Odds n Ends About Fenn’s Treasure Hunt…Part Thirty Four


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652 thoughts on “Odds n Ends About Fenn’s Treasure Hunt…Part Thirty Four

  1. I’m just curious has anyone found any more of his jars and bells he made? Has anyone found his treasure yet? How does Mr. Fenn know if his treasure has been found or not? Does he have a tracking device on it?

  2. I believe he included a note of some kind in the box to call a certain number and say a phrase he has written on the note, and leave it as a message. It has to be something like that. I believe he has left instructions with a bank or law firm to make the announcement if it is found after he passes. I believe he has it covered so people won’t keep looking if it’s found. He is a planner.

    • I think he has some means of alert if it is ever found , perhaps only for a limited time frame but an alert non the less. IMO .

  3. Here’s a question to all about when ff hid the treasure. In his Moby Dickens interview that is on Youtube, ff says he hid the treasure 15 years after being diagnosed with cancer in 1988. That means he hid the treasure in 2003. He was 72 or 73. Why would ff then say not to search where a 79 or 80 yr old can’t go? Isn’t this misleading?

    • Hello Michael Raymond. It has been an interesting discussion about this. I do not believe it’s misleading. I thought Dal’s post he made several weeks ago was good. Was it several weeks ago? I do not recall, but that’s how long it seems it’s been to me. Perhaps if you’ll go back and find his post, you may find out when exactly it was. When Mr. Fenn stated not to go where a 79 or 80 year old can’t go, I’d hold these words, and others, to be true.

      • Seems odd that it wouldn’t show up. This question was recently brought up in ‘A Gypsy’s Kiss’ on Youtube and has me perplexed. Supposedly, in 2003 Forrest still had his airplane and flew everywhere. Does this change anything for anyone?

        • I believe it doesn’t matter whether Mr. Fenn still had his pilot license or not. Reading the poem and figuring out the clues will lead searchers to the treasure chest.

          • Pdenver. I could not agree more. You said it perfectly. The poem clues point the way to the treasure. All of the discussion about planes leads nowhere.

          • Thanks everyone for your feedback. I do tend to get too caught up in details that are not important. I’m narrowing down a potential solve that will need require exploration on site. If it’s found before I head out or before I can find it, that would be alright. In general, this entire experience has gotten me off the couch and into hiking. Lost weight, feel more energy, and has given me something to do with my 8 yr old son. These have been needed outcomes for a 51 year old that had lost interest in the simple pleasure of life.

            Good luck and safety to all of us!

          • Michael Raymond, your post is an inspiration for many. Wishing you many more adventures with your family.

    • @Michael Raymond, IMO it’s called a ‘senior moment’ and at his age he is untitled to make a few mistakes. He has reiterated many times that he was 79 or 80 when he hid the TC. Do the math on when TTOTC was published and how old he was and a person can surmise he probably hid the TC the previous fall or summer when he was 79. Whether or not he used a rental car, took a bus to the rental car dealer or train or flew would be helpful to illuminate NM but we’ll probably never know. The question about the rental may have been baited to just throw off NM searchers…..! Nail down the first clue…..!

  4. My understanding is ff planned the poem for 15 years. The treasure didn’t get stashed til bout 7-8 years ago. Maybe I’m wrong but that’s what I picked up.

  5. I have been working on my solve since the day before he went on the Today Show. I was lucky to find a clue on my first search and have been to this place more times than I would like to admit. I knew when I found the clue it was made by his hand and the tree carvings photos reinforced my belief. Each time I have solved one of the 9 clues there has been another sign made by his hand or can be recognized. The hardest part has been to keep things simple. The mountain of research I’ve done has only led me to dead ends and I can hear Forrest laughing. He has been to this place many, many, many times and I can see how it took so long for him to set it up before finally leaving the chest. The first clue is pretty much the only clue that can be solved without boots on the ground. Discovering every clue after that takes exploration. The area IS NOT DANGEROUS and actually quite calming. There is a lot of effort needed and sweat equity going to and returning from the search area but the final resting place is IMO not physically demanding, more like a backdoor of simple design. Like most, I feel very close to the entire solve and as Forrest stated, things are really falling into place. It has not been easy to get to here but not impossible. So to boast a little more, get out there and get looking because my next adventure to this place should be my last. Till then, I continue to hear Forrest laughing!

    • I get on how you feel. It took me a year to undertand just one line in the poem but things started to fall in place. I kept asking myself, What am I looking at? I even found the good map which you have to take with you. It doesnt end there. I havent put much effort into the solve because i need to focus on other things. Yet, I think I know what I am looking at and what I means if I believe it or not.

      An Indian Scout and A Saint


      • I was always asking myself ” what are you trying to teach me, Forrest?”. The answers usually came after my return home. I would like to meet this man who has the ability to dissect his own thoughts and then lead you to something that he knew you would find that is not part of the roadmap but is there to take like a fly on the water. He presents the bait, you eyeball it, looks good so you strike, the hook is set and Forrest reels you in laughing all the way only to be released. A little wiser, a little tired and sore, but you come right back and bite again because you are opportunistic.

        • I think my granddaughter surprised Forrest when she showed him the map. I teach her and many of the meek of what I now know. It just makes me feel good every time I plant the seed. Especially, when they walk away repeating it to themselves the words I passed on and not even knowing where it originated, even me. I guess that is why the Poem is called the Poem.
          You see, in the Poem it tells where to pick up this map along the way. Forrest already knows the answers. He mentions them in the book in many different ways. You would have to understand the points he is trying to make. I have even told them in many of my post on the many blogs.
          I do have my past comments and thoughts to show all what the future will bring.

          An Indian Scout and A Saint

          • Glad to hear that people are stimulated by your discussions. Around here they just think I’m nuts! They tell me I’m a smart guy and then I mention the Chase and the next thing they offer is a straight jacket.

          • ChickenOne. Too funny, I can totally say the same experience for me lol. Non of anyone I know will come search with me. I have proven truth where doubt and denial had its reign until I proved otherwise. Now my sanity and intellect is questioned thus once again about this chase . Lol. No matter who finds it , it will be redeeming for me.

  6. Imagine this …. ff began writing an homage poem about the loss of two important men, his father and Eric Sloane (died 1987 & 1985). In 1988, Fenn dealing with his own death prospects, put the poem aside but later resuscitated it for the Hunt. He made changes & fleshed out some characterizations of the men in TTOTC. Could Warm Waters have been a euphemism for his father, and Brown for Sloane?
    Like I said, open doors and windows.

  7. I have a question that I hope someone doesn’t mind answering. When F said not to mess with the poem, was this in response to someone wanting to change the word balk in place of halt? Did he say it more than once? Thanks!

      • Knows how I loved to know about the hunting stations and typifies the old culture and new Mexican, its caves that soon were called home and near the river and full of animals of all kinds, their arts painted on the walls for more than a thousand years, still Being able to walk through the tracks of the ancient ancestral people, imagine a place where it was built until the atomic bomb.
        Where he had an agriculture. The corn, the beans and the pumpkin, where it fed from the natural vegetation. Deer, rabbits and hunting squirrels, this life style of kept about 1500 years, where you can find enough clovis point,
        It is quite interesting that about three thousand years ago, people of the ancestral people began to build semi-permanent settlements, because they were good at hunting in the relations of changing seasons, a site of elevation ranges from just over five thousand feet to a little more Of ten thousand, local Greek cuisine and have a morning coffee, various ecosystem diversities that can be explored in a small area ..
        This place should be the first on your list. Bandelier …

    • @JBL I’ve heard his saying, “don’t mess with” statement was a response to an email, I don’t have the actual reason or question but I found this from the site ‘Tarry Scant’ by typing in the word ‘poem’ ” I feel fortunate that my poem said exactly what I wanted it to say”. (hope this helps)

      Yesterday I typed in ‘chest’ took hours to read everything there….good winter time reading! IMO

      • Thank you, Cholly! I was thinking that the only time F referred to not messing with his poem was in changing the word halt. So, that made me think that the word “halt” was very important as to the definition of halt, or that the word (or letters) was important in how the poem should be unlocked or deciphered. Some people use the quote “don’t mess with my poem” to mean that you cannot do anything to the words/letters to unlock the poem. I am not in that camp, but I could be if he used that phrase in other instances than when referencing the word halt.

        • Not sure, but I think he said it again about the order of the clues in the poem. I am pretty sure he has said it multiple times.

        • If you change ANY part of the poem (as
          published in TTOTC), you might change
          its meaning. I suggest you don’t risk doing that.

          The poem is very clever, but its structure
          is straightforward and not complicated.
          This is also true for the order of the poem
          and the order of the clues..

          Show the poem to some children. Show it
          to some oldsters. If you fail to do these things, you’ll be at a disadvantage,
          compared to some other searchers.

          Good luck solving and searching.

          The above is my opinion. Yours may differ.

        • I think one of the biggest mistakes searchers make in trying to solve Forrest’s poem is thinking that Forrest’s remarks mean that children can solve it. Strip that thought from your mind. Children have no real chance at solving it, though they would likely do far better than most at figuring out what Forrest means by warm waters.

      • Cholly, glad you are enjoying the site. We just uploaded this morning a very long transcript of a 45 minute radio appearance from 2015. Searching on “Iceland” will take you right to it.

        • @Cris, thank you! I’ve been on HoD since around May ’15 and both of the Richard Eed’s pods are favorites of mine, not to mention I like his choice of tunes! Don’t know how you folds mine all that date!! If you ever run across a statement where F states that he had the chest lined with wood I’d sure like to see it, going crazing knowing that I read or heard that some where! Keep up the good work!

  8. Hi All.
    I just wanted to get some feedback on a question I have related to the Blaze.
    Has Mr Fenn stated anywhere, apart from the poem, that if you find the correct Blaze, then the chest will be found beside or near it? A link to any quotes would be great.
    I have found a Blaze which may be the correct one, but it is huge and am thinking that maybe the chest is in a straight line a distance away, the Blaze being a pointer as such.
    Thanks All.

  9. John R. I don’t believe the blaze is pointing to the treasure as much as it is marking the location of the treasure. The blaze basically says your search is done, the treasure is here.

    • Maybe Tom. But my Blaze is in the shape of an arrow pointing down the side of a mountain. Looking on Google maps it is about 500 feet tall. So in a way it is both pointing to and marking the location of the treasure.
      All in MHO.

  10. I tried posting this yesterday, but it looks like it failed to upload. My apologies if this ends up being a duplicate post.

    Forrest’s 2nd appearance (and Dal’s 1st one) on the Richard Eeds radio show has been transcribed and now appears on http://www.tarryscant.com

    One of the more interesting points is about 37 minutes into the 45 minute radio show. Forrest talks about wwwh, dams, and that a “beaver dam” counts as a dam. I interpreted the exchange between Forrest and Richard as a beaver dam is not one of the clues. I found this interesting as the word “beaver” is derived from an old word for “Brown.”

    A search on the keyword of “Iceland” makes it very easy to find.

    Enjoy – happy searching!

    • Did you see it in it’s entirety? Just hit our peek ten minutes ago in Denver. I think it reached around 93% here. A wonderful sight, and fun to here the crickets during the day.

      • Should have asked, “Did you see it in it’s totality?” Gosh, it must be one of those days.

        • Idaho Falls was right in the path – I am 50 miles south, so not “perfect”. A very thin orange line moved from bottom of disk, climbed up right side slowly to the top of the disk. “Near Perfect” – close enough to perfection for me. W O W JDA

          • Hi JDA: Thought for sure that living in Pocatello you would have traveled the short distance north to be in totality (though I know I-15 was probably a nightmare on Monday). The difference between even a deep partial eclipse and totality is like the difference between looking at a picture of Indulgence and holding it yourself. Hopefully in your 7+ decades you’ve had the opportunity to experience a total eclipse before.

  11. sur is a fine world show today if your looking up that is with these funny glasses weeee its good to be alive

  12. Does anyone know what kind of heath Forrest was in at the time he hid the T.C?

    Ronnie the Scot.

    • (Second try.) Something to consider is that it took him two trips to hide the treasure chest which weighed approximately forty pounds.

    • @Ronnie re F’s health…would that be mental or physical? j/k!
      I’m guessing he was/is in great health then and now. Doubt if I’ll be fortunate enough to live as long as he has.

  13. Questions for the masses…
    When you find your spot to search, do you look for places that would put someone within 500 feet and 200 feet of that location? How important do you hold those numbers to your solution? If there is no known or named place within those distances, do you disregard your solution or look for something else in that area?

    It makes sense to me that if someone tells Forrest where they were and he can deduce that the searcher was within a certain distance, it means that they were at a location with a name, right? Does that make sense?


    • Not to me Tim;

      I can describe land features 200′ and 500′ from where I think Indulgence is resting, – I have even given these spots names, but there are no names on a map, JDA

      • JDA, if you described these places to Forrest would he be able to determine where you were? At least enough to be able to say you were “xx” feet from the chest?

        I read somewhere on this blog a long time ago that in order for Forrest to determine how close someone was to the chest, there had to be a determinate place that was mentioned… a place that was named. Now, if that name is an official name or made up name, I don’t think it matters.

        An example might be, “I walked down Bob’s road and crossed the bridge” Forrest may know that the bridge is 500 feet away.

        I can’t decide in my mind how I feel about it… that’s why I’m asking. Maybe I’m limiting my solutions when I shouldn’t be… or maybe if I can find a “named” place close to my solution it could qualify it better.


    • TimM,
      Names aside… I lean toward the idea that all the clues could be closer than they seem to be read as.
      I mean, it ‘seems’ we might be looking for a river or lake or a lot of water area etc. it ‘seems’ we need should travel a canyon etc. then follow some creek and find heavy loads and water high etc.

      However, we have several comments from fenn that ‘seem’ to indicate searchers being on location of the first two clues and walking by the remaining clues, and the chest… being within 500′ and 200′ of the chest while passing all the clue’s reference…
      I personally have to wonder if the all the clue’s references are relatively close… say 1000′ in an area. { all hypothetical in thought, of course }.

      But fenn’s comment;
      “If you can’t make two trips from your car to your solve in several hours, then don’t go.”
      I think { again just a thought } that the location of the “solve” is a longer hike than – the actual clues distance apart from each other.

      My scenario… Hike from vehicle to the location of the all clues … then start with wwwh… and follow the clues to the chest. Seems simple enough, right? Yet I think the 9 clues might be within a 1000′ [ give or take ] location, and not so much spread out over miles.

      You asked ~ “When you find your spot to search, do you look for places that would put someone within 500 feet and 200 feet of that location?

      I’ll ask; How do we find the spot to start a search? Are we really looking for wwwh first, or is wwwh just the first clue at the place to start?
      Picking a state seems to big an area and still too many first clues to consider. Picking a region [such as YSP] still has the same problem.
      I’m under the assumption that the poem should tell is the location of the clues first… For me, that would be… the certainty of the path [the clues path], beforehand, idea.

      Just rambling and rumbling….

      • Thanks for the reply, seeker.

        When I said the spot to search, I meant the point that you think the chest is regardless of how near or far the previous clues were.

        In some of my ideas on where I thought the chest could be, I couldn’t pin down how a person could relay to Fenn where they were, if that’s the case, that tells me that the chest couldn’t be there. Does that make sense? Maybe I’m too critical on my solutions…


        • Tim, a correct solve will require more critical and detailed thought than you might believe. Think in terms of detail, then (mentally) “zoom in” and think in terms of even SMALLER detail.

          And while I’m “preaching”, I also suggest
          that you show the poem to some children, and also to some folks about FF’s age.

          And using a decent dictionary, look up common words from the poem. This
          helped me. Don’t be too proud to do this

          The above is my opinion. Yours may differ.

      • Seeker. You said: “Yet I think the 9 clues might be within a 1000′ [ give or take ] location, and not so much spread out over miles.”

        I must disagree with your conclusion. The poem says it is “too far to walk” from warm waters halt to home of Brown. This, the distance covered between the first clue and the treasure has to be much greater than 1000 feet.

        • TomB,
          Not far.. but..too far to walk, might be saying that too far to walk is no longer a walkable distance, for anyone.

          It’s could be that the waters over time took the canyon down, but a searcher’s can’t walk through time (physically). In this interpretation/theory hoB might be much closer without a milage check between clues.

          The problem I see with the NFBTFTW line is some kind of forcing a distance… Unless the poem tells us a distance, the distance could be time related… As well as fenn’s thoughts of the big picture and down the road.

          Just food for thought.

          • Seeker. Interesting concept. I haven’t considered the possibility of “too far to walk” referring to time rather than distance.

