A Different Way of Looking at Clues

by Seattle Sullivan


   The main thing people need to focus on is the way Forrest thinks. Remember his mind stays at about 13.  Back then life was all farts and giggles. So imagine the games Forrest and Skippy , must of played in the back seat on their way to Yellowstone . I envision them picking apart the wording on highway signs. ICY CONDITIONS MAY EXIST , ( I see why conditions may exist).

Cold Night

    What I am getting at is a whole different way of looking at the clues. It’s all a play on words. I call it  what I named my book “Well Knit Wit”.  Where is this book you ask?  It’s sitting in front of me.  Once I publish it, ” in which after reading it, Forrest hopes I do” my secrets will be told. The other reason being after consulting with Forrest at this years Fennbouree, I am holding off on a chapter I call “B- ond,  James Bond”.  It has to do with the green olive jar and and certain secrets”.  To me, and a few friends, the 20,000 word autobiography is the most valuable item in the chest. It is what drives me.  Funny as I am homeless and live on a $734 SSI check in the most expensive area in the nation. Dal, (pronounced Dale), will attest to that one.

My Front Yard in Snohomish County

      There are certain things we need to do in the solve. Forrest tells us how to play the game if you are wise. Butterfly – Flutter by for starters. And if he doesn’t see a word in the dictionary, he will make one up. Many of the answers combine Spanish and English. And spelling correctly is pointless, its all in the pronunciation.
Lets begin:
    My favorite clue is ” If you don’t know where to begin, you might as well stay home and play canasta”.  Here is why he used the word CANASTA specifically.  BE GIN.  In New Mexico, there are tanks of water in certain areas used for fire fighting. Each one is named. Since Forrest is a PET TALKER, or in slang , a pet taca, I picked the array of tanks, “Tanqueray”…..as in gin, above Petaca.  If you can, pin PETACA TANK A on google earth.  Oh ya, canasta is an anagram of  TANCS A.


Pet – Talka

   Next, the answer that came to me in a dream. Here is where to BEGIN.  By counting the letters in a verse of the poem .  “Not Far”has 2 words before the comma. Go down the alphabet 2 letters…A-B. The last letter is the one we will use. So remember the B. Next , “But to far to walk” . Going 5 letters down the alphabet you get E .  “Put in below the home of Brown”…   7 letters gives you the G.  “From there it is no place for the meek”…gives you the ” I “.  The next verse has no comma, so combine the 2 sentences.  “The end is drawing ever nigh- there will be no paddle up your creek”, this will give you your N.  Add it up boys and girls, it spells BEGIN.
   Ah , but that’s not all folks. We have one sentence left.  “Just heavy loads and water high”.  Now being from Texas, that southern drawl comes into play.  Yesterday when I was using my backpack, I ADJUST the heavy loads. So ,  ADD  “Just heavy loads and water high” to the next verse”.  Count up the words.  It totals 36. This is your degree. The next verse “including the question mark” makes 32. These is your minutes.  Next verse 29. Your seconds.  36 – 32 – 29  latitude.  By counting letters starting at “From there it’s ……and ending at “and waters high”, you get 106 letters. Thats your longitude. But its easier if you just look at Forrest’s last name. Fenn.  ” Santa FE N.N.” , or directly North of Santa Fe.  Get back on google earth and pin those co-ordinates. Amazingly they are 1 mile from the Tanqueray location.  This is where you BEGIN.
As the inside cover says a little resolve is needed, I’ll start resolving now at where most everyone else starts:
1)   Begin it where warm waters halt.   I believe it is the array of tanks above Petaca.  Take the story Forrest uses about the array of burned out tanks and war relics in Northern Africa. This I believe gives credence to my Tanqueray theory.
1a)   And ta-Kit (Carson) in the canyon do w. n.   (due w. x n.)
2)  Not far, but too far to walk. My spot is around 4-5 miles as the crow flies, to the h.o.B.
3)  Put in below the home of Brown.  This is what I believe is Forrest’s bluff.  But you still put in below it. Simply a brown house on a bluff, and /or the Brown in the local graveyard.
4)  From there it is no place for the Meek. The area is sketchy and the locals are watching you .  The dogs chase your car and bite at your tires. The pavement ends , and the mud begins.
5)  The End is Drawing Ever Nigh.   See the dead end ?  Nigh I hear means left. Try that
6) There will be no Paddle (ORE) up Your Creek.  As the post marked culvert shows,  go no farther up the creek. There is no gold further up.
7) AD Just Heavy Loads and watter high.  This is where you park and walk, the power lines end,
8) If You’ve (U.V.)  been Y’s and Found the B la ze, ……. I once used a Ultra Violet light looking for the Blaze.  I believed back then the treasure was in the mine tailings, hence “The end of my Rainbow”, meaning Rainbow Trout Tail”ings”.   I climbed in and under the huge pilings, and used my Woods light.   The U.V. light was invented by Robert Woods, so you literally could be in a “Wood Beam”.  I Shivered me timbers, “worth the cold”, and the light made the Pine Tar, “Tary Scan t” glow like a hundred eyes staring at me in the “pitch” black darkness.  Upset like a newbie searcher, I e-mailed Forrest saying “it’s all eyes…it’s all lies”.   Until the next day when I sat next to the tailings and noticed two things. A chute out, “Shoot Out” as on page 36, that Y’d into 2 chutes, as in Forrest’s “Pair a’ chutes, where he was shot down twice.
    I gave up on the tailings.  But it still might be the spot.  Steel Plates litter the area, which could relate to the Babe Ruth clue. The metal was “brazed”  when it was cut, and remember Forrest is a “Brazier”, a person who works with brass.
9)  Bar B Que.  Again, I believe food is the final clue.  And the poem revolves around food, drink and entertainment.
     I am confident on my solution.Forrest once said “people don’t cry anymore”, or something along those lines. Look at the stories in T.T.O.T.C.   We have Pie , Pilots, Pioneers , Pirates.  Do the Y thing.  Wipe Eye, Wipe Eye Lots , Wipe Eye on Ear , Wipe Eye Rate.
     What goes with gin?  Tonics.  White Onyx?
  And finally for those searching Lake Hebgen.  Here is one for you.  Bessies tail was a FLY SWATTER. On page 121 of T.T.O.T.C., we have FLY WATER , and the story about Skippy’s electric fly zapper, he is refered to as the “General”.  Meaning 1) General Electric ,  or 2) that would mean HE BE GEN.    So there you have it.  Butterfly or Flutter by ,  Forrest is telling us to use a play on words.  C how  that works?
   Back to word play. When Forrest said not to mess with my poem , he meant don’t eat with it , as in mess hall. But here is another story he tells us to use word play. The ball of string.  Mostly whyte string .  With mother looking for the postman..  Another word for string is twine , and being inside, it was inner twine. And another word for postman is letter carrier.   Inner twine and letter carry.
   Another thing Forrest uses are cliches’.  Starting with you can’t judge a book by its cover.  Hmmm.  Here is where it gets crazy. Look at the word “CHASE”.  Now,  look at it like this….See H as E.   By looking at that H as a E , it turns into  CEASE . You can do this in reverse too. Next is the letter C ,which can be pronounced as a S , as in Seattle, or “C”attle.
    Forrest said we need to be in tight focus on a word that is key, but he never said it in the poem .  I believe that word is “WHISKEY”. And the word that is IT ,  is WHY, or simply a Y.   Hence, Y is it, WH is key…..why is it whiskey.  The answer of course is distilling, where steam condenses , just like the rain.  But the Y is it . “If you’ve been Y’s” and  “So Y is it”.  Here is what you do.  Put Y in front of a word to create a different word .  Taos is my word of choice.  YTaos becomes white house, or in Spanish, “Casa Blanca”.  The Y Rosetta Stone becomes “wire rows set a stone”.  Y Puppy becomes….well you got the idea.


