Forrest Gets Motivational Mail…

Dear Forrest,

I wanted to just say thank you for the weight loss.  I am preparing for my
4th treasure hunting expedition and in preparation decided I needed to lose
some weight.  I set a goal of 35 pounds for my trip in August.  I started in
February and have lost 29 pounds.  I have 6 more pounds to go to reach my

My wife said even if I don’t find the treasure she thanks you for the
motivation to get into better shape and lose weight!

Thanks Again!
Vinson Myers

38 thoughts on “Forrest Gets Motivational Mail…

  1. Congratulations, Vinson Myers! Keep up the good work. You’ll get there before you know it.

  2. Great job Vinson
    Way to stay positive. I am sure a person like you will have no problems reaching your goal.

  3. Good luck Vinson!

    I told my wife that I would lose 10 pounds of my fat for her, she decided to be funny and told me to cut off my head 🙂 We been married for 36 years, so i cut her some slack, yeah, thats the ticket!

    Seriously though, good luck! You can do anything if you work hard at it, and clearly you are winning!

    • I think that with all of this talk of getting in shape and losing weight…

      We’ll have to dub Forrest Fenn as the “Richard Simmons” of the 2nd decade of the new millennium.

      Sorry… horrible thought! 🙂

        • Holy cow! I began with, “I don’t think Mr. Fenn would wear the fancy shorts…” but decided to change my wording and forgot to proofread. Mr. Fenn would not wear them.

  4. Hey, Vinson!

    If you need someone to find that weight you lost, write a poem; when someone finally finds Forrest’s treasure, there’ll be a search vacuum and thousands of out-of-work searchers. They’ll find your weight in less than seven years, guaranteed!

  5. Wow! Congratulations Vinson. That is real inspiration.

    I am half proud and mostly ashamed to admit that I was a heavy smoker before the Chase. But I haven’t had a cigarette in just over three years– ever since I went on a search in the Gallatins that I knew I could not achieve without the cessation.

    I don’t want to talk about this ever again, so if I find the chest please don’t anybody bring it up.

  6. 6 and straight down to your goal. You’ve got this. At least that’s what I say to myself. You have to have your heart with your goal though. Losing weight is an up and down battle, but you can do it! In the end, you can reach your goal and achieve self contentment.

  7. More motivation not to announce that the trove has been found… when it is found.

    Happy Father’s Day!

    • I disagree – Considering the fact that one searcher has died, and another is now missing – WHEN Indulgence is found, that information MUST be published ASAP so that others do not put their life at risk for no reason.

      Neither I, Forrest, or any other searcher is responsible for the foolish – yes STUPID – decisions made by some searchers. We are each responsible for our own actions…BUT – IF I were to find Indulgence, and then, for some selfish reason chose NOT to publish that information, and another searcher goes missing or dies, that would be unforgivable. JDA

      • Sorry JDA, I just have to say something and I apologize in advance that I cannot restrain myself. This is a disappointing response on multiple levels. The Chase is a positive in people’s lives. And for those of us who actually beleive this, the idea that we should bring it to an end as soon as possible because it is an activity that contains risk is counterintuitive because it will also end all the good it does. Your statement implies the chase is only about finding the shiny stuff and absent this has no purpose so you degrad what the Chase means to many people. Risk is inherent in all the things we do and people should not live in bubbles to avoid it. When tragedy does strike we should not use it as an opportunity to retreat from doing the things that enrich our lives, or put new guilt requirements on other searchers when the decision is theirs to make. I hope we will all leave each other alone on this issue. You may respond but this is all I will say on the subject. For your awareness, I intend to tell.

        My prayers go out to Paris Wallace’s family. This weighs heavy on my heart.

        • Clee;

          I fear that you read my post incorrectly.

          All I am saying is that IF, and when Indulgence is found, the finder should tell the world so that no
          one else puts their life in danger. Those that want to explore the out of doors are free to do so, and I hope that they are safe in doing so.

          The value, in dollars, pales in comparison to the riches I have gained by being in the out-of-doors. I will continue to enjoy Mother Nature.

          Some need the impetus of looking for Indulgence to get out in Mother Nature – others do not. Why keep it a secret if you find Indulgence? What is gained by NOT telling the world? Just my opinion Clee. JDA

          • What is gained by NOT telling the world? Some of us just want to be rich, not famous…..I will throw a party for a select few, but your not invited.

