Scrapbook One Hundred Seventy Six…


APRIL 2017


The White Fox

Every store needs a client like Dr. Gene Scott. He was fun, decisive, and he had money. His long chalk-white hair didn’t abide by anyone’s decorum, certainly not his own.

He always came into my gallery with a male assistant who carried a large humidor. While he was in coat and tie, Gene wore a relaxed collar and a thread-bare cashmere sweater. Everything he was or did made you like him. He was especially fond of my wife and she always came running when his call for her boomed through the gallery.

Gene collected art, and when he bought a painting the humidor lid came off, and a top thin tray of cigars was set aside. All that remained was two layers of paper money so tightly packed in that you couldn’t tell what it was.

At our first meeting, he left me with 350 one hundred dollar bills. As they were counted out on our front desk, I felt a little uncomfortable. I had not seen anything like that before. A check doesn’t look like much money, but 350 big bills spread out was a different view for me.

Gene was a preacher with a long list of important religious achievements. I often watched him on his Sunday morning television program. His chair was on the front edge of a huge stage and he sat there each Sunday wearing a different hat. It was almost like he wore them chronologically by type. His stage was bare, but for his chair, a small table that held a pitcher of water and a glass. That’s all.

The preacher almost looked swallowed up. But he spoke with a melodic voice that was mesmerizing as the golden bible verses rolled through his lips and were distributed to his audience of thousands. They sat rapt as he talked about human frailties, apostles, scriptures, prophets, and sin. I wondered if his viewers were paying him by the word.

During the commercials, which were rare, Pastor Scott was at his best. Quite often he would say something like, “Okay my friends, I need a new car. Please send money to our church,” as an address flashed on the screen. They responded in droves, and Gene probably had a lot of automobiles. 

Everything they gave him was legal and tax free, to both him and them, but not me. When I walked into my bank carrying a big sack of money, other customers stared and the tellers smiled.

When I sold my gallery, in 1988, I lost track of
Gene. He died seventeen years later. But the memory of that indelible man has not faded. It has been easy for me to hold his image. f


165 thoughts on “Scrapbook One Hundred Seventy Six…

  1. God was all around Mr. Fenn. He was in the sky filled with puffy clouds as he flew his plane on missions of service to others. He was at the tops of the mountains that drew him to wander. He was in the sparkling of the light on the trout streams and the lakes. He was in the songs of the birds and the breath of the horses that he rode off into the wilderness. Yes God has blessed this white haired gentleman with white and grey and black and blonde and brown haired friends and with grandchildren whose hair float in the air a remind him of days gone by.
    I thank my white haired Mr. Fenn for sending so many on a hunt for treasure but allowed them the joy and worship of God’s creation and blessing of His earth in all its splendor. Thank you Mr. Fenn for your stories that inspire my students to read and write.
    Thank you Mr.
    Fenn for your kindness to so many strangers and your generosity to children.

    Karen Ruth Teacher from Detroit.

    • Karen Ruth, well said my friend.

      Forrest Fenn, your mark on the world and many of its souls is indelible. Forever in gratitude.

    • I guess the point of this Scrapbook is don’t ask where the money comes from.

      I had an old girlfriend her mom watched him. That guy was seriously creepy a total con man. He was smart rather than robbing people he just asked for their money, obviously he was very smart. But opinions can differ on any man depending on who the man shares his money with.

    • Jake, I completely agree with you there! I find men who are supposed to represent God and his word better tread on holy ground!
      Deceving the masses has been so incredibly easy concerning religion! All the wars and horrific behavior all in the name of religion through out the centuries is discussing!
      If people would only read the Bible with a sovereign mind without listening to a man who’s only interested in money, RUN!
      Understand according to scripture God makes it very clear on those men who misinterpreting his word what’s in store for them on judgement day!
      Talk about Serious!!
      I know personally studying the Bible one has got to dig deep and what a mysterious, marvelous book ever written!
      Hope. All is well Jake, Martha

      • Most is well Martha.
        If there is a god, all will get what they deserve in the end.

  2. Thanks Forrest,

    I like that last image you shared with us of him as well. The red on top of the helmet like the coxcomb crest of the rooster and his grinning and big eyes.

    I am sure that big bag of money really stood out.

  3. Wow, Forrest — that was a flashback for me. We used to watch crazy Gene on late-night TV in college back in the early 80s.

  4. Thought provoking though I don’t follow TV evangelists.

    All these SBs. What are we to make of it? Forrest, are you ok?