          • “too far to walk” can also mean ‘not going anywhere, staying put’ which could have a definite connotation as being within the poem itself and not physically traveling anywhere at all…

            “Too Far To Walk” is a novel written by John Hersey and first published in 1966…So the phrase isn’t really a Fenn original anyway…

          • Come to think of it, if we consider that f’s book “Too Far To Walk” might contain hints…

            And f has said that hints help with figuring out the clues…

            And the words “too far to walk” appear in the poem(possibly a clue/part)…

            And the context of the passage in the story of the float trip down the Madison indicates it is a trip he would no longer make(he wouldn’t go now)…

            Then it follows that the “hint” might be that the meaning of the phrase in the poem is “it’s too late for f to go now, so he won’t go again, he’s ‘staying put’……

            See how that works there? It makes perfect sense to me.

            It also would indicate that using the 10 miles or whatever for that float trip ass a clue to distance is misinterpreting what the hint is all about and how it might relate to the clues…

            I too think the distance f walked from his car to the hiding spot is a very short distance…1,000’ or less is quite plausible…

          • Seeker

            What if it’s both distance and time (space time – Einstein)?

            Or is this thought too far out there?

        • “Some folks correctly mentioned the first two clues to me in an email and then they went right past the other seven, not knowing that they had been so close”.-FF

          IMO, “..went right past…” and “..so close..” strongly hints of a tight grouping of the clues

          • dav-
            I agree that this could be a possibility…Too far to walk for who/what?
            He’s made the ant sees a mud puddle as an ocean remark a couple times…why?
            Maybe it’s too far to walk for an ant…or not…
            But maybe we need to completely scale down the search area…
            I’ve been looking at the poem this way for a while now…
            Just as a head game…so far there haven’t been any “eureka!” moments…

          • It seems hard to me to approximate the scale of the area of the clues due to how vague everything is including FF’s comments. This vagueness is obviously purposeful in order to make the search harder. That being known I consider it dangerous to attempt to guess on the scale. The poem should somehow reveal the clues which fit on a map. I believe that this the only way to reveal the scale.

            I do enjoy reading others ideas on the scale and would love to see one that we can actually put a lot of stock in.

          • dayzona, if you go outside and walk all the way around the building in which you live, you’ll “walk past the treasure chest”.

            Unspecified distances are not very

            By the way, there is NO math of any kind needed to achieve a correct solve of the entire poem.
            And no numbers are needed. Even
            counting the number of clues isn’t important (but one should consider every word in the poem).

            The above is my opinion. Yours may differ.

      • * * * * * * Seeker posited – “Names aside… I lean toward the idea that all the clues could be closer than they seem to be read as.
        . . . . I personally have to wonder if the all the clue’s references are relatively close… say 1000′ in an area.” * * * * * *

        Yes, that’s exactly how I’ve been (re)-thinking since last winter.

        It also might explain why ff used the odd phrasing that li’l Indi “can’t get CLOSER THAN the first two clues.”

        (Almost universally paraphrased by searchers as she “can’t get PAST the first two clues” – but that’s not what he said.)


        • I think it would be funny (and clever of FF) if his response is age-related. I.e. she can get as close as the the first two clues because they are close together but she can’t get closer because she’s not old enough to drive (and it’s tftw).

        • Jake, I like your critical thinking ability. I also
          suggest that you ignore all thoughts/discussion
          about the little girl in India. It’s not helpful, and
          only presents another “rabbit hole”.

          The above is my opinion. Yours may differ.

    • Not to me, in my opinion: Forrest gets responses all
      the time with GPS coordinates of where people were,
      probably very few places with names. I doubt the
      wood has a name, for instance; however I’d bet FF
      knows the coordinates of the hidey place to compare
      with the responses.

      Secondly, FF has stated that many people have been
      within 500 ft of the treasure; a few have been within
      200 ft of the treasure. “Within 500 ft” means 500 ft
      (max) or less distance. 200 ft is definitely within 500 ft,
      therefore the same number (many) would meet the
      qualification IF they all started from the same edge of
      a well traveled road. Therefore, the FEW who have
      been within 200 ft must have started from the opposite
      edge of the wood, on foot, where there are no human
      paths or trails in close proximity. The “many” have
      been driving by on the road down the canyon, oblivious
      to the riches hidden less than 500 ft away, for years,
      in my opinion.

      Again, IMO, the hoB and water high and heavy loads
      and no paddle etc. etc. are merely qualifiers to confirm
      that one has found the right creek / canyon, and are
      no longer useful to the final solve which entails finding
      the right “put in” (parking place) and the nearby wood
      that fits the necessary requirements. One could make
      a search rectangle on a map of a wood that fits both
      the 500 ft and 200 ft distances; the overlapping area
      would be where to search. Obviously this wood must
      be less than 700 ft wide for this to work. For example,
      a rectangular wood that is 600 ft wide and bordered on
      the left edge by a dirt road and on the right edge by a
      creek would have a 100 ft wide parallel swath of search
      area between 400 ft and 500 ft from the road ( or 100 ft
      and 200 ft from the creek edge…same thing).

      The term “home” is a nebulous sort of word that can
      mean many things, think: sweet home Alabama, down
      home in Texas, home,home on the range, at home on
      the rifle range, etc. Doesn’t necessarily mean a house
      with a number or a place that will show up on a map.
      However, there might be a bronze plaque there honoring
      a person named Brown, who knows?

      Food for thought: IMO, the put in (parking) spot is very
      important if the treasure is on public land, as one cannot
      go off established roads / parking areas with any wheeled
      vehicles IN MOST CASES. Therefore a designated
      legal parking area even in a national forest would be a
      very important clue if it meshed with the other clues and
      parameters. Just some of my opinions fwiw.

    • Hi TimM: *great* question! This is one of those situations where Forrest might say a clever searcher could use logic to learn something about where the treasure chest lies, or at least provide a filter for where it cannot be. Lots of folks have been within 500′ (most of whom apparently unawares), while a much smaller number have been within 200′. For Forrest to be able to make the distinction, he would need to know a landmark, GPS coordinates, or an unavoidably unique path that the searcher took. Of these three, I think the last is the most likely.

      For instance, let’s suppose the chest was hidden near the Excelsior Geyser in Yellowstone (obviously it wasn’t). Any searcher who indicated they had driven from Madison Junction to Old Faithful unavoidably would have come within 500′ of the Excelsior Geyser — Forrest wouldn’t need you to name that geyser or provide coordinates; you couldn’t ~help~ but come within 500′ because there is no other way.

      But if you parked at the Grand Prismatic parking lot and sent Forrest a picture of the Grand Prismatic Spring from the wooden boardwalk, he would know that you had to have been quite a bit closer to Excelsior — around 200 feet.

      It is for these reasons that you should be very suspicious of any solution you come up with that is within 200 feet of a major thoroughfare because there would be no way to draw the distinction between being within 500 feet and 200 feet. Conversely, if your solution puts Indulgence a quarter mile or more from any landmark, road or trail, it is almost certainly wrong since it is extremely unlikely that “lots of searchers” could have independently arrived within the same 1000′-diameter, landmark-less circle and found ways to unambiguously communicate that fact to Forrest.

      • Zap,

        That’s exactly how I imagined it… someone walking or driving a path or road and being close enough to trigger the 500 foot distance. Then the question is, what would change to trigger the 200 foot distance? Would they go off-trail? If so, then how could FF determine how far away they were? Could it be where 2 trails converge like in the shape of a “T”? The trail for the top of the T would be within 500 feet of the chest, and if you take the other trail, the vertical portion of the T, does it put you closer, say within 200 feet?

        Also, that in itself is a quandary for me. I’m looking for a place that people or searchers can be within 500 feet or 200 feet from the chest… and still remote enough so that when FF had planned to die with the chest that his body would not be readily discovered.

        I know the location has to be remote but how remote? Brings in the age old question of what is close proximity….

        Ugh…. My head is spinning!!


        • How do we know the treasure is in a remote area?
          500 foot from a road and 200 foot from a trail is plenty far enough to be passed by, especially if thickly wooded or rocky boulder like.
          Did i miss something?
          Reason i ask is there has been an assumption from many that f made two long trips to the trove’s hiding spot in one afternoon. I cannot find where he mentions any distance. Only that he made two trips. The time may have been to dig the hole perhaps or maybe gazing at the marvelled treasure for a last time.
          Any thoughts??

          • IMO… It has to be somewhat remote due to the fact that he was going to stay with the chest when he passed away. Again, IMO, the chest is hidden in a place that a person wouldn’t just happen upon it.

            Its true that there was never a mention of distance other than something to the effect of less than a few miles (I don’t remember the exact words)… and I don’t think that it was two long trips from where he parked his car. I feel that he probably walked less than a mile or two to where he hid it.

            My opinion is that its near a trail or trails that people frequently walk/hike but not heavily traveled. I’m still up in the air about it being near a creek even though he said that the chest is wet.

            finally, IMO, I don’t think the chest is in a hole… not in one that he dug, anyway. It may be tucked in somewhere or covered by debris but I don’t think that he dug a hole to put it in.


          • I had just been thinking if ff didn’t want his remains spread about by the critters, he would need to be a bit closer to people type activity areas.

          • Smoky, I don’t believe FF dug a hole to
            bury the TC. I think the TC is much
            more than 500 feet away from the
            nearest road. And also from the nearest
            “human trail”, as typically/commonly defined. All my opinion.

      • I could be wrong but to me PIBHOB seems like the logical 500′ landmark. From there most miss the direction for NPFTM and continue on. FF uses the word “Stopped” and then passed it by. It makes me think that in his mind they stopped at PUIBHOB and headed the wrong direction.

        The people within 200′ headed the right way at first but then changed direction or perhaps they were on the incorrect side of a river or creek. Maybe a trail was at play here and the TC is 200′ from the trail that the searchers identified. 200′ seems like a good distance for “Not in close proximity of a human trail”

        By the way sorry for the PUIBHOB instead of just using HOB but I think the PUIB part is just as if not more important then the HOB part of the line and seems to be sometimes overlooked here.

        • I don’t remember f using the word “stopped”. He said, “Some folks correctly mentioned the first two clues to me in an email and then they went right past the other seven, not knowing that they had been so close”.

          But you make a valid point. Now my head is spinning faster!


          • This is the quote I have read. It was posted by someone else so you can try and validate it if you would like:

            “Some few have stopped within several hundred feet of the correct location, and then passed it by.”

          • I searched the Tarry Scant site for that quote, both in part and as a whole and there were no results found.

            I’m not saying he didn’t say it… I’ve just never heard it.

            Good luck in your search.


    • Tim, it makes (some) sense to me. Per my solve, there
      are 2 named-on-maps features within about 500 feet of
      where I think the TC is.

  14. Can see how a “named” spot might give f a hint where a search went near but not how really close they might have gotten and not know it.

    My issue is my greatest solve to date follows the poem to a tee until it hits 2 bumps…
    1. No road to my HOB , gotta walk.
    2. Finding the blaze then looking down should see wood of sort but this area doesn’t have a tree in sight. No wood.
    I stumped.

  15. What makes a safe spot to hid a treasure and your body? I’m not sure if this is the best place to post a sad article? A summer hike and accident.


    It looks like a beautiful spot to hike, hid a treasure and a great place to be buried. But is it a place a 79 / 80 year old person would choose or a young child should be searching? I do not believe Fenn hid his treasure in a place like this.

    What do the other searches think?

  16. Hi All;

    Out of surgery – all is good. Thanks to those that wished me well. I am “Back in the chase”. JDA

    • Good to hear it! Make sure you keep your gown tightly tied, since it sounds like you went straight from the hospital to the mountains!

      • Nope – Hospital to home – Gown left at hospital – They did let me change into cloths though – Sorry – No Streaking. Mountains will have to wait – JDA

        • JDA, glad to hear you escaped. Now, get back to work! I’m behind on my posts because I flew from Detroit to San Antonio the hard way yesterday. The airline had some issue and they put me on a flight to Phoenix. I looked carefully over the mountains in northern New Mexico but did not see any treasure from 36,000 feet. Anyway, now I’m in San Antonio and waiting for the weather from Harvey tomorrow and Saturday. Should be some good hunting on Padre Island after the storm. If only I had my metal detector. But, I digress. When are you getting back on the trail?

    • Great to hear the news JDA…. I was thinking about ya today. Take care of yourself and follow those post op orders so you can hit the mountains again soon…… I know there’s a high mountain with cliffs just waiting on ya out there somewhere……. I’m glad everything went ok…. until next time…. see ya my “friend”

      • Thanks much Focused – Dr. Says no mountains for 6 – 8 weeks. I will send my search team out Labor Day Week-end – Thanks again for the beautiful poem – JDA

    • Good for you JDA. Hope you have a speedy recovery, and good luck and safe hunting to your search team

    • Glad you’re well and resting up. Your are one of the touchstones on this blog. Try and stay safe.

      • OS2

        Not so sure about the “Touchstone”, but thanks for the compliment. Yes I will “TRY and STAY SAFE”. JDA

    • Glad to hear everything went ok for you JDA and that all is good. And most importantly, you will be able to go with your team over Labor Day I believe to find the TC.

      I’ve gone out twice this year and hope to do it again at least once next year if it’s not found before then, though like some, I’m starting to become a little pessimistic and think it may be out there for awhile.

      Nevertheless, glad you’re okay and good luck on your next outing.


      • I WISH I could go with them, but the Dr. says no. I will be with them in spirit though.

        Glad that you have been out twice this year.

        If MY plans work out, you will not have to go next year 🙂

        We shall see – TRY and STAY SAFE – JDA

    • “I am “Back in the chase”. JDA”

      I can envision JDA on the gurny…..in his groggy state….

      …going through the clues openly in the midst of the doctors.

      The doctors giggling and writing information down, right before LDA goes under.


      JK JDA….we know that when sedation is applied and/or wearing off, we say wierd things…..hehehe

      Glad to here all went well for you sir!


      ..and stay safe!

        • JDA:
          Knows what I found interesting is the skylight and the spray and the plants, understood-flowers-house of brown, the hothouse ‘has hot water and cold-warm water, because a heater in the bathroom-is the estuva or sun, ( Pay attention, bare-meaning-discovered, this is what you do ates to get up from bed, pink wall-faded red or salmon meaning, white stones or rocks, flowers, your bathroom door with arch over and word Storage, flower greenhouse, flowers that never bloom can be caquito I do not know there, trying to solve the 17th century Spanish table, notice the scrub loaded some on the left arm, your bamboo brush pointing to the old game bowl that has fairies on top and the table Which is against the south wall, place which has wood carved in anbos places, sides down and up, place that is sixty years old, look at the bench on the granite stone has a spray and on the wooden box of cents, on the granite stone if You take care of your edge until these 2 pieces have 2 white arrows indicated the objects sprinkler and box of cents, so what I understood departure north sf, west direction east, more if you see the position of your ff east of coast east and indicating west that is where ta Bank and the sprinkler and wooden box, on the beautiful tesuque tribe culture tewa ligua live native american new mexico near the village namber and pojoaque.
          This is the talk of your FF in your bathroom.
          It’s where the ever-vigilant Tesuque and I can hide from the grandchildren and the rest of the world.
          In the 17th century table, where the old sculpture and bowl are the bevelled reminiscent of a mountain table.
          The lamps in the mirror on the balcony both sides reminds me of a passage from your book talking about your father, look.
          (Now I feel like my dad is sitting on the edge of a cloud
          Somewhere watching. If he knows everything about me, he is handsome
          Light candles occupied, some of them at both ends)
          Well this is an understanding I had of the puzzle by looking carefully.
          I wish you a safe hunt

  17. Hiking boots, a metal detector, and a cool hat: $435,
    Gas, traffic citations, and other travel expenses: $?,000,
    Finding friends with the same mental disorder as you, …’priceless’!


  18. So after being highly aware of white-water rapids in my first solve, my second solve (still in process) is looking like I’ll have to be highly aware of grizzly bears. (If this one proves a bust and my 3rd solve puts me in the Rattlesnake NRA, I’ll know I’m cursed.)

    Anyways, with regards to grizzly bears, I’m assuming spring and fall are the worst times to be in their world. I’m guessing late July or the first half of August are probably the safest times? I’ll obviously have bear spray and I wouldn’t be going alone, but I’m not a talkative person by nature so would playing music or a podcast or something be an effective way of having my presence be known to them?

    On a related note, in my preliminary reading about grizzly bears, it seems there’s a lot of scavenger about them. What are people’s thoughts on this as it relates to FF’s initial plan to die where the TC is now? Would the possibility of a grizzly bear scavenging his body be a deterrent to his initial plan and by default, his hiding the chest in grizzly country? Or do you think he’d A) not care because he’d be dead or B) find something poetic in that potentially happening?

