The Blaze…Part Four


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This is the place to discuss the the blaze. What do you think it is? Is it temporary or permanent? Will it be around for a thousand years or doesn’t it matter? Is it easy to spot or difficult? Does the poem tell us what the blaze looks like or what it is?

Nick Lazaredes of SBS-TV’s Dateline in Australia interviewed Forrest in the spring of 2014. Here is Forrest explaining the BLAZE.

691 thoughts on “The Blaze…Part Four

  1. I believe the blaze is a natural feature & it will slowly disappear over time. So, in my mind, it ( the blaze ) has to be of some size to last. I believe it’s easy to get to but hard to find, one of Mr. Fenn’s cleaver layers. I don’t believe the poem tells you what the blaze is but it differently tells you what to look for. Everything he has said will be there 100, 1000, or even 100,000 years down the road. He is such a smart man with some of the things he’s done with this poem. It’s brilliant & all of this is just my opinion!

      • Charlie,
        I will be in the States this time next year, so better find it before I get there. I will ruffle feathers with this statement but… I know where it is & June 2018 just before my 48th birthday I will walk right to it. Good luck & times a ticking! IMO

        • Birdie – Have you been to your location before or will next June be your first BOTG to your current solve?

          • Roger that Birdie. Good luck to you on your quest. If your solve involves getting wet, keep in mind that Rocky Mountain streams can be difficult/dangerous to cross in the month of June.

          • Thanks, I’m aware of the snowmelt and the dangers associated with running water. I’ve been told to be prepared & I will be.

          • i was crossing a stream in aug and the cold of the water took my breath away. i stood up and said ta da she up and krusplash. IT WAS COLD!!!!

          • I know the feeling, I did a polar swim once in Canada. Lol boy, that will jump start things fast. I’m a country gal with lots of common sense & plan on being as safe as possible. I don’t really see much to worry about though. I will follow Mr Fenn’s direction, as stated in the poem.

          • birdie how did you go from Georgia which BTW is next to my home state of Ala. Birmingham to be exact and i now live in N. TX

          • I think you’re asking about me being in Australia. I met my girlfriend on line back in 2000 & now I’m here in Australia with her. We are planning to get married when we are there in June. It’s going to be a big summer, no matter if I find the chest or not.

          • Oh NO Birdie its ROLL! TIDE! ROLL! you might not know who he was but mu great uncle was Zip Newman the sport writter at the Birmingham News.

          • * * * * * * Birdie wrote re a June search – ” I’m aware of the snowmelt and the dangers associated with running water. I’ve been told to be prepared & I will be.” * * * * * *

            Depending on the latitude and elevation of your trek in the Rockies, a LACK of sufficient snowmelt in June can be an obstacle as well.


          • Same to you, wildbirder! I only have one spot, that’s all. When I go next summer if it’s not there, I will post everything! I can’t imagine it being anywhere else. Everything lines up perfectly, all the hints & clues are there, everything is just so perfect. I’ve stopped looking & I’ve stopped researching my solve, no need to. I really can’t wait to share my information, that is after I see what Mr. Fenn plans to do. If he intends to return to the spot, I will never tell!

          • i cant image traveling as far as you do. i keep researching but we are very sure too lol. only time will tell. i resaech ideas as back up and to add to our material which at this point quite a lot.

        • Lol, good luck Birdie. If you don’t find it no worries, just e-mail me and maybe I’ll take you to it.

          If your blaze has : owl, jester/joker, alligators, coffin, grail, arrowhead, longhorn skull, and a “Y” stick I might just need to hurry and take a look. Again, good luck and stay safe.

        • I’ve searched three times (from quite a distance) and have enjoyed every minute of each adventure. No luck so far. If someone REALLY knew where the treasure was, they wouldn’t wait close to a year to go get it regardless of where they lived. Knowing the exact location is a round trip plane ticket, car rental, overnight hotel…a long weekend if you’re really pushed for time. However, I do like the degree of structural tension you’ve added for some searchers. Helps to reinvigorate some TTOTC efforts, not to mention…blood pressure. Send me a formal contract assigning 5% of the value of the chest, and 5% of book / TV / film rights… and I’ll go get it for you tomorrow. Hurry though, as winter is on it’s way. 🙂

          • I’m going through the immigration process here in Australia & have been dealing with this process for over three years now. My love for my wife is much stronger than my desire for the chest. That is why I still sit here. Good luck all!

          • I respectfully decline your offer, winter is coming & I know it’s safe until I get there. As long as you don’t know the key word, you are wasting your time.

          • Birdie: if you happen to know what I ~believe~ is the unambiguously correct keyword, you’re only the third I’m aware of that posts here — 4th if you include Forrest. 😉 If your keyword is a poem word (as it seems most searchers believe), then I wouldn’t be so quick to hop on a plane to go searching for Indulgence.

          • Zap,
            My keyword is not a word in the poem but I did get the keyword from the poem. If that makes sense!? Lol

          • Hi Birdie:

            “My keyword is not a word in the poem but I did get the keyword from the poem. If that makes sense!?”

            Your odds just went up an order of magnitude. And if you “got” the keyword from the poem more than once, your odds went up even more.

          • Zap,
            I have the correct keyword, it works throughout, no doubts there. If you could see my marvel gaze, you wouldn’t have doubts either. I’m not going to comment anymore, I’m afraid I will talk too much. Good luck !

          • Birdie: well maybe you do, maybe you don’t. Your posts only suggest you ~might~ have found it, mostly because you confirmed
            it isn’t one of the 166 words in the poem, but was in some way extracted from the poem. These are necessary conditions in my opinion, but not sufficient.
            Since I don’t know your state, there is a 3/4 chance you’re not in mine, in which case your keyword won’t match mine.

          • Zap,

            Good luck to you & everyone else searching for the treasure. I will be stepping back from commenting any further before I regret it. It’s Spring here in Oz & we live on a lake, much fishing to do. I hope you all have a wonderful & safe winter.

        • Summer 2018 in Northern Hemisphere will begin on Thursday, June 21.

          Fenn’s said his “gut feeling” is the TC will be found this summer. He could be referring to you, Birdie.

          If you are the one: Congratulations!

          • Hi DeerX2: I think Forrest’s definition of “summer” augers more toward meteorological summer (June 1st to August 31st) than astronomical summer.

      • I agree, it’s simply elemental. You start with fire, it’s a blaze after all. Then add earth. The fire goes away and water replaces it. After a while all you have left is air. IMHO – in my humorous/horrible opinion

          • Birdie

            You said,

            “I have the correct keyword, it works throughout, no doubts there. If you could see my marvel gaze, you wouldn’t have doubts either. I’m not going to comment anymore, I’m afraid I will talk too much. Good luck !”

            Is your “word that is key” a word within the poem, or outside the poem? Can you answer that question without giving away too much of your solve?


          • Franklin, you asked,

            Is your “word that is key” a word within the poem, or outside the poem? Can you answer that question without giving away too much of your solve?

            The keyword is not a word in the poem but a collection of many.

    • Birdie, I agree with what you said.

      When you said that the poem is brilliant, that was quite an understatement.

      I thought the poem was brilliant about a year ago, when I
      had spent about 300 hours in solving.

      I now have spent about 400 hours in solving, and have an even greater knowledge of — and appreciation for — how brilliant the poem truly is.

      (Even that last sentence of mine is an understatement.)

      Some day it will be more widely known how brilliant FF was in developing the poem. I think it’ll happen next

      The above is my opinion.

      • Why do you think the poem is brilliant when no one has solved any of the clues? While I certainly agree that solving the poem seems incredibly hard, I do not agree that a person or poem is brilliant simply because it is difficult. It could very well be that the solution to the 9 clues is straightforward with the correct interpretation. Brilliant doesn’t work for me but I am usually wrong so there is always that to consider…

        • Toughshed, perhaps I mis-spoke a bit.

          Maybe a poem itself can’t be brilliant, but the poet can be.

          Until you know/understand the details of a
          correct solve, you may be unable to appreciate how much brilliance was involved in creating the final (published) version of the poem.

          Please be patient regarding a detailed
          explanation of all of this — which is not
          likely to be available (in my opinion) before July 2018.

          Meanwhile, don’t give up too easily
          regarding solving the poem. If you can
          do this, you’ll be quite impressed.

          Good luck in solving and searching.

          The above is my opinion.

          • tighterfocus

            I am interested in your opinion about the home of Brown. Specifically, do you believe it is a big clue in finding the correct location of the TC? I keep reading various thoughts here that the home of Brown is not of that much consequence. Some believe it is not a clue at all. Your thoughts?

          • i i dont think you can find the TC without knowing the right HOB i know for us you can find it on a map it you have the right map and it isn’t a person IMHO.

          • W.R.
            If you’re referring to the comment below… ?SF NM.?
            fenn’s quote can be found on “fundamental Guidelines” ~ @ top of the page.
            There are other comments about, which SF, dating back to 2013 or more as well.
            Not unlike; in the mountains N of SF referring to the RM’s, and [in part] the reason for Nevada is not in the running.

          • Seeker,
            Sorry about that being out of sequence, hit wrong button, and so wont get any worse this’ll be my last mention.
            Of all Fenn comments about being N or SF, never did he ever attribute it to a city, state, or northern limits of it…
            It may be wise to hear thise phrases from him directly or see the email from him, feel free to call me Thomas till then.

          • W.R. ~’Of all Fenn comments about being N or SF, never did he ever attribute it to a city, state, or northern limits of it…’

            But he did and has…you should do a little more research.
            Might it be that we were to figure it out for ourselves in the beginning? It took fenn until 2013 to say Utah and Idaho are out… could it be he wanted us to work that out for ourselves as well. But as time went on, more questions asked, more interviews requested, more begging for another bone… and fenn gave out information that really didn’t help much [ as to the actual solve ]-[ useless clue debate ] but just enough to still keep the poem untouched for a searcher to still have to think?

            If you want to believe SF NM [ the city in the state ] is not the SF he mentioned [and actually stated so ], then the Canadian Rockies are still in play as well, right? Maybe, ‘the “rocky” mountains’ refers to a gravel quarry…

            lol… some folks could get hit on top of the head with a stick and still want to call it a tree.

          • WR

            Are you arguing just for the sake of arguing? I will bet you a BUNCH of money that there is only ONE Santa Fe, NM. Send me a map showing more than one Santa Fe, NM, and I will eat Jake Faulker’s nasty old hat! You can post the link so we all can see, or email me at SculptorJDA at aol dot com JDA

          • JDA
            Before I prove you wrong.
            Do quote the interview or question where Fenn said city limits of Sante Fe.

          • WR;

            Forrest did not say city limits, but here is what he said:
            Forrwst Fenn
            Since Richard mentioned the olden days lets harken to 1620 when universal land measures first became law in England and America. As you rode your horse into town you had to pass 80 telephone poles in order to reach a mile because they were 1 chain apart, or 66 feet. And each chain had 100 links, if you wanted to break it down further. Road rights-of-way also were 1 chain wide.
            And 80 square chains made a square mile, or 640 acres – and that was 1 section of land.
            But if you’d rather count fence posts you had to pass 320 in order to reach a mile because they were a rod apart, or 16.5 feet. And since everyone knew that an acre was 10 square chains (43,560 square feet) it was easy to tell how many acres were in your neighbor’s farm.
            Some aspects of those measures are still in use today in the horse racing business because a furlong is 10 chains in length, or 660 feet. You should feel smarter now because that’s so easy.
            If you want to apply those important figures into the thrill of the chase I will give you an additional clue. The Treasure chest full of gold and precious jewels is more than 66,000 links north of Santa Fe.

            “66,000 links north of Santa Fe”. If not the Santa Fe city limits, what else could he be talking about?

            Again, there is only ONE Santa Fe in NM. So where else could he be talking about?

            OK, I came up with the quote, it is now your turn – show me another Santa Fe in New Mexico, and as I said, I will eat Jakes filthy old hat. Put up, and kindly admit that you were not correct.. JDA

          • In case you need help with the math, here it is: 100 links = 1 chain
            66,000 links = 660 chains (66,000 ÷ 100)
            1 chain = 66 feet
            660 chains = 43560 feet (660 x 66) = 8.25 miles
            So. . . according to Forrest, the treasure is greater than 8.25 statute miles north of Santa Fe. (NM) – JDA

          • And from the “Cheat Sheet” that Forrest has approved: “♦At least 8.25 miles North of Santa Fe, New Mexico ” What more do you need? JDA

          • JDA
            You are the sort that likes to argue for no reason I see.

            There is several Sante Fe, NM actually. As you daid, you assume it’s the city, and it could fir all we know, but by your argumentative tome you would discount other possibilities, or what if, solely due to a narrow interpretation, but that doesnt mean it to be so.
            1, SF national forest.
            2. SF mountain.
            3. SF river
            4. SF trail of which there’s the historic and current.
            To name a few.
            Perhaps wwh on SF river and the TC lays 8.25 North. Seeker misquoted and added city limits, now thats not nice.
            So I showed FOUR Sante Fe that can be found on a map.

            I recall you stated you would show Nov 2 to ff book talk. Would you like any condiments with that hat?
            Or are you just belligerent to others?

            Feel free to stick by the city, because that’s what you assume what ff said, yet oddly enough based on your elusive solve you don’t have 9 clues between Begin and Cease. This tells you pick and choose the statements you want to follow.

          • hi WR i climing in here in hopes of keeping you from a rabbithole. we are confident the Santa Fe Mr Fenn is speaking of because its simple nothing complicated about it. Mr Fenn has said over and over to keep it simple. the other Santa Fe’s you are speaking of are hard to nail down. he gave the 8.? mile thing to keep people from bugging his neighbors and friends in my opinion.

          • WR

            I will not argue with you. It would be useless. It is my opinion that had Forrest meant Santa Fe Forest, he would have said so… but he did not. So let’s drop it – will it make you happy if I say, “You are right” – those are possibilities (when in fact they are not)

            You then say, “Or are you just belligerent to others?

            No sir, I am not. If you feel I am, I apologize.

            “Feel free to stick by the city, because that’s what you assume what ff said,”

            I do not assume that he “says” anything, I use logic to determine what I “Think” he meant. so – I will!

            ” yet oddly enough based on your elusive solve”

            You know NOTHING of my solve.

            “you don’t have 9 clues between Begin and Cease”.

            How the (blank) do you know what I have in my solve?

            “This tells you pick and choose the statements you want to follow.”

            Says you.

            Good night, and good bye – JDA

          • WR;

            One last comment. You are a joke. You say,: “9 clues between Begin and Cease.” That means that you are using only 3 out of the six stanza’s for your 9 clues – What are the other 3 stanza’s for?
            You think Forrest put stanza’s 1, 5 and 6 there just because he wanted to have 6 stanza’s? Not likely – Just sayin’ JDA

          • Wildbird

            Until it passes Fenn lips, everything is in play, it takes nothing to consider another possibility, except hate from know it alls.

            Go to a national forest map and look at the SFNF.
            The Pecos wilderness, doesn’t the area look like the national forest area where Yellowstone is?
            So the simplest solution then comes the TC is 8.25N of SF, since there is few places that fit the poem using the city, well, there is many that could fit using the SFNF.
            Fenn could have said N of Tesuque and still avoided his and his friends house.
            I look forward to watching JDA eating Jake’s hat.

          • No hate involved. Just sometimes we get carried away. If we are wrong hundred year from now who will know or care. Just having fun searching while i can.

          • WR

            I apologize for being in a grumpy mood yesterday. I still believe that you are not correct in believing that Forrest meant the city limits of Santa Fe, but be that as it may. Best of luck to you in your search – JDA

          • Wildbird,
            Wasn’t referring to you.
            Having an open mind is needed for solving this.
            The child proved himself whobit was to.

        • Let’s take a look at what we are dealing with.

          A guy decides to hide a valuable chest, and wants to write a poem that can lead searcher’s to it.

          It has to make sense, and yet be difficult enough that the treasure will not be found for possibly a thousand years, and yet simple enough that – If interpreted correctly – the TC can be found in a matter of a few short years.

          Let’s say that there are less obvious clues or “Hints” in the puzzle that – if discovered – will give the “finder” absolute “proof” that the finder is on the correct path.

          Let’s add to this mix that the poem contains both “clues” that will lead the searcher to EXACTLY where a 10″ X 10″ X 5″ chest is secreted somewhere between 8.5 north of Santa Fe, NM and the Canadian border – somewhere within 4 Rocky Mountain states.
          And “Hints” that will help with the clues.

          AND hidden within the architecture of the poem is a means of separating “Clues” from “Hints” as well as an embedded methodology that leads the searcher down a “path” that creates a “Map” that will take the searcher from the correct first clue – the correct wwwh – to the TC!

          Wow if you do not accept that as brilliant – Please tell me what brilliant is to you. JDA

          • “… I don’t know “…that the poem will lead someone there,” as you asked, but the poem does provide everyone with that opportunity. f. ”

            So how do you know it so brilliant? Seriously, is it brilliant because so many are stumped? Brilliant because folks on site didn’t know they got wwwh correct -?- While folks walk by other clues… How do you know if it’s “brilliant” before it can be solved?

            The thought of the challenge is clever, the poem is challenging, the years dedicated are admirable, the prize is tantalizing… I’m gonna personally hold off on how [wow] brilliant the poem and solution are, until the solve is told.

            Sure, this is a fun ride.. a great idea to get people out.. throw in a million plus in gold and artifacts and other trinkets for the finder to get attention, and you got a story… But I’m curious to, how many will feel/think it’s brilliant when it is actually solved…?

          • Hi Seeker.

            “Brilliance” can be misperceived, as you have noted.

            IMO – and of course, just going by my ‘general’ solve…..I find the poem and construction to be masterfully constructed with fun and adventure built in.

            I find it to be very cleverly enhanced with so many possibilities, that brilliance is just an indirect byproduct of the years applied.

            IMO – Forrest knew what he wanted and began to apply a technique that I’ve never saw before in other “riddles”. I think he used phrases of words – two or more words only, because there are many places he has used only one word and seemed to have kept it.

            Anyhow, he condensed at times a group of words to become one….but also left single words alone (“nouns are important”), to build (“construct/architectural”) the poem phrases he used.

            For example….NFBTFTW….is a group of words we all have come up with a substitute for. For me, this distance is actually the path that is also “he blaze” that had been created and established by FF.

            Now is this true, it may not be, but it still cannot be debunked, so it is still, to me, very viable to the solve.

            This is a great example of how brilliantly clever the phrases can be.

            Just something for you to think about.


            Good luck.

          • WR,
            That has been answered… fennology 101…”The treasure is hidden more than 8.25 miles north of the northern limits of Santa Fe, New Mexico.”

          • Franklin, hoB is very important. If you don’t identify it correctly, you’ll have almost NO chance of EVER solving the subsequent clues.

            You don’t need to think too far “outside the box”. A little imagination is important, just like FF has been
            telling us. I suggest you read TTOTC a bunch of times, and
            don’t spend too much time on these
            blogs/forums. They’re mostly a
            huge waste of time for anyone who
            is SERIOUS about solving the
            poem correctly.

            Don’t give up too easily.

            The above is my opinion.

          • I agree! I had my solve before I ever started reading about other searches or theories. The poem was confusing enough without 1000 other thoughts. IMO Start at the beginning, take one stanza at a time, that’s what I did, after I figured out what the keyword was.

          • I disagree in mango i think they are VERY important. I have a solve that i came up with but the blog helps me by confirming our ideas or helps find items of importance.

    • Hi Birdie: well, given that everything on earth slowly disappears over time, I would be a fool not to agree with you on your first sentence. I also happen to agree with your 2nd sentence — the blaze is not small (otherwise it WOULD be easily destroyed). But, I don’t happen to believe the blaze is physically “hard to find.” Rather, I think it’s hard to figure out what it is.

  2. Hello, All.

    I know it’s been said many times before…but “found the blaze” kinda sounds like blazing a trail. You know…leaving marks on “trees”…or along the path…so that those following later can find their way. So…the trail blazer is doing something that’s never been done.

    “You can take a picture of something you see
    In the future where will I be?
    You can climb a ladder up to the sun
    Or write a song nobody has sung
    Or do something that’s never been done

    Are you lost or incomplete?
    Do you feel like a puzzle, you can’t find your missing piece?
    Tell me how do you feel?
    Well, I feel like they’re talking in a language I don’t speak
    And they’re talking it to me” – Coldplay “Talk”

  3. Sitting here looking at a fascinating source of information regarding warm waters and for some reason I thought about the blaze and wondered if it could be a glacier. Ironic when you compare a glacier to a blaze. Even found a source for those that stay put all year long. I know, way out the box……

        • I live 10 miles from there. I once considered it, but felt like i’d exhausted any viable solves that would fit. To begin with, the only place where warm waters are “halted” is in a man-made structure. (Ruled out by Forest). Otherwise, it’s really where warm waters “begin.” There are also human trails in close proximity to everything near the creek (Also ruled out by Forest). I’d love to be wrong, though. Unfortunately, we had a massive fire last year that burnt up most of the woods.

    • “Begin it where warm waters halt” = Begin it at the base of a glacier (Where warm waters have halted and become frozen)

      “And take it in the canyon down” = and go down a canyon that the glacier carved maybe a couple of million years ago.

      “Not far, but too far to walk” = the distance in feet or miles may be short, but the expanse of time shall be “too far to walk”.

      “Put in below the home of Brown = Well, I have already revealed too much – I will leave this line for you guys to figure out. Just musin’ JDA

      • JDA;;yes you’re right JDA because there is this commentary in one of the stories of his ff n scrapbook scrapbook 83 (Mike Kammerer) from one challenge to another, meaning from one canion to another and in the middle the house of brown

      • Maybe too far out of the box for you.
        To those that know what I mean, it just sent a shiver up their spines!

  4. The Blaze is a rare, naturally occurring, phenomenon. It takes place before sunset and before sunrise. Thus the advice of “take a flashlight”. Just my opinion and many hours of research. Truly an awesome sight and hope to witness soon…

    • Colleen, please consider the ENTIRE line
      “If you’ve been wise and found the blaze”.

      This line can lead an analytical, thinking searcher to the right place . . . if that searcher has correctly solved all the earlier clues in the poem.

      I apologize for not giving more info at this time. I worry
      about other searchers finding the TC before I do.

      Good luck. Please don’t give up too easily.

      The above is my opinion.

      • From the Tarry Scant site:

        Q: What is Blaze? A: Anything that stands out. -Forrest Fenn

        This may not have any special interaction with sunrise or sunset. It just stands out. My opinion is a big rock outcropping with a shape important to Forrest Fenn.

        • Franklin, I like your thinking on this. I think
          you’re “warm” about the topic . . . but not
          quite deserving of a “Bingo.”

      • Just hopping out of the box again.
        Wise, past tense.
        Wizen = dried up.
        Need anymore?
        IMO! Of course

  5. this scrapbook 83 from mike reminded me again of a classified I saw in the clipping book of ff, if that’s what I think, I do not know, where I do not know, but I know that many of his story tells me a word, one of his words me they called my attention (povilhar) that falls in the substantive meaning and verb and definitions of (waters) if it is coincidence I do not know anyone else can discover

  6. Every time “the blaze” is brought up on this forum I am astonished that others don’t share my expectation for it…. especially following Forrest’s recent multiple comments recommending approaching the clues (understood to be geographic locations) as if they are forming an ‘X’ on the map… (or something to that effect). A blaze is a marker. This is a treasure hunt. If you were going to take a short easy walk from your car to a secret spot somewhere in the Rockies and create a hunt leaving nine clues to lead a searcher to your spot…would the clues indicate several geographic locations along your short easy route leading up to a physical marker indicating the treasure spot? I say heck no. Too much of a needle in the haystack on the one hand, and relying on a physical marker might be asking for accidental discovery on the other. If you want to be “an architect” designing a fancy treasure hunt you aren’t going to write a poem that translates to some small scale route like: start at the river junction, follow the canyon down stream, turn left up the rocky drainage,…and so on. No. You are going to craft some larger scale map to the treasure that depends on the correct and ordered interpretation of the clues to resolve an image on the appropriate conventional map. Whether it is an ‘X’, or an arrowhead (as I explored in my solve), or a bullseye, or a spiral….the blaze is the marker on the map.
    Obviously in my opinion.

    • DWRock, I am nowhere near at the point of tackling the clue involving the blaze yet, but this is a cool way of approaching it. Something has to be able to point you to a specific spot, and I think you are right. I think larger scale is going to play a part here, such as named mountains or ridges or things along those lines. The blaze is not the end of the chase, imho – I think it is a tool that leads one to the next clue, not the chest. Otherwise, why bother with the rest of the poem?

      • I agree. The blaze seems to fall at clue six or seven by my estimation so there leaves two or three clues to follow or understand before reaching the chest. I don’t believe there will be anything left to discover once boots on the ground, though. The one with the correct solve will know where it is.

        • I completely agree. I think you may have to search around a bit, but you will know you are in the right spot before you even leave home.

    • DWRock, I believe that the word “blaze” is a “word that is key”. But there are others as well. Most of them are in
      the poem.

      The blaze is a very, very important thing to find and recognize as part of a correct solve. And the “X” on
      a map is also crucial, using the blaze to signify part of the “X” . . . (which isn’t part of the design of any real map).

      The above is my opinion.

