Scrapbook One Hundred Seventy Five…


APRIL 2017

The Iron Rooster of Santa Fe County

Years ago I got a bargain on two old cast iron chickens. They’re probably 20th century Spanish or from over there someplace. The rooster weighs 70 pounds, and is almost 2’ tall. Here’s a photo of the hen. Both were rusty brown and ugly-dull finished.

Joe Anna Arnett

I really liked those things, but my wife saw them on our kitchen table asked if I was okay, and felt my forehead to see if I had a temperature. That suddenly gave me terrible buyer’s remorse. I looked at the chickens again and out in the garage they went. It really bothers me to make art mistakes like that. And then I thought of my friend Joe Anna Arnett.

No one in the world is better at painting still life florals than she is, and you have to love her as a person. That’s an envious position for anyone to be in.

Joe Anna Arnett painting

Joe Anna Arnett painting

A call to Joe Anna brought her running with her husband, Jim Asher, who also is a world class painter, a watercolorist.

Joe and Jim

Jim Asher painting

Jim Asher painting

Joe Anna took one look at my rooster and groped for the nearest chair. I’m sure she was thinking, “Oh my, what did I do to deserve this?” She had never put paint on an iron rooster before, at least not a tall, heavy, cold, brown one. She was not smiling when I put that thing in the back of her car. At home, Jim put it by a heater to warm it up, probably hoping it would melt.

I didn’t hear from Joe Anna for a month, then one day an email came in. She wanted to bring my chicken home. I just knew she was weary of it, and whatever catastrophes that occurred in her studio would probably be my fault. Maybe it fell over and broke her paint box, or the weight of it collapsed a leg on her Woodbridge table and sent her coffee cup splashing across the floor. I didn’t feel too good.

The iron rooster was covered with a black garbage bag when Jim put it on my table, and stepped back behind the counter. I looked at Joe Anna and she looked at me, neither of us smiling. After a long few seconds, she nodded toward the plastic bag, insinuating that I should pull it off.

Wow, this is what was under the bag. When Joe Anna saw me grinning she started laughing, and we hugged. I love it when I make really great art decisions. f

Google them and look at their paintings.
James Asher Santa Fe
Joe Anna Arnett


177 thoughts on “Scrapbook One Hundred Seventy Five…

  1. Oh, this has me rolling with laughter! Mr. Fenn, that is not the same chicken! 🙂

    I will research their paintings. The ones shown are beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing this scrapbook.

  2. What a fun story! And I must say , Forrest you really do know how to pick em!
    Also, James and Joe Anna’s art work is amazing!

  3. I must say, Jim’s Old Peon is very good. Lots of emotion and very realistic ..


  4. Painted or unpainted, I think the iron chickens are cool and that these were a good acquisition after all, Forrest! Thanks for sharing the information of two very talented artists. I took your recommendation and looked at their online portfolios; very beautiful works! I think I may have seen at least one of James Asher’s works in a museum or gallery before, but I sure can’t remember where at this point.

    Did Joe Anna ever paint the rooster’s mate too? I suppose it would have less brilliant colors if so, but I think it looks nice in its unpainted form too.

    • I think I need a new pair of reading glasses. I thought he was talking about one. Ugh!

    • One the extra “surprise” items that Forrest added into the treasure chest. Have fun lugging THAT back to your car! 😛

  5. Thank you Forrest and Dal,

    The finishes product as a rooster has a beautiful Coxcomb crest. A lot of good information in here Forrest. Thank you!

    Do you think it is a Brown Leghorn chicken or a Brahma?

    • VGBoss,

      Glad to see you posting again. I was wondering if your back in the chase. If so I just wanted to say good luck and I hope you can put some input to how your interpretations are of all that is being posted lately. Bur

  6. If you cover the roosters head, he looks a lot more like the painted hen…the difference the red makes up their reminds me a little of F talking about covering up the hands in his gallery paintings. Anyhow. Im glad no bystanders contracted tetanus…and i love your friends work!

