Scrapbook One Hundred Eighty Three…


APRIL 2017

Forrest Gist and the Waning of Art

There was this really good potter I used to know in Lubbock. Forrest Gist was his name, or Forest Gist, I don’t remember which so I’ll call him Forrest because I like that name better.

I had purchased one of his bowls from a store and gave it to my wife for her birthday. She liked it so much I thought it might be nice to get her another one for Christmas. (I hate that her birthday and Christmas are just 38 days apart).

So I went to see Forrest at a time when I knew he was firing about 30 pottery vessels in a large outdoor kiln. I arrived just in time to see him remove a still hot jar with a stick, look at it for a few seconds, then throw it on a cement sidewalk where it splattered. What th…?

I approached Forrest cautiously, not completely cognizant of his mindset, and remembering he had a hot stick in his hand. “Whatcha doin’, Forrest?” I asked respectively. He didn’t answer, but instead, threw another hot jar on the pavement. This went on a couple of more times before I decided to be rude to my friend.

“Stop, you idiot! I’ll buy some of those things from you.” He turned to me and politely said, “Look Forrest, I’m experimenting with a new glaze here, and that’s why I didn’t sign the pots in this firing. I want quality to be my signature, and if they don’t measure up to my standards I don’t want my name on them.” Gee, and I thought they were really good.

I helped Forrest clean up the mess caused by the demise of one kiln-worth of fired clay “Junkers.” And I had to admit that Forrest was the consummate artist. Although I didn’t agree completely with his quality control methods, I respected his philosophy.

What he had done prayed on my mind for a few days. I had already decided to be a world class bronze sculptor, and was sure my first two efforts were excellent platforms from which to launch my career.

What I lacked in talent could be compensated for in other ways. For instance, since I couldn’t get the hooves on my buffalo just right, I solved the problem by having him stand in mud. And my pilot self-portrait, well surely my talent would improve over time, maybe over a long time.

Going to Forrest Gist’s pot firings ruined my promising art career, so I decided to be an art dealer instead. The two bronzes remain in my collection to remind me to not to ever try that again.

Quality matters, and although no one should be allowed to set a standard for art, common-sense propriety must come into play at some point. My gallery purchased a drawing from a Yahoo artist for $15 because he wanted to buy a sandwich.

Over the next several years no one wanted to buy that sad sketch from us at any price.  One day Mr. Yahoo saw it in a storage drawer with a price of $15, and he became irate. He didn’t think we should be offering his early work because he had gotten better since then, and that sketch embarrassed him. When I offered to sell it back at my cost, he wasn’t interested. I’m sure he knew non-quality when he saw it. He should have thrown it in the fire years ago instead of bringing it to me.

My first impression of The Scream was that it should have been thrown in a spewing volcano. Never mind that not too long ago a pastel on cardboard version of it sold for about $120,000,000.00. Guess I don’t know as much about art values as I thought I did. f


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    • Mindy, what are you getting out of it?

      After my first read I noticed the scream obviously. Open mouth like grinning. Like the prescher and many other examples. Edvard Munch, a Norwegian did the scream. He also did another famous painting. Madonna.
      Gist means the meat of the information per say. Like the guts. The gist of it. The focal point. The center or heart of it. Also means crux or cross. Interesting he mention a Christmas also.
      Quality, bad to good with experience, age, trial and error.
      Buffalo in mud, and kiln, fire and also volcano.

      • Good observations– I haven’t really had time to read it thoroughly, but connected (or seems to be) to last few SB’s (no signature on paintings), and one word I liked a lot was “glaze.”

        • Ohhh yes, I like glaze as well. The covering like frost or Frosty. Ice. Glass covering, enamel.

        • Mindy. Or demi-glace which is a thin brown sauce . IMO, this one is themed about Name and Signature and look at the gist of what is being said. Everyone perceives value and worth that may be different from others. Who knows the value? Who sets the value? Not everyone has the same opinion viewing the same thing. No one is wrong or right, just different opinions-sometimes opinions make others angry. Value is just what someone decides at what price to pay for it. When we put our name to something, it has value. IMO. Just what I saw reading it.

    • Mindy, also notice ” Junkers”!!

      Junkers was a dive bomber that used specific ” spats or spatters”. A spat is a device on footware like gaiters worn by bishops and military personnel. Worn with gaiters. Leggings.

      Also the dive bombers used a specific gunsight or bombsight to drop their bombs at a 45- 90 degree angle of approach . The plans used specific gull wings also.

      Duck means dive. Past tense of dive is dove. Dove can also be a bird:-)

      • Speaking of Ducks. Has anyone ever noticed the cover of the San Lazaro book the duck is grinning with teeth and has a snout like a pig??
        Remember the blaze winks and grins.

        • Your opinion should be labeled as such.

          This entire message is part of my opinion.

          If “your” blaze winks and grins, good luck finding it.

          • Tall Andrew – One of the many concentric blazes, which leads to the ‘bullseye’ of my hidey spot, does, actually, wink and grin. And seems to have a ‘gold tooth’, which I have hypothesized is a ‘secret weir’. Change this map to Satellite view in the upper left corner:


            Now compare that image to the smiley face in Forrest’s signature at the top of this Scrapbook. Looks like a mirror image to me.

            There were Grizz and Moose and Bison ‘bull’ droppings around, as I approached my hidey spot from the opposite shore. An A-Maze-ing place.

            This morning, I awoke to see a Waning Crescent moon rise over Dollar Mountain here. Forrest entitled this Scrapbook about his bronze castings “..Waning..”, and one of those pieces was a Bison standing in mud. Bison are also mentioned on that suspicious interpretive sign on the Madison River shore. I saw mud everywhere in the marshy ‘forest fen’ surrounding my hidey spot. I bet Forrest saw more than one Bison with its hooves submerged in mud ‘in there’, while watching the Lear jets circle to the Southeast overhead.

            All IMO.

          • Tall Andrew – Zoom in to the bottom of my ‘S’ blaze in Satellite view to see that ‘boldface lie’ on the map. Across from where the Boundary Trail meets the bottom of the S.

            Thanks again, Sandy!

            Big Smile!

      • That’s interesting that you mention bombsights, DPT.

        I live in Salt Lake City…which is fairly close to the old Wendover Army Airfield. That’s where most of the heavy bombers of WWII trained…including the super-secret B-29s which ultimately dropped atomic bombs on Japan…and ended WWII.

        The United States used a complex bombsight known as the Norden M. It allowed the bombardier to take control of the airplane in order to drop bombs accurately.

        Here’s a picture of Thomas Ferebee, the bombardier of Enola Gay, after returning from Hiroshima.

        They achieved amazing accuracy for dropping bombs from 32,000 feet.

        I wish I could say that’s all in the history books…but… 🙁 …it’s a scary world we live in.

        Another interesting scrapbook. Thanks, Forrest and Dal.

      • I know, right?!
        Did Munch actually sign his name on the original? I don’t know the history of this painting, but I don’t see a signature. I don’t know much about the guy at all, except for a little bit of the backstory.

        Maybe he didn’t like it either, so he didn’t sign it, and this is a “leftover?”

        I’m a terrible artist, but it’s fun and relaxing to paint, so I do sometimes. 🙂

        • Munch did 3 or 4 versions of that painting, Mindy.

          On the one posted in this SB, you can just make out where the signature is in the lower left.


        • Mindy, signature is very interesting. To sign something.