     The county I search is Rio Arriba” meaning river above. One more play on words is the Spanish word Que , pronounced “Kay”.  This is huge once you find the blaze. The reason being is the final clue is all about food . To be more precise, Bar b que.  Remember the todo over BoB wire and BarB  wire ? BB wire .Its the grates he is talking about. BB Grates.  The miss spelling of the Baby Ruth candy bar for instance is a reference to grates and grills.  And you can’t think Texas without thinking bar b que.  Remember, Forrest said it is in the poem for all to see…..”B”een wise and found the “B” laze look “Q”uickly down.  Or would that be Quigly Down?  “Put another shrimp on the bobby”. Shakespeare is mentioned by Forrest….2 B (BB) or not 2B , that is the QUEstion.   Remember Texas A&M was a all male school(Men U). But here is the kicker. It all has to do with the Last Supper Table , or as Forrest calls it, “The Great Banquet Table of History”.
Now I already feel I’ve given away the farm. But not totally.  I feel I have narrowed it down to a 1/2 acre.  And I only showed you where to BEGIN.  There is alot of looking between there and Ojo , or where ever.

Fenn’st in

But here is why I believe this small, fenced in enclosure is the Holy Grail.  The whole enclosure is the blaze.  Simply put ,  BE LAZ E. …or, since Y is it,  BE LAZ Y.    The area is Forrest Fenns Forest Fence For Rest. Along with everything required.
    1) Two Chase Lounge Chairs

Two Chase Lounge Chairs

    2) A Dart Board

Dart Board, Posts and One of the Fire Pits

    3) Two Fire pits w/ Fire Rings (Stones)

Just the way I Found it

    4) Post(s) Marked for tanning hides
    5) BBQ Grates and Grills
    6) The Last Supper Table

The Last Supper Table

Now ask yourselves as I have, WHY.  Why are these items out in the middle of no where?  There is not a single NO TRESPASSING sign anywhere. Could it relate to “title to the gold”?  Could the meaning behind “Tea with Olga” have to do with the “proper tea” or the “property”? The story combines both, along with putting  TE with OLGA and getting OL GATE . Yes my spot has an old gate, with tires….it’s a tired ole gate.

But let me go into detail:
1) The lounge chairs. This is where you do that “see H as E ” thing again, turning that E  back to an A.  ” Look Quickly Down Your Quest 2 CEASE.  Change Cease back to Chase.  “YOUR QUEST,  2 CHASE”….the chase lounge chairs.
2) The dart board is key.  Remember Forrest saying you have to join the Indiana Jones Club?  Diana in Spanish is Dartboard or Bulls Eye, ….a BBQ sauce.
3)  The fire pits have always been a top choice of mine for a long time. Mainly from the original draft of the poem. Only I knew the “bones” were fish, ribs and maybe chicken, but I’m not sure as the poem reads….” If you are not chicken and in the wood”…..come on people. Forrest is from Texas. Beef is whats on the menu, and maybe whats at the end of his Rainbow….trout. And a lot of stories on “firings”,  Frosty etc….

