Forrest’s Cattle……

by Diggin Gypsy

The Ole Coot said the book wrote itself and I know why. Flying so much, you look down over the landscape and your imagination goes into play. Everyone enjoy this and realize why all you need is a great imagination to solve the chase.

One Horse Land and Cattle Company is what he saw on Horse Butte and Edwards Peninsula:

(1) the race horse, (2) the moose, (3) elephant , (4) the buffalo and (5 )the cow  Bessie.

We all know Forrest has a elephant statue in his back yard by his pond, but why ???? And when did he put it there? And all those animals are CATTLE !!

Then we have the ole biddy and the teacher who was 40  ‍⚖️

We have the (6) Minerva bird we have an (7) arrowhead, (8) alligator, (9) Tex the cowboy  , (10) the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland and the queen is on his leg and (11) the running man.


Take note, the plane on page 99 is a map of Edwards Peninsula. See TEX on the wing  see the outline of the foot!!!!    Have fun with this.  I believe these are all things to just say, “Hey all you people looking in New Mexico it’s in Montana !!!!!!!”

The landscape named his book the The Thrill of the Chase,  aka race horse  , who’s gonna be the winner.

There’s also an owl in there and a butterfly  .  Have the kids find those.

The chase was meant to be simple like this for families. Don’t show the kids the images. Let them find them. I let my grandson and he saw all of them.

Have fun and get  back to searching.

Digging Gypsy-

176 thoughts on “Forrest’s Cattle……

  1. (FIRST!)
    Digging Gypsy…:)
    Great imagination! YS is magic!
    I loved searching in MT last year, by myself (I know…bad girl), but it was an ointment on my soul. I needed the ‘me’ time.
    I don’t feel it’s in YS. So many clues point elsewhere.
    My 4yr old grandson, Jesse, has almost no speaking abilities, but does say “yes” when we go thru TTOTC book together, and he’s pointed out several things in the book I would never have seen.
    This weekend, I took him and his mom to Atchison, KS. We visited Amelia Earhart’s home, and the Flight Museum. Rode the train four times and explored the Missouri River Walk Park. This location is only 50 minutes from our home, but felt like we were in another era where time slowed down and we all reconnected to each other.
    Jesse had a break-through and actually said, “OH my Gosh!”. I laughed til I cried. It’s in him…talking…and our adventure helped it out. So, we will be exploring more small towns, and getting out to other states.
    A month ago, we were in WY and YS! He saw his first “teddy”. He’s made progress since then.
    I think the stimulation is the answer, and the Chase is the cure.
    TTOTC is Jesse’s bedtime storybook choice now. When he starts communicating more, he’s going to find that treasure, and I’ll be there, urging him on.
    Great pics! I’d love to meet and laugh over a cup of tea one day!
    Be safe, all!
    ¥Peace ¥

    • I posted this to show that Forrest made this for families a huge puzzle families could enjoy this is just a small piece of what Forrest has created. He wanted kids off the couch He didn’t want people getting hurt . We need to turn this treasure hunt around to where it is all about safety and family fun

        • I.M.O., the clue behind the Indiana Jones Club refers to “diana” , which is Spanish for dartboard or bulls eye. Funny thing is , my search area has a dart board out in the middle of no wheres ville, along with 2 Chase lounge chairs and other items . It is Fennst in a small piece of proper tea, “tea w/ Olga”. Don’t be surprised if Forrest eliminates a state or two. Don’t worry Diggin, I’ll bet Montana and New Mexico are still in the steep hole chase.

        • I agree Forrest said he wanted kids off the couch and off there phones how-can we do that if we don’t catch there attention.

  2. I busted a gut on the “Bitty” and then went over the edge on the “Mad Hatter.” Thanks for the imaginations… Diggen. It’s just what I was needing to top off my unremarkable day.

