Forrest Gets Lifesaving Mail…

Dear sir,
I have seen in recent articles that you are getting a lot of pressure to end the search for your hidden treasure. I would be lying if I said that this email is not an attempt to dissuade you from ending the treasure hunt. I will keep it short, but I would like to tell you how your treasure hunt saved my life.
To make a long story very short, due to a failed marriage and some other life events I was on the verge of committing suicide. To put it simply the thrill of the chase saved my life. I learned of the treasure, and searching for it gave me a reason to keep on going. Thank you. I haven’t found it, and probably never will, but I have something to strive for at least.
Full disclosure, as I stated above the purpose of this email is to weigh in on whether the Chase should continue. Not that my opinion matters but since I’m writing this anyway I might as well share it.
You have stated very clearly multiple times not to look for the treasure anywhere a 80 year old man could not go, or where a 87 year old man could not go back to. You have also said not to go alone. Some people for whatever reason choose to disregard both of these. That is 199% their own fault, and the only reason I can think of to go alone is because a person is greedy and does not want to share. There are more than enough people in the community of searchers that it is easy to get online and find a group to go searching with( as I have done multiple times).
Just my two cents.

Thank you!

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    • Jake,
      Couldn’t agree with you more.
      Life is so precious, enjoy every stage of it! Mr. Fenn, has done wonder’s aviod the negative, the darkness in life!
      Hope your well love!

      • Without others we are alone my love.
        I would have to say that being in the wilderness searching for Forrest’s treasure is the best therapy for me & the second best is just thinking about it.

    • You’ll find lots of friends here Jon, and be added in a lot of other folks prayers. Best of luck to you in the search. Sounds like your pendulum is swinging back up.

  1. Dittos, Jon
    i wasnt to the point you were, Thank God,
    but after my wife died in 2014, i fell into a dark abyss.
    TTOC bailed me out, I met folks, had adventures, (yeah some good, some not so much),, but nonetheless TTOC provided new aspects to my life.

  2. Hi Jon,

    Glad to have you on board, even more happy that you did not end your life. I’ve almost been where you were, not to a failed marriage (been married since 1981), but to many terrible evens in the past six years.

    There is so much to enjoy in life, and I wish you the best of luck on this treasure hunt! Forrest has done an awesome thing here, and I for one have already learned and seen so many things due to this adventure I will never forget Forrest Fenn.

    Wecome aboard!

  3. Thanks for sharing your story Jon. Inspiration is a powerful tool. I could hardly walk or stand for more than 10 minutes these past 3 years due to my lower back. Even sitting was paiinful but less so. I found the chase and it gave my mind a challenge. My back finally healed enough so that I could walk, stand and sit without pain , for just about 4 months now. I decided I could test my back out. I went for my first full search walking in the mountains up and down the rough. I was never in pain. Healing through inspiration of the thrill of the chase.

  4. I have no doubt that Forrest has saved lives with the treasure hunt by giving life meaning and instilling a sense of adventure. He’s also saved lives by giving a reason to get in shape and a reason to get off the couch. He’s educated thousands and thousands because if you don’t learn something when you join the chase, you simply aren’t trying. The good he is doing is hard to measure, so it’s not getting the press, but it’s there as sure as his treasure is. And it’s not a small thing. The world needs more Forrest Fenns and I fear his type is close to being placed on the endangered species list.

  5. Thanks, Jon!

    Forrest needs to hear the overwhelming positive things that his chase has produced!

  6. Touching story Jon. Sorry to hear things were so bad for you but so happy they’ve turned around. Continue to chase!

  7. The one thing that really makes me mad about the state police chief here in new mexico saying FF should stop the hunt is that its cost a lot and a lot of resources had to be used to look for people that got lost here. OK this last time they may have used alot but I haven’t seen that proof. I know when Randy got lost witch I and quite a few others here volunteered to help look for him. Other than the first day or two I don’t think the state police did much on that search. Ya on one of the days they had a chopper up and there dive team out witch I believe was on the same day as the chopper that was up that found the raft and leo. I know every time I was out there I never saw anyone other than people from the hunt and some of the people that Linda had out there witch some of them where part of search and rescue but they where also volunteers and doing it on their own time. FF had spent his own money on choppers and there was also a plane I’m not sure if FF paid for the Plane or if the guy did it with out pay. Hell Linda at first couldn’t even find out who was the lead investors of the case Santa fe police or the sheriff’s Dept or the state police seemed to not know or really seem to care. So for the chief to act like he was tired of having to go look for missing people from the hunt tells me he doesn’t care to help look for anyone that goes missing here because he’s lazy. There had been only three times as for as I know they had to look for anyone looking for the chest. There’s people getting lost all the time here he probly would like to blame the others on the hunt because they give up so ez on looking for them.