My Rainbow

4)  All though out  the book are Post Marks.  Male Scent Marked Post.  What I believe the posts with marks on them are used for, is for tanning hides.  And it ties right in with getting a spanking by father, and sliding down the fire escape. Both tanned his hide.
5)  The Grate Seal of New Mexico ,  Babe Ruth, a BB Grate, YRose set a stone,  “Brave and in the Wood”…(getting grilled in the wooden witness box”), plus a ton more. The food thing goes on forever.   So why is it that i must go And Leave my Trove F or All To Seek.  Notice the capital letters spell , “SALT FATS”,  “but tary scant with marvel gaze” …(Buttery Skin w/ Marvelous Glaze).  And see how easy it is to get TARIAKI  out of “The AnsweR I Already Know I”ve………”.   Not to mention “SO Y is it”.  So I would say there is something up with sauces, and therefor, the person saucing would be a saucer ? Hold that thought.
Finally, #6.  The Supper Table. Forrest said he would meet at the Great Banquet Table upon his death. He also said he would die “dye” and leave his bones “fish” at a certain spot, which sounds like the 1st draft version. Which is why  “Below the Stones” is a prime location for hiding his trove. But the table. A 12′ x 4′  White Table, an exact replica of the one Christ used. Sitting out there in the sun.
     And Finally, back to saucers.  I’ve asked myself,  Why is this spot so special to Forrest?
 I asked him at the Fennbouree if he believed in flying saucers. He said he did , but he may have confused what I meant, with the ones Peggy had thrown at him over the years. But could it be?  Remember he flew over Washington D.C. in 1954.  The sighting over the White House was 1952.  The Taos chamber of commerce puts out a magazine called DISCOVER TAOS……Hmmm  DiscOver YTaos.  Wow.


DiscOver YTaos

I never would have believed

   And so after 9 trips from Seattle in my 1986 BMW, “Bills Mechanical Wonder”,  I still don’t have the chest.

Bill’s Mechanical Wonder

   And I encourage you to use these ideas where ever your searching.  Get a THESAURUS, try anagrams,  HE’S AU RUST….(AU = Gold), “he’s gold rust”, meaning the golden cow around the time of Charlton Heston,…er…Moses.  My BE-GINers Spanish-English dictionary is my most used book. You will discover so many new pathways it will blow you away.  Like how Frosty was a big hunk of a dirty name and the smell assaulted my sensitivities. The Spanish word for sense of smell is Olfato.   Change the way you see words. ORIONS BELT.  Or rye on Be L T……Tai Chi,  Chai Tea.
   Forrest chooses his words meticulously.  He knows I play with the Y.    So after he razzed Cynthia for not inviting him on a hunt, I invited him to join me. His e-mail back read “Not Me Bill”…of course I saw right away, that placing that Y between Not  Me,  he was saying “No Tyme”.
  The whole enchilada has to do with wit. K?   Que:  which -who   what – which   than – that  . This according to my Spanglish dictionary. …Which Which ?     Witch Which….  See H as E.    whiE and wite.   Why and White.    I just can’t tell you any more. But that’s the way I have learned to play a game with no rules.     Good Luck in the Ch as E.
Seattle Sullivan-

132 thoughts on “A Different Way of Looking at Clues

  1. Very interesting! You could add “Y” in mar vel, to give you Mary vel, or veil. Mary veil gaze! IMO

  2. Why do I feel like I’m having tea with the Mad Hatter?? Well done! That was fun, but if that is what it takes…I think I must go.

  3. I can attest to Seattle Sullivan asking f if he believed in ufo’s at fennboree. It was a great moment to hear f’s reply. You rock, Seattle Sullivan.

  4. A bit too complex for my simple brain, but amusing. Good luck in your search, and in life. JDA

  5. Thanks so much for sharing. I haven’t used drugs for 32 years, but your post brought back memories of an acid trip I took once. I really liked the photos too. 🙂

    • Thanks Seattle Sullivan,

      I too, enjoyed the flashback! Best time I’ve had since the Grateful Dead concert at the Santa Fe Downs in 1985 (ish) … for some reason, I can’t seem to recollect the actual date; or time! 🙂

  6. Is weed legal in Washington State? Dal is from your parts I think which may explain a lot. Your solve is very well thought out and straightforward. And I thought DWRock was on the right track but you are so far ahead I would bet money you find it. Keep on truckin brother.

      • The last part of the Flyer’s reply was ‘but don’t tell anyone I said that’. Lol

        So, I can’t say the first part.

        • Hello FD. If he said not to say anything, than that’s how it is. Although, I must say this is quite a tease and it’s going to bug the heck out of me now. 🙂

          More reasons to attend Fennboree…Mr. Fenn talks. 🙂

        • (Second try.) FD, this is a bit of a tease and it’s going to bug the heck out of me. 🙂

          Another reason to attend Fennboree…Mr. Fenn talks. 🙂

          My father-in-law was an Air Traffic Controller for Denver, and he’s mentioned he’s seen UFO’s. I’ve seen a few myself; two just last summer.

          • pdenver, I’m glad you shared a little about your UFO stories.

            As for f’s reply…there’s probably no reason for him to say but don’t tell anyone I said that if he first replied no, I don’t belief in ufo’s.

          • Thank you for your kind words, Bob. I still wish I understood what FD was trying to tell me. Hours later, and I’m still confused.

          • pdenver…see if this helps understand FD’s comment…
            Go back to his post @ July 18, 6:51 AM
            and add the words “No, I don’t believe in UFOs”…before the words…”but don’t tell anybody I said that.”

            This is the first part he couldn’t say, but he did say it in his post at 10:41.

            Got it? UR Welcome….

          • samsmith, with Seattle Sullivan’s post above saying he asked Mr. Fenn if he believed in flying saucers, his response was in the positive. Yet, with FD’s comment, it seems that perhaps he may have heard something different. This is where it’s a bit confusing. When I posted the question as to whether or not Mr. Fenn has seen UFO’s, I’m not sure if I got the answer. Once can believe in them, yet not seen any. Again, one can, and know. I think I understand why my mother called me what she did.

