Colter’s Hell….



I’ve always wanted to head west even though I am not a young man physically. Cody Wyoming would be my second trip after staying in Reno Nevada for 6 months looking for something that wasn’t there.

My trip was not planned very well, I had gold fever (and still do) and I was going to Cody without reserving any accommodations. Besides, I have done this all the time when traveling to the White Mountains of the Granite State, Green Mountains of Vermont and Maine’s beautiful Appalachian’s. In worst case scenarios I would just pitch a tent somewhere or sleep in the car, but I had no tent and no car to sleep in Cody. The rental car I reserved couldn’t be acquired because my flight arrived too late to pick up. Closed!

I knew exactly what I was doing and would be fine.

Flew out of West Palm Beach at 5am on a Saturday morning and headed to Atlanta to catch a connector flight which would take me to Denver, then another connector to Yellowstone Regional Airport.

Landed in Atlanta only to find our plane was grounded, do to maintenance issues, which was fine with me considering they found the issues on the ground instead of 35,000 ft in the air.

Took an hour or so to get new flight to Denver to meet new connector, which worked out fine except…

Landed in Cody around 10pm MST, departed the plane only to find out my luggage was not there and they just told me to call them to see when it has arrived. OK, so no clothes, except for the clothes on my back and no high blood pressure meds which I foolishly put in my luggage instead of carry on.

Well, what the heck, I feel as though I need a couple of stiff ones to toss back, after all, I was on vacation so let’s not worry about the small stuff.

Called Town Taxi and Ron picked me up at the airport and asked him to take me to a bar or saloon so I can think straight. I would deal with the sleeping arrangements after I had a few. Dropped me off at Silver Dollar Bar and had a few while playing cornhole with a few locals, biker’s and vacationers. I would have to say the people here were very hospitable. I had told several people I was here looking for Forrest Fenn’s treasure and they knew nothing of it. I was surprised no one even heard of Forrest even though he was a trustee of Buffalo Bill Center of the West museum.

Had my fill & was really thinking straight if you know what I mean and called Ron to pick me up to go looking for a hotel or motel that had vacancy which he had told me it would be difficult considering it was biker week here in Cody. Thousands of bikers were passing through and staying there for Sturgis the first week of August. Just my luck, things were not going my way on this trip unlike many unplanned trips before. Ron did the research and we traveled to many different places that were packed full. Made many calls to no avail and told him to drop me off at the Ponderosa where I could meet Ben, Hoss, Adam, Little Joe & maybe have a nice meal by Hop Sing. Wrong Ponderosa, wrong state of mind & state & the TV show was not actual reality but the shots were in control. Timing & planning was wrong as well as you already know.

Ron’s a little older than myself and allot wiser than me & the look on his face was surely a sign that it was not going to happen considering he has lived in this town most of his life. But who am I to listen to someone who has been sober for several years as he told me.

Dropped me off and walked into the lobby where a tired husky man behind the counter was dozing off. I asked him if there was anything open for the night and he told me the obvious in a drowsy state. I asked him if I could sleep on the couch in the lobby until something opens up tomorrow. He suddenly awakened with a look that incinerated my soul and replied, if you don’t get out of here now, I am calling the police!

I left quickly and my heart was racing, knowing I am over 2,000 miles away from home with no place to stay. I took my pulse and was beating about 3 times a second. Holy crap, I really stretched myself thin on this one. I wandered out to find a teepee close by and was getting ready to spend the night Indian style when better judgment seemed to enter my mind and decided to call Ron again.

He was right around the corner and picked me up. I asked him if there were any more places he had in mind I could stay the night and that’s when I realized there are lots of great people here in this town and Ron is one of them. I cannot say this for the grizzly in the lobby. He took me back to his place on the north side of the Shoshone River where he had a couple of trailers in the field.

Ah, finally got to rest in a trailer with running water, electricity, bathroom wasn’t hooked up yet, but I had a roof over my head and that’s all I need for the time being. Isn’t it funny how all the things we take for granted?

I was truly thankful he took me under his wing that night when I needed a place to stay outside of the steel bars.

Didn’t get much sleep, heart rate was high. I was pretty sure my heart would explode at anytime.

