Scrapbook One Hundred Seventy Seven…


APRIL 2017

The other side of Eric

I wrote a book about Eric Sloane that most people who read this blog haven’t seen. It’s called Seventeen Dollars a Square Inch. If you think I talk too much about Eric please try to overlook this effort. It’s just that I think about him a lot. He died ten years into our relationship, but they were significant times for me, and I hope they were worthwhile for him. In a perfect world everyone would have their very own Eric. Maybe it would be fun to show parts of Eric that no one knows about anymore:

Eric could be dapper.

Or he could be pensive.

Eric could be serious with a bite.

Sometimes he was playful. He didn’t drink.

Or he could be all business.

Here he is with Jimmy Doolittle and Neal Armstrong.

Showing his talent with a pen and ink.

Modern art was like an itch to Eric.

And he could be overboard generous. One year for Christmas he gave me a copy of his book I Remember America. It had 59 original drawings in it. This is one of them.

No one knows for sure how many books Eric wrote but I have forty-five, most of them with doodles or a personal note to me from him. Once I asked him about his total output of paintings. He didn’t know, but he said “If you placed them side by side they would stretch five miles.”

As what I thought would be a fitting ending to my book about Eric I wrote this poem. I called it a Quadplet:

Mighty oaks from little acorns slowly grow
Then finally fall and wisp to naught,
But those who plant a seed of words
Live on in groves of human thought. f


202 thoughts on “Scrapbook One Hundred Seventy Seven…

    • I lost such a friend his name was Donald Douglas Toombs He Was a Dentist he had A STRAIN OF CANCER That took him out of life about 8 years before my stroke but i still remember him he was a friend you cant forget he sent the boys home from vietnam that killed him he always remembered the ones no one knew their names we were so different in so many ways.but some people you just have to love thank you for making me think of him again.some people are worth remembering my friends. take care of yourselves.he would tell stories of sneeking off base to go to a indian village and work on thier teeth thay named him father of coytee for his playfull attitude and his free help and kindness. sorry for the bad spelling and writing

  1. I’m a doodler myself, and I can say that Eric left some very fine doodles in his wake! As always, thank you for what you share with us, Forrest! You keep your friends alive in us.

      • Well spotted, Jonsey – talk about getting your ducks (drakes?) in a row! And there was me thinking it had been reversed, and completely missed the bigger picture!!!

      • Hmmm.. Scopolamine, drakes. Scopalamine is an ancient hallucinogen… it also causes eye problems. It makes your eyes tired.

        This drug also known as Datura resides in Angel’s Trumpet or Brugmansia trees. Many modern drugs are derived from it.

        Jonesy… where is the map?


  2. Very enjoyable. I have really learned to appreciate the work of Eric. It’s not hard to tell that he was a very special friend to you.
    I admire that.

  3. My father use to have a rule about making good decisions, it went something like this: Son, when you have an important decision to make or a big problem to resolve, seek out two of your brightest friends, you know the kind who always have success and good results in their life, tell them your dilemma and ask for their advice, and if both of them give you the same advice, take it.

    I guess f that Eric Sloane was one of those kind of friends.

    Tom T

  4. I neglected to say that Eric was the first weatherman on TV and that Amelia Earhart bought one of his cloud paintings. He also wrote a book about camouflage for the Army. He always wore a bow tie that he made himself. I could go on but I’m afraid of Goofy.

    • WOW! Amelia Earhart was another of my grandfather’s all-time heroes. Forrest, I hope I can live long enough for you to write my memorial as well. You are as great as all of the great people you knew combined together in your memory. As always, thank you for celebrating life though all of them, and all of us.

    • Sound like he was a cherished friend Forrest….

      I love you poem at the end. Thank you for sharing your memories with us. Take care…until next time…. see ya 🙂

    • f, are you embellishing of just Shining us on? Speaking of Shining, Eric looks a little Jack Nicholish…

      Tom T

    • Feel free Fenn……..Talk all you like.

      I get such a bum rap……..I’m really a very sensitive fellow.

    • Dang, I just ordered four of Eric’s books on Amazon this morning. See what you did, Forrest? 😉

    • Sometimes Eric may have been pensive, none the less some times he was always a spirited thoroughbred. His one time being late was due to a more important appointment.