  7. Thank you Forrest. Sometimes you just have to change to overcome obstacles. Those florals really wake me up. Joe Anna and James’ paintings are beautiful. Do you know what location their pic was taken? It makes me smile.

  8. I wish I knew something about art. I think both of their landscapes are incredible. Jim’s paintings have a wow impact when you look at them. They really pop out at you. But Joe Anne’s work feels so mysterious. I love paintings where you can see the brush strokes and it all comes together in a way you don’t expect. Maybe that is why I like Van Gogh. I love when a painting causes your mind to drift.

  9. “Both were rusty brown and ugly-dull finished.” Humm

    Loved the paintings.

  10. Forrest , I know we are not supposed to mess with the poem but this is just for fun.

    If you’ve been wise(owl) and found the blaze(F). = Fowl.

  11. Forrest, Did Peggy let you keep them in the house after they were painted?
    Thanks for sharing the art.

  12. Forrest – I loved the story of your 70 lb. Multi-colored Rooster and hen.

    Would love to see them. They look quite pretty. JDA

  13. Oh Forrest. That was long ago and I had forgotten how intimidated I was to tackle that rooster. Too much color would have been garish. Too little would have been boring. I was so very relieved when you liked it. Thank you for the memory, the kind words and for your cherished friendship. Joe Anna and Jim.

    • Hi Joe Anna Arnett,

      I can just Picture Forrest sitting around his house looking at all the items he has collected through out his years and trying to pick out ones with a nice story behind it. For me it was easy to understand why he did your painting of his cast iron rooster. After looking at your paintings, and your husbands too, there is a way you put a special contrast in all you do and I’m sure Forrest sees that too. I just want to say thanks for wonderful paintings and the heart and soul you put into them, you are truly special. Take care and thanks, Bur

      • I agree Bur, there is a Special Contrast in all of Jo Anna and Jim’s works. If the Rooster and hen had a contrasting black background they would really stand out. I bet anyone would be drawn to that contrast.
        I also agree with your statements about putting your heart and soul into your work. JDA

    • Joe Anna, love the chickens. Have you ever been to Kauai? Land of the wild chickens. 🙂

    • Joe Anna, Was That first photo of you taken in Rockport Mass. I wonder? I used to fish out of Gloucester years ago… how I miss that coast! Your work is amazing along with your husband’s. Watercolors are my favorite. Hope you are doing well!

  14. Forrest,

    You know I’m learning to appreciate art more and more through the eyes of artists you have come in contact with. I see Joe Anna has done a multitude of paintings and yes even “chicken” ones. She might have got the idea of you case iron rooster from this one-
    I see she managed to even keep your rooster with it’s cast iron appearance, which definitely something that was needed.
    Forrest you are sure posting a lot and I for one am not complaining, in fact I enjoy the stories behind your subject matters. Your life is full of surprises for us and who doesn’t enjoy stories whether their from yesterday or yesteryear. Keep on keeping on, thanks. Bur

  15. What is the hidden message this time…”Don’t count your chickens before they hatch?”

  16. I noticed Forrest did not capitalize the color “brown” in this scrapbook when referring to a color……so would home of Brown not be a color? Just a thought… humm

  17. Searchers,

    I found one of the hints. Look above at my last post. I hinted towards it.

    Leghorn. Leghorn is a Brown Leghorn Chicken and also Leghorn is a strawhat. Look what the painting that Jim did. The man is wearing a strawhat.

    Leghorn chickens are also called Italians. Look at Jims other painting. The streets are water. Its Venice Italy.

    Leghorn. Whats it mean? Leg. Know leg, lege.

    Horn. Horn of plenty , abundance, riches. Cornucopia. Fortuna.

    • Dangum! DPT! You got all that out of those pictures? You have a brilliant mind. I guess mine’s not so good! I’d never have come up with what y’all did!

    • And of course:

      LEGHORN :
      CODENAME for radio relay site established 15 January 1967 atop a remote pinnacle in Laos, and operated continuously for the next five years; see HICKORY, BLACK LADY MOUNTAIN, RR; compare LIMA SITE 85.

