Planning For Fennboree 2018…

As of December 2017 Fennboree 2018 is cancelled. Both Cynthia and Desertphile have determined that their schedules will not allow them to spend the immense amount of time that planning, pruning and care taking Fennboree 2018 will take.

I have closed this page to new comments. But if you read Desertphile’s comment at the bottom of this page you will see his very legitimate reason for stepping away.

200 thoughts on “Planning For Fennboree 2018…

    • right me too my nephew got married this year on that date so a few words you may remember he who teaches a child labors with god in his work shop i just love the thought of that hope you all had fun this year hope to see you in 18 have a good 17 and be safe out there this yearJeff titan and ranee

    • i think it would be fun to put on a play with all the searchers we could act out some of the dumbest things we have done searching for the tc that would bring out some laughs for sure or at least in my case of i think i found it but didnt

      • nothing dangerous and family orientated sorry my brain forgot how to spell or maybey im just bad at it

        • OR…even a talent show!
          A campfire cooking contest!
          Everyone write up their dumbest solves, vote on it!
          Everyone bring a trinket they found on a search, put it n a wood box and have a treasure hunt!
          Create quick skits on a reaction to finding he treasure!
          Have Forrest impersonators!
          Bring the most creative hat, let F vote for the winner.

          I intend on attending next year, missed seeing/meeting all. I told F I’d come in 2018.

  1. Activity suggestion: People write a poem that can lead a person to a spot that they either enjoyed while visiting the Rockies or a spot they would like to go to. Not as difficult as ff’s poem though so it can possibly be figured out on the spot and add some humor to the poems to make them fun.

  2. I hope next year no one steals the treasure that was lovingly put together by Iron Will for the treasure hunt…That was a total bummer!! I am not certain what can be done to protect it from thieves but maybe others here have ideas…

    • Desertphile plans to “camp” at the shelter throughout the weekend. Not only will he guard the Fennboree supplies and food at the shelter from bears, he is now responsible for guarding the prizes, game pieces, Seattle Sullivan’s sleeping quarters, and ME!

      Thanks, Dal, for this thread…

      Here are a few improvements already in place:
      Dal will use a “banner” across the top of the home page with the dates and times of Fennboree 2018 events starting the end of 2017/beginning of 2018.

      I will place a giant poster of events and their starting times at the shelter Friday morning of Fennboree 2018 weekend. Not everyone reads Dal’s blog to receive the information so this will be a means of better communication for those folks who don’t.


      • I shall sleep *ON TOP* of the Fennboree 2018 treasure, just to be sure. I just hope the Tooth Fairy does not reach under my pillow and take it.

      • A poster with times and events is a great idea. We pretty much missed the planned events other than the pot-luck that we were late to (due to me).

        Scott W

        • Maybe hide a “fake” treasure and whoever finds it, turns it in like an “IOU” for the “real” prize.

  3. Please have the Fennboree 2018 event later in the year … maybe late Sept. A more “civilized” place with hotel accommodations would “lure” me for sure. Also some organized way to hookup with others for traveling cross-country would be welcome … or perhaps simply pickup from an airport or train/bus station.

    • Hi, Becky, you have some great suggestions. However, we actually moved the date into the summer by a week so that kids won’t be in school, so that sort of eliminates the fall, which would be stunning with the fall colors in the Sangre de Cristo mountains north of Santa Fe. (“My church is in the mountains…”)

      Good idea about car-pooling across the country to attend.

      • Cynthia,

        Moving the date out one week made all the difference for us since school was out. I vote for keeping the same week-end.


    • Becky, I hope you can attend next year! There are several nice hotels nearby. Several Fennboree attendees stayed at nearby hotels. If we were at a more “civilized” place, we might get kicked out – I’m just kidding. I hope you come next year – I’ll come & pick you up at the airport/train/bus station.

