Holy Blazes!

SUBMITTED August 2017
by John Edo


I remember reading about the chase some years ago and looked at the poem like that could be any where, and forgot about it for a few years.

About 2 years ago I read it again and with some help started putting together my own take on the poem. I tried to stay away from the books as the poem was all you need, but have purchased my copy and enjoyed reading it multiple times.  The first line of the poem seemed to include the experience of Forrest as he was flying and covered up his left eye over Philadelphia.  Eye alone in the(air). The picture from my war for me always seemed strange that half of his face was light and the other half was dark.


I took a mirror and placed it both ways on his face and had found my guru!


Using this experience of Forrest with the “begin it where warm waters halt”; I found something very interesting in the air over his favorite bathing spot, in the Firehole.

There was face with half of it covered up looking to the east. Following the instruction to “HALT” I read the clues to see what was next. Take it in the canyon down; where it was the view from his eye; it went right to the canyon village falls. So I had my canyon down.


My first search of this area had something very interesting at the bottom of Tom’s trail carved into a tree that I happened to take a picture of.

A couple symbols that did not look like initials and were very out of place. It took me 2 days to figure out what they were.

Forrest and others had mentioned the owl of Minerva and sure enough the tetradrachm on both sides has a face looking to the right and the owl with the symbols on the back.

But I didn’t know why the symbols were upside down. I plotted the eye point and the canyon on a map and went back to the clues. The line of sight made an “f” between the upper and lower falls, which was my guru signing his work of art!


Not far, but too far to walk made sense form the start point to here and then put in below the home of Brown. “Put In”; to me sounded like “Put TIN” below Brown. Following the view points it went just under Lamar Ranger station to a place called mirror plateau. Is it possible the item to put in is a mirror? Lamar definition showed definition of the sea, so that seemed like a good home of Brown and the item to put in.

There was also instruction “down” from canyon, and I noted that point on the map as well.

Now from the reflection in the mirror, “no place for the meek” made sense as it was reversed and was a place for the meek. Uncle Tom’s trail; where I had been and the mark in the tree now made me feel better about this! The picture from “teachers with ropes”, with 2 boys in front of car, also pointed to the view from the brink of the lower falls looking at Tom’s Trail.

The end is ever drawing nigh line takes you back to the eye, as you’ve now seen the points of Forrest life. His bathing in Firehole, his “big empty” in the canyon, 328 combat missions also equals the number of steps in Tom’s Trail, artist point, being in the artwork on the canyon, and lastly his feeling of being redeemed by rainbow and beauty of the view in the lower falls.

Heavy loads were dented metal steps from rocks and water high also described the falls. “If you’ve been wise and found blaze” was next, and this really points to Forrest blazing his own trail in his own way. So back at the face, the next clue was  to “look quickly down”. From the eye looking down at a glance there is another point that sticks out similar to the canyon down; Mary Mountain west.

From the canyon down there is a Mary Mountain east. Connecting the lines between these 2 points; a line is created that is parallel to the view thru canyon and reflected back to the face. While searching the west point the clues to tarry a scant distance with marvel gaze did not seem to yield any places to travel along the line of sight to find it to take the chest. I had also looked at possible place at Mary Mountain East, but came up short on the clues.

I believe there are multiple meanings to each line and words between words that need to be read and followed. Like the end is ever drawing nigh; the end is severed… and brave and in the wood I give you title to the gold, brave and dint hew wood dig ivey out it let to the gold. Otherwise I had a great time in Yellowstone with my family and for sure will be planning a return trip. Wish all searchers the best, with big thanks to DPT, Iron Will, Diggin, and to you Forrest! Thanks!

by John Edo-

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  1. Excellent interpretation of the poem and maps, visuals, and write up. Top notch work. Thank you for sharing.