          Is Forrest hinting towards a Sign. Such as To Wave. Wave like a windmill. To wave is an expression. Munch is an expressionist. A wink or grin or to wave is a sign or signal. Tacit Knowledge. Forrest hints at tacit in preface of TFTW. And Forrest says he waved like a windmill to signal the Candy Ann for his rescue. Also the stump turned upside down in map page 99 has a lady on the left and a small person Waving on the right. To wave??? A wave is a water wave also a crest of water. Water high.

          This is interesting Mindy. Sign, signature, expressions- hmmmm.

    • On Antiques Roadshow 2076:

      Although he didn’t sign this we know this bronze is attributable to Forrest Fenn. Fenn was interesting character. After serving in the war in Korea and Viet Nam he settled in Sante Fe New Mexico just as the art scene was coming into it’s own. He made his mark operating a well know gallery. What he is most famous for is his treasure hunt. He hid a treasure in the Rocky Mountains north of Sante Fe and wrote a poem with coded instructions to the location of the treasure. It’s never been found.

      We know this is his work because he couldn’t sculpt feet. See how the legs disappear in to the warm mud? For insurance purposes the value is 3,000,000.00


      • That sounds about right… Even so, I liked the buffalo better than the pilot. It took me a while to recognize that it was his helmet what he was carrying and not a ‘man’ purse, lol.

  1. Enjoyed the scrapbook. Quality certainly counts, but for me, having a “first” are just as important. I believe beauty lies in the eyes of the Beholder. You should be proud of your artwork, Mr. Fenn.

  2. Apparently, Forrest (sic) Gist, didn’t know much about art values either, since someone other than himself beheld it, saw beauty in it, and OFFERED TO BUY IT from him. Some people lack a bit (or more than a bit) in the common sense department.

  3. Fun story, Forrest. I’d prefer to hang an Eric Sloane painting in my home way more than this Edvard Munch painting. I never understood how particular pieces of art obtained their value. I just know what I like to look at…thanks for sharing.

  4. art is like people they are always in the eye of the beholder who would guess but i would bet if you offered your work at auction it would also fetch a pretty penny because how grand you are as a person. and your art is pretty good compared to what i might turn out i think mine might look like just a ball of mud thats what i think any way. thanks for keeping us going its always more interesting to hear your thoughts on any given day ty Have a good day sir you also treasure hunters a good day to all.

  5. Thanks Forrest and Dal once again. When I consider SB 182 and 183 respectively something begins to prey on my mind, but I’m not sure what it is.I really do appreciate the SB’s though—you have certainly done many many things in your life—-thanks for sharing so much with us–they are extremely interesting to read. Thanks again!

  6. Mr Fenn,
    I’ll buy your bronze sculptures and the scream painting if you want to part with them.

  7. I should of thanked you too Dal thank you for posting these scrap books they bring joy to my days

  8. It’s very interesting that Edvard munch died when Forrest was around 14 years old in 1944. And the painting the scream was in the 1800s. I’m trying to get the “gist” of this latest script book.

  9. Sometimes the first art pieces are more valuable than the later versions or creations. There always will be that oddball piece that may be more appealing to the beholder no matter what the value of it may be. Quite the interesting story Forrest. You still have those first sculptures !

      • Jonsey, your great!
        I like your research!
        Your, comments also, and the rockets red blare!
        Sincerely, MJ

      • Starland Vocal Band. Great group and I got to hear that song before it was released. The guy in the group wrote “Take Me Home Country Roads” recorded by John Denver. But, I digress….
        Has the snow melted in the Rockies yet? Maybe Mr. Fenn’s big picture is actually a really Big Picture. Musings from the cutting room floor.

        • Depends upon the elevation, Bob. Yesterday, the family and I were in Rocky Mountain National Park and it began to snow; just a dusting. More snow is anticipated beginning tomorrow into Saturday, includes Denver.

        • Ditto on the pre-release!

          Heard it as warm-up number before John Denver took the stage in Indianapolis back in ’76 just before Starland hit the air-waves ✌️

        • Aw thanks Martha. I enjoy the rockets red blare as well.


          Holy cow bob! Howd you score a prerelease screening like that? (I like to sing along and pretend im singing to the chest and about to take a sip of gold dust from that flask haha) cheers!

          • Jonsey,
            I was about 8 years into a 33 year radio career in the Virgin Islands. The Starland Vocal Band came down and did a show at the King Christian Hotel in Christiansted. Nice memories. Fabulous acapella group. They sang that tune and said it should be released “soon”. Wow.

  10. the thought of the creation of the shoot to jump with a rip cord wonder what poppy would think about this it didn’t pass my thoughts or research but my brain is trying to fire on all cylinders the fallen have a way of surviving in my thoughts any way i hope they will forever on the bridge of my mind and all the others we need to be grateful for.

      • Very interesting article on his son. Aaron Gist works with cast metals—I wonder if he does any work with silver? I would guess he does—but it doesn’t really say clearly if he works with precious metals or not. So many artists limp along until they really make it big. “The Scream” is worth how much? Wow. Unbelieveable!

          • You may do so.
            Thanks for asking, Lugz

            I grew up in the small town of Plainfield, Indiana about 10 miles (slightly) south west of Indianapolis.

            The town got its name from the early Friends (Quakers) who settled around the area and established several meetinghouses throughout the county (Hendricks), including the ‘Western Yearly Meeting of Friends’ in Plainfield.
            The Friends were “plain” people, and thus the name Plainfield.
            My ol’ high school continues to honor the Quakers, using the name for the school’s mascot.
            The Plainfield Quakers.

            Back during my wonder years in the 1970s, our Jr-Sr high school began offering a special lunch deal in the cafeteria.
            For $.50 a student could get a tasty charburger, a large bowl of fries and a chocolate malt.
            Our lunch ladies called this “The Quaker Special”

            Was all the rage!
            And I subsisted on this special for many years.
            Has left an indelible memory on me 😉

          • Quakrspecl –

            I am a Quaker in Illinois!
            I am up north and we are affiliated with Illinois Yearly. We meet up with all the other Quakers outside McNabb in June. Well, all the Quakers on the left side of the fence.

            You need one of these:

            Outfitting the Strong Silent Type
            since 1643


          • Quakrspecl,
            thanks for the link. I now see why Mr f does not know how to spell Forest/Forrest Gist first name…even the newpaper reporter didn`t know how to spell it.

      • Two people worked on this story; one consistently spelled his first name with one “r”, and the other spelled it with two.

    • ty it realy tries to be but is mostly when im sleeping

  11. Well Fenn, just goes to show you were absolutely correct. It only matters who they think you are.

    I’ve wandered the Rockies most of my life ever searching for that elusive perfect photograph. Come to find out I’ve thrown away or deleted photographs worth millions of dollars according to the market place.

    Andreas Gursky’s Rine II sold for over $4.3million.

    Another of Gursky’s photos (99 Cent II Diptychon) was auctioned at Sotheby’s $3.34 million. There is some confusion over this one. Probably just makes it worth more.

    • Goofy,
      Maybe when it comes to business, but I still don’t like that quote.

      I don’t think F necessarily lives by that quote, either. In TTotC, I think a very important sentence was, “it was important to me that I dared to be myself.” (Paraphrasing– don’t have the book handy) I think it was in the chapter about cancer.