    • When my son and I went on a guided fly fishing trip in YS we had a bit of off trail hiking. The guide suggested singing bear songs to keep them away. “Bear, bear, bear in the woods, yada yada…” It seems like a good idea anyway and fun to make up songs. I was singing that the should stay away because I have my bear spray.

      • Aron: interesting that you discover with names of seasoning, three seasoning will give me an hour of hunters, and also a name Barnum Brown, and a date not visible in one of them year of 1902

    • * * * * * * Fmc pondered – “. . . I’m not a talkative person by nature so would playing music or a podcast or something be an effective way of having my presence be known to them?” * * * * * *

      Ya ‘ta Hey-O, Fmc –

      I think playing music or a podcast would be an effective way to:
      1 – annoy other hikers;
      2 – dull your own senses to what’s going on around you.

      The jury’s still out on bells (which is what I used to wear in my backpacking days). Smacking a couple sticks together or clapping loudly a few times every few minutes or so would likely be more effective.

      There’s also a school of thought that wonders whether alerted bears respond with deference or curiosity. .

      My best advice is to stay alert yourself. Don’t get narrowly focused on the path forward. Just like driving a motor vehicle, you spend most of your time looking 30 yards ahead, but you also periodically and regularly check the rear-view mirrors, look 100+ yards ahead, etc.

      Be relaxed but vigilant, and remember that only you can have your own back. In close terrain, use your ears and nose as well as your eyes. In more open terrain, stop and do a slow thoughtful 360-degree long view once in a while, when you get to a higher (even slightly) piece of ground, or when the terrain changes (when you emerge from woods into a clearing, for example, or vice versa).

      Don’t obsess about it. Relax, take slow deep breaths and before you know it it’ll be on auto-pilot and you’ll be enjoying the bigger picture as well as the small stuff.

      It’s one of the reasons I always carry a topo, even when I don’t need one. I like maps, and pulling one out whenever I break for a few minutes or for lunch means I’m automatically (and enjoyably) expanding my attention to the mid-range and the horizon perspectives all around me.

      ARCS – be Alert, be Relaxed, be Confident, be Safe, and have fun!


      • Yeah, obviously I wouldn’t do it if other people were around. My potential search area is pretty remote, however. Is a group of 3 (all guys, staying close to each other) making occasional noise and being alert enough to be safe?

        • Sure – safe as can be, short of going out in S.W.A.T. gear.

          But remember to leave the sardine sandwiches back in the truck. Them bars got noses as well as eyes and ears. 😉


        • Fmc, it’s recommended that your hiking group
          be a minimum of 3 people (ya done good). Also
          that bear spray be very close at hand, instead
          of in a pocket or backpack. Taking a frequent
          look all around can’t hurt. I also suggest that
          when approaching anything — such as a hilltop, dense grove, etc. that could conceal a nearby
          bear, that you make noise. All IMO (I have some
          experience hiking in bear country).

      • We used whistles and bells. Not sure if it helped but the scariest things we ran across were the bugs, and not just mosquito’s.

    • I did my first BOTG search last month. I knew that bears were known to be in the area I searched but I figured if I made enough noise they would tend to stay away from me. I was a little more concerned about the rattlesnakes.

      I figured if I came across a bear, I’d be able to see it at a distance and be somewhat prepared for an encounter. When it came to rattlers, I would be on top of them before I knew it.

      I took a telescoping hiking pole with me and made sure I put it down everywhere I intended to step… I also poked around any thick brush that was close to my walking path.

      I heard several snakes sing out from a short distance while I was hiking but I didn’t actually see one until I got back to the car. There was a nice 4 footer crossing the dirt road while driving on the way out.

      Be safe… be alert…


    • I believe the TC is in bear country, but not a place that is very
      densely populated by bears. I have made 4 search hikes, all
      up the same creek, and found lots of animal bones, all sun-
      bleached and very white. No “meat” or “blood” on any of them.
      This suggests that they have been there for a long, long time.
      I also saw bear scat, and a few bear tracks. But never saw
      any bears (at any distance) during these hikes.

      My habit, while hiking, is to be alert, frequently looking around in all directions . . . and when approaching the crest of a hill, or a group of trees, to make a lot of noise . . . in case a bear is nearby but not yet visible to me (or me to it).

      I NEVER hike alone. The recommended minimum group
      size — for bear country — is three people. And I carry bear
      spray (the large size), having done a lot of research about
      how/when to use it. I don’t carry it in a pocket or backpack.

      Please do your “homework” about safety before heading
      into the mountains. Thank you for “bearing” with me.

      The above is my opinion. Yours may differ.

      • You know whats funny. I saw a number of bones while searching in Yellowstone. The most I saw is when we went fishing on the Gardner River and I forgot to bring bear spray. I was more nervous there than hiking with the bear spray by far.

  19. I’ve not seen it discussed here (perhaps I’ve missed it?), but wondering thoughts on the bark beetle epidemic that went on a few years ago, over the time Forrest secreted his treasure, and how it has likely changed the landscape in regards to accessibility from even just a few years ago. Now we’re seeing TONS of deadfall zigzagging across trails along the Rock Mountains. I believe it makes it nearly impossible to judge an area by an ability of an 80 year old man’s ability to get there, let alone twice in an afternoon.


    • This thought has been very much on my mind, too Tony. I have been climbing over many-a-recently-fallen tree in my searches. Still-standing ponderosa pines are more often than not, surrounded by piles of their outer bark that have stripped off by the beetles, so hopefully the blaze was not carved into a tree, as was my initial thought. (I’m going to write some additional thoughts on this in a moment over on the blaze discussion page.)

      • Climbing over numerous trees in some spots I searched made me think an 80 year old man couldn’t do this. If those trees were not there when he hid it however, that would make it a much easier hike.

  20. Black bear will usually move away from noise. In late summer Griz will hear noise as a dinner bell. By late September into October, they are taking in more food for the coming hibernation so I say, don’t go to an area with Griz with only spray. It won’t stop a big aggressive carnivore.

    I take my pistol and a rifle into those areas. Even Black bear will be more aggressive in late summer and fall. Be prepared for any kind of a surprise.

    • Wow, we Canadian searchers sure are at a disadvantage if we’re searching in areas with bears. I don’t even own a gun, and after my small Swiss Army penknife I had on my key ring was summarily confiscated by TSA with a stern lecture, I figure a gun will be really asking for trouble.

  21. I haven’t kept up on all the blog lately but if you are 62 or older and do not have Senior Life Time Pass you have until Sundaay Aug 27 to get it at the curretnt 10$ after taht it will be $80. Don’t let it pass you by even if you don’t think ff hid it in a nation park. Good at National parks, US corps of engineers and many other areas.

  22. This Q & A has been bugging me a while now and I’d like to offer something up for the community to consider.

    Q – Are there any objects placed in the Bronze Chest that are connected, or have meaning to the place the chest is hidden? ~ Mike

    A – No Mike, everything in the chest is straight forward and visual……f

    So f has told us the chest contents (objects) include, gold coins, diamonds, rubies, emeralds, silver, turquoise, etc.. But what about color? Could the color of the objects in the chest assist a searcher in defining a more specific search area?

    For example, instead of all of Yellowstone it refines the area to say Upper Geyser Basin. Or say Cripple Creek instead of the Colorado Rockies.

    Something to think about. Thoughts?


    • The question was worded for that reasoning as well… “or have ‘meaning’ to the place the chest is hidden?”

      No Mike, everything in the chest is straight forward and visual, except my autobiography, which some might find dull. Oops, I forgot, there is one thing in the chest that I have not talked about except to say I don’t want to talk about it. It is something saved especially for the person who solves the clues. I think that person will be pleased when she sees it. f

      What is interesting, is fenn could have stop at the first sentence… yet adds opps. Was there a reason for adding the rest answer, or did fenn just mentioned the “thing” to spice up our curiosity?
      It is odd that over the years fenn has shown pics, given a list of the content of the chest, wrote SB’s about some of those items… yet chose the add/mention the “thing” in this Q&A.
      Personally what kicked a brain-cell for me was how fenn worded; “It is something saved especially for the person who solves the clues. I think that person will be pleased when she sees it. f ”

      I don’t think the person who solves the clues is the same person who will be pleased [about the “Thing”]… Which gives me pause to think about the poem in the same manner… “As I have gone alone in there…” and “So why is it I must go…”

        • This Q&A by FF has intrigued me the most above all things he has said. The flow of him saying ” saved especially for the person that solves the clues” and ” that person will be pleased when she sees it” , seems to me to indicate different persons also. The ” person” being said twice and then “she” after and in the flow of context, appears to be one then another being referenced. In my opinion , for this to be of the same person being indicated, FF would have to be knowing of the gender specific of the Finder. But he doesn’t know who the finder would be.So, whatever he is indicating in his answer as “She” , might just be a genders affinity but not limited to the gender. IMO. Just my thoughts of opinion and ideas. I find this quote very interesting.

          • That is interesting. Perhaps there is a note indicating a daughter or someone else would buy something such as the bracelet back from them for a specified price. If this happened he would also know the chase is over. Then again isn’t her the correct use of grammar when indicating a him or a her?

          • That surely is within the realm of possibilities. The only thing about that idea is that time is a factor that comes into play. Is that scenario you say have staying power for 100 years or 1000? I don’t know if 100 or 1000 years even applies in that of all things he says is being concidered. It was an email response so it is a thought out response. I look at what he wrote in response TO the question as a focal point. Therefore, I believe , in my opinion, that “She” is Mother Earth- Gaia. IMO.

        • Aaron,

          In the Q&A it says, something “saved.”
          It make little sense to me that fenn would Save; keep, retain, an item for the purpose of ~ “especially for the person who solves the clues.” I mean, isn’t a million plus in gold, precious stones, jewelry, ancient trinkets and an autobiography enough reward for the finder?

          “Saved” imo, means more as, rescued, or prevented from being lost, destroyed or misplaced, a personal item that is or about someone worth saving… fenn may have decided to pass it on to the finder, a keepsake, of the “she” who it belonged to or has a connection to.
          We know about the bracelet, gold, stones, necklace etc… but this item apparently was never mentioned or shown of prior… so, imo, it’s an item was “saved” …and the person it belonged to or has meaning of, is the she, and not so much an unknown future finder of the chest.

          As for the poem… I can read stanza 1 as another [ i ], and in stanza 5 as fenn.
          I have asked myself, why would fenn talk about going alone into a place to hide the chest [stanza 1 of the poem]
          Why tell us in the book the reasons for this challenge to be born and thought-out and planned over a long period of time… just to add stanza 5 as a question and answer IF stanza 1 and the book tells basically the same as stanza 5… why be so redundant? and/or use two stanzas of the poem for the same purpose…

          fenn wants us to basically follow his footsteps to the chest… Theoretically, did he follow an other’s footstep when he found/discovered the spot?
          Could it be we are doing the same… following both [i’s]?
          Why is it that stanza 1 uses “As I have…” and stanza 5 uses “I’ve”?
          Especially, when we are told… every word was deliberate and it would be unwise to discount them…

          Just thoughts… lol, they haven’t helped me much, so do as you wish with them.

          • I have been working on understanding why there are such similarities between stanza 1 and 5. AIHGAIT (stanza 1) is past tense and SWIITIMG (stanza 5) is future tense. I have bounced around different ideas but best I can come up with so far is that stanza 1 is not talking about FF but something else. Stanza 5 could be talking about FF’s journey but also showing us that it is similar to this other something / someones path in stanza 1. This would show that the poem has 2 different meanings.

          • Seeker, you said:

            “Saved” imo, means more as, rescued, or prevented from being lost, destroyed or misplaced, a personal item that is or about someone worth saving… fenn may have decided to pass it on to the finder, a keepsake, of the “she” who it belonged to or has a connection to.”

            I agree. That’s very similar to my line thinking. IMO .

          • * * * * * * Seeker wrote – “I have asked myself, why would fenn talk about going alone into a place to hide the chest [stanza 1 of the poem]” * * * * * *

            In pondering the implications of the game being played on a much smaller playing field than I had earlier supposed, I’ve come to think this just might be related to having your search partner wait in the car . . . .


          • seeker- u ask rhetorical questions.

            are you trying to help searchers to think, or are you seeking confirmation of your thoughts.

            To answer my own question, you are very close.

      • Imo…I think F refers to “she” as the sun. The item he neglects to mention could be a large star opal, it’s beauty is magnified when hit by sunlight. Or, possibly a diamond, whose faucets come alive when “she” illuminates it.

    • I suspect that the “special” item added to the chest by Forrest is something very meaningful to his life of enjoying the chase- the first arrowhead he ever found.

      • i 100% agree. I think that Forrest would want to share that special item with the “special” person who could solve the riddle. JDA

      • On 5/29/15 Forrest did a radio/podcaqst interview with Richard Eeds in which Forrest was asked if he still had that first arrowhead and Forrest said “Still have the arrowhead.” Since he has also stated that once he hid the TC it was “out of my hands now”, I doubt he would say he still has it if it was in the TC, IMO. Search “first arrowhead” on http://www.tarryscant.com for the link.

        • blu-
          Forrest keeps his first arrowhead in his vault with Chief Sitting Bulls pipe, a piece of flack he removed from his aircraft after a mission in Vietnam and a mix of “precious” and “personal” artifacts.

          • Dal – Don’t you wonder why no pics of the 1st arrowhead tho? Obviously left out of all public view for some reason unknown…


          • Never occurred to me that there was something suspicious about keeping his arrowhead in his vault. He kept the chest in there. He keeps all the things that are special to him there that have no place in his office. He shows them to folks who he takes into his vault. Lots of searchers have seen his first arrowhead….Wait! you mean you’ve never seen it 23?

  23. I have been around this blog of Dals for 6years or so and hate to ask makes me feel like a newby but did Forrest ever say only the shadow knows or did I dream it .it all seems to melt together in my head so I’m trying to go back to my notes of about 14 different solves and see if I can make one last try for the chest

    • Tonto, it was the Warmwatershalt website. When a little boys voice was asking a shaman a question. I don’t think f has actually stated the phantom may know.I could be wrong though. You looking up old Phantom comics? The Phantom, Mandrake the magician, the Whisperer? I would have to look at some old notes to be 100% sure, sorry…

        • Q-Does the shadow know?
          A-The shadow may know but does it lead the way?
          Top hat, wand and Heqet were there, somewhere, waiting before the barking dawn. Cast amongst characters of days gone by. It was there by colorful biddies that changed the way. It was there, where gifts of humor swam coldly in play. It was there, where the changing tides of time, left memories of the past and forever on time.
          Off in the distance was a key to be seen, west of a notable King and Queen. So don’t ever think like I once thought of yore, the shadow was there, and there opened a door.

  24. Fmc. My first was Folsom falls New Mexico, this was before the second book which put it out of the search area the second solve was in the area of cave creek just north of sante fe then was mount baldy then I read Beattys cabin loved the book so that was next and then many more the poem I could make fit anywhere and even where I live but and in my opinion I’m very close and a 10″x10″ box would be hard to find even if you knew a location but I have been confident in all my solves or I wouldn’t have made the trips.And let me tell everyone Mr.Fenn did not put his life in danger because he knew more would walk his path so think creek not raging river pay attention in the mountains and enjoy the experience

  25. pdenver,

    There has been a lot of speculation about particular distances relating to “feet.” ( 200 – 500).

    If I were in Yellowstone National Park, one of the very first areas I would search would be a bit far from from the maddening crowd, per se.
    Lookout Point and *Moran Point. (* I still consider”Artists Point” to be incorrect).

    There are several connections to the area that could well be associated with ‘Chase’, including, but not limited to:

    Thomas Moran, The Walking distance between Lookout Point and Grand View Point , Glenn Brown, the Lower Falls, Fielding Bradford Meek, a Blaze in the painting on a horse, attempting to Paddle up any creek that’s in a painting, will not happen!

    I think you can understand what I’m talking about, my friend.( Several other coincidental or related connections ).

    Am on my way back to a special location in Colorado for now!.


      • Wish that I could do something to change that, my friend. Not happy!


        No worry. We’ll simply keep trying!

        BTW….does “Notch Mountain” in Colorado mean anything to you?

        • (Second try.) I seem to be having difficulty posting today, my friend.

          I’m horrible when it comes to names and places in Colorado. With research, I’ve found that it is near Mount of the Holy Cross, and Bowl of Tears. I believe many are searching in this area, especially with reference to tears, or lack of them, in “The Thrill of the Chase” book.