    • that was a fun put together ty for sharing talked my better half into a wyoming trip this week end so im off to my own fun exploring have fun and be safe all

        • P.S. – What general area do you search in Wyoming – if you do not mind my asking. JDA

          • around the borders just playing this week end looking for a road to take a long walk with titan

  2. Interesting way of working through the clues. I had thought of another way of working through the clues to get to the same general area. To me the lower falls itself seems like a good blaze, only you can see it from several different spots and most if not all are near a human trail or someplace someone would have stumbled upon the treasure.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Cool! I believe the little girl from India would like this interesting interpretation. I would go back to that tree and poke around the area.

  4. Very cool stuff, John! I like all of the use of mirrors and mirrored images. The guru illustration of Forrest is great! Thank you for sharing.

  5. Thanks for the feedback! I’ve come across some other interesting from the 3 Mary points in Yellowstone as well. There’s east, west, and mary mountain in the middle. Did you know the spanish called these, “las tres marias?” they also have reference to the 3 stars in orions belt. What really suprised me is the line in poem that reads, the end is ever drawing nigh; sounds like “the hand is severd”. The lakota indians also had a constellation called the severd hand that also includes the 3 stars of orions belt. Many tombs in egypt are in alignment with those same stars!

  6. Imagination is more inportant than knowledge for sure. Glad you had a good time with the family even though you didn’t find the treasure.

    One thing I don’t understand with these types of solves is that the seekers seemd to ignore the fact that so many of the solutions presented require such a leap of imagination that it would be extremely unlikely that ff was thinking along these same lines when he went to the spot to hid the treasure. IMO, the solutions to each clue will be sovled with much more logic and understanding as opposed to random guesswork of mirrors, shapes on maps, and conjecture. That’s why I will not waste my time looking until I have a solid solution that is undeniable…of course, I still could be wrong…

    • Yes you are correct imagine if the beginning of the place was to 100 feet outside the park, already wondered if it was made 2 trip in an afternoon or late afternoon plus the walk to hide the gold, you think it would give to make 2 trip To Yellowstone, it’s 16 hours and fifty-five minutes, one way, imagine two trips

      • I am guessing that your 16 hours and 55 minutes = Santa Fe, NM to Yellowstone. I think that the two trips in one afternoon is from where he parked to where he his the treasure. Why would you calculate two trips from Santa Fe to Yellowstone? JDA

        Estou supondo que suas 16 horas e 55 minutos = Santa Fe, NM para Yellowstone. Eu acho que as duas viagens em uma tarde são de onde ele estacionou para onde ele é o tesouro. Por que você calcularia duas viagens de Santa Fe para Yellowstone? JDA

        • Hi JDA good this time calculation is of each trip 1 trip to the bau and 2 second to the gold, more did this to show to all hunters that there is no way to do this from your home in SANTA FE to Yellowstone understand me, why , The simple fact that the gold and bau stava in his house in SANTA FÉ make the calculation of 16 hours and 55 minutes x4 JDA understood, I already indicated my opinion here where I always mention DR PEPPERS, fairies and dreams and on the plate, In my opinion the treasure is in COLORADO AND NEW MEXICO borders or borders of cities near SANTA FE, I ask you something JDA how your FF knows that the treasure is still there, you already asked yourself about it, your locator It is as easy as you lean on a sill and admire the wonder of the landscape, a place where you can see a small spring of crystalline water as well as its jewels, where to 200 meters you can see your family having fun and enjoying nature, the Your flame or fire marker Is the simplest and some we do not see in the nature in which only your FF knows, nature unlocks you with its beauty, it is where you do not realize that passed 200 meters of the treasure, the treasure is in the most improbable place where nobody would think that he It would be there, (warm waters with sun heat and cold water become warm OPINION) search site with 100 years and cruising lines.

  7. John,
    As creative as this all is… how do you get around this Q&A?

    Chicago radio WGN interview, March 2013: http://lummifilm.com/blog/WGN2013.mp3
    Minute 10:45, Q: Does the book give me any more information than I would get from the poem?
    A: “There are some subtle hints in the **text** of the book that will help you with the clues.  The poem will take you to the chest but the book by itself won’t.” f

    • Seeker-it’s also in the text of my war for me. Where left eye is covered up. I wasn’t just going off the picture.

