Safety First…


by Forrest


When I said the treasure was not hidden in Utah or Idaho it was my plan not to narrow the search area further. But in the light of a recent accident, and in the interest of safety, I feel it necessary to alter that plan.

The treasure chest is not under water, nor is it near the Rio Grande River. It is not necessary to move large rocks or climb up or down a steep precipice, and it is not under a man-made object.

Please remember that I was about 80 when I made two trips from my vehicle to where I hid the treasure.

Please be cautious and don’t take risks.

My guess is that in the last 7 years more than 250,000 people have searched for the treasure without suffering any serious injuries. I invite you to add your name to that list. The search is supposed to be fun. f







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    • THank you Forrest for the fun we have had on this journey I think if you are looking in New Mexico or any place we should take some one with us partner with some one and try not to go alone and always let some one know where your headed for safety just a thought in numbers there is safety that would be more then one have a safe season enjoying the wilderness Jeff Ranee And Titan who Loves it most or close.

    • OMG!!! what a bomb!! I’ve been searching in the same area for 4 months now. I actually found a place that matches forrest’s description to the T of the hiding place but its in close proximity to the Rio Grande River. I’ve never been more happy to be wrong! My heart has been hurting for days thinking I missed it. I still have a chance!!!!!

      JJ the Treasure Hunter

        • It doesn’t have to be as the molly brown house museum is in Denver. Why use a capital “B” ?

          • Broondog, getting older and more meek by the day. Would appreciate a get together to discuss in further detail. A logical solution to the poem is not necessarily the only obstacle.

        • i have sent much time looking below new castle. lot of good times there,but always wish i had looked somewhere else the next day.

        • Lol had to look that one up ! Interesting fact , a little far away it seems Lol!

      • Readiing carefully the books and the poem clearly excludes the Rio Grande River area. I’m still searching from my armchair. I won’t budge until I know where to strike. You have to get inside Mr. Fenn’s mind and pretend your body is 80 years old.

  2. Did Forrest ever say how far he traveled from his car to the treasure location?

    • I am not good at finding the direct quote stuff given time someone will post it. I believe he stated several or a few miles. Somebody help me out.

    • –less than a few miles from his car to hide the treasure. –Decipher that as you will. 😛

    • Within 200 feet of where some searchers have looked, and then walked on by unaware of how close they were. That sounds about right for an eighty year old to do twice with a heavy load of gold.
      For a hypothetical example: If those searchers happened stop at Ojo Caliente Spring on the Firestone river in Yellowstone Park, they would have kept going. As should you. But for all we know the chest was 200 feet away in any direction. Hypothetically. That is my opinion of how far he walked.

        • Hi Guys,

          It’s been a wee while since I last posted a comment, but just because I’m not commenting doesn’t mean that I’m not constantly watching and listening, be warned.

          I have never been outside off the U.K, however this has got such a grip on me now that I cannot let it go.

          I eat, drink and dream of that poem everyday that I now know it word for word.

          I hate too tell you guys but I’ve decided to come over next summer 2018 for five days and join in with the chase, providing nobody has found the chest before then?

          I’ve got a particular place that I’m interested in, so watch out THE LIONS COMING, so all you guys out there you have up until the end of July 2018 to find the treasure.

          Don’t say the Lion didn’t warn you, so take care everyone, winter will soon be upon us.

          Please remember what Forrest said;

          Don’t go out on the chase in winter and that it’s not in a dangerous place.

          Everyone please stay safe, no amount of wealth can replace a life.

          Ronnie the Scot

          • Going on a fishing trip today near an old tower on Rainbow’s End Creek. I am up for the challenge today!

          • Good luck Curious, I hope that you are lucky if not in finding the T.C but in catching some fish.

            Word of caution look out for the sharks, especially the great white one.

            Ronnie the Scot

    • I believe that this is the quote you are looking for:
      ” was wondering if you would be so bold as to give an estimate of how far you walked to hide the treasure after leaving your car: was it >10miles, between 5 and 10 miles, between 1 and 5 miles, or less than 1 mile?   ~Thanks, Ron
      Ron, your question sounds like a travelogue, but I’ll answer it. No, I don’t want to be that bold. But I will say that I walked less than a few miles if that will help. I just looked “few” up and one definition is “scant.” Why do I sound like I’m talking in circles? f
       Hope this helps – JDA

    • If you read the preface in Once Upon a While, the “final clue” would have been Forrest Fenn leaving his vehicle at the Denver Museum of Science and Nature. But in my opinion, the clue is pointed at what is within the walls of the museum as permanent exhibits.

  3. Well there you have it folks! Nice one Mister Fenn! I will be looking again on Sunday. Have bear spray will travel!

  4. Thanks Forrest. Seems like common sense. I do not see anything that has not been stated to one degree or another. JDA

  5. Thanks for the Thrills, Forrest. I’ve enjoyed my searches thoroughly, and was wise enough to cross off a hike in grizzly territory as I had gone alone in there. Be wise, people, and enjoy/respect nature while you search.

        • Lol… Thanks for the clarifications Forrest. We searchers know that you have done all you can do to keep this Chase safe.

      • Oh crap!
        I just came back from the porcelain god & spewed volumes.
        I’ve got a trip planned & paid for the 16th of July to Tepee Creek, Taylor Falls, Cascade Creek & a few other spots where I think it’s in a pool of water.

        Oh well, got to suck it up & Just have a good time.

        I thought it may have been here under water below the owl:

        I was wrong.

        I got to towel off & get dry & get back to work.

        • All is not lost, just look around instead of in or under. Both feet on the ground will find it on foot lol. I wonder if a stack of rocks piled by a human fails , in consideration of not under a made made object?

          • Ya Alsetenash,
            There’s a lot of good things to take from this & this is the 2nd time mentioning large rocks.

            Maybe the blaze is above a pile of small to medium size rocks?
            Either way I knew the blaze was not made by man.
            Just didn’t make sense from a man of nature.

          • Ya for sure on the good things. The blaze I have in mind is earthen natural , not man made. What I am referring to is something put together by FF made of earthen materials ( small rocks and such) that could possibly be what Indulgence is in. So, not man made of man made materials and form. Darn it, makes me analyze to no end.

        • Not under water Jake, that’s worth at least half of that hat you need to eat…lol.

          • There is a difference to under water & in water.
            I am not eating my hat yet.
            Jake Faulker on May 29, 2017 at 1:17 pm said:
            “He’s talking about getting wet & cold & I will eat my hat if he did not hide it in water.”

            In water.

            Big difference.

          • Jake, would you give an example of “in” water, but not “under” water, please? I’m trying to understand your reasoning.

          • Look at the definition of “underwater” not “under water”.
            There is no space in between.

            If this message from his is to be taken seriously why the wrong verbiage?
            Why does he contradict himself in the 1st half of the 1st paragraph?

            Can something be in water but not underwater or should I say under water.

          • This is about safety. So it is what it means; the chest is not under water same meaning spelled as underwater:

            Underwater is one word when it is an adjective preceding the noun it modifies. When it follows what it modifies, it is usually one word (e.g., his head was underwater), but underwater is still a fairly new compound—only about a century old—and is not 100% accepted, so some publishers still use under water when it follows what it modifies (e.g., his head was under water). This practice is becoming less common, though, and you are safe with the one-word spelling for all uses of the word.

          • Jake, I believe it may have been a matter of misspelling. Let’s go with your idea. At all times, the water level will never be above the depth of the treasure chest, which I believe is 5″. Rainfall/storm, snowmelt, etc. will never effect it, because by this time, the treasure chest would be considered submersed. Do you know of an area that these things would not do so? The water level would remain the same year round?

          • It’s possible it could be just a misspelling.
            But why was he not more specific & detailed about it?
            Why didn’t he say “I didn’t hide the treasure chest in water”?

            Something fishy going on here as usual with some of his statements.

            Why would he exclude Idaho & Utah & not acknowledge it would narrow the search area? It’s right up there in the 1st paragraph.

            Don’t get me wrong. I always put my waterproof camera in the water before I take a dip & if it’s raging or even close to raging I stay away.

            I think this message by him is good for those that think the gold is worth more than their life. There’s nothing worth more than your life. Keep the gold & diamonds & whatever & let me go on to live another day with the people I love & those that love me.

          • Jake, the first paragraph in regards to the two states, he says he didn’t want to narrow it down any further than what he had done, but because of recent misfortunes, he felt he had to change his plans, hence this thread. He does mention the treasure chest is not under water. Also, think of why the Rio Grande River is also included in his statement.

          • That’s not what he said pdenver.
            So what was his motive for narrowing down the search area further back then?

            Were there searchers getting into trouble in those states that are just as dangerous as the 4 we have today if you are not careful?

          • I’ll answer part of your question Jake, the Utah part…
            From the very start Forrest was indeed eliminating area and making the search area smaller.

            When the search started all we knew was that the treasure was hidden in the mountains north of Santa Fe.
            So folks were talking about the Appalachians, the Cascades, the Brooks, even the Alps, Urals and Caucasus. If it was a mountain range and it was north…someone had a solution for it…

            Within a few months he began eliminating areas. First he eliminated all the ranges except the Rockies. That was HUGE and certainly got more folks interested because 19/20ths of the northern Hemisphere was now out of play.
            Then he eliminated Nevada…which was not much considering the fact that even Wiki doesn’t include the ranges in Nevada in the Rockies.

            Right about that time the Today Show started having Forrest on once a month to give out a new clue. He gave out the outhouse clue because folks were toppling outhouses and searching for the chest under that untenable home of brown.
            Owners of outhouses were complaining, Forrest wanted to reign in the problem. The cemetery clue came about because folks were convinced the chest was hidden in his mother’s grave and were threatening to dig up Forrest’s parent’s gravesite. Even though those graves are in TX, a state without Rocky Mountains anywhere and certainly not in Temple. What can I tell you? Folks are ridiculous…

            Now remember, Forrest was under pressure to unharness a clue every month. He wasn’t about to release anything too exciting…so a series of nice but not exactly earth shaking clues were released. During that period came the famous Idaho and Utah clue. During the preceding month a team of guys from Utah had garnered a lot of news attention by claiming they had solved Forrest’s poem, knew exactly where the chest was located in Utah and were going to get it. They were clueless and cocky and rude…not unlike many of the braggarts who make that claim today. But this was fairly early in the chase and the press fell for it. They got a lot of publicity for their announcement. When their mission failed…and they came home empty handed Forrest decided to eliminate Idaho and Utah. Very little of Utah is in the Rockies. In my opinion he got two things out of it:
            1. He took a lot of wind out of the sails of the cocky team from Utah and
            2. It was a very small area of Rocky Mountain turf to lose.

            But Idaho…which includes parts of Yellowstone and the Tetons and had a very nice river called “Warm” with many followers, was a pretty substantial clue. It was probably the most important clue from the Today Show series of clues…at least to me..I had to look somewhere else…

          • Thanks Dal,
            “A part of anything is better than nothing as long it is good”

            I was going to comment on the time you said you didn’t think it was in water but would still look there or something like that.

            You have a good explanation for the Utes but I have to wonder about the Idaho’s. I was thinking maybe there were some that endangered their lives in those states to knock them off the list.

            OK, I know old age is getting to us all but I would have to think he would have been more detailed at this part of the game.

            I’ve seen his latest interviews this year & see is pretty capable although some here have stated otherwise.

            I’ve believed the blaze is made by Mother Nature for about a year & a half now & will take that confirmation but I find it hard to believe that the chest is not in water.

            Either way he did narrow the search area then & now, I think.

          • Jake, I did not enter the Chase until July/August 2014. The two states were removed beforehand. I cannot answer your question in regards to why the two states were removed.