          • AHHH, get yer drift mate…Cornfused to be sure…Secondhand info can do that…

            For me, can’t says I have, can’t says I hain’t…Believe?…It may be difficult, but it ain’t impossible…

            My wife however…That’s a different thing, that thar’s fer sure…Her encou nter was kinda up close and personal like…At 50 yards in the NV desert and hoverin’ about 20 feet up…She says with a girlfriend and two guys…The guys ran an’ hid in the car…But bein’ teenagers and smokin’ herb and drinkin’, weren’t nobody gonna believe’em so they never said nuthin’…

            I do know what she described didn’t come from the 3rd rock from the sun…Cain’t call her a liar, cuz I weren’t there…

            B’sides, been married long enough to know the words “Yes, Dear” keeps thing calm and peaceful…Y’know?

          • AHHH…Get yer drift mate…Cornfused at best…Happens kinda that way with secondhand info…

            Fer me?…Can’t says I seen’em, can’t says I ain’t…Believe in’em?…It may be difficult, but not impossible a thing…

            Now my wife…that ther’s a different tale…Her encounter was kinda up close and personal like…About 50 yards distant and 20 feet up in the NV desert shinin’ a beam of light at the ground…

            She was late night partyin’ with a girlfriend and two guys…Guess who ran and hid in the car?…Bein’ teenagers tokin’ herb an’ drinkin’ nobody would ever believe’em so they never said nuthin’…

            Cain’t call her a liar, I weren’t there…But what she described weren’t from the 3rd rock if ya know what I mean…

            B’sides, bein’ hitched awhile, I’ve learned the words “Yes, Dear” keep things calm and peaceful ‘roun here…Ya know?…

  7. Seattle Sullivan, that message was quite epic. Thanks for posting.

    I believe a correct solve of the poem, however, requires a LOT less
    analysis and imagination.

    You appear to have plenty of time and energy, so I suggest you don’t
    give up until the TC has been found. IMO.

  8. Enjoyed what you had to say, Seattle Sullivan. My goodness that was a lot to consider. If this is how it should be done, I may be in trouble.

  9. Oh Dear. I’m not sure about this. You must have some brain power. Lol. Did u go thru Colorado?

    • Amy, wide awake at 4, why!
      Wish I could sleep like a normal person, like my better half… one thing about it, it’s so quiet!
      Your difinity set on Colorado.
      Sullivan is right about the play of words but I think he’s off base. When are you going to Colorado? Martha

  10. Seattle Sullivan ,
    I give you an A+ on research my friend…. it was nice meeting you at Fennboree…. good luck to ya in the chase….. until next time…see ya

  11. And now for something…completely different…

    Interesting solution, Seattle Sullivan.

    I was wondering if I could place an order for a sweater.

    The title of your book “Well knit wit” inspired me to ask if I could get a sweater made of well knit wit.

    Sure beats a sweater of tears…unless they’re happy tears.


    Laugh or cry, man.

  12. U cud be rite, c-att-el. Just b shur u can c c-eras frum low-cash-in of e.t. FF sayd u can-c mount-tins e any mals. Eye thaw-t FF rural-d out que-ord-e-nuts, n add 2 pen-yun nuts, butt eye cud be rong. Eye like ike fo-toes, witch cud reefer 2 1952 win hewus dosdos.. C?

    Bueno lunch.

    Ken (n-tejas) 🙂

  13. I have no idea if this is the right track or not, but I like the way your mind works. My dad could think like that. It’s a gift to be able to not be bound by the constraints of purely linear thinking. This whole train of thought made me smile 🙂 Thanks

  14. Well wow…. and i thought my cryptic crunching was making some headway but no where, no way in the running or even in the line up. Seattle, that is some heavy duty piece work on the codec of spanking english, my friend. Best, i’ve seen. Hats off!

  15. S.Sullivan,
    I must say I admire your intense work, but I don’t agree, but what do I know?
    UFOS, this is a true story, my father live in a very hillly area in berryville, AR. In 1977, there were many UFOs flying around made national news. Several of my father’s cattle had been killed., My father took me and showed me the cattle , a feeling of strangeness came over me as we approach, I could not believe my eyes, there was no blood, the organs that were taken out we’re so deep and so percised it was just plain weird! Only a laser could have done that surgery, I’m am talking 10″ deep and so clean, how on Earth do you explain? Another thing is vulcures wouldn’t touch them! Several farmers had the same issues in that area.
    And to think I would jump out of my window and run off in the woods, that stop that!
    My father suffer the loss of at least 5 holstein 700-800 lbs cow’s,
    I have never seen a UFO, except the one over Denver I believe in 98, it was on national news.
    Life is such a mystery in so many ways.
    SS, I enjoyed your photos, and Mr
    Fenn play’s with words, but many pilot’s do, look at the termanology of flying, alpha, beta, ect…my husband use to refer to walmarts as Wally world get the insanity qf it all.?
    S.S no offense but I think you have made this more complicated than it really is.
    Have fun on your solve.

    • S.S., I made a mistake!
      It’s alpha, bravo, Charlie, Delta, echo ect… I think it precised communication! For example your flying a plane and the tower is communicating with you, you have always got to identify yourself like wayerski Roger that I, you simply cannot say Roger that
      With all transportation commication has got to be right, if not your going to die!
      For the number 3 It’s tree,9 niner, Sullivan, I don’t know about miltary commication as when Mr. Fenn was flying but before he flew he was a radio commication man? Was Mr
      Fenn, relaying commication to the pilot’s? Was Mr.fenn making sure the equipment worked,. I don’t know, then there was the flight engineer, and his work was.a lot, back in the day when Mr. Fenn flew.
      Because of all the automation, computers have lessen the man power on airplanes, it’s so incredible that some plane s can fly themselves just by pushing buttons! MJ

      • S.S, I do agree with you that the most important item is that 20,000 word memoir and that CD or DVD in the Bible chest!
        I want to know the truth, about it all! I want to know WHY and go back into his life history and know what he has witness through out his life time! I am at the point where I don’t care who fines it, I want his Memoir’s published!
        I want mr.fenn too be honored at the highest level
        I want more than anything for swift.justifcation on a personal note, that’s all!

