What To Do If YOU Find The Treasure?…

by Kyle



Greetings Fellow Searchers!Stop me if you have heard this one before.

Each of us believes we may be the one to find the chest. However, only one (or a small group) can succeed. With that in mind, I would like to offer my two cents on what could be done if you plan on divulging your discovery.

We have some advice from Forrest: vault, wait thirty days. But… then what?

I have two hunches on HOW Forrest will know when the chest is found. First (less likely,) in order to receive clear “title” to something, you need to give valuable consideration. Be it $1 or the sale of a bracelet, there needs to be consideration if “title” relates to a contractual term. Second (more likely,) I have a strong feeling that Forrest has included a personal request to the finder to one day return all or part of his ashes to this location (Tea with Olga.) I find it almost impossible to believe a searcher would deny him this request after the thrill he has brought to so many lives.

So, what to do? Please consider a brief consignment/rental period with a museum(s) near the Rockies. This will continue to draw people outdoors to discover this magnificent landscape. I’m sure Forrest knows a thing or two about how to set this up, insurance, etc. I for one would love to see the real thing after all the time spent on the chase. Also, perhaps Dal would consider helping with an interactive display at the Museum(s). We could view the chest and read the many stories from his website along with the best-of-the-best solves. This brings me to my last suggestion…

PLEASE consider keeping the location a secrete for at least a short time. Perhaps Dal can set a deadline for us to submit our greatest solves to him once Forrest confirms the chest has indeed been found. Wouldn’t you LOVE/HATE to know you were mere feet away or maybe a thousand miles away…. what a rush! It will be easy to make these claims in hindsight, once the finder discloses the location. For those of us who have enjoyed, invested, and even sacrificed so much, an honorable mention in Dal’s Hall Of Fame Solves would be a great consolation prize. Then, we will forever remain part of the legend of The Thrill of the Chase.

Your friend in spirit,


PS: If you find the chest soon, please ask Spielberg to be an extra in the next Indiana Jones movie. What a great easter egg it would be!

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  1. If I found the chest, I’d return the bracelet to Forrest (the piece he regrets putting in); sell a few pieces and give the money to Dal; and then set up a museum to chronicle everyone’s adventures and put the chest on display. 🙂 I wouldn’t keep anything for myself.

  2. Great looking kids Kyle …. memories of taking your family along….. priceless…
    your treasures were there all along 🙂 ….. have a great night… until next time.. see ya

  3. I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time, and am leaning toward a museum display with the treasure, poem, and map. I’m also leaning toward keeping the location a secret, perhaps putting something in place of the treasure at the exact spot it’s found and keeping the thrill of the chase alive, so that others have the opportunity to discover Forrest’s secret spot.

  4. I believe revealing the location of your solve would have a negative impact to the finder…ie National park,BLM. Etc. I would just reveal the breakdown of the clues without telling everyone where it was found.
    As for scattering of ashes…that’s a family thing unless you don’t have any family like Olga… Just my opinion .

  5. Kyle you are walking the walk and talkin the talk, great ideas regarding the surprise for the finder, the part about his leaving ff’s ashes and the Olga story make one think that could be the reason he said in an older version of the poem “take my treasure but leave my bones”

    Looks like you have taken the “show it to a kid” recommendation seriously.

    Cute kids and you are must be a great father.


  6. Great ideas, Kyle.

    I’m sure the finder would honor any requests that Forrest might make…as heart-warming or heart-breaking as they may be.

    I’m kinda curious to see who she is and how things play out. We’ve been hearing about her for a while now.

    • Yea, who is “she” anyway??? The ‘ole cowboy with 12 kids wife?? Lol
      Great idea Kyle, beautiful pic and kiddos.
      FF did say at one time he’d like to see it in the Smithsonian, although one in the State it’s finally uncovered, would be more appealing IMO

      • Missed that Smithsonian reference . . .

        I believe ff took everything into consideration (as he said before). I strongly believe that ff and the chase does not require any violation of any law. I believe ‘she’ will follow what he asks. IMO one has to follow ff’s directions in the first place to solve the poem and it follows that they will be followed in the end as well. As for revealing the location – it depends on where it is found and whose jurisdiction the property is under.

      • It seemed Fenn disliked the Smithsonian because the majority of items are in the basement. A mere 20% is only on display.

    • I’ve been checked out for a while… what’s this about “she” and how long has that been out there?? Last I knew, there was one reference- are there more?

      • The “she” talk in connection with the eventual finder of the treasures?

        Could be that the devil’s are in the details.

        • I assume when this comment first came out, everyone tried to figure out who the she was and where she might have been. I’ve always assumed it was Stephanie, but wasn’t around then so it’s just a guess.
          If you go to the shadow contest (which, coincidentally enough, seems to have been posted a few days before the comment), there are a lot of females active in the search so I’ve abandoned this way of trying to narrow the possibilities.

          • I believe only Mr. Fenn will truly know what he meant. As far as the shadow contest, it appears it happened in October 2013, where as, the link I provided was in October 2014 for the “she” comment, a year later.

  7. buy two ranch houses facing south,side by side,for me and my husband .and the other for my sister.fill it with nice furnitur,etc.have a shed for ralph to store stuff.pay all our bills,includeing my sister.help my two brothers paying off their bills. pay fpr hearing aids I need.give forrest his bracelet.I don’t think I’d want anyone to know but forrest,as when i get my desires paid off ,then ,I’d tell him to hide it,and let someone else find the remaining treasure to help them.

  8. Interesting post Kyle. And Mr Fenn does know Mr Spielberg(!):D

    (Repost from my May 27th comment in “The blaze”.)
    “I think the finder should have a contest where all of the searchers can submit their solves and then when he (or she) reveals the actual hiding place everyone will get their ‘foot’ ranking.
    Maybe even have medals made for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place!”


    • That’s a good idea, the person that finds the treasure could use a gold coin from the chest to make the medals.

  9. 1. Take a pic of the TC with a non digital camera so geo location wouldn’t be included.
    2. Submit to show it’s been found.
    3. Read the note to you.
    4. Wait 30 days.
    5. Enjoy your new fortune as Fenn stated he didn’t want to put restrictions on what you do with it. Or just keep for awhile. Whatever you do enjoy, it’s yours.
    6. Never reveal where it was really found, instead back engineer the poem into an area where legality may not be an issue, just in case.

  10. I would let the other searchers know that it was found but i would never tell where i found it !!! Then I will move on to my next Chase and for me it is The Beale Treasure .

  11. Kyle, you’ve brought up many points to consider if someone finds the chest. I like your “greatest solves” idea.

    After someone finds the chest, the rest of the searchers will have to switch to other treasure hunts. We can’t go cold turkey. I intend to search for easier to find treasures such as Camelot and Excalibur, or the Holy Grail. Ken in Georgia

  12. I’ll just take the chest and go in peace.
    Because I believe that the chase has been a great way to get people to explore nature, I won’t tell anyone that it has been found.

    • Michael;
      Do you honestly think that that is fair to searchers who will continue to spend money and time, and in some cases, risk their lives on something that you have in your possession?