      • There’s also a 1 in the ear of this picture; that’s why i think its the first clue. IMO

        • John, you might consider this, since you are looking in ears – much to my amusement since I look there too. Minerva’s earring is almost a dead ringer for the Biddies’ earrings, although one is a mirror of the other. Little pitchers have big ears…ask a child.

          • Good catch Sandy! I always thought of the biddies as clue #6. The chicken crossing the road. Imo

    • Seeker. I also include what FF has said, measured to within my ideas. Certainly a good guideline in process to my thinking . IMO . Helps to discard or promot ideas in a solution.

      Thanks John, for sharing your ideas. Always interesting to read others ideas and thinking.

    • Correct this I have already been speaking to the hunters here, because I have only 1 month that I decided to read this story, I am brazilian and I was intrigued because nobody found the treasure I decided to read the pdf in google, but incomplete more help to arrive too, I got many words Repeated in the text and slight subtle indications in the text, for me the poem works easy and simple, EXAMPLE: I give you 4 letters and 1 joker, I understood at the time the poem is the joker and the map the 4 letters will help you solve and understand The poem and discover the missing words of the puzzle game, but there are other solutions to the keyword in the poem that solves everything, but always remember the poem is an art you will have to read with eyes and hear your tone, because the Poem means the art of a man his past, present and future history, each word means his expression his art and his life, so he says in the poem HEAR ME GOOD, so that’s why he says do not stir my poem is his art your story…

    • Seeker-I was certain you were going to poke holes in my ideas. I tried to use as much info to formulate this as it encompasses all the things forrest talks about. I used the numbers in ears not as maps, but more to reference story. Like #2 in Frostys ear telling Forrest “get out!”, and there he is under tree with pie tin. Bessie and me was #3. In love with a cow, out to pasture, as a farmer, and as my below home of brown…

  8. Enjoyed reading your adventure, Jon. Glad to read you and your family will be returning to Yellowstone.

  9. John edo,

    Any reference to Orions Belt in relationship to the Chase, gets my attention; especially if words such as constellation, Egypt, Orsiris or mirrior comes into what I imagine the ” big picture.”

    I recently came upon a fascinating book that belonged to my Mother. (Astronomy, pyramids, and Egyptology were just some of the subjects that were of great interest to her). I would say that she was quite ahead of her Tyme, especially for being a stay at home Mom during in the 50’s! It would not surprise me if she were still here to interprete the ‘slab stone’ being held by The Flyer on Page 95 of TTOTC….as part of the “Rosetta Stone!”

    Enjoy your Chase and remember to keep looking up!


    I think you are on the right track, John. Might the term “First Time” mean anything to you?

    • Thanks SL! I tried overlays for orion and the lakota hand constellation and the only spot that seemed to line up is when the left foot landed on treasure island. Scared me pretty bad! First time doesn’t ring any bells. Also the lakota hand constellation lined up to thier beliefs at devils tower, the Pleiades, and the milky way reminded me of the nymphs and chalk creek; time to go fishing!!

  10. That face made my day. I just had to laugh. The Tao says:
    “When the Way is told there is laughter.”
    and you definately pointed out the Way.

    Also “eye alone”, and “put tin”
    The guru has taught you well

  11. John, very unique those images you got, and how they relate in your solve; you got us all thinking SURPRISE!

    That reverse image was Samuri-ish, Ninja-ish, creative-ish, well done and finding that face on a map took skill, I salute your work! Well done.

    Tom T

  12. Certainly a lot of unprovable assertions here Michael… Almost every one of which I disagree with – but that is just my OPINION!