    • MJ , Thanks. The main curiosity I have is DISC OVER YTAOS. This was an actual event that was on the front page of the Washington Post July 28th, 1952. Forrest recalled flying over Washington D.C. on July 13th, (my birthday) 1954 I am not saying he saw anything, but he must of talked with other pilots that may have. I ask myself why is my spot so special to Forrest. One possibility is he saw something there that he could not explain. Believe me, “and Cynthia will back me up” , the area is creepy. You get an overwhelming feeling that you need to get the heck out of there NOW, kinda like walking in a graveyard on a full moon on Halloween.

  16. My head is spinning from all of the wordplay, but still an interesting way of delving into the poem. Thanks for sharing, SS!

  17. That was an impressive solve. You put a load of thought into your effort. Thanks for sharing. Would a child be able to do that? Y knot?

  18. I’ll give him a B for theory, but an F for execution. I would also suggest drug rehabilitation if he ever expects to find anything. But it was entertaining.

    • You have your opinion, but let me tell you this.: 1) I am not a drug addict and shame on you for saying that . 2) I have likely spent more hours on solving the clues than anyone else. No one has found it using the same old logic. My ideas are how I believe a game with no rules work. Tell me iceman, do you have a better idea on where to begin it? And let me guess…..you live in Mississippi.

      • Hi SS
        I loved your solve – and I even think a lot like you. Great to see you at the last two Fennboree’s – keep on solving in your unique way. I believe in UFO’s as well!

        • Hi Brooke, Hey , I’m still wondering just how that dream ended. Shhh….you can tell me at the next Fennboree. But if you think like me, your in trouble ! Good to hear from you.

      • Ok Seattle –
        You have my apology over the drug comment. It was unfounded. But know this. A lot of people think they are being kind by telling you what you want to hear. I am giving you frank honest feedback. You need to get the first clue right or you have nothing. Go back to the beginning if you want to solve the puzzle. Good luck.

        • ya ok I guess, but maybe you didn’t understand my approach on where to begin. I absolutely agree on having to know where to begin. So what are the odds those lines in the poem, “in order”, spell B-E-G-I-N. And the odds of Petaca Tank A, and 36-32-29 degrees being 1 mile apart in a 4 state area I find to have astronomical odds. Google Earth it. And follow 106 degrees longitude north, or again , Santa FE N.N. This is where I believe you begin . Its really quite simple. P.S. Who is Frank?

          • Seattle –
            I’ll give it another look, but ff spent 15 years on this. He knows exactly where the rabbit holes are. He put them there. However, you may have discovered one he didn’t know existed 🙂 and the odds may not be as high as you think. A good solve will use every last tidbit in the poem. When you have a solve that does that, then you can say the odds are against finding a better solution. That’s when you have arrived. Until then you are just cozying up to the rabiits. On the bright side, your methodology is commendable.

          • seattllesullivan –

            Zap is out I thgink so he cannot give you the odds.
            The answer however is coincidence followed by confirmation bias.

            Maybe JCM or somebody else cool like that can pull the quote that says there are no ciphers etc.


    • Iceman, This is directed at YOU…I will keep this brief but it’s difficult not to scold you for your “drug rehabilitation” comment. Have you met Seattle? Do you know him? I think you owe him an apology, IMO.

  19. Let’s start a thread to discuss the value of the treasure. I’m thinking that since it includes the autobiography, the gold, precious gems, since it’s so hard to find, even more difficult to retrieve, I’d place a value of $4.99M on it at this point in time. I’d make it an even $5M, but I’m afraid that ff might be tempted to go back for it. What do you think? Who would bid on it? How much is it going to be worth at Sotheby’s? More? Who specifically wants it? Does ff want it back?

    • Feel free to up the amount over $5M. Use your imagination. It won’t cost you anything. 😉

      • Iceman –

        I’m with you on this.
        Auction as the Fenn Treasure.
        Don’t even open it.

        5 million is not unreasonable. The treasure is worth more than it’s constituent parts.


  20. Why does it always fall back on drug use? Did Einstein, Tesla, Socrates, Plato, etc…take drugs? And get, while were on the subject, how bout that Paeody (sp)? Native Americans used it in there vision quests…

    Seattle, I think you are genius, whether or not this solution is correct. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

    • Einstein did not say “E equals mc squared”. He said “E equals mc squared, dude”

      • He also said, ” the problems of today will not be solved with the same level of thinking that created them.”, this definitely is a whole different level

    • Thank you JDiggins , oh gee, your my blue dream. Looking forward to next year ! I know we think alike.

        • Soooo Close. Hmmmm. I’ve gotten the Ch as E part , in the title. And I got the proper tea- property with Olga thing down. Dam….that winking smiley face has me curious . Y ink? Or maybe in French , Le tit, “Bessy” or the Tetons. Darn you Diggins, you make this so difficult ! Say hi to your Bill. I hope to swing by your neck of the woods in early September if possible. Peace.

    • I agree – I think he’s a genius as well! Some people may have to give it up, but those that don’t, more power to them. Hi jdiggins – had a great time with you and your husband. Hopefully will see yall later, have fun!

