could go either way…

          • thanks Ramona – Missoula is one of my high-interest areas too ..and yes, i honestly read every single word you write

            you said: “I meant MT (something about a road, or a number, or both, or some reference to 300 Spartans maybe?)..”

            well ok ..i promise to read the rest tonight

  2. 40 pound turkey…June bug…
    I’ll have to read this again tomorrow …
    Thanks Dal and Forrest. Always fun to stop by.

  3. Mr Fenn, it sounds like you were a favorable witness for the prosecution. I think you should have had a glass of 2005 Valandraud, St-Emilion, and then for lunch, a cobb salad, prime rib end-cut au jus with horseradish, potatoes au gratin, and sweet crepes.” A crème brulee for dessert. And of course an expensive French liqueur “to freshen your palate.”

        • Squat, John served a lot of time in New Mexico and specifically Eagles Nest area. Interesting area, but I am concerned with the Yellowstone area at this point more.
          I was referring to your French Whisky, King Louis. Very tasty. You may also be interested in San Louis on the New Mexico/ Colorado border if you are in the area. Augusta Lancôme and the Maria Dolores.:-)

          If you find it there please remember me. No need to ring a bell. Say my name.

  4. Entertaining story…perhaps a reminder about telling the truth and reiterating it again…

    • Ken,
      I agree…but I also believe Mr f bumped his tires against the curb a little.

  5. cool story Forrest, thanks – brave morality beats ‘bug-eyed’ legality every day of the week, i reckon

    but oh boy!, was i mesmerised by the superb detail in Wilsons cumulonimbus and cirrus clouds ..but i’m just a big cloud-geek i s’pose

    cheers for the great photos Dal – you’re (def) hired!! 🙂

  6. The verdict is in. Mr Fenn is guilty of telling the truth, the way he sees it anyway.
    Would have liked to know what the “short dissertation” was & the final out come of the circus.

    Lots of talent in that room.

  7. Questions are fickle things. Mr. Fenn has answered a whole bunch of questions over the years. How hard it must be to answer all of those questions with integrity which we all know he has done, with brevity so as to not give away too much, and still answer them correctly. Remember that Neo had to be shown the matrix. I have no doubt that once the facts are known that there will be those who try and convict him out of ignorance. But I am sure the ones who finds it will have solved the poem so as to show that the questions and answers are unneeded items just as he has stated and therefore can provide him an ironclad defense.

  8. A few weeks ago, Forrest posted something in which he and Delores made a deal. A deal that she later wanted to “Un-deal”. Today Forrest wanted to “Un-swear” in his testimony. Is there a trend here? Just Wonderin’ JDA

    • JDA,
      I too immediately noticed similarity in Delores “unshaking” her deal and Forrest being “unsworn.” I’m still trying to figure out what Forrest is trying to get across, but my guess is that it’s something significant.

    • JDA, i must have missed that post, if you remember where please post it..
      Thanks from Sally2

  9. What a great way to start the morning! Thank you Forrest! I so appreciate everything you share!

    Stunning pictures Dal! Thank you!

  10. Forrest,

    I was wondering if you first met Wilson Hurley though the Buffalo Bill Historical Center where one of his painting hangs there ” View From The Mohave Wall”. It seems that Peter Hassfick ( Director) purchased this large painting in 1976 for the Whitney Gallery of Western Art and “Whitney’s gallery being one of the first museums to purchase his art. Wilson’s art training was primarily on the apprentice system with painters such as John Young-Hunter whom you know and have written about. Wilson’s art is truly wonderful to look at, you can definitely get lost is his landscape paintings.
    Thanks for posting this. Bur

    • I can see where one could easily get lost in the Landscape paintings shown. . Maybe one would not get lost if they look at the details in a less cluttered landscape. JDA

  11. I love reading about all of Mr. Fenn’s talented friends. He obviously recognized their talent, but I’ll bet they also recognized his talent.

  12. Wow…what an entertaining story. Thanks for posting…great pictures you chose, Dal. The top one looks like it was from the top of Sandia looking west at Mt Taylor. The other paintings I can’t identify…probably in the mountains north of Santa Fe. The last desert-like one really looks familiar… when you found these paintings, did it say what/where they are? (I mean, what/where was Wilson Hurley painting?) thanks.

