Scrapbook One Hundred Eighty…


APRIL 2017


The Unfortunate Hiccup

While walking around my office a few minutes ago I paused to look at this thing. It’s a hip pocket flask that was made to hold a “3/16th pint” of libation. It says so right there on the bottom. The silver overlay on the bottle is applied by a complex chemical procedure. If it was a Russian icon, you’d have to call it an oklad, but this is different.

The swirly engraved initials near the bottom were adeptly applied, ostensibly to identify the owner who will always remain a mystery to me because I can’t read the fancy letters.

Sam Snead

At the 1949 Master’s Golf Tournament I observed a nattily dressed gentleman use a pair of binoculars to watch Sam putt on the 10th green. It was a little strange because the man was standing less than thirty feet away from where the putt was about to be made.

And then I noticed something. The fan wasn’t watching golf at all. He also held a flask in his hands, and every time he raised the binoculars to his eyes, he took a swig from the bottle. It was a subterfuge that very effectively disguised his odd drinking practice. No one seemed to notice but me, and just as Sam drew his putter back to make the stroke, the natty guy hiccupped, causing the putt to jerk left a few inches and unceremoniously roll past the hole. I felt partially to blame just because I was watching it.

The binoculars guy

As the crowd moved to the next tee the binocular guy was noticeably teetering to the starboard side. That’s why I moved to the 13th fairway and watched Jimmy Demaret hit his mashie niblick shot to the green. Sam Snead won the tournament so I went home happy.

Surely it won’t be long before our government enacts legislation that prohibits anyone from drinking and watching golf at the same time.f

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    • Just right for a plein air watercolor kit.

      “Adding some gin to the water helps the paint dry more quickly; adding some gin to the painter helps him not care how long it takes the paint to dry.”


    • Why should that be?

      Some of our elected Officials have been drinking and watching ?…. while conducting government legislation for years!


  1. What a riot! I will have to work the subterfuge swigging into the future development of my periscope on top the head invention.

  2. I never understood why complete silence was required during putts (and chips and drives). You’d think golf was a religion or something and the spectators the faithful flock.

  3. Hmmm. I am at peace with golf and people’s libations while observing in the field of play.

  4. The map, Boss, the map, the map!!!! (done in my best Hervé Villechaize impersonization.) 🙂

    • locolobo, you may be “dangerous” if you see much of a
      hint or clue in this scrapbook.

      My opinion, don’cha know.

  5. Hmmm…”teetering to the starboard side”…as opposed to port(or rather “nigh”) I presume…interesting…

    The flyboy speaks swabbie…

    • The natty drunk guy with the binoculars, who isn’t searching or looking for the chest. We know the chest won’t be accidentally stumbled upon, but in this case, the stumbling won’t be accidental.

      Note to self: include one bottle of Jack Daniels on the packing list for my next trip out.

      • I prefer Blanton’s! And would love a beautiful flask to carry the Carmel, amber liquid in, but I think as slow as so am, I may just need the whole bottle!

      • LOL!! JCM, I think he is intimating that a ‘tight’ focus can distract one from a tight focus!

        (W.L. Weller Special Reserve for me 🙂 )

  6. What I find even more interesting?…Mr. Fenn was 18 years old…Masters was played at Augusta National in April 1949 and Mr. Fenn turned 19 in August 1949…He just happened to be there?…

  7. Do we turn about face now that we’re at 180? 🙂

    Nice story Mr. Fenn, thanx for sharing.

  8. I must be dumber than a box of rocks because I’m having a difficult time making sense of hints y’all must be getting!

    Good luck to y’all!

      • Mindy, I wonder why FF mentioned somebody
        getting within 12 feet of the TC. I don’t know where that number came from (i.e., was his comment a response to a question? What was earlier said?).

        It did occur to me that 12 feet carry a coffin — and some folks have talked about death being a
        subject to which the poem may relate. I dunno about that. But why is 6 important?

        The above is my opinion and questions.

        • Tighterfocus –

          What you are doing here is what Jake Faulkner used to do on this blog, you are putting yourself in Fenn’s shoes. There hasn’t been a lot of this lately without old Jake.

          When Forrest say 12 feet or 200 or 500 he may not be speaking of feet in the same way most people do. Thinking, as you are, about what else might Fenn be saying is a good idea. IMO.

          Think about this. When you are flying 200 feet above the ground in Sante Fe, what does you altimeter read? 7400


        • FF’s statement about 12 feet is in Scrapbook 78 (June 2014).

          It’s point #2 in his 9-point response to ” . . . so much acrimony on two of [the blogs] . . . . ”

          He didn’t name the two blogs, nor did he provide specifics about the statements or arguments his 9 points were responding to.


    • A Mashie is a medium length Iron. A Niblick is more like a Sandwedge today, used for getting out of bunkers. JDA

    • Michael, a mashie or mashie-niblick was a generic golf club made of wood. Individual or specific irons where used for different shots such as a wedge or long iron.
      The mashie was used for multiple shots. There was one other club used for just about any shot, the Sabatha Stick. It was used as a walking stick with the end for hitting the ball hidden in the palm of the hand so as to disguise the good churchgoers who where attending the Church of Scotland or Kirk. When they where out of sight the golfer would flip the club back over and commence golfing.
      Reminds me of a Kirkwood I know.