    • I see what you mean about Mr. Sloane being multi-talented. Paintings, sketches, writing a book about camouflage for the Army, and the first weatherman on TV. That’s pretty amazing.

  5. I wish I had been able to converse with Mr. Eric Sloan in person. I’d have enjoyed that I’m sure.

  6. It’s nice to think about someone a lot even if you don’t see them anymore. Happy you had 10 years of memories with Eric, that’s better than 10 days IMO. Nice pictures.

  7. Ok you made me google the first weatherman. Fascinating history. Thank you for sharing.

  8. So what does a toilet, an I-beam, a plunger, and a bottle of booze/wine have in common and more importantly, what do they have to do with the Chase? I do not have a clue. Anybody out there in artland who can translate for us “clueless” folks?

    Nevertheless, very thought provoking. Thank you Forrest.

  9. It isn’t difficult to notice that you and Eric seem to personify America in so many ways. I had to chime in after I discovered on Wikipedia that he actually chose the name Eric himself from the middle letters in the word America.
    Love his clouds, landscapes, tools, wood and all the variety of shapes in his sketches.
    Reading some of his words from parts of his book “The Cracker Barrel” I get the sense he’s a real thinker, too, and that he has fun with it. Fine chap indeed!

  10. Forrest, you may want to correct your “mistake” in the spelling of Neil Armstrong’s first name! Also, did you mean to have the “Lunchtime” drawing reversed? If you need to reverse it, I think there’s an application that allows you to do that; it’s made by a big company called… what is the name – it’s on the tip of my tongue?!

      • Some people are irritatingly ambidextrous, Spallies! Yes, I wondered that, too, but thought I’d check to see if something had happened to it in between the napkin and Dal’s computer – you never know, hackers are everywhere these days. 😉

        • Someone’s been hacking my brain – should have used “mirror writing” rather than “ambidextrous.” If it was written backwards, makes a nice mirror hint.

        • I don’t think the autograph is the interesting part (Da Vinci wrote that way and all artists at least try it). More interesting is the caption, “Mandrake Fenn”. It’s a great caricature of Mr. Fenn. Looks just like him. Except that I don’t think Mr. Fenn looked like that in 1980. The caption could have been added later?

    • Is the napkin reversed or does Eric sign signature in reverse? Look at things both ways!

      Love Eric’s creatability!

      • Really enjoyed this scrapbook. I like the way Eric often signed his name “backwards.” Looking at this drawing in the mirror, I think I can almost make out the word “Peggy” or “Pegg” along Forrest’s neck and back of head.

        Forrest, I would have to think your collection of Eric’s napkin/ paper place mat doodles is one of your most prized possessions.

  11. Only once in our life, does an “Eric” come along. I’m so grateful he was in your life, F.
    My “Eric” passed away in 1990… my father. He was everything and then some, to me.
    Thank you for sharing your memories and poem with us. I love oak trees.
    Toe the line, F, we still need you on this plane.

  12. “…he could be pensive.” Pen-sive indeed. What a gift to put pen to paper expressing witticisms through clever doodles. After reDing $17 A Square Inch I could almost hear Forrest and Eric chuckle as they shared double entendre jokes. Each evening as Santa Fe church bells knoll Forrest must recall fond memories of his treasured friend.

  13. I am the speechless one now.

    I love my copy of “Seventeen Dollars…”

    I think my Eric would’ve maybe been Eric. 🙂

    • “The Lady Peace” was one of my favorite paintings of planes, and I don’t really like paintings of planes. It’s history struck me though, and it’s a hard painting to forget because of it.

  14. When I started woodworking Eric and Roy Underhill were two big influences. I just thought he was just a guy who wrote books about hand tools. Beth liked his depictions of rural, agricultural America. I suppose there are people out there who think he’s just about weather or antiques. I didn’t look much at his paintings until f started talking about them.

  15. I want to be Forrest Fenn when I grow up. Failing that, I would like to be Eric Sloane! Under no circumstances will I settle for being myself. 🙂

    • Although they’re both very interesting characters, Jeremy, and have achieved way more than I could ever hope to, I’m feeling a little conflicted right now. I get the impression we’re fish hooked on the end of a line.