      • Passenger, very nice work!

        Also Charlie, Legend is especially used for Saints.

        Saints means ” set apart”. As in isolated , alone, hermit. 🙂

  18. Thank you Dal and Mr. Fenn,
    I really like the old guy but the best painting in the bunch is the one of Joe and Jim. Reminds me of a purring kitten cuddling an all star classic.

  19. Thanks Forrest and Dal. I am always so excited when I see a new scrapbook–they are always so interesting and well done.

    When I see a rooster I think of the Apostle Peter. Or, I might think of that cartoon character that said “I say, I say, I say, Boy!” (Forghorn Leghorn). 🙂

    Thanks for sharing these things with us—it’s always so much fun reading them!

    • Sparrow,

      You get it. Wow, I was hoping someone on here would understand and help me or I can help you.

      Lege is short for Legend. A legend is someone like Mr. Comanchero. But especially a Saint.

      Leg is a fork like that of the human anatomy and pant. Tiresome and weak.

      Leg is also a leg in the journey. The way, path, put in.


      • legend = leg end = foot. Legend = Skippy
        Skippy = (skip ‘p”) y = “Y”. Y = ?foot.

  20. Quite the artistic pair, she paints flowers and he paints boats. Very talented!

    I myself have taken a liking to Van Goghs work. I just love the color. I couldn’t resist having a Chinese lady paint me 3 Sunflowers reproduction 1888

    Funny, this morning I saw an image …it was of a little dog chasing its tail… it was so determined to get its tail.

    Rules rules rules

    Forrest Gets Mail From a Middle School Class
    *see also “Me in the middle” chasing chickens TTOTC

    We are looking into places in New Mexico and we are curious if we are in the right direction.

    Go back to the poem and start with the first clue f

    Our final guess is that the treasure may be along road 156 in Wyoming. Thank you for taking time out of your day to help us in our class!

    You cannot solve the problem by starting in the middle of the poem. You should start with the first clue and then solve the other eight in order f

    Does Bighorn Canyon,WY ring any bells in your past?
    Or does Black Canyon,CO ring any bells?

    What do you mean by “ringing bells” f

    Thanks for sharing Myster.y Forrest

    • The way he writes this, sounds to me as if the first clue isn’t in New Mexico. Is he telling these kids it’s futile without the first clue or what?

  21. Besides Joe Anna, (never trust a woman with two first names) is this a tribute to Diggin Gyspsie’s John Wayne? If so Diggin must be the “she” that will find the treasure.

    Diggin pay no attention to the slight sting you feel this afternoon, it’s just an early bird mosquito. The rumors about me and my buddies at the NSA implanting tracking devices in folks is pure nonsense.

    • Hahah goofy I guess will see soon if it’s me it’s someone no dout about that. He has surely put some hot coles under my britches this morning and Cynthia’s the last scrap book I think he is haveing to much fun with us The ole coot on a roll of stirring the pot haha

        • Are you new here it’s all in fun Of course we all like to think there about us It’s the thrill of the chase and why goofy said that is because Forrest wrote a scrapbook about me and mention my rooster john Wayne years ago so the rooster made some heads pop and R.E.M. That story .

        • I think Forrest likes to pay homage to “classic” searchers like Diggin’, and so yes, I think this is a wink at her. It’s a public forum so it doesn’t provide her with privileged information. I think we all know Forrest well enough to say this his ethics preclude helping specific searchers, even those he clearly adores and is pulling for.

