Book – Clues and Hints to Help You Solve Forrest Fenn’s Memoir

Over $1 million worth of gold, jewels, and jade is hiding in the Rocky Mountains. Close to one hundred thousand searchers are looking for Forrest Fenn’s treasure, but they are all at an extreme disadvantage—they don’t have this guide!

When Forrest Fenn, an eighty-year-old millionaire, first announced that he had hidden his fortune in the Rocky Mountains, author Rob Johnson became obsessed with finding the treasure site. Ever since Fenn’s proclamation in 2010, hundreds of thousands of treasure hunters have joined the search. Johnson focused on the riddles and clues that could give away the treasure’s location. Unable to continue searching for the treasure on his own, he is now publishing his research for the benefit of anyone as passionate about Fenn’s fortune as he is.

Johnson’s guide includes the following:

  • An analysis of Fenn’s memoir, The Thrill of the Chase, the first and best clue to the trove’s whereabouts
  • Stories from his own experiences with the hunt
  • Solutions and hints to Fenn’s most famous riddles
  • Multiple treasures exist
  • Context about Fenn’s life and areas of expertise
  • Other advice about starting your own treasure hunt

With Johnson’s help, you could be the one to finally put the clues together and solve Fenn’s mystery!

About the author:
Rob Johnson is an adventurer who has spent four years looking for Forrest Fenn’s treasure. He has over six thousand pages of research and documentation about its location. Owing to family illness and other responsibilities, Johnson currently cannot continue the physical search. He is leaving it to you to pick up where he left off.

Johnson’s book is available at
and soon to be released on Kindle.

44 thoughts on “Book – Clues and Hints to Help You Solve Forrest Fenn’s Memoir

    • Thank you JDA. I’ll figure out how to send you a complimentary printed copy. Maybe you can give a hint with your email, and then I can arrange to send your copy.

      I paraphrase and quote Forrest, “Experience can teach with a lasting sting.”

      The clues are staring at them.

      • Thanks for the offer. I look forward to reading what you have to say. SculptorJDA at aol dot com. JDA

      • Could I please have a copy. I have no money I’m disabled vet I can prove it.
        I also have ankolosing spondylitis and stage 4 lymphoma non hodgeskin cancer. In remission for 3 years now. You may call me 407 486 7657
        I would donate every bit and only keep 45,000 so I could pay my bills.
        Thank you
        Ric Silveira
        1132 oak Grove Rd
        Kings mountain
        North Carolina 28086

        • Ric S. Prayers my brother. Thank you for your service. I can relate to health troubles. I have had a rough last 5 years myself.

  1. You all are at an extreme disadvantage this book now. 🙂
    Good luck. 🙁

    • How do you figure we all are @ an extreme disadvantage! I don’t think I’m at a disadvantage because I don’t Buy some book that a unsuccessful treasure hunter is putting on the market. Sorry I don’t agree! Good luck !!

  2. What a crock. If you haven’t found the box and your done searching….why not just give the obviously useless information away? It disturbs me how many snake oil salesmen are trying to make a buck by writing a book about a book.

  3. Hello Rob. I wish you luck in your sales. Have you considered asking if anyone would be willing to search for you and make some kind of arrangements with them for doing so?

  4. $29.99 on Amazon!!! 0_0

    Tell ya what, Rob. If Goofy and Seeker buy one, and endorse it, I’ll buy one. 🙂

    Good Luck to ya guy!!

    • Well Loco, I’m gonna have to pass on this one. I’m already a preeminent expert on not finding the treasure. And I don’t see it in the cards that I will start my own treasure hunt……..but it’s probably a good book.

    • Ummm errr, My Red Fox ~ Yellow lab as an appointment with the Vet to become a eunuch puppy… Just filled my truck @ 75 $… wife wants new shoes… need to stain the deck, all 48′ x 28′ x 8′ with railings… Chain saw just crap out…
      And when I read, “hints and clues to help you solve Forrest Fenn memoir” I asked myself… Self, if it the Author doesn’t have a chest filled with a million plus of gold and trinkets, How great are those “hints and clues” he’s providing.

      Oh! right, I’m saving money to get my own book published… I could just go e-book, but I really want to be able to hold my own book in my hands. I’m tangible by nature……… You’re on your own with this one Loco.

  5. Here’s one for you from the book, all IMO.

    Forrest and his two trips with treasure in one afternoon.