      I could be wrong, but if, as many have suggested, someone has solved the poem (and FF knows), why would Forrest then release a torrent of hints, as if there was a strong desire to undermine what someone has earned over the years? If I were the puzzle meister, I hope I would give that person the space they need.

      Forrest, I apologize if I’m wrong, but I thought the idea was to solve the clues in the poem.

      • vox- Forrest would like for more than one pair of searchers to find his chest….and so would I

        opinion mine.

        • dodo bird – I thought you were extinct! 😉

          That sounds like it could be an awkward scenario. How would that work?

          • vox- my extiction is a fable….how it will work is this little known fact, sit down vox…..the chest of the poem is not the bronze box of goodies. the chest of the poem can be found by hundreds of people.

          • Ah, you got me there, dodo bird!

            You know, sometimes I’m not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree, and I frequently stick my finger right into the outlet. Ouch!

        • I agree, multiple searchers getting to the end at the same time would be really cool.

          It’s hard not to feel like we all have a little ownership sometimes, however quaint that may sound to some 🙂

          • Zaphod, lol! I just gave that movie another watch about a month ago to rev me up for the Chase and help pass the time while waiting for snow to melt. I still think it’s a fun watch.

            Though keep in mind in that movie, everyone chasing after the treasure knew the same small area (the fictional Santa Rosita State Park) to rush towards at the same time! Also, instead of the treasure being buried under a big “W”, it’s buried under 3 big W’s and an H! 😉

          • Funny Blex,
            I can see the similarities to It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World.
            Love that movie.
            How many of us have been running roughshod to get to where we think it is?
            Who’s the joker in the deck?

          • Jake, I hope that I get to end up being the Joker, but then again I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up being anyone else who hangs out on dal’s site. I strongly believe that whoever ends up finding the treasure will be someone who visits this site, whether contributor or lurker.

        • I have the same opinion. However if 200 people inundate the general area, chaos will certainly ensue.

          As time marches on, the general area may become apparent to everyone. Fenn’s latest hints are less directed toward the general area and more so at Brown.


      • I think I if there’s any hints in these Scrapbooks, it’s all in good fun. My serious advice to searchers is that if it really was something that would help you find the treasure chest, it would be in the poem or book anyway, so your efforts are better focused there. I see way too many ferrets here grasping at the next shiny thing. You’re supposed to be the hound, and the scent in the book has not yet run cold.

        • Good points, Jeremy. Bad hair day here! I love these stories, but wonder at the posting frenzy.

          • I’m also amazed at how strongly Allen Polt’s drawings resemble the style of Eric Sloane…

            (Just messin’ you crazy ferrets 🙂 )

        • Jeremy, that being said (and you make a good point), it is sometimes awfully hard to keep concentrating on the poem and the book with such a flurry of interesting scrapbooks.

          • There is a recipe for these Scrapbooks, I think, very much like a martini.

            2.5 oz Poignant, heart-breaking advice on life.

            1.5 oz Dry wit.

            Then you plop an olive in there just to mess with people. 🙂

          • Ha. Nice one Jeremy. Let me extend an olive branch to you…..and go in peace.


        • I agree with you, Jeremy. I think all the talk about Forrest trying to subtly tell us that someone shared the right answer with him is bogus, IMO; it doesn’t seem to fit with Forrest’s personality. Would he really want to tell the Chase community not to bother anymore?

          This talk all seems to originate back to scrapbook #169 about Forrest’s lucky game of bingo, where supposedly his use of the word “bingo” was a hint that someone shared the correct location of the treasure chest. I still don’t buy it, and think that the main point of that entry were the lessons that Forrest passed on to us. He did mention (I believe in a recent MW Q&A) something recently about people sharing correct, or possibly partially correct, solves in email messages and he specifically did not reply back to those (I believe he also said that he hoped those people did not think him rude). I haven’t emailed Forrest, so it wasn’t me; I prefer to leave him in peace until I get the treasure. But IMO, that might be the strongest indication that the treasure will be found this season and that it may be a competitive race to the finish.