            The thread is about being safe, and he had given additional information for everyone. If you believe it’s still under water, please review what I had said on June 30, 2017, at 3:02 p.m. and if you’re able to answer those questions.

          • I’m with you, Jake – there’s something fishy ! I’m mulling the same questions surrounding a man-made object… if you slide it in a drainpipe or a crumbling stone wall, is it in? My family argues that as long as there is a top, it’s under… but in a pipe is not the same as under a pipe. He closed the front door and left the back one wide open! 🙂

          • Ya, the man-made object one threw me for a loop at first too. The hyphen made it clearer for me after.

          • @Alsentash… can you clarify how that helped? I’m still stuck on looking in a drainpipe as opposed to under… and the place I’m mulling is actually more like a box than that – in the box is different than under…

          • Pole Position. The hyphenated words man-made essentially means- manufactured. So, the chest is not under a man-made manufactured object. So, a pipe would appear to be disqualified being as it is something manufactured. IMO .

          • Thanks, Alsetenash… words are slippery, and I’m still mulling this. I won’t be bringing a shovel or snorkel gear, but nor will I be crossing out any other prepositions, especially where man-made and water are concerned! It seems like creating wise, safe limitations without crossing off all possibilities… IMO. 🙂

          • I just try my best not be biased in my interpretations. It doesn’t benefit me one bit.

          • Al;

            A bridge would be man-made, but I would not classify it as being manufactured. I have to take exception to your definition.

            Just my humble opinion – JDA

          • It’s not my definition it’s the dictionary’s, Is your bridge a natural or unnatural ( man-made) object. Pretty simple yes or no answer. IMO .

          • I’d feel more comfortable with his words if he said it’s not in water or underwater.

            Either way I’m shifting my focus on the other things he said & beginning to think the treasure may be below a cliff face (precipice) covered in a small pile of small rocks like a cairn. The problem I have with that is could be stumbled upon.

          • Jake. You just described my ideas. With the intel I have and think I have , stumbling upon it would be extremely rare. But, if it was stumbled upon, only a searcher would probably be intrigued to investigate it further. A non searcher would just think it was interesting for but only a moment and may not investigate it further. This is just my opinion based on all the info I have of my spot. I read the poem write to a spot of something , to me, is rather interesting. One day I will check it out.

          • Yes it would be extremely rare to stumble upon it but possible if a hiker or hunter sees something spectacular on the rock face & explores further.

            We don’t know what the size of the blaze is do we?

            I’m just trying to alter my solve a bit before my trip in 2 weeks seeing it’s not under water (maybe).

            He has mentioned large rocks & precipice twice now this year – I think.

          • Ya, my spot would not be stumbled upon for any reason other than a searcher. Nothing is ever 100% certain of that not happening, but if it was by chance, even so, that person would most likely think not of looking into the visual any closer. It is very Fennish clever

            The blaze is separate from this spot and is independent but of course ” look quickly down” is perfect to it. My blaze is easily identifiable to me and justified because of the word that is key and it just is what it is. IMO .

            His safety words made me ponder for a moment but only for a moment lol. Maybe you only need a slight adjustment.

          • Nothing is perfect to it Alsetenash until the chest is found.

            I would have to assume your spot is not close to a human trail or heavy hiking traffic.

            Can you see your blaze on GE? I’m thinking you have to have BOTG to find some of the clues including the blaze, we know this is a very heated discussion but nothing compares to BOTG.

          • Nothing is certain for sure Jake. My Blaze is not visible on GE. The only interesting thing I can say here about it, is that I already had an idea what it might be . When I saw it, it was what I thought it was. In my opinion ,in accordance with my solve and site, In my opinion, BOTG is a must only for the last clue in the poem- the Blaze. Once I identified , I go off trail for sure. Just failed to get to my spot the first time, as you know why . I don’t know when I can try a second time. I could be totally wrong with confidence lol.

          • I would think the blaze can only be found with BOTG but I also think heavy loads needs personal attention from the computer & possibly water high but your creek can be seen by GE IMO.

          • I was able to see and determine everything except the blaze from armchair and GE. This really does help see things from a safety perspective also. Where to start, how to avoid crossing dangerous water flows, precipices , etc. In my area. Most things can be planned and seen before BOTG in order to be safely executed Then BOTG for the final pieces and path. It was possible for me anyways. Just learnt that the one of two ways possible was not the easiest nor safest lol.

          • Don’t put too much faith in trusting GE.
            There were a few places that had cliffs but couldn’t see them from GE.

          • That is for sure true about GE. First time in the area there was snow where my destination was but I could see everything everywhere. Comparing GE to BOTG is a very different view and perspective. GE gave a very limited perspective. I took pictures from everywhere angles and pictures also don’t give the same details. When I arrived the second time and actually did a walk in the bush to try and get to my spot ; I chose my starting point and direction because of GE and pictures. Not the same view and circumstances relative to BOTG. Having gathered intel now from all three perspectives, I am better prepared for round 2 with better plans. GE and pictures help in many ways but also in some ways they don’t.

          • Also many stages and age of growth makes the forest thick. In 7 years there can be allot of new growth. I was rather intimidated by the lack of open views. I could only see 12-15 feet around me at best most of the time. It was a slow go in order to be safe.

          • Hi Jake –

            “I would think the blaze can only be found with BOTG but I also think heavy loads needs personal attention from the computer & possibly water high but your creek can be seen by GE IMO.”

            In my honest opinion, every single clue must be figured out before going on a trip. I doubt that any searcher will ever figure out a clue with BOTG. IMO, you have to have them all solved before you make the journey to a very precise area. I know there are plenty of searchers that disagree and believe that clues can only be figured out with BOTG. I say that they haven’t made any progress towards the chest because that doesn’t work.

            Have fun on your next trip.

          • It will be a fun trip but not as fun as I hoped I think.
            I hope your not looking in the spot.

            How could all the clues be figured on your ass sitting in font of your device when the goal was to get out into the wood?

          • Donna O,
            You can thank Mother Nature for this.

            Very gorgeous area & there is a gorge carved out by her & many cold springs around. I lost count of the springs.

            Did you or any one see the rock outcropping sheared by Mother Nature in the video?

            21 seconds in the vid in the lower left corner & as I move the camera it stays on the bottom & moves to your right.

            Silhouette of an owl in the rock.

            If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,
            Look quickly down, your quest to cease,

            I think the blaze is not man-made.

          • Yes, I can see the owl now that you pointed it out. You sure do have heavy loads and water high in that location. I hope the blaze isn’t that hard to find, but great observation.

          • Thanks Donna O,
            I thought I was seeing things that weren’t there.

            There’s also other weird stuff going on the edge of the pool.

            I see peoples heads facing up as boulders at the edge of the pool & some seem to placed there.

            I also see 53 seconds in the video to the left & middle there seems to be text scribed on the rock. BFT ?

            Probably means nothing but weird.

    • I would say that staying dry is a CLUE at this point.

      “You can lead a dog to water, but you can’t keep him dry.” (or something like that)

      • Yes & there is a treasure under it.
        I just don’t like his wording & that’s not the 1st time I’ve said that.

        Lug thinks everything he said is straightforward. He obviously didn’t read everything.
        I do think the poem is straightforward & without deceit.

    • Jake Faulker… I like it…”Maybe it’s in water & not under?” … but is there really a difference or is it just “wording” that separates the two meanings?

      • The only way it can be in water and not under is if the top of Bronze Beauty is above the surface tension ..


    • Water can come i many forms. I do not believe Forrest would take the chance at placing it in any environment that could severely tarnish or nearly ruin some of the artifacts that lay within the chest. Forrest Fenn did mention in the video that he knows the treasure chest is wet – in my opinion means it is subject to rain, snow, fog and all of natures elements. To me that also in a way tells me that it is definitely is not buried underground, but may potentially be hidden by ground cover.

      • Maybe Fenn didn’t bury it but Mother Nature will if not already.
        I’m beginning to think everything is wet in this atmosphere.

    • c’mon Jake, that’s a little funny. If anything, saves money on scuba equipment. More beer for the celebration…

    • Not under water, yet, it is wet… Hmmm. Must be by a waterfall of some sort – water high

      • I believe he is referring to a “wet bronze technique” [google it] method of coloring bronze.

        Physics uses water during the firing stages to achieve color variations.

        Just a hunch… but it seems to solve/cover the “wet” statements made by Fenn. IMHO

        –Best regards

        • Ha ha, hunch away. It’s as good as any WAG. What do you think the Home of Brown is?

          • Capt. Destructo…

            Mine is not a WAG …. it’s a SWAG. There’s a difference! 🙂

          • Fenn Addict,
            Yes, that is so different. SWAG me the location. I will cut you in. I’m BOTG SE YS.

            Major Boom Boom

  6. Thanks, Forrest. IMO, there are still the few searchers who won’t believe what you say. YOU can’t fix them. But at least you are trying to make it as safe as possible for the ones who do believe you.

      • As my Gramps used to say ” you can take the folk out of the asylum, but not the asylum out of the folks..”

        • Danny-boy – what’s an ‘asylum’ btw ..?

          oh well, i have to go now – as they’re about to lock-down my internally-padded safety-door for the night

          ( ..gotta love those hotel-staff, with their crisp white coats, and always generously giving us guests so many free colourful lollies 🙂 )

          ..oh, wait a minute!! 🙁

  7. Fin and Flipper Dive Shop, 3:10 PM:

    “That will be $2,679.53 sir. Hope you enjoy the equipment”.

    “Oh hold on–just got a notification from the blog I frequent. What th..?
    Oh heck, looks like I won’t need this diving gear after all. Thanks any way though.”

  8. I think this is lots of fun for everyone those who are actually out and about or those who are just utilizing their brains at home. Thanks for a great time FF! !!

  9. The most telling piece of this post is not about the treasure NOT being in a river or underwater (if you thought this, sorry. not logical at all, too many factors that could cause it to move/get lost) – The real telling sentence is where he states “it is not under a man made object” – I see the treasure potentially placed inside/underneath a large log (or petrified log/tree) or partially obscured. The line “In the wood” has always made me think of either it being underneath a log (he tells us to turn them over to see what we find) or in a specific gathering of trees distinct from others. Just my 2cents.

    • I think the safety tip comment “It is not under a under a man made object” clarifies, “it is not associated with a structure” comment.
      Which also eliminates man made gravestone, which fall in line with “Not in a graveyard”
      Unfortunately, someone will decide there is a difference between a cemetery vs. a graveyard, or even try to logic out a pet graveyard is not the same…

      As Cynthia pointed out… “Thanks, Forrest. IMO, there are still the few searchers who won’t believe what you say….”

      Sad, but true.

      • I was hoping to find a bronze overlay or a phony grave marker.:). So….this little lady must be buried! If it’s not in a tree, and it’s not in a cave, it’s in the dirt baby.

          • Oh boy. I can’t remember. I should be careful with that. I’ll try to confirm. I most definitely could be wrong.

          • I don’t recall when or where, but my recollection is that he said that it was not in a tree, but surrounded by trees. Again, that just my memory speaking. I have a fantastic memory, it’s just kinda short.


            Windy City

          • May 4, 2017, Mysteriious writings:

            “Well Mr. Outta There, I will give you something to chomp on.

            Stop arm chairing that thing to death and get out in the trees where the “box” is, but before you go, look at the poem as if it were a map, because it is, and like any other map, it will show you where to go if you follow its directions. f”

          • Yep, that is the commentary that I was referring to. Thanks.


            Windy City

    • Hi M.I.: your first sentence is close, but a little more definitive than what Forrest wrote. Here’s the quote from SB 78: “I have not said that a searcher was closer than 12’ from the treasure. It is not likely that anyone would get that close and not find it.”

