Those Three Words……

July 2017

by Dodo Bird



I had resigned myself to the fact that I will go to my grave without ever hearing those three words that mean so much. It is not in the cards for me, nor the stars. I was born with all the necessary parts and pieces…its a matter of inadequacy i guess. Some things are not meant to be. Its easy for me to blame my creator or gravity and everyone around me, but deep down I know I need to change. I dated an ostrich for a time. Her parents refused to accept us as a couple.
So I visit here at Dal’s blog to read others thoughts and stories of Fenn treasure hoping to find inspiration. I do believe the man hid a treasure and I’m going to find it. And with this new found wealth, I CAN change. The fact that two searchers have died looking for Fenn treasure does not phase me one bit. They believed him and so do I. After all, people dying over a belief that may or may not be true is nothing new. Many have died over the course of history believing in religions, governments and charismatic individuals. But im not going to die. Im going to be rich.And im going to buy lots of things with the money- a gym membership to lose weight, I’ll get a pedicure, a nose job. I’ll have my wings fixed and then, most importantly i’ll take flying lessons.
Sometimes I go to the airport just to watch the planes. I sit at the airport bar and meet people from all over the world. And even though im not going anywhere  I take an empty suitcase along to make it look like I am. One time my suitcase fell over and a lady picked it up for me. Realizing it was empty, she knew my game. As she stood up, righting my fallen case, a small tear pooled in her lower eyelid. I just mouthed a thank you and she paid for my next drink. Sometimes I can hear people behind me mocking…”hey look! ha ha it’s a dodo bird…at an airport! ”  im so happy they are entertained by this fact.
I just ignore them. it aint easy being a bird that cant fly.
But after I find fenn’s treasure, I’ll show em all. I’m going back to that airport. I’ll strut proudly out on the tarmac. And everyone who laughed at me will watch in amazement as I get in line with the jumbo jets on the taxiway. I’ll wait my turn, flexing my new wings with deep powerful strokes warming up creating just as much jetwash as the jumbos. and when my turn comes, I’ll stand on my tippy toes at the end of the runway with the wind in my face, nose high in the air and over the control tower loudspeaker everyone will hear those three words that mean so much…..
dodo bird!

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    • We humans are all dodo birds and would look just as foolish running down a runway in our natural state, but we have been gifted with intelligence to overcome our inadequacies. It took thousands of years for us to learn to overcome our obvious obsticles to flight. Many failures later, we overcame the all the negativity associated with those failures by dreamers who never gave up that dream and accomplished the believed impossible. Never gives up, ignore the mocking laughter, rise and brush the dust from your clothes, for rewards are meant for dreamers.

      • Rich said..”we humans are all Dodo birds”

        hey Rich you get it you really do! finally someone got my point in this writing….if you think you are going to find fenns treasure, you got about as much of a chance as a dodo bird taking flight.


  1. Dodo bird – you can do it! Tell those naysayers to get lost, and feel the power in those brand new wings!!

  2. I never comment on anything but I just had to say I felt this in my soul and cried. I love this, thank you for sharing it Dodo Bird.

  3. Dear F…uh…er…I mean Dodo bird,
    The treasure is defiantly for the birds, meaning you! It will change the life of the finder, hopefully in a good way!
    Sounds like you have the confidence and belief in yourself to make your dreams of “normalcy” come true. But I feel that you are under rating your worth! True beauty does lie in the eye of the beholder, and what you see in the mirror needs to be loved by yourself! Peeling away the outer layer, that you are so used to, will expose the inner layer. That’s the one that never really changes.
    The famous W.C. Fields started out making people laugh, because he had a huge nose! The sarcastic, unhappy, caustic character he portrayed was exactly the opposite of his true character. He was a very happy, gernerous man. We all know that he took his best feature and became a star!
    We all, at one time or another, don’t like what we see in the mirror. But the beauty inside can not be hidden. For those that don’t see your beauty are the ones that lose in life.
    Have confidence. Have belief. And most of all…always look down, and you will see the ground disappear beneath your feet, because even tho Dodo birds don’t fly, Eagles do! Let that Eagle in you SOAR!
    Good luck, be safe.
    Donna M.