          • I think he likes to ruffle all our feathers before we all run out there looking puts a little pep in our cock walk hahaha

          • DG,
            If I was to root for anyone to find the treasure it be you and your little clan…
            Now, that is how you strut your

    • Forrest’s computer is smoking! At the rate he’s posting new Scrapbooks, he’ll hit 200 before the snow melts. What was it he wrote in TFTW — one of the 3 useless things to a pilot: fuel left in the truck? And perhaps already written but unposted Scrapbooks after Indulgence is found. Hmm…

  22. Wise move, Forrest.
    For some, the painting of the rooster improves it’s acceptability. For most it improves it’s intrinsic value! 🙂

  23. The rooster is crowing and I hear it Time to wake up 🙂 cock a doodle dooooo break out the hiking shoes

    • Hi Diggin, I’ve lived with free-range roosters and hens and baby chicks for almost a year. They were usually excellent at keeping time for wakeup at 5 am. Once in a while, their feathers were ruffled during the night – cats and dogs roamed freely. It is also the Chinese year of the rooster! I hope Montana weather is great this year 🙂

  24. One thing for sure Mr. Fenn knows how to keep us entertained. I wish he wouldn’t have said to google them. I had to do that 3 times and two out of three were great hits. Someone should tell someone to slowly ponder the excitement with gusto. Mr. Fenn knew the whifferdill well, it was a lifesaver. If only we all had his natural timing down, lol, like an early morning rooster in a new hen house. What the heck, time to wake up. Looks like its back to the book. Second thought, Im glad he said that, some great stuff on the web.

  25. Love all the scrapbooks Mr Fenn! just when I thought I was heading in the right direction, oh well……guess I need to put on a bigger thinking cap.

  26. Thank you for the wonderful story Forrest! I find myself learning a lot more about art just by following these forums. I remember often trying to keep from dozing off in school but they didn’t know how to keep the topics interesting. You have a gift in storytelling. I’m not sure the chickens will lead me anywhere useful… I’m still stuck back on the horses just trying to stay in the saddle. When did Indians start using saddles? I imagine if it were me riding like they were I’d end up like Donny breaking one of my stirrup straps. What would I do then? It’s fun imagining all the possibilities. Thank you Forrest for lighting the spark for all of us to enjoy! Blessings to all in the chase!

  27. Love them both ways! I’m a chicken lover! Had about 12 laying chickens and one big white and black spotted Rooster named Geronimo! Didn’t ever name the girls-wonder why? Never gave it a moments thought! Now Geronimo was an old guy but very dear to me. He and I had this friendship that only we two shared! He’d ask for hugs and was very loving! To others, oh no! Not so much! Geronimo he didn’t like anyone else and if you got too close he’d run and jump on you and he had these big Spurs on his legs that could rip you up plenty! My daddy decided to close down our wonderful little back yard farm and use that area to build a bee wharehouse, so Geronimo was given to my uncle who let Old Geronimo run in the avocado groves behide his house. Thought that would be a nice way for my old pal to retire and spend his last days in the shade of the trees! Come to find out, when harvest time come around to gather avocados, a Mexican worker done took my buddy and cooked him! I hope the whole family choked on Geronimo’s old leathery muscles!

  28. Great scrap Forrest Fenn!
    We have a box in our garage, with almost a hundred little cast-iron birds. I think they’re Finches? I’m inspired to give them all a bit of color. Thank you!

  29. mr. forrest,i would of left the cast iron chickens the way they were.I think the color of the hen was beautiful,so the rooster probably was too,before he got painted.he is pretty tho .that picture of the sunflowers,I love it,you can see how the onions,etc. looks so real,jumps out at you really good.its tops. that hen really is a beautiful biddie.I’d go way over yonder for that.

    • Prettiest sunflower painting ever! I’m originally from CA. I’m somewhat a tumble weed with unmanageable hair that frizzes, especially since I’ve married and move to TX to be with my husband. His late wife, Judy (past away from cancer) was known as a true yellow rose of Texas…she always looked perfect all-the-time! Her favorite flower was the rose.

      Me, however, tumble weed girl that I am, have also been known for my quick smile and sunshine attitude. Aka Sunshine! I may not be a Texas yellow rose, but give me those beautiful yellow sunflowers any day!

      Truly a beautiful painting!

  30. The hen looks like a chocolate one I got for Easter one year, but it was hollow. 70 lbs of chocolate would have been real good eats.