  10. That’s a huge hint! Thanks FF!
    Cheers from the East Coast
    (hoping to get some “searching” in myself 😉 )

  11. This unfortunate accident must weigh heavy on your heart Mr Fenn. But no worries, you have done the right thing. For me it is a great adventure, and shall carry on. Thank you so much, for the thrill. All the best to you.

  12. Thank You, Forrest!
    Like many others…I was anxiously awaiting…your “new” safety tips.
    I’m sure they will keep many treasure hunters safer…if they will just listen.
    It doesn’t change my “solution”…if I can call it that. lol!
    That’s a welcome relief. That’s kinda why I was anxious to hear what Forrest was gonna say. I’m still looking in New Mexico…
    …but not near the Rio Grande…per say.
    (cough, cough)
    Note to self: Change solve and find a Rio Pequeña north of Santa Fe.
    Oh, please. Oh, please. Luck be a lady tonight.

  13. Thanks Forrest!

    Thanks for the adventure, the fun, and for not caving in to the silly demands!

  14. Dear Forrest: Thank you for making the hard decision to put some new prohibitions in place. It’s a shame that recent avoidable events pushed you in a direction where you felt the need to intercede, but I’m sure most searchers much prefer your solution over ending the Chase altogether.

  15. Thank You Forrest Fenn!!! Your treasure hunt is a kids dream come true. Even though I’m the shady side of medicare it has provided me with countless hours of free entertainment. Due to life commitments I may never get out to look for it in person, but believe me I know every nook and cranny in my chosen area . ( thank you google). I was committed to a SAR team for 18 yrs. You can’t save the stupid, or careless people in this world. They make their own choices and then they have to live (or die) with them. Its not your responsibility! About once a year I re read your books, I love the way you write, and I just love the word “swivit” ( somehow it doesn’t look like I spelled it right.) Don’t give up any more secrets or somebody will beat me to the treasure.Ha!

  16. Trying to reduce the number of DARWIN AWARD candidates, Forrest? Good luck with THAT. Thanks for the Chase, though. Searching has brought a great deal of joy and satifaction to the adverturer side of me. I’ve visited many new and beautiful places, met some truly fantastic and interestng people, and learned many new things about a myriad of subjects. All have deepened my appreciation for our beautiful country, it’s history, and it’s citizens. Thank you for this thrill. Long life to you, my fellow Vietnam era, veteran friend.

    • There’s been a still photo of it up on the NPS webcam of OF since yesterday. Lightening knocked out the webcam ! It’s very cool.

    • Thank you for the link, SL. I must admit I’m surprised that it would be illegal to hide a treasure chest there.

      • I wonder if the gentleman in the video speaks of the “no digging” and “no metal detecting” rules in Yellowstone, or if there’s more.

      • “Pack it in, pack it out” seems like a reasonable rule to me. Otherwise caching (whether of gear, supplies . . or trash) could get out of hand.


  17. Thank you Forrest.

    I believe you have done everything possible to keep searchers safe. They are responsible for their own actions.

    My spot is not effected by anything you just added, so I just have to plan my
    final trip. 🙂

  18. Lol! Glad I never joined the “It’s in the water .” club! Poor Dal, all those creeks and falls he’s checked!
    I’ve checked around falls, near falls but never “in” water. The rainbow was my attraction.
    As far as being “wet”, if it’s got mud on it when you picked it up and put it on your lap…well…that means it’s wet! “Mud” might mean buried, but F did comment how he could not see how someone would miss seeing it if they were 12ft away, tells me it’s not buried. A hole or depression would retain moisture, making mud…and if you were looking down from a slightly higher elevation, you could look down into the depression holding the treasure. I think that’s why F said no one would stumble upon it, you have to be above it to see it, standing by the blaze, looking down.
    Glad the safety statement was made, but there will be some who miss it and will be bobbing for treasure.
    Dal, get rid of those waders!
    Be safe all!

    • Donna M.
      I owe you an apology & I hope you accept.
      I apologize for my actions & words towards you.

      The child inside will never die but it makes us feel younger than we are.

      I’m heading back to the porcelain god again.
      Excuse me please.
      I do know when I’m wrong after the fact.

      • Jake, no hard feelings, apology accepted.
        I highly respect your opinions.
        I sincerely hope you feel better!

      • Jake, try activated charcoal. You can buy it at any drug store. It can’t be patented, so it’s not profitable for drug companies to market it. Totally safe stuff–one of few things that is–only thing is you MUST drink a FULL glass of water with it each time. You can search for it on the internet; used in hospitals, and used by cowboys in days of yore (charcoal from burnt toast). 2 caps and 2 more again 1/2 hour later, and if by some miracle you’re still sick, 2 more after that. Don’t take within 2 hours of medication.

        I’ve used it dozens of times in my life for digestive horrors, and it’s always worked within an hour.

        And thanks, Forrest!

    • Donna;

      The quote that you were referring to is: ““I have not said that a searcher was closer than 12’ from the treasure. It is not likely that anyone would get that close and not find it.” Please note, he did NOT say that if a person were within 12′ they would see it. He said FIND it. A bit of difference. JDA

      • JDA…If you get that close, logic dictates you would see it to find it, it’s not likely anyone would get that close and not find it. You need eyes to “find it”. Unless, of course, you are an alien, then you could use antenna to find it!
        There is SOMETHING within the 12 ft that would cause you to look quickly down and see the treasure’s bed. One of the “several blazes” could be pointing to it, but wouldn’t you need eyes to see it. Why does F always say, “Always look down!” ? To find the treasure! Lol
        One square rock feels like another!
        ***I FOUND a dollar in the parkinglot.—how? Not by feeling, or stepping on it, you looked down and FOUND it.
        See, your analogy is getting too complicated! F also said searchers are complicating it. (Paraphrasing)
        Good luck with your solve and search!

        • You’re assuming f’s use of the word it in the second sentence correlates to his use of the word treasure in his first sentence.

          In your example of the dollar bill in the parking lot, we know your use of ‘it’ relates to the dollar bill because you explain that to us in further detail. F didn’t do that for us.

        • Donna;

          To me, you miss the point. Of course one needs to use their eyes to see. I think that the point Forrest was making is that no one will be within 12 feet of the treasure UNLESS they have followed ALL of the clues, and that the clues have taken them to within the 12′.

          It is my belief that, where the treasure is secreted, is an “Out of the way” spot. A spot that would NOT naturally be searched or visited by a casual hiker, hunter, fisherman or out-doorsman. You have to be led to this “special spot” by the poem.

          Even if you were to stumble onto this spot, which is unlikely, unless you KNEW what to look for, you would probably miss it, and thus miss finding Indulgence. Just my musings – JDA

          • You are dangerous JDA. I’m going to have to bump up my timeline and head out tomorrow lest you get it before me.

          • you are an interesting fellow and i am impressed with your ability to widdle down a clue or a comment made and extract from it only whats needed. I have been monitoring all of these blogs and message boards for a week now since i just heard about the treasure. I think my mind thinks similarIy so I must say that I have learned just as much from what he hasn’t said as from what he has. I’ve learned a lot from his refusal to answer certain questions . I believe I’ve got a good spot worth looking at and i arrived to it using some of the very interpretations to some of Forrest’s comments that you just used here . Good luck to you. With much Faith I go on my search this weekend, gotta pick up the book. Your right about botg but but I found my spot and my blaze because of someone else’s botg , from my couch. Thank God for technology. Cause if i’m right then FF uses the same means to check on his treasure , sooner or later . Godspeed

  19. When I read this earlier, I thought you have to spell it out completely. There are those out there that don’t understand an 80 + man can not do what they are about to do. I have read this in several accounts from searchers of their solve. The other possibility is that these people who are acting carelessly do not read the blogs.

    My solve is so bland and uninteresting … yet it works for me. I used only the poem with direct instructions and check google maps to see where I am at geographically. I have gone as far as I can and now need to get BOTG and see if the TC is there. I have not seen anything in the least bit dangerous in the poem or my solve.

    Anyway, I hope everyone takes heed as to what Forrest has just posted. He can’t be any more direct than what he just said. Please listen to and follow his advice !!!


    Place safety first !!!

  20. Still, it is safe to not underestimate Fenn. We don’t know what a few means to f, he has even said to one Q&A, you underestimate me sir. He has even stated that you have a long distance to walk.
    Fighter pilots are a different breed. Invincible, can do anything ego, only scared of one thing, Hypoxia. To underestimate what he could walk would be a huge mistake. Especially with the inner drive to make it to a certain spot. We might not think we could not make a long walk with the added weight, but we didn’t hide the chest. Just keep it in the back of your notes, long distance to walk, do not underestimate.

    • Yep Charlie, I’ve stated several times on this blog over the years that Mr. Fenn was always a very fit man and an avid hiker/explorer/rambler. I am sure it is only very recently that he has slowed down a bit…. How do I know this about his fitness? I heard it from one of his own family! (I’ve lived in Santa Fe for 40 years). For those who think that a fit, disciplined, and extraordinary man of 79 can’t hike very far, well….you can just keep looking near your parked car. Notice, too, that he has never precisely said, “Both trips to hide the treasure chest were completed in the same afternoon.” His actual quotes about the “two trips” are unequivocally inconclusive. Read ’em again and see if you don’t agree.

      • Sorry, You’re wrong. One afternoon.

        “Questions With Fenn —
        “you’ve mentioned on multiple occasions that it took two “trips” to secret the chest and contents to a very special place. Perhaps someone has already asked this, but I’ve not found an answer yet posted or video recording that contains an answer. Forgive me if this is redundant, but were both trips made on the same day/date? ….

        “Joe, you make this thing so complicated. Reminds me of the reason I don’t like meetings. I hope you don’t belong to a PTA someplace. I made two trips from my car to the hiding place and it was done in one afternoon.f”

        • No, he’s right. He is 100% right.
          It was done in one what? One afternoon, one trip after noon, one trip? He just says he took two trips. He could be done in one trip in the afternoon, one trip could have been in the morning, Stephen says it perfectly, “Notice, too, that he has never precisely said, “Both trips to hide the treasure chest were completed in the same afternoon.” His actual quotes about the “two trips” are unequivocally inconclusive. Read ’em again and see if you don’t agree.”
          Sorry, Stephen is right, and, can see how f seems to play with words. That means he can see more angles, and such, more open minded. Good job Stephen.

          • Hi Charlie, I appreciate your follow up. I am sure many disagree, but the statement “it was done in an afternoon” always struck me as odd. “It” means what exactly, and does it even refer to the first clause of the sentence? Forrest Fenn is a clever wordsmith, and many of his statements allow much wiggle room. What is not in doubt, at all, is that Forrest Fenn was in great shape for almost all of his life, except for his bout with cancer. He is a teetotaler and has never smoked: in short, an agile, avid outdoorsman. Ignore this fact , and you limit your solve to a tame niceness. Forrest was never tame, and while he might be nice, I’ll bet you didn’t want to be on the business end of his walking stick.

          • Stephen, I agree. To think two trips in the afternoon does not fit Forrest. His whole life he was an early riser, and now, when hiding one of the most important things in his life, we are suppose to believe he just got up late or something? Let the masses believe what they may, it will take them out of competition if they believe in a short hike.
            Don’t go where an 80 year old man, who was shot down in enemy Vietnam and survived, who from time and time again took risks, who was close enough to a mother bear and her cubs to actually boost a cub up an embankment, and who at 86 years old makes all the trips to interviews, fennborees, searches, you name it. Nope, I’m not going to think he can’t do something, would be too limiting. Within the confines of common sense of course.

          • Charlie –

            We are supposed to believe he was otherwise occupied in tbe morning. He needed to get to the location and park. He may have even flown, then drove and parked.


          • Charlie,
            I seriously don’t think he boosted any bear cub up an embankment.
            That part of his story is BS & that’s what I’m talking about when it comes to somethings he says & I call him & you out on that.