          • Bluecow, one thing to keep in mind…

            Unless you intened to melt down the contents and sell it for its value in gold, the minute you attempt to sell anything in there that is not just a gem, the world will know you found it. Those items are documented, and pawn shops will check on them. In melted gold, you would be lucky to get even 50k tops.

            You do realize you can remain anonymous and communicate through a lawyer, right? So you can in a sense have your cake and eat it too, plus you will be doing things legally and not have to fear a jealous friend or family member turning you in for tax evasion.

            Finally, lets say the chest is worth 1.5 – 2 mil (with Fenns name, in other words going public) at auction. After auction fees and taxes, its a nice chunk of change. But, the potential revenue from book/movie deals and everything else (if you do things the smart way) exceeds the value of the chest by far.

            You can do ALL of the above and still remain anonymous. That is prbably the best way to do it and leave the doors open for the most profit. Selling it at street value you will be lucky to get even 100k, and then you still face the tax man and possible felony charges depending on where you find it and if you left the state with it.

            What you do is your business, but it isn’t something I would take lightly.

      • I agree with JDA, publish ASAP, or perhaps at least give a strong early indication that it has been found while considering how to best proceed.

        Let’s say the chest is on flat land, but within 30ft of a precipice. If someone finds the chest, but tells no one, think of what unecessary risks the next person might take. That is, they confidently arrive at the previously-correct-location, and find nothing, and begin to expand their search area.

    • CBS completely overlooked the natural risk of being in nature.

      My point is simply that hope for thousands of people is more valuable than the gold for one. I don’t look forward to being the one to end that… I mean, IF I were the one to find it.

  8. I just love good news. 🙂 way to go vinson!
    I tried to quit smoking, got 40 pounds in trade. Started smoking again and I couldn’t trade the fat back! Took a while, but I just stopped eating a bowl of cereal every night, late…and switched to diet soda at home. 🙂 Extra weight your body is not used to is uncomfortable and unhealthy.
    Keep up the great work!

    • Diet soda with aspertame.Aspertame is a neurotoxin. Our body tempuature converts aspertame to Formaldehyde- which is embalming . A person consuming aspertame daily can retain water up to a weight gain of up to 20 lbs.

      I have read the studies many years ago and have witnessed positive health changes and dramatic weight loss within 60 days of abstaining from aspertame intake.

      An Italian doctor was the first to raise this flag. The reasearch is out there to find.

  9. Guys, with apologies to Vinson, I believe this is a partial confirmation of the end location – which end is up to everyone to decide.

    Of course this is just my opinion, and if Goofy is correct, it could just be an example of searchers being played by FF. However, I don’t think so.

  10. All wilderness adventures contain an element of risk. Often, it is people who are alone, ill prepared, and who make stupid, ill informed decisions who end up losing their life. As a long time sailor I can’t tell you how many times I heard about competitive / non competitive solo sailors who got up in the middle of the night (with the boat underway) did not put on their PFD, then stood on the side of the boat to pee, fell overboard ,and drowned. The overwhelming evidence of this is the number of male bodies found with their fly unzipped. All solo sailors are searching for something. Should we ban the adventure of sailing? Sailboats? Charts? I think not. Forrest was free to hide a treasure, the two people who lost their lives were free to search for it. At least they died persuing a dream, not sitting on a couch playing video games. Think of the vast number of good this hunt has done for people (couples / families / groups / etc.) who decided to go in search of it. It would be incredibly sad if Forrest allowed pressure from ‘Big Brother’ (in whatever form he arrives) to go the vanilla way of the sedintary world… staying ‘safe’ at all costs. I’m 70, have conducted 3 trips to Wyoming (with my sister and others) in search of the treasure. The places I’ve seen, and the people I’ve met…What fun! Don’t cave Forrest. I’m planning to go out again this year or next. Can’t wait. What a great gift of adventure Forrest has provided. Hey, if I die as a seeker (of many things) it’s better than slipping in the shower and going out that way. Remember…when peeing over the side of a sailboat that’s underway in the middle of the night, put on your PFD…hook in….THEN unzip, and have at it. 🙂

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