  31. Mr. Fenn,
    Hopefully you did not paint the bronzed chest…
    Some things are best left as they are.

  32. So what sound does a Spanish rooster make?


    Tomorrows SB will be something that relates to Georgia O’Keefe or Abiquiu. Or to the Quivira Indians.

    Sent from my iPad

    • Mindy, you are a bold one to predict the subject of future scrapbook entries, lol! I’m not going to bet against you, just in case Forrest decides to humor you!

      • Hi George,

        I don’t think he’s hinting at that area, just like he’s not hinting about Okllahoma or Texas when he talked about Quanah Parker. Rather, I think he’s hinting ever closer through a series of strings that connect each Scrapbook to each other and to other writings (such as the vignettes), if that makes any sense. IMO. 🙂

    • Hi Mindy,

      Why would F be hinting at this area? I’ve examined the Abiquiu area but didn’t find sufficient evidence in the poem corresponding to the area. Where would warm waters halt? Ojo Caliente? Where would canyon down be? Are you thinking Chama canyon? Many scrapbook hints also tie into Yellowstone and other parts of Wyoming. I’ve tried and can’t successfully apply any clues to that area. Forrest has talked about Georgia Okeeffe but how does one go about incorporating a Georgia Okeeffe hint into an area in Wyoming? Many have talked about trains including Fenn himself but the only trains I find in that area are Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad. The train connection seems strongest too Colorado.

      -George Thompson-

      • The railway runs from Chama. So sure the RR, Georgia O’Keeffe, Chama Canyon and Ojos Caliente are in Nuevo Mexico. I don’t believe Fenn hints in these scrapbooks but if he does the last 3 in a row are screaming Viva Nuevo Mexico!

  33. Forrest you sure do know a lot of Ann’s, Candy Ann, Throbbing Ann, Karen and Diane, Quana and Cynthia Ann, and now Joe Anna. I hope Peggy isnt getting suspicious.

  34. I recall one of f’s stories about his mamaw watching the Indians chasing the chickens.

    I wonder if were the Indians today?

    The door is certainly being held open for to the possibility. Lol.

  35. As Forrest said, both world-class painters. That’s a mighty fine rooster there!

  36. Forrest, thank you for the interesting SB. I noticed a few “teasers” in it.

    They wouldn’t mean much to anyone who didn’t have a correct solve.
    Instead, they confirm the solve for one of the last clues in the poem.

    Great artwork, by the way. This chase has provided a lot of beauty for
    these tired old eyes . . . which means a lot to me.

    • “Teasers’ ~They wouldn’t mean much to anyone who didn’t have a correct solve.
      Instead, they confirm the solve for one of the last clues in the poem.”

      If true, tighterfocus then you must know all the other clues leading to “one of the last clues” { 7- 8 -? } to recognizes those teasers. Good for you. Will you be sending the site, pics of the find, for us to see it?

  37. I am petrified of chickens! For Easter one year my brother got a cute little white biddy that grew to be a mean ole rooster. Peepsie knew I was afraid of him. Every time I left the house I would have to peek outside, jump off the porch and start running. He caught me just about every time. One time too many….. daddy saw him spur me………winner, winner, chicken dinner. 🙂

  38. A little off topic, but if want to have some fun, ask people that were born and raised in a foreign country what sound a rooster makes. It will bring a smile, without a doubt.

    • Tim,
      I saw that too. Quiquiqui, or something like that. That’s why I think next SB will lead to something about Abiquiu, Quivira, or who knows, maybe even French! Lol! 🙂

  39. There are many superstitions concerning the rooster. My relatives kept roosters and hens in their kitchens mainly because it means Good Luck.

    Then we have the Mass of the Rooster. Shakespeare recorded it in Hamlet, says that the rooster crows all through the night on Christmas Eve and well into Christmas morning to keep the evil spirits from spoiling the holy time.