      • Hi Brooke! I’ve been thinking of you. You have made an impression on me that I can’t shake, nor do I want to. I think you’re awesome!
        …until next time…

    • Michael, Forrest gives us the clue in Flutter by- Butter fly.
      And the Y thing is really quite simple. A lot of words that begin with letters like “G”don’t necessarily work. But put Y in front of “D” and you get WIDE, a “T” becomes WHITE , “Z” becomes WISE etc….To me, WHITE is one of the main words I use. Remember, spelling it correctly is not needed. Just pronunciation. It combines WHY TE “Tea with Olga”, WIT, and WHY TE “The TE in Spanish means YOU or YOURSELF, hence, WHY YOU? So that WHITE OWL as the blaze , could end up as a Y TOWEL

  21. Bravo! I can’t wait to marvel upon the “Well Knitwit”. How you stuffed all that stuff into that space befuddles my sensitivities to no end. Thanks for adding egg shell to the cowboy coffee, now I see the light. Charter a course, aim high, and run with it. Perhaps I should reread it before committing myself to a Squigley script of notable wit. Love the play in your linkage Seattle, reminds me of where the north wind blows down under.

  22. My favorite line: “Here is where it gets crazy” I was laughing so hard. Thanks SS for sharing, I’m in no way demeaning your approach, I’ve read the ‘pronunciation’ theory before, but yours takes some hard left turns in adding things in, the mental gymnastics were impressive. If this depth of imagination is required I expect the search to go on for some time. Waiting for Seeker to come around…’straightforward’…’no ciphers’…and so many other quotes to put this type of approach up on a shelf. Interesting sure, plausible? Thank you, Nope. NOPE.

  23. Sullivan, wish you luck man.you should qualifie for section 8 housing. Food stamps.medicaid, bus coins.glasses and dental.being disabled they should be paying you more ssi.but i guess it depends on how much you are disabled. I’d check into it anyway. Its people like you that really need help.to get the treasure. Not people who don’t need the money. Good luck in your chase.

    • The personal digs about SS are unnecessary and rude. Even if his solve is incorrect he put a great deal of thought and effort into it and explained his reasoning for his sove. Why would people want to disparage this man? Dal, I hope you reading the comments on here.

      • Well said Bob. Also, Tesla died penniless and broke and was a genius . He would have been homeless had it not been for the good graces of others. I guess his ilk doesn’t meet the better judgement of some . This post by SS is a mind well utilized but perhaps it’s a bit too advanced in imagination and creativity for some people to appreciate or fathom. In this chase realm where no one is ,as of yet,known to be right or wrong; it seems anyone can think they are the better right , for there is no proof of either right or wrong. Best to error on the side of kindness towards people; it’s the only way to never be wrong. Just my thoughts of opinions.

        • Tesla, most of the folks here are decent honorable folks. Those are the people I root for. I’m a quart low on solving the poems’ clue but enjoy trying and reading about other people’s efforts. When a person puts their ideas out on the blog, it take some guts because over the last years I’ve noticed how those searchers are humiliated by those who having nothing of interest to read. I wish Dal would give us a way to not have to read the mean comments.

          • I can understand that, Bob. I think you have good ideas that you have presented on here. Until the TC is found by a searcher with a correct solve, who can be said to be any less wiser than another; or even then so, I don’t see it as being an appropriate measurement of someone. Everyone is a genius in their own right of way , really. Even the UFO mentions here, who knows for sure either way. Tesla experimented with time travel , he said he did it. I believe he did because I met him before I even heard of him lol. I agree, most posters are good people here.

    • Thank you Virginia. Most searchers “but not all”, have no idea on how hard it is to travel 3000 miles round trip on $734. and have enough left to get by on the rest of the month. The key is it is what I enjoy doing. In those terms , I am rich beyond belief. And funny isn’t it, the monetary part in finding the treasure just isn’t as appealing to me as some. The thrill truly is in the chase. And to that , I thank you Forrest.

      • Seattle Sullivan, I couldn’t have said it better myself…. the thrill to me is also in the “chase”..

        Like I’ve said before…..

        ” life is not measured by what we achieve in it. It’s measured by how we achieve it.”

        Great meeting you at Fennboree…. have a great night… see ya my friend…

  24. Bill, Bill, Bill, or as I often think of you now, C-attle, Thanks for finally posting your story and solutions to the poem. There is no way in hell I could ever explain your way of thinking to someone else, as in media folks, so I am delighted to see you shared your thoughts. Even for those folks who disagree, you are one of a kind, and I mean this as a term of endearment.

    I never asked Forrest if he believed in UFOs, but I did ask him once if he ever saw a UFO when he was flying. I believe his reply was no, he’d never seen one, but did experience what I believe he referred to as St Elmos Fire. I can’t remember if he used that term, but I believe that is what he meant.

    So, Forrest, if you read these comments, maybe you could explain here or write a scrapbook about your thoughts on UFOs and your experience with any kind of outer space phenomena.

    Seattle, once again, thanks for sharing!


    • Cynthia, Over the time we met, you have become a special friend to me. Your involvement in TTOTC is a commitment I admire you for. The Fennboree likely would never be such a wonderful event if not for you, David and Tom….and a few others like you Forrest. I am proud to be part of this family. As you know me and my situation, you warm my heart with your generosity. Thank you. When you say “one of a kind”, I know you mean that as a good thing. Yes, I am hurt by people who associate my way of thinking as if I am a drug addict. Shame on them. Seattle is experiencing a heroin epidemic. A friend of my best friends son od’d the other day and died. I have never done heroin and never will. So next time these close minded searchers call someone they never met a drug addict, they had better look at themselves, their cigarettes and their bottle of Scotch.
      As for UFO’s…. I guess maybe he was referring to the flying saucers Peggy threw at him over the years !