Laying down, steering at the ceiling around 7am Sunday morning my blood pressure shot through the roof with several loud gun shots. I thought at this time, it was my time to go and should be brave and thankful for the time I had been here on this earth. I stepped out of the trailer to a man with a rifle pointing very near my direction out of the window of a house about 30 ft away. It was Ron, leaning on the window sill from inside his house, shooting at targets by the trailer I was resting in. I said to myself, please, I hope his aim is good and puts a bullet between my eyes, so I do not have to suffer as I walked towards the window.

“Hey, why don’t you come on inside”

Wow, talk about being out of your element, I was sure the end was ever drawing nigh.

At that point with soiled clothing, I decided I needed a beer for breakfast. Coffee was not an option for me at this point. He invited me in and showed me around. What a collection of old oil lamps, guns, arrows, hide scrappers, paintings, boots and all sorts of old west items he had in his home. I couldn’t believe it, the treasure was here & he was the center piece. This man is a collector just like Forrest. He let me shoot many of his guns, rifles, shotguns and one special cannon. I asked him if he has killed any elephants with this cannon of a rifle and he replied, just bison. I leaned against the window sill, aimed and blasted the cannon. My shoulder hurt for the rest of week after being thrown back a bit.

I told Ron why I came to Cody. He patiently put up with my obsession, not believing anything about it, although he told me a story about some treasure hunters that had to be rescued in the Absaroka mountains not too long ago. Had a great time & learning experience there in Cody and it’s history is deep. I already knew I would go back to see him again after this trip.

WWWH, Buffalo Bill Reservoir.

I know now that WWWH is not related to any dam, but I was thinking about the reservoir where a few hot springs were submerged by the dam that was built back in 1903. I believe this was the highest dam in the world at this time at 325 ft, surely the warm waters halted here.

Take it the canyon down, Shoshone Canyon.

Not far, but too far to walk. We will have to drive.

Put in below the home of Brown.

There is only one road that goes across the Shoshone (Stinking Water River) in Cody. Belfry bridge.

That highway is called Belfry Highway, named after the town to the north. There was a woman from the town of Belfry that succumbed to fumes in Colter’s Hell 1903 & her name was Wm. Brown from Belfry (Put in below the home of Brown.)

From there it’s no place for the meek,

Joseph Meek was a trapper in this area as well as allot of other areas in the Rockies & the west. He never got credit for YNP or Colter’s Hell although he described the areas in detail, they didn’t believe him.

The end is ever drawing nigh;

Well at the time I thought that “nigh” meant near, but I know now it’s all about your perspective & more importantly about Forrest’s perspective. It could actually be the word that is key seeing he is winking at you; without the nose & smile. 😉

There’ll be no paddle up your creek,

Your up sh*t’s creek without a paddle comes to mind here.

Stinking Water River was the name of this river back in the day when things were less complicated. Evidently the newer settlers didn’t like the name the local indigenous people gave to the river.

Just heavy loads and water high.

The heavy loads & water high could be the dammed waters above Colter’s Hell.

The blaze?

I am wise at times, but not so wise in other times.

I thought the blaze was the gravel road to Colter’s hell RD 2ABW.

This road still is one of the oldest roads to the west from years ago when it was the blazing west.

My video camera would not work, my mothers camera that she gave me for the trip would not work, my cell camera did not work until the last day I was there when I was no longer searching. I had 3 cameras with me on this trip & didn’t work for a reason. Searched thoroughly in these areas for a week but I felt as though I was in the Bermuda Triangle when it came time to take pictures or make a call.

Plan B in surrounding areas at Rattlesnake Mountain & Spirit Mountain came up empty as well even though Forrest said it is there in spirit, about the X.

Some places are better explored in person only for your memories & experiences only & cannot be shared by modern technology for a reason I do not know of But I was able to get a few pics of hell.

Sometimes the trip is about the people you meet & not the quarry.

Thanks to Ron, who now owns Town Taxi made the stay & search fun. He showed me the places in Colter’s Hell where he found all those arrow heads & hide scrapers.

We went out on 2 trips to Colter’s Hell together to find the treasure when he eventually caved into the thrill of the chase.

The craters created by Mother Nature there were active & spewing with muddy waters with a stench of sulfur that still lingers.

When we were looking into these pits from above I could see vehicles that were obviously driven off the cliffs to their resting place below.

I knew at this point again, this was not the place to rest your bones with your treasure.

There was only one way in & out of these craters & went down into them only to find the old rusted vehicles filled with hundreds of bullet holes which made me nervous.