  4. @Dodo Bird – I truly love your story. Read (red) it 3 times, & I’m saving it for sure. For once it isn’t just another “failed” treasure search. Good for you, Dodo, & thanks so much for making my day more enjoyable.

    Donna M, where do you live?

  5. Way to go dodo, love your spirit:) so much so that I’m always falling for a dodo. So happy to see you spreading your wings, next step is flying with eagles.

    • Do you think that I (dodo that I am) will ever get the chance to soar with the eagles? The view from above has got to be spectacular.

      • Gosh I miss Dodo Bird! Where has he been! Every time I’m at an airport I see him playing with all the other birds out on the runway…. Fly Dodo Fly!!! lol 🙂

      • Your no dodo Americana but if you were, fair warning, far sighted eagles soar near by and they are close buddies with the one they call Dumbo.

  6. ” Souls Window ”

    Through the window of my soul, a dream goes drifting by,

    I raise the pane to grasp for it, while it’s on the fly.

    While hanging from souls window, I grab it with both hands,

    I’ll fly where it shall take me, off to dreamers land.

    I ride a dream of dreamers, past valleys in my mind,

    Over the highest mountains, not measured by the time.

    Please open up your window, your soul it has the means,

    Release your inner self, and fly off with your dreams……….

    By: Focused

    P.s. I know this is not the poetry page and dal you can move it if you want.

    Dodo Bird, I wanted to repost this poem that I originally wrote for jdiggins some time ago. When I read your story I thought of it. Always be yourself Dodo Bird and don’t worry what others think, uniqueness is something to be very proud of….. now get your wings and fly my friend… ……fly……fly….

    Until next time… see ya

      • Thank you pdenver…the story above made me remember it… I had to go find it… have a great day pdenver… see ya .

    • Focused, you have a wonderful way of making folks feel special. You are a gift to us all. 🙂

      Dodo…fly like there’s no tomorrow!

  7. May 24, 2017 … “Top Gun 2” is CLEAR FOR TAKEOFF according to Tom Cruise. Google it.

    • I’m a little worried the searcher could be robbed or worse if it is found. I know most people here are good people but it is a lot of money. I hope there are precautions in place to avoid this possibility.

  8. I know that I always feel like a dodo with an empty suitcase after a failed search but my photos tell of a journey of memories of a lifetime. A keepsake.
    Live a little,laugh out load and love like there’s no tomorrow.
    Dont be extinct,Dodo bird, be unique. 🙂

  9. What an insightful piece Mr. Dodo, and all along I have always felt that those 3 most important words would be…I LOVE YOU!

    I pray Mr. Dodo that you indeed find a dove to love you and I wish the same for all who partake in the Chase.

    • Windsurfer,
      You took the words right outta my mouth, when I first saw that, it’s what I said, except with 9 words ,smile

  10. I thought the three words was gonna be: “You found it!”
    You can learn to fly (a plane) without the chest you know…
    I hope to travel to your home island of Mauritius some day.


  11. Geeze, what happened to my post , I just can’t rewrite it!
    Dodo bird I am at your beckon call, I am your most faithful,hang in there,. Hold on, I’m trying so so hard to take off !
    To honor and obey, 22 years ago my father died, I’m very symatactic to the way you feel!
    Not a good day for sure, he was definitely the rock!
    I too long for those 3 words! Hold on dodo. I am on my way,. Give or take 4+6 week’s, I have.had a unexpected injury! Why, all I did was swim 1/4 of a mile. I hate getting old!
    57 and in the wash, I don’t think so dodo.
    I am calling my doctor, no dought I’m in way deep!
    Best regards and hope all is well on the home front! MJ

  12. Wow Dodo, now you have everyone checking out your tale. I like it. If able, tell us the color of your wings. Do you use them to hide?

