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In July of 2017 Perry Stone pushed out a video on YouTube claiming he had found Forrest Fenn’s treasure hiding spot…not the treasure mind you…just the spot where the treasure was hidden. The chest was not there. So of course Mr. Stone believes that the chest had been found and removed.

These are not unusual claims. I would say there have been a few dozen such claims that I am aware of since Forrest hid Indulgence. A minority have become videos that still float around on YouTube giving the impression that the chest has been found and the chase is finished.

It seems these folks have a difficult time admitting that their solution was wrong and led them to a place where the treasure chest is NOT, instead of where it is. So, rather than admit defeat they often decide that they were correct, but someone else got to the location before them and removed the chest. What is so interesting to me about these claims is that as far as I can tell no two of them are in the same location.

Today, Forrest was asked by a reporter in Denver if Mr. Stone’s claim was true. This is Forrest’s generous response:

I enjoyed Mr. Stone’s well-presented video. He is a far thinker and has a knack for analyzing. There are half a dozen other videos that were made similarly. The treasure remains where I hid it about 7 years ago. It is interesting that the film makers are so positive while leading their viewers to where the treasure chest never was. I compliment all of them and am reminded that it’s all about the thrill of the chase. f

By the way you can view Mr. Stone’s video here:







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  1. at least Fenn SAID it was not there…. isn’t that sort of a first?
    He told Pam that he hadn’t heard of Christ Shrine until he read her solve.. similar idea.

      • We should make a list of ALL the places that people said the chest was taken from… the “where the treasure chest never was” list

        • Dal – This is Mr. Stone and I appreciate the contact with Mr. Fenn. There are numerous other “coincidences” on our search that were omitted from the video. However, the locations does, without any excessive “imagination” fit all nine clues and other strange evidence that Fenn released. I spoke to the owner of the General Store that also gave me some interesting information about searchers in the region. Should there be another location, then it be quite strange to match all of these same clues. The chest could have been found by someone using a metal detector that will never contact Fenn. I was told of an old abandoned road and other small smelters in the forest in the area, but we ran out of time to continue any further searching, although there are 3 excellent other locations in the canyon area. The actual canyon is called “Treasure Canyon,” and there are numerous gold legends along the cliffs in the area. I will hold the other information that is interesting as a friend of mine may make a second trip to two other spots. However, the hole, the “blaze” marking, and all other nine clues do fit without stretching the imagination. It is also one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen, as much of New Mexico is rather droll, dry and rocky. Not a place I would put my bones! I am also interested in placing a treasure hunt in the Applachain mountains, as I am from that area, and the poverty is horrible. I would like to get people to travel to the region on a huge hunt, and support the small communities in the mountains. I have access to business men who would assist me with a one million dollar treasure. I would like to get some thoughts from Mr. Fenn if he is interested in being a behind the scenes part of the hiding location, as he once said he would like to do this. These poor miners and people need support and this would bring thousands to the mountains. Thanks for your time P. Stone

          • P.S. I enjoyed your video. Love Colorado and been there multiple times. I like your conclusions however Forrest himself said “Q: Did the same 9 clues exist when you were a kid and to your estimation will they still exist in 100 years and 1000 years?” A: “The clues did not exist when I was a kid but most of the places the clues refer to did. I think they might still exist in 100 years but the geography probably will change before we reach the next millennia.” This tells me a couple things. 1 The clues didn’t exist until he wrote the poem. The poem is the clues. However places within the poem did exist then. 2 The blaze is not likely a tree or a place where a small fire was made. I have seen both referenced in videos. If you have ever seen land where there was a fire a few years later it is hard to tell. Especially a small fire. Also to make a reasonable expectation that a tree, especially half chopped through would be around in 100 or 1000 years is a real stretch. These things on top of ff saying he enjoyed your video but that was not the spot pretty well cinches that thought for me. But ahhh did you have fun? TTOTC Great video and good luck to you. May you find the spot just after I dig up the treasure, hahaaa.

          • Brother Perry I loved the video , I also love all your Holy Land tour Videos . I knew form your videos that you liked coins but I didn’t know you were a treasure hunter . if you are a Searcher I would like to talk to you about the Copper Scroll . My Email address is ssar2@live.com

          • Should of put a picture of the first blaze look down. Would of made it more believable

          • sure thing, Robs – maybe he could just FedEx the TC directly to your addy?

            ..i mean, i’d def save us all the mystery of discovery an’ all, tbh 🙂

          • You lost all credibility when you wrote Applachain.
            Close to Apple Chain?

          • The droll,dry and rocky worms itself into your soul. Miners would get nothing but ppl in the mountains,where they go to forget they have to go back to mining on monday. Or maybe there working at the smelter where the ore from the mine goes to be refined into igotos that would then be sold to a foundry.

  2. Thank you Dal and Forrest! With my unbridled passion for the chase, I will take another trip to with boots on the ground to see if I can catch what we’ve all been chasing.

    • My thoughts exactly!
      The more excited he got, the redder in the face he got!
      I do like the way he thought out SOME of his clues, but…HOB is NOT a home owned by Brown, IMO…won’t be there 1000yrs from now. His blaze was a Beaver chewed tree!
      Entertaining, non-the-less!

      • Donna M – Are you in Montana or Wyoming yet??? Are you going to find another fly fisherman with a canoe to check across the Madison where the Owl Boulder is and where that 10lb Brown was caught by Bob Jacklin in that deep hole near Campfire Lodge? And do you think the grizzly will leave you alone in your cabin this time? I will be following your travels here, and you can text me anytime on my new Moto G phone if you want to chat along the way. I miss our chats while you are out searching. Love, Lisa 🙂

  3. ps. since it is fairly close, I’ve made 6 trips from Princeton Hot Springs,,, l down Chalk Crk. past the state hatchery,, down past Nathrop to Brown’s canyon where chalk creek enters,, the Arkansas R,, Up /down the River
    at raft put in at Heckla Jnct. and then, out of canyon at raft put in at jnct of Hwy 191 North west of Salida. Can never get the whole packaged poem to quite fit,, but what the hey The hot springs make a nice evening.

    • Thinking it may not be in Co or Montana, since he says wants to have ashes put in the area. Since he grew up in Wyoming and now lives in New Mexico unless he has some connection to those two states not aware of possibly. I am new to this but his explanation sounded possible but he took forever to explain it. 🙂 Now thinking both of my ideas were not correct, sure most of the more likely places were already searched.
      If he could eliminate that he drove on dirt or unpaved roads to take the chest that would eliminate a lot of possible areas. But I doubt he would do that to narrow down the search area.

      • Uhh… West Yellowstone is in Montana, not Wyoming. He probably spent more time in the Montana Rockies than the park proper.

  4. I think we should stage a quasi Texas Cage Match with all the individuals that think the chest has been found. Let them fight it out on how idiotic the other’s solutions are.

    We could have preliminary matches consisting of the searchers that know where it is.

    I want to reserve the beer and popcorn concessions for the event since it’s my idea. Then I won’t need to find the chest and can get me a new truck.