We searched the caves & caverns around only to find trash & burnt documents from a lawyers office located in Texas which I thought were connected to Forrest. Wrong!

The ceilings of these caverns were crumbling dried white deposits ready to fall at any time & decided to get the hell out of there.

We climbed back out the same way we went in only to see a Land rover parked where we were.

We climbed through the barbed wire fence at the perimeter of the crater that was the deepest & noticed the “Private Property” signs & approached the vehicle slowly with hearts racing & a full sweat.

The driver was wearing a collared shirt with a rifle embroider on his left chest & told us we were trespassing.

He had a passenger & a rifle & probably a handgun. I told him we were looking for Forrest Fenn’s treasure. He wasn’t amused & had a look on his face that said get out of here.

Come to find out, he was one of the caretakers of the property.

Some millionaire dude from another country bought parts of Colter’s Hell & surrounding areas for reasons unknown to me.

I would have to say after my experience there, that area is sacred to the spirits & better left alone. It was sad that people dumped there vehicles & documents there & have no respect for anyone including themselves.

Sometimes you got to go through Hell to get to Heaven.

Colter’s Hell.



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  1. Wow, Jake! What an adventure you had! I’ve seen Colter’s Hell, and it’s an amazing place. I had always wanted to go down to get a better look, but knew it wasn’t allowed. I’ve learned that the Native Americans would run the buffalo towards the pit, which would lead to their demise. I’m sure there’s a lot of history to this place, as well as, the surrounding areas.

    • The Natives would bath into the fumeral sulfur spring & cover themselves with the medicinal mud back in the day.

      They thought is was medicinal anyway.
      The fumes back then were lethal & when I went down there, there was a stench of sulfur.

      Who knows, we were not there then, but that area was definitely a hot spot for native activity.

        • This would seem to make sense. Think of those who take mud baths now. It’s said the mud draws out impurities from the body. I believe we’re just starting to catch up with the knowledge from those before us.

      • Jake, I must say your adventures remind me of mine!
        Disorganized, horrible lack of commication with partner! And the camera situation, Wow, I also had 3 and had a difficult time getting good shots, oh well, what is there to say!
        I’m sorry you left your
        Medication in your luggage, you learned your lesson on that, I’m just glad you didn’t have a heart attack and that you survived without it, don’t mean to sound like your mother!
        Spirit mountain in the day was so mysterious because before they Damm it, smoke would come out of the holes and created a unusual sight, and it was named 3 times, Frost mountain, Spirit mountain, I forgot the last name! I did research on Spirit mountain a couple of years ago. It definitely has a history! I know there are 2 gates and you can aquire the keys thought some Fed. Agency. I thought it was public property?
        All this private property out West is Communist!
        My opinion is you should be able to go anywhere as long as your not disturbing anything or breaking the law!!! I however do understand the signs that read PRIVATE PROPERTY!!!
        Jake, where are you know?
        Your probably statement on you have to go through hell to get to heaven, I believe was a big hit “song”, and sometimes in life it sure fills that way!
        I however know better, because it’s finished!
        If you know what I mean.
        I enjoyed your story, Jake!
        Did you know that stugis bike rally for that week or ten days, however long it is brings in more than a Billion, yes Billion!
        All the retired Rich old folks having a very expensive good time!
        I think I would rather be in a cave!
        Best regards, Martha

      • Jake forgive me, I have been talking to you about Spirit Mountain all this time.
        I am so sorry, I can’t explain why, I am so embarrassed!
        Colter’s Hell is not Spirit Mountain!
        My wires got crossed, it happens to me sometimes, you must think I’m nuts!
        Jake, Again I enjoyed your story and your pictures, it was a real trill! Best regards, Martha

        • Martha,
          I wouldn’t be embarrassed.
          I think everyone on here is nut’s.
          Seems to be a prerequisite.
          I think it’s Cedar Mtn now & heard there were little creature like people living in the caves there. They can keep the key cause I am not going back there.

          • Jake, your hilarious. It is cedar Mt.
            Your right were all nuts , being played by one heck of a Cat, I feel like a mouse being tossed between his paws!
            I definitely understand why your not going back?
            Good day sir, Martha

  2. Jake –
    You should have gone in the winter. Then we could all say it will be a cold day in hell when you find the treasure chest. Hope your next trip goes better. I have pictures of Coulters Hell if you want some. I was there too. There aren’t many places in the Rockies I haven’t been to. If I go back one more time my wife told me I might as well stay there for good. She said she won’t be home when I get back. She’s bluffing. I think.