  26. The first clue is “And with my treasures bold”

    Forrest has said this area is very special to him. So it contains “treasures” which he loves, and finds to be somewhat “bold”.

    Does this make sense to any of you? When he goes in alone, he is with the things he has discovered which are so wonderful, that he would like to be laid to rest amid. Must be very special treasures indeed.

    He uses the terms “treasures bold” and “riches new and old” in that stanza. Each term relates to different kinds of treasures in my opinion.


    • Hi Franklin: In the 2013 New Zealand radio interview, Forrest explicitly states that “where warm waters halt” is the first clue, so “And with my treasures bold” cannot be the first clue.

      • That doesn’t mean the words are meaningless. Perhaps if it is not a clue, then it is informative as a hint? Forrest also said every word was deliberate. Why Treasures Bold? It means something

      • Oh, just because I don’t believe the first clue is in the first stanza doesn’t mean I don’t think those first 4 lines aren’t chock full of critical information. I’m 100% confident no one will solve WWWH without that stanza.

    • Frankiln ~ ‘The first clue is “And with my treasures bold”’

      There is no more guess work on what fenn considers the “first clue” to be.
      While it’s still important to understand the entire poem, imo. The first “clue” is in stanza 2.

  27. Ok I get that. WWWH. But, somehow this poem has not been totally understood or the TC would be found by now.

    Would you then say, that the last 2 stanzas are an epilogue, and the first stanza is a prologue?

    • Franklin,
      I have been a big advocate against stanza 1 5 6 being fillers or intro or as you put it … prologue and epilogue. As fenn has stated; all the words in the poem were deliberate.
      I don’t disagree with your theory that the area might have treasures~ important to fenn… I have a hard time thinking what those treasures are, in relationship the the “first clue.”
      Can you expand and share your thoughts to how they connect?

  28. If one finds the correct WWWH, then in a reasonable proximity there should be some kind of a canyon, a road and a home of Brown. Perhaps the area also contains other bold things which originally attracted Fenn to them. Treasures Bold is a strange way to describe any item closed up in a box which no one can see. Hence I think the “treasures bold” are something else in the area surrounding his chosen resting place.

    Most searchers believe the canyon down has a road through it, but there is no such proof in how I read it. The road could run near the canyon or through it, either way. At some point, if you know the home of Brown, then you know when to “put in”. So the big question is this: Are you putting in to a creek, or a canyon? Maybe both at the same time? Is the road there, or above it?

    • I do agree with following the canyon on the map regardless of the road. The treasures bold statement, i don’t know maybe?

    • Who else in the past brought treasures bold into the Rockies? I’d keep an eye out for that.

    • I once considered the first 2 lines of the poem as one and he was describing his children or grandchildren as his treasures…

      “As I have gone alone in there AND with my treasures bold”

      Thus he was describing a place that he had traveled to multiple times… sometimes with his family (treasures) and sometimes alone.

      just some random thoughts…


      • I do not subscribe to him going in there with his family but that is a great point and would explain why the past tense in the first line. The first line combined with “And with my treasures bold” can be taken as he as he went in to the spot in the past alone he went in this time with his treasures.

  29. the way I see it is that you are driving down the road in a canyon – with a creek along side the road – until you grt to heavy loads where the creek stops – turn left where you take it in the canyon down is where you will find home of brown

  30. no – the end is ever drawing nigh – to me means – the end is farther away and to the left from home of brown

  31. Ok I never criticize anyone’s ideas. I admit I don’t get the left turn, but that’s ok. All ideas are on the table until the TC is found

  32. franklin – the left turn is when you take it in the canyon down to me that would be south- in my salve when you get to heavy loads you turn left to home of brown or right (north) to waters high to get to the blaze thanks for not criticizing my opinion that’s what makes it fun

    • Ah hahaha! “you people are so dense… you need to see an eye doctor…”

      I found it interesting about the pictures in the book relates to what the searcher “found” as clues… hmmm!

      Chicago radio WGN interview, March 2013: http://lummifilm.com/blog/WGN2013.mp3
      Minute 10:45, Q: Does the book give me any more information than I would get from the poem?
      A: “There are some subtle hints in the text…
      [{ “TEXT” T E X T -enlarge / spelled out, for those who are vision impaired }]
      …of the book that will help you with the clues.  The poem will take you to the chest but the book by itself won’t.” f

    • I love it! As a medical professional, I firmly believe we should all get regular check ups / preventative care. I think that routine MEDICATION evaluations are an important part of basic health care as well. Perhaps a wee dosage adjustment is needed from time to time to keep things “balanced”… The sound track is awesome though.

    • Is Bill on any psychotropics? Where are the pictures of him with the treasure chest if he found it? Maybe he “blazed up” before this last video…

    • Hey Bill G.,
      I just returned from vacation and was catching up on Dal’s blog and watched your video clip. 2 weeks of sun, sand, surf and copious amounts of great seafood might be the perfect cure for your wound tight serious case of Fenn induced misinterpretitus. Gone uncared for, this could lead to other serious maladies…such as… ringing in the ears, dizziness, delusional behavior, impairment of vision and worse.
      With that said…I wish you the best and please be cautious out there…they’re watching!

    • If you think you’ve spotted a searcher in the field, try to blend in with your surroundings. Do not engage. If they haven’t seen you back away slowly…if they have slide the safety off your bear spray and hold your ground.

  33. His enthusiasm and confidence are admirable. However, sorry bub no pub.
    I have shared this before. There is a drawing provided by Forrest somewhere that tells you precisely what state the treasure is in, and it is not Colorado.

    • I just noticed this Timw. Really? Can you find a link to the map showing that correct state? I have never heard of another map defining THE state.

      • Thanks franklin. Sharing that info would cut my chances of being first. If it has not been found by next years fennboree I will share it with all. I can guarantee the necessary hints have been shared by Forrest as to the state. If not, I will eat whatever is left of Jakes hat. My email address is on my website forrestfenntreasurehunt.com. There is a lot of info there as well.

  34. HELP!!!

    Somewhere several months ago, I read something about Forrest answering a question that included “throwing a bicycle” over a cliff or waterfall. It had to do with the hike up to the hidey-spot, and then throwing the bicycle away where it would be hard to find….or something like that. Can anyone help me? JDA

    • Forrest gets Mail Two….

      Is this what you are looking for?

      Forrest responds-

      I am a very simple person and you want me to have copious meetings with lawyers, preachers, undertakers and your family. What is wrong with me just riding my bike out there and throwing it in the “water high” when I am through with it? You don’t know how many man hours I have spent on that subject. Thanks for the input but I think you should mobilize your club and hit the trail searching for the wondrous treasure. Besides, I’ll probably get hit by a train. When you find the treasure please come sell me the great turquoise and silver bracelet that is in the chest. I wish now that I had kept it. f

        • JDA, I suggest you don’t associate bicycling
          with the actual location of the TC. FF is quite
          a master of misdirection.

          All my opinion, don’cha know.

    • Someone offered to take forrests ashes to his special spot. (I think that was the offer) Forrest answered something to the affect… why wouldn’t I just ride a bicycle there and throw it in “water high”

      • timw::
        Yes ff maybe going to speak after this publication
        Crossing words in the poem
        I replied dene, I’m tired, I’m already aware, weak
        I repondi, dene (done), Blackfoot, Blackfeet.
        Keyword: done- (dene.
        5 stanza, and 3 verse and 4 verse crossing words up and down

    • Wow, Dal! You had only gone on 5 search trips at the time the article was written? That was quite a while ago!

    • That’s the article that set me on the chase. I read it on a United Airlines flight in 2013 and finally bought a copy of TTOTC in March 2014.

      Great article.

  35. I wonder if Forrest will ever post again? Seems time for scrapbook 185 about now, or something. Sure miss him.

    Thanks for the article Dal. Very enjoyable read.

  36. Another though from my distant armchair… there has been much discussion about ‘look quickly down’ and to my knowledge all of it is either a south direction, or ‘down’ to your map or feet… yet if you read the book …. many ‘looked up’ to Hemingway & Fitzgerald, and ff ‘looked up to Skippy but couldn’t look down on June’, etc. …just saying, the sheriff has new ropes.

    • OS2, your message reminded me of FF’s advice to (not his
      exact words) pay attention to the nouns in the poem. I think a valid list of “nouns in the poem” could include the words “down” and “scant” . . . for what it’s worth . . .

      The above is my opinion. Yours may differ.

    • That’s another good one, Dal, thanks. It’s kind of nice to read these stories again. All I can think of when I read this one is Moxie.

    • Dal,
      Perhaps are reading this people will stop hanging on Fenn words seeking that clue he inadvertently drops.
      Fenn has been saying these same phrases his entire life, he won’t slip up.

      • I think it may be less about him slipping up and more about us folks in searcher land catching up to what he has been saying over and over for years.

  37. Did Olga pass before or after the treasure was hidden? Reason I ask is i’m curious if “she” left something special for the trove.

    • Olga passed away long before the treasure was hidden, SmokyBaer. Back when Forrest was still expanding his gallery complex.

      • Ahh… thanks.
        She may have unknowingly contributed something special to the chest then. Cool.

  38. The results of the survey are in and they are very interesting. Bear in mind a few things – the survey was just for fun. Anyone who wants to get real, actionable information from the results should not try – it was just for fun.

    Also, I would estimate 100% of all of those who responded have answered at least one question incorrectly on purpose.

    Lastly, the heard mindset may not be good for anything – after all, the heard has not found the chest yet.

    So the results are…….just for entertainment.

    What state do you think the chest is hidden within? (The top answer was Montana)

    New Mexico










  39. Survey Question: What item is MOST important to take with you in the search?









    Another Person / Persons




    Fishing Waders


    Bear Spray




  40. Survey Question: How far is too far to walk? (Top answer was 10 to 15 miles, second most frequent answer was 5 to 10 miles)

    Over 25 miles


    15 to 25 miles


    10 to 15 miles


    5 to 10 miles


    1 to 5 miles


    Up to 1 mile




  41. Survey Question: The treasure chest is currently wet? True / False

    True over 65% think it is currently wet
    False over 34%

  42. Survey Question: A waterfall has something to do with the correct solve. True / False

    True almost 32% say a waterfall has something to do with the solve
    False over 68%

  43. Survey Question: The first clue in the poem is ______________ .

    As I have gone alone in there


    Begin it where warm waters halt


    Put in below the home of Brown


    So why is it that I must go


    So hear me all and listen good


    There are no clues in the poem




  44. Survey Question: At what elevation is the chest?

    Below 5,000 ft.


    5,000 to 6,000 ft.


    Between 6,000 and 7,000 ft.


    Between 7,000 and 8,000 ft.


    Between 8,000 and 9,000 ft.


    Between 9,000 and 10,000 ft.


    Above 10,000 ft.


    • Thanks for the work you put in. Interesting that Montana was #1, and elevation between 7-8,000′ – It is wet, and a waterfall is part of solve. 10-15 miles = TFTW. and YEA, they believe Forrest – WWWH = 1st clue. Interesting. JDA

      • JDA – correcting one thing in your reply: most think a waterfall is NOT involved in the solve.

        • Hi Covert One: I think one reason most respondents (including myself) don’t believe a waterfall is involved is this quote from Forrest:

          “You guys seem to be hung up on waterfalls. Don’t try to change my poem to fit your ideas.” f

      • I concur…that was fun to see the results…I always wondered what they were.

        Good luck to all.

  45. Survey Question: What distance did FF travel (on each trip) when he left his sedan to hide the chest? (most popular answer is between 1 mile and 2 miles, and the second most popular is between 1/2 mile and a mile)

    Less than 1,000 ft.


    Between 1,000 ft. and 1/4 mile


    Between 1/4 mile and 1/2 mile


    Between 1/2 mile and 1 mile


    Between 1 mile and 2 miles


    Between 2 miles and 4 miles


    More than 4 miles


  46. I would like to say ” my prayers go out for everyone in south Texas ”
    Brooke (from Texas) if your in that mess caused by hurricane harvey , I’m thinking about you my friend…. take care … let me know if you need anything..
    Until next time… see ya

  47. Hi everyone….

    I’m not sure if this has been talked about before, but has anyone found more about the connection of certain people F has mentioned to Gardiner’s Island? Like Sonja Henie?

    • Hi Mindy 🙂 – if you’re bravely suggesting that a cute Norwegian figure-skater has somehow escaped any sane-mans notice here on HoD, then i’m sorry to inform you that you’re absolutely totally mistaken, fyi 🙁

      [NTS: quickly google Sonja Henie – specifically her current marriage status]

      • Lol!
        I think she passed away.

        I’m curious to know if she ever practiced at Sun Valley? I know there’s a song in a movie with her that mentions it…

        • Yes she did Mindy …. if you look on page 54 of “To Far To Walk” it the story called sun valley gig it says she skated on a frozen pond out back….. I hope this helps…
          It was nice meeting you at Fennboree… have a great day.. until next time.. see ya

      • OK, I’ll bite…what is this all about?

        – a mushroom (in the dark and fed bs all day, also, my job)

    • Dustin – i’m obviously renowned for never telling secrets, ever..

      ..but the Butler def did it (again) ..apparently

      ( ..i know right?! – ‘shock/horror’ 🙁 )

  48. Any families (parents with young kids or parent with young kids) going to be searching in Yellowstone area in mid September?
    If so and you are interested in talking to the news media about your search please contact me (dalATlummifilm.com)

  49. The funniest thing I’ve read so far is Forrest’s article, “The Mother of Indiana Jones” wherein he rips on the “professionals”. As he’s such a wordsmith, it probably went without notice that in Indiana Jones, it was eventually revealed that the name was not his but that of his dog when he was younger. So, essentially, given the title of Forrest’s article, he’s calling them all bitches without them even realizing it. LOL

    • Video Q&A quote:

      Q- ” Did you just say a minute ago that it is not on the top of a mountain?”

      FF- ” I hope I didn’t say that. I’ll tell you that it isn’t on the top of any mountain. That’s a big clue because there’s lots of mountains out there. It may be close to the top”. End quote.

    • Zaphod73941. It is the Collective Works video and I think around the 32 or 33 or 34 minute mark. Can’t remember exactly the time, my memory flashes me those minute markers.

    • Thanks Alsetenash: more evidence I’m in the right spot, and another word game from Forrest IMO.

      • You’re welcome Zaphod. There are many toponymy terms for ” mountain levels and visuals” . Could be the “top” of any of the numerous terms. Though he could be speaking in a common understood meaning in what he said. I can sure over analyze things. IMO .

      • Zap, what this response about “near a mountain top” suggests, Imo is that this elevation of the subject mountain peak may not be very tall, because the TC is over 5,000 and under 10,200 conclusion, at max perhaps 10, 700 ft peak, so that could put some loftier Peaks out of focus.


        • Hi TT: that Forrest said it isn’t at the top of any mountain peak isn’t terribly helpful since mountain peaks tend to be common destinations, and Forrest seems confident that the chest won’t be stumbled upon by happenstance. No, the interesting comment is that it “might be close to the top”: that’s the hint.

  50. Initially, I tried to solve the poem by starting with where warm waters halt. Finally gave up on that and went to work on finding the home of Brown. That was the key for me. Once I had my home of Brown, I then confirmed it by searching for, and finding, where warm waters halt. Then I followed a creek from my home of Brown and looked for the blaze. Everything fits, and for me, home of Brown was the key. Forrest threw me off by emphasizing warm waters halt as the first clue. Although it’s the first clue in the poem, and the starting point on the map, it is not the starting point in solving the poem (as I see it).

      • FMC..If you find HOB, why waste time back tracking to Canyon “up” and wwwh? You’re at HOB, hike in and find the blaze!
        That is…if you have correct HOB!

        • Totally agree. Forrest made a comment similar to that. He was asked by a reporter to say where hoB was, and he said no as the TC would be found very soon after (para)

  51. Well Tom B, when you going after it? From what I’m reading going to have to hurry. Bill Gorman says he has found it and going after it another guy saying same thing and JDA Believes his crew will have it this weekend
    Seems alot of people are becoming pretty confident.

    • That’s three recipes for preparing and eating crow. There’s a great recipe for Humble Pie you can Google also, and another one for quick fried hat. They don’t taste too great but awfully easy to prepare.

      • Sparrow…I hope Wildbirder doesn’t read your post; she would definitely not like the idea of anyone eating Crow! Due to her suggestion, I have mended my ways and become more socially correct; I no longer insult Vultures. Maybe we could substitute Tofurkey or a similar gluten free high protein low carb dish for Crow. I think she would like that. But fried hat is definitely still on the menu.