          That said, now that I’m all caught up on past scrapbook entries, I do find myself scrutinizing each new entry in more detail as they come in. I’ve changed my mind from when I started reading Forrest’s entries and did not think there were any hints, to now thinking that Forrest IS subtly sprinkling in a hint here or there in SOME of his posts regarding the treasure chest location, but only if one has already solved the poem do those hints become apparent. I’ve probably missed a bunch of these hints, and maybe I’ve missed a bunch of hints in TTOTC too, but I don’t think that matters too much. If I’m the lucky finder, I’ll share the hints that I’ve found, and am expecting that people will share additional hints that went right over my head.

          Sorry if I’m sounding like an overly confident person, but I think all of this poker-talk going around this morning has affected me.

      • Vox,
        I just think you’re jumping the gun in worrying, conflicted, or getting any impression because of what others hope or want or even feel or obsessed by.

        I find it hysterical when I hear;
        We need to end this for Mr. Fenn and is family…
        Or Fenn is telling us the poem is solved…
        Or someone told fenn the correct solve…
        Or even the poor excuse, it’s fenn’s game he can change the rules anytime he wants…
        And all the “i Know’s” within 3′ and 12′ and BSer, how they will be picking up the chest, this year for sure… Again.

        When you listen to all the folks that keep repeating how “they know” that fenn is handing out clues like candy on Halloween, maybe ask…Why the heck don’t those who can see ALLLL those supposed hints and clues over 7 years, and Hundreds of interviews, Q&A’s SB’s etc etc. Never find the chest.

        I was always told it’s wrong repeat gossip. So ya better listen good the first time.

  16. You’d have to ask the supposed person whether they mind it. Personally I think f can play this any way he wants. He may be trying to make sure everybody involved gets a fair shot.

    • Yes, you’re right, it’s FF’s game, and his rules. I’m just feeling grumpy after trying to make sense of IRS forms… 😉

    • Yeah, he’s got a right to do things anyway he sees fit. He’s been more than generous.

  17. Hi Dal and F

    I love the Eric stories. He was a great story teller and teacher . I do have a lil Eric Mr. Fenn . I got you and I learn all the time . Metaphysics are awesome .

    ” Dont’t share your solves with your friends or you will be shopping at Wal Mart.

    Funny a guy won 100000 grand last week and had to give it to his friend cause she pressed the button . They ant friends any longer.

    Take care love the scrap books .

    ” I dreamed I was Captain Kidd the other night and it scared me so badly it jarred me awake and Im not sure if I found the treasure or not. ”
    Just maybe the imagination is the way =)

  18. I’ve done so much research on Eric Sloane that I feel I know him personally.
    Thank you Forrest for the tidbits

  19. The Pathway of Life

    It goes by so fast

    Before we’re ready

    To make it our last

    Littering the path

    Are pictures of life

    And how we’ve struggle

    With evil and strife

    The day will come

    When our path ends

    What then will we do

    With our left over sins?

    Dave Avery

  20. OMG! Oak Tree sure does sound familiar 😀

    On second though no, it would just be confirmation bias.


    • That’s a very clever way to look at the poem, Wy. My own take is that, if it was intentionally placed, it’s a very loose hint (or pair of hints) and should not be treated as more than that. IMO, the Medicine Wheel is not part of the Chase – you need to look deeper and establish WWWH. There’s no shortcut.

  21. I’m not sure a “torrent of hints” is accurate. I think its quite a stretch to say that. So if the sb’s aren’t for explicit hints, then what is their purpose, might be a better question.
    Perhaps to encourage more interest in the chase, perhaps to expose people, ideas, and experiences’ that f feels were important to him and he would like to share.
    This is not to say that his stories are not fascinating, and well worth reading, but I think we should look at them as insightful entertainment.
    Conversely, if we are serious about the chase, our time might be better spent studying the words in the poem.

    • Emmet, ”Legacy” comes to mind “Is someone doing that (solving) and I don’t know it?”

  22. The detail with which Eric improvised in the pilots actual view of Ireland below is simply breathtaking. F seems to be acquainted with many good AND lucky ppl. Long live the secrets of the bird men.

  23. Good morning Mr. Sunshine (FF) you brighten up my day. And it’s needed. We have had so much rain it’s crazy. And it’s costing us more than 17 cents a square inch to build all our horse fencing :

  24. Eric’s valediction on his “all business” note reminded me this morning of the great 1960’s TV series “The Prisoner”.
    If you’ve never watched all 17 episodes of it, I highly recommend doing so!