    • If you had a truck like that to go on The Chase, you would have found the bronze chest already, Goofy! Great idea on the Texas Cage Match thing. Think of all that money you will make on the concessions…

    • Goof-
      You’d still have to find the chest in order to fill that thing up with fuel and get a spare set of tires…

      • You’re probably right Dal, I won’t sell that much beer. At least I’ll be stylin’ looking for the chest in my new truck. 🙂

    • Maybe we can get Capital One to issue a loyalty credit card that gives mileage points for those in the Chase, redeemable for a selection of fishing gear, hiking equipment, and command vehicles.

      A few might actually qualify for that F650 by now..

    • jeez Goofy, i certainly won’t be attending any Texas Cage Match that’s for sure, nope no way, never in a million years..
      wait a minute!? …did someone mention ‘beer & popcorn’??

      (save me a seat – i’m on my way!! 🙂 )

    • I know exactly where it is (assuming that by “exactly” you can accept “the Rocky Mountains at least 8.25 miles north of Santa Fe, somewhere between 5000-10,200 ft., within the states of New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana).

    • [note to self: immediately park my new 2047 model time-machine back in the dusty old garage.. darn it! 🙁 ]

    • You do realize Michael that a time traveler could just go back to when FF hid it in the first place and follow him. Or by then, $2 mil may not be that much money (especially the way the Fed has been printing). Just sayin.

  5. I did enjoy the video…Mr Stone is very enthusiastic and made some great points. I searched that same area a few years ago and came to a different conclusion, lol. And hey, a chest WAS found! Sadly, it was styrofoam, but a priceless moment in the video non the less. The man has a great sense of humor and seems pretty sharp. The best part was the plug for the real estate company. I’m a little confused about that , but it could be a clue!

  6. At first I found thar sensual groove distracting….but it ended up helping to carry me through the video.

  7. “The treasure remains where I hid it about 7 years ago.”

    Well, there goes all those idea’s about a 2003 hiding of the chest. Then again, I’m sure someone will make a video about how it was… possible[probable?]

    • Nah Seeker, he hid it 2003. f is much more accurate and lets the truth slip when answering unexpected questions and saying things off the cuff than when he has time to think it out and solidify exactly what he wants to say. It’s obvious he is once again lying and trying to maintain his collusion with Crayton to cover up the actual time he hid the chest back in 2003 because he doesn’t want us to know that he actually hid it back in 2003. 🙂

      Geez that is hard making up stuff like that… I can’t imagine what one must go through to rationalize and believe this kind of nonsense.

      So about 7 years ago it is… In the summer of 2010, at the latest sometime in July, maybe the earliest in late May when Memorial Day weekend kicks off the summer vacation season.

      • And that would have left f about 2 or 3 months to make a few last tweaks to the wording of the poem seeing that he hid the chest before he completed it.

        That seems more plausible than the idea that he wrote the whole poem or most of it after hiding the chest.

        • Well he said that the poem wasn’t done yet.. I like Wolf’s theory that he hid it on or near to his birthday in august…. just wish Wolf would not be such a tease about what he knows! Someone else out there must know what the Wolf knows! Ha!

        • JCM,
          Lets talk about tweaking for a moment. A line from the poem was changed [by fenn’s account] ~Just take the chest and leave my bones or something like that~

          Well, whatever it was “like” would this / could this, what would be a need to change at that time ? 2010. So what line[s] could have been thought of to change just prior to printing?

          Was it stanza 5 with the question?
          Was it to get stanza 4 to rhyme with the removal of “leave my bones”?
          Make one ponder what the lines before might have read like, as well…. cuz, look quickly down, your quest to cease… doesn’t jive well with leave my bones.

          My thoughts are to what last minute changes could there possibly be for a poem that was started supposedly when he thought of the idea to take it with him. 1988 ish or so… That’s a lot of years in the making to have last minute changes…

          I personally don’t read that comment [complete ( completed? ) ] as such… but.. the only thing I can think of that would need last minute changes { if related to a clue } would be something changed ‘on site’ between [ lets round up to ] 1990 and 2010.

    • So, you folks caught on to the key words of his statement? “The treasure remains…” which means he knows it is still there. How? Video camera? Periodic visits? Remote sensors?

  8. ff – “where I hid it about 7 years ago” ,,,,,,,kind of eliminates hiding it in 2009 doesn’t it?

  9. Yet another claim that it’s found… I know for for its not been found because I haven’t got to my next hidey spot to check.

    All joking aside, I have a feeling that when it’s found, the finder will provide absolute proof that it’s in their possession, i.e. a photo of Indulgence in his/her possession. Only then will all doubts be put aside.


    • I’ve been on to this chase for a couple months now, and today is the first day I am seeing the word “Indulgence” to describe the TC. When did that happen?

  10. Public parking area & bears.? Not a likely place a dead body clutching a treasure chest would long remain unfound by a fishing party or bear.

  11. I remember Forrest answering someone’s question about what direction the blaze is facing. Forrest seems to imply the blaze is not facing any “direction”. But the “supposed” Ax mark on that tree IS facing in one direction isn’t it? Also, does that location look like a place someone would throw their body? (Remember, Forrest was originally going to DIE with his Treasure). I would think if someone Died under that tree their body would be found quite quickly— and thus the treasure found immediately also.

    Sorry— it doesn’t add up. I also saw another video with someone claiming they had ” forensic evidence” Forrest retrieved the chest. It was a bunch of malarkey. 🙂

    • I believe the “ax” mark is where a beaver tried to unsuccessfully gnaw down the tree for a dam. Aspen are a favored building and food source for the beaver. He just bit off a bit more than he could chew, and gave up before completing the task.
      I would guess the video seems was filmed in late spring or very early summer and it does look barren and uninviting. Right now, the St. Elmo, Brown cabin, and Iron City area are at the height of alpine beauty; full of wildflowers in all their glory. The town of St Elmo and neighboring area sees quite a lot of tourist traffic in the summer, but is nearly a ghost town in winter. I searched in that exact spot and that entire general region fairly thoroughly a few years back and that cabin is the best Home of Brown I ever came up with. Unfortunately, the rest of the clues didn’t match up. Or did they…wink, smile.

  12. Thanks Dal & Forest!! It’s always nice to get an accurate update!! And we know where Indulgence is not hidden…Bonus!!

  13. I found one of those places where it looked like the chest had been lifted out of the ground near the john Dunn bridge about 4 years ago. At the time I thought the chest had definitely been found. Being kind of quiet and shy, I never mentioned it. I believe Forrest will definitely know when it has been found and tell us all.
    We will not need to figure out if someone’s video is true or not. Just my 2 cents.