    He never said there is just one treasure, that I know. He just showed only one treasure box in ttotc.I have a calculated reason for thinking more than just one treasure exists. It directly relates to the clues and hints in his book.

    I recall him saying something like he was surprised no one had considered a distinct possibility.

    What do you think?

    Here’s another. Have you figured out how to use Street Smarts, Forrest’s valedictorian marks he mentions in ttotc? I have never read of anyone properly applying Street Smarts in their comments. It is a straightforward process, but understanding with reason is the challenge.

    The sooner we believe that it can’t be, the sooner we fail.

      • I agree . It is a good idea to consider the distinction between fiction and non-fiction; considering all potential confusions .

      • PD,
        Funny you place distinct in quotes, Have you ever heard fenn use that word in relation to the chest and possibilities?

        [in part ] fenn; “…has analyzed one important possibility related to the winning solve.”

        Maybe I missed something, Rob. But I sure hope your book has more accurate quote [ if you foot note any ]

    • “Forrest and his two trips with treasure in one afternoon.

      He never said there is just one treasure, that I know. He just showed only one treasure box in ttotc.I have a calculated reason for thinking more than just one treasure exists. It directly relates to the clues and hints in his book

      I recall him saying something like he was surprised no one had considered a distinct possibility”

      If that is a direct quote from the book, it is a reason I would not buy it….. what is your ‘calculated reason’ is that mentioned in your book?
      …Just asking!

  6. IMO the most important clue is to NOT use any information unless it came from Mr. Fenn verbatim period. He is the expert!

  7. Wonder what F says about the read? The only one I bought was Wolf’s because he gave teasers and left me on the edge of my seat.

  8. Danny-Boy:

    All IMO. Multiple treasure solutions work based on what we see on a good map.

    If you haven’t, try using calculated reasons for your solutions. Calculated reasons means using numbers. And match those numbers to Fenn’s storyline.

    For example:

    WWWH – use numbers with logic, with a reason that matches what is stated in ttotc. What numbers are present at WWWH? Examples can be coordinates, elevation, depth of water, distance to a certain point, etc. You can brainstorm.

    HOB and heavy loads/ water high – use numbers with logic.

    If you use numbers to match Fenn’s storyline, you will begin to comprehend the big picture, IMO.

    There are searchers who have discounted the use of numbers and math, as stated on the blogs. It begs the question of what logic they are using to come to that decision. Ttotc is full of numbers. The poem is full of numbers. Forrest could have written his stories without the numbers. But he didn’t.

    I have spent over four years calculating reasons to match with what Fenn is communicating. And of course, I have researched a multitude outside of ttotc, because I did not know what Fenn was communicating. For example, have you researched Tchepone, Laos as mentioned in the chapter My War For Me? Have you looked at the maps? Have you tried to figure out where exactly he was flying? And have you calculated his numbers that he describes on the bombing raid? There are many, many more questions you can ask yourself. Do you see the potential to understand?

    If you do not believe what I have said, I’m fine with that. But I think you would miss a lot about what Forrest is communicating to us. I think you would miss his point. My mindset has been to consider all the possibilities. Otherwise, as soon as I close my mind, learning has stopped.

    I wish I could go to my current complete solution, but taking care of three ill family members takes priority. So I’ll be continuing my solution research for other sites.

    A calculated reason is numbers-based that is matched with Fenn’s stories and the poem. The challenge for all of us is to use reasons to determine solutions, IMO.

    • Rob,
      Was thinking on pulling trigger on your book to see what it was about.. So from what I am reading from your post your solution, relies pretty heavy on numbers and calculations, is that correct for the most part?

  9. pdenver:

    Maybe having someone search for me in the future is an option. But I sure would hate to see someone injured on the trip, in light of recent events. My chosen spot is not particularly dangerous, but anytime anyone is in the mountains, safety should be a priority.

    Thank you for your wish.

    • Hey Rob, Me and my wife are going out on our first search for ithe treasure probably next summer if you want someone to search your spot we can do that as well. I’ve got my mind set on one spot and will search the area till every rock is turned over!

  10. Am I missing something? You couldn’t solve the Poem, so you solved the book (memoir)? Interesting…good luck with that.

  11. I like and appreciate the questions.

    All IMO.

    The short answer is that words in ttotc are extremely important. They have definitions, and they have etymology, And the words include numbers.

    Stories, reasons, numbers, events, logic.

    Maybe it’s like the chicken and the egg, which came first? Did the number come first? The event? Maybe all at once?