  9. Note to self…
    If invited into Fenn’s den for a drink of Jackie Kennedy’s brandy
    Don’t drink. He’s applying subterfuge. Just kidding Mr. Fenn! Would absolutely enjoy any drink or visit offered.

  10. I was hoping Major Fenn would do a 180 and drop the “Mother Of All Bombs” in this scrapbook. T’was another funny story so I’m not disappointed…thanks FF.

  11. What an interesting post Forrest. Glad that Sam Snead won – It would have been horrible to lose by him missing that put…He would have had to aim a bit right, and a little shorter, had he known that the guy was going to hiccup….but alas, we can not know these things in advance. JDA

  12. Very cool scrapbook.The masters is my favorite tournament to watch.August National is a beautiful course.The part of the course Forrest was on is called, “Amen Corner”.

    • Actually fins, Forrest skipped ” Amen Corner”. All but the fairway shot on 13.
      So what’s he telling us there? Why skip Amen Corner?

      • Hmm, you could be right, DPT.I thought to get from ten to thirteen he would have walked right through “amen corner”,.I almost bet he stopped for a moment at the bridge going over rays creek to see if any fish, bullfrogs, or snakes, were moving 🙂

        • @ Fins up, as a patron he wouldn’t be allowed to walk the Hogan Bridge, but you are right. Rae’s creek would be something I bet he would like to check out while strolling the fairways.

      • Amen Corner is what everyone talks about, what everyone sees on TV – maybe he is saying skip the obvious, and see the less obvious?

    • DPT: I wouldn’t say Forrest completely skipped Amen Corner since it includes the 11th (White Dogwood), 12th (Golden Bell) and 13th (Azalea) holes, and he says he went from the 10th green to the 13th fairway. But I agree he bypassed the elbow turn (corner) between the 11th green and the 12th tee.

      • Depends on your perspective. But yes, on a north-up map, the 13th is southwest (lower left) of the 10th at Augusta. But if you are walking the course down the 10th fairway, you’d have to take a right to get over to the 13th fairway, most likely walking along the southern edge of the 14th fairway to get there.

      • There were dogs fighting in the woods that day at the 12th, so maybe that’s why F avoided it and went straight to 13.

      • I know nothing about golf…but all this talk has me thinking section and township. Section 10 is left of 13 if you are going north, you can cut the diagonal and skip 11 and 12 if you choose. Amen to that.

      • Someone has either been to AGNC and is a golf fan, or they did some research! You a golfer zap?

        • Hi imajin — no, never been lucky enough to win the Master’s lottery, but have been to the U.S. Open several times, Riviera, Congressional, Torrey Pines and Pebble Beach. Looking forward to the 100th Anniversary U.S. Open at Pebble Beach in 2020.

          As for my own game, I would say it bears no resemblance to golf. Though my swing is not quite so bad as David Feherty’s description of Jim Furyk’s swing: “Looks like an octopus falling out of a tree.”

  13. Coincidentally I just very recently re-discovered my own old pewter flask in that kitchen drawer with old corks, twist ties and rubber bands. I tossed it in the garbage because my mother is coming to visit and I don’t want her to see it and think that I use it.

    I keep my bad habits under my own roof. But if there were a law against drinking and typing, then I would have had my keyboard impounded some time ago..

    • Also coincidentally, the only thing I own that is inscribed is my watch, which my whole family gave to me when I finally graduated university at the bottom of my class. It says “per angusta ad augusta”. Nice.

    • Yes! My FB friends are all in agreement that it’s MFC! Would be great to learn the history of this beautiful piece!

    • Hmm I think I see MN too? Makes you wonder who it belonged to… Maybe Millicient Hearst… or if it is stamped Montgomery Brothers maybe Margaret Norse who lived on the same street in LA as the Montgomery’s??? Is it stamped Montgomery Brothers Forrest? Gosh I love Google sometimes 🙂

      Thanks for sharing Forrest!

      • Oh Geez I need to stop trying to work and think at the same time…. I going to go drink some pickle juice and see if that helps things out…

      • hummmm….H.M.
        Knowing that Forrest only collects the best, perhaps HM “Her/His majesty”
        Not sure about C or F

  14. And…we have yet another “Ella,” or close, anyway…

    “The 10th hole, Camellia, is officially the hardest of the 18 holes at Augusta.”

    Also, from an article about that Master’s, Slammin’ Sammy stumbled on the 11th green and bogeyed. When asked about it, he said he was distracted by two dogs fighting in the woods.


  15. My thinking on the initials is MJC (letters are in Cursive)… wait a second, why do those three letters look so familiar?

    What is f trying to tell me? That I am a drunk idiot who is messing things up for him??? 🙂

    • Hole, small hallowed place, cave, depression in the rock, earth or in the wood.

  16. Great Scrapbook. I love reading these things!

    This thread brought to you by Yamaha Golf Car Division.

    “Yamaha Golf Carts, when it’s “Not far, but too far to walk”.

  17. I think the subterfuge is in the first picture of the flask. He’s diverting your attention from the symbol above the I tials, by telling you about the initials and telling you that the 3/16 is there at the bottom.

    The “horned god” symbol above the initials, reminiscent of the Navajo naja symbol and a symbol of the God, Pan, is what’s important, IMO.

      • So what does a “Wiccan Flask” with the Symbols of god Pan or Navajo nija have to do with anything? Other than how easily we are lead astray by focusing on something too deeply! We could go on about Pan and where he lived, in the wood and in a cave where he met his demise. Throw in shepherds and sheep…the list could go on and on! Symbols of sun and moon and the trees growing abundantly…

        I think when it comes to ff’s poem it’s supposed to be KISS…

        • It’s not just a Wiccan symbol. The symbol is much much older than that.