            You don’t get anywhere near a cub.

          • yea Jake, I never took that line too seriously. He said it though, and it gets my point across of not underestimating.
            As far as flying, Lug, I don’t see that. Occupied in the morning, maybe, but doubt. It was summertime, don’t think he risked too much. To cram 2 trips after noon seems like a rush. I just don’t see it. One trip in the morning, one after noon, yea, possible. Two separate trips, more likely. Either way, 2 trips after 12:00p.m., not very likely.

          • Charlie –

            He is telling us he walked from his car to tbe spot in like a half hour with minimal efffort and then repeated it. He is telling ua that if we are exerting any effort beyons this we doing it wrong. He has been repeating this for 4 years.

            Thats my opinion. If you want to read more into get at it.

            I will park a truck and walk no further than a mile exerting no more more effort than is necesarry for an old coot carrying 4 gallon jugs of water.


          • So Forrest Fenn leaves half of the treasure in his car while he walks the first leg of his journey to hide the chest? I never leave anything of value in my car when I go for a hike, let alone millions in gold or a valuable bronze chest.
            But then he says that he walked less than a few miles…and follows it with the statement that one of the definitions for “few ” is “scant”…and one definition for scant is “barely sufficient”. So Fenn walk ed less than was barely sufficient to hide the chest. What is less than barely sufficient? I’d say that which is actually sufficient. So his less than a few statement really means that he walked what was sufficient to hide the chest. Clear as day.

          • Fundamental guidelines ~”If you can’t make two trips from your car to your solve in several hours, then don’t go.”
            What would be the point if two days are needed to retrieve the chest for this statement?

            Charlie, Stephan, How do you reconcile fenn’s comment as to what we are to do or not do?

            Taking into consideration all the statements and Q&A’s on the trip[s] to hide the chest… I go along with James post. The above say “two trips in several hours” Fenn has also stated he walked less than a few miles during the two trips to hide the chest, He has explained why the need for two trips ~ he took the chest on one trip and the contents the second trip. [ breaking down the weight for carrying ]. Fenn has said; he followed the clues to hide the chest etc. etc.

            “I made two trips from my car to the hiding place and it was done in one afternoon.f” ~ “and” [combined, join support ] it was done in one afternoon.”
            How can that mean anything else other than the same Day/date?

    • Two things. Fighter pilots are scared of two things.

      Hypoxia and Sappers.

      That’s why I’m always nattily dressed while hunting. That and I’m poor. Why buy new hiking gear when my Uncle Sam already gave me some for free.

  21. Well heck, now I have to start all over. Thanks for that. So do you think that I can return the scuba gear and rock climbing widgets for a full refund? This news is really trying my patience…

  22. Thank you Mr. Fenn!
    Thank you for the chase, thank you for all the good things you do and last but not least, thank you for setting some searchers straight.

  23. Thank you Forrest. It’s fun for me! Makes my brain tired, but it’s fun! 🙂


  24. The Rio Grande is beautiful. If you go to the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge outside of Taos, you’ll be treated to a spectacular view of it. There’s also a small gathering of vendors there selling handcrafted items. Just down the road is Taos Mesa Brewery, great food and great beer. Nearby is Manby Hot Springs, definitely worth the visit. You can appreciate all of this safely and I highly recommend it for anyone who visits the Taos area. If you’re truly out to appreciate nature, you owe yourself a visit.

    That said, I am very glad to hear that we can forever put the Rio Grande out of the search area. We all owe Forrest a debt of gratitude for making this statement. Please circulate it far and wide so that everyone is aware of it. In my view, the Rio Grande is the fat man, and Forrest has tossed in on the tracks to solve the Trolley Problem. Good riddance.

    Cross it off, salt the earth, let us put it behind us and move forward.

  25. Well dang………..Lucy just received her SCUBA certification and finished the Polar Diver Specialty Course. You have no idea how much it cost to send a miniature weenie dog to SCUBA school. She never did like my idea of it being in Yellowstone Lake.

    I guess this also means we can sell the new excavator. My fall back solution was to remove the concrete slab under the rail car in West Yellowstone. Man, it’s been a double whammy bad day.

    Looks like Lucy was right all along……Time to load the truck with her powered hang glider with FLIR camera and head out.

    • Goofy – unless i’m mildly mistaken, isn’t it slightly illegal to dig in YSNP with a massively gargantuan excavator? ..i mean ..?

      but don’t worry tho, i certainly won’t tell anyone if you don’t,
      that’s for certain 🙂

      ( …pssst Forrest! – call the asylum, quickly!!)

      ( ..i’m pretty sure that Goofs has escaped ..again! 🙁 )

  26. Forrest , thank you for your continuous watch care over us.

    We all know that humans have a nature to want what they want.

    • Bravo RIO GRAN DE SUN !! Well written!
      Thanks for the link Tommy Voltaire.

  27. Thank you, Forrest. In spite of the very loud & few contrarians, I assure you: the Chase is indeed fun! 🙂

  28. The search is supposed to be fun and HAS BEEN fun–both for those who are virtually and physically searching.

    Freedom of choice is an amazing thing. It can get you into trouble and keep you out of trouble. Thank you Forrest for exercising your freedom of choice to continue the chase.

  29. Thank you Forrest for that but I feel that you should sleep well at night as their decisions to do what they did was a personal one and we all agree that we are responsible for all of our own decisions. Even the law says that. You are in no way responsible for anyone’s decisions that they make. We on this blog that are veterans to the Chase (4yrs or more) will stand by your side. After all Sir, how many times must you tell everyone to be safe, don’t go alone in the mountains, and the list grows.
    God Bless You Mr. Fenn and Peggy and your Family also…
    Safety always 1st,
    Timothy A….

  30. ALL of my brothers have almost killed me doing something not considered dangerous until they are involved. Fun times.

  31. What I heard … “TTOTC rules of engagement are written for your safety and for that of your team. They are are not flexible, nor am I. Either obey them or you are history. Is that clear?”

    • I wouldn’t rule out waterfalls. TC could be sitting right next to one.

  32. Thank you Mr.Fenn
    Safety first
    Don’t search alone
    Parking area
    A place kids might be allowed to search
    Some of us may have been close enough
    To find the treasure but caught up in the beauty of the setting.
    No one person has done such a kindness for Americans except the founder of our National Park System and the smart person that designed the Smithsonian system.
    Thank you Mr. Fenn

    As for those that died died on a quest.
    They were adults and it was their time.
    Those that lived will be the better people for their time with Nature.
    I thank you for giving me a quest to share with my students.
    Thank you for sharing your story about the dedication of your dad as principal and the fact you didn’t like school but did like learning.

  33. And then there was … “That was some of the best treasure hunting I’ve seen yet. Right up to the part where you got killed. Never, never leave your wingman.”

  34. Chase just got much smaller and safer thanks to our SAFETY FIRST politicaly correct nut job brain washed public officials….but forrest is smiling again and the chase is good to go.

  35. My focus on this post is “steep precipice.” Looking up the words, I will not be climbing up and down a steep precipice. If I move large rocks, it will not be by choice. Under water?, no. Below the water?, depends on how one looks at it. If I get wet, it will be from sweat due to the effort exerted. I will be leaving my residence on July 1st, putting in below the home of Brown that evening, and be at the place where I believe Indulgence awaits July 2nd at noon Santa Fe time. I hope to be keep crow out of any meal plan. Maybe, I can be dining on pineapple pie with Indulgence by my side Sunday night. I’m getting nervous and excited. I will physically be alone, but connected to my family through my SPOT device. I will not be putting my life at risk. Others have traveled the route I intend to take. No special equipment necessary. It will take some effort though. I will be going less than a few miles from my vehicle. Warm waters might halt me, but I hope they will only slow me down. I will do an anti rain dance before heading up my Rocky Mountains. I’m sure a great many will be searching this weekend. Let’s be safe everyone and maybe one of us will be showing f the proof he needs to announce the finding of Indulgence. May one solve be proved to be the correct one by the end of the freedom 4th celebrations! Happy searches to all.

      • Thanks Windy City. If rain is in the forcast between here and there, I will delay my search by 24 hour increments. Safety is #1 in my book.

        • Be SAFE Slurbs… Be wise and good luck… 🙂 Can you get someone to go with you? Forrest said it is better to go with more sesrchers…

          • Update… There was rain falling yesterday, between here and there. Same forcast today. Now I expect to be at the spot where I believe it to be at noon on July 4th. Sorry Spallies, so far I’m still going it solo as planned. The greatest dangers are black bears and rolling stones. I will have my rock climbing helmet on and I will not traverse up, nor dorwn, any steep precipice. I do carry bear spray for the black bears and I wear my bear bells. The grzzlies are a whole other story that I don’t want to get into. Let’s just say I don’t plan on bagging my first bear and I also don’t plan on getting bagged. I keep a certain kind of fish in my back pocket or backpack for the big ones! That ensures a good distance is maintained. I keep it in such a way that I won’t smell like fish if I leave it on a rock or somthing.
            Jake, to chime in on you water stance. I’d say that if I fill my tub up with enough water to make the water 6 inches deep, then stand in it, I am not under water. However, I am in water. My feet will exist in the uderwater while the are standing under water. I am still in water. Sound about right? Ok, so the chest can be in water, f just didn’t put it underwater/under water (which is it?)? Makes no difference to me. There is water where I think it to be. So maybe partially submerged can be the case. We will see.
            Stay safe ot there, all. I’ve preached safety on this blog many a time. Plan ahead and know when to turn back.

          • Good example of in water & underwater Slurbs.

            I think F has been throwing curve balls all along.

          • Thank god it isn’t raining where the chest is in my solve 🙂

            Wish me luck! LOL, it will be over by the 4th if everything goes as planned. If not, I am prepared to eat crow.

          • Be safe, keep alert & use uncommon sense.
            Don’t worry, most here have eaten crow & I just had a serving before my trip.

  36. And then last but not least … ” I’ll have you know, when I am hunting for the Fenn treasure, my crew and their safety come first.”

  37. Important, your group can only travel as fast as the slowest walker/hunter. Stay near and carry a whistle. If you get separated further than the whistle can be heard, you are either lost or as Daniel Boone said Bewildered..


  38. It’s a lot of fun I’m
    Glad you
    Said it’s not under a man made object I can’t count the people that always wanna dig under things they shouldn’t And not under water thank golly so now all we have to do is still cross some water somewhere justnot look in the water haha

    • I thought perhaps that is where people were putting themselves at risk, by entering/crossing water.

      • Haha I know I don’t think they were looking under the water they were trying to get to the other side like a lot of us have done many times In the Madison. I think it was Daryl who got swept away by that river

        • What are your thoughts to what Mr. Fenn is saying to us in “Safety First”?

          • well to be safe but I have seen 80 year old men crossing the Madison fishing So that’s everyone’s delema some say well he is a fisherman he knows the spots to cross that are safe And when the water is low enough. Even when the water is low it will knock some off there feet that aren’t use to being in it

  39. I hope Mr. Fenn can feel the outpouring of love for him. He a great architect. I hope he isn’t too down lately.

  40. I’m very surprised he didn’t say don’t cross any rivers at all Hmmmmm

    • Noticed that too.
      IMO, that’s because a smaller creek or stream might need to be crossed or at least close to the chest.

      • DG…
        How about navagating AROUND a body of water…?! To get to the other side, where you may find your blaze?
        HL&WH mean many things…
        Fast current/deep
        Rocky creek/deep
        Bridge over /deep
        Lake /waterfall going in it
        Log trough/water in it up high
        Gold trough/water in it high
        Mule carrying rocks/in the rain…
        Too numerous to list.
        I don’t see it as a crossable water way, for the “safety” of the kids.
        Now, following that water way is a good possibility, IMO.