    • DWRock,
      IMI = In My Interpretation
      PI = Poem interpretation

      Don’t get me wrong here… I see your point! In fact one of my current theories spans about 6 miles (which is an “awfully long walk”(PI) for an 80-ish yr old guy), but I back-burner that one over and over in consideration of Fenn’s comment(s) (paraphrased) that “some have gotten the first (2) clues correct and were within 200-500 feet” (various quotes).

      When I read that and then look at the clues (IMI) I feel like those people got WWWH and BTHOB correct and that put them within striking distance. So, assuming that is the first (2) clues, that means that his “secret where” or “hidden location”(PI) is described, detailed, etc. using the other (7) clues! To that point, some above will disagree (SORRY JDA), that is extraordinarily simple! You get 2/9 and you’re within a stones throw from $2,000,000 (or so) worth of valuables… that is actually quite small then, so what is your retort to that given your above comment? And to be clear, my mode is not malicious if it comes off that way – I am just trying to pick your brain a bit because I have a couple seemingly solid theories, both large and small scale (in regard to distances, etc.)

    • Sparrow, it could . . . depending on interpretation.

      I suggest you keep your options open.

      For example, a blaze on the face of a horse could have a zigzag shape, associated with a lightning bolt.

      Please remember that you won’t be anywhere near the blaze FF had in mind, until you have a correct solve for all the earlier clues. It IS doable, but not easy.

      Good luck. This is all my opinion.

  7. Hello Searchers,

    It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted, but I have been tuning in once in a while. For the few that attended my reveal Sunday night at this year’s Fennboree, do you remember?

    My blaze is a physical object – a substantial one. It will definitely be there in 1000 years. It is described in the poem by the lines ” From there it’s no place for the meek, The end is ever drawing nigh; There’ll be no paddle up your creek, only heavy loads and water high.” Oh, and also, Indulgence is within two hundred feet of the Blaze. Of course, all of this is IMHO.

    Best Wishes to all!
    ~Wisconsin Mike

  8. hers,

    It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted, but I have been tuning in once in a while. For the few that attended my reveal Sunday night at this year’s Fennboree, do you remember?

    My blaze is a physical object – a substantial one. It will definitely be there in 1000 years. It is described in the poem by the lines ” From there it’s no place for the meek, The end is ever drawing nigh; There’ll be no paddle up your creek, only heavy loads and water high.” Oh, and also, Indulgence is within two hundred feet of the Blaze. Of course, all of this is IMHO.

    Best Wishes to all!
    ~Wisconsin Mike

    • I was at Fennboree mike, but I had to leave on Saturday… I wish I could have been there on Sunday, I would have loved to hear everyone’s input. Maybe next year….. see ya mike

  9. My blaze has evolved from wood or ferrous metal to something of heavy stone or brass bronze aluminum plate that will last for decades. Of course, petrified wood could be a possibility although my chosen areas do not show signs of that.

    I am still perplexed by “Look quickly down” as if being very close or well above it, maybe watching the sunrise chase a peaks shadow right to the trove’s hiding spot. Three of my solves are near poem perfect until being wise and finding the blaze. Definitely requires BOG.

    This chase stuff is mind bogglin but fun, fer sure.
    Good luck and best of health to you all.
    Smoky 🙂

    • Smoky,
      What also might be possible… If you “found” the blaze, could indicate that you’re not ‘at’ the blaze, but looking at it from a lower level… which may give a new light to ~Look quickly down, your quest > to go up.
      “…I put one foot down and then step on it to get to the next foot.” Sounds like steps or stair [ more than likely, natural ], or an incline. At the very least, there seems to be more to do.
      Found; as a verb basically means establish, set up, start (up).

      “look quickly down, your quest to cease, But tarry scant with marvel gaze”… seems to imply [ with ‘found’ as a verb ‘usage; get started’ ] a searcher is gazing at the blaze [ elevated from viewing point ] and needs to look down to get access to that higher level… and/or metaphorically speaking… look at your own feet, hinting, you still need to get to the blaze… start hiking.

      Sorta of the idea~ it’s not what I say, it’s what I can make you think I said…. “Found” is not the same as Discover.

      Just food for thought…

      • yummy food… seeker. Interesting take on how that process may unfold…it still sounds like an act of “discovery”. Another play on the word “found” could be related to a “find”. Find as in an archaeological find…where Fenn mixes it up a bit by using the word “found”. This is sneakier because “find” is actually a noun in this sense.
        I played around with these possibilities until my gray matter fried real good…look quickly “down” is where things got burnt.

        • Ken,
          The thought process also deals with those AFT comments; start at the beginning, and need to know where to start.
          We could be looking at a backwards poem for the searcher, However, from the perception of what fenn sees from the hidey spot [ high hide, if you will ]. Is wwwh the end of the clues working backwards to HLAWhigh? making the transforming of clues consecutive from the ‘start’ of where a searcher begins that leads up instead of down, anything?

          Example; we start at where [ merging ] one water connects to another… One of those waters ‘came from the canyon and down from hoB, from no place for the meek, and hlawh’… basically follow a creek [from the merge ] to it’s source and finding no place for the meek is the elevation travel to hlawh and hoB.

          In a twist / bending of “I” could it be that, “as i have gone alone in there and with my ‘treasures bold’ [ eye catching, vivid, bright ] be Indulgence?… what Indulgence represents, and what Indulgence is over looking…. WWWH off in the distance, and clues from there coming back.

          Look at it this way as well… searcher indicated and deciphered wwwh. Although they didn’t know it to be such… is it possible they got water high and wwwh mixed up? While walking pass the remaining clues?

          Not so much a wrong turn excuse, but the wrong perception, idea. They could have “started” at water high, in theory.
          Could it be [ this is a bit of a stretch ] WWWH does keep going down… not far, but too far for us to walk… in the wrong direction? This would leave hoB [ a stand alone sentence ] to possibly be where the “waters” came from.

          Just more rambling and rumbling…

          • I like the premise that the poem may be “backwards” in a sense…but can’t reconcile WWWH as the start point(first clue), AND have it as the end…unless there is another pointer in the poem eluding to this process. This seems to contradict his many ATF comments about no misdirection…straight forward. may be though.
            Fenn’s training in survival would have definitely made him aware of the benefits of “finding” high ground…so I have leaned in that direction as a likely “hide”. With that in mind…I have tried to see the poem as directions that would lead a searcher in a direction that would “move up” instead of a “down” direction. In this case…I use one “down” as a southerly directive, and another “down” as an elevation marker.
            “waters” is part of that interpretive boondoggle that I think hampers the searcher in actually “knowing” the “correct” start place. It could be as simple as…more than one water coming together in a specific place, and that’s the start. That would be interesting if it turned out that WH was WWWH !
            My theory remains…folks have told Fenn about the place(WWWH), but did not have the next clues properly interpreted(mapped out)…NF,BTFTW I think is the major stumbling block…

          • Ken,
            In this theory, ‘down’ refers to the waters. However, “not far, but too far to walk” might refer to the searcher… not to go that way. ‘Don’t go down’ the canyon… ‘go up’ from this starting point [wwwh] ~ too far to walk is the other way, down the canyon, as the wrong way.

            For this thought to be correct, the poem is read as; the waters put in below the home of Brown. The real question is… what does “from there” mean?
            From hoB? or From where you started at wwwh? or both? Could wwwh be where hoB is? giving us the correct wwh out of all the wwwh in the RM’s.

            There is a difference between straight forwards vs. linear or even literal [ it is a poem, right ].
            The video of the reverse bike come to mind… “the one who can best adjust.”
            Would it be a contradiction for fenn to hand you that bike and say; ride it straight forwards-?- or do we need to adjust our teachings and explanations.
            Not unlike the word “Brown” being capitalized… does it have to be a name? or can it refer to a title or represent a title?
            One example; hoB as ‘the color’ of the ‘worlds first national park.’ Would this be considered a misrepresentation of fenn’s part, or we just didn’t interpret the correct reasoning for the “B”

            Something must give us the correct wwh, and give us the correct direction to head out to… the problem might be in the adjusting of how we read the poem… and those dang AFT comments… while being true at the same time.

            That check and balance of straightforward, idea.

          • Sure…I get the gist…and especially keeping in mind the backwards bicycle.
            I see the comma between NF and BTFTW as an indication that there is something there to think about…before heading out in one direction or another. This would be a possible “adjustment” spot
            “Brown” is another whole issue. As a poem…and using your literal, linear etc. interp. process, I tend to lean in the direction that the capitalization was intended to represent a symbolic idea and not a name.
            You are correct…something should point out the “correct” wwh…I believe that is found in the first stanza.
            Gertrude Stein said, ” Poetry is doing nothing but using, losing, refusing and pleasing and betraying and caressing nouns.” I find that interesting coupled with Fenn’s comment about nouns….

      • Not bad there Seeker. After hiking through heavy loads and water high, you look up and see the blaze. Then Fenn says, tarry scant, get going and check it out. It’s where he intended to meet eternity. I believe it must be an impressive natural structure, More than just a cool thing to see. Maybe it looks like the tip of a spear, or an omega, or ??

        • Frank,
          Don’t take anything I say as remotely possible.
          I’m posting thoughts only. Analyzing the crap out of the “WhatIf’s possibilities… The one thing you’ll never read in my post is… “I know” anything. Heck, I don’t really have an opinion yet… I’m still stuck on what wwwh might be, nevertheless what it refers to.

          As far as the blaze goes… I would hope I’d have an idea beforehand, but won’t let that clue dictate where the other clues are… I just don’t think anyone will know the blaze until the other clues bring you there… impressive or not… I don’t think a searcher would know it if they just saw it [even in full search mode]… not without the correct ‘lead’ of the other clues. No one should stumble upon it [ even a searcher ] until the all clues are brought to life… contiguous; bordering upon.

          Food for thought, is all I offer.

  10. IMO, the blaze is not a trail marker. F said not in close proximity to a human trail, paraphrasing.

    • I’ve always thought that a trail marker in an area where there are no trails would be conspicuous enough for a Chaser to identify as a blaze, but not conspicuous enough for a random person who happened to be walking through the area.

      • I always thought that a trail marker marked a trail, a human trail. I think that’s why they call it a trail marker, but that’s just my opinion.

          • @ eaglesbound and Blex…

            I always thought that a trail marker marked a trail, a human trail. I think that’s why they call it a trail marker, but that’s just my opinion.


            IMO – the there are a combination of trail types being used…..

            – ff created the blaze – human trail of sorts
            – Indulgence is near a game trail
            – one needs to understand trails and how they are marked
            – one needs to understand, in some part, who created the trail. I state this because, I think FF wants those who do go searching, to be able to incorporate what you find into the search. It is also my interpretation that imagination needs to be used at this point.

            Did you ever think about following frogs? They make trails….they also can be “included” as a possibility because of the association that FF has made with them numerous times…..”muddy creek” cancer reference, bells with frogs upon them, etc.

            Trail is a multiple meaning word…..don’t discount it’s heavy involvement as a blaze.

            Good luck.

    • I believe Fenn was referring to the treasure (not the blaze) when he said not in close proximity to a trail, So, unless you consider the blaze and treasure to be in the same place, that would not exclude the blaze being a trail marker of some kind. I’m not saying that I think it is – just allowing the possibility.

      • IMO, Many people believe that the chest in near or close to the blaze, since look quickly down your quest to cease follows the blaze.

      • The quote is: “If you ain’t the lead dog, the scenery never changes. When I am in the mountains or in the desert, the last place I want to be is on a trail. Ain’t no adventure in that for me. There isn’t a human trail in very close proximaty (sic) to where I hid the treasure”.

        Note the VERY close proximaty (sic) to where I hid the treasure.

        I would consider anything closer than 25 yards to be “In very close proximity.” 50 yards – close. 100 yards not very close. Over 100 yards, not close at all. But that is just me. JDA

        • JDA,
          Good morning! When I stand before my blaze & look quickly down the distance is approximately 50 to 60 yards, then I wil following the directions in stanzas 5 & 6.


          • Good luck with that, Birdie. The blaze
            (in my opinion) is several hundreds of feet away from where a searcher will be when first seeing it.

          • I also agree with that statement, you’re going to love how he handled that part of the poem. Brilliant! I can tell by your response that you don’t have the poem solved up to the if you’ve been wise part. If you can solve up to there, it’s yours to take. IMO

      • TomB,
        First off, it reads as “very close proximity”

        Personally, I would rather know what fenn means by a “human trail”
        My guess is… “made” for man travel.
        That doesn’t mean, a now exciting ‘called’ trail, is a human trail.
        Example… Is the Continental Divide trail a true human trail? or do we just call it one, now?
        A river is a river… we use the waters for travel/business… is that water-way a trail? [thinking along the lines of canals and locks for moving watercraft through] IF so, All ya folks that have a river in very close proximity to your solve… umm

        Tom, all I think about is; in the end of anyone’s interpretation of the clues is, is it somewhere fenn would want his body, left to nature, alone?

      • I’ve always considered “in close proximity” as being far enough away that you can not see one point from the other. Meaning that you will not see the chest from the closest man made trail.

        Maybe like when he was shot down and caught in the bombing operation “Arc Light”, he was definitely in close proximity, yet not quit sure how far away the bombs were hitting.

  11. From part 3….Tom B wrote….

    “I recall that Forrest was asked if the blaze was a single object and I believe his reply was, “in a word, yes”. The way he answered that suggests, to me, that there is more than one piece to the blaze. For example, it could be a group of rocks that form a certain pattern. The “pattern” as awhile could then be considered a single object.”

    Funny you should mention this again, as it is a rehash of what I’ve stated in the past and To be honest….it really didn’t any looks or investigation to it’s validity.

    IMO – You are on the right track.

    Cheers and good luck.


    • How about this…. the objects in a word are letters….so ..the blaze could be rock formation shaped like a letter that’s in the word , “word”, like “w” for example.

  12. The blaze IMHO will be obscured over time, whether nature or man causes it to disappear. The blaze is man made or marked. FMC in TTOTC speaks about making brass bells to be discovered in later years as he says his bells are buried about three feet. He does believe if his treasure may not be found until several years later. IMO the TC is not buried and may be found accidentally in the future even though the TC is in a remote area.

    I am confident that I have found the blaze, it can be seen at the time f, hid TC. I put BOTG this last August and the blaze physically does not exist 7 years later. However the narrow spot it pointed to does exist.

    How come I didn’t find TC if I’m so sure? My quick look down was too short and was so close and was part of a man made structure. Before I put BOTG, I had not read TTOTC and had not visited this website, I didn’t know that f, had said the TC was not associated to man made structures.

    Now that I have more information and what not to look into, IMHO the hints that I followed the first visit were correct and fits perfectly to the poem, deserves another visit to the very same area, that again is IMHO. I definitely will not be tearing apart outhouses. :o)

    As with most I can not revisit the site on a whim and will have to hold of until 2018 and hope TC is still there for my BOTG. In the meanwhile I will look for other possibilities, just in case even though I truly believe in my current solve. That’s IMHO.

  13. The blaze is easy. Has to do with why he wouldn’t say when he hid the tc. He and Preston basically just let the cat outta the bag. Alas dame fortune refuses to enable most searchers to discern the hints.

    • If the blaze is easy why hasn’t someone come up with the treasure in 7 years. Seems to me I’ve heard a 100 people who are sure of what/where the blaze is but to my knowledge I never hear of anyone with the loot. IMO

      • As with legendary treasures some have documented hints that puts one in the area and does not point directly to the exact location and the markers change with nature. IMO this holds true, but some imagination is needed to find the exact spot. f has said a little imagination is need. IMO one needs to try to know the person in their way of thinking. The interesting part, as I have read, no one person as identified the blaze exactly until they have TC.. IMHO one will know instantly what the blaze is, providing they are in the right area. Until then it is conjecture, and someone may have found the TC and choose not to disclose, and the hunt continues. That’s IMHO.

        • The blaze isn’t changing very quickly. It’s likely
          to look about the same in a thousand years
          as it does today.

          All my opinion.

          • I think you are probably right about that, no need to get into any kind of climate change discussion. How about this for a question, ff said that besides a ‘good’ map GE would be good/important to use. Interesting he said GE and a good map, no? Do you think that GE is an important tool to use for finding the blaze? I say yes, very important

          • Sorry for being behind but what is GE and also if this reply ends up in the wrong spot, but what does GE mean in this context and where did FF say that? Also was it stated in response to a question about a certain part of the poem (like the blaze) or was it a general comment about the poem?

            “How about this for a question, ff said that besides a ‘good’ map GE would be good/important to use. Interesting he said GE and a good map, no? Do you think that GE is an important tool to use for finding the blaze? I say yes, very important”

          • f said that you could probably find the tc any time of the year if you knew where to look. The inverse is the big hint.

  14. Here is something to consider . . .
    The poem doesn’t say “if you are at the blaze” or
    “if you have reached the blaze”.

    I found the Golden Gate bridge once, by looking west from Oakland,
    California. The bridge was about ten miles away from me. But I found
    it, ah tell yeeeewwww!

    I was just pretending to use a “Texas accent” there (if Forrest can
    tease us, I can tease him).

    The point is, you can find the blaze by seeing it from a distance. In
    fact, you can find the blaze on a good online map, if it’s the right map. However, it will pretty much mean that you have already solved all the earlier clues, because the blaze is only about the size of a whale, and you’ll have to be “zoomed in” on the map . . . to a fairly small specific area in the Rockies.

    The above is my opinion.

    • Hello tigherfocus. I’ve found your post interesting. It seems you may be quite confident to what the blaze is, and perhaps the approximate/exact location of where the treasure chest may be. Do you believe the clues explain what the blaze is? Clues leads one to the blaze? Or, something different?

  15. The home of brown…. he is a fisherman of brown trout these where first introduces to the west via the firehole river …. going down the river you need to take a river without a paddle …. like the little firehole …. heavy load up the river till you reach water high a.k.a. a water fall as you look to the top the sunset sets the waterfall ablaze…. your gonna need a flashlight to walk out.

    • If it helps I have searched the south side of the Little Firehole pretty extensively as far as I could go till reaching a cliff face. I then crossed and found the trail that leads to the falls there. It is a heavily trafficked area and frequently visited falls. IMO if the TC was close to there it would have been found.

      Hope that helps.

  16. There is a fun movie from 1963 called “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World”. At the beginning of the film, an eccentric group of strangers learn from a dying man that he has buried $350,000 in a state park in the west (sound familiar?) near the Mexican border under “the big W”. Eventually, all of the characters make their way to the park, but have absolutely no idea what “the big W” could possibly be. Suddenly one of them, without even trying, spots it, and it is clearly obvious that it is the correct “big W”.

    In my mind, the Blaze is similar to “the big W”. You will have no idea what the Blaze is until getting yourself to the right location. Then, when it reveals itself, you will have no doubt that it is the correct Blaze.

    I hope I avoided any spoilers here for those who haven’t seen the movie!

    • That’s a fun movie, Hoblin. I agree with your idea of the nature of the Blaze, in that it is something to be figured out during BOTG trip.

      The difference between the movie and the Chase is that everyone in the movie knew a very specific area to run to in order to start their search for the treasure. Something similar to the movie might happen if Forrest ever decided to reveal the home of Brown! 🙂

      • Re: botg to figure out the blaze…

        I’ve got thoughts on this and have sent a write-up to Dal to post but he’s searching until next week so not sure when it will actually go up.

        In the meantime, do you mind if I ask you your thoughts on the “if you’ve been wise” part of this line. I have assumptions in my write-up on this and just want to confirm they are correct.

        • I’ve been taking that phrase mostly at face-value, FMC.

          However, I have heard ideas that it may refer to Wyoming (WY’s), as well as Y-shaped junctions in a river or creek. For all I know, either of those may be correct, so I’m not ruling them out.

  17. imo the blaze is chief mountain in glacier national park montana where warm waters halt at the canadian border.

  18. imo the blaze is chief mountain in glacier national park montana where warm waters halt at the canadian border

  19. imo the blaze is chief mountain in glacier national park montana where warm waters halt at the canadian border beneath the home of the blackfeet reservation or home of brown

  20. Ok, this is only my interpretation:
    In the Braun Garden at the Center of the West museum is the statue of Crazy Horse. At the base of the statue of the left side it is inscribed American Hero on the front Crazy Horse and on the right side it says Died 1877 defending his country.

    Forrest used his horses name Lightning as a hint to Crazy Horse in the book.

    So now you have the hint from Forrest a flashlight and a sandwich.

    Perhaps “brave and in the wood” will work as well.

    I am sure most think I am crazy as well.

    What do you think?
    I dont think Forrest would figure someone would ever work the Poem. But then again, you got to think like him.

    An Indian Scout and A Saint.


  21. Thanks Mr. Fenn,
    For , ….again explaining a blaze!
    I can’t believe that integration….oh I’m sorry…..I meant interview!
    Thanks Dal for the replay it never gets old!

  22. as any one thought that the blaze might be the word Brown. brown might be the key word to unlock the location down meaning wwwh brown river . canyon down brown canyon. where he put in the treasure.

  23. In my opinion, the blaze is relative and subject to changing over time. In my opinion, I have seen the blaze.

  24. “The blaze is a physical thing…..The fact is, the important one is out there.”
    I have listened to Fenn describe the blaze, and have read many ideas from folks trying to find his treasure. Fenn clearly states that THE blaze is a physical thing…which seems to indicate a single object/thing. He even backs that up by saying, ” The fact is, the important one is out there.” I take note of “…the important one…”.
    While sorting through the poem and deciphering the clues(9 of them) and marrying them to a map…it seems that a searcher must correctly plot out the geographical locations leading to a spot where the searcher must find the blaze…and look quickly down. I can see that after doing this…a searcher could then theoretically say that each individual location has now become a blaze for them…but I still cannot reconcile more than one blaze from the onset.
    I also like how Forrest mixes things up a bit while talking about what the blaze might be…white markings…or even fire blazing. Whatever this physical thing is…I hope it lasts long enough for someone to locate it !


    That my friends……is the blaze. Shortly thereafter taking the picture, Sherif Billy bounced off his shovel…crashed through the barrier fencing and landed on his back in a cactus patch. Didn’t find it under the blaze, and Deputy Katie spent nearly the entire 12 drive home pulling out those fine type cactus thorns from my back. That was one drive I didn’t worry about falling asleep at the wheel.

  26. “Is the blaze one single object? In a word – Yes.”

    The way Forrest answered this question leads me to believe that the blaze is more than a simple object. In other words, it is something that causes you to pause and consider before saying that it is a single object.

    • Tom B,
      It’s interesting when fenn was asked about the blaze he describe a white mark on a horse’s face, which kicked started many looking for white marks on GE…
      However, you’re correct that a blaze might be something to pause and consider
      set an example by being the first to do something…
      mark out a path or route.
      * shine Brightly
      Synonyms; glint, glare [ gaze?], beam, shine

      While it might be hard to image a set of clues that mark a path from their examples… first to do it, line of thinking, as a sequence to follow… This could be the reason for the need to “observe and plan” for.

      We have been to we need to interpret the clues, decipher the clues, figure out what the clues mean…
      Interpret means; explain, illuminate
      Decipher means; succeed in understanding, interpreting, or identifying (something)… follow. [ not so much code breaking ]

      do ya see a pattern forming with words usages?

    • Let us say that Forrest put his initials (FF,) on a rock face. Are those two letters one object when they are in a single word?

        • A school of fish is a single object. There is only 1 school – and “of fish” is a prepositional phrase that describes the single school – but there are several fish within that school. I believe that’s why Forrest said “in a word”, drawing attention to the word(blaze) being singular. The blaze itself could be comprised of 2 or more objects, though – just as a single school is comprised of several fish.

          • But the school of fish are all the same fish, right?
            Is by definition; mark out a path or route. all of the same designed marker-?- for the only correct route?

            “Observing” that ‘mark’ as being wise and “found” the blaze? an object “in a word” and a route of the “direct” path.

            Is the blaze in the poem or only in the field? Well, Becky ya got me on that one…

          • Hi Warlock.

            You wrote..
            “The blaze itself could be comprised of 2 or more objects.”

            I’ve been waiting for someone on the blog or really anywhere, to help and try to debunk how a “cairn” or a line of cairns (set-up every “X” amount of feet, miles, etc) would not be a viable blaze.

            ….. and yet it seems, it still cannot be.

            Could you provide a quote from FF that describes the blaze and yet would discount my theory and opinion?


      • Yep – that’s the ambiguity inherent in ff’s (non-) answer to the “one single object” question.


    • For example, could a group of stones as a whole be considered a single object, and therefore a potential blaze? How about a waterfall; is that a single object? How about a section of rapids?

      • Stones? sure. waterfall, maybe depending on if all the locations are description meant as marker and not marks themselves [ bit of a stretch ] Rapid? highly doubtful a single short span of a river could have many rapids to be considered a single blaze… as the one and only rapid marker.

      • “In a word – yes” – and that word is “blaze.”

        There’s no use in pretending we can parse exactly what he meant. Take your choice if you want, but no light’s gonna blink if you guess right, and no buzzer’s gonna go off if you guess wrong.

    • Or not an object at all…yet “YES” is the most -concise- way to explain.

      If I had a little gold star sticker and decided to stick it somewhere and I decided to put it in the “blaze.” Did I:

      A. Throw it in a fire?
      B. Lay it on the hot sunny sidewalk.
      C. Stick it in the middle of a brown horses, white face?
      D. Put it next to Uncle Charlie who has bad gas?
      E. Stick it on a flashlight?