    • Iceman,
      When I was there in August 2015, the temps went down to 35 in the early morning & rose to 85 in the mid afternoon.

      It was a cold sunrise in hell, but enjoyable.


    • Icemans

      sounds like a slippery slope upon slippery ice (re: your wife ‘dilemma’) so good luck with that – but am personally keen to see ya photos of your trip to Coulters Canyon ‘a picture’ speaks a thousand-ish-odd words, after all

      ( ..i mean, 99.999% of all Hefners’ magazine subscribers can’t be wrong ..right? 🙂 )

    • ( ..but sshhh! – don’t tell pdenver)

      ( ..or i’ll have to Fed-Ex another paper-bag, smelling salts and a fake I.D ..with the upmost urgent-ness!)

      ( ..and we all know how hard it is to find a paper-bag nowadays! 🙁 )

  3. After living in Cody for about 2 months in the summer of 1967 while working on a geophysical hydrocarbon exploration crew, and lodging in the IRMA hotel,,, Jake is spot on with descrptive concerning the locals here or in mosi small Western Wyoming towns.
    One can meet the most interesting of characters in Western Wyoming, with most of the contacts being more than friendly,,
    Providing that you aren’t acting like some big city butt head..

      • Jake, that means your 52, if you were 2 in 67,
        Pardon me but from the way you express yourself, concerning Cody, I would have thought you were perhaps I. Your 70’s, no offense Jake and your picture doesn’t match up to a 52 year old man?
        I enjoyed your pictures are the information you shared..
        I hope you have your blood pressure under control. I must admit my blood pressure is boiling, because I hate, yes hate failure!!!!

        • Jake, I just had a recall, the other name for Spirit mountain was Frost, who lost a dog while hunting it fell through a hole.
          The. Other name was Charter I think, but he made a go at it as a business, I think it was Frost along with. president Roosevelt and when they enter the cavern they were amazed at the beauty, well don’t quote me on this, but this is a blur of my memory of my studies of Spirit mountain. With all the research I have done over the years, it’s hard too keep it all straight.
          Thanks Jake, also thought Spirit Mountain was a possibility for those memiors!!

        • I am not 52.
          I am in my 70’s but also a teen.
          Failure is a part of life & it’s how you deal with it that makes you.

          • Sorry Jake, I thought you said you were 2 in 67? I made a mistake, Jake your absolutely right. Failure is a part of life and the way you deal with it, is up to me. Thanks for the words of encouragement, your great!!! I really like your style!

  4. Jake, loved your story! Going through Hell to get to Heaven, is an experience probably all of us searchers have gone through!
    I defiantly sympathized with you about not having a place to stay, except I slept in my jeep many a night last summer! I didn’t mind missing my morning showers, because my searches were all aimed around obscure and unknown waterfalls, so I skinny-dipped it and that was passable.
    I’m glad you found Ron. What an amazing character! Just think, if you had it as smooth as tall cotton, you’d never have had that experience!
    I DO network as I search! I could write a book just on the characters I’ve met, and there were plenty! Some, I was glad to meet while in a crowd! I found several secret places only the old timers knew about, that were not on my topo’s, but are now!
    I’d rather have an experience like yours, than a cream puff-everything is perfect-vacation! Mine usually get screwed up while in the boonies, too! But, that’s ADVENTURE!
    Better luck next time! I hope 2017 will be the year one of us finds it. F seems certain the chest will feel vibrations from somebody’s boots!
    Thanks, and good luck!

    • The characters you meet on the chase make it all worth while.
      Old timers have a spell over me & listen to every word they say for I have not done half of what they forgot.

      The tromp will continue.
      It’s the only way I know how to get where you’re going.

  5. Wow! That’s a hell of a tale to be sure, Jake (in a good way)! One of the better adventure tales I’ve read in a while. Ron sounds like a nice guy to take a lost stranger in for the night, in spite of his trigger-happiness. Those craters sound very neat, in spite of the car-wrecks. It’s too bad that such unique geological features are on private property instead of public lands.

    Thanks for sharing. I didn’t realize you were so far away from the Rockies. Do you have more search trips planned this season, or was that your main trip for this year?

    • That trip was back in Aug 2015 when I 1st heard about the chase in July.
      I only have 4 trips under my belt & the 5th will be in July.

