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In March of 2014 True West Magazine honored Forrest with their second annual “True Westerner” award for his contribution to and preservation of America’s Western Heritage.

Forrest was chosen because of his work in Santa Fe as an author, collector, entrepreneur and artist and also for stoking “the national media fires with his $1million hidden treasure hunt”.

Forrest received this award in pretty good company. The inaugural award went to the irascible Larry McMurty and talented Diana Ossana in 2013 for their work as authors and screenwriters who together turned Annie Proulx’s Brokeback Mountain into an award winning screenplay. Not a work that portrays the classic vision of America’s western landscape. Certainly Bob Boze Bell, the editor of True West Magazine uses a wider lens when seeking candidates for his magazine’s heritage award.

While Forrest, to my knowledge, has not turned in a screenplay, his contribution to the heritage of the American West is none-the-less towering..although largely undocumented. He has helped, nudged and sometimes dragged artists into their own glorious spaces. Books he has authored on established artists have uniquely framed their experiences for the rest of us to comprehend. Forrest is both a respected admirer and a gifted promoter of the artistry of others and in doing so has diversified the market, increased the value and expanded the availability of works by the well known as well as the lesser appreciated. He has become the necessary angel of many artists and craftfolk of the wide west, tirelessly encouraging and pointing.

Forrest’s True Westerner Award

Certainly Bob Boze Bell is a wise man to have recognized Forrest for his contribution to America’s Western Heritage…and if you ever have a chance to visit Forrest’s home, I’m sure you will be wildly enthusiastic about his stunning collection that preserves a meaningful and beautiful portion of our magnificent western heritage.



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  1. Nice writing Dal…Forrest’s legend continues to grow and his tireless efforts to promote the Arts and History will touch many for years to come.
    Thank you for sharing…

  2. What a nice award to receive, congratulations, Forrest. That is a great trophy they gave you.

  3. You sir cast a long shadow. Congratulations on well deserved recognition, you have indeed contributed greatly to the lure and lore of the wild west. I am certain the extent of your contribution will be recognized more and more. I tip my hat to you Forrest.

  4. Forrest is high caliber. Tell me something I don’t know. That was too easy.

  5. very nice mr. forrest,you just keep amazing me all the time,all the things you have done in the past and present,I know were hard times,but also wonderful times too.I’d very much like to come visit you at your house,and see your wonderful collection and pond where you sit and rest,and of course ms. peggy, Tell her I won’t come without my talk about treasures,just have a good time.

  6. Congrats Forrest ! ! Your a true westerner indeed……

    I have had the pleasure of meeting Forrest at Collected Works bookstore for coffee and Being in the presence of a man such as him was a treasure in itself. There are a few things in my life that I’ll cherish forever and that was one of them. Some have had the rare opportunity to visit him at his home . I can only imagine what that would be like. His collection of western and native history is (I’m sure) far better than most museums. Just to stand amidst the unheard voices of yesterday I would be in awe.
    If I ever had that chance there are three things I’d like to do while there.

    1) admire his collection of history and maybe hear a story or two.

    2) drink a grape soda with the man who opened our minds.

    3) sit in the chair by his pond .

    4) last but not least, meet Peggy in person just to say hi.

    Sorry guys I took off on a daydream… 🙂 good luck to everyone in your chase.. have a great night my friends. I gotta go write a poem while my thoughts are running free…… until next time…. see ya 🙂

  7. “Only those who attempt the absurd can achieve the impossible.”
    ― Albert Einstein

    • So very true….. thanks for sharing Leigh Cramer …. have a great night….. see ya my friend. 🙂

      • … there is only one person on this blog, after all my 4 years, all my comments, all my thoughts, and all my ponderings that would call me “friend…” N? if not, hello focused, sincerely, thank you for a sweet response. all the best.

      • attempt 2: (without the heartstrings i just laid out) thank you so much focused. strange that anyone would refer to me as “friend,” after all these 4 years, except one person- are you that person?

    • Dal and Forrest,

      I meant no disrespect by not commenting in my initial “sub” to this post, but I was out of the country for several weeks with extremely limited internet service. I saw the new post and immediately subscribed to it before reading. I’m back home now enjoying “full” connectivity.

      So with that apology, I would to add a thank you to Dal for the post and a belated congratulations to you Forrest for the award. I have always been a huge fan of bronze sculptures, one of my favorites being The End of the Trail by James Earl Fraser, though the original, per Wiki, was made of plaster due to material shortages during WW I.

      I especially like a particular bronze indirectly linked to Serbia and what it represents.

  8. Job well done by True West.
    Congratulations to Forrest, recognition well deserved.

  9. Congrats Mr. Fenn.
    I heard Dal’s inviting everyone to your house.
    I’ll be there in 4 days, weather permitting. 🙂

  10. I did not point out yesterday the cover headline…Soiled Doves. Carries over from some previous posts Passages Four.

  11. I know nothing about this award, but would guess that a man’s character comes into play as well when the selection is being made. This thread is perfect to mention something I remember seeing on a video. That vision has remained with me because what he did in the video exemplifies what it means to be a gentleman.

    In one of the Fennboree videos he approaches a woman to speak and shake hands. In doing so, he removes his hat and shakes her hand. That small gesture says a lot about the character of a man and does not go unnoticed.

    Just thought I would pass that along.

      • BW, the way you described the first paragraph was said beautifully. I’m truly pleased how you pointed out Mr. Fenn’s gentlemanly demeanor in the video.

        • Thanks PD. Maybe I don’t travel in the right circle, but that is a gesture I seldom see and the image stuck with me.

          • You’re welcome, BW. I believe it’s a manner not thought to be taught, but truly is appreciated when it’s shown.

          • BW, your first comment at 8:07 a.m. brings to mind a paragraph from “TTOTC,” “My War For Me,” on page 103:

            ‘Kiss her on the cheek and whisper something that she will later note in her heart of keepsakes. Open the door for her, not to make her way easier but just to say you care. Be there when she arrives to let her know your time with her is important. Silence can be well understood if she sees an approving look.’

  12. Congratulations Mr. Fenn. So glad you can enjoy the accolades you have earned over the years – may we all be so lucky.

  13. Here is a link to the YouTube video of Forrest accepting this award, I think. Within it, Forrest was compared to a “living Indiana Jones” and “Sean Connery” …Forrest, that’s about as good as it gets, IMO…I mean, SEAN CONNERY! That’s a giant “aw, shucks”. And for anyone who thinks Forrest is always serious and not funny…watch this video. He’s also compared to Rodney Dangerfield…and rightly so.

  14. Congratulations Forrest, they picked the right person. I’m sure you are honored. 🙂

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