      And I think one of the most important lessons we can learn in life is that it’s okay to be ourselves, with all our flaws and imperfections. Each one of us IS signed–signed by the creator. We are all important.
      And having enough money is better than having a lot of money, which, to me anyways, says that giving up who you are for the sake of anyone’s money isn’t worth it.

      • Well Mindy, I didn’t like that quote when I first heard it either. But Fenn says it’s his favorite saying. In fact he is absolutely correct. His seventeen dollars per square inch story and the one about how he helped the good looking gal that couldn’t paint sell her paintings is the real world. Like it or not he is correct. You sound like the ridiculous romanticized version of the wild west.

        In fact we are not all important. You don’t get a star for just walking in the door in the real world. There are people that are worthless slugs wasting oxygen expecting to be given everything for nothing because they “deserve” it. Your value is determined by others and the amount of work hard work you are willing to do.

        Just the way it is, Fenn understands that very well.

        • So, Goofy,

          How do you interpret the statement in TTotC, “It was important to me that I dared to be myself.”

          To me, it sounds like an accomplishment of some kind to complete a dare. A dare, to me, is something people have a natural fear of completing. You have to be brave to dare to be yourself. Why was it important to Forrest? Especially at that moment in time when something potentially catastrophic, like cancer, happens?

          Actually, your value is NOT determined by others, IMO. Your skill or ability at a craft may be, but not your value as a human being. None of us have a right to judge others. We don’t know the circumstances behind people’s lives, and we certainly can’t know their hearts. That’s God’s job, not ours.

          And God gave us a star when we walked through the door. No one is here by accident.

          Some people choose badly. Some people repeat mistakes, but NO person IS a mistake.

          So, I disagree with you there.

          Did F ever say that was his favorite saying? And if so, have you considered it may be his favorite to serve as a reminder of who he was before he got cancer, so that he would remember to stay true to himself?

          Sometimes those kinds of sayings are favorites not because they define us, but because they remind us not to be defined by them.


          • Hi Mindy & Goofy! Sorry to butt in, by I just wanted to say that I think both of you have written out your opinions on this topic very well and I agree with you both. I don’t think either of your stances automatically excludes the other’s. Respecting yourself and being respected by others are both good things. Some may weigh one or the other as being slightly more important, but it’s not a situation where favoring one perspective completely dismisses the other out of consideration. Forrest can state both sentiments as well without becoming a living paradox.

          • Ok Mindy have it your way. To me you sound like Jeffery Dahmer’s mother. He was such a nice guy. And I suppose there are those that think Hitler was a valuable contribution to human kind.

            If you run across any MS-13 members in the wilderness give them a hug for me. I do agree with you it is up to God to judge them. But if I run across any of the aforementioned folks I won’t have any problem vacillating the meeting.

          • Lol, okay, Goofy.

            Those guys made bad choices, and definitely weren’t “good” guys, but they were probably okay babies when they walked in the door. 🙂

          • Godwin’s Law: “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Hitler approaches 1”

          • i’m not fond of that quote either Mindy

            maybe i just don’t understand it’s context, but why conform to everyone else’s perceived ideologies? – doesn’t that just rob us of who we are, or wish to be on our solo journey?

            and ‘romanticism’ is as equally important
            as chivalry i reckon, so don’t worry ’bout Goofy ..he’s jus grumps coz his frozen old truck won’t sta[BANNED!!!]

          • Thanks, C Hobbit. Goofy doesn’t bother me, and doesn’t scare me, either. I think of him as a grumpy teddy bear. Lol. I think I used to threaten to give him a hug, way back in the early days. 🙂

          • lol.. so you managed to discover Goofys kryptonite factor huh?

            a good ol’ dose of ‘hug-it-out-ness’ 🙂

      • Hmmm this one has me all tied up in knots. Thanksgiving is 30 days before Christmas. June 4 is 38 days from now. Is anyone planning a trip for June 4th weekend and told Forrest? My next trip isn’t till the end of June. While I don’t believe someone is going to find it before I go I can’t help feeling just a little anxious waiting for another shoe to drop…

        • Sorry, slogan, not motto.
          Interesting fact, Santa Fe is at 7,000 elevation, the highest state capital.
          Smokey the Bear was rescued in Lincoln National Forrest.
          Worst NM fire was in 2000, started as a controlled brush burn.
          “It grows as it goes.” is the Motto.
          There are 120,000,000 grains of sand in a level tablespoon, I counted those for a high school project, that doesn’t relate to this but the number matches in the story! Kinda freaky.
          Ok, I NEED coffee…BAD!

          • This is interesting, cause today I had read that a “lump of butter” up until the Revolutionary War, was equal to “one well rounded tablespoon.”

            And how deep is a hole? A double decker bus. 🙂

  12. Thanks for sharing Forrest, and Dal.
    That buffalo looks like it has a “Popeye arm” for a front leg 🙂 I have never liked, “The Scream” but everytime I see it, the painting makes me pause for another look at it.

  13. Thanks again Forrest for letting us look into the past. Thanks for pointing out that imitations need to be cast aside, and that one must strive for perfection. Even the poorest attempts at creating art by a beginner, can result in a masterpiece being created in time, with the proper tutoring. My sculpture never brought in large sums of money, but it was always the “creating process” that was most important to me. Each day, each new piece, getting me just one step closer to the “Perfect Piece”…. which never happened, but at least I got a bit closer with each try. Thanks again Forrest. jda

  14. So I’m looking at this and wondering, did Viper just yoyo on yesterday’s reprimand? Is it OK if I buzz the tower again, cause with all due respect sir, with my history you were probably thinking I was going do it anyway. May I commend you highly for your brave decision and most importantly for not being a stick in the mud … sir! -Iceman

  15. Welcome to Bubba Economics 104…today we will be discussing the cycle of Providence and Endorsements.

    Always remember, you cant trace an unsigned check….but you can chase its patina.

  16. This was a great scrapbook entry! Just what I needed today! 🙂

    I always liked “The Scream” once I learned the background story of it’s relationship to the 1883 Krakatoa eruption. It’s pretty crazy to think about how a volcanic eruption in southeast Asia could turn the whole sky red in Scandinavia on the opposite side of the globe! I’m sure at the time, there was a goodly amount of worldwide panic anticipating the end of the world. You can read books about this stuff, but the expressionist Munch painting captures so much feeling in one image (IMO). I think I agree that I’d prefer to hang an Eric Sloane painting on my wall, but I also wouldn’t want to throw the Scream into a volcano (however thematically appropriate that might be).

    I agree that the buffalo sinking in the mud is pretty terrible, but personally I think the pilot sculpture looks quite good. Yeah, it’s a little cartoony, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Forrest almost makes it sound like he gave up on sculpting altogether, but we know he’s at least making his bells still, which also look very well done.

    I noticed 2 aberrations in this post as well. First, as Forrest Gist throws his jars out of the kiln, they “splatter” instead of “shatter”. Splatter implies that the clay is still wet, but coming out of the kiln, wouldn’t they be fully fired and hard and break into shards on the ground? Second, Forrest (Fenn) uses the phrase “prayed on my mind” instead of the correct “preyed on my mind”. A play on words alluding to a secondary meaning?

    I tried to look up information on Forrest Gist but couldn’t find anything on Google. Anyone else have any luck?

    Finally, another moral I took away from this story to share: If you plan to sell a part of your dignity for a sandwich, make sure that it is a tasty sandwich. 🙂

    • Wonder if it is the first time F has wanted to put something valuable in a volcano, or the area of a volcano..