  3. Nice Pics, I remember a guy called Snickel who found a horse and headdress…
    However he related it into his solve and I don’t think these would be part of any solve, nice catch tho! 😉

        • Yes I have narrowed it down This was just how he named his book and made up each story and why he mentions Alice in wonderland the Minerva bird the arrowhead and many other things. They are images scattered all around west Yellowstone

          • That’s great DG,
            Good luck in your search. Looking forward to hearing all about it 🙂

  4. No. It’s not in images. It’s in the poem. And if you can’t find it in the poem yourself, give it to your kids. Maybe they can. My opinion.

  5. The book wrote itself because f had a pre-baked list of words he wanted to use as hints and with “type ahead” he only needed to type a couple letters of each of those words. That should tell you that there are thousands of hints in both books. Am I repeating myself? My opinion. Are you listening?

  6. One more time for emphasis … there are thousands of hints in the books TTOTC and TFTW. Not just a few, not even hundreds … thousands!!!!!!!!!

  7. The books are a training ground for learning how to dicipher the poem. No one hops into an aircraft and flies it without first getting trained. Learn how to fly first, then hop into the cockpit and fly. My opinion.

  8. Iceman on June 27, 2017 at 4:15 am said:
    No. It’s not in images. It’s in the poem. And if you can’t find it in the poem yourself, give it to your kids. Maybe they can. My opinion.

    FF means this, or he means that…
    Let’s just say this… no one knows. and so far not one is smart enough to figure it out.

    Not even DG….nope!

    The ONLY smart person is the one that can show they actually have the treasure chest and FF confirms it.
    So Iceman let me guess, your one of those that says… the weather was too bad , my car broke down on the hill below the TC , my flip flop broke carrying it back and the TC fell down the cliff…will have to retrieve next time … blah blah blah…
    Your just like all the others…
    I know where its at.. or i know the solve..or you have to solve it this way……… but but but but……
    Freaking genius yes you are.. you can figure out the solve but you cant figure out how to retrieve it right?

    So all of you that say … its here or its there or i know how to solve and you are wrong…
    I say prove it and until then your just a loser like the rest of the “i know how to solve or i know where its at” junkies
    And thats not an opinion

    Heres you another… and ill probably get kicked out but im done anyways

    Many stories F has posted about people or searchers were lies.
    The one about Polly and her paintings
    Forrest did an auction, the story was made up by him.
    My sister paints beatifully Forrest did not have to make up such a rediculous story to sell it.
    My sister Marti (DG) is an adventurer but for some reason Forest felt the need to embelish her stories and change them to meet his needs just like he did her.

    If you know so much Iceman why haven’t you figured out the most important clues?

    Say what you want, I am not looking back

    This chase is like a reality series, they say its reality but they use scripts.

    • Hi Sweattea — I guess there’s a 1-in-7 chance you’re the lucky sister #7 Marti speaks of? Have definitely enjoyed reading hers (and your) adventures. You two are not just in the right state, you’re searching in the right part of the right state (all in my opinion, naturally!) So, however DG fixated on that area, she’s doing something right, whether it’s solving parts of the poem or simply having good intuition about what makes “the ole’ coot” tick.

      Now to a part of your post:

      “My sister Marti (DG) is an adventurer but for some reason Forest felt the need to embelish her stories and change them to meet his needs just like he did her.”

      Here’s where Marti might have a little advantage: she can analyze the differences (particularly word changes or additions) between the stories she sent Forrest and the “embellished” versions that Forrest put out. Those aberrations just might contain hints to some of the nine clues. I know Forrest has said repeatedly that he would never privately provide a hint or clue that would help a searcher, but Forrest’s posts are public so technically he’s giving everyone the same information. It’s just that you have a bit of a backdoor because only you know how he changed it.

      • I think my sister is messed up in her thinking I never wrote a rough draft on those stories I told him my adventures and he wrote the stories on his own I don’t know what she means

      • Hi DG: oh — so you told him your stories in person (or over the phone)? Not written? I just assumed you had emailed him since your stories always have great pictures with them.

        • I always emailed him on my trips told him my stories. He just liked them and wrote about me I didn’t write nothing

        • Hi DG: Understood. One last question for you. Did you write the captions for your pictures or was that Forrest’s doing? For instance, there is a Scrapbook devoted to one of your trips that Forrest seems to narrate. One of your picture captions ends “Gallatin Rive” with the final R missing. Just curious if that was your doing, Fenn’s, or Dal’s. Since I think Dal is responsible for pulling all the content together for posting, I suppose the most likely explanation is that it was an innocent typo by Dal.

