Forrest Gets Thankful Mail…

Mr. Fenn,
I just want to let you know what your chase has done for my son. He is almost 9 years old and has autism. He has never shown any real interest in doing things until he sound out about you treasure. He now loves to look for it where ever we are.
It is one of the reason he has come out of his shell. He loves the idea of being a treasure hunter. We have made a few “real” trips out west to look for it, but whenever we go camping even here in Michigan, he wants to see if he can find it.
We went to Iceland for a camping trip on spring break this year and had to spend some time looking for your box there. That trip would not have been possible if he had not learned how to camp to find the treasure (we did not find it in Iceland).
The quest has help him see the natural world and enjoy the outdoors, and we are trying to encourage it build on that foundation.
I have wanted to sent this for awhile, but have not gotten around to it.
Thank you for helping my son and me,

Thankful parents


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  1. Enjoy your “Real” hunts, and the other ones as well. One never knows where “Treasures” will be found. Glad that you have found the one that means the most to you. JDA

  2. Forrest and his TOTC have affected so many lives in so many ways . It reminds me of the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life”.
    Keep up the good work Mr.Fenn:)

  3. Awww, this is a great letter! So happy to hear what Mr. Fenn’s treasure hunt has done for your son and the entire family. Enjoy searching, no matter if it’s here, there, or everywhere.

  4. I’m glad you shared this
    It makes me happy that your son has found something in life and having you as parents

  5. That my friends is what the chase is really about…… thankful parents, enjoy the treasure you’ve already found :-). Until next time…. see ya

  6. Great story…thanks for sharing. I wish Forrest could print out every email he has received in the last 7 years that reflects the good that his Chase has created. Then I’d like a truck to deliver said stacks of emails to Chief Kassetas where he would be forced to read each and every one of them. This would give him something to do instead of complaining about doing his job.

    • We could all go into our sent folders and print them and mail them or forward them to the Chief.

      • Oh man, what a beautiful letter for a father and son. Love on ! A treasure found.

    • Very well said Cynthia,, I havent been abel to follow the chase much the last 4 months, Ive been busy getting an old excavator ready to go Crystal digging.
      I love the Chase, I have all of Forrest’s books,also many books from his friends.
      I came to NM and searched for 9 days, I walked in the quiet of Nature and listened to what she had to say.
      Forrest gave us a unique way of finding our inner peace and a closeness to our loved ones that can only be found in the Beauty and quiet of Nature.
      Thank you Forrest Fenn. You are a True Hero

  7. Nothing like keeping busy. Hopefully, The Flyer keeps his multitude of positive communications safely in a place he treasures.

    I believe the reflections of light they emit must be quite remarkable!

  8. Thankful parents in Michigan
    I am a teacher in Michigan
    I have used this trek with inner city students
    I am more than willing to share with your son my trip information and solves. I spent a year in NM searching on good weather weekends.
    I can come to you since I live in MI
    Just for the joy of helping kids.
    My phone number is 313-938-2981
    Karen Ruth. Or

    • If you are already in MI, I suggest you search for the flute. Try the Breakfast Tea and Bourbon treasure hunt. It’s there in MI … for now.

  9. Thankful you Thankful parents and Mr.Fenn,
    I’m speechless! and amazed how far and deep the treasure, box and quest does reach. Such a heart warming story is worth reading again.

  10. I want to go to Iceland! Is it safe? I heard there’s volcanic activity? Oh wait! I live next to Yellowstone. Never mind.

    Glad to hear stories of youth getting outdoors. My Dad used to take me fishing all the time when I was a young lad. Cheers to the parents that get their children outdoors. One day hopefully they will return the favor to their own.

  11. THIS is what it’s all about, folks. Thank you, Forrest. What a postitive impact you’ve had on so many lives. As a former Outward Bound alumni, I can truly appreciate the results of your efforts. Congrats!

  12. Feel good stories like this are the reason why I search.

    Maybe the NM State Police can add these to their lists too… show why this hunt is worthy of the time one spends.

    Nice Dal! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Dal,
    What and encouraging letter!
    Thanks Dal, the child has connected that’s great!
    Best regards,

  14. great story,so happy for your son and you.may you have many more adventures together exploring nature.god get out and enjoy nature,the beautiful things god gave us we take for granted.thats what mr. forrest wanted.

  15. That’s awesome that y’all are all able to enjoy each other and the outdoors together. I’m thankful Forrest has shared Indulgence with us and all of his stories too. Thanks for sharing your story and life with us Thankful Parents.

  16. Thankful Parents,
    That is so awesome! My nephew is autistic and responds positively when in nature. He once waded through the length of our creek, talking like a pirate and on a search for treasure. So, happy to hear about your son!

  17. That was a beautiful letter. And it is what the whole Chase is all about. Thank You.

  18. I got to thinking. At times you just want to get involved, then sometimes there is no other choice

    Sitting here at the myseum in Cody today having my favorite drink, a Latte. So many people here visiting. 7 more hours of pure enjoyment.

    An Indian Scout and A Saint

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