      When you say “anyone” – does this include Forrest? JDA

      • LOL
        I have been waiting for this ridiculous claim of “Risk Their Live” BS ~ What a crock of sh*t to pull on the finder… The one who solve it all.
        So what you’re saying is… hey! for a million plus, go ahead and risk you’re life-???- just as long as we have an ‘Excuse’ to get our lazy butts of the sofa…?

        Heck, you don’t even know if I have it sitting on my mantel at this very moment, but you’re still looking and exploring, right?
        Our personal time, our personal money, our enjoyment, our responsibility to the activities we choose, only!!!

      • No Seeker, I am NOT saying that one should go ahead and risk ones life for a million dollars.

        What I meant to say, and did not take the time to spell it out is:

        There are those out there who, despite all of the warnings, chose to do stupid “S**T”. We can not change stupid.

        If someone like Michael finds it, and it is not announced that it is found. Some Stupid idiot MIGHT go ahead and do something stupid – for nothing, when Michael has Indulgence sitting on his mantel, or where ever.

        In NO way do I condone stupid behavior. One should absolutely NEVER do anything stupid or foolish or dangerous in quest of Indulgence. Ones life is FAR more valuable than the chest and its contents.

        Sorry if I left the wrong impression by not spelling it out. To ALL – TRY to STAY SAFE ALWAYS!!! JDA

        • Well JDA, thanks for clarifying that… Maybe Mike can just notify the idiots and still let the rest of the world have some fun.
          Michael’s idea is not any different than fenn’s intention to start with… to get folks out to the wiles of nature. {while we, go on blind faith}.
          You also brought of money and time in your “fairness” … who’s at fault here? Michael? fenn? The searcher who mortgages their home?

          Fenn said it from the beginning; “It’s out of his hands” I would think the finder has absolutely no responsibility as being “fair” {whatever that really means} an make an announcement about, their now possessions to do as they please.

          Guys like Goofy, Dal and a few others from the blogs have been wilderness hopping long before this challenge, and most likely will do the same after the chest is found {even when announced found}. I dare say many of the 100,000 searchers over the years will simply go back to their sofa and tivo. BUT… I also think that there will be many who will still go, enjoy the outdoors and nature, regardless of the challenge [ discovery or not ]

          I give Michael a thumbs up for wanting to keep it quiet and keep that excitement going… maybe, just maybe all those folks who would have quit searching after a find might just say… I’m glad I wasn’t told, I would have missed; Seeing a griz, watching the birth of a moose, finding a great fishing spot, saw a bison heard razing in a field, never made friends with a chipmunk, never saw such a beautiful water fall or a flowered field or an Eagle pluck a fish from a mountain lake… never met others with a new found common interest.

          Ya’ll can chat about all the wonderful thoughts you have, IF you find your egg before the chicken even lays it… But Michael has the right idea… Just let it keep on keeping on.
          Oh! right, IMO.

      • I am responsible for my own actions/ inactions. I also understand my actions/inactions do have an effect, be it to myself and/or others. So, for me, integrity, honour, humility, honesty, dignity and respect is a best practice I live by.

        This treasure hunt was started with and is maintained by such principles. Would finding it and not announcing it ,so that no one knows this fact , be contrary to those principles?

        If I found it and didn’t announce it, then this true treasure hunt would turn into a fake and a lie of a treasure hunt. I need not nor desire to attract the lessons of those said above principle life lessons by contrast experience.

        People make choices, we are responsible for those choices. If I found it and didn’t announce it and sometime after someone or child had an accident looking for it. I would feel responsible about because I was dishonest, lacked integrity, dishonoured the truth of the treasure hunt being real. I am not responsible for that persons accident but I would have responsibility to me about it.

        I like sleeping will a good conscience every night.

        I get what you mean, JDA.

          • Cheers, JDA. May the likeness of the likes of the designer of TTOTC , be the finder.

        • Alsetenash,

          I applaud you for “your conscience” That you personally would feel bad if someone got hurt.
          But this begs the question… IF you were in fenn’s boots, with what we know to date,… What would you have done in regards to keeping the challenge going or pull the plug?

          As I see it [ from your comment and personal feelings ] the only difference is, well, the lure of gold and riches. If that lure is the only thing that makes any of this [ for lack of a better term ] OK, what is the difference if the find is never announced? {by the one who actually solves the clues and retrieves the chest}

          Lets take a step back to what we do know… it was not until 2015-16ish that fenn made the comment of any announcement if found [that I can recall without looking up 7 years of info]. I mean, we didn’t know in 2010 or 11 etc. that fenn would have made such an announcement, right?
          Although fenn did say; “it’s out of his hands”… and “he would know…” and “I thought it was the most atrocious thing that I’d ever done. But in the back of my mind I told myself if I’m sorry tomorrow I can go back and get the treasure chest.”

          I’m not arguing ‘your’ personal point… I’m curious to how ‘you’ would have reacted to the same situations fenn had to [ no matter who the searchers were ]… I mean, if a child get injured looking for one of Dal’s cache, do you think he should stop it because the cache item have very little value?

          Is all this nothing more than the lure of gold???? Or is it the experience, the challenge, the exploration we desire?
          Maybe some folks should step back and ask themselves… why am I doing this?

          • I’m doing this because I want a new “Roomba”…you know…because I’m tired of sweeping things under the rug.
            OK…the puzzle is the hook. Sure…the Goodies would look good on my better half, but the truth is…I don’t really need it. My life is full of riches…and besides, it’s really heavy.
            I want this poem cracked and I won’t stop until it is…
            That’s my warm and fuzzy version.

          • Seeker;

            I am not Al, but I recently posted something on Jenny’s site that fairly well explains why I am in the Chase. Simply put, I never met a challenge that I did not think was directed at me, and I LOVE solving puzzles.

            IF I were lucky enough to find Indulgence, I would pay off a couple of mortgages, and then divide up what is left after Uncle Sam gets his 40% among my relatives – leaving very little for Tess and myself..

            What I could give to my children, grand children, and great grand children will change their lives without measure.

            So, am I in it for the money? Yes and no. I am in it MOSTLY for the “Thrill of the Chase”. I want to prove to myself that “I can do it – I can solve a riddle that thousands have not been able to solve. IF I can solve it though, it will not be without help.

            Forrest with all of his ATF posts has helped. Various Blogger’s posts have helped. Family members have had ideas that have helped. IF I find it, it certainly will be gratifying, but it will NOT be an “I” show. It will be a “WE” show. “WE” will have earned whatever prize is available for the taking. JDA

          • Seeker,

            Your question :”But this begs the question… IF you were in fenn’s boots, with what we know to date,… What would you have done in regards to keeping the challenge going or pull the plug?”

            For all intents and purposes, FF is not responsible for anything that happens to someone having an accident nor for deciding to search. He hid a chest,wrote a poem about where ,for his own personal purpose and intent. I decided to challenge myself with trying to figure it out. Same could be said for anyone searching. He doesn’t make decisions for anyone but himself.