    Hints or not, I’m glad that Forrest is sharing so many interesting posts lately. It’s really helping to pass the time while we’re chomping at the bit waiting for the snows to melt. Maybe he’s just making the most of having his “captive audience” now, before we all shoot off into the mountains for search season!

    • Who is Number One?

      I loved that series when it came out around 50 years ago! Now I live only a short hop from Portmeirion where it was filmed. Well worth a visit if you’re ever this side of the pond.

      • I’ve always wanted to visit that place, voxpops! My wife and I are planning to take a trip across the pond sometime next year, so maybe I’ll see if we can add it to our itinerary! 🙂

        • Hope you have a great trip, Blex! Summers these days are pretty wet, but late spring/early autumn can be very nice.

      • @Vox I’m going to be in your neck of the woods next week (Bangor). I hope the weather is nice this time of year 🙂

        • It was lovely a couple of weeks ago, nmc, but has since turned cold and dreary. Hopefully it’ll warm up again soon. Is this business or pleasure?

          • Business primarily, but I tacked a couple days on at the end to tour the vicinity. Will bring some warm clothes, just in case.

          • Well, if you’ve got the time to pop down the coast to Dolgellau, and are in need of a beer, just give me a shout – you can reach me at wclv at live dot com.

          • Afraid I won’t have a car for longer trips. Never got used to driving on that side of the road. Plan to visit Penrhyn Castle and Church Island, and will probably get a tour of the general area from my hosts. Wish I could stay longer.

          • Wise move – although it doesn’t matter too much which side of the road you’re used to, because many Welsh roads are barely wide enough for one vehicle at a time! Gets interesting when you meet a tractor or truck going in the opposite direction…

            Have fun!

        • Thanks Vox. I remember those narrow roads while touring along the south coast (to Land’s End). The car we rented had scratches from the hedgerows we swiped trying to avoid hitting oncoming cars. Was quite the adventure. When we got to Land’s End I spotted a sign saying “Flying lessons”. It was such an unusual thing to see, we decided to stop and take a lesson. Great fun 🙂

  25. Eric Sloane and The Flyer may have been brothers in a former life.

    Love lives on in many, many ways.

  26. This is a great SB to play the children’s game ‘I Spy.’ In the lunchtime drawing, does anyone one else see the rabbit in the hat? Mr. Fenn said Eric had a sense of humor, I think it is funny…….Or could just be my imagination.

  27. Thanks for sharing with us again Forrest. And thanks to Dal for the blog. It’s been so enjoyable to see so many SB’s–I sincerely hope there are a lot more! They are always so interesting and intriguing to say the least.

    The contrast between the last two SB’s is quite striking. True friends and honest people are the best blessings of life. Eric must have been a very good friend to have had.

  28. Did he call himself Legacy when doing modern art? Or is that an inside joke? I got to do more reading on Eric. Sounds like a wonderful person and friend. And very much worth your efforts. Thanks for posting. Imo. Grovel.

  29. Blue Creek Lodge in Colorado. Was looking through their room photos and noticed a few things of interest on some of the walls. (Including what could be a Eric Sloane piece a long with one picture that appears to be a Brown trout, another with pair of horseshoes, John Wayne etc

    Never know.

      • pdenver,

        Speaking of dreams; ,and I hope that you’ll bare with me on this one!

        Remember The Flyers cute story about Peggy’s Mother and her $2.00 bill?

        I was day dreaming when it came to me that it may have been placed into the Chest with other treasures, (unless it’s been put away for a family member.)

        In addition: Wouldn’t one of his marbles from childhood be a treadure as well?

  30. Mr. Fenn, it is good to see you spending more time on the PC again. I see it as a sign that your are feeling better.


    Windy City

  31. Now here’s an aromatic Soul who actually made significant contributions to the betterment of peoples lives. We need more people like Mr. Sloane on this planet. FYI Mr. Sloane often signed his name backwards, incredible talents.

    • “Seventeen Dollars A Square Inch” is a well written, heartfelt book I highly recommend.