    • I stayed at a hotel in Santa Fe. It was very “civilized!” Lol… it was maybe a 20 minute drive to fennboree. No big deal at all. I flew in to Albuquerque and drove into Santa Fe. It was all pretty easy. I totally understand not wanting to camp. Especially when flying in.

  4. We all can start filling up now. Imagine what it will contain by 2018. Gold, silver and more.

    Somebody may have been watching IW hiding it. Maybe hide it during the winter months when there isnt so many people around.

    Just a thought.

      • If I can attend next year I would gladly bring some. Too much personal things this year going on. Will know on July 3rd (next month) what this next year will bring .

      • Bebee gun contest…
        Target on tree
        $100 prize
        Forrest starts contest off
        With his Red Ryder

        • Every 4th of July my family has a bebee gun shoot off for everyone – kids and adults. We string up 10 empty soda cans in the trees at varied heights.
          It’s a blast:-)!!!
          – one year my brother won the whole thing while shooting backwards over his should using a mirror.

      • “Beebe gun shooting contest”

        Maybe Forrest will toss the Fried Pineapple Pie Contest rejects up in the air so that we can shoot them down; a fond reminder of his time in Vietnam.

      • “LMAO . Best idea yet for next year.”

        We must charge Forrest US$0.05 for each pie he judges / eats / looks at. Hey, Forrest: be prepared to bring a roll of nickles….

    • F…I have a recipe for homemade campfire fried pineapple turnovers that will curl your toes! I’ll make them JUST for you, and enough for everyone else, too! 🙂

    • Now were talking. I could eat those morning, noon and night. I do have a recipe with special ingredients. I recall I told somebody at Fenborree about the pies which is cool.

      An Indian Scout and A Saint

    • “Fried pies happen to be a specialty!” They come from Great~Grandma’s recipe (the good old-fashioned way you can’t find much anymore) and, “I would be THRILLED to add them with The Chase!”

        • Diggin gypsy,
          So far, I can’t think of much that relates to pineapples . . .

          There’s Hawaii (and/or other places where
          pineapples grow) . . . a pineapple resembles
          a hand grenade (or vise-versa) . . . there
          are some well-known brands of pineapples
          that are sold (Dole comes to mind) . . .

          whoa . . . just found out something that
          pineapples signify . . . but if this is the hint
          you’re talking about, it’s a very weak one
          at best.

          Good luck in your solving and searching.

          The above is my opinion.

        • The pinecone was at one time called a ‘pine apple’. I have often thought this was why Mr. Fenn referenced pineapple pies so often……..pointing us to his love of pine trees.

  5. Lets have a fried pineapple pie contest. Everyone bring pies and I’ll volunteer to be the judge. f

    • Good idea. Certainly gives everyone plenty of time to perfect their recipes, or to find one. This is one flavor of pie I’ve never had. I’m use to making chocolate pies for my Dad; they’re his favorite.

      • “Certainly gives everyone plenty of time to perfect their recipes, or to find one.”

        The secrets are simple:

        1) Use vegetable shortening instead of butter for the crust

        2) Add a tiny bit of sugar to the crust

        3) Use buttermilk

        • I draw the line at eating one of desertphile’s pies. I might get catollupsye. Let Dal and Cynthia have them. f

          • “I draw the line at eating one of desertphile’s pies. I might get catollupsye. Let Dal and Cynthia have them. f”

            Gosh, I would never let my friends eat anything I baked or cooked: I’m not that cruel. Plus, I need all the friends I can get. Plus, I need to keep the friends I have.

          • I suspect ff means “catalepsy”, which the says is “a condition of diminished responsiveness usually characterized by a trancelike state and constantly maintained immobility,…” I thought that was called “being drunk”…

            One of you anagram experts needs to anagram ff’s spelling.

            Or maybe Forrest is telling us “cattle…” meaning Seattle (C-attle) is about to find the treasure chest! and saw the UFO (up-see). Seattle, you need to look up!