            Which leads to your second question:

            “It’s out of my hands”. It truly is out of his hands. I decide on what actions I take in life, we all do. He cannot control anything but his own intent and purpose. He can’t decide for someone to notify of the find or not. For, it could be found 100 years from now also. We as individuals are responsible to ourselves. This is the main point here Seeker. He hid it ,we choose. We choose everything we do or don’t do about this choosing of participation. He didn’t lure me, I lured myself.

            So why do I participate in this? Is it for the potential financial abundance? I don’t need this as a purpose to get out in the Rockies and nature. I live by the Rockies here in Canada. I live 45 minutes from prestine wilderness. I participate because of the challenge of solving this thing. I certainly don’t have to do it and go to the USA to experience nature.

            Why do you participate? Why do you search? From what I gather , you have not ventured to BOTG as of yet. It doesn’t matter for anyone what your answers are but unto yourself. Your Choice.

            FF is not responsible for anyone involved in this ,just to the honesty of himself. He chose an action, he chose honesty ,that’s it.

            We choose an action, that’s it.

            I choose to inform everyone if ever I do find it. I am responsible for my honesty. That’s it. I choose honesty rather than the opposite.

            If people want to keep this FF treasure hunt alive and continuous after they find it for whatever reasons are reasons for themselves- not FF’s. They perhaps should just notify of the find, end the FF treasure hunt and create their own treasure hunt, poem by their own intent and purpose.

            It would be irresponsible for me to not notify of the find to just keep it going for the sake of whatever my dishonest intent is.

            Simple.- notify of the find, end the FF TC hunt. Create you own with your own name behind it, if that is what people want to do. Just be honest about it- simple really.

            Just my opinion.

          • Seeker. That is a very well thought out and presented counterpoint. Makes me reflect on my own motives and actions, and that’s a good thing.

          • Alsetenash,
            The first question i asked was, for your actions if you were in fenn’s boots. We know what fenn decided. Your comment about not wanting any one hurt would make you tell all… so I was curious if you began this challenge… what you would have done?

            As for why I haven’t put botg in search mode… I don’t have a complete solve that would send me out looking for the chest, nor do I need an excuse to just simply go out… I have made no suggestions that I have a solve, I’m attempting to solve the poem… But if folks want to go and come back and complain how much this is costing, I’m not going to try and stop them. I just never understand why they whine about it.

            For the life of me, I have no clue of what you mean by honesty or dishonesty on the part of the finder. If you found Billy the Kids stash of money/gold, would it be dishonest if you didn’t tell the world you did? [regardless if you report it as stolen monies, in this particular scenario].

            We know what fenn has done… I was asking the question in regards to what you and your personal honesty would have done if you were fenn?

          • Seeker. Oh ok. You were wondering what I would have done , its the same as he has. For like I said , he really isn’t responsible for anything after he created his TC hunt and poem. I wouldn’t feel responsible either and would have a clear conscious about those unfortunate happenings. The truth is the chest is still where he hid it. If I found it , I would just let it be known that it has been found. That’s what I mean about honesty. Finding it and not notifying that it has been found would be dishonest of me. IMO. I would have done the same, keep this hunt alive- it’s a true treasure hunt.

            Finding a long lost or hiden treasure by Billy the Kid or some such is different for sure. No need to tell anyone . This TOTC hunt is quite a different scenario .

            I wasn’t wondering why you haven’t done BOTG, I was just saying an example question that the answers really only matter to you. But I know you said something before like you just said. Ya, I wouldn’t go BOTG either unless I had a real confidence in my general solve, or think I had a complete solve lol.

            I just can’t fathom not informing the community that I found the chest. Nor just leaving it there or partial of the contents in the same spot to keep this going . Speaking truth about it being found is best practice from me for everyone . Create my own hunt if I want to keep it going. Forrest is honest about it, so he has a clear conscious about his role in all of it. Simple.

            My biggest motivator about this TC is what is the item saved especially for the finder. That’s the most intrigue about finding it , second only to solving the poem and location. IMO .

          • Alsetenash,
            I’m in TN… at present. From upstate NY originally. I have wounder the Adirondacks, Appalachians [ mainly the northern sections and the Smokes… but not as much as I would like to. I’ve never been to the RM’s… But never, doesn’t mean I won’t.

          • Seeker. Nice! Well, you are quite far from the search states and Rockies. Can’t just have a picnic and search day from where you are lol. You are further than me living in Canada here ,except for the 2 top half states we are relatively the same distance for the bottom 2 states.

      • Seems to be some conflict.
        Are searchers out there just for money?
        Are searchers out there to enjoy nature and outdoors?
        Each person needs to answer this for themselves!
        If a searcher is just out there for money, I would suggest they assume it has been found and save their current finances and safety. IMO no one should spend money they don’t have or risk financial stability for a chance at being the one. IMO no one should risk their lives for a chance at being the one. It seems that the only reason to go outdoors is to become seriously rich in $$$$. If it bothers someone that the chest may have been found, then just assume it has. I would not encourage one to spend the money before it is in the bank either–confidence in being the winner can be dangerous. IMO

    • I agree with you Michael. I’ve told my wife I would show her but tell her nothing about where, when or how – ignorance is bliss. I would inform ff and let him know MY bracelet is for sale to him only and perhaps he would make me an offer I couldn’t refuse. I plan to inform no one else and feel no obligation to do otherwise. I would ask ff to make no announcement, but understand he might do otherwise. After all, two people can keep a secret only if one of them is dead! I’d keep the chest and its remaining contents safe & secure to pass on to my children and grandchildren. They can do whatever they wish the treasure. In doing so I’d explain that one morning, I awoke early and bravely ventured out into the cold and found Indulgence in the back of my pickup which I had parked in the wooded area not far, but too far to walk to the creek pond on our land.

      • I am surprised that my comment sparked a debate.
        To me the whole point was the thrill, the chase. Actually finding the chest or capturing the object of my desire would result in an emotional downside. Maintaining some sense of wonder requires me to keep the object of my desire in front of me and just out of reach. Always in the chase.
        The truth is that I would not have the physical strength to pick up the chest. I want the special place where I can go to escape, and consider to be mine alone.

  13. If I found the treasure, here is a fun and amusing thing I would like to do with it. Around the time of the 1980 Winter Olympics, Canadian Club hid a case of CC Whiskey somewhere near Lake Placid, in the remote and rocky Adirondack Mountains of Upstate NY. Lake Placid is the home of the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympics, and is where the Miracle On Ice happened. The hidden whiskey was part of an ongoing advertising campaign that included CC hiding cases of the stuff all around the world, in places like the Great Barrier Reef, Mt. Kilimanjaro, the North Pole, and in the Bigfoot Country of Oregon. Over the years a total of 25 cases of CC were hidden. Clues to finding the hidden cases of whiskey were located in printed advertisements for CC Whiskey.


    To date, the case hidden in Lake Placid has not been reported as being found, and I happen to live in Lake Placid. Also note that the abolitionist John Brown has a home in Lake Placid and is buried here. There is a great bronze statue of him at his farm, which is in the shadows of the Olympic Ski Jumps. Forrest’s poem could probably be adapted to fit this area.


