My Last Search in YNP…

SUBMITTED August 2017
by CAROLYN Powers



I searched today for the last time in Yellowstone. My beginning was Madison Junction, where warm waters halt. Canyon down was Firehole river canyon because it is down when looking on a map. Home of Brown was the Brown Spouter in the Black Sand Basin.

The location I thought it might be, you can see it from the road and I know Forrest didn’t hide it where people could see him from the road. You would also have to cross the Iron Spring Creek, which similar to the iron fire escape slide Forrest would slide down at school, that would make his pant seat brown.  The end of the poem wouldn’t really fit in as well as I think Forrest says it should so I am now writing off Yellowstone. However, I still think it is very close to Yellowstone, either near Jackson Wyoming or in Montana. Those two locations are where I will now concentrate.

Biscuit Basin Fishing

Mountain Goat Family

Mysterious Hanging Box

Cave at Red Canyon

Also on this trip we went up to Hebgen Lake by the dam where we fished and saw the Mountain Goat families and the mysterious hanging box, up the Red Canyon and found a cave, and no it wasn’t in there.

Nothing in the Cave

Creek in Red Canyon

Grebe Lake

We went up to Quake Lake and Grebe Lake.  I found out that when you are at Grebe Lake there is an Observation Building at the top of the Mountain (Observation Peak) which overlooks the lake.  We went down the road to 9 Quarter Circle Ranch, which I mistook as a different ranch which is where we saw the honey badger.  The owner of Pine Shadows Motel, Chad, told us about an area close to West Yellowstone where you can see moose, where we saw a momma moose and her baby.


Moose Mom and Baby

Mountain Man Rendezvous in West Yellowstone

The last day there we were fortunate that the Mountain Man Rendezvous was taking place.  Also, for those that like to visit the places where Forrest has been, the Bud Lilly fly shop is no more. Bud Lilly died this winter and the name has been changed. Sorry. There are still a couple of things in the shop that are for sale that say Bud Lilly on it so hurry if u want to buy some. I believe that this might have been posted about already, but just in case it hasn’t here it is.

Momma and Baby Deer

Old Tree Cut Down in Red Canyon

Big Dandelions at Red Canyon

Best of luck to all the searchers out there and stay safe and use the good sense that God gave you.

Carolyn Powers-

63 thoughts on “My Last Search in YNP…

  1. Nice story, Carolyn! Thanks for the pics. I think that hanging box might be one of those research boxes to count insects of different kinds. Might’ve had a lure in it.

    And Jackson is one of my favorite places; searching there would just be heaven, anyway.

    • got to love it never been to ys mt but im trying to get to go next month is the plan to much fun ill take some ty for your story have a good life to all

  2. Thank you for sharing your adventures, Carolyn. Enjoyed your story and the beautiful photos. Did you catch anything at Biscuit Basin or Hebgen Lake?

  3. Great photos and story. Looks like you had a blast! Are you sure you want to give up YNP?

  4. Carolyn,

    Thanks for sharing the pictures – looks like a good time.

    You are not the only person who has given up on searching Yellowstone.

    Covert One

  5. Vey nice Carolyn!
    We will be visiting the west Yellowstone area for the first time this September. I am sure that we will discover many treasures while we are there even if they aren’t in a 10x10x5 inch chest!
    We can’t wait!!!

    Thanks for sharing your story. Loved the photos!


  6. Nice story and photos Carolyn.

    The National Park Service turns 101 this month, and all of the country’s national parks, monuments, and recreation areas will be free to explore on Friday, August 25.

  7. Thanks for sharing. Did you check down Iron Springs Creek or just cross it on route to another location?

    • No, we have searched all over on springs creek. We love Yellowstone and will continue to go back as often as possible, just doesn’t make sense to search where so many people are. Going to do a winter trip also, but safely.

  8. Thanks for keeping your story brief and sharing lots of pictures. Brown spouter sounds like a good home of brown, and the black sand basin sounds like a good tarry scant. The people that watch geysers are known as geyser GAZErs. So I always wondered about that basin.

  9. Carolyn,
    Yet another great search in YNP… Great story and the pic’s just make us want to be there with you…
    Be Safe and enjoy the Journey!!!✌

  10. Hi Carolyn, I like your photos! I like the name Biscuit Basin, to me that sounds like a cozy spot. But I especially like your smile, we should be able to bottle it and put it in our pocket in case we’re having a bad day! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Hey Carolyn,
    I love your attitude….much like ours. Looking for treasure, but enjoying the trip thoroughly.

  12. Did you see the big white “blaze” high on the cliff across from Cabin Creek?
    Or, maybe it is the “blaze” from the Fireside Cabins.

  13. great story to kindle the mind ty hope to make that adventure soon but nm is so much closer have a great day all

  14. Thanks for sharing Carolyn… Great pics looks like you has a blast!!!! Did you catch any fish? 🙂

      • Looks like salsify to me, aka “oyster plant” because the root is supposed to taste like oysters when cooked. Used to be used to make a sort of false-oyster soup. And no, they’re not related in any way to ‘prairie oysters.’ 🙂

  15. Carolyn … I’ll echo responses above about your photos; they’re terrific.

    In your 2nd paragraph you have applied excellent logic and a flexible, adaptable approach to the clues. Your report here is one of the few YNP reports I have actually enjoyed reading.