          • Nice catch, Cynthia. Trying to look at different anagrams now, but I’m not very good at it. Another thought that came to mind with your own thought might be, “Look up Seattle,” as in Seattle, Washington? Maybe George Washington? I don’t know. Back to looking up anagrams.

          • That’s funny Cynthia, the first thing I thought when I noticed the misspell was hmmm, so I immediately started looking for anagrams. At first I thought his misspell allows it to spell Taos, the correct spelling (catalepsy) does not, but I couldn’t find any good Taos anagrams. All I could come up with was “Calypso Lute” ha. So I read up on Calypso, the Greek nymph. When I got to the part that said “The etymology of Calypso’s name is from καλύπτω (kalyptō), meaning “to cover”, “to conceal”, “to hide”, or “to deceive”, I thought maybe I should post this over at CC and see if Roll Tide’s head explodes since “to cover” or “to conceal” could also mean “to blanket” lol.

            When I started Chasing this dream I was pretty sane, as you can see now I think I am in the 7% club ha…

          • Golden Retrievers, that’s cute. Reminds me of someone’s unfortunate bout of bad bologna sandwiches.

          • pdenver, You can ride with me to & from next year’s Fennboree, if you want. I drive there from Denver – & I’m a good driver – & I’m not an axe murderer. ☺

          • Thank you, Golden Retrievers. I will certainly keep your offer in mind.

            Desertfile, what can I say? You have me giggling again.

          • “I suspect ff means ‘catalepsy….'”

            Poppycock! The word “catollupsye” means “cantaloupe” in the language of the tangerine-colored, small-handed people of Covfefe Island.

          • Mr. Fenn, that means you would have been affected after having only a nice sized slice! Do you think his pie could be that far off from heavenly indulgence?

          • Other anagram possibilities: callous type, cell payouts, cell autopsy, coast pulley, loyalest cup, or my favorite: Salty Couple.

            Or you can go the odd condiment angle with Yello Catsup. 😉

          • Forrest, I think you’re giving too many
            hints. If you want the TC to stay
            hidden much longer, you should go
            a little easier on the hints/teasing . . .
            as much as I do appreciate and
            UNDERSTAND them!

            The above is my opinion.

        • I would love to make some Pine Apple pies next year… But I will be charging A nickel for each pie 🙂

        • Thank you, Desertphile. After reading Mr. Fenn’s comment, I may not have a chance to win if I follow your suggestions, if I’m able to make next year. 🙂

          P.S. I was aware about the first two, but didn’t know about the buttermilk. Thank you, again.

        • Two days ago I tried a new recipe for pie crust for my Apple Dumplings. I was making them as a donation to my grand daughter’s softball game. It takes flour, half n half shortening and butter, beaten egg, sugar, salt, lemon juice,and ice water. It was perfect IMO …. makes enough for 2 double crust pies, or 12 dumplings. I could mess with it and try to substitute buttermilk for the water ???.

          You don’t have to call me twice for dessert.

          Lyzeebella… always place safety first 🙂

        • And…chill crust for 0min before rolling out! Adding a dash of honey and Siagon Cinnamon to the pineapple mix makes it scrumptious!

    • “Lets have a fried pineapple pie contest.”

      Good gods, yes please! I am willing and able to handle the insulin shock as a judge, but maybe Dal and Forrest could be the judges instead—- I’m watching my girlish figure these days.

      Would the contest be limited only to pineapple?

    • “I might get catollupsye”

      I’m not 100% sure, but I think one does not make fried pineapple pies using cantaloupes….. In fact, I suspect even cantaloupe pie doesn’t have cantaloupe in it.