      May not be an object at all.

        • He says it is a physical thing something to look at. Not necessarily an object that you can touch. Say you mark the map with an X and that is your blaze. No?

          • “While it’s not impossible to remove the blaze it isn’t feasible to try, and I am certain it’s still there”.
            Sounds like it’s tangible to touch and removable.
            How hard that would be??

          • Oz,
            I don’t see how an ‘x on a map’ could be the blaze by itself. I just throw your map in the fire and, boom, your blaze is removed.

            Are you saying that the geographical place the X represents is the blaze? If the blaze is a tangible thing we can see then it does reside on a map somewhere but based on all the things he’s told us a simple map/X doesn’t fit IMO. The blaze is one thing; anybody can slap an x on a map and then it’s individual to each searcher.

          • Colokid, no random X but one pointing to a feature. It depends if at this point you are botg or still looking at the map. See Sparrow post for the Nasca lines, that kind of sums it up.

          • Seeker,

            I concur with what F said,

            I could intemperate as,It’s not feasible to let say move a hill side to remove the blaze just for the sake of removing it.

            It could be very hard to do but it can be done.

          • CharlieM.
            Not long ago fenn use the term ‘people’ to mean searchers. Not long ago fenn use the first two clue as searchers who didn’t know how they close they were, or any 500′ or 200′ comments etc.
            Folks would argue that ‘people’ would mean tourist, or others and the first two clue solvers are not among the 500 footers… they all all separate…

            I would think that ‘removing the blaze’ would relate to the searcher’s / poem’s activity, and not so much, a company strip mining a mountain, line of thinking.

            Sure this is my opinion… but if we take more than one comment into effect { some of which posted by other above } we might start to see commonalty in the general aspect of the chase.

          • Seeker, yes and no. If it happens to be some feature on the map, yes it is physical, but it may not be feasible to remove but not impossible. Technically you can touch parts of it but not as a whole or one object. Like when a river forks in the middle of a valley.

        • Another great example as to why ALL pertinent info is crucial at this point. Saves a lot of really deep rabbit holes and wandering off on one of those stretched tangents.

        • Well, I will not disagree with you and will still hold my opinion firm…and that’s all I have to say about that (in the words of Forrest Gump).

          Time will tell all.

      • ColoKid,
        Well, I will not disagree with you and will still hold my opinion firm…and that’s all I have to say about that (in the words of Forrest Gump).

        Time will tell all.

        • LMN,
          Guess you would be disagreeing with Forrest, not me. I’m just pointing out what he said.

  27. Good morning searchers, this is 1trailblazer back from our search in the Rockies. First and foremost got back safe but without the chest BBBOO HOO. I think Dal said somewhere earlier that he has searchers everyday tell him they know all the clues and are going in to retrieve it (just as we did, and we asked him to see if he could make sure Forrest would look at an email and we asked him to join our search… basically everything he said we did. Could’nt hurt anything for asking, GHEE WIZ, he is the closest guy to Fenn. Dal also said these people never post again after failure. Just wanted to let everyone know who we are, I myself have very poor judgement, and sometimes feel I lack intelligence. Just wanted to let all know we still feel we have all the clues nailed (in our opinion) and we think we found what the blaze could be this trip. So it wasnt a complete lost.
    Was always a hunter but at my age going to take up fly fishing next summer. So thanks Forrest, for getting me started fishing. As for Dal, my thanks to everything you do and have done, getting all those confident emails must be a chore. But again thanks for your help Dal and Thank you searchers for your insight. We are a family now.

    • trailblazer…glad you followed up after your search. This Chase has chewed up and digested a ton of really bright folks. I expect that it will keep on doing that until that first clue is nailed down…and correctly understood.
      Good luck with your new hobby!

    • Happy for you and the family TrailBlazer! Fishing with the loved ones makes much more sense than chasing dream clouds filled with fantasy riches. Good times, great memories and never disappointing.

      • That’s the truth. It’s all good times, beautiful scenery and good people. Thanks LMN and Ken
        Already can’t wait till summer

      • LOL,
        Fishing is a solo adventure, man verses beast…
        If I want love ones around, My Golden and my Red Fox / Yellow retrievers are great for playing ball. Although they field great, they sometimes forget who’s team there on.

    • Dear Mr. Trailblazer—

      All I can say is “been there, done that”. I wouldn’t be so hard on yourself. Mr. f has and continues to…. fool the brightest minds.

      I would encourage you not to give up. Mr. f himself has said (paraphrasing) the one who finds it will have failed, reconsidered their solve, only to strike out again and again repeating the process. He said something like it would take 10, maybe 50 tries to finally be successful.

      That in my opinion is part of the fun. You, like the rest of us are playing a game not so much against each other, but rather against a master of his trade.

      Best wishes;

      1 f Billy

      • Thanks Billy, I’m not giving up yet, to much fun to be had. I was discouraged the first and second times and the third well just said it’s time to start over. The search is a needle in the haystack, and unfortunately the stack is as big as the Rockies. Just time to regroup. I had said I would give up our solve come early next summer. But with further thought, I won’t be the kid who took is ball. Enjoy the comments by searchers and mutual respect most people have towards one another on this sight. (Thanks Dal)
        Good luck and next summer is not far off.

  28. IMO the blaze will only be discovered after completing the journey. “We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”. In other words you are wasting your time if you start by looking for the blaze. In my journey, I found a blaze that only became apparent after I completed the route. Whether or not my blaze is the correct blaze remains unknown at this time. Forrest has said that this area is special to him so I hope it’s correct.

  29. I’m sure we’ve been through this before, but is it possible to identify what the blaze is without being physically at the blaze site?

    • PinatuboCharlie: so, if I understand correctly, you believe that a “key” word allows you to determine what the blaze is. If so, is the “key” word contained in the poem? Please share as much info about the key word and blaze as you are comfortable with.

      • CharlieM and Charlie: seems like both of you are indicating that the blaze can be at least theoretically be solved from home, but you differ on whether you must be on-site to actually “see” the blaze.

        • Tom,

          My “key word” is in the poem and I certainly do believe it is DIRECTLY related the blaze. So yes, IMO I can decider the blaze from home. BUT, I must chose wisely, the correct one that is, AND precisely how to use it. I say that because I don’t think “look quickly down your quest to cease” will deliver a 42 pound chest to your expectant eyes. I think there’s much more to it than that, notwithstanding Forrest’s comment that the poem is straightforward.


        • Tom B,

          Mine can be seen by GE, and I’m positive it can be seen easily on the ground.


      • I think the lock is in the poem and it produces the word that is key. I think the word that is key does unlock the blaze. I think the blaze is a word in the poem.

        • FD;

          ou say, “I think the lock is in the poem and it produces the word that is key.

          I agree

          I think the word that is key does unlock the blaze.

          I agree 100%

          I think the blaze is a word in the poem.

          I disagree. For me, the word that is key is NOT in the poem – But that’s Just Me – JDA

    • Hi Tom B. – What I see as the blaze is not noticeable with BOTG. It is very noticeable if you find it in the poem and elsewhere. All IMO.

    • Dal, you said “…., I believe the “blaze” is a clue that cannot be found without physically being on site. However, I do believe it is possible that the book and the poem provide a guide to what that blaze is…but it is only a guide…I still have to actually be on site to find the correct blaze…even if I know what to look for.”

      What kind of information about the blaze do you think we can get from the poem and book? Could it be a certain shape or symbol that we need to look for on-site?

    • Tom B,

      The way I look at the blaze is that it can be seen without botg, also it could very well be you have to have botg. However in my solve you can see the blaze without botg.

      Sure you can know where the wwwh and HoB is. But not knowing where the blaze is or what it is, searching the area with botg has not been fruitful so far. Without not knowing what the blaze is not reason enough for me to put botg.

      Just saying…
      All IMO

    • Tom B, NO. Marvel gaze, yes, the blaze, no. IMO, outside of the poem someone can find the latitude of where the blaze is. I feel that the blaze cannot initially be seen. Even on site. It is meant to throw the searcher off, I believe it does just that. Marvel gaze is part of the blaze, and I believe that can be seen, but that’s where the confusion will start. If looking down gives you marvel gaze, then looking up from the marvel gaze should give you the blaze. The thing is, if you can’t see/distinguish it, then you will be thrown off. Once you actually find the blaze, I do not believe it will be some magical gate to the holy land. It will consist of things centered around the chase. Like an arrowhead, owl (for wise), joker or jester, things like that. It’s part of the landscape, in a sense, and will not reveal itself unless you do one important thing, which also centers around the chase. All in my opinion and from what I’ve found. For me, I didn’t see it, I thought the area looked “staged”, but I initially didn’t see it. Not until I got home and was going over some of my pictures. Going over certain things within the chase, I found coordinates of that exact spot. IMO, all the blaze does is let you know that you are on the right track, up to that point. There will be no question. It’s the half way point, but not the halfway of your path you take. The chest is not there, but close. From this point to the 8th clue, a bell will be found. It’s at the 8th clue the “key” comes into play, along with the 9th clue. Figure f found a real good blaze, I wouldn’t underestimate anything. It probably something nobody would think of, and definitely not seen.

      • Charlie,

        I thought F said that he buried all of his bells down to about 3 ft. Is this bell buried or laying on top of the ground?

        F said in his book on page 137 he says, “All of my bells were cast in that material [=bronze] so I could bury them.” Then he goes on to say on page 138. “I buried those bells about 3 feet deep so a metal detector can’t find them.” I’m sure he meant all.

        So how is you determined that a bell will be there?


        • Charlie M, of course it is buried. It goes with page 137, dancing with the stars, bighorn med wheel, draw a tangent, me in the middle, and a couple of other things. (his rainbow, 24, etc…) on land owned by the American people but managed by the etc…….it’s a hunch. But from good info, I like the thought, and it fits pretty well. It is the bell on page 137 that you will find. Think about it, if f is dead and gone, 1000 years from now, ring my bell so I will know. His “secret’ plan. I’ll throw you a bone. When you think dancing with the stars, think the Wyoming medicine wheel. Use dr. eddy’s diagram, and with the f cairn as your point of an arrow, draw lines for aldebarran, rigel, and formalhaut (sorry if I misspelled), what do you see? with you in the middle, draw a tangent, through the 24th spoke, see how the line follows the arrow? A map to a bell. Oh, the 24th spoke, creates a 22 degree angle, his rainbow. Look up rainbow halo. There are some other things to do, I’m sure you’ll figure them out if you try. So, to answer your question, “So how is you determined that a bell will be there?” simple, sometimes I just get things right…:)
          Again, there are still things you have to do, but the info is out there, and this is a lot of info to start with. Dr. Eddy’s diagram, remember, focal point = f. And yes, there is a reason that someone would look to page 137in the first place. But if you don’t believe in coordinates, then you don’t believe in letter values, so you wouldn’t be directed to page 137 in the first place.

          • Primary letter values = 80, secondary =57. All IMO…
            Some all and l is ten go od.
            tre as e.
            Good place to start, if so desired…
            G az e, bl az e, butterfly = flutterby, ht’ll be no p add le up, w is e and fo, efft will be w, plus some others, it’s all there if you chose to look. Try to solve before you say, “there’s no “x’ so no letter values. you’ll find it…or not…

  30. Has anyone considered that Just heavy loads and water high and the blaze could be the same thing?

    • Aaron: I think that heavy loads, water high, cold, and in the wood could all refer to the physical environment within which the blaze is located, but I believe the blaze is a distinct object.

      • I think there is a much deeper and more profound meaning to most, if not all the clues, that people are missing entirely, or simply don’t want to consider because it doesn’t fit into their solution of the perfect place they think Forrest would like to spend his last moments before moving across the great abyss and into eternity.

        Just the opinion of a guy that thinks he understands Forrest and the real purpose of the poem. But like JDA (do you have internet yet?) says, “what do I know? Nada”……unless I prove otherwise.


        • Pinatubocharlie,

          I agree to a point in what your saying. A “profound meaning” I’m not so sure about.


          • CharlieM,

            “Profound meaning” may not be the best choice of words on my part, but be’an ingeneer my vocabulary is severely limited and spelling horriball.

            Perhaps a better choice would have been “theme” or something like that.

            Take care………Pinatubocharlie

  31. Could one find the blaze without realizing it? Could you be standing right on the blaze and not see it?

    Could someone be standing on one of the Nazca symbols (the spider for example) and not know it? Most definitely. You wouldn’t even know you were on the spider unless someone far up above in the air told you that you were standing in it.

    • Good analogy Sparrow, I think it even goes a step further, you just can’t see it. It’s in the landscape, IMO, with f’s love of pictures and illustrations, to find the blaze is to find the exact spot, take a picture, and then do what f does with some of his pics and illustrations, mirror onto itself. You will only see landscape when there, but if you mirror that landscape onto itself, the blaze then appears. Make sense?
      Like the gypsy dancing pic, who hasn’t copied that pic, flipped it horizontally, then pasted the original on top(layered), take it down to 50% opacity to see a different pic? Could do this on a lot of f’s pictures or drawings. It’s f having fun, but it might be a hint. Take a picture of landscape, just regular landscape, but actually, if you are at the right spot, do the same thing with the landscape pic. Copy, flip horizontally, paste original, down to 50% opacity, and viola, the blaze. If you’ve been wise and see that he does this with some of his pics, then, at the right spot, when you do this to just some normal scenery, a picture is seen. Owls, alligators, coffin, grail, longhorn skull, arrowhead, two 3’s facing each other, and of course, a jester/joker. All from a simple landscape, IMO…..That’s why I say, initially, you can’t see the blaze. That’s why the searcher will be thrown off.

      • Charlie,
        “who hasn’t copied that pic, flipped it horizontally, then pasted the original on top(layered), take it down to 50% opacity to see a different pic?”

        (ColoKid slowly raises his hand)

        LOL….seriously, after all the things F has said like ‘keep it simple’, ‘straightforward’, not going outside the box; this is the activity some folks come up with to get a hint? Yikes!

        If that’s what it takes to get a book hint I admit it’s subtle. Ha, Ha.

        • My exact thoughts too ColoKid. How the heck does KISS apply to such manipulative gymnastics and how is this “process” performed in the field during a BOTG search? Not conveniently nor easily for sure would be my response.


          • I also agree with ColoKid and Pinatubocharlie.

            Twisting and turning the poem in every way applying numbers, twisting the meanings of words and punctuation and taking things out of order IMO is not going to solve. IMO use the words as they are in the order they are of the poem most certainly will produce better results.

            Of course a little knowledge, and a good map and a LITTLE imagination is going help in producing a the TC

            All IMO

          • Reminder, we are looking for a chest that contains roughly 2 million dollars worth of a man’s lifetime, keep it simple all you like, nothing about anything will be simple. Taking words straight forward has yielded nothing, defining the words every which way, nothing. Where is the manipulation of the poem when one is following it’s instructions? If everyone is so tied up with the meaning of words, define: can, with, on, as, here, in, put, etc…..are they not possibly instructions? Straight forward would lead to finding the chest at line 16, good luck. Couldn’t “c” be an instruction? Is “hest” a word? If everyone knew exactly the definitions of words that f was using, and the context, straight forward, it would have been found.
            Nothing about this is straight forward, nothing about this is simple, nothing about this should be overlooked or underestimated. You can “KISS” all you want, but this is no “KISSING” contest. When has anybody thought that finding 2 million dollars worth of treasure easy?
            As means as, I means I, have means have, straight forward to line 16 and hey, I have the chest, lol, now that is comical. But good luck, don’t know how the poem will yield a spot that way, but, then again, I’m not too smart and not very good at gymnastics.

        • Colokid,
          Ya forgot “adjust” don’t fore~get ‘adjust’
          “… and with it he took my picture…”

          Well, that thought and this quote;
          A: “There are some subtle hints *in the text* of the book that will help you with the clues.  The poem will take you to the chest but the book by itself won’t.” f

          Just sayin……

          • Seeker,
            Buddy, please oh please don’t tell you got yourself a copy of Photoshop to torture photos with too? LOL

            Don’t worry…I haven’t forgot “adjust” or ” a deep thinking treasure searcher could use logic to determine an important clue” or any of the other conundrums on our plate.

            But if ‘adjusting’ means applying a random and arbitrary set manipulations to graphic images in order to understand the blaze, I’d be extremely disappointed in Fenn. We have been told that the solution can not be short-cut. Wouldn’t altering photos to get a preview of the blaze amount to doing just that….allowing pre-knowledge of what the blaze is?

            Also: “Q. You have said to read the poem and read TTOTC to help solve for the 9 clues. We all know there are many options to choose from regarding, Brown, hoB, wwh,and blaze hinted at in the book. My question is, “In the book, do you also, in a more subtle way, tell which is the correct answer to one or all of the above?”~BW
            A. No I don’t madam, sorry.”

            Sure sounds like looking for the blaze in the book is a loser.

            IMO, the adjust comment means lateral thinking or thinking of solutions on a different but parallel track….imagination if you will.

            Just thinking out loud.

          • I couldn’t resist replying to this one. The main hint to that question is in the answer he gave. Think about it for a minute, who uses the word madam anymore. Your welcome! IMO,IMO,IMO

        • Kid, you haven’t made paper airplanes to see what the pics come up with? I am very surprised. You’ve been on this chase now for 10 years, by now I thought you would have done it all.
          Seriously, the TFTW map, if done this way does offer a hint. It puts an “X” on a map. But no, mostly the pics are just f having fun. The thing is, I found this blaze, didn’t know it at the time, but found none the less. To me, it could be easily destroyed, so I discounted it. Then, playing with pics, accidently did the mirror thing to this landscape pic, and was left with no denying. I had the coordinates, but initially saw nothing, but now, doing this, viola.
          It’s my blaze anyway, I’m not going to cram it down anyone’s throat saying it’s it, might not, but it is good. Knowing how f is with his pics, well, I can see it. Other pics of the area just gives symmetrical garbage, but this one spot, you can actually see, (in the landscape), : an owl, 2 alligators, a longhorn skull, a coffin with a grail, a compass, an arrowhead, and best of all, a freaking jester/joker. And, not just maybe looks like, definite, no question. To me, it’s perfect, can’t see the blaze initially, sounds like f. That’s why I’ve been posting, trying to get people to see that f, when he says throw of the searcher, it has merit. If anything, I’m trying to let people know, if they have a blaze spot, but don’t see anything, don’t give up, look at things differently and who knows.
          For me, to show the picture would invite everyone to comment on the obvious, that it is easily destroyed. Not knowing that they are really looking at marvel gaze, and the landscape behind it is actually the blaze. It’s my 4th clue, f knows what the 4th clue is, but if someone sent him a pic of the area saying it was the blaze, but didn’t actually explain what part was the blaze, he might be so inclined to say someone has solved 4 clues but he wasn’t sure. I mean, he either knows or not, unless some fool idiot sent him a similar pic, noted it was the blaze, but really didn’t know. Not saying that was the case, will never think anything along those lines, but I do know one idiot that may have done that.
          (Can’t believe you haven’t done the paper airplane thing) Where’s your inner “kid”?
          Hey, to tell the truth, I’m as surprised as anybody. It’s such a non hint or clue, but when it pans out, hey, I’ll take it. Something found by accident that actually works out, lol, I’m mirroring everything.

          • charlie,
            No, I gave up folding pictures to see hidden ‘surprises’ when I out grew Mad Magazine. Ha, ha

            “keep it simple all you like, nothing about anything will be simple. Taking words straight forward has yielded nothing, defining the words every which way, nothing.”

            So I fundamentally disagree with this premise. Fenn seems to think its simple/straightforward, why can’t that be so? Difficult to solve does not preclude that the solution is simple. A lot of people struggle with this and the unfortunate result is creating complex, tortured rituals to help explain why it can’t be ‘simple’ (e.g. picture origami maybe?).

            Here’s a cheesy real world example: A guy’s car quits running, he can’t figure out whats wrong, isn’t car savvy, and has it towed to the garage. Assuming the problem can’t be simple he assumes the car is broken in a complex fashion that he won’t be able to solve easily. Turns out he ran out of gas. Not a great analogy but you get the idea.

            The key to overcoming the perceived difficultly of the puzzle (IMO) is where the use of imagination comes in. Fenn has painted us a word picture…’s more about imagining a different picture rather than the apparent picture that initially comes to mind.

            Unless you are “thinking the right things” you won’t see the hidden word ‘picture’. He’s essentially told us that. I’m afraid most aren’t listening to what he tells us and this leads to the strange and complex approaches we read here every day.

            But I then again, I could be wrong.

          • Kid, it’s not that pictures are the tell all answer, but it is something within the chase. Can’t discount something you haven’t tried. It’s all the possibilities that the chase gives. Leave no stone unturned. It was the coordinate that came first. The solving of the poem, I probably didn’t explain very well.
            The pic came afterwards, by mistake, it just so happens it yielded something. Just like the TFTW map. That’s all. From all the pics, if someone thinks they will get a solve from it, good luck with that. You just don’t see that it would be possible, without trying. That’s my surprise. No big thing, I just wouldn’t say it unless it had some merit. It may truly be nothing, just f having fun, I get that, it’s like saying it is all straight forward. What does that even mean? I read the poem, face value, and get nothing. That’s pretty straight forward. A word that is key. Straight forward, the only thing it can be is either “that” or “key”. But it seems everyone has some special word. So is it just straight forward sometimes but not others? Does Bighorn ring any bells? With his answer, does that mean nothing? Or is it possible there may be some map to a bell within the med wheel? That definitely would not be straight forward thinking, but it may very well be the case.
            We don’t know what f is capable of. If a pic is manipulated and shows something so be it. Word definitions, instructions, whatever, if it leads to a possible solve of a clue, then why not. I think we can all agree that there are different variables to each clue. It takes multiple ideas that make up WWWH, or straight forward, do we just need line 5?
            If the pics mean nothing, why does f alter them? Why give them any time at all? But, he does play with them. Just look on page 28, the calf’s shadow. Unless calves give off shadows of a car on a hill with a guy fishing next to it. Doesn’t mean anything, but it is something f gave time too. I like the idea of a blaze that initially can’t be seen, sounds like f, also mirrors and landscape, hey, possible. It’s going to take more then just a pic to find the blaze, that I know, but a pic may just be something that falls in place with all the other options. Lastly, I never said that you need to mirror any of the books pics to find the blaze. Just so there is no misunderstanding.

          • Charlie,
            I keep an open mind to most Ideas but they have to be plausible and stand up to some level of scrutiny.

            So I looked at page 28 and, sure, now that you mention it, and if I squint hard enough, I can see the image you mention. If you showed that to 100 people they would probably come up with 100 different ideas on what it looked like. But the question is, can we be 100% certain this is something Fenn added, is it natural lighting, or is it any different then gazing up at the clouds and thinking you see an elephant, or a train, or a pirate ship?

            Here’s my basic problem with your premise. “If the pics mean nothing, why does f alter them?”

            We don’t even know that he altered them. It’s possible, sure, but doesn’t stand up to any level of scrutiny.
            Sometimes an odd shadow is just an odd shadow. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. It’s easy to say that he altered the photo but where is the absolute proof? Just because YOU can’t see any other way that shadow could be formed doesn’t mean it’s not natural. We’d have to have the original photo and I’m guessing that you don’t have that. Right? Is it like the guy with the broken car? Just cause he doesn’t see the simple answer does that mean it’s complex?

            So why do people see things like this? It’s a well know phenomena called Pareidolia… This has been discussed before. You either believe in science or you don’t. No big deal.

            Look, charlie, if you want to believe that Fenn spent time playing with photos that’s fine with me. I don’t really want to get into a back and forth on this. I just don’t see the point. Let’s say he did alter pictures “just for fun”. How does that get us closer to the TC? That’s my yardstick. If this helps your search effort then go with it. Good luck.

          • Pareidolia, exactly… we see what we think we see.
            Like Ink blots [ Rorschach psychobabble ] …Dr. R, ~ ‘What do you see in on this page Seeker?’
            Seeker, ~ ‘I see a dang ink blot.’

            Sure, we all looked at the pics at one time or another for possible help…
            until fenn said “There are some subtle hints in the text of the book…”

            LOL but if we like to debate. Well, I do anyways… “there are *some* subtle hint…”
            If only some, are there others?
            Ha! my bad… sometimes I like to take a sunny day and throw a cloud into it, just to see what it looks like.

          • Charlie – You just hang in there with your thoughts. No one here is discussing why there are more than 10 knock offs of Rockwells in the book. There’s your fist clue that he messed with something. Charlie – look to the stamps – and the rest of you, don’t kill the messenger.

          • I don’t buy the crescent wrench in the class photo — just pareidolia. But I do think Forrest was more involved with the illustrations, their layout, and other extra elements like the postmark stamps. Even simple things like ending each TTOTC chapter with a little brown square (except for one chapter!), and ending each TFTW chapter with a circled, red “ff” (again, except for one chapter!). “There are nine clues in the poem but if you read the book, uh, there are a couple … there are a couple good hints, and then there are a couple of aberrations that live out on the edge.” So I like investigating those aberrations when I find them.