    In my treasure hunting fantasy, I would first find the missing case of CC whiskey and remove one bottle only, I’m not a fan of whiskey. Next I would find the Forrest Fenn hidden treasure, I am a fan of treasure. I would replace the Fenn treasure with the one bottle of CC whiskey, so that people would know they have discovered the correct location of Forrest’s treasure, albeit too late. They could toast their success with the whiskey, or drown their sorrows, either way. Next I would turn the tables on Forrest. If he really wants that bracelet back, I would make him go look for it. Like many TTOTC seekers, I have given this chase my all and really dedicated myself to it for many years. TTOTC has been exciting and rewarding, but at the same time the poem has tormented me day and night for five years and ongoing. I like to think that Forrest would understand and appreciate the challenge. I would hide his bracelet with the remaining 11 bottles of CC whiskey here in Lake Placid, and if Forrest wants the bracelet back he would have to solve the clues in the CC advertisement correctly and faster than everyone else in the world looking for it. The thought of that scenario is very amusing to me.

    • Cute – Cute. I wonder if, at 87. Forrest would take you up on the challenge, or send a grandchild in lieu of him going himself?

      Neat idea though. JDA

    • Thank you for sharing this story, Homebrew. I hope they hid a case amongst the Sugar Maples, in the Adirondacks.

    • This is fun to think about Homebrew, the final what if? To send the “Master of the game” off on an unknown heading. Then again, sweet revenge, would be seeing him wearing the bracelet.

  14. I like the idea of private ownership (to avoid media chaos) with public display at museum (to bring closure and inspire). I’m curious if FF has indicated guidance/instructions in the chest. I’m not sure if he publically expressed his interests but I wonder if he privately shared his interests for the finder (i.e. In the chest). I assume first step is to contact Forrest with proof and ask. Has he shared what he wants or if he left guidance? I agree with letting other searchers know it is over, even if location not revealed.

  15. If I am clever enough to put my hands on Indulgence in the wild, I will secret it away and leave behind a memento for anyone else that solves the poem sharing the date that I removed the chest. Once safely home, I would then catalog the contents and then secure them. Once that is done, contact an attorney to see if what is written in the autobiography has any legal ramifications for my claim to the treasure. Once all that is cleared up, I would release to the world how I found it, but not its location. You can bet that my words will be as cryptic as Mr. Fenn’s have been. After most of the hoopla died down, then the cache could be exhibited.

  16. If I found the chest, the next person to find it would be finding my bones on top of it. Please let my heirs know I was smiling just before the heart attack.

    • Haha, nice one OS2. Dare I question who the treasure belongs to at that (hypothetical) point? hehe

      bad me

  17. What I say I’d do: Find the treasure. Hold onto it for 30 days. During that time give the bracelet back to Forrest. Use a small amount of the cache to pay off my bills. Put the chest on display in a museum for others to enjoy.

    What I would really do: Go nuts. Call my family and brag that I found the Fenn treasure. Call the Press and brag that I found the Fenn treasure. Give the bracelet back to Forrest and brag to him how I found his treasure. Sell everything but the chest and the golden frog and “loan” it to a museum. Go on a long vacation and eat a lot of steak and lobster.

  18. Thanks Kyle for sharing your two cents. your picture says it all. It reminds me of toting my “little bit” and “kiddo” around to places unknown just for the sake of discovery. I refer to them as the “home team” although they are both far away from home now. Perhaps I don’t understand the way many people think today, that’s ok though, because I do understand many would think the same about me. Whoever discovers indulgence will also inherit a heavy load, a burden which should be met with a gleeful yet humbled heart. I suppose after the initial moments, coupled with many tears and much laughter, a person might want to thank his team for they’re support. Which is a funny thought considering there’s only one team and they’re all winners, and most don’t even know they’re on the team. Then write a book while visiting and revisiting the many wonderful places the Chase has and will continue to take a brave soul. Make that a children’s book since we’re all really just children in the short run. And of course share “Indulgence” with the world, a world which is in desperate need of something to cast a smile about. I once shared what I wanted to do with part of the financial gain, that naturally comes with discovery, with a stranger. She looked at me quizzically and asked “What about you though don’t you want to be rich and famous?”. I looked back at her, just as quizzically, but didn’t have the heart to tell her the truth which she never would have understood. Needless to say, somewhere in the distant future, there’s a stretch of river that has plenty of elbow room for a well cast hand-tied fly, that appears above just as it appears below, ready and waiting for whatever lucky shadow comes next.

  19. You have to assume Forrest planned this thinking he would be long gone when the trove is found. So that is the perspective I’ve always considered, “what would I do if I found it”.
    As someone mentioned earlier I don’t think it would be fair to not reveal the find.
    What I plan on doing;
    * leave a part of the treasure behind, something worth looking for
    * have a bronze plaque created commemorating Forrest and the hunt
    * return to the spot and leave the plaque
    * reveal my find via a pic on this site but remain anonymous, it can be done
    * Let everyone know I left a treasure and plaque worth finding
    * asking the next finder to leave the plaque
    * live the rest of my life in deep appreciation of Forrest and the life he
    afforded me.
    Thanks Kyle for posting.

  20. Me-the-searcher and Me-the-finder are two different people. Me-the-searcher’s job is to take the chest and go in peace. So far, that’s a full enough plate.

    Don’t know if I’ll ever get to meet that Me-the-finder guy. But if/when I do, I’ll let him worry about what to do next.


  21. If I were to find the TC, FF should be notified first. Let F reveal that it has been found. I would be more than honored to put his ashes where the treasure was found and never revealing where he rests. To me going wild selling the treasure is NOT the thing to do. There is a lot of history that should be preserved. The gold nuggets, would be my finders fee of sorts. All else will be preserved for the next Chase.

    I have basically no one I would leave the treasure to if I were to pass away, I would create another Chase to accomplish what F has already started. Getting people outdoors and using their minds and imagination and sharing ventures that were made.

    I’m in the Chase now for the challenge and having a lot of fun in doing so. It also gives me something to do during my retirement and gets me out and about and exorcising my mind.

  22. …and there I was…on top of Mt. Kilimanjaro…surrounded by 10,000 aborigines. Suddenly, I realized…I should have called Geico…or at least told where I found it.

  23. Ah….while most of us are dreamers as well seekers, it is nice to dream.

    Roll with me on this fantasy.

    A) Having found the Forrest Fenn Treasure I would make a youtube video of me holding Indulgence in the very spot it was found.
    B) Remove the braclet once owned by Richard Witherill
    C) Rehide Indulgence far, far, far away, and definitely too far to walk from where it was found. (Please remember I did not say “buried”)
    D) Hop on the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Super Chief in Chicago and ride in the dome car looking out in awe at the snow capped peaks of the Sangria De Christo mountains at sunrise on my way to a not named bookstore in Santa Fe.
    E) Once in Santa Fe I would contact Forrest to meet me at the bookstore for a Mocha Brava with a shot of Jameson in it to hand off the braclet.
    F) Fly out of Santa Fe on a Southwest Airline to New York City to meet up with Charlie Rose and tell the whole world that I had cracked to poem anx to show the youtube video.
    G) After being interviewed by Charlie I would look straight into the camera and tell all those doubting Thomas’s that being they did not care for The Thrill Of The Chase that I would be more than happy to send them a copy of The Little Red Hen.
    H) I would then spend the rest of my days writing books with clues and hints to where the Fenn Treasure is hidden now! ( Note I did not say buried).