    At the end, if a rooster crows in the middle of the night, well…

    • Cloudfoot,
      My mom had an army of roosters in her kitchen. I’ve inherited them all, and some are pretty large and….weird. Lol.

      • Mindy,

        Sometimes I fail at what I do. Then I need to remember a kinder moment to make things better. We would incubate little chicks in our dining room when I was young. There must have been 50 or so. I remember my dad use to hard boil eggs and cut them up to feed the little guys. I got to wondering who is feeding who. How differently the sounds are made by the little ones when watching them grow.
        Back to The Poem.

  40. “I really thought I was getting close. I had it figured out. I was certain of the location. I even e-mailed Forrest where I was headed. I drove a couple of miles to this spot and started hiking.

    The last thing I remember was hearing an airplane. It got louder, and as I looked up a frozen chicken came plummeting down and I was knocked to the ground and lost consciousness.

    I awoke in the hospital. They said I had been wandering for several hours. I couldn’t remember anything at all. I have no idea where I was, or where my final destination was to be. The frozen chicken fell from the sky– that’s all I know. I remember nothing more”.

    –Pete Richardson, searcher.

  41. Oh, a giant heavy rooster was called a “Rex Goliath,” and was 47 pounds, according to a Google pic. Lol. That rooster looks like it eats kittens for snacks. Maybe I should invite him over. 🙂

    Also the biggest “rooster fish” ever caught was 70 pounds. I’d never even heard of those.

    But a search for a Spanish cast iron rooster door stop turned up nothing, biut there are French ones that were made in the 20th century that look remarkably similar, which, as Tim said, might be useful. French animals speak a different language than American animals. 🙂

  42. Well there a lot of talk about hints in scrapbooks and I can see a quite a few too. Looking at this one I can see the idea of relating to “John Wayne” and Diggin Gypsy. But what I also see relates to SB 169 where Forrest said-There were “three”winners in the first game and I was “one”of them. So to me there two searchers that are in the same wave length that Forrest is on his poem, and in this SB there is a story about a cast iron rooster and a hen, one painted- rooster and one not- hen. So to me it could mean it’s a male and female team, and the male is the head searcher so most likely a husband and wife ( like the husband & wife painters stated in it). Of course just my thoughts and I believe that there are other connections in this SB and of course in many SB’s before it. Good luck to all. Bur

      • I agree. Two teams in hot pursuit – on the same wave-length as Forrest! WOW this thing could end sooner than one might have thought. JDA

    • I think there are more than two. Although searchers try to keep their postings fairly abstract, several have posted things that make me suspect they’ve had the correct insights.

      There may be others who’ve had the same insights into Fenn’s puzzle, but who’ve not made a peep anywhere on the web or even contacted Forrest with their solve. I think there’s a fairly high probability there are a few of these out there and they’re already preparing to lay BOTG this season.

      I do think it will be retrieved this season. All in my opinion, of course.

    • I’d run three blocks to find out who that team is–even in the rain. Pretty lucky people if you ask me.

    • Hi Bur, the hens I’ve seen this year are dull and brown – very much like the unpainted iron. The roosters are magnificent with red, yellow, green, browns…The roosters have been protective and over protective of the hens. The most interesting view was with the babies chicks. Early on the babies were divided – the males followed the rooster and the females followed the hen. If you desire roosters, you need to paint the iron according to the rooster pattern. In this case well done! The hen could remain brown or just not be a part of the iron display – depends on your desired artistic statement, I guess. I found the roosters more visually appealing and enjoyed their unpredicted ‘escape’ routes when the dog decided he wanted to play with anything that moved. Free range roosters really can jump and fly. The cat captured a few, but the dog captured none – he was just in it for the fun. Flying feathers over my head made me smile as the bird took off. I need to sift through a few thousand pictures to compare the Spanish roosters with the Asian roosters to see if the iron would have been painted differently depending on rooster origin. 🙂 ff: glad you laughed at the rooster – he is one of a kind adorable. I think the hen needs to stay in the dull tones.