        • I hope the vulture comment was taken as a joke & as for eating crow we have had a couple of stewed crows ourselves.
          I now am down to 292. Goal 250 so we can search next year.
          My dr agrees i am fine & i could go this year if we could arrange it.
          So end of next summer. Till save us a drumstick of crow.

          • Wildbirder…I absolutely LOVED your comment on Vultures awhile back and have shared it with my “bird nerd” friends. I have an affinity for Raven…eating Crow would be like eating little brother! So, I keep my expectations low and do my best not to “use up all the fun”. Congratulations on the weight loss…amazing how this search motivates people to learn, grow, develop better self care habits etc. Good luck in your searches!!

        • That but was VERY FUNNY. Thank you for the laugh. Again i wad joking about vultures

      • Sparrow…
        Over the years there have been many extravagant recipes concocted and I suspect that you are likely to witness many more to come. Humble Pie is another completely different culinary delight that is reserved for the elite…those that can move forward with grace and admit their follies w/o remorse. Quick- fried Hat usually ends with disastrous effects…and best suited as a Last Supper…of sorts.
        Good luck to all searchers…and have a great time out there in the Rockies !
        I am still working on what the heck that “important possibility” might be.

    • Bill was supposed to have it this past Sunday!
      As for the others? Idk, but at least the confidence factor is running high. It is, every year at this time. Everyone is making that last lunge.
      Be safe, good luck all!

    • I’m looking for someone to search my spot for me. Not claiming to know where it is for sure, but satisfied that I’ve got a solution that fits the poem in a straightforward way.

      • * * * * * * TomB stated – “I’m looking for someone to search my spot for me.” * * * * * *

        Where at? Have wheels, will travel. (at least till mid-October, but not all 4 states.)


    • No reason to hurry. If you have confidence in your solution, it really doesn’t matter what others are doing. There are several on here that have confidence in their solution and I personally admire their willingness to say so, regardless of whether they succeed or not.

      • Tom B is correct. Ignore what others are doing; statistically they are all wrong. Probably a quarter million BOTG searches have been carried out over the last 7 years, none of them successful. Why worry about the half dozen “searchers of the week” and their equally flawed solutions? No one that I’ve seen posting here recently is searching in the right area IMO; most aren’t even searching in the right state (NOT my opinion: mathematical fact).

        • A 1 in 4 probability of choosing the right state is 25%.
          Since I assume you don’t have the chest(?), then you do not know for certain which is the correct state and therefore your statement is based on speculation not facts.

        • Randawg: how would my not knowing with certainty which state the chest is in have a bearing on my mathematically accurate statement that most searchers are looking in the wrong state? There are four possible states, therefore three are wrong. Unless more than 50% of searchers were looking in the same state (which surveys over the years suggest is not the case), then only a minority can be searching in the correct state.

          • no place that is “deer’ to him down there.:) With a canyon, to rest his bones.
            Deer Valley, Deer Lodge. Would be straightforward if you ‘sever” the end of nig/h, Mount Haggin does end with nig…Then again, Veterans Memorial hwy runs thru your start point, I guess it’s hard to “see” how Veterans Memorial would have anything to do with warm waters…but that’s just me:)
            (Double smiles for you in one post, lol)

          • Thanks for the smiles Charlie.

            Pinter Veterans Memorial Highway is in your search area isn’t it Charlie? Starts in Anaconda and ends in Drummond?

            Think you were trying to create a diversion 🙂 A smile back at Ya’ JDA

  52. A while back, I can’t find the thread at the moment, in June or July, a handful of people from California seemed to be interested in teaming up with someone to look for the treasure. I live in Pasadena, CA, and would love to team up with someone from CA to search for the treasure. Like many of you, I have some pretty good ideas where to look, though I’ve learned to be humble, and am unwilling to hike alone in grizzly country.

    I made one trip in July and was so sure I had solved the puzzle. Looking through binoculars, I could see a Y-shaped (“wise”) pattern of water drainage on a steep cliff wall and really thought that was the blaze and the treasure would be right beneath it. The location was an unnamed, perennial stream on the Madison downstream of the confluence between the Firehole and Gibbon rivers. Many of you likely have seen it on a map. As it turned out, the creek was clogged with logs along virtually its entire length, the banks were blocked with impenetrable thickets of young lodgepole pines that have taken root since the 1988 fire, and there was no trail of any kind. The walls of the canyon consisted either of steep talus piles of volcanic rock or steep forested slopes bisected by fallen-down trees. It was highly unlikely anyone would get in and out of there twice in an afternoon. Most people would be doing well to get in and out once in a day.

    I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only person who had searched there. A couple of days before the Fourth of July, someone with a Montana license plate (Bozeman frame) had gone in there. The reason I believe this is that after people park there, they have three places to go — somewhere along the adjacent river bank to admire the stunning views and watch the birds and wildlife, fly fishing in the river itself, or the opposite side of the Madison. There was no one to be seen. I waited a while to see if they would return but eventually left and went sightseeing.

    A week or so later, I finally convinced someone who wasn’t interested in the treasure but was interested in fly fishing to accompany me. After crossing the Madison a short distance upstream where the water was fairly shallow and spending a couple of hours negotiating difficult terrain (we both have experience hiking in the backcountry) in the hope of finding a faint trail, we turned around and came back out.

    I think it’s fair to say that’s not the treasure site.

    Even though I did not have someone to partner with to continue searching, I found it hard to leave the Yellowstone area. I was camped at Baker’s Hole for about a week and a half. It’s hard to put into words just how gorgeous the region is. I had gone to Yellowstone once in the early 1990s and didn’t appreciate it nearly as much as I did this time around, having spent a lot of time studying geology. In addition, I found I could spend hours just watching the scenery, the birds, and people casting lines in the river. One day, I observed another group of likely treasure hunters from a distance walking along the banks of the Madison. They were really intent on finding something in or near the water’s edge as they walked back and forth, conferring with each other as they slowly progressed downstream.

    Anyway, I would love to team up with someone from California — Northern or Southern. Please contact me at linda.doran@nasw.org if you’re interested.

    Thanks and happy searching!

    • Nice post Linda. I live in O.C. but have no ability to hike. A dropped donut in my armchair is as big a chore as I can handle. But I do enjoy deciphering the poem. I hadn’t considered ‘wise’ to be y’s, but the close focus of binoculars has been a common tool in my woodsy hunt. Maybe you have some thoughts on a couple itches i got in there: 1), The poet could have said “If you ARE wise and FIND the blaze…” but he didn’t. Why been and found? Did you pass it and have to double back or put something back? And. 2) Why did the poet need to tell the huntress to ‘look down’ at all? Had she been looking up too much at/for something? (normal vision scan is ahead and down ward ). Good luck to all the ladies out there.

      • Hi, OC.

        I do think the tense that you mentioned is significant. Perhaps doubling back has something to do with it. As far as looking “quickly down,” I suspect it relates back to the blaze. Once you know what the blaze is, you can better understand what looking quickly down means.

        So here’s a question for you: How do you do a woodsy hunt if you are unable to hike?


        • I hunt on pages of wood…. though that probably dates me. Paper today is probably made of polymers and spit.

        • Hi Linda, FF said the clues must be followed precisely, so I assume the words he used are precise as well. Certainly they are spare (in the sense of too few, not extra). I think you can locate the TC without BOG, but BOG can eliminate a lot of futile hike areas that GE or wordplay cannot.

          Here’s a ’quickly down’ thought for you … pick the road with one of those cattle grids at a gate, then take the trunk line. As for ‘been’ & doubling back, it might suggests a blaze on the back side of a gate or entry sign which you might notice it on your way back out. I don’t think these are true, but thinking through the small details gets me to other things that work well. IMO, OS2

          • OS2
            You say, ” I think you can locate the TC without BOG,…” I must 100% disagree.

            I think that you can get close – within 10 – 15′ on GE, but no closer. It will take BOG in order to get close enough to see the final blazes, and see where Indulgence is secreted. JMHO JDA

          • JDA. I agree. I think that the poem can be solved from home to within 20 feet or so. The blaze (or main blaze if more than one), I believe can be seen on Google satellite view.

          • At first i disagreed with this until i remember our solve. Yes it can be done but no verification with out boots on ground

          • I guess that I am not much agreeable today. I do NOT think that the final blaze(s) can be seen from GE. As I have stated before, I have a “long” solve, and a “Simple” solve. The “Long” solve, yes, two blazes can be seen on GE. The next three – NO – too small. In the “simple” solve, I skip the first two BIG blazes.. It will all make sense once I “Tell my Tale”. Good luck to Ya’ JDA

          • Ken, good luck with that “important possibility”.

            It’s a big deal, in my opinion, and when people (after the TC is found) learn what it
            is, some will (dishonestly) say “I knew that
            all along.”

            Some of these folks will be whining, and some will cry “foul” or “unfair”.

            Duh. Who ever said the world is “fair”??
            Not me. Is it fair that a coyote eats a rabbit? Is it fair that the finder of the TC isn’t
            forced to share the proceeds with every
            snowflake who (claims to have) tried to
            solve the poem correctly?

            ONE clever searcher will be — and yes, I
            know this is a bit of exaggeration — laughing all the way back to a parked vehicle, and perhaps saying “Did I really FIND that?”

            The above is my opinion. Yours may differ.

          • OS2, I don’t think a gate will stand the test of time (i.e., a thousand or more years).

            My opinion. Yours may differ.

      • OS2, hold that thought about tense. It is very, very
        important that you understand it correctly, or else
        you won’t have a ghost of a chance at finding the TC.
        All IMO.

  53. In my opinion you can’t get past the proper “take it in the canyon down” without boots on the ground-you won’t figure out the right “Not far,but too far to walk”..I’ve been to where Forrest parked his car, that’s as far as I got..Ran out of time. JDA or other searchers I hope you find it this weekend, If not then why is it I must go? The answer you already know..It has not been found. So I will budget my time a lot better and finish my search. If its still not found another trip on Sept 11..I really didn’t want to get this deep into the chase. Wishing you all a Grand Success this weekend. Safe endeavors to all !!

    • Thanks Rick – And the same to you if my team does not find it this week-end – GOOD LUCK TO ALL, and TRY to STAY SAFE!!! JDA

  54. I am curious as to how you may know where Forrest parked his car. So even if you won’t reveal that detail, will you say if he parked his car before or after going in the canyon down?

      • R B

        Thanks for that. In my solve it’s similar. I truly wonder sometimes if many of us have been close in the past and not realized we were within 500 to 1000 feet of it.

    • In my solve – “The END is ever drawing nigh” says where and when to park your “sedan”. – At or about where “There’ll be no paddle up your creek” and before “Just heavy loads and water high”. “Water high” must be hiked to, in search of heavy loads.”
      Just my view of the poem, yours may differ – JDA

        • Yes, most members headed out about an hour ago. One will leave EARLY tomorrow morning – two, I am not sure if they can make it or not – we shall see. Thanks for asking. JDA

      • By locate, I mean a sensible search area… Heck, 15’ away is a modest room size and that 10” shoe is here somewhere . Shouldn’t be too hard to find.

        Here’s another wordplay that entertains me. I imagine seeing a likely blaze across the way and I ask myself “How the heck am I gonna get there?” The joker/poet answers: “Look quickly down”, meaning from here you gotta walk babe. Or maybe looking quickly down at my shoe tips beyond peaking past my belly matches the petroglyph blaze in front of me that shows 2 mountains behind a hill, like that coffee cup hiding her face.

        I’m gonna a give you the epiphany that made me realize why ff said to read the poem and book over and over… the book teaches us how to listen, observe, interpret his word play … ex: from FATHER ON THE BANCO … they burned the mortgage papers, it was a religious experience…. ??? Angel Fire ??? I got more, but I’ll spare you.

        I wish there were more discussion about wordplay and less about whatever you guys are arguing about now. Heck JDA, you’ve locked onto just one word for your solve.

        I often think about that SB of the bison skull with the dried grass stuffed into his eye sockets.

        • sorry if that was confusing, it should have been posted higher up the thread. , Im busy. And nix the word ‘beyond’. all IMO. OS2

        • OS2;

          I am sorry, you know little of what you speak. In fact, there are 47 of the 166 words in the poem that have significant value in my solve, plus another five from outside of the poem. True, one word is key, but it took me a long time to figure out what that one word was or is. (And I am not yet saying if it is within, or outside – of the poem). Two words – “the wood” told me which was (what I believe) the correct wwwh, but 40+ other words played important roles in my solve. As I said, you know little about that which you speak – Just sayin’ JDA

          • I’m glad your searchers are botg soon – I don’t remember you as having this “I’ve put so much work in my solve and did this and this and that which is so far above and beyond random searchers level” type braggadocio and it’s getting a bit off-putting.

            Switch from IMHO to IMO until your searcher’s trip is over. IMO.

          • Fmc;

            I am sorry that you interpret my recent posts as, ““I’ve put so much work in my solve and did this and this and that which is so far above and beyond random searchers level” I certainly have tried to not represent myself as “Over confident”. or “Better Than”.

            YES – I AM confident, but I have also failed fourteen times before. When I say IMHO, I honestly mean it. I am humbled by the complexity of this poem, and I am humbled by the many great minds that have tried to solve this magic riddle created by Forrest.

            IF, and that is a VERY BIG “IF” I am lucky enough to have solved it, it will be only because of the things I have learned here on the blog submitted by people like yourself, and helped by the ATF posts by Forrest.

            Again, I am sorry if you think I have come across as “Better than” any other searcher, for I certainly do NOT feel that I am “Better than” you or any other searcher. Luckier, possibly. Better than – certainly not. JDA

          • No worries. I don’t think it’s typical from what I’ve seen of you and chalk it up to excitement on your part for your searchers or my misreading of tone (as can happen with written communication) or whatever.

            I do believe I saw that you’ll be posting your reasoning after they get back so I’m looking forward to that.

          • JDA, I didn’t intend to demean your efforts and if you took it that way, I sincerely apologize. I didn’t think it was necessary to say that you used all the words in the poem since a hunt without them would be pointless.

          • No worries OS2 – All is good. My team is making their way up the mountain as we speak. In a few hours we will know if I picked the correct definitions of my words, or not. Thanks for the post. JDA

          • JDA, from my own experience, this is the best and worst time. The delicious anticipation of the outcome is the best high; the seemingly slowing of time as you wait for the outcome is such a low. I try to remind myself that the lows are necessary for the highs. Best of wishes to you and your team!

        • OS2, the bison comment is a clue/hint I believe, it fits in with my solve. It’s a symbol, it fits with a grouping of other hints from the book,The Chase. It belongs but don’t linger on it, it’s a small hint. IMO,IMO,IMO

    • If it’s too fat to walk from warm waters halt to home of Brown, and you are to “put in” below home of Brown, them the walking portion of the journey must begin at, or past, home of Brown (my opinion).

  55. Just wanted to check in and say hi. I did not get to go back to retrieve the treasure this year. We were hours away from leaving and I was told …..no. I guess that’s life.

    • Kedar’s Mom, better luck next year.

      My next search trip is likely to be in July 2018, and my confidence level keeps rising. I am willing to admit that none
      of my solves and/or search hikes have yet produced the gold, but the scenery gets more awesome with each attempt. I
      hope that you and all the other members of your search team enjoy the scenery every time you search.

      • We agree we have said a couple of times we are going to find a canyon like the one we are searching that is just as quiet but a little easier to get to just to once in a while just go sit.
        We both have learned to enjoy the quiet & understand more why when people went from the country to city couldn’t deal with the nouse etc.

      • Thanks tigherfocus. If forrest would update if anyone was closer than 200 feet in 2016, more specifically than the “vibrations of hiking boots”, he might take me back. I’ve thought about asking someone to get it for me, but who can you trust?

  56. Can anyone tell me where the picture is of Forrest with buffalo headress on I have looked back through scrapbooks couldn’t find it

  57. Had a visit last night. Hadn’t seen him for a while. The conversation went like this:
    Billy Barty: “What are you crying about Sparrow?”
    Me: “Billy, is that you?” Oh, just bummed because I can’t seem to move any further in this poem”
    Billy: “Well, first off ur an absolute nitwit. Let’s start there. Call ur doctor if u need a second opinion on that, but I think he’d agree”.
    Me: “Thanks Billy. You always have such uplifting things to say”.
    Billy: “You’re welcome Sparrow. Always glad to be of help. By the way, Sparrow, isn’t Scrapbook 146 ur favorite one?”
    Me: “Yeah, it is. Its packed full of stuff. I think there are a lot of hints in that Scrapbook. And it’s also an extremely calming and peaceful Scrapbook too. Even has a video of Forrest being followed by his ducks. I really love that Scrapbook.”