  5. Thanks so much for sharing that Forrest, Thanks to Dal also. I used to watch Gene Scott on TV. I remember the board he used to write on with felt pens—-and the board would get so filled with information that you couldn’t make out what was what any more. He was actually quite intelligent, and new Greek and Hebrew.

    He used to do the funniest things. He’d say “OK, listen. I’m not going to teach any more until I get some money in here from Texas. You’d better start calling in Texas or I’m not teaching any more”. And he would sit back and light up a cigar. And what’s so funny is that Texas would start calling in. 🙂

    He died and his very young and pretty wife now carries on his legacy–with a much smaller audience of course. Thanks for those memories. What a funny guy.

  6. I remember this guy! He was always on this one particular channel of UHF.. I can’t remember which one, whenever you went to that channel no matter what time he was on and live!

    • Eric: we watched him on UHF in western NY, and like you said it seemed like he was always on in the wee hours — so much so that that 800-338-3030 number is still stuck in my head after all these years.

  7. Forrest, another fun story. someone about to walk out of your bank with a big sack of money (around $100k) which is tax free to them, but isn’t for you? Very interesting…keep ’em coming.

    • Cynthia,

      Hmmm… I thought Forrest couldn’t remember if he left the I.O.U in the chest or not. So just maybe your right. He is cranking these SB’s out like crazy because he wants it found, and sooner might be better the later. I’m enjoying this and surely many others are too. This is going to be a fun season for all. Good luck, Bur

  8. Love the story! I’m not used to seeing so much so often. Thank you Forrest and Dal! The 7 year comment really stood out to me. The chase is in its 7th year. We all better get our best treasure maps ready… this might be the year someone actually does it. I know my wife for one will be happy no matter who does it since that means I will have so much more time for that honey do list! 🙂

    Blessings to all!

  9. I did not like him at all. His show made me think that he was another egomaniac preacher. A type that was all too common among tv preachers back then. IMO
    Good thing that he would pay through the nose for art. At least f got something good from him.

    • Michael—

      I think what made him kind of endearing despite his being a charlatan was that he didn’t make pretenses. He wouldn’t say the money that was being sent in was going to be used for an orphanage—no—he’d paste his phone number on the screen which showed himself and his young model girlfriends riding thourough bred horses.

      I understand what you are saying—but at the same time I think the guy was hilarious. He was quite entertaining. 🙂

        • Afana—–

          If you were “searching for the truth” you would see through Gene Scott right away. As I said, he made no pretenses. Some TV evangelists ask for money saying it’s going to an orphanage, or to help some poor people, then they pocket the funds. As Forrest pointed out Dr. Scott would say “Send some money, I need a new car”. It’s pretty hard to get “scammed” when someone is telling you what they are going to do with the money you send them.

          Who knows why the people sent in the money? I do think he was hilarious and very entertaining. I never turned on Gene Scott because I was “searching for the truth”. I turned on the program for laughs–I honestly admit that. It was fairly easy to see through the guy right away. 🙂

    • A long with that “long list of religious achievements”….Gene likely accomplished attaining a whole lot in ‘material achievements’, as well. Don’t think, however, that the Lord was very impressed or interested.

      Rest assured that Gene quite likely got his just rewards.

  10. holy cow,a preacher,sure duped the people of his congregation.I need a car and they gave him money .never heard of the guy,sounds like he was many different characters,mr. have many different characteristics,but you don’t dupe people.and you wore many different hats in your you and ms. peggy.hope you are enjoying the beginning of life old,one life new,soon a new life forever will begin for you.

  11. I once stuffed 380 one hundred dollar bills in my Doc Marten shoes to get them home from working several months abroad. It wasn’t illegal in Canada back then; it was just the safest way to travel with them. I fanned them out along the long edge so that they were thick in the middle but tapering at the ends.

    The thing is, I stopped in Amsterdam for a day or two and then London for another day or so. My friends in those towns were laughing so hard when I showed them my insoles at the end of each stop.

    The company I worked for payed my taxes in the foreign country on my behalf, so I was really just pretending to be a smuggler and didn’t feel the need to mention my stash to the border officials.

    I was randomly pulled aside for further inspection after the baggage arrived. I actually managed to remain completely calm and pleasant as they ransacked my suitcases and jacket while asking me some distracting questions.

    I don’t know how it all would have gone down if they asked me to take off my shoes. That was exhilarating but will never be repeated, especially since the laws have changed.

    • Ah I misread that! I’m going to let my wife know I may be on this rollercoaster for another 10 years or more! Lol.