  14. I don’t know but it doesn’t look like its the place he would like to lay his body and die – but its just me

  15. The dude who used to make fake Bigfoot footprints has switched to fake Indulgence imprints. He’s one funny guy.

  16. Great video. But the 1st mistake Perry said was ff hid the IRON chest. There are a few minor mistakes but most of all is the hole is to perfect for a person who is trying not to be seen.
    The hints and clues contradict the whole video but most importantly I know that Forrest Fenn is not a liar but he is a man of his word. He said it would be announced when and if it ever is found. I’m sure that Forrest wouldn’t take a chance and put people in the mountains that could get hurt or die.
    Besides Perry, Forrest has said that your not going to park on the side of a road and just walk in the forest a few yards and find the T.C.
    He also said that he walked a few miles from his Jeep Cherokee to the hiding spot and don’t you think someone would see Forrest laying down there for eternity?

  17. I was pretty sure that couldn’t be the spot..how could that be a private ,special ,secret place, right in someone’s back yard? Really!!!

  18. Thank You for the clarification, Dal and Forrest.

    I was feeling a bit down lately, but now my spirits are lifted.

    It’s good to know it’s still out there.

    Chase On, me Hearties!

  19. Cotton wood was more enjoyable than Mt Princeton….

    But still prefer pagosa for the most enjoyable soak!

  20. If I solve the poem and find the treasure I am definitely going to make a caffeine crazed video, and maybe several.

    Ok, so who is seeing all the clues here,
    Anyone? Buehler?

  21. “The treasure remains where I hid it about 7 years ago”

    How can FF know unless he’s been back to check ?

    • Ancient Chinese Secret?
      Guarded by an alien dragon?
      Hack a NASA satellite?
      Has a solar power camera Wifi to his home?
      Set up motion detectors with ADT?
      Payed Shilo to camp out [ bet all the ladies would love that]
      BigFoot is holding on to it?
      Searcher sent pics, but left it there, that’s how he know.
      I know where it is… I’m just waiting for Goofy to buy that ford 650 and help me move the boulder on top of the chest.

  22. … “iron” chest (haha). If you are going to present yourself as an expert, at least get your facts straight.

    I’m sorry but I could only manage to get through the first half of this video; it is cringe inducing. He says: “I’m going to show you”; “I’m going to prove to you”; “I’m gonna tell you why”; “I’m going to be sharing something with you”. His video isn’t about the treasure chest; it’s about … him.

    He’s so sure of himself. He couldn’t possibly be wrong. And Fenn is no less than a “brilliant” man, a “genius”; translation >>> look how brilliant I am for figuring out Fenn’s brilliant solution.

    Yet, this guy’s reasoning about the clues is every bit as conventional, stodgy, dull, uninteresting as billions of other conventional interpretations. No imagination here; no interesting surprises on a clue, just more of the same old thing …

    He sure likes to talk. Did he ever pause for breath in the second half? He missed his calling; he should have been a television evangelist.

    Ken (in Texas)

  23. https://youtu.be/uqCFOxR0Cbg
    Thank You Forrest, we concede with that information. That was the answer we were waiting to hear. Team Au (Adventures United) was actually searching with Perry in Chalk Creek Canyon. haha Ole Indiana Stone is the one that invited us to join the search. Either way we had a great time searching for the treasure. I thought for sure though that we had narrowed down the clues. That dag blasted hole really had us convinced that we had found the location haha We gave it our best, and got to experience the beautiful nature of the Rocky Mountains. A trip well worth it still. Thanks for adding some adventure to this life Mr. Fenn.

    – Nathan King | Adventures United

    • Yeah, I was going to say that this spot looked familiar. You all had your video out months before this.

      • Yeah I / Au started working on the video as soon as I got back from Colorado Jeremy. Perry has a lot on his plate so it took him and his son a little longer on their video. I’m going to meet with him here in a minute to discuss plans for another search. Can’t give up that easy haha

  24. Alrighty then, thank you Dal, Mr. Stone and Mr. Fenn,
    I don’t know where to begin, kidding, we all know that. Staying on target, I am reminded how thrilling the Chase can be. The only mistake I could see was when Mr. Stone neglected to turn around and chase the woman heading the other direction. Besides what’s a good love story without a leading lady, just sayin.

    • Every good woman should be so lucky to have a Strawshadow/Thor/God/Man to chase them through the stars.

  25. For what it may or may not be worth, IMO the poem will not lead you to the hidden chest but to the row bracelet. This is the one thing Forrest wants back so it plays a key part in the solution. In my opinion this is how he knows the chest is still there, you find the hidden bracelet and it gives you title to the gold. The reason I believe this is that on Q&A’s in 2014 a lady called Carolyn asked him if there were any bronze animals in the chest, or anything bronze, and he a answered ‘No, nothing bronze, or even silver, I wanted it all to be gold’ (or words to that effect) What does this tell you? I for one would not place an antique chest filled with that much gold out in the wilderness where I would have no idea as to whether it was found by chance. I would have a safety mechanism in place. Unless of course he did bury it which I doubt. Just my opinion.

    • nowhereman;

      If what you say is true, why did it take him two trips in one afternoon to transport the one small bracelet? JDA

      • JDA;

        I am not disputing it isn’t hidden outdoors somewhere jda, don’t get me wrong, I just think that it is probably in a controlled area maybe even on his own land somewhere that you would not have access to normally. I believe that there are two endings hence the two ‘Omegas’. Or why would he in the Jenny Kile Q&A in 2014 openly state that there is no silver in the chest when he clearly states in his book that he reluctantly included the silver row bracelet? There is a discrepancy somewhere.

    • nowhereman,
      You’re not the first to ponder the thought. Then again, there is glass in the chest, paper and even hair… Fenn even said he place the bracelet in once, took it out, but decided to go with his first thought.
      Point being… if we don’t go by what fenn has said… it will be there [ the chest full of gold and precious stones, and bio, and hair, and beads or even the special item saved for the finder [ whatever the hell that is, but I guess she will know ]… then why look for the “gold” at all.
      If what you think is remotely true… in 20 years, the finder is going to be very disappointed… to end up with a bracelet and no means to get the chest and its contents.
      Because, only fenn knows where the chest is.

      • Copy you on that ‘Seeker’ thanks, however paper, glass and hair are not metals and that is what I was relating to. How can he openly say in a Q&A in 2014 on ‘Mysterious Writings’ that there is no ‘silver’ in the chest, his words not mine. Bear with me here if you will, take the word ‘TIRED’ in the poem, within this word is the first and only color of the rainbow to be mentioned in the poem = RED. This leaves you with ‘TI’ which is the seventh (rainbow connection) note in the tonic sol-fa music scale and it is the note ‘B’ (think capital B). Now let us take the word ‘TITLE’ in “title to the gold” and explore this further, we know ‘TI’ is the note ‘B’ the remaining letters of ‘title’ are ‘TLE’ yes?
        ‘B’ is the second letter of the alphabet (or 2 – TWO) two can also suggest a pair and another name for a pair in English is ‘BRACE’ as in ‘a brace of partridge in a shoot’, now put ‘BRACE’ with the remaining letters ‘TLE’ but re-arranged and you get ‘BRACELET’, hope you can follow me, this is why I believe the bracelet is the ‘TITLE TO THE GOLD’ nwm.