          The Navajo and Hopi are important cultures to FF. He has said something like (paraphrasing), he doesn’t subscribe to all spiritual beliefs of the native Americans, but he does subscribe to some Indian symbolism and beliefs personally (see vignette about Green Grass).

          Native American symbolism may also be a “key” to solving the location of the TC.

          Or who knows? I still have a sinking feeling math and solving for sets are involved too.

          The symbol is important to many ancient and on the brink of being “lost” cultures. And it shows up all through the Ttotc. All over the place. The symbol of the crescent moon, and even the “omegas” are representative of this symbol.

          At the end of that vignette, F went to an old crow woman for answers (did he get his answers the poem asks from this woman?). She said, When the white man cannot find solace in their own religion, he comes to us for truth.”

          I think that the wise old Crow taught F something important that day, and it’s something he’s never forgotten.

          Just my opinion, but I can show so much more very simple when you see it reasons for believing this is important to the solve.

          Just as important as all the religious references these past few days. Many things he’s said lately point to santerios (saint makers), those talented woodworkers who carve folksy saints and sell them in the plaza. He has at least a couple good friends that are skilled Santeros.

          Moses rests on the second stair in F’s home. That’s who he meets “up the stair” – the man who isn’t there. I can imagine why he wants Moses to go away. Lol.

    • Mindy, you are exactly correct!

      Billy goats, Thor, Pan. It’s important and hopefully one of us can connect the hints to clues in geography and finish the Chase this year so I can get some sleep.

      Searchers, the goat, ram, Billy goat is important. I wish I knew why but the hints are everywhere. Captain William( Billy) Kidd. A kid is a goat. Billy goat at Gardiners island. Gardiners island was known as the Isle of Wight. Wight is wiht meaning creature or Thang!! Wraith-like.

      • Perhaps, most importantly, Pan was a scapegoat. F has said he grew up being the scapegoat of the family, and probably at school too. He said he grew up not feeling good enough.

        Pan was certainly mischievous. I think “pan” means “all.” Pan was the guardian of the woods and fields, and also the multiplier of cattle and all other human possessions.

        The word “patina” is also rooted in the word “pan.”

        Pan also can mean to follow with a camera.

        In this SB, Sam Snead was noted to hold his putter with a “split grip,” cloven hooves?

        And remember the SB where he shows us cloves in the palm of his hand?

        So, just my theory…maybe a rabbit hole, or maybe a reference on how to tell a secret that won’t be repeated.

        • Mindy,

          One of the Gene Scott teachings is on the history of the Scapegoat and available online filed with his “Communion” teachings. Very interesting.

  18. Sam Sneed, was one of the greatest golfer’s of all time! Who could careless if he had a nip of wherever too clam his nerves! I have always been an arrmire of Sam Snead what a golfer, and his swing was as and artist and his follow through was genius! I loved the way he played!

    • Very good, I had an F in the middle, now I like your H on the right much better.

      But I think just MH best resolves all the swirls.


        • I just saw your post JAK, Ya beat me by a few minutes.. but.. I’d rule out the thought of a mirror at work… the blue-jean background seems to have fenn sitting left hand holding the flask right hand camera.

          • I agree, Seek. And I found an image of a very similar flask, with the hinge for the cap on the right side when you’re viewing the side with engraved initials, just like the photo Dr. F posted.


            (I go by Jake at home, but there were already a couple/few “Jake”s posting regularly, so was using just the K to avoid cornfusion)

      • I was going to say, are we sure that’s Forrest’s left hand? I think it might be his right, and perhaps the initials are HIP. And if so, he told us what the initials were — after all, he said it was a *hip* flask. 😉

    • I see MH
      The first loop – {spiral} far left bottom connects with the third loop right, The sec loop left connect with the last loop.
      Seems to be only two letters in use.

  19. Thanks, Forrest, you found my flask…those initials are MAC, mine backwards. …I dropped it last year at the Fennboree on the 10th. Ha Ha! But you said it said it only holds 3/16th of a pint…probably not mine after all.

    Another fun scrapbook chock full…I love that name “mashie niblick”. I haven’t touched a golf club since I heard about The Thrill of the Chase. Traded one adventure for another.

  20. That fanxy flask probably holds about as much beverage as those Grapette bottles you used to favor, right, ff?

    • Plus “a few minutes ago”. Dal just posted he waits on posts to give everyone a good chance to read them. And this one starts with an anxious sense of purpose. That’s pretty good. Imo.

  21. I believe Sam Snead & New Mexico were born in the same year.
    1912. I think the date is on NM quarters.

    Just found a flask the other day & cleaned it & put it on the shelf for my next trip. Don’t dip into the hard stuff much. A few beers will do me fine.

    Sam Snead’s Tavern is about 800′ from my home & was told his ghost frequents the property. I work next door & the aroma from the grill drives me crazy every day.

    Snead died in Hot Springs, Virginia, in 2002.

    Snead pioneered croquet-style putting in the 1960s, where he straddled the ball with one leg on each side. The United States Golf Association banned this technique in 1968 by amending the old Rule 35–1.

    We all have had our unfortunate hiccup’s in life but it’s all the more when you still win.