      • I keep telling my wife that she gets to keep me for the rest of her life. That includes all of me even the crazy, fun loving, spontaneous, adventurous, treasure hunting side. 😉

      • Makes me wonder if Oscar Wilde was right when he said “Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life”

  12. Thanks Mr Fenn…I see a little Ric Flair and Ashley Schaeffer in that first picture.

  13. Thanks Forrest – It certainly left me smiling!!! 🙂 I can just see him sitting up there on his Dais – King of the world so-to-speak. JDA

  14. What a character! The picture of him in a beret reminds me of a character from my past. His name was Bernie. He was my mom’s friend and every time I saw him he was wearing the same outfit, a pair of sweatpants, sneakers, an old t-shirt and a dark red beret. Though you’d never know it from looking at him, he was actually a very wealthy man. He was probably about sixty at the time. I often look back and wonder what his story was. Should I ever come into money I think I’ll take a page from Bernie’s book and keep things simple, he seemed like a happy fellow.

  15. It could be that with this Scrapbook, Forrest is hinting that he intends to apply the treasure’s value against his Federal gift tax lifetime exemption so that neither he, nor the finder(s), will owe federal taxes on it. He’d have to file a Form 709 (and somehow come up with a value for the chest and its contents), but that figure would be comfortably below the $5.34 million lifetime exemption (gift tax + estate tax).

    For instance, say the chest & contents are valued at $1.3 million. He’d still have $4+ million of his exemption leftover for other gifts (to friends and family) and estate taxes. This would still be quite generous of Forrest since his estate is certainly worth more than $5.34 million, and any amount in excess of the $5.34 million exemption will get taxed at a rate of up to 40%. So he (or his heirs) would effectively be paying taxes on a gift to a stranger or strangers.

    Anyway, I’m not saying this is what Forrest has done or plans to do. I’m just saying it’s a legal possibility that I’m sure he’s aware of based on this Scrapbook. He’s been generous enough leaving such an unprecedented trove out there for someone to find, but he did write that he “thought of everything” so there may be a big unexpected surprise waiting for the finder. Perhaps this is the method by which he’ll know the chest has been found.

    • I would say something more like we start calling ourselves The Congregation Of The Treasured Church Of The Rocky Mountains.

    • Zap,
      I like the way you think and many hope this would be true., but I think Cynthia has hit it and it might depends on if Forrest left that piece of paper in “Indulgence” thanks fo your other post on a comment I made and just to let you know I did think about iron and Iron Will but he has stated he did not have any luck at this time. Good luck Bur

  16. Oh Lord! Deliver Me from My Problems, But Let Me Keep My Pigs!
    I believe real men of God do not consider preaching a business to get wealthy and buy expensive paintings. JMHO.


  17. Dal edited the SB, it originally said:

    “When I sold my gallery, in 1988, I lost track of Gene. He died seven years later. But the memory of that indelible man has not faded. It has been easy for me to hold his image. f”

    Note: SEVEN not SEVENTEEN which would be the correct year. Hehe

      • lol

        I did not mean to imply that someone was up to no good, just pointed out the error because people were using seven 🙂

    • Hmmm that seems like one of those on purpose kinda mistakes. Now I’m not sure what to tell my wife. I suppose I can tell her I’m not as blind as she thinks I am.

  18. Wes Parker batted switch and threw left for the Dodgers. Gene had a way of picking em.

    Fancy name there.

      • Wes Parker was a unique individual. Gene Scott surrounded himself with unique big name individuals.

        I didn’t mean to overestimate anyones creative writing comprehension. My apologies.

        • Dodgers was probably really a stretch as it involved a double entendre. You see Wes played on the real life Baseball team the Dodgers. And was also a player as one of the Pugnacious ones’ Voices of (tax exempt) Faith. This was a play on “Dodging” taxes.

          • He created his own church, legally, on air and showed ppl how. It was called “Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption : you can’t say its NOT a church” ppl sent in thousands , sperm for “seeds” , you name it. The followups got better and better.

          • Pretty sad. I guess common sense isn’t so common anymore. Loopholes should be for embroidery only.

          • Jonesy,

            LOL. I posted this John Oliver “Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption” video and the follow-ups on my FB page back in July after I saw it, it’s brilliant and sad at the same time IMO. What’s so funny is the guy he highlights in that segment was Robert Tilton. In 1989-1992 I worked at Beaver Chevrolet in Carrollton, TX, Tilton’s Word of Faith Ministry was right across the street (I-35 freeway), he was huge at the time, the most full of sh*t best salesman I had ever seen (watch the John Oliver video or a Robert Tilton vid on YouTube as proof of that).