    Below is ALL my OPINION
    1) wrong state -I agree
    2) Cemetary – None in solve
    3) Fire Ring – none in solve
    4) 6 socks and 4 meadowlarks – none used in solve
    5) Rusty pipe is or near blaze – sorry
    6) Metal fence post – none in my solve
    7) Two-track road (RR tracks) – none anywhere near
    8) Recent landslide – nope

    So, all I can agree with you on is “wrong state” Sorry

    Seems like you are basing a lot of your unfinished solve on the book – TTOTC, and not the poem. Best of luck anyway – JDA

  13. Good read john you never go wrong when you go looking in Montana We know it’s there somewhere hehe

      • Hey John, nice write up. It’s not Orion that is pointing, it is the medicine wheel. Check for yourself, bighorn med wheel, Dr. Eddy’s diagram, me in the middle, extend a tangent, dancing with the stars, rainbow, summer solstice, x, bell map, all answered with the med wheel, along with some other things.
        The C and E cairns of the summer solstice form an “X”, the others form an arrow. Extend a tangent, following the arrow. It may hit your area in a general way. Just some support info, take it as you will. Good luck.

  14. Michael,

    It’s always great, IMO…..to read new perceptions about TTOTC.

    Keep on, keepin’ on! I admire your desire and zest!


  15. MK –

    You are not the first person to mention that Catcher in the Rye and socks (birds) on a wire are the same place.

    The other chaser didi not mention where that place is but he is searching in Montana.

    What are are you referring to?

    Thank you

    • Lugnutz,

      The more I think about some of the earlier works of J.D. Salinger; the closer I feel to comparisons made with another younger fellow; Forrest B. Fenn.

      I hope you’ll read the following, and note comments made in regard to a J.D.S. short story, written in the “third person”:

      “Slight Rebellion Off Madison.”


      I wonder if this might have become a favorite of The Flyer’s. (If interested, I will pen another Link that might offer a much better perspective of this story).


      • Thank you, I will check that out.

        If FF became interested in Salinger, he probably read his Nine Stories. Nine Stories has been described as a journey through the 9 stages of the soul, or as an answer to the question, how can a person live genuinely in an ingenuine world?–with each story presenting a different answer. A Perfect Day for Bananafish is the most disturbing IMO. For Esme, With Love and Squalor is among the most beautiful things I’ve ever read.

  16. Yes. Truly beautiful. I also believe Sargent X the Narrator, to be none other than the Author. himself.


  17. Hey John,

    Nice detailed solve. I do not agree that it is within any national park (for many legal reasons), but the details are cool nonetheless.

    One thing you might want to consider too… When FF says he put his LEFT hand in the air and covered Philly with his thumb, we know its his left thumb. Your left side can be said to be your west side, could his west thumb represent West Thumb in Yellowstone?

    West Thumb is special, special because it is the exact center of the caldera (sp?). Essentially its the most dangerous place to be when the big one comes a few million years from now 😀

    One more thing to consider. When he says “begin it”, it *could* mean that something begins. Well, at Biscuit Basin which is close to his swimming hole is where something begins, and it is the no fishing area that extends from Biscuit Basin bridge to the bridge south of Old Faithful near the cascade, where you can once again “put in” and fish.

    Another thing to consider, maybe ALL of Yellowstone is “home of Brown” due to the nature of the geography. Putting in below it could mean the southern border of Yellowstone.

    Incidentally, you do know what Joe Meek said about the southern gyser basin when he seen it (he discovered it)? One could say that the area is no place for the meek.

    Yellowstone is easy to make solves for… Unfortunately your chances of legally getting the chest back and out of there are slim to zero. That is the reason why I think he would not risk his entire estate by doing something illegal like using a national park to host a treasure hunt.