  22. Wonder what Forrest fibs about the most, fish sizes, or golf scores? I never lie about my golf score, but creative cellphone photography has made some of my fish maybe appear bigger than what they really were 🙂

  23. Two rights and golf. For lefties like me, that would be a serious hook and for right-handers a nasty slice. Yep, that nice looking flask might come in real handy if I played like that.

    • thistle-shamrock theme reminds me of a Wordsworth poem:

      The Solitary Reaper
      By William Wordsworth
      Behold her, single in the field,
      Yon solitary Highland Lass!
      Reaping and singing by herself;
      Stop here, or gently pass!
      Alone she cuts and binds the grain,
      And sings a melancholy strain;
      O listen! for the Vale profound
      Is overflowing with the sound.

      No Nightingale did ever chaunt
      More welcome notes to weary bands
      Of travellers in some shady haunt,
      Among Arabian sands:
      A voice so thrilling ne’er was heard
      In spring-time from the Cuckoo-bird,
      Breaking the silence of the seas
      Among the farthest Hebrides.

      Will no one tell me what she sings?—
      Perhaps the plaintive numbers flow
      For old, unhappy, far-off things,
      And battles long ago:
      Or is it some more humble lay,
      Familiar matter of to-day?
      Some natural sorrow, loss, or pain,
      That has been, and may be again?

      Whate’er the theme, the Maiden sang
      As if her song could have no ending;
      I saw her singing at her work,
      And o’er the sickle bending;—
      I listened, motionless and still;
      And, as I mounted up the hill,
      The music in my heart I bore,
      Long after it was heard no more.

  24. An oklad can also be termed as a revetment. I feel there are several layers to it’s meaning. It can be a cloak or robe…a type of covering to protect something precious. In architecture it is a term to describe a covering used to support an embankment. Roman Byzantine architecture is noted for beautiful marble revetments. The article below is about the Hagia Sophia. Hagia is from the Greek for ‘Holy’ and Sophia meaning Wisdom.

    Many practices consider the body to be the temple. The house of the soul. If you pollute it…

    Also one could expand it even wider and say that the earth is the body and it is greatly polluted.

    One would NEVER consider trashing such a beautiful church as the one above. I pray some day we can show the same respect to our planet.

    The Green Jacket of the Masters.

    Sammie’s special style of putting was very successful for him until the rules where changed to which he replied,

    “I might be able to alter my stance and still putt my way.”

  25. If the government hasn’t enacted legislation in 68 years, then it’s not likely that they will. Chuckle 😉

  26. One more common theme from the last SB is Newton. And maybe August. jimmy demaret’s middle name was Newton, and there was something about Buckley flying to or from Newton, and someone’s parent was Agustin or something like that.

  27. One more interesting note–the chemical process to overlay silver on glass is galvanization. The Russian oklad was more of a cover. So Forrest again uses example from art to demonstrate how he may have some things in the chase.

    Lots of CIA tactics in this SB:
    Getting people to look somewhere other than where something important is going down.
    Even the hiccup at the last second was enough of a distraction to prevent an anticipated goal.
    The word “cover.”

    This also connects to the last SB because William Buckley was CIA.

  28. Just an FYI..
    Sam Snead was the first golfer to win the Masters Green jacket.

  29. This scrapbook is huge. Fenn is a true genius and has created a world class puzzle. Whoever solves the poem will be worthy of the title. I wonder if this will be the year?

  30. I think we are overthinking this. How could he put so much together in his brain over the Easter weekend? The hiccup shape? Where have we seen it? A molecule perhaps, which one? Connect the dots to make a star? The title is “Information Hiccup.” I believe someone is very close, with a small but obvious piece missing.

    Also-quite a few references to alcohol lately. Why would that be?

    • He probably had all these lying around for a third chase book that he never wrote. I don’t think anyone is close.

      • I would agree with both. Could be covalent bonds, could be an old pre-arranged post. I highly doubt he is reading the blog and putting a new SB together overnight-not with so many hints anyway. He might be whipping these out, but not with so many references. He’s amusing himself with our response. I’m sure there are some clues, but not ones we haven’t seen before. He repeats.

  31. I recently went golfing with a good friend of mine, Herb Gold. With great courage he used a wood club for a very difficult shot. As a reward for his obvious valor, I gave him one of my golf clubs.

    Because he was brave and used a wood
    I gave my Titleist to Herb Gold.

  32. I used to work as an engraver. The initials on the flask are a monogram, which places the surname in the middle. The owner’s initials were M.C.F.

    • Just catching up on things this morning while some stuff loads in the background…

      As I was reading all the comments I wondered if anyone would mention that when initials are engraved that the last name (surname) always went in the middle and often was a larger font.

      And just for fun, I was ready to quip that the initials were obviously ICU. wink-wink

  33. I didn’t know that the definition of libation was “a drink poured out as an offering to a deity,” though that’s a tradition we’ve had in our circles for family and friends that have passed on. 3/16th of a pint is only 3 oz, so it looks like there’d be plenty to share in that flask 🙂

  34. I feel like Forrest may be stocking his pond with at least a few red herrings for variety and amusement. I would do that too if I were him!

  35. Hiccups – per wiki – “Persistent digital rectal massage has also been proven effective in terminating intractable hiccups.” Ride’em cowboy.

    Maybe binocular man had “one too many” if you know what I mean.

    You just can’t make this stuff up.