  32. Mr. Fenn, Great story about your friend Eric. He was a very interesting character.

  33. Searchers…
    This is a glimpse of my connection to Fenn’s Chase… me is relevant to this SB and why I do what I do.
    August 29,2011 Tropical Storm Irene hit my home state with a vengeance rarely experienced in our area. The 14 plus inches of rain caused the meandering little brook outside my wood shop to turn into a raging torrent. The rising waters ripped 30′ of the 3 story building from it’s foundation and toppled every shop tool we owned into the mess below. I restore old period homes and barns and generally have a love of times gone by. My cohorts and I had a very nice library of books about all aspects of timber frames/early tools/ weather/bells…you name it, from the Colonial period through present day. Many of the prized books included about a dozen books by Eric Sloane. The interest in Sloane led to another person by the name of Forrest Fenn and his book commemorating his friend Eric.
    Sadly, all of these books disappeared into the madness of swirling trees and boulders the size of cars. Gone forever…
    Not long after, I became involved in Fenn’s Chase and out of the blue emailed him to lament the loss of my friends book (Seventeen Dollars…) and to thank him for his challenge.
    I was shocked when Forrest responded with a short quip about how quickly mother nature can turn on you. Additionally, he told me to send him my friend’s address and he would replace the book! Sure as the Sun is hot…my friend got a surprise in the mail.
    Sometimes when you least expect it…things happen ! Sometimes the actions of a stranger gives new meaning to what we see.

    • Its more blessed to give than receive. When received with gratitude it makes the gift that much more special. When you have everything what is it that you want?

    • Ken such a devastating loss of irreplaceable personal treasures. I have watched This Old House for so many I feel as though Norm is a friend… the show.

  34. Dang ! every time I turn around another post keep’em coming … Great guy your buddy Eric.

  35. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed all the “Firsts” in this scrapbook? Below I have listed some that I have noticed.

    Jimmie Doolittle- first to complete a transcontinental flight from Jacksonville beach Florida to San Diego. Also first to invision the use of navigational instruments for pilots.

    Eric Sloan- First TV weatherman.

    Neil Armstrong- First person to walk on the moon.

    Lady Peace plane- Used in the first transatlantic (ping pong) flight from New York to London And back to New York.

    Plane N-X-211 ( The Spirit of St. Louis ) – used in the first solo transatlantic flight. Flown by Charles Lindbergh.

    Is it a coincidence or it’s it hinting at something else ? Just some food for thought…
    Any ideas? Have a great night my friends…. see ya

    • Good observation. Maybe Forrest is expecting a first soon?

      Could you imagine how hard it would be to come in 2nd?

      I was going to make a trip Wednesday, but my trip got delayed by my wife because of Easter week. I’m hoping that wasn’t a bad decision!

      • Thanks Indy….

        Yeah 2nd only pays in horse racing…lol

        I think you’ll be fine Indy, enjoy your Easter . When you do go just remember to be prepared and be careful my friend….. good luck to ya…. have a great night…see ya

        • I hope you’re right. It feels somehow different this time with this flurry of SBs and some of the comments.

          • Indy,
            Every year in spring there is a flurry of positive solves because of the down time of winter and research increases. Then every summer the chest remains alone. As far as the scrapbooks , there has been a lot but as far as the comments as of late… well, I wouldn’t get to worked up about that…. to me it’s just normal seasonal changes..IMO

            Have yourself a great night
            Indy…. see ya my friend

          • Focused: based on the post-pace during the first 160 SB’s, there has been an undeniable state-change. The “why” is still up for debate.

    • Ill go with PIONEERS for $400, Alex….wait a second…why are all these scrapbooks the same category?

  36. mr. forrest,I know you think of your friend often,he was a special person to you,I bet you two together was a hoot.memories are good to reflect back on.books tell stories,and we learn.paintings tell stories and we learn.both can take you places you never have been.and can make magic happen.I remember reading ivanhoe,tom sawyer,huckleberry finn, little women ,in elementary school,I thought they were the best was fun to go to the library. I went to the library by my house and checked out catcher in the it,and thought,oh thats an awful man,did not like the book at all.its great to find a writer who keeps you on your toes,and don’t want to put the book I look forward to your scrapbook stories so much,its like an addiction.I can’t wait to see what you gonna come up with next.thats why I could sit and listen to you all are much learned,and I love it,thanks mr. forrest,love you and ms. peggy.I got a beuquet of daffodills on my kitchen window sill,I picked them from my garden.smells good and looks real pretty.