  24. first, i’ll buy a bar on a peaceful Caribbean island with a highly anonymous pirate as a business partner, and bury the rest of the treasure underneath the floor-boards where no-one will ever find it, no matter how much they cajole me into spilling the beans with their tricks, threats and/or claims of distant cousinry

    next, i’ll name the bar something completely non-suspicious, like “Capt Sparrows Sunken Hidden Treasure Bar” ..and will forever eat steak and lobster and margaritas in the sunset, safe in the knowlege that no-one will ever know…OH WAIT!!?

    [NTS: quickly formulate a Plan B ..darn it!! 🙁 ]

  25. If it ever happens one day (hope is fading), I will keep the solution a secret so that other people can attempt the puzzle which I’ve been working on for four years.

    In this dream scenario, I will let everybody know the puzzle rules. I will reveal the purpose of the key word, but not what is the actual key word.

    After a while, I will sell the hypothetically correct solution (still a secret) along with the chest and its contents to the highest bidder. Hopefully the highest bidder is a museum or a movie producer.

    Finally, I will commission a master cowboy artist to paint a magnificent scene at the final spot; set it in a gilded frame; and hang the painting at my local pub.

  26. Let’s see, first I would spend some time with my girlfriend out there in the woods.:) I wouldn’t give out it’s location because of the simple fact that Forrest being Forrest, he would probably will the bracelet back to me and want it at the treasure sight. (which would suck, but I’m sure he would get a laugh about it).
    foremost, I would pick out 30 items of value and send them to some of the people on the blog, sense I know, nobody solves this puzzle on their own.
    I would somewhat send something to goofy and Dal for there ability to supply a good place to talk TTOTC. Probably send Goof a hat. (from Disneyland, not as nice as Amy’s).
    Then it’s up for grabs, move out of California, maybe. Contact the Smithsonian, maybe. Invest it, maybe. Travel, maybe. How’s New Zealand? Who knows, it may be difficult to part with or sell off something that someone else has spent a lifetime collecting, I’m sure my better half won’t have a problem though.

    • charlie, for quite some time now, your thoughts about, ‘…it may be difficult to part with or sell off something that someone else has spent a lifetime collecting,…’ have been my thoughts, too. I’ve always told myself that if I were to find the treasure chest, I would try to contact Mr. Fenn and ask him what he would like me to do with it. I know what he’s said in previous responses, but I would still ask just the same.

      • pdenver, I guess it’s hard to say what we all would do with it. I can’t imagine being in some pawn shop or something, selling of the treasure. I think I would feel weird about it. Hard to say.
        Lol, good thing is that you are on my list of 30.lol:).

    • I’ve thought about keeping it in a safe, museum-type place and use it as collateral to borrow whatever money I need. I don’t want to spend that much money, and I think the value would be higher and have greater appreciation if all of the contents and the chest remained together. Just my 2 cents worth.

  27. I think I’d hug the stuffing out of Forrest first. Then ask him what he’d like.l to happen. I’d honor his wishes of course.

    For me, I think a sledding hill for area kids and adults to enjoy would be nice; access to art, music, books too. A miniature animal farm as therapy for both young and old seems in order. Supporting research to find cures for cancer, autism, Alzheimer’s, bone diseases and orphan diseases would be funded since these have so profoundly affected my life and those I love. I’d make several wise investments in land with water sources to protect them for future generations given those things aren’t likely to exist for them in the not too distant future. I’d look for ways to pay it forward beyond the ways I already do today. I won’t be able to take it with me either, so I’d give others a chance to earn it as well.

    Funny thing is I really don’t want for material things beyond enough to pay bills, put kids through college, food on the table, and keep up with medical expenses. I don’t believe in debt by living beyond my means by choice – but it would be nice to have a reserve for life’s many surprises. My house is plenty big; perhaps I’d downsize to single level a bit more remote and let my kids rent my current house from me.

    Perhaps it’s age or renewed memories and feelings because of the chase, but I’ve come to realize that what I want most is to give and receive experiences and time … Those things that are priceless. Sometimes those things that take money to accomplish; yet often they don’t. I do love to travel so that would be a selfish want. I’m much more creative “on the road.”

    Anyway, my dreams are endless. I hope yours are too.

  28. What would you do? Ha! What couldn’t you do! You find that treasure chest and it’ll definitely make you re-imagine what’s possible. Take that and run with it — see what’s next.

  29. As many times as I have searched and the years racking my brain there’s no way I’m
    Giving that treasure to a muesum And the ole
    Coot might have to fight me for the bracelet at this point done wore out 5 pair of boots That treasure is gonna build me the best windmill this side of the appalachians and I’m
    Buying a exquisite bathtub Kyle after U get to 5 years of searching And going from ga to Montana 5 to 6 times a year I wanna hear your thinking again on this subject hehe

  30. Hey, you gotta solve the poem first so let’s stop daydreamin and find it.

    Just a thought the story of solving this mystery is probably worth more than the TC.


    • Given that there really is no value placed on it, the story is probably worth much much more. You hit a very important point. If the finder blabs about wow look at me stuff for free, then there is nothing left of worth. Consider the options and the finder has the right to take whatever time is needed. I see nothing wrong with others solving the poem and going out and not finding the bronze box – after all it is the THRILL, right? I thought ff said something about having patience. Even lottery winners are given some time to come forward and they don’t have a story to tell other than how they decided to pick some numbers.

  31. I see the Chase as a grand adventure story that we can all be a part of, and like to think of all the Chasers similar to the knights of King Arthur’s Court, who all go off in different directions in search of the Holy Grail. Only one person will ultimately find the Treasure, however all of the others who don’t return from their searches nevertheless return with their own tales of adventure that add to the overall epic tale.

    I’d like to find the Treasure myself, but barring that I would at least like to know how the story ends. A story without an ending is pretty lame, and I am too much of a completionist to be able support any Chasers who intend to not publicly reveal the correct hiding location. Doing so would soil the entire Chase with a funk of pure lameness, IMHO. JDA & Alsetenash expressed their opinions above very well and I agree with them.

    Every good treasure hunt story includes a group of antagonistic rival treasure hunters who are racing against the good guys. It’s good drama! So to that effect, I don’t mind that there are people on this blog who are announcing that they will never reveal the treasure location if they find it, who will never give the bracelet back to Forrest, and who will nonchalantly allow others to continue to spend their time & money, and possibly risk their lives, in continued pursuit of a hidden treasure that is no longer there. If that is something that you can morally justify in your mind, then you are entitled to your opinion. I certainly will not wish those people good luck in their search for the treasure, however. I’d like one of the “good guys” (or gals) to win in the end; if only that it makes a better ending to the tale.