            He would send his “people” over to buy big passenger church vans from the Chevrolet dealership I worked at, but to finalize the deal the salesman would have to give up his tie for Tilton, seriously, apparently Tilton loved nice ties (talk about eccentric), and they had to like the tie otherwise they said the deal would be off? I was the finance manager and always had the coolest ties because I too had a tie fetish so I remember the salesman coming to me a few times and saying “I need your tie, the Tilton people are here to buy some vans and they don’t like my cheap tie, I will give you twice what you paid for it”, and I would sell the salesman my tie and he would give it to the Tilton “people” and they would buy the vans, lol. Not sure what would have happened if his “people” didn’t like my ties. Would they really not take delivery of the vans? We never found out as I always had great ties. Crazy sh*t either way.

            Tilton got in a lawsuit a few years later and actually blamed his crazy antics on the dry cleaning chemicals in the collars of his shirts, that is a true story too lol, he got in some trouble and had to pay back a few bucks I think, maybe not, either way it was no biggie, and his Minsitry rocked on and by the time that John Oliver show was made last year he was obviously back on track and selling God and anointed prayer cloths better than ever. Nobody speaks in tongue better than Robert Tilton.

            Also John Oliver shut down his “Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption” Church because he asked for “seed” money and people kept sending in sperm and they got tired of opening those packages, hard to blame them…

  19. Anybody detect any hints in this scrapbbok?
    All that I can think of is that there might be something to do with 350.
    Also, Gene Scott did teach something about Pyramid prophecy. There some places near Lake Hebgen that have an Egyptian theme.
    That’s all that I have.

    • I don’t see any hints relevant to the chase in this SB. As an aside, despite Mr. Fenn’s claims to the contrary, this Gene Scott sounds completely unlikable. But that’s just me.

      • I think there are undeniably hints in the SB. We just have to look for them carefully. By the way nmc, you sound like if Gene Scott rode by you might throw a rock at him. 🙂

        • We’ll have to agree to disagree on whether there are hints to be had from this SB. As to Scott, no rocks. I’d afraid I might miss and hit the innocent horse.

    • Michael, the only thing I thought was the title The White Fox which is similar to ff’s Q&A on MW March 22 when ff said “They (the rich objects inside the treasure chest) are still in hibernation, but will soon waken as the spring warmth gestures for the Long Tailed Ermine to start turning back into weasels…” I believe the Long Tailed Ermine in winter is white. So maybe the blaze is furry as well as white! Or someone who visited ff had white fur. Actually, since I believe wwwh might be a warm spring, anything where ff uses those words catches my attention. His answer of that Q&A where he wrote “spring warmth” stood out to me at that time. Or as I stated above, someone is about to carry a large bag of money out of ff’s bank. The race is on! Diggin, are you on the road now?

    • Toll free # -> For Whom the Bell Tolls. You know, that bell tolls book. Scrapbook. Whatever…lots of mud in that story. Or was it another story? Maybe I’m getting it mixed up with the borderline biddies/iron hens story. Anyhoo…

      • And I forgot the obvious…cigar ->parejo ->corona. Humidor = treasure chest? Both are lined with wood. I still like the idea of a hat trick. 3 of something or sleight of hand.

        • I very much like your idea of three of something. I had not thought of that – a hat-trick – Good thinking. JDA

    • Maybe there are 350 hundred dollar bills in the lining of the chest “in the wood”.

    • In life, it’s not your big picture.. but the silhouette of action that has meaning.

      It looks to me like around 15 clues… A few describe the TC location. Of course that may be my confirmation bias.

  20. Hi f .

    I loved that guy . My dad and I would watch him every Sunday at 1:00 am .

    I watched his wife more often cause he was not feeling to well in those days.

    But , nevertheless I watched with my dad in awe of the study of ancient languages he and his wife bought.

    Another forgotten memory you have so graciously reminded me of.

    He was a incredible teacher , and knew his information like the back of his hand . Especially the Ethiopic languages . His and his wife knowledge was incredible.

    Thanks again =) For the post Dal , and the story Sir.

  21. Wes Parker batted switch and threw left for the Dodgers. Gene had a way of pickin em.

    Fancy name there.

  22. There’s a lesson here….
    Upon his death, lazy journalists who did not care to find the truth focused on the negatives, calling him the “shock jock” of religion, and basically implied he was a weasel. Well, this “fox” wore white, a symbol of purity. Few journalists mentioned the huge amount of good he had done.