    Page 9 of ttotc, Forrest wrote, “My books have to write themselves or I struggle. This one did.”

    “Did” what? Wrote itself or not? Struggle or not?

    My opinion, the book wrote itself because the stories (words) match with numbers and vice versa.

    This may be a simple example. The poem contains 630 characters. Operation Arc Light, page 88 ttotc – 3 bombers, 105 bombs on each B-52, first bombing around midnight (3*105=315 total bombs dropped). Forrest was bombed twice (several hours later). 315*2=630. There’s a match – 630 bombs and 630 characters in the poem.

    I thought to myself, “So, what does that mean?”

    And I’m reminded that the autobiography that’s in the chest (page 130 ttotc) – Fenn said, “I tried to think of everything.” Ring a bell with everything in the poem? Anyways, one aspect of the poem contains Operation Arc Light bombing embedded in the 24 lines. What other aspects (everything) are embedded in the poem? And note that even though the poem is all we need, I could not have understood 630 unless I read about Operation Arc Light.

    And searchers have asked about punctuation and word choice in the poem – well I think the 630 count is part of the reason why the punctuation and word choice were made.

    Anyways, I suppose solutions depend on our point of view. I was just numbers oriented when I counted characters in the poem and when I did the bomb calculation, and came up with a match.

    Conversely, let’s focus on words. But you’ll see it takes me right back to a number. Page 45 ttotc, “Father would load our ’36 Chevy up to the top and we would take off for Yellowstone.” So what, you may ask.

    “Heavy loads” is in the poem. So I researched how many pounds a ’36 Chevy could safely carry (’36 car manual found online) – answer 750 pounds cargo. I researched because on page 26 ttotc, Fenn’s father said, “What we’ve learned is that you should always tell the truth, but you should not always tell ALL the truth.” I figured I needed to find out all the truth. Anyways, here I am back to a number. And 750 is part of my total heavy load(s) (plural, not just a Chevy load) calculation. My logic could be wrong because I don’t have the treasure. The number certainly could be wrong. But when calculated with the rest of my numbers, it matched. And with a multiple treasure thought, does this number match with my target?

    My perceived solutions have come haphazard sometimes. sometimes after focused thinking based on what Fenn wrote. The written words and numbers are all important, in my mind. And I certainly have not solved everything. There’s so much.

    My solutions have a number attached to all the clues in the poem. My solve is complete because of the poem. But all of us have the potential to error in our thinking.

    My goal in writing the book was to provide value to you, in turn for your readership, and save you money by not going on an unsuccessful chase because the thoughts were not considered. I gave an honest perspective of how I thought about the chase. I could be wrong about some concepts, but the reading should at least help you with your thoughts.

    Who has found anything similar to 630 embedded in the poem? Who else has a heavy loads solution that matches ttotc and the poem? I would be interested in your thoughts.

    • Ron;

      I respect anyone that has a mind for numbers – I happen not to be among those. Numbers have always been a mystery to me. Numbers say little to nothing to me. I am a stone sculptor. I can see shapes, can mentally calculate volumes (This, will fit into that space) – NOT how many cubic feet or inches comprise that space.

      The ONLY numbers that play a role in my solve is about 10 miles – the Not far, but too far to walk reference. Also, the numbers that appear at the bottom of each page of my “Book” – my record of my solve(s) – there have been a few.

      Again, I admire you for the type of brain that you have, that can fathom the mystery of numbers. Do they have a place in the “Correct” solve – I guess that we shall soon see. JDA

    • 4’s can look like nines…..especially in poker! Just today I went to the public library and checked out a bunch of books, read where the expression ‘maverick’ comes from….has to do with unbranded cattle. Anyhow, it’s page 4 not 9 in ttotc about the book writing it’s self….thanks for making me crack open the book again! IMO not being critical just don’t want folks anymore confused……best to you. What do you get from the dimensions of Olga’s bath tub?

  12. Rob did you start hunting in 2012 or 2013?

    I started by forming http://www.nmtreasure. in 2012 as a Web site and put together a group of five hunter’s who have studied some of the same aspects as you probably have alluded too. Furthermore we have collectively been on over 30 searches in NM and CO some day trips some for several days at a time.

    In March Dal published my article called “Winter Thoughts” have you read it?

    Most searches on this blog have read, it seemed according to all comments to be well received, no our group didn’t find Indulgence, but what I would ask you to do is type into the search line Tom Terrific or Winter Thoughts and critique my article, if you have opinions about or even see flaws in my thoughts email me at

    If I am impressed with your opinion and knowledge of the Chase I will buy your book, because all Imagination and knowledge about the Hunt could be prove valuable.

