Scrapbook One Hundred Seventy Two …


APRIL 2017

The Sound of Bells

That’s the name of a wonderful book that Eric Sloane wrote in 1966. Later, he bought all of the remaining copies from the publisher so he could re-issue it into a special bicentennial edition. It never happened, and my copy, a gift from the author, is one of those he wished to modify, but didn’t.

Eric hand lettered most of the book

Eric loved bells, and noted that under ideal conditions their rings can be heard nine miles distant. He said, “The far-away sound of a bell could be both “forlorn and soul-stirring.” Funny I remembered that.

I acquired this generic cast iron train bell from Eric. He probably apprehended it from some old wrecked steam locomotive somewhere, but who knows? The bell has the loudest clang in our whole area. I know that from how many miles away I get complaints.

The support upon which the bell rests held up the roof in Kiva A at San Lazaro Pueblo. The Dendrochronology Lab at the U of Arizona said the tree was cut in 1475 plus a few years added for residual rottage. That means it was cut with prehistoric stone tools because metal did not come to the pueblo for at least another 65 years.

It was set 24” into the ground, and that’s about as deep as a man’s arm can reach and hand-dig the dirt out. At my home I cut the post to fit, tarred the bottom 24” and placed it back in the ground. Then I mounted the bell on top. My wife rings it to summon me when I’m working way out in the trees. One ring means come to supper, two means carry the trash out, and three means “Come at once, I need you.” I always do what she rings.

A cross section of the post. It still contains its ancient cedar scent

Because it personally cannot relate its history, my bell tower invites little more than a curious glance. I wonder if the owners of my home a hundred years from now will appreciate the dichotomy that stands just off the east end of my portal. f



248 thoughts on “Scrapbook One Hundred Seventy Two …

    • You think he has found somone new other than that nobody? Are you getting the tinnitus too? Just stay positive you could be the one. I just hope the chase ends so at least that one guy gets some closure. I kind of think he deserves that although like everyone else I don’t really like him.

      • Whoever the person is that Fenn has chosen, they must be a female. In mysterious writings fenn has stated “I think that person will be pleased when SHE sees it”. It’s over for the guys, it’s on for the gals. Go get it whoever you are.

          • Stay positive. Read through mysterious writings. A girl has been chosen. Sucks for the dudes. I’m actually transgender so I may still qualify but I doubt it’s me. I just love this site. Great people for sure. Keeping my bipolar condition in check. Staying off booze and using my antipsychotics on a regular basis. Its all good my friends. I still think that a steam engine is related to the solve. Possibly cumbres and toltec which others have also looked into

      • I’ve had tinnitus my whole life James & it’s usually in one ear or the other at different times.
        Yes, positive.
        That’s all we can hope for.

    • Jake, my ears are burning!
      Mrs. Fenn, got quite a gig going 2 rings take out the trash! I am obsessed about taking out the trash! Strange how such a service can make one so content, it’s such a shame the judicial system doesn’t operate the same way!
      I hope your having fun Jake, I sure am!
      Best regards, Martha

      • I love Bell’s too Mr
        Fenn, wonderful story,
        Im afraid if I had a bell to ring, my husband would melt it down or scrap it, what control! He, He, thanks Dad and Mr. Fenn

  1. As long as good people like you keep recording this kind of information, a hundred years is like no time at all! 🙂

  2. I love this story about the beautiful bell from your friend, Mr. Sloane, as well as, the post that holds it.

    • I agree, great story. Seems to be some big clues regarding a steam engine line or some sort of connection to a railroad. I have searched the cumbres and toltec area a lot. I was severely depressed at the time though due to a bi polar episode I had. Mostly because I’m transgender and all. But things are changing here and it is more acceptable now. Either way I gave up the booze but started adderall to uplift my mood and antipsychotics. But a huge thanks to fenns chase as i am more positive than ever. If it wasn’t for fenns chase I would be in a mental hospital lol. I just really love this group of people and would be lost without this support. I have heard that Fenn has possibly chosen a girl based on the last mysterious writings I read. He says that “she” will be pleased when SHE sees it. AWESOME

      • I’m glad you’re enjoying the Chase, James. As far as, Mr. Fenn choosing a female, this would not be a true statement.

    • glad to hear you’re feeling better James, i was also in a slump when i first stumbled on Forrests treasure hunt, and after undertaking a fun adventure to Yellowstone Park for a quick search i’ve felt much better ever since

      although i don’t personally see a connection to the Denver murals, i do suspect that a rail-road is involved somehow too, and was surprised to find, after recent prompts from a wise fellow-searcher, that HALT also means: ‘a small railroad stop at which there is no station’ (-Merriam-Webster) …hmmmm

      hope this helps 🙂

      • bang on the money pdenver, i found YSP a very peaceful place indeed, esp off-track

        but not as therapeutic as a horse trek into the mountains with Focused, i’m guessing

        • I don’t know, curious hobbit. Yellowstone sure has a piece of my heart. My son and his family will be going in July. It’s been about fifteen years since he’s been there, and this will be the first for his wife and children. Wish I could see their expressions.

          Going horseback riding in the mountains sounds great. You may find yourself with a tough decision, but then again, with a friend like Focused, it may not be.

        • yeah, i get that pdenver, as i felt quietly overwhelmed by my first experience of YSP, and sincerely envy your family for their up-coming visit

          i would SO love to show you guys (esp Focused) my fav NZ coastline places, the slightly ‘off the beaten path’ locations, all the more breath-taking for Her remoteness and lack of seldom gazed eyes ..albeit with a mild chance of grumpy seagulls, and the odd scrambling sand-crab over bare toes

          but nuthin’ too ‘Dan Haggerty’ ..that’s for certain 🙂

          • does that mean i am supposed to be going somewhere, in the state, with my pet, and a new phone? but i have no idea, at this point, what number im supposed to use?