          • Hey there…I believe that finding anomalies in anything can be entertaining and sometimes worth doing. The young folk have entertained me with “eye spy” pictures…where you have to find all the hidden objects mixed in amongst the scene on the page. Like I said…entertaining, once or twice.
            Fenn’s defining comment about hints in the “text” should deter most from jumping in that big hole. There’s been discussions about maps in the pictures(TTOTC) and many other sure thing “intentional” Fennmade picture hints elsewhere in TTOTC.
            If that floats the boat for some searchers…I say go for it.
            Who knows what the final story will end up saying…

          • Kid, I see your point. It’s valid. And no, I don’t think that the pics do a;; that. Like I said, mostly just f having fun. There are more examples, but not worthy of anything. I know you look at different angles, you’ve been here for awhile. That’s just why I was so surprised that you dismissed without looking. No biggie, isn’t really anything, again, it was the coordinates that did it, not the pic. Just an added bonus, but something searchers MIGHT want to consider. No back and forth needed, it just isn’t that important.
            I still play with the pics, f put time into them, so I look. If anything, throughout all of them, I would say I’ve found one possible hint. That’s it. “X” on a map. And yes, I know about Pareidolia. I wouldn’t post if I felt that came into play. But when it is so obvious, well, I’ll give it a look. I don’t think looking at page 28 that many would come away with something different, because it is so obvious, but doesn’t matter. The end thing is, I found something that takes a certain something to see. That’s all, and tried to let others know that the blaze may be something totally out of the ordinary. It’s plausible what I got, but I’m also aware that it just may be nothing. It also may be plausible that you cannot see the blaze at first sight, and that the landscape does need to be mirrored. I would think that is a stretch but multiple things lead to a certain spot, and with the coordinates which fit a story,(Eric Sloane age wise), with my path, with his comments about the 4th clue, and having the blaze as my 4th clue, I can see why he said what he said, and have a little confidence that says this is the way it is. That’s all, doesn’t matter if I like or not, just what I’ve found. As ridiculous as it is, to you and initially to me, I can’t oversee the possibility. Serious, if you asked me about the pics, I would just say it’s f having fun, nothing there, except maybe the TFTW map, but that’s it. Far from a solve of anything.
            Now that we have talked about it, I bet some who feel they have the blaze spot but see nothing may just try something they initially wouldn’t try, and who knows, they may find something.

          • Charlie,
            Its all good. Your question was valid. Its not like i dont look at the pictures….just not at the level you do. Try as i might i’m not getting what i think is a hint but i still dig into a lot of different areas.

    • Sparrow, IMO, you just nailed down the first clue… ‘line of thinking.’
      In theory, yes… If you’ve been wise and found the blaze, seems to mean prior [past tense] or prior to an actual search.
      Because of past tense [prior]-[to a present tense search] This seems to fall in lines with certainty beforehand of the “location” {need to know where to start}
      Now we have the problem with the direct path… and imo… a prior knowledge of that as well… if you can understand the clues as fenn sees them and explains. {now comes BOTG at the first clue and why}.

      ~ driving down the road looking for the blaze would be a miracle. We need to nail down the first clue.
      How?… GE and or a good map… There is a possibility {WhatIF} that the blaze and wwwh are so closely related {contiguous in ‘nature’}, both might need to be known of [ not deciphered ] prior. I think deciphering needs a visual ‘conclusion’ on site.

      I agree with Charlie to some degree… lol.. Charlie and I just don’t see them same way.
      I think… the problem has been, we have been looking for wwwh first, or not being able to do that, some look for later clues and hope to reverse engineer a solve. I think we need to know where to start first {at the beginning} first foremost. { now comes the difficult, but not impossible, deciphering }
      IMO… The premise of how the poem might be laid out.

      Fenn may have ruined the story {for now}, but the tale still lives… In a 1000 years from now, nothing will have changed either the story or the tale…. Future us would also need to know, where to start.
      I highly doubt that would be a state, idea.

      • Seeker, I am adding Charlie and to this very second, nope 22 degrees, no coordinates there. Did I really read that right, you using agree and Charlie in the same line? Maybe two negatives does equal a positive…

        • @charlie You said “Couldn’t “c” be an instruction? Is “hest” a word?” I’d like to say “Exactly!”…or “see k” or “go ne” or even a complete break down of the letters in a specific word because letters themselves (as we know them in the English language) come from symbols.

          Also I agree completely that the pictures in the book are significant and contain very subtle hints. I’ve found many, but not even close to all of them, I’m sure, and married them to locations on the map. I believe they help to form a boundary of the playing board that you work the poem with. Finding the edges as Forrest would say.

          Charlie where are you from? I’m in California.

          • @Colokid you said “Unless you are “thinking the right things” you won’t see the hidden word ‘picture’. ” I woke up this morning to read that two people are speaking my language, you and Charlie. If the two of you worked together you could do miracles, in my opinion.

            Regarding the images in the book, I’ve read about pareidolia and I’ve been accused of seeing what I want to see, but that can only be said if I’m the only one seeing those things. I’ve put it to the test with others and about 50% see what I see with no prompting. Not every single person will see the same things because we’re all wired differently, but the whole point is to think like Forrest wants you to (in my opinion) and he goes to great length to give us the material we need to do so.

            Exactly like what you said about you have to be “thinking the right things” in order to see.

            You guys (or gals) are great 🙂

          • Becky,
            Well thanks…aren’t you sweet. (I’m a guy BTW) LOL

            I can’t take credit for the “think the right things” statement tho. That was Forrest on the Richard Eeds interview. But I think it says a lot.

            As to pareidolia; it applies to mass sightings….not just an individual. Think of the masses who see Jesus face on a tortilla, or the Lincoln Squirrel.

            Pareidolia is contagious. Run to your pharmacy and get that inoculation now.

          • @Charlie and anyone who’s interested. (If this is inappropriate to this page I apologize) I’d like to get opinions on what you guys see in this image:

            I won’t tell you what I see but I’ll say it’s in the ToTC book. I’m doing this for fun but also because I’d like to find like-minded people.

          • When I tilt my head to the right, I see a g-g-g-g-GHOST!!!!

            (Though maybe that’s seasonal influence.)

          • @Bur I’m not surprised. Now I’m gonna have to read that chapter again 😛
            My daughter helps me with the map from time to time for a fresh perspective and she sees ducks everywhere 😀 I don’t discount anyone’s view. Thank you

            @ Blex and Wildbirder thank you as well, sorry I forgot my manners (I’m bad for that >.<)

          • No problem. I apologise but when i reread what i posted it sounded unfriendly. That’s the problem writing & posting you dont hear how it sounded. Lol

        • @ Blex Jinkies! I see ghosts a lot 😛 But in this case I see the face of young (13 year old?) Forrest in the book where he’s kneeling and there’s a telephone pole in the background

          @Wildbirder, yes there are trails and I;m aware of what Forrest said but I don’t think this is where the treasure is hidden. It’s a part of the greater picture.

          • @Aaron It’s so good to know I have Chase neighbors! It gets lonesome having everyone think I’m a looney toon. I wonder how many of us there are here because I’d really like to have a group or a partner.

          • @Aaron, the reply thing is weird to me so I hope this goes where it needs to go:P

            I’m in Sacramento :/ Dangit lol. I really do think we should try to coordinate in some way though. Charlie is in Fullerton (I had to look it up) and if I’m not mistaken Cholly is in NorCal.

            This conversation is probably way off topic, sorry Dal and Goofy. Is there a page for this?

    • Sparrow. It could be that the blaze faces skyward, meaning it would be more readily identified from above. Forrest indicated that it doesn’t face north, south, east, or west. This would also be consistent with Forrest having found his special place while on a flight in his personal plane. I think this is a likely scenario.

      • I know what you meant Tom. But your wording ‘…consistent with Forrest having found his special place while on a flight in his personal plane.’
        Might give others the wrong idea as being factual and not an assumption.
        Just saying…….

        • Only if they don’t read the sentence that immediately follows….”I think this is a likely scenario”. Have to keep things in context. 🙂

      • Tom B

        I have always believed Forrest discovered this special place after he returned from the Air Force. During the years when he used his aircraft to fly all over the west and that he spotted it back then.

        Back in October 2010 there is a YT video where he is being interviewed by a lady on the radio. I think it was Oct 25th. He stated then that a person with resolve and imagination would be able to find the treasure and solve the poem.

        I know of such a place, and I cannot wait to get back there as soon as feasible. I have discovered 4 new things since my last visit. Very exciting stuff!!

        • Franklin. Yes! I think he spotted it from his plane, just as he spotted the waterfall from his plane in Vietnam.

        • Good luck to ya’ Franklin. Make sure the weather permits an excursion – TRY and STAY SAFE! – JDA

        • Facing “skyward” is a scenario that validates Fenn’s comments about the blaze. In that regard…it appears that the blaze is one dimensional…facing upward. To see it…would mean to view it from a higher vantage point, or walk right on to it. This puts a difficult perspective on the “look quickly down”. If it was on the edge of something one could see it…then look down.
          I believe something else may be happening here besides the blaze, and looking down…

          • How about if it is on something near ground level, and pointing down.

            It would not be facing N, S, E, or W, nor any direction in-between – It is pointing down, but can be seen from a close distance away, if you know what you are looking for, and where to look.

            Just a thought – JDA

          • F said it’s not pointing to North, South, East, or West. Is it possible that the blaze could be pointing to lets say Northwest, Northeast, etc..?


          • Charlie…that has been discussed extensively, and it is certainly within the realm of possibilities. But then Fenn was explaining his take on what North was to him in reference to “north of Santa Fe”…and that puts a non definitive on that theory.
            Fun…Design says “round” so it doesn’t point in any one direction. Is that spherical you are saying? If so…how does that work for you? Curious….

          • Ken,

            I don’t believe it is spherical, with my blaze it faces somewhat southeast at the top and northeast at the bottom at a cant.


          • Does a blaze / marker or placement need to point any direction?
            We were give the direction it seems anyways… look quickly down.

            The direction might not be any points in a 360 circle, but elevation. fenn said he didn’t take a radial of the blaze… maybe he didn’t have to… it might not be a pointer as much as, this is your spot to look below from where you are.

            * you are here * … please take the elevator down, in case of fire, use the stairs.

          • Seeker,

            How the blaze faces to me doesn’t really matter, the bottom of the blaze causes one to look down.


          • I’m not following, CharlieM.
            If the ‘bottom’ of the blaze “causes” one to look down’ Is the blaze hanging?
            Being serious… The poem tells us to look down, how does the seeing blaze indicate such an action?
            or were you simply imply the blaze is the spot of the chest?

            LOL it’s hard to tell sometimes what others actually are trying to say.

          • Not just for CharlieM, but I am curious as to how some people have what they think might be the blaze without finding the TC? Is it just because you have spotted it on GE and haven’t traveled there? Didn’t FF say, and I am paraphrasing “If you find the blaze you will find the treasure.”?

            If that is correct how then can we find the blaze without finding the treasure?

          • Ken, yes I meant spherical. The blaze could be something out there that non searchers and searchers alike wouldn’t consider to be anything of significance. Something hidden in plain sight and somehow referred to by the clues.

            I’d just keep a lookout for spherical things in your area that aren’t feasible to remove. Oh, and fit the description of “in a word, yes”.

          • Aaron: Anyone that thinks they have found the blaze would almost certainly think they have a complete solve. I would guess that most, if not all, that think they have know what and where the blaze is have not done an on-site search at their blaze site. I’m one that does believe the blaze can be seen on satellite images, but have not done the on-site search.

          • “I’m one that does believe the blaze can be seen on satellite images, but have not done the on-site search.”

            Do you believe that it cannot only be seen but is recognizable on satellite image? I tend to believe that it can be seen but just not recognized as something unique enough to be a blaze. It could just be a speck that looks like a rock or something.

            In the future satellite imagery will be able to see much better. If it is not found in the near future this could ultimately be a factor that leads to finding the treasure IMO.

          • Aaron. Just to be clear, it is my belief that if you are standing at, what you think is the blaze, and yet can not locate the treasure, then your blaze is not Fenn’s blaze.

  32. I know we are not supposed to look for the blaze first, but I want to throw out a different kind of blaze, which I have not seen in the comments. Look at:
    These are giant white letters constructed on hillsides.
    They can be seen from far away, so you would need to find
    the HOB to know where to look at the blaze from.
    My favorites are:
    Afton, WY (a big 5-pointed star)
    Golden, CO (a big M, lighted at night)
    Thermopolis, WY (“Worlds Largest Mineral Hot Spring” with arrows pointing down)
    Visible on Google Earth.

  33. Becky,
    What can I say ha, ha (other than I’m a guy).
    I believe the number one problem that most searchers have is not listening to f. If you can’t believe everything he says, then you shouldn’t believe anything he says.
    Let’s review: ‘keeping it simple’, ‘straightforward’, ‘Some say they are trying to think outside the box, as if the solution lies somewhere out there. Until now I have resisted telling them to get back in the box where their thoughts are comfortable and flow more easily’, ‘ I would advise new searchers to look for the clues in my poem and try to marry them to a place on a map. It seems like the longer one thinks about the search the more they complicate the problem’, ‘some searchers over rate the complexity of the search’, and the list goes on. There’s a theme here. People should be taking everything he says and using it as their metric, not cherry picking single quotes to make a weak case.

    As to pareidolia, you said: “….I’ve been accused of seeing what I want to see, but that can only be said if I’m the only one seeing those things”

    No not really. Look more closely at the definition. What about the masses of people that think they see Jesus face in a tortilla, or the Lincoln Squirrel.
    Pareidola is contagious. Quick, run to the pharmacy and get your inoculation today. LOL

  34. I’m not really concerned with what specific direction the blaze faces. I’ve been trying to narrow down the possibilities for what the blaze could be. Fenn’s comments seem to exclude a vertical, flat surface that would face in only one direction. So, as I see it. if the blaze has vertical height, it must be multi faced or circular. Or, the blaze could be horizontal (such as a plaque), facing up or down. This, of course, assume that the blaze is a physical object.

    • Here’s a thought, the blaze points to the TC, but the TC could be let’s say facing somewhat to the south so the blaze could be facing somewhat to the north. The reason I’m saying this is F mentioned something about finding his bleached white bones near the TC. The best way to bleach bones is that they face somewhat south in an open area with no shade. The sun is rarely directly above and mostly can be seen in the south facing somewhat north.

      With this reasoning the blaze could very well be facing somewhat north.

      Just a thought,

    • The blaze can be “anything that stands out” according to Fenn. So once you are searching in the “correct area”, then the blaze should be apparent. The slippery slope of this can be where a number of blazes occur in the same area.

      The real clue is which side of the canyon it sits on. For me it is obvious (my opinion) that the line “From there it’s no place for the meek” tells me to cross the creek, then it’s on the other side of “my creek” which narrows down the number of blazes I have to investigate.

      The thing I believe most important is to think like Forrest thinks about shapes and their importance to him. It may be a shape which doesn’t do much for me, but for him? Every part of this entire puzzle is something important to him. He likes it, see it as cool, meaningful, or significant for his own reasons.


        • Obvious from reading the books. Omegas, bells, frogs, arrowheads, clovis points, artful designs of all kinds, arrows, moccasins, whatever. His favorite things are all potential shapes which may or may not occur within his special area.

      • Franklin,
        Can you expand on your “obvious” interpretation for “No place for the meek” and crossing a creek.

        I agree 100% with your interpretation but I’m curious what you’ve found that makes you believe that?

  35. If a searcher is following the clues to the treasure and has gotten to the blaze, that means they came to that spot “from” a direction. Gone by No Paddle, just heavy loads and water high. At this point I think we are supposed to find a blaze? So yes seeker there it is ! An example of travel…searcher is walking from a south westerly direction hot on the trail…and wisely finds the blaze…Is the blaze flat on the ground, overhead or what? I think it may make a big difference…and maybe why Fenn was not more explicit. Maybe not…
    What if said searcher was heading up no paddle creek, with heavy loads(large boulders) on both sides and passes near/under huge rock outcropping and the blaze is overhead…in the back area, or gets to an area near an overlook and spots the blaze on the ground, near the edge?
    Nit picky…but this suggests that it may be technically “facing” the direction you came from. yes…no?

      • Another scenario…expanding on the finding the blaze on the ground near the edge of an overlook. So…there it(the blaze) is on the ground facing up…right on the edge/ledge…and you have to look over the edge. Searcher has found one of Fenn’s “edges” and looks “quickly” over the edge and is looking right at the put in place…or the wwh place…and there it is, right on an unnoticed ledge/outcropping only visible from that exact spot.

        • Why not see it on the ground without looking over a ledge, but looking at it from a meadow on a hillside.

          • Yes other CharlieM…that is definitely possible too. My example was just an example. There are many possibles…just tossing pasta at the walls.
            WWH is more important at this point…I would say.

  36. Fenn has said that it is not feasible to remove the blaze. Given that, If the blaze is a physical object, I reason that Fenn did not bring to it’s current location; It was already there.

    If the blaze is a single object, already on site, I doubt that the blaze would be a painting or carving on the object itself, as that would be a disturbance of the natural setting. For the same reason, I doubt that Fenn would have intentionally modified the shape of the object itself. Therefore, if the blaze is a physical object, I believe it must stand out because of it’s natural shape, color, or size.

    • How about something as simple as an 80 or 90 lb stone that Forrest has chiseled something onto, as a blaze or marker? 80 or 90 lbs he could “move”, but not far. He could have placed Indulgence into a hole and covered the hole with the rock.

      See the blaze, move the rock, get Indulgence, Beautiful in its simplicity. The rock, with the blaze on it, would be seen only by someone who has figured out all of the clues, and knows where to look, and what to look for – Confidence for the one who knows…or something like that – JMO – JDA

      • I can’t see Forrest moving something like that from his car by himself. And, if it’s feasible for him to have done it, then it would be feasible for someone else to remove it, which goes against what he said.

      • Who said he had to move it from his car? Forrest decides on the spot to hide Indulgence. He decides to put Indulgence in a hole, he decides to put a rock over the hole. He decides to chisel something on the rock –

        Plan complete. He visits this spot several times over the 25 years he works on the poem. One visit, he picks the right rock and chisels a “Blaze” on it. He rolls the rock over so the chiseled “blaze” is on the ground – no one will accidently find it. He leaves.

        Next trip, he digs a hole of the appropriate size – etc.

        Final trip – he puts Indulgence in the hole, rolls the rock on top so the blaze shows – sprinkles a bit of pixie dust over the area for good luck – goes home and publishes “The Thrill of the Chase” – and off we go. Did it take planning – YUP. Did it take work preparing the site? – YUP. Did he think of everything – It would appear so. JMHO – JDA

        • P.S. – If I am lucky enough to find Indulgence, carrying 42 lbs. of box and gold will be enough of a challenge – the rock (blaze) can stay where I find it – just 1′ or so to the right or left. Who knows? I MIGHT even move it back over the hole so someone else CAN find it again. ,, just as I did JDA

        • The treasure chest is not under water, nor is it near the Rio Grande River. It is not necessary to move large rocks or climb up or down a steep precipice, and it is not under a man-made object.

          • Oz10. The fact that it is not necessary to move large rocks to get the treasure does not in any way indicate that the blaze is not a large rock.

          • How big of a rock is “large”? – so maybe it doesn’t weigh 80 or 90 – maybe only 60 or 70? but you get the idea. TomB – sure someone else COULD remove it, but why? I suspect that it looks like 1,000 other rocks in the area, but this one has a “MARK” or “BLAZE” on it, but you will NOT notice it if you do not know where to look, nor have an idea of what to look for. The “blaze” is not painted on in flourescent yellow paint – or I do not think that it is. JDA

          • JDA,

            Did your searchers ever make that 14th and final botg trip?

            I don’t think we are looking in the same spot, but I don’t really want to wait all winter and spring wondering if it can be helped.



          • JD. It’s not a question of whether or why someone WOULD remove it, it’s a question of whether it is FEASIBLE for someone to remove it. Based on Fenn’s statement, I submit that the blaze, if it is a physical object, must be too large or too heavy for an average person to move by their self.

          • TomB;

            You may be correct. So, I will be sure to take at least one strong, hefty guy with me, so that he and I together can at least roll the rock far enough away to get Indulgence. Will you volunteer? (Just kidding) JDA

          • JD. You could still be right about the treasure being under a rock. But if it is, I believe it would be a relatively small rock, and would not be the blaze referred to in the poem. The treasure is not necessarily under the blaze.

          • tomb, I only copy/pasted from most important info. those are ff words. You are talking about something different.

          • FMC;

            Quit frettin’ They made the trip – No treasure. One last “lead” – probably next spring to “check it out”. Never say never. JDA

          • I don’t suppose there’s any chance you’ll just post your wwwh (or just tell me)? I suppose I can’t speak for others, but personally, there’s no chance I’m going to an area where your people have looked unsuccessfully 14 times.

        • But going back to Forrest’s assertion that it is not feasible to remove the blaze, any rock that Forrest himself could move (at 80 years), I have to believe would be feasible for someone else to remove.

          • The treasure chest is not under water, nor is it near the Rio Grande River. It is not necessary to move large rocks or climb up or down a steep precipice, and it is not under a man-made object.

          • Yes Seeker …that ATF seems to elude many. I wonder how many continue to move large rocks and search in water.

  37. IMO the Blaze is HUGE and will endure for a thousand years easily. It marks an “area” (IMO), not an exact spot. Just below this Blaze (“just below” could be 200, or even 500 feet or more) is where Indulgence is hidden. Very close to this Blaze the Shadow Man may be located also— most likely above the Blaze. Again, this is all IMO but thought I’d Chinese in for fun.

      • Tighterfocus: Not speaking for Sparrow, but to me the “shadow man” is the image on the front cover of Forrest’s book “To Far To Walk” which shows the shadow of a standing man cast upon a stream.

      • Tighterfocus—-

        Tom is correct. The Shadow Man is from the cover of “Too Far To Walk”. Forrest has never said anything about needing to locate a shadow man. It is just one of those “IMO” things.

        The shape of the Shadow has always led me to believe that it represents a real image from the area where Indulgence may be hidden. It may be an image one can see from the sky when flying an airplane.

        Of course, it may just be something Forrest thought might look good on the cover of a book also, so the Shadow Man may represent nothing.

    • I was wondering what Chinese had to do with the chase. 🙂

      Good observations Sparrow. Could the “Shadow man” itself be the blaze?

      • Yes— the Chinese (just kidding) Shadow Man might possibly be the Blaze. Very good observation IMO.

  38. For what it’s worth, and as an old pilot, I remember learning about old concrete navigation markers used by the transcontinental airmail service before radio beacons were in use. Some of these markers still remain. Could it be one may be a “blaze”. If you are interested in learning more, Here is one site to visit to learn more:
    and here is another:
    The most obvious but unknown to many is that these ARE actual blazes show the way to early pilots. Good luck in your search!

    • Your welcome. There’s a lot to explore and many sites contain additional info. Good luck!

      • Bob…cool stuff. Over the years there has been brief discussions about those markers. Maybe someone remembers when…Thanks for putting it out there.

        • We ran across a concrete marker of some sort in southern Montana. It had “R/W” on it. It was a few dozen yards from the highway but still really have no idea what it was placed the for.

          • Those markers sort of got lost in history’s dustbin. Pilots used those markers to know their dead reckoning was correct. Another thing the old pilots used were commercial radio station towers. They could tune the station in and when the plane was directly overhead there was something called a cone of silence, another indicator their flight was on track.

  39. Aaron. Yes, I believe the blaze is large enough to be seen on satellite images. And, I also think it can be recognized on satellite images if you are “wise”. By that I mean that I think the blaze is a natural object, so it may not be apparent to you that it it is THE blaze even if you were standing in front of it.

  40. Dear fellow searchers, on my various trips this year I found two very special blazes and I’d be curious, what you think about them… both were at spots where the poem guided me to… every single step was right there where it should be… no additional construction ws needed! So you can imagine my heartbeat after findinging these two:

    1. a double birch, in the first one I found “2010” and a wooden stick with a trout head was hanging on a wire; on the second tree was a sign… a big S with a dot in it and a small o as well as an l… it could have been “Sol” or “Soil” since there was another natural horizontal line right near the dot in the S… I wish I could post a picture but don’t know how to do it… the “trout” could be set up as a sundial… I have waited for the sun to be in the south (the S with the dot) but the shadow was quite near… no treasure… after one more day of brainstorming and a little bit of digging we moved on…

    2. a gravemarker on a cemetery belonging to a couple that is still alive… The second name of the husband was BLAZE… the marker itself and the markers nearby were definitely tarry scants (dark stone plates), but I did not dare to move them… they looked very heavy anyway…

    In both cases we were able to go there with confidence, because the poem was guiding us right to these spots… still we seemed to get stuck at But tarry scant with marvel gaze…

    I am curious what you guys have to say!

    Best, TLo

    • TLo TeamTLT
      Birch trees, wooden stick, trout head, wire, sign, grave marker? In plain English, not in a thousand years.
      Then what do I know. I don’t have a clue anymore. All IMO of course.
      Keep chasing … stay safe …

      • Well… that’s what we thought as well but then… the trees are quite strong and gravemarkers should be made for 1k years… and if I remember correctly Forrest admitted that not all clues are to stand the time…

        Should both blazes be there by chance? Should the tree sign be made by someone else? Maybe as ahoax? It was hidden quite well and if I create a hoax I want someone to gind it and I probably want to know about it…

        Sounds odd to me and so we didn’t just walk by…

        • Hi Tlo,

          The blaze you ran into may not have been a hoax, but related to someone else’s hunt. I can remember when I was in the Biy Scouts years ago our troop master wanted to see how well we were able to follow directions and so when we were on a weekend camping trip he created a trail of blazes for us to follow, but they were not trail markers per se. it was a lot of fun and the scout who found the last one was rewarded with some candy and a few bucks.


