Fenn’s Searchers – A Film by Matt Maisano…

Matt’s documentary about those searching for Forrest’s hidden chest will premiere in Albuquerque at the Albuquerque Film & Music Experience, aka the Albuquerque Film Festival, aka ABQFILMX.

This is the day before Fennboree 2017 begins…so you can go see it before you head up to Hyde Park in Santa Fe.


To learn more and get a ticket to see Matt’s film see the contact information on the flyer below or just head to abqfilmx.com


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  1. Thanks Dal! What a big achievement to have your film show at the Albuquerque Film Festival, Matt!! Congratulations on all your hard work and vision.

    • Appreciate it, James! It’s been great fun working on this film and meeting the many awesome searchers I’ve met, like you, Mindy, and Max. Looking forward to catching up out there in June.

  2. Thanks ran-
    There is also a link on the top of every page…right under the big photo…for Fennboree2017…click on it and find out everything any sane person would need to know about the Fennboree that’s coming up in June…
    Those of you looking for secret messages in this comment please look here:
    . .- – .- .-.. .-.. -.– — ..- .-. — .- – — . .- .-..

    • Dal,
      I don’t know if you have any pull with documentary team. I was wondering if there was a way to post the film for viewing only, with a lock out { for lack of a better term } so it can’t be copied, AND charge a normal fee to see it… again with a lock out.. so it can’t be viewed by non paying audience. Just like the Fennboreer’s have to get tickets.

      Just curious.

        • You’ve got a lot more power over those goldfish than you might think, Dal. My aquarium fish have learned that they don’t get fed until they each jump out of the water…through the rings of fire…and land safely back in the water. Some of them have learned a hard lesson…or two. But…they wouldn’t be the fish they are today without that little “encouragement”…I reckon. 🙂

        • I would be happy to do something like this, VOD setup for the film. I want to keep this project in line with Forrest’s original mission of getting people away from tech and outside exploring. I am looking to partner with an “outdoors focused” charity, with a large portion of the proceeds from film sales going to that charity.

          • Hello Matt. There are a couple “outdoor focused” charities in Colorado you might be interested in which the program “Give” did last year. I believe it would go great with falling into one of theme of being within the four “treasure” search states. My memory fails me of the names of the them, and hope someone will help me with this. I recall there is a searcher from this blog who works with one of the charities mentioned.

          • Matt, are you looking for a charity in New Mexico, within the four-state search area, or elsewhere?

          • pdenver, to answer your question I’d be open to either. I’ve already contacted a few in NM, but a multi-state organization would be ideal to be able to cover a larger area.

          • This must be a tough decision, for there are many charities that could benefit from your kindness.

          • I will talk to Forrest about this at some point. And yeah, it’d be great to show the film in Colorado and all four states of the chase. No plans for additional screenings yet, hopefully the film will get accepted to another festival there.

  3. Would have been nice to see searchers who haven’t already been profiled on earlier videos. I’m starting to think there are only 7 people actually involved in this treasure hunt. The rest are bots.

    • ETA: Bot – an autonomous program on a network (especially the Internet) that can interact with computer systems or users, especially one designed to respond or behave like a player in an adventure game.

      Would hate for anyone to think I was calling them a botfly larvae.

    • nmc, I agree that it would be nice to see other searchers in the media . I want to share the limelight but haven’t figured out how to go about it without conspiracy folks hating on me. I’m in constant contact with a lot of media, especially TV production companies out of LA and NYC. I would love to be able to get them (the production companies) in contact with other searchers. I have a few email addresses for about half a dozen searchers who have given me permission to share their contact information with the media folks. Some of us have been doing Skype interviews the past week or two. I participated in a 2-day shoot for a Japanese TV show in early March (thank goodness they were here before all that snow) that supposedly already aired in Japan. How do I get contact information from searchers who are willing to share their solves/search locations with production companies? I’d rather not put my personal email address here on the blog and I imagine most of the folks who comment here feel the same way. Do you or anyone else have an idea? (Other than making Dal the middle man which I’m trying to avoid since he’s already busy posting ff’s scrapbooks-gone-wild!) cynthia

      • “Scapbooks gone wild” – Cynthia you are a solid chuckle buddy. Hope all is well with you and yours.

        • Hi, 23kachinas, will you be able to attend Fennboree this year..it is a weekend later than last time? If not, maybe we can catch up in SF another time. cheers!

          • I don’t have any reason to miss this year since the dates work out in June. See you there.

      • There could be a link on this blog and maybe MW forums, where searchers who want to participate in these documentaries can sign up with relevant contact information. I think the media contact certain searchers because that information is readily available. It’s possible Mr. Fenn himself suggests names of interesting folks to contact? Who knows, but if there are 65K searchers out there, it would be great to see someone other than the “usual suspects”. I have no interest in doing so myself, btw. The last time I appeared on t.v. (news report), the reporter doing the story punched me in the arm.

        • I’ve encouraged the people from the media to attend this year’s Fennboree because then they can look us over, talk to us, and choose. Trish who represents INE Entertainment out of LA plans to attend with her husband. There’s also a woman author who wants to write a book based on a “youngish female searcher”, I think is the way she described it. She also plans to attend. I told her “good luck finding a ‘youngish’ person…ha ha. I know there are a few out there under 50 but many of us have long passed the senior discount age, including me. Thanks for your input…I’ll work with Dal getting a link on hod.

