Forrest Gets Engaging Mail…

Howdy Forrest!

Just wanted to let you know you took part in my engagement last year!

Recently, my girlfriend and I took a train from Boston out to New Mexico and then up to Wyoming to treasure hunt in northern Wyoming over the last week.  We were heading up towards Jackson, but due to the forest fire, we stuck around in Pinedale, WY.

So under the guise that we were looking for your treasure (I wish we had found that also) I buried a box of my own right along Fremont Lake, WY.

She found it the next day, and in the bottom of the box was an engagement ring.  She loved it, and the adventure as well.  So thanks for helping in setting it up!

Great adventure,



47 thoughts on “Forrest Gets Engaging Mail…

  1. Great video. Congratulations! I can see you two revisiting Pindale… after all, you did find your treasure there!

  2. That was a great idea. Did u write a poem to go along with it? It must be Love. ❤

  3. Congratulations Jeff; I lived in Big Piney for a couple years, not far from Pinedale.

    On a side note; Do guys in Boston wear pajamas everywhere?

  4. It’s great to know that forest fires are yet another challenge to retrieving the treasure from the Rocky Mountains … cause the Chase just isn’t difficult enough as it is.
    Thanks Jeff, Dal, Forrest

  5. Congrats to you both. My wife and I tried over the holiday weekend. We both ran out of air and pride. So so close too. I THINK!!!

  6. Well, he /they picked Sublette County, and more specifically right outside of Pinedale, at the base of the Wind River Mnts,, what I consider about as close to Heaven as exists,,
    so I am certain theit marriage well be blessed .
    Right next door at Boulder Lake is where my
    (D) wife Peggy, & I did the same in 1975..
    No box though, just large Cutthroat trout. that all measured around 22 to 24 inches.

  7. 119 views so far!

    There is a large pecan grove near our town. Our 6 year old granddaughter calls it the “Enchanted Forest”. We made up a treasure chest, diamonds, pearls, sapphires, rubies, and lots of gold nuggets. We had a fabulous time, so we know about the thrill of the find.

    Wishing you the best! 🙂

  8. Congrats! That is a nice treasure to find. My soon to be wife and I are getting married this year and will be treasure hunting in July too 🙂

  9. Awesome video. Congratulations. What a great idea! I’m sure you two will have a wonderful life together.

  10. Great story. At 8 minutes it looked like you passed through owl canyon near Livermore colorado. I guess you were going to Laramie via 287. Near Livermore is a very small pinon grove

  11. Cute how he said “I’m the wife!”

    Good luck kids, the World is your Oyster now! Have fun…

  12. Great video! Thanks for sharing such a special moment with all of us. Congratulation to you both!

  13. Jeff – viewed ya U-toob-vid, and can only conclude that you’re obviously highly romantic, recklessly adventurous, and extremely weird.

    ( .,Liked!! 🙂 )

  14. Pretty awesome! I really loved the pinedale song…’we got a China gourmet!’ Well done and congrats on your adventure and good luck on your next!

  15. Congratulations to the newly engaged! Every Bride-to-be wants to hear, “Beautiful ring!” Jeff, you did good. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your special moment with us.

  16. I love it! So sweet! I got my engagement ring in a Cracker Jack box – one of the best prizes ever! Married 29 years and counting!

  17. if i think i might know…errr guess where the treasure is..should i comment..i have noway of getting there but i have a hunch..
    at one time i lived in Pueblo CO…and i base my ideas on that’

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