        • To answer in one word – sure. In a few more words, here are some estimates: universe 14 billion years old; Mother Earth 4.5 billion years old; 3 billion years of age for meteor impact site in West Greenland – it might have remains of older “interstellar rock”; 2.5 billion years of age for exposed rock on an island a bit northwest of Salt Lake City where I’ve parked my Jeep and walked over to touch; 50 million – 1 billion years of age for different parts of the Rockies. What will still be around and accessible to an 80 year old man 1000 years from now? And barring a biblical flood, meteor / asteroid impact, YNP volcanic eruption or natural / human-caused nuclear disaster? Seems reasonable to me a 1000 years would just be a tumble in the park for “a rock” though it might age some. I’m not saying “a rock” is “the” blaze. I and others have suggested other ideas like certain trees. As I said before, I don’t have a clue anymore. I do think about what ff has reportedly said ATF about the blaze (following from

          “yes” (the blaze is one single object)
          “…I doubt that anyone will find the blaze before they have figured out the first clue.”
          “…Playing a hunch is not worth much in the search and those who start out by looking for the blaze are wasting their time”.
          “…I certainly don’t have any answers and may be wrong in some of my statements written here. Thanks for the question. Next time you might ask me how deep is a hole.”

          Think I should follow ff’s advice and focus on figuring out the first clue.
          Keep chasing … stay safe …

          • Thanks for the entertaining answer! Brought a smile to my face! One short reply… I found the tree-blaze exactly where I wanted to be after following my first clues! That is what made me search and think a little longer than we probably should have…
            I have one unique and simple WWWH, I have a direction (canyon down), a distance (NFBTFTW) and a HOB… I will stick to those next season! What comes next ist still keeping me from good sleep, but my search areas are getting smaller… now I go into hybernation! Stay sage all together and I hope to get to know some of you next season (my sophomore season)!
            Best, TLo

          • TLo Team TLT
            Thank you and you’re welcome. Yes, do try to get some rest – you look tired.

    • With respect to your blaze 1, if it was marked SOL – it’s probably not going to be of any help in the solve…..but interesting that is says SOL!

  41. If the Blaze is a real object, and searchers have been within 200 feet of it, I would think it had to be , like one of the bunches of plastic flowers, you see along the road, you see it, but you have no reason to go to that spot.

    • I quite agree. Let’s say that there is a small meadow, and somewhere in or near that meadow is where Forrest secreted Indulgence. Let’s say also that 500′ from this meadow there is a beautiful waterfall. People have hiked a mile or two to come see the beautiful waterfall. Are they inclined to go look at the meadow – that is very similar to a dozen other meadows in the area – instead of going to look at the beautiful waterfall? I think not. Let’s also say that there is a trail that leads to the waterfall, that passes our meadow by about 200′.

      I write Forrest and tell him that I hiked up Trail XYZ, and went to the waterfall – WOW, it was beautiful. Forrest now knows that I was within 200′ and also within 500′ of the treasure, and walked right past it, never knowing that I had been so close.

      Just my opinion – and something to think about. JDA

      • Fenn followed the clue “when he hid the chest”… tell us we need to do the same. Tells us to “his knowledge” there’s no other way.
        If the meadow if before the waterfall, why did fenn have to go to the waterfall then back meadow to “hide the chest” carrying a heavy backpack, twice, if the meadow is between the parked car and the waterfall?

        The scenario you present may have sounded reasonable at one time in the early stages of the 7 years of ATF comments, but does it really hold water now?

        • Seeker;

          I did not say that Forrest, or a searcher had to go to the waterfall. I was only using an example of why people would or could bypass the “meadow” when looking for the treasure.

          Maybe there is another “Water High” somewhere near the meadow, but searchers mistakenly think that the waterfall IS the water high that they need to find. – So that is why they go to the waterfall, instead of looking for a different “water high” at or near the meadow.

          All just examples of why one would walk right past the treasure, and not even know it. JDA

      • Yes, or it could be in a place where it just didn’t seem you could hide anything. In an article or interview, Mr. Fenn said, that the hiding place was just big enough to squeeze himself and the chest into. Or it could be in a place, where the blaze or something in it’s surroundings, just give you the feeling there’s nothing there of interest to you, a kind of psychological camouflage.

    • James—
      I think Forrest said someone has been 200 feet from the Treasure, not the Blaze. Perhaps several people have been to the Blaze and didn’t realize it was the Blaze. And if the Treasure is 200 feet from the Blaze then several people have gotten within 200 feet of the Treasure.

      • Right or wrong, Since the poem says that once you find the blaze, to look quickly down your quest to cease…” many believe that of you find the blaze, that the treasure will be close at-hand – they picture the blaze and the treasure site as one. Are they correct? I guess we will just have to wait until it is found to know – JDA

        • Then we have this from a 23 July 2012 interview with Dal that seems to confirm the trove might be near the blaze. “Some things are so obvious that, you know, you don’t want to look so far down the road that you don’t see what’s laying in front of you.” f

          I interpret that to mean look quickly down as soon as you see the blaze, don’t walk down the road or path to take a closer look. Which also implies the blaze is large.


      • Sparrow,

        I believe you are correct searchers have been within 200′ of the chest, but the chest would be in very close proximity of the blaze. The reason for looking quickly down is the terrain in that area slopes down. As far as where “indulgence” in hidden it’s not in something “man made” well I think there is a twist to that. It’s my belief that Forrest created a sort of home over the chest similar to what the girl who made a ugly pot of her exboyfriend and put many rocks over the buried item like a shrine to let go, that Forrest wrote about. So is that “man made” well the material sure isn’t. So draw a circle of 500′ on a map of your solve for “no paddle up your creek” and then a circle of 200′ for your “heavy loads” solve and again 200′ for your “water high” solve and where they all cross there should be a X on your map and that should be where the blaze and the chest is hidden. IMO
        By the way Forrest first said “people” have been within 500′ on the chest not “searchers” like he said later on, so there should be a main trail in proximity of NPUYC. Just saying.
        Good Luck.

        • WOW Bur; You sure seem to have it nailed down. I think that the “people” vs “searchers” is a key point. I was confused about radius vs diameter of your circles, but now think I have it.
          I wish that I were as close as you seem to be. Good luck when you do go out again and TRY to STAY SAFE when you do go out. JDA

  42. Does the blaze stand out because of the type of object it is. because of it’s physical characteristics (shape, size, color), or because of it’s “meaning”.

    • The blaze IMO has a strong correlation to the books stories. What is it that we are missing, imagination or blindly going past what is being said in the book? IMO yes.

    • Because of its physical characteristics. IMO it’s “meaning” is like that of a tree, rock, dirt or water.

    • maybe it’s the opposite. Maybe the Blaze doesn’t stand out at all. And that’s why we need directions to it. We all probably have an image of the type of hiding place, even if it’s unconscious. So maybe someone could be looking at the Blaze, and never make the connection.

  43. So, in stanza 4 I’m standing at a blaze site. There are many natural possibles. How will I know the correct one? I look quickly down on each of them. Ah ha, here’s a Fenn mark. This is it! Now, where is the TC? Well, thats a problem isn’t it? “Quest to cease” may only mean you found the right blaze. Don’t panic, but hurry on to stanza 5 for know an answer.

    3 quick notes:
    if it helps at your blaze, a ‘quick’ is a living wall, like a hedge or a fence of vines or braided trees. G.W. planted them around his gardens at Mount Vernon.

    if blaze doesn’t have a N,S, E or W face, it may lie flat facing up, but It could also stand like a pillar or hoodoo with faces in all directions.

    ‘Take the chest’ may just mean, grab the banana, the train doesn’t stop.

    I’m not gonna tell you that ‘tired and weak” sounds like a flat tire to me.

  44. I remember in one interview, I don’t recall which one, FF stated that if you find the “Blaze” you WILL find the treasure . He indicated that once you were at the Blaze that you will not miss seeing the treasure. Some may disagree with this statement but I am certain that it is what he said.


    • I remember an interview where he said, if you find the blaze, the treasure, or it’s location would be obvious.

    • Kanafire and James: your memory is close, but is taking some liberties with what was actually written. The exchange was on Mysterious Writings Weekly Words for May 13th, 2016: “Mr. Fenn: How far is the chest from the blaze? ~casey.” “Casey, I did not take a measurement, but logic tells me that if you don’t know where the blaze is it really doesn’t matter. If you can find the blaze though, the answer to your question will be obvious. Does that help? f” That’s not quite the same as saying the blaze and the treasure are co-located or very close to one another.

      • Q~Can the blaze be pre-determined by the poem or can it only be determined at the search area?- becky
        A~Becky, you are a rascal to ask that question and I have been sitting here for about fifteen minutes trying to decide what to say. Well, it has been thirty minutes now and I think I’ll pass on the question. Sorry.f
        ~ ” logic tells mean that if you don’t know where the blaze is it really doesn’t matter.”
        The poem states; If you’ve been ‘wise’ and ‘found’ the blaze [ sounding like a predetermined thought ] But if you think about it… the blaze will be recognizable, but only when ‘found.’ IMO, the ‘blaze’ may not be ‘in’ the poem, however, there might be something in the poem that say ~ the blaze is in here.

        Q~ is the blaze a single object?
        A~ in a word, yes.

        Becky’s question is a great example of how fenn answers a question to put thought into the mind and not assist with an answer. [ if we use what we have from other ATF comments, and how the poem could play out ].

        LOL, fenn knows folks were within 200′ [ from 500′ with the first comment ] , because he was told ‘exactly’ where they were…but doesn’t know the distance from the blaze to the chest?

        So, now we have Becky asking a great question imo. Because it can’t be answered by fenn, because it would give too much away.

        A single object, within/made up from, another or others?
        Could the blaze be part of a clue reference, or clues, to be “found” if wise?

        ~Is the blaze predetermined or only in the field..? Well if the clue or clues is known prior, wouldn’t that be a predetermined and in the field, but the blaze can’t be found without the correct clue[s]
        Planning and observation?

        Just more rambling and rumbling…

        • Seeker;

          Your first quote from Becky:

          Q~Can the blaze be pre-determined by the poem or can it only be determined at the search area?- becky
          A~Becky, you are a rascal to ask that question and I have been sitting here for about fifteen minutes trying to decide what to say. Well, it has been thirty minutes now and I think I’ll pass on the question. Sorry.f

          Most searchers will disagree with me, as probably you too will, but here is my answer.

          Suppose, just for the sake of argument, that there is more than one blaze. Then suppose that one blaze can be found by what the poem says, but that blaze #2 can be found only by potting BotG. If these two things actually do exist, then Forrest answered it the only way he could answer it. Just something to think about – JDA

  45. I think the clues lead us to the Blaze, not so much that we couldn’t find it without the clues, but because we wouldn’t recognize the Blaze without the clues?

    • I honestly do not think that there is anything within the poem that tells us what the blaze will look like. Instructions as to how to get to it, but nothing “In the Poem” that says what it will look like – That info must be gleaned from outside of the poem. TTOTC, TFTW and ATF comments and posts. JDA

      • Hi JDA – IMO the poem does tell us all what each clue is including the elusive blaze. This is just a redneck theory until it’s found.

      • I agree. I think from the ATF comments, that we’re looking for something “white”

      • JD. This is a question I have been struggling with for some time as I try to determine what the blaze is. Where is the information that allows us to determine what the blaze is? For me, now, the blaze is the missing piece, the “key” if you will to the whole puzzle.

        • Tom B;

          I have not found Indulgence, therefore my guess is just that, a guess. Forrest has said that there are “hints” in TTOTC. Seeker will quote a line that says Forrest has said that there are “hints” in the TEXT of TTOTC. So, are there hints that are not in the TEXT? I assert that there are. I found two pictures that I think show a blaze. There is also an illustration that I think contains a version of the BLAZE that I found in the two pictures.

          In TFTW there are two pictures that are of the same “object” that the pictures and illustration refer to in TTOTC.

          So, right or wrong, I have chosen this “object” as my BLAZE.(s). As you havre picked up from other posts, I think that there is more than one BLAZE (Working on #5 or #6 (depending whether you count an unfound one or not, although I am SURE that it is there, just overlooked. All of my blazed relate to the same “object” and it is my “Word that is Key” as well as my blaze(s).

          Long answer – sorry. So, for me pictures in both TTOTC and in TFTW plus an illustration in TTOTC led me to MY blaze – others will differ with me, but that’s OK – JDA

          • JDA,
            Ya make it sound like I personally asserting/ forcefully something on to another. But seeing you mentioned me by name…I’m compelled to post fenn’s words, again.

            This is what fenn said… if others don’t want to believe fenn’s words, Or say; fenn hide 15% of the truth all of the time, Or it doesn’t work in their solve… hey, that’s what a dead horse and baseball bat is for.
            Umm..Well, that last part might be construed as assertive on my part.

            Q: Does the book give me any more information than I would get from the poem?
            A: “There are some subtle hints in the text of the book that will help you with the clues.  The poem will take you to the chest but the book by itself won’t.” f

            Side note; notice: text in the “book” and not, bookS.

          • I 100% agree. with the last part of your last quote Seeker: “The poem will take you to the chest but the book by itself won’t.” f The poem = CLUES – the books have hints that will help you with the clues. Are all of the hints in TEXT format – possibly so, but I found that some of the PIC’s helped me. Does that make them HINTS? Not sure, but they helped me figure out the clues – hints or not. JDA

          • JDA, ~ ‘I 100% agree. with the last part of your last quote Seeker:…’

            Again, not my quote, nor my opinion.

            The only ‘opinion’ be stated is yours… and your opinion is there’s hint / clues illustrations and/or picture… even though fenn has stated in plain English “in the text of the book”

            I guess the chest could be under water if someone thinks it buried/covered in the silt… even though fenn said not under water.

          • Seeker, I am not saying you are quoting yourself, that would be stupid. I, and everyone who reads your posts know that your quotes come from Forrest.

            What am I supposed to say,”Seeker I agree 100% with Forrest when he said – “abcde” – Which you so kindly posted?”

            Im my opinion, you are much too sensitive Seeker. Every time I post something in response to a post of your you appear to take it as a personal attack – it is not – I am merely agreeing with you, or offering a counter point.

            My original statement regarding the fact that you would point out that Forrest said i”in the text” – was an acknowledgement that you have a vast data bank of Forrest’s quotes, and use these quotes to support your statements. Nothing bad there as far as I can see.

            Do you contest the idea that you rely on Forrest’s quotes, almost to the point of expressing only HIS points of view, other than your own? – Just askin’ JDA

  46. What puzzles me is that some have been within 200′ of the TC and not realized it or found the blaze. What do you make of that?

    • I think that they may have been distracted. I think that they “Thought” that they knew what the blaze was, when in reality the blaze may not be something BIG, that will easily catch ones eye and distract them from the real thing. I know I have been distracted in the past. JDA

    • Good question. (Searchers) looking for the chest, we can assume they have studied the poem, and absolutely nothing about the place rang a bell for them. If the psychical features of the place don’t get our attention, then we need a name.

    • Looking for the blaze is a waste of time [ I didn’t say that, fenn did ] The obvious answer is we need a clue or clues… but the question is… why?
      Is the path of the clues only to be followed, or clues needed to know where the blaze is located… Remember as of this date, we only know that the first two clues have been solved, not all the clues, right?
      If a clue[s] holds the blaze and we don’t have than clue solved, can we ‘found’ the blaze?

  47. On the November 2, book signing and the following Q and A I was the first one to ask a question and it was this “Forrest, you said in your poem that you must be WISE to find the Blaze, and what I would like to know is, is the Blaze created by or is it a living thing?

    Well Forrest was not allowed to answer by several in his inner circle including Doug Preston, and Shilo Old, so I would like to know if I am onto something or not. Lets have one of ff’s secret admirers ask that on Jen blog or in an email since he was about to answer me but didn’t or couldn’t.

    It is no secret that I believe the TC is on the Border of NM and Colorado, because the significance of the Big Picture and truly getting WWWH and Hemingway For Whom the Bell Tolls, WWI as a deeper meaning to 32 degrees in another layer of the poem. Structures and designed by Architects have 3 dimensions, latitude, longitude and altitude.

    I am still waiting for his answer…


  48. maybe dal can find out why ff was not answering those types of questions.
    it maybe as simple as they wanted to keep things short and on the new book cause he was signing books right after. ff said he can talk all night about certain things. so is there a hint or a clue in the new book.

  49. After much consideration, I recently concluded that the blaze was meant to be solved before going in the field, and the means to solve the blaze are contained within the poem. Having reached that conclusion, I have devoted most of my time over the past few weeks to solving the blaze. I believe that stanza 4 contains all of the information needed.

    • Tom B, by solved do you mean that you believe the description of the blaze can be solved by the poem, the location, or both?

      • Aaron. By solved, I mean I think I know what the blaze is. As for location, the poem tells me that I will find the blaze along a creek that I start following from “Home of Brown”. I am using satellite images to locate the blaze along the creek. Since Forrest indicated that your path to the treasure could be certain, I believe the blaze must be visible on satellite images, as are warm water halts, the canyon, the home of Brown, and the creek.

        • Okay TB, so you believe you know what it is based on the poem and that because you know what it is you know that it is big enough for you to find using satellite imagery or are you simply hoping that it is?

          • I think the blaze must be relatively large if it is to remain viable clue for hundreds of years as Forrest expects. If it is small, then it would be susceptible to being overgrown or otherwise obscured over time. Remember,a blaze is something that stands out. So, I expect that the blaze can be seen on satellite images, and recognized if you know what to look for. All my opinion of course.

          • Hi Tom B.

            If you look at your line of thinking deeper, one could place the context of a long period of time to be successful, IF the blaze is obscured and not visible, this requiring the seeker to actually have to move brush to find the marking/blaze they seek.

            Sounds like a perfect fit to an adventure.

            IMO – there may be two blazes….one that leads you to the area you need to search, the other at the location.

            Here are some thoughts I had years ago when I first got involved. Maybe some of the questions were ones you had.

            “In Fenn’s book, he mentions, when he was going through cancer therapy, that his life was a “Mucky trail”?
            – Boggy, marshy, muddy, hard to see or follow…could this be a reference/hint to the type of trail maybe?
            -Not well marked, but maybe marked with his trail markers – the “frog/bell/ff” or variation of his initials?
            – has marked a trail with “f” that he wrote in tar?
            – are trail markers fading?
            …as you can see…I dug deep.

            Good luck to you.

        • Tom B,
          The poem doesn’t tell ya what the blaze is but it does tell ya what to look for. Mr. Fenn has described the blaze many times & there are many throughout TTOTC. I was able to locate my blaze using GE . But, I don’t believe Mr. Fenn could have predicted the new advancements in technology, a lot has changed in 10 years. I will also add that I haven’t read TFTW or the latest book.

          • Wildbirder,
            I’ve look at the poem with the same eyes/thoughts…
            In there… blaze related?
            new and old… Blaze “?
            hoB… blaze “?
            tired and weak … blaze “?
            even most of stanza 6… Blaze related? Or any combination of…
            IF as you suggest ~ Mr. Fenn has described the blaze many times.

            How do you get around the idea, that looking for the blaze, because that is one of the clues or looking for a clue [ the blaze ] in the middle of the poem would be a miracle for that to happen?

          • Hi Seeker before i answer your question if i dont cap a person’s name i mean no disrespect. i do not usually use them i am trying hard to correct that & as you can see i have failed again. LOL
            How we found our solve was going “1” place or idea at a time researching it till we hit a dead end or a reason why it was WRONG. Holy Ghost Canyon and Cimarron are among the many we discarded. So far in researching our area the HoB we used got us to our spot, but we realized later it might not be right. We found a different HoB that works even better but the two overlaps. I think a searcher could be within 200 ft. of the TC by happenstance knowing just enough to get there but not why. The same is true with the blaze IMMHO. Mr. Fenn says in poem “If you have been wise and found the blazed, Look quickly down, your quest to cease,” For us that meant as we are walking in our area which is in a canyon. When you get to a point where you see the blaze then look down. The only thing we would be looking up for is a mountain that until you reach a certain point you could not see. A mountain is movable, but not very feasible, would last thousands of years, and is one object. That makes 3 points. We did some more research on Google Earth and we think we have a “blaze” that fits our needs. When we have an idea that might fit the poems clues we have to find supportive information or it’s a NO GO. We will use it if there is only one supportive idea from book, internet, or the best Mr. Fenn but most of our points or clue answers have two or more supportive ideas which may or may not be correct like our blaze. LOL
            Someone on blog talked about Aspen trees and I think I remember Mr. Fenn posting pictures of tree that were Aspens.
            Now we are wondering if an Aspen Tree grove could be the “blaze”, so we now have two possible “blazes” especially since we have seen them in the general area of our search, but not in our canyon because we were not looking for them, & they grow there. Supportive ideas:
            Aspens grow in area
            Some science thinks they live thousands of years
            Because they are all connect they are a single object
            They grow in a group, so you are “in the wood”
            They are considered “an ancient woodland”
            It’s a food source for butterfly lava
            Last but not less Aspen Trees “They are able to survive forest fires. That give us 8 possible connecting points for Aspen trees. All of which could be WRONG! Lol
            Our point is anyone could be right, everyone could be wrong, but if an idea can pass the clue test (Is the idea supported by a clue given by Mr. Fenn) and has supportive info you might just be right no miracle involved.

          • Wildbirder, it is hard for me to believe that a mountain or tree grove can be a blaze. I could be wrong
            FF said a blaze is “Anything that stands out.” For a mountain in the Rocky Mountains to stand out it would have to be pretty special I would think. A tree grove would need to stand out in it’s surroundings I would guess.

            We also have: “If you find the blaze (the correct one from following the correct first clue), you will find the treasure.” “The treasure is at the blaze.”

            Lots of people would be able to find a mountain or a grove of trees and not find the treasure IMO.

            I do not like to shoot down theories and not provide any answers but judging from comments I think it is a little smaller. Maybe still view-able on Google Earth but not so large that you couldn’t see it without finding the treasure IMO.

          • Aaron,

            Could you please provide a source for “The treasure is at the blaze.” quote? I ask because I couldn’t find anything at TarryScant.

            Thank you,


          • After I posted that I was curious myself where I got that quote and have not been able to find it. I have it saved in my notes of important FF quotes but am unable to remember or find the source. I’m sorry if it was misleading but please treat it as only hearsay. I could have got it from another post second hand.

          • Fair enough Aaron. It’s just that I never heard that one before so I had to ask.

            Perhaps it would be a good idea for anyone quoting Forrest provide references. I know I try to do that because at my age my brain likes to make things up (), so providing references forces me into the double-check mode and the embarrassment in the event I’m wrong.


          • Birdie. See my response above to Aaron. I believe the blaze is relatively large, to remain a viable clue for centuries, and thus can be seen on satellite images.

          • Tom B,
            I agree & have stated that on here before, it’s logical!

            The truth is, once I located my search area I stared looking for something big enough to fit my logic.

          • Petroglyphs (carvings on stone) date back thousands of years. Some are fairly large, but most are not. I find it very possible that Forrest could have chiseled something (One of his little stick men that are so prevelant in OUAW) onto a stone, and that this carving is now a “Blaze” – a marker pointing the direction to Indulgence. JDA

          • Thanks for sharing Tom B. It is a good point that a blaze could theoretically be harder to find in 1000 years if it is smaller. It doesn’t mean it isn’t there just harder to find. He did state, and I am paraphrasing, that the geography would change in 1000 years. It seems logical though that the statement was more about the clues to get to the blaze than the blaze itself.

            JDA, I do like the idea of a carving on a stone. That just sounds like something FF would do. And it is likely something we would know when we saw it and recognize it as the blaze.

          • JD. That’s possible, of course, but I cannot reconcile that with Forrest’s statement about the path being certain. If the blaze cannot be identified until you are physically on-site,then how can your path be certain before you go? I think Forrest expects all of the clues to be solved, and their location on a map known, prior to going for the treasure.

          • Tom B;

            If you know beforehand what the blaze will look like, and you know beforehand where to look for it, why wouldn’t you be confident? Why do you have to wait until you actually set eyes upon it to be confident.

            I am confident that I know EXACTLY what the blaze will look like, and I feel confident that I know EXACTLY where it will be found – within a very few feet – so YES, I go with confidence, having never seen the blaze. JDA

          • Hi JDA…

            *runs your arm and shoulder*


            Thanks for sharing the confidence…I needed a little more….*winks*…..

            Good luck.

          • JDA, so close, but not the blaze, but something on a stone, yup. An “instruction” if you will…IMO.

          • How do I answer your question. It was almost two years ago that I first started the chase. Once I had figured out wwwh, canyon down, hoB, meek place – These clues led me to an area on a map. A feature on the map jumped out at me, and I KNEW that it must be my blaze. – So yes, and no. The poem led me to an area, LOGIC told me that a geographical feature MUST be the blaze – (Blaze #1)

            The poem then led me to area #2 (Less than one mile away). At first, I did not recognize a land feature as the blaze, but looking at PIC’a taken – I knew in an instant that this land feature was Blaze #2 – there is a definite correlation between Blazes #1 and #1.
            Because of this correlation, I KNEW what the remaining blazes will look like. Hope this answers the question. JDA

          • JDA,
            Essentially you’re saying that, along the path of the clues there are the same natural features [blaze] to indicate the correct path.. leading to the last feature of the same [ the blaze ]? Am i following the idea?