  6. I’ve been looking at the great photos that everyone posted of Fennboree 2017, thank you for that, and one of my favorites is the one of Dal taking a bite of a hotdog. The way his eye was popping out was amazing! Haha! How do you do that, Dal?
    My suggestion, for the next Fennboree, is for Dal to give a short class on how to pop out your eye while eating a hotdog. I really want to know how to do that because it looks so funny. If I knew how to do that, I would always eat a hotdog that way, how could you not? Yes, an eye popping class from Dal! There must be a special technique he can show us. I’ve already tried and it hurt so I hope he’ll share his fun secret. How do you do that, Dal? I love it!

    • Gosh, that image of Dal and his hot dog is beyond amazing! It’s like he has practiced in front of the mirror eating hot dogs for *DECADES* until he perfected the look. Dal is a true master of the _This Is How To Eat A Hot Dog_ craft / art form. If I owned a hot dog stand, I would have a poster of Dal’s image on the door. Maybe call my hot dog stand THE THRILL OF THE HOT DOG perhaps. Maybe my hot dog business could offer free hot dogs for anyone and everyone who can look like Dal’s image while they eat a hot dog.

      • For sure I would stop at your hotdog shop if that imige of Dal was on the door. Can you imagine if that imige was as big as a billboard on the highway! Haha! People would have to stop at your shop!

  7. Can you, Dal, make it a new post when the date has been decided so we will all get a notification, who has signed up for them, so we can put it on our calendar at that time? Thanks again for all your work.

    • “Can you, Dal, make it a new post when the date has been decided so we will all get a notification….”

      That is a fine idea; also, the web site will be updated now and then.

    • Iron Will put in a lot of effort and planned a mini-TTOTC at Fennboree 2017. He created a list of clues hidden around the meeting place and had a small pirate treasure chest at the end of his hunt filled with loot! Unfortunately, sometime between when he hid it early that morning and the time of the get together, it was found by an unknown individual(s) and removed. We speculated that it was found by some kids who played in that area, who were not part of Fennboree, but camped at Hyde Park.

      Although it was sad the Fennboree attendees did not get the chance to participate, it was likely a thrill for the kids who found it and perhaps it will instill in them the Thrill of the Chase.

      ~ Wisconsin Mike

    • I got up at 5:30 am that morning and hid it near the shelter under a log beside a trail. I taped up clues in all t he proper spots. No one was awake or stirring so I figured I was set. I came walking down the makeshift path to the shelter and looked over at the log in the woods where about 6 kids were playing by the creek.

      The log had been turned 90 degrees. I felt a pit in the bottom of my stomach as I went over and checked and the little pirate chest was gone from its little hole I put it in under the log. There was $ 100 dollars cash in it, some fake gold nuggets, and an 1884 Morgan silver dollar that Ken Joyce so kindly offered to the hunt. I feel the worst about the silver dollar he donated, because I lost something he donated for no good reason 🙁

      • I got a few Morgan’s laying around if you want one to replace just let me know were to send it. I hope the kid’s at least found it.

        • People (too) frequently under-estimate kids. This is one reason I keep advising searchers to
          show the poem to (several) children.

          I missed Fennboree this year, because I was
          too poor to go. But if I start saving my money
          early enough, maybe I can go in 2018. It looks
          like it’ll be a lot of fun, and make some great

      • Oh, man. I’m so sorry Iron. But what a very cool thing you conceived and carried out. It sounds like some kids got extremely lucky that day. Maybe the experience will instill them with some wunderlust.

        OR –

        Maybe it instilled them with some modicum of integrity and they turned it over to the park rangers thinking someone had lost it.

        You might want to check on that….

      • Can you imagine when they are older (if the kids were the little culprits), the memory they will tell their children/grandchildren about the morning they found a real hidden treasure. I am sure they were “Thrilled”! Hope they aren’t feeling guilty and still hiding out “in the wood”.

        Always place safety first.

      • Sorry to hear about this.

        Brock was playing with several kids over the weekend, some not part of Fennboree, and I asked him if any of them mentioned finding anything or showed him anything they found.

        I was hoping he would know something, but he does not.

        Scott W.