    • Pinatubocharlie, thanks for the message . . . when someone suggested we read the blogs “for entertainment”, he wasn’t just whistlin’ Dixie!

      The above is my opinion.

  36. I am trying to break my addiction to reading these Scrapbooks and then all the hint interpretations. Can anyone help?

    I even start creating my own hints. Most of the ones I find hiding in the stories just bolster all that I have already come to believe.

    My hint interpretation here is that the flask and golf are just the vehicles to talk about the unfortunate hiccup. The binoculars would be too much tunnel vision at 30 feet. I guess a searcher was close enough to get the prize if not for the tunnel vision. I hope it was me, or I might hope it wasn’t.

    Or maybe all these hints are all just imagination overload.

    Don’t get there before me.

    • I think the flash is a great intro. Im with you. That monogram style is “The Master Circle”. 3/16th pint is 3 shots. He then discusses shots at the Masters. Its like what he explained in SB179. He figured out what he wanted to say then went back and found more interesting ways to say it. The whole post does the same thing over and over then wraps right back around to the to the solid circle that has yet to be monogrammed above, in the center of the garter. IMO a well written piece of literature that anyone can enjoy.

      • I may have titled it “Better Golf With Sam Snead”…but apparently that Copyright is taken. Lol

      • Jonsey1,

        I think you are correct about what the 3/16th pint means. I too think it means 3 shots. But what I think he was asking is what did he shoot on all three days in 1949, and the answer is 67. He shot 67 all 3 days to win. Now figure out what 67 means?

        Fred Y.

        • I think the binocular guy picture further drives home the importance of this number with the 6 bubbles and the seven on his foot.

          Fred Y.

    • Bam! I think you are spot on. Broaden the horizon; physically. Yes. Someone is dancing around the edge of the ballroom.

  37. I know an M.H. acquainted to Forrest. It was the mother of his friend. I’m most likely wrong, but just a guess.

  38. An Oklad is another word for a boy from Oklahoma. And OK is WWWH.

    It’s all so very obvious. lol 🙂

  39. This post , It’s, literally, an oklad.

    Anyone got three shots of worcestershire and a slice of lemon? I feel like Im in the Bermuda Triangle.

    But, then again, any guy that can win the LPGA is alright inside my book….as long as he can place his commas and keep an eye on the birdies, that is.

    Don’t worry F, the government won’t mind, as long as they keep their sponsors.


  40. Guess i will give it 3/16 pint with a 6 iron from the tee box into the sunset this week. Would enjoy giving you the bracelet back.

  41. I love the flask! What an exciting find. I have a olive decanter with a similar script but is more common,says bsz, I think. Polished it several months ago but already the silver is browning. Yours is a keeper. That’s funny about the guy getting pie eyed on the greens. You have the funniest adventures. Keep ’em coming.

  42. I get MJH for the letters, so the initials would be MHJ. I thought of Michael Hill Jewelers who make watches and sponsor golfing events…but I think f wants to be taken literally when he says the writing doesnt matter-

  43. Binocular guy was within 30 feet. It was just a hiccup. He is still going to finish first. My opinion.

    • OK lads, you can be sure he won’t be missing the next time as sure as my grandmother is an O’Leary from Stephen’s Green of Dublin, Ireland.

  44. Thirty feet is not very far away, my brother and I once found a white Folsom arrow point near Cabezon Peak, NM, translation; the bald headed one, it was less than 2″ in length and the edges and tangs were sharp as the day it was chipped. We unselfishly sent it to be displayed at the Illinois State University Archeology Dept, but the odd thing was less than 30 feet away I found several turquoise beads all had tiny holes for stringing, 7 in all, these beads from a much later time period, this was probably left (lost) by someone during the Chacoan Civilization, See Google Earth for Cabezon Mesa (peak) or look just east of Chaco Canyon ruins, enable the photos on Google Earth Pro, this peak looks straight out of KONG’s Island.

    Tom T

  45. Does anyone know what was produced in Chaco Canyon by those pueblo people? Talk about mystery,
    the Chacoans had parrots, chocolate, and an extensive knowlege of the heavens including the sun dagger from Fajada Butte, but what did they produce? Knowledge is a hard thing to sell, unless they ran a university??


  46. With a tribute to John Glenn about to launch from the land of errant coconuts, West Palm Beach would be the place to belt down a fluke and flounder the spectacle.

  47. When you get within 200 feet, that’s about sixty six yards. It’s not a mashie niblick (6 iron). It’s more like a sand wedge. You take a practice swing and use your imagination. Be sure to take a wide stance or you might tip over. My opinion.

  48. Augusta Montana and Cardinal Creek Montana

    *Powell County

    Can’t rule out.


    • Shhh, *in a hushed tone*, that’s where she lies. That’s where it is.

      *Quietly backing out the room, stepping in the same tracks as when I came in and closing the door quietly.

      Oh wait, *slams door shut*, congratulations on making that connection. Now we’re talking.

      • Love u ramonaaaaa!

        (silently ducks backs below screen she’s peeking through as if it were the wind that called it out)

        • C r e a k, door slowly opens. Pssst, Jonsey1, I love you too. Wanna meet in…Oh…wait we’re talking about Fenn and Powell County so get the H E double toothpicks outta there before the cowboys, er I mean rednecks, show up.

  49. Forrest, you know that “icon” is an adverse word in some circles… but it is fitting here.

    You need to take your hat off if sitting in a chair around the government office.