        • I get what your implying nowhereman.
          Others have thought the same over the years… Basically saying that the line “I give you title to the gold” to mean a searcher will find something else.. a note, a will, the bracelet, a safety deposit key, a deed to a piece of property, and IOU… in-exchange for the actual chest, that is someplace other than his special location. For this and other reasons folks have searched for other properties fenn might own.. when he has stated he doesn’t, other business, or affiliations he’ might have or been involved with… etc. etc.

          But, what would be the point? Tell us the chest will be there when you arrive and it’s not. Fenn has stated that the reason the bio is it the chest, is for a future finder [ like an archeologist ] to know about who and why… Is a future finder now supposed to find the bracelet and still have to hunt down the chest?

          **There are no notes to be found or safety deposit boxes to be searched. The clues can lead you to the treasure, and it will be there waiting when you arrive.”

          Just saying….

          • Don’t forget the two endings (the two Omegas). I have never subscribed to safety deposit boxes, wills etc, I know that is not the case at all. I have been involved in book treasure hunts since 1979 and know quite a few treasure hunt setters personally and I know they always have a fail-safe system in place if the prize is high. This poem / puzzle has a system that once fallen upon will take you to the location and it will be precise. I think that searchers need to look into the word ‘precisely’, it does not mean coming up with ideas on a whim and going off looking for HOB, the blaze and trying to make things fit on the fly so to speak once out in the wilderness that is foolhardy. IMO it is all solved on the map and will be precise, what you do when you get there is another matter, that is where the trickery comes in. Good luck in your quest. nwm

        • I warned you guys of being too cute with your solves…some people don’t listen. However, please keep going down these rabbit holes until I can get out there to look…that way, I believe you are taking yourself out of the chase. However, if I am wrong, and you find the TC, I’ll be more than happy to be the first to congratulate you. 🙂

      • Copy you on that ‘Seeker’ thanks, however paper, glass and hair are not metals and that is what I was relating to. How can he openly say in a Q&A in 2014 on ‘Mysterious Writings’ that there is no ‘silver’ in the chest, his words not mine. Bear with me here if you will, take the word ‘TIRED’ in the poem, within this word is the first and only color of the rainbow to be mentioned in the poem = RED. This leaves you with ‘TI’ which is the seventh (rainbow connection) note in the tonic sol-fa music scale and it is the note ‘B’ (think capital B). Now let us take the word ‘TITLE’ in “title to the gold” and explore this further, we know ‘TI’ is the note ‘B’ the remaining letters of ‘title’ are ‘TLE’ yes?
        ‘B’ is the second letter of the alphabet (or 2 – TWO) two can also suggest a pair and another name for a pair in English is ‘BRACE’ as in ‘a brace of partridge in a shoot’, now put ‘BRACE’ with the remaining letters ‘TLE’ but re-arranged and you get ‘BRACELET’, hope you can follow me, this is why I believe the bracelet is the ‘TITLE TO THE GOLD’
        I have been connected with book oriented treasure hunts since 1979 and I have known several hunt setters and still do, that would for such a valuable prize have a fail-safe device in place in order to protect it being discovered by accident. Forrest Fenn has said something to the effect of “I was going to make it work” I believe he came up with a system that worked very well to hide the ‘TITLE’ find, so who’s to say that within that find there aren’t clues to the whereabouts of the chest itself that only a seeker would ever understand and take him further on the chase to the chest itself, purely my opinion. nwm.

  26. What bothered me was seeing that empty ice chest up there just laying on ground. Some people have no regards for the wilderness or the beauty that it holds.

  27. Geez…I could not get past the first couple of minutes. “Iron Chest” and I shut it down. Good to know another place the treasure is not….

  28. I think it’s great that mr. Stone was able to act on his Instinct even if the treasure wasn’t found.. I’m always going to be confused about a few statements from mr. Fenn. 5 years ago when I started investigating my own theories I read that Google Earth wouldn’t help you there were only subtitle hints in the book but now I read both will help you another thing with all the recent media coverage about people dying looking for the treasure if these people would have started off doing some investigating before they headed out they might realize that Forrest has said don’t go where an 80 year old man can’t go.. I think that’s some of the stuff you learn from the beginning of almost every interview I do have a few questions if anyone can help me does anyone know the last time Forrest flew a plane what year also in my years of taking test I’ve always realize the precise numbers are usually helpful four Estates at least 8.25 miles north of Santa Fe maybe it was 8.35 I’m also terrible with numbers that tells me something there I believe also Forrest is stated he wants to die there how would a man who is ill work his way to Montana without anyone knowing if that’s where it was ,being he lives in Santa Fe most older people I know would want to die at home.. I think the hardest part about this whole hunt is we are all trying to figure out what Forrest saw with his own eyes the places the clues.. how can anyone person view things the same as the other.. also can anyone help me with where exactly the Rocky Mountains start in New Mexico is Santa Fe part of them or do they start 8.25 miles north of Santa Fe… also if you think about it Forrest had to use a car or his own personal plane if it was somewhere in Montana or Wyoming he could not get through airport security with all that treasure maybe on a private plane he would not have to worry about that. Also remember Forrest was 80 years old Phillip three 1 gallon milk jugs that’s 24 lb put it in a backpack along with a personal water maybe a GPS and a cell phone that makes each load 30 pounds he made two trips see how far you can walk at your age with 3 gallons of water on your back.. I’m sticking to one Theory I have and I mean no disrespect to forest with that statement I just feel he has a son out there somewhere maybe native ,maybe artificially inseminated All fathers would love to leave their Fortune to their son. Or maybe someone he considers like his son like someone he might have been a mentor to. It’s funny I was watching The Thomas Crown Affair movie the other day a statement came up in the movie that for some reason I can’t stop thinking about it said pictures and art galleries have frames put around them so you cannot see the borders to counterfeit them ,borders is brought up quite a bit in Forest Story.. and yes I know borders is also a bookstore. Well thank you for listening to my Rambles if nothing else enjoy the chase like I do

  29. This guy is super excited driving down down the road. I love it! Honestly, I think if you’re not excited as this guy, you shouldn’t go looking. I mean, the guy is absolutely nuts, but in a good way. This is the perfect example of what the Chase is all about in my opinion. Everyone who is not a searcher thinks it’s all about the gold. But here’s this guy, and he’s thrilled just to find where it *could* have been. He’s thrilled to find that *someone else* may have found it. It’s great! Now, hopefully he can decompress and go back to his normal life in a healthy way.

    • hahaha Perry decompress oh man. You go into his office he is writing two books, has his laptop open with the tv on and gospel music blasting haha I asked him one time what he does for energy because I really wanted to know. His answer ” I make a list of things to get done for the day” I told him that doesn’t work for me. haha some peoples brains are just wired better than others I guess. He already has plans to send a team(Au) back out check out some other locations for him.

  30. It’s all about the thrill of the chase. f

    It’s all about The Thrill of the Chase. F

    Think about that. 🙂

  31. Thanks, Dal and Forrest. It’s always nice to get clarification so we can continue to explore with excitement.

    Big green hugs,

  32. So I just watched the video. Yes, he is super enthusiastic for sure. That said, he does have a very compelling solve that he put a lot of research and imagination in to.