      • Perhaps next year you could hide a “golden ticket” that would be redeemable for the prizes. I know it’s not the same as finding an actual little chest, but it might solve the issue. Thanks for your work and effort you did on it this year.

      • Wow that’ really stinks I bet those were some happy kids that found it tho Maybe they thought they found a real treasure

    • “any pictures”

      There are links to some images at the top of this web page. There are also links to images at at the top of the page.

  8. I’m coming with Harry! I say we have it at Forrest’s house, in his back yard, with stoggies, wine, and frisbees. I’ll bring a key lime pie. I’m sure Peggy won’t mind.

  9. Wasn’t able to make it this year. We hope to be there next year. Glad to hear that a good time was had by all.

    • In my opinion, any location change should be close enough to Forrest’s house so that he can easily attend if he so desires.

      I really like the idea of a group site. Showers would be nice too. My son and I went four days on baby-wipes and sponge baths. 🙂

      Scott W.

    • Looking at Fenton Lake State Park….. 13 camp sites and 1 group site. Reservations may be made six months in advance. $10 per night at camp sites, $30 to $50 per night at group site. Perhaps I can visit the campground and see what the group site looks like.

      [edit by Goofy: desertphile, I deleted the crude reply you made earlier. This is your only warning.]

      • thats almost two hours from Fenn’s house. I doubt he would attend something that far away.

    • Everyone please take note: The reason Fennboree has been held at Hyde State Park the past two years is so Forrest could attend. Any further away from Santa Fe and he will not attend. FYI!

      • You’re absolutely correct, Cynthia. Having forrest there makes it more fun. We want him there, and I think he enjoys attending.
        I liked having it at Hyde Park. SF is close enough for those who want to get a room, and there were plenty of campsites for those who like to camp.
        I thought GS#3 worked out better than #2. It felt larger, and more level, the bathroom was closer, and it had prettier surroundings with a little creek running by. Parking didn’t seem to be an issue either. The only thing missing was the fireplace.
        All in all, I think everything turned out great… Except for IronWill’s TC being stolen. That was unfortunate.
        It appeared everyone had a good time… Including Forrest and Shiloh.
        So, “Thank You” to everyone involved in organizing and participating in Fennboree 2017.

    • Perhaps F would suggest a place that he may be comfortable with. If somebodyy were to drive him, that could make a difference.
      I am also suggesting the Santa Fe Ski area if there is a picnic area up there. I know that it has plenty of parking.

  10. The Fenn Food Fest.
    Chili, dogs, burgers, wings, steaks, magpies, porcupine pies.
    Food, the true treasure.

      • We do need something to wash it down with charlie.
        Beer will do. Maybe a six pack.

        • each, at least:). Wonder if he would let us smoke out of Sitting Bull’s peace pipe?
          We could all sit in a circle and watch Dal dance around the camp fire.

          • I think he may let the finder of the chest smoke a little herb from it & maybe take a hit from JK’s bottle if you give him the bracelet back.

            Do we have a deal or what?

          • I can’t do either without anyone finding the chest.
            It’s a safe bet.

            I will eat my hat if you find the chest Aaron.

    • That is something that could be held annually regardless if the treasure has been found or not. Could do a lot of reminiscing about individual solves and searches from back in the day. Solves and Searches sounds good together.

      • The above comment is in response to a Fenn Food Fest … it belongs up above ….. oh well …..

  11. How about a carnival anti-gravity ride next year.

    Catollupsye – Calypso lute

    ‘The Nuptial Fete’ by Alexander Beaufort Meek

    • Iron, I stayed there last October. I really liked that place. It was clean and the hosts were super nice. Plenty of nice pinyon trees to put a tent under. Not much road noise. Dog run. Showers. RV platforms were level. A++++

      • I like how its only about 15 min drive from Forrest’s house. Closer than Hyde park.

        • And just 20 minutes from my house… 🙂

          But that really isn’t important! 😉

    • Good call Iron Will..