    Anybody with me? **crickets**


  50. Another area of interest:

    SANDers County, Montana:

    Symes Hot Springs Hotel and Mineral Baths

    Preston House and the Parker House ( Once known as Brown )

    Senator Sanders was married to a Fenn


    Wouldn’t pass this by!


  51. I wonder if Fenn had his eye on a particular super-close searcher (man w/ binoculars) who had hiccup (mishap, mis-focus, quit) )which delayed the find (i.e. Putt). Despite a quicker win that would have happened w/o the hiccup, Fenn moved on from the searcher to watch the inevitable outcome. Seems like someone caught his attention for a bit, but not enough to impact outcome. Maybe one of you are super close! Probably over-interpreting this.

    • Why do you think the natty guy is the searcher in question? His binoculars were a cover for his drinking (the subterfuge), and it was his actions (the hiccup) that caused Snead to bogey the hole. From my perspective, Snead is the searcher who was distracted by something beyond his control. Mr. Fenn felt partially responsible because he saw it (coming), and wanted to distance himself from the cause (natty guy). All worked out in the end, and Mr. Fenn was happy. Mr. Snead was probably happy with the outcome as well. 🙂

  52. I have not seen it mentioned but a Hiccup is a hitch. A hitch is to walk or go haltingly. A hobble or a limp.

    A hitch in your giddy up 🙂

    Also the drawing of Eric Weaving, one of his legs looks like it is injured. Almost like a peg leg.

    Maybe that’s why Peggy wears a hobble skirt in the story War for Me.

  53. Hey f , I can read the intel’s , I see M H

    Thanks for the Post I hope that helped.

    Thanks Dal and others for the web site.

    • So many Groups of people started the chase and got out into the Great outdoors. Do you think 25% should be enough to appreciate the adventure? I do and I appreciate all the efforts that have gone into the work on the posts.your thoughts?

  54. “you’d have to call it’s an oklad,…”

    “Call it” or “say it’s” but not “call it’s”. Forrest doesn’t make these type of mistakes so what are we talking about here? Anyone?

    • Poor Forrest – correcting his punctuation again. “Forrest doesn’t make these type of mistakes so what are we talking about here?” – “These” is plural – “Type” (not types) is singular.
      isn’t that in error? Also, shouldn’t there have been a comma after mistakes? Or am I mistaken? Just having fun Ramona. Don’t shoot me. JDA

      • Haha you got me JDA. All’s fair in love and Forrest Fenn’s treasure hunt. I would never shoot you because I enjoy your posts and upbeat attitude so much. I would like to adjust your aim a little more to the WNW though. =)

      • JDA….I might venture to say a missing comma, aka pause, aka hiccup, would be very unfortunate given this scrapbooks placement after the last.

        I do agree that Ramona should not shoot you over it though.

        @Ramona…I have similar issues with that line…and also with the “it’s”. (Which is certainly an oklad) could the apostrophe be a hiccuped comma from elsewhere? Just kidding. Even I’m not that crazy…but I do agree with you and wonder what its represents.

        To no avail. Arg.

    • If it’s not a mistake, maybe it has to do with the meaning of libation (which Jeremy P. noted above), and how religious icons are protected and venerated (oklad vs. riza). Maybe the natty guy worshiped his whiskey a bit too much.

      • “…call it’s…” maybe I’m narrowing my focus too much?

        “If it was a Russian icon, you’d have to call it’s an oklad, but this is different.”

        I still don’t get it but thanks for trying to help me.

        • Yeah, I didn’t explain it very well. Comes with trying to keep things short. I don’t know if it’s a typo or an intentional mistake (he loves those, doesn’t he?), and if the latter, he may be drawing attention to “but this is different”. An oklad is a “covering” meant to protect the icon (flask), but a riza is a “gown”, which is meant to protect AND venerate the icon. The nappy guy venerated his flask, or possibly its contents too much 🙂 Gah, I’m not even sure that made sense lol

        • Ramona—
          I noticed that error also. The ‘s shouldn’t be there. It could be a transcribing error—or maybe it is intentional. I’ll tell you what—let’s add it to oklad and see what we get:

          Dal’s OK I would agree with that statement. He’s OK in my book too. 🙂

      • Dal, Dal, he’s our man. If he can’t do it no one can! Your very own cheer squad Dal. *Smiles*

  55. Well I see several layers of symbols on the flask including letters also . The owner was most likely a Freemason or a branch there of because of the feather quill the curved dagger and the candle stick and smoke symbols . I also see the letters A F e but i would have to study it longer to get more of it .

  56. I have been away for a while, been fishing with no nibble in site. The flask is a Mappin Webb made in England. Cheers!

  57. This may be just my imagination but seems like f may be posting subjects that follow a pattern, think about it, is he reading someones, one of our hieroglyphic musings and deciding what to post next? Really, think about what has been said and who said it, then what posts followed?

    Does anyone elze see (feel) that? Look back at the last speed posting of Scrapbooks since the alleged train bell and scan the searchers comment’s, is someone using the Key? His Key. I know that you all think I might be losing it but remember I am Terrific and this is not just my imagination it undoubtedly is someone ff follows.


    • Tom. It’s definitely possible because ultimately the story doesn’t matter. It’s simply an oklad.


    • Tom T –
      I think you might be right. Good observation. On another note, you’d think no one here ever saw a binocular flask before. You can get one at Amazon for $10.