    This is what one journalist says about the media’s “swoop and poop” tactics:

    “A tenured position as a university professor would have been the easy way to live out his life, but Dr. Scott had a burning desire to communicate God’s word even if it meant being hated without a cause or having to endure tedious insults from talking heads in the media who possessed half his brain power.”

    The man held a PhD from Stanford, and taught his lessons in the original Greek and Hebrew of the Bible. He was extremely committed and dedicated to his work. He had thousands of followers. He probably realized that his gimmick was okay as long as it brought people to the word of God.

    He was also a philanthropist, and volunteered for good causes as much as he preached. The article goes on to say:

    “He rescued the historic United Artists Theater on Broadway in downtown Los Angeles — the beautiful Spanish Baroque treasure that Mary Pickford, Charlie Chaplin and Douglas Fairbanks built back in 1919. At its peak in the 1920s, all sorts of Hollywood galas were thrown there. But it had fallen into serious disrepair and was little more than haven for crack addicts and gang members with its graffiti’d walls and urine-soaked alleyways when Dr. Scott undertook the restoration project in 1990. It took a huge effort to bring it back to life, but after holding church services there for over a decade, the building is now home to the trendy Ace Hotel and fully restored to its former Hollywood glory with loads of Grammy and Oscar after parties being held there.”

    So clearly, this hound dressed like a fox for a reason. People were instantly charmed by his magnetic charisma. And although he may have been loud and brash with his words, his actions spoke much louder.

    • Oh, and this journalist ends his article brilliantly, in my opinion. I wish I knew the journalist’s name, but upon first read, I haven’t found it.

      “But never mind all this positive fluff. The news media calls Dr. Gene Scott just another wacky, late-night, TV Evangelist so that you can all mentally file him away in a neatly packaged category without ever having to research the man yourself. So, don’t listen to me. Stop reading all this and get back to your Kardashians and Gaga and the litany of reality show offerings that the media has waiting for you to keep you passively numbed and dumbed and controlled.”

      • Seems that even a self absorbed, silver-tongued little person could have gained untold treasures by choosing instead to not take gross advantage of trusting and humble followers.

        Dr. with his little black ‘bag’…. could have chosen and focused on undertaking some major ‘restoration’ projects on less famous or attractive…. projects/properties ?

        Rest in peace, sir. Some, however, have the same burning question; how are the restorations on you coming a long?

        • I think he did some admirable things, a couple of which Forrest would approve of, like saving books…why bring out such a negative opinion when doing any good is some good?

          Philanthropy and Memberships:

          “Los Angeles Central Library Save the Books telethon
          Vice-Chairman of the Board of the Rose Bowl Aquatics Center and one of its founding directors
          Member, Board of “Rebuild L.A.”
          Member, Philatelic Foundation of New York”

        • Since none of us can know this man’s heart, I choose not to judge his heart. But actions are another matter…his actions allowed him to live large and largely on gifts given in the name of ministry, perhaps the bigger question at hand is:

          “Is it ethically ok to steal candy from kids if you tell the kids you’re stealing their candy?”

          The IRS tax exempt status for pastors, churches, IMO allows ministers of the gospel to live within their means, and greedy ones to live well above their means unchecked.

    • Well Mindy, sometimes bad people do good things; conversely, sometimes good people do bad things.

      I suppose someone’s opinion of the person would depend on which end of the stick they were on.

  23. Sounds like he did a lot of asking and receiving… a roll of the dice, “Baby needs a new pair of shoes!” if you will.

    • He was actually agnostic when enrolled at Stanford…took to religion when he hooked up with Oral Roberts. They fought many battles with the IRS…apparently were upset they would have to pay taxes on their “Bible” campus that didn’t allow mixed race couples. Quite a few battles they fought with Ole Uncle Sam. Left lots of money tied up in offshore accounts. But, dang, the man could ride a horse….and was an AMAZING entertainer to boot…

      Ill vote for the title to the gold on this scrapbook being
      “The Symbol”

  24. Unfortunate I don’t know anything about Dr. Gene Scott, but he seems to have been had a good time.

    I do enjoy watching people in the comments, though. That’s a wonderful show.

  25. I’ve been taking dad to mass these past few weeks since mom fell. The priests try hard, God bless em, but a guy like this down front would keep my attention off the gothic tin ceiling.

  26. Never heard of the guy…….but I’ve never had time to watch much TV.

    It would be interesting listening to these two hustlers make a deal. From the sounds of it Fenn emptied his humidor. I wonder if Fenn left him any cigars.