        • Following a water way could be a good idea. Hopefully though if it is not safe to cross you follow on the correct side.

    • Crossing a river without a bridge sounds pretty dangerous to me. I’m going to take a very tiny leap of logic and assume that crossing a river is also not necessary to find the chest.

      Main takeaway from this new post: If it looks dangerous, you are on the wrong path.

      And yes, I know “it’s no place for the meek”, and yes you must be “brave and in the wood”, but I strongly believe that these phrases are simply referring to bushwhacking off-trail.

      I hope that there have been enough harsh lessons at this point that Chasers know not to push the envelope anymore when it comes to keeping themselves safe.

      Don’t use unsafe reasoning like Danny Dangerous here:

      “Well gee, Forrest did not specifically say ‘don’t hold your head underwater and count to a hundred’ so there might be something to that….”

      • I wouldn’t assume that no water is involved. You may have to ford a small creek. Whether there’s much (or any) water in it would depend on the time of year.

  41. My main takeaway from this announcement is that if a searcher ‘s solution involves danger, either regarding the spot where the chest is hidden or the trek to get to the chest, then the searcher has the wrong solution.

    My second takeaway is that, mercifully, Forrest is not going to be bullied by an arrogant officialdom that wants the hunt ended, as a result of their irrational attempts to CONTROL both Forrest and searchers. I applaud Forrest’s independence. I just hope we don’t have to endure any further interference from these meddlesome nannies.

    Ken (in Texas)

  42. The treasure chest is not under water, nor is it near the Rio Grande River.

    I too am now totally Bewildered, so if its “not far, but too far too walk”, what does ff mean by NEAR the Rio Grande?


    • TT: he means that if you like to search in NM, you might want to reconsider.

      • TT…or he could mean the Rio IS NOT part of your solve. Still lots of searchable places in NM, Zaphod!

      • I don’t disagree, Donna: lots of non-Rio Grande NM spots. I was being facetious. But the portion of NM in play got measurably smaller today. And searchers who are still sold on NM should be thankful Forrest didn’t eliminate the state from contention. I think it was a possibility he might have pondered.

    • It’s not anywhere up to the waters edge at the rio grand Don’t over think just don’t go there

      • Hi Tom –

        IMO The Rio Grande has never been part of the chase. The Rio Grande is not in the Rocky Mountains.
        The chase did not get smaller through this clarification.
        If anything NEW Mexico is more in play because given the chance of a lifetime to remove New Mexico without argument Fenn chose not to do so.

        The above is in my opinion and if anyone has it they can post the article where Forrest is reported to say the Rio Grande is not in the Rocky Mountains. IF found you will then know his point of view on RG.


        • What he said two weeks or so ago, Lug, was ” . . . and remember, MUCH of the Rio Grande River is not in the Rocky Mountains . . . .” ff (posted 16 June 2017)

          Much of the Rio Grande River up in Colorado (before it enters New Mexico) IS in the Rocky Mountains, and was never excluded, either by geography or by fenn-statement), until this Safety First post.


          • JAKe –

            Ok well I think you misunderstand and that’s ok. The main thing here is that we agree the Rio Grande River in New Mexico is not in the Rocky Mountains.

            In my opinion the Madison River is also not in the Rocky Mountains. I am guessing a whole lot of folks would disagree with this point of view.


    • Hey Tom. NFBTFTW means that it is not far on a map, but in reality it is a long way to walk. It has to do with finding the six places on the map then joining the dots to figure out the shape of the blaze and the location of the chest, X marks the spot!
      I dont know why people dont consider Glacier National Park as the home of the chest.

  43. Here’s what I’m walking away with issssss the search is suppose to be FUN So with that being said it wouldn’t be like work haha A relaxing walk in the wood

  44. Here’s something to think about. If you are searching alone, you probably don’t have the correct solve. And you won’t have as much fun either. My opinion.

  45. Thank you so much Mr. F for adding clarity to the search parameters. I sincerely hope your guidance rewards us all in terms of safer journeys.

    Thankfully, they do not alter my general solve whatsoever, though I suspect there is one very vocal and at times rude, reprehensible, condescending, and ever so pathetic searcher on this blog who just might want to tone down the rhetoric, take a deep breath, and be thankful you don’t have to get wet anymore even though most of us here already know you are. I won’t name names because you know who you are.


    • Um, I resemble that remark. Or have done. But since I do at least know where my towel is, I’m gonna make like Ford and do my best to go dry up. Sincere apologies to any and all I’ve offended by my rude, reprehensible etc. etc. comments.

      And the best of good luck to all searchers. 🙂


    • don’t worry SD – as i’m pretty certain that Pinatubocharlie is referring to me (or Oscar) directly 🙁

      i mean, i’d even back-bet Brett on such easy-peasy odds tbh

      (Brett, meet me in Vegas! – & put all ya gold on Jake!! 🙂 )

  46. Thanks for the safety message, Forrest. I think everyone appreciates your input, especially me – I’ve had enough of watery places to last me a lifetime!

    One other thing I would urge every searcher to remember is that, if you’re in the Rockies you’re more than likely to be in bear country. That is a hazard that everyone needs to be prepared for. I didn’t really appreciate the extent of the danger until my last trip. Bear spray is an absolute must – and a potential lifesaver.

    • I got out of bed this morning and stepped on my dog Reuben. Then I fell flat on my face cursing. I haven’t even had my coffee yet. Life is dangerous. Taking the water piece out of the equation was probably very difficult for Fenn. However, it was smart, because it will reduce risk. And, it may also turn eyes away from some gorgeous rivers that are roaring to be seen. As for bear spray. I’m blonde? I’ll probably just blast myself in the face while tripping down the canyon.

  47. What follows is an observation, and is not meant as a criticism.

    Since the beginning of the treasure hunt, searchers have interpreted the words of the poem in thousands of different ways. Forrest had no means of knowing all the possible permutations and where they would lead people. Hence, there was always an element of risk – and potential for disaster.

    In addition (TOTALLY MY OPINION), if you follow all the clues as laid out, you will be led to a number of places that are accessible, but also involve lakes, creeks, fens and many places where wild animals roam. Most are pretty close to heavily frequented areas, but one or two are fairly remote. That’s part of the adventure!

    Finally, although the treasure lies in a place that’s an easy walk from where you park, the twist in the tail of the poem can lead you to the wrong spot, if you’re not extremely wary (been there, bought theT-shirt!).

    So while FF’s pronouncements on safety are welcome and will help searchers avoid the most obviously dangerous places, this is NOT a risk-free endeavor. We are all responsible for our own safety.

  48. Mr. Fenn,
    Good morning, sir, add me to your list, of being extremely cautious!
    You said it was wet, sooo exposed to the elements it’s going to be wet.
    You mentioned nothing about shovel’s, just gloves, flashlight, and ect…
    What’s in the woods people, wood!

  49. New wild fire near Durango CO. June was crazy hot and dry in Colorado.

    I know it goes without saying that you don’t go out near a wildfire.

    But many coming here from otherwhere may not be aware that you can be 50+ miles from the flames and still have a very uncomfortable day if you’re in the wind-driven (and so always shifting) smoke plume. Please make checking the fire forecasts part of your planning.


  50. Master Fenn,

    Your Treasure Hunt is Brilliant and you have taken the higher road.

    I extend my deepest thanks to you are yours!!

    Stay Strong, my friend. Stay Strong. 🙂

    Mike Forni

    PS – I am re-ordering my clues and hope do a search this summer. $$$

  51. Thank you Forrest. My family is BOTG and had a great adventure.

    Jake, I cannot bring myself to not say “I told you so”. But our hearts are in the same place. Peace. May the Gallatin be with you.

  52. 250,000 plus 2. Adding our names to the list of searchers of Fenn’s Teasure who have safely searched and have been richly rewarded from the Thrill Of The Chase.
    Guy Michael & Barbara Vandiver
    We have crossed the wheat fields of Kansas (Home) and found ourselves absorbed with the many sirens of the Land of Enchantment.
    We found ourselves making dusty footprints at Acoma, shacked up in a cabin in Chama, havesting Pinon nuts, climbing to the top of Zapota Falls, seeing the largest trout ever at a fish hatchery in the “Enchanted Circle”, eating deep fried blue corn chicken tacos, visiting the Taos Wool Festival, camping in the Carson National Forest by cascading water that sang its melody into the night, and so many, many, many other life experiences we would never have known save for that ole rascal Forrest Fenn. It is with great admiration and heart felt gratitude that we tip our hats to you Forrest. We did not find “Indulgence ” but we did carry a heavier trove worth more than gold back across the prairie.

  53. You have to respect Fenn even more after his latest efforts to be responsible for the actions of others. The amount of pressure on him in regards to the safety of folks traipsing around the Rockies must weigh heavy. I am certain that he thought long and hard on this one. NOT UNDER water…seems pretty clear, and yet, there will undoubtedly be some that find a way to convince themselves that their theory is just too good to listen. NO steep ups or downs, NO heavy rocks to move etc. These tips from him seem small and yet they are huge. It proves that he has been telling the truth all along. It won’t take super human strength to follow the directions in the Poem…and a three year old girl could do it with some help.
    The Rio Grande searchers must be pulling their hair out wondering what NEAR means. Would be interesting to see the hits on {near} on Merriam’s site ! Probably similar to those that now think it must be “in” water instead of under. So be it….Thanks Forrest, for being the man you are and going above and beyond. Safety comes from education, reminders, and just plain common sense.

  54. If you expect to take little ones on your next search (I don’t know why you would do that), make sure they are safe too. “Safety First”is a leader in child safety products. They make car seats and nice gadgets like that. You can get them at Babies”R”Us. Keep your kids safe. Find the Fenn treasure. Be like Iceman.

  55. The summer is heating up. The 4th of July is just around the corner. If you are going into the Rocky Mountains, please leave the fireworks at home. It would be nice if no one in the Fenn treasure hunt was the cause of a Forrest fire. Ok enough said.

  56. To Jake and the rest of you that are ignoring what he said and looking for clues instead.

    There is nothing fishy now or ever. The man speaks in a straight forward way and you are not listening.

    The TC is not in water. Sure it gets wet. It also gets dry. Don’t ford a river. Don’t look under water. Don’t look under or near ANY man made objects. Don’t move heavy rocks. (Really don’t move ANY rocks and just don’t move anything.) Don’t scale any walls of descend anything that is steep. While we are at it, don’t lay down on train tracks or lean out over a chasm.

    And stop talking about any of that. Normal people hear about the chase and they come here to see what the experts are saying. Don’t be the one that gives out ideas they may lead to an injury.

    I knew Jake was going to say he can still stick his head in water and I knew folks would say Fenn is superman so that means we can take risks a normal 80 year old couldn’t. BS don’t do anything the oldest person you can imagine wouldn’t do. He walked from a car to the spot twice in an afternoon carrying 20 pounds. How heavy is that? A gallon of water weighs about 8 pounds. If your grandpa can make your hike to the tc with 3 or 4 gallon jugs of water you are wrong.

    Um, in my humble opinion that is.

    • That goes double for me. Don’t fall in love with your solve. Get another one.

    • @ Lugnutz… I get what you’re saying, and I’m not fishing for clues. However, as you said, he speaks clearly and straightforward. What he does not say also counts. As he said, it’s not what is said, it is what is whispered…. I respect these safety tips immensely. I do not read that it has nothing to do with a manmade object, though. I read that we shouldn’t be disrespecting property and digging things up. That said, if one considers a drainpipe under a road, is that in? Or under? It also could be wet but not under water… and in walking distance of a road, needing a flashlight to see clearly. Mr. Fenn is a man who appreciates the fine points of his words. He does not say anything he doesn’t mean… I only question where the lines are blurred. Safety first is clear. IMO.