      • Kym, WWWH……Remember English class? Who , What , Where , When , Why, and sometimes How. So I guess if it’s in order, Where, When , Why and How.
        The one missing “WH” would be “WHICH”. Remember, Forrest told us to bring a Flashlight and a Sandwich…..”Y’s and Which.

        • seattlesullivan –

          I believe you are referring to

          Who, What, When, Where, and How (and sometimes Why)


          • Could be Lug, Sister Mary Teresa’s English class was a long time ago. And I may have been in Sister Lucille Dean’s office getting my knuckles whacked with her steel ruler during that lesson. But hey, thanks for the memories!

    • Aw come on Spallies….nothing I haven’t overwhelmed you with already ! I still think the 9th is food related, i.e. BBQ grates and the fire pit. Yes, they are there. But I need a better metal detector than the one I have. Mine beeps at every bottle cap…..hmmmm…that gives me an idea !
      Glad to hear from you!

  25. For those naysayers, this area is a valid search. It has all of the place names that I could identify except for Home of Brown. When I first heard F read the poem on the tv news in 2013, I got a gut feeling about it. With a lot of research and long road trips,… it still haunts me.
    Although I was closer to Canon Plaza on 111. And then up “to 42” to a place along the Rio Tusas. Or I took 64 to 42, and then down to the same spot.
    Good times.

    • Michael, Look at this. As you know the area, you likely know La Madera, which means wood in Spanish, so “In the Wood” works, and trust me, as you know , you’d better be brave to venture into that neighborhood. But here is what gives my thought on the Last Supper Table credence. First, it is virtually the last sentence in the book. Referred to as the “The Great Banquet Table of His story”. Tres Piedras is the “pedestal” , La Madera is “the wood” , Pilar is the “Pillar”, El Rito is the “Rite (Ritual) “, Petaca is the “pouch” or sometimes “treasure”. But Las Tablas means “Table or Plank”. Every photo of the chest it sits on a wooden plank table. And , like I pointed out, “Que” in Spanish sounds like K. I think Forrest skipped plan B and went directly to “Plan K”.

      • My son, Geoff, his friend, Evan and I went to Pilar, by the river to look years ago, to no avail. We did find quite a huge cow leg under a tree though lol

  26. Seattle, I really like it. Finally someone trying to solve the poem. Good job. But of course I have questions. Not trying to be negative at all, because actually, we approach this in somewhat the same way. From “just heavy loads and waters high”, gives me 6 words, the next verse, stanza 4 has 29 words. This would be 35 as your degrees. If you are using it’s as it is, then you also have to use there’ll as there will which would give you 37 words.
    As far as breaking down the words, I couldn’t agree more. In fact, it’s how I get my alpha numeric values. bl az e, c as e, w is e and fo you need the b lazy. Using c as see is correct as far as I’m concerned. Chase is not in the poem, but chest is, or see hest. So wy is it, keep going, the “I” must go, sowyst, could be southwest.
    It seems I always say there are letter values, but it’s not popular. We all like your imagination on this write up, funny how it’s much like what I’ve been trying to say. C as see, R as are, B as be, simple enough right. Again, I like the way you are approaching the poem and reading into it. For now, just need to know the word counts are correct, and why little Indi cannot get passed the 3rd clue. I like the gate, the “Y”, and the approach. If anything, should make people think. I see your write up as a positive way to express a different way of reading the poem, Great job.

    • Charlie, I have the poem in front of me. “Just heavy loads and water high” is 6 words. And I do break the hyphenated words apart, “you’ve” is 2 words, You Have. But unless your poem is different, I still get 36 words. To get 32 I do the same, but I add the “?” as a letter, since it is referred to as a “interrobang” or “gnaborretni”, a mirror imaged word, something Forrest points out . Fold the page of coins on page 131 like an old Mad magazine. Or “Wheeler peak” on blog 126, and how the image of George Washington is reversed on the dollar bill. Anyway, in Spanish, the “?” is placed before and after in a sentence asking a question.
      That is how paragraph 2 ends up 32. I am happy to hear I am not a loan out there….ar ar.

      • yup, see it now. Thought okay if you broke up the word. Guess you gave an example of that just before that line, my bad.
        Like I said, I like the thought process, I may not agree on everything, but who am I? It’s an attempt to solve the poem. To think, somewhat similar but I’m at 46 degrees. I’m still stuck on little Indi not being able to go to hoB, I think it’s more likely she would be halted at NPFTM, but again, who am I. When you think about it, it is a really simple way to approach the poem, keep on tweeking it, if it’s not in Montana you may be on to something. Is there anything like a “Deer Lodge” near your area? lol, would be a place dear to him, to rest his bones…Tanks for the write up.

      • And as you know, if you fold the dollar bill, you get a mushroom out of GW’ s head shot, that’s why I blew the head off the tenspot and got 2 stoiries, 2 sets of stairs lol, I’ll get the book soon lol

  27. Seattle Sullivan, that was a great chase sir. With possible solutions like this, you might wonder why Forrest has been so quiet lately. We should have a pole or two.

  28. “Oh ya, canasta is an anagram of TANCS A”

    If there could be a weakest link in your process– that must be it.

    You missed an A, plus it is totally nonsensical.

    • Muset , Yes but nonsensical is my point. Remember your 13! You could also point out “tanks” is spelled with a “K”….but your missing the point. BE GIN and TANQUERAY. An array of tanks. Try this then…..petac A TANC A. Bingo ! There is your A ! My main point being, why did Forrest use that specific card game ? I have found he is meticulous in his wording, and CANASTA was the word he meant to use.