      • Aaron, you have managed to think of an even worse treasure-hiding location than underwater in a riverbed! 😉

        • Haha, that would be worse indeed. I was, however referring to the area of the former volcano in Yellowstone.

          • Haha, yeah just kidding! I agree that the mention of a volcano could possibly be another subtle hint.

      • I choose not to wonder this. Please try to relax,
        and don’t erupture anything.

        The chocolate-filled “gold coins” that I recently ate
        reminded me of “legacy erosion”, a phrase that I
        (just) “coined”.

        I also “get it” about the photo of the Enola Gay.

        The above is my opinion. Yours may vary scant.

    • Bled- Just google his name In quotes then add Texas, teacher, architect or painter in the search bar. Plenty of articles will pop up, some neat interviews with his sons etc.

        • I totally agree, always lights at the end of his tunnels….

          I gotta wonder if after reading some of those articles if f didn’t already know him…I mean, he says he bought one at the store then went to see him when he knew hed be firing 30 pots or whatever. How does one randomly know when someone will be randomly experimenting? Made me wonder/assume it was probably a public “demo” (nice double entendre on smashing pots/demo also caught my eye there) and knowing glaze takes time to cool….I dunno. I just like how F writes, and admire his possible IMO savvy in attending a demo to get some work on the cheap that’s more original then the ones in the store anyhow. Too bad his demo plan got demo’d. Literally. Into the sidewalk. Lol.

          • *FYI f also did some of those demos on lost wax bronze casting. You can find then the same way with F’s name in a google search and bronze casting.

          • Jonesy, I tried searching for the demo videos of Forrest doing bronze casting per your recommendation this morning, but came up empty. Any chance you could post a link? I guess I don’t know how to work these internets too good! 🙁

          • Blex…I don’t know that he did videos, just in person demos. I figured mane he saw Gist doing a pottery demo. Here’s an article about one of f’s bronze demos…not much meat in there but attests him doing them. Who knows maybe the “inferior” work of his pictured about came from one of the Lubbock demos at Fenn Bronze am Brownfield in Lubbock. Lol.


          • For the record I am not savage911 who clipped that article. I just googled “Forrest Fenn” “Lubbock” and “Demonstration” AMD that’s what came up. If you like articles its a great place to search though if you like an article you see and anyones clipped it you can see all the other articles they’ve clipped. Most Fenn articles have several “clippers” so its a real user friendly way to find other cool articles people have found interesting. IV gotten lost in there for many hours just reading old clips and ads on F. Highly recommend it.

          • Thanks, Jonesy! I’ve never heard of this site, but it seems like a good resource for diving down a multitude of rabbit holes! 🙂

      • Jonsey, thanks for that link below. If you go there and click on the Whitefish92 link there is a list of Fenn articles.
        Well, I didn’t know ff is ex-CIA. What chance do we have against a possible professional cryptographer?

  17. I’m a little surprised that nobody picked up on “waning.”
    Although, I did like DPT’s working the words in his/her post… and had to snicker at Goofy’s and Mindy’s to and fro. lol ~ridiculous romanticized version of the wild west.
    ~ Dahmer and Hitler -Those guys made bad choices, and definitely weren’t “good” guys, but they were probably okay babies when they walked in the door.
    Ha! making a bad choice was when I bought a Ford…

    Ok. what caught my attention was Waning: as in waning moon; the moon at any time after full moon and before new moon (so called because its illuminated area is decreasing). … Also called old moon. Compare waxing moon. Origin of waning moon. Old English.
    Or waning crescent. Or the gibbons moon. Or the waning moon as a spiritual rebuilding phase. And the same goes for the waxing moon.

    Just a curiosity…

    • Seeker, wow. That’s crazy. We where typing at the same time. Hopefully that means great minds think alike:-)

    • Seeker,
      So I understated…a lot. They made terrible, awful, choices that can’t even begin to be described.

      However much I can’t comprehend the atrocities such men committed, they still came into this world, unmolded and unshaped, as children.

      Who knows who they might have been had one small rippling aspect in their early life was differentl?

      • Mindy don’t take my chuckling as a personal dig. I was watching two different personalities going back and forth… although I do agree with Goofy on most of what as talked about.
        And I don’t believe in fate and some supernatural power dictates my life… that means… Hitler { or any other psychotic } was predestine by that power.

        It reminds me of a story on how people become desensitized the world around us…
        A person in a 10 story building is leaving work late at night. The elevator doors open and its dark inside, but you can make out a hooded shape in the back… you hair stands on end…do you walk in a closed box with no means of escape? Most will.
        Now, put yourself out in a lightening and hail storm and the only shelter is a cave, but inside is a silhouette… your hair stand on end… do you go in?
        There are pessimist, optimists and then there realist.

        • The pessimist says the glass is half empty. The optimist says the glass is half full. The engineer (me) says the glass is too big. The atheist says the glass does not exist! Who is correct?

          • LOL, While the optimist and pessimist die from lack of water, and the engineer is out create something that doesn’t need creating… the realist says, I have water now, but I’ll need to get more… The atheist doesn’t care about the glass because he’s smart enough to follow the realist.

    • Seeker, look at my post about waning below. Also the waning or Gibbous moon. Gibbous is in medical terms a gibbous deformity like a spur or off shoot.

      But you are onto something here possibly seeker. Blue Moon- check it out! During volcanic eruptions and red sky. Forrest loves to wear Blue!! Look up Blue Moon!

      Also I wish it was gibbon as of gibbon river and falls. A favorite area of mine in Yellowstone. But it’s gibbous.

    • Speaking of curious word usage… not f’s use of the word ‘respectively’; it should have been ‘respectfully’ as opposed to then becoming rude wand calling the other Forrest an idiot.

      I suppose someone can make something out of it… maybe the respective phases that the waning moon is going through…

      • If my mind is still as active as I hope… I recall fenn twisting both those words in another SB… or replacing one for the other.

        One means in respect to..
        the other means in high regards..
        Well, that just two basic meanings anyways.

      • And what “prayed” on f’s mind more likely would have “preyed” on it.

        Turns out Freud probably never said “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.”


      • JCM: you are good at spotting the anomalies. My cryptic answer to your unspoken question is that Forrest perhaps preferred a word with three E’s in it.

        • JCM –

          I would say Fenn does this all the time. I would say he does so because he enjoys it. I would say he doesn’t care about the rules. That’s my opinion.

          It’s fun to use the incorrect word that sounds like the correct word. This happens thousands of time in bluegrass songs, in jokes, in western novels. Fenn is line with Cormac McCarthy and 100 others.

          As I have mentioned before Fenn is one of those guys that asks questions like what’s with the B in comb?

          You may feel free to think that others are correct. Maybe Fenn is continually manipulating each word he types and each image he presents in order to spread thousands of hints about Montana. Maybe Fenn wants Zap or Jake to find the treasure and he is purposefully and willfully hinting at their solves.

          But I don’t buy it.

          My too scents

          • You make a good point, Lugnutz and I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s exactly how Forrest likes to write and that’s all there is to it. It’s still fun to find these little anomalies and point them out when they show up.