    Kudos for living the thrill of the chase the way I imagine Forrest intended to get to your solve Mr. Stone. Thanks for taking the time to share it.

  33. If you’re still reading it like it was a poem, you’re not going to find anything but the Rocky Mountains. My opinion.

    • If you combine this with the previous post, you could conjecture that it was found the morning of 7/7/2017. My opinion of course.

        • That’s a loaded question I can’t answer. But I was on the premises at that time, and I asked the question ” Do I have to break (something) to find the treasure”.

    • Just because “it” has been found doesn’t mean the treasure chest has been found.

    • Because I saw an earlier discussion about nouns in the poem, I can’t help but note that it also anagrams to:


      I think I’m on to something here… 🙂

  34. The Blaze I feel sure is not on a tree. It makes more sense it is on a rock or is something else all together. I still feel the road is within 200 feet of the treasure and he knows what road someone has been on so therefore they have been within 200 feet.

    • Kelly, you could be right, but I have a feeling it’s not quite that close to a road, and that the blaze is made up of a number of objects – which together create something unique, and only “readable” by those who have completed FF’s journey.

  35. DAL or FORREST, when I finished watching this youtube video, another video started up that claims Forrest has “RETRIEVED” the chest. It is based on a photo which I don’t recall seeing (I could have missed it).

    Can you shed some light on the photograph? Please comment.


    • Gosh, I couldn’t finish watching the video. Has this person ever heard of “lighting”?

    • I would like if a professional photographer would weigh in on this… Yet the problem I see it the guy in the video’s time line.
      Whether he as one {1} original pic or not… we have no exact time line of the pictures, who took them, from what camera, amateur, or professional. We do know fenn had a professional take some pics for the publication of the book.
      Time line is important to know… Because we do know that there was almost a 20 year period that fenn had the chest. What I don’t see is “ageing” of weather, as much as 20 years of natural ageing. The fact that almost every pic is different from another [ arrangement of items ] could explain the difference in years an condition. A scrape, blemish, chip could have been done by a number of people fenn showed the chest to over that two decade period, while picture taken at different times as well over the same decades.

      It’s one think to show discrepancies, and come up with a theory. Compared to actually investigating facts needed to prove those discrepancies.
      Original copy one {1} supposedly.
      Professional photos taken from the print in a book
      Pics seemingly resized for a blog viewing
      Not knowing the exact date of photo taken.. only date of release/publish.
      Then we have angle, lighting, flash photography, no flash.. etc.
      We don’t even know if fenn tried to protect the wood at some point over those two decades. What I find more interesting is that IF this chest was aged by weather… who did such a great job cleaning all those tiny crevices on all the items in the chest, the watches, stones in their settings etc. A coin expert will tell you cleaning a collectable coin kills he value [all 265 of them] with some worth more than face value.
      Way to many unknown variables to make a claim these pics prove weathering from nature.

      • Seeker, I was a professional videographer for 35 years if that helps. The first thing I noticed was that the color temperature is completely different between the “book” photo and the one marked 2016. The book image displays a lower temperature (in degrees Kelvin) resulting in a warmer appearance (with a slightly green cast, possibly from fluorescent lighting). That would explain the “golden” tinge to the wood.

        The 2016 image has a more “accurate” or natural color, meaning that the equipment used read the temperature and adjusted to the prevailing conditions (either by manual or automatic means).

        Because the color variation has been caused by the combination of lighting conditions and equipment setup, it’s not possible to make a definitive judgment as to whether or not the wood has aged between the two images. The wide difference in resolution further hampers that assessment.

        The comment regarding “scrapes” to the patina is also potentially inaccurate. To me, the white marks on the metal to the right side of the chest in the photo marked “2016” are more likely to be caused by light reflecting off the surface than by damage.

        As far as the missing sliver of wood is concerned, that cannot be verified due to the difference in angle of the photos. That area is effectively masked by the low and oblique angle.

        The “chip” in the front surface may or may not be there in both photos. The resolution is insufficient to make a call on that.

        So, from my point of view, there is no “forensic proof” offered in this video that Forrest has retrieved the chest since 2010. Even if the chest has aged between the two photos, it is quite possible that Forrest ran a test for a year or two by hiding the chest without its valuables and seeing whether or not it remained in situ. And Seeker, you are quite right that unless we know the timeline of these photos, we can deduce nothing.

        • I will add that having just quickly checked the photo of the chest here on Dal’s site (I don’t have the book), it doesn’t exhibit the green cast of the photo displayed in the video. The colors appear to be screwed up in that video, thus exaggerating the gold of the wood. That could have occurred if the image was scanned – or it could be deliberate to “make a point.”

        • Are there any bronze animals in the chest? There is a gold frog in the chest. Of this we can be certain.

      • Well I am not a photographer, but I have worked with digital imaging for over 30 years, some of that time was while working for Adobe as a principal software engineer on Image Ready, Photoshop and Illustrator.

        The image from the video is fake IMO. It was resampled, filtered and the colors / shading was altered to make it appear smooth afterwards. The copyright was removed with the clone tool.

  36. When I saw the name of this post, my heart skipped a couple of beats! Whew! Let’s find Indulgence this year. Would be great for someone to find on Forrest’ birthday. I feel my Dumbitity gives me an excellent chance to find it.. I’m almost as smart as the average bear. People with a high IQ are at a disadvantage. Good Luck to All Searchers. Ken in Georgia

    • Hi Ken – I actually contacted Jenny to see if she would ask Forrest what he is doing for the Solar Eclipse on August 21st this year, which is the day before his 87th birthday on August 22nd. I was kind of wondering if the Solar Eclipse would create some sort of clue or opportunity to find the chest… Wouldn’t.that be awesome? I posted that video where Bilbo discovers the entrance to Smaug the Dragon’s Mountain in the Moonlight from Lord of the Rings on another blog to support this idea.

      • Lisa, During the eclipse, you may be able to use a flashlight to shine a reflector located on/near the chest. Ken in Georgia

        • Ken Joyce,

          Well that clinches the date and time I will go nab that bronze chest in my search area then! I am thinking My Grizz will be in his hidden spot sleeping in the tall grass and will be none the wiser when that Solar Eclipse suddenly appears there mid-to-late morning. I will just bring a nice Pimiento Cheese sandwich and my flashlight to activate that reflector, or maybe one of those urine-sensitive blue lights instead, because I would bet My Grizz ofr Forrest himself peed on the bronze chest to show territorial ownership. 🙂

  37. Just a thought, but what if Fenn had some type of transmitter that began pinging once the chest was removed? Other than the life of the battery attached to it (which wouldn’t begin powering the transmitter until the pressure trigger the chest sits on was activated) it sure would be one way he would know that the chest was still where he left it…

  38. I have a sneaking feeling that when the treasure chest is retrieved.by the finder of the final location, the pictures from 2016 will make perfect sense. Just a feeling, but the world needs more feeling, don’t you think?