    • Blex~ “…and who will nonchalantly allow others to continue to spend their time & money, and possibly risk their lives,…”

      If you truly feel that any of this, hiking, exploring, searching for any type of treasure trove is “risking lives”… Why the hell are you even involved with it???
      It doesn’t matter what the incentive is… skying, hunting, hiking, fishing, treasure hunting… Ya’ll made the choice to spend that money, take time off, and why they heck does this BS “risking lives” always come into play???

      Not long ago a mother of three was killing driving to the convenience store for a lottery ticket she neglected to pick up, after stopping for gas [powerball over 470 mil.]… why don’t we whine about “risking lives” driving the roadways as well…

      • Seeker,

        This is different from the debate over whether Forrest should be held responsible for deaths related to the Chase. People behave in unpredictable ways and I sincerely do not believe that Forrest could have anticipated such outcomes from what originally started as just a fun Chase. I think most of the people on this blog agree with that interpretation.

        With regards to the hypothetical situation of someone finding the Chest and not revealing after the fact that it was found, that person would KNOW without question that people would continue to go on searching for the Chest. They would KNOW that people with limited time and finances are possibly spending their one vacation a year on a search that the finder would KNOW to be a wasted effort. That’s very different from being a cause of something that they cannot reasonably be anticipated; that is very consciously being a jerk, in my opinion.

        I just don’t want a jerk to find the treasure. Is that so much to ask?

        Give everyone a nice conclusion to the Chase that we can all share and enjoy together. The finder gets to keep the treasure, everyone else enjoys the exciting conclusion to the tale. A win-win situation that doesn’t require much effort (aside from finding the treasure, of course).

        • If ff knows that ‘it is still there’ and will know when it is not ‘still there’, then harp on him! No one should ever do things that jeopardize their lives or finances for anything in a hope that they will win big. If you don’t have the first clue, stay home! Besides, if it is the thrill and not the bounty, who cares how many people want to solve the poem because the thrill is not the bounty. Lots of contradictions.

          • I’m not following your logic, Pen Ghost. What are the contradictions you are talking about?

        • Blex,
          You talk about honesty in the reporting of the find… talk about searcher spending time money and risking their live if not reported and then come out and say; “I just don’t want a jerk to find the treasure. Is that so much to ask?”
          Holy crap, now you want over-honesty as to who is ‘proper’ to find the chest??? By who’s scale of jerkness will we follow, as to who is truly eligible and deserving?

          But do be ‘honest’ ~what erks me is the thought that ‘only’ after a retrieval of the chest, you think it’s could cause harm or death for anyone searching… IS THAT not the same for everyone looking at the present time then, using your [ lack of a better term ] logic???
          Here’s a KiSS method; don’t go where an 80 yr old carrying a heavy backpack can’t.

          You can’t have it both ways; and still be honest.
          Not risking anything as long as the chest isn’t found…
          And then, risking your live, money and time if found and not reported by the finder.

          Talk about double standards… no jerks allow… only folks who think the same as you should allowed to play hide n go seek, and find the chest.

          Might as just say only bible thumbers, tree huggers, leaping liberals, Prius driving, catch and release anglers, and vegans, who sing kumbaya apply.
          I guess I might as well pack-it-in then… Cuz, I’m running with the devil, on the highway to hell… and driving that tour bus.

          Hmmm maybe “no place for the meek” means, no jerk need to go pass this point?

          • Omg!!! Right Seeker?!
            I think that since these are all planned vacations until the TC is found, searchers should keep their budgets in mind like anything else and don’t spend anymore than you would on a Vegas vacation, or… call gamblers anonymous! Lol
            I love the fact that FF’s Poem bars no one , no matter who they are or what they’ve done from finding said treasure.
            In my opinion, this poor horse should be left alone to recuperate and quit beating it to death.

          • Very good points, Seeker. I will let that stand as you left it, and give you the win. Kudos to yudos!

          • Thank you, seeker. Blex, the contradictions are the volume of people who think they can just disappear with the riches and those who demand the find be declared. The finder should have the choice. ff said he would know (also says he is not saying how he will know). Therefore, the contradictions is that it is okay for ff to chose whether or not it is found, but it is not okay for the finder to chose whether or not to disclose. As for the ‘jerks’ there are a lot of them! I agree with ff that the finder should be one who actually worked the poem and earned it. It would be a disgrace to all involved in the hunt if it were found by those who steal, lie, and cheat others in the effort to just get the money without actually doing any work other than lifting 42 pounds! This poem could go on for thousands of years whether or not it has been found.

    • not solving the puzzle for you does not make me an antagonistic or a bad guy I am the good guy and what makes you think for one minute that Mr. Fenn would not tell the location he may want full disclosure.

      • I’m not sure what to make of that ramble, Wig. If you disagree with me, then I’m not going to waste time trying to convince you otherwise. It only matters convincing the eventual finder of the Chest. I’ve said my piece.

    • Hey Blex,

      Not aimed at you in particular, just want to share some wisdom I learned growing up. Let’s just say my grandma was a bit salty in her day, but she told me, “that opinions are like a**holes, everyone’s got one and they all stink at some point.”

      Take it for what it’s worth.

      In my opinion.

      • Yup. And this discussion reinforces my thought of just not disclosing a find – it is not worth the ‘opinions’. Many times it is wise just to keep one’s mouth shut, and the find IMO is one of those times. I would leave it totally up to ff – and when he is not available in the future, well . . . it stays a mystery unless he appoints someone to follow his plans.

  32. I’ve always been of the notion that ff has included a title deed to the very property on which the treasure is located. That would remove all question as to who owns Indulgence.

  33. We would donate most of it to 4 charities: Make-A-Wish, St Jude’s, LEAP Global Missions and Wounded Warrior Project. We have had two close friends with children that battled (and won 🙂 Leukemia and my dad suffered PTSD so these are things that are extremely important to us. A real treasure, especially for today’s kids, is the feeling you get when becoming involved in a charity and seeing the impact you can have on the lives of others. ‘For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.’ Matthew 6:21

    We could use the money, but it’s rewarding setting and achieving goals as a family. But sparrow’s comment was pretty funny, maybe go a little nuts first! :))

    Best wishes in your journey!

  34. Human behavior is oh, so interesting and unpredictable with absolute certainty. I often find myself perplexed when someone in offering his/her arguments / opinions resorts to labeling / name-calling others who offer different, possibly opposing arguments and opinions. And seemingly from atop a self-righteous, high-moral soapbox. I’m so glad that never happen on this site. I may be old school, but a very long time ago I learnt name-calling is often an indication a person has little or no confidence of persuading or convincing others to agree with his/her reasoning. And also that it’s akin to bullying yet actually attempts in self-protection, first-strike mechanisms (much too complex for me to understand and perhaps I learnt / remember wrong). Anyway, I’m also glad I’m not a jerk because I will feel good about myself finding Indulgence (your happiness or sadness without standing). I will be tight-lipped and have no plans or obligations to share anything with anyone else except with family and ff as I noted in a prior post. There’s nothing to prevent two or more people from keeping a secret if all are alive – just it’s an absolute certainty only when all are dead! Thus far, MY chase has had nothing to do with winning or losing and everything to do with the thrill. To those who think the finder should announce and tell-all I say go ahead, but not me. The finder has been given title without obligation. Not everything in life is wrapped-up all nice and neat with a bow on top. Find Indulgence before I do or plan to be disappointed. There is no right or wrong answer to this question. Each potential finder’s response is acceptable sans the name-calling (tsk tsk). All MO of course.