      • Pole –

        Its in the woods surrounded by trees with no trail nearby. This is my opinion based on what he has said. Believe what you will.

        Catching the philosopher’s stone won’t change your lead to gold but chasing will turn your gold to lead.


        • True… and I can think of a spot that matches that exactly… not far from a parking lot, no trail per se, a blaze worth noting, and a drain pipe. No treasure. But it brings up questions. I love the chase, the puzzle, and the questions… I honor yours. We all have them until the treasure turns up. 🙂

  57. Here are some personal safety tips you won’t get from Forrest or anyone else for that matter. Experience is the best teacher.
    – Do not sit down or nap in poison ivy, poison oak or poison sumac. It could take 6 months for that stuff to go away.
    – Do not cross a river in old cheap hiking boots. If you do the return trip might be barefoot.
    – Leave your wetsuit, snorkel and fins at home. Save them for your next vacation to the Cayman Islands.
    – Do use the safety on your handgun if you must take one. You don’t want it going off for no good reason.
    – If you see a sign that closes a trail due to bear activity, first stop and read it. Then turn around and get another solve.
    – Be careful not to put all your weight on a large slippery rock or a steep sloping hillside. You might need a change of clothes if you do.

    Ok sell that should just about cover the stupid things I did so far, or at least the ones I can remember.

    • Icemans – what’s a ‘hand-gun’ again? it sorta like a smaller version of an ‘Old Betsy’ flintlock?

      i’m jus kiddin’ mate 🙂 – of course ‘guns’ are entirely harmless!
      (i mean ..esp if no-one actually owns one)

      ( ..fact! 🙂 )

      • Hobster –
        Ruger Alaskan. Think of it as bear insurance. Don’t leave home without it.

      • Sorry for not answering lately. I think I might have been on super double double top secret probation.

      • WOW, Iceman-ster ..that anti-bear-ruger certainly looks menacing overly-effective!

        btw, please remind me to never accidentally meet a wild bear that requires that sorta hard-ware, in future 🙁

        [note to self: never ever leave my house ever again, just in case i meet a giant bear ..& accidentally shoot my toe clean off.. ]

        [ ..i mean, it could be painful!! 🙂 ]

        • What is painful is reading these inaccurate safety tip ~ ‘– Do use the safety on your handgun if you must take one. You don’t want it going off for no good reason.’ ..and.. ‘Ruger Alaskan. Think of it as bear insurance. Don’t leave home without it.’

          LOL That revolver doesn’t have a safety.
          If you want a safety tip for the revolver, leave the barrel empty… it’s called a revolver for a reason. Another Safety tip, don’t ever rely on a safety on a firearm to be infallible… But the most important thing to remember is… once you pull that trigger you can never call that round back.

          But, while we’re talking about safety… remember who’s habitat you’re voluntarily entering. There are quite a few items, method, and preparations of safety first, that don’t require lethal measures as a first thought of defense.

          One more thought of safety first… if you are carrying electric devices; GPS, personal locators etc. Learn the functions of the equipment prior to going.

          Geezuss, talk about doing a little research…!!!

          • @seeker

            The Redhawk Alaskan has a safety. It’s called a transfer bar. It will not go off unless you pull the trigger. It is perfectly safe to carry six rounds ..

            It is also perfectly logical to carry a firearm when you’re exploring the great outdoors. A gun is not a first defense but it is a great defense to have when your bear spray or yelling doesn’t work ..


          • Brad,
            I’m not going to get into it too much… the bar you’re talking about is not on all models and years.
            But we’re talking apples to oranges…

            The whole point was not about, if carrying is appropriate… it was the idea that it’s ~”bear insurance”

            Might as well carry a 22 cal with shot rounds for snakes. Cans of raid for all the black widows and brown recluse, and a battery operated tennis racket bug zapper for all the flying, biting critters.

            Maybe a better suggestion is to know your surroundings prior to an adventure, and survival techniques if needed… It’s not that hard anymore to get a little knowlege, look at all the crap we research for wwh only, lol.

            I wonder if fenn was packin when he followed the clues to hide, twice in one afternoon, in summer, from his parked vehicle, carrying a heavy backpack at age almost-eighty?

  58. I have a collection of old Boy Scout manuals. Wilderness Survival merit badge requirements, 1985-87:

    1. From memory, describe the priorities for survival in a backcountry or wilderness location.

    2. Describe ways to (a) avoid panic and (b) maintain a high level of morale when lost.

    3. Show that you know first aid for injuries or illnesses likely to occur in backcountry outings, including hypothermia, hyperthermia, heat stroke, heat exhaustion, frostbite, dehydration, sunburn, stings, ticks, snakebite, blisters, and hyperventilation.

    4. Tell what you would do to survive in the following environments:
    (a) Cold and snowy
    (b) Wet (forest)
    (c) Hot and dry (desert)
    (d) Windy (mountains or plains)
    (e) Water (ocean or lake)

    5. Make up a small survival kit and be able to explain how each item in it is useful.

    6. Show that you can start fires using three methods other than matches.

    7. Do the following:
    (a) Tell five different ways of attracting attention when lost.
    (b) Show how to use a signal mirror to attract attention when lost.
    (c) From memory, describe five international ground-to-air signals and what they mean.

    8. Show that you can find and improvise a natural shelter minimizing the damage to the environment.

    9. Spend a night in your shelter.

    10. Explain how to protect yourself against insects, reptiles, rodents, and bears.

    11. Show three ways to purify water.

    12. Show that you know the proper clothing to be worn in your area on an overnight in extremely hot weather and extremely cold weather.

    13. Explain why it usually is not wise to eat edible wild plants or wildlife in a wilderness survival situation.

    Looking for Forrest Fenn’s treasure can be a fun, safe, and rewarding experience. There is no reason to be intimidated by nature, so long as you remember that things can go unexpected, very quickly. If you adopt the Boy Scout motto of “Be Prepared” and spend some time with these basic requirements, you’re sure to have a memorable experience.

  59. Those are some great things to know, Jeremy.

    an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.

    Lots of people don’t actually leave home to have an adventure. LOL!

    Stay safe, All.

  60. Just an additional safety reminder for everyone.

    When searching in a team, try not to critique peoples’ suggestions by yelling “You can’t fit a body in there !!

  61. a lot of people are searching in and around bodies of water and you can’t blame them. in forrest gets mail #15, you can see a drawing of a searcher who lost his paddle down stream and an x mark on the rock in the middle of the creek.

    • Yes, If I’m not mistaken that searchers name was JayK. It’s likely that his paddle was not the only “lost”. He seems to have misplaced the treasure, under his sombrero! 🙂

    • ap,
      Here’s an X on a rock 38 seconds into the video right below the Cascade Falls video I posted where the owl stands over the wash.

      As Loco elaborated.
      Funny though there is an X on this rock in this creek pool & I got it documented but it’s not so funny F says it’s not “under water”.
      BTW, this rock is large & is outruled as well but there are no rocks like this “Granite” type rock around there.

  62. Jake,
    I understand your issue with F’s wording. To take it to Fenn extreme, it must be in space, because there is water in the atmosphere, but space is well above 10,200 ft.. And could there be no nearby stream at a higher altitude? Can it be “not under water” and near the base of a waterfall?

    I think these considerations lead to the interpretation of “not under water” as “not submerged” as opposed to “not beneath”. Your solve may still be in play.

    I highly respect the research you have done, and I might even cross the Gallatin to your side once I have proven myself wrong.

        • LOL,
          Any worse than saying, throw a body on top of the chest and let it natural decay back to nature… Co-deposited sound like, sitting on a park bench with your best friend just to watch the grass grow.

          • Seeker,
            I reckon that is a right good image of Forrest settling in with Indulgence and a bottle of sleeping pills.

            But semantics aside, and my droll prose, the point was I believe Forrest intended to settle down for one good last look at a favorite place, at leisure. And submerged just doesn’t merge.
            peace, Joseph

          • Joseph
            Do we ignore the comment … To throw himself on top of the chest?
            The prior cuts from the poem… Just take the chest and leave my bones?

            This recent comment is a safety tip… “Not under water ” is about as straightforward as you can get.

            Although I do find it funny the straightforward folks are the ones who don’t see it that way.

          • You only read what you want to read Jake… You ignore the fundamental of the safety tip, ignore the comments stated about prior poem lines and fenn’s intent if he was able to act on his final wish

            All for the sake of forcing your solve to work…

            You’re not the first and I’m sure, not the last..

    • Agreed Joseph.
      He didn’t use the word “submerged” or “underwater” or “in water”.

      My solve is still in play as long as he plays with wording.

      Thanks for your respect & knowing you search in the Gallatins, I do highly respect your location & what you have shared.

      • Jake — you can’t be serious. Forrest probably agonized over providing this latest safety addendum, and you choose to take the position that he’s being “tricky”?? Good Lord, man, two (or 3 or 4) people have DIED. Forrest is not going to exploit that situation to provide anything but clear-cut “PLEASE DON’T DO THIS” type information. The chest is not submerged. If it’s in any water, it’s because it has recently rained wherever it’s secreted. Accept it and move on.

      • Hi Jake – Don’t try to bend or twist F’s words to fit your solve. Forrest is being completely truthful with his recent statement IMO. Don’t become another statistic who wouldn’t listen.

  63. It appears July 4th is the expected date of retrieval. At least that’s the consensus.
    Be safe in your quest all of you, bring water, use common sense, and most of all, have fun peeps! Happy 4th of July and Merry ho-hoin Christmas in July! 🙂

  64. as promised, here’s my quick guide to ‘hobbitses mountainy safety’ stuff..

    #1 – good quality hiking boots:
    spend a little more on decent footwear, and ‘wear them in’ before you attempt off-track hikes. You’re less likely to roll ya ankle in boots than shoes/sneakers, and carrying a spare bootlace can come in handy too …esp for lassoing rogue chipmunks

    #2 – take plenty of water and food:
    pure water will hydrate you faster than fizzy-drinks, and high-protein foods will energise you quicker than fast-foods. Scroggin is ideal for regular munching, which saves your ham-sandwich (with extra mustard) for a leisurely lunch whilst enjoying the view and well-desreved peace ‘n quiet

    #3 – take a (laminated) map and compass as a back-up:
    although a portable sat-nav is always a great addition to any kit, a map doesn’t ever ‘run flat’ after three hours, or break when ya drop it, or stop working when wet ..and besides, it’s very light too, so take both if poss

    #4 – invest in cardio-exercise before you go:
    if ya can’t run up four flights of stairs without puffing, then you’ll def struggle at higher altitudes, so do plenty of heart/lung fitness – you’ll def thank ya-self later

    #5 – know your limits:
    if it looks dangerous, feels dangerous or sounds dangerous, it’s probably dangerous. common-sense in the out-back wilderness is (by far) your best asset just forget about all those Vin Diesel movies, and rely on your natural instincts instead – safety first

    #6 – always look back regularly:
    getting to your off-track destination may seem easier than predicted, but the return journey can often look entirely different, so take the time to observe where you’ve been and take note of any geo-structures that may aid in a safe return journey

    #7 – never search whilst wearing a one-piece retro diving-suit & helmet:
    especially if ya search area is in the vicinity of Roswell, NM
    (..i mean could get complicated real quick!)

    ( ..jus’ saying, voxpops 🙂 )

    • You’ll never find the Alien holding Bronze Beauty looking anywhere in the vicinity of Roswell – or, more accorately, Corona – unless, of course, you’re looking for it after I hide it again ..


      • lol Brad 🙂

        [note to self: if the TC soon gets itself found by a mysterious stranger ..immediately fly to Corona, NM!!]

    • Hobbit –

      None of this has anything to do with our search.

      An 80 year old man carrying the equivalent of 4 gallons of milk walked from his old man car to the spot twice in a few hours.