  39. Comments are quite interesting here. Forrest said it will be worth the cold. I don’t see a correlation in the general solves. Also do people just not know that it has to be in a place where his body wouldn’t be spotted?

    • Hi Road Hawk. I threw this out there under a different thread, but tell me what you think:
      In “Teachers With Ropes” Fenn talks about challenging kids in his gallery to figure out why the statue was cold even though it was in a warm room. That statue was bronze, like the TC. Well bronze is a conductor metal and will always feel colder than it’s environment. If it is cold enough outside it can even freeze skin on contact. Remember when Fenn said “best to bring gloves”? I think “your efforts will be worth the cold” is referring to carrying the cold box. I also think this is why he said “physics tells me the chest is wet”. The physics he’s referring to is the cold box collecting condensation. All IMO.

      • That is how I understand his comment as well…and also one of the reasons why I think it is sitting on top of the ground and subject to frost and ambient temps.

      • Does that mean I’m supposed to carry the GPS with me? I wondered about that? But wouldn’t it have to be turned off? Oh well, I can keep it out, flying home! It’s in my checked bag!

      • Kate, bronze WON’T always feel colder than its
        environment. By conducting heat faster than air
        does, bronze INTENSIFIES/QUICKENS heat transfer. The heat transfer could be TO or FROM
        your hand.

        Try heating a slab of bronze in your oven. Then,
        after the bronze has had plenty of time to reach the
        temperature indicated by the oven “setting” — say
        300 degrees F — , reach your hand into the oven
        for a second or so. The air feels pretty warm/hot in there, doesn’t it? Now touch the bronze. It feels HOTTER than the air in the oven. All IMO.

  40. “Found … having been discovered by chance or unexpectedly. in particular”. Never, never underestimate the value of dumb luck!

  41. IMHO: Put in below the home of Brown.
    Two clues in one.
    Translates to:
    How now brown cow.
    home of Brown is a cattle ranch with brown cows somewhere near Fenn in Santa Fe.
    Put in translates to : start here. Put in boats. Put in to travel etc.
    Start your search below the cattle ranch.

    • I don’t know if you have read Iron Will, but I’ll bet he might agree with you!


    • JOC, have you been reading my mind? This fits perfectly with my 3rd solve, of which I have not had the opportunity to investigate. Thanks for letting me know I’m not the only searcher thinking along these lines.

    • I’m of the rare sort that thinks that ‘home of Brown’ is not a clue at all. It’s a red herring. Though it’s fun to see all the suppositions in relation.

  42. Hi..first of all I’d like to say that I finally had the chance to buy my “Indulgence” . After a couple years of researching, and bothering everyone with my solves and asking Santa for FF’s TTOTC book, I finally was able to purchase a signed copy of the book! Thank you, Forrest. I’ve read it a few times but not to look for clues. Just for the pleasure of reading about your life experiences. My father is retired Marine Corps Major..Helicopter pilot and is your age..and my Uncle is retired Navy Commander with 3 tours in Vietnam. Your book gives me insight to how my dad grew up so I ‘ve thoroughly enjoyed your book. As to this treasure hunt I’ve thought I’ve solved it many times. My recent solve, being my favorite, involves your words of being “greater than” 8.25 miles N of Santa Fe and less than 10,200 ft. Elevation. If I’m right you will know what I’m saying. Thanks for this exciting adventure. Warm Regards..Colleen

    • PS..I’m a Student Pilot. I could fly before I was allowed to drive..only 40 hours of flight and ground school earned at Ft. Pickett, VA..learned to fly on a T-34..150..172..out of China Lake NWC, California..moved to Florida and flight classes too expensive so never finished..oh well..I could still fly myself out of any situation..lol

    • welcome to the Chase, Colleen

      wow, i’d sincerely LOVE to have a pilots license, and fly anywhere in the world at a moments notice ..sorta like sailing the seven seas (minus that whole ‘shark dilemma’ thing)

      are you currently married btw?? ..jus innocently curious ’tis all.. 🙂

  43. OK, I’ve explained this before. How does Forrest know the chest hasn’t been found?

    (Rrrring!!!!) “Hello–O!”
    Forrest: “Hello Wilma, did you try to call me earlier?”
    Wilma: “What’s that? Who is this??”
    Forrest: “WILMA!!! IT’S ME, FORREST!!”
    Wilma: “Forrest!!?? Forrest who??”
    Forrest: “FENN, FORREST FENN!!”
    Wilma: “Oh, hi Forrest (turns up volume on phone). Yes, I did call earlier”. “One a those people got about 200 feet away from the darn thing, then they turned around and skee-daddled. Pert near found the dang thing, then they was gone. But it’s still there Forrest. Sure wish I knew what it was, but I took that oath. I promised to keep an eye on it fer ya Forrest, and I’ll let ya know if they comes back.”
    Forrest: “Thanks for letting me know Wilma, I appreciate it. You have yourself a nice night”.
    Wilma: “You do the same Forrest. Good night”. (Click)

    • Sparrow

      if you’d done your historical research correctly in the first instance, you’d already know that Wilma Flintstone didn’t actually possess telephony technologies in those stone-age days..

      i mean.. just look at Fred’s car for example – can you imagine how gargantuanly BIG their cell-phones musta been ..??

      ( ..Paris Hilton would instantly faint, i reckon 🙁 )

      • thanks Capt Mainwaring

        ..but i strongly suspect that Wilma was jus talking to Betts (on a static dino-tusk) about the ridiculous amounts of processed red-meat that Fred consumes daily ..esp given his obviously high cholesterol levels and evident hyper-tension ‘issues’..

        i mean.. if only he’d known about veganism back then 🙂

      • [note to self: if Dads Army knocks on my door, with a shared ‘stern’ look on their faces, i’m DEF not home!! 🙂 ]

      • If it not me Hobs, you’re my hands down favorite to win the Chase. It’s your logic.

      • thanks Icemans

        did you know that i actually invented ‘fuzzy logic’??
        ( ..ikr – fact is often stranger than fiction 🙂 )

        • Your real name is Lofti Zadeh then? You’re a genius. You have college degrees up the ying yang. You speak fluent Russian. Say something Russian Hobs. Never mind I’m a believer. I don’t often get to meet a fellow genius. We are a rare breed aren’t we? It’s lonely at the top.

        • благодаря Icemans

          Да, это определенно одиноко наверху

          (btw, what’s a ‘ying yang’? ..is it sorta like a sideways yo-yo? 🙂 )

  44. Asking if the TC has been found is a bit silly, in my opinion. Anybody
    smart enough to find the TC is smart enough to keep the information
    secret . . . at least for a while. When FF announces that the TC has
    been found, I’ll believe it. Or when I see photographic — picture(s) and/or
    video(s) — evidence that looks genuine enough to me, then I’ll believe that
    the TC has been found. Otherwise, I won’t (unless I’m the finder). All IMO.