    • Hi, Jim! Thanks for posting that link! I love Werner Herzog’s films, but never knew that this one existed! Watching the whole thing on YouTube presently! 🙂

      • Finished watching the Werner Herzog documentary. Good stuff! I gotta say, I like all of the singers featured on Gene’s show. It’s that sort of campy, TV evangelist stereotype that we’re all used to at this point, but there’s still something about the singing that I can still find very charming.

        Do you suppose that this song 3:05 minutes into this video link has anything to do with Forrest’s reason for posting this entry?

        Matthew 19:24

  27. I wonder if this is a little how F feels about his chest….

    (From Gods Angry Man interview with Gene) (he prior explains that all he wants to do is be able to go somewhere nobody knows him and throw a rock or something)

    “Gene says that for security reasons, he’s never, ever alone, and the only thing he owns that nobody else has access to is a zippered black bag he carries with him at all times. “I hope somebody thinks $10 million in gold bars is there, for the simple dignity that there is something I don’t have to go naked about,” he says. “Maybe there’s dirty socks [in there]. I hope when I die . . . the government bureaucrats salivate themselves sick getting into this bag. [It] may be my memoirs. My simple dignity of privacy is restricted to that bag. That’s all I got.””

    Now, more importantly, we must ask ourselves…how the heck do you think he fit a 70lb rooster in that bag?

  28. I don’t know about the rest of you, but…

    Sometimes I just don’t think hard enough about the simplest things.

  29. Maybe saying it’s a guy and a woman , wife an hubby? Yesterday’s post and now today both are about couples.

  30. Yep, I’m confident now that no one is changing my course from MY church that is in the great outdoors listening to all of natures subtle signs…Too bad he didn’t preach about raising money to help the elephants that are disgustingly being poached for their tusks….I wonder what kind of art he bought…

  31. Did you know that the White Fox in SB 176 is a marvel hero? You know, like the “marvel gaze” from the poem?

    So is Bessie the cow a marvel hero, although a wierd one. Remember from TTOTC, Bessie, the Fenn family’s Guernsey calf? Guernsey State Park is just off Route I-25 in Colorado I think.

  32. Funny— this scrapbook got me reading the Bible a bit. John 21 is a wonderful chapter. Why 153 fish? And the book of Jonah is only 4 chapters long. But it’s a good read too. This Chase has truly been enriching. I’ve read a little of everything.

  33. I think I see now. Privacy was highly desired by dr. Scott, but he only had his black bag. Perhaps we just need to leave each other alone more. I frequently become a detriment to myself when I forget that.

    As for Dr. Scott, I think we all have tendencies to be living contradictions at times. Maybe he deserves a little slack, but I certainly can understands others’ abhorrence.

    • Especially true when I forget how infantile my knowledge is compared to others on various topics. But how does one learn for sure without trial and error?

      I like these blogs more and more each day, they’re certainly better than most other forms of communication these days.

        • Thanks, Mindy. Sometimes I’m way too literal and logical to understand most of the musings on here.

          But I think I can sympathize with dr. Scott somewhat, as I often feel the need to write a sermon to convey my thoughts, forgetting that for most things in life a succinct, pithy statement is all that’s necessary.

          Perhaps it is long overdue for me to adapt.

  34. “His chair was on the front edge of a huge stage and he sat there each Sunday wearing a different hat. It was almost like he wore them chronologically by type.”

    IMO unlike the “train bell” and wood tower, which was subtle even down to the old brass bucket circa 1880’s, see it at SB 172 the photo of it resting there next to the Petunias in his planter by the bell post? I have one just like it and I know where they came from, but sometimes, it just hits you in the face, for TT there seems to be a message in f’s lines above and guess what the next line says; ? See Winter Thoughts, someone may be close, very close…

    Tom T

  35. Paraphrasing….. ” Forrest was to distant himself from the chase for health reasons – doctors orders”

    Now with that being said, this past week we’re bombarded with scrapbooks…humm ?

    Forrest your health is important to all of us searchers, so, I would suggest to take take an aspirin and call doc in the morning 🙂

    I’m just funning with ya…..take care.. and to all my searching friends, good luck to ya and have a great day…… until next time….see ya

  36. Hay Diggen Gypsy what state do you hale from if you don’t mind me asken? I am from mich think the snow pretty much done here.

  37. Make your mark.

    Doc Gene’s autograph usually included the phrase “Never Quit!”

  38. Anyone else think the phone number/address are important here? I looked into both as best I could, but like usual now I just don’t know what to think, haha.