    “I’m writing off Yellowstone [National Park].” Good for you! Now you can get serious about land administration legalities and the poem’s clues, upping your chances for finding the chest.

    Cheers, and the best of luck.

    Ken (in Texas) 🙂

    • I was thinking about this land legality thing again this morning. I wonder if FF’s comment to whomever finds the TC: (if you find the treasure please keep it in a vault for 30 days while you think) is just echoing what happens if you find the TC on federal land. Perhaps he put a note in the TC regarding why it is so important for the finder to contact him or his legacy attorney, else the finder is committing a felony, per

      That way, FF would surely know someone had found the chest.

      I don’t think this rules out YNP at all.

      • “what happens if you find the TC on federal land.”
        Lady V … “federal land” isn’t the concern. The concern is the National Park Service.

      • Lady V,

        I also believe there are very specific instructions from F, and, if followed correctly, the questions surrounding legality, taxation, etc diminish significantly. I believe this based on the Barry Petersen interview. I also think there may be “additional incentives” in the TC to encourage the Finder to follow the instructions explicitly. F has hinted at a special surprise in the TC, but has not divulged what it is.

  16. Wow I always miss the mountain man rendezvous Were those killer biteing flies gone yet bout to head back soon loved your pics

    • We got attacked by the biting flies in Gibbon Meadows. No place for the meek for sure. Not no place for the meek in the poem but those flies are impervious to insect repellent. My wife and I were ahead of the two boys and we looked back and saw them both doing a funny fly-swatting dance. We almost died laughing.

      • lol Montana in general no matter when you go is no place for the meek no matter what month you go your always dealing with something there if it ain’t flies it’s the weather if it ain’t the weather it’s the Cadiz Or the bears or the mad moose Montana is definitely no place for the meek

        • Ha, well I wish we confirm that the state of Montana is no place for the meek in the poem. That would be helpful.

          • I’m
            Confirming it if I’m
            The one he would bet on it ain’t in New Mexico !!!

  17. We all should of stashed something in the red canyon cave so many of us have been there We really need to leave markers to where we all search So we can narrow down where to look

    • We should stash stuff in there. I didn’t think of it or would have. Love the caves. I did stash stuff in the red desert that no one has found. The biting flies were there , but not bad.

  18. Nice pictures carolyn,today august 12,is my birthday, so we decided to go to the mountains here in colorado.was a beautiful day.the creek water was so cold,very nice indeed.still saw some wild flowers in was a good day..still working on mr. Forrest poem.we all come up with different solutions. So how could we all be wrong.i think we’re not.i think its the earth and life in general.from creation to the end.A to Z.choices we make,and choices we have no control over.what we are taught actions thoughts,patterns our lifes.all about living.we are continually learning,never reaching the end.its crazy to put in words.but we are created,taught.we are all built different.see things i think we are not wrong.does a wrong make a right or a right make a the treasure here or there.both.its where you find it . totally .much love and good luck to all of you out there.

  19. I´m in the search since four weeks. So I´m a fresh thinker. Yellow Stone is a Honey Pot.
    When I put all facts together, is this location impossible.

    • Nothing is impossible. Heavy loads and water high, Hankerchief Geyser. People used to put their loads of laundry in it and it would suck it down and clean it and spit it out, but people put so much junk in it like coins etc that they broke it and it no longer does that. It’s near Brown Spouter.

      • I’ve read people did this to Old Faithful, too. Cottons did well, wool was shredded. When I read this, I tried to visualize what it would look like, and all I could see was clothes thrown all over the place. Did the people try to catch it before it landed back on the ground? I don’t know, but it sure would have been something to see.

  20. Thanks for all of the complements y’all! We had a wonderful adventure, we always do. No matter if you find d the chest or not, grab every banana and make the most of every single day and yes, big smiles all of the time. Make life fun for all.

  21. Looks like an amazing adventure. I feel it is necessary to spend the time doing other things. The things that seem out of place tend to stand out more when you aren’t looking for them. That’s just how I feel. My botg trips have all been over a few days but only looking the last day.

  22. I don’t know if I would write off YNP yet, but when I saw how many people were wandering around there (15,000 a day) I thought it would be impossible to hide anything there either. Plus the fact that getting off the trail there is so heavily fined, makes it seem unlikely to be in YNP. But the incredible areas around it were so amazing. That’s where I will focus next time I go. I love your pics of the wildlife, too.

    • Connie-
      During the tourist season the traffic in the park is just like commuting in Pittsburg..the lines of cars can stand still for a half hour while folks stop on the road to eye at animals…but that’s only during the high season…this week the traffic dies down..after Labor Day it’s a very peaceful place…
      There are plenty of places where you can walk off trail in Yellowstone. The only places you have to stay on the trail is on the crafted walkways around some of the bigger thermal features…other than that visitors are free to walk through the woods, along the creeks and amble where they please…trail or not…
      If you want to visit Yellowstone the time to do it is after Labor Day..autumn in the park is spectacular…and before school lets out in the spring…when the wildflowers are breathtaking…

      • I did plenty of off trail hiking in Yellowstone on my search and mostly in areas where nobody was anywhere near. There was one spot we hiked where upon returning to the car we saw a guy with a big backpack parking to go home too. There wasn’t a trail around and I thought he might be another searcher.

        Our fly fishing guide even took us nearly a mile off trail to fish.

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