            IF so, and you have located what you think is the last blaze… might the problem be, with 16 failed attempts, You’re not using the Blaze[s] correctly?
            Look at t this way… you have three markers… draw a line to each, you have a triangle, right? How do you find the center or correct place in a triangle???

            Is the blaze a single object… in ‘a’ word, yes. {A=1 point}
            What “object” might you really be looking at…

          • Aaron,
            I think you’re quoting a blogger opinion… to a Q&A.
            You might want to check out the Q&A about * in the poem you say look quickly down, is the chest there [ something like that ] A~ if you know the blaze the answer would be obvious. [paraphrasing]

            That should be enough wording to locate the Q&A.

    • Sparrow,
      I have to say that’s the first scrapbook I’ve ever read, interesting. I believe Mr. Fenn is sharing a bit of his imagination and the way it works. I have to agree with you that this scrap of information can be quite helpful to the ones with the same vision.

    • Like taking a picture, copy it, flip horizontally, paste copy, down to 50% opacity to see the pic? I agree…lol…

    • Sparrow
      YES it’s true, I show you using the 3 photo below, that has a big bear look calmly and you will find him, also has a bear in the 4 photo also, nude is Latin and is also found in the symbol table as the symbol OMEGA, ALPHA, NUDE, good luck and find my bears in the photos 3.4.

  50. JDA….Marvellous. ..Double Omegas carved in stone….maybe…..or….maybe an ancient petrogylph in the form of an owl.
    ” The end is “DRAWING NIGH”.

  51. I’ve always wondered if Forrest had cast his epitaph (pg. 147; TTOTC) in bronze and mounted it on a boulder prior to hiding Indulgence. He had plenty of opportunities and that would stand up to the test of time.

  52. rotate 90 degrees to the right. The letter sits upright on the location. Don’t know why it shows up the way it does on here.

  53. “You might want to check out the Q&A about * in the poem you say look quickly down, is the chest there [ something like that ] A~ if you know the blaze the answer would be obvious. [paraphrasing]”

    I believe you are correct Seeker, thanks

  54. Could identifying the blaze, be the part where you have to use your imagination? Because your seeing something very familiar, but shape has been manipulated, into somewhat of an abstract form, So it doesn’t catch your eye, even up close, unless you know what your looking for.

    • James;

      I would say yes. Let’s say that you have decided that the Blaze is a lightening bolt. You expect it to be carved on a tree, or chiseled on a stone. You come around a bend, and see a waterfall. Since you are not looking for a lightening bolt on a waterfall, you walk past – after taking one PIC.

      You get home and look at the PIC you took, and you see that the waterfall looks exactly like a lightening bolt going from the ground up. 1) the lightening bolt is pointing in the opposite direction than what you expected – 2) It was not in a form you expected and 3) It was not ON what you expected it to be ON. – So, yes “Because your seeing something very familiar, but shape has been manipulated, into somewhat of an abstract (or unexpected) form” JMO – JDA

      • I’ve had the camp fire idea too. Gypsies, would leave traveling signs around there old camp sites. So that others coming alone later, would know which direction they went off in, like at cross roads, or forks. One of the signs, was un-burned sticks, laying in the fire pit, pointing in the direction.

        • Actually James, that is marvel gaze. The blaze is the landscape behind(or on top) of it. Don’t worry if you can’t see it, it’s not meant to be seen that way initially.
          I’m facing southwest in the pic, it’s when you mirror the landscape onto itself is when you see the blaze. Here’s what you get:
          Standing two steps to the right would give this:
          The thing was I found these certain coordinates. I went to those coordinates and found this. Took a pic, and went on to my spot back then. It’s when I got home fooling around I found this. Pretty neat, not feasible to be destroyed, will last the test of time, and, definitely throw the searcher off. It’s not the chest you take from here, it’s the 7, or better yet, the “Y” stick. The 97 is a reference to Andrew Marvell’s poem, Upon Appleton House. Also, f was 66 in ’97. 66= FF as the alphabet goes. (not to get confused with the alpha/numeric values that the poem gives you, F=1).

          • Charlie, those are amazing photos. Did you take them? If so, can you tell us where if you have already explored it. That’s pretty amazing, even it the treasure ISN’T there!

  55. If I wanted to show you a picture of my blaze – I would show you a picture of a rooster now here is where you use your imagination – you have fire you have a blaze and you have flames – well the crown of the rooster looks more line flames there is large land formation that look just like that so there is my blaze- the eye of the rooster would be the hidey place that goes with as I have gone alone in there and with my treasures bold this is jmo

  56. Charlie,

    I have seen some very good blazes that look very much like objects that relate to the stories in the book, TTOTC There is no manipulation needed to see them. Someone could pass them by easily because they are hidden to some degree. It’s all in the eye of the beholder.

    • It’s not really the picture Charlie, the coordinates came first. This is a picture of where the coordinates told me to go. Got there, took a picture because those were the coordinates of where I would have the blaze, and see the obvious. The campfire , or the 97, is marvel gaze. There is also another hint that directed me to this spot. So, it’s not just take some random picture and manipulate it. It seems more than coincidence that this is here when I got the coordinates, that’s all. I post them so other searchers will see what may be possible of what we are up against. The only issues I have, or anybody, would be if this was just staged by someone else. Possible, but they would need the exact spot and have to have mingled the TTOTC stories within it. Very unlikely. May think I did it. Could be, but I don’t think I’m that much of a jerk. Plus, it’s too smart for me. With all that pointed to this spot, at the time I find it within my path, it’s my blaze. That’s all.
      Sorry Bob, need one more trek out there. Anaconda area though. Deer Valley. Place that is “dear” I guess.:)

      • Charlie,
        Good luck on your search. It sure looks good on my laptop. I see the warm springs creek and wise river in that area. Someone spent a lot of time working on that blaze. Keep us posted.

        • Does a blaze have to be a mark? An etching or carving idea… or anything that marks a trail/path of human activity as a pointer?

          Why can’t a blaze be a marker / information of a natural activity or event… that “only” relates to the poem as a blaze for a searcher… even something that stands out like a sore thumb, but unknown to anyone if not understood correctly referring to fenn’s [blaze] poem.

          Some have proposed a river or water way with an omega shape, some have talked about certain forest fires, other’s mention colors of rocks etc etc. As natural as the might be… will the change over the years? different route of the water eroding away the shape… or a new growth covering and old fire… or even a color patch on a rock hidden by moss or something…

          Some searcher speculate treasures to be MT state, and wwwh to be frozen waters of a glacier [ seems reasonable and geographically connected in thought ]… But… could the blaze be something that remaining glacier left behind 1000 of years ago, only dropped off in the same location and used as a Blaze in the poem? and that Glaciers end is ever drawing near[nigh].

          In this scenario, the idea that wwwh is a glacier that traveled, creating a now canyon, not far but too far to walk in time… and the blaze is now a left piece of the retreated glacier and fenn’s blaze?
          I dare, say with a little imagination… stanza 1 is about that Glacier, where it had gone alone with it’s riches of new and old [ trapped inside ]
          Bold; in this case to mean a dauntless journey of the glacier over thousands years of the “ice river” [ no paddle up your creek ?].

          LOL Bob, I’m not trying to be hardheaded to your pic. The problem I see if how something like that relates to being “WISE and FOUND the blaze”.
          My example above is to only explain that -imo- the blaze must connect to the poem, or otherwise it’s just a mark… with nothing from the poem, as possible solve, that indicates what it is [ that mark ] meant for.

          • Seeker
            I too have played around with the idea of the poem telling us a “story”.
            I had not thought of it being a Glacier’s Story. Good idea.
            Something to think about.

          • CC,
            It is an interpretation that stretches the imagination. Some Might say it’s not possible because there are no glaciers below SF… but there is known of at least two from the deep past… so if we twist it a bit, it could work.

            The idea in the scenario above is that a long ago glacier that some ‘Might’ still be here today… left the blaze as a marker or in this case… it’s very own treasure it carried boldly and now is hinting of riches [knowledge] new and old.

            Is that not what we explore for in the first place… “… to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”

            It’s only a theory, but one that hopefully can explain why fenn’s blaze is only important to the poem as being “wise and found” and not so much “just a mark” all have come across wandering around any part of the RM’s

          • Seeker, I only shared that photo because I was BOTG in Montana and it stood out to me. I do not believe it is THE blaze as I came back empty handed save a large caliber shell casing. But, the “F” in the granite boulder was kind of cool.

  57. I’ve gotten the idea that the Blaze might be knee high. I found a place once, that would have worked perfectly with a knee high Blaze

    • What gave you this idea James? I am not saying you are wrong, I am just curious. Forrest says, “Look quickly down…” does the word “quickly” somehow mean to you knee high? – Just curious – JDA

    • My Father, took me deer hunting on a ranch owned by a friend. My Father told me about all the deer he had lost at a certain spot, and he told me how the family that had owned it for the past forty years, had all lost deer there. One day , I found the place where all the deer went to die. It was a depression in the ground, at the base of a rock wall at the edge of a small meadow. The ground cover near the wall was marsh grass, and stunted Chaparral, that grew around the depression in such a fashion, as to make the ground look perfectly flat. There was a tiny trickle of water that flowed into a stone basin. The remains of the deer, were layed out around it.

        • California, The rock wall was about 12-14 feet high. The deer had been running along a well defined trail, leaving blood all the way. The trail ended, on the top of the rock wall, where the deer would seemingly leap off and vanish. But they didn’t leap, they ran straight down the wall into the depression.

          • How interesting – One never knows about the intellect of animals do we? – Us included – Thanks for sharing – JDA

          • We found a place in Montana where there were two and maybe even three animals who had died. In a tree. Yeah, it was odd, femurs, skulls, smell of leather everywhere. I’d post pics but I don’t know how to do it. Have seen some interesting things out there already.

  58. I remember when Mr. Fenn said a three year old might need help. Maybe a three year old, would be looking straight at the Blaze?

  59. If the Blaze is the last clue, I would think that there had to be a clue before it, that pin pointed the Blaze?

  60. It’s been mentioned, on several blogs, the possibility of “layers” in the
    poem . . . meaning posse-bly more than one valid way of interpreting one
    (or more than one) clue. I agree with this.

    Recently, I had been thinking in terms of two possible blazes, either of
    which would work in solving the poem. Now I think that there’s posse-bly
    three blazes, instead of two, although only the first two are likely to
    function strictly as intended, strictly as part of the poem and its solve.
    The third blaze may serve mainly as a more “localized” marker of the
    hidey place.

    Good luck to all searchers . . . in solving the poem and finding the TC.
    Good luck, also, to all posse members . . . in staying calm. All IMO.

    • tighterfocus…JDA believes there are multiple blazes. Maybe he will share when he returns from his trip this weekend?
      I believe there is only one.
      Good luck to you as well.

  61. Has anyone heard anything from Fenn to clarify if the blaze is something you can solve with the clues and walk right up to it (he implies that sometimes), or do the clues just lead you to the general location and from there you’re searching for what could be a blaze (say a geological formation)?

  62. The blaze????

    Anyone else notice that big giant TARGET, painted on Forrest’s Lakota Sioux Buffalo Robe, hanging on the wall behind him, on Dal’s home page? The one with the STRAIGHT LINE through it? Is that the blaze or an analogy of the architecture of the Poem, by any chance? That TARGET with the straight line through it could easily be a direct representation of my “big picture” blaze.

    • Nice find Lisa.

      Another possible example of what I’ve been saying, hidden in plain sight. I will take your word that it’s a robe, but what I find interesting is that it’s an skin, aka HIDE.

      I know some here don’t like SB hints, but couple this picture with SB 181 about Doug HYDE and the 9’ (emphasize 9) tiger skin (hide) on TTOTC page 86, and I think he may be trying to tell us something.

      Like perhaps it’s hidden behind or in something. No big revelation to those of us who don’t think it’s buried, but fairly convincing to me nonetheless.


        • pinatubocharlie – In another post on another thread, I added links about how the mountain men used to use old skins and hides to wrap the items in their hidden caches in the ground to protect them from moisture.

        • Thank you for the link Lisa. I knew skins were worn for warm but didn’t know they were used for other purposes or that the women used geometrical patterns to embellish theirs.

          Take care……… pinatubocharlie

        • The above post is mis placed. I guess fate wanted me to not post my hide, skin thoughts. Sorry.

    • Lisa,

      yep, I brought this up earlier this year. I count Nine dots therein. Then I noticed the wheel he’s leaning on in the new book.

  63. All,

    Looking for some various feedback on “the blaze”. I “know” this (based on scouring the interviews/forums, etc.:
    °The blaze is a single object – “In a word, yes” (FF. Might be phrased a little different)

    Now “blaze” can refer to several things… Knowing a bit about cryptography, etc. I feel confident that Fenn is in fact referring to a marker of some sort. I have researched countless other treasures (none too famous and mostly pirates and confederates) with cryptic symbols being a common denominator in marking/guiding to the location.
    Why? – Blaze is typically a trail marker of some sort, carved/painted/etched. In using this definition, blazes are typically associated with trees and when used in a cryptographic way will be a marking or symbol that only those who know it is a blaze will see it as one and only those who know the meaning will interpret it correctly – this last part I find less important in our case as Fenn has already indicated that it is directly below the “blaze” (the way I interpret)…

    So my question is this – Does anyone else out there believe that Fenn has told us what the “blaze” is within the poem? He has said multiple times that “everything you need is in the poem” (Paraphrased), so wouldn’t that mean that he’s indicated what the “blaze” is prior to mentioning that there is one?!

    This is really the only part I feel completely stumped on – not to say I don’t have some suspicions, but I haven’t had that “this is it” feeling in regard to the “blaze” specifically.

    – Dude From IN

    • Don. For me, the Q&A:

      Is the blaze one single object? In a word – Yes

      I interpret this as meaning the word Blaze is singular , not plural. Therefore, the Blaze is a single object. IMO .

      • Alsetenash,

        I get your point, but consider FF as the wordsmith that he is – he, like he has said the person who finds the treasure will, moves through his words in confidence. My question is more in regard to if you (all) believe that he’s made mention of what the “blaze” is in the poem BEFORE he mentions that there is one.

        Further, to your point about it being a single object, I agree in entirety. However, consider a dreamcatcher… In a word, this is a single object. The reality is quite adverse in that a dreamcatcher is composed of many objects. I think there is plurality to the “blaze”, but that it can be interpreted in a singular sense.

        • Don. Your question-“My question is more in regard to if you (all) believe that he’s made mention of what the “blaze” is in the poem BEFORE he mentions that there is one”. In my perception, my answer is no, I don’t believe he mentions, via description , the Blaze in the poem before he mentions there is one, in the poem.

          Don, A Dreamcatcher is comprised of many parts that form a single object; that regardless of multiple objects , is named of a word that is singular in form. IMO .

          It is just how I perceive this , because he said ” in a word-yes.”

        • Hi Don,
          IMO, Mr. Fenn does not tell you what the blaze is in the poem but he does tell you exactly what it is in TTOTC. In the poem he tells us what to look for after we look quickly down & it is in that location we find indulgence waiting.

        • I know that most will not agree with me, but I firmly believe that there is more than one blaze – and that each of several, is a single object.

          Blaze #1 is quite large, and is a geographical feature. – Can be seen on Google Earth and on TOPO’s.
          Blaze #2 is also quite large, and is also a geographical feature, much different than Blaze #1, but having something in common with it. It too can be seen on Google Earth.
          Blaze #3 is rather small on something fairly large. – Can NOT be seen on GE.
          Blaze #4 is similar to Blaze #3 – Not on GE.
          Blaze #5 is quite large, and is a geographic feature – Not as big as Brazes #1 ans #2, but sizeable. It can not be seen on GE but seen on TOPO’s.
          Blazes 6 & 7 will be small – Will find them when I find Indulgence. – ” NOT on GE – It doesn’t go down that far”

          ALL seven blazes have something in common, and are hinted at in TTOTC and TFTW and also in OUAW.. Word that describes what these objects have in common is not in the poem. JMO

          Good luck to all and TRY to STAY SAFE this winter. JDA

          • It’s still puzzling to me – I feel I am getting closer, but am still at least one more trip away – JDA

          • Well, mastery takes effort and you put in much effort. 2018 equates to the Master number 11 ( for those number inclined folks) . So, may be it will be a good year for effort. 🙂

          • JDA, any belief that there are more
            than 3 blazes functionally useful in solving the poem and finding the TC tends to have me believing that somebody has been “blazing” a bit more than I would generally (get it?) recommend.

            Good luck to you anyway. I did
            note the use (by someone) of the
            word “ribbing”. . . which made me think of the “great banquet table of history”. Hmmm . . .

            I also remembered that a toy
            spinning top uses a string. A huge
            spinning top, or something shaped
            like one, might use or accommodate a very long string. Just ssaying.

            The above is my opinion . . .not
            necessarily exactly the same as
            that of any member of any posse.

        • Don,
          Just looking at the poem, what do you have prior to “if you been wise and found the blaze”?
          “Just heavy loads and water high.” Right?
          Logic might indicate the blaze is represented by whatever HLAWH refers to. The fact that fenn tells us to look quickly down indicates your “high” to start with ~ “water high”?

          It might be simplistic to read the poem this way… but just using the poem, it seems to be that way. You have been wise to get to HLAWH and have found the blaze. Fenn also stated in a Q&A… paraphrasing… how far is the chest from the blaze? Answer; If you can find the blaze your answer will be obvious.

          So in this scenario, one of two things can happen… a searcher is at water ‘high’ [and possibly heavy loads] and the chest is ‘up’ there, line of thinking.
          Being at water “high” you [the searcher] look and observe lower to where the chest is at. Maybe this is what fenn meant with “brave” as to height and “in the wood” to be where you are at or need to view from…or even where the lays in wait… in the wood.
          Not woods.

          That’s my input for the day…

    • Yes, Don, I believe f found a way to tell us what the blaze is in the poem. I think if one follows the poem clues precisely that the blaze will show itself.

      • Hey FD….

        I am hoping for this exactly to happen…when iwalk the path next time.

        Welcome to Difficulty-land!!


        • Hi Tim – IMO the blaze is not recognizable with boots on the ground. You have to find it before searching and IMO the answer is in the poem for all to see. From what I see it’s hard to miss but I could be wrong.

          • Thanks FD….I just hope my imagination has not led me astray.



            I think I have even managed – through trial and error and a little bit of what I think may be just dumb luck – found a peculiar way that an “x” could be drawn on a map.

            This to me, will remain a secret, because it seems to confirm everything I have done up and to this point.

            Of course I won’t know this is accurate until I walk the map, but right now, it does confirm my research and plays into something FF would have/could have done…..easy, but hard. One must Brave the cold. And the TC could be possibly in the wood.

            IMO…..take what you wish from my ramblings. I’m just one many in this worldwide hunt with a theory to change my life.

            Good luck to you.

    • “Does anyone else out there believe that Fenn has told us what the “blaze” is within the poem?”

      Don, I don’t know if we will know for sure until the treasure is found this Q&A makes me think that the poem can point us to what the blaze is. Going off previous answers to questions it seems like that FF has in the past either not answered a question, or answered questions that affords him to be vague in his response. This he decided to answer by saying he won’t answer instead of just not answering. It’s up to us to decide what that may mean but IMO his answer of no answer is a hint that it can be determined by the poem.

      Can the blaze be pre-determined by the poem or can it only be determined at the search area?- becky
      Becky, you are a rascal to ask that question and I have been sitting here for about fifteen minutes trying to decide what to say. Well, it has been thirty minutes now and I think I’ll pass on the question. Sorry.f

      • Aaron;
        Regarding Becky’s question, and Forrest’s NON answer: Suppose that there are more than one or two blazes. Blaze #1 can be found by one or more clues in the poem. So, the answer would be YES for Blaze #1.

        Let’s then suppose that Blaze #2 can NOT be found by the clues in the poem, but must be found on-site with BotG. The answer then is NO.

        So how can the truthfully answer the question? Here is how: “Becky, you are a rascal to ask that question and I have been sitting here for about fifteen minutes trying to decide what to say. Well, it has been thirty minutes now and I think I’ll pass on the question. Sorry “.f Just my opinion – JDA

        • JDA, I have thought about that and believe that the poem can lead you to a certain location or blaze. Then on site you see something that is unique and could be referred to as a second blaze.

          Perhaps by him using the past tense “If you have been wise” he is referring to having figured out the poem blaze before BOTG.

          I won’t go down that road with you that leads to more than these 2 blazes though JDA. Good luck though 🙂

    • Don – to know where and if you have the right blaze- I think that you have to know what and where is heavy loads and waters high- cause next door is the blaze- its my opinion that the blaze comes in 3 ways and all 3 are one
      1- fire
      2- blaze
      3- flames
      when I say fire I don’t mean that the fire is real use your imagination as to what the
      blaze- and flames are made of this to me is a blaze imo

      • Frank, in my opinion, I think you have it right. My family would disagree but my blaze needed imagination, no one else could see it and the eyes were rolling.

        • Lol Jeannie thanks for your reply – im still laughing I used to see a lot of rolling eyes now all I see is hearing aides going up so they can hear better keep up the good work the rolling eyes will also go away just hang in there and good luck frank

        • Hi everyone.

          I’ve spoke of what I think the blaze consists of, but one other thing that Jeannie brings up, I’ve also contemplated over time.

          “My family would disagree but my blaze needed imagination, no one else could see it and the eyes were rolling.”

          I gotta agree that imagination is a big part of this section of the puzzle, but really, how deep into imagination do we really need to delve?

          Natural formations? Possible marks, cairns, signages, etc, etc…..all we are doing is guessing…..until …IMO….we have BOTG.

          Yeah…I’m a firm believer of this, because if you really think about FF and his trek….it seems obvious that there are really only two paths we each could take…..natural or man-made….not a whole lot of imagination is required.


          For the “natural” followers, you apply a long period of time to allow the “mark” to exist for a long time.
          – this can also be done with a man-made feature, if done correctly.

          For the “man-made mark of some sort” team, (this would be my camp), we apply a creation by FF to the map of the poem, like the other followers in the other camp, but we also agree that if done correctly, it too can also last a long period of time.

          So in truth…it appears with a GE search, the natural followers may find natural marks to be the “blaze”, whereas the man-made camp cannot, because of the zoom capabilities.

          Natural = 2 pts credited so far
          Man-made = 1 pt credited so far

          There….I got you started if you do care to tackle this challenge.

          IMO – the natural followers will eventually fall short, because they are limited in questions. Thus, to make it difficult, natural features are statistically “lost” over time, whereas a man-made creation is not, if not disturbed.

          Sounds familiar to a FF quote, huh?

          One other point about natural features being lost…..the earth will reclaim them, eventually. If a man-made is done correctly to last a long period of time, and in the correct location, then I would also think the maker took into consideration that it would last a long time as well, even with earthly distasters being played out.

          Natural = 2 pts
          Man-made = 3 pts…..and has already taken the lead with just one additional question.

          This is just one technique some can use to determine the probability or the statistical challenge of which type of blaze is more likely to be found. This is done by asking questions.

          Eventually, based upon your solve, you should be able to see a pattern forming in what you believe to be accurate. But remember, just because you find it to be accurately depicted, doesn’t mean it it.

          Oh yeah…this is a lean technique to all those naysayers that say this technique cannot be applied to the poem. You are incorrect.

          Good luck to all.

    • Hi Don…welcome to the boatds!

      This is a curious part within the poem, huh?

      IMO – it can only be found with BOTG….but….I too have decided upon some “blazes” of my own.

      One version I have added to the short list, are cairns, because they have no direction if you look at them, but do represent a direction when used.

      In olden days….hehehe….”them thar trappers used them alls da time.”

      Why not a nudge to those guys with this hunt?

      Too simple? Yes.

      Too easy? No. Size is important or they can be missed.

      Fits the quote by FF to a tee. “In a word, yes.” The cairn – if used in a series – is one blaze.

      Individually they are also many blazes.


    • Oh yeah Don.

      I’ve also stated that the poem’s line “I’ve done it tired, and now I’m weak” can also be a reference to building each cairn for the blaze that is within the poem.

      So the reference to the blaze seems to be more than once.


      • Tim and Don – In the Poem:

        I’ve done it tired, and now I’m weak

        Too far to walk. Drive a sedan. Do IT ‘tired’. Drive along the Madison River, Madison Canyon down, including that part of IT that has been dammed to form Hebgen Lake, until you ‘put in’ below hoB at Boat Mountain. Park your sedan there.

        The entire paragraph above could be a blaze; the ‘tired’ one.

    • Don et al – I think there are several blazes also, that zero in to the hidey spot of the bronze chest in concentric circles of narrowing drawing nigh distance from an aerial view. Like a giant archery target.

      And I think the final blaze is a great big Rabbit Hole; that is, the blaze or trail created by the clues in the Poem and clues and hints in TTOTC and TFTW and OUAW and Forrest’s Scrapbooks. But then again, I think those Cambridge educated writers and actors of MPATHG created an excellent model for Forrest and the Poem and The Chase:

      “But follow only if ye be men of valour.”

      Tim…do you get me, here?