  39. Thanks Dal, Mr. Fenn and the late Dr. Gene,
    I wonder why they don’t do repeats on Sundays? No matter how you dress a big mouth the numbers never change. This also brings to mind how broad the entertainment industry can be. Read the blogs for entertainment and watch Netflix for the stars. Straight from the twin horses mouth this one is a gem. Also reminds me of Susan in one of her best roles I just can”t remember if her team always won.

  40. Hi Everyone~I’m new to the blog and three weeks into the search. I think I’ve found it…..rookie mistake right? 🙂 Forrest’s post about Gene Scott is peculiar. The man was a total crook. I’m sure that he was very interesting, and no doubt persuasive….but he conned millions of Christians into donating money that was not spent in the church. So what is Forrest telling us here? Is he simply stating that Gene was a nice man (maybe), or is he saying that people are quickly to trust. What law made it okay for Gene Scott to “take money” and Forrest Fenn to pay taxes on an honest business acquistion? Curious.

    I do enjoy this blog Dal. Well done.

    • Courtney — I no longer think it’s impossible for newbie to solve this. Folks that have been at this for years generally have brains overloaded with minutia and contradictions that may inhibit new acrobatic thinking.

      Plus, only recently has Fenn given out more overt key hints that bring one to the starting point. So the playing field is now seemingly more level.

      Just remember, the poem should validate your solve succinctly. There should be little guessing or untenable word correlations. You will have bias confirmation. The Poem is superficially ambiguous, you need to read deeper.

      Good luck,

  41. “But the memory of that indelible man has not faded. It has been easy for me to hold his image. f”

    1.) (of ink or a pen) making marks that cannot be removed.
    synonyms: ineradicable, permanent, lasting, ingrained, persisting, enduring, unfading, unforgettable, haunting, never to be forgotten
    “indelible memories”

    2.) not able to be forgotten or removed.
    “his story made an indelible impression on me”
    synonyms: ineradicable, permanent, lasting, ingrained, persisting, enduring, unfading, unforgettable, haunting, never to be forgotten
    “indelible memories”‘

    Two common themes in much of Forrest’s writings that stand out to me are 1.) the strong desire for Forrest to leave his mark on this world (through his artwork, his books, the Chase, his bronze bells, his family, his relationships, etc.), and 2.) how people should just try to leave each other alone; to live and let live.

    It strikes me that oftentimes these two themes can oftentimes be at odds with one another. In people’s desires to leave their marks on the world, they sometimes overlook how they affect the lives of others.

    Just some random thoughts of mine; I’m not trying to put words in Forrest’s mouth. Honestly, I can’t see anything in this post as a hint to where the chest is hidden; it seems to rather tie into some aspect of the overall theme or philosophy behind the Chase somehow.

    Maybe it’s as simple as Forrest comparing or contrasting himself with Gene Scott? A white-haired giver vs. a white-haired taker?

    • Bleak, I have a comment regarding people leaving their marks and regrettably, it is frankly disgusting as it involves our military who I worked alongside my entire career.

      BR (before retirement), every few years some new dude would come into the command as the new CO, an 06, in this case that would be a Navy Captain. Each and every new CO was compelled to make his mark by doing something special or different in order to get noticed by the Chain-of-Command as they all had aspirations of moving up to Admiral. In this case he was an Airedale (pilot) taking command of a facility normally commanded by someone with subsurface experience.

      Well, this was not any ordinary Navy facility he was commanding (no airplanes here) and serving a vital role as part of the National Defense Triad. So what did the new CO do within a few days of assuming command? He decided it was very important to repaint the inside of the HQ building in blue and white (go Navy) using sailors. Our building was very large and it took weeks to complete the work. So he’s in charge of a very important facility and decides painting walls is a priority. Disgusting! Long story short, within 9 months or so he was relieved of command and forced into retirement. He just didn’t get it.

      Forrest, I am in no way comparing you to this jerk. I just had to relate my experience on a professional level to Blex’s comment about making marks.

      By virtue of the Chase, you have brought us into your classroom and taught us valuable lessons in history, archeology, art & sculpture, and the joys of growing up. You have made a mark, and dare I say, on everyone involved in the Chase.

      I applaud and thank you from the bottom of my heart. “Well done” as they say.

      • Thank you for sharing your experience, Pinotubocharlie. It’s a good example of the point that I was trying to get across. And I’m certainly not saying that the desire to leave one’s mark is inheritly a bad thing; in fact it’s a natural drive in most of us, I would guess. But sure, sometimes in our quest to make a name for ourselves we should take the time to pause and think it through: Am I making the most of my time in this place? Am I leaving this place better than when I left it?