    Billy: “You may want to read it again Sparrow. There’s a cool poem there, and also Forrest mentions the spearmint growing by the waterfall, and how the purple hue awes bees”.
    Me: “OK, I will Billy. Any other advice?”
    Billy: “Stop your whimpering and crying nitwit. You’re an embarrassment.
    Me: “Thanks Billy”.

    So, as you can see, the ghostly visit was absolutely worthless as always. Billy Barty is a real let-down.

  58. Question for anyone: What year did F eliminate the state(s) of ID and UT as being in play? Any thoughts on why F did this? I’m focusing on his line about ‘to my uncertain knowledge’ and thinking about public access along ‘high water’ marks of streams and rivers.

      • @JAKe Thanks! Utah is pretty tough on the public access in favor of the land owner, wondered if that was the reason for elimination or can little indy and friends tell from a map that UT and ID are not targets! Both states have a huge amounts of area in the RMs, glad that they got pulled. Any searchers who had been at it prior to June 2013 and had emailed F where they’d gone should pull up those old sent emails if saved! LOL and IMO!

        • And also the map was published in 2013, which eliminated Canada as well with fs confirmation coming later

        • Hey-O, Cholly –

          2013 was the big publicity push in the selling of the Chase.

          1 – January 2010 ff had the first 1,000 copies of TOTC printed.

          2 – October 2010 ff had 2,000 additional copies of TOTC printed, and a book-signing event in Santa Fe early in 2011.

          3 – late summer 2012 stories in Newsweek and the Daily Beat – national press and media become aware of TOTC.

          4 – February 2013 ff appears on the Today Show, and over the next several months releases “one-clue-a-month” in brief appearances on the show.

          5 – by May 2013 ff has three more runs of TOTC printed, a total of 17,000 additional copies. If you look back here on Dal’s, there are lots of backorder comments at the time from people waiting for Collected Works to get these new copies in stock.

          I’ve seen a copy of the 6th printing of 7,000 copies, which is what’s being sold today. The 6th printing has no date. So altogether 27,000 total copies have been printed to date, and (probably) something over 20,000 sold or otherwise distributed.

          So I think that the Idaho/Utah clue was released for impact, on national tv, right in the midst of a surge of sales of TOTC – going by numbers of copies, the audience of searchers had QUINTUPLED in less than a year (from Newsweek Aug 2012 to Today Show June 2013).

          Eliminating two big western states I’m sure was a big encouraging boost to all those folks just getting started on the challenge, or still sitting on the fence.


  59. @JAKe et al, thanks again…also May (?) 2013 he lets ‘slip’ on NZ radio show that WWWH is the first clue which makes me wonder if by this point in time enough veteran searchers had emailed with correct location of said clue. Anyhow, my take is that searchers are deterred by a great big No Trespassing Sign and that is why within several hundred feet and didn’t know it….even though public access laws are in their favor…..either this or a bunch of cactus! IMO! Hope everyone is having a great 3 day weekend. Just was watching some YouTube videos on Tenaka Fly Fishing, looks fun and much easier, no reel is used. Check it out!

    • Cholly, I don’t think trespassing (on foot) is an issue in this
      treasure hunt. If you carefully analyze what I just said, it
      may help you in your solving of the poem. Good luck.

      The above is my opinion.

  60. Just checking in. Anyone find that treasure chest yet, or solve the Mystery of the Vanishing Ball of String?

      • There’s probably a clue in there somewhere since a postman brings “letters”. Tie on three strings a day (ie. concatenate three letters), for a year, that’s 1,095 letters. If only the poem were that long.

    • Jeremy p. I actually sent Mr Fenn an e-mail on the subject. I have to search to repost it.

    • Yeah, that ball of string is a really interesting story. Forrest’s mother surely knew its fate but wasn’t talking.

    • I think mom gave the end of the ball-o-yarn to the postman, ran it thru the window and it unwound it as he walked through town. Actually, I think the caps and string tales were camouflage for the eclectic collection which is process hint.

        • Eagle, Do you see anything provocative / evocative about the 3rd collection, the ‘eclectic’ list?

          • Actually OS2 , I’m more focused on what he saw out the window. In this case, the postman

        • The ball of yarn is a hint & I found what he was talking about & what that process is or represents. It’s a form of measurement and that’s all I want to say. It has its own terminology for that process.

          • I’m gonna kick myself one day for commenting on this site but…. Go read the story again about the yarn ball. Pay attention to the process of making that ball. That process is used in something else but has nothing to do with yarn. This is an important clue to me & it made my search area smaller. But all people view things differently, so everyone’s path might be slightly different. For every action, has a reaction

  61. jeremy p here is the exchange between me and Mr Fenn

    dear sir
    i was ask to email about a silly item. people are debate the ball of string story. i don’t doubt it happened because i hide boxes of dirt in our home as a child to play in when it rained. i wasn’t allowed to play in the mud. it started to rain one day and i ran in to go play in box of dirt and it was gone.
    people were wondering i guess whether as you got older did the string ever get discuss with other members of the family. did it ever get revealed as to what happened to your large ball of string?

    if you have time answer that would be nice. if you keep up on the blogs i am wildbirder ( has to do with my driving while birding not my life)

    thank you
    a marie nelson
    ps i hope this note finds you and your family well

    Forrest Fenn
    11:01 PM (2 hours ago)

    to me

    Funny story about the dirt Marie. Kids in the1930s and 40 flew a lot of kites and the string was let out on a giant spool, like a fishing reel, but much larger. Everyone had a different type of kite, and most were homemade. My favorites were box kites. I made one out of balsa wood that was so small I had to fly it with thread because string was too heavy when I let it out 2 – 3000’ in the air. Some kids flew kites so high that they could hardly be seen, and some were not necessarily high, but far. We rarely got them back. There was always plenty of string around and most of the time when you wanted to ship a package you wrapped it in brown paper and tied it with string. Today they use readymade boxes and different types of tape. It is funny that so many people don’t believe my ball string story. f

      • I changed from my 9 yr old laptop to a desktop. So my folders are a mess. I think there was a follow up email but i am not sure. If there was one i think i would have posted it.
        In my memory he said mother got rid of it or he didn’t say. I think like my box of dirt & my muddy mess it just DISAPPEARED!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Interesting that he said strings were used to “ship a package”. The evidence is mounting that the postman was a conspirator!

        • I live that NIGHTMARE i have a solve & we haven’t been able to do bog on ground so what happens if someone else finds it in our spot. I had to come to the understanding that it doesn’t matter what ANYONE else knows only that i know. Also Mr Fenn has a complete copy of my solve. Did he read it? who cares. I know & God knows . Lol it helps me sleep nights & lowers my BP. Lol

        • Before u go crawling deep into a rabbit hole.
          I am ouch 59 & i remember tying packages with string. At Christmas we use to use tons of ribbons to keep kids out of presents. Brown paper & string was the choice. Tape was not as good as it is today. Nor was the glue. Now if you are still going down that hole
          grab a sandwich & flashlight . BTW we still keep a ball of cotton string in junk drawn along with about 5 kinds of glue & tape. Just in case. LOL

          • We had to start using duct tape for Christmas presents because we found out that my dad, while we were distracted watching TV, would sit on the couch next to the tree and secretly peel back the Scotch tape on his gifts to see what they were, and then put them back undisturbed. Only duct tape kept him from tampering with them 🙂

          • Normally I skip over these cute chatty post… But after a quick skim through them, and talk about strings, and heavy duty duck tape to avoid the overwhelming curiosity… a trip down memory lane recalled; mom had wrapped presents in the Sunday comic and Christmas ads section of the newspaper. { some times it was a clue to what was within. some times it was just underwear }.
            My siblings and I were told we can read, and shake the packages all we want, but if we opened them before Christmas morning, the next day’s news headline would be about us.

            Dennis the menace was one I personally related to… he and I are both sorely misunderstood.

      • Jeremy another thing to keep in mind is Mr Fenn was from a southern state. Southern states after the civil war took years to recover. People were VERY frugal. Then the first war, then the depression came followed quickly by War II.
        People had to be VERY frugal & use everything over & be very handy. I remember my mother-in-law who pasted in 2009 still saved all kinds of things “Just in case we need it.” To a degree my hubby & i still have issues with this. We now go through home once a year clearing “JUNK ” bread twisties, rubber bands, scrape pieces of Christmas paper, little bits of all kinds of stuff we were taught to hold on to.

        • Wildbird, I share your memories of frugality, but my childhood was in Chicago. Parents and our immigrant neighbors (mostly German & Polish) never wasted anything. People raised racing pigeons …. they raced them, they also stewed them and fried the eggs. 20-eggs or so made a nice breakfast, They raised bees for honey in the attic by an always open window, We collected coal lumps along RR tracks and grew vegetables instead of flowers, and saved ever jar & lid for canning. As an adult, I worked FEMA recovery for 2 disasters (Hurricane Andrew/Miami, & Northridge Earthquake/LA) & was amazed at how helpless and un-resourceful so many able bodied adults were. I think recent disasters will bring back frugality to many smart families. Recent decades have much focus simple living and small homes. Good luck in your hunt.

          • Oh yes i know all about dove eggs. Very tasty but boy it takes a bunch of them . Sister-in-law used them in potato salad. I was the one peeling them. Lol

    • wild birder – great post 🙂

      Jeremy P – i’ve already contacted Roscosmos.ru to enquire whether Sputnik had detected any high-flying kites in that era
      (no reply so far ..but i’m still hopeful 🙂 )

  62. When I was a kid we lived for a while in a trailer park on the edge of a blueberry field. One day dad came home with a bird kite, a big canvas thing with a pointy nose. We flew it every day high over the blueberry field, and they used the same kind of kite string we were using to lay out sections of the field for harvest-

    • Gosh, I’m trying real hard to understand how the canvas kite flew, especially when the material can be quite heavy. How big was the kite?

      • Okay I was five. The kite seemed enormous to me but it probably only had a three foot wingspan. In my memory the fabric seems improbably heavy and reminded me of something like tent canvas. I’ve seen ads for similar kites in old popular science magazines- I do remember that the kite flew well. The body was formed of a sort of triangular box kite-

    • Madesquare, I’m curious. Did you stand among those juicy blueberries to fly the kite, and help with the picking as a sort of quid pro quo? Or did you stand off to one side and let the kite soar over the juiciest patch?

      • We could help ourselves in a strip along the edge of the field or to what the rakers missed. Most of our kite flying took place in the spring when the wind was willing to lift the heavy kite or in the fall after harvest when the strings were still on the ground. Every other year or so they’d burn the field, and we’d fly over a blackened, unjuicy landscape-

  63. No word from my search team – No news is good news…I guess????

    They are on a mountain with no cell service, so I am not surprised.

    They had planned to stay today, and leave tomorrow, so I may not hear
    anything until tomorrow – D A R N – JDA

    • JDA

      I keep seeing comments and mentions of a “double omega” here on the blog. Does this concept come from the book TOTC? Is it related to horseshoes in some way?

      • Franklin,

        Check out the colophon on the last page of the book, TTOTC. I believe the double omegas ( ΩΩ ) appear in FF’s other books as well.

        Best regards

      • Franklin, I don’t think omegas have any valid meaning
        relating to the search for FF’s treasure. I suggest
        that you focus on the poem.

        The above is my opinion.

        • I agree of course. I was just curious about it. Anyway, unless there is an Omega or two in my selected search area, I will just stick to the poem and the main clues. My Fenn has stated that there might be some additional clues in the book, so I am just following up on everything I find to be of interest.

          Hey tighterfocus, do you know of there being any stories in TTOTC about elephants?

          • There is a double omega at the the end of the road at my solve, and an owl, and a Y. As could be coincidence of course. But, there were bear that roamed through between me and my space that and my safety zone that kept me from walking to it . Finally located bear spray so am going back, appears in September. Could not locate bear spray or binoculars anywhere when I was there. I was sooooo tempted to brave an anticipated bear encounter, but fear and common sense kept me from doing it 🙁 without at the least having bear spray with me. Safety first ….. always


          • Franklin, none (stories in TTOTC about elephants) come to mind. Your question made me laugh.

            Some people are “over-thinking” the
            poem. Although it’s not easy to correctly solve the poem, it’s pretty uncomplicated. NO math is needed, and no numbers are involved.

            If you are relatively new to this treasure hunt, I suggest you use a
            dictionary to look up words that you
            think you already thoroughly know.
            It could help you — and you don’t have to admit to anyone that you did this.
            It helped me. I also suggest that you show the poem to several children (one at a time), and some oldsters about FF’s age. Some day you may thank me for this advice, although I don’t need thanks.

            All the above is my opinion.

  64. jdiggins – not sure I understand your post -will you please explain – JDA

    Certainly I’ll try. 🙂

    Imo, just like the poem, his quotes, statements, scrapbooks, etc., I think we should not mess with things unless we know how. We shouldnt just favor one quote, don’t hang our hat on one statement, don’t take the omega’s off the page…unless we know how, why or what to do. Otherwise, we are humbling ourselves up, again, imo.
    Everything together. The whole pie. The big picture.

    • Hello Jdiggins. You said, ‘…don’t take the omega’s off the page…unless we know how, why or what to do.’ Would you be so kind to explain this, please?

    • (Test.) I believe I understand what you’re saying, but would you be so kind to explain, ‘…don’t take the omega’s off the page…unless we know how, why or what to do,’ please?

    • JDiggins,
      IMO and experience, this is very sound advice. My inclination early-on was to focus on a comment from TTOTC or from Forrest’s blogging, and then work the poem around that. I believe that’s a backwards approach filled with rabbit holes, as you’ve alluded.

      The holistic approach is now my mantra – the poem, the whole poem, and nothing but the poem (and a good map). Solve the poem using only the poem and a good map (I use GE and a good map), and then look for other TTOTC or blog comments from Forrest to corroborate your solution – if you must. I am now a firm believer in “all the information you need to find the treasure is in the poem” (paraphrased) and, IMO, the poem will guide a searcher to within around 12′ of the TC.

      “I have not said that a searcher was closer than 12’ from the treasure. It is not likely that anyone would get that close and not find it.”


      • Agree completely, Joe.

        Pdenvermaybe an example would help.
        On chase chat there is a discussion about the 4 and 23 being found in two or three other locations of resource material(s), and if there were just one instance, picking out those numbers by themselves would be random, if you will. But since there are multiple occasions these numbers come up together, now it seems more logical to discuss them by themselves, if that makes sense. And the omega, if we take them just as they are from the colophon page, why, and what for? But, they are also in a scrapbook, so, there’s that to consider when looking at the omega as a solo hint.
        Hope I splained that right… 🙂

        • Hello Jdiggins. Thank you for explaining. Interesting about the numbers. As far as the colophons being considered, this may be. How many of his books includes this particular design?

      • Joe. I agree with you. I think the poem and Google earth can get you within feet of the treasure.

      • I think the poem and a good map .the map being page 99 of ttotc now see if you can work the poem to that map and your location in my opinion

  65. Reflection

    It’s a shame any kid born in ShangriLa,
    Would ever have to call a concrete jungle home.

    All mighty dollar dictates our days,
    Pure hearts will never be quite the same.


  66. Recently, I haven’t seen anything as far as the poem and directions. The obvious ones are canyon down, beneath the HOB and up your creek. I don’t believe in the poem being circular. Does anyone else see any directional hints?

    I strongly believe all the searchers have done such a great job researching already, that perhaps all the clues have been solved in the sense that they have been thought out or have been spoken/blogged about as possibilities, but have not necessarily been put all together at once in the correct order.

    Someone recently wrote that they think the treasure is within 200 feet of a road, but I might say it could be within 500 feet as that is when the solvers “went by” the third clue and it matches with Forrest saying he knows searchers have been within 500 feet. Those with BOTG were probably within 200 feet.

    In regards to the proximity of a road and the treasure, has anyone else seriously tried to pick up and carry a 20 pound backpack? My some came home from HS with an 8 pound bag that I thought was so ridiculous, I weighed it just to see. I was surprised it was only 8 pounds it felt like 20! I loaded up 20 and was surprised that I didn’t feel like going far . I felt like a horse with a pack saddle that hasn’t been properly loaded equally on both sides, when the backpack went one way and I went the other I found myself trying to catch he weight by side stepping to get my center of gravity underneath it. I challenge everyone to load up a 20 pound backpack and hike up and down some gently sloping hills with it just to see.