      I wondered why such a historical trail & native area could be purchased by anyone that does nothing to preserve or discover new findings in that area.

  6. Thanks for sharing, Jake! It was a good, adventurous read.

    Ron was a nice guy to put you up for the night when all other avenues were closed, and it was nice how you made a convert to the Chase in him as reward. Those craters sound pretty neat and it’s too bad that they are on private property instead of public land.

    I did not realize that you were an East-coaster. Was this your only trip out West this season, or will you return to search again this year?

    • (Aw, nuts! My first post above didn’t seem to go through, so I posted this 2nd one, but now my 1st one has shown up. Apologies for the redundancy!)

  7. Jake, great story.
    I posted here first, but for some reason it didn’t stick.
    All for the best, i guess.
    Glad you got to explore.
    Stay safe.

  8. Jake—-

    Thanks for sharing. Great story. Was this an earlier search? I thought you were centered on S.W. Montana. Sounds like you had a great time in Wyoming though.

  9. Great story, Jake – and a real adventure! Hope you got your meds back. Heaven and hell: two sides of the same coin???

    • Mistaken identity by the identifiers can be wrong.
      I have the same article on archive even though now it doesn’t fit my solve but shows me you have looked at this path before as I.

      I would like to see the Madison’s in the Gallatin National Forest renamed the Fenn.

    • I found that an interesting morning read, Goofy.
      Thanks for sharing the link.

  10. Great story, Jake – and a real adventure! Hope you got your meds back. Heaven and he!l: two sides of the same coin???

      • I’ll be there in July, can’t wait! Cancun in June and Yellowstone in July 🙂

        • I plan to be there on the 15th of July & search on the next day.
          Tepee, Cascade, Taylor creeks & more if we can.
          The Gallatin runs deep, all the way to the Gulf of Mexico.
          The longest river???

          • Very cool, good luck to you. I will be there 11 days after you. If you find it first let me know so I can spend more time fly fishing!

          • Aaron,
            Where are you looking for it.
            I am looking in the Madison’s.

          • Wish I could say, but the Madison’s do sound like a good spot. I am however interested in catching some trout around the Madison’s while there if the waters isn’t too warm for them that time of year there. 🙂

          • I will let F know 1st but I am just throwing darts & see what sticks.
            So far, most of those darts are laying on the ground.

          • Jake,
            Made on
            I love
            Jake, I
            Are you

          • Lets get married tonight Martha,
            curious hobbit will be the JP.
            F will be my best man.
            Where’s your bridesmaids?

          • good news Martha – Jake is def %100 single and keen to settle down, so… 🙂

            ..and i’d love to offer you some personal marriage advice, but ummm, well..

            (’s complicated 🙁 )

  11. i lived in cody,WY for about a year that place is soooo beautiful and people sooooo nice out there in my state people suck :(.

    that guy not letting you sleep on couch sux.i was homeless for 3 days in cody WY and that bargin box that sells used clothes for the cruch someone who goes to church called them asked if they would buy me a tiocket home and they said they dont do that kind of charity. the church wouldn’t let me sleep in the chapel. police wouldn’t let me sleep in the station. so between the 2 bars on that main road i slept 1 night in the public bathroom then locked out other 2

    some person who family invented tombstone pizza ended up letting me crash at his place for 2 days until i could get a ticket home.

    although the church would of let me freeze to death the people are soooo nice out there and helped me i wish everyone in the world was this nice to people.

    thank You for Your time

    • Thank you for your time.
      Ignore those that don’t help but can when in need.
      When they need help, it may not be there for them.

      I like Tombstone pizza.

  12. “I know exactly what I’m doing and everything will be fine.”

    Jake, I don’t know how many times I’ve uttered those very same words at the start of an excellent adventure in the past. Still do, but have to be careful, if I say them too soon now my wife refuses to accompany me…..can’t imagine why?? 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. Great story Jakester and hope you’re rarin’ to go agin!

    • Is there a prob with your copy & paste Loco?
      Must be your quote although they are similar.

      My X was a worry wart & now I just do things I like with the other people in my head.

      I like your MW’s Q’s, I just wish F’s answers were more precise.

      • Ain’t that the truth brother! We could all use a little more precision.