    • I’d just like to point out the hypocrisy of what you wrote, KidUtah. Finger-wagging against standing on a moral soapbox and name-calling, and at the same time doing it yourself.

      I’ve made my argument for what I believe is the right thing to do, and it’s just my opinion. If you feel threatened by that notion, then good. I want whoever does find the chest to at least have these considerations on their mind when deciding what to do.

      • Blex – albeit a searcher has no obligation/requirement to publish their solve to the world at large, i respect (and agree with) your opinion re: informing the Chase community if the TC is found, and can understand the heart-ache of a searcher spending/risking resources in order to seek a prize that has already been found by a tight-lipped non-soap-box owning searcher

        at least we can rely on Forrest’s sense of fair-play to inform the rest of us nut-cases if/when the chest is found …not that i’m suggesting that ken is a nut-case

      • I called you no name, however if you found boots that fit see fit to wear ’em. No moral superiority, no self-righteousness and no hypocrisy here. I described your post as “seemingly” meaning “appearing to me” or “giving me the impression” to allow you to correct my possible error. Your response, however, hasn’t changed my perception. Perhaps a finger-wag or two on my part, but more of a doling out of your medicine – don’t like the taste? Certainly not threatened by anything you’ve posted. A bit amused I say sadly and apologetically. Mostly at odds with “how” you delivered your message than with your reasoning supporting it. Perhaps I should have just said that. As I said, I don’t see responses as right or wrong. Each potential finder is “right” in his/her own considerations, decisions and consequences – including you and me. Consider achieving better outcomes of persuasion and argument using more “honey” and less “vinegar”. The pessimist in me says this won’t occur based on another of your postings: “If you disagree with me, then I’m not going to waste time trying to convince you otherwise.” On that note, I will take a spoonful of your medicine and cease my venture here. Fare thee well and happy trails.
        “We shall not cease from exploration
        And the end of all our exploring
        Will be to arrive at where we started
        And know the place for the first time.”
        – T. S. Eliot

        • Fair enough, KidUtah. I agree that I could have used less accusative phrasing, and that honey is always better-tasting than vinegar. Will try to keep myself in better check in the future.

          • Your last response pushed my “good-thoughts meter” through the roof! I am very appreciative of and thankful to you for it. And I sincerely meant no offense or disrespect to you. Now back to why we are here – TTOTC.

        • KidUtah – i lost you at ‘no moral superiority, self-righteousness or hypocrisy here’..

          imho, if us humans are unable to express an honest opinion (even at the risk of offending the more thin-skinned amongst us) then what do we, as individuals, have left?
          (..apart from Here’s Lucy re-runs 🙂 )

          are you suggesting that Galileo should have been burned at the stake for having an unpopular opinion too? ..or did Blex just inadvertently hit a nerve? 🙁

          • I penned Part 1 to your previous post and decided to send anyway along with Part 2 to this post. Getting difficult to keep up – I’m a hunt & pecker with a keyboard – worse with mobile phone texting.

            Part 1 of 2: “I resemble the incineration of that remark” (Curly of the Three Stooges). I am tight-lipped about the location of Indulgence and I think the last time I stood on a soapbox was last century – so no quibble here. How do I know Indulgence hasn’t already been found? Because ff has not said so? For transparency and fair reporting, I previously posted if / when I found it I’d inform ff and without regard to what he decided to announce or not. I don’t have a compelling belief either way as to what he would or would not do. You believe differently. I just don’t rely on ff disclosing any more than he has. And unless ff has architected or planned some other, yet unknown twist or turn for after his passing (ugh), there may never be opportunity for him to make any such an announcement. If I recall correctly, ff indicated he had no regards whether Indulgence was found tomorrow or thousands of years from now. As ff and many others have advised (I paraphrase) chase safely, wisely and with confidence. IMO that may mean similar things to us all, yet also differently to each of us and our own risk tolerances for finances, health and emotional well-being. I have not started – and a few times even turned-back – on a few journeys only to see or later learn others ventured onward. I’m younger, but not too much younger then ff but think he had more risk tolerance when he hid Indulgence than I do now. I have not said anyone is wrong, only I don’t think whoever finds Indulgence (me) is not responsible for anyone else’s financial loss, harm or heartache nor any gain, improvement or thrill. Of course you may think otherwise. After reading this, it would be a bit ironic if Indulgence is somehow hidden under a soapbox. Safe Wise Thrills!

            Part 2 of 2: Sorry you got lost. Express at will with underlying assumption you are honest and “…should always tell the truth, but you should not always tell ALL of the truth” (TTOTC pg 26 ff). Nowadays, seems it takes a lot to hit a nerve or offend me. Honestly can’t say the same when it’s directed to others. To know me is to know I’m thick-skinned, have an adventurous spirit and a tender, compassionate heart. At least that’s what I’ve been told over the years by those near & dear and a few strangers (first-time friends) now & then. You lost me on Galileo. I don’t think I expressed or inferred anyone be punished for expressing an opinion, belief, idea et al (if that’s what you meant). Sorry if you felt punished or you felt anyone else was punished – no intent here. Maybe ff’s suggestion of a good map meant a very different kind of “word” map to keep us from getting lost. Hmm – wonder what that might look like? Right – that’s another blog chain. Look to the Stars!

          • glad to hear you’re compassionate KU, and thanks for generously verifying it with a reference list, which includes strangers too huh? – jeez. “i should be so lucky ..lucky lucky lucky” (Kylie Minogue 🙂 )

            but would (personally) not feel so capable of sleeping soundly at night, if i found it but failed to say anything to anyone, esp knowing some intrepid searcher might likely meet a tragic fate in pursuit of a treasure-less Leprechaun, not to mention basic respect for the faithful cyber-asylum communitarians at large, and would def feel directly responsible for any grief that ensues – but that’s just me

            (btw, are you related to Seeker at all?)

          • You are welcome. Yes, a very, very short list for me. At the time, little did I know I would become good friends with a couple strangers-in-need. Over time, I grew to realize they helped me as much if not more in other ways and needs of my own. Sadly for me, they have since passed. I miss them so and think of them often. Especially when reading what ff’ wrote about people (his father) living on in the memories of others.

            Perhaps if / when I found Indulgence I would do a 180 and do as you or others say you would do. IMO, no one of us really knows until that day arrives. I think I’ll sleep as soundly as ff does now with his knowledge of what has transpired and the extent to which chasers go / take risks.in their chases. Perhaps he’s not sleeping soundly and will soon announce an end to this for all of us. I think most of us don’t want him to do that – I sure don’t.

            Am I related to Seeker? I do not know. Perhaps there is a 7 Degrees of Seeker thing and we are all related! You are a curious one, indeed! Sweet Dreams.

