Tale of Two Solves – Part One



I’m from Arkansas and I’ve been involved with The Chase for a month now. Here are a few tidbits, IMO, I now believe from my searches:

1. Always eat a good breakfast.
2. I failed to solve the poem.
3. Read the book over and over until you go mad.
4. When I punched in the coordinates of solve #2, most of the numbers matched up to the pages in the book referring to the specific parts in the poem. That was odd. It leads me to believe the location will be in Wyoming or Montana.
5. There are a zillion know-it-alls on the web that are rude and treasure-less. Shocker.
6. I hope Dal finds it.
7. I’m done with The Chase. I wrote, dated, and signed a note to my wife that I would stop this nonsense haha. Fin. If anyone would like to reach out to me, they can. Before you begin to think you know exactly where it is, I can bet it’s not the place. I believe you have to use the poem to solve the clues, then use those clues in such a way that they will uncover and lead you to the general area in which the chest is hidden. I don’t have the complete solve on this, but it’s pretty near complete. You WILL in fact need more than just TTOTC, the poem, and the map. I can go into great detail if anyone wants to reach out to me at: rizzero@gmail.com

Solve #1-

Let me begin with saying this solve was completely fabricated based on hunches and derailing from the book. Looking back, we had a terrific time even though it didn’t pan out.

“Begin it where warm waters halt.” This to me was Mammoth Hot Springs. In love with Yellowstone.

“And take it in the canyon down.” This was Gardiner Canyon.

“Not far but too far to walk.” 10ish miles.

“Put in below the home of Brown”. We put in between Gardiner and Jardine where Joe Brown had his mining operation.

“From there it’s no place for the meek.” In the book it talks about how the Comanches would raid the barn and stir up a commotion with the chickens. Next to Gardiner was Turkey Pen Creek (yes we searched that too).

“The end is ever drawing nigh.” That meant that it was coming up on our left. Bear Creek.

“There’ll be no paddle up your creek, just heavy loads and water high.” This was Castle Lake, the mining scars, the boulders, and the mining tailings all connected to Bear Creek.

“If you’ve been wise and found the blaze, look quickly down your quest to cease.
But tarry scant with marvel gaze just take the chest and go in peace.” We walked up the Bear Creek trail until we came to the only clearing you will find on the trail.

Across the clearing was a white mark on the hillside. When the sun is out of the east it really ignites. The tarry scant and marvel gaze part was for us to slowly go down like Spiderman. It’s wasn’t bad at all. An 80 year old man could have done it.

At the bottom of the hill was a hollowed out log and I was pretty pumped about it. I whipped out the flashlight and…negative. We continued to the creek, searched in it, around it, and even walked down it below the blaze. No bueno.

All-in-all I have to say that this was a bust. Do not waste your time on this one. We checked everywhere thoroughly. We even went below the creek where it meets Yellowstone River. Maybe it’s up at Castle Lake? If that’s true, then that should be the ONLY place you waste your time. Get a horse, and after you’ve wasted your time read the book again.

Dustin in Arkansas-

36 thoughts on “Tale of Two Solves – Part One

  1. That was an enjoyable read Dustin! Perfectly captures how a lot of us feel haha. I too am heading out soon on what will be my final effort on this. But don’t worry…my solve is absolutely perfect and will lead me straight to the treasure! (*total sarcasm)

  2. I absolutely love it! We have all been down our own little paths, read and read again, cross referenced, looked at corresponding coordinates and talked and talked with much enthusiasm to family and friends. Plotted our course hiking, watching,looking and above all enjoying our time together experiencing this wonderful country! To me that is my treasure! Thank You FF you are a blessing! 😉

  3. Dusty, you’re funny! I liked your way of thinking. If you don’t quit, good luck.

    • I’ve searched that area a few times myself. I wish you would have been fortunate enough to find the treasure! I guess I’ll give it another shot. Nice story.

  4. Did you guys check under that log?? Fairly solid solve imo. Good work gentlemen!

    • I got up all inside that log ;). Over it, under it, ….I even gave it a name. “Tease Louise”

  5. Dustin: welcome to the Chase! And I do mean “welcome” not “so long” — anyone that has traveled cross-country and put BOTG after a month of involvement is just getting warmed up! 🙂 The person who finds the chest is unlikely to do so on their very first trip out, and especially after only one month of intellectual investment. If the poem was that easy to solve, the chest would have been found in 2010.

    Promises to your wife not withstanding, why not just take a break and let the poem simmer in your subconscious for a while? Someday a new thought may pop into your head or you’ll make an unexpected connection that sends you in a new direction. The Chase isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon or even a century. The winner is going to have to earn it with a lot of hard mental work and at least a few failed theories.

  6. Thanks for sharing. No TC, but it seems that a good time was had by all.

  7. Glad y’all had fun. Wish I had a dollar for every Yellowstone solution I have seen. I’d be a billionaire.

    Ken (in Texas) 🙂

  8. Awesome effort.
    I understand the stress it puts on the family. Glad you had an eventful trip and really enjoyed your post!

  9. Thank you for sharing your adventure, Dustin. I think the last photo tells it all.

  10. Hey Dustin I’m from Arkansas myself. Me and my wife are Getting ready to head out in October actually not far from where you were at. Good luck in future searches.

  11. Well, another “good” solve bites the dust. Sorry. Well thought out – Sorry it did not work out for you. Looks like you had fun though. YEA for you. JDA

  12. Great place to begin it. But I think you should have gone further down the canyon to where Joe Brown lived instead of where he mined for gold.

    It looks like you had great weather and good company for your fun trip.

    • There is an old barely-standing house there in Jardine in which he did live. SweatPea has a photo of it somewhere on this site. IMO, nothing else in that area fit. Sure, I could have gone down the street… but I anticipate now I would have ended the story the same way.

      • That chapter of the larger story probably would have ended the same way, but there are many clues to discover. You found the first one (IMO). Eight more trips at least..

        The weather is great there until the very end of October.

  13. Let me know how quitting works out for you I’ve quit a million times and Forrest just laughs at me now and says yea right lol It’s very addicting Great story

  14. Dustin, This was hilarious…you’re a funny guy. I especially liked tidbit #5. There are a zillion know-it-alls on the web that are rude and treasure-less. Shocker. I agree with most of them…except #6. I hope I find it..not Dal. Unless it’s where he searches (not NM). Sounds like you all had a fun adventure. Looking forward to Part Deux. Pictures were beautiful.

    • Jake, I love that quote!
      Slow and steady wins the race!
      However I was told, ” your either full tilt boogie or comatose!”
      It just broke my heart !
      I have decided, I’m going to wear myself out!

  15. really enjoyed reading your adventure Dustin, esp the smiling photo’s of family/friends within such a great landscape – YSP had that effect on me, too 🙂

    ..and now that you’ve committed more than one month to the Chase, you automatically qualify for a special HoD safety-jacket, with sturdy buckles and a complimentary ‘officially certifiable’ insignia included – while stocks last 🙂

  16. Thanx Dusty – fun stuff! You’re ahead of me in the BOTG department, as I am reluctant to invest the capital and time until I am fairly confident I know where to start.

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