  13. jake,liked your story,cody is a small town,nothing much to see,loved the cody museum tho.the ammo in there is fantastic,as well as the other artifacts.then went horse riding and yellowstone,a few years back.we were lucky to find some small hotel,when we got there.

  14. Good story Jake…sometimes plans do not go the way we think they will. Often times this is where the adventure begins! Some of my best times have been born out of unforeseen circumstances. Good luck in the future…

      • Jake –
        By winging it (flying) you missed Hell’s Half Acre in Casper, WY. Although there’s probably no treasure chest there, it is an interesting landscape. Just FYI. But hey … hell is no place for the meek.

  15. And that’s one hell of a trip.
    I think u had fun though.
    I can’t even image a trip like that.
    At least you wiil have a good laugh about that one. Proud u had a safe trip and survived without your heart medication.
    I think U are brave. 😉

  16. A really fine adventure Jake, thanks for the story.

    Each trip I have made turns into it’s own adventure. I do more planning each time, but the plan seems to change as soon as I get to my destination. And keeps on changing until the completed journey doesn’t look much at all like the original plan.

    The Thrill of the Chase.

    • F & D brought 3 Babes & ended up with what we have today.
      If you don’t take chances & make a choice, you are just standing on the sidelines while others are making decisions for your nothingness.

      It would be boring for me to have a plan & pan out how I would think it would.

      The Thrill of The Chase.

      I enjoy all facets of all music including Rap:
      Summer is one of my favs by Vivaldi:
      I swear I see a waterfall in this song. There are many ups & downs like life in the squeak but near the end is triumphant.

      One of the tings that struck me in the latest podcast is when he was asked if someone would find the treasure.
      His answer: Yes
      That tells me there are some on the right path & he knows it.

  17. Your solve seems a bit of a train wreck and your preparation (or lack thereof) worse. I guess the bright spots are that you didn’t have to be rescued from the woods, didn’t die, and had yourself a good time so I guess that’s enough.

    • Jake –
      Yea. I think it’s an example of what not to do. Now here’s an example of the perfect textbook maneuver … (here’s where you get on your motorcycle and ride off in a huff).

    • Certainly was a train wreck but came away with a great experience.
      Sometimes that’s the only way to learn.

      Mistakes made:
      WWWH is not associated with a dam.
      The blaze is not a trail.
      Shoshone river is not a creek.
      Spirit Mountain switchback to get to the top.
      Private property almost everywhere I searched.
      On GE the trees I saw were actually shrubs.
      I was not in the wood.
      The place’s were not worthy of resting his bones.
      Tarry scant is not about tar.

      Lessons learned:
      1 – Do your homework 1st.
      2 – Nothing compares to BOTG.
      3 – Make sure your area is worthy of his bones.
      4 – Have other plans when you know it’s not there.

      • Jake, making mistakes in itself is a great learning experience.
        It made me more aware of what not to do, and it gives you a sense and a much better realization of your surroundings, once you venture out on your hunt!
        Learning is like Mercury,
        One of the most powerful and excellent things in the world in skillful hands: in the unskillful, the most mischievous.- Pope.

  18. What an adventure! Sounds like you made a friend for life and corrupted him with the Next time put your meds in your carry on. Thanks for sharing Jake. : )

        • Long wait is right & it’s going to be longer after this late spring snow storm.

      • This summer, when the sky is endless and the window is open.

        Ps This may be a repeat post but my last reply is not showing.

  19. My goodness, Jake–what an adventure! You remind me of Jung’s Hero’s Journey… Alcohol is actually a powerful depressant, one of the most powerful there is.

    I’m not really an anagrammer, but when I’m bored, it’s entertainment. You probably know this already, but here is an anagram of TTOC, in your honor 🙂 :

    Colter Hell Hi Shaft

  20. Nice learning experience. When I went through Cody, I was somewhat surprised that the guy working the drive thru at Wendy’s had a dip of chaw in his mouth. He was very friendly though. 🙂

  21. Jake you always write very sound, well thought out and inspiring lines and statements, this as always, well written, obviously you’re a pretty smart guy, so how did this debacle happen?

    You had some luck, but luck will probably not help you find the TC.

    I would think that this experience could learn ya and (also) some shoot from the hip TC hunters…

    So what HAVE WE LEARNED FROM THIS EXPERIENCE…HMM!!? Now where has that immortal line been uttered? See ff’s father’s words in Thrill Book.