      Also, there is a KOA campground / RV park just 2 miles down the road from there. Very convenient location, but it will be a bit warmer (~10° warmer) than Hyde Park.

  12. New to the Chase and all these blogs on FF treasure. Feel like I am late to a party and may have missed something called a Fennboree…? sounds like a great time and would love to try and make one. Heres an idea, how about a contest for lassoing buffalo? OK, maybe that’s too involved for a laid back gathering…(but it would be a Thrill, and a Chase) Or something simple like a Piñata (Shaped as a treasure chest) game. Why should kids have all the fun and candy? Hope I can join this chase with all you experienced seekers.

  13. To Forrest Fenn and To all my previous friends and new at Fennboree 2017
    You guys and gals are the greatest. I feel a kindrid spirit to most of those I met and already have known.
    What an interesting collection of souls having very different interpretations of the Thrill Of The Chase. I must admit that some thoughts had me really stepping back and revisiting my own solve. I saw and learned so much in each of the discussions that I had with a few that seemed so intent on their solve to getting it right. I certainly look forward to next year. If I can be of any help for next year let me know.

    Thanks to Forrest and all for sharing such good will and good times. Demoman – Doug

    • Doug, it was nice meeting you at Fennboree…. I’ll see ya there next year my friend…….see ya

  14. It would have been nice if there were handouts, or better yet, a bulletin board area to post event days and times… and even personal invites to individual campsite activities. We entirely missed the Sunday – Monday events. We did not have internet to check the webpages for updates. We only heard about the moving from group site 2 to 3 by word of mouth from someone who happened to visit us on Thursday. Having a spot to check and/or post things would have been nice. Maybe at Cynthia’s camp site. I know she arrived there on Sunday before the event. We were there 5 days earlier than that to do some sightseeing and wasn’t sure that was her camp at first. Anyway, it was a great time even tho we missed some of it. I will check with my friend on when he will have the drone footage available.


  15. Also, a fire pit is a must. Last year’s Friday night fire was much better as we could pull up chairs and gather around the fire. This years fire in the grill had no ambiance and not much room to gather… much less somewhere to put a chair. JMO


  16. I’ve been thinking on this. I’ve got several years’ experience in planning events. I played a major role in the coordination of an annual, ten week, summer concert series for a radio station, and it was a well oiled machine.

    Now, personally, I thought both year’s events were fabulous, and the work put in has been greatly appreciated! DP, Cynthia, dal and so many others made it great, in my humble opinion. But, below are some tips, and I’d be happy to help if I’m going…lol

    Itinerary is imperative as is ONE person to manage it.
    There should be ONE ‘point’ person.
    Updates should be dated and posted at regular, scheduled intervals in a specific place at a specific time.
    There should be an MC, preferably one familiar with the itinerary.
    There should be a podium or stage for the speaker, and room around the speaker for any “call ups”.
    There should be large and clear signage, and directional signage.
    There should be space enough to be comfortably close, especially without audio.
    There should be games and prizes, and ONE person point.
    There should be a water tender and garbage tender (someone to make sure there’s plenty of one and none the other).
    Simple stuff, but makes a big difference.
    Believe it or not this is all very easy to achieve, its almost the way its running already!

    • Also, a blackboard/bulletin, q & a board.
      And, this early on, it’s not a stretch to take on a few sponsors with the culmination of exposure the events ultimately achieves. Food, drinks, signage, event space, etc…

      • I don’t like the idea of sponsors, because I don’t want
        the thing to get too “commercialized”. When I’m
        camping, I don’t want to see ads, life-insurance
        (or any other type of) salesmen, etc.