    • I would think that the middle one is Yellowstone Falls, Isn’t it?

      And the bottom one is of a mesa outside of San Yisedro, NM,
      between Albuquerque and Cuba. I climbed that mesa once, just to get a piece of sandstone that I later sculpted. What nice
      memories. JDA

      • I know that mesa well too. I’ve seen it every time I go to Albuquerque from Farmington. It’s dramatic colors reminds me why the Spanish call the mountains in Albuquerque the Sandias.

      • JDA, thanks for identifying the locations. I’ve driven Hwy 550 between Rio Rancho and Cuba many times and find the scenery along the stretch in the painting breath-taking. I hope to see Yellowstone Falls some day…after I find Fenn’s chest in NM, I’ll spend my time in the other 3 states. Ha Ha! I’m kidding, you know…no doubt my solve to Fenn’s poem is just as wrong as everyone else’s!

        More snow fell across northern NM again, and more is forecast. You folks who search Montana and Wyoming will be able to search BOTG before I can. This sucks! But I try to remember we (mountains in NM) really need all the moisture we can get so I’m trying to be patient.

        Thank you everyone who helped identify the painting locations. cynthia

        • You are most welcome – You are so lucky to be in NM. I miss it. Family is here in Idaho, but the blue skies, breath-taking sunsets and open-sky vista’s of NM are truly missed. JDA

    • Cynthia — I’m sure this story is exactly what drives you crazy about San Lazaro. It seems he has purposely built in ambiguity and led in your (general) direction.

      I know why you like San Lazaro… but ultimately it’s a lazy endeavor. And there is something you missed…

      I’m happy to discuss it privately

      • passenger, I think you have the wrong person talking about San Lazaro. If you are talking about my search area, everyone on this blog should know my search area is in what I call the “Taos Block”, basically the Sangre de Cristos north of the Pecos up through the Carson National Forest to the Colorado border. However, if Forrest ever wanted to take me to San Lazaro to see his former pueblo, I’d be delighted to go there to dig for artifacts, not his treasure chest. cynthia

        • ooops — sorry Cynthia. Thought you were associated with San Lazaro theories.

          I will leave you with this:

          Although the Tao is eternal and ever drawing nigh, it is the balance of equity and being right that remains elusive but within sight.


  13. I swore to tell tell the truth, and the whole truth. What happened to nothing but the truth? Something for us to consider.
    I personally believe he is telling us the truth. Enough of it anyway to find the chest and for me to spend an extraordinary amount of time looking for it.

  14. Yesterday I found a vintage C M Russell print WHEN COWS WERE WILD and a 1940’s western scrapbook. Unwanted art that is a treasure to me. I’d take you on my side in court any day Mister ff.. : )

  15. He says, “Once in a while I do something [good|right]” more often than maybe he thinks he does. Maybe Forrest doesn’t give himself enough credit. I’ve counted four or five times.

  16. You found a very interesting new edge. Glad you got it into the archives, Mr. Fenn, The 85% rule doesn’t apply in courtrooms.

  17. Did Wilson win the case? If so, how much per square inch were his paintings worth?

    Moral of the story, obey the traffic laws because you never know who you’ll run into and get sued.

    • Wait! Whaat? Now there’s morals I have to deal with…
      I have morals. They’re low, but I have them.

  18. A few thought reading this.

    First, I can’t get the ball from the movie Cast Away out of my mind’s eye. “Wilson, come back!!!!!!!” Tom Hanks was also Forrest Gump of Bubba Gump Shrimp. I love shrimp! I miss the see.

    And I am reminded of his lesson from his father as a boy to tell the truth, but not ALL of the truth. Defense attorney was trying to keep Forrest from telling all of the truth. Forrest protested, he wanted ALL of the truth told. Or did he?

    Perplexing. I’ll have to mull this over for better clarity of what it means. Back to work.

    • I think he’s trying to explain why the poem leads down multiple paths. There are multiple TC locations depending on the path you take to “the” solve. Both maybe somewhat logical. It’s possible one was a mistake and he just went with it — or he simply wanted vet out the most industrious searchers. (“Trail Mojo”).