    If I could be so bold to suggest, try starting in the Canyon Down, the Rio Bravo Canyon as it is know down there, you know down there at 32 Degrees latitude, and 32 degrees temperature at which, (where) Warm Waters Halt in the land of enchantment at the OLD MEXICO BORDER. From there it’s not far but too far to walk to the home of Brown. Remember that the last known TC location for sure was Santa Fe, NM Just sayin…

    That place is not on his treasure map in the book, but IMO it is in his poem map and I wish Dal or Jenny K. or a searcher would ask Forrest if the location of WWWH is on the Map in Too Far To Walk, or is it off?

    Note; the bottom of ff’s treasure map is cut off at about 35 Degrees.

    Tom T

    • Tom T, may I suggest going on Jenny’s blog and submit the question to Mr. Fenn and see if he’ll respond to your question.

      • pdenver, f is a soft touch for the ladies, he might answer you or Jenny, but can you imagine what he will do to me, I am sorta like “Iron Will”, you know with a name like Terrific? Although it really means “Enthusiastic” but ff will chew me up and avoid the question altogether.

        So pretty please, could you do it?

        Tom T

        • Oh, is that how you think it is? Now, imagine if I did, and knowing the question is truly from you because I have a feeling he has read your question, what do you think might be said then? Gosh Tom, I wish you would ask, but I’ll ask here:

          Mr. Fenn, seeing Tom feels you have a “soft touch for the ladies,” would you be so kind to answer his question, pretty please? 🙂

          Okay Tom, you’re on your own! lol

    • Tom,
      Just a suggestion.
      If you’re going to ask a specific question like this… you might want to be careful of how you ask it. WhatIF~ wwwh does start where you imply, 32 degrees {below an area on “the map”} but continues into an area that is on ‘the map” {35 degrees}

      Does a yes answer to your question makes a difference to your thought now? or even help if you’re correct in your theory?
      A yes answer, could refer to Glacier National park for that matter. Then again if the answer was no, all that means is wwwh might not be in the “shaded” area but still be on “the map”
      Maybe a more general question would be… Can all the physical/features clues be found anywhere on “the map” provided in tftw.

      Note; I say ‘physical/features’ because we don’t know if ‘all’ information/clues are physical and / or feature [land forms] references.

      Just a thought…

    • Tom,
      Life is a learning experience.
      The day I stop learning will be my last.

      That area is good for you, not me. I will only search in The Treasure State.

  22. Not sure if that was a good or bad trip for you.
    But it’s one u may never forget. I’m sorry you left your chest medicine behind, thank God nothing serious happened. You wrote a great story. 😉

    • Was a good trip & whenever I go on a trip I usually wing it.
      I usually go alone so I don’t have to worry about anyone else although they worry about me.

      Lose yourself, on purpose & you will find yourself.

  23. Jake, I think you may benefit from more adult supervision than you currently enjoy. Great story and write up!

  24. Strange,
    The first morning when I got up to bullets whizzing close by, I noticed an torn note about 2″ tall & 4″ wide on the floor of the trailer.
    I picked up & read the gibberish.
    The only thing I remember was this line:
    I have been searching for the unsearchable treasure in the fields.

    Imagine getting up in a strangers place & finding a note about someone looking for a treasure. Yes, I showed it to Ron & he could only tell me that the trailer was on Mindy’s property earlier in the year & that she was looking for F’s treasure.

    The world shrunk a bit after that knowing I stayed in a trailer where another searcher has stayed.

    I know Ron didn’t wright it after seeing his penship.

    Mindy was arrested for stealing a metal detector used for searching F’s treasure.

    • Oh my Jake, isn’t that so odd that you picked up a note of Mindy’s who also was looking for Mr. Fenn’s treasure!
      That is so surreal!
      Then in her desperate mind, gets arrested for stealing a metal detector, I don’t think a metal detector is needed, when I took off on the hunt May 7th, my daughter insisted on taking the metal detector! Too keep the peace, I agreed!
      Mr. Fenn, has created a phycological warfare of ART, never ever witnessed in history!
      What a genius of a man and I can just imagine the humor this has given him! Laughter is the best medicine!
      I can’t wait to go hunting again as soon as I possibly can, maybe in July!

      • “..has created a phycological warfare of ART, never ever witnessed in history!”

        truer words.. *insert maniacal laughter here*

        “What a genius of a man and I can just imagine the humor this has given him! Laughter is the best medicine!”