            When it comes to those who think that these phrases have hints embedded in them, they’re opinion is there own two put out their and may also bee correct four awl eye no. 🙂

  18. Interesting choice of words for the title by Forrest. Waning.
    Waning such as the crescent moon. Or waning such as a steep decline or drop-off. A waning drop-off is also a steep dive or plunge. Then Forrest draws attention to the word ” Junkers”. The Junkers JU are dive bombers.
    Seems like he is hinting towards the Dive or steep drop off. Like a 1000 foot Karst where he was rescued and found waving like a windmill looking up at his Candy Ann.
    Maybe by or in a Volcanic region. Yellowstone?

    • DPT;

      Why not look at the full title:
      Gist (Real point of action) and the Waning (decreasing) of Art (Creative skill) =The point of action is to decrease creative skills. = Act too soon, and you will diminish your creative skills. = THINK before you act, or Don’t act until you have thought it out! – Just a thought JDA

          • I find myself reading this one many times to make sense of it all. I may already have jumped the gun thinking I understood it at all. I think I need one of those wall posters that says “bang head here”.

      • Not crazy at all JDA, this SB will take some time to digest. I’ve noticed many times how people jump right in with observations that don’t hold water after closer analysis, myself included. Our opinions are based on our individual observations and may not be the proper way to look at such a big picture. Unless of course we were looking into a mirror, even then our observations would depend on how close we held the reflection and how honest we were with our sense of humor.

    • DPT,
      Yep, we must have had the same thought at the same time… be afraid, be very afraid if you enter my

      I was leaning more toward the book in my thoughts… the story seems to relate to above and below. I’m not sure how it helps, but the man is looking up as well as young fenn in the cemetery { both with dead all around them }. IF I was to see a hint { I like using, thought provoking over an actual hint } I would think it might relate to new and old, as, young and old… birth and death… time passage… maybe even a spiritual journey – for lack of a better term.

  19. Gibbous- good word to look up and know.

    Waning or gibbous moon is the illumination phase of the moon. Gibbous means hump or protuberance or bulge. Bulging like burst or bulge is a definition of blaze.

    Interesting I noted yesterday that I thought Hebgen Lake looks like a llama or camel. It even has a hump like a camel- haha. Just coincidence- maybe:-)

  20. Did you ever buy another bowl from him for your wife?
    You could have kept some of the splatter.

  21. Ok everyone, repeat after me ” I do not have the slightest idea where the treasure chest is…”

    • Toughshed –
      That is just about the funniest thing I have seen on this site ever. It should be a quote that goes on the front cover of the next book or the trailer for the TTOTC movie. My stomach is hurting from laughing. You’re famous now. My opinion of course. 🙂

      • It will be ignored by the majority of the Fenn groupies…I wish I could just get one clue solved.

        • Toughshed –
          If you are having trouble with the poem, then try studying the map. Then go. back to the poem. And stay away from the blogs. The answers aren’t here. Good luck.

  22. Hints I see:
    A Forrest is a Brown Home.
    2 forrests= BROWNS
    Sunrise+Lubbock= TEXAS AM
    Too far to walk = PASS RUSHING
    He got the first pot =FIRST PICK
    Wanted an unsigned one = MYLES GARRET
    West of Toledo around the world= CLEVELAND
    And through a top secret mathematical calculation involving Peggy’s b-day and Christmas I got:


        • First Aggie EVER in that spot!!! PROUD to bring him home 🙂 that boy can BARK! Lol.

          Maybe F is also hinting

          SUPER + BOWL

          (Okay even im not that crazy…back on topic I promise goof)

          • Thank you Jonsey I really appreciate that.

            Now all I have to do is figure out what the topic of this post is.

  23. Confession of one who likes The Scream: I do. I always have. The painter, Munch, originally called it The Scream of Nature and described it as an existential “anxiety… an infinite scream passing through nature”. It’s a painting representing the same feeling Jean Paul Sarte wrote about many decades later, and described as La Nausée, or “the Nausea”. The reason people don’t like the painting, intuitively and directly, is because many feel that sense of angst and despair, and are repelled by it, without knowing exactly why they feel the way they do. It’s nothing good, but there’s no avoiding it, and for most of us it passes as quickly as it comes. The Scream captures it nicely, IMHO.

    • I wonder if he felt the same way as the person in the painting when he sketched it?
      Kinda like a mirror.
      I think it’s priceless.

      The person who finds the chest will look like this at some time.

    • Regarding the price of the painting, I’m opening a book I was reading on a trip recently. There’s a napkin stuffed in it. It’s a Delta napkin a stewardess gave me. Most times I toss those when they come round with the bag. It’s worthless, but this time I saved it as I was saving my place in the book. Looking at it now, I realize, this napkin was at 30,000+ ft. above sea level. Two hundred years ago, it wasn’t even possible for this napkin to have been that high in the sky. If someone came around with selling a napkin that had really been 30K ft. in the air in 1817, it would be priceless, the rarest object anyone had ever seen, simply because they did not exist.

      It’s all relative.

      • The value of anything is pretty subjective. I believe
        that someone pays a lot for a piece of art mainly
        for one of two reasons:

        1. To invest, and resell later at a profit

        2. To “show off” disposable wealth.

        FF played that game pretty well. But it would
        not have worked on folks like me. And yes, I
        have wealth. But it’s used on more practical
        items that are not bought to “show off” or to
        resell at a profit.

        Great art exists. I saw, online, a photo of a
        painting I would like to have. The price was about $12,000 and the painting was so well done, it looked “photo-realistic”.

        The last time I spent about $12,000 on a single item, it was a truck that I still own and drive, more than 5 years later.

        OH!, yeah . . . here’s something about the hunt:

        Somebody sure seems “moonstruck” lately, so
        I will “Cher” with y’all a recent thought . . .

        Is it just a coincidence that in the movie “Quest
        For Fire” that in the last scene, two of the people (including Rae Dawn Chong) are looking at the moon? It’s almost a string theory thing, ah “Tell”
        “yew” .

        The above is my opinion. I wish for y’all “Sonny” days and relaXation.

  24. I’m surprised that no one has mentioned anything about the shovel f mentions in this SB. I, lately, read the new SB comments to keep in mind who I have to be watching out for. I can also figure out who is keeping an eye on me. Confusion often leads to a keen focus.

      • Jake, my apologies… I have researched my translation of a term f used. I had heard a craft worker use the term “hot stick” to mean shovel. Another craft worker verified the use as being correct. My research does not provide further light on the terminology. That is not to say the translation is wrong, I just could not readily find the connection in a quick internet search. “Shovel” does not tie into my solve currently. I’m not subscribing to many SB posts lately. I am surprised that I caught your comment to my comment. Good day to you.

  25. Forrest — Wow. I think this may be the most enlightening scrapbook ever. Or maybe I just never noticed. (ha.) The intricacy is not lost on me!

    Thank you…

  26. I think everyone just missed the most important word from this SB. It’s the word “Forest”. You thought you knew what it meant and skipped right passed it. Me too. Forest is an app … it’s supposed to get you away from your cell phone and back to work! Stick with the task at hand. Get back to the poem. Stop being distracted. Stop overanalyzing every word from f. The solve is in the poem. And it’s on the map. The books have hints too. Back to work you alchofennics. 🙂 My opinion.

    • R you sure. Eye see a man’s name for the trees when the two ares are singular.