      The thing is… he’s seemingly keeping the controversy alive, which gives me no solace.

  19. Brilliant answer. I provide professional testimony in court for software IP cases and and I just might use that line sometime. It seems like it’s a universal approach to that just answer “yes or no” routine. On another note f forgot to say “and nothing but the truth”. That caught my attention. Also his mention of law I take to be a hint that legal issues will soon take center stage. The treasure is about to become a hot potato. Someone knows where it is at and f knows it. They told him their solve.

    • Iceman ~” Someone knows where it is at and f knows it. They told him their solve.”

      I don’t get it… I just don’t. many times over the years a couple of wild-eyed searcher would claim this because of their one and only brilliant solve… This year the idea seems to have taken a turn where many are claiming “somebody knows where it is”

      Lets review some of the thing fenn as stated, just for kick and grins…
      Many have indicated, deciphered, been at the first two clues etc.
      Some figured out the first couple clues and unfortunately walked passed the chest.
      Maybe as many as he first four clues have been indicated in one form or another.
      Etc. etc.
      Yet, as far as fenn is concerned those searchers / seekers / hunters / e-mailers / bloggers … did not know they had the clues correct.

      We have folks who claim they have pics of the chest in it hidey place.
      Other’s claim they “know” within 12 feet where the chest lays in wait.
      And Yet, no chest…

      So maybe you can explain to this dumb yankee-redneck how ya’ll know that “…f knows it. They told him their solve.”

      Personally, I think, the same similar comments by dozens of other searcher are simply hoping it’s found so they have new gossip to blabber about.

      BTW, the sworn oath is nothing more than an agreement that; should one not tell the truth, the whole truth… they understand they willfully committed perjury and except the penalty.. for not complying to… nothing but the truth.

      • Sorry. This is my opinion. Based on the culmination of everything that’s happened lately. It’s a gut feel.

      • Seeker,
        You wrote “So maybe you can explain to this dumb yankee-redneck how ya’ll know that “…f knows it. They told him their solve.” This was your reply to Iceman who wrote ” Someone knows where it is at and f knows it. They told him their solve.” I don’t know if anyone figured out the poem over the winter or not. But why isn’t it feasible that someone did finally solve the poem and then sent Fenn their solve? Last month I thought I had a huge NEW-to-me discovery that put an X on my map for the first time. I sent my solve and a picture of my map with my X to Forrest. I bet many, maybe hundreds of folks, have done the same. You know…new research, new solves, new Xs on their maps. So all I’m saying is that Fenn may have received solves over this winter in an email that he had not seen previously. Or Not. We sure won’t know, though, until the snow melts. cynthia

        • Yes Cynthia. And we are all entitled to an opinion aren’t we. We will all know for sure as spring unfolds. It won’t cost me anything to be wrong. It’s just my opinion, nothing more and nothing less. Intuition was the trigger.

          • Iceman…I think your opinion counts for something. I think Seeker thinks your opinion counts too. I also think that he was trying to engage you in a conversation in regards to your opinion. It seemed that the brevity of your opinion with no punch line/after comment spurred the reaction. I kind of took your comment to mean that perhaps you thought that you were the one that sent this mysterious winning solve to Fenn…but then…who knows really. Just Fenn.
            Just ramblin’.

      • Seeker, In the book TFTW, Forest mentions in chapter 9, Surviiving myself page 39 that they had to be in bed at 8 oclock when Mr District Attorney was going off.
        Maybe this is just nothing more than one of Forest’s amusing stories.

  20. Brilliant answer. I provide professional testimony in court for software IP cases and and I just might use that line sometime. It seems like it’s a universal approach to that just answer “yes or no” routine. On another note f forgot to say “and nothing but the truth”. That caught my attention. Also his mention of law I take to be a hint that legal issues will soon take center stage. The treasure is about to become a hot potato. Someone knows where it is at and f knows it. They told him their solve.

    • Iceman – “Also his mention of law I take to be a hint that legal issues will soon take center stage. The treasure is about to become a hot potato. Someone knows where it is at and f knows it. They told him their solve.”

      Nice insight…

      According to Fenn, this hunt is one of the few things he really planned (paraphrased). I suspect he has a pretty good plan and is confident in the legal outcome after the TC is found.