          • hhmm ..didn’t realise i had an alter-ego ..must be my long lost evil twin brother

            def a bit weird though

          • I don’t know what (NZ) stands for curious hobbit, but I bet it would be great to see….. hey by the way, I wrote a poem for ya on the poetry page called ” distant lands”….. I hope you like it… see ya my friend 🙂

          • NZ means New Zealand, nikan
            ..or Aotearoa “land of the long white cloud” in our Maori language

            haven’t frequented the poem page recently (been a bit grumpy lately – sorry)
            but def heading there now 🙂

          • haven’t been to Westport yet jmbguidry

            but a group of us are keen to spend some time riding the Sth Island – hopefully next summer 🙂

          • Zaphod73941, happy 4th to you, I just filmed a neat Immigration ceremony at Quari Mission, New Mexico, the National Parks Service and US Immigration/Naturalization Service has hired m brother and I for several years to video the Ceremony, afterwards we develop a DVD for the newest US Citizens, and I say that because this 5 story complex had “bells” in the towers in 1600, I have not been able to locate there whereabouts but take it from me there are so many missions in this part of the world, its like WWWH, I wonder if San Lazaro had bells? ff might let us in on a little secret?

            It was amazing to me after I wrote “Winter Thoughts” in march how many post Forrest was churning out, and Oh yes where is the train bell in his latest Scrapbooks? Who has a singing wire portrait post, telegraph, smoke signals and Eric Sloan, after all Jackie liked Eric’s work? Why was Hamilton shot in the head? OR was IT MADISON? All these dead presidents? Why, the mission bells, train bells, and a POST Vega Support, on which they sit in Someones back Yard…Somethin just ain’t right here? Now where is a good Mason to carve a Granite rock into a bell or would that be a sculptor? Why does my photo show a crack in the Bell? That Gilbert Stuart was an amazing artist, look at Madison’s Presidential Portrait closely, perhaps History is important after all, but what was Madison’s other occupation? Architect maybe. Who was the Architect of the Constitution, and who’s words written into Declaration of Independence, Jefferson was influential, Madison was the writer…Sometimes it just feels good to get this off my desk…and off my thoughts. Someone has covered up Philadelphia and all it stands for, with his thumb, here here, protest the war? Where is the Liberty Bell and Ben Franklin’s Grave? What is wrong with America, ask a Vietnam Vet. How do we make America Great Again? Happy 4th!

            Tom Terrific

      • DIA has a train. Has anyone looked there? It is > 66,000 links north of Santa Fe. Got that going for it. I’ve flown in and out of that airport so many times and there is definitely something I can’t quite put my finger on.

  3. Holy cow batsman, I’m the first in line to post. What a change since I’m usually the last.

    Anyway, I really love bells and this is a great story. Thank you Forrest.

    I used to make bells of all sizes myself using old gas cylinders that fell out of certification, several of which still grace our home here in the Olympic Mountains of Washington State. The big ones are my favorites. It can get real windy here at times and I love their sound, though I am sure the sound mine produce are not nearly as beautiful as the train bell or those produced by you and the experts of a bygone era.

    Though there continues to be some great bell artisans out there like the Verdin Company that has made bells for the likes of Disneyworld, Smithsonian, and other notable institutions.

    • Guess I wasn’t the first one after all. My bad. Took me too long to craft a post.

  4. Very interesting just like everything else that Forrest has been involved in for most of his life!
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Well Forrest, I guess you can’t ever get away with the line, “Sorry Sweetheart, I didn’t hear you calling me.” 🙂

    • Are you getting some Photoshop vibes, Jeremy? I kinda was too, but then wondered what the purpose of doctoring these photos would be?

      • I’m not sure I’m seeing anything in the photos but others including myself think the poem maybe a riddle relating to an old steam engine line. Possibly the cumbres and toltec. I searched around there. Couldn’t get all the clues to fit. Just hope it gets found so that the nobody gets some closure. I think he has suffered enough.

      • Beats me on purpose. Who knows why anyone does anything? I went to the mall once to buy a new pair of shoes. I left the old ones in the parking lot, arranged so that it looked like the person had just been raptured and the shoes were left behind.

        • Ha ha that’s hilarious. I love a good prankster. Stay positive my friend. This is the year ladies and gents that it gets found. Although we may never know if it’s been found since the finder will likely keep it a secret.

        • Jeremy: lol! Indeed, not all actions require justification. (Though I hope you don’t do the same thing when you go underwear-shopping!)

        • Jeremy—
          🙂 That’s great. Sometimes I’ll send short e-mails to friends and speak of the Rapture and how it could come at any moment. I will then cut off my message mid-sentence so they think maybe I just got raptured and they might have been left behind. 🙂

          I find this to be hilarious even though they

  6. Was that the only upright support for the roof structure found in the kiva? If so, why was it set so closely to the perimeter wall? It doesn’t seem like it would be doing much structural good where it’s shown in the photograph looking down into the kiva. Was it set only like 2 feet in from the perimeter? If this was the only post recovered from the kiva, were there at least noticeable holes where other decomposed posts may have been located?

    • Ok, I answered my own question by looking into some various ceiling structures of kivas on Google. I came across this image, which seems to match up with the kiva in Forrest’s photo above:

      The diameter of the kiva must be too large to simply span log beams from one perimeter wall to the other so this intermediate post and girder would be required so that people could walk across the wooden roof to get to the access ladder. This means that the dark shape at 7 o’clock must be the jagged upper end of a less-well-preserved post. Interesting stuff!

  7. Forget the bell… I want to know how you get your lawn to look newly sow. Mine looks more like the dig sight.
    Would really love to see your place some day.

    • My back lawn has many dark green spots all over the place. My dogs like to remind me where they were hiking during the winters months.

      • Stay positive my friend. Don’t blow it like that nobody dude. If you show appreciation you maybe greatly rewarded. Although it’s probably a girl that is the one, due to fenns statement about the surprise in the chest and a “she” will be pleased

  8. The cross section of that post is beautiful! Bell is too.

    Thank you for such a great post!