  27. The other day I was on an airplane with my daughter. She gave me an elbow and said, that man that just walked past and sitting behind us has a long string of toilet paper stuck to his shoe. Classic, I said. What do you mean, she replied. Well, common courtesy dictates that we let him know. Comedy courtesy dictates we let it go. She thought for a moment, then smiled and said nothing. Sometimes seriousness must take a backseat to funny. g

    • That’s funny Ace, I had a group of Japanese visitors from Japan up in Stanley Park in Vancouver BC one time. We stepped out of the restaurant to view the fireworks in English Bay and one of the gentlemen had toilet paper trailing behind him after exiting the restaurant. I saw it and I immediately went up and told him … Maybe I was wrong but I would hope that someone would tell me if I had a big trail of TP attached to my foot…:) But your story is funny too… and I might have done the same especially on a plane…

  28. Holy crap I think I know what this scrapbook means.

    The first picture of the clay pot is his “statement” of truth or gist of it.

    Then the sculpture of the buffalo by the sculpture of Forrest Fenn…
    Referring to a searcher who knows what the first picture represents, he is saying.. “Buffaloed by Forrest Fenn”

    And the Scream at the bottom is that searcher’s reaction when they finally figured that out. I can see that scream making so much sense right now. I need to go to sleep and shut my brain off for a while… if I can.

    • IDK IW, I think I feel like I’m the buffalo stuck in mud that feels like quick sand or quick mud. The clay pots are my attempts at success – they may well be served as being smashed! After all, they are not perfect; they are not what I want as a reputation. Do I settle for a ‘C’ or better like Delores? Perfectionists have a problem with that. The scream might be the look on my face shortly – ugh. 🙂 I should remember that ff said once to wait for the mud to dry. Also, the chest is patient and so should I. While I think and think about ‘effort’ ‘C’, ‘B’, ‘A’ I feel ff’s statue breathing down on me. Well, ff is not perfect about valuing art – – – perhaps he is much better at valuing antiques 🙂 In the end, our best is it be it ‘c’, ‘b’, ‘a’. Cute scrapbook.

    • That is quite an interesting perspective Iron Will. Maybe the scream represents all of us scrambling to ketchup.

    • Doesn’t “buffaloed” mean deceived? Are you saying ff purposely deceived someone who was getting the “gist” of it?

      • deceived, outsmarted, tricked… yes. I’m saying, if I’m right that is, that Forrest “buffaloed” that searcher by his hiding of the chest, which he reveals as the “gist of it” in the beginning. He wasn’t trying to target any specific individual… just the one who got to the end, and didn’t pay attention to something in plain sight. And the scream is the searcher all the sudden realizing how he/she was tricked or “duped”. It’s my opinion that the searcher in question, was inches away from the treasure and did not know it. Like Sam Snead and the unfortunate hiccup, missing his putt by mere inches.

        • That really is a fascinating perspective Iron Will. Sometimes you make a whole lot of sense. Your theory though if correct doesn’t help my anxiety…

          • Sometimes the most important clue/hint is hidden in the middle and not at the ends. The pilot bronze fits better with the latest q/a on Jenny’s site, and no one has pointed out that ff is pointing at himself in the bronze. That could be important.

        • I’m not buying into that interpretation for the several reasons. ff said he wouldn’t mislead a searcher. The poem if followed precisely should lead straight to the tc, so how could someone who got the gist of it (the correct solve) be inches away from the tc and not find it. And finally, ff said he couldn’t imagine a searcher being within 12′ of the tc and not finding it assuming that searcher was there by following the clues. Sounds more to me like someone buffaloed themselves into thinking they had the gist of it. We’ve all been guilty of that at one time or another.

          • I should probably clear your misconceptions of what I said Resa…
            To better explain what I mean, Let say Forrest “HID” the chest (which he did), and you are able to go to the area where it’s located. You look around and investigate everything. But there are a few items there that you start to investigate, then think to yourself, “There’s no way he’d put it there.” You leave it be and walk away. Let’s say the treasure WAS there. Guess what? He just “buffaloed” you. He tricked you into not thinking anyone would put it there. Keeping something “hidden” is the nature of misleading.

            “I have not said that a searcher was closer than 12’ from the treasure. It is not likely that anyone would get that close and not find it.” He never said you would know you found it. It might refer to the exact spot the treasure is hidden at.

            Just remember there are always multiple ways to decrypt Forrest’s words. The most important way, is his way…whatever that is 😛

          • Ok, I get it that he hid it really well. But how does that go with his WW a while back, where he said that if you think he wouldn’t or couldn’t put it there, he probably didn’t? the unfortunate hiccup sb sounds like ff was expecting something to happen at a certain time, so he started releasing a bunch of sb to coincide with that event. something happened to delay that event, which was the unfortunate hiccup, so ff decided to entertain himself and us with unrelated sb and q/a’s, knowing that Sam would win the tourney eventually. This SB is one his entertaining, not informative, sbs. Not to mention this sb sounds like a slap.

          • I understand what your saying. I’ve given that thought. Perhaps that Weekly Words was a message to someone or something he’d seen people talking about, and he responded to it in that way. And now this has come about, making it dangerous to apply a year old sentence to an updated occurrence. Just my 10 cents worth.

          • “He never said you would know you found it.”

            Sure he has, Will. He just doesn’t dwell on it:

            03/06/2013 –
            @8:18-“Nobody’s gonna happen on that treasure chest. Their gonna have to figure out the clues and think and find…and go directly to it.”

            April 17, 2013 –
            @13:33-the person that finds that treasure chest is gonna have to figure out the clues and walk right straight to it, they’re not gonna happen on that treasure chest…..

            Sept. 25, 2013 –
            @36:00- “read the poem in my book and decipher what the clues mean, the clues can take you right straight to the treasure chest…..”

            go directly to it…..walk right straight to it…..right straight to the treasure chest – – seems pretty straightforward to me…. IF you have correctly solved the nine clues, you will be able to go straight to the chest, no “searching” required!!!

            Good Luck to Ya, Willie 🙂

        • Loco,
          No matter how many times ya hit that horse with a bat it will never sink in.

          How many clues from home…”All of them, in theory…

          Maybe the message here is don’t listen to all the BS, ( Buffalo) listen to the man who created it all, (Fenn himself) other wise you’ll go crazy screening about all those 12 footers.

          Oh right…imo

  29. A quick aside since Seeker mentioned an elevator in his post above.

    Every morning a gentleman who lives in a building takes the elevator from the 15th floor down to the lobby and catches a cab for work. He works hard all day, then comes home, takes the elevator to the second floor, and gets out. He then proceeds to the stairs and walks up 13 flights of stairs to his Apartment.

    He does this every day. Why?

    Billy Barty’s Ghost: “You making fun of me Sparrow? When I was alive I lived on the 15th floor of my building. In the morning I would get in the elevator, push the button for the first floor, and then go out and hail a cab. When I got home from work I’d get in the elevator, but I could only reach as high as the second button, so I would get off on the second floor and take the stairs up to my apartment on the 15th floor. You think that’s funny Sparrow? You turning my daily life into a riddle? (he begins kicking Sparrow in the shins).”

    OK, that is my elevator riddle for the day. Thank you.

      • I must say, if this is really Braden Barty, Billy’s son, it is an honor to speak with you. He was a great man. He overcame great obstacles and lived a great life. He was gifted, and funny. And he was a good actor to top it all off. And he thinks the chest is hidden in Wyoming. I’m not going to argue with him. 🙂

      • Sparrow (but not the GoT one – just to be clear)

        a few weeks back, a ‘clone’ curious hobbit popped up outa nowhere and disappeared – now it’s Billy’s son magically appearing without explanation?

        hmmm… i smell a randawg

    • Hi Sparrow (no, not the one from Game of Thrones!) — you forgot the part about the exception: that on days that it rains, Billy Barty takes the elevator all the way up to the 15th. 😉

    • Because the building he works for, operating the elevator and catching cabs for other people, is not the same building with the malfunctioning elevator he lives in.