      And are you an Enchanter, who can pull the blaze out of thin air also????

      • A target ,or a droplet meeting a still liquid. View the poem from location outwards, writing it from towards. Perhaps. A rippled riddle 🙂

          • Lisa. Nice research. I entertained the idea of frozen water forms as a blaze or wwwh in my earlier start to the chase. But due to the temporary status of frozen because of specific weather pattern timelines or required elevations, this idea didn’t compute for me. So, I moved on from it, but it’s just only what I think.

            Scientis studying ripple icicles may have success in understanding electricity in water that is “charged” . They may compare a lightning bolt to a frozen rippled icicle form. Just saying.

            Tha Blaze could be cold for many reasons at location but not just the possibility due to or being water. IMO . I think the Blaze to be more consistent in form ; not variable by being subjected to any weather or time of year. Just my thoughts and experiments.

          • Alstendash – Tim did a great post above about man-made vs. natural blazes. My hillside Cartouche blaze, above my hidey spot, is comprised of man -made clearings among the pines, that form symbols and letters. When the heavy loads of deep drifts of Montana snowfall deposit there, those hieroglyphs are even more pronounced in the landscape from an aerial or GE view. Except those GE pictures are usually taken in temperate weather.

            Just finished Doug Preston’s book set in Honduras, where they used Lidar in a small plane to map the landscape to find the Lost City of the Monkey God. I wish we had Lidar…

          • Lisa. That is an interesting view described with creative visualization. Thought ,for me, it’s a bit too distant a fetch for what I imagine that I could be.

            Interesting way to perceive though. IMO .

  64. Is it possible that the Blaze is the glare or shimmer from the bronze chest? FF says, “If you’ve been wise and found the blaze, look quickly down..”
    This is a plausible reason why no one has identified the Blaze, because it is actually the treasure chest. “But tarry scant with marvel gaze,” gives me reason to believe as stated by FF, ” Although many have tried, I doubt that anyone will find the blaze before they have figured out the first clue.” JMHO.

    • Debi, I daresay that after sitting in the Rockies for about 7 or 8 years, the TC may well (hah!) be a rather darkish, rather dullish color. For this reason, I don’t think that the TC is likely to catch one’s eye from very far away (say, more than a hundred feet), considering that many rocks, tree branches, leaves, pine needles, pine cones, rocks, bits of dirt, and/or a rotting body of someone who made
      an “unfortunate hike up” may all posse-bly be a rather
      darkish, rather dullish color.

      And, of course, the TC may be visually concealed by
      something else that may well (!) be darkish, etc.

      IMO (not to be confused with the gene for coca) . . .
      did I get a laFF?

      • he buried the bells, so that no one would ‘happen’ upon them. I think he shallow buried the TC as well

    • Debi, nice thought but the bronze chest will likely have no shine on it after being out in the weather. That and we have this quote:

      “While it’s not impossible to remove the blaze it isn’t feasible to try, and I am certain it’s still there.”

      It would be feasible to remove the chest 🙂

    • Debi,
      When you go over the other comments fenn has stated or was asked about the blaze… it would seem to me to be a clue. So I’m not sure how the chest can be a “clue” {blaze}. That’s more the finally, right?

      “I mean, there’s people driving down the street looking for a blaze, ***because that’s one of the clues, * but you can’t start in the middle of the poem and find the treasure,*** I don’t think, I mean, it would be a miracle if someone did.”

    • Simply put, if you were looking at the “chest/blaze”, there would be no need to look down (unless you were going to silently pray that your quest is over).

    • Nice…fond memories of that place in my early preteen years. History of that place is quite interesting as well, the town was marketed (30s-50s) as the ‘gateway to yellowstone’, I would love to hear a FF story about the place.

    • I have examined that on Google Earth. The current image from June 2017 is much degraded – it needs a new coat of paint. There is another blaze, a “T” 0.7 miles WSW on the side of a mesa (below 5000 feet elev) . The closest spot above 5000 feet is the round top mesa 1.4 miles WNW. It just barely makes 5010 feet or so. It looks like your blaze might be visible from the top of the round top mesa, but only BOTG would verify. That would place the TC on the top of the round top mesa. As soon as the blaze came into view when climbing to the top of the round top, then you would look down to find the TC. Someone in the area check it out.

  65. All

    Thanks for the feedback. I have been on this for about 3 years (on and off) and have only just decided to probe the crowd, although now (and by this I mean no offense) I wonder if it will help me or muddy my clear vision of what the clues, etc. are. It is interesting to hear some of your thoughts though as I have not yet stumbled across some of your possible theories.

    Tim – just because you happened to bring it up… You made mention of “I’ve done it tired”. I personally don’t think that there is any indication of the “blaze” in that, but instead I always have taken that as one of Fenn’s “extra clues” hidden right in front of us. You know how he’ll say something clever like “the chest is at least 400 miles west of Ohio” (or something to that affect)… Sure, it’s a clue, but not something that we didn’t already know. “I’ve done it tired and now I’m weak” to me was always parallel with his statement that he went to the deposit location twice in a single day. The first time he made the trip he was tired upon completion, then he made the trip again and it made him weak. I suspect the second trip was to cement in what he would write, how and why. Just a theory, but it fits Fenn’s profile (one I have generated over the years).

    To some of the other comments – I too am considering that perhaps “heavy loads” could possibly be the “blaze”. Now obviously there are other interpretations of this (myself included) – for instance… He might just mean that there are in fact “heavy loads” (1) being the ~42lb chest and the other (2), more subtle, “heavy load” (emotionally) of realizing the chase is over and your life will never be the same as it was again having suddenly come into vast wealth. I have also pondered over the paddle. I go to this in my theory that the “blaze” is a marker and the paddle is the only object (directly stated as an object) that could potentially allude to what Fenn has used as symbol in his creation of the “blaze”.

    Thanks again for the great stuff!


    • Hi Don;

      Since you asked for input, and I hope I do not cloud up your clear thoughts.

      “I’ve done it tired and now I’m weak.”

      “Done it” is past tense of “did it”. What did Forrest do? He “Hid it” – He hid Indulgence. “I hid it tired”??? One meaning of tired means that one wants to lie down – to be lying prone or in or near the ground- so, “I hid it in a low place in or near the ground.” (Interp.) “… and now I’m weak” One definition of weak = watered down (Like a watered down or weak drink)
      So,” I hid indulgence in a low, watery place.”

      “Heavy loads and water high”. Yes, it certainly can mean the 42 lb. treasure chest and its contents. It could also mean large boulders or even rocky cliffs.

      Water high – That could be a waterfall, a spring, or any source of water that is above where you are standing.

      Just a couple of thoughts to ponder through the winter. Hope I did not cloudy up the “water(s) high”, by giving you some “Heavy loads.” Maybe I should have just hid the answers in some low, soggy or marshy place instead. JDA

      • I agree that “done it” is past tense, but he would have to use past tense if he had just completed his second trek as in to say “I’ve just done this in a fatigued state and am now weak”. It fits his “clue” perfectly of having done it twice. And it also fits his subtle hint about being “resolute”. He pondered, again, after his initial endeavor if he was certain this was his path, his intention, the statement and task he wanted to leave.

        I stick close to Fenn constantly discrediting himself as some high intelligence and don’t follow too many of the loosely translated rabbit holes. I love the guy, honestly he’s an incredible guy, but he’s not THAT good to hide that level of meaning – to say the least I don’t believe he ever intended to and there are several quotes of his to the extent of “Don’t manipulate my poem” (not exact).

        I am a fan of documentaries – particularly about criminals. The way you find the loot, the bodies, the person and their deepest secrets is to become them. It’s called psychological profiling and it works. With that in mind I have to walk around in Fenn’s daily shoes. What he reads, does.. Where he goes, etc. You have to think, walk and talk like him – love what he loves and hate what he hates. In that regard I cannot accept that he’s gone to some extremity of interpretation because he just wouldn’t if you’ve profiled him entirely and with accuracy. When you become empathetic to the man who wrote the words, they take a different meaning – because now you’ve interpreted them as he would…

        I do not believe that there is more than one blaze, only that the blaze is interpreted as a singular something that is composed of many things. Again – a guitar is wood, metal, glue, strings, worm gears, etc. but “in a word” is a single object. And Yes – I still think that it could be either natural OR man-made, but I do think that it is one or the other and that it is unmistakably something that Fenn has directed us to.

        Keep it coming folks, you’re making my gears turn – even if not in agreement 😀

        • IMHO, “done it tired” is a reconfirmation of a previous clue. Then, “now I’m weak.” is one of the “answers I already know.” Meaning weak = wake (Alive again! New health, new life, new vigor). Why else mention it? Why would he include anything trivial at all? Why not, “I’m tired and now must take a leak.”

          • Well firstly I’d say – it’s Fenn, the dude’s going to be at least a little cryptic even in regard to the stuff he means not to be, and further… He extends everything at least a little bit, he’s even man enough to admit that he prefers to embellish.

            Beyond that I firmly believe that he’d be happier if in 1000 years the treasure was still where he left it and the children of our children (and so on) were still looking for it from all of our handwritten notes, pictures and the various cartography that’s been scribbled onto the pages of our own books. He meant to make it hard and I think that thought (the one above) would just tickle the shit out of him from whatever star hes decides to rest on!


      • JDA… I don’t always agree in what you come up with but this, “ I hid indulgence in a low, watery place.” Im in 100% camp.

        Now it to find the correct creek and Place in creek

        • YEA, I have one fan!!! – Just kidding – Good luck in finding the correct creek, and Place in the creek – JDA

          • In a December 2014 Q & A on MW Forrest is asked, and answered the following:
            by Jenny Kile · December 14, 2014

            “Are there any bronze animals in the chest, Indulgence, or anything bronze? ” ~Thanks,Carolyn

            Nothing bronze at all Carolyn, or even silver. I wanted more expensive metals in Indulgence. That’s why I chose gold. There is a gold frog that’s very old.f

            Hope this helps. JDA

          • Hi, Don.
            “Indulgence” is the name that Forrest gave to his treasure chest. Some people refer to it by this name, but simply “the treasure chest” is fine too if you think it’s kind of silly.

    • Hi Don.

      Thanks for the response.

      You realize that the blaze can be both varieties we have discussed, right?

      This is why I think many fail…they refuse to see all sides of the story, when seeking.

      They miss the blaze completely.

      Keep an open mind until you have BOTG…it could be just about anything…..a guess is but one.


    • Don, you said this…I go to this in my theory that the “blaze” is a marker and the paddle is the only object (directly stated as an object) that could potentially allude to what Fenn has used as symbol in his creation of the “blaze”.

      I like to think the blaze is an object that’s directly alluded to in the poem but in a tricky way. Something other than paddle.

      • Care to elaborate? If nothing else you’ve raised my eyebrow in curiosity.

        Also – is there a cheat sheet of all the acronyms you guys (as an expression, not meant to exclude women) use?!?! I get most of them to be abbreviated lines or complete stanzas of the poem, but some of them I do not identify. I don’t want clues to the clues of the clues that only MIGHT be correct clues!!! (lol)


        • Sure…did you see in the poem where it gets one to think it is the place?

          Since we’re trying to find a hidden tc and f has basically said read the poem like it’s a map I’d say that his poem probably has the blaze show up like an X on a treasure map. Not a literal X.

          So from what I figure, the simplest and easiest way to find an X from the poem is to realize the poem tells us ‘It is the place’. That’s sounds like confirmation that I can go with confidence with to the correct geographical area. Imo

  66. You are right JDA.

    be emailed a few times, never expecting him to respond.

    I wrote him to say thanks and basically tell him somethings, but…..also to keep him guessing……*winks*…..

    What is good for the goose, is good for the gander, huh?


    Mr. Fenn is probably having just as much fun as we are.


  67. I’m just curiious. It appears almost everyone thinks the “blaze” is one thing—whether large or small. But an actual “trail blaze” is a series of marks leading somewhere. A blaze could be a series of markers leading somewhere couldn’t it? I’m sure this example is not the blaze—-but here is a blast from the past that was a bit of a “blaze” in itself for many years: It didn’t really lead anywhere—-but you kept reading to find out what the end of the sentence was.

    • You bring up a good point Sparrow. A trail blaze would be different than say 2,3,or 4 different blazes. This would take care of his ATF comment of “it’s still there”, meaning only one blaze. This could be ownership of a “trail blaze”, one object. But, it would be tough getting around the, is the blaze one object? In a word, yes, ATF comment. Trail blaze could be one object, (many points of one thing), but when he said ” in a word, yes”, there is that sneaky double dipp. If he is just saying one object, yes, than that’s fine, but, if he is saying that the blaze is one object, one word, than it’s a no-go.
      We have some out here that use multiple blazes, this would be wrong. Can’t get by the use of “it’s” then. Now that you bring this up, those will now say it’s a “trail blaze” considering the cumulative of many are the one. They would still have to get around the “in a word” statement though. (you know JDA will have something to say)
      I have it as just one blaze. “Landscape” of a certain area. I can see your point though. I’m sure it will be tossed around, it’s just in this example, the getting around those two ATF comments will be the… debate, if you will.

      • You are right Charlie – Each one of my multiple blazes is a single object – That is how I “get around it”. JDA

      • *As he peeks over the wall, he mutters*
        Slowly they all will see the way I do!!!!




  68. I had a new thought about the blaze this morning around 4:30 am in bed so it’s gotta be right….

    The set up being that the clues are contiguous/continuous. We know that the line If you’ve been wise and found the blaze is past tense. So, reason could show that where to figure out/find the blaze in the poem (if the description of the blaze is hidden in the poem) would be in the lines preceding the blaze line.

    We also know that wwwh is the first clue. The thought that came to me is that the description of the blaze can’t be in any of the lines that include clues 1-8. Why? Because if it was like that then that information would be considered a clue but it would be out of order or non contiguous and break f’s rules that he has explained. It would be a shortcut.

    To me, that means the description of the blaze (again, if included in the poem which I think it is) has to be in either the first stanza, since that’s not a clue, or the actual blaze line in the 4th stanza. My take would be the first stanza.

    Some will say the last 2 stanzas can hide the blaze info. I’ve never been a fan of the last 2 stanzas providing any hidden details for any of the clues, but that’s just me.

    • FD,

      I am a shower thinker! (lol) But I do get what you mean about the great ideas coming at some of the oddest times. I like where your head is at here. I have asked a similar question trying to feel the crowd for whether or not anyone else is on the thought that “the blaze” is mentioned in the poem prior to there being mention of a blaze. This was based on your exact logic – past tense indicative of having already mentioned the blaze therefore it has to have been mentioned.

      IMO this is where interpreting the correct things as clues comes most important and listening to Fenn when he says to interpret this poem like a map. If I were a map and I wanted to tell you where to go, but not show you the end, what would I do? I would give you an accurate starting point, give you a heading and gauge the distance. The clues do exactly this. What would I do next? Without giving you exact step by step instruction I’d have to make sure that you were limited in your ability to deviate from my heading. IMI (In My Interpretation) – the poem has done exactly this. Fenn’s other interview hints, etc. also sort of allude to this. SO… at this point you’re heading in the right direction and are limited in your ability to deviate from the rest of what I, as a “map”, will tell you. Now I’m going to give you details about the end, without telling you exactly where it is. So I give you some verbal symbolism to describe what you’ll physically search for and describe the area it will be in and how you should search for it as well. I haven’t been to NM yet, so I don’t want to give too much away (not that I KNOW my theory is correct, but I find nothing offensive about caution). Below are the clues… sort of
      1. Start
      2. Heading
      3. Rough Gauge of Distance (I find the gauge as interpreted to be relative to Fenn – I would not as readily consider the distance “TFTW”)
      4. Modifier for the Start (Accuracy)
      5. Narrow your path so you cannot deviate too greatly from the remainder of the clues
      6. Tell you the symbol
      7. Tell you what the symbol will be on
      8. Describe the area of the symbol holder a bit
      9. Tell you that YOUR stop is directly below that symbol

      The rest of the poem is just fluff to most, but I also think the words used can be interpreted as modifiers for THE CLUES. I would consider phrasing it that there are (9) Distinct Clues and the rest of the poem can be used as additional Hints. And since I went ahead and typed up a big one, back to your question about “the blaze” – I think that Fenn’s recent statement about (this is paraphrased) “a word being key… few being in tight focus” has to do with the blaze and it is likely the best hidden clue within the poem. I agree with you about the last 2 stanzas not holding much, but again I think that there are modifiers in those that can help you cement the other clues (assuming you/I/whoever have gotten them right)

      What a thing to leave for us all… What a challenge!

      • Good stuff, Don. Good luck on your search in NM…it’s beautiful there.

        (I had a typo on my write up- *where* should be we are. Lol

        • Thanks, mate!

          I’m going to be there early Spring in 2018. I let this chase to the wayside for around 6 months and when I picked it back up I actually cancelled another trip so I could plan this one. Considering a train ride just for the thrill of it!

      • Don….
        I agree with the theory of “no words are fluff”.
        All words are important in the poem. IMO

      • Don, that is one solid way of following the directions in the poem. I like that structure or path to follow. I imagine that there is a component of *big picture* to small picture as well.

      • Good write up Don;

        Only one thing I might add.

        “If you’ve been wise, and and have found the blaze…”
        Yes it is past tense so, “If you have or had been wise and seen the blaze before now (some time in the past)… So where might you have been when you saw the blaze before? Maybe when reading TTOTC? Could you have seen or read something in TTOTC that talked about, or pictured or illustrated the blaze – and now that you see it (in reality), you know in an instant that it IS the blaze? I think that this is a possibility.

        Son’t forget that Forrest said that there are hints sprinkled throughout TTOTC, Just a thought – JDA

    • Hey FD,

      He tells us what the answer is in the 5th stanza and this also matches your thought regarding the blaze in the 1st stanza. Might this also be the key?

      • Good question, Windsurfer. I think the first stanza has a word that is key in each of the lines that paint a picture of one specific mountain…imo. If that helps.

    • Dear FD–

      The mind is a very interesting and complex organ. You see we actually sort of have two minds, which are the left and right halves of or brains.

      Like most marriages, one side is dominate over the other. It just so happens that the logical, fine detail thinking side is dominate over the big picture, and innovating side.

      Both sides actually think, but the dominate side doesn’t allow the non-dominate side to express its’ thoughts to the conscious level . The dominate side of your brain is an arrogant bully that thinks it has all the best ideas and won’t let the other side talk.

      A good example of this is when you are about to leave your house and you have an odd feeling that you have forgotten something but can’t figure out what it is. At that moment, the non-dominant side is trying to tell you but the dominant side has its’ hand over the mouth of the non-dominate side and it can’t bring it to your conscious level.

      Most people think that if they really concentrate hard, or by taking Ritalin to focus, they will be able to figure out a complex difficult problem. Nothing can be farther from the truth though.

      Our non-dominate side is the innovative, problem solver, and the only way to hear what it has to say is by putting the dominate side to sleep or bore it to death.

      That is why some people have ideas in the shower, in twilight sleep or driving on the highway. Einstein used to sit in a comfortable chair and smoke his pipe and daydream. Fenn describes waking up and then laying in bed for another hour, just thinking (twilight sleep).

      Therefore those that truly want to solve the poem must first gather all the facts and then “listen” for the solution for the non-dominate side. Believe me, it has a lot of good ideas but it doesn’t know how to tell you with that bully next door controlling everything.

      May the force be with you….


      • Sherif Billy. Nice post. An active pineal gland is the bridge of balance of the two hemispheres of the brain. Pineal like shaped like a pine cone- the portal of imagination. I like lying around thinking also for the first hour upon waking up.

      • Sherif,

        “Therefore those that truly want to solve the poem must first gather all the facts and then “listen” for the solution for the non-dominate side.”

        ???… mean there actually people who do not employ this, on a daily basis??? 🙂

        Good write-up, Billy

      • Hi Sherif: my most important poem breakthroughs have all occurred while asleep. The subconscious is much better at solving abstract problems like this that draw on multiple disciplines and require making the right connections. Also, when a friend gets writer’s block or stuck trying to solve a complex problem, I advise them that doubling down and trying to concentrate harder is unlikely to help. Go for a walk. Think about other things. Your subconscious will continue chipping away at it.

  69. I found a blaze, on a rock / basalt cliff, about ten feet up hidden by trees. Calcite, white, has leached out of the basalt in the shape of an owl about three feet high. The calcite forms a one foot border all around it, so the whole thing is about five feet high! It’s pretty impressive But don’t know if it’s the right one.!

  70. Has anyone here found the two capital F’s hidden in TTOTC drawings?
    just throwin it out there.

    • Yellow dodo bird, Skippy might be privy but probably not tucked on the same page. And just because they’re capitals doesn’t necessarily mean there the same size. Since you threw it out there I thought I’d throw it back.

  71. We have to remember that the blaze will throw the searcher off. I take f at his word on this that it will definitely throw you off. It’s unique, uncommon, and probably cannot be seen. It will make you question whether you are right or not. Either you can solve for it at home, but BOTG reveals nothing, or it cannot be solved from home, and you won’t know what you are looking for.
    If I was to “guess”, I would say it’s the 4th clue. Given his ATF comment of not being sure if 4 clues, etc…..Maybe not, but that statement screams out that the searcher had no idea but may have been at the spot. That would definitely fall under the ‘throw the searcher off” definition of the blaze.

    • Charlie,
      I’m curious from what statement you get that the blaze is something that will throw searchers off? I do think it’s difficult, and I’ve found that line to be a particularly hard nut to crack. I’m left wondering why in blazes you have to be wise. Maybe I struggle with it because brute strength and ignorance are my preferred approach to most problems.

      I like it that you see the blaze as about in the middle of the clues. I was feeling a bit lonely with this same view since so many people here seem to think that once you find the blaze you can pop the champagne and start celebrating.

      • Pretty much from the beginning of when I joined the Chase I thought that a person must be smart rather than lucky when it comes to finding the blaze. I think that I have to know what I am looking for in advance rather than being lucky once on site. (I have always thought that you would be looking up rather than down on the ground as well.) JMO

  72. I take the “if you’ve been wise” comment from two angles
    • Fenn’s way of indicating that “the blaze” is without doubt the most difficult to extract clue from the poem
    • As a modifier to the blaze (sort of)
    I again go back through my “map structure” (interpreting the poem as a map) when trying to figure out where he might mention “the blaze” and it leads me to what can be interpreted as a symbol that Fenn is familiar with and that the poem seems to indicate(IMO). The structure of a map that cannot put a pin at the end, IMO, would look something like this:
    1. Start
    2. Heading
    3. Rough Gauge of Distance (I find the gauge as interpreted to be relative to Fenn – I would not as readily consider the distance “TFTW”)
    4. Modifier for the Start (Accuracy)
    5. Narrow your path so you cannot deviate too greatly from the remainder of the clues
    6. Tell you the symbol
    7. Tell you what the symbol will be on
    8. Describe the area of the symbol holder a bit – the object(s) the symbol is on
    9. Tell you that YOUR stop is directly below that symbol
    This puts the primary description of “the blaze” as clue #6(ish). He’ll later use a modifier of sorts to help you solidify your thoughts on “the blaze” – providing your own were like Fenn’s…
    So what is the poem saying for clue 6? “From there it’s no place for the meek, the end is ever drawing nigh.”
    After starting with “Begin” he now uses “meek”, “the end” and “nigh” – terminology associated to a specific text and all are used in reference to “the end”. Millions of people would consider this to be a book of wisdom (“been wise”). In that text you’ll hear a specific character say something along the lines of “I am the beginning and the end, Alpha and Omega”… He says “been wise” to indicate that we should have already, at that point in reading, interpreted “the blaze” and (as I mentioned earlier) to use the “wise” as a slight modifier to help interpret the blaze. IMO – the blaze (symbol) he’s used is the Omega symbol Ω

    • “In phonetic terms, the Ancient Greek Ω is a long open-mid o [ɔː], comparable to the vowel of British English ‘raw.’ -Wikipedia

      Sounds like “awe.”

  73. I have found a blaze within my search area that cannot be seen from the ground. I can only see it on topography maps or GE. When on the ground, it is really too big to see.

    Could that possibly be how one must be “wise” to find it?

    Once I am on the ground, I can locate the exact place where it appears above me, and I can interpret a way to look quickly down.

    So I guess this puts my new blaze in the school of thought that the blaze is big and permanent within that area of the mountains. Forrest has only said that the blaze is “something that stands out”.

    I’m not all sold out for this blaze, but it warrants further looking. Trying to figure out how the guy from Texas with his pickup and kids would find it. With a TOPO map maybe?


    • Hello Franklin. Would you provide a link to where Mr. Fenn has stated this about the blaze, please? I’ve tried researching it on one of the blogs provided below, but I couldn’t it.

    • That pickup truck thing was cute, everyone laughed, but that’s not who he wrote this poem for IMHO.

        • I would have thought for everyone, but I’m curious as to what Musstag’s response to your question will be, Covert One.

        • For those of us that think we are so smart, not the Texas cowboy, who could care less about a poem

          • Hello Musstag. Are you one with a high IQ, or one with spirit to try and figure out Mr. Fenn’s poem and go out and search?

          • (Second try.) Are you one with a high IQ, or one with spirit that is willing to try and figure out Mr. Fenn’s poem and go out searching?

          • Hi Strawshadow.

            I think it can be anyone,……who can think like a kid.