  9. Thanks Forrest. Sure was a lot of very interesting information in this post. Thanks for sharing – ILOVE reading stuff like this. A FENN-atic JDA

  10. Nice! I appreciate every nuance of every story . . . keep up the good thoughts and sharing.

  11. You should have the words of your friend Eric cast in a bronze plaque and set it in the ground in front of your bell tower, then maybe they will get it in the future. Plus it will look really nice.
    Maybe. IMO.

      • Then maybe they will trip over it. Fall flat on their face for the first time in their lives. Read it and change their fate. 🙂

  12. Did Eric trump himself with the Spirits if 76 for the bicentennial? I can only imagine him starting off by rewriting an introduction to be included in a fine box set or slip case and ending up with an entirely new book.
    I have one old book i found that is nothing but a giant bibliography of all of Eric’s books, writings, articles, toasts, etc. It was not written by Eric, but my favorite part about it is a two page list/ type written letter/ addendum that Eric wrote to the author and insisted be included when he noticed the faults. Its folded in half laid inside the copies. I had to laugh at how Eric would be able to filter through 60 or so pages of bibliography and note two additional pages of every little snippet he had ever written that was left out of that book. He certainly must have had quite a bit of pride in his messages….though he still left out his Rolex ad. I sometimes wonder if that was on purpose. He must have been a very interesting mix of stubborn and cantankerous.
    Thanks for sharing this snippet of him F and Dal. His antics, in the telling, always seem to make me nod and shake my head all at once. Good stuff.

    • Wow Jamie.., you sure put a good twist in your knowledge of things. You surprise me all the time and I enjoy your posts. Yet you keep me busy reading when you stir up my bookshelf.

    • I really think you are the one. You seem to have done the most research out of anyone and have stayed positive. Not sure if your ears are ringing and I don’t eavesdrop. Either way fenn has stated that when it is found “she” will be pleased. Go get it girl. Peace

  13. It reminds me that the sound of bells, and singing bowls, create a peculiar sound effect. A resonance that can invoke something within us. Create a spiritual harmony. It is a forlorn sound – ringing for reunion.

  14. In November of 2013, I visited the Norman Rockwell Museum. I took a tour and learned a few things about art. It was a fascinating visit. Well, when I was leaving the my car, at the end of the sidewalk was a bell it said “If you enjoyed your visit , please ring Allen’s bell.”

    “What do you call remembering something that hasn’t happened yet?” Allen asked. “Veja Du.”

  15. Thank you Forrest and Dal. I am constantly amazed at things I learn due to this chase. For example, after reading this SB, and then googling, I Iearned that Napoleon was exiled for 300 days on an Italian island, but managed to escape. And curiously linked to this same line of thinking I realized that the word “well” in pig-latin = a hall of fame quarterback.

    This information may be extremely important later in life, although I already am later in life, so perhaps it is just meaningless drivel. Sure is fun though.

  16. quick question Mr. Fenn,
    If you were to ring that bell…. how many times would your hammer strike?

    All my best, <<<( as said with a toothless smile )

    p.s. You're Awesome!!!!

    • but then, that comment may have been a bit presumptuous, though i’ll blame it on the PBR at the roadhouse tonight lol…

      this entire community is just plain awesome.. IMHO

      • I totally agree. Must be hard for fenn to choose. Who is this girl anyway? The surprise in the chest is supposed to go to a “she”.

        • James, with your question, the movie “Spartacus,” with Kirk Douglas comes to mind. I believe there are many who are searching feels they may be “she”. I believe he may have been having some fun when he said it.

        • What makes you think Mr. Fenn has chosen anyone to find his chest? He has said the finder will have earned it – so why would he just give it away?
          Also, his comment about “she being pleased” may have been directed at someone who once owned an item that Mr. Fenn placed in the chest, and that she would be pleased that he thought enough of the item to consider it a treasure-chest worthy.

          • I agree with pdenver: I think Forrest was just spreading the pronoun-love with respect to the ladies of the search, who have just an equal chance of finding the treasure as the gentlemen. When talking about the theoretical discoverer of the chest up until recently, Forrest has usually used the male pronouns. He’s just trying to mix it up and be inclusive to everyone; not throwing out secret messages to certain people (IMHO).

        • After listening to Mr. Fenn the man himself and his logic, I think perhaps he wants us to fill in the blanks.She will be pleased–Who other than his WIFE-She will finally get him back..The chase has totally preoccupied him..My wife is starting to feel the same. Just one mans opinion.

          • I may be going a little deep here. But, while looking at the exact quote, is it possible the “she ” is the chest and what “she” sees is possibly light. If that were the case the person finding it ( male or female) would be pleased when “she” sees it because the person opening the chest would certainly be pleased when opening the chest and letting in light? Which would mean there would have to be something in the chest that would refer to or related to light? Just throwin it out there.

  17. Maybe a practicing Shaman will end up living there? Do they use bells? I know they use cedar.

    • that would be cool…maybe they could use the life-force left in the post to fashion a powerful totem!

  18. I’m really surprised there are not more comments on this scrapbook. It was just posted though. I and others have worked on a solve relating to a connection with railroads/steam engines and this scrapbook provides some possible hints that parallel such an idea. I was thinking the cumbres and toltec but Im unable to connect a home of Brown anywhere in the search area. There is another railroad that goes over Dallas divide and there is a Brown station on that route. Anyone agree with these ideas. I just really want this search to conclude and give a certain someone the closure they deserve. I think fenn did a great thing getting people out into the mountains. It seems that his mission was accomplished with over 65000 people exploring the outdoors. Sure, no one is going to give anything away, the finder will have to pay their dues and earn the prize but does that one guy really need to be psychologically punished for this long, couldn’t he at least have a little disclosure, not the prize but the truth.

      • I’m pretty sure it’s a girl now. Forrest stated in mysterious writings “I think that person will be pleased when she sees it”

        • I thought it was me too. But like you…confidence is waning in myself. I’m still in the game though.

          • Jeeze Louise, IW…don’t let the people on these blogs, including me, influence your confidence in your solve. Remember, ff said read the blogs for ENTERTAINMENT. Read the poem like you’re going to put an X on a map.