      • Yesh, you can. And thosh bin…ocular (burp!) fhlasksses are great (hiccup-burp). I use them…..(hiccup) all the time (burp). You jusht put a ‘lil Gin in there and,,, (burp) ur good to go. (burp, hiccup.zzzzzzzzzz…)

        • Sparrow, I don’t drink, so I don’t know the answer to the question I’m about to ask. Is Gin the only spirits one puts in a flask?

          • pdenver—

            I don. (hic) don’t drink either (burp!) but Istsh posshible you could put (hic!) other shtuff in their to..tooo. (burp hic zzzzz)

            (sound of lamp being knocked over followed by large thudding sound)…

          • Thank you, Sparrow. I greatly appreciate your help. May want to lay off the sauce, and buy yourself a new lamp. Thank you for the giggles. 🙂

    • Hi Tom

      Let’s take it a step further. Forrest reads the blog. He knows where people are looking if they are open about it. Fenn would never give an advantage to any one searcher.

      So. If anyone reads a scrapbook and sees hints that are geared towards their solve they must be wrong.

      If anyone has publicly discussed their technique and a scrapbook hints at that very technique they must be wrong.

      Fenn would never place a hint that knowingly benefits a particular searcher.

      You follow me?
      Lugnutz out

  58. Whoever the natty guy (or girl) is, I bet they feel bad about the “hiccup”. Hopefully they will make it right soon. After all, it’s only fair.

      • Well that narrows things down. Land or clearing in the Rocky Mountains. I think I know that place.

        • Maybe this helps:

          Golf – clapper of a bell

          Links – undulating sandy ground, rolling ground near crook or winding of a river, rising ground, ridge, linch, between plowed fields or along a chalk down

          Tee-little heap of sand

          Fairway-navigational channel of a river

          Starboard — right side, used to be called backboard or tribord

          Demaret means marsh, from mareis

          Green- spectral color between blue and yellow; unseasoned, childish or immature, the putting portion of the links

          Samuel- name of God, the last of the New Testament judges

          Flask comes from flash, can mean bottle or to weave or braid or plait

          Subterfuge- secretly below

          Stroke–act of striking, pass over lightly, rub, press, Mark of a pen

          Master stroke- masterly line or touch

          Jerk left–sudden twist left

          Ceremonious, holy, sacred awe
          Cere- wax

          Putt means to throw, shove, push, PUT,

          Putter–beast that pushes with his head
          Odd drinking practice in Netherlands is called the little head butt

          Fan comes from fancy; Fan means devotee

          “neat, smart,” originally slang, perhaps an altered form of 16c. nettie “neat, natty,” from Middle English net “pure, fine, elegant” (

          Talking about “pure:”
          From wiki:
          The specific feature of German silver overlay is the degree of purity – 925 for Sterling silveror 999 for fine silver. The quality of silver used for German overlay can be seen by identifying the impressed 1000 mark (usually on the base or side of an item). The purity and thickness of the silver overlay ensures the beauty of the item is maintained without any loss to the silver even after many years of cleaning.

          From wiki:

          Friedrich Deusch invented a way to combine silver and a non-conductive surface such as porcelain or glass with galvanization. He achieved this with a special conductive fluid (a type of flux) which was fixed permanently on the prepared form. The particular objects (such as a vase) were first roughened by engraving or using hydrofluoric acid to etch a design.

          Hopefully that helps someone.. 🙂

          • Don’t give your hard earned work away. But try this. Make a conjecture and work backwards using the same logic. Sometimes a thesaurus only works in one direction. I don’t know why,

          • Iceman. In a polarized world, it is magnetic. We all ‘net’work our ideas in time spent here sharing. If we remove the ‘net’, what remains is ‘magic’ . I don’t concern myself about rabbit holes; only the dark magicians who’s intent is to fool.

          • Wow Mindy…thanks for sharing your thoughts. Green tea perhaps? Sipping (tea with olga) from a flask? We’ve seen weaving a few times recently. I like golf as the flapper of a bell, who would have known?Links as a surveyors measure. Sub in some iteration definitely a theme. Lots to think about here. I still like my previously stated idea of 10 and 13 as land sections. Works with links.

          • You’re welcome, Sandy. Lots of good info in these latest scrapbooks showing is how each word can have many meanings and often different words that can have the same meaning are in each SB. 🙂

          • Mindy, thank you for posting.

            Where did you get your info about
            golf being the clapper of a bell?

            Thanks in advance.

    • Given the past few scrapbooks, don’t forget that warm waters halt in a gin bottle. Be”gin” it where wwHalt. Gin card games are won with combos of 23 or 32; water freezes at 32. Folks should look at land sections numbered 32-35. Just for fun…Bee Gin alcohol is made north of Santa Fe.

  59. Closing remark double entendre:

    “Surely it won’t be long before our government enacts legislation that prohibits anyone from drinking and watching golf at the same time.”

    “Don’t DRINK and ‘DRIVE’ ”

    Be WISE….or employ a great caddy. Lol

  60. Alright, Alex, Ill take Pioneers for 1k…and wager an additional three pressed sheets to the natty fellow himself….

    Who is Herbert Warren Wind.

  61. I’ll try the old ‘reverse psychology’. I like it when Forrest don’t have a new scrapbook. It don’t bother me none.

  62. Just want to say, “Thank you Mr. Fenn, and everyone on posts! You help me get through the days and nights!”

  63. Look at the Snead photo. It is focused on Snead up close causing the fans to be out of focus. Perhaps the treasure site is under electronic surveillance. Anything that is caught on camera in the distance would be out of focus. Then f would be forced to use his vivid imagination to explain what he is not seeing. There may never have been a golf club or flask at all. But there probably was a lot of snow. Just a thought.