    • Catering, maybe even lodging…never know, just takes footwoork…botg…lol

      Definitely need a sign in book at entrance to each event…

      That way, we know we were there…lol…;-) spallies

  17. Can we move the location closer to the treasure chest location?
    Like… Montana?

    • You are making the assumption that it MAY be in Montana or Wyoming. It MAY be in NM. Who, other than Forrest, can say at this point? Wishing that it is in Montana, doesn’t make it so. JDA

      • Hi JDA – If you can understand the poem, you will know with complete certainty which state is correct before leaving to search. I also believe that the poem’s instructions are so precise that you won’t search. The person who rescues the chest will go straight to it.

        • I agree, the poem tells you exactly which state – Wyoming. I agree, once you are at the EXACT location, you will have to do little searching – Forrest has pointed out the location well.. JDA

          • Hi JDA – We are in agreement that the poem is precise and that îndulgence is in the Rocky Mountains north of Santa Fe but we follow different forks that lead us to different states. That’s okay with me. Enjoy your next vacation in WY. 😉

          • Funny thing JDA & all.
            I can see all 4 states in the 1st stanza if your mind twists it enough.

            Keep twisting.

        • I have revised my estimate of the time likely
          required for actual searching. It used to be
          up to 2 or 3 hours. Now it’s more like about
          an hour. I’m not looking forward, though, to
          the “cold” part.

    • lol I agree and better scenery and air New Mexico the dust is a killer not my cup of tea

  18. FWIW – I now currently sit on, have chaired in the past, and have been on for 12 years now, a committee that plans out an annual men’s fall weekend retreat for our denomination’s district. We always have more than 400 guys show up, and has been as large as 650 – weather has so much to do with attendance. We always “schedule” more than can be done by any one individual. We do this intentionally so that the guys have to choose what they want to do.

    Not having been to a Fennboree yet, it sounds like it may be time to consider making the event a bit more organized, and yet keeping the informality paramount in importance. Having structure is a must, but attendance at events should definitely be optional. From what I can gather from all the posts about the past couple of Fennborees is that there is great camaraderie, and that no one wants to see that change.

    Having a posted schedule ahead of time is a must. Giving folks options is well, optimal. Having set “gatherings” where attendees can get the latest information and hear “announcements” is best. A good MC makes or breaks a gathering. And by good, I mean someone that can put the attendees at ease with some interspersed humor, as well as being able to communicate the more mundane things going on at the event. They don’t have to be “famous”, just know how to handle a crowd to be able to communicate the important things everyone needs to hear.

    I’ll throw my hat in the ring to help organize next year’s Fennboree, if you’ll have me. Dal knows how to get ahold of me.

    PS. It just slays me to think that Goofy is a motorhead too!

  19. My Dad and I would like to suggest for the next Fennboree a couple of things.

    1- a scheduled time to have a moment of silence for those who lost their lives in the search, followed by a safety briefing for everyone, maybe by Cynthia and/or park official. Reiterate the common sense warnings Forrest has said.

    2- try to get people to share if they are searching alone and if so, try to connect those searching alone to pair up with each other to help each other, stressing the importance of not searching alone.

    3- have a raffle to raise $ for the next Fennboree or to a charity of FF’s choosing- raffle things like the on-line reference guide, something that Forrest is willing to donate, or other things searchers are willing to donate. Sell Fennboree T-shirts or get orders ahead of time for them.

    4- keep the art contest.

    5- hide a small box with something small in it and create a poem or challenging directions to find it that is put on a poster in the pavilion.

    6- camp fire storytime. People gather around a fire at night and share stories of their hunts, 7 minute maximum time to tell the story.

    Patrick and Fred Miley

  20. Everyone could bring something from their hometown, which could have a bit of history to it. Maybe a old key from the old hotel in town or a brick from an old schoolhouse, things like that. You could have an auction & donate the money to Mr. Fenn’s kids charity.

  21. If it’s scheduled for any time after early July, I’d like to attend .

    I’d like to contribute a decent amount of food, supplies, etc.

    Thank you in advance to everyone helping to make this happen !