          • Forrest wrote it alll and dal probley wrote under the pics I don’t know I never asked.

          • I’m a big fan of DG and I like the imagination. Some of us are curious why Fenn is betting on DG and why he wrote about her… I was aware that he wrote it all and he embellished / changed a few things. Also the double omega at the end of one sb. “Nothing was watching but me and the wind. I sensed the treasure was right there – and all of the clues fit perfectly. The blaze was winking at me and grinning, and I was grinning back.”
            I think DG was closer when at Beaver Creek

          • Definitely Was a reason to all
            His brain spinning madness With me I don’t know why I may never know. But will retrace every step I took everywhere thanks for the kind words

  9. Search? What’s the point? Digging Gypsy has got it figure out. If I showed Edwards landscape to my grandkids they’d treat me how that Mr. what’s-his-face is treated by Dennis the Menace. I’d probably lose the hair on my head and then they will be calling me Baldy. This has got me so wound up, I need a beer… like right right right right NOW!

  10. It was suppose to say all you need is a great imagination and the poem to solve the chase. Yes you need both

  11. A little imagination is good. Too much can kill you. Cattle you say?

    Forrest’s Cattle => forecasters, sterocorates

    Oh great. Anagrams. Can’t live with em. Can’t live without em.

    • I’m the one Forrest bet on iceman. And it wasn’t because of my knowledge Imagination is very important in the chase

        • Haha let’s just all play nice It’s all in fun know one has the right solve until the chest is in someone’s hands

        • It’s going to take three characteristics to find the treasure … logical thinking, hard work and a little imagination. My opinion.

          • Well depends on the hard work I spent years researching a lot of stuff I didn’t need to research now the only hard work for me is reselling stuff so I can get to Montana to walk the land and see and explore what all he did Don’t think we was meant to sit at the computers for hours doing research we was suppose to be in the woods and have the book in hand and the map on page 99 and a gps that’s about it. For hard work or it wouldn’t make since why he told everyone to get off the couch

  12. Enjoyed reading your post, Diggin gypsy. Reminds me of the “Peek A Boo Art” scrapbook.

  13. I can see all those things in the clouds but how could the treasure be there?

    You may find Skippy’s plane around there though.
    That’s gotta be worth something.

    Too much imagination….

    • The point of this was is that Forrest talk about all these things in the book he said the book wrote itself I think he saw all these images and made a great thrill of the chase book one horse land and cattle company. Only one horse on this land with lightning down it’s and lots of cattle. I didn’t say it’s where the treasure is but I think it’s a huge hint that west Yellowstone is where it is

      • Ya, West Yellowstone is definitely in the mix.
        I like the area North better though.
        Yellowstone isn’t just West or YNP.
        The Greater Yellowstone Area & Ecosystem is where it’s at IMO.

        I found the owl.

    • Jake love,
      I’m in a tailspin after all DG wrote and the images!
      I sure disagree that he’s an ole coot,….
      Jake the treasure is not in Montana, repeat it’s not there!
      That would be the most obvious!
      Just something to consider and by the way get a cotton candy hat there sweeter and full of air!
      Yours truly, Martha

      • He must not mind being a ole coot been calling him that since the day I met him and he still would place his bets on me and I was searching Montana never anywhere else why would he wanna bet on a girl searching in the wrong state and he knew I was never gonna search any where else but west Yellowstone

      • Marti can get away with it because Forrest knows that coming from her it’s a term of endearment. But I wouldn’t dare myself! 😉

    • I believe imagination is important. I saw most of what was described, but not all. How about you?

  14. Remember awhile back someone posted they saw the boy milking the cow and the 40 and then Forrest said has anyone thought of the what ifs on the home of dal Wellllllllll what if that guy was hot on his thinking and I found the rest of the images after he found those 2

    • The boy milking the cow and the 6 cats, purr, nothing like a happy kitten on a north face, just sayin. Just don’t fall off the stool.