            Are you still planning a trip here to NM this month or have you delayed it due to all the recent snowfall? If you want me to go check your area for snow depth, I’d be happy to! 🙂 Seriously. cynthia

          • Hey Cynthia
            Nah it’s not James. I’m on site now and though things “add up” , they’re not adding up. I’m staying one more night, to put ideas to rest though, so there’s still hope.

          • You have just as much of an opportunity to find it as anyone else, IW. I don’t believe Fenn has “chosen” anyone. I don’t think that’s how he works. It’s just a story with maybe a clue to be deciphered ..


      • As for seven years. That is a long time. I’m pretty sure it will be found soon. This chase will spur many others though. There are so many treasure stories in the rocky mountains. Near crestone colorado there are a number of them.

    • Whiskeyes, I think you’re onto something . . .

      FF has told us that “MY WAR FOR ME” is the most important chapter of his book TTOTC. In this scrapbook,
      I think he may be hinting about a connection to where he
      hid the TC.

      Unfortunately, though, the hint only serves to confirm a
      clue after that clue has already been solved. If you
      haven’t solved that clue (and most of the poem), you won’t see the connection. And a searcher won’t know the connection until doing a BOTG search hike in the correct
      location. So this hint really won’t help much at all. It’s
      more like a little tease.

      This is all IMO.

      • Tighterfocus, I agree. IMO everything he shares with us is a little tease. The master puppeteer is pulling the strings.
        I look forward to the day we look back on these stories and see the “Forrest” thru the trees.

        No more BOTG for me until I find the key word that unlocks the poem.

      • Exactly. Are you her? Forrest has stated that the person will be pleased when “she” sees it. Referring to the surprise in the chest.

      • You probably don’t want to share but are you thinking of the connection to steam engines or railroads like the cumbres and toltec. Begin it where warm waters halt could be referring to a water stop. I just can’t figure out home of Brown. I still don’t know how to read the poem. Are the clues in consecutive order starting with the first stanza? Or is begin it where warm waters halt… the starting point.

  19. A very similar bell is how my Mother would call all five boys home for dinner, when we grew up in rural Northern MI. I heard it from at least a mile away. Great memories! Thanks!

    So hear me all and listen good.

    I believe that there is a good chance that you’ll hear the bell (or bells) when you are close.

    • I agree. Assuming the steam engine connection is related. I just can’t get all the clues to work though. There are a lot of railroads to consider. I still like the cumbres and toltec the most though. I wonder how fenn knows that the chest is still there. My guess is the chosen girl is being watched to some degree and the chest will be waiting for her when she arrives. I can’t wait to see who it is.

        • Are you her? Fenn has stated that the person who finds it will be pleased when “she” sees it.

          • James, I hope it’s me…..but I’m 1386 miles away and broke. I have faith in my solve, but not myself. So short of an angel investor I’m grounded for now. Maybe I need some meds like you to boost my self confidence.

          • Why do you keep repeating this over and over? Fenn was not talking about the chest, he was talking about a surprise item in the chest that would please “her”.

            Fenn is a ladies man, but he never said a “she” will find the chest!

          • The treasure was only ever meant for Peggy. Only she is the one who can truly decipher the clues to the TC location. When she opens the chest, the first thing “she” will see is her reflection in the mirror, realizing then, that she was always the most precious treasure of all.

  20. Although I grew up viewing Easter as a time for family and fertility, and Whitsun as the start of the most vibrant season of the year, I am now inclined toward a May Day festival, despite its pagan roots, and more recent association with the jingoistic parading of weapons of war. From Wikipedia:

    “May Day was also celebrated by some early European settlers of the American continent. In some parts of the United States, May baskets are made. These are small baskets usually filled with flowers or treats and left at someone’s doorstep. The giver rings the bell and runs away.”

    I’m just hoping that we’ll be hearing doorbells rather than sleigh bells ringing out on (or near) that auspicious occasion, and certainly no cries of “Mayday Mayday Mayday!” (although my wife expressed congruent sentiments recently).

    • I still think the railroad/steam engine makes more sense regarding any bells and ringing as a clue. He seems to state it pretty clear in this scrapbook. Stay positive my friend. Peace

    • Hi, Voxpops,

      I read this for the first time. I like it.
      How similar are the communities with the good and the bad.

      At a night in a Dell,
      An Unknown Ringer,
      Shadow on a Bell,
      Basket on the Hanger.
      A feeling like in hell
      may be a hopeful Singer.

      Thank you for this message.
      -Ali Kemal

    • Very good post. Seems to narrow it down maybe narrow gauge railroad is the key. It likely is related to a railroad/steam engine I think. I have been to the cumbres and toltec many times looking around. Couldn’t fit the clues together. Mostly just drank out of severe depression and a bipolar episode I had at the time. On meds now and feeling much better. No more booze. Just adderall though which the doc doesn’t know I take. I love amphetamines. Anyways I think a railroad fits in here somewhere. Stay positive my friend

      • I’m a fan of railroads too, I tend to gravitate towards the ATSF and the Pikes Peak Cog Railroad. Or anything that runs the old gypsy engines. Although I haven’t found any chest amongst them…they’ve certainly had me cracking open a few books. Then again, the Union Pacific seems to be a little WWWW”ish” too. As you can see I find way more tangents than boxes of gold. Lol.