    • Dates for Fennboree 2018 will be discussed in a few days, with the goal of picking dates that will not interfere with any holiday, local school events, etc. It’s amazing how complicated something so simple can be.

      • Thanks Desertphile…

        As a new resident of the Santa Fe area, I’d like to be an active participant in the 2018 Fennboree.

        Anything I can do to help will be a pleasure!


        • Hi Fennatical, and thank you— I shall indeed make a note on my planning spreadsheet with your name and kind (and much appreciated) offer to help. You can also send email to desertphile @ fennboree. org if you want to be “kept in the loop” regarding what might be needed to be done when the date comes closer. I will not have a proposed date for Fennboree 2018 until a few people can sit down with me and we look over a calendar. I will see about making a reservation for space at Hyde Park as soon as the park allows reservations. I anticipate no changes next year compared to this year regarding planning, though Group Shelter #2 might be selected for next year.

          Maybe someone will attend and bring the treasure chest. 🙂 Maybe you! Heh! No offense, but gosh I hope not….

      • Desertphile,
        Hope all is well with you. Been a while since I’ve been on the site…so no one’s found Fenn’s loot? Hmm…perhaps I’ll have to pair up with Iron Will…
        If I can make a suggestion regarding Fennboree dates for 2018, please try for one after the kids get out of school. My daughter is already hounding me for a trip back to Santa Fe (via Colorado…is that a hint or a clue?)

        Best Wishes,
        Wisconsin Mike

        • If I or we make it to Fennboree 2018, There will be a treasure chest for all to find. I was naive this year, and underestimated the power and imagination of a child. That WILL not happen again. I must make amends to the one who donated an old silver dollar to that toll. He put thought and consideration into his choice, and I failed him. It was humiliating to my soul to approach him and reveal that I lost it. It is one of the rare times in my life when I’ve failed someone, and I feel that I must rectify that. So if we approach that day, understand that a real treasure shall be hidden, for all to find… if they can imagine.
          The chest I hid in June 2017, that was taken by some child, had my secret solution upon it. I doubt he/she had any clue as to what they were looking at. I hope that if one of you find this new one… you will.

          Thank you Wisconsin Mike for the shout out 😛 I gave a bottle of your syrup to my dad and his wife (mother died 13 yrs ago), and they loved it.

  22. After much contemplation I have concluded that I do not wish to facilitate Fennboree 2018. I have a staggering amount of work to do (re: cattle ranch) and this year I will also be building a cabin— I foresee no “free time” at all for the next 18 months or so.

    Cynthia mentioned to me that she does not wish to facilitate Fennboree 2018 either. Cynthia plans on being out-of-state in the late winter / early fall time span.

    If some people wish to facilitate Fennboree 2018 they are very much welcome to do so. If someone volunteers and sets the date and venue then I will update the web site. Cynthia will also find a way to give to a new facilitator and her/his team the Fennboree items (Golden Fenn, banner, etc.).

    If some people wish to facilitate Fennboree 2018, they may wish to consider locating the meeting elsewhere such as Colorado, or even Yellowstone National Park.

    It was much fun for me to be a part of Fennboree in the past, and for the most part I enjoyed meeting everyone. 🙂

    • Desertphile, since I’ve never been to Fennboree I haven’t had a chance to meet you and tell you that I’m a fan, but maybe we’ll still cross paths. I hope so! Good luck with that cabin!

  23. I plan to be in West Yellowstone, Montana, June 17 through June 24. I already spoke to a few folks during the Nov 2nd book-signing who search in that area, and suggested we congregate there for a “mini-Fennboree’. Since Fathers’ Day is probably a bad weekend, let’s plan on gathering somewhere in that area Friday / Saturday June 22 and / or 23. This won’t be the big shin-dig like the last two years, but it could be fun for whoever is in the area. We can share a bite to eat, drinks (alcoholic or not), and laughter! DG, I sure hope you and your sisters can make it.

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