          • A searcher meeting the “young female searcher” criteria may be as elusive as Mr. Fenn’s treasure.

          • Cynthia,

            Looking for young female searcher? Don’t you remember my 13 (now 14yr) old daughter who was with me last year? She never was short on words. Got a great photo of her with Forrest that she hung in her room.

            ~ Wisconsin Mike

        • There are searchers in this film that haven’t been profiled on earlier videos.

          And often times the producers of the film will post a request on one or all of the blogs for searchers interested.

          • James…you and Max in this. Why are you referring to yourself in the third person? Give yourselves a little credit here!

          • Well let me see; aside from you and your young companion, I recognized everyone else. That’s what I mean about previous profiles – most of the folks on this video are known. Let’s see some lesser knowns.

        • I was on “COPS” once. I “played” the handcuffed guy bent over the hood of the car. I didn’t like that gig much though.

      • If anyone wants me to provide your email to Cynthia for media purposes just send me an email asking that I send Cynthia your email and I will…

        • Thanks, Dal, this sounds the easiest way to provide searchers’ contact information to the TV production companies and documentary makers who I have recently received emails from asking about searchers. And Mindy was correct where she commented that often the media folks need people who are in the Santa Fe area, and she is also correct about the searchers needing to meet their (the media’s) time schedule. And seldom is there ever any money exchanged for your time and effort. Sometimes they buy your lunch. I have found that 50% of the time, the project I have dedicated my time, effort, and enthusiasm for never gets made. But that’s ok, too, since I love searching and rambling on and on about Forrest and the chase.

          I do want to emphasize to anyone who is interested in possibily talking to the media, it is not always a requirement that you be in Santa Fe. Usually they start with an email, followed by a Skype interview, and I believe there is interest for searchers in other states. So send Dal your email address and he will forward them to me. If you include your search state, that might be beneficial but not required if you don’t want Dal and me to know where you search. Let’s get some new faces out there!

          • That’s awesome Cynthia (and Dal). I hope folks, especially new searchers, get in touch with you.

          • James and I had so much fun we tried to buy the producer and crew lunch, but they refused and bought us lunch. The only restaurant around was Dairy Queen and that hot fudge sundae was one of the best ever. Wouldn’t have traded it for the world. 🙂

          • I mean, there is one sure-fire way to be in the media, if that’s your thing. You could just find the treasure chest! I guarantee they won’t make you come to them then. 🙂

      • Cynthia is absolutely right by the way, and it’s not the fault of those people who are frequently contacted. To speak as a filmmaker for a moment. When we start on projects like this, all we know is what’s already in the media right? So people like Dal, Cynthia, the legendary Mr. Rice, and others are the most exposed to the media, especially years ago. When I started this film there wasn’t much media out there other than Dal’s videos and a few local news pieces. But in my case, there are several searchers featured in Fenn’s Searchers, but the two searchers that are the “larger focus” of the film were not known in the community when we started filming in 2015. Anyway, it’s a legitimate concern that you bring up, something for people in media to thing about.

    • So I would be correct in what I said. I sounds like you’re stuck with me Max. 🙂

        • And everyone had a chance to be in the film. Matt posted a request on at least one blog like I mentioned above.

          • fun-
            You’re right about others having a chance. We posted his request for folks to get hold of him on this blog.

            The media generally likes enthusiastic searchers…being somewhat peculiar may also be a bonus but not necessary…

            Smart is also a valuable trait…which is why Cynthia gets in so many stories.

          • I believe I cracked Dal’s code…didn’t even need morse code this time. He thinks I’m enthusiastic, somewhat peculiar (?) and smart.

            And you haven’t even seen Max steal the show yet! 🙂

        • The thing with these documentaries and films is that the producers often like to meet up in Santa Fe, because they coordinate their interview with F at the same time they film. They usually have pretty specific travel dates in mind, so if you’re not planning on being out there at the same time, then you probably won’t get a chance. The searchers that live out there are usually the ones who get featured. Sometimes you’ll have a producer like Matt, who meets with searchers in other states, which helps others to get a chance, but their search dates still have to coincide with each other.

  4. Oh by the way I’m gonna try and make fennboree this year hopefully it should be a blast good food good people what more can u ask for!

  5. Hello there everyone it’s jackalobe Hunter here again I Know I dont post very often but I read the blogs every so often! Well I may be interested in being interviewed via Skype possibly I’ve been in the chase nearly 5 and a half years and I’m from N.M I may have a new perspective on the chase and have met several of you searchers including you Cynthia! Also I want to thank you Forest Fenn for doing this so much it has been an amazing adventure for me and got another trip planned coming up! The Forrest and I are one in more than one way lol!!!

  6. I would love to see this film in it’s entirety. Still no firm plans on my part for Fennboree to be at the opening, so what are the distribution plans once it is released? Thanx Dal for keeping us in the loop! And thanx to Matt for this effort to get the word/message out.

    • Hi swwot, glad to know you’re interested in watching the film. You can check our page at Facebook.com/FennsSearchers for updates or email me directly at bigtoemediatv@gmail.com. Right now I’m trying to get the film into as many festivals as I can, and after that period, I’ll be releasing the film to the public.

      I’m hoping to show the film in other parts of the country, maybe in a city near you!

  7. Matt –

    I’m not bothered by who is or isn’t in the film. I am bothered that the craziest person in the film is Dfile. I mean your really just scratching the surface.

    I wold pay good money to watch someone listen to Zap for an hour!


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