  8. Jon , suicide is nothing more than a permanent solution to a temporary problem…. a path that the weak take… thank you for being strong and sharing your words today. In doing so, you may have helped someone else become stronger…….

    Live it to the fullest Jon …. my prayers are with ya….. thanks…..see ya my friend

  9. Jon;
    I am sorry for your losses, but thankful that you found the chase.

    The “chase” means so much to each of us who participate. It has meany enjoyment for me and my family. I can not recall enjoying ANYTHING more than I have enjoyed the “Chase”. Glad you are still with us. HAPPY HUNTING. JDA

  10. Jon:

    Going alone has nothing to do with greed and nothing to do with not wanting to share.

    In today’s money hungry world a million dollars is barely enough to retire on . You need a minimum of one million dollars just to retire comfortably and a catostrophic medical condition could easily leave you in the poor house.

    The other thing to consider is .. how are you going to split the treasure?

    Many of the items are one of a kind items many centuries ancient and deserving to be shared with the whole world in a public museum, not locked up in someone’s private vault –

    Who on the team is going to have the AUTHORITY over the team? Who is going to be the Captain with the power to decide who gets what item? Who is going to keep arguments from breaking out? And the inevitable gunfights and knife fights and lawsuits when someone’s gold fever kicks in and they decide they didn’t get their cut?

    If one person has done 90% of the work deciphering the clues and 90% of the work figuring out the location, then that person has a right to 90% of the profits – but what searcher- Who has probably been looking for several years now and probably spent tens of thousands of dollarsof their own money looking in the all the wrong places – is going to agree to take orders from a captain of the team and then accept only 1 to 10% of the booty? They would barely recoup their losses and would be angry for the rest of their life for getting screwed out of most of the treasure and fame ..

    I have no problem with other searchers joining my expedition and I have no problem sharing the loot with them, but only if I am the Captain and they agree to take orders from me and I make the decisions on where to go and where to look, and I control the prize after it is found, and I decide who on the boat gets what part of the treasure ..

    Otherwise, I will continue to go alone – as I have for 35 years – and if I am lucky enough to discover my bronze beauty, I will decide who to share the wealth of my find with — and that will be Combat Injured Veterans and People with Brain Injuries and Flugtag Burn Victims and Children Dying in Hospitals ..

    And if I end up dead broke and homeless, chasing the seasons, hot and cold, wandering, back and forth, between the Summer Sky Islands and the Winter Desert, talking to the Saguaro and the Horny Toad and the Eagle and the Wolf, I will know, then, that I have given everything in life worth giving to the People of the World, and my PAL,

    The Planet At Large ..


    • 10 4. The splitting of the loot used to cause me a little stress, however for me now its all about getting to correct solve. One of my search partners was set for 33.3%, but ever since he called out to a mama Griz coming for me and distracted her he is at a permanent 50%. Another friend who has moved away and is no longer a search partner is at 5% for listening to me for two years. Each of my two kids are at 15%. That leaves me with 15% with a little of that going to the tree expert that was willing to discus a sticking point, and others close to me that just want a small piece to hold. So there it is. Not much left in monetary, but money will pale in comparison to the sense of accomplishment I will feel should I be successful. Also there are ways of making this treasure worth much more than two million. I will never again search alone. g

  11. Jon,your opinion is very much important. Guy,you did it right.keep on going, its worth it,you will see.theres always a light at the end of the tunnel .pick up those boots and keep on going. We’re here for you.just like we’re here for everyone else.

    • ummm sorry to tell you but methadone is not free its actually a big joke those methadone clinics here is why.

      so you have to pay like 80 a week or month to goto methadone clinic now say you sick of methadone and want to get off the clinic will tell you oh its to dangerous to go down to fast you can only go down this many MG per week

      but if you lose your job or something and cant pay the 80 then they put you on a 5 day or something financial detox and you off in 5 days or go down 5% a day whatever it is is a joke

      its funny when you paying its top dangerous to go down to fast but once you dont have the money to pay they dont care and kick you off fast fast no matter how deathly ill you will be

      but like most of the healthcare system its all a big joke and the little man means nothing especially if he is poor

      thank You for Your time

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