  37. Mandrake the Magician…I see the magic wand, the faithful companion, and hat with yet another featured birdy. Again, “hat trick”, three of a kind, sleight of hand. Mr Fenn and Mr Sloane undoubtedly shared some secrets. Agreed, so many “firsts” and an unquenchable pioneering spirit is a strong theme thruout. Love these SBs…

    • Hi Sandy,

      I believe your right with “Mandrake the Magician”, nice. If you look at the writing of those words in that drawing they are not Eric’s. If you look at the drawing of the barn and the word letters in it they are not the same as the mandrake quote. Maybe written after the drawing was printed since it obvious it is backwards. So there is a connection in what you found. Thanks and good luck. Bur

      • Bur…I forgot to mention the rabbit coming out of the hat… Flip the picture. Some similarities to The map opposite The poem in TTOTC. The magician / wily coyote with his shapeshifting accomplice. Can’t wait to see what is revealed next.

      • Bur, You guys are crazy…I have the book Seventeen Dollars a Square Inch and the picture in this scrapbook is identical to the one in the book. There’s a plethora of Eric’s drawings in the book with written or printed words to use to compare. Have you guys done the math? Eric died in 1985, 3 years before Forrest was diagnosed with cancer and ever thought about hiding a treasure chest. Maybe you are asking why out of all those choices of drawings did ff choose this one? Is that the hint? Or one of the hints? I get it, but those are Eric’s written words.

        • Cynthia…in the caricature, it appears that perhaps Eric is depicting FF as “Mandrake the Magician” from the old comic book series. I thought it was very clever, from one friend to another, and shows Eric to have a great sense of humor. Cape, wand, hat, rabbit coming out of the hat, (another hat trick), a “companion” perched on his hat and so on. You may want to look into the many attributes of Mandrake. Very dashing super power. Now, why FF chose to share that particular piece with us is not for me to know. Something about “illusion” perhaps. We are seeing something that isn’t there, as intended by the “illusionist”. A sleight of hand magic trick has us going in circles.

          • Cynthia,

            First I want to say I am not “crazy”, nor does Sandy seem to be. The one thing I wrote and noticed after I posted is that, I referred to the drawing caption of mandrake as being written after it was “printed” but meant after it was “drawn”. You can clearly see Eric’s signature in reverse so that would make that image in reverse too. So again to me that caption was wrote on the reverse side of that napkin, plus the letters are a much thicker ink mark then the drawing lines so maybe using a different marker. As far as the letters, I print the same way when I write since I was young and my letters have a uniqueness in them. If you look at the letters in that drawing and compare them with the drawing below there are flaws that are not same. Of course I’m not a expert and it could be Eric’s written words that’s why all I write is just my opinion as in everyone else who writes on this blog. Sandy has explained the Mandrake The Magician coincidence to you so that part I will not explain. I’m really surprised at the way you use the word “crazy” so loosely, when others on here maybe don’t have access to all your info or the books Forrest has written so they could maybe verify. So in most part they have to throw ideas out there to see if others see the same if not then it just might be something not to consider. Now I will say “thanks” for your input on this and maybe it has clarified parts of this SB for ones wondering. Good luck, Bur

          • the illusion here is that the chest is indoors, not outside as the poem would tend to create.

            opinion mine.

  38. Does any body remember back 1963 the move it a Mad Mad Mad Mad World with Jonathan Winters just to name one ?It going to be a foot race,check it out on utube

  39. Maybe the whole reference to Womandrake is that a woman is close? I’m seeing a lot of references to the ladies.

  40. What do we do if we have to cross through an Indian reservation to our spot? What are the legalities here…..will I get arrested or is it property of the tribe if found? Has ff said anything about reservations.
    Thanks Large,

    • Tribal land is sovereign land. I don’t know any tribe that would allow the removal of such a cache. You would need some sort of written contract ahead of time and they would want anything of historical relgious importance — the torquoise beads on fenns bracelet, for example, came from an important Hisatsinom Ancestral Pueblo spiritual site and they probably would not allow it to be taken off reservation ..


  41. This is such a great SB. I know I’ve still gotta pursue all angles, but if I’m right about this SB, the chase is even more marvelous than I ever imagined. I love it when that happens.