    • DG, you’ve always been a unique trend setter, with your imagination and “pointed” disposition something tells me that those 6 kittens have already been had. Just my guess but I think youv’e already spilt the milk and are looking towards the next chapter. Love your unique style, BTW and IMO.

    • Diggin , can I jump in here on the cow. I.M.O., word play will lead you to the exact location. The Bessy story is a perfect example. Bessies tail was a fly swatter. Later in TTOTC is a story FLY WATER. Then the story about Skippies electric fly zapper, inwhich he charged a nickel to watch . Forrest called him “the General”. 1) General Electric 2) He Be Gen… in Hebegen Lk.
      Begin it where warm Watters halt. Again, if you don’t know where to begin, you might as well stay home and play canasta. Good luck in your search !

  15. Diggin Gypsy,
    Nice work,
    This reminded me of my second grade school teacher, Miss Chasen who was also cute, and how she would correct her master pieces. Even though she was a nice teacher and all, she didn’t know the difference between an A and an F. She smelled good so I liked her and didn’t want my parents to know about her one flaw, the inability to recognize a masterpiece, Like magic, when my creation landed on home plate the F only needed a slight one liner to make everyone proud. I may have paid a small price for my youthful naïveté and slanted approach but in the end there’ll only be the two of us who know the secret.
    Love your approach and creative mindset perhaps I should have reread it before adding my twisted slant.
    Thank You

  16. What a fun post diggin! I wonder how many images f has seen while in his plane. You are absolutely correct, a little imagination and family time is the key!

    Have a great week!

    • Well Forrest is the one that said Imagination is more important than knowledge so I’m gonna go with it With knowledge u have to research for hours I’d rather just put a puzzle together and kids love it

      • I love puzzles! I’m always puzzling. Drives my family nuts because the dining room table is covered in pieces.

  17. What are the odds that the many pieces you have imagined are exactly what Forrest imagined? I’ll answer for you…almost zero. Good luck in your search.

    • And another newby who is a know it all People who comment like you do not belong in the chase. Everything is all in fun you odviosily do not know the ole coot Forrest fenn His imagination soars And is way more overcooked than mine.

      • Come on now children. I haven’t told anyone, but from above on Google Earth, a Frog identical to the one in the chest, points to my spot. And again, the dove on the moon does have a “Birds Eye” view. We were once newbys too. No offense to you. Just looking for a clue Boo Boo. OK…I’m thru.

      • Careful. Hubris is very unattractive. No matter if you are teacher’s pet. Your way of viewing things, IMO is right on. But I’m not ‘Diggin’ the way you are putting down so-called newbies. Fresh eyes are just what is needed. Unless, of course, it is just a popularity contest.

        • That’ person was being rude I cut down that one person the rude person he needs to do his research Esp on Forrest peek a boo art

  18. Cool Post DG.

    You should read the poem to the kids (I did with my Grand Children) and then have the point out areas on the map that seem to match the words in the poem.

    They will associate colors to the shades on the ground for example.

    First thing my granddaughter said when I read the poem was that she keeps her secrets in her bedroom or in the bathroom where she “goes alone because she is a big girl now”. Sounds funny, right? Not until we remember what Forrest did in the Firehole River and that you can fish alone at 9 mile hole.

    Course the chest is not in the park though, doubt he would put it where it would be nearly impossible to get unless you commit a felony and steal it. But that does not mean the first few clues are not in the park, if you know what I mean.

    Good luck!

    • Ohhh I do my grandson Dylan is 7 and has heard the poem a million times and comes up with pretty crazy spots with alone in there he says maybe he went in a tunnel maybe he with in the bathtub or to bed lol bathtub was pretty good haha

      • Kids are great! As you know DG, Grandchildren are even nicer because we can spoil them, and if they are being bad give them back to mommy 😉

        My 4th Grandkid is on the way, in the oven as they say. Wish we could see them more often (I am in FL and my daughter is in MN). We get to take them to Disney when they come down, spoil the crap out of them. heh

        Good luck DG, you’re good people.