  13. “The world breaks everyone, and afterward, many are strong at the broken places.” — Ernest Hemingway

    Hang in there, DodoBird. Dodo = do! do! 🙂

  14. Nice write up Dodobird,
    I thought the 3 words were “I found it” ( all of our dreams) , but I know you believe you already have. I see your audience has grown, maybe your on the right (write) track now. It’s good to also see that your still in the Chase, and some may know you but at least I can say we have crossed paths and enjoyed those mountains north of Santa Fe.
    Good luck, and yes I’m still in it too, just waiting until I have a chance to “Fly” again myself. Bur

  15. If I were to find the chest I would definitely sell it back to fenn so that he could hide it again. There are so many people that are searching, it would be the right thing to do. That and there are probably some dangerous people that would harm the finder if it was ever made it public.

    • Forrest, at age 86+++ may not be interested in buying it back. I would guess that he is ready for the chase to come to an end. I am sure that even if it is found, Forrest will still be up to his eyebrows in interviews about the chase—just my guess.

    • Don’t need to sell it. Just go hide it again using the same Poem and Clues to locate 9 Brand New Visuals and a brand new super-secret hiding spot. My Treasure Map will be (Most of) Wyoming, Utah, Colorado and All (most) of New Mexico and Arizona ,, 😉


  16. Like, dude, you don’t need Fenn’s treasure. You’re the ONLY dodo bird left. That’s gotta be worth something. A dodo bird skeleton sold last year in England for over $600K. Your living bones are worth way more than that. They’re not mocking you (totally different bird). They’re saying “OMG, there’s a dodo bird! At an airport! They do exist!” You’re a BIG deal. HUGE! That lady bought you a drink because she’s totally into you, man. They’re called groupies. You’re going to love them! I mean, if we’re going to be realistic, we’re probably not talking Bigfoot or unicorn ratings here, but you’re going to get a book and movie deal for sure. Fame and fortune awaits! Get yourself an agent.

  17. see after reading something like this, i wonder if all my drawn flying objects i wrote about in architecture section DO make sense…

  18. A lovely story of faith and belief. It reminds me of a commercial I have seen online, with an ostrich and a virtual reality headset. 🙂

    • OK ok I’m up now. Rise and shine everybody I’m making breakfast. Then makin hay. Gotta feed old Silver give him a good brushing and some new shoes he’s got a long trip ahead. Feeling that wave.

  19. Dodo Bird-that was refreshing. Your journey will be a surprise even to you. The treasure and hunt is only the runway. Your “clear to take off” will come, but for now keep the wind in your face and be patient my dodo bird. Let the naysayers take another runway!. Enjoy meeting people and your drink.
    Love what you have done and regret it naught.

  20. for Dodo bird-

    Dodo, im seeing a girl from Switzerland, born and raised. she moved to new york city at age 26 and learned how to be american. shes now 56 and im 59. we are like the Douglases from the TV show “Green Acres”. remember Mr. Douglas and his wife Lisa? yeah, shes city mouse and im country mouse. she even has the Zsa Zsa Gabor accent. boy is it fun. she says she loves me and i say i love her too. her name is Ghislaine. again, Ghislaine. funny name. so i pronounce it the way its spelled “Ghis-laine”and that is wrong. the correct pronunciation is “Gillen”. thats crazy if you ask me. you see, the letters h, s, a, and the last e are silent. why in the world would the swiss use four silent letters in a nine letter name? thats almost half of them! crazy. i asked her why this is so but she didnt have an answer for me (Lisa Douglas) lol.
    so i got to thinking….why not create a word using all silent letters? this could be fun. so i did, and have astonished even my self with the result.

    this word cannot be spoken
    this word is neither noun, nor verb.
    it has no pronunciation
    it has no emphasis, it has no accent
    the number of syllables is to this date, unknown.
    this word can never be used in a spelling bee.
    this word will never be used in a puzzle on “wheel of fortune”
    this word is not for sale.


    Forrest quoted Einstein in “imagination is more important than knowledge”.
    that may be true but imagination is surely a lot more fun than knowledge.
    i think.

  21. Reading along, all I could hear in my mind…

    A soul in tension that’s learning to fly
    Condition grounded but determined to try
    Can’t keep my eyes from the circling skies
    Tongue-tied and twisted, just an earth-bound misfit, I.

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