      If he looked back before he turned at the blaze his old man car is probably in sight.

      He wasn’t hiking, he was hiding.


    • Nutz –

      12/10 for your massively impressive perceptional abilities
      ( ..are you directly related to Socrates, per chance?)

      ..but i don’t recall ever self-mentioning, in my above comment, that it was directly related to ‘your/our’ exclusive TC chase,
      did i..? was just attempting to stay on subject (as per usual) with some general bush-safety tips, twas all – sorry bout that 🙁 )

      ( ..obsessed with gold much?? 😛 )

    • Thanks for the tips hobbit. I love to read your funny posts.
      Ps curious hobbit, what do you think qualifies as an outrageous dare?

      • thanks Kedar’s Mom 🙂

        and yes, i can assure you that my safety tips are well-practiced (my me) as were often a result of hard-lessons learned ..esp by me, also

        ..and were i still a teenager (re: outrageous dare) i’d def say ‘travel the world’ – but now that i’m slightly older, i’d have to say ‘get ya monthly bills paid on time’ 🙂

        (oh, how times have rapidly changed 🙁 )

        • Lol…travel the world?Noooo…forrest said..”outrageous dare”, (in ttotc book) So, what qualifies? Not turning over a log, not moving a rock, a bush is not it, a stump.. boring. So what are we left with? Jake? Pdenver? Anyone?

          • There’s still a lot of imagination left KM.
            Just don’t go looking in raging waters.

          • Thanks for your replies. I guess i will just suck it up and be brave and see whats in the wood. Wish me luck.

  65. Thanks Dal and Mr. Fenn,
    Please Please be careful and realize that accidents always happen. If your a redneck from Texas with nothing more than a pickup and bedroll be sure and leave a note in the truck reminding those who know not that your not prepared to search for Mr. Fenns treasure so your just out having fun.
    I was reading a travel magazine this morning and noticed a picture of a young female climber hanging off a cliff with one hand. The caption below it was for a life insurance policy. Point being it doesn’t matter how you cover your a$$, there will always be someone who disagrees with your plan.

  66. Thank you so much for the additional information. However I’m left slightly confused. Is an “F” carved in a tree trunk or rock face considered a man-made object under which the chest cannot be hidden.

    I will cross off my list of possible blazes any cairns, giant lures made from junk, and the top of screes; but I don’t know about man-made marks on or near a tree.

    • There seem to be hundreds of various fake F or FF marks carved in different places. I personally have ignored these in the search – it’s difficult enough to filter rabbit holes from one’s own interpretations, so certainly wise to avoid someone else’s attempt to confuse. IMO

    • From what I’ve read, it sounds as if the physical clues would survive for 100+ years. I would imagine f’s carved into a tree would probably not survive that long. IMO, also it rules out a stack of rocks as the “blaze”.

  67. I’ve lurked about on TTOTC sites for a few years now. I appreciate all of the comments left behind by experienced seekers. In a week, I’ll start my own search. I’m going on vacation with my family to New Mexico and Colorado. I’ll let you know what I find (and probably the site of a place NOT to search). My solve checks all of the boxes…. so, fingers crossed. Can’t wait to camp, soak in various hot springs, and pull some freshly caught dinner out of a local stream… which I think would make FF happy…

    Happy Trails,

    • Best of luck Mick!

      It sounds like you have realistic expectations of your trip and I hope your expectations are exceeded! 🙂

      Best regards;

      • Yeah, I’m not assuming too much. It would be a travesty if I found the treasure on my first try… when the FF veterans have “put in” multiple times.

        I love that part of the country (Northern New Mexico, Southern Colorado)… so any excuse to camp and explore is warranted. I’ll probably be out for 10 days. One of those afternoons will be spent trekking up a little, unassuming canyon with a small (maybe even dry) creek… no bears where I’m going… just into the “wood” a bit… about an hour’s hike to a double omega I know of…

      • Thanks for those safety tips, Covert. Although I doubt I experience any bear sightings where I’m going…

        I’ve experienced many a bear when I’ve hiked in the Sierras over the years. I even came to a clearing where a mama bear and two bear cubs were foraging for termites in a downed log. Now that was a harrowing experience!

        I’ll be safe… taking my own “bear cubs” into the wood…

  68. Thank goodness not under…
    Not man made…what about woman made? Jk…:-)

  69. Jake, with all due respect – I think that Forrest is speaking to you specifically when he says the treasure chest is not “under water”. He may be interested in seeing you eat your hat someday, as well. Seriously, no one cares if you eat your hat or not – and no one is going to hold you to that promise except your own pride. Please be careful and willing to adjust your thinking. We’ve ALL had multiple solves, and there is no shame in that. Just my $.02. PS whenever I go off trail in the wilderness, it’s usually with a fishing pole.

    • Sandy,
      I would say the message is for all. There are only a few here that think it’s in water but you never know how many new searchers that may come to the same conclusion as the few.

      Funny when you stated “with all due respect ” I thought it said – with all clue respect –

      Thanks for your advice & I have always loved fishing.

      • Exactly my thoughts, Jake – but to take it a step further, Forrest may be wanting / expecting you to set the example for others by publicly accepting his statement that the TC is not “under water” or “underwater” or any other version of submerged in water. You need to be the leader on this issue for the sake of all. It’s a tough one, I know. We are all in love with our solves and it is takes a certain amount of courage to admit when we are wrong. I’ve been wrong more times than I can count, but the intrigue and flat out fun keeps me going back for more. Good luck next week.

        • Jake – i’m half with you this one, given that Forrest stated “And I know the treasure chest is wet.” at a time of your northern summer (?)
          (a quote from a November interview JDA ?)

          and if so, ‘wet’ means ‘all four-seasons wet’ i reckon, albeit un-submerged

          i strongly suspect that he regretted saying ‘wet’ more-so than regretting saying ‘pinyon nuts’..

          (all ‘imho’ JDA ya better NOT call Saul!! 🙂 )

          • Ah! but the ‘wet’ statement was followed later by the comment, [paraphrasing] How can anything in the RM’s not be wet, even if buried 6′ underground… the “physic tells me” comment.
            Or the other comment of “probably wet”
            But some tend to forget those and only work with the statements that are useful to their own solve, dismissing even a safety advice to prevent future actions by the one who has the knowledge.

            I think we have been warned about that as well… something about, not being target fixated.

            Note; all fenn’s comments in this post are paraphrased, or in part. I’m just to tired to look them up… again. That, and some just don’t like to hear them at all.

          • ‘Physics’ tells us that it is physically impossible to be dry because we live in a ‘wet’ world – even in the driest desert on planet earth their is ‘some’ humidity, even if it’s .00825% it is still technically ‘wet’ ..

            as far as ‘under water’ and ‘wet’ – they mean two completely different things – wet means snow or rain or “wet” soil / “wet” air (refer to above) .. under water specifically means it’s not in the river or the lake or the pond ..

            I think Bubba has made it perfectly clear that Bronze Beauty is not in any River (and I’m inferring that to also mean Lakes and Ponds) as that would be a dangerous place for a child to be digging around in ..

            The clues are complicated and difficult to decipher .. but the actual retrieval does not require going anywhere that would normally be considered by an average, non-professional day hiker or semi-active couch potato to be physically dangerous or difficult to get to ..

            Too many people are waayy over-complicating the process, because they’re using their “Intellect” – which is completely useless when it comes to survival and actually getting anything done past “sounding intelligent” – instead of their creativity and real-world brains, which is what drives this world forward ..

            Learn To Think and Act like a 9 – 14 year old Kid racing down the street on his Bicycle pretending to be the world’s greatest Astronaught — or a 5 year old playing with his Tonka Truck in the Sandbox .. that’s where Bronze Beauty is hid – it’s not in White-Water Rapids or hanging from the side of a shovel-faced cliff 500 feet in the air..

            Broken Brad Hartliep
            Pirate of the West

  70. Another safety concern is the UV level all over the United States. It has reached extreme levels in some places, so be prepared with suncreen, UV protective clothing and lots of water.

  71. Well Forrest, I’m bored tonight. OK if I chat with you?

    I really like how you used “under water” here: “The treasure chest is not under water…”. LOL! Can we assume that it refers to all the states of? (sorry about ending in a preposition, couldn’t think of another way to say it). I wonder if the peach or viking picked up on it?….or maybe JJ? Any way, ii certainly covers all your bases.

    Maybe you should just express it as you did to Gadi Schwartz, “He says the treasure is relatively easy to get to if you know where it is.”.

    You think that might show ‘em?…. But wait, you already did, “*If you know precisely where it is you can probably retrieve it in any weather”. Hmmm, there’s just no accounting for how some folks can’t see the forrest for the trees. Guess that wouldn’t work either, they’d just think you were trying to snow them. 🙂

    Ahh well, don’t get the vapors over it. Nobody pays me no nevermind either!

    —Move along folks, it’s just ol’ loco talkin’ to a fence post!!- —

    • Hi Locolobo.

      I’m not Forrest. But, I do certainly try to pay attention and I like the way you think. I’ve found Forrest and The Chase has a way of leading me astray… My wife thinks I’m blind as a bat and often times I find that to be true. That probably puts me at a disadvantage. But I try to be the tortoise and would consider myself lucky if I can get one step right each year.

      I do believe it should be relatively easy to get to it as you said.

      Seeing as I’m blind though I’m just hoping I’m not searching for another 10 years. 😉

      Wishing blessings to all!

  72. Everyone -= In the title post above for this Safety First thread, Forrest wrote the following:

    “The treasure chest is not under water, nor is it near the Rio Grande River. It is not necessary to move large rocks or climb up or down a steep precipice, and it is not under a man-made object.”

    Note: Forrest wrote, “It is not necessary to move large rocks”, but he did NOT say the bronze chest is not hidden under a large rock or boulder with access. I have considered this in my Plan B Solve that involved a huge Owl Boulder across the Madison River, which Donna M. was kind enough to investigate on one of her trips my enlisting the help of a generous fly fisherman with a canoe. Thank you again, Donna M.!

  73. Speaking of safety, I almost stepped on a rattlesnake last weekend. I was at my search site, about 2 miles from my car and about 1200 feet up a very steep mountain. The odd thing is, it was a green rattlesnake. I didn’t know there were green rattlers. It was stretched out over a patch of green grass. I am very lucky that I saw it. I poked it with my climbing pole just to make it go away. When I touched it with my pole, it immediately struck at me, and only missed me about one and a half feet. All I could see was this very pink open mouth coming right at my face. It was slightly higher on the mountain, so he could have easily nailed me if I hadn’t dodged him. So, be careful. They do make green rattlesnakes.

    • EddieV: your description sounds like a Mojave Green, but I didn’t think they were found outside southern California, Nevada and Arizona. Mojave Greens are very dangerous. They are aggressive pit vipers, and their venom is both neurotoxic and hemotoxic.

  74. Don’t need any of that. I have to make one more trip. I believe I have it solved. Like everyone says.

  75. The color of water is important? Creates a new direction of flow in life. It creates something new. Can be embodied in life. For example: swamp, river, creek, lake, ocean, source, sea, dam … the color of reincarnation is different, the density is different. Remains forever , with additions and changes in life. It is important? From here … “were warm water halt … the home of Brown”
    What did Forrest Fenn say about the color of “water”?

  76. I think there is more to this post than just safety and eliminating the GC.
    “It is not necessary to move large rocks or climb up or down a steep precipice, and it is not under a man-made object.”

    The second time he mentioned ‘big rocks’ in 2 Months.
    “You don’t have to move big rocks, or scale a precipice to get to the treasure.”

    So it’s not under a man-made object but to me he is hinting that it IS under an object.
    The object is Not a large rock, so is he saying it’s under a small rock or rocks?