  19. DG –

    Push your Bitty out a little further and it’s a big footprint.
    Look at the big picture.


    • I know the sock with the toe sticking out Wanted to leave some stuff for other people to find

      • Amazing! After reading this I found the initials “WWWH” on Google Earth also! Then, I found initials “HOB” not far from it. Each one seemingly carved out in the geography just like those you found DG!

        The only problem is these are located in New Mexico!

        Wow, you should see the “FF” in Colorado!


    • Yep there well grounded cattle for sure hahaha where’s the beeffffff on the ole coots made up one horse land and cattle
      Company laying on the ground

  20. I seem to be sensing some frustration in someone who apparently has put
    a lot of time, effort, and money into searching for the TC. I believe that a
    lot of time and effort are necessary to achieve a correct solve, but less than
    a dozen search trips by any individual should be appropriate . . . although
    there is value in all those scenic vacations.

    Good luck to all searchers. If you don’t have at least 95% confidence in
    your respective solve of EACH and EVERY CLUE in the poem, I suggest
    that you re-think your solve, as one that is merely “general” instead of
    CORRECT won’t lead you very close to the TC. This message was
    brought to you solely by MY OPINION, and not by the Flying Spaghetti
    Monster’s tendency to blanket non-believers with his noodly appendages.

  21. Diggin Gypsy,
    You and I are two peas in a pod! You oughta see how many things I match up, not just from page 99, but lots more!
    Got me thinking…there very well may be more than one spot, or, they all melt together.
    I found the jf with the propeller above it…for one…

    • I thought Mr. Fenn had said that sketch was done by a friend of his, and repeated such during last year’s Fennboree.

        • Ken ask Forrest the name of the man that drew page 99 he don’t remember. Odd don’t ya think he remembers everything and everyone. And who says Forrest can’t tell you a lie why would he just come out and tell u its part of a hidden map That’s helping u out It’s clearly a piece to his huge treasure map what person that hides a treasure don’t have a hidden map Forrest fibbs all the time don’t u know him yet

          • Whether he remembers the person’s name or not, but when he said the person sketched it, wouldn’t it mean just that? Again, he repeated it was this other person, not him. Saying Mr. Fenn fibs all the time isn’t painting a nice picture.

          • Forrest has made it known he only has to be right some of the time maybe it’s our job to pick out the fibs

          • Gypsy…We all see different things in this Chase. Until the treasure is retrieved…everything is speculation and wanton whimsy. I believe that the Poem needs to be deciphered to find the treasure…and the clues will be the map. I too can study just about any GE image within the given search area and find many provocative images that seem to be whatever my imagination conjures up. I am certainly up for adventure…but I am not going to gamble on a whim. Fun stuff though !
            If the Poem ever tells me to look at page 99 in TTOTC I will definitely be all over it…until then it is a cool picture in Fenn’s book.
            I think Forrest can say whatever he wants and sooner or later folks will figure out what’s what. Fact, fib, lie ? Not my place to say….

          • Ken,
            IMO, the poem does direct you to the map on page 99.
            As in , the end is ever “drawing ” nigh….
            This drawing is where the treasure lies.
            I believe DG is correct in that this is just part of a larger map.

          • The drawing was done by an Airman who worked with Forrest over 47 years ago. I can’t remember what I had for lunch yesterday let alone the name of some person who handed me a drawing and didn’t sign it some 47 years in the past.

      • Isn’t this the artist’s “signature” that everyone was claiming stood for “Just Forrest”? Forrest didn’t sketch that illustration on page 99, as Dal pointed out above.