  21. Someone is ringing the bell . It means it’s all over soon that’s all I get out of this Happy last hunt everyone Time for the chase to begin very soon Catch me
    If u can haha

    • I think he clearly states that the bell was from a train. My take on the poem is that its a riddle about following a steam engine along its line. Read through the cumbres and toltec scenic railroad on Wikipedia and I think you will find some connections. Water stop, warm waters halt, still can’t find a home of Brown connection. Maybe pullman Brown, the color of many railcars at the time but it doesn’t work that well. The poem is supposed to take you precisely to the treasure. It’s possible though and likely that this hunt is different. Like iron will said it uses trigger words and fenn chooses a specific person likely a girl now according to the mysterious writings statement he made about the person being a she when she sees the surprise specially for the finder. A lot of people have been triggered so to speak and have tinnitus and ringing in the ears. A lot of people could be very upset when this hunt ends and I am worried that Fenn has put himself at risk by making this challenge. It’s taking a long time to develop. I almost went crazy and thought it was me but realized I was having a bipolar episode. Then Went on a combination of powerful antipsychotics and also came out as transgender and now with the support of these searchers and the chase I am 100%. Slightly manic still but it will pass. I am so blessed that I learned about fenn and the hunt. And these people here are so positive it’s amazing. Good luck to all.

      • Hi James.
        I don’t comment much, mostly because I forget what I’m going to say by the time the page loads but……

        …Oh yeah…
        I really like your attitude. Good luck in the Chase!:-)

  22. Thanks f. and Dale
    I can’t imagine hearing the bell nine miles away but I guess that’s more then 8.25.

  23. Hey Forrest, You need to wrap some rawhide or some kind of shrinkage material or a wine barrel ring at the top of the bell post to keep the crack from spreading.

  24. If I find the gold can I buy that bell from you?
    I need to train Duane. 😉

  25. The ole coot is posting like a cat on a hot tin roof his paws are on fire hehe

    • Scrapbook One Hundred Seventy Three…April 7, 2017
      Scrapbook One Hundred Seventy Two …April 6, 2017
      Scrapbook One Hundred Seventy One …April 4, 2017
      Passages Four—April 2, 2017
      Scrapbook One Hundred Seventy…March 31, 2017
      Passages Three…March 29, 2017

      OK, some posts may not be by F’s initiative.
      I will say that since Feb or so, there has been a lot of F posting & his paws will only keep the fire going.

  26. First response *heart racing, palms sweating. It’s not like you can stop a tornado from taking out a market and leaving only a post. I hear a coyote.

  27. Yes the Cumbres and Toltec does come to mind especially the bridge that was blown up for the movie “Where’s the Gold”. That whole line was a great adventure to walk. If you happen to stop at Osier, where the lost snowmobile party had to break glass and survive on pineapple pies until rescued, you might discover that osier means basket. I really liked Windy pass, lots of history there. In fact just below, on the old stagecoach wagon road, there is a spot where someone had buried something recently in the middle. Recently being in the last 15 years. Chama is such a beautiful place as is the whole line. If you drive into Colorado take note of Neff mountain its just before you reach the Conejos (rabbit) river. The Conejos is well known for its Big Browns if your a fisher person. I think I can hear the whistle blowing now.

    • Also If your into real estate, the commercial properties in the town of Chama offer some great opportunities. A beautiful place to cash in on the fall scenery, no more beautiful place than Chama in the fall. At first glance you might miss the most desirable aspect, the people. Really nice and friendly small town charm mixed with the call of raging bulls in the fall. A New Mexico treasure for sure. My heart was pounding a couple of times after I spotted a couple of geocaches in army ammo boxes near Windy Pass. An excellent place to just sit and take in the history of smoky, smelly and old style coal powered rail history. The Indians were, at one time, especially fond of the area. Keep your eye out for arrowheads which point the way to an older America past.

      • Straw, my friend, I’m surprised you didn’t mention the amazing fishing along the Upper Chama (that would be north, lol) beyond the Oso Pardo ranch. And the UFO sightings are to die for.

        • Sandy,
          I was worried that might interfere with the New Mexico jumping rat study. With restrictions now in place the three areas of concern would probably be closed. Not sure if that includes the good fishing on the Chama though.

          • Hey Straw….I forgot you are a closet environmentalist! I am an accomplished basket weaver. With a specialty in osier, canasta, and jicarilla basket. Let’s start a bed and breakfast in Chama, catering to treasure /UFO seekers. And teach basketry and pie baking on the side. We’ll call it the Jumping Right Inn. Or Spadefoot Toad Inn??. I think I feel a disturbance in the forest right about now.

  28. Me? I’m just a ding-dong.

    “Nice post” – I’m wondering if Mr. Fenn counted the rings before putting the bell on top. If he counted the rings, was he able to date the post using the archived “ring method” for dating things using overlapping tree rings from trees of different ages in the same area?

    My wife collects hand bells. When I was in the Netherlands in the 80’s I picked up a milk maid up for her that had a yoke and milk buckets for clappers, putting the clappers on the outside of the bell. Have never seen another one like it in the states.

    Thanx for Sharing Mr. Fenn (and Dal).

  29. Forrest and Dal nice post guys,

    Thanks for Stirring the child in me today before I begin my day of grown up things. It would be neat to find out what train this came off of. We would need the locomotive number. For example Locomotives generally have four numbers to identify them. For example, Four sevens seems to be the a lucky id. Four sixes and four twos we’re also common. So searchers, and Forrest you are free to call me on my absurdity it’s only a theory.

    Or perhaps consider talk of railroads as talk of trains and training. And understanding train operations require training and intelligence. What kid in me wouldn’t love to be pilot or an engineer.

    Here is one of my favorites Locomotives: only 754 were built and B & O still runs one but since 2014 it is offline for a 1472 +day inspection.

    Trains have such power in their momentum as they roll along the ties. I love taking a ride and I’d always order some food, last time I ate a couple of pie pieces too.


    Leads to

  30. Forrest,

    I seem to remember years back of a old photo of bells in a wall you have in your collection I believe at the McCracken Library. Four or Five bells in a wall you called it ( missing a bell or two). I remember researching to see if I could find out where that was. It took me awhile but I did find the place and now all six bells are in that wall (not originals). You do have a nice collection of items and photos though. Thanks for reminding me, I will have to look back in my research again but their hanging at SGM and looking wonderful. Bur

  31. James I admire your enthusiasm you sound TERRIFICALLY influenced!

    I think you get it. I wonder why ff released this train bell info now? Mounted in the Wood, would I say that the timing for my article “Winter Thoughts” rings true, and after you hear this my thoughts of the Catch 22 connection and Eric Sloan writing, and art may come into sharp focus: I will write a final location solve in the future with this in mind. TT as in TRAIN TRACKS TTTTT

    There must be some kind of way outta here
    Said the joker to the thief
    There’s too much confusion
    I can’t get no relief
    This song was originally written, and performed by Bob Dylan you know him, he was from MN but lived in Greenwich Village?