  29. SS..it’s refreashing to see someone putting their entire solve out there. Most people, myself included, don’t dare “give away the farm”. Thanks for sharing and seeing it’s OK to “think outside the box”. Good luck, but it seems you don’t need luck to solve your Chase..Warm regards..Colleen

    • Thanks Colleen, yes, I had certainly felt I was giving away the farm but I have been searching the same area for 3 years and it wasn’t till last July I came upon the little enclosure. It is well hidden and I didn’t “exactly” point out how to get there, so I feel relatively safe on what I’ve revealed. I plan on one more looks y in September, after that, my book “Well Knit Wit” hopefully hits the shelves with an even more detailed version on the location. Forrest read the draft after our first meeting at the 2016 Fennboree and mailed it back with a wonderful endorsement. It was after that I came across the “Forrest Fenn’s Forest Fence For Rest”. So understandably , I’ve held off on publishing it. At this years Fennboree, I was interviewed by a writer previously employed by the Wall Street Journal who suggested that any thing showing interest in my story line would be helpful in finding a publisher. So, with all the positive feedback on this, and the letter from Forrest giving me a thumbs up, I am confident things will work in my favor. Thanks for response!

  30. with the help of the Community i have sloved the Poem and because it takes a Community to solve this Poem i must leave my solve for all to seek

    so i leave Our solve at the entrance of the final puzzle and need Someone to complete this for Us and FF

    this is no Haox and time is running out who will be the first to finish the solve i left for all to seek?


    thank You for Your time

    • i would like to thank Dal and Everyone at Dals because without this place i would never of gotten past WWWH

      thank You all no someone go make His Story rumor has it FF is low on paper and the ink is quickly running out.

    • you’re polite Joe, I’ll give you that. Lol, but really…? I thought America had talent, oh well, back to Dancing with the stars.

      • this is for real my Friends and the simple fact that Dal hasn’t deleted it should be proof enough that this is very very real.

        so please make haste and be the One to End the Chase

        thank You for Your time

  31. Seattle, so much thought went into this solve, and it helps bring one back to the basics of life, none of this is wrong until we start messin with his poem.

    I admit it is hard for anyone to see Forrest for the trees which we plant in our way, but you are right with many thoughts and angles, overall it is well researched, you thoroughly combed the poem and statements ff has made.

    Tom T

  32. PS Well Knit Wit, is so close to my solve it is uncanny you created a new word for where I am looking, I will never stay at home and play CANASTA!


    • Tom……Without asking, your reply (in my opinion) somehow implies canning the dog named Asta. That is just sick. Good one.

  33. Looking at the word “treasures” in the poem and using some of seattles foresight; you can make “tres” and “ures”. The later can be rearranged to “ruse”, or the 3 tricks. A ruse in latin means backwards, or definiton is subterfuge. Seeker had asked about the poem and was told by forrest;
    No Seeker,
    The poem is straight forward with no subterfuge in sight. Someone in an email asked me if I didn’t know where the treasure was, and could have the answer to any clue in the poem, which would I choose. I think that question is so funny and it makes me wonder how Jenny’s readers might answer it.f
    “In sight”, to me, is reading left to right. “Out of sight”, would be reverse. Let me give you example from the poem: the answers i already know. Straightforward, but the last 5 letters in ruse are “wonky” and adding them to line sounds like forrest saying “I read wonky”. I think there may be 3 ruses in the poem, as one clue is reversed because of mirror. Any other thoughts or ideas on this?

  34. I have also used WHY to look at certain questions in the poem. Like why do you have to be in that state of mind to do that. Example: brave and in the wood. WHY do you have to be brave. A lot of searchers have said that they have been in an area and it didn’t seem scary. Think about WHY. Maybe it’s because it HAS TO BE SCARY. Maybe you are so scared you’re terrified……. Petrified? = Petrified wood?

  35. The dart board could be the blaze, Seattle Sullivan, instead of the Bar B Q pit. The Bulls eye!

    • Smartblonde,
      Hi, trick or treat….In my opinion, the whole fennst off enclosure I came across is the b laze, “b-Lazy”, and the whole area is For rest and relaxation. Again, I think it’s Forrest Fenns Forest Fence For Rest. The “Streaming thing comes into play with that one two. As I followed the poem in order to get to the spot, “right there is a play on wording”, the reason I believe its all the blaze is this line “If you’ve been wise and found the blaze. Y’s . And “SoY is it”. Look up “it” in your BeGiners Spanish-English dictionary. SOY is “it”. …..”You’re Quest 2 c H as E .
      But here is where I am “stumped”. Although EVERY item in my “blaze” is identified in TTOTC, and the area is 100′ x 60′ , the chest is still a needle in a haystack. I searched around the dartboard , including with my metal detector. Nothing berried in, on or around the tree it leaned against. I didn’t get to dig up both firepits, the biggest, oldest remains. I sat in one of the chase lounge chairs and used my line of sight looking in the direction that verse tells us to. The table Tom. The Key is the table….and on the table. “The Banquet Table of HisStory.” Or simply put, “The Last Supper”. As the story goes, they drank the blood of Christ. And the Sangra de Cristo’s work well in this solve too. The body of Christ , “Communion” , I guess could be loosely translated as “Manna” , or food from heaven. Remember how Forrest mentioned something about wishing for a “MANNA FESTO” off an old ship ? So that Tom my friend, is why I’m stuck . Oh ya…..here is a news worthy ditty I just dug up. The last drawing. Those stumps are NOT Aspen. They are Cedar , or Juniper. A tree with a bark that is BROWN , “Moreno” in Spanish. The wood is MADERA. Split (more no)( no more )..wood.

      • Sorry Smartblonde, I’m a ditz and your not Tom Terriffic …..so don’t listen to me ….derp.

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