    I can’t wait to get out west again. This winter, I started getting up at 5AM everyday, and I would run about 5 miles. I tried really hard to beat my best time each day, happy when it was better even by just a few seconds. I lost 30 pounds in less than four months – the thin air and hills in the Rockies aren’t gonna phase me now!

    • Nice job Indy losing the weight!

      But be careful when you first get to the RMs because that altitude will get to you if you over-exert without getting properly acclimated. I know. It happened to me a few years back and I’m an avid road cyclist.. Last year I logged almost 3,000 miles at an average speed a little (or would that be scant? ) over 16 mph. Not bad for a dude rapidly approaching 68 huh?

      Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll get close to that this year because of weather here in the land of liquid sunshine where my weather station has already logged 59″ and it’s not even tax day yet!

      Happy trails and good luck.

      • Impressive at 68!
        You are right about getting acclimated – I will try not to forget. One of the things I did to help with that was going out of my way to run up as many hills as possible. I’d also do some parkour-style wall jumps along the way if there were any retaining walls or large rocks along my path.
        But what I looked forward to the most was on weekends when I would run a little later in the morning. On the return trip, I would run down a long, sloping hill that passed by a serene creek just to my west. It would glisten as the sun rose and warmed my whole body no matter how cold it was outside.

  42. Has Fenn mentioned what month it’s safe to start searching? I know he says “not in the winter” but I’m curious what the Rockies will look like right now.

  43. Very, very delightful stuff from you, from Sloane! He loved to paint clouds, right. So have I; I have a beautiful oil painting of autumn clouds over the Manti La Sals (Utah, out of Castle Valley where I managed a B&B and took respite up in those mountains. Time and again, just me and the Nature I could never have lived without) You should buy my cloud painting. Who could not love Eric, he should have lived to 100 at least.

  44. “I hope I might be quoted someday as having said: ‘The only value of age is that I gave time for someone to have done something worthwhile”. Eric Sloane, “The Second Barrel”

  45. So does a Quadplet precede a Septuagint by three, and a Vulgate, by For?

    Arg. Wheres Dr. Scott when I need him?

  46. Eric weaving looks like a reflection of my spine! Well, I hope my spine is not that bad – will find out before summer. Of course, the sketch would match my life’s path to accomplish my goal. The effort in a relationship to know the real person’s rainbow is worth their pot of gold. Glad you had the opportunity to know him personally – what a treasure lost in our Internet and twitter society today. I hope you get to know the person who succeeds in finding your chest of gold – at least know him or her partly – who knows what the rainbow would reveal: a lady peace or man peace or team of rooster peace or another Eric-type. It is hard to part with art from a dear friend – I still have a painting from 1978 – silly, treasured, and in the care of my child. 🙂

  47. We have really been spoiled brats lately with all the SB’s. lol. I got up whining, asking where #178 was. 🙂

  48. This whole chase is an aberration.
    F is an aberration.
    There hasn’t been anyone who made me think more.
    Glad to be part of aberration f nation.

  49. I just started reading my first Eric Sloane book this morning. I chose at random to begin reading “Our Vanishing Landscape”. I’m just a few chapters in, and am really loving it so far. His illustrations pair up perfectly with his descriptions of the quickly fading (at least then at the time that he wrote it in 1955) American rural landscape of family farms, stone fences, and log cabins. He really strikes me as an American Piranesi. I’m appreciative of Forrest’s recommendation and can now fully second that recommendation! Good stuff! 🙂

    • I got a couple more chapters read in “Our Vanishing Landscape” this morning, and came upon a section under the chapter about fences where Sloane goes into much detail describing “Gunter’s Chain” and how prevalent its measurement is in defining the American landscape. It is what made a mile a mile and an acre and acre, it defined the width of roads and canals. Very interesting stuff for anyone interested going in more detail about Forrest’s use of the term “links” when he was describing the minimum distance north of Santa Fe that the treasure was hidden.

  50. I was in a doctor’s office a few weeks ago and reached for one of those super glossy magazines selling high priced homes worldwide. I was in Santa Fe, so I turned to the entry for that town and lo and behold…..there was a home called Casa de las Nubes (house of the clouds) or something like that. It was Eric Sloane’s house for sale.

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