Here’s a new contest just in time for Fennboree.

I call it Doodlemania.

Just draw a picture of Indulgence resting in her hiding place.
Bring it to Fennboree.
Your doodle can be big or small, colorful or monotone, simple or complex.
It can be created digitally or crafted by hand.
Be it impressionistic, surrealistic, minmalistic, conceptual, modernistic, pop, abstract or even hyperrealistic.
It can be a drawing, a painting, a sketch, but it must be made by you.

Give it appeal and let the voters decide.
We’ll hang them up on Saturday for all to see at Fennboree.
Everybody there gets one vote.
Doodle with the most votes wins.

Wins what!!!

TFTW…the book…
Got one already?
Is yours signed by the author and by the cover photographer?…I think not…
Think “special”…
You can see what Forrest had to say about this splendid memoir and meet Lou and Susan who created the book with Forrest and see Peggy’s reaction to one of the stories…in a video located here:
(it may take a few moments for the video to load up…be patient)
Chasing Words of Forrest Fenn by J.C. Merritt
This is an incredible resource with quotes from Forrest and links to where the source of the quotes…whether it was in a book, on the web, a video or a radio program.
Find out more about this resource here:
JCM also said he would donate a second copy of his Chasing Words of Forrest Fenn for the second place winner…
Desertphile: A Paranoid Misanthrope Hides in the Desert

Additionally, Desertphile is waiting for his new book to arrive on his doorstep. If it arrives by Friday he will provide a copy of his book to the first place winner as well…
You can find out more about it here:

So the prize category is getting weighty… (-:


See you at Fennboree!


52 thoughts on “Doodlemania……

    • The book would be nice; I don’t have a copy at all, yet. Only attendees to participate?

    • Dal,
      I would love to enter but just can’t make it there physically, can we submit to you for a chance to win?

      • dav-
        Sure! But I will be leaving on Monday so you will have to make certain I get the file by Sunday evening so I can print it out and take it with me.
        There is no wifi out at Hyde Park where Fennboree is being held. So all the entry’s will have to be physically there . I’ll have to print anything you send me before I leave.

        • Dal, I just gotta say you are super awesome!
          You do so much for so many and you don’t get enough THANKS!!!
          Btw, the lovely, and ever so kind jonsey1 graciously gave me her campsite, so I lucked out! I’ll be at site 48, and I’ll be rolling in on the ninth. Can’t wait to see you again Dal, and the rest of the fam fenn damily!
          Have a safe trip…c y’all Friday! 🙂

          PS: Thanks again jonsey1!

  1. Thants a cool Idea…

    Thanks for the fun , I think I have just the image..



  2. Can it just be a scenic area ..? Or should the square its self need to be in the actual picture?

  3. Oh geeeeeeze, I look more like the hulk every day…….green with envy! Y’all are going to have so much fun.

  4. we already are! frank drives a school bus so we go to bed early (no bull) dont have a smart phone so have to be at computer to check blog. processing thanks

  5. I think Forrest should participate in this drawing.
    Then we will all know what to look for. Say Cheese.

  6. Bracelet; check, Olive Jar; check, now where is my contract agreement for leasing this Chest and contents out to Buffalo Thunder Casino to display, cause like forest fire, I am trying to think of everything.

    TomTerrific, always enthuastic!

  7. Amy txt me if you can, my phone died an I need your contact info LOL.

    • Cynthia posted on May 20th on the “save the date-Fennboree 2017” page all the details. Looks like he is planning on attending Friday evening, and Saturday afternoon.

      Fred Y.

  8. I’m going to miss so much fun!
    (but will be celebrating my “Intrepid”s end of 25 years of study–and then she’s off to the great Northwest… somewhere north of Dal.)
    Hoping to make next year’s Fennboree.
    Enjoy all!

  9. Dal,
    I’ll have my son bust out a masterpiece and will email it to you! He’s a dynamo with a box of crayolas, be prepared to have your mind blown.

    Have fun at Fennboree everyone.

    • Copper-
      Please see note above. I have to have any file by this Sunday night so I can print it out before I leave. I am leaving at 0-dark-thirty Monday morning.

  10. Thank you very much Dal! I can’t go to Fennboree this year due to being at the beach with my family, but I will draw my location and send it to you to print out and take. You are very sweet! Thanks so much!

  11. Dal and goofy,
    shouldnt tom terrific have to offer up proof to make such statements as above?

      • Dal,
        I read it as if he has something he doesnt. Im sure its because of the fear (for lack of a better word) that someone may have beaten me to the prize. As every thing, it shall come to pass.
        ive been meaning to thank you for not selling out to advertisement. Its easy to take for granted a non-cluttered, quick loading site devoid of unwanted consumer pressure. So on top of all that you do, i also want to show my appreciation for that which you dont do.
        thanks again.

        • Im relatively new to the chase and still catchingup to the ‘fenn there, done that’ crowd.

  12. If copies of my book are in my hands by Friday, I will add a copy to the prize. The worse loser must take two copies of my book.

      • Actually there can be a worse loser. However, whomever does not take the prize shall be considered non-winners.
        Im just funnin.
        (as if i havent 101 things i should be doin)

      • “The worst loser. Thats funny. Is that in response to the most unique?”

        I figure there must be some drawing that will be so bad that the vote on those drawings will be negative. 🙂 So the worse looser is the greatest anti-vote count. I hope it’s my drawing.

    • Desert-
      What’s the title of your book…dare I ask?
      and do you have a web page about it?
      Whet our appetites!

      • @dal, “What’s the title of your book…dare I ask? and do you have a web page about it?”

        DESERTPHILE: The Novel. One can get a sense of the book here:

        I already have you “down” for a copy of the book. I might not get copies by Friday however.

      • Did anyone post a pic of the winning doodle?
        (Hey Dave, is that you’re Ass by Halloran Spring?)

  13. JCM also added his very useful resource guide to Forrest’s quotes as a first and second prize too…
    See the additions in the the original post above..

  14. A fun idea, Dal!

    Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend Fennboree in person this year. My folks will be visiting us from the Midwest during that weekend. However, I did doodle up an entry and just emailed it over to you, so you should hopefully see it in your inbox soon.

    I hope everyone who does make it down to Fennboree next weekend has a fun time! 🙂

  15. We have first, second and third place winners in the Doodlemania contest…
    2 and 3 were a tie with Mindy and Marty

    I will post all three winning entries when I get to some decent wifi…

        • “How can anyone not love a 7 year old’s doodles?”

          The fox drawing was beautifully rendered. But gosh, she also drew one for me…. I am beyond honored.

      • Layla ( My Boo Bear) loves to draw and paint. I just showed her your post Desertphile. She remembers you well. She said she had a lot fun meeting the chasers, Wisconsin Mikes daughter Christine and especially Mr. Fenn. She is ready to go back into the rocky mountains to look for more treasures. I think it would be a good time to hit some nice spots in northern Colorado. Do a little fishing and do a lot more thinking.

        I had a really great time and it was nice to meet everyone a well. To those who took some my moms Habanero /Apricot Jelly home, let me know what you think? She is getting ready to make another batch.

        Currently we are down near Tularosa NM. It is hot as the heck. Should be leaving here Thursday back towards Colorado Springs.

    • Awesome!!! Thanks, Dal for organizing and everyone else for your votes! That’s a very nice consolation for me not being able to join in on the fun with everyone else for Fennboree this year! 🙂

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