        • Yes he did look at page 99 upside down Forrest is a big fibber And I stand by that lol

          • I was just thinking when the page is upside down it’s page 66 hahahahha I bet he sketched that one

          • Sorry DG,
            Was out all day and the email I tried to send kept failing. So, ill try again…

          • Diggin’: surely you’ve ~seen~ Forrest’s sketches/doodles? Somehow I don’t think page 99 is his work. 😉 Unless he does his tree blazes and doodles of “the binocular guy” left-handed. 🙂

          • I know he drew it and I know it’s a piece of the puzzle. Jf is just Forrest I won’t back down And one day I’ll be able to show everyone And why Don’t u think being there is initials jf Forrest could think of that mans name lol Of course he could this ole coot remembers everything about his past and And come on ole
            Coot post the original picture of 99 ohhhhhh wait he can’t because it will show the pic ain’t old Hahah I don’t care if know one relize it takes a goonie to see that it is hahahah.

          • Look at the JF under microscope. You can clearly see the F was put down first and the J after. Just sayin… 🙂
            Like an afterthought…

          • Stand tall DG!
            Forrest is a fisherman, an angler,
            He ties f lies…
            He told us himself, a gazillion times.
            Just not all the truth…

    • Exactly and page 99 is the 15 percent lol people who has what it takes can clearly see it’s a hidden treasure map

      • The poem, which was stated as a map to the treasure chest, really isn’t because the map is on page 99, or a supplement to either or. Is this what you’re suggesting?

  22. Ok DG, I’ll take your photographic Rorschach test!

    Photo 1: Bunny
    Photo 2: Tyrannosaurus Rex yawning
    Photo 3: I agree that this one is an elephant, but bursting out of a person’s chest like in the movie “Alien”
    Photo 4: Lion
    Photo 5: Wide-hipped person either using an invisible hula hoop, or preparing to do a “power-slide”
    Photo 6: Ice cream cone
    Photo 7: Parrot
    Photo 8: Again I agree: Arrowhead (Or maybe shovel head?)
    Photo 9: Person lying down
    Photo 10: Heart
    Photo 11: Marge Simpson in profile (or perhaps Homer Simpson dressed up as Marge Simpson in profile)
    Photo 12: David Lynch or Conan O’Brien bungee-jumping
    Photo 13: Upside-down drawing of airplane
    Photo 14: Dog looking off to the left

    • Sorry blex maybe if you blink a few times you will see better My email is getting flooded with everyone seeing the race horse lightning and everything else Log into google earth and focus on Edwards point not my pics

  23. People are finding so many interesting things in their searches. Has anyone come across the Mad Hatters 10 6 Style brick? The table is set and the last go first.

  24. Diggin, Yes! We both posted at the same time…lol!
    Some of the clues existed, some didnt…imo worked with what he had/what we now have.

      • He told us to use the poem like a map, and to marry the map with the clues….looks like what ur doing to me…

        • And all you need is the poem a good map and google earth will help lol no better map than the one he sketched

  25. I don’t believe in the page 99 map theory, and most of your figures elude me, but the bitty is spot on. Love that one!

  26. Where’s the Porcupine eating a banana? Hear me all and listen good……The sky is falling! The sky is falling. I truly hope DG persuades everyone the box is in Yellowstone…. and they all go there only to spend all their money and finally give up…..because I think it’s somewhere else.

    • I’m trying to make New Mexico lose money and save people from drowning lol go to Montana

  27. Excellent work DG, i see it clearly and think you are doing fine. 🙂

      • Wonder how we tell on here if there confident or not glad we can’t hear each other type. Hahahahah a ohhhhhh there typeing really confident today we can barely hear them hahahha

  28. DG, thought F’s friend “JF” sketched page 99 several years before F wrote his poem?
    Allen Polt drew most of the renderings that F requested. So, in those drawings are possible “hints”.
    F stated there were “several” hints in TTOTC, and we all know how many “several” refers to.
    Just a side note, I don’t feel, imo, the scrap books contain hints/clues, since F said he didn’t want to “put out” anymore. BUT…I DO feel they are leaning toward how he wants us to think and use our imaginations, just like you did with the aerial explainations. Bravo!
    Hope to run into you in WY/MT soon! My boots are made for walkin’ and I’m itchin’ to see my mountains!
    Good Luck, Be safe!
    ¥Peace ¥
    Dinan M.

  29. Gypsy- Did you find where the chicken crosses the road? It’s the moral of No Place for Biddies. IMO

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