    “We were ever watchful for the errant pile of rocks…” (SB 174).


  77. I am a realist, but not an adventurer. And it’s a great idea for Forrest Fenn to give people a chance and an opportunity for adventure! It is the ability to think, analyze, read, walk, have an idea, discuss, ….., collectively visit beautiful places in the USA.
    As for safety: how safe is it to fly a plane, go by car, play sports, make fireworks, use drugs … People, start with your individual responsibility for your life and the lives of loved ones and friends.
    And do not “blacken” beautiful ideas. This is the individual choice of each person!!!
    Bravo Forrest Fenn! He gave everyone: a chance, great ideas, a study of “green zones” and mountain areas, to be with each other, communication, …
    And he will remain forever in the history of the country. Regardless of whether someone likes it or not. It is a fairy tale and reality with an indefinite end………………

    • Coms,
      Here! Here! We are the Captains of our own destiny! Liberty or Bust! Forrest did an Epic gift to the world.
      If the mosquitos are bad spray on some repellent.

      • Forrest Fenn made his name famous. In what way is this another question. Now the whole world is discussing it, maybe this is what he wanted.
        I like his idea. I do not know him as a person, but the embodiment of a dream-idea, I think it surpassed all HIS expectations.
        And your choice (or the choice of other people) to accept his rules of the game or pass by. And it’s his rules! And apparently it tickles the nerves and you? Or you can try yourself in something else.
        But, safety, as always, comes first. With a smile forward towards adventure “…spray mosquitoes…..” this is your choice; “Creed Aventus” this is my choice – smells better

        • I would rather spray mosquito repellent than bear repellent. I live in West Yellowstone Montana and I respectfully carry both. Stay safe and think about the potentials.

  78. A lot of people seem to think that the T. C . is hidden some where in yellow stone national park, I’m not so convinced for the following reasons.

    Forrest has always put safety first and has always said that it is not in a dangerous place, he has also said and please correct me if I’m wrong that it’s for everyone including your family, so why would he put it in an area were there is the possibility of coming in to contact with a bear, as a dad I would not take that change(to risky)

    Forrest was either 79 or 80 years old when he made the trip, I think travelling such a long distance for someone of this age would be too much considering its a return trip.

    Does he have other property that he could have stayed in over night?

    Also does anyone know what his health was like at that time?

    I think that he done the whole trip including hiding the T.C. in one day, if it was me that was hiding the T.C. I wouldn’t want to travel long distances with such a valuable cargo on board.

    The further you travel increases the risk of being involved in an accident or breaking down etc.

    I would be interested to get your thoughts on this?

    Ronnie the Scot

    • My personal opinions:

      1) Not in Yellowstone
      2) At 75, I could make a long trip with little problems
      3) No property that we are aware of, but relatives in Casper Wyoming area I believe.
      4) Plenty of motels anywhere in the four states
      5) Forrest sits (or sat) on the boards of a few Universities – good excuse to drive up, stay a day or two extra “fishing” – NOT a big deal.
      6) I am sure that “Forrest has (had) thought of everything, and that the trip was not too arduous.

      Just my worthless two cents. JDA

      • Hi JDA,

        I agree with you I definitely don’t think that it’s at Yellowstone park.

        As for you being 75 and long distance driving not being a problem, well everyone is different and not forgetting Forrest was 4 or 5 years older and know one seems to know what his health was like at that time?

        As for staying with relatives or possibly work colleagues, yea that is a possibility.

        I certainly wouldn’t want to have that amount of valuables in my car for a long period of time.

        That’s just my worthless two bob as we would say in Scotland.

        Nice to get your thoughts JDA

        Ronnie the Scot

  79. Here are solid rules to follow as with Forrest’s rules to follow in staying safe.

    When hiking in hills and mountains one needs good solid footing always, no exception. I have hiked for years and followed the rule. Not once did I get hurt. If you can’t go safely, go around. Don’t walk on logs, more so on logs that cross streams, mossy, wet or dry, if dry don’t trust it, you don’t know how strong it is

    There’s no good footing in hard ball size rocks in streams, crossing rock slides no matter the size,

    If you can’t depend on your balance, you don’t have good footing.

    The best of all, don’t go hiking by yourself, the other person is your first respond-er if your hurt. Always tell people where you are going and when you expect to be back.

    Never challenge any critter on four legs. Bears are the least predictable, stay away and move slowly away, try not to make eye contact if they are in close otherwise it’s a challenge. Cubs = high danger. Where a small bell, if a critter hears a sound they aren’t familiar with, more often than not, they will move away.

    Use a walking stick, it’s a very useful tool, as well as a knife, it doesn’t have to be big, but needs to be sharp. Always have water, never refill with
    standing or slow moving or murky water .

    I would hope most would already know about beings safe, no harm in reminding and helps others. IMHO Works for me!

    • Wow how come no one made a big deal outta this guy dieing. Is that 3 now or 4 I lost track

      • It’s unfortunately more than that. My counts at five. The official unofficial is there will be more incidents and some will go unreported.

        • Recently here in the western side of Denver, I think around Golden, a man in his prime was bit by a rattlesnake, and subsequently died. There is risk even in the foothills at lower elevations. This man was NOT looking for the TC, but was just hiking.

          My point is that death is always a possibility when hiking, even from a falling rock or a fall injury. These things happen and even if someone dies looking for the TC, it is a risk they (and all of us when BOTG) accept and live with.

          The death of Jeff Murphy in Yellowstone is very sad and unfortunate, but when the press is actively trying to tie any misfortune to the Thrill of the Chase or Mr Fenn, it reveals their desire to blame someone else. If I somehow fall to misfortune, I have told my wife to never reveal I was looking for the TC.

          Also, I never go alone. Too risky even for me!


          • * * * * * * Franklin suggested – “. . . when the press is actively trying to tie any misfortune to the Thrill of the Chase or Mr Fenn, it reveals their desire to blame someone else.” * * * * * *

            You’re blaming “the press” for actively doing what exactly? I don’t see any evidence of such a concerted effort.


          • Forrest has always said that the T.C is not in a dangerous place and that everyone should take care.

            I think a lot of searchers forget that Forrest was about 80 when he hid the treasure, so he would have been limited as to what he could do.

            Unfortunately accidents do happen regardless of whether Forrest had hidden the treasure or not.

            You cannot blame him for every accident that happens, blaming Forrest is the easy way out, it’s not his fault if searchers don’t heed his advice about staying safe.

            He has also said so many times not to search in the winter time, I hope that searchers heed his advice.

            Stay safe out there guys if your still searching, everyone is responsible for their own safety.

            Ronnie the Scot

  80. Does this make anyone else think that maybe the chest is NOT in NM? (NM has been my focus for the last several years but now…in light of it nit being near the Rio Grande…hmm…).

    • There are a lot of places in NM that are not near the Rio Grand.
      Isnt the word GOLD spelled out on the drawing of the Taos Mountains in the story, Tea with Olga?


  81. I am new to the chase but would still be very upset if it was cancelled. The more I look at pictures of the Rockies, the more excited I get. Hopefully this summer will be my first BOG.

  82. To Bubba in the Forrest,
    ‘Cross the Llano Estacado:

    Large Rocks near a once-felled Tree? ..
    Yellow, Black and White. ..
    Or small rocks near a made-man door-screen? ..
    Tall and Narrow and Tight? ..

    Con Permisso De Sigorno,

    QueBrada Hartliep
    Pirate of the West
    First To Land On Mars
    Last To Land On Twist ..

  83. Guys, this is treasure hunting worth millions of dollars!!!… if there are millions of dollars involved, there are going to be dangers. It’s your responsibility as a treasure hunter to be careful when you take on the task of going out into the wilderness. It’s not Fenn’s responsibility no more than it is my responsibility to call off something because someone had an accident. We are all sad for someone who meets their demise, but I would rather meet my demise in the quest of what could be a multi million dollar treasure than I would dying of old age wasting away in a bed. I appreciate all you people who are going to stop going out there looking though.

  84. How far did he say he had travelled by car from his home near santa fe? Was it 1000 miles?

  85. can’t paddle up stream is there a waterfall? brown trout like deep pools of water

  86. Hello Searchers. I have a question that I would like to know your opinions, please. When Mr. Fenn mentioned that the treasure chest is not near the Rio Grande River, do you believe he speaks along the shoreline only?

    • Hi pdenver – In my opinion Forrest is kindly saying that it’s not anywhere near the Rio Grande. And he also made the statement about getting a new solve if you are searching in the desert. That was a little more bold. Forrest has gently encouraged searchers to look north of Santa Fe and to look at the big picture but we still have searchers looking in all 4 states. Eventually a lot of searchers will find out that they weren’t even close, some will be close, and one searcher will be right.

      2019 might be a big year. Even if searchers have confidence only Forrest and his gut truly know where the chest is until another discovers it.

    • Hi Pdenver,
      Didn’t f says it wasn’t near the Rio Grande because that wasn’t considered in the mountains?
      Also, I don’t think he would put an unlocked chest into the water or near the water. Just my opinion.

        • Hi CharlieM,
          If memory serves, it was when we lost Randy to the river. I think f mentioned in an interview that he didn’t know why Randy would be down there since it wasn’t in the mountains.

      • Hello Eaglesabound. I appreciate your help on this matter. I was thinking about several things this morning and thought I understood, but after looking at Google Earth, I’m having second thoughts.

    • pdenver,

      Not near is probably quite some distance away, what that distance would be I would think more than a mile, not close as the bank.

      • Hello CharlieM. Thank you for your response. I’m going to guess my imagination was going a bit overboard today. I appreciate your help.

  87. Hi CharlieM,
    If memory serves, it was when we lost Randy to the river. I think f mentioned in an interview that he didn’t know why Randy would be down there since it wasn’t in the mountains.

  88. I hope whoever finds it, takes a few items for keeps sake and continues Forest’s legacy and hides the rest (maybe multiple sites). Paying it forward for the next generation of seekers. Good luck and “may the odds forever be in your favor…”

  89. The Poudre River (Colorado) yesterday took a friend of the family, a smart, strong youth (mid-20’s), bright, energetic, and positive. Not even in the white water up the canyon, but down on the outskirts of town.

    This was NOT in *any way* a chase-related incident. I’m posting as a reminder that *all* the rivers in Colorado are still running high and strong.

    Which is a beautiful and wonderful thing. If you’re out there, you can work with the water, and play with the water. While doing so, though, please respect The River – it can, and I mean this quite literally, beat you to a pulp in no time at all.

    Not to be a downer (and no responses necessary or expected).

    SAFETY FIRST – it’s not just business this time, it’s personal.

    Jake Kraven

    • Jake,

      I’m sorry to hear about the loss. Not only should one respect the rivers, they should also respect the mountains and whats within.

      Yes indeed, Safety First and use logic along with common sense. If one is “IFY” about going into, through, and across, just simply don’t do it

  90. Jake,

    I am sincerely sorry for the loss of your friend. I know how much it means to lose a friend. I lost my best friend in high school (1966) and it was an unmeasurable hurt. A heart murmur operation that didn’t go right that he never told me about. I saw a bunch of cars in front of his house but didn’t realize my life was about to chance. Knocked on the door and his dad answered.

    A brilliant guy who built his own radio when he was 15!

    I still think of him to this day and it still hurts.

    There’s no deep water water where I’m going in August but appreciate the warning nonetheless.

    Please take care……pinatubocharlie

  91. Searchers in S.W. MONTANA

    Please Be BEAR AWARE!!
    Grizzly bears are in the lower elevations now, voracious, dangerous.

    2 Grizzly bear attacks on humans in the Gravelly range (Gravelly Mountains back up to Madison River country)

    Grizzly killled a horse near Buffalo Horn trail (Gallatin River, Highway 191)

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