  30. The water in the background of “The Scream” painting kind of looks like the view looking north from the South Fork of the Madison River just below Hebgen Lake. (from photo on Google Earth)

      • About seven miles west of west Yellowstone? That’s what is said how far it was in the Cody Buffalo story.

        • I’m not sure that “west Yellowstone” was
          mentioned in that story. My opinion.

          OhMeOhMy . . . here’s some more “Yakking”
          about large 4-legged animals, and also about
          the actual hunt: When FF and his friend went
          on the “looking for L and C” expedition, they
          were on horses, one of which was named
          Lightning, and had a blaze that looked like
          an arrow pointing downward. I think that
          this relates to this hunt. And I also think
          that the fact that the word “coincidence”
          starts with “coin” is just a coincidence.

          All my opinion. I’m “pining” for winter to be over.

  31. An archeolo(gist) may piece broken pottery back together to further research. Just my 2 cents. 🙂

    • Brilliant. I like it. The poem I think of as an archeological dig site. Some things are together and some broken, some scattered all over the place. Your job is to make sense of it all. Figure out how all the pieces come together. Only when you figure that out will you know the path to the treasure. My opinion.

  32. There seems to be a lot of firing going on here. In the books f talks about hiring a bunch of PHDs. They were smart but not good with people. He had to fire them. I felt all along that f is screening searchers. He is looking at character too. It’s part of the Fenn image and high quality standard. Mr. Fenn has every right to. I think he is watching, so be on your best behavior. Outside of the bad boy role playing of Iceman, I’m not so bad. But I still have to guard against being an arrogant jerk. Just FYI. My opinion for what it’s worth.

    • Mr. Fenn has no control over who finds the treasure, so what would be the point of screening prospective finders? It also assumes that he expects the treasure to be found during his lifetime, and he’s mentioned that it might not be found for a 100 or more years. Maybe he’s created a puzzle that requires certain characteristics to solve it, so the puzzle itself weeds out those who don’t measure up. He tried to think of everything, after all.

      • F thinks a certain way. Has his own set of rules and high standard morals. The person that figures out the poem will have to think like F, and probably be a dynamic character, like F.
        Iceman, I sorta agree with your analogy.
        You’d almost have to be “Fenn-like” to understand his meaning!
        Whose to say a weed isn’t a flower? It’s all in the eye of the beholder! (Sorry, I just finished reading “Alice in Wonderland”, again! That’s why my post from a few days ago talks about the sound of words, “Hear me all and listen good”. The caterpillar speaks funny.
        Bold– not read but heard could be taken as “bowled”. I was told I was “messing” with his poem.
        Where– could be understood as “ware”.
        It’s how we each interpret what we hear, and what we chose to believe.
        What is one man’s junk is another man’s treasure!

        • Donna, please see my comment on this thread from several days ago – I think you have a great point. Your name kinda rhymes with “Madonna” lol. I don’t think you are “messing” with the poem, rather you are doing what F said to do. He said to read the poem over and over again. You are hearing it perhaps the way a child who can’t yet read would. I like it.

    • Iceman,
      “Outside of the bad boy role playing of Iceman, I’m not so bad. But I still have to guard against being an arrogant jerk.”

      Sounds like a Tim McGraw song…Better Than I Used To Be.

  33. Note the use of the word “potter.” Now research “potter box”. This is a framework for defining what it means to be ethical. I think Mr. Fenn is hinting that your ethical behavior is important to him. Again it’s a virtue he holds dear and a trait he would like to see in the searcher that finds his treasure chest. I’m no angel, I know that, but most of the time I operate with high ethical standards. Still I have to guard against getting sloppy or careless, lazy even. Again this is just FYI. And as always it’s my opinion.

  34. There are additional words here that might be helpful to searchers close to the treasure chest. Hot stick, glaze and junkers caught my attention. You can look them up yourself. They have many meanings so you’ll have to dig and sort to find what is valuable to you. Lastly the word respectively caught my attention. Why? Because it should have been respectfully. I suggest you be respectful to other searchers but especially to Mr. Fenn, who has earned every right to it. I know most have. I’m just saying it’s important and it’s FYI only. This is the message f is trying to subtly convey to all. He’s watching. My opinion.

  35. all i can say is wow…
    I can truly feel that I comprehend every aspect of what you have been trying to accomplish with the chase, as I feel I hold very similar feelings.
    I find that they spill out into every aspect of my being.
    You truly are one of a kind sir and will always be remembered as such.

    P.S. i’m not trying to suck-up….just speaking my true feelings…

    P.P.S. Chasers are an Awesome Bunch!

  36. I believe the six circles on the pot are the hint. They coincide with the circles on the border of the pic on the cover on TFTW.

  37. I got the answer to your poem mr. forrest,we all have been playing a game of poker with you,and you got the royal flush,and you got the title winning hand,I please want it.I’m tired of getting flushed by you.

    • i like my furry little screaming buddy better than some old crummy painting.

      opinion mine.

  38. Purely coincidence I’m sure…but on April 18th, 1035 pm, Donna M. discussed her thoughts on “bold and bowled”, “where and ware”. Shortly afterward, on the MW site, there was a question/answer between FF and “No Where (ware?) Bu”t. Front and center of this Scrapbook is a “bowl” (bold) apparently a form of earthen “ware” (where). Even if absolutely coincidental, I absolutely love how we can “weave” a garment of sorts from all of these beautiful threads.

  39. Maybe Forrest knows people are getting close, and he is sharing more and more information about himself and things he likes.
    -My Opinion-

  40. Forrest, I really like your Buffalo! Can I buy it from you? How much a pound was it again?

  41. So did the starving Yahoo artist you helped out when they first got started turn out to be somebody in the art world? Mr. Yahoo couldn’t of been too embarrassed to not afford 15 bucks…. unless your cost was much much much more. Be nice to know. Imo grovel.

  42. Mr. Fenn, do you still have the drawing from the yahoo artist ? If so, would you be willing to post it here ? I’m also curious, since his art improved, did he ever make a Real name for himself ?

  43. I like your art and your stories Mr Fenn. I hope your perimeter is secure and no searchers defile your property and/or violate your air space.

    •, I assure you it would be a fatal shot! I do understand your meaning! LOL!
      Your hilarious and look forward to your comments​, they brighten my day
      God bless you and your family,

  44. Thank you Forrest for the entertaining story and Dal for such a great site where we can all share! During the off season in addition to following the forums about “The Chase” I enjoy watching movies. Normally I like to make fresh popcorn. Lately I find myself buying almonds in bulk ever since I found they are really good at relieving heartburn. With all the talk about someone maybe being close it raises my anxiety level for when the snow will finally melt and the season begins! I’m trying to stay calm and be patient as I’m sure we all are. Blessings to all in the chase!

    • My favorite types of movies are ones based on true stories. I saw one last night at the theatre about Lee Strobelformer, a former legal affairs editor of the Chicago Tribune and his journey. It was really good beyond my expectations. Things to do while we wait for the snow to melt and the adventure to continue.