          • Years ago, I spent considerable time on the book The Maze, by Christopher Manson. It was labeled the World’s most challenging puzzle, with a $10,000 reward for anyone who could solve all 3 puzzles. After 2 years of work, the winning answer was mailed to participants. It arrived on a small slip of paper, the size of a fortune cookie paper. No context, no explanation, no discussion. It made no sense and was quite a letdown, reminiscent of the Ophan Annie ovaltine decoder ring on A Christmas Story. It took 20yrs later and the internet for me to interpret the winning answer. From that experience, I think it would be cool for the solution to be revealed in a more satisfactory way, when appropriate…if decided by the finder. Anyone else remember The Maze?

          • Tok,
            I wonder if the location of the solve was answered by, lets say lon. n lat., and the same scenario as The Maze presented itself…

            It’s seem apparent that the location is easy enough for a man of 80, carry a heavy backpack can make the trip, twice, in one afternoon… however the poem’s deciphering is the difficult but not impossible part.

            Would some folks still be upset if they couldn’t figure out the clues that lead to the location and call foul? Or is everything in life supposed to be handed out on silv.. gold.. platter?

            59,999 people still may never know, but certain for the one who did it. I’ll personally let that person bask in the glory any way they wish… with no ill regards.

            Or a second scenario… fenn states the chest was recovered [as he told us he would] and the finder wishes to keep it all a secret…[as he said he would take the wishes of that person in consideration] What then?

            It’s nice to dream, but reality is sometimes a b****

        • Well said. Found or not, anyone can venture out. This thread just proves that it is not the adventure and all the oh, my, thank you for the fun, bla bla bla. It is only about being rich and famous and being royally angry when not the winner of fame and fortune. Although, some are constantly in the media to get at least the fame. The T.S. Eliot quote is the best IMO.

    • Thanks for the link! Our son’s baseball game is scheduled to start at sunset. What a great night for some baseball and a Harvest Moon! 🙂

      As a family, we decided our going ‘nuts’ would include buying a pink tractor for me, a lifetime supply of Popeye’s chicken for the boys, and a herd of buffalo with one white and name him ff.

      Best wishes in your journey!

  35. When and if, and I may find the Treasure! I will try to get the best medical help I can find for a family member. I will spread it out and make it Count! Hi to you all. I miss you.

    • Hi Lou Lee Belle, it’s good to hear from ya.. I hope all is well with you. Have a great evening… see ya my friend……..

  36. Hey
    I made a couple of nonsensical comments up thread about What I would do if I found the treasure…and left it at that because I believe that having any kind of discourse about that is just opening Pandora’s Box for nothing. This trend happens one way or the other every year…after the many unsuccessful searches turns to fantasy land.
    I personally have a plan, IF, I was ever that lucky to solve Fenn’s poem and retrieve the Chest. I have teetered back and forth about many of the scenarios involved and have come to the conclusion that in the end…the finder will have to decide what to do over a period of time…taking into account the circumstances leading up to and including retrieval. A LOT OF ATTENTION(not yelling) will be on the finder…some good…some not so good…you never know. Never the less, the finder should take the appropriate steps to do things safely and not rush into anything. Maybe 30 days in a vault (sounds familiar) for starters.
    Well…the rest is up to that guy or gal…and truthfully…there are pros and cons either way you want to slice that tomato…so don’t be too quick to judge.

  37. IMO, the finder of the TC can do what ever they want, no questions asked. If they choose to disclose or not, it’s their choice. This is life deal with it. I’ve had many searches and spent much time and money, I have no requirements for the finder. Sure it would be nice for the finder to disclose it all, but I wouldn’t count on it. The chase is like life, you never know when it will end.

  38. I personally feel it is proper to reveal that the chest has been found, perhaps by revealing it to Forrest and asking him to make the announcement without revealing the finder’s identity. As far as revealing the poem solution, I am leaning against that for two reasons. First, to keep it as a special place for Forrest. Second, I believe the chest is in a location that virtually assures the finder will keep it a secret to avoid any question of ownership.

  39. How about “stay Covert” after I found the chest? No press, no fame….just quietly enjoying the contents…

  40. After reading the thoughts of so many searchers has anyone considered setting up a memorial to Fenn and the Chase at Hob?

  41. If you find any treasure, it’s the the point to appreciate it?

    Overplanning surely killed someone somewhere in a distant galaxy.

  42. No treasure but our trip was incredible. I just put big X through my Montana Solve. I’m relatively new to the chase and just started reading some of Forrest’s scrapbook easter eggs. I’ll stick to the warm life and banco searching over the winter months. We are planning another family trip – labor day weekend 2018. The kiddos will be a year older so I hope to have room to carry a chest 🙂

  43. I believe Forrest said he put an IOU inside for $100, 000 so the finder would have to contact his bank in order to cash it in.

  44. I just want to find it so my Mom won’t ever have to go into a nursing home. That way I can afford to take care of her myself. That’s my only plans for it.

  45. I would retire and finish writing the book that I have started. Before writing that book though I would either work on creating a documentary, writing a book, or both on the story behind finding it. It has been fun so far and lots of work. Everyone that has been interested in this chase should know the winning process IMO. I know I would want to know how it was achieved. Not just the answers to the clues but the process that got them there, how many failed searches and ideas they had, ect.

    I would love to use money raised in order to start a new chase and hide my own treasure. I believe it is good to give back and would love to give others the same opportunity that FF gave us.

  46. It’s very anticlimactic, but I’m bringing it to Forrest and asking if he wants to buy the whole thing. And I wouldn’t touch a speck of dust, he knows whether or not it’s all there. I wanna go out and get it before he’s gone, but life gets in the way. Just like he’s said about his own life, he had an art gallery and dozens of employees during his post-military years; most people can’t just drop everything and go on a 4400 mile round trip on a whim.

  47. Like almost everyone else, I’d return the bracelet to Fenn. After doing that, I’d ask him if he’d show me his collection of Clovis points.

  48. From a low-practical perspective, what would be your steps once YOU found the chest? I mean, getting it back to your car, breaking camp, onwards transportation, etc.
    It seems that most people would be uncomfortable carrying and transporting riches of this kind over longer distances. Nearest bank vault may not exactly be around the corner…Dont think Avis rental offers armored cars and protection. Local police, dont think so…
    Any views or links to similar discussions would be interesting.
    I do appreciate that it is of course highly hypothetical, but at least it is a problem that CAN be solved.

  49. Canasta…

    If you haven’t figured out the first 2 clues, you might as well stay home and play Canasta…

    ‘Just something I heard here’ Best of luck!

  50. What I will Really do:

    1) Notify Mr Fenn (and the world) that the chest has been found.
    2) Have enchiladas with Fenn and return his bracelet.
    3) Put Indulgence on display someplace in Santa Fe for awhile.
    4) Have 3D models of the chest made (For Fenn, Dal, and..??).
    5) Write a book about solving the Chase.
    6) Offer $10,000 to the 2nd person who finds the hidey spot.
    7) Auction the treasure to the highest bidder.
    8) Buy a house and some new vehicles.
    9) Get a new rifle. Go to Africa and hunt for poachers.
    10) Travel the world and search for other adventures and treasures.
    (I have a few in mind already) 😉

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