    • Thanks WYGO! I was doing my best to put lines on a map and following the clues to the best ideas as possible. I had looked at begin it as the trail that was created from the line of sight. That becomes the blaze and satisfies the first three “it”s in the poem. I had based the start point also by anagramming the line to saltwater bearing me wherewith, his swimming spot. Is it coincidence that theres a face there that fits? Maybe. There is also on his map from Too far to walk the 12′ magnetic line passes right over a lowercase “t” in Yellowstone right about the lower falls. I think thats were a soldier would mark his grave, with a white cross, but forrest was lucky enough to be rescued from the jungle. That point where mark in tree is, is awesome! The mark has been in tree farther back than 2012, ( i found youtube video with it). I wouldn’t rule it out when cosidering the big picture. The orion connection relates to many things as well. The severd hand constellation, canoe constellation, its also known as the skillet. This isn’t information i’ve taken lightly, and felt very confident in this solve, and it stll may point to an area inside or outside the park. Imo

  18. this is a funny story why because this area is where i planed to go on my first visit to ys in montana i planed a trip up higher to down lower but through that canyon west on your hand or some where close is my beginning should be a adventure filled with beauty that area has been hitting me in the head like a hammer the past week its kinda weird the d slide is there and much much more my down takes me to the field of a cem I think ill check on the rodeo when i land thanks for the story good fun thoughts i got to look accross the bridge at the bottom. never know might find the tc too that would be fun alot comes with that task if you think about it. good day all if he would or would not is for his eyes only may be we will see too. wish me luck ill do it safe for sure.

  19. its the what if and my thought on the key word that led me to this area but im chasing my tail this im opposite the poem it is all i remember im happy in life because of it this is my life line outcome beauty at least again ty Mr Fenn I dont think i can ever say that enough you have touched many souls in a positive way why because you gave us a chance to give it a go.

  20. Ok. This has been driving me crazy and I had to tell you. On your quest for FF treasure, you took a picture at the bottom of Toms trail with a marking and said later on it was from a coin. The owl AND the Goddess of wisdom.
    A “blaze” as I think only Forrest would put it, especially in native American terms, is a marking on a tree.

    If you’ve been WISE and found the BLAZE.

    You had it. You were wise. You found the BLAZE.

    Go. Back. To. That. Tree.

    You’re welcome and good luck!

    • Kristen- The spot where this tree mark is located, is highly trafficked with people and very difficult to hide a man and his chest. I’m looking that this location is clue #5, as it matches the teachers with ropes picture in book. It also may be the center of orions belt; the star alnilam. Which wikipedia calls the sapphire. Looks eerily like forrests belt buckle, and his favorite color. Betelguese is interesting as well, as the plowman, and “owl eyes flicking”. I think orion may be the hunter who lost the arrowhead that forrest reveres so much as the first one he found, as he and his dad would look for signs of ancient man. IMO

  21. I also have my personal theories, I’m a Colorado believer for now. Found this whole thing near pot creek and upper disaster falls. Now its just making the trip out, but it if I see a fellow searcher get close my hopes shoot sky high. Good luck again on your quest!

    • Ya ‘ta Hey-O, Kristyn –

      Been to Pot Creek from both the Green River side up, and the (Utah) land side down several times.

      Rafted the Lodore route down the Green (Disaster Falls and the others) just this past August. The raft trip wasn’t specifically Chase oriented, but that area has long been part of my Chase map.

      What brings you there (if you don’t mind sharing; if so I sure don’t mind sharing what brought me there)?


      • It all happened to be an accident. I was looking up random treasure in Colorado I could try to find because I’m terrible with riddles, and Browns Hole popped up with the history of the old west. Brown stood out and I remembered why. From there its been an interesting past few months of digging into maps, history, and fellow searchers forums to narrow it down. I liked the idea of “No place for the meek” having to do with Joseph Meek and his adventures, sometimes it fits my theories, other times it doesn’t. Wwwh was to me just above the park, take it to the canyon down, the Put in was the beginning of gates of ladore, no place for the meek was where pot creek and the river meet. Then I lose all hope. Mostly because I believe it is in a forest like setting and always get lost in my head with Earth maps. Also fellow searchers also claim they have searched that area so I lose more hope. Lol. Someday ill make it out. Sorry for the long response!

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