  64. My phones been totally quiet for the past few days…is everyone still out there? Not receiving any postings…

    Interesting find: an old artesian well 750 feet below home of Brown…doesn’t work but thought it a neat thing to stumble upon.

  65. Thank you for this post Forrest. I found it very meaningful. I plan to leave the tenth hole without regrets. I will not use the mashie niblick. I will skip the tee at the next hole and go strait to the green.m

  66. I’ve also entertained the thought that they might also represent White Dwarf Stars. (Pulsating).

    Currency, also has circles that represent constellations.

  67. Sam went on to win. Wonder, did binocular guy get his hiccup cured, or does he need another drink? 😉

  68. Searchers continue to arrive at the first two clues…
    …right on past the other seven…never knowing..

    …just one serge, the last one…


  69. An FYI for this Scrapbook: in the ’49 Masters, Sam bogeyed both the 10th and the 11th holes, bringing him into a tie with seven holes to play. There is no mention of anything unusual that caused him to bogey the 10th; however, on the 11th Sam missed an 18″ putt because he was distracted by barking dogs. I think it’s fair to say that this is the original incident that Forrest has creatively modified for this story. (Sam birdied the next 3 holes as well as the 18th to finish with a 67 and win the 13th Masters by three strokes over Johnny Bulls an Lloyd Mangrum.)

  70. I agree that there are some useful hints in this SB . . . (I define a hint as
    something that helps to confirm a correct solve of a clue. I am not
    convinced that a hint will help solve a given clue.)

    The word “binocular” is a hint.
    The mention of a mashie niblick is a hint.
    The “stick figure” drawing is a hint.
    The mention of the 10th green is a hint.

    All the above is my opinion.

  71. Mashie Niblick: Had the role of the 7-iron among antique golf clubs.
    Thanks, now i know why i was looking up antique clubs on ebay the other day lol too funny 🙂
    That stick figure looks like hes gonna throw the “barnoculars” lol

  72. ok…maybe I need to put away this search for awhile…but the more I look and overlay it on my map, this stick figure puts his binoculars right at the destination of my solution. Ugh, need sleep.

    • Wasn’t the story about the inebriation of the guy with the binoculars? I would “bring into tighter focus” the bubbles representing his hiccup – were I you. JDA

          • Just returned to this thread.

            Well the location of the bubbles was on private land and therefore inaccessible to us. The area of the binoculars we searched quite thoroughly…no chest of course. We will leave this area after those two searches and pursue the other leads we have looked at.

      • JDA,
        You are right to look a little better at the “hiccup bubbles”. I had noticed them too, and there is a pattern to them. I will put them in my perspective in how they fit my solve to map out clues.

        Now the bottom left bubble would be where to “begin at WWWH” and the bubble above it is the location of “HOB”.
        The next middle bubble would be where you first come across the creek at the “no paddle up your creek” clue.
        Middle upper bubble is where “heavy loads” is located and the upper right is “water high” location.
        Now the the lower right bubble is possibly the “blaze” or the chest location itself. I took a compass and drew a few circles on a map of this area that I have found that fit the poem clues in my solve. The first circle was at the beginning of a “tangent trail” off a main trail just below the “NPUYC- creek” and that was a 500′ circle. Then I made two more 200′ circles at “heavy loads” and at “water high”. All those circles cross each other in that area where the lower right bubble is located.
        Are these bubbles more then just bubbles, I guess you will have to determine that for yourselves, in my case I see a pattern as I have stated.
        There are other hints in this scrapbook that can help lead you to the surrounding area around “Forrest special place” IMO.
        Good luck to all,

        • Thanks Bur;

          Since I do not know which map you are referring to, it is a bit confusing, but thanks for the post.
          Maybe I will be able to figure it out – I hope so.

          • My location was Luccock Park rd, south of Livingston, MT. It is the stick figure’s right arm…

          • Sean – Sorry you didn’t find the right “Bubble”. Best of luck to Ya’ on your next search – JDA

        • Bur;

          You say: “There are other hints in this scrapbook that can help lead you to the surrounding area around “Forrest special place” IMO.” Sounds interesting. I have found a couple myself – Hope that they are right. JDA

  73. “Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated”…Arnold Palmer. I thought it only appropriate to share this while I enjoy an Arnold Palmer and a drive.

  74. Here’s a question. Who, besides me, has had the thought that
    “The unfortunate hiccup” might be interpreted as “The unfortunate
    hike up”? . . . as in “The unfortunate hike up (the hill)”, . . . meaning
    because somebody hiked up the hill but didn’t find the TC, they didn’t
    get the FORTUNE.

    It appears that if a searcher has been within about 200 feet of the TC,
    that this person has hiked up the hill.

    The above is just my opinion.

  75. “So I wrote a poem containing nine clues that if followed precisely (to at tee), will lead to the end of my rainbow and the treasure:”

    Hiccup / hike up
    High cup / high up

    In golf the cup refers to the hole / high hole

    Hiccup (noun)
    : a sound in your throat that is caused by a sudden, uncontrolled movement of muscles in your CHEST after you have eaten or drunk too much or too quickly

    Fate accompli

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