    James, does any one else think Tom Terrific is ENTHUSIASTIC and perhaps right TOO!

    Tom T

    • Tom your terrific!

      Consider, winter thoughts are over now we call it spring in April. Also every train has tracks (TT) but no train leaves tracks (T)…Unless maybe your tracking a train why? It can be fun.

      Hidey place is obviously obscure like the ringing of division a bell, it could mean music or could mean turmoil.

      Hidey spot maybe needs to be defined as literally or figuritively?
      Maybe many would like to help our country as Forrest has done by getting us to problem solve. We can use the treasure and knowledge in their own chests, to help others in our country. or can be stated as in our hearts. But how to disregard strategy and focus on tactical maneuvers can only be revealed by the one(s) with the private key. Is it a Rosetta Stone? or a key to a gate? Key to a riddle? Key to understanding? Who can know. Maybe it can be known like a autobiography but not it’s authenticity. A real catch 22 to eat up. There never seems to be time to do this and that, since a musician can only play one song. But a drummer though can play many heartfelt beats at once these beats are known as a polyrythms and have different time signatures.

  32. as I have gone alone in there and with my treasures bold I can keep my secrets where – and hint of riches new and old

  33. Hey Forrest,
    How much for that nice piece of firewood?
    Still a lil cold in Florida!

  34. What a wonderful thing to have in your yard. The history of the post is amazing and the train bell is beautiful. I like bells too. The sound of church bells ringing out the hours has always struck a chord in me. But mostly bells remind me of my grandmother, she had a lovely collection of hand bells. When I was little I loved to play with them. My favorite one had a beautiful amethyst mounted to the end of the handle. I miss her very much. Thanks for the scrapbook Forrest, always a joy to hear from you.

  35. rings on a tree tells how old it is.the tree of life.fungi,bacteria ,the crust of the ground,it tells about our life.likeness.non likeness,traits,the forest,mountains,rocks,all alive.the forest does many different things to help the human and vise veraif not for all this ,we’d all fall down.the root,stem,dna.nature is fascinating.the bells ring for you and I.

  36. Thank you Forrest for the memories and Dal for the great site! It sure sounds like someone may be getting close, but isn’t that true every year? Will one of us reach the end and ring the bell this season?! 3,2,1 ding ding ding. Who knows, but I’m ready for the next round to begin! I’m looking forward to the snow melting and seeing and smelling the great outdoors and getting away from all the noise of the city. I’m especially looking forward to seeing all the wildflowers especially lavender. Maybe that is because my daughters painted their rooms that way. I’m not sold on the finder having to be a she, but that doesn’t mean a she won’t be pleased. 😉 I have a lot of them in my family! Blessings to all in the chase!

  37. dear,mr. forrest ,I want to canvas you ,face to face,eye you,have some duck soup,turkey pie,its possible you know,simplex.your like half day and half night.its right under my nose you know. so grin and bear it ,i command you major.

  38. I’m not sure about hearing a train BELL from 9 miles away, but from that distance you CAN hear the whistle blow. Just learned that yesterday, quite by coincidence. Or would that be synchronicity? Thats what Freud (not Ferd or Fred) called “luck”. Bueno suerte is something else altogether.

    • Good question Jdiggins,
      I thought JP was going to say something about it.
      Take a good look at the halo & the shadows.

    • Hi, Jdiggins, Which picture do you think has the floating post? The one holding up the bell in his backyard or the one with the post in the kiva?

      • Hi Miss Cynthia! 🙂
        The first post with the bell is as obvious as the floating hat. The kiva post not so much. So what’s the point?
        Float? Bell?
        I’m no plumber but…
        Things that make you go hmmmm….

        • The picture of the post with the bell on top it which is just off the east side of his patio is real…no floating bell or floating post. I looked in my pictures of his backyard, and there it was.

          • Dear conspiracy theorists-
            I too have photos of that post and bell that I took while visiting Forrest.

            I am also the person that posted this scrapbook and received the photos from Forrest.

            No hankie-pankie with the photo but the post was darkened and its contrast increased because it was bleached out white in Forrest’s original photo. The shadow of the post is directly behind the post. You can see the shadow of the yoke of the bell sticking out from each side of the post on the grass. Objects were neither subtracted nor added to this original Fenn photo…

          • That’s all well and good, Dal, but it doesn’t explain the four sasquatch playing poker in the bushes!

  39. I don’t know about dichotomy, but certainly irony that a bell should be mounted on a post carved with stone tools by the same people who smashed the last bell they encountered.

  40. Would be nice to hear the bell. Any chance Mr. Fenn could attach a wave file to this scrapbook?

  41. Bicentennial of what? The country or the book? If it for the bicentennial of the book then there is still time. FF could finish Eric’s work after his death.

    • The book was published in 1966, 10 years before the US Bicentennial (1976). Maybe ES wanted to rejig his book before then to encourage people to celebrate using bells instead of fireworks.

  42. I think Mr Fenn is trying to hint at rings. Ring the bell, the rings in the end of the pole, the Kiva is a ring.

  43. As a matter of interest – how would knowing the number of rings in the tree (dendrochronology) tell us the year the tree was harvested? Wouldn’t it only tell us how old the tree was at the time it was cut down?

    • There is a database of annual weather going back a thousand years or so.

      Depending on the weather and nutrient conditions, the relative size of each annual ring is known.

      The dendro dating method looks for size variations in the rings from year to year across multiple years to match the tree’s growth response to a specific date range.

