Forrest Gets Relative Mail…

Dear Forrest,
I am writing you tonight wanting to thank you. I have just recently discovered your story about the hidden treasure and it brings me a sense of adventure and motivation. I love everything about it. The best thing though is its bringing together a once torn apart relationship with me and my mother back together again . So thank you for that .

We recently had a birthday celebration for my nephew and she attended for the first time in a long time . We hadn’t talked very much over the years due to decisions and choices she choose to take when I was in my youth. Grudges and bad feeling and really just being stubborn I never made any attempt to reach out and make our relationship better. So sitting around the party I brought up your story and I promise for the next four hours we talked about what it would be like taking a trip and searching and the things we would see along the way and how much our lives would be so different if we were to ever find the treasure.

In those brief hours talking about it for a moment I had forgotten all the bad things she had done the bad things I had said and it was just us again mom and son no worries in the world . We talked about it throughout the night and even into the next morning when she called me . I feel your story has gave us a starting over point in life with our relationship and I just want to thank you for that Mr. Fenn.
Even if we never get to take a chance to search for your treasure you have helped me find mine again so thank you again.
Stay young my friend,   Jack

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  1. Rock on, Jack.

    Sometimes it takes us a while to appreciate our parents. We depend on them when young, then we get tied up raising our own family and working a career, then before we know it they are gone when we get older.

    This song comes to mind:

    Welcome to the chase and good luck!

  2. Jack,so proud of you.the past is now you got each day to live.have fun with your mom.we all do and say stupid things.we’re human.forgiveness and love,laughter is the best medicine in the whole is so short.have fun in life and the chase.

  3. Jack, great story!
    I guess I’ve been lucky in the “Mom” department. My Mom supported me, my decisions and my road in life.
    She “Blessed” my Chase obsession on her death bed, and she made me promised her I would NEVER give it up! What a Mom!
    So, I continue my adventures down the path least taken, be it hard, scary or “frivolous”. I’m Chasing on!
    As so should you, for life or for adventure, because it’s not the treasure that counts, it’s where the Chase leads you!
    I hope you continue to find happiness!
    Be safe.
    ¥Peace ¥
    Donna M.

  4. I often bring my mother with me when I search. It is a chance for us to do something together, get a lunch, and listen to her stories about growing up in Montana. Since she is near the age of F she gives me a good idea of where an eighty year old would go.

  5. It is amazing how interesting a conversation can get when opening up to the discussion of “what have you been up to lately?” And then you bring up the chase, opening some type of direct portal to the imagination and those potentials of all types of discovery of the west as well as the discovery within yourself.

    I too had a great reconnection in new common interests with my mother with the chase; researching and bouncing ideas off each other. There was a period of many months a few years ago that I spent about every Sunday afternoon at my parents having lunch and/or dinner and diving into some major research with my mom. She was an educator (history mainly) and professional student of sorts; she could research anything into the ground pretty much.

    I know my father enjoyed that time very much, knowing we were having such a good time bantering back and forth about the poem and Fenn and where the rabbit hole took us. My father passed away a few years back so I feel extremely fortunate I had a great period of more time spent in the company of both my mom and dad. It is difficult or at least seems difficult to make time for others being so busy in the normal groove of one’s activities and sometimes hard to find common interests with family. I think I am going to have to pack up my most recents notes of thoughts on the chase and go make a research appointment with mom again.

    The chase has brought so much more than some may think; and stories like Jack’s puts emphasis on that.

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