        • Seeker – I concede your point. Perhaps a revision of my previous assertion…

          Since Forrest tried to think of everything, I suspect he is confident of a path that protects himself, his heirs, the treasure, and the finder regardless of whether that path passes through a court of law.

    • What if the person who solved the clues (but couldn’t travel) teamed up with someone who would be the boots on the ground. Suppose the solver sent Fenn his/her solution and mentioned the partnership. If there is something in the chest that gives the FINDER the title to the chest, then does f forsee a legal issue arising? Remember the comment that was something to the effect – be careful with whom you share your solve, you might be shopping at Kmart while she is shopping at Gucci.

      • Hear me dude and listen good … if you are holding a Royal Flush, for gawds sake don’t show anyone your cards.

        • Too late . Been ill (homebound) most of the year. Oh, and I’m not a dude. I have to have faith in my partner. If I didn’t get a partner then I would have no chance of getting any treasure. My solution is probably not right, but it sure feels like f is talking to me.

          • I’m sorry to hear your ill. I’m in CO. Holler if I can help in CO. As long as not my spot, ill go for you with nothing expected.

          • Twingem, thanks for your offer. You are too kind. I do have faith in my search partner, I was just thinking that maybe f thinks there may be a problem. I hope there are not any legal problems for whomever solves the clues and/or finds the chest. That would be a sad ending to a beautiful chase.

      • That is a great question.

        Perhaps the person who can’t travel alone but knows exactly where indulgence lies brings a friend. And because the finder knows exactly where it is and the friend doesn’t, the finder could find time on their trip to pick up indulgence alone initially, making there no legal question. The friend would only be in the know if the finder and f agreed the friend could know. After all, the friend probably hasn’t done any work on the solve and could explain how the solve leads to the final destination.

        Wonder if the person who knows exactly where it is could smuggle a 42 pd treasure without the friend knowing? Wonder if only one person was physically present at the finding if f’s legal concerns are removed by a friend merely being on the trip?

        Maybe the person who knows exactly where it is should bring their kid(s) instead so their is no legal question or possible conflict of interest? Wonder if help would be around just in case if the finder went alone.

        So many what ifs for that person. Whew! Tired just thinking about it.

  21. What a brilliant quick thinking response. I give expert testimony in court for software IP cases and I just might try that line someday. On another note though, what happened to “and nothing but the truth”. My overall take on this is that f is thinking about the legal angles of someone finding the treasure or getting caught doing something that might be questionable. So know the laws and be prepared. Know the regulations and tell the truth, the whole truth. I am ready.

  22. Someone may have given them a correct solve and he knows it’s just a netter of time before legalities kick in. Just a guess.

  23. This reminds me of an episode of “Matlock” I was watching recently. A man was on trial for murder, but the man claimed it was an accidental shooting.

    Matlock looked intently at the man and said “Listen Barn.., did I or did I not tell you to keep that bullet in your pocket and never put it in the gun?”

    The man said “Yes, did”. It was quite a dramatic moment.

  24. I don’t know much about other people’s solves, but I’m not about to start a new one for myself.

    • Yes. Don’t be distracted by the noise in the blogs. The location of the treasure is in the poem. Focus on that. That’s my best advice.

        • My aboe post was in regards to slurbs post.

          Iceman ~ “The location of the treasure is in the poem.”

          That’s great… would you like to explain? Many, including myself think so, and many share their thoughts…
          Treasures MT state.
          Why, WY
          hoB, CO
          New and old, NM
          To name a few, but they seem to basic and guessing for me.

          Others, more located are;
          Isa lake
          Tires and Weak, med-wheel.
          And the abstract;
          The glacial period.
          The RM’s.
          Then there’s the code location;
          Number counting.
          Crossword puzzling.
          Just to name a few…

          Where does yours fall into?

          • Seeker – you’ve been at this too long to not be keyed in to the basics.

            I’m not too worried to hand it out — as it will still take months to get to the blaze.. but feel free to email me.


          • Seeker … the location of the treasure is hidden in the poem not because I said so but because f said so. It’s the most fundamental understanding of the Chase. I am validating this based on my solve. I will not be sharing that with anyone. Sorry.