  44. Some random ideas about the bells in Dancing With The Millenium:

    I like the idea of the bells being a sort of Rosetta Stone, where the messages on them help you translate something else. If you can find a way to make that work, I’d be interested in hearing about it.

    In literature, The Bell Jar, by Sylvia Plath, describes depression as being in a bell jar, struggling for breath. Forrest’s chapter speaks of the ever encroaching and suffocating future of the land covered in houses and asphalt, and “what will people do for fresh air fun?” Maybe there’s something in that.

    I see the other bells and jars in photos of Forrest’s office desk, but the one saying “Ring the bell loudly – for he who dies with over fifty dollers is a failure” appears to be missing. Maybe you’ll find that out on the trail and need to do something with it.

    Not sure I got much else. It’s a very mysterious chapter and it seems like we should do something with it. All I really have to offer is my own confusion.

    • Unrelated, I also saw this quote today:

      “Most of American life is driving somewhere and then driving back wondering why the h-ll you went.” – John Updike, Rabbit at Rest

      I thought that was great 🙂

    • Jeremy, you wrote “Forrest’s chapter speaks of the ever encroaching and suffocating future of the land covered in houses and asphalt, and “what will people do for fresh air fun?” Maybe there’s something in that.” Do you mean, is there a hint in that? Yes, IMO, there is. He says ‘New Mexico’. Next page 136, ff wrote “…I’ve never been willing to stand idly by and be part of a forgotten history when I may be able to impact future events. MY PART WILL BE VERY SMALL IN THE BIG PICTURE BUT HUGE TO ME. That line sounds familiar…I believe he has alluded to it several times since the book was published. Next page 137…he wrote “…and that’s where I’m most comfortable.” Not long ago, he answered the school kids what does warm mean to you? His answer “being comfortable.” Or none of this has anything to do with the location of his treasure chest…just his bells and jars that he buried. But this is one of many reasons I like NM as being THE state where he hid his trove.

      • Imagining you and Mr. Fenn as poker players wearing sunglasses at the table. Who will stare whom down? 🙂

      • Great quote:

        “Everyone has to do what he can do according to how it can truly be done,” he said… “If you make a disturbance here, we will be hunted out of these mountains. It is only by doing nothing here that we are able to live in these mountains. It is the principle of the fox.”

        “Yes,” said Anselmo bitterly. “It is the principle of the fox when we need the wolf.”

      • Haha! Yeah, when I read the “Fine Literature” chapter in TOTC, I was completely opposite with Forrest’s opinion. I’ve always loved both “The Great Gatsby” and “From Whom the Bell Tolls”/”A Farewell to Arms” but absolutely HATED “Catcher in the Rye”. However the last time I read “Catcher in the Rye” was when I was in high school, where I was surrounded by a great surplus of whiny, rebellious young adults, which I believe explains my distaste for the novel back then.

        Anyway, even though Forrest came off as curmudgeonly in that chapter of his book (IMO; Throw away books you don’t like in the trash?! Come on, that’s a bit extreme!), he naturally won me over with the remainder of his book, TOTC. I have actually recently purchased a fresh copy of “Catcher in the Rye” myself because of Forrest and intend to read it and give it a 2nd chance while I’m waiting for the snows to melt this year.

        And I hope Forrest considers doing the same thing by giving “Gatsby” and “Farewell” a 2nd chance. It seems like the themes of both novels align very well with his own life. In “Gatsby” we see a man who amasses a great fortune and enjoys sharing the wealth with a multitude of fun-loving people (and I know Jay had ulterior motives on the side, but still), and in “Farewell” we see the narrative of a man who also learns very much the futility of war in general and ultimately rejects the notion. I mean, come on, can you see the parallels in these novels to Forrest’s own shared life experiences? I think that these are both very great works of literature and it really made me sad to read about Forrest dismissing them both and throwing them in the trashcan. But like I said, the rest of the book made me feel a lot better, so I’m glad Forrest stuck that chapter towards the front of his book.

        Anyway, like I said, I’m going to give “Catcher” another chance myself, and maybe I’ll like it now that I’m reading it again at a more mature age!

        • These are all great books, so I’m glad you’re giving them a chance Blex 🙂

        • I’ve read “Catcher in the Rye” for the first time about two years ago, and yet to read the other books that were suggested, but do own them. Somehow, I’m finding it difficult to compare this story to Mr. Fenn’s life, although I could be wrong.

          • I imagine it’s not so much how we compare things to his life as how he does. After all, it’s not how you are, it’s who they think you are.

          • Very true, Jeremy. In fact, I can understand Forrest’s grudges from his point of view. Grudges are ugly, and even though some of them are seemingly insurmountable, when you are able to completely eliminate one, it is SUCH a good feeling. Hopefully I’m making a bit of sense this evening! 🙂

  45. to me the pit in the ground is a very good clue – that to me is what ive said all a long – that is stanza one the hole in the wall is where you could say he hid the chest and that to me could be the omega – the two other pictures to me is to through you off from you noticing the pit cause that is the real clue he is really talking about – but this is only my opinion – frank

    • i agree frank much like scrapbook 171 the big pitcher here is archaeology opionion mine

  46. Forrest, why is it that we are always having to take the trash out? Ha ha lol.

  47. One of the earliest uses of Dendro Chronology was at Coronado Monument near Bernalillo NM as that Kiva’s exact date of construction was chronicaled by the Conquistador Coronado . If memory serves me about 1590 . Tree ring growth is like a finger print of Regional wet and dry years wider or narrow etc; therefore comparasons of those rings is how the San Lazaro Kiva support age and date was established. No guess work,.

    Tom T

  48. Portal defined as a door, gate or entrance, especially one of imposing appearance, as to a palace. The bell is in his back yard…..Not a place that would warrant the term portal.

    • Bigbluecow. I thought the same. Rather peculiar is the word. One would have to understand the Indigenous peoples wisdom, knowledge and Shamanism.

    • Bigbluecow, Port-al in Santa Fe, NM will use the Spanish definition here it means hallway, vestibule, por·ti·co, front door or entrance a grandiose and often lavish entrance.