    Did any one else notice that after Dal published Winter Thoughts suddenly ff posted a flurry of scrap books, several in180 through
    187 one even had a Train Bell, also a painting he called “Singing Wire” etc. Forrest put out information at a pace not seen since the start of Dals blog. Why?

    Tom T

  13. I have followed this off and on now for around 4 years. Just lately I found an interesting picture in my research. I believe it is of ff while fishing. I also believe it is very near where the treasure is. Who knows? Thousands have been wrong. I am on disability after fighting 2 bouts of congestive heart failure with dvt/pm and then cancer last year. So it would be hard for me to go there and look. But if I could afford to or knew for fact I was close I would sure have to try.

  14. As one who is the sad,but maybe not wiser, I would have felt better if I’d went down too a local watering hole and and had a few cool ones. IMHO than buying this book.

  15. Cholly: Dimensions of Olga’s bathtub 36″ long

    I think there are multiple dimensions with the number 36. I have certainly used the number in my understanding of the chase. I also feel that I have yet to discover everything associated with the number.

    Tea with Olga – pages 114-117, ttotc


    So how wide is it? 36*?

    36 inches = 1 yard – yard; “My Back Yard” chapter – effort worth the cold barn?
    36*36=1296, a number I’ve visited in various forms
    36*17=612 ($17 a square inch)

    36*34=1224 (walked in the door home from Vietnam, page 95)
    36*31=1116 (Peggy’s B-day)

    1/36=.0277778, etc.
    3+6=9 (tiger skin length pg 86)

    Standard bathtub 60×32? Believe the Internet or not.

    6″ by 6″ = you could say standard Township/Range map, 1 mile = 1 inch, 36 sections

    Tub much too small – adjust scale of map? See more detail? Look at multiple TS/R squares over expanded area?

    Bathtub (water – wwwh; much too small, even for one person)?

    3 June postmark, 36, page 44 (of course there’s more to the postmarks, in my mind fact immf).

    Page 117 – Olga at peace (take the chest and go in peace)?

    FF age 36 1966/67

    Vietnam Wall Dec. 21, 1968? Panel 36W

    Red tea, to black tea, to green tea?
    Oreos – black& white (pg 115) (Gaul Painting pg 106)? Traded the poor painting, versus trade the casita? Traded fish for potatoes and other goods, father making $4,000/year (pg. 120).

    “Fly the ninety miles to Taos” – about 75 to 80 miles or more? Which Taos Mt?

    36 & 630

    630/36=17.5 (ejected at 1755, pg 83, push a nickel, pg 33)?


    I’ve worked countless hours with the number 36. And I recognize all the variations. There’s more to this number. It’s important, because Fenn wrote it, IMO. Your excellent question has multiple answers, in my mind. Crazy isn’t it? I continue to keep an eye on the number.

    Just a brainstorm. What do you think Cholly?

    • @Rob, I’m listening! The only thing I’ve gotten out of the postmarks thus far is that a lot of them are his age in the story that follows….not all but a lot. IMO

  16. Donna M.: What does Forrest think about the book?

    Dont’ know.

    Maybe he thinks I’m the loud-mouth check-out guy (pg 12), maybe not.

  17. I’m fine with thoughts thinking this dumb guy has no way of figuring out solutions to the chase.

    Why not instead imagine the creativity and intelligence Forrest put forth to us to discover? Do you really think he’s incapable of creating a chase with the concepts I described?

    I know what I’ve discovered.

    • I agree totally! Thank you for The Chase Forrest!! ☺️ Just awesome! Life is too short not to do it!

  18. Hi Rob,
    I’ve enjoyed reading your post, impressive thinking. But how can you use your numbers method when considering FF said no codes, formulas, ciphers?

    IF you to mean that you can deduce or extrapolate numbers from the poem’s words in more a straightforward way, (so that the poem still makes sense), then I could be down with that and would read your book. After all, the poem is a map. Maps are rooted in numbers but also can be purely relative (draw a map to the closest CVS near your house). My issue is counting characters and punctuation gets pretty deep into the “codes” camp pretty quickly. Do you think that is how FF’s mind works ? He seems like a literal, albeit clever guy to me but not a mathematician.

    I’m sure that the FF’s seemingly awkward syntax choices are critical, I just haven’t cracked it.

    just my opinions…

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