      • Crow,

        If you notice in most species the male is the most colorful one and the females are on the dull side. Of course this is not the same for the human species, the females tend to be more vibrant and beautiful in my opinion. But yes I do like the iron color that was still held in the painting of the rooster and also if Forrest left the hen in it natural state. Sounds like you live on a farm Crow. I was introduced to the farm life when I was young but have been away from it for many years now, but I do love taking the granddaughter to fairs and showing her farm animals, and I think she likes them too. Good luck. Bur

  43. Gonna be back in a few weeks , Go to my solve and finish this. Just crowing like the rooster , Hope my wife can come with me. Faith is my strength

    • jonr. Please stay in contact so we don’t wonder what happened to you! Safe travels!

  44. When I was a little boy an uncle had me go to a dog fight with him over at hs friends farm. I felt honored because my older brothers didn’t want Slurbs to hang out with them. They missed out on the invite. The event was scary, but I threw my fears aside and enjoyed myself as much as I could. I had to relax just to catch my breath. The fights were being held outside and a hen must have wanted to get a closer view of the fight. She flew in over this wall of straw and into the fight taking place! She came in and took a hard landing. That hens intention was to fight, but was no match against those dogs. Hens don’t always land too good and she had to be taken out in pieces! Sorry, TMI. Any way, thanks for the memory f. I had that one somehow sneak through the crack in my minds vault. I don’t like going there, but I tend to be drawn back from time to time,

  45. It sounds like a rooster, a proud colorful crowing bragger, has entered the Chase. If it wasn’t for f he’d be just plain and dull. 🙂

      • Last time it was the wild Indian with a big mouth. Maybe f is trying to say he’s your best source of clues. Or maybe he’s trying to tell the Indian to keep his mouth shut. The jury is out on that. It’s all in fun.

      • Surely the talk of roosters, Indians, John Wayne … has got to have something to do with Rooster Cogburn.

  46. The hen, of course, is meant to be dull and drab colored. She is sitting the nest of golden eggs. While rooster was out strutting his stuff she climbed the beanstalk and made friends with the goose.

  47. We have a cast iron skunk for my wife’s flower garden. I know it’s old, but I don’t know how old it is, or how it came to be in our family. It was handed down to us from my father-in-law’s father’s sister’s branch of the family. Never seen another one like it.

  48. swwot,

    Here’s a photo of a vintage cast iron skunk. A ‘John Wright’ piece; only 3 inches tall and not very long. I believe that it sold for around $100.00 at auction.

    Your wife’s flower garden has some personality!


    • My wife’s skunk is 12 to 15 inches long, and 8 to 10 inches tall – weighs a good 15 to 20 pounds. It’s in storage, as we’re between houses right now, so I cannot post a pic.

  49. Maybe that rooster is a “borderline biddy”….I wouldn’t want to point a finger but that high octave crowing and fancy giddyup makes me wonder a little about his polarity.

  50. The “new” rooster has a pleasing “rained on” effect, a “meld” of washed colors. Too much color would’ve made it look too “new” and gaudy, I agree with Joe Anna. She did a great job “melding” the colors beautifully. 🙂

  51. So Iron Rooster seems to be a restaurant or chain specializing in southern cooking, a Foo Fighters song, and a Chinese steam engine (see Paul Theroux’s Riding the Iron Rooster). That’s it, I’m tapped out.

  52. I really thought I knew what these chickens meant… but after looking into all angles that I can currently see, I’m just as lost as ever.

    • When in doubt go back to the poem. That big rusty chunk of iron reminds me of Rooster Cogburn though. The painted one must be Kathryn Hepburn I’m guessing. Best to just watch the movie. Remember the raft scene? John Wayne is one of f’s favorite actors IMO.

    • I know a lot of searchers look for hints in the scrapbooks but I’m not one of them.

  53. I agree they are very talented artists. I hoped to be the ‘Cock of the walk’ in this chase, but instead I feel like a ‘Clam in a henhouse’.


  54. I would hardly describe that piece of art as an ugly little chicken. It’s galorious!

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