    • We have & we agree. Carrying a backpack with 20 pound is not easy. We came up with that over a year ago carrying a 20 pounds of dog food. Plus keep in mind the weight of gear you need to carry. We have zip bags & paper towels to wrap tc items in to protect pieces from damage. We carry a twin sheet to use to unload tc on to while we repack it into packs so we dont drop anything. Then you have water, snack, hygiene items, bear spray & in my case bInoculars, bird book, notebook for recording birds. We use bird watching as a cover so people dont know we are searching for tc. Dry socks, first aid, light & gloves. it all depends on what u feel u neef to be prepared. Oh rain gear pounchos that can be used to stay warm if u get stuck & long sheved shrits help protect from sunburn & poison ivy. I bet our packs weight 20 going on trails. Oh if you are not use to hiking in boots hike in them they get heavy too. Does anyone know what mole skin is? It comes in handy for blisters. I at first drove hubby & my grandson nuts because we know have to know which pack has what in emergency. prepare prepare prepare
      We hike a football stadium near our house using the steps & ramps. We also made up a box out of ply wood. We left wood bare so it was a light cream color. We placed it in a parking lot measured off 500ft. We barely could see it & that was without grass & weeds, bushes or trees, fallen trees & limbs or any other foliage.
      THANK YOU VERY MUCH Mr Fenn because we didn’t realize how much salt we were eating & how it was effecting our health. We are finally eating healthier & i am finally losing weight. I am at 292 with goal of 250. I have 11 months counting july to lose 45 that about 3 – 4 pounds a month depending on how each week goes but doable. Mr Fenn u change lives. We dont not want to get sick hurt or lost doig this but if we were to it wont be ftom lack of trying not too. Lol

      • Wildbirder, keep up the good work. You are an
        inspiration to others.

        In preparation for my first search trip, I built a wooden box the size of the chest, and filled the box with iron barbell disks to achieve an overall weight
        of about 42 pounds. Then I test-fitted this into my backpack — that I had bought specifically for this treasure hunt.

        I also designed and built a special cart with 4
        lightweight tires/plastic wheels, all on one axle.
        The cart was specifically designed to carry the
        trove during the return hike from the hidey spot.

        Then, of course, there was the dieting and local
        walks up the steepest streets in my neighborhood.
        I think it all helped, even though I haven’t yet
        found the TC. But I’ll never find it if I quit trying.

        Good luck to ALL searchers. Don’t give up until
        you see GOOD evidence that this treasure hunt
        is over.

        The above is my opinion.

    • ThrillSeekerAnimalLover, when you state that something is
      “obvious”, you insult people. What is “obvious” to you may be far from “obvious” to others.

      Moving right along . . . the word “beneath” isn’t in the poem. If you’re not EXACT and PRECISE while solving it, you can kiss your chances for success goodbye.

      I apologize for such a direct and un-gentle response to your

      Have you looked up, using a dictionary, “human” and
      “trail”? A road (paved or not) may qualify as a “human
      trail”. FF has told us that the TC is not “in close proximaty” to a human trail. His mis-spelling may have been intentional, in order to avoid using the valid word “proximity”. If I tell my wife (in writing) that I “never luved her”, that may be a true statement, because I have never luved. In fact, I have never brxvled or fmgliiged, either. Please don’t under-estimate FF. He is much, Much, MUCH more clever than many folks give him credit for. The TC may or may not
      in fact be in close proximity to a human trail. I happen to
      believe that a hike of more than a mile is (reasonably)
      necessary in order to get to the hidey place. There are
      no human trails (as commonly/typically defined) within a mile of the hidey place.

      I don’t believe FF carried the chest or the gold, etc. very
      far on foot, on the day he hid these things. Please
      consider this possibility: He may have driven a 4 x 4
      vehicle (Jeep or similar) to a place very near the hidey spot, and then carried, on foot, the goodies perhaps a couple hundred feet or so. But we don’t know where he parked that vehicle. So we may be planning our hikes to be more than a mile long . . . which may, in fact, mislead us from knowing or believing what FF actually did. I don’t suggest that anybody seriously consider violating any laws while
      on a search trip. And I strongly encourage people to not ASSUME anything. I could go into much more detail with this discussion, but I know that people get bored.

      Hiking up and down some hills does appear to be
      appropriate to finding/retrieving the trove.

      All the above is my opinion.

  67. Lyzbella i hope didn’t leave any letters out. Using small screen on phone. We got a light pair at one of the sporting good stores. Oh the bass place in dallas. Cant think right now. They were $79.00 very good pair. If hiking a while invest $20.00 in a shoulder harness to avoid stuff neck & headache.

  68. Well guys – Pass the humble pie, and a side of Crow please. I think I will take a double serving – thanks.

    Just got a call from my wife, who was out of town. Tess’ daughter – a member of my search team called her – “No treasure” – was the report –
    D A R N.

    I was SOOOOOO sure that I had it pegged – wrong again. Not sure where to go from here – maybe a long break is needed. I will await a report from my team, and then make a decision. Maybe it is time to hang it up. I will wait and see.

    Thanks to all who -wished me well.


    • JDA, no crow or humble pie for you. You have used your mind, imagination, and had some awesome adventures. You should be so proud of yourself and your team. Anyone who hasn’t looked isn’t qualified to bake the pies, and everyone who has looked is too busy to bake them no pie for you!

      I’m still rooting for you. I really wish it was found…

    • Sorry to hear about your disappointing news, JDA. Don’t give up just yet. The thought of taking a long break has crossed my mind as well this season after several of my own failed BOTG searches. But the upcoming winter will force us to take another long break whether we want to or not, so I say for now continue to seize the day (or rather, the season)!

    • JDA

      I look forward to the possibility of meeting you one day. You are a good man, and I was rooting for you. Now we all know the TC is still out there. No one knows the future. Who know what could still happen? All things are still possible.

      • If my stars align correctly this evening, I may hit the road in the morning. This is the last period of safe times in the mountains, with bears being my concern. I am praying for clearance to make my final trip for the year, but there are family matters which are looming, and as you know, family always comes first, especially those who have been supportive in the past of our TC mania.

    • JDA—

      Sorry to hear that. But at least you tried! You may still be on the right track. By the way, googled Chief Pocatello— very nice work! Saw the photo of you in front of two statues. All the best to you JDA!

      • Thanks Sparrow for the good wishes and for the compliment. YUP, I tried, but it still hurts – JDA

    • JDA. Thanks for sharing your ‘In The Chase ‘ participation here; everyone is part of the story within the story -The adventures of the human spirit!

      Keep on rockin man, songs never die, dreams never die!


    • Sorry its crow time. I am happy to say i looked you up. That is a beautiful statute u craved. Again thank you Mr Fenn i know a little more i didn’t know. hope your group makes it home safely. Keep sharing your insite sir.

      • Thanks wildbirder – for the good wishes and for the compliment. My team has made it home safely – thanks. I too know a little more – I know one more spot where it isn’t 🙂 JDA

        • I dont have the knowledge to do it but a map of ENTIRE search area all four states with stick pins as to where people search with no luck then we would know where not to go lol and if we had the in put of searchers before this got so public we might know where BETTER to search. That would be one HECK OF A DATABASE lol but like hubby said if wishes were horses and beggars would ride. Lol
          I have too many responsibilities right now or i would hop in our car & go search. 11 long months before we can so for now we go over our solve polishing it, check out a few rabbit holes & chase a few geese. lol oh & take Aleve for headache from banging it against walls. Long long time to wait.

          • I think a map of all solves isn’t feasible but I’m working on something in that vein. Gave Dal a heads up a few days ago and it should be ready to share in another couple of days. Keep an eye out.

          • Wildbirder: I think about a year ago there was a website that had done exactly that: a digital map of the whole four-state area with thousands of dots, and notes for each dot. I can’t remember, but the dots may have even been color-coded by type (e.g. blazes, WWWH, homes of Brown). The site only worked for a couple weeks and then stopped. Does anyone else remember this? New Mexico was a sea of dots, as was YNP, but there were at least hundreds of dots in all four states.

            In any case, I don’t think such a map is helpful, other than to show group-think about all the popular but wrong places that people are drawn to. A serious searcher who had an excellent end-to-end solution would never avoid going to it just because there was a dot on a map that indicated someone else had searched nearby. If the searcher who supplied that dot was off by 100 feet, they might as well have been off by 100 miles unless they performed a detailed grid search of that spot.

          • I agree with this statement. I do think though that if a map was created that could show the exact search areas that included the range of the area searched color coded to inform how detailed of a search was done then that might be helpful. For example a red outlined area would mean searched under every bush. Blue means casually searched.

          • After twenty months and 15 searches, I am not about to tell ANYONE my search area – until I am convinced it is not there – lots of luck with building a database – JDA

          • That agree JEALOUS. we have only search our place twice. Mostly my fault because i thought we had it all wrong. I am going to use a silly example not to give anything away but lets said Fenn had a pet alligator i think & we thought it was a clue. “Not just example ok” As we were leaving our grandson call our attention to a fallen tree & it exposed roots. My grandson said hey nana doesn’t that look like an ” alligator “. It was not like squint your eyes you see it no it was OMG that an alligator. I am religionist so what think God sent us a sign or we are completely nuts. One or the other . So we dont share until we go back.

          • I also see his alligator story as a hint. There is also a plant or tree called, alligator but I can’t remember the correct name but may help send ya in the right direction. I don’t believe in God but I don’t believe in sights, it’s always the little things!

          • Sorry an alligator is not part of our solve i just used it as example. Just know that we were looking & thought we were all wrong about our place wanting a sign that told us we were in right place. then BAM we saw a tree & the roots that were formed it such away to tell us we were in right place but we were out of time for that trip. we showed the picture we took to our preacher & told him the story. He thinks we are on to something lol

          • An alligator isn’t part of my solve either but the story does have hints that helped me with my location. I was just pointing out that you were correct with the alligator as a hint. Also, I meant no disrespect to you or your beliefs with my comment. My mom is Christian, which makes holidays fun. Lol good luck!

          • I seem to recall that there is a connection with the world “alligator” and one of the species of Pinyon trees. If you research pinyon trees, you’ll find the association.

    • JDA: sorry to hear that your team isn’t coming home 42 lbs. heavier. It always seems to add distance to that drive home. You certainly deserve kudos for your persistence in investigating your Wyoming spot. I’m convinced that persistence is a necessary ingredient in a successful solution — after all, Forrest says the person who finds Indulgence will not do so as part of a Sunday picnic; they will have earned it.
      Whatever your team’s report ends up being, I hope you don’t decide to throw in the towel. Just take a short breather to clear your mind. There’s really no hurry — in my opinion the chest isn’t going to be found this year.

      • Thanks for the encouraging words Zap. Sure is a roller coaster ride isn’t it? Lots of ups and downs – but the fun is in the ride I guess. JDA

        • JDA – my medical advice is to keep searching for as long as you find joy in the chase. Withdrawal from this particular addiction is brutal. Nice work and I admire your determination and intellect.

    • keep ya chin up JDA – “To succeed in life, you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone and a funny bone.”

      and you def possess all three, mate 🙂

    • JDA,

      Heard this about Walt Disney in a marketing class in college many moons ago, so I googled it. Something to ponder in addition to when to tell us all you know about the TC’s location (just kidding).

      From Get It Done Transportations Facebook page:

      Walt Disney was was denied by 302 banks for a loan to start Disneyland because he “lacked originality”, today 116 million people visit the Disney Theme Parks yearly, Steven Speilberg was denied by two of the best film schools UCLA and USC, today he is worth 1.2 billon dollars and has become known as the #1 top movie director of all time, Michael Jordan was cut from his high school varsity basket ball team, to only become the greatest player in the NBA to ever touch a basketball. The lesson is obvious. People who fail let self-limiting beliefs, challenges and setbacks get in their way. Don’t give up, and get out of your own way! The truth!!!

      I was rootin’ hard for ya, JDA. I still am……

    • Sorry to hear your news JDA…. hey you can’t hang it up my friend…… remember…

      “quitters never win, and winners never quit”

      Your a winner in my book JDA…… regroup and keep chasing…. I myself have had the same feelings after many unsuccessful trip (24 times)… your solve will come together again…

      As you would say “be safe” …. until next time…. see ya

    • Hey JDA keep your chin up -You must have a backup plan..I really was hoping your team would bring it out this weekend. Like I said a couple days ago I never wanted to get this deep into the chase.I threw a couple hints out there about my solve thinking someone might be on the same page,stating I ran out of time and in my opinion I was where Forrest parked his car. If it hasn’t been found by next weekend I will go and try and finish my solve.If for no other reason to eliminate this area.If I am wrong I am considering telling my solve to a journalist from Portland that wants to do a story on my interest in the CHASE..Wishing everyone involved pleasant memories and safe journeys. Rick -JDA your postings always intrigued me.

      • Thanks Rich (R – B)

        Good luck on your search. Yes, I do have one last back-up plan. I am working on the details now. Have to convince my search team to make one last search.

        So close, yet so far away – the illusive dream. JDA

    • Hello JDA. Neither shall be served. Although there may have been a bump in the plans, I hope you’ll continue to enjoy the journey.

    • JDA, please don’t “hang it up”.

      Go back to the poem, and modify your solve.

      I have made three search trips so far, each costing me about $1000 and a week of time. And I am VERY, VERY poor financially (My only income is from Social Security).

      Fortunately, working on a solve at home doesn’t cost money, and each search trip is quite an adventure. And I learn something useful about the terrain of my search
      area each time I hike, looking for the TC. My solve has,
      for more than a year, led me to the same hillside.

      If not for this treasure hunt, I’d never have been to the
      Rockies, which are spectacularly beautiful in places (DUH!). I don’t know whether I’d go as far as to claim
      that the scenery makes the entire trip for me worthwhile,
      but it’s certainly been memorable. I don’t plan to quit
      anytime soon, unless I get lucky enough to find the TC.
      By the way, I (for a long time) am a believer that for the
      most part, we make our own luck.

      The above is my opinion.

  69. The thrill of the chase will continue JDA. I’m looking forward to hearing more good ideas from you.

  70. “From there it’s no place for the meek.”

    Forrest has said the area where the TC is hidden is not a dangerous area. So why is it no place for the meek right after putting in below the home of Brown?

    Here is my take on this statement:

    When you arrive in the canyon down and turn towards the oncoming water (up your creek) then you are presented with physical obstacles, or one obstacle which requires determination to get past.

    A meek person might just leave and go back at that point. Maybe you have to cross the creek or go through a thicket, or whatever.

    Whatever makes it a bit more difficult for you or me, might be enough for a meek person to try another route, or just leave the area.

    For ME, things which get my attention are BEAR SCAT and PICKED CLEAN BONES.

    This is just my opinion. What do you think? Anyone?


    • Franklin;

      In my solve, “No place for the meek” refers to the name(s) of a place or two or four, and not any danger (at all) to the searcher. JDA

        • I generally think of sheep as being meek in their ways. Sheep don’t like to cross water, so maybe that is what Forrest had in mind. “From there it’s no place for the (sheep) meek.” Sheep like to follow, but not lead. They hate crossing water, and they are meek.

    • Franklin: “From there it’s no place for the meek” could be Fenn’s way of telling us that after home of Brown there is no particular route or trail to follow to the next clue site.

      • Yes that is possible. Just as plausible as my sheep idea. No trail for those who like to follow but don’t like to lead. Then heavy loads, water high and the blaze.

        I am considering a special place and there are 2 specific rock blazes. I have also found another familiar shape Forrest has hinted at in TTOTC.

    • Franklin, FF wouldn’t want a searching family (including
      children) to be in any significant real physical danger. I
      also believe that he was thinking in terms of folks doing
      their searching mostly during the summer . . . which is
      also when he — hiking alone — hid the goodies. I am not
      a fan of solo hiking in bear country, and I honestly believe
      that the TC was hidden in bear country. But not in a place
      where the bear population is dense enough to be “officially”
      regulated to the point of banning folks from hiking there . . .
      unless unusual circumstances (such as an attack from a
      bear) dictate this.

      Please remember that FF has told us that imagination
      is important in solving the poem. I cannot emphasize
      this enough.

      My search hikes took me into areas with bear scat and a
      good number of picked-clean bones, that were very white
      and sun-bleached. I think it’s reasonable to believe that those bones were from animals eaten by bears or
      mountain lions or coyotes. I have researched this
      location. It’s definitely bear country, and has also been known to be mountain lion country. And I saw a wild
      coyote there. These bones perhaps had been there
      for many years. So it may have taken decades or even centuries for the bones to accumulate. Based on this,
      I believe that there’s not much proof of recent bear
      activity in that area . . . except for the scat. I don’t know
      how long a pile of it takes to “dissolve” or otherwise disappear.