            Adults out here? Can you think like a kid? Sure you can.

            I’ve tried to express a Sunday drive-like way, and others possible ways.

            *in his best Tom Hanks voice* I’m not a smart man. Just observant in ways, soooo….all of this is just opinion. There are many variables in the poem. I’m still trying to sort them all out, too……and I’m old!!……*smiles*…….but the kid in me is still alive!! Tally Ho!!

            Good luck? :o)

          • I always am amused — and somewhat saddened — when I see
            or hear somebody use the phrase “could care less”. It makes NO
            sense to me; the CORRECT, SENSIBLE phrase to use is “couldn’t care less”.

            If I say “I couldn’t care less . . . ” it actually means “I couldn’t care less
            than I actually do . . .” — which means that I don’t care at all, or I care very, very, little.

            Good luck in solving the poem. I
            suggest you look up “halt” in a good

            The above is my cheerful opinion.
            Your smileage may vary.

            OH! . . . I should say something
            about the blaze. I think it may
            relate to the following phrase:
            “A blaze of Lightning”.

          • Tighterfocus: your post has me suspecting you understand the significance of an alligator.

          • Tighterfocus—-
            You are absolutely correct. It should be “couldn’t care less”. I know this is true. But I’ll amaze myself sometimes when I go back and read a post and see I’ve used “I could care less” anyway. It’s a bad habit. I actually couldn’t care less if someone says they could care less though.

            By the way— I think you’re right—- the Blaze may refer to lightning in some way.

  74. I’m not sure what the blaze is & would like some help as to what it may not be. Sometimes it’s best to eliminate what it can’t be.

    • I’m pretty sure the Blaze can’t be a person who works as a cashier at Target so we can start there and work our way thru the list of other things it can’t be.

      • Not that I intend to criticize Target, but when I think
        of a PERSON, I think of “blazer”, not “blaze”. And
        no, I don’t intend to criticize Colorado or Oregon
        either (or for that matter, California . . . although I
        think it’s a pretty crazy place).

        What I mean, of course, is that a person wears a
        blazer (suit or suit jacket, that is). Not to be
        confused with a “smoking jacket”, ya know…

        The above is my opinion.

    • Kraft…..

      The “blaze” is not a white mark on anything…..

      Remember the question….Is the blaze a single object?….

      Answer….In a word, yes….

      The word is ‘object’………….The blaze isn’t a mark on an object but is the object itself……..

      It is tangible, visible, and stands out from its surroundings…


      • Different definitions of “Object”:

        1) a material thing that can be seen and touched.
        2) a goal or purpose.
        3) an intellectual construct or idea

        Just as the poem has a literal interpretation and a figurative interpretation that reveals the 9 clues, so is it possible that the “blaze” if relegate to “a word” is indeed a physical object but it might also be a figurative one as well…

        Just My Opinion (JMO),


      • I’ll agree KyleS, the blaze must last at least 1,000 years for me. You will not be able to see it using GE and if you are within 12 feet of it, game over.
        Must be some sort of rock outcrop with special features and colors that Forrest liked IMO.

        • I disagree to an extent Kraft;

          You could easily be within twelve feet, and the game would NOT be over if you did not know beforehand what you were looking for.

          If the poem had led you to a “general” area, and you were wandering around looking for “Something”, but you were not sure of what EXACTLY you were looking for, the probability is high that you would overlook it – or at least, that is my opinion. JDA

          • If a blaze is anything that stands out, paraphrasing FF, then you would think that if you are in the correct area, provided it is not too large of an area, then you would be able to find it.

          • Where or when did Forrest ever say that the blaze “stands out”? Even if he did, and I missed it, something quite small could stand out if it were different than its surroundings. A small blaze on a tree can stand out if the yellow wood is in contrast with the brown bark – Not saying that this is what the blaze might be – just using it as an example. I would not get hung up on the blaze being big – it may not be – JMO – JDA

          • Two years ago, I thought that the blaze was associated with a mountain. One year ago, I thought it was a waterfall. Today I think that the blaze (itself) could fit in the palm of your hand – all seven of them – well, maybe only six of them, one MAY be larger. 🙂 JMO – JDA

          • JDA: one year ago:


            Q: “What is blaze?”
            Forrest’s answer: “Anything that stands out.”

            As for the blaze (or blazes) fitting in your hand, that would be difficult to square with his statement: “While it’s not impossible to remove the blaze, it isn’t feasible to try, and I am certain it’s still there.”

          • Thanks for the quote Zap – I appreciate it.

            As to your other comment: “As for the blaze (or blazes) fitting in your hand, that would be difficult to square with his statement: “While it’s not impossible to remove the blaze, it isn’t feasible to try, and I am certain it’s still there.” ”

            Taking my blaze on the tree idea – “While it’s not impossible to remove the blaze, it isn’t feasible to try…” How would you go about removing a blaze on a tree? – Not impossible, but not feasible to try I would say. I can think of several others along this line, but will not bore you. Just think about it, and you might change your mind – Just sayin’ – JDA

          • If I find the blaze I’m going to take it with me no matter how infeasible and leave the treasure. The blaze may last longer than the treasure as a whole and be worth just as much. It would be much more difficult to find the treasure without the blaze and that’s why I’m not searching for the treasure. The blaze will not fit in the palm of your hand IMO.

          • Kraft;

            You quote Forrest:”The blaze is a physical thing. Not things or objects although many things or objects can make a physical thing” – I am in agreement. My seven blazes are each a physical thing. All have something in common. Most are pretty similar in form and function. One is bigger, and more natural. One can be held in your hand whereas the other’s can not – JDA

          • Why 7 blazes? Is it how many you found or is it in the poem or book or SB’s?
            Why not 9 blazes, that would make more sense.

            If most of the blazes are pretty similar then why the others?
            Do the multiple blazes create a geometric shape?
            Why would some of the blazes be different?

          • Thanks Franklin.
            Anything that stands out.
            I think that would mean you would notice it when close enough and the other things, colors, local environment around the blaze would be different. All the info by Fenn doesn’t seem to work well with multiple blazes IMO.

          • Hey, JDA. It’s been a while since i’ve been on this site – hope all is well with you – but I had a quick question for you. I had noticed someone saying/stating that FF said somewhere at some point that searchers will need to cross an actual “creek” and/or “river” in order to get to the chest? Is this a true/confirmed statement? Just very curious to find out the 4-1-1 on this topic. Thanks for your help! Be well. SFTE.

          • Hi Seeker-from-the-east;

            I certainly am not the expert on what Forrest has or has not said, and I recommend that you consult “” to research their database, but – To answer you question as best I can – NO, I am NOT aware of Forrest ever having said that one had to cross a creek or stream in order to reach Indulgence.

            Possibly someone else can remember something – I sure can not.

            P.S. – I am doing well, thanks, and hope you are too – JDA

          • Hi JDA: on the infeasibility of trying to remove the blaze, I think one of your prior blaze ideas (e.g. mountain or waterfall) fits that notion better. It’s not impossible to remove a mountain (e.g. with a large nuclear bomb), but trying to do so certainly isn’t “feasible.” Removing a waterfall is probably equally pointless: sure, you can dam its source, but without an outlet, the water will build up and eventually find another way out — possibly just shifting the waterfall to a new location as a result.

            But one popular blaze idea may actually be eliminated by Forrest’s statement: the sun. Certainly physically removing the sun isn’t possible. And he can’t mean simply covering it up (e.g. with your thumb) because that is obviously “feasible to try.”

          • Zap;

            You said: “As for the blaze (or blazes) fitting in your hand, that would be difficult to square with his statement: “While it’s not impossible to remove the blaze, it isn’t feasible to try, and I am certain it’s still there.”

            You counter with my statement about a mountain or my waterfall – neither of which can fit in the palm of my hand.

            One does not have to disagree, just for the sake of disagreeing.. Have a GREAT day Zap – JDA

          • JDA: afraid you lost me a bit there. In my most recent post I wasn’t talking about your current blaze idea at all. I was specifically addressing examples of a couple kinds of blazes that wouldn’t be feasible to try removing, and thus would be good matches to Forrest’s quote. (You aren’t the first to propose a waterfall or a mountain as Forrest’s blaze, but since you had just mentioned them I thought it was an appropriate nod to you to use them as good examples.) Sure, I happen to believe your past blaze ideas were a better match to this Forrest quote, but did I say that? No. But even if I had chosen to, how would that be arguing just for the sake of arguing?

            If you post your thoughts about what you think the blaze is, what’s your motivation for doing so? Aren’t you looking for honest discussion or feedback? Or do you only want to have people say, “That’s a great possibility, JDA! Thanks for sharing it with us!”

            But as long as you bring it up, if you can place your blaze in the palm of your hand, it seems to me that “removing it” is not only feasible, it must be child’s play. Since you’re obviously aware of Forrest’s quote on the matter, you must have an explanation for the seeming contradiction. Forrest has certainly been tricky with some of his statements in the past, so it’s quite possible you’ve identified a clever loophole that makes the contradiction go away, and that would be quite interesting to me — and I assume many others here. If so, why not share it?

        • I always remember the “Shawshank Redemption” when Tim Robbins’ character leaves instructions for Morgan Freeman’s character to find a small “treasure” he has left hidden for him.

          He instructs Freeman to go to the general area and then look for one rock that stands out from the rest. Under a large black rock (the rest are gray) he finds a box with money in it so he can make his way to Mexico to meet up with Robbins.

          The blaze could very well be something like this–something that stands out—and after you get to the general area you will see it and know that it is the blaze.

          • Hey Sparrow,

            IDK, but I think the blaze will not stand out. F has commented that the blaze is meant to throw the searcher off. With that, having it “stick out” would be what a searcher is expecting. With your analogy, I could see the blaze something like that, if, Morgan Freeman didn’t have the general area.
            I’m sure that whatever it is, it will stand out, but, I also think it’s very well camouflaged. Initially, it won’t stick out, in fact, may very well be that it cannot be seen. It’s something that needs to be “found”, and with throwing the searcher off, I think you could be right in front of it and not know or see it. I really think it’s the 4th clue. How could f not know if a searcher has the 4th clue right or not? He would have to know, unless the searcher didn’t know, didn’t explain it correctly, or just sent f a pic with the blaze within the pic but didn’t make notice, whatever, f should know if the 4th clue has been solved by a searcher and that searcher knew.
            To walk by it without noticing, for searchers to be within 200′ of the chest, just seems to me that the blaze does not stick out…IMO.

          • When did Forrest state this Sparrow? “F has commented that the blaze is meant to throw the searcher off.”
            That’s big news to me. Thank you!

          • Charlie—
            That black rock did not “stick out” to Morgan Freeman until he got very close. The note instructed him where to go, and then said to “look for one rock that is very different than the others, like it doesn’t belong there” (paraphrase).

            Once he gets close enough he sees one black rock mixed in with a bunch of gray ones. He lifts it up and there is a small metal box with cash in it.

            I’m not saying the blaze is definitely something like this—-I just happen to think of this movie when I think of the Blaze.

            It’s very possible the Blaze could be HUGE—-like the Nazca Lines—that can only be seen from high above also. Who knows?

          • Kraft—-
            I didn’t say the Blaze was meant to throw a searcher off—nor had I heard Forrest ever say that. That was a comment Charlie made, not me.

          • “There’s a big hayfield up near Buxton…One in particular. It’s got a long rock wall, a big oak tree at the north end. It’s like something out of a Robert Frost poem. It’s where I asked my wife to marry me. We went there for a picnic and made love under that oak and I asked and she said yes. Promise me, Red: if you ever get out, find that spot. In the base of that wall, you’ll find a rock that has no earthly business in a Maine hayfield. A piece of black, volcanic glass. There’s something buried under it I want you to have.”

          • Kraft, he said it in an interview a while back. I’ll look at some old notes and get you that info when I can. I wouldn’t say it unless I was 100% positive he said it. I forget the exact wording.
            If I can’t find it I will let you know, and you can take it any way you see fit, but I know he said it.

          • Hi charlie: I have a pretty extensive database of quotes from Forrest and have watched dozens of interviews with him over the years. I have no record of him saying anything to the effect that the blaze is meant to throw searchers off. If he had done so, then that would fly in the face of these confirmed quotes:

            Diggin Gypsy (as Scout Around) asked Forrest on 5/28/2014: “Is the Blaze one single object?” The full reply is: “In a word — Yes. I have received a few hundred emails from searchers who are sure they know what the blaze is. Ideas range from a mark on a tree, a rock, a sign, a fire, the side of a bluff, a waterfall, a spot on the head of a horse, a rainbow, and even a live owl that flew away when it was approached.
            As a side note: with summer on the close horizon, searchers should review the rules about being safe in the mountains. f”

            Now, I suppose if you took the end of Forrest’s response to a MW Q&A on 7/1/2014 out of context, you might twist it into thinking the blaze was some kind of smokescreen: “… Playing a hunch is not worth much in the search and those who start out by looking for the blaze, are wasting their time.f” But *in* context, Forrest was merely pointing out the futility of trying to solve the blaze *first*.

            We then have Weekly Words question from 5/13/2016: “Mr. Fenn: How far is the chest located from the blaze? ~ casey.”

            “Casey, I did not take the measurement, but logic tells me that if you don’t know where the blaze is it really doesn’t matter. If you can find the blaze though, the answer to your question will be obvious. Does that help?f”

            Again, a quote that strongly suggests the blaze is quite important. Finally, here is my transcript of “The Lure” post-screening question #4 on 5/18/2017: “Has anyone determined the nine clues and what they represent?”

            Forrest answers: “Well, there’s about 250,000 people that think they have. And, uh, I don’t know that anybody has … has … has told me the clues in the right order. I think that part of the problem is they don’t … they don’t focus on the first clue. If you don’t know where the first clue is, you might as well stay home because you’re not … you’re not going to find the treasure chest. You can’t go out looking for the blaze and expect to find the treasure chest. There’s ten billion blazes out there. So you have to start with the first clue and let it take you to the blaze.”

            Again, it seems to me that the blaze is extremely relevant and critical to figuring out where the chest is located.

          • Zap, there you go again. When did I say the blaze wasn’t important? where in those quotes and comments does it say anything contradictory about the blaze being meant to throw the searcher off? The content of your post is empty.

            I am looking for the link, doesn’t mean I’ll find it. I remember what I remember, I would suggest everyone take it as a non fact until I confirm.

            A lot happened in the 3 years before you came around. A lot of that info is no longer available, except maybe in notes. If I could find when I wrote it down, I will post. I’m not just throwing info out. If I say it to be true, then it was said. As for now, I would take the info as non fact until I prove otherwise. That is why I said let me look, I will post either I did not find, or I will give the quote and where it was said. What you are saying has nothing to do with the comment. From memory, it was back in 2011-2012. A lot of that info we had back then is no longer available. I’m sure I made a note, I will look. I would expect everyone to take it for what it is, My thinking was that it was well known, I figure now it isn’t, so, again, until I show the proof, take it for not being fact. Lol, reading your post again, huh, what? Lol, someone missed their morning coffee.

          • Hi charlie — I was just trying to show that Forrest has talked about the blaze a lot, and in none of those statements did he elude to it having an element of misdirection for the searcher. You are basically saying the blaze is a bit of a red herring.

            “Mr. Hall asks: Are there any false clues/red herrings intentionally laid within the poem?” “No sir Mr. Hall.”


            “I said on the Today show that the treasure is not associated with any structure. Some people say I have a desire to mislead. That is not true.”

            But charlie, if you can dig up a link that he said such a thing, then I’ll certainly reconsider. However, that neither The Wolf nor Locolobo has jumped to your defense to produce the quote suggests to me that you’re unlikely to find it.

          • Hello Zap,

            I been at this for five plus years. I have nothing where fenn stated that the blaze was to throw searchers off…..however:

   …..Tony Doukopil said – – ‘Remember that “blaze” is in the treasure poem because Fenn hoped to throw people off at that juncture.’

            Other than Charlie, and maybe a couple other searchers, I’ve never seen/heard the comment….Maybe Charlie read Tony’s statement and ‘thought’ Fenn had said it??

          • Bingo, Loco! Well done. That has to be where charlie got it. And since Tony Doukopil was the source, we know what to do with that statement: straight into the old circular file on top of the Time Magazine.

        • Anyone within 12 feet of the blaze is in the
          wrong place. The TC is more than 12 feet
          away from the blaze.

          All of the above is part of my opinion.

          • I will disagree with tighterfocus.
            Anyone within 12′ of the blaze is in the right place. If you are wise enough to get this close, you deserve to find it.
            200′ ain’t good enough but 12′ is IMO.

          • IMO– The blaze sure threw the deputy and I for a loop.We scoured that area around the blaze making about 10 trips to the site.We even found a virtual Spanish “X ” marks the spot on Google Earth nearby. We made 3 separate trips alone checking out the area around the Spanish X. But alas it wasn’t there. Someone had altered the image of Google earth by carefully blackening in an area leaving only a white X. Next to this area is also a silver star, IMO, also created. The Spanish mined Galena in this area, which in my IMO, is the heavy loads.

            Best regards;

            1F Billy

        • Zap;

          Sorry If I misunderstood. Enough said.

          No, I certainly do not want people to agree with me all the time. If that were so, I would not have posted my original post asking others for their input.

          We all strive to be careful with our wording, if we feel that we might be giving away too much – so I will try to be careful.

          As you know, I feel that there are seven blazes. Five of these blazes are about the size of the palm of your hand, and yet can not be held. They are similar in nature to my example of a blaze on a tree – and yet in some ways quite different.Small, and associated with a larger object or objects.

          One of the seven blazes is fairly large, and the last of the seven CAN be held in ones hand – or so I believe.

          Forrest has mentioned a special gift left in Indulgence for the finder. This is my seventh “Blaze”. Some will argue that something found inside of Indulgence can not be a blaze – OK – but it ties in with the preceding six, so I call it blaze #7.

          Does this help Zap? Yes, I am fearful of divulging too much, but hope I gave you what you were seeking – JDA

          • JDA — thank you for your cordial reply and explanation. Yes, I suppose I can envision cases where a blaze could be attached to something else, be relatively small, and yet irremovable from what it’s attached to (e.g. a rocky knob in a wall) or have severe consequences for removal (e.g. a USGS survey marker). And while I’m okay with the idea that there might be multiple blazes, or a single but multi-element blaze, I still believe that the blaze mentioned in the poem refers to just one. And whenever Forrest talks about the blaze he uses the singular because he means whatever his poem blaze happens to refer to.

            It would not surprise me at all if, upon being led by the poem’s clues to Forrest’s blaze, another (small) marker (perhaps a natural stone slab) might be found that pinpoints the chest’s location. Just as with a grave marker, such a stone would be its own kind of blaze because it stands out.

          • Zap;

            Not only do I believe in multiples – I believe in having to go through the poem more than once (but not 7 times).

            Let’s say that lap #1 through the poem takes you to Blaze #1 – singular – one blaze found for one lap through the poem. Same for thousands of searchers. Blaze found, but no Indulgence.

            I start Lap #2 from where I ended up. Lap #2 takes me to Blaze #2 – singular – one blaze found for one trip through the poem. No different than any other searcher – I just found a NEW wwwh, and started fresh from there – just like any searcher.

            Trip #3 much the same – I start where I ended – then I find Blaze #3, but this time Blaze #3 leads me to a different blaze, that in turn leads me to two more blazes, that leads me to Indulgence.

            Three trips through the poem, but six blazes that lead me to Indulgence, where I expect to find #7. Too much said, so I will end here – JDA

  75. kraft look at a picture of a rooster – imo it shows you the blaze – then you have the eye – as eye have gone alone in there and with my treasures bold imo those are 2 good clues

  76. Why haven’t (perhaps – tens of thousands) BOTG and armchair searchers been able to find the treasure? Perhaps the poem is not an actual “map” that leads one to the treasure. Perhaps (and I’m working on this idea after three unsuccessful – but FUN searches) the poem is a “What or Where or Who am I?” RIDDLE. i.e. I am taken from a mine, and shut up in a wooden case, from which I am never released, and yet I am used by almost everyone. What am I? The ‘point’ is … the answer to Forrest’s riddle (poem) is the location, in one form or another. What do my fellow searchers think of this idea? I think I may be making some headway. Working furiously to have something concrete before the snows melt. Good luck in 2018!

    • I’ve considered this process as well TJ. The “I” could be referring to something else in the poem and the “it” could also be the “I”.

      Good luck to you!

    • Well TJ,
      I’m amused if correct about what you are driving at; although ultimately believe you will arrive at a dead end. Who knews…maybe that’s a good thing!

  77. TJ S,
    Its and interesting idea to view the poem in its entirety as a Riddle; the answer to which would then lead you back to the beginning of the poem and then perhaps the 9 consecutive clues…

    This being my key point – that Forrest says there are 9 consecutive clues that if interpreted correctly will lead a searcher precisely to the treasure chest location…And he says, “Begin it where warm waters halt”

    If an interpretation of the poem (as a whole) reveals a significant answer; I still believe a searcher will have to get back to this point and the subsequent clues… “The clues should be followed in order Curtis. There is no other way to my knowlege. f ” June 20, 2014


  78. Here is a recent thought about the “blaze” I had recently… It may be obvious to others already but I haven’t read it anywhere yet so I thought I’d throw it out for comment.

    In Forrest answers to the classroom children’s questions about “What is a blaze?” Forrest said, “anything that stands out.” Which is pretty much text book however in terms of the poem itself: “If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,”

    This line in combination with what Forrest defined as a “blaze” would seem to suggest that perhaps something in the poem itself should “stand out!”

    Here are a couple thoughts on this idea:
    1) the capital letter ‘B’ in Brown (clearly stands out)
    2) the alliteration “where warm waters”
    3) the word “treasures” (longest word in poem)
    4) the word “gold.” (from the standpoint of imagination and its color)

    What do you guys think?


    • I think about the movie “2001: A Space Odyssey” . (Does
      this compute?)

      I also think there is some hinting in at least one of your (numbered) thoughts.

      • TF,

        Sorry, about not responding earlier to your reply.
        But I thought you were mostly being funny…

        As far as; “gold” being my 4th thing which stands out in the poem (in line #24) – I’m just saying that the color Gold usually stands out but in the case of the poem it can only stand out in the “minds-eye” so to speak (in your imaginings of the word).

        As to the movie “2001: A Space Odyssey”
        Yes, it computes very well.

        But why do you ask me about hints? Just throwing thoughts out there for all to see…


  79. It has been articulated that there have been people within 200′ of the treasure. If they were there, did they see the blaze? IMO, they did not. I believe they did not because they did not follow the course as described in the poem. They may have been in the right neighborhood by using their best intel, but misinterpreted the poem. Again, IMO, I believe that they arrived in the 200′ halo coming from the wrong direction. From their point of arrival, the blaze may not have stood out at all for recognition. If the people searching for the “big W” in the movie saw the trees from the side, they would have passed right by and kept going…

    • Over 40,

      The issue about the Blaze seems mythical because it has been illustrated by others on this topic that it is many things. There will be 2 people that know what the blaze is, that is F and the finder.

      As always my opinion

    • Over 40,

      The issue about the Blaze seems mythical because it has been illustrated by others on this topic that it is many things. There will be 2 people that know what the blaze is, that is F and the finder.

      In my solution, I can see why some searchers will go by it twice in coming and going. There is one way in and one way out.

      As always my opinion

      • I don’t know why my post & tighterfocus’ post where duplicated. Anyway, sorry, it is what it is.

      • IMO. It’s not the blaze people are walking by, it’s what the blaze directs you to. The blaze is showing you something but you must see it before you continue.

  80. Over 40 Victim of Fate,
    what halo? What movie? Is 40 a clue or hint? And if it is, you might
    want to consider people wandering in a desert. “The Wanderer” was a
    hit song by Dion, not a warwick.

    OO . . about the hunt . . . Did FF say that any SEARCHER had been
    within 200 feet of the treasure? Using ‘ in the context of global
    navigation could mean MINUTE(S) ; therefore 200’ represents, in this context, more than 3 degrees, which could be equivalent to more than 1/120 of the earth’s circumference in the Rockies. This could be more than 100 miles, don’cha know . . . of course you do. All IMO.

  81. Halo=circle. as in, a 200 foot circle encompassing the chest.
    Movie=”It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World” -1963.
    40=from “A Pirate Looks at 40” by Jimmy Buffett – not a clue or hint, therefore the Dion tune is moot in my post.

    As for 200 feet/’/minutes/3 degrees/1/120th/100 miles…Huh? That sound you hear is your “OO” zooming right over my head.

  82. My solve has shown me my blaze and it indeed will be there in 1000 years barring some massive natural disaster. It is not however as near the TC as some would believe….it is in fact looking at the location of the treasure chest. As to the question of noticeability… wouldn’t notice it unless you were seeking it out. Once you know what and where it is, it is obvious but certainly not something that would jump out at someone on a casual hike. My approach has always been that nothing about the poem can be obvious, otherwise the person that lives down the street would immediately identify the solve. The blaze is indeed necessary for the solve but given the vastness of the country in the Rockies, no one will ever stumble upon it accidentally. Anyone who has put boots on the ground has had the overwhelming sense of underestimation after viewing a sight on google earth. There are indeed 9 directional clues, but virtually every line of the poem is a nod and a hint to the location. Fenn has indeed woven an intricate lace of innuendo. Now we wait for the spring to reveal our solves!

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