        In the case of Forrest, I believe that he can confidently answer “Yes” and “Yes” to those questions. It’s sad that others must learn these lessons the longer and harder path. Life is just too short. I absolutely agree with Pinatobucharlie’s praise to Forrest and his Chase; it is certainly opening my mind to some valuable lessons.

        • Thanks much Blex. Unfortunately, sometimes folks take themselves way too seriously.

          Forrest has a reason to be proud of his work, his teachings, and his family. I strive to make him proud of me by finding the chest and by all means, my family too. BTOG July 4th! What a great day to find it huh?

          Live long and prosper Forrest.

  42. I will continue looking forward to a dedicated and historical Museum honoring Forrest B. Fenn.


  43. Occam’s razor seems to apply. As usual, I’m not sure why I didn’t think of it sooner.

  44. I don’t know what Mr. Fenn wants us to focus on in this SB, but reading about the Petris Bill, who penned it and the supporting cast is like reading a Hollywood script. Who said, “you can’t make this stuff up.”

  45. The White Fox is a Marvel hero. John Wayne in Rooster Cogburn was a hero. The hint is for the word HERO. Now go back to the poem.

  46. As I reflect back in the aviators eyes a multitude of playful emotions are conjured up, and also some dreadful. Our society has many problems which must be addressed. It all comes from the choices we make along the way. With the rise in heavy drug use and alcoholism effecting our youth today I often wonder which road they traveled to get there. You can almost always tell, the red eyes, pale dry complexion, and the hopeless appearance. When Mr. Fenn said look at the big picture I had to sit back and reflect at just what he meant. There are no shortcuts from beginning to end, the diversions being merely perceptions. Like a surfer riding a big wave you best kick out and grab the next one before it closes out. However, as with our youth, many ride the wave and get eaten up as the last wave of the set closes out. I’ve always wondered just what’s on the other side, that side hidden in faith. The key is in the chest and the chest is unlocked. Once you open the chest the most important item inside is the key. Without it the chests contents remain a secret. Is faith the key or is it hidden in the chest? The key in my mind has perfect pitch and it flows in each and every one of us. A harmonious connection which began before our time and will out last our imaginations but never our spirit. When I see a big elephant in a circus tent am I the only one who wonders who’s watching the little guy? Probably so, but thats what makes me unique. I just love the fact that a simple fly catches just as many fish as one with tinsel, as long as the presentation is presented properly. Perhaps thats why you find so much glitter in a game of leap frog on the back cast. The beauty about life is the only choice we didn’t have was the first one, we can all thank our trio of parents for that one, although to bring a little light into the equation, two of them may question that decision.

  47. Israeli Soldier near eastern wall in Jerusalem: “Hey! You! just what do you think you’re doing!!? What have you got there?”

    Tourist: “Who? Me? Oh…..this is a harpoon.

    Israeli Soldier: “A harpoon? What do you have a harpoon for?”

    Tourist: “I thought I might as well be prepared if I’m going to visit the Whaling wall”.

  48. Dr.Gene seems like an interesting guy.Highly intelligent.On his birthday he would take a bike ride,and ride one mile for every year.I thought that was a really neat idea…Thanks Forrest, and Dal for sharing another interesting scrapbook.Love reading them 🙂

  49. As some have had a little fun with this SB post, we should all remember that Forrest shared, “I often watched him on his Sunday morning television program…” I would imagine that Forrest’s motives for investing this time were much deeper than mere customer research. This man is a Bible scholar and a brilliant communicator (with occasional touches of acting). Forrest describes this acting (and rants) as “…commercials, which were rare.”

    Unfortunately, these “commercials” are most of what one finds on YouTube under Dr. Gene Scott for (2) reasons: #1 Because many are eager to poke fun with video edits at the expense of a dead preacher (even though he is more alive than ever before). #2 Dr. Scott’s messages are the subject of an unfortunate legal battle that has an estimated 40,000 hours of video teachings locked up by court order.

    On this Good Friday and going into Easter Weekend toward Easter Day a very appropriate message is shared by Dr. Gene Scott and found (on my laptop, not my mobile device) at (under the drop-down sermon list) at 11-minutes into his “He Paid the Price For Us,” teaching. I would bet all of my chocolate covered Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs that messages of this type have special meaning to The Flyer, IMO -very special- meaning.

    I sure hope that just a few others will discover what I found by listening to the above 13-minutes of teaching. It is full of “clues.”

    Forrest brought up this whole topic for a reason. What was he thinking??? Friends, do you want to get a clue? Here you are…get a clue!
    Happy Easter

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