  45. To Mr. Perry: We have found more than one solution that meets all the clues (assuming you and we know exactly what the clues actually are) except those clues that Mr. Fenn has added by his comments over the years. The real test is matching your solution not just to the poem but also to what he has said over the years. This applies to your solution which fails more than one of Mr. Fenn’s ‘comment clues’ in interviews and writings. I’ll have to leave it there as we’re obviously working on our solution. (BTW – your video reminded me of myself many years ago when I wrote my first screenplay after which I said out loud ‘Well there’s an academy award!’ . 🙂

  46. Not first or fool @ 44.853547° -111.367337°?
    This last weekend I traipsed all over this area with a sharp trekking pole and metal detector poking and scanning every rock and tree in the area overlooking Quake Lake flanking both sides of Beaver Creek. I won’t go into all the detail of how I ended up here as it’s old hat for many but needless to say, I didn’t go home empty handed…well, my hand was empty, but I took away some interesting information. By now, you’re reading this second after Google Earthing the coordinates above. (Yes, I just made a verb out of a noun.) Anyhoo, you need to see this video to see exactly what I saw. (My apologies for the Blair Witch / vomit-inducing effect by speeding it up, but I didn’t want the video to be too long, but it pauses in the important parts.) https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5KxAm-I1evUUDJZYWRsNzgxMFk
    Here you will see me hiking (sped up 4x so I don’t waste too much of your time with this nonsense) to the location (the second time now approaching from the Beaver Creek Campground), showing the hole, the ‘blaze’, the rocks that may have come off the top of the hole, the ‘blaze’ again, the hole, wash, rinse, repeat until it ends with the amazing view.

    Itches scratched by this location:
    Effort worth the cold? – crossing Beaver creek in boots as other footwear would not be suitable for this excursion.
    “right straight” – to it? – If you park in the lot at Ghost Village, you veer right and then straight in the location one-way .92 miles one-way. (More than a ‘few miles’ for four trips, but perhaps only counting trips out and how many is a few in Fenn-speak?!?!)
    In the wood? – It’s within the patch of trees on this vantage point, yes.
    Heavy loads – I had another interpretation for me being here, but the giant boulder somewhat on this pinnacle seems out of place. It would have fallen from the sky as some accounts of the 1959 quake/slide had reported.
    Water high – Again, Quake Lake would have purtineer reached this level at its highest. You could interpret this also as the height of which the reaches of Beaver Creek has its origins. (aka – Avalanche Lake)
    Within 200/500 feet – Trail from the southernmost tip from loop ‘A’ (site A10) of Beaver Creek Campground down to Quake Lake OR trail from Ghost Village across Beaver Creek and along the waterline and up to the aforementioned trail. Depending on how searchers have described their journeys, you could draw a line in pretty much any direction to come up with 200/500.
    Is this a pleasant place to have your bones rest for years to come? – Absolutely. The sound of Beaver creek trickling down the valley along with the multiple species of birds that frequent the area. The occasional deer, moose, elk that utilize the multiple game trails on these hills to access the water or to also bed down at night. The shade of the grove of trees in the hot noon sun.
    Is the chest wet? – This is a tough one. If you consider moist dirt ‘wet’ in the summer or the aggressive fall, winter, springs of this area vs. the time this statement was made…yeah, most of Montana was wet with snow/rain.
    Alone in there? – Yes, one morning I had a leisurely breakfast at the Campfire Lodge fly shop, sipped my coffee and rumbled down to Ghost Village and happened upon an empty parking lot followed by an empty valley all my own! There I saw Kestrel or Osprey giving the business to two bald Eagles they did not want in the area. It was quite an aerial display and the poor Eagles would land in a dead tree and squawk pitifully and flap their wings as the other birds dive-bombed them. Seeing the sun come up over the mountains and warm the valley was breathtaking. I felt a strong sense of privilege and respect to have been there at that time!
    Riches new and old – See previous statement along with the fact that prior to 1959 the Madison continued in name along this valley providing miles of amazing, off-highway fly fishing. Now they all cram into the bend at Ghost Village.
    Brave – Let’s just say I had my bear spray in my hand with the thumb on the trigger release as I hiked into this grove of trees both times…first up from Ghost Village and the second (to document) from Beaver Creek Campground.

    So, I would be interested in thoughts on this and provide this disclaimer as some minds may wander in the following direction. I am a serious searcher and have great respect for those also searching. I did not dig a hole and scratch a lower case ‘f’ in the rock and also gather up a pile of rocks that may have covered the hole. I came around this boulder and the scene slowly and everything unfortunately and eventually sunk in. Could this be the place? Is that a plus sign in the rock? An arrow? Was I minutes, hours, days, weeks too late? Did someone actually find it and wanted others to know it was there by putting an ‘f’ on the rock? (the scrawl certainly wouldn’t make it even 10 more years) Have I been massively duped and someone thinks they’re funny? Is this an aberration or rouse in which I should keep looking ‘down’ further, around or just stand there and curse at the rock? Anyway, I would not be so cruel as to do this to anyone else, but on the other hand, how is it in such a perfect location? Has anyone else been up here and seen this? (other than possibly a person that’s 42 lbs heavier now) And what is the end-game here? On one hand, I left with my proverbial tail between my legs and took it all as a sign to go have some ‘fun’ by taking my inflatable kayak down from Ghost Village and paddling in and out of the dead trees, looking at the wildlife and being mesmerized by the undulating thickets of underwater plant-life that fills the water in this area.
    Anyway…be safe, stick to the plan and don’t go anywhere a person in a wheelchair and their toddler wouldn’t need assistance getting to! Perhaps the treasure is still out there! I’ll be staying tuned to responses to this!
    And PS, don’t everyone go rushing to this location as 1) You won’t find any treasure and 2) There isn’t great parking at either starting point. Also, anyone who had a chance to stay in the cabin that existed just down from this location where the chimney and porch steps are still located would have probably considered themselves the luckiest folks on the planet during their stay.

    • Thanks for the post – lots of work went into your search. Best of luck in your next endeavor – JDA

    • Thanks for the report. Forrest’s comment ‘The clues did not exist when I was a kid but most of the places the clues refer to did’, plus ‘heavy loads and water high’, sure bring Quake Lake to mind.

      I still can’t reconcile ‘person in wheelchair and toddler’ with grizzly country, unless the idea is that if you’re accompanied by those folks, you’re sure to escape the bear.

      • Thanks. The wheelchair/toddler comment was aimed at those who think that 80yo Fenn had a Superman cape on when he hid the chest. Just trying to dumb it down for those with a full rack of trad climbing gear. Tired of hearing of people dying.

        • Understood. FF himself has suggested the search should be a family friendly outing opportunity, which rightly calls to mind the multiple generations participating. As much as I embrace the notion of the benefits enjoyed from wilderness experiences (and have personally facilitated as much for many), I could just never rationalize it in grizzly country, unless it was an instrument of self preservation.

  47. Many folks go to the same areas. The clues are often interpreted the same way by more than one person. Some folks are trolls and feel they must destroy an area. So they carve a blaze in a tree or rock nearby. Sometimes they dig a hole 10×10 to make it look like a chest was there…
    This has occurred in more than one place in the RMs north of Santa Fe…

    Forrest tells us the chest is still where he hid it…so admit that you were wrong and look for a better solution.