        • What if the poem is wrong? Then we’ve been had. In that case the blogs won’t help you either. The location of the treasure IS in the poem. Again that’s my opinion.

          • Solve, what if his [slurbs] solve is wrong…

            Lets say, he has wwwh as a dam. other still do today, even though fenn squashed that. The point to my comment was; he stated he wouldn’t start a new solve…

            As to your comment Iceman, why blurt out something and not give some kinda explanation.
            I mean, I could say… not far, but too far to walk is not a distance… and leave it at that… but whats the point in saying it at all if there is no follow up, No means for discussion, No possible conversation to the post… yet you hand it out as sound advice.

            Ok don’t say why… end of discussion.

  25. So, through out my search I have felt a strange, eerie connection to Mr. Fenns story. So much of his life parallels my own, and a large number of coincidences…

    Ironically, yesterday I decided to write a memory of my experience with a court trial and a jerk District Attorney. It was the first time I had sat down and completed a story in nearly 10 years.

    Too weird that Forrest wrote this story the next day… If you’re interested in my sorta memoir, you can read it here:

    • Mr Ford,
      You’re a good writer, unfortunately it had to be realized in such a tragedy.
      These type of things happen every day.

  26. Two Good Books:
    Adventures in Western Art
    The Flamboyant Judge

    …I have some invitations to the autograph parties but was a few decades too late.

      • The Soiled Dove Plea paved the way court room drama was used…the last words of it may be of interest.

        • There’s an interesting story about a prostitute in The Flamboyant Judge who now has a bronze plaque dedicated to her in a very prominent place. See if you can pick it out.

          • Dew Tell…I have not read the book. Only remember bits of the story from days gone by. The young Houston was a quick study.

        • Once again, something to read that I have never heard nor read about. Thanks Ken for the comment. That is one heck of an extemporaneous speech.

  27. wonderful story and pictures.
    mr. forrest,i have communicated with you through letters,with ink.I don’t imagine,I tell you things.just a little note.but you don’t Answer me letter.I use every letter in the alpabet ,even X.I know you get my letters,as I put a stamp on make me smile,beam with your out burst of funny writings.your not a weasel,your still a fox.just put the X over the rocky mountains.

        • Don’t mind me SL.
          I’m on cloud 9.

          Hey, the same link you posted was posted by the little birdie above.

          • Got it. Thanks, Jake. Seems I still have my head in the clouds.

            Cloud ‘9’…

            Reminds me of a much loved song about “Clouds.” (Think I’ll post a Link to it before long.)



          • What do you think an artist who paints clouds has to do with the chase SL?
            I think imagination is the obvious one but there must be more.

  28. Seeker, if my solve is wrong like all of the other wrong solves, then I will not have Indulgence in my possession (just as the current status). I have enough confidence in my research to have made my previous comment. I will have to search the span of several human life spans to admit defeat. And then, I’d probably search a few life spans more to prove solve/myself wrong! I’m going to go crawl back into my shell. I will check on comments here and there, but I am not going to subscribe to this SB. Reading too many comments takes up too much of my time. Some of us need a beer from time to time.

  29. Plato is the key.
    He wanted truth & justice.
    There is “Dikaisyne” among us.

    • well, don’t look at me Jake – i certainly ain’t been spreading any ‘Dikaisyne’ diseases about the neighbourhood willy-nilly
      ..are you sure it’s even contagious?

      maybe you should alert that doctor from the ‘Outbreak’ documentary – you know, the one that looks uncannily similar to Dustin Hoffman

  30. Well Forrest, you accomplished a few good things with this story…
    1. I will drive more cautiously from this day forth.
    How sad to be the person responsible for injuring such a gifted artist, or any person.
    2. Your story is one of the best yet. I will enjoy it for years.
    3. Looking through the collected works of your talented friend was immeasurably enjoyable. It appears that you both enjoyed sneaking out of Spanish class to enjoy the mountains. Did you take him to Montana? As you would know, Those Spanish breaks are now part of Ted Turners Flying D Ranch. Perhaps that’s where the missing D flew to. Ha! Thanks Mr.Fenn 🙂