      I don’t want to say too much, but please don’t give up too
      easily. The “prize” is substantial. If you do your “due diligence” about safety in bear country (and mountain lion country), you’ll lean that the statistical risk is not all that
      high . . . provided you hike in groups of 3 or more, make noise, and carry bear spray (after learning how and when
      to use it. This means NOT carrying it in a pocket or backpack! Do your homework!). FF was willing, at the age of 79 or 80, to go there alone. That said, I never saw
      any bears, even from a great distance, in 4 search hikes
      that were all up the same (real) creek.

      The above is my opinion. Yours may differ.

    • I made us a list of every word in poem all as mean definitions who could find. I also listed as many synonyms & opposite we could. This lead me on some rabbit holes. Windsor trail – Windsor is royal name – royal not meek.
      Etc. For us Fenn say s to be confident. Confidence is not meek.

    • Hi Franklin. My opinion on “no place for the meek” is that this is the point where one leaves a road or human trail and strikes off into the woods, either via bushwhacking or following a game trail.

      • Blex

        Yes I agree with your thought. It kinda goes along with my logic. People who live within set boundaries, never taking a risk. Sheeplike folks, afraid or hesitant. Good thought !!

    • I think the only thing ff expressed meekness about was …. well, never mind. I just got a flash I had to blink at.

  71. imajin – I’m also in Huntington Beach, CA and nearly blown away that Zap is in Newport (argh)

    to all – the 10 lower counties in Calif. (San Luis Obispo-San Diego when referenced from coast) comprise ~1/6 US population, and except for a minor ~1.5m surveyor error in past, the northern boundary of this area is a straight line. However, many within this region consider “SoCal” substantially less area & population, maybe from Ventura-San Diego and ~1/8 US pop. Yep, we’re jammed in like sardines…

  72. We also followed our solve this weekend to a beautiful spot in the Rockies. Our quest led us to all the clues including a blaze and an empty hiding spot. The blaze was man made and there was undeniable evidence of a human disturbance leaving the hiding spot empty. We realize this blaze could have been made by someone other than F. In an attempt to discourage other hunters. Although the solve is perfect in my opinion, the blaze seemed to be rather disappointing and not at all what you would expect, leaving some doubt in my mind as to the legitimacy of this spot. We contacted KOAT 7 and are expecting to talk to them tomorrow but after further consideration we are going to decline revealing anything to them. Instead we have emailed F. Pictures and a short message and will patiently wait for a response or lack thereof
    Although our solve is straight forward with overwhelming evidence we realize we could still be in the wrong place. We will update when we can. Until then Happy hunting. Questgeek

    • Questgeek, I don’t think FF will reveal much if he does
      respond to your message. He’s very, very, clever. I can’t
      emphasize that enough.

      This is why I never e-mail him.

      The above is all my opinion.

      • Tightretfocus ,Thnx. For the response , if Forrest reads my email and doesn’t respond that means the chest hasn’t been found. I felt I had to email him since after solving nine clues driving 24 hours, going to each geographic location, moving with confidence nothing accidental, arriving where there should be a blaZe if I’m correct. Spotting the blaze which could only be seen from where I was standing moving in to investigate, found another blaze which couldn’t be seen before and an empty cavity in the rock which had been emptied by a human or at least made to look like it had been emptied.I really didn’t Know what else to do but email him a few pictures.If he is a man of his word then he will have to acknowledge the chest had been found unless of course the chest was never there and I stumbled upon an elaborate hoax at the end of a perfect solve, which i know is entirely possible. However since most searching ends without ever find any real evidence I figured the best thing to do would be present it to Forrest and wait for a response of some kind and I consider no response a response indeed.. After all what else could I do?…man this whole thing is so much fun.. Happy hunting to all.

        • Quest-
          Forrest said that he would let us know via the blogs and media when the chest has been located. He didn’t say anything about answering privately via email. He wants everyone to know when it’s been found…not just one person..
          By the way…I have not heard that he said anything on the blogs or in the media about it being found…
          So I think you should simply admit you were wrong and start looking for a new solution.

  73. Nine new stories from Forrest on video have been posted on the blog. They are called Sage Stories and are listed under Forrest Speaks at the top right of this page.

    My favorite is Slough Creek but I also really enjoy Two Dollar Pistol, The Persian, Lubbock and The Gun Trader…

    Let me know if you hear any hints…

    • Thanks for the heads up, Dal. It will give me something to look forward to in the blog until I go out to go on what feels like my first true treasure hunt in two years. It’s probably just been over a year, but I can’t be too sure how long it’s been.

    • Biggest hint I hear is STAY POSITIVE. The best way to stay positive is to be positive. So, I made up my mind… I AM POSITIVE!
      How’s that for a hint?

    • Thanks Dal. I watched Slough Creek because I’ve fished there before. I think loafers may be a hint. There’s a scrapbook pretty much dedicated to loafers. 🙂

      I’m going back to watch the rest. Thanks for the heads up.

    • Thank you for posting the videos, Dal. Enjoyed listening to them. I asked my family to listen to the Slough Creek video since we fished there last week.

    • Dal, do you know when these videos were made? I was thinking that Forrest hasn’t been heard from lately and I was wondering about his health. I must say, Forrest looks like he is in good health in them! I loved hearing the stories!!


    • Seems like persistency in the positive is welcome but persistency in the negative is annoying to Forrest. He hid the bronze when that guy kept being negative. I guess seeing the sunny side can help you in life.

    • Has anyone else considered that “quickly down” could be Fenn’s creative way of saying “quicksand” ?

      • Interesting, randawg. Another thought for “quickly down” may be “sink” or “drop”.

      • randawg,
        I what manner would part of the poem refer to ‘quicksand’?
        As No place for the meek?
        As The end is drawing nigh?
        As the blaze?
        As the hidey stop?
        Hear me all and listen good to the silent death trap?
        LOL, a place for fenn to throw his bone on.. in, under..

        What are your thoughts to ‘quickly down’ referring to quicksand?

        • Forrest did say that “The treasure is wet” – but I think you would get “Bogged Down” by following this quicksand idea – just my sinking opinion – JDA

        • Perhaps the Great Sand Dunes in Colorado? The dunes created by the winds swirling and pushing against the mountainside. The sands are always in motion. “Look quickly down”…sand blowing. Sorry, my imagination is getting the best of me right now.

          • Not “build a castle in the sand in the past,” but “build a castle in the sand” in previous conversation?

          • Pdenver: not in conversation. He quoted Edna St. Vincent Millay’s “Second Fig” on page 136 of TTOTC: “Safe upon the solid rock the ugly houses stand: Come and see my shining palace built upon the sand!”

          • Thank you for your help, zap. Many times it seems I remember tidbits, and trying to recall where I’ve read or heard them from can be a lot of fun, if that’s a good way to explain it. 🙂

        • “Quicksand” is really just sand and water. It’s not the body devouring “death trap” you see in the movies.
          Is it such a stretch that the chest could be hidden (or buried) in wet sand?
          Didn’t Fenn say: “I know the treasure chest is wet”?

          • Randawg, did you google quicksand before you stated the ‘its just…” stuff? I’ve known people who fished the St. Johns in FL and were pretty wary of the stuff.

          • LOL… So a three year old girl can get to the chest with some help???
            OK little Sally, hold this rope and when you feel the chest mommy and daddy will pull you out. Oh! and remember to hold your breath.

            But lets play sink or swim… fenn would have need to attach a line to the chest for it to be pulled out of the hidey spot [ quicksand ] , right? I mean, if you came across a patch of quicksand with a cable running into it and attach to a rock or something… wouldn’t you pull on it? [ ya probable need a truck to pull out a 42lb chest from the suction of the watery sand ].
            Now I know why Goofy has is eye on a certain dress-out, highboy 4X4 pickup with duallies.

            What happen to the thought the treasure would not be stumble upon… does that mean; only ‘tripped over’?

      • nice interp randawg – although, i’m rather reluctant to test that theory botg, tbh 🙂

        one of my theories on “look quickly down” is: to bow ones head or body – maybe the blaze has a local name
        like reverence/salutation, or perhaps its physical geo-shape resembles such (?)

        or maybe the TC is located inside the blaze, e.g. a large cut in the landscape caused by a small watercourse (that we should look quickly down, before a Ranger spots us) ..esp given that a “blaze” could be a scar in a rock, and his comment about “look at the bigger picture, there are no short cuts” sounds curious (?)

        personally tho, i think you should thoroughly test your ‘quicksand’ theory – and if we don’t hear from ya, will assume you’ve found the TC and promptly bolted for the Mex border 🙂

    • Thanks, Dal! I can’t wait to listen to these. Like so many others, I’ve missed hearing from Forrest.

    • awesome interview(s) Dal – my fav story was landing his plane on the 18th hole, loading it with cool art-work, and just clearing the trees on take-off before the cops arrived – GO Forrest!! 🙂

      btw, could “too far to walk” be a hint-ref to hiking without shoes (re: the Slough story)? – i’ve hiked off-track without shoes on occasion (due to blisters/new boots) and “not far” suddenly becomes a very very long way 🙁

    • Dal,
      Nice videos!
      The main hint I saw was Forrest barefoot or with only one shoe.
      So he either left footprints, or tried walking by putting one foot on top of the other. 🙂

  74. LOL… What do you do when your up a tree and a Moose is under the tree sound asleep?
    Paddle him him with a tree limb?

  75. Dal, thank you for making these available. I didn’t see anything that looked like a hint, but found all these videos to be interesting and entertaining.

    Thank you for this entire blog, forum, etc. And good luck in your solving and

  76. Dal
    Do you know the order they were made and the questions that prompted the response? There are hints in them to my solve. The creek story hints at how to find the start point. Mountain water warms up as they travel thru meadows. The gun trader hints at history and the path you need to take. Everything Mr. Fenn relates in exchanges give hints and I wish he would cut it out till I can get back to the area!

    • I would like to think if there are hints and they have confirmed your thoughts, it may be a good thing. Think how it might have been if he hadn’t.

      • Then it would just be the ramblings of an old man…lol. The poem is the only way to get to the solve and it took me many treks in the area to figure out the blaze. Like he said, not impossible but definitely difficult. Learned way more than I needed but I burned some calories doing it. The hints he gives are like describing a dart board, they are all around the bullseye. If I am right, the end is much easier to get to than the learning parts.

          • Heard the poem the day before he went on the Today Show for the first time. Been what six years.

          • Been at it for quite some time. You mentioned you heard the poem before Mr. Fenn want on The Today Show for the first time. How? I like learning how people began.

    • CO-
      There was only one question. It was more of a prompt..
      “Tell us about getting from Lubbock to Santa Fe and from the foundry business to the gallery business.”

      Forrest just went on with the stories from that prompt.

  77. ” Stop arm chairing that thing to death and get out in the trees where the box is, but before you go, look at the poem as if it were a map, because it is, and like any other map, it will show you where to go if you follow its directions.”

      • I’m not Ken – but my thoughts are to look for an OLD archaic definition of Quickly. Forrest once said,”, “If I was standing where the treasure chest is, I’d see trees, I’d see mountains, I’d see animals. I’d smell wonderful smells of pine needles, or pinyon nuts, sagebrush” Part of this quote relates to my definition. JDA

        • That’s nice JDA…Forrest’s quote that is. My posting of this particular quote has nothing to do with you or your posts. It was purely spontaneous as I read Randawgs “quicksand” idea…
          If I was laying on my back…and I looked quickly down…I’d see my feet…

        • Or maybe by looking “QUICK”ly down, you’d see your thumbnail covering up Philadelphia. 😉

        • Thank you, JDA. In my archaic dictionary, I only found “quick/quicken” listed. I’ll try to find one online.

          • You are welcome – Good luck. I have not seen anyone post the definition I stumbled on months ago – JDA

          • quickly:

            from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License
            adv. rapidly; with speed; fast
            adv. Very soon

            from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English
            adv. Speedily; with haste or celerity; soon; without delay; quick.

            from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
            Speedily; with haste or celerity.
            Soon; without delay.
            As if living; in a lifelike manner; to the life.

            from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.
            adv. without taking pains
            adv. with rapid movements
            adv. with little or no delay

            The American Psychological Association formally recognized PTSD in 1980, and the term “quickly” entered the popular imagination as a way of describing the suffering of veterans emotionally traumatized by what they had seen or done in Vietnam.

          • To help keep some from a rabbit hole on the phrase “look quickly down”
            This is the ” instruction” after the recognition of the blaze. If you are walking along your route you spot your blaze perhaps a pile of rocks, waterfall, a mountain peak that comes in to view or whatever we belive Mr Fenn is simply telling you to stop & look down. We plan to take a few waterspinkler flags to mark the spot when we first see our blaze. We plan to check that area however if we dont find the tc we will back track watching more carefully for when we are first able to see blaze. Mr Fenn is taller than us so this might be a factor, his vision at the time could of been better or worse than ours & lastly just like in Philadelphia story a foot to the left in canyon or right might throw us off the pin point spot by a few feet. We think the blaze sighting will put you with in yards of TC.
            have easy to use flags might keep us from retracting too much.

      • I think FF is a fan of the movie “Quigly Down Under”. As a link to the movie popped up on my internet search. I know that I like that movie.

  78. Wildbirder. It seems unlikely to me that the meaning of “look quickly down” would mean to do so at the point where you first spot the blaze. Unless there is a single, narrow, access to the point at which the blaze could be sighted, Forrest could not know from which direction a searcher would approach. Thus, his clue would not be specific enough to define a location if that were the case. I believe the instruction only makes sense if it means to look down when you are standing at the blaze site.

    • Tom B

      You say; ” Forrest could not know from which direction a searcher would approach.” IMO – Not true. If you have followed the lines and clues of the poem “precisely” there will be only one direction to come from. JMO – JDA

      • JD. Good point except I recall Forrest said something like if you know where it is, you could go straight to it. If we have solved the poem in advance, there is no need to follow the path of the clues. We could approach the blaze from any direction, or bypass the blaze altogether if your theory about the treasure not being at the blaze site is correct. So, I still contend that he could not know from which direction we would approach.

        • So what about this:

          When you hid your treasures, did you take the same path that is described in the poem, or were you able to skip some of the steps because of your familiarity with the area?

          Thank you Curtis

          The clues should be followed in order Curtis. There is no other way to my knowlege.f

          NO OTHER WAY! seems to conflict your opinion, but I guess that is just my opinion

        • Tom;

          Good points – BUT – what if there is only one road, path, trail that can be followed from point to point. I think that Forrest was asked about this,

          “When you hid your treasures, did you take the same path that is described in the poem, or were you able to skip some of the steps because of your familiarity with the area?
          Thank you Curtis
          The clues should be followed in order Curtis. There is no other way to my knowlege”.f

          This quote says to me – One way in – One way out – “There is no other way to my knowlege” f So this tells me that the blaze can be approached from only one direction – you may disagree. JDA

          • The clues should be followed in order Curtis. There is no other way to my knowlege”.f
            This is how I read this quote. There is no other way to Mr. Fenn’s knowledge. Not that Mr. Fenn has no knowledge. Just another point of view to consider.

          • JD. I’ll just say that I am not prepared to rule-out a solution on the basis that there is more than one way to approach the blaze. Too much of a stretch for me based on the available info.

    • I just wanted to share my thoughts & a bit of my solution. It’s only far, you all do. Until I can physically search my spot I must remain secretive of many facts that I’ve uncovered. Before I begin I must say that I’m dyslexic & I solved the poem by following the numbers. I went back after I found my spot & researched words & quotes because they are just too confusing to me.
      My starting point is WWWH & from there to where I physically start walking is approximately 7 to 8 miles. I will have to walk about a mile before I must take my left, which is also west in direction. Then it’s another 400 to 500 ft until I reach my blaze. The Sedan, trees, mountains, animals, pies, omegas, and so much more are waiting there. My marvel gaze is breathtaking and just frigging unbelievable. Honestly, I wasn’t very impressed with the area until this point. I can see why it’s a special place now, mind blowing. I believe the “go in peace ” represents a baptism of some sorts & at this point I will follow his directions. As far as the hiding spot, I believe it’s in some form of a sipapu & that’s why I will need a flashlight.

    • TomB,
      If there is only one way to get to that area/place and look down is an elevation factor… fenn would certainly what direction of the approach is…
      My example; https://www.google.com/search?q=rock+city+gardens+chattanooga&oq=rock+city+gardens+chattanooga&gs_l=psy-ab.12..0j0i7i30k1j0i7i5i10i30k1.27454.34695.0.37287.…0…1.1.64.psy-ab..3.9.1812…0i8i7i30k1.1tlS5cX_KQY

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