        I agree whole heartedly and truly hope he is Martha! 🙂

    • Jake- there was a buffalo jump at that museum i went to. just a great big bronze one though. i really like your birds eye view of the lake. flying must be wonderful.

        • du-uh…..the Buffalo Bill Reservoir, where warm waters halt, the photo in your story of a lake. that one , Jake.

          • OK dodo,
            I feel like one.
            I get the joke about flying must be wonderful now.
            Sometimes I’m a little late on getting it but I usually do in the long run.

            Well anyway, that pic is not Buffalo Bill Res.
            I took that pic on the plane back to the Treasure Coast & thought it might be The Missouri River but not sure.
            I liked the pic because of all those winding Omega’s.

    • pssst, Oscar ..i’m pretty sure you’re right about Mindy being an (obviously) massive criminal and everything ..ikr? 🙁

      ..but it just doesn’t make any sense, that an expensive metal-detector should happen to accidentally fall (within her hands) whilst searching for under-ground non-ferrous metals, on that particular day in question (??)

      i mean…? …Mindy??

  25. Jake, all I can say is that you seem to be a man after my own heart!

    Dodo, sorry for your loss. A flightless bird is such a cruel fate. But imagination will help you to soar, especially when you find those special web pics.

  26. Martha,
    Just remember what F said.
    It’s not who you are, It’s who they think you are.
    The last time someone was in love with me on the internet was back in the late 90’s with AOL. That didn’t work out so well.

    I’m in love with you to & want curious hobbit to be the J of P, right here on Colter’s Hell just to remind us what it may be like later on.

    I pick Forrest Fenn as the best man (Sorry Dal) & I hope he arrives before the commencement. Who are your bridesmaids my soon to be wife?

    Would you please sign a prenup just in case I find the treasure?

    • Learjet fuelled – tick
      fake J.P certificate – tick
      faded bright pink 90’s tuxedo – tick
      pick up the wedding ring from Smeagol -tick
      try the ring for size, when no-ones looking – ti

    • Just stop it Jake, am I to assume Colter’s Hell would be the place of our wedding day?
      That’s a heck of a way to Begin a beautiful life, and one hell of a place. Such a typical arrangement, yes Jake let’s get married on a super volcano and watch it blow!
      I don’t believe in prenuptials, I can hold my own! Jake if we were married and I found the treasure, I would have no problem giving you it all, just one stipulation I want the CD, and his 20,000 word memoir!
      Money talks, but it don’t dance and it can’t walk you get my drift… I have my security!
      Bridesmaids would be Mrs. Fenn, Kelly and Zoe. How about that Jake?
      Let’s just do it!
      Jake your in the wrong state!

    • … that darn ring off with some soap, finally!!]

      oh wait.. did someone mention “pre-nuptials” ?? ..ummm…

      [note to self; quickly put that darn ring back on agai

      • oh, sorry to hear that mate – sad news indeed 🙁

        well, i s’pose pdenver was right all along then.. when she told absolutely everyone about ‘Martha being too good for you’ etc, so….

        ( ..i tried to argue, but she shot me her ‘squinty-eyes’)

        • Gosh, I wouldn’t say that. Besides, when I give “the look,” it isn’t with squinty eyes. Just ask my kids.

        • ok’re right (again) – about WYgirl spilling the beans about ‘Oscar not bein good enough’ ..etc

          my sincerest apology, pdenver 🙁

          ( ..or should i say ‘mrs. laser-beams for eyes ma’am’ 🙂 )

          ( ..oh wait!?.. is that that a laser-beam shining through my bedroom windo

          • No my friend, that’s just the thunderstorm I’m having here right now. “My look” is one of seriousness, and my eyebrows raise a bit. Storm is beginning to settle, so I will say good evening, or perhaps, good day to you ’til we meet again.

          • sounds like a serious storm, pdenver 🙁
            so be sure to keep you & family safe nikan

            ( ..i’m on my way!!)

  27. Far be it for me to give advice on how to survive a “homeless stretch” sitting in my comfortable chair with a roof over my head – but if I were to give any tidbits away, “they” say, it is easier to find someplace during the day to sleep/take a nap, so that other folks leave you alone, so you can sit up at night in a 24 hour diner sipping your coffee and working the times crossword puzzle.

    Glad you found a way to survive. So how much did the airlines reimburse you for your “discomfort”?

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