    • I thought that was an odd word choice also, Bigbluecow.


      It makes me think of a doorway or entrance for traveling through space and time…like a Stargate.

      And maybe someone has already mentioned this in the comments above…but Forrest’s large bell is affixed IN a piece of wood…and in a very special piece of wood at that.

      I find that interesting.

  49. Had a strange dream early this morning. Maybe more a waking thought than a dream. I heard “clang!clang!” Then a minute later I heard “clang! clang!” again. And then I saw INDULGENCE buried in a Land Fill. Land Fills will be archaeological sites one day so in that way it made sense. But the dream made me giggle. 🙂

  50. I think that the bell, mounted on a post, may symbolize “post time”, when
    the bell is rung.

    According to the dictionary I use, “Post time” means “the designated starting time of a horse race”.

    “A horse race” is what this treasure hunt has been called, as far as
    folks (when the snow has melted in the spring) rushing/competing to
    find the TC.

    My theory is that FF expects the hunt to end soon.

    Additionally/alternatively, he may be expecting — and this may be too
    much of a stretch to be realistic or likely — that his life will end soon.
    I wonder how his health is, and wish him nothing but the best of
    health, happiness, and fulfillment.

    I’d also like to meet him, but am not (so far) planning to attend the 2017 Fennboree, due to lack of funds. If the TC is found this spring or summer,
    will there be a 2018 Fennboree?

  51. FYI All. I have read that dendrochronologists must use two different age calibration curves for carbon dating in the northern and southern hemispheres.

  52. Three, four, five. Six, film, seven, eight, nine.
    Nice line up dal! You rock!
    Forrest, I’d love to come for supper. 🙂

  53. So in 15 months, no one has gotten Forrest’s little joke?

    “One ring means come to supper, two means carry the trash out, and three means “Come at once, I need you.” I always do what she rings.”

    Who said, “Mr. Watson — come here — I want to see you.”?

    Get it? 😉

    • Whoops — 3 months, not 15. Forgot this SB was during Forrest’s Fast & Furious Scrapbook posting phase. 😉

      • Thanks Tom T,

        Enjoyed your post!

        Admittedly, I had to look up the definition of “dithyrambs”. (I beg your forgiveness Zaphod)

        ° a passionate or inflated speech, poem, or other writing.

        Always love learning here at the HoD.

        • You are correct, you and Jdiggins, nothin gets past an astute searcher, the only telling of the tape? DR WATSON and Thomas Watson


        • Yes, NIJ — thus the subject matter of this Scrapbook. I brought this up because this is one of Forrest’s M.O.s: alter something slightly and see if anyone is paying attention. For Whom the Bell Tolls, for instance. Or writing Borders and Border’s in the same chapter. Or the altered quote at the end of Scrapbook 46. Or the reversed Tony Bennett lyrics in Scrapbook 90. Or “pillowed down and scented in” (cf Alan Seeger if you’re not up on your American poets). I don’t think searchers pay enough attention to the aberrations.

        • To make this segue particularly apropos, today is the 101st anniversary of Alan Seeger’s death on the 4th of July (killed in action in northern France in WWI).

  54. Fennatical, I am an old guy, 70 and 6 months, not wealthy, but I will tell you about how you can become rich, beyond your wildest dreams, just do this every day: I have sent this to all my children, grandkids and Greats! You would not believe what they score in IQ test.

    Tom T

    • Thanks Tom T,

      I appreciate your wisdom. I’ve been reading your posts, especially as it relates to northern NM. I really enjoyed your story of the Cumbres Toltec solution (I can’t bring myself to say ‘solve’) :-).

      I’m new to northern NM and I find your insight and knowledge of the region remarkable!

      Keep up the passage of knowledge, please!

      Best regards,


        • Jdiggins, I will let you in on a little secret, what was the weather like at the “Borders” Book Store when Forrest bought “For Whom The Bell Tolls”?

          Someone tell me if I have this correct: “There are also subtle clues SPRINKLED in the stories.” How was the weather when he got the JD Salinger’s Book?

          Paraphrase: There are a couple of clues in the book, if someone understood they could help too, and some that live out on the edge.

          “Well you can almost guess how slow the dumb LINE was moving. The only register guy in the place was showing more patience than I felt at that moment, while two BORDERLINE BIDDIES were preoccupied with some kind of breathtaking nonsense at the expense of my time and patience.”…….”it doesn’t matter that teenagers have to stand in line for hours because they have so much time left, but for old guys who are pretty much COVERED UP with lives already, it’s a different story.”

          What type of lines are shown for BORDERS? LITTLE ITTY BITTY..

          As in the grave, Covered Up? How many dead Presidents are in Philly? Who is on the $100, and what were those “Postmarks all about” in the Thrill Book? See page 51 and subtract the circled 141 postmark, why is it of the 19 the only one on an Odd # page? Who was the first POSTMASTER of the US? What lat. is the border line of Texas, New Mexico and Old Mexico? 32 Degrees, what symbol is show at those borders? Little biddy tiny tiny ditties……AKA Biddies. How far to the Border of Colorado from Santa Fe? 90, Olgas ashes, Skippys water depth at his untimely passing? If you shoot a $100 bill for $10 a try why would you hit Hamilton in the Head, because Hamilton is on the $10, so $100 minus 10 is 90 again and Hamilton was shot in the side, and lingered for a few days, but Jack Kennedy was …. and Jackie Kennedy loved Eric’s mural and Robert Redford bought Erics paintings….well does any of this give you a headache?

          PS thanks for the Extra Strength Tylenol tip.

          Tom Terrific

    • Ring it loud, ring it proud, ring a ding ding ding! Thanks Kraft. I needed that.

      A friend of ten years (aka past boyfriend) just said he wants to take my flying in his Bonanza airplane. I don’t like flying, but I’m hearing bells. Tinkerbell perhaps? Maybe ill ask him to take a quick trip somewhere north of Santa Fe! I’m in the mode for shrimp.

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