  45. Mr.Fenn,
    I think your more of a true artist then the man who on a cardboard, pastel created SCREAM!
    Was that a 120 million?
    That painting a nightmare for sure, I would not hang it near children.
    Those billionaire’s, have no touch with reality, I knew one and we had hard, hard words, after that he was always respectful!!
    Thank you Dale and Mr.Fenn,.

    • My mistake, that was a version of the painting! Cardboard, pastel , I wonder what did the original sell for!
      Totally ignorant when it comes to ART! Martha

  46. I still think the Buffalo is pretty darn good. Better than I could do, mine would look more like cousin It from Adam’s Family.

    I think the Yahoo sounds like a real Bozo but sometimes good people act like a Yahoo. Sounds like you’re the forgiving type. Most certainly due some respect.

    I think if I were to ever find the treasure I’d give the entire thing (100%) to a new charity dedicated to taking girl and boy scouts into YNP each summer; who couldn’t afford to go otherwise. I think Forrest would appreciate that and the tens of hundreds of scouts over the many years would surely thank him too.

    I’d call it William’s Forrest. Or something like that. I think it’d be fitting to have him and his father in the name. Leaving a lasting legacy for a man who helped so many children already and leaving yet another legacy for Forrest.

    I’d probably grovel if I thought it would help. Maybe a good cry or even a bit of stripping (scary sight). I have friends that would testify to my willingness to do those sorts of things. Alas, I haven’t found it.

  47. A Forrest B. Fenn bronze erected at a Museum baring his name and the display of his priceless collections. (Including a space exclusively for all children; dedicated to the enhancement of their natural curiosity and wonder).

    Charities focused on causes he has supported would certainly add dimension.

  48. The shadow on the self portrait statue makes it look, IMO, like 1/2 his head is blown off……and what’s he pointing at?

  49. Read this today:

    “Art is like learning a language, you start with the dirty words.” – Marcel Duchamp

  50. …. Back on scrapbook 171 I was tossing some idea’s around with Zap and BW about day light savings time and Dr. Pepper. They were idea’s I had about scrapbook 99.5 and the clock on the counter reading 10-2-3, and a missing bulb. Now he gives us the word: “Junkers” which rearranged spells: sun jerk. Humm… sun – day light savings, and jerk as in soda jerk.

    Fred Y.

  51. “As I have gone alone in there” is a very intriguing and mysterious sentence. But it seems everything Forrest writes is intriguing and mysterious. Even the sentence “Gee, and I thought they were really good” above is intriguing and mysterious in its own way. I can’t wait for the next SB. I’m a short story addict. Where can I find help?

  52. Since the topic has come up on this post, I have a story related to “It doesn’t matter who you are. It only matters who they think you are.”

    While I was out today, I stopped in at an art gallery/coffee shop. I told the young guy behind the counter I wanted an ice coffee. He tried to up-sell me on adding syrup or caramel or other sweet things and I said, “No, thanks. I actually like the taste of coffee by itself.”

    He replied, “I don’t really like the taste of coffee.”

    It was a weird statement, so I said, “But… you work at a coffee shop!”

    Then, an older lady spoke up from the back and said, “He’s only been working here for three days. I’m the owner.”

    That made some sense, so I said to the young guy, “Maybe you’ll develop a taste for it.”

    But then the owner added, “I don’t really like the taste of coffee either.”

    I stared at her for an uncomfortable moment and said, “But… but… you’re the owner!”

    “Oh, no, my passion is the art. That’s what I’m into.” I have no idea why they said these things to a complete stranger.

    I couldn’t help but laugh and say, “You’re not really instilling in me a lot of confidence in your coffee.”

    The coffee was alright, but here’s the thing. It doesn’t matter who they are, the guy at the counter, or the art lady. A customer walked in and said that he likes the taste of coffee. Their opinion on the taste of coffee shouldn’t even come up in the conversation. It’s irrelevant. If anything, they should have a comment prepared about why their coffee tastes better than any other coffee the customer might find elsewhere, even if they don’t believe it.

    Further, because she told me that she isn’t really interested in coffee, I knew that she only added a coffee shop to the art gallery because she didn’t think her art would sell. So, to me, she’s also saying that she doesn’t have a lot of confidence in her own art.

    Both the coffee, and the art, were diminished, simply because she felt the need to tell me she didn’t like the taste of coffee. It simply doesn’t matter who she is (in this case a person who doesn’t like the taste of coffee). It only matters who they think she is (an artist with poor self-esteem).

    And this relates to the other topic brought up in this post, about “being yourself”. That lady totally should NOT be herself! She should be a person who does have confidence in her art, or a person who pretends to like the taste of coffee, or at the very least a person who doesn’t like the taste of coffee but keeps opinions about the taste of coffee to herself when she’s the owner of a coffee shop. 🙂

    • I can see the newbie but not the owner.
      But then again she’s probably just trying to make up for her shortcomings.
      Sometimes it’s all about the $ & that’s no way to sell your product.

      You’re right, they shouldn’t be in a business where they don’t like the product they sell while interacting with customers.

      You may want to find another gallery and/or coffee shop.

    • Perhaps it shouldn’t matter if she likes the coffee, but knows others do. Adding a coffee shop to an art gallery seems to work. It got you to walk into her gallery. Step one. 🙂

      • Haha, that might explain why so often when I go to these places their espresso machines are mysteriously “broken” — they never actually sold any coffee, it’s just to lure you in!

    • Great tale and analysis Jeremy – really enjoyed both.

      FWIW – I think we all “wander a bit” as we try to figure out just what it is in life we want and want to be. I have had two major career changes in my life, both for the better – at least I think so. Along the way I’ve “sold coffee” to make ends meet, but knew fairly quickly into the gig that I wouldn’t be there very long.

      Those of us here on this board are of a certain mindset, and that’s what has brought us together. We thrive on the mystery and the draw of Indulgence, and the man, (dare I say legend?) Mr. Forrest Fenn. He is a man with purpose, actually many purposes, and we all want to be found, at least in some way, to emulate him. And what better way than to show him we figured out his puzzle?

      Continued good luck to all.

      • I like it.

        I wonder…is anyone worried about what happens if the treasure is found? Will we all stop exploring? I hope not.

  53. sadly the Quality of Our Societies is flying down hill we should all be screaming

  54. Damien Hirst artist born June 7 1965 likes to create art depicting dead animals and other things that must be considered art because he’s super rich doing it. He once said ” I can’t wait to get in to a position to make really bad art and get away with it.” I wonder if Eric Sloane ever felt that way……. or if Fenn felt guilty for pimping it out? Eric initially changed his name as not to be associated with his earlier works…… similar to the yahoo artist.

  55. Any new seekers out yonder that way? Have not heard from anyone in a while!

  56. The past couple days, I’ve been thinking about this scrapbook, in particular, “The Scream” and the comment, ‘spewing volcano.’ To me, scream would be yelling. Putting the two together, my thoughts lean towards Yellowstone. I’ll have to continue thinking about this one.

  57. The bronzes are really good and something your family will cherish forever. We watched a bronze sculptor a few days ago and learned how much patience, time and talent it requires. Thanks for sharing – very impressed, Mr Fenn!

  58. News article out from an upcoming art exhibit in England that will feature Edvard Munch’s original lithograph of the Scream along with many other pieces of art. What caught my eye was that the curator was explaining what Munch had written about in his diary about the Scream. Nature was actually *screaming* because of the unusually bright red morning sky that inspired the idea. For those interested, you can google it to read it.

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