  31. There certainly is a lot of activity on the forums lately. It’s hard to know exactly what any of it means. Is any of it designed to help or hinder or simply to spin us all around and get us all excited for the start of the season? I can say it definitely gets my treasure fever going a bit… I do feel a bit like a June bug since that’s likely when my next trip will happen. That’s probably true for many of us. Searching in the snow just doesn’t sound safe. What do the food references mean? 40 lb Turkey!? Does that mean the treasure is in the oven and will be defrosted in June for one of us to go get it? Or did someone send him something around Thanksgiving since most of us only eat turkey at Thanksgiving? I dunno… the only certainty I’ve found in the chase is to read the forums for entertainment and if you can’t get there by following the poem then you probably didn’t do enough thinking. Blessings to all and stay safe!

    • Hi Dampenedmyth! I agree with you 100%; if you haven’t figured it out using the poem, no bother with running off after any potential “subtle hints”!

    • Turkey staring June Bug in the face:

      40 lb Turkey = 42 lb Bronze Beauty
      Turkey = November
      June Bug = June Fenn = June

      Don’t search between November and June ..

      Sounds Simple Enough


  32. It looks like someone has found it!!!!

    Oh wait… it’s April fools day! Have a great day everyone!!!

  33. I expect that defense attorney got reamed pretty good in chambers.
    An expert witness is brought in and then is not allowed to give his testimony, can only answer “yes or no.” ???

    Thanks Forrest for sharing another great personal story! 🙂

  34. What a great story! I certainly wouldn’t want to be an attorney going up against Mr. Fenn! LOL
    Thanks for sharing!

  35. Forrest ,you are so intertaining, i love this scrap book, i would have loved to have been in that court room.
    Your Honor, Raymond Burr, Mr District attorney,I bet you could make them all step back and say,, What just Happened,,LOL

  36. Another very entertaining Scrapbook! I can only imagine what it would have been like to be in that courtroom. Good Luck with TTOTC this season and everybody stay safe!

  37. I’m wondering who here is a physics whiz, completely understands Euclidean geometry and M-Theory but just can’t get the ToE?


  38. Well ,I kind of like the gravy on my chicken fried steak , hold the hot baked potato! at least till it’s cooled off enough to eat .

      • JDA – When are you searching next? Are we still partners in the search? I haven’t heard from you in awhile and was just wondering when we will go out next.

          • JDA – I’m sure you have slept since then and so have I. Your response tells me that we are still going to be searching separately.

            Have fun on your next trip. I hear the Rockies are starting to awaken in some areas.

          • JDA & Jake –

            I’m just having some fun. Please learn to smile every once in awhile.

            The search season will begin before long and everyone is waiting to get going. Have some fun.

          • I agree Hma,
            If you’re not having fun, then you’re dun.
            I will bask in the sun.

          • JDA – Since f brought a judge into this thread î propose you play Judge Smails.

  39. The large mural with Hurley’s back to us is titled La Cueva Canyon, Sandias. I’m staring at the Sandia Mountains as I write this. They are just east of Albuquerque. Hurley’s depiction of the cumulus monsters peeking over Sandia Crest is perfect, and happens regularly nearly every day in the summer months. Go to this location in GE street view. It’s fairly close to where Hurley must have stood when he painted this work in the late 90’s. Some friends and I hiked to the top and back when we were 17. We drank a lot of root beer when we got back to town.

    35°12’10.66″N, 106°30’12.39″W

    This searchable web site lists most of Hurley’s works. Search for La Cueva to find several versions of his views of this area.

    The ‘Abiquiu’ painting is titled Neapolitan Cliffs West of San Ysidro, The cliffs are located about 50 miles northwest of Albuquerque, out toward the turn-off to the Jemez Mountains and Los Alamos. It’s available in the catalog above.

  40. Yes or no
    Stay or go

    Red is stop and green is go
    So is yes black or is white no?

    Don’t ask me cause I don’t know. 🙂

  41. I don’t believe anyone has asked it here, and given that I’ve been soooo curious about it since this SB came out….

    Forrest, What was the question the lawyer asked you that had him so upset, as to demand a YES or NO answer?

  42. Haha, good one! I would love the opportunity to do the same someday…but only as a derelict witness, lol.

  43. Those paintings look like they were taken with a camera! Those are absolutely beautiful to say the least!

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