    Keep looking and ignore the folks who are trying to ruin the fun of the chase…

    Forrest has said that he will let us know when the chest has been found.

    • Pretty sad that people interested enough to search would resort to creating false clues or false signs of treasure retrieval.

    • I know a lot of folks are looking for their blaze on trees. I don’t believe this is wise. I don’t believe Mr. Fenn made the blaze anything that won’t last time. The blaze has to be something permanent. A tree can burn down, a river can change its course will just a flood. If you think your blaze can be destroyed by nature or man, it’s probably not correct. IMO

      • This might be helpful to those looking on trees:

        Quote from an interview by the California Sun Magazine.
        Out in the sculpture garden, Fenn beckoned me over and gestured toward the trunk of a thick white poplar tree. “See the F carved in there? That’s my initial.” The letter was barely legible now, a gray-brown knot that I never would have noticed if he hadn’t pointed it out. Fenn waved distastefully at another blur of gray, farther up the trunk. “There were other F’s there, but they’re obliterated now.”
        Such ravages of time are often on his mind now that he’s nearing his 85th birthday, though Fenn remains matter-of-fact about the prospect of his days coming to an end. “If I get Alzheimer’s, I’m going to flag my calendar for six months from now and do it my own way,” he told me. “Hopefully at my last dying gasp I will still go back to that place and die at my favorite …” He trailed off, perhaps wary of giving out a clue.

  48. Thanks Dal…I’m with you and my final thoughts when I left this location was “Take this as a sign, move on and go have some fun while you’re here.” Whoever did this needs a good whoopin’!

    • “They” were whooped before they even arrived…if not…it’ll all come back around and bite them in the end.

  49. Just a note… Last year I mentioned that I had planned to check out a spot that I felt very confident about. Unfortunately, fate stepped in. Car problems and having to wait around to see if I would be called as a witness in a court case delayed things until the weather was “iffy”. I hope to try this year… A long trip for me, and my car is no spring chicken, but I hope to give it a final shot. I DO think I am right about the area—just not entirely sure about the very end… Regardless of what happens, this will be my last try in this area and if I fail to find anything, I will at least publish all my thoughts so others can dismiss them, or add to them. One question though… I looked in this area before, and was surprised by some things I did not expect to see, so I didn’t check as I should have. Upon getting home, I told Mr. Fenn about my ideas for solving the Riddle. He kindly replied, “John, are you always right?” Yes, that can be taken many different ways, but have any of you received similar answers? Just curious… If I am the only one to hear something like that, I would feel better about it… Thanks.

  50. I really enjoy the video and the idea of the solve and the location I live on the Front Range in Colorado and had never been up to st. Elmo so I went and Camped there on two consecutive weekends looking around those areas and just doing some fishing what I found was that the area where he thought the chest was was actually an area where another tree had grown and that tree had rotted out and Fallen I was able to find that tree very close to the same location and fit it back into the same spot where he thought the chest was it is also really strange that this area was only about 40 to 50 feet away from the road itself and you can see cars from this area so I don’t think it would be an area where Forrest Fenn would have wanted his bones to rest forever I do really like that area and I’m glad that he posted t that video because I was able to check out a new area and I think that is what this whole thing is about plus I got to catch a boatload of fish on Chalk Creek which is a lot of fun

    • bravo Jeremy for exploring a new piece of unique nature that you’d never meet before and will probably never forget and yes i agree that 50ft from vehicle traffic might be too close for a peaceful transition and bravo too for catching lotsa fish as i’m lucky to catch one half the time but let’s not go there 🙁

      bravo also for not using a period.dot in your above comment 🙂

  51. You know as a fellow dreamer of finding my fair share of treasure and making my moments count as i am scratching those little ideas off my bucket list. I just want to put this out there. Forrest Fenn seems like an underestimated wise old man, (no offense to age- wisdom comes with a price). And if someone whom is well experienced and verse in the treasure hunting field. Mr. Fenn obviously expects this hunt to take decades before anyone clever enough to find this loaded bronze key out of poverty. So I find it insulting that these modern youtube streamers claim to find where the treasure is I love how all these people are making it known they have FOUND where the treasure was but came up empty handed, just for some publicity and misdirection- thinking that if people are under the impression that the treasure was found; no one will keep searching for it. Let’s look at this scenario more logically, if and when the treasure is found, WTF would you do with it, in today’s modern society you can’t just walk into a bank and say “here’s my million in gold and historical treasure, i’d like to deposit it my account”. obviously that wouldn’t work, you can’t take it to a gold buyer because those desk jockeys only buy gold based on the markup or stock value- regardless if its a historical found loot. and last but not lease if you are taking the gold treasure to pawn shops- you are unwise and might as well put the treasure back. pawn shops will only give 20% of whatever it is worth due to current trends.
    Forgive my ignorance on the matter but i’m no dummy and im sure Mr. Fenn checks on his well hidden adventure every year, i mean how else does he plan on making it his final resting place-
    just wanted to get that off my chest and wish all treasure hunting community the very best in their endeavors and the wife and I will begin our first adventure of taking on the hunt ourselves this coming may, as part of delayed honeymoon. hopefully we do find it because that would a story to tell our future kids and grandkids, and one more thing to write off the bucket list- however we both agreed that if we did find the treasure we would just return it to Mr. Fenn or take to the local museum regardless of our current economic struggles- like i mentioned before a chest of treasure and gold is next to useless if you can’t get the actual value on it in cash lol.

    • Allen-
      Forrest has said on numerous occasions that he will announce when the chest has been found. Until you have heard from Forrest that it has been found…it would be foolish to believe anything the publicity whores announce about finding the treasure. This kind of claim has been going on since soon after the Thrill of the Chase was announced by Forrest in the fall of 2010. Not a single claimant has ever offered a twig of proof that what they say is true…no photos, no lat/lon, no items from the chest, no bio, nothing!!!

      Of course Forrest can only verify the find if he is still alive. I am certain that when Forrest is gone the number of claims that the chest has been found will multiply rapidly because the liars, cheats and spoilers will feel their lies are safe….why do they do this? Some because they thrive attention. Others because they want to spoil your fun at any cost.

      One more thing you state above:
      “…im sure Mr. Fenn checks on his well hidden adventure every year, i mean how else does he plan on making it his final resting place-”
      Forrest has stated on numerous occasions that he no longer plans on making this hidey spot his final resting place because he no longer feels his death is imminent. The cancer is gone. That was his intended final resting place only when he was planning to take his own life before cancer could do him in. He has stated that these days he might get hit by a bus or die in any number of ways. He has no control over his death any more…and since he is the only person that knows where the hidey spot is located…no one else could possibly put him there after his death…

    • It is the greatest treasure hunt of all time. If I were to find it, I could see about placing the treasure in a